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Neil Armstrong

Neil Alden Armstrong (born August 5, 1930) is an American former astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor, United States Naval Aviator, and the first person to set foot upon the Moon.

Buzz Aldrin Michael Collins Michael Jackson Mike Collins Steve Jobs Alan Shepard Eagle Scouts

7 yrs after Giants manager Alvin Dark said, "There'll be a man on the moon before *** Perry hits a home run," Neil Armstrong did it
Come to our Pep Rally where we'll have notable alumni appearances from Daniel Craig, Neil Armstrong, Eli Manning, and more!
visits with U.S. Air Force March 2010. To his left is Jim Lovell and to his right is Neil Armstrong. https:…
Neil Armstrong echoed the same words aftr landing at tranquility base
Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in their quarantine trailer following the Apollo 11 mission.
*Kanye shows up at Neil Armstrong's memorial* "Imma let yall finish but Michael Jackson had the greatest moon walk of all time."
"I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine."— Neil Armstrong
He ran the pediatric neurosurgery ward at John F'ng Hopkins! The only thing that top that is Neil Armstrong!
Neil Armstrong is Dale Gribble. Neil Armstrong was the first man to walk on the moon.
"To the moon and back" by Kimberly Freesland A digital painting of Neil Armstrong in honor of George Mueller tribute http…
Watched Martian with friends yesterday and one of my friend asked me who is Neil Armstrong.
Neil Armstrong: that's one small step for...: *is nailed in the ribs by a fastball*. Buzz Aldrin: act like you've been here …
Without Margaret Hamilton, Neil Armstrong would still sit on the launch pad.
Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin in quarantine upon their return from the moon (1969)
In the latest extract from his book, Big Sam argues that Neil Armstrong got too much credit for the Moon landings
Imagine all the people who knew Neil Armstrong, would also know Margaret Hamilton. What a wonderful world...
…a celebration of traversing the unknown and learning new things. Marianis Trench, Neil Armstrong, Marie Curie, Dennis Quaid in InnerSpace.
Columbus is not even in my top 5 explorers. . Marco Polo. The dogs & cat of Homeward Bound. Neil Armstrong. Amerigo Vespucci . Milo and Otis
I put up my thumb... and it blotted out the planet Earth. -- Neil Armstrong
Photo my Dad found of him and Neil Armstrong on an exploratory expedition into the Amazon 39 years ago.
The sky is never the limit if Neil Armstrong got footprints on the moon lool
Joke is Modi wants to be 1st PM to go on MoonRecent visit to US Met neil Armstrong 1st Astronaut but 56 "seena came in way
Saying that Columbus discovered America is like saying Neil Armstrong discovered the moon.
key: onew grab the remote for me it's too far thx. onew: did neil armstrong say the moon was too far? nO HE BUILT A ROCKET …
And this "Christopher Columbus" thing. Like if Italians were calling Neil Armstrong "Nello Braccioforte".
Columbus represents the ideal white man. Daring, ingenious, clever, masculine, dominant. A 15th century Neil Armstrong.
SPACE-Unit 1 have been learning about Neil Armstrong.
"A stone-age hunting band could not build the Parthenon; a Renaissance city-state could not put Neil Armstrong on the Moon"
Neil Armstrong was the first human being on the moon. Neil A. backwards is Alien. Stay woke.
you really are clowns. Next you'll be telling us Magellan or neil Armstrong weren't great.
A great light dimmed this past weekend as hero who taught us no dream was too big, passed on. Neil Armstrong, you will be missed
I heard Neil Armstrong got chomped on the moon.
"They say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially colonised it. So technically, I colonised Mars. In your face, Neil Armstrong!"
silly Chris, Neil Armstrong was a cool guy, yes, but he didn't discover America! He discovered the Moon!
In 1962 Neil Armstrong trained to be an astronat
My friend at school just said. Neil Armstrong was the 1st to the moon. Neil A backwards = Alien. Did we send him to the moon, or send him back
Columbus discovered America just like Neil Armstrong discovered the Moon
REMINDER: There is no rehearsal tonight due to parent teacher conferences at Neil Armstrong. We rehearse tomorrow 5:30-8:30. Happy Monday!
neil armstrong was the first person to land on the moon. neil A backwards is Alien. illuminati confirmed
That's one small step for a man,one giant leap for mankind. by Neil Armstrong
Command module of _Armstrong and back in July 1969. http:…
Neil before us...because you know Neil Armstrong left Earth before us. http…
some people think Kubrick was behind the Apollo 11 moon landing "hoax", if so, Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong would still be d…
Lance Armstrong went on the moon, not Neil.
Neil Armstrong before he went to space
Who knew that Neil Armstrong was a loyal fan?
"That's one small whip for man, one giant nae-nae for mankind."-Neil Armstrong
Smithsonian's 1st Kickstarter Raises $720,000 to 'Reboot' Spacesuits. . The spacesuits worn by Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the
Neil armstrong became a test pilot.he flew all sorts of experimental planes testing them out.monty frieda.
On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. adventure
I personally want Neil Armstrong day. That's something I could get behind
Just finding out that Neil Armstrong is the astronaut, not the cyclist. I'll let myself out...
Who was Neil Armstrong and when did he become an astronaut?
Lance Armstrong is the biker. Neil Armstrong is an astronaut.
think like astronaut first name to mind is 'Neil Armstrong'...gavaskar
Sunny- How much India score will depend on Neil Armstrong . Shiva- Neil Armstrong? . SG- Didn't Shastri say Ashwin has a brain of an astronaut
Neil Armstrong was an American astronaut who became the first human to walk on the moon. At age 20, Armstrong se...
Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Gene Kranz, James Lovell: all native Ohioans involved with the U.S. Space program. All heroes to be proud of.
Astronaut and botanist "Matt Damon" is even better than Neil Armstrong in The Martian (2015) 🎥. Rated 4/5 on
1965 Neil Armstrong is the first astronaut who reached the moon.
Before the Moon: the early exploits of Neil Armstrong -
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NEW BLOG: Y5 - Ever wondered what it was like to walk on the Moon? Just ask Neil Armstrong!.
The fact Neil Armstrong put an American flag on the moon really angers me
and what do Neil Armstrong, Gerald Ford, and Michael Bloomberg hVe in common.. Eagle Scouts!
Neil Armstrong: I went to the moon. WaPo fact check: 3 Pinocchios, there were rockets involved, he didn't walk
when Neil Armstrong farted on the moon 😂
Neil Armstrong came the closest. He was the best of us.
"Neil Armstrong, astronaut. He had balls bigger than King Kong" who? who?
I was just thinking about how MSM tried to make Neil Armstrong into a profound philosopher rather than what he was: a VERY good astronaut.
"Buzz Aldrin!" he guessed. Nope. "Neil Armstrong?" Nope. "Michael Collins!" Nope. "Hang on. I know all the great astronaut guys..." (2 of 3)
Neil Armstrong is N.A.S.A. U.S.A. astronaut. He was the first time arrived in moon.
Neil Armstrong eating his last breakfast on Earth before leaving for the moon, 1969.
In the same year that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, the alternative minimum tax was enacted by what legislation?
Neil Armstrong didn't land on the moon first. Bill Polian did.
in 1962, Neil Armstrong received a call, offering him the chance to be an astronaut
When you walk on the Moon maybe then you can say "In your face, Neil Armstrong." Until then you are messing with hallow acheivements.
Neil Armstrong, Shri Devi, Jaya Prada were all lecturers in Gabbbar's Engg school
Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon because Bush told him too.
A rustling bush is as dangerous as a snake. - Neil Armstrong
Are you raising the next Einstein, Neil Armstrong, or maybe Dr. Ian Malcolm? We have children's socks for the...
Did you know the first man on the moon, Neil Armstrong, was a brother of Phi Delta Theta at Purdue?
The next time you "...see the moon smiling down at you, think of Neil Armstrong and give him a wink.”
Neil Armstrong could've pulled the ultimate prank by leaving someone's keys on the moon
Legends in my life: Neil Armstrong, John W Young, Gene Cernan, Walt Cunningham and this lot:
Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins would experience this view in person just three short years later.
Buzz Aldrin and the U.S. flag on the Moon by Neil Armstrong (21 July 1969)
Like all those other dumbasses who have been to space like Buzz Aldrin and Mae Jemison and Neil Armstrong and...
achieves its goal of $700k+ to preserve and display Neil Armstrong and Alan Shepard's space suits
[Date]. Neil Armstrong to wife:I love u to the moon and back. *Wife at other table turns to her man* . *Husband looks ov…
REBOOT THE SUIT kickstarter for Neil Armstrong and Alan Shepard restorations beats $700,000
5 days left! We need YOUR support to for Neil Armstrong & Alan Shepard's suits: http…
Brad Samanas: "I am on a computer" >>> Neil Armstrong: "one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind"
last time MU won a football conference title Neil Armstrong was walking on the moon WELP
in 1957, Neil Armstrong made his 1st flight in the X-1B; reached a speed of Mach 1.32. http:/…
Neil Armstrong: now where did I park my car?. [presses key button]. [tiny orange light flashes on the moon]. god dammit
"What do Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, fracking, big pharma and Neil Armstrong have in common?" by
Hey, in which year did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon?
One small step for a man. Neil Armstrong in cockpit of Ames Bell X-14 at NASA's Research Center, Feb 64.
Neil Armstrong in cockpit of the Ames Bell X-14 airplane at NASA's Ames Research Center, February 1964
Neil Armstrong and Steve Jobs died within 10 months of each other. Guess who they made a movie about? He wasn't Jesus people, get over it.
Kezia Dugdale telling somebody how to do politics is like a taxi driver telling Neil Armstrong how to land on the moon.
Another one…. Neil Armstrong and the X-15. Bob tells an amazing story about . the SETP (Society of Experimental...
Neil Armstrong, the first man to step foot on the moon, carried with him a piece of the cloth and wood from the origin…
Olivia Holt, Neil Armstrong, Karli Reese, Jesse Williams, Adam Irigoyen, Lolo Jones and more were born on August 5th!
"I asked Neil Armstrong to come visit me on the moon" Signed, Brian Williams
Buzz Aldrin inside lunar module before moon landing, photographed by Neil Armstrong, 46 years ago this week: http:/…
'Moon rock' given to Holland by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin is fake
I added a video to a playlist Moonwalk One - Apollo 11 : Neil Armstrong - The First Man on the Moon -
Speedy was Buzz Aldrin's watch. Neil Armstrong borrowed it because his had a broken crystal. It was the first watch on the moon
Kickstarter for Neil Armstrong's spacesuit reaches goal: A Kickstarter campaign by the Smithsonian to help conserve…
It's a shame the preservation of Neil Armstrong's had to be crowdfunded.
That was the year my parents got married. My mum had a kid in her class called Neil Armstrong.
TIL: Neil Armstrong kept a few memorabilia from his Apollo 11 flight in a closet w/o NASA noticing it
A great article on Neil Armstrong A great article on Neil Armstrong.
it's a good parlour game, have to be Neil Armstrong, with Geoff Hurst second
"Reboot the Suit" - a crowdfunded campaign by the Smithsonian to restore Neil Armstrong's Lunar spacesuit:...
Had a dream where I uncover an american conspiracy: it wasnt actually Neil Armstrong to be the first person on the moon. It was Santa.
Smithsonian Takes a Giant Step with Its First Kickstarter Campaign to Fund the Conservation of Neil Armstrong's Sp…
Every pilot at one time or another has had less than stellar days at work.yes even Neil Armstrong had a few.
Hard to believe it was 46 yrs ago that Buzz Aldrin, Mike Collins & late Neil Armstrong-alum-returned from moon landing
Big moment in Hoosier History as astronaut Neil Armstrong was a graduate of
Breast Cancer Awareness
Lucky for me Neil Armstrong is still a space-ist.
Neil Armstrong's spacesuit was custom made for him. It's truly one of a kind.
Today in 1969 – UC Prof, Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11 arrived safely back on Earth after first steps on the Moon.
As Eagle approach Tranquility Base, Neil Armstrong saw they were going to land in a debris field with boulders the size of cars.
A day like today but in 1969, Neil Armstrong and his companions return to Earth on Apollo 11, after first lunar voyage in the history.
Neil Armstrong was a decent pilot, but if he'd grown up in the USSR he wouldn't have got a ride in a hot air balloon
A thought for the day A thought for the day: Neil Armstrong said the Apollo missions demonstrated that humanity is…
I liked a video Neil Armstrong did not land on moon.
The Smithsonian wants to through a kickstarter to fund conservation of Neil Armstrong's spacesuit.
tonight I had a good chat with my friends Neil Armstrong, Ghandi , and some guy from the grateful Dead...they agree...We need 5150
46y ago Neil Armstrong stepped on the lunar surface and me... well, a girl can dream … 💞
Neil Armstrong didn't have first words on the moon ready. Didn't think it would be that big a deal!
The National Air and Space Museum is launching a crowdfunding campaign to conserve the spacesuit Neil Armstrong wore on t…
My mate Dave says that Earth 2.0 can't exist because Neil Armstrong is dead and the shadows don't match. He's got a point.
"It's still strange to think the same moon that can turn professors into werewolves has had a Muggle set foot on it. RIP Neil Armstrong."
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Dang! The Smithsonian has a Kickstarter to conserve and digitize Neil Armstrong's spacesuit:
Did you know that former astronaut Neil Armstrong hooked his ring on a nail and pulled his finger off ?
Proof that Neil Armstrong was a fan of lo fi music back in 1969, before it was cool
you should read the story about chuck Yeager and Neil Armstrong. The first man on the moon wasn't good at taking advice
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the Moon only to find Chuck Norris enjoying an early-afternoon brewski up there.
The Queen welcomed Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and to Buckingham Palace later that year
.launch to conserve Neil Armstrong's suit:
Neil Armstrong was an engineer who wore white socks with black shoes, wore a pocket protector.
Ok. Show of hands. How many of our fans remember watching Neil Armstrong on the moon on a black and white tv?
Sunny deol in white clothes washed with too much robin blue is also Neil Armstrong.
At this time 46yrs ago, Col. "Buzz" Aldrin joined Neil Armstrong on the surface of the moon.
Neil Armstrong sculpture and footprints on the moon, . Purdue University Hall of Engineering, Indiana.
.launches Kickstarter to save Neil Armstrong's spacesuit
Did you know that Apollo 11's crew (Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins) were all
This day in 1969: Neil Armstrong walked on the moon... and *** Perry hit his first career home run. .
THIS DATE IN HISTORY: On July 20, 1969, astronauts Neil Armstrong and Edwin "Buzz" Aldrin became the first men to walk on t…
On this day in 1969, the Apollo 11 lunar module "Eagle" touched down, and Neil Armstrong became the first person to wa…
My latest project: partners w/ to fund display of Neil Armstrong's spacesuit
Pj told me today the crew on first flight to the moon were Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Jackson
46 years ago today. Michael Collins, and Neil Armstrong added another page in history.
Neil Armstrong and the rest of the Apollo 11 crew, in a quarantine van after their return, greeting their wives.
to one of the most epic astronaut pictures ever. Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and the always…
46 years ago today, Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin told Russia to suck it, got in a rocket, & headed to the Moon. The rest i…
July 16, 1969 – Neil Armstrong, Edwin Aldrin and Michael Collins blasted off on Apollo 11 to the moon. NASA
46 years ago today launched with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin.
Also God rest you Neil Armstrong. You and your crew, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin held the world tonight, 46 years ago
nice pic of Neil Armstrong at a 20th anniversary picnic celebration for the moon landing (1989)
We always hear about "Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon" but we never hear about the first woman on the moon, do we…
wow. Imma just leave. My mind read "Neil Armstrong" when I read that 😅 sorry Greg 😂
'Neil Armstrong literally the only man on the moon.'
"I'm glad he's dead," admits Neil Armstrong, blowing cigarette smoke into the reporter's face, "He had no business callin…
Kenwyne Jones left a video of his best goals on the moon for Neil Armstrong to watch
true, but the only Eagle Scouts were Neil Armstrong (Apollo 11) and Charles Duke (Apollo 16)
Zyion and Josh have created a timeline of Neil Armstrong's life 🚀
Martin Luther King is America. The *** couples who spent years trying to marry and now can are America. Neil Armstrong is America
A day to remember our great American heroes! Abraham Lincoln, Ben Franklin, Jackie Robinson, Neil Armstrong, Will Smith, Jeff Goldblum...
"One small step for man. One giant leap for mankind" - Neil Armstrong .
"Who is in Grrenday??". "Billie Joe Armstromg". "Oh. Do you think he's related to Neil Armstrong?" - conversation I just had with yasmin
Channel your inner Buzz Aldrin & help our Neil Armstrong plant the flag! Via Kyle O’farrell.
Channel your inner Buzz Aldrin and help our Neil Armstrong figure plant the flag in the moon! Via Kyle O'farrell.
Jon Jones the only man in history to get higher than Neil Armstrong !
Neil Armstrong "So Jesus walked on water. That's a real nice story Reverend. Come back when he's walked on the moon". *Does jer…
Neil Armstrong was the first robot created by NASA to explore a desolate rock they also created.
5 years ago we had Steve Jobs and Neil Armstrong. Now we have no jobs and no arms.
I mean, who knows.. It could be Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin for all I know just acting as a Jeff and Jackie.
"Why was Neil Armstrong never on Oprah? Seems a little suspicious. Maybe we never put a man on the moon" Tom Green.
Neil Armstrong to win beating Bill Murray in the final.
'In your face, Neil Armstrong!'. That is Mark Watney's defiant cry in the 'The Martian', a Ridley…
[Apollo 13]. Neil Armstrong: Hey Buzz Aldrin, wanna go and grab me a coke?. Buzz: ok. Neil: *quickly steps on moon first*
what Neil Armstrong really said on July 20, 1969, at 20:18 UTC.
Apollo 11 crew Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins, and Buzz Aldrin chat over drinks in Houston, March 1969
Customs declaration form Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, Michael Collins had to fill out upon returning from the moon. http:/…
Neil Armstrong, Sir Edmund Hillary & Steve Fossett trekked to the North Pole in 1985
Space: 1969 | Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins, in a parade in Mexico City …
The most famous astronaut since Neil Armstrong returns to Australia. Watch our interview with
Warren is home to Dave Grohl, Neil Armstrong, Roger Ailes (ick), Chris Columbus, Lloyd from Entourage, Casey Anthony (ick) and many more.
Micheal Jackson's moon walk has more credibility than Neil Armstrong's
Darth Vader, Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson are all seated on a round table, taking shots of Johnnie walker.
Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson in Heaven, comparing moonwalks
NASA faked the moon landing. Neil Armstrong wasnt the first man on the moon...Russel Wilson was
I think your best effort was the Neil Armstrong - O.J. Simpson analogy
I want my life to be a mix of Warren Buffet's, Neil Armstrong's, and Tom Hank's.
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