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Neil Jenkins

Neil Jenkins MBE (born 8 July 1971) is a former rugby union football player and current coach. He played fly-half, centre, or full back for Pontypridd, Cardiff, Celtic Warriors, Wales and the British and Irish Lions.

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By not accepting or inquesting the letter of the law the 19 are as following Paul Davis Pete Sampras Neil Jenkins Steve Wainwright Alan
"Employee advocates or ambassadors? Much ado about an entirely acceptable synonym" - great post by
Bob Bradley is a clueless sub-standard manager. Huw Jenkins is a sell out & the new owners are useless. Team looking awful
Our car once stopped next to Wham!'s limo in London traffic, when I was about 10. First time I remember feeling star-struck
Merry Xmas too all our customers a good one
you reckon...? They'll out do you in the pub and still be up early... Happy Christmas cap and cap's family 👪
Merry Christmas! 5am in this house, roll on the stroppy teenage can't get them out of bed years!
spective best friends, Neil "Smithy" Smith and Vanessa "Nessa" Jenkins, who hate each other at first sight yet keep hooking up toge
We're funding the 'Young and Homeless' for the next three years.
Neil Jenkins is so last year, Neil Murphy is so deserved.
We still have feeble island immune systems. Small comfort - we're not stuck at Land's End!
Christmas supermarket shopping done in under an hour
"Without measurement, we're working in the dark professionally unable to demonstrate our true value" http…
Good to see you - hope to hear more about your new role. All the best in the new year.
Wonderful to catch up with all of you. Many thanks for the lovely evening! 😊🎄
Lovely to catch up with IC pros thanks for organising
Nice Xmas drinks & natter tonight with Thanks for organising
I've never ever ever had a Skybus flight that was on time
Switching channels to see the horrendous news from Berlin. Football's suddenly insignificant
he did. What a player. Unplayable at his best. Very sad to see him go!
Pleasure! Didn't Mane score at Goodison last season too?
No more than we deserved. Up the Reds!
We've partnered with & to create the world's highest Internet of Things base station.
sorry to bother you. Scrum half's who would have played with Neil Jenkins. Please...
So who's handling the January window? Kaplan? Levein? Pearlman? Bradley? Or Jenkins?
.Jenkins thought Monk was a good choice. I have no difficulty believing that he signed off on Bradley.
Empire Restaurant serving great curry for a fundraising dinner for Breast Cancer Care with Jamie Baulch, Neil Jenkins and Rhys Williams.
^ Dunfermline + | Neil Jenkins eager to see Liam Williams remain in Wales
Liam Williams could create a selection issue for Wales if he joins Saracens from Scarlets, says Neil Jenkins
Neil Jenkins has talked up Dan Biggar amid clamour for Gareth Anscombe or Sam Davies to be chosen for autumn opener with Australia
Apologies to - YOU were the drunken abbot and Neil Jenkins did a superb spit-roasted swan!
Hats of to & Neil Jenkins. A top team of soloists. Audience responding with standing ovation says it all! 👏
A poor final of a poor tournament overall - unless you're Portuguese, Welsh or Icelandic
Welcoming our soloists Neil Jenkins, & & The English Festival Orchestra for our next rehearsal
Both Mario Balotelli and Jordon Ibe are set to leave, as Klopp undergoes a clearout at Anfield. (Neil Jones - Echo)
Great, 1h long video on how to setup your Coninous Delivery with and v. Neil Hudson from https…
Why o why must everything break on Friday evening!!! Day ashore tomorrow that I don't need!
argument is weak. Democracy is about accountability not the preservation of the Westminster bubble
i think he's the first others were politicians or in govt, Roy Jenkins, Leon Brittan, Neil Kinnock, Chris Patten, Peter Mandelson etc
Neil Jenkins is the president of my choir. He's lovely and sometimes comes to sing for us.
Neil Jenkins is the president of my choir. We love him. Be nice to him.
He shares a birthday with legend Neil Jenkins, the 1st man to notch 1,000 international points
Tomorrow will be a real treat... Boat goes astern again now!!
Neil Jenkins lookalike came on at half time to entertain the crowd. These days, he'd be ejected by the stewards.
WOD 3 is here. Main feature @ 19 mins is fan the late Neil Jenkins recorded in 2001 Hey RT?
Glad that Neil Jenkins is helping out with his expert punditry. Too be fair.
Order Miche Bag Online!
I'd rather see one on Neil Jenkins...
James hasn't got a brother.. Me.. My brother in the front.. James & Sam
Neil Simon is 89 years old today. His best quotes:
Neil Kinnock threw the kitchen sink at ousting Jeremy Corbyn tonight. Here is my very brief reply.
Scillonian sails every Sunday from 3rd July to 11th September
Many thanks Neil. I am very pleased you enjoyed the article.
There goes off to catch crab early this morning
You have been frequently running SFP down. That's doing more harm than good. Neil Jenkins pulling your strings ?
3 Englishmen in the top 4 and 5 in the top 10 is pretty special
Danny, champion of the world. Take a bow,
Grand National & Joshua v Martin yesterday; now home from Liverpool v Stoke in time to watch a thrilling Masters climax
Shout 1 for 2016 ..My first as Station Coxswain.Wet,slow tow in 40 knots- thunder-lightning and
well done tho not as glad as the people in the yacht I'd imagine!
Thirsty work for the Carlsberg kid today
Out on a lifeboat shout... Be glad to get in
Update your maps at Navteq
Heading through the gaps for a very bumpy ride!
Live music tonight 8pm 'PIE TRIO' in main bar
Grizzlies need to get it to Kris Jenkins here
Nearly! The Last Samuri just ran out of steam
I'm on The Last Samuri and Boston Bob in the
who did Neil Jenkins play with today!
First cruise ship of the 2016 season Fram piloted into by Steve Hicks.
Two dead and one missing after fishing boat sinks RIP lads very very sad day Louisa…
European rugby,grand national and boxing on today @
Neil Simon: Advice to writers: Start with characters . .
Hope you get out there Neil' Looking forward to some Scilly Lobster ProMo Pict's!
yeah... Think we're gonna muster in the morning chop some bait & see whats happening!
m same, Might be leaving it till Monday & Tuesday Neil. Sw 15-20 on top of that tide YET! lol
was hoping to go turn some gear over tomorrow. She's not done much for my enthusiasm!
I noticed the NCAA HAD officially updated the men's bios (at least K. Jenkins). Think it's time a Title IX of Stats is passed!
My new crewman & new lifeboat crewman Joel having a winch up with the chopper
Happy with that, Reds. Good performances from front to back, especially Origi, Sakho, Lovren & Allen
Congratulations to Neil Jenkins from who has been elected as chairman of at the AGM tonight!
newStream©: How Kris Jenkins’ 3 happened and why it perfectly explains Villanova, by Dana O’Neil
Arcidiacono drives on in, feeds it back to Jenkins, HE SCORES, JENKINS, ITS OVER!.
Reaction in the Pavilion as Kris Jenkins drains the . game-winning shot to win the
Villanova wins national title over UNC on Kris Jenkins three at buzzer (by
That was an all-time great National Championship!. Kris Jenkins wins it at the buzzer for the Villanova Wildcats! Unbel…
bit stop start... But getting there!
Just seen Tegen-mor fish boxes heading along the prom. Hope that means season is off to a good start
Fancy Sturridge back? 2 strikers who jog around a bit & throw their hands up at the slightest contact would be a good pairing...
Certainly a magical dive from Coutinho. Although apart from that side of his game, I'd certainly love him at Chelsea...
Got a shot of comin in the other day round the garrison. Hope he's got some beauties for this week! 🦀🦀
Jenkins baffled by criticism of Wales: Kicking coach Neil Jenkins "baffled" by criticism of Wales after their ...
Neil Jenkins on Wales' kicking game, style of play and George North.
My wife used to claim Terry Wogan was her next-door neighbour. His huge pile was indeed the next house, but half a mile away down the road
Does the BBC's FA Cup contract include the number of times they must say "anything could happen"?
Pic of Padstow lifeboat towing the Verity yesterday
Automation of the process building and deployment multi branch web application using Jenkins, Docker and Nginx
Book today for Sunday Carvery 12-3pm only £10,beef pork lamb Also Saturday steak night £10
it's three and a half miles from Ponty. Neil Jenkins is from Church Village. Give it a rest, mun.
Shanahan told the Broncos not to injure Grbac bc they didn't wanna face Gannon smh (via the Drive
Neil Jenkins chats to the media. Credit Welsh Rugby Union
That time Chiefs' Neil Smith and Trezelle Jenkins got into ..
Neil Smith told the story of him fighting Trezelle Jenkins in the hotel lobby
. Light reading for you today by Simon Jenkins : .
Ask Neil if thats why Jenkins didn't make the team?
"Your faith will grow not by chance, but by choice.". —Neil L. Andersen
Car Carrier ‘Modern Express’ Abandoned in Bay of Biscay, photo by
hopefully he learns..he’s just used to the constant change of College football..but that Jim O’Neil hire just stupid
49ers gonna suck bro…Jim O’Neil as your DC?? did you see what he did to the Browns..wait of course nobody watched the Browns play out of us
Thought we were goners in that shoot-out. So over to you, Everton
Savvy Recruiters have known this for a while. Well at least some of us.
VIDEO: Check out the thoughts of Neil Jenkins from today with the clips on our live blog
Fly-half Rhys Priestland's lack of Bath matches is a worry for Wales before the Six Nations, says Neil Jenkins. .
Here's a short clip from yesterday's press conference with Neil Jenkins. Visit for more
Some inspirational nominees in the awards. Have a read, then vote
Neil Jenkins: Ireland have quality 10s, but potential Sexton absence will affect game-plan
Jonny Sexton would be huge loss to Ireland, says Wales' Neil Jenkins:
Wales' Neil Jenkins: World Cup hit Pro12 clubs in European Champions Cup - The Guardian
Spitting to put it mildly... and her Beef Wellington pastry had a soggy bottom!!!
I stand corrected was half watching half working... Still Lobsters make me think of Sue
I just been here spitting about that!!!
Mary Berry doesn't know the difference between a Lobster Tail and Crawfish Tail..!!
Neil Jenkins concern over Rhys Priestland being benched by Bath.
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Wales' Neil Jenkins: Pro12 clubs' Champions Cup quest hit by World Cup
Jenkins: Sexton key to Ireland: Neil Jenkins says Wales' chances of beating Ireland in their Six Nations opene...
In Blackpool @SgtClem, who lost his legs in action, walked unaided up to the town Cenotaph
You're an amazing person. Come and be brilliant. We're hiring
Not sure which one is Neil Jenkins' daughter as there isn't a balding one on court
Watching my girls playing netball this morning. Also here is Wales and Lions legend Neil Jenkins
Thrilled that has been shortlisted in the category of the 2015 European Excellence Awards!
PLEASE READ AND SHARE. Open Letter in relation to the Guardian Article - Revealed: trafficked migrant workers... https:/…
Love the idea of Patchell's arrival at PyS. Reminds me of a certain Neil Jenkins in way he plays
Got lucky with for Heaton Park in 2012, but no joy this time
Hope all Reds are voting for as podcast of the year in Awards 2015. No debate, really
At DFW Agile-DevOps Meetup will be learning from Neil Hudson "Continuous Delivery and Pipeline Automation with Jenkins Workflow"
I have no doubt about your seamanship Neil 👍👍
Went to sea today & it was worse than forecast. Staying in tomorrow & I bet it's better than forecast!
Content is still king, but community management is queen
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Ah, the type of weather when everyone remembers they have fog lights and forgets completely how to use them properly
Some good comments since I posted this. What would you add?
I am the only one with the birthright to wear this.
Fastest Code-breaker! .. was the first to unscramble NEIL JENKINS in today's Conundrum. Cheers!
We have to get a bulk order of these chaps...
Nice. Expect will claim he's the only one with the birthright to wear it
My man Bruce Jenkins nails it again on topics of Dusty Baker, Grantland(sad) and Jerry Jones (fraud). https:/…
You've never met Neil Jenkins and Jannie de Beer!
Corner turned? Biggest plus point today - looks like the belief is back. Up the Reds!
Hope are subbing Trevor Francis at half-time. Can only think he's in because someone called in sick this morning
After volunteering to dust off his own boots, Neil Jenkins looked to the back of the room and asked Wales full back turned T…
If Saint Etienne don't feature, though, I'm going to bed
Loving Girls in Bands at the BBC on Elastica's 'Connection' just hurtled me back 21 years, bouncing to early Britpop in Liverpool
For the 1st time ever we have received all 3 certifications from
Companies are realizing employees are trusted more than the CEO. Great advice!
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Be thoughtful when instituting has some great advice.
Before jumping into employee advocacy, has some great advice.
Before jumping into of has some great advice.
Timely blog from agree on all three points! Worth reading if planning 2016 strategy.
Interesting piece on employee advocacy from
Wales can't let up for a minute against SA says Neil Jenkins while Jonny Wilkinson believes hard work and desire has paid for Dan Biggar
Halfpenny needs seven points to become the 3rd player to score 500 for Wales. Up there with legends Stephen Jones & Neil Jenkins.📊💪🏼
Dan Biggar is "way out in front" in the battle for No. 10 shirt, says Wales's Neil Jenkins
Fantastic night last night in the party house !
Party on down at the Mermaid tonight ! sperosscilly
Mermaid open for breakfast everyday from 830am in the Slip Inn
Party on down this weekend in the mermaid !
My mate 'jackpot' home from New Zealand came for a trip today... & look what we caught... Not often in the pots!
and deliver us from Neil Jenkins, so ginger and ogre-ous.
Mrs & Mrs Neil just purchased a Brand New 2015 Honda CR-V, from the all New Jenkins Honda of Leesburg. B…
I have one who would bite your hand off to go, shame about school! Good luck.
good luck with that Neil, strong stomach needed for your job.
yes.. I love it too, not sure what's up with youngsters..
wasn't that the tour that neil Jenkins couldn't miss from anywhere and didn't get the recognition for his all around game?
Any young men out there who don't mind earning their money.. Give me a shout.. Successful boat looking for crew!
Retired fisherman & all round legend Stuart came for a trip today... Great company!
For read the stories of some of the women in our manufacturing sites
I was at Millenium in 1999 when happened again!! Neil Jenkins reached 1000 points that game!!
Dressed for winter while hauling the other day... Forecast looks more summery this week at least!!
Off to sea! The Trade Winds heading out to hunt out the crab.
Thank you Neil. Very pleased you enjoyed it.
How to measure the success of your internal social network - good post by
Good report by from the 2015 World Conference. Look forward to the next instalment!
Are bosses ready to deliver the workforce? (HT
Why engaging employees on really isn't about money
Leigh Halfpenny can win Australia Tour for Lions, insists Neil Jenkins -
'Tasted some Crab in my time' but this Isles of Scilly Crab' Well something else!! Many thanks
Neil Jenkins and Samson Lee for the Welsh, and Paul O'Connell to join Tito in the 2nd row
Thanks for attending last week folks, here's the first of many updates
AE Knight inducted into Hall of Fame. Award presented to his grandchildren by John Jenkins and Pat Neil
Can't believe didn't get man of the match
Harry Kane emulates England greats Francis Jeffers & David Nugent by scoring on his debut.
Rugby fans. I'm looking for the most iconic image of Welsh legend Neil Jenkins to add to Rugby Mishmash...any ideas?
Treat employees as adults and engage them as humans. Amen (via
Huw Jenkins says new deal for Neil Taylor is "obvious":
The message, as Neil Jenkins relaxed at his al fresco media conference overlooking Rome’s Central Park, was that Wales have not even
Huw Jenkins has said a new deal for Neil Taylor is an obvious move:
The new ‘ABCs’ of Internal Communication: How our role is changing
idk about y'all but I'm graduating 😌🎓
be stupid not to look at what Neil Jenkins has done with halfpenny
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Grand Place in Brussels. Sparkles in the rain
Neil Moore, Iain Jenkins and one other I got wrong
nice to meet you Alan... Sorry I didn't make it over to the Ajax but up to my neck in it with our boat!!
Off to Brussels to support our week for employees in Benelux/Norway/Sweden. Focus = comms, collaboration, commercial
BREAKING: DJ Neil Fox is charged with nine sex offences
St Etienne tribute to Liverpool Fans at home to Lille today "Hillsborough 25 years of lies, justice for the 96 h…
I don't even care about football but this is pretty great. “Gerrard.
Spring is in the air, the other sickly boy not so be out done? exodus 😱😎🍀
“I love everything about this book. Sam Jenkins is one of my new favorite characters!”
I wonder if Neil Jenkins ever gets tempted to take a run up and kick for goal.
I will never tire of Neil Jenkins being on the pitch for kicks
Gr8 food last night accompanied by superb wine from Thx to the Timmis family & Neil Jenkins!
The pre-Easter paint up for the Scilly boys. Best crack on..! 😎
Jenkins only focused on victory - Skills Coach Neil Jenkins says Wales' only focus is on emerging from Italy's Sta...
Italy v Wales, Six Nations: Thrash the Azzurri and title goes back to Wales... but…
Jenkins: Wales want a fast start to help title bid: Wales assistant coach Neil Jenkins has revealed that…
Wales focused only on beating Italy, insists coach Neil Jenkins
Wales focused only on beating Italy and not Six Nations glory, insists coach Neil Jenkins
Thanks for the follow - looking forward to the conversation!
Sports Latest: Jenkins focused only on victory - Neil Jenkins says that Wales will be concentrated totally on winn...
Neil Jenkins says focus is victory, not mathematical permutations.
EdMedTech and other stuff Stories via
Mike Catt is as bald as Neil Jenkins
kickers in the history of the sport: Jonny [Wilkinson] but also Neil Jenkins.” 2/2
why not Neil Jenkins and Shane Williams? 💓🏉xx
Had a good chat with Conor Murray in today's paper. He told me that he's started practicing place kicks again and worked with Neil Jenkins.
Nos Galan Races - Held annually on New Year eve in Mountain Ash the Nos Galan race commemorates Guto Nyth Bran a local hero who was famous as a runner and according to legend could outrun a horse. Each year a celebrity runner is unveiled on the night. Previous mystery runners include Neil Jenkins, Iwan Thomas, John Hartson, Shane Williams and Linford Christie.
For the 1st pick of the 2013 "Cuff season" draft Mac'Neil Jenkins selects , from Sam Houston State University.
A special team-issue jersey sneezed on by Neil Jenkins for £100? One with a sleeve covered in Leigh Halfpenny snot for. £500
I wonder how many NZ footy fans had the opportunity to read the sort of newspaper articles that the current Coach of the Lions had to endure during the lead up to the 3rd Wallabies v Lions Test in Sydney last week. Just in case you missed them have a read of one, written by a Mr Oliver Brown of the Telegraph last Thursday, who presumably is now writing for the Country Womans Weekly along with the benefit of advise from his Editor at the Telegraph, occupying the next office in "Bourton on the Water"! Enjoy! I will then put up the link page to his fan page! By Oliver Brown The Telegraph Warren Gatland's selection of 10 Welshmen in starting XV a brazen insult to very concept of British and Irish Lions It is, by any measurement, a preposterous decision. Ten Welshmen starting for a team labouring under the misnomer of the British and Irish Lions? Why does Warren Gatland not just jettison fly-half Jonny Sexton for Neil Jenkins, his kicking coach, and have done with it? It is also a brazen insult to the very c . ...
If it's your birthday, you share it with Robbie Keane, Dario Gradi, Mal Meninga, Neil Jenkins, Sourav Ganguly, Kevin Bacon, Sarah Kennedy
Lions 2013: stunning victory and historic series success over Australia safeguards a treasured concept There are times when sport reaches into the soul. This was one of those moments. After two nail-biters, this was a night when the Lions fans were throwing hats into the air long before the final whistle, their joy distilled into mocking waves to Wallaby fans as they streamed away for an early exit. Really, giving the Aussies stick, what is the world coming to? The crowd had witnessed a display of great character and notable technical skills. The scrum was redoubtable, a source of points through penalties, all of which were taken by the master of the boot that is Leigh Halfpenny. He missed only a conversion to end up with 21 points, a test record in itself, finishing with 49 points for the series, another landmark eclipsing that set by his mentor on this tour, kicking coach, Neil Jenkins. The little man with grandeur in his being, Halfpenny has bestrode this series, not just accumulating points but playin ...
Leigh Halfpenny -player of the series for the Lions tour 2013 and now the new record holder for scoring the most points in a test series for the British and Irish Lions, surpassing Neil Jenkins who is also Welsh! This oil painting was done by my sister in law, Annie Lovelass, who just happens to want to have Leigh's babies! but as she is 60 this year, I'm sorry Annie but I don't think that is going to happen!! This oil painting is 40 cms x 50 cms and is absolutely fab. She is open for commissions search her on FB to see her other paintings she is so talented. But thank you Annie for doing this for Rhys' birthday xxx
Amazing trip yet again! Patchway kids are the best! Loved all the positive feedback we got from guides/ bus driver/ our guide/ hotel owner etc. and obviously a massive thanks to the fab staff who made the trip even better! Neil Jenkins an Fiona Fields - massive thanks from the history dept.
Breaking News: British and Welsh Lions coach Warren "Williams/Jones/Evans/Edwards" Gatland calls up Shane Williams, Martin Williams and Neil Jenkins to replace Bowe, O'Brien and Sexton.
Jenkins example inspires Halfpenny: Goal-kicker Leigh Halfpenny is inspired by predecessor Neil Jenkins, his m...
First Test XVs from previous Lions Tours Posted on Jun 19, 2013 As Warren Gatland’s announcement of the team for the first test against Australia this weekend edges ever nearer, we thought it would be interesting to look at the teams that have been picked on past tours for that all-important first test. 1997 tour to South Africa – won 25-16 15. Neil Jenkins 14. Ieuan Evans 13. Scott Gibbs 12. Jeremy Guscott 11. Alan Tait 10. Gregor Townsend 9. Matt Dawson 1. Tom Smith 2. Keith Wood 3. Paul Wallace 4. Martin Johnson (capt) 5. Jeremy Davidson 6. Lawrence Dallaglio 7. Richard Hill 8. Tim Rodber Tries from Matt Dawson and Alan Tait, along with five penalties from Neil Jenkins, were enough to see the Lions to an historic opening victory over the South Africans. It was a win that laid the foundations for the tourists to win a tour no-one had given then a hope for, and stands to this day as the last successful Lions tour. 2001 tour to Australia – won 29-13 15. Matt Perry 14. Dafydd James 13. Rob Henderson ...
1 year on... when our dear Neil Jenkins departed us and moved in with the big guy upstairs... Not a day goes by when we don't think of you mate and we miss you big time! We just might go to The Cross and have a few beers (smoke a few ciggies) later in your honour cos "It's Gotta Be Done"
Kicking practice at Suncorp Stadium earlier for & Jonny Sexton with coach Neil Jenkins htt…
Western Force 17-69 Lions: Lions full-back Leigh Halfpenny, who booted 24 points in a perfect kicking display, on Sky Sports: "I'm pretty pleased - we'll take that to start with. But it doesn't stop there - we will enjoy this but we'll get back on the training field and continue with the hard work. "Jenks [coach Neil Jenkins] been giving me a couple of pointers and reminding me what I'm good at - striking the ball." You're not too shabby at the rest of the game either Shove :-)
Conservative Lord Jenkin of Roding, 3 June 2013, on Equal Marriage: Last year, my wife and I celebrated our diamond wedding, and I have to say that it has been a marriage with mutual comfort and support. Is this Bill going to redefine that marriage? I cannot see how that could possibly happen. I was grateful to my noble friend on the Front Bench for confirming that nothing in this Bill will redefine our marriage or indeed those of the other 24 million married people in this country. One has to regard that argument as really quite misconceived. As others have said, it is not irrelevant that there is a great deal more support for the Bill among young people who are facing marriage, are about to get married or hope to get married than there is among the population generally. They do not see it like that. One has only to think of the possibility of the following happening. A young man poses the question to his intended, “Will you marry me?” and she replies, “Oh no. This Bill has made it all totally diff ...
Looking for John RAGG and Neil JENKIN re COLDICUTT and CUMMING
Handelian hero: John Beard, he sang for & acted with My review of Neil Jenkins new biography:
re Mike Catt. The ugly mug of Neil Jenkins has been firming from behind Halfpenny for some time now.
Mike Catt England kicking coach is looking healthy and as kept himself in shape since his retirement . Our kicking coach Neil Jenkins ?? Enough said lol lol
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It's Saint David's Day today and we want to know from our Welsh followers, who is Wales' greatest British & Irish Lion? Here are a few to consider: Willie Thomas (Wales' first Lion - 1888) Gwyn Nicholls (Star of 1899 series win over Aus) Jack Jones (41 games on 1908 and 1910 tours) Ken Jones (17 tries on 1950 tour) Cliff Morgan (Star of 1955 drawn series with SA) Bryn Meredith (Eight Tests and 42 games on three tours) David Watkins (Six Tests on 1966 tour) Stars of the Seventies John Dawes (Captain in 1971) Gerald Davies (Two tours and 2009 manager) JPR Williams (Eight Tests in 1971 and 74 tours) Mervyn Davies (Eight Tests in 1971 and 74 tours) Gareth Edwards (10 Tests over three tours) Barry John (Simply the King in 1971) Phil Bennett (Eight Tests over two tours) Ieuan Evans (Series wins in 1989 & 97, won in every country) Scott Gibbs (Inspirational behind 1997 win over SA) Neil Jenkins (Match winning goal kicker in 1997) Stephen Jones (Eight Tests, record points in 2009 third Test win) Dydd Gwyl Dewi Ha ...
Neil Jenkins delighted to see Dan Biggar growing into Welsh 10 shirt - Rugby News - Rugby from
News from inside Wales' Six Nations camp from - Neil Jenkins proud of Dan Biggar's outside half shows
Jenkins calms talk of Welsh Six Nations title Wales assistant coach Neil Jenkins insists the reigning RBS 6 Nations champions are in no danger of being distracted by a potential title shoot-out with England next month. Jenkins has history when it comes to wrecking English Grand Slam dreams after the former Wales fly-half converted Scott Gibbs' dramatic late try to sink Clive Woodward's team 32-31 at Wembley 14 years ago. If Wales beat Scotland in Edinburgh next week - and England complete what should be a routine Italian job at Twickenham - then it will be all on for March 16 in Cardiff. England are in the driving seat, given that they already boast a superior points difference to Wales with Italy still on their schedule, but... ~SportsMan
Interesting comments today from Neil Jenkins on how Dan Biggar has matured and grown in stature during the course of the Six Nations.
Coming up in 5 cpt. Cook on England's series win in NZ, Mike Catt on & Neil Jenkins on
You also think Neil Jenkins was a better kicker than Dan Carter l.
Dan Lydiate.. Ken Owens.. Dafydd Jones.. Neil Jenkins and Shane Williams if he's back!
When the lions beat the springboks in 2007, Neil Jenkins was the goal kicker.but who was playing at 10?
Neil Jenkins has joined - the left back has experience in shed loads, including 50 League appearances for Southend United.
lacking a Ten most of all. I say bring back Stephen Jones and if not him then Neil Jenkins!
Watch the 1999 Wales vs Manu Samoa Classic (Full) Wales 31-38 Samoa, Millennium Stadium, Cardiff, October 14 1999 After the 1991 World Cup defeat the widespread joke amongst Welsh fans had been: 'Thank God we weren't playing all of Samoa'. When 1999 hosts Wales were again drawn in a World Cup pool with the islanders, that nightmare scenario apparently became a reality, Western Samoa having changed its name to Samoa in 1997. Welsh confidence was burgeoning, though, with the country in the grip of Graham Henry-mania and riding high following a 10-match winning streak. Home hopes seemed to be justified as their powerful scrum destroyed the visitors and earned two penalty tries. Neil Jenkins' first successful kick at goal broke Michael Lynagh's international points record of 911 and sent the newly built Millennium Stadium into raptures. But Wales' play was sloppy and Samoa's counter-attacking electrifying as they came from behind before a disbelieving crowd. Henry turned back to his forwards, but early hero J ...
On behalf on of Jeff Welch.. Myself and Steve..well done today boys. around a grand raised..nice afternoon with Neil Jenkins
Richard & a 1997 Neil Jenkins, along with other great vintage Groggs kindly donated by Pat & Barry for the museum!
Neil Jenkins believes Wales will face the current "second-best side" in world rugby when they tackle Australia. "They are a tough side," Wales skills coach Jenkins said. "The reality is that we are playing the second-best side in the world, as far as I am concerned. "I don't think they are too far off the All Blacks at this moment in time.
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Our MD, Neil Jenkins is running the Brighton Marathon on Sunday. Support them and The Get A-Head Charitable Trust @
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