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Neil Armstrong

Neil Alden Armstrong (born August 5, 1930) is an American former astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor, United States Naval Aviator, and the first person to set foot upon the Moon.

Buzz Aldrin Michael Collins John Glenn Alan Shepard Michael Jackson David Scott Yuri Gagarin Valentina Tereshkova George Washington Matt Damon Mike Collins Edgar Mitchell Eugene Cernan Alan Bean Pete Conrad Margaret Hamilton

Have you been to the moon? Then how can you be sure Neil Armstrong really landed there?
Neil Armstrong and David Scott in the Pacific ocean after Gemini 8's 10 hour, 41 minute, 26 second 1966 space flight https:/…
If Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin became stranded on the moon - Nixon had this speech to make.
"Neil Armstrong was probably one of the most human guys I've ever known in my life." ~ Gene Cernan
Neil armstrong was the founder of the children.
Why wasn't Neil Armstrong paying attention? . He was spacing out
Neil Armstrong sent messages and what not from the moon, and you can't text me back?🤔
I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine -Neil Armstrong
What is the difference between Bing Bong and Neil Armstrong? Only one of them made it to the moon.
wait for it Ima make an even bigger step than Neil Armstrong tomorrow
Lincoln freed the slaves, Neil Armstrong landed on the moon, America is great and full of heroes. Drink Smirnoff
"Research is creating new knowledge." - Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong//... now spell ur name. Evan Heldman. EH. now do Neil A. now do it backwards
Mr. is no Pioneer. is our generation's Neil Armstrong!
Neil Armstrong, on dabbing:. "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind."
This explosion nearly killed Neil Armstrong a year before landing on the moon
Neil Armstrong's journey to the Moon a great risk? Were they 100% sure that the mission wouldn't fail?.
Think Elon doesn't take his mission seriously?. See him react to Neil Armstrong criticizing commercial space flight.
Snapchat filters may be human kind's greatest achievement. Neil Armstrong walked the moon, but could he turn it into a strawberry? Nah.
Who was the first American in space? (from Dave Rogers). A. Alan Shepard. B. John Glenn. C. Neil Armstrong. D. Yuri Gagarin
Roger W Brown was fortunate enough to work with NASA and meet Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Alan Shepard and Gus Grissom.
swap all the portraits out. Mark Twain, dr King, Walt Disney, Neil Armstrong, Elvis, etc. no shortage of great Americans to feature.
Only 8 years after Alan Shepard's 15 minute rocket ride, Neil Armstrong stepped onto the moon. What happened - where did that America go?
Speech written for President Nixon if Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were stranded on the moon...
Valentina Tereshkova (1st woman in space) presenting a medal to Neil Armstrong (Gagarin pictured).
The pockmarked and chalk-white sidewalk was like the surface of the moon, and I felt like Neil Armstrong as... -
Not since the likes of Mr. John Glenn or Mr. Neil Armstrong have I personally been in awe of a NASA Ast. As this...
I would like to thank Neil Armstrong, Amelia Earhart, Benjamin Harrison, Don Thompson, and Drew Brees for being historical figures of Purdue
Neil Armstrong is an American Hero, so was Buzz Aldrin, Pete Conrad, Alan Bean, Alan Shepard, Edgar Mitchell, the list goes on
funeral today. An honour to have met him - Britain's Chuck Yeager and Neil Armstrong, in one man.
When our African lady went to the Moon with Neil Armstrong without a suit... But the USA never told us about it!!
RIP Neil Armstrong. Yet another person they said I'd never outlive. Me 1 - People who thought I'd be dead within 4 years of being disabled 0
Another giant step, well, not so giant as Neil Armstrong's - but opening doors and conversation is good for mankind.
Newsflash: Neil Armstrong's has urged Germany rein in his family.
"That's one small step for man, one giant waddle for penguin". ~Neil Armstrong
The first man on the moon was Neil Armstrong.
The one thing I regret was that my work required an enormous amount of my time, and a lot of travel. Neil Armstrong
In the educated words of pre-proof-read-by-katie 11th grade essay: "Neil Armstrong went on to become a famous cyclist"
Trivia of the Day - How long did it take Neil Armstrong to get to the moon?. A) 2 days 9 hours and 23 minutes. B)...
Lol that's meant to be Neil Armstrong on the moon and there is another moon in the background
Who's Neil Armstrong? I was the first man to step on the moon
The soles of Neil Armstrong's boots on the moon made permanent impressions ...
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin became the first humans to step on another world!
If we accept that Neil Armstrong going to the moon was a myth then Mark Shuttleworth was actually the first. Go him
Neil Armstrong landed on the moon in 1969 Pres Obama landed in Cuba 2016 A big first for both
Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understan...
But just like Neil Armstrong was on the moon first, that's who they will remember
I think they will knight Tim Peak. "I don't think so, they didn't knight Neil Armstrong"
Head up I-75 to the Neil Armstrong Museum in Wapakoneta. They have space ice cream.
my man, the first astronaut Neil Armstrong who?
Obama's trip to Cuba is compared with the arrival of Neil Armstrong to the moon !!!
You can call us Neil Jolyn or Jun Wei Armstrong 😄💪
Nobody ever rmbs the 2nd person to be on anywhere. They only rmb the first!!! Neil armstrong!
Neil Armstrong no relation to stretch of course 😀 x
Valentina Tereshkova, the first women in space, presenting Neil Armstrong with a badge, Moscow. 1970.
On the ground to stop Neil Armstrong.
While Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, Buzz Aldrin was the first man to pee on the moon.
UC loses. But let's not forget Neil Armstrong was an adjunct professor. Dude went to the moon. I love the moon.
The first man that went to the moon was Neil Armstrong. Neil A. Is Alien backwards 👽
FACT: Neil Armstrong had to complete THIS while coming back to earth from the moon
Neil Armstrong went to the moon but Purdue can’t even hit the rim on a 3 in 2 OT
Winkle Brown was something like our Neil Armstrong and we must celebrate him. talk made me think of:
[Neil Armstrong's diary]. Dear diary,. today Buzz and I ate 4lbs of astronaut ice cream but it's ok because we did like…
Pre-Moon Mission geology training with Neil Armstrong, Al Bean and Roger Chaffee.
Author Jim Hansen about his book on Neil Armstrong, now being made into a movie, at 7:35 on
Just had the pleasure of introducing my students to Dr. Jim Hansen, biographer of Neil Armstrong. Cool moment!
12: The number of men who have walked on the moon. The first was Neil Armstrong in 1969; the last was Eugene Cernan in 1972.
Neil Armstrong... walkin on me face 🌚
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin honoured Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin by leaving one of his medals on the
Check out Neil Armstrong at our living wax museum!
I can honestly say & it's a big surprise to me that I hv never had a dream abt being on the moon. - Neil Armstrong ht…
Just wrote a 500-word essay on Rashford, comparing him to Michelangelo and Neil Armstrong, I hope the teacher isn't an Arsenal fan
Am I the only one who has to give myself the Neil Armstrong speech to get out of bed?
having exhausted Major Tim Lily's class are onto Neil Armstrong today. Naturally she's already seen the iconic footage.
Best friends with Neil Armstrong, interrogated Goerring. A truly remarkable man and a wonderful listen
Hey Redskins, you too can be like Neil Armstrong and graduate from WCS and impact the world.
Smart Grid - Opportunities for Innovation. Neil Armstrong once said that ...
The iconic photo of with reflection of Armstrong in his visor. 'Neil was such a good photographer!' https:/…
I love my people but *** we swear black people were the first do everything. Neil Armstrong was really black.
"This is one small step for a man, one giant leap [year] for mankind." - Neil Armstrong
Leo winning an Oscar is almost as big as Neil Armstrong walking on the moon, if not bigger
and just had the worst dialogue, right? "NEIL ARMSTRONG EAT YOUR HEART OUT." 😐🔫
on July 20, 1969 Neil Armstrong land on the moon and and 2016 Leo Dicaprio finally got an Oscar- truly another historic moment!
Know the dif between Neil Armstrong and MJ? One was the first to WALK on the MOON. The other liked to have sex with boys.
I want Matt Damon to win just so he can say "In your face Neil Armstrong"
Those animators are now like the Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin of Chile.
Happy birthday to one of the greats, Neil Armstrong. The legacy he left behind started with one small step...
I don't want to sound arrogant but I am the greatest botanist on the planet. . I colonized Mars. Take that Neil Armstrong.
"Black people need more opportunity.". Yeah, I agree, but, like, you can't have Jamie Foxx play Neil Armstrong.
My 7 year old Ella asked if Neil & Louis Armstrong were the same guy. No. :) One went to the moon. One brought the moon to us.
WHERE HOPE DARES man wil go. Remember Neil Armstrong. til midnit Mon EST.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Neil Armstrong is pictured here in April 1969, while training for the Apollo 11 lunar landing mission.
Neil Armstrong believed in horoscopes so much that he tried to fight the moon for making him shy
Neil Armstrong, what are you gonna do with the rest of your life? Screw every girl in Florida, I guess. Roger Sterling
You've heard of John Glenn, Neil Armstrong, Ed White...but what about John Paul Stapp? (via
the request was made in 1960 during the brief window when both Scott Crossfield and Neil Armstrong were on X-15 together.
I hear this is the actual tree George Washington cut down before he and Neil Armstrong freed the slaves in 1974
1979: In ~12 minutes, Neil Armstrong climbs to 50,000' off airstrip at Kitty Hawk in a Learjet 28—setting a world record!
Mind blown today at imagining a future where you walk around the moon with Neil Armstrong w/Hololens. https:/…
Neil Armstrong and David Scott sit in their Gemini 8 capsule during recovery operations after an abort from orbit
Neil Armstrong and the boys landed on my burger. It's one small patty for man one giant meal for…
"I've been BRAGGING about being the 1st to lick your butthole. I think I'm Neil Armstrong and YOU tell ME I'm Buzz Aldrin!"
Apollo 11 crew Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins, and Buzz Aldrin chat over drinks in Houston, 1969
Christine Anu and Neil Armstrong saying eso and didgerigora (thank you in Torres Strait and Darug languages) on ABC radio 💕❤️
I hope nobody dies while I'm on holiday bc last time I was away with my family Robin Williams died and 2 year before that Neil Armstrong...
Turns out they're all black: Neil Armstrong, George Washington, Leif Erikson, Jonas Salk, Elvis, Evel Knievel, Houdini etc
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
The results are in: Neil Armstrong soundly defeated Yuri Gagarin in the Space Caucus.
History: In our History lessons we have been learning about Neil Armstrong and Tim Peake. We have been learnin...
I'm pretty sure Neil Armstrong drew some pretty rude n' crude drawings in the dust on the moon. Does that count?
Neil Armstrong, The Moon Landing and the Queue at the West Kilbride Post Office. Little was Neil Armstrong to...
Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon for the European Project or Geoff Hurst scored hat trick in World Cup final for the …
Neil Armstrong is not the most important Buzz Aldrin is the most important because he is a decorated Air Force pilot
Delightful of a barman who served Churchill, Sinatra (“Set ’em up, Joe”), Chaplin, Errol Flynn, Neil Armstrong
Would you rather experience Lewis and Clark's expedition or Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin's?
Parents, teachers, and kids, can't choose the people they don't know about. The default is Neil Armstrong, not Margaret Hamilton.
Neil Armstrong interviewed by Patrick Moore, concerning the moon landing and the possibili…
Curiosity of the unknown is what drives great explorers like Lewis and Clark, Vasco de Gama, and Neil Armstrong.
Neil Armstrong and David Scott after their capsule was recovered, 1966
Nothing beats express service. I think Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, & Buzz Aldrin would have liked it.
Did you know?. Before they departed on Apollo 11, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin were denied...
ELI5: Why was Michael Collins (the third pilot on Apollo 11) never given as much recognition as Neil Armstrong or B…
Day 1 of my first head coaching job at NS Neil Armstrong in the books. Future Lancers & Lady Lancers did a great job.
My great grandfather was a Savile Row tailor making suits for Churchill, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins.
Columbia, the Apollo 11 command module that brought Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins back to Earth.
Mixed prime rib scraps into dogs' breakfast & now know how Neil Armstrong was treated when he returned from space.
Fun fact: Did you know that the first (Neil Armstrong) and the last astronaut (Eugene Cernan) on the moon were both Purdue graduates?
'None of these belong to white people' Are you actually serious. Tim Berners Lee, Neil Armstrong, Benjamin Franklyn. All White
. Shirley and her little friend, Neil. (A la Neil Armstrong/,) have a great day Andrew!
Always beleived in the moon landings. Should I now question them?
Got to do this Neil Armstrong today @ RIOT INK CUSTOM TATTOOS
Spent the WHOLE film trying to work out who Alexander Armstrong looks like... and BINGO. ITS NEIL PATRICK!
Perhaps there's some truth to the conspiracy theory that the moon landings were faked?
"There are great ideas undiscovered, breakthroughs available to those who can remove one of the truth's protective layers." - Neil Armstrong
Captain Sully, Neal Armstrong could not share expenses on Flytenow. FAA's means don't meet goal of safety.
Illiterate aaptards can't even spell Neil Armstrong!!! 😂
"Welcome back, baby!" by is comparable to our parent's era Neil Armstrong quote. What a day to be alive!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Why are people made at Neil Armstrong?
maybe she should sue Neil Armstrong's estate for his "One giant leap for MANkind speech". I hate PC lefties.
Salesguy selling me a funfact series with a USP that Neil Armstrong didnt land on the moon & that Christmas shud hav been on 6 Jan instead
Just watched Falcon 9 landing video. Got to be the coolest thing I've seen since Neil Armstrong walked on the moon!!
"Is Buzz Aldrin a lesser astronaut than Neil Armstrong?" "I'd say so. Don't know why, but he is." takes my weirdness like a pro 💃
The day man walked on the Moon. Here's looking at you Neil Armstrong--A TRUE AMERICAN HERO!
Congrats to for successful landing. I watched Neil Armstrong step out on the moon -- this was just as cool!
I just used Shazam to discover Hypnotize by DJ Neil Armstrong.
Neil Armstrong . Neil A . Spell it backwards u get (Alien)
1. Who is called Columbus of Space?. Ans: Neil Armstrong. 2. Who is called Man of Blood and Iron?. Ans: Otto...
when Neil Armstrong stepped his first foot on Moon as the first Man.
Neil Armstrong originally wanted to take a football to the moon, but NASA deemed it to be un-American!
Neil Armstrong had to fill an immigration form while coming back to the earth from the moon.
Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were the first to reach where ?:
Neil Armstrong , Delivery Sector Manager at Warwick Sorting Office says they'll handle over 600,000 items this week
.The yesterdays-riddle:'Neil Armstrong and Huckle-Beery-Finn. Was man so liest in dem Alter'.
We now have a chance at becoming the next Neil Armstrong. seeking for apply online htt…
Neil Armstrong and the Apollo XI crew have moons on the Hollywood Walk of Fame instead of stars.
There can be no great accomplishment without risk.
A historic moment when SpaceX Falcon9 manage to successfully launch and land on target ! As Neil Armstrong quoted...
I remember when Late Neil Armstrong opposed Now Who Won?. "Welcome Back Baby!" is the "Giant leap of mankind" of our generation
Neil Armstrong followed his famous one small step quote with "Good luck, Mr Gorsky" because...
I'm like Neil Armstrong to certain people
"One small step for Amal, one giant leap for mankind". PERFECT clue for George Clu-Neil Armstrong.
Mom and Neil Armstrong. Great to see her after 2 and a half years! @ Purdue University
Are we going to have to make a "chinny" gesture at the moon or something, like when Neil Armstrong died?
(Thanks to Neil Armstrong for the photos, what a blast!
Neil Armstrong has a serious challenger
To paraphrase Neil Armstrong: a symbolic step for you, but a giant leap for Indians
But first I seriously want to do a Buzz Aldrin/Neil Armstrong biopic. That's what I really want to do.
Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin.. A bunch of other people
I added a video to a playlist Neil Armstrong interview, BBC 1970.
it's a good hobby. I have Neil Armstrong & Sally Rides autographs
I think Neil Armstrong wasted a big "stay using windows!" feature.
why did Neil Armstrong get a lump of coal in his stocking . he was being astro-naughty
First a bio on Neil Armstrong, now a bio on Keith Richards. Welcome to my interests.
Not every night you share a church in Toxteth with Neil Armstrong's son listening to Steve Hogarth How was your Friday?!
Neil Armstrong was the first person to land on the moon. 'Neil A.' backwards is 'Alien'.
If becomes VP to it would be like Neil Armstrong losing a race to a 400 lb man in a scooter.
I hated Dirty Sprite Future. Didn't become a fan till Astronaut Future. *** was better than Neil Armstrong
DYK when Neil Armstrong walked on the moon, he had 2 small pieces of the 1903 Wright Flyer in a space suit pocket.
Is that why Neil Armstrong had trouble finding a landing spot?
It makes me laugh that Trump won't let Muslims into America, but when Neil Armstrong leaves America togo the moon he becomes a Muslim.
May be slow but just found out that Neil Armstrong, Neil A, is alien backwards.. Coincidence yeah?
Neil Armstrong almost died in this fiery crash during a 1968 test   10% Off
Did you know that Neil Armstrong carried a piece of the Wright Flyer with him to the in 1969?
A historic day with historic implications, December 17, 1903. Fast forward to July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong and...
Definitely. Imagine having a pint with Neil Armstrong banging on about the moon when you're on double 1 for a 48 dart finish.
has never put a man on the moon. I guess the closest to that achievement was building He's our Neil Armstrong.
About once a week I think about Neil Armstrong's wife saying to him 'Ugh are you talking about the moon AGAIN!?'
A huge thank you to our Pine Valley and Neil Armstrong communities for showing your holiday spirit. Our goal of...
To see the piece of fabric and wood from the Wright B Flyer that went to the moon with Neil Armstrong click here...
Neil Armstrong took a piece of wood from the propeller of the Wright Bros 1903 plane with him to the moon.
*Kanye shows up at Neil Armstrong's memorial* "imma let yall finish but Michael Jackson had the greatest moon walk of all time
'Michael Jackson - nobody knows who he is... stole the moonwalk from Neil Armstrong...'
I think it would be nice if Neil Armstrong was buried next to Michael Jackson, especially since they were the first to do the Moonwalk.
Jim Lovell, Neil Armstrong & relive with them, the Moon via youtube
True fact Shane beat Neil Armstrong to the moon riding Lance Armstrongs bike.
Arre I didn't mean to go all Neil Armstrong on you. Just adding to the list.
You think you're Neil Armstrong n at? BON. VOYAGE.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
My mind was blown today when I saw this:. Neil Armstrong (1st man on Moon). Neil A. A. lieN. Alien
Days before the Apollo 11 launch, and an uncertain return to Earth, what else would Neil Armstrong be reading?
yeah it's what Neil Armstrong breathed when he went there for a day trip .
Neil Armstrong eating his final breakfast before taking off for the moon - 1969.
This is a photo of Neil Armstrong... AND EVERY SINGLE OTHER HUMAN BEING EVER except for Mike Collins and Buzz Aldrin
Baby Boomers are 1.9x more likely to vote for Neil Armstrong on the People We Wish Were Still Alive list. Vote
Year 1 dolphins learnt all about Neil Armstrong for their Moon Zoom space topic and did some fabulous group work!
"so that he could tell the legend of Neil Armstrong, Moonwalker, at the Remembrance Assembly" | in
Neil Armstrong screen-printed poster up for grabs in our PRIZE DRAW. Enter here:
NEIL ARMSTRONG STEPPING ON MOON: one small step for man... DAVE, BACK AT HQ: you should start with the giant leap your losing coverage scrub
a pupil from 6 blue met Neil Armstrong, he could tell you all about it
"A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.
what about that dude power washing Neil Armstrong's nuts
Museums and the stories they tell with Richard Armstrong, Neil MacGregor and Manuel Rabate.
The most powerful speech that never came up after returned from the
"First man on the moon: Neil Armstrong = Neil A. Turn it around: Alien"
On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first human to step on the moon. scifi
claimes to fame: distant relative of Neil Armstrong and cousin was on jezza Kyle
Christ. I felt like Neil Armstrong for about 5 hours
see I'm preening u and .. It was actually Neil Armstrong who landed on the moon Lewis armstrongs a musician 😂🖕🏼
I'll take a ship any day. Yea moon is cool but no one can name who went on the moon besides Neil Armstrong.
Who Was Neil Armstrong? by Roberta Edwards, read by Dominic Hoffman by PRH Audio Audio…
7 yrs after Giants manager Alvin Dark said, "There'll be a man on the moon before *** Perry hits a home run," Neil Armstrong did it
Come to our Pep Rally where we'll have notable alumni appearances from Daniel Craig, Neil Armstrong, Eli Manning, and more!
visits with U.S. Air Force March 2010. To his left is Jim Lovell and to his right is Neil Armstrong. https:…
Neil Armstrong echoed the same words aftr landing at tranquility base
Michael Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong in their quarantine trailer following the Apollo 11 mission.
He ran the pediatric neurosurgery ward at John F'ng Hopkins! The only thing that top that is Neil Armstrong!
"To the moon and back" by Kimberly Freesland A digital painting of Neil Armstrong in honor of George Mueller tribute http…
Watched Martian with friends yesterday and one of my friend asked me who is Neil Armstrong.
Neil Armstrong: that's one small step for...: *is nailed in the ribs by a fastball*. Buzz Aldrin: act like you've been here …
Without Margaret Hamilton, Neil Armstrong would still sit on the launch pad.
Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, and Buzz Aldrin in quarantine upon their return from the moon (1969)
In the latest extract from his book, Big Sam argues that Neil Armstrong got too much credit for the Moon landings
Imagine all the people who knew Neil Armstrong, would also know Margaret Hamilton. What a wonderful world...
…a celebration of traversing the unknown and learning new things. Marianis Trench, Neil Armstrong, Marie Curie, Dennis Quaid in InnerSpace.
Columbus is not even in my top 5 explorers. . Marco Polo. The dogs & cat of Homeward Bound. Neil Armstrong. Amerigo Vespucci . Milo and Otis
I put up my thumb... and it blotted out the planet Earth. -- Neil Armstrong
Photo my Dad found of him and Neil Armstrong on an exploratory expedition into the Amazon 39 years ago.
The sky is never the limit if Neil Armstrong got footprints on the moon lool
Joke is Modi wants to be 1st PM to go on MoonRecent visit to US Met neil Armstrong 1st Astronaut but 56 "seena came in way
Saying that Columbus discovered America is like saying Neil Armstrong discovered the moon.
key: onew grab the remote for me it's too far thx. onew: did neil armstrong say the moon was too far? nO HE BUILT A ROCKET …
And this "Christopher Columbus" thing. Like if Italians were calling Neil Armstrong "Nello Braccioforte".
Columbus represents the ideal white man. Daring, ingenious, clever, masculine, dominant. A 15th century Neil Armstrong.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
SPACE-Unit 1 have been learning about Neil Armstrong.
"A stone-age hunting band could not build the Parthenon; a Renaissance city-state could not put Neil Armstrong on the Moon"
you really are clowns. Next you'll be telling us Magellan or neil Armstrong weren't great.
A great light dimmed this past weekend as hero who taught us no dream was too big, passed on. Neil Armstrong, you will be missed
I heard Neil Armstrong got chomped on the moon.
"They say once you grow crops somewhere, you have officially colonised it. So technically, I colonised Mars. In your face, Neil Armstrong!"
silly Chris, Neil Armstrong was a cool guy, yes, but he didn't discover America! He discovered the Moon!
In 1962 Neil Armstrong trained to be an astronat
My friend at school just said. Neil Armstrong was the 1st to the moon. Neil A backwards = Alien. Did we send him to the moon, or send him back
Columbus discovered America just like Neil Armstrong discovered the Moon
REMINDER: There is no rehearsal tonight due to parent teacher conferences at Neil Armstrong. We rehearse tomorrow 5:30-8:30. Happy Monday!
Command module of _Armstrong and back in July 1969. http:…
Neil before us...because you know Neil Armstrong left Earth before us. http…
some people think Kubrick was behind the Apollo 11 moon landing "hoax", if so, Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong would still be d…
Lance Armstrong went on the moon, not Neil.
Update your maps at Navteq
Neil Armstrong before he went to space
Who knew that Neil Armstrong was a loyal fan?
"That's one small whip for man, one giant nae-nae for mankind."-Neil Armstrong
Smithsonian's 1st Kickstarter Raises $720,000 to 'Reboot' Spacesuits. . The spacesuits worn by Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the
Neil armstrong became a test pilot.he flew all sorts of experimental planes testing them out.monty frieda.
I personally want Neil Armstrong day. That's something I could get behind
Just finding out that Neil Armstrong is the astronaut, not the cyclist. I'll let myself out...
Who was Neil Armstrong and when did he become an astronaut?
Lance Armstrong is the biker. Neil Armstrong is an astronaut.
think like astronaut first name to mind is 'Neil Armstrong'...gavaskar
Sunny- How much India score will depend on Neil Armstrong . Shiva- Neil Armstrong? . SG- Didn't Shastri say Ashwin has a brain of an astronaut
Neil Armstrong, John Glenn, Gene Kranz, James Lovell: all native Ohioans involved with the U.S. Space program. All heroes to be proud of.
Astronaut and botanist "Matt Damon" is even better than Neil Armstrong in The Martian (2015) 🎥. Rated 4/5 on
1965 Neil Armstrong is the first astronaut who reached the moon.
Before the Moon: the early exploits of Neil Armstrong -
Get 6 Free VitaTops
NEW BLOG: Y5 - Ever wondered what it was like to walk on the Moon? Just ask Neil Armstrong!.
The fact Neil Armstrong put an American flag on the moon really angers me
and what do Neil Armstrong, Gerald Ford, and Michael Bloomberg hVe in common.. Eagle Scouts!
Neil Armstrong: I went to the moon. WaPo fact check: 3 Pinocchios, there were rockets involved, he didn't walk
when Neil Armstrong farted on the moon 😂
Neil Armstrong came the closest. He was the best of us.
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