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Neil Byrne

Celtic Thunder is the name of two different music groups. The original Celtic Thunder began performing traditional Irish music in Washington, D.C.

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didnt Neil Byrne say exactly the same when he left??
you could have John Giles on for the full show 5 days a week and it wouldn't get old. The man is fascinating
Had a great time with photographer Neil Byrne pre Burlesque gig xx
David Byrne plays Neil Young Rockin' in the Free World via
Neil Degrasse Tyson & David Byrne on the importance of Art education
You know whats good when Neil Degrasse Tyson and B.O.B get in a rap battle
Brutal decision by the linesman even the Stoke players expected the flag to go up
I liked a video Acoustic by Candlelight: Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly 5-21-2012 " Galway Girl"
defo a red card Timmy only good thing is he's out for at least one game
I hope not Tim. Hopefully he will hang on until after the Arsenal game at OT!
ever had craft beer? they're surprisingly nice! they come from Belgium, have a read
Hoping we turn up today like we did against United and put this game to bed after 20 minutes
Would have started Alexis today half fit he is better than Walcott at the moment
The Science of Creativity, with David Byrne - StarTalk Radio Show by Neil d... |
deansgrange from Monday but I heard there was a tap going in to the grange pub for me!!
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday, have a great day.come join us at your Event :)
that's how bad Chelsea have been this season Flamini is in that team
5-Star review for Darkness and Light: Volume One by Lino Neil Sterlini Byrne!
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nah we're all done now till the summer. Calvary has arrived with all these players back
Isco being linked with Arsenal again can't see it happening unfortunately
Neil Byrne – Celtic Thunder singer songwriter – great article on his career. https:…
The image is 30% smaller than the screen as well LOL
Give the gift of comedy this Christmas! Tickets to Neil Delamere, Dirty Dancin In Le Shebeen, Jason Byrne, Give...
I just watched StarTalk with Neil deGrasse Tyson 2x06 "David Byrne"
Any chance of a birthday shout out for my hubby, Neil Byrne tomorrow night at the Tramshed please Russell & Bruce
Some nice Arsenal defending from Wolfsburg there
Yes! Neil deGrasse Tyson and musician David Byrne on the importance of arts education!
Oh my goodness. Neil deGrasse Tyson and David Byrne. How adorable.
Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly at the Temple Theater "Belfast" via
Neil Robertson becomes the first player in history to make a 147 break in the UK Championship final!
called the Bournemouth goal and the sub Murray. Deserves to take over from Neville on MNF
A double sending off at Haig Avenue! Andy Bishop & Macclesfield's Neil Byrne show a straight red after a scuffle in the box.
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday, have a fantastic day...come check out your Event :)
David Byrne & Neil deGrasse Tyson on the importance of Arts Education (3 minute video)
If Neil Young were in town, he'd love this. Loose Change 8:30 - no cover!
This Thursday and Friday evenings we welcome our friends - Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly of Celtic Thunder - back for...
I liked a video Celtic Thunder Medley George Tribute- Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne
Lewis Hamilton being refused entry from Wimbledon Royal Box for not being properly dressed is the best think I've heard all day
Laughable City paying 49m for a player with a questionable temperament and a mad agent. I guess time will tell if it's a good deal or not
Are City now exempt from FFP. Surely 49m puts them in trouble with UEFA again
49m for Sterling is obscene. English premium at its finest
you feel all Novak needs is one break point were as Fed needs two or three
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday Evening. I'm going to charge my phone now. I'll be back later.
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday, enjoy your special day...check out your Event!!
Stable Runner Dram Of Red makes it 2 from 2 for connections @ Doomben with a peach of a ride by J Byrne.
This is a great article read it. Great promotion for the lads Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne
“BOI & have collaborated in aid of Buy the track for just 99c here https:/…
Best birthday gift ever- Neil Byrne. Wishes really can come true. I'm wishing him for my next BD. Happy Bday xx
It's never been about the horses, my interview with Neil Byrne owner of one of the prime stables on 37th street,
Always a treat to read about Neil...saw him last weekend with Byrne & Kelly in Missouri...fabulous musician!
First rule of Thesaurus Club. You don't talk, discuss, converse, speak, chat, confer, deliberate, gab, or gossip about T…
I had the most Amazing and Wonderful time in Missouri this weekend. Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne was amazing and awesome! :-)
at a wedding in Dublin...representing The Arsenal 😀
As an arsenal fan I can relate with every Japanese fan right now
When you're down by 2 in the 6th minute...
My very favorite Celtic Thunders Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly. My bucket list is spilling over.
Will you eat a very large crow on if a deal IS struck within 24 hours Mr Neil?
Hi Judy, this will be repeated on Sunday at 8pm!
Two words. Bunny face. Need to move? Talk to the only bank that helps pay your Stamp Duty. ht…
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Look what has just arrived on this sunny Ryan Monday Ryan Kelly Music Official & Neil Byrne ! Thank you guys! :)
I feel like Neil Patrick Harris' jokes are kind of falling flat, and I don't understand why. And I don't think he does either.
You can watch a live video of Neil Patrick Harris's locked brief case on
Neil Patrick Harris is going to kill it hosting tonight 😎
Don't know why but was half expecting Eoin Morgan to sing God save the Queen
You'll be too drunk by the time he does that “anything for a double height ceiling?”
this is a song very much feeling today. Love Neil Byrne
I love sky sports classics. Best reason in the world to be up at 6.30 on a Sunday
just checked. Neil Byrne doesn't have that either.
Have to say Chelsea were robbed today if that was Arsenal we would all be up in arms. Two stone wall penalties and possibly 2 red cards
Harry Redknapp saying he almost had Hazard and Courtois at Spurs. Sure you did Harry sure you did
Just saw the Matic sending off. Can't blame him for his reaction was s shocking tackle on him and could have put him out for a long time
It's Neil Byrne Saturday...come check out your very own special Day :)
I think he's overrated. Despite being bubbly, he has nothing to offer.. lol
Sky's ad for Eng v Scot is embarrassing and is Jim Whyte the only Scottish person on sky?
this is my my husband Richard AKA the original Neil after a hard week at work!! Please could I have a mug for him 😄
On the set shooting in Orlando hanging with and making some funny vines hope you have a great week…
You can get sectarian, racist, threats from Rangers fans but can’t tell truths. Censorship & fascism alive and well in …
In honor of the current Celtic Thunder tour, throwback to 2011 when I met Neil Byrne and…
Derek Byrne, Bernie Hughes and *** sentenced to 28 days,Olly Moore and Damo O Neil got sentenced to 56 days!
Fair play to the Chelsea fan with his 10 year old boy on the train home right now. Saying plenty of Chelsea “fans” actin…
Wow had to play the 'you don't have many followers' card to try and a win an argument.
GET YOUR TICKETS HERE no resting on your laurels for Public Television phenomenon Celtic Thunder! The group has just disembarked from its second Celtic Thunder Cruise and is currently in the midst of a US Symphony Tour, all the while making preparations for the Very Best of Celtic Thunder tour which will visit 45 cities across the US and Canada in the spring of 2015. Celtic Thunder Fans are bound to be thrilled with the lineup for this nostalgic Very Best Of Celtic Thunder Tour. Damian McGinty (Official) (former Glee Star) will be back performing as a Guest Artist with the Celtic Thunder guys Colm Keegan, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly Music Official, Emmett O'Hanlon and Neil Byrne. Backed as ever by the amazing Celtic Thunder Band, Celtic Thunder will deliver the best of their much loved ensemble numbers with selections from their 9 Public Television shows, including “Heartland” (Celtic Thunder -The Show), “Galway Girl” and “Seven Drunken Nights” (Voyage), “A Place in The Choir” (Heritage) and ...
With this beautiful rendition of "Mary Did You Know", Neil Byrne and Celtic Thunder remind us of the meaning of Christmas. Reserve your seats now to see them...
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday!!! Y'all have a blessed and wonderful night tonight!!! :-)
I once beat our Neil at a sprint in the community games at u 12s the trophy is still there on the mantlepiece, he now has t…
Wishing you the BEST Neil Byrne Saturday, enjoy your day...check us out :)
Photo: getbyrned: Happy 3rd Anniversary to Neil Byrne on Pale blue Jak “Faces”! Use the day to play the CD...
Singer session: Three videos from Neil Byrne including Make You Feel My Love. . What's your toptrack from Neil?
Ronan Byrne SOM an current hurler made an appearance last nite also,possible dual star! Has there ever been one before in Louth?
Had a 10 on Dortmund arsenal and Madrid all to win. And to think I was worried about the Dortmund result
He just lacks ideas "Sometimes it's just too hard to defend Wenger"
Sometimes it's just too hard to defend Wenger
instant classic. Neil Young on ColbertReport tonight -
Byrne doesn't know who Neil Fenton is. Says PM was advised. Byrne spoke with chief of staff at the time, Nigel Wright.
Beautiful song by the amazing Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin, Ryan Ke…:
Video: pbanchorwhiskey: ~ Keith Harkin and Neil Byrne are spotlighted on this Irish folk song in Celtic...
Seeing 3 of my favorite guys this week. ..Monday it kicks off with Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelley in Pittsburgh then headed to Harrisburg to see Keith Harkin.All these Celtic Thunder guys make me miss and think about when I used to venture down to Philly and see George Donaldson.miss him immensely but still will be a great week with great people
Heads up to all you Celtic Thunder fans. Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly will be back at McGonigal's Pub once again...
Awesome and Amazing Emmett I do hope Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne, Emmet Cahill, Keith Harkin, and Colm Keegan will...
What started out as Celtic Thunder's Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly performing a live show together called "Acoustic by Candlelight" has now developed into the recording of their Billboard World Album Chart "Acoustically Irish" and three years of touring North America and most recently Australia and C…
Due to popular demand (sold out on September 11th), Please join Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne from Celtic Thunder on...
Ryan Kelly or Neil Byrne here some who could help Nicole Hudson with that Fiddle in front of your gig tonight! :-)
We had such a blast last time in the Buffalo Irish Center we are delighted to be returning on September 28th! Tickets now available: Neil Byrne Ryan Kelly Music Official Hopefully it won't be as cold in Buffalo this time!
Welcome to our new executive chef Neil Byrne. He has won several awards with his restaurants in Europe and the...
Chris Harney was last seen in Templemore, Co. Tipperary last Sunday. Have you seen him?
How did Sanchez and Reus play against Brondby?
Wilshere to Liverpool??? Where has this come from and why are we selling him?
I don't think he will. I also asked Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly and I know they won't.
Neil Byrne this is my favorite Hall & Oats song!!! :-) I hope you had a grand time at the concert! :-)
or Tickets for Celtic Thunder purchases here
BYRNE AND KELLY COMING TO SAN ANTONIO! I just received an email listing other locations for this great acoustic show. Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly Music Official will be performing in San Antonio this fall. The date and venue have not yet been announced, but will be in the next few days. If you like Celtic Thunder or just enjoy really great acoustic music (a mixture of pop, Irish, and country) you will love Byrne and Kelly! They will perform covers of some well known tunes and some of their own wonderful music. Don't miss out on an evening of terrific music and fun ("craic" as the Irish call it)! I'm getting my ticket as soon as they go on sale! Check their website for more info:
From Listening Lounge for Neil Byrne Fans : 'Congratulations to our own Neil Byrne and all those involved in the...
“Oh it’s so warm tonight” . That’s right. It’s called summer and July. You might have experienced it once or twice in …
Are you a fan of Ryan Kelly & Neil Byrne?If so go follow a page dedicated to supporting,love & spreading the news about them
How could anyone Turn their Backs on Ryan Kelly Music Official and Neil Byrne that's just wrong I will Never ever...
My interest came from Neil Byrne and David Munro's contribution. I'm one of those American (Celtic) Thunderheads.
120 mins and Ozil still bursting his bollix to get in to the box.
How does Kramer play for 15 mins before they realise he hasn't a clue where he is
That's a deliberate shoulder to the head
Another night of ruthless efficiency from Ze Germans going for 4 nil to Deutschland
Dejan Lovren back with squad. Well, here's his body. His head is already at Liverpool.
Bill O Herlihys last game tonight not going to lie a tear has come to my eye. Football won't be the same on RTE
Well, if one can't have one's first choice, one may as well be happy with one's second choice.
there is ONLY 1 Michael like there is only 1 Neil Byrne
will you be attending the bryne and Kelly on july 28th?.
Yes,that was a Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly show.2nd Guinness was last March..same place..Keith Harkin show.
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday I would love to go on a bus ride with Neil! :-)
.If you want to have a look at the location & prices for the show in this is the link
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday I really need a hug from Neil today!!! :-)
Last ditch challenge by Neil Byrne after a shout for offside turned down
Best chance have had, excellent tackle from Neil Byrne denying Jordan Rhodes a shot on goal when he was clean through.
Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne - Acoustic by Candlelight Tour 2014: via
Welcome back the brilliant lads Neil and Ryan:
Sounds and looks like you're enjoying your Neil Byrne Saturday...thanks for starting my day with a smiling Neil pic :)   10% Off
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday I'm glad that my name is Carol and I did live in North Carolina for 7 years!!! Y'all...
94 followers away from 2k followers! Hoping to reach this by Sunday before the WC final. Help me by giving me RT. Thank…
Coming to Minneapolis on October 5th?!? Yes, please!!!
Barcelona are unable to unveil Suarez at Nou Camp due to ban on him entering any football ground during ban. Being done at W…
Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne. Come enjoy THIS polar vortex in Chicago ;)
I am wondering the same thing Arlene via
Rotorua set for a Hot August Night! Neil Diamond tribute artist Peter Byrne will be performing at the Energy Events Centre next month.
God but I love this Song. It is so beautiful. ♫ Hallelujah – Celtic Thunder, Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly
The hugely successful Celtic Thunder will return to Australian shores in May 2014 Following their hugely successful tour last year our back in Perth Arena on 13th June 2014, The 2009 and 2011 Billboard World Artists, have amassed global sales of over two million albums and two of the great performers Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne will be hitting a duo performance in Rosie O Gradys Perth on Saturday 14th and Sunday 15th June, Let's get behind our fellow Irish and support these lads! All Details needed our in both pictures!!
Celtic Thunder posted the Meet and Greet photos with Keith Harkin and Neil Byrne from the Launceston, Tasmania, Australia show
Good luck to the CT guys as they get ready for their first show in a few hours on the "mythology" tour you are in our thoughts. Emmet Cahill Official Music, Keith Harkin, Colm Keegan, Neil Byrne, and Ryan Kelly Music Official
WESTERN AUSTRALIAN ARTICLE!! Celtic Thunder return to Oz despite loss Irish group Celtic Thunder are a man down and they feel it. Singer George Donaldson, 46, died after a heart attack in March leaving the male singing group without one of its founding members. Four of the group were in Sydney on Thursday before the start of their Australian tour and agreed that continuing with their dates Down Under was the best thing they could do. "It has been a difficult time but there's strength in numbers and this tour has been all about celebrating the man who was an incredible guy to be around and made a massive impact to all of us," singer Colm Keegan says. "One thing that's said about groups on tour is that you're not colleagues, you're not peers, you're family. The last few months have been incredibly difficult for all of us. But the one thing we wanted to do on this tour was pay homage to one of our family, George." The other three Irish men, Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin and Emmet Cahill agree their upcoming tour ...
I am so so verry excited I just ordered my Acoustic by Candlelight Dallas Tour T Shirt with Ryan Kelly Music Official and Neil Byrne on it I can't wait for it to Arrive here I am going to get them to sign it too!!!
The band did Wagon Wheel and dedicated it to me! Reminded me of when Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne dedicated it to me and Cathy Clary-Fligg for our birthdays at the ABC show in Boston in January. LOVE it!
I thought this might be of interest to the group. I was reading my local newspaper today, The Baltimore Sun, and there was an announcement of Celtic Thunder going to sea. The picture with the article was the one from Mythology with all 5 guys, which, of course, includes George and Emmet. The article goes on to tell you that we would be entertained by Keith Harkin, George Donaldson, Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne and Colm Keegan. No mention of Emmet whatsoever even though he is in the picture and no mention, of course, of George's death. After the article there was "Special to Tribune Newspapers." I guess the article was written over a month ago and now just put in the newspaper. Just thought that I'd pass on this info to you.
watching Celtic Thunder Official on WETA. Nice to see Neil Byrne, Ryan Kelley, Keith Harkin and the late George Donaldson (Official). Nice to see and hear the 'new' lads Emmett and Colin though it is not the same without Paul Byrom and Damian McGinty (Official). But I give Emmett credit - he does a great version of "Danny Boy"!!
~ Enjoy Keith Harkin and Neil Byrne from Celtic Thunder 'Heritage' - "Whiskey in the Jar": via
Neil Byrne is a singer-song writer and member of the Irish vocal group, Celtic Thunder .
More photos from the Acoustic by Candlelight show! (Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly of Celtic Thunder Official) played an...
Congratulations on the IMA's awards for Ryan Kelly,Neil Byrne, Keith Harkin and Emmet Cahill. Delighted for them and Celtic Thunder.
Huge congratulations to Emmet Cahill, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne on your IMA wins! We're proud of you.
Congratulations on receiving the IMA awards Keith Harkin, Neil Byrne, RyanKelly and Emmett Cahill!
Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne just won for best Duo in a Pub at the IMA awards. Congratulations Acoustic by Candlelight . woo Hoo!! Keith Harkin won top solo performer! WTG Keith! They apologized that Berry Kerr won last year so he could not be entered this year again. Watching live stream on Ustream!! Phil Couter won the Lifetime Achievement Award. Still more to come!!!
Come by and "Like" our Page... we're here to support Ryan Kelly Music Official and Neil Byrne in their Acoustic by Candlelight adventures! Lot's of pictures.. Upcoming Tour... Amazing Guys... Amazing Music!
Help us spread the word about Acoustic by Candlelight on tour featuring Ryan Kelly Music Official and Neil Byrne by sharing these flyers
Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne at the Irish Center in Kansas City, Mo on December 7, 2013. They are singing Wagon Wheel. One show of their One Week Only ABC tour.
This is a group formed to Support and Promote Acoustic By Candlelight featuring Celtic Thunder's Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne. Leave your messages of Appreciation and your stories and pictures from their shows. This group is Fan based and Fan operated..
Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly fans: 3- 2nd row tickets just opened up. If interested, contact pd by email, david
Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne performing "Seven Drunken Nights" at Poor David's Pub in Dallas, TX on 12/19/12. Winter Acoustic by Candlelight tour.
Celtic Thunder's Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly will perform a mix of songs from their solo albums, some Celtic Thunder favourites, and songs from their BRAND NEW album Acoustically Irish that went straight to on Billboard's World Albums chart!  Ryan and Neil will say hello and sign autographs after the...
Listening to a bit of Celtic Thunder here. If you ever get to speak to Neil Byrne, thank him (from me) for singing "Noreen". A+
I want to wish a Merry Christmas to ALL my family and friends. Even my international friends like: Ryan Kelly Music Official, Celtic Thunder Official- Ryan Kelly, Keith Hark in, George Donaldson, Emmet Cahill, Colm Keegan and Neil Byrne!
Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly Music Official as Acoustic By Candlelight and Emmet Cahill Official Music and Keith Harkin are all nominated for 2013 Irish Music Awards. Get on over to the IMA web page and vote!! :-) It does require a $15 USD membership to vote.
absolute vile pig. I hope you like anal penetration when they lock you up
Neil Byrne 8m. Home sweet home.. Im on the way, first flight delayed for an hour.. Let's hope that will be all...
Look what's returning to McGonigal's Pub in February... Celtic Thunder's Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly once again doing...
People really like Neil Byrne Street Team! :-) Go on over and check it out!
Let's all support Neil Byrne by liking his page as well as the Neil Byrne Street Team page.
Go check out Neil Byrne's street team and on FB at
Hey there is now a Neil Byrne Street Team out there… go follow it!!
Neil Byrne 5m. Thank you Kansas for a super reception at both shows yesterday.5am start.. on the road...
Neil Byrne 5h. Heading back to the Irish center in Kansas City for show two... Hope the 2nd goes as...
Me, too! Saw 3 of his concerts last year! His last tour. Met Neil Byrne because of a GC DVD in AC.
Reign ABC Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne my favs xoxoxo to my Irish lads
LMAO!! Neil Mark Edward Byrne is the man of my dreams! Cuz seriously, who wouldn't love these men?!
Had a nice lunch with 2 Oompa Loompas + Amber, Thomas, Neil and Byrne :)
Celebrate a great tour, being back home, it's Neil Byrne Saturday already in Ireland...
Perfect- Acoustic By Candlelight: via Neil Byrne singing live at Kells in Portland
Acoustic by Candlelight - Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly - wagrobanite: New tour dates listed
Neil Byrne 4m. Portland you never let us down..I'm a huge fan of your beautiful city, can't wait to come back :).
enjoy the night with Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly "Brown Eyed Girl"~ Acoustically Irish via
Acoustically Irish--Ryan Kelly & Neil Byrne, tickets now for sale at gen admission the date is Jan 17, 2014. We are selling limited 1st row (55$) and 2nd row(50$) reserved seats thru email order to davidordered, first serve
Acoustically Irish with Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly @ Poor David's Pub - 01/17: Gonna be a great show! Get ur tickets!
Neil Byrne 9m. Seattle you where fantastic, thank u so much.. We will be back again sooner than...
Peter Byrne - STAR of the AWARD WINNING NEIL DIAMOND show gets friendly with a carpet python at Taronga Zoo...
Want a free double pass and dinner at a world renowned Neil Diamond show tonight? Email allannow!
I voted for Ryan Kelly (& Neil Byrne (for Top Duo in a Pub, Festival, Concert...
I voted for Ryan Kelly (& Neil Byrne (for Best New Irish CD in the Irish Music Association Awards
Cracking little spin around 3 rock with Brian Lawlor and Neil Lacey frosty but dry and of it hasn't been raining...
Neil Byrne 1m. Thanks for the great support at the our 1st ABC gig of the tour guys.. "Kells" in...
i hope you got to see neil byrne and Ryan Kelly while your in Seattle
Neil Byrne 7h. Final Show and there is still super energy amongst the whole CT company.Favourite...
I was holding my breath waiting for him to say Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly ! But you guys are still tops with me.
Me with Keith Harkin & Neil Byrne from Celtic Thunder: marydenise6 posted a photo:. I was pleased t...
and voting begins for the Irish music awards for Top duo in Pub Ryan Kelly and Neil Byrne and New Irish CD Acoustically Irish
Congratulations to my friends that are nominated for an award in The Irish Music Assoc. Awards - Paul Byrom, Keith Harkin, Emmet Cahill, Ryan Kelly & Neil Byrne, & Phil Coulter for his Lifetime Achievement Nomination!
The concert last night was awesome! It was my first ever and I can't imagine it gets any better than that. I got plenty of pictures I'll post later and in several at least one of the guys is staring straight at me. Ryan Kelly Music Official even posed for me and stared right at the camera, later when I got to meet him he said "You smile all day, I love your smile." I'm surprised I didn't pass out. lol Got several pictures of Neil Byrne staring straight at the camera and got to talk to him as well, he has a sister named Gill, which is awesome and told me to tell Schye hi. ;) She'll love that. lol Got teased by Colm Keegan during my meet with him and Emmet Cahill Official Music and realized they saw me during the sound check when they asked if I enjoyed it. It was awesome. Saw George Donaldson (Official) pass by me twice in the casino and he said hello to me both times with a smile and I got a picture of him staring right at me too. Keith Harkin I didn't get to see too much but I went past him playing poker ...
Neil Byrne -- "Mary Did You Know?" video - getbyrned: Did you order your copy of Celtic Thunder “Christmas...
Beautiful video! The song is awesome, sung by Neil Byrne of Celtic Thunder.
Sorry I haven't been on in a while, been super busy with a bunch of stuff. Excited to be going to see Celtic Thunder on Nov. 22nd. I know it's going to be great! They always are! Looking forward to seeing Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly Music Official, Neil Byrne, Colm Keegan, George Donaldson, and Emmit Cahill performing from the second row -- AWESOME! First time ever for me. My friend Island Hopper Media by Joshua Johnson, The Muse, has been backstage at a concert before so nothing new to him lol the dork :p jk Told Scott Stapp thank you for allowing me to use him and the other members of Creed in my book along with sending an email to the manager to pass on to them with an e-copy of the book. I'll have a special signed copy put aside just for them or more if they each want one.
Meet and Greet Photos in Bemidji MN 10 20 13 with Keith Harkin and Neil Byrne
EXCITING NEWS! Have you already ordered this wonderful new Cd??? What do you think of it??? Mine will be shipped next week!! Cant wait for! GRANDI NOTIZIE! Avete già ordinato il nuovo cd? Cosa ne pensate? Il mio verrà spedito settimana prossima!! Non vedo l'ora!!! Celtic Thunder - 'Christmas Voices' Celtic Thunder, latest album CHRISTMAS VOICES was recorded in Ireland in Summer 2013 and the latest CD from Celtic Thunder creator Sharon Browne and Musical Director David Munro. The album travels around the world to bring an eclectic selection of much loved Christmas standards, delivered with Celtic Thunder’s signature big production sound. In essence Celtic Thunder Christmas Voices is a heart-warming Christmas CD which embraces the very essence of the Festive Season, drawing on classics new and old from all corners of the globe. Celtic Thunder's six male soloists Emmet Cahill, Keith Harkin, Ryan Kelly, George Donaldson, Neil Byrne and Colm Keegan perform solo and ensemble numbers in Christmas Voices and ...
Keith Harkin and Neil Byrne | "Whiskey in the Jar". from Celtic Thunder 'Heritage' via
Happy Keith Harkin Tuesday everyone. Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly`s CD ACOUSTICALLY IRISH is released today! :)
Love to sing a duet with Ryan Kelly or Neil Byrne or Emmet Cahill Official Music or Colm Keegan or Keith Harkin!!! ;-)
Neil Byrne 14m. This is what you get when u leave your phone idle... New wall paper ..
Who did spurs get in the champions league draw?. Oh wait.
Breaking news. Paulinho real name is Paul O'Neil. He's from cork and has a really good tanning machine. My bro Johno ra…
was hoping it was a genuine reason rather than obvious. Sad ***
What is Adrian Durhams problem with arsenal?
Adrian Durham running his mouth already we will beat all three at home Marseilles away and two draws
Neil Byrne 54s. Skyline from the window last night was pretty cool.
Neil Byrne 11h. It is Mr Johns birthday today! Managed to meet him for a slice of cake too!!! Now back to tour prep!!
Just been informed that the X factor is back this Saturday bollix is all I can say. Simon cowell has a lot to answer for
Flamini on a short term deal is that so he can leave on a free again?? We cant be far of a move for stephanovs at this stage
Try this as a palette cleanser and redemption for the K D Lang version.
Neil Byrne! Only the sexiest man on earth with the voice of an angel!
If we signed half the players we have been linked to we would everything just a pity carlsberg don't do arsenal managers
Thank you to Celtic Thunder's Neil Byrne for being my special guest today. Celtic Thunder in our area Friday...
No penalty for united Sky won't be happy with that. Wouldn't have happened under fergie
23- CHANCE. Clancy heads into the box towards Neil Byrne, but he's offside, and heads wide anyway. So not a goal then. 0-1.
Neil Byrne 6h. Loads of t-shirts and different merch available from my website, hope you like them :)...
fair point but Ronaldo scored 30 plus goals a season regularly and he doesn't look like a shaved gorilla which helps
don't waste your money on Bale the worlds greatest striker is available Nicholas bendtner and ill even drive him to Madrid
How is Bale worth 90m he's scored 42 goals in his career and half of them were last season. Perez is off his *** paying that money
Delighted Poldi got two today. Great win and means I can now watch match of the day
68- CHANCE. Half chance for Neil Byrne, his overhead kick is over the bar after a spell of head tennis in the City box. 1-1.
Darren Edwards denied again after a superb block from Neil Byrne.
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday...hope you're enjoying your day, come check us out :)
Neil Byrne 5m. Father and son up in the clouds at Bray golf club yesterday! Played awful but loved...
Maybe Ryan Kelly, Neil Byrne,& Keith Harkin should sing this song for sure!!! ;-)
Bloke on sky news it's a boy well 50% of the population got it wrong. In a one in two chance what are the chances of that. CLOWN
The royal baby shares a birthday with That kid is bound to be a legend.few years from now wheel chairi…
Queen is a gooner baby will be called Eduardo
First time ever a baby being born today judging by sky news obviously nothing else happened in the world last night
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Good Morning Everybody :) Happy Neil Byrne Satday we got 3 new stories up have u checked em out yet?
Half time change to tell you about. Chris Lever comes on for Neil Byrne.
Become a Super Fan for SocialToaster! It be Neil Byrne day
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday...enjoy your beautiful day, come check us out!!
Well done from on donating MOTS prize money to Kidney Wales Foundation http:…
Waiting on Moyes update in relation to Cesc. Utd fans getting a taste of the wenger transfer policy we tried but we couldn't get him
Jesus, I'm sweating like a dyslexic on Countdown.
Papiss Cisse has been fined for refusing to wear club sponsor Wonga. Initial fine £5000, rising to £45,795,896 if not …
sorry man mad few days. Ill ring you in the morning
The Irish Sisters of Clatters and Unmerciful Hidings are in discussions with Whoopi Goldberg about new movie "Nuns on the…
Celtic Thunders Neil Byrne sits down with Irish Connections Canada Magazine to talk about their new album MYTHOLOGY
Check out my interview with Neil Byrne from Thanks !
Keith Harkin & Neil Byrne from an older show Heritage - "Whiskey in the Jar": via
U18 Boys Friendly, Bellahouston: Scotland 0 Ireland 5 (Luke Madeley, Ben Campbell, Kevin Mullins, Neil Byrne, Harry Morris) - Munster's Gary Wilkinson, Alex Burns and Simon Wolfe all in the squad for this three-game series
Acoustic by Candlelight: Neil Byrne and Ryan Kelly " Carrickfergus" 5-21-2012
looks like a scene from Neil Byrne or Keith Harkin cleaning out the bus!
Neil Byrne & Ryan Kelly will be doing a video chat on June 5, 2013. -
"lots of people... feel they pay an awful lot more in than they ever get back" - Liam Byrne. Surely that's just basic left wing tax policy.
Byrne should join Blair ... in the political hinterland . Right-wing claptrap. Neil Kinnock got it
Neil Schofield - The peculiar obsessions of Liam Byrne -
Happy Neil Byrne Saturday to my Thunder Family! I think he'd love this car;)
Review of Wilkinson Byrne Estate Agents-Ross, Farran and Neil acted rapidly to our issues -
MAGIC Finally Friday - Hope everyone got to see the live chat with Neil Byrne of
Read all about music on Irish Music Forever!
Good night Guys, thanks for coming by! (live at
can I get a HI? I'm all swollen from a broken tooth (live at
What's up with your post box? No one know why I got my letter returned - Colleen Michigan (live at
I'm watching neilbyrne's live broadcast on Come join me !
What to know if your post box number is the same? Colleen - Michigan (live at
Want to know is your post box all sorted out, a letter I sent got returned. Colleen in Michigan (live at
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Really need to know if you Post Box is working? Colleen from Michigan (live at
Have you ever read any Fan Fiction written about ya? Colleen from Michigan (live at
Is there a nursein the company for your sick days? (live at
Glad your coming back to Michigan but might be seeing you in Knoxville (live at
Hi Neil, I met ya and Ryan at ABC gig at Old Shilelagh in Detroit, MI. Colleen Michigan (live at
Southern New Jersey! Philly is my CT show town, no show this fall :( (live at
Hi Neil, I met ya at the Fox Theater on a cold Dec night in 2011? Colleen (live at
Want to know if your post box is working? Colleen in michigan (live at
Have you ever read my blog about your CD's? Colleen in Michigan (live at
I bought your mythology cd and I am inlove with it! I have listened to it everyday since then. (live at
Do you ever read what fans write about ya, you know stories (live at
Ray Coleman added last 2 nights at the Plough, in philly!lmao! (live at
Can you give a Birthday Shout to my Girl Amy in Philly! (live at
If I sent you a letter will it get returned (live at
Love PBJ airplane, sent you The Archies 1960s pop cartoon video reminded me of yours! (live at
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Please give Amy in Philly a Birthday shout out!! (live at
is your post box sorted? I was upset my letter came back that your box was canecelled (live at
Missed you in Philly, but met Colm instead! ok you are forgiven! (live at
Mythology is brilliant! glad you had some solos! summer in Dublin rminded me of the cuise 2012! (live at
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