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Neil Diamond

Neil Leslie Diamond (born January 24, 1941) is an American singer-songwriter with a career spanning over five decades from the 1960s until the present.

Sweet Caroline Hot August Night Song Sung Blue Bob Dylan Jonathan Livingston Seagull Holly Holy Swan Valley Perth Western Australia Phil Donahue Barbra Streisand Saving Silverman Johnny Cash Sam Donaldson Neil Sedaka Greek Theatre

Kate bush, straight into Neil Diamond, followed by Scissor Sisters - Tremendous. Sunday Guilty Pleasure
There is a grown *** man yelling at the top of his lungs telling us all how much he loves Neil Diamond 😹
Now playing: "Holly Holy" by Neil Diamond from 'Hot August Night [2010 remaster]'
Don't listen to Neil Diamond. He's too good. Listen to American Idol tryouts or something.
what is it with the Irish and Neil Diamond?!!? We went to a pub when visiting in 96 and all they played was Neil Diamond!
Went to see Neil Diamond in Glasgow a few yrs back , it was amazing to say the least :)
played which was umm - cliff richard , neil diamond , umm peters and lee , but oh The BEATLES that was good
Going to Neil Diamond at First Direct Arena on Oct 05. Last saw him 40 years ago - a special night the sunset over Woburn never forgotten.
I am dreaming of a white ticket voor Neil Diamond.helaas, keep on dreaming...;-)...diamond.
Neil Diamond 50th Year World Tour comes to the New Orleans' Smoothie King Center on May 2nd! now!
Celine Dion - Ed sheeran - Neil Diamond concert tickets and hospitality available for the 2017 tour dates email info
So good you played it twice Love Neil Diamond, perfect for summery school run :)
When you find that Amen break in a stack of Neil Diamond and Johnny Ray donuts.…
Heard there was an issue with getting Neil Diamond tickets this morning. Plenty of songs sung blue about it.
Got such a big love for neil diamond my mam has only gone and got tickets for me and her to see him !! 😀 76 years old mind 😂😂 can't wait
Win on Neil Diamond tickets at 5:36. Good luck.
Got tickets for Neil Diamond. Because I'm hip and happening!
Neil Diamond still looks brilliant, voice is still great he must be at least 35 now.
HELLO AGAIN: Neil Diamond fans, please don't miss out on a great charity tribute evening with all your favourite...
If you don't skip the Neil Diamond songs on The Last Waltz with The Quickness, we are not compatible.
. Pity you didn't sing 'Love on the Rock' (Neil Diamond) would be very! xx
Sweet Caroline medley in honor of Neil Diamond's Birthday today! 😊🎉
See the legendary on his 50 year anniversary world tour this October on our coach-inclusive break.…
Pack up the babies, grab the old ladies - come to this show! 2 of my favourite things in 1: Neil Diamond &…
Where's the Neil diamond cover band guy though
So really your angst boils down to jealousy? . Half glass empty are we?. "It's no…
Hello, Again! The legendary Neil Diamond returns to the UK in October 2017, celebrating his 50th Anniversary tour.…
Neil Diamond's 50-Year Anniversary Tour arrives at The O2 in October. Tickets are on sale now! ht…
The UK's very own 'voice of Neil' Bob Drury takes to the road with 'Viva Neil Diamond' in this February: http…
Neil Diamond... 50th anniversary tour. Stupidly expensive but, oh, I love a cheesy concert! We said we would go...
I probably won't ever be able to hear Neil Diamond without being sad. Or Classical Gas. But Bryan Adams? Yeah, I'll be okay with him.
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
You can keep Jesus - in my opinion Neil Diamond will always be King of the Jews - Alan Partridge
Look at Neil Diamond. Was he the cool guy? No, he was the housewives'...
I liked a video Behind the Lyrics with John Legend, Neil Diamond and Michael Bublé
I know it's not fashionable, but... I still adore Neil Diamond. Hot August Night is da bombdiggity! (and I've just blown *all* cool cred).
Listening to Sweet Caroline (Live At The Greek Theatre, Los Angeles/1972) by Neil Diamond, on my Echo!
Need to stick Jane Fonda into the vaults alongside Tom Hanks, Bob Dylan, Paul Weller and Neil Diamond 👌😍
Do they know that George Michael,Neil Diamond,Simon and Garfunkel Bob Dylan Billy Joel Leonard Cohen Sascha Baron Cohen are all Jewish
Baby Boomers won't go quietly into the disco/Bob Dylan/Neil Diamond night
Take a break from writing that New Year's & join us for A Neil Diamond & DJ Dance Party!…
Apparently dad requesting "classic music" means my next two hrs will be filled with Bob Dylan, K'naan, Neil Diamond and African spirituals.
"There are two types of people in this world: Those who like Neil Diamond, and those who don't." -Bob Wiley
Irving Berlin, Neil Diamond, Bob Dylan, Phil Spector, Barbra Streisand: Let's seriously thank the Jews for all the decen…
Festive quote of the day from "you can keep Jesus but Neil Diamond will always be the king of the…
Alan Partridge Alpha Papa. You can keep Jesus as far as I'm concerned Neil Diamond's king of the Jews
I have a feeling they probably say Neil Diamond fans name in Saving Silverman but could be that but no clue. lol
At 10, I heard Neil Diamond's 'Solitary Man' and it moved me so deeply ...
Surprised to learn that Neil Diamond has won only ONE Grammy - for theme ftom Jonathan Livingston Seagull. But not "Sweet Caroline"? Whaat?
Neil Diamond brings 50th Anniversary World Tour to the Forum -
Missed on the Big Show today? Listen to the full interview right HERE!
Neil Diamond Does a farty guy that programs farts.
Neil Diamond coming to Denver for 50th anniversary tour
The Legend Neil Diamond great songs of yesteryear.
😂😂 ok for a moment thought you said rob "what would Neil Diamond do ??"
I had my Shiloh.. 11/67 I was but two years old.. But I heard Neil Diamond each day on the radio.
Billy Idol is the Neil Diamond of punk rock.
Someone save josh groban and Neil diamond from Christmas songs
Get ready to sing some “Sweet Caroline” out loud because Neil Diamond is coming to Rogers! https:/…
Neil Diamond announces a massive 50th anniversary world tour
JUST IN: is bringing his World Tour to on June 15 & 17! Get more info here:
Omaha on Neil Diamond international tour - 1011now
Get your hands on this collection of signed Neil Diamond photos, posters & presentation CDs!
Neil Diamond celebrates 50 years in business, to make tour stop in St. Paul
You are listening to Webcom Radio. Coming up next: America by Neil Diamond
Click through our gallery of memorable collaborations at the then reply with your favorite 🎤
I've worked at an old home now for two years. And every time Neil diamond's Sweet Caroline comes on these people lose the…
Why do people let Neil Diamond sing songs not called Sweet Caroline in public
Also in 1969, Neil Diamond appeared on CBS-TV’s Ed Sullivan Show singing two of his hits, ‘Holly Holy’ and ‘Sweet Caroline.’
Neil Diamond is coming to San Diego on August 8th 2017 at the Valley View Casino Center. We'll…
JUST IN: Neil Diamond is bringing The 50 Year World Anniversary Tour to Mohegan Sun Arena on June 11! Get more info…
Pat Cairns returns to Bathgate in January 2017 as Neil Diamond & Kenny Rogers. Tickets are available now from…
Oh Holy Night as song by Neil Diamond in the early 90's on Phil Donahue I will send it to you.
I'll let you have Kenny Rogers. But please Jolene, don't take my Neil Diamond.
I teach conversational English and Here Comes The Boom resonates and will love the Neil Diamond reference!
No Rogers Arena, Neil Diamond can't make me happy
Neil Diamond - Cherry Cherry (Live from the Greek Theatre in L.A.) Hot August Night - 1972
Needed at North Dakota..Neil, please send, help..this is an, S.O.S!!//Miigwetch Creator in gifting us Neil Diamond
Bratavio have to be the worst act in the history of They make Wagner sound like Neil Diamond and Chico like E…
I am listening to Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond on Muzeit! Tune to it!
Have you ever considered transposing "A Song Sung Blue" by Neil Diamond?
I added a video to a playlist Neil Diamond - 1988 Greatest Hits Live Concert
Anyone who wants to ride in the cab with me today will be treated to a Neil Diamond tribute concert... Any takers?
On with the boxing please!! Thought I was watching a Neil Diamond concert for a minute!!
"One year later, I got beat up at a Neil Diamond concert by a guy named Scrunchee!"
It's Neil Diamond, Bern. When you go to his concert & listen to him, it's like Rose said, he sings 2u
Quiet night tonight with a beer, tunes consisting of Fleetwood Mac & Neil Diamond on shuffle before heading up to Scotland…
well if she was brought up on Neil Diamond, I know where the blame lies...that said still have Hot August Night.
Today's commute was to the sound of Neil Diamond, Hot August Night NYC. Altogether now."Swet Caroline."
Hot August Night 1972 Neil Diamond. This live album is so facking good. Diamond at…
Has anybody ever seen Sam Donaldson and Neil Diamond in the same room? .what about their toupees??
Sweet Caroline (In the Style of Neil Diamond) [Karaoke Version] - Single by Global Karaoke on Apple Music
Hand touching hand, reaching out, touching me, touching you. Sweet Caroline, good times never seemed to good. ~ Neil Diamond
"Red, red wine goes to my head, makes me forget that I still need her so." -- Neil Diamond
Up on the Roof: Songs from the Brill Building by Neil Diamond (CD, Sep-1993, Col
. You singing Neil Diamond songs would look (but not sound) like Dan Ackroyd singing Neil Diamond songs.
best gig Cliff Richard soulicious tour, Neil Diamond and Jack Jones who came off stage and sang right next to me n my mum
Speaking in favor of closed primaries. Quotes movie "What about Bob": You either like Neil Diamond or you don't
Listen up, guys. Neil Diamond is the name of a famous American singer-songwriter but it's also a checklist for anyone about…
John Hayes' favorite singer, Neil Diamond, playing over the loudspeaker
Neil Diamond tribute artist Rob Garret is live on
actually quite excited for this Neil Diamond tribute act at work tonight
Can't all summer nights be like this? Does anyone really want a Hot August Night, other than Neil Diamond?
Don't miss John Hylton, Europe’s leading tribute to Neil Diamond, at on September 23rd!.
Her: diamonds are a girls best friend. Neil Diamond: heyya. Lou Diamond Phillips: sup girl. Dustin Diamond: how ya doi... Her…
Carly Simon and Neil Diamond - wrote for themselves and others. Don't forget Joni Mitchell love
Try to read this one and *not* get Neil Diamond stuck in your head. WE CAME TO AMERICA by Faith Ringgold
there's a rare Davy track (by Neil Diamond) and songs by Andy Partridge, Adam Schlesinger, Ben Gibbard, Rivers Cuomo, more
A memorable night in Bristol courtesy of Andy Robinson, Adge Cutler & Neil Diamond ...
Tom Scott returns to showcase his fantastic tribute to both Neil Diamond and Johnny Cash this weekend
On hold to HSBC: music alternates between Hello Again by Neil Diamond + Back to Life by Soul II Soul. Seems appropriate as I hit 37th minute
Bob Drury returns, to celebrate 40 years of Neil Diamond, this July.
One for your diary -9th June.Tribute to the wonderful Neil Diamond. Tickets available now.
Work done, weekend off, Kenny Rodgers / Neil Diamond up the club tonight and cup final tomorrow 😝🇬🇧
Katy Perry - Taste; Neil Diamond - Roggae. Weve seen what Fish does to their songs let’s see what they do to his…
Bob Seger was my first concert! Followed by Neil Diamond! I love them both. No shame in my game.
Oh dear fellow Steelers fans, look what just was on the radio... 😬🙉😂 - Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.
Low key, Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond is one of the top 5 songs of all time.
Is it just me, or does Neil Diamond look like Sam Donaldson?
In a musical mood tonight 3 way toss up between my 3 favs searching for sugar man, les Mis or the jazz singer. Neil Diamond won
Treat Mom & yourself to a great show as perform Neil Diamond at today at 2pm!
Sweet Caroline...oh! oh! oh! and more as performs Neil Diamond this wknd at
Update your maps at Navteq
We're with Neil, and the & their night of Neil Diamond music at Moore 5/7-5/8 Theatre
They just don't make them like this anymore - Neil Diamond - Cracklin' Rosie 1971
I'll meet you in the middle. Billy Joel and Bob Seger. Love 'em both. Toss in Neil Diamond too.
4 respectable celebrities that have done blackface: Ted Danson, David Byrne, Jimmy Fallon, Neil Diamond. Thank you, and goodnight.
My generation had Rosemary Clooney, Vic Damone, Neil Diamond, I'm so old can't even remember my favs NAMES !
FOUR weeks today. Neil Diamond at The Deco - in the form of Fisher Stevens' superb tribute act. Saturday, May 21.
I am rediscovering my love for Jim Croce and Neil Diamond.
Saving Silverman got me into Neil Diamond and Tenacious D.
As If by Neil Diamond is in The Four Winds Wine Bar, Belfast. Download it now at
Bob Dylan and Neil Diamond and both Jews from New York I got confused!!
Tony White sings the songs of Neil Diamond - with a little help from son Liam
Burt Bacharach is actually Neil Diamond in drag.
I know it's a Neil Diamond original but the version Urge Overkill did is just perfect
songwriter. . Listen to Holly Holy by Neil Diamond on
No… why are they covering Neil Diamond and Grease? Mixed messaging, they should stick to the Brothers Gibb.
All purpose parts banner
in the Treehouse : Neil Diamond - Forever In Blue Jeans ... Tune In at
Neil Diamond on the Phil Donahue show 1993 - full show via
* Neil Diamond - Love on the rocks is now playing on Greatest Hits Radio - Join the party!
Proud of my brother! Looking forward to his Neil Diamond Tribute!
I like "Ain't No Sunshine" on "Dreams" by Neil trump and are piggy banks .aint no sushine when hes gone.i know.only darkness no $
I like "I Am ... I Said" on "TOP 1000 Of The Last 30 Years" by Neil Diamond.donald trump love us theunitedstates of america..he koves r vets
*song starts playing*. Mom: Oooh get it Neil Diamond. Me:. Mom:. Me: I think I'm rubbing off on you
An hit with Neil Diamond and the song Love On The Rocks.
Snyder's Superman reminds me of how Rick Rubin tried to turn Neil Diamond into a miserablist folkie rather than letting h…
This 1976 Rolling Stone feature on Neil Diamond is 111% poetry, completely amazing -
What make and colour of cell phone does Neil Diamond have?. Samsung, blue.
1978 Neil Diamond & Barbara Streisand duet You don't bring me Flowers, anymore. 2016 just me sadly singing -You don't Retwe…
Morning Geoff. Thanx for playing my favourite Neil Diamond song to brighten up a miserable drive to work ☺
Neil Diamond went to Abraham Lincoln High School. Lincoln was a wrestler. That counts too...doesn't it?
Chicago band brings Neil Diamond music to Belle Fourche
Chicago band set to bring Neil Diamond music to Belle Fourche
Jose Jose is like Sinatra, Elvis, Barry Manilow, Neil Diamond and Christopher Cross all rolled into one. With more cocaine. A lot more.
Sunday Collection from 2pm with Eddie Shaw including a Neil Diamond classic, 2 Beatles hits and a movie song from a Leonardo Di Caprio film.
Can we ever really be sure this isn't Neil Diamond. Listen to Rock Me Gently by Andy Kim on
Nothing says middle age white man party than a Neil Diamond cover.
On to Neil Diamond's 'Beautiful Noise'. 'Produced by Robbie Robertson', it screams, anxiously, on the cover.
Elvis "stole" many tunes from Neil Diamond. A white artist, it's widely believed he stole it so race doesn't matter it's both
The three derelicts at the pub who think it was Neil Diamond singing The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald are the reason I'm drinking another.
Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond is in South City Publick House, Binghamton. Download it now at
We had a family Neil Diamond sing-a-long in the car returning from supper. The girls really like to belt out Holly Holy.
Fine...I'll say it. Neil Diamond's "Hot August Night". Dammit, the shame.
Hot August Night by Neil Diamond 2 CDs - VERY GOOD COND! with sleeve
In a hotel room watching Neil Diamond in "The Jazz Singer.". It's awful! He's just after nailing the leading lady in front of an open fire.
I have a Neil Diamond cover band called "Diamonds in the Rough"
Kentucky Woman by Neil Diamond is in Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness. Download it now at
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Enjoy a Neil Diamond of a day everyone' LoVe from . Jonathan Livingston Seagull.
I added a video to a playlist Jonathan Livingston Seagull - Neil Diamond - Be
considerate it done.I'm hoping for something cool like Neil Sedaka or Neil Diamond 😂😂 xx
Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond from "All-Time Greatest Hits"- Listen: - iTunes:
Streisand does everything perfectly, so, okay; but I love this often-covered Randy Newman song in Neil Diamond's...
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Neil Diamond. . Loved seeing you at Perth Arena in November 2015. It was a great night.
Happy 75th birthday to the fabulous Neil Diamond. 💕
love Neil Diamond my dad was a big fan of his .
My bus driver is singing Neil Diamond and it's the best thing ever
oh Christ! I can just imagine you and David at a Neil Diamond concert😱😜
Hah. I bet he was off to get his blouse back from Neil Diamond
So done with 50-year-old bald men wanting to sing Neil Diamond and Elvis.
Neil Diamond is packed in pretty tightly there..
Duets at the BBC on bbc4. If you've got a minute, check out Neil Diamond's get up right now.
I MUST stop watching BBC4 when I've had a drink. But Neil Diamond's outfit!!
There's Neil Diamond leaving no doubt as to his religion in those pants.
Congratulations Neil Diamond, I wish you a very happy day in your birthday. A hug.vía
Big Rangers fan. Quiet during the week then at the weekends in between Neil Diamond songs shouting 'No Surrender' at the top of his voice.
Wonder how my old neighbour is doing. A pure yer da. Used to get drunk at the weekends & play Neil Diamond full blast wae the windows open.
Today January 24 is the birthday of singer Neil Diamond: Congratulations! and also mine.
If the Panthers win tomorrow, Neil Diamond will be on repeat till the Super Bowl
The Monkees would record four Neil Diamond songs but the first one was the biggest. After "I'm A Believer" became...
Also on January 24, 1941: On this day, Neil Diamond was born. It's...
Tomorrow at 6 on Standard Time: hits from Neil Diamond and Neil Sedaka. Plus, the number one songs from this time in 1946 and 1961.
Why do some of U continue to talk about the Monkees as though they are real when U should b talking about Don Kirshner & Neil Diamond?
Get the chance to c Neil Diamond live in Concert! Visit for tickets NOW! 4
when maxxie and the Russian lady listen to Neil diamond when he's upset ugh 😭
I added a video to a playlist Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond - Lyrics
Amy & Howard singing to Neil diamond is probably my favourite moment in
Join me at 9am in the morning on Kingston Hospital Radio with Neil Diamond as we celebrate his 75 th Birthday
Electronic Device Insurance
Neil Diamond - Song Sung Blue 1974 Kultnacht means cultnight and is German.
So, my mom gave me Neil Diamond's Hot August Nights on vinyl. Had been in her closet for years. Pretty awesome!
I think Neil Diamond and I have the exact same vocal range.
The taxi driver is playing Neil Diamond and its breaking my heart💔💔
Jack Brickhouse shares my mom's birthday? That's much cooler than Neil Diamond.
Thought you might be in Portland tonight Mike, but no!
OH MAN it's Neil Diamond's birthday tomorrow I need some macaroni glue and poster board RIGHT NOW I'll be busy all today I …
TIL Neil Diamond did almost a Rex Harrison-type of talk-singing version of Desperado. Hilarious 😂
Kindly play 'Sweet Caroline' by Neil Diamond. with &
pretty sure I saw you sitting near Neil Diamond today at Dan's memorial.
Now playing: Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond at - Buy it
Song Sung Blue by Neil Diamond is in Crown & Anchor, Grimsby.
"I shall be released" by Bob Dylan with Ringo Starr, Ron Wood,Neil Young,Eric Clapton,Neil Diamond, The Band & so on
Sitting watching snow,drinking coffee listening to Neil Diamond texting a loved one in a different city Life is good
Compiling a medley of all the big songs that contain "Hello." Got Lionel Richie, Adele, Neil Diamond. Best omit Gary Glitter.
I'm enjoying 'Neil Diamond - Song Sung Blue' on the Hit 70's channel at
Shakespeare: "Sweets to my sweet" . Neil Diamond: "How many times Bill. It's 'Sweets for my sweet. Sugar for my honey'.. from the top boys"
Jools Holland plays no games. Had McCartney, Neil Diamond, Elvis Costello & the Black Keys all on the same show. That's an $800 fest ticket.
You'll never listen to Echo and the Bunnymen the same after it hits you Ian McCulloch sounds like Neil Diamond.
Commercial came on for a New Years Eve concert by a Neil Diamond cover band. My 16 year old: Can you imagine how empty that place will be?
Listening to a live band murder Journey, Bon Jovi and Neil Diamond at a bar.
I'm going to go listen to some Neil Diamond and Sam & Dave - songs with lyrics I can understand...
A one off advert for Spike Jackson - Europes finest tribute to Neil Diamond. at the Darfield Conservative Club ,...
You have to hear this Todd. Neil Diamond sings Oh Holy Night on Phil Donahue. Wonderful
I believe in God, but I've also had "Solitary Man" by Neil Diamond stuck in my head for roughly 20 years, so who knows?
Hello Again by Neil Diamond. Old Friends and Bookends by Simon & Garfunkel
Good God, Neil Diamond looks my age. But uglier
Too fakey-touchy-feely for me. Reminds me of the Neil Diamond adorers I saw trying to reach out and touch him at one of his gigs.
Some guy pulled up to the lights with tinted windows in a black car playing NEIL DIAMOND
Tune into at 3:10pm today to hear more about Centrestage's 'Neil Diamond - The Jazz Singer Returns' tribute show.
Rehab gym w some old dears grooving to upbeat Neil Diamond in our morning session at D Bader rehab gym
How about a Neil Diamond song about December mornings. A sad one.
'Have yourself a Merry Little Christmas' (easily the best Xmas song) sometimes makes me cry. When Neil Diamond sings it: tears guaranteed.
1979, Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand's ‘You Don't Bring Me Flowers’ was at No.1 on the US singles chart.
You're like a dark, gothy Neil Diamond
Have you booked your tickets for the 'Neil Diamond - The Jazz Singer Returns' tribute show, taking place t…
If I went on a murder spree I'd do it to these songs in rotation. . Neil Diamond - Sweet Caroline . Build Me Up - The Foundations
Nothing says Christmas more than Neil Diamond and Dolly Parton/Kenny Rodgers Christmas albums. 🎄❄️
Stan on wishes they had Hot August Night II by Neil Diamond
Things you didn't know: At the age of 67, Neil Diamond became the oldest artist to have a US number one record wit…
When you find yourself exchanging emails with Neil LaBute and Lydia Diamond like it's nothing...what is my life???!!!
He did this during Coming to America by Neil Diamond right?
Victor Oladipo got caught singing Neil Diamond at Target Center:
Hello Again Neil Diamond via Always try to be Kind. Remember - Live-Laugh-Love.
.I didn't know that Neil Diamond was an Atheist.what's with all those Christmas recordings?
This episode of with the scavenger hunt is my absolute favorite- crazy, competitive Bernadette, Neil Diamond... Love it all
Neil Diamond it is. My dad would be proud
I think I ALMOST prefer the Elvis Presley version of Sweet Caroline vs the Neil Diamond version.
I added a video to a playlist I'm A Believer Original - Neil Diamond
I added a video to a playlist Cherry Cherry- The Essential Neil Diamond
Now playing: Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon by Neil Diamond at
I'll stick to Neil Diamond's "Solitary Man" when I need that sentiment, like an adult
Those who dont put their hand over their heart when Coming to America by Neil Diamond is played should be thrown out
Kids: in church, we sang some song, called Song something something. Me: (busting out Neil Diamond) Song Sung Blue, creeping thru my window
Neil Diamond - Song Sung Blue 1972 via Sending Love to Cannes, France. Good night Chris. In my heart always
Jack White is bring your favorite Neil Diamond classics to TCA November 29th with The Heartlight Show.
Sweet Caroline and Brother loves Travelling Show by Neil Diamond in the Swan Valley, Perth Western Australia
The day has come! Neil Diamond we have 16,000 people in the Swan Valley, Perth Western Australia ready and excited to see you.
It's show day and Neil Diamond will play rain or shine! See you on the Swan Valley, Perth Western Australia soon!
Neil Diamond we are nearly ready for you in the Swan Valley, Perth Western Australia. Picture these seats filled... ht…
Buy Miche Bag Online!
It's from "Sky Bird" from the Jonathan Livingston Seagull movie soundtrack by Neil Diamond
No to Coldplay. Coors light, Bud, Desperados or Guinness. Like a bit of Neil Diamond when Northern Ireland play.
Our view from venue - that's the Sydney harbour bridge behind Neil Diamond ya know
Thanks for the early Xmas present, dream about to come true. Neil Diamond concert
Best sis in law ever. Thanks for Neil Diamond
Another chance to see Neil Diamond at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre next week shortly on Magic 882.
BA BA BA 💘 miss you so much and love you tremendously. Sing Neil Diamond with me forever. 👯
THINK I'LL ... listen to some Neil Diamond and forget about the living
Delinquent Brisbane teen sentenced to attend Neil Diamond concert =>
I just used Shazam to discover Sweet Caroline by Neil Diamond.
Cut my finger on my guitar whilst playing Neil Diamond songs. Am I metal yet?
Never before has there been so much excitement before a Neil diamond song.
Having your fourth quarter party interrupted by Neil Diamond is like having your regular party interrupted by Neil Diamond.
I don't like Neil Diamond. I've never liked Neil Diamond. 'Sweet Caroline' makes me want to shoot myself twice...
politico: Letter From Houston: Neil Diamond, the NBA playoffs and an historic sto…
In line at the porta-potties, pep band playing "Sweet Caroline" in the background, dude in line looks up and says, "Neil Diamond?"
*** Can Neil Diamond do anything wrong? I think we all know the answer to that. Its no.
Harrigan’s Irish Pub & Accommodation are offering you the chance to WIN 2 x A Reserve tickets to Neil Diamond !
Who the *** plays Sweet Caroline and its NOT Neil Diamond?! SMFH
Have you ever seen Will Farrell doing Neil Diamond on VH1 Storytellers?
.my roommate just dressed up as you from Bare for Halloween now he won't stop yelling "NEIL DIAMOND" https:/…
We're loving these Melbourne photos by
watching LIVE on Neil Diamond is Live @ the Rod Laver Arena in Melbourne Australia for show
.Hey try some Jefferson Starship or Little River Band or Neil Diamond or Bob Dylan
OMG hilarious find: video of Morton Downey's early 70s nightclub act when he was trying to be the next Neil Diamond
The first reviews for Neil Diamond’s Vector Arena show are in and they’re fantastic! . "Neil Diamond's triumphant...
Book ur Xmas party with FI Plymouth. Hog Roast & more with Neil Diamond tribute band 4th Dec or Matt Baker 5th Dec
When I get married, the DJ is only allowed to play Rod Stewart, Madonna, Phil Collins, Elton John and Neil Diamond
Delicious seafood followed a Johnny Cash & Neil Diamond tribute night at Sounds perfect to us!
if The Blades can make a decent tune out of John Denver then Neil Diamond will do for me
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Here is the University of Oregon's awesome coed a cappella group Mind the Gap performing Neil Diamond;s megahit...
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