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Neil Armstrong

Neil Alden Armstrong (born August 5, 1930) is an American former astronaut, test pilot, aerospace engineer, university professor, United States Naval Aviator, and the first person to set foot upon the Moon.

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Jul 20, 1969: Armstrong walks on moon At 10:56 p.m. EDT, American astronaut Neil Armstrong, 240,000 miles from Earth, speaks these words to more than a billion people listening at home: "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." Stepping off the lunar landing module Eagle, Armstrong became the first human to walk on the surface of the moon. The American effort to send astronauts to the moon has its origins in a famous appeal President John F. Kennedy made to a special joint session of Congress on May 25, 1961: "I believe this nation should commit itself to achieving the goal, before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to Earth." At the time, the United States was still trailing the Soviet Union in space developments, and Cold War-era America welcomed Kennedy's bold proposal. In 1966, after five years of work by an international team of scientists and engineers, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) conducted the first unmanned Apo ...
Nike Air Max Lunar90's to commemorate the 45th anniversary of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the moon. I need a pair. http:…
Everyone thought the future was Neil Armstrong and Apollo 11. It turned out to be Ted Kennedy and Oldsmobile 66. .
A photo of Neil Armstrong taken by Mike Collins from inside the CM/LM passage, 45 years ago today
"Mike tells us where he was the day Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.
setting up for a TV transmission. A Mike Collins photo of Neil Armstrong in the CM/LM tunnel.
Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon on July 20, 1969 as part of the Apollo 11 mission. Last week, Aldrin introduced a social media campaign and new YouTube channel, dedicated to honoring the 45th anniversary of that incredible mission.
Today is a bit of an anniversary for me. Actually it's an anniversary for anyone old enough to remember the Apollo space program and the first manned landing on the moon. It was 45 years ago this 9:32 am Eastern Time to be precise...that Apollo 11 with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins aboard lifted off from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida for what would become mankind's first trip away from Planet Earth four days later. I remember all this because I was there. Not just in Florida. Not just at what was then called Cape Kennedy but right there at Pad 39A with the press, the dignitaries and thousands of folks from NASA. I was 16. I did not yet have a driver's license and I made the trip from my home in Connecticut entirely by myself. I spent a lot of time today looking for pictures of the launch to post but I couldn't find them and I wanted to get something posted before midnight on the East Coast. This day, 45 years ago, remains one off the greatest days of my life.
July 16, 1969: Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin sat on top of a 365' tall Saturn V rocket. . . the most powerful and complex machine ever built. . . and exploded out into space. They circled the Earth once and then powered themselves out of Earth orbit with the third stage of the Saturn V and began their transit out to the Moon. What an incredible time it was. Those my age had spent most of their lives watching men from planet Earth move out into the realm of space for the first time. Now the ultimate goal was actually unfolding.
On this day in 1969, Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins launched to the moon aboard the Apollo 11
45 years ago now: launches to the moon with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin & Michael Collins onboard. This coming weekend marks 45 years ago that Neil Armstrong took the small step onto the surface of the moon that changed the course of history. The years that followed saw a Space Age of scientific, technological and human research, on which we have built the modern era. We stand on a new horizon, poised to take the next giant leap—deeper into the solar system. The Apollo missions blazed a path for human exploration to the moon and today we are extending that path to near-Earth asteroids, Mars and beyond. Learn about our
"Liftoff of The 363-foot-tall, six million pound Saturn V is launched with Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins and Buzz Aldrin aboard.
Apollo 11 launched for the moon today in 1969 with Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin, and Michael Collins on…
Salute to our astronauts, Neil Armstrong, 33° & Buzz Aldrin, 33° on this day
45 years ago today Apollo 11 took off carrying the first men to the moon, Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins.
45 years ago today, Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin told Russia to suck it, got in a rocket, & headed to the Moon. The rest i…
Where were you when Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong landed on the moon?
Here is Neil Armstrong back in Apollo 11 Lunar Module 45 years ago Monday, after moon walk:
16Jul1969: Mankind's greatest journey begins as heads for the w/Neil Armstrong, Aldrin & Mike Collins
space program standing on shoulders of Neil Armstrong, Mike Collins &
45 years ago this minute the Saturn V carrying Mike Collins, Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong lifted off heading to the moon.
Why did Neil Armstrong steal all the gold that Buckminster Fuller hid on the moon? it's a simple question!! Wait, these aren't my pills...
"It would be really cool if there were parsley on the moon. Neil Young...Neil Armstrong, put some parsley on the moon."
what were the 2 glowing lights you and Neil Armstrong saw on the moon?
"You can also ride a bike faster, like Neil Armstrong." -
You guys know Neil Armstrong only spent 8 days and 14 hours in space? I've spent more time trying to solve the daily jumble.
I can't think why, I still can't believe Neil Armstrong photo bombing in the background.
Neil Armstrong, the first man on the moon, and Sir Edmund Hillary, the first man to conquer…
Playing Catch Phrase:. Ellie:first person on the moon Everybody:Neil Armstrong? Ellie: No. Me:Do you mean Lance Armstrong? Ellie: Yeah! 😂
A nice testimony about the profession of engineering by the great Neil Armstrong
Hu was d 1st person 2 walk on d moon? Evrybody knws its Neil Armstrong. Bt hu was d 2nd is a JAMB question. D 1st class student is highly recognized while a kinda blind eye is turned 2 d rest. Evry1 is a German 2day cos they won d 2014 edition of d FIFA world cup. Little attention is given 2 d runner ups. Wat does dis tel u? In life, only d bst leave their footprints in d sands of tym. Coming 2nd can b seen 2 connote dat u ar jst 'd 1st looser.' Alws aim 2 b no 1. Its Monday again, go out & c wat u can do. A successfu Week is wat I wish ya al. Goodmornin.
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Next week is the 45th anniversary of Moon Landing. Too bad Neil Armstrong is gone. :(
Neil Armstrong landed on the moon and i really didnt care
Tmrw: Jay Barbree re: Neil Armstrong, re: his new show and Smokey Joe's Café.
1968, Neil Armstrong has a very close call while training for the lunar landing: ht…
Biography for Kids: Neil Armstrong For Kids! The Amazing Story of the Man With the Nerves of Steel...
Neil Armstrong lands on the moon:. 5 pictures. White girl goes to starbucks:. 162 pictures.
A teary-eyed Neil Armstrong photographed by Buzz Aldrin shortly after walking on the moon, 1969.
I'm having to wait until August for my Neil Armstrong fix :-(
Neil Armstrong claimed in 2005 that Space Cadet Pinball was the most realistic space simulator he had ever played
.One of my true heroes for lots of reasons. Neil Armstrong.
Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.. The moon isn't supposed to be in the photo & everything is flipped here
.My copy is already on order, can't wait "Neil Armstrong: A Life of Flight" by Jay Barbree
cool pic but Neil Armstrong left his footprints in '69 so lol
"Houston, Tranquility Base here. The Eagle has landed." Neil Armstrong | I think I can it tonight! 12Jul14
Neil Armstrong left his boots in space.
Photo, 1970: Valentina Tereshkova, first woman in space, presents a badge to Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon.
Scotland has a proud association with space exploration. We celebrated Neil Armstrong's Scottish ancestry" really!
Stabilized video of the accident that almost killed Neil Armstrong -
G+: Neil Armstrong the First Man Walking on the Moon panorama
-I watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon . -on his bike ?? . - "neil " !! 
Mystery creates wonder and wonder is the basis of man's desire to understand. . Neil Armstrong. (usually not very quotable)
In which case it truly is the perfect analogy. Everyone knows who Neil Armstrong and Rosa Parks are. Well... most do. I hope
"It suddenly struck me that this tiny pea, pretty & blue, was the Earth" Neil Armstrong
Neil Armstrong was almost killed while training for the Moon Landing?
starting at 2 we have randy Johnson then Clark Manson and the eastside boys and then at ten Neil diamond and Neil Armstrong close
Apparently Neil Armstrong used to tell unfunny jokes about the moon and then follow them up with "Ah I guess you had to be …
Forty-five years ago this July, Apollo 11 landed Americans Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin on the moon, making...
Away from Israel's unchallenged progrom and the country's hypocritical foot soldiers in Nigeria, I want to discuss a thought on football. I tag it "O POOR NETHERLANDS!" In the award winning Bollywood movie; THREE *** a scene showed "Virus", the Director of Imperial College of Engineering (ICE) asking final year students of the college for the name of the first man in space. They all immediately chorused "Neil Armstrong". He then asked who was second and the students all went into silence trying to remember. At that point, the Director interrupted the thinking students and asked them not to bother about irrelevant second as the World never remembers the man who comes second. From the very beginning of the outgoing World Cup competition, the Netherlands team no doubt performed excellently that many spectators would bet their money on the team's ability of winning the tournament. "The Oranje Boys had no match" they said. However, call it bad luck or whatever, the team was not good enough to lift the cu ...
Latest one is a real doozy.. Thank god for Neil Armstrong's mate!
First human in space - Yuri Gagarin (Russia) The first city on which the atom bomb was dropped – Hiroshima (Japan) The first person to land on the moon Neil Armstrong followed by – Edwin E. Aldrin The first shuttle to go in space – Columbia The first spacecraft to reach on Mars – Viking-I The first woman Prime Minister of England – Margaret Thatcher The first woman Muslim Prime Minister of a country – Benazir Bhutto (Pakistan) The first woman to climb Mount Everest – Mrs. Junko Tabei (Japan) The first woman cosmonaut of the world – Valentina Tereshkova (Russia) The first woman President of the U.N. General Assembly – Vijaya Lakshmi Pandit The first batsman to score three test century in three successive tests on debut – Mohd. Azharuddin The first man to have climbed Mount Everest twice – Nawang Gombu The first U.S. President to resign Presidency – Richard Nixon Chinese Traveller to India – Fahein Foreign Invader to India – Alexander the Great Person in Space – Yuri Gagarin Pe ...
Obama posted a pic of him looking at the moon when Neil Armstrong died. He loves photo-ops — just not ones that expose his …
Today, Alex Rodriguez is exactly as old as Neil Armstrong was the day he walked on the moon: 14,229 days.
Why we choose to go to the moon :) ""Guru SD saya, Neil Armstrong, JF Kennedy, dan Presiden Baru Indonesia"
It has been almost 45 years since an estimated 600 million people on Earth watched Apollo 11 crew members Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin take their iconic first steps on the moon.
.flight research center has been renamed in honor of Neil Armstrong.
A look back at this day in film history. June 30, 1995 APOLLO 13 RELEASED: Winner of nine Academy Awards, including Best Picture, Ron Howard’s Apollo 13 opened in theaters June 30, 1995. One of Howard’s best movies, the film made gripping drama out of not man’s trip to the moon but, instead, man’s safe trip home. Apollo 11, of course, sent Neil Armstrong to the moon. Two missions later, another group of astronauts prepared for the trip, but the public was nonplussed. But when, after launch, technical failures aborted the Moon Landing, all America was focused on whether or not the astronauts could make it back alive. Alternating between the closed quarters of the spacecraft and the command rooms of Mission Control, Apollo 13 is both an inspirational tale of survival as well as a realistic dramatization of human ingenuity, teamwork, and crisis decision-making. Howard has always been known for his ability to pull the emotional heartstrings, but in this film he married that skill to a fidelity to what ...
Apparently over the weekend they decided to name the building after Neil Armstrong
I swear if Valentino Rossi and Neil Armstrong had a son together, it would be me...
fascination for outer space is not new. Years ago, on a visit to the US, he requested and had a meeting with Neil Armstrong
on a scald of Satan to Neil Armstrong, how high are you
Thanks to everybody who checked out the DJ Neil Armstrong mixtape on my blog ; got a email from said media provider. Good job !
Chuck Norris' family crest is a picture of a baracudda eating Neil Armstrong.
No! I watched that movie. There was not a plot in there especially not involving Neil Armstrong! You are lying!!!
There was a plot of Neil Armstrong and the Apollo Moon Landing being a cover for a transformers recovery mission in Transformers 3?
I expect any chick I date to turn heads & have fans. I'm cool w that. But I grab the booty like Neil Armstrong planted a flag on the moon.
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If I was Neil Armstrong, I would have said something a lot less eloquent when I got on the moon. Like "oh crap I'm on the moon" or something
Ain't that a typical Kanye thing lol. Kanye and Neil Armstrong -
one day brother you will climb yourself out of the friend zone and mark a flag like Neil Armstrong on your girl 🚩
Neil Armstrong's NASA application was a week late. If it weren't for his friend secretly slipping it into the pile, he would have been rejec
Idk how many times I've had to tell people that Neil Armstrong is not the one who rides a bike. THE WORLD MAKES ME SAD. ugh
a chapbook consisting of Neil Armstrong erotica
Neil Armstrong took five pictures on the moon. Why are you taking 12,091,990 selfies in a dingy nightclub's dirty toilet mirror.
Old man in a bar just stopped to tell us he'd once had a conversation with Neil Armstrong
Diana yelled at a biker and called him Neil Armstrong :/
What do we assume? Neil Armstrong's ghost has through central Saint Petersburg, causing massive damage to a group of
Neil Armstrong carried a piece of wood from the Wright Brothers' 1903 airplane's left propeller and a piece of fabric from its wing,
'This is one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind.' -Neil Armstrong 😌
Them poppers made is feel like Neil Armstrong for a bit lastnight like 👀😂
Can you please do a photoshop of Jim Rutherford as Neil Armstrong on the moon?
A new biography on Neil Armstrong by Jay Barbree & John Glenn. This should be a good read.
I'm glad the Moon Landing wasn't broadcast on TNT..we would have had to wait until Neil Armstrong got back 2 tell us about it.
It is the moon and you are Neil Armstrong. Stick a flag in it--but not the American flag, your flag. (1/2)
Neil Armstrong's famous first words when he landed on the moon where spoken through a Motorola Radio Transponder
I believe every human has a finite number of heartbeats. I don't intend to waste any of mine.". ~Neil Armstrong~
Neil Armstrong's only regret while he was alive was that he forgot to take a selfie on the moon.
Put a USA sock on lorelys *** like Neil Armstrong but that's not the first man on that moon 😂
"Isn't Neil Armstrong a black piano player?" -
No matter what, Purdue will always have the REAL Big 3. Neil Armstrong. Orville Redenbacher. Robert C. Baker (inventor of the chicken nugget)
Neil Armstrong may have been on the moon first, but Buzz Aldrin pooped in space first!
Who knows the date that Neil Armstrong became the first person to set foot on the moon? Read it on the blog:
Missionary style and Model Ts and Neil Armstrong and Harrier Jets and Francis Scott Key and Rascal Flatts! LOLOLOLOLOLOL
I was helping Prajanya with a list of important people in Space for her school work. I figured that the list prepared from the text book read like: Gagarin, Valentina Tereshkova, Neil Armstrong, BuzzAldrin, Rakesh Sharma, Kalpana Chawla. So I told her this list is good enough for the school, but terribly inadequate. For knowledge purposes, there are more important people that you have come across in Space :-) Remember this list is for you and not for the school. These are the true space heroes, they don’t just make a round and come back :-) Captain James T Kirk (Starship Enterprise NCC-1701) Han Solo (Millenium Falcon) Flash Gordon (Dr. Zarkov's rockets) (Many others we will keep adding). To space, aliens and beyond.
"Neil Armstrong left his boots in space." God Karen...
Even Australian aborigines know who Neil Armstrong is
Happy Flag Day from the moon Neil Armstrong & Buzz Aldrin, July 1969. pic:
You're going to a party with four people born on your birthday. Go! I'm taking Patrick Ewing, Funk Flex, Neil Armstrong and Lexi Belle.
Kanye shows up at Neil Armstrong's memorial* "Imma let yall finish but Michael Jackson had the greatest moon walk of all time."
My heroes I have several heroes i.e. people who I have always admired for their brilliance, bravery and contribution to mankind. . . 1. Marie Curie who did brilliant work on radioactivity and helped women all over the world to venture into science, which at her time, was completely male dominated. The dignified and unassuming Marie won 2 Nobel prizes and was responsible for the discovery of polonium and radium. . . 2. Nikola Tesla. The wild man of electronics. Tesla was without doubt one of the greatest minds in the history of the human race. He developed in rapid succession the induction motor, new types of generators and transformers, a system of alternating-current power transmission and fluorescent lights. Many of the electrical and electronics products that we use now can be traced back to his ideas. . . 3. Neil Armstrong. The first man on the moon. How cool is that !!. I guess the Moon Landing set the benchmark for exploration. He, like many other super achievers, lived a quiet and modest life. I ha ...
If you missed it here's Wiggo on Chris Froome "will always be Buzz Aldrin to Wiggins's Neil Armstrong."
Businesses remain open in the Main Street Market Plaza (on the corner of Main St. and Glosser Rd.) during construction of the Neil Armstrong Way Connector. Businesses in the plaza include: Seeger's Meats & Deli, Cashmere, Serenity Salon & Spa, and Kelly's Insurance.
Hey, has found someone who wants to know who set up the camera to take a picture of Neil Armstrong setting foot on the Moon.
Apollo 11 panorama taken by Neil Armstrong on the Moon
This weed is Neil Armstrong I'm on the moon blown.
"Neil Armstrong cavorting across what looked like the Baseball Ground was seamlessly replaced by Rivelino defying the laws of physics..."
Some Cold War books for weekend reading:
Oh ya Neil Armstrong's field day today! Best advice I got from my bean...Dad don't do anything stoopid!
There are thousands of stars in the sky and I selected one for myself which is shining like a golden Pearl , a lot of darkness around me stops me to reach there but the beauty focusing on my eye, cheering me to complete my dream . Some can say that its not going to be an easy task , many can suggest that its impossible but then I remembered Neil armstrong , I remembered Einstein, I remembered Edison . Yeah life is full of negative people to vanish my dreams but if a single focus can drive them to the top , I can expect from my side to feel the energy atleast from that sparkling star.
"It’s widely believed Neil Armstrong heard the adhan when he stepped onto the moon and later became a Muslim."
Neil Armstrong never went to the moon. First man on moon was Muslim scholar Ibn Hawqal in the 10 century
"Science is about what is, Engineering is about what can be" -Neil Armstrong on being a Nerd:
Neil armstrong was the maelstrom, the chaos before the edge of a fake.
First in the World Sgnificance Achiver Asian city to host Olympics Tokyo, Japan, 1964 Athlete disqualified at the Olympics for drug use Hans-Gunnar Lijenwall, Mexico Olympics, 1968 Blind person to conquer the Everest Erik Weihenmayer, USA, 2001 Cricket Club Cricket club founded in Hambledon, England Country to Print Books China Country to issue paper currency China Country to start Civil Service Competition China Country to make education compulsory Prussia Country to win World Cup football Uruguay Country to make a constitution USA Country to Organize NAM Summit Belgrade Country to send human to Moon USA Country to launch satellite into space Russia Country to host modern Olympics Greece Country to launch Radio Telescope Satellite into space Japan European to visit China Marco Polo Man to climb Mt Everest Tenzing Norgay and Edmund Hillary, 1953 Man to reach North Pole Robert Peary Man to reach South Pole Ronald Amundsen Man to Fly an aeroplan Wright Brothers Man to sail around the World Ferdinand Magell ...
What a magic evening last night at Tremenheere. Thanks to hosts Neil Armstrong and Ian Wright. Looking forward to Eden Project talk at 6pm.
rather that have a Contador/Armstrong or Hinault/Lemond they've made that decision Froome is SKYs future it seems
Neil Armstrong originally wanted to take a football to the moon, but NASA deemed it to be UNAMERICAN
Date of birth: August 16th, 1964 You are 49 years, 9 months and 21 days old today. You are 18,191 days old. This changes every day! Come back tomorrow and see the next calculation. Your star sign is Leo. Your birth stones are Peridot or Sardonyx. The total number of candles on all your birthday cakes so far is 1,225. Your heart has beaten approximately 1,819,181,567 times in total. You have taken approximately 401,329,483 breaths in total. The moon has orbited the earth 666 times since you were born. When you were born there were approximately 3,309,739,578 other people alive on Earth. There are now about 7,238,685,537 people alive. You're so old that... August 16th, 1964: You were born: 18,014 days before you born April 22nd, 1915: The start of the Second Battle of Ypres in Belgium Nearer to your birth date than today! 18,191 days since you were born: 8,986 days after you were born March 24th, 1989: The Exxon Valdez oil tanker runs aground in Alaska Over half your life ago! 9,205 days since 224,625,593,0 ...
Find out ODD. A. Yuri Gagarin B. Rakesh Sharma C. Edmund Hillary D. Neil Armstrong Note: This question is based on your General Intelligence and General Knowledge.
If I discovered America you would call me Christopher Columbus if I walked on the moon dude call me Neil Armstrong if I got an 18 year old girl pregnate you could call me Brian Taylor.fpig.
never have i met anyone like u, said u got a killer body and an innocent look, outta all da pretty girls im glad it was u, yeah u stole my heart u a theif on da move, like a nail im strong (neil armstrong) and im OVER THE MOON, u connect to my heart with no bluetooth, im attached to ur llove like it came with super glue, with u i feel like a fly superdude, if i fell from da sky u r my parashoot, TUXIDO boo, its u dat i SUIT if love is a game i vow to never lose coz in a world ful of lies u my only truth and. U r my tinkebell, n im so glad i cud be peter pan, love burning like a stove and a frying pan, gal if i knw nun bwt u im more dan willing to learn If u a chick and love hiphop this song is: dedicated to u - feat. a plus
We are pleased to announce the 3 schools we are supporting for the 2014 school year !!! Springbrook Elementary 24 backpacks Irvine School District 70 kids on free lunch Neil Armstrong Elementary. 54 backpacks Pomona School District Over 70 kids on free lunch Manuel L Real 54 backpacks Perris School District Well over 70 kids on free lunch Students who will be getting backpacks are identified by the Free School Lunch Program or other indicators of students with the greatest need. Guidelines are household income below $35,000 As you can see, we are just scratching the surface of what is needed at each school to assist students to achieve academic success. With that being said, we still need donations of supplies and money. Why ??? Because we are overachievers and want to meet the need at 100% and we can't do that without you !! What do we need ??? Well your favorite Girlfriend has posted on her personal fb page.a little friendly competition happening behind the scenes. We need: Erasers Glue Sticks 12pk ...
When Neil Armstrong landed on moon, he found 2 men there. He asked "Who are you?" One of them replied "cameraman Praful ke sath Deepak Chaurisya. Aaj Tak"
When neil armstrong landed on moon he found 2 mens there he asked "who r u?" one replied "cameraman praful ke sath deepak chaurisya aaj tak" ... :)
tonights the lasnight my last name will Armstrong .. not only does it make me happy my last name will Abrams but also makes me happy ill no longer have the last name Armstrong. Those close too me know how much I hate my last name not only the fact that ive only been asked at least a billion times if im related too Neil Armstrong but my whole life ive always wanted my last name Gates, for the simple reason my mom Terra married Jerry & hes always been my daddy.. hes been there for me and done so much more for me than my biological dad.. hes been the one raising me since I was in diapers, hes an amazing man.. I love you daddy ♡ His family took me in as there own, theres no "step" stuff in this family.. they've all showed me what family really is. I thank god everyday I have them all in my life, even the ones who we dont talk much.. I love you all so much & thank you! I know ill always be known as Chelsey Armstrong but for me its a different feeling, its a new beginning, a new chapter in my life ♡
20 SMCS Staff members are participating in a mini VALU class. The goal is to see and learn about local businesses and services. This will help teachers see what skills and traits businesses need from our students, let teachers create lesson that are applicable to the real world and working world, build relationships and connections between businesses and school (possible speakers/field trip ideas), and let business and community leaders learn what teachers are doing in the classroom! Day one local government: city hall, water treatment center, waste water and sewage treatment center, electrical office, Neil Armstrong Airport, and County Administrative Offices! Lots of learning! We have great local government workers passionate about their services! Thanks!
I have my doubts about the "Moon Landing"!! 1: There's no wind on the moon, so in the videos I've seen, why does the flag move around?!? 2: They say Neil Armstrong was the first on the moon yes, i dispute that as wouldnt the cameraman be the first?!?! And 3: If the pictures of the "Moon Landing" are real, why is there no time stamp and why can you see tiny crosses or pixel marks in the photos?!?
If Neil Armstrong was the first man on the moon, who the *** was holding the camera?
If you ever feel embarrassed, just remember: Neil Armstrong screwed up the first words ever spoken on the moon. Nothing you do can be that bad. lol
Writer. Director. Astronaut. Okay only two of those are true, but let's see Neil Armstrong convince Marlon Brando to sing on film. The genius of Joseph L. Mankiewicz is on full display at this year's NYFF. Take a look!
"That's one small step for a man, a giant leap for mankind." - Neil Armstrong It is official! On June 14th is my move out day!
Cd:- has anybody ever been to to moon before? Me:- yes, Neil Armstrong Cd:- was he the first man on the earth too? Me:- no that was Adam, but you should know that one. Cd:- wow! how do u know all these people? Your some special clever mammy ! Such a compliment for a Thursday! Xx
I could decipher what is playing in your mind right now, brod Vince. Surely, not much difference as your concerns when you commenced in Grade one at the Neil Armstrong Elementary school years. So similar to your feelings when you stepped onto the Secondary stage as a neophyte. In both stages you felt ill at ease, but you survived Elementary-Secondary triumphantly as Valedictorian and Salutatorian without really trying hard. Keep it up, always think you are there to learn what these Institutions have to offer. Not to be competing with vociferous characters. What will be understandable is the time when you'll miss your Mom and Dad - tween six to seven hours drive, away from your career residence, Berkeley. Never worry about the 'torian' titles - you are there to earn your degree as a Professional - it comes with honor, per se. And yet if you get back home with a 'laude' title, oh my boy, you will ever be the family hero together with your brother Earl. We love U.
The year was 1969: Richard Nixon was president . . . Neil Armstrong walked on the moon . . . Woodstock . . . Chappaquiddick . . . Charles Manson . . . first ATM . . . anti-war demonstrations . . . beginning of *** rights movement . . . Jets were Super Bowl champs . . . Mets won the World Series . . . Celtics were NBA champs . . . Montreal won the Stanley Cup . . . Oliver! won best picture . . . Mrs. Robinson was song of the year . . . Sesame Street debuted . . . the draft was instituted. . . gas was 35¢ . . . a postage stamp was 6¢ . . . and the GSHS Class of 1969 GRADUATED ! Where has the time gone ??
"There can be no great accomplisment without risk"Armstrong
Why is there no national holiday celebrating Neil Armstrong? Or even a statue or monument of some sort? Is there a memorial for him that maybe I don't know about? I think this man needs to always be remembered and celebrated. And Buzz too. Why don't we idolize these men instead of duck calling *** or ignorant ball players?
Random fact for my Tri Delta sisters: Did you know Neil Armstrong put his wife's Tri-Delta pin on the moon? I had no idea, but how cool is that? :)
Happiness is reflecting back on yesterday being the 118th anniversary of Henry Ford driving his first car which my grandmother, who was 6 at the time watched as he drove by – she was raised not far from where Ford lived at the time. Thinking further on that theme, I remember sitting with grandma and watching Neil Armstrong take the first steps on the moon – just imagine, going from horse and buggy to space travel in one lifetime!
9.What was the name of the Lunar Module in which, on July 20, in 1969, Neil Armstrong, Commander of Apollo 11 Mission and Edwin Aldrin Jr., Commander of this module, became the first cosmonauts to land on the moon? [A]Columbia [B]LM Orion [C]Eagle [D]Aquarius
"There can be no great accomplishments without risk" -Neil Armstrong
Conversation overheard in my class today: "Who was Louis Armstrong (pronounced Lewis)?" "The astronaut, man, he walked on the moon!" "No! That was like...John or something. Louis Armstrong is that bicycle rider dude." I put a two hour you tube Best of Louis Armstrong on at the highest volume setting my phone has... after giving an impromptu lecture on the worlds of difference between Satchmo, NEIL ARMSTRONG, and Lance Armstrong.
Today marks the 25th Anniversary of the Tienanmen Square massacre. In many ways this single event opened the eyes of the world to what at the time was to most a ghost of a country. At the time I had little clue what was going on in the rest of the world. Beyond trying to raise a young family, grading science papers and building a wrestling program I wasn't aware of much outside my little world. Closed to most westerners, China was a mystery but like the Vietnam War and Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon we watched the horrid events unfold before us. CNN gave us a glimpse of how closed and rigid China could be. Maybe for those older than me this brought back images of Kent State and Jackson State. Freedom has a price. Weeks following the massacre I was in Warsaw, Poland traveling with a cultural exchange team. The day after the Tienanmen massacre students in Warsaw torched the Chinese embassy in protest. If the drink of freedom is a Molotov cocktail these Polish students threw some down that night. L ...
I Have a Briliant idea for a new episode. Yuri Gagarin VS Neil Armstrong. I think this will be the best battle ever.
I just had a coworker seriously ask me "Man if there ain't no gravity in outer space then how did Neil Armstrong walk on the moon?" He is 42 years old.
My childhood dream was to be an archaeologist, astronaut, & professor. . Thanks to Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin, Steven Spielberg, & my dad.
I bet the hamster that was up Richard Gere's *** is invited to every hamster party there is. He's like the Neil Armstrong of Hamster Land!
Just watched the mid-season ender of Mad Men -- and was reminded of the wonders of the Moon Landing. When we all got to sit way too close to the TV, and no one was talking about anything else. It was magical, and it was by no means a done deal. We were so afraid that the rocket would crash. Or that Neil Armstrong would get sucked into endless dust or quicksand. The more fanciful kids imagined monsters, martians or aliens. And later on, we stood outside and all swore we could see the flag the hero astronauts planted on the surface. Science was amazing. The world was amazing. And we could do anything.
So I'm in Gettysburg, and today we drove through my old hood in Camp Hill, and past the Gilligan's house where Dortha and I watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon. When we came home we watched last night's MadMen which included the moon walk.
for some reason you told us to call you Neil Armstrong..
Mrs. Blankenship died an astronaut; Burt Cooper died as a spectator at Neil Armstrong Dinner Theater. "Bravo." And then the encore number.
we get through the famous Moon Landing, the show ends just before Neil Armstrong & Co. touch back down on Earth..
Who is necessary to walk on moon guyzzz king of pop or Neil Armstrong Comment fast mj lovers !!
The first photograph taken by Neil Armstrong on the surface of the Moon, 1969.,
I bet Neil Armstrong was a *** and sprinted to be the first one off the shuttle.
;-) Moments with silent.missing you my Neil Armstrong, perhaps in other life, in other moon!
I Christopher Columbus'd that a$$... I Neil Armstrong'd her in the name of Fab
So we are watching an episode of Mad Men and it happens to be July 20th 1969 and they are showing on television Neil Armstrong landing on the moon and Ellie and I are both absolutely enthralled watching tape of Neil Armstrong stepping on the moon it happened almost 50 years ago we know what happened we know what he said but still we stopped and we watched amazing
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maybe you're on your way to the moon already if you never learned how to play drums.. y'know, you're gonna be lyk Neil Armstrong
suck a *** better yet suck Neil Armstrong's left nut
Did you know the material for the US Flag put on the moon by Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin was woven in Rhodhiss, NC
I believe even Neil Armstrong said that is what he said. The misquote has always bugged me!
Because Louis Armstrong didn’t go to the moon. That was NEIL Armstrong.
Buzz Aldrin (born Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Jr., January 20, 1930) is an engineer and former American astronaut, and the second person to walk on the Moon. He was the Lunar Module pilot on Apollo 11, the first manned lunar landing in history. He set foot on the Moon at 03:15:16 (UTC) on July 21, 1969, following mission commander Neil Armstrong. He is also a retired colonel in the United States Air Force (USAF) and a Command Pilot. Aldrin was born in Glen Ridge, New Jersey, to Edwin Eugene Aldrin, Sr. (1896–1974), a career military man, and his wife Marion (née Moon; 1903–1968). He is of Scottish, Swedish, and German ancestry. After graduating from Montclair High School in 1946, Aldrin turned down a full scholarship offer from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and went to the United States Military Academy at West Point, New York. The nickname "Buzz" originated in childhood: the younger of his two elder sisters (Fay Ann) mispronounced "brother" as "buzzer", and this was shortened to Buzz. Aldrin m ...
The 1stMen 2use FMradio 2 communicate with Earth from the Moon were named Edwin Aldrin & Neil Armstrong.
"One small step" is on now on paying a tribute to Neil Armstrong a former NASA astronaut and first perason to set foot on the moon.
The Neil Armstrong segment on Mad Men gave me chills.
maybe you should be honoured. Think of yourself as the Neil Armstrong or Buzz Aldrin of girls retail 😜
FAMILY CHURCH OUTING: An outing to Finlaystone Country Park is being held on Sunday 8th June, 2014 after the Morning Service. This promises to be a fun day with many activities for all ages, lovely walks and BBQ to finish. The bus will leave the church no later than 12.30 p.m. Tickets from Neil Armstrong priced £10.00.
Neil Armstrong. Neil A. .A lieN. Did we really send him to the moon, or did we send him back to the moon?!?
I think it's safe to say that Neil Armstrong makes it of the Eagle to stand on the moon though. That's not giving anything away plot wise.
I will never forget the moment Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon in the mid-season finale of
Thoughts and observations on the mid-season finale of "Mad Men." They didn't want my wrath, so they didn't muck up the launch or TV coverate of Apollo 11's launch and the moon walk. So many series throw together clips from NASA's vast library and try to deceive people, but that was the actual TV coverage, including that awesome shot of the Saturn V from atop the gantry as its engines built up thrust. (See it here: for the episode, I think the general theme was who was going to bring this Burger Chef thing in for a safe landing. Don can do it, but he knows that Peggy has to be the one to do it. Someone pointed out that one of the executives wipes a tear during her presentation. Remember Don's great "Carousel" presentation, when one of the exec ran from the room crying? How sad that Bert Cooper's last words are "Bravo" as he watches Neil Armstrong step onto the lunar surface. Robert Morse was awesome, and the dance (in his socks) was spectacular. As for Sally and her mother, notice how when Sally lights a c ...
"Neil Armstrong, what are you going to do with the rest of your life? Screw every girl in Florida I guess."
“Neil Armstrong's poop is still on the moon.” This is so lovely wow
I had no idea Neil Armstrong worked in a donut shop! Dixon's Darling Dolphins: Biographies 2.0
Watching Mad Men. They are watching Neil Armstrong land on the moon from Indy and mentioned Indiana is dry on Sunday. And we still are...
served a girl in work today, she looked like the moon. Neil Armstrong. A'walkin on me face.
I refuse to knowledge that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon.
Channel Four news are interviewing people on the street asking what they think of UKIP's "historic" victory, a bit like the BBC did when Neil Armstrong landed on the Moon. I don't think it'll be long before my one remaining TV set gets thrown on a (U) skip.
Nice to hear that Stephen Hawking will be a key speaker at the Starmus Festtiva in September. The last one was great with top astronauts including Neil Armstrong, this time there are many Cosmonauts. Hopefully I will get to ask Hawkers about his work with Pink Floyd on Keep Talking.l
Neil Armstrong narrates a Google Moon video synchronized with original footage, taken from the Lunar Module 'Eagle', during his landing 20 July 1969. Video p...
A Soviet probe, Luna crashed into the surface of the moon while Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong were still on it.
Neil Armstrong playing ball with one of his sons. |
Neil Armstrong Carried a piece of the Wright Brothers 1903 Flyer with him to the moon!
Exclusive Interview of Neil Armstrong in the year of 1970 at BBC
Good thing there are no residents of the moon, they would be taking credit for Neil Armstrong just like North Carolina takes credit for the Wright Brothers :) with Tony Martukovich
Please be sure to read this poem to the end... WE AMERICANS We Americans are Not always right. We have deeply harmed Our fellows. We have enslaved human beings, Stealing them from their homes Whipping their flesh, Ripping apart their families, Stealing the souls we did not Acknowledge they possessed. We have enveloped our Native Citizens in blankets of smallpox, Sent them into Exile in their own land; Their trails of tears Still a bloody River, We have rounded up our people, Pushed them into Detention camps - Our own Japanese Americans. We have closed the gates of our Land and of our hearts to Humans who clamor for the Salvation our ancestors Found here. We Americans Do much that is wrong. And We Americans Do much that is right We pioneer We study We dream We create We dedicate. We generously give Our money Our time Ourselves. We teach until we learn. We learn until we change. We birth Heroes and activists and Artists and gadflies. We birth Sojourner Truth and Abraham Lincoln and Harriet Tubman and Benjam ...
Amazing Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age By Joel Brown on October 8, 2011 This list right here is the true meaning of “Age is nothin but a number.” This list shows you what we are all capable of and that anything is possible at any age. Some of these amazing people started their dreams in their 30s & 40s, some started as soon as they were born. Read on to see what these amazing people were doing at your age. 1 yr old – . By this age, Christian Friedrich Heinecken had read the Pentateuch. 2 yrs old – Speed skater Bonnie Blair began skating. She later won five Olympic gold medals. 3 yrs old – Jodie Foster began acting professionally at age 3, when she shot her first Coppertone commercial. 4 yrs old – Singer/songwriter Tori Amos was accepted into Baltimore’s Peabody Academy of Music, the youngest student ever accepted there. She was expelled at age 11 for improvisation and playing rock covers by ear. 5 yrs old – Mozart began composing minuets. Once when a second violin ...
I took Jennifer on another trip this weekend. I chose the location based on distance and inexpensive hotel rates. Based on these factors we ended up staying in the small town of Wapakoneta, Ohio, which is near Lima. Little did I know that we were headed to Neil Armstrong's hometown. We had fun by taking Interstate 65 a ways into Indiana before pulling of onto Indiana state route 16 and doing the small town/scenic drive across the state into Ohio. We arrived Friday late afternoon and had dinner at a wonderful diner called Happy Daz (pronounced Days) that had a 70s theme. On Saturday we drove out to Dublin, Ohio, near Columbus, to add to Jennifer's 1968 collection. (We drove through New Hampshire along the way - New Hampshire, Ohio) She collects things from that year because it was the year she was born and, just for fun, I took her to Barnes and Noble store They obliged us by giving us a business card, which they rubber stamped on the back with their address and store number. Heading back towards ou ...
BIRD WINS SCOTIABANK KING OF THE HILL Dramatic end to final Sol Rally Barbados shakedown Former UK National Rally Champion Paul Bird won Scotiabank King of the Hill yesterday (Sunday), despite felling a road sign on his final run in a dramatic spin in front of thousands of spectators. He admitted: “I just tried something different, and it didn’t work!” . . . but it didn’t matter, either, as his second-run time was good enough to win by 12/100ths of a second, the smallest margin of victory in the event’s history. The final shakedown ahead of next weekend’s Sol Rally Barbados, the Caribbean’s biggest annual motor sport International, provided drama aplenty as local competitors fought for points in the Barbados Rally Club’s Driver’s and Class Championships and overseas visitors gained vital experience of island tarmac at competition speed. Roger Skeete (Sol/LIME/Simpson Motors/Michelin/Williams Trading Inc Subaru Impreza WRC S12) was fastest in the practice run, which started at 10.00am ove ...
Neil Armstrong is the 1st human being to step on our closest space body:Moon.
Did you know? Ted Williams was not only a great baseball hitter but also a Marine fighter pilot. He lost three seasons to WWll and two seasons to the Korean War. Once in Korea , his plane caught fire and he had to belly-land it. "Everybody tries to make me a hero out of the Korean thing," Williams said. "I was no hero. There were maybe 75 pilots in our two squadrons and 99 percent did a better job than I did." One of those 75 pilots was Neil Armstrong.
"“People love conspiracy theories. I mean, they are very attractive. But it was never a concern to me, because I know that one day, somebody’s going to go and fly back up there, and pick up that camera that I left.” Neil Armstrong :D
Off to do a 100miler with Neil Armstrong Alistair Hatton Paul Blakemore Nick Williams Kirsten Wild and anyone els who turns up..
“On this day in 1961, President John F. Kennedy announces to Congress his goal of sending an American to the moon by the end of the decade and asks for financial support of an accelerated space program. He made the task a national priority and a mission in which all Americans would share, stating that it will not be one man going to the moonit will be an entire nation. On April 12, 1961, the Soviet Union had become the first country to send a man into space with the successful mission of Yuri Gagarin in the spacecraft Vostok 1. On May 5, American Alan Shepard flew into space, but did not orbit the earth as the Russian cosmonaut had. At that time, the U.S. and the Soviet Union were already locked in an arms race. Not to be outdone by America's Cold War rivals, President Kennedy pledged in 1961 to support an American space program that would eventually dwarf the Soviet program in technological achievements and investment. In a speech before Congress on May 25, JFK linked the need for a space program with ...
DONT' BE A LUNA-TIC Let your imagination sweep you away as we go mountain climbing – on the Moon! We’re moving from a crescent to half Moon this week and it’s a good time to scour the lunar rim for some very interesting craters. Even small telescopes win out here, and binoculars are good too, so let’s head outside for a better look. Not many people know this but Full Moon is the worst time to view the Moon through a telescope because of the large amount of light hitting your eyes. Avoid it, you won’t see much and everything will be washed out. Try to aim for half or even three-quarter Moon. What’s so special about that? Well, it means it’s a great time to check out the valleys, hills and craters along the ‘terminator’ – that line where dark and light meet. Some of those smaller craters seen through your telescope are over a dozen kilometres wide and hundreds of metres deep. Magnificent! It’s always fun, especially with kids around, to try and find the face of the ‘Man in the Moon. ...
I just watched Mad Men. The entire episode was based on Neil Armstrong's walk on the moon on July 20th 1969. It brought back such fond memories of where we all were and what we were doing that wonderful summer night. Hope all is well with everyone!
Sitting around the fire when the conversation takes place . Dad - " look at the moon , and to think , Neil Armstrong walked on it" Lyndsey - " didn't he get in trouble for steroids bike racing ?" Mom -"who else walked on the moon? " Dad- "Michael Jackson" Made my summer shandy ALOT better !
Must have been pretty incredible to watch the live television airing of Neil Armstrong landing on the moon. The next day you'd have gone into school or work knowing everyone else in the world had watched it, too. Very cool. When will something like that ever happen again?!
Caught up the fish with Neil Armstrong and The Black Toad Forge. Good day on the pond.
Question: What's the dumbest question you've ever been asked? Okay, friend. I see why you would ask me this lol. I've been asked so many that would qualify, so I'll just list some of the ones what come to mind. "You talked about Texas A&M a lot. But what state is Texas A&M in?" "Yeah, Mexico isn't in Europe. It's in the USA, isn't it?" "Why do you need to me to fix the Incomplete I gave you in my class? Shouldn't you have graduated by now?" "If God left Jesus in a shack with his mother and some man, and I'm not seeing my son and left him with his mama, wouldn't that mean I'm being like God?" "You speak so well, and your skin is perfect. Are you naturally Black?" "No, not Neil Armstrong. I said Louis Armstrong was the one who walked on the moon. Who the *** is Neil Armstrong? "I see you got your Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Jackson State University. Did you graduate from there?"
I got called Neil Armstrong today on my bike.I hate people so much it hurts.
with Neil Armstrong, after a great night in Bristol with Lauren Wardle
Wishing that Junkyard Dog, Nelson Mandela, Bobo Brazil, Wilt Chamberlain, Martin Luther King, and Neil Armstrong was still alive so I could ask them some questions in person.
USS Neil Armstrong finds USS Prophetic survivors... ship heavily damaged must go home
"They're here. They are right over there and look at the size of those ships. And, it is obvious they don't like us being here". Neil Armstrong During the Apollo landing
Neil Armstrong has had engine issues today and should be sorted for next weekend.
"Who was the first man to step on the moon? Neil Armstrong obviously. We all know that, but who was the second man? Don't waste your time. It's not important. Nobody ever remembers the man who came in second." - Virus 3 ***
IN CASE YOU MISSED IT (Shane & Randi's downtown wedding extravaganz'r), LET's REVIEW.. √ The site of this event is one of the most unique in the city and used to be a mall of sorts back in the mid-to-late '90s and now houses ESPN Cleveland 850 AM. Sparkly dangling things hang from the ceiling, plenty of flexible space, large-a** windows, pillars...and then after it's all over, it transforms back into...a food court. √ The power outlets to plug into at The Galleria are located in either Sakkio Japan or some place that makes salads. I love having choices. I couldn't make this up. .. My apologies to tables & Sorry your table was situated where it was. That ringing in your ears is temporary and should be gone by Wednesday. .. The groom, prior to removing the garter from his bride, ran to the photo booth to grab an astronaut helmet. He then proceeded to do the deed whilst Sisqo's one-hit wonder played in the background. He boldly went where no man has gone before. .. Montell Jordan - "This i ...
We moved from Clayton in 1970. Prior to that we all went to St. Peter's from our Christenings up! We being Cynthia Gabriel Gr 6 1970, Katherine Gabriel Gr 4 1970, myself Gr 3 1970, Loretta Gabriel Gr 2 and my younger sister Susan Gabriel. My parents Carl and Joan Gabriel were quite active in the parish and school back then. I've really enjoyed digging into the deepest recesses of my memory bank trying to put names to faces and thoroughly enjoyed seeing pictures from so long ago. I'll look to see if I can find some to post and ask my sisters the same. A few memories from St Peters. Walking up the lane on the way to school. The Dairy on the corner and the beautiful Clydesdales. Feeling shocked at how small the steps were in the quadrangle when I went back as an older child, they felt so high to me as a preppy. I always loved the school fetes. The warm bottled milk in summer and singing the national anthem every morning. It actually seems quite bizarre now. Mrs Vero was scary! I had six teache ...
its crazy to think its only been 45 years today that Neil Armstrong walked on the moon!
On this day 104 years ago, Orville and Wilbur Wright took flight together for the first time. The flight lasted for six minutes over Huffman Prairie Flying Field in Dayton, Ohio, and would be the only time the brothers were in the air at the same time. On May 25, 1910, Orville also took his 82-year-old father out for the first and only flight of his life. There’s just one week left to see the document that started it all, the 1909 Wright Company contact, before it is returned to the Museum’s vault. As part of our “Treasures from the Vault” series of exhibitions, the contract with the Wright Brothers’ signatures along with the Apollo 11 Command Service Module Maneuver Card, featuring Neil Armstrong's and Buzz Aldrin's most extensive flight notes, will be on display through May 31.
Question that's been bugging me since it was posed yesterday: if you could place a potato anywhere in the history of time, when and where would you place it? Best answer I've heard is "on the moon right in front on the moon lander before Neil Armstrong stepped out."
"Man can't fly!".The Wright Brothers made it happen. "Man on moon?Never".Neil Armstrong did it. There is a "possible" in EVERY "impossible".
Cleveland and Ohio could have done a better job of preserving its revolutionaries. John D. Rockefeller built America's first great financial empire in The Flats in Cleveland, but little evidence of it exists. Same with the Wright Brothers who invented flying, same with Neil Armstrong, the first on the moon...Conversely, the Kennedy's are synonymous with Boston. Andrew Carnegie's name is all over Pittsburgh and the nation. Henry Ford's name is still vibrant in Detroit's auto industry. Rockefeller has a tower in Manhattan, not in Cleveland, where he built his empire and was buried … My boy Royce Lewis said Cleveland has no identity, unlike Detroit, which is in worse condition as a city than Cleveland. SMH …
If neil armstrong was the first person on the moon,the who was taking him the pic wen he ws getting out of the spaceship??
Neil Armstrong the spaceman, went to the moon but he ain't been back. It cant have been that good 😂 - Karl Pilkington featured in NBC s Science of Love
When Neil Armstrong landed on the moon he took just 5 pictures. Girls will go to the toilet with a mirror and snap 172.
Who is necessary to walk on moon or Neil Armstrong
Ppl really kill me when I hear them say. He are she didn't do that until I started doing that are they didn't buy that until they seen mine. Really if I work hard for it and thats what I want to spend my $$$ on damnit I'm going too get it. Neil Armstrong is the only man that can say he walked on the moon first so stop thinking you did something first! UP
I am amazed at the shear power the ordinary citizen has gained in the last 24 odd years. The technology that we are able to get a hold of right now in the world is pretty amazing. I really would not be surprised if I live to see my early 50's, which I really hope I do, if we started trying to colonize mars or really do serious deep space exploration. It sounds crazy but it was only 45 years ago when Neil Armstrong landed on the moon. Who knows what might happen in the next 45 years.
OMG...welcome 215 new people!!! I hit another milestone overnight and did even realize it!?! Tell me where y'all are from!! I'm from Wapakoneta, Ohio USA hometown of Neil Armstrong, first man on the moon, and the dancer Kent Boyd from So You Think You Can Dance!
Interesting... What do Gerald Ford, Neil Armstrong, Steven Spielberg, and Michael Bloomberg all have in common? And, interestingly, I have in common with them... We've all earned the rank of Eagle Scout in the Boy Scouts of America.
"The tides of the intergalactic ocean of love brought us together for a reason. Let me be your Neil Armstrong, and you be my Rachel Mcadams"
It's like I'm Neil Armstrong. I turn around for a sip of Tang and you jump out first.
For anyone who hasn't seen this before..did you know that Neil Armstrong, the first man to walk on the moon had a...
"I watched Neil Armstrong walk on the moon." . "On his bike?"
Fun Ohio Facts: The Cincinnati Reds were the first professional baseball team, Akron is the first city to use police cars in the United States, both Neil Armstrong and John Glenn came from Ohio, Ohio was the first state to enact laws protecting working women, Steven Spielberg was born in Cincinnati, Cleveland is the world's first city to be lighted electrically, and the modern soda can with a "pop top" was invented in Dayton.
ANYONE WHO PROPOSES TO DO GOOD MUST NOT EXPECT PEOPLE TO ROLL STONES OUT OF HIS WAY, BUT MUST ACCEPT HIS LOT CALMLY, EVEN IF THEY ROLL A FEW MORE UPON IT.      UNIVERSE.  The longest solar eclipse of the 21st century created near darkness in daytime, along a swath that stretched from India to China and the South Pacific. It was visible along a 250 km-wide corridor, space agency NASA said.  Millions gathered in the open to watch the specta-cle, but millions more sheltered themselves inside their houses, gripped by fearful myths.     WORLD.  US President Barack Obama has praised the heroism of the men who made the first landing on the Moon.  Marking the 40th anniversary of the event, he said that Americans continued to draw inspiration from Buzz Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins.  Earlier, Mr Aldrin and Mr. Collins called for renewed efforts to send a manned mission to Mars.       ETHIOPIA.  Two years after the installation of a solar power project funded by international aid groups, ...
"W/one small step, Neil Armstrong captured hope & resolve of our nation". Pres. Obama in ltr read by Bolden http:/…
Grandpa Dan was the older adopted brother of Neil Armstrong
…what Hank Williams is to Neil Armstrong. Can you doubt we were made for each other?
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
In 1,000 years Neil Armstrong will still miss Rowan Williams.
MORNING MORSEL AT 158 MAIN - 45 years ago, NASA, Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin were just about two months away from landing on the moon. Much preparation was underway, including meals. The Apollo astronauts' first moonlight meal, so to speak, would be a breakfast consisting of bacon squares, sugar cookie cubes and peaches, among other things. "Bacon squares" and "sugar cookie cubes?" Really?! Do bacon squares handle anti-gravity better than strips? That's what we'd like to know?
Neil Armstrong never set foot on the moon it's all a big lie
"I'm related to Neil Armstrong. Not by blood marriage. So kinda, but not really..but kinda.". Ok thanks Tyler
Biographies for kids: Neil Armstrong, young flyer. Childhood of famous Americans, $1 Who was Thomas Jefferson? $3 Who was Thomas Alva Edison? $3 Who was Harry Houdini? $3 Who was Ferdinand Magellan? $3 Who was John F. Kennedy? $3 Who was Albert Einstein? $3 Who was Leonardo da Vinci? $3 Or buy them together for $18 Ten boys who changed the world, Irene Howat (book of Christian heroes) $1
9 REASONS TO RUN AS A GSU SABBAT Nominations are open all this week, so we'll be counting down just a few of the great reasons to run over the next couple of days: No. 5 - Celebs Yes that’s right – you might not have guessed that one! The Vice President sits on committee with the Chancellor of the University, Mary Robinson, and both sabbats are invited to Honorary Degree ceremonies when Trinity recognises the great and the good – over the years that's included people like Seamus Heaney, Jane Goodal, Robert Redford, Neil Armstrong, and Nelson Mandela So that’s pretty cool. All the information (and the nomination form) is available at - and if you've got any questions, just get in touch! - Ryan (presidentand Sarah (vicepresident
Neil is weak. Neil buys dumbells. Neil drinks Pec-Nectar. Neil does 1,000 curls a day. Neil Armstrong
Should I know that bow wow is apparently more popular than Neil Armstrong or Steven Spielberg or Thomas Edison or Big Ben R. Or drew carey
"Neil Armstrong is 1st man to land on the moon. Is this historic? Will this be remembered 10 years from now? Thoughts?"
I am immensely proud of my nephew William Anderson Harte who this evening passed his Eagle Scout Board of Review and has achieved scoutings highest rank of Eagle Scout. Less than 4% of boys that start out in scouting achieve this coveted rank. He joins the ranks of Presidents (Gerald Ford), Astronauts (Neil Armstrong, Don Eisele), Corporate CEO's (H. Ross Perot), Congressmen (Richard Gebhardt, Gary Ackerman, Donald Rumsfeld), Governors (John Huntsman, Rick Perry, Scott Walker, Michael Dukakis), Mayors (Michael Bloomberg), Film Directors & Producers (Steven Spielberg), Generals (William Westmoreland), Surgeons (William DeVries who performed the first permanent artificial heart implant) and me, his proud Uncle. Congratulations Billy on a job well done!
Jack McCulloch & Andy Newman recall the night Thunderclap Newman played their longest gig ever as a band which, coincidentally was the same evening that Neil Armstrong landed on the moon.
Hangin' w/fellow Wapak High alumnus Neil Armstrong at Johnson Space Center in Houston!
Throwback Thursday. I won my bareback class on 7-20-69 as Neil Armstrong walked on the moon! My little Quarter Horse mare, Holly, was the center of my universe for so many years!! We did very well at AQHA shows in CA, OR & WA. Some of the happiest years of my life!
most # of Presidents come from Ohio, lots of astronauts (John Glenn, Jim Lovell, Neil Armstrong), but the name does not
The feud between Neil Armstrong and Michael Jackson is UNREAL! Who invented the moonwalk???
If you say the sky is the limit you clearly haven't heard of Neil Armstrong...
Neil Armstrong rescued by Frank Nelson from Police custody
To ask or not to ask. Thoughts on what Timothy Leary, Neil Armstrong and BrainJuicer have in common. …
Celebrate Earth Day at Cincinnati Museum Center!   1. Take a a worldwide social media event, organized by NASA, to celebrate Earth Day as we experience it! Take a selfie and post it to any social media channel with to add Cincinnati to the Earth mosaic image and video NASA is creating in May. Find out more details here: you are visiting Union Terminal and experiencing any of the other Earth Day activities happening or just simply admiring Neil Armstrong's moon rock or suit in the Museum of Natural History & Science. By sharing your with your photo will appear on our website here: Experience "Climate Change and Us," a brand new component of the Museum of Natural History & Science! The University of Cincinnati is helping Cincinnati Museum Center increase educational outreach on climate change. On Earth Day, we are opening the new component "Climate Change and Us"  in the Glacial Geology Hall. This new display highlights scientific research and discoveries concerning the effects and causes of global ...
Convo in the car between my daughters: "Lance Armstrong? Wasn't he in the Olympics? No, he was a trumpet player. No. THAT was Louis Armstrong! No it isn't. Louis was an astronaut and he orbited a planet. No that was Neil Armstrong and he landed on the moon. Oh, then what did Lance Armstrong do! He is a famous cyclist! Oh that's right he only had one leg because of cancer!"
Q. Who among the following was the first to land on moon ? (A) Neil Armstrong (B) Tenzing Norgay (C) Rakesh Sharma (D) Edwin Aldrin
Q13. The first human who traveled into space was _ . A. Neil Armstrong. B. Yuri Gagarin. C. Sergei Korolev. D. John Glenn
I'm still dying at what Aaron said last night about Neil Armstrong and Forest gump expressions 😂
Starlito sound like he sick. And I like God Speed & Neil Armstrong. I don't like his other songs because of the features.
What if Neil Armstrong had been a werewolf?
Celebrate Genius displays. Neil Armstrong and Steve Jobs. @ Fort Worth Museum of Science and History
I'm like one of those new men. I'm about to go into the kitchen. What was it Neil Armstrong said about a giant leap...
to 1969 when Neil Armstrong took a giant leap for MANkind. Good times.
it's pretty much a 3-way tie between you, Neil Armstrong and The National
He first sat in his Senate seat the year Neil Armstrong first stepped on the moon. And, as a result, Bill Doyle has a record: He has served longer...
The first and last men on the moon were Boilermakers (Neil Armstrong and Eugene Cernan). Now you know. Boiler up.
Add Chuck Yeager, Neil Armstrong, Scott Crossfield, & many military/test pilots that public will never know.
It's official!! Drew Blake Sigler was chosen as Parkway Norths junior boy to represent the school at Boys State June 14-21 all expenses paid. Past famous alumni are Bill Clinton, Neil Armstrong, Tom Brokaw, RG3, Garth Brooks and many politicians. My dad participated in the 70's in Oklahoma and my brother-in-law Tyler was chosen from his junior class in Kansas. If you're not familiar with what it is, this is from the website and all 50 states have a boys state program: "The American Legion Boys State is an eight-day hands on experience in the operation and fundamentals of government. Boys State draws together the best and brightest high school juniors to help lead them down the path of individual success and leadership through "doing," not just learning."
In an interview with David Letterman, Nathan Lane claimed that Mickey Rooney had lost his mind. At a "Hollywood Party" Mickey told Nathan that he and George Jessel were the first men on the moon. Nathan replied, "Wasn't that Neil Armstrong?" Mickey said, "no, no don't listen to that crap. It was me and George." I am sure Mickey was just pulling Nathan's chain. Mickey was such a phenomenal performer, Nathan probably thought he was being serious. RIP Mr. Rooney, you gave us almost a century of Joy.
"Science is about what is. is about what CAN be" - Neil Armstrong via
Neil Armstrong: did it for the vine
Combine the gravitas of humanity's first moon visitor with the whimsy of animation, and the result is pure fun. Here, you can see Neil Armstrong's address to the National Press Club on Feb. 22, 2000 about how engineering made the world a lot better in the past century. Providing animation is Ph.D. c...
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