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Neil Gorsuch

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Amy Goodman: Neil Gorsuch and the Case of the Frozen Trucker
10. Or as the ladies at say at least he’ll rule against our right to birth control with a smile.
7. trucker who almost froze 2 death said didn’t care when he ruled. Showed no compassion.
5.Truth is scrutiny makes this guy look really bad. shows his scary resemblance to Trump.
If Neil Gorsuch can't meet the 60-vote standard for nominees, we need to change the nominee – not the rules.
Here's a list of everything Neil Gorsuch had to say last week about his views on the Roe v Wade case:. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.…
Gorsuch has a cruel record of indifference to people, and his arrogance during his hearings didn’t help. More:
Judge Neil Gorsuch is immensely qualified for He is decidedly Sign to demand his confirmation:
.on what to expect from Neil Gorsuch (Neil Grouch in autocorrect) on the Supreme Court.
Neil Gorsuch ruled that disabled children only have the right to a bare minimum education.
Judge Neil Gorsuch is a sheep in wolf's clothing .
In many cases, Gorsuch has tried to slam the courthouse door in the face of ordinary Americans.
Neil Gorsuch is brilliant and would make a great addition to the SCOTUS. There's no valid reason for Flake to vote no
Neil Gorsuch sounds like every action movie star ever. Full coverage tonight at 11/10c.
Sen. Bill Nelson will join filibuster of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
20 Democratic senators now support blocking Neil Gorsuch via
We need a Justice who will represent all Americans, not just the wealthy & corporate interests. I will oppose Neil…
Research: Gorsuch "more hesitant" than past noms to answer Qs in forthcoming manner
Dems force Senate committee to delay vote on Neil Gorsuch:
Please oppose the nomination of Neil Gorsuch for the Supreme Court. He is not the person for the job.
Tonight at 11/10c, Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is an extremely white dude.
Here's why we oppose the confirmation of Judge Neil to the Supreme Court of the United States
Independent and impartial federal judges are needed now more than ever. All should oppose Neil Gorsuch. ht…
EPIC! Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson goes to bat for Judge Neil Gorsuch in a new video!
OP-ED: Here's what America has to lose by nominating Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
Dianne Feinstein to Gorsuch: “You have been very much able to avoid any specificity like no one I have seen before" https:…
The fact that the left is fighting Judge Neil Gorsuch this hard, tells you that 100% without a doubt Trump picked the ri…
Call your Dem senators # & tell them, & or thank them for planning to do so.
Democrats delay vote on Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch
Gorsuch's testimony to the Senate Judiciary Committee was darkly cynical and marked him as a political charlatan. http…
"I’m a human being who has a name … but [Gorsuch] followed the company’s argument to get the world to ignore the...
of Neil Gorsuch is the regulatory state lines, expand health
Sen. *** Republican nuclear option to confirm Gorsuch is ‘tragic’
I agree. Neil Gorsuch is a good pick, which is why democrats hate him. They want a puppet on a strin…
Detroit man: I almost froze to death, and Gorsuch didn't care ... *** N🚫 GORSUCH!
Dianne Feinstein blasts the role that dark money has played in the nomination process for Judge Neil Gorsuch
.calls out Senate Dems for calling to filibuster Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch: "He deserves a fair up o…
Hey, quick word of support for Democratic opposition to Neil Gorsuch. This is a stolen SCOTUS seat, plain and simple. Resist.
Chuck Schumer says Democrats will filibuster nominee Neil Gorsuch - -
As expected (and as is typical), Senate Judiciary Committee holds over Neil Gorsuch + Rod Rosenstein/Rachel Brand n…
5 insights into Judge Neil Gorsuch after 2nd day of Supreme Court confir.. Related Articles:
On environmental and issues, what Neil Gorsuch (really) means for the Supreme Court
What would happen if Gorsuch followed precedent during civil rights movement? Thx u indep thinkers/judges of future
Neil Gorsuch and the Deconstruction of the Administrative State - Huffington Post
Democrats face a thorny strategic choice about how hard to fight a Supreme Court nomination they likely can’t stop
MT Neil Gorsuch nominated by who continues to put
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Dark money groups have now spent $10 million to support Neil Gorsuch. How come?
The problem with Neil Gorsuch is that he isn't Merrick Garland.
Democrats are struggling to placate progressive activists without costing them their leverage in the Senate
Sanders: GOP shouldn't go nuclear over Gorsuch
MT Judge Neil Gorsuch is a phenomenal nominee for the ConfirmGorsuch
MT Congrats Neil Gorsuch made great choice, strong conservative
No on Neil Gorsuch. "a justice who will tear down key laws like Voting Rights Act, and continue to dismantle anti-trust…
Thank you for your opposition to Neil Gorsuch. We need a justice that stands up for workers—not just the we…
It's only fair that Neil Gorsuch get the exact same consideration for SCOTUS as Merrick Garland did.
This father says Neil Gorsuch "eviscerated" his son's educational opportunity as a child with autism. He shouldn't be on…
Schumer is right. A lifetime SCOTUS appointment must wait until TROTUS clears treason investigation.
I will be voting no on Judge Neil Gorsuch to serve on our U.S. Supreme Court. Full video of my statement here:
It's not Neil Gorsuch's fault, but we can't support his ascension to a stolen Supreme Court seat
Like the election of Trump, a Gorsuch confirmation would be a giant step backward for the republic, and even more...
"Neil Gorsuch stands out. Seven judges heard Alphonse Maddin’s case. Six sided with the frozen trucker"
Amy Goodman: "Neil Gorsuch cast a cold, solitary vote against a worker who was fighting for his life"
.confident Democrats have votes to block Gorsuch
. Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing revealed his hidden similarity to Trump. https:/…
Watch Al Franken's extended exchange with SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch over his ruling in the "frozen trucker" case: https…
Neil Gorsuch’s arrogant “frozen trucker” opinion shows he wants to be like Scalia: via
If you think Neil Gorsuch is unworthy to be on SCOTUS, that's ridiculous.
"It is wrong for the state to force a person to violate that person’s conscience."
Neil Gorsuch is unfit for a lifetime appointment. Tell to keep Gorsuch off the bench h…
Why maternity leave was screwed from the beginning:
Democrat Slams Neil Gorsuch: “He Believes the Intentional Taking of Human Life is Always Wrong” h…
Neil Gorsuch's confirmation reveals he suffers from EDD--Empathy Deficit Disorder.
MT Congratulations Mr Neil Gorsuch on your appointed spot as next Justice.
POTUS' judge or SCOTUS' judge?. Judge Neil Gorsuch claims he won't be intimidated by Trump—but he'd better be prepared for the…
Chuck Schumer is prepared to push the Senate into a nuclear confrontation over the Supreme Court http…
Historic archive footage -- Dems attempting to land a punch on Judge Neil Gorsuch.
"The best thing Republicans can do right now is have & Senate Republicans get Neil Gorsuch confirmed to SCOTUS." -…
Democrats concerned the Supreme Court may be rigged for the rich and Republicans via
"[Neil Gorsuch] has a real commitment to reactionary politics and is able to put an appealing face on it"
It's time to get back to work. Next on the agenda? Stopping Trump's pick Neil Gorsuch. https…
Nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch was OK then, why not now
Chuck Schumer: Democrats Will Filibuster Neil Gorsuch's Nomination . At least until he and Tom Bergeron prove they're not s…
Gorsuch: If Congress thinks courts are misapplying the law or arbitration is used too often, it can change the law
I will be voting against the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch, and I will oppose a cloture motion ending debate. -PM
Agreed. Neil Gorsuch is a well spoken charlatan. He's a corporate man. He needs to be exposed as such. Dems! Learn…
The only question democrats should b asking Neil Gorsuch is,,what size robe would u like sir..
Schumer confident Democrats have votes to block Gorsuch
Neil Gorsuch give a heart melting answer to how he wishes to be Remembered.
NRA will target Democrats who vote against Neil Gorsuch
Are we not clear on this? The whole thrust of what the GOP has done & is doing is NEIL GORSUCH filling Scalia's seat. THEY MAY…
“should buck Democrats and speak up for Neil Gorsuch" – editorial board
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Neil Backed by $10 Million in Dark Refuses to Weigh In on
If Neil Gorsuch joins the Supreme Court, he would be "widely expected to favor big business," not working families. https…
College classmate: Neil Gorsuch "had very solid right-wing reactionary views from the beginning"
Judge Neil Gorsuch, President Donald Trump's nominee for the Supreme Court of the United States
Senate Democrats, and vote to confirm Neil Gorsuch for
Neil tells Congress can address 'dark money’ disclosures, not judges
Republicans Prepare to Go "Nuclear" to Confirm Neil Gorsuch. There Is no room for failure on this.
If Judge Gorsuch can’t get 60 votes, Republicans shouldn’t change the rules, they should change the nominee.
What we learned about Neil Gorsuch during his Supreme Court confirmation hearing
Senator Chris *** : Urge Senators Carper and *** to Support the Filibuster of Neil Gorsuch - Sign the Petition!
Good Job on Justice Neil Gorsuch. Senate it's you turn now. https:/…
Neil Gorsuch, Backed by $10 Million in Dark Money, Refuses to Weigh In on Citizens United via
.If Neil Gorsuch refuses to answer to the American people, oppose his confirmation.
Supreme Court rejects Neil Gorsuch's standard on kids with disabilities via
.is prepared to force Mitch McConnell to try to invoke the "nuclear option" over Neil Gorsuch
⚡️ “Tune in: Senate hearing for SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch”.
Some great answers from Neil Gorsuch today. Hope he holds up under scrutiny. Don't need another Roberts.
."I think doesn't like the fact that Neil Gorsuch was nominated by
Just say 'NO' to drugs, and also Neil Gorsuch.
On travel ban, Neil Gorsuch says: "I'm not going to say anything here that would give anybody any idea how I'd rule in any…
Dems should tell GOP: We will give you Neil Gorsuch if you guarantee us Merrick Garland on next vacancy.
Can’t tell you how much of a win this is for Dems and the left. This is going to pour so much gasoline on the fire. Watch out…
What does the GOP have at this point? Neil Gorsuch. That now must go well.
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch exudes with belief that perpetrating his meanness while sitting on bench is compelled by law. He is wrong
Sen. Diane Feinstein is coming for Neil Gorsuch with this interrogation like...
How would Neil Gorsuch handle a religious liberty case?:.
SCOTUS ruled 8-0 against Neil Gorsuch inhumane decision on Disabled Children in the midst of Confirmation Hearings.
Democrats to filibuster Neil Gorsuch nomination to Supreme Court, Schumer says via
Democrats to filibuster Neil Gorsuch nomination. Yes, apparently they really are this stupid!. Source:
ICYMI—Senator Dianne Feinstein explained why Neil Gorsuch would be so dangerous:
The Senate should reject Neil Gorsuch. He is not a moderate in mold of Merrick Garland. Otherwise, GOP will use that dep…
Chuck Schumer pivots and sets up a game of chicken on Neil Gorsuch
This Democratic senator lectured Neil Gorsuch on Republican power grabs, and it was glorious via
Republican senators go *** Neil Gorsuch at his Senate confirmation hearing.
The Senate Judiciary Committee will hear from individuals for and against Neil Gorsuch's nomination.
Just called my Senators and the Senate Judiciary Committee to request that they make every effort to prevent Neil Gorsuch's appt.
So... Do we want to give and Neil Gorsuch some alone time...? Maybe a bottle of Pinot Noir and some Lionel Richi…
joins me to talk about Judge Neil Gorsuch. Watch the full interview HERE:
Senate Republicans are beyond outraged that anyone would dare question Neil Gorsuch: via
Neil Gorsuch's appointment will put the gains of the feminist movement at risk: https:…
Even opponents of Neil Gorsuch couldn't help bursting out in laughter, and all it took was this 1 surprising...
Finally, I can get BJ tips and constitutional philosophy all in one stop.
For his next trick, Donald Trump will repeal his nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch and replace him with Judge Reinhold.
MT announces Neil Gorsuch as next Justice, he greets Maureen & Fr. Scalia.
Trump's nomination for Supreme Court, Gorsuch, wrote book on & with balanced overview
MT Even New York Times says Liberals should vote to confirm Judge Neil Gorsuch!
To the tune of roaring laughter during his confirmation hearing, Gorsuch accidentally uttered a Trump catch phrase
In case you needed a reminder of record on employment discrimination... h…
Why should hearings proceed for a nominee chosen by a president under suspicion?
Dear Neil knowing strong women means nothing if your rulings strip them of their autonomy.
Here are a few reasons why we oppose the confirmation of Judge to the Supreme Court
Trump's nominee Neil Gorsuch tries to distance himself from mentor who compared *** sex to bestiality. http…
Durbin asking Gorsuch about his mentor at Oxford, who compared homosexuality to bestiality
5 things we've learned about Neil Gorsuch so far
MT Good Job on Neil Gorsuch. Senate it's you turn!
Supreme Court issues unanimous smackdown of Neil Gorsuch in the middle of his confirmation hearing ht…
Trump should not be allowed to appoint Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court in his final year in office.
washdcnews: Neil Gorsuch is not God -- and other things the tight-lipped nominee told us
John Roberts told Senate Voting Rights Act was constitutional & 8 years later gutted law. Gorsuch will do same
Neil Gorsuch's second day of hearings is about to take on Trump. Here’s how he can win.
“Neil Gorsuch is the right person to be on the Supreme Court.” – chairman .
Neil Gorsuch should ask for the hearings to wait until everyone knows if he was appointed by an illegitimate president.
Day 2: Tendentious progsplaining of originalism proves unsuccessful tactic for derailing Neil Gorsuch
Sen. *** Durbin says Trump's SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch lacks the necessary Democratic support to be confirmed
Trump's SCOTUS pick Neil Gorsuch has ruled for corporations over American workers.
Watch the fiery exchange between Al Franken and Neil Gorsuch over the “Case of the frozen trucker"
🇺🇸 Mitch McConnell: Neil Gorsuch 'will be confirmed' for Supreme Court post 👈 see here 🇺🇸 https…
Neil Gorsuch gets called out for using the word "bigly" at his confirmation hearing
Democrats Fail to Move Gorsuch Off Script and Beyond Generalities - "It matters not a whit" 2 14A
Neil Gorsuch: handsome, athletic, and a living symbol of a historic Republican power grab.
During Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing, the Supreme Court unanimously reversed one of his decisions. . Troll level: SUPR…
Trump bashes judges again. Hours after Neil Gorsuch told him to stop.
Neil pretends to be above politics — but politics is the only reason he’s sitting there | By http…
Watch Al Franken explain to Neil Gorsuch why his trucker dissent was "absurd":
U.S. Supreme Court ruling on Douglas County student disabilities case gets tangled up in Neil Gorsuch hearing..
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Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court begin today. Will you watch?
Neil Gorsuch appointment to high court should be delayed, DNC chair says
Neil Gorsuch faces third day before Congress
What issues did Minnesota Sens. Al Franken and Amy Klobuchar ask Neil Gorsuch about on his hearing's second day?
GOP leaders threaten to use the "nuclear option" if Democrats decide to filibuster Neil Gorsuch's nomination
In case you are wondering if it is a crime to kidnap Neil Gorsuch. h/t
Got laid off? Republicans plan to keep Neil Gorsuch off the Supreme Court.
Gorsuch is not another Scalia, he's the next John Roberts: a handsome face on ugly ideology
Can somebody please ask Neil Gorsuch this question?
😂😂😂. "Find someone who looks at you the way Ted Cruz looks at Neil Gorsuch.".
Trump set bar so low, a corrupt bigot like Neil Gorsuch is "reasonable" because he didn't enter hearings carrying a chain…
Arizona Senator asks Neil Gorsuch that "100 duck-sized horses or one horse-sized duck" question from Reddit:…
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch refuses to give personal opinion on *** marriage
Schumer might want to call for a delay on the vote until after the 2020 election. A thought. ht…
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was just tripped up by a horse-sized duck
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Analysis | Neil Gorsuch could be the most conservative justice on the Supreme Court
1/ Though not quite done yet, here are five takeaways from day two of Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing.
"We cannot afford to have Neil Gorsuch sit on the Supreme Court. He believes the wealthy have more rights than the avg citi…
Neil Gorsuch seems to be literally toying with Democrats as they flail helplessly against his depth of judicial knowledge…
Here's the "frozen trucker" case Neil Gorsuch was chided for today. Note his trademark pomposity coming though...
Neil "did a good job in rebutting any charges that he was a stooge of President Trump of some sort," says
Judge Gorsuch won’t overturn Roe v. Wade, but his views on “religious freedom” may do just as much damage — Quartz
Sen. Al Franken: "I had a career in identifying absurdity. And this is absurd."
Lindsey Graham used Neil Gorsuch's hearing to plug his 20-week abortion ban:
Neil Gorsuch punctuated his testimony with fake “Leave It to Beaver” exclamations of "gosh" and “oh, my goodness!” https…
Al Franken asks Neil Gorsuch why he ruled against truck driver fired for abandoning his vehicle in -14 degree cold. https:…
Neil Gorsuch's respect for political civility would be more compelling were he not walking over a body to get on the Co…
Do you believe the Dimms will pay a huge political price if they withhold their votes for Neil Gorsuch?
Democrats tried and failed to trip up Judge Neil Gorsuch during his confirmation hearing today… and Leonard Leo react next
Just wrapped up first round of questioning in Judge Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearing. Full video:
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Neil Gorsuch is not merely an excellent reflection on Neil Gorsuch but also an excellent reflection on
New post: Hearing wonderful praise for Neil Gorsuch. This is the kind of judge we need on …
This column about why Neil Gorsuch must be opposed devotes two whole sentences to Neil Gorsuch. .
Do any know if Neil Gorsuch is related to Edward Gorsuch, who died while trying to enforce the Fugitive Slave Act in 1851?
Neil Gorsuch is up for a lifetime appointment to the Supreme Court from a President whose campaign is under FBI investigatio…
Ted Cruz and Neil Gorsuch sitting in a tree/ K I S S I N G while going against the CONSTITUTION - Receiving Stolen Pro…
A prairie home companion with Neil Gorsuch
made me realize Neil Gorsuch is the Central Casting version of a smooth, svelt, double talker who ends up being the murderer
Neil Gorsuch: "Nobody is above the law in this country, and that includes the president of the United States"
Neil Gorsuch is the perfect choice for the Supreme Court. I'm so happy that WE kept Merrick Garland out. Saved the Second Amendment
"I do not feel Neil Gorsuch should be appointed to the SCOTUS, he... will not have the people's best interests at heart." -…
This is perfect timing cause lately I've been asking myself "I wonder where John Elway stands on the Neil Gorsuch nomination?"
John Elway urges Senate to approve Neil Gorsuch's nomination for high court
John Elway endorses Neil Gorsuch for Supreme Court. This will not win the judge any followers in northeast Ohio.…
.to SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch: "You're going to have your hands full with this president"
Left-wing Politico and the Democrat talking points against Gorsuch
Pray for Neil & for the Senate as they go through the confirmation process this week.
Now introducing Neil Gorsuch: someone you under no circumstances want next to you in a foxhole.
I look forward to seeing Judge Neil Gorsuch as the next Supreme Court Justice. We have the votes.
Sen Bennet introducing fellow Coloradan Neil Gorsuch but won't commit to voting for him. Says he will keep an open mind on n…
Gorsuch's frat's rep was "defined by accusations of hard-partying, racism, sexism, and date rape."
Former Obama acting solicitor general is currently introducing to the Judiciary Committee.
If you're watching the hearings today, read this too! .
Former Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold: Neil Gorsuch seeks "illegitimate seat" on court
The latest from A Read on the Conscience of Neil (
Neal Katyal's NYT op-ed on why liberals should support Judge Gorsuch.
Who is Neil 10 things you need to know about Trump's Supreme Court nominee. I support Gorsuch 100%
Neil Gorsuch has continuously ruled against workers and the average American. His full record must be exposed.
So your official position is obviously in favor of confirming Neil Gorsuch as ,You are OFFICIALL…
Given Neil Gorsuch's career of siding with corporations over people, we can't trust him on affecting real peop…
Leftist hate Neil because he wants to uphold the Constitution. Never Trump Republicans are starting to look extremel…
If you're distracted by other news out of DC, here's where you can follow the hearings: via
Sen. *** Durbin to Neil Gorsuch: "Your nomination is part of a Republican strategy to capture our judicial branch of gove…
Watch live: Gorsuch hearings continue with opening statements from senators
Especially hearings into the lifetime appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court
Neil Gorsuch accused of saying that women 'manipulate' maternity leave: via
We need someone on who will protect ALL Americans. That person is not Judge Neil Gorsuch.
"...but this upcoming confirmation fight is not about the Court anymore..." YES, more of this! Resist.
.on Neil Gorsuch: "They made Merrick Garland wait for 321 days for [a] hearing. What's the rush here?"
Does Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch have thoughts on maternity leave and women?. Yes, yes he does. .
At the moment Sen. Bennet is still marked "unknown" on cloture for Gorsuch.
throws deep for Neil Gorsuch in letter on letterhead
MT Human life is fundamentally & inherently valuable. Judge Neil Gorsuch
Remember When Democrats unanimously confirmed Neil to be a Federal Judge back in 2006? . Watch them oppose him now…
Democrats should fight like *** to block Neil Gorsuch's nomination
It's clear that Neil Gorsuch's judicial philosophy is outside of the mainstream.
The nomination of Judge Gorsuch has been met with a great consensus of support. |
WATCH LIVE (still streaming strong!): Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearing
Neil Gorsuch confirmation hearing begins today. Let's confirm as Supreme Court Justice and make America GREAT AGAIN!
"Judge Gorsuch specifically targeted females and maternity leave."
Judge Neil Gorsuch is expected to give his own opening statement this afternoon.
Hillary, Obama, Schumer, Feinstein all voted to confirm Neil in 2006. I'm sure they will gladly support him in 2017…
If Neil Gorsuch is confirmed, he will be the only Protestant on the Court, joining five who are Catholic and three who are Jewi…
Trump said he will only appoint pro-life, pro-gun & anti-contraceptive justices to Meet Neil
Up now is to introduce Neil Gorsuch: He has a great first name, Katyal begins.
Neil Gorsuch said a woman waited too long (two months!) to report sexual harassment at work, claim can't go to trial ht…
Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearings for a position on the Supreme Court have begun. Watch live:
Great opening statement by Sen. Orrin Hatch. Despite being supporter of Merrick Garland, he spoke glowingly of Neil Gorsuch.
Neil Gorsuch, a perfect example of why politicians should not choose judges.
Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee Sen. Orrin Hatch spoke with about nominee Neil Gorsuch.…
Senator Chuck Schumer is warning his colleagues about Neil Gorsuch in advance of the judge's Supreme Court confi...
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch is facing his first confirmation hearing on Monday; here's what to expect:
Senators Grassley and Feinstein, neither of them lawyers, will preside over Neil Gorsuch's confirmation hearings
Join us starting tomorrow for LIVE coverage on of the Senate hearings for Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch https:/…
Nominee, Neil Gorsuch will step under a grueling national spotlight Monday as his Supreme Court confirmation hearings begin.
The Senate battle over Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch begins tomorrow. The top 10 reasons Ds should not vote for G…
Some reading: our comprehensive report on the record of nominee Neil Gorsuch
Neil Gorsuch will be the next Supreme Court Judge. God picked him and is working through Trump
MONDAY: Confirmation hearing for nominee Judge Neil Gorsuch – LIVE at 11am ET on C-SPAN2
Neil Gorsuch Is Reputed to Be to the Right of Antonin Scalia, Which Is Mind-Boggling via
Supreme Court nominee Neil Gorsuch was at the center of a Guantánamo debate in 2005. He sided with President Bush.
What happened to separation of church and state? why should care we about Neil Gorsuch's religion?
Come out to the Citizens' Hearing on 45's SCOTUS nominee Neil Gorsuch this Sunday 3/19 at the Haven at 2 PM!
Deeply disturbing that in 2017 a SCOTUS nominee would value highly subjective "basic goods" over personal liberty. https:…
Judge Neil Gorsuch lacks the impartiality and independence the American people expect and deserve from the federal benc…
Hamilton Collection
stance on kids with disabilities is yet another reason to demand Democrats filibuster his appointment. htt…
We must protect and cherish our Constitution. Stand behind Judge Neil Gorsuch for
When you realize that Neil Gorsuch would send us back to a bygone era on women's health and rights.
Gorsuch recommended to Justice Dept. that federal judges visit Gitmo
Ouch! "Trump begins process of filling what could b most federal court vacancies left to any president in nearly"50y
Trump faced social conservative backlash. Then he let them help make his Supreme Court picks. Backstory htt…
As a lower court judge, Gorsuch often ruled against workers and consumers.
What kind of judge is Neil Gorsuch? One who sides with executives over employers and corporations over consumers: https:/…
WATCH: anchors a special report on the eve of Neil Gorsuch’s confirmation hearings on Capitol Hill.
Judge Neil Gorsuch would be a disaster for civil rights.
Princess Salazar: At Planned Parenthood, "we learned not just about safe sex, but about ourselves."
Religious extremists criticize Judge Gorsuch for belonging to a church where people know how to think.
Senate confirmation hearing for Judge Neil Gorsuch begins on Monday.
“Neil Gorsuch was instrumental in defending George W. Bush’s torture program” by Kate Martin
Neil Gorsuch made up a legal standard that weakens promises to kids with disabilities
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Chuck Schumer criticized Neil Gorsuch for being impartial, but that’s the sign of a good judge via
Happy 84th birthday to Ruth Bader Ginsburg, a true champion for on the opposite of Neil Gorsuch.
Ask Senators to oppose appointment of Neil Gorsuch to Supreme Court. First hearing in the Senate Judiciary Committee is Mo…
Neil Gorsuch will be another judge looking out for corporations at the expense of average Americans
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