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Neighborhood Watch

A neighborhood watch or neighbourhood watch (see spelling differences), also called a crime watch or neighborhood crime watch, is an organized group of citizens devoted to crime and vandalism prevention within a neighborhood.

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Skipping this meeting is like... skipping the Neighborhood Watch meeting, to go fence stolen goods with stuff you g…
I liked a video [MASHUP] You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood | Extended
where is our neighborhood watch update? Lol , I thought you'd be all over this 👀
I used to watch Reading Rainbow and Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood everyday before and after school.
if you wanna cry even harder, watch the Blue Neighborhood trilogy :)
Jeg kunne lide en fra You Reposted in the Wrong Neighborhood
I miss my old neighborhood. Also, watch out. It's a different world over there. Don't play chicken with a taxi.
My neighborhood watch's effort to stop felling of trees.
Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood open mic, TDSB March Open Mic Featuring Edwin Bodney and JP Saxe...
When you hear this approachin your neighborhood, run run fast.
Vote YES on April 6th - For the Skid Row Neighborhood Council - Hayk Mak... via
We'd sit out on the porch & watch the neighborhood come alive as the nightOwls wld emerge from their nests to keep watchover the block
Me gustó un video de de You uncharted in the wrong neighborhood
I liked a video You rePEARLsted in the Wrong Neighborhood
Everybody got invited to a neighborhood watch party in my neighborhood 😂😂😂
We're proud to announce that we launch at 12:01 am April 17th, our 1st podcast series from entitled 'The…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I liked a video NEIGHBORHOOD PATROL Episode 1: Meet the Gang
Lmao alright we need to form a neighborhood watch group for St. Cloud
I could use some neighborhood watch signs for my neighborhood. How do I go about getting them?
You got sniped in the wrong neighborhood via
I liked a video you blinked into the wrong neighborhood
I added a video to a playlist spookin in the wrong neighborhood 10 hours
Out on my terrace so all the neighbors and neighborhood can see and watch
A new kind of neighborhood watch is coming to Leawood. It's called CAPTURE. Sign up here:...
You rePEARLsted in the Wrong Neighborhood vía
.discusses the & more on CCTV 4's In Your Neighborhood:
I liked a video You Nanoboosted in the Wrong Neighborhood
Protest in someone else's neighborhood, then u can burn it down & comfortably go home to live ur privileged *** life
I added a video to a playlist you reposted in the wrong neighborhood (instrumental version)
Neighborhood Watch Groups now forming in ALL report all ILLEGALS to the US Federal Gov't. Details coming…
Anti-KKK rally held in Skowhegan in response to fliers advertising a KKK 'Neighborhood Watch' - Kennebec Journal &…
Thank you Neighborhood Watch for helping tonight! A shuttle will pick up at Butler Park and Heron Creek Towne Cente…
DEFCON 4 [AMBLE] Armed nuclear football: Neighborhood Watch cutting out gluten in this turn.
I had a Neighborhood Crime Watch sign in my dorm wall in college. People wo...
The neighborhood watch program now has a new meaning. Enlist in the at Stand up!
He shouldn't of been on fake neighborhood watch duties where no no no they dont carry guns They call the real police
The bad hair having presidential candidate and the trigger happy Florida neighborhood watch guy are still breathing. Cold world.
Pool party in my neighborhood Saturday. Friends bring a friend. Leave the drama and bs at home , my neighborhood watch call the cops quick.
he was the self appointed neighborhood watch. And again, you avoid the question. Is a kid entitled to stand his ground when (1/2)
Saturday night in the neighborhood of Blairtown, NJ - Tickets here:
Jetlog Zimmerman to Sell Gun Used on Trayvon Martin - George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch voluntee...
neighborhood watch not cop and Trayvon didn't attack him.
he was a neighborhood watch. He's never been a cop.
He was the neighborhood watch and Trayvon was the attacker.
Neighborhood watch starter kit. George Zimmerman to Auction Gun Used to Kill Trayvon Martin
WOW!!! Beautiful home in the VERY desirable Huntington Park neighborhood with a spectacular screened in porch...
Order Miche Bag Online!
Nobody gets this?. GZ the "ardent" neighborhood watch lived in complex where TM visited regularly. He did not RECOGNIZE him?
Yep. Lots of Reagan-era indoctrination in grade school. We had a neighborhood watch party for “The Day After.”
Happy Thursday! to my 1st story. Been here a month & learned tons. So thrilled to be part of this team
We have a guy who is in charge of our neighborhood watch, he does just that watch and call if he notices something suspicious
I wasn't there of course, but there was no reason anyone needs a gun for a neighborhood watch. If so, that should have been..
George Zimmerman auctioning off pistol he used to fatally shoot Trayvon Martin: Former Florida neighborhood watch…
Guitarist Wakes up Neighborhood with Rooftop Rendition of Voodoo Chile (my favourite viral of the week):
Or better yet, don't play cop when you are an *** in the neighborhood watch. How bout them apples?
Everyone should have a friendly neighborhood bartender. Here's one of mine, when he used to work in L A.
George Zimmerman gun up for auction: George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch captain who was acquitted in th...
omg the kids yokai watch halloween costumes ;w; so cute I hope I see some in my neighborhood. maybe I'll hand out candy as whisper
Zimmerman Puts Gun in Trayvon Martin Killing Up for Auction: George Zimmerman, the neighborhood watch volunte...
I liked a video from Busta Rhymes Raps LIVE In Big Boy's Neighborhood
Zimmerman to auction pistol he used to shoot Trayvon Martin: Former Florida neighborhood watch volunteer Geor...
True, I would hire him for my neighborhood watch
A young man has an elaborate story about the night he crashed a car in a neighborhood .
Recently, the newly established Admiral Street and and West Booth Neighborhood Watch groups held a joint...
sure cause po unarmed black boy dindu nuffin. Zimmerman was neighborhood watch and trey acted suspicious
Hilarious how Fox frames Zimmerman as "neighborhood watch captain" in their lede.
I liked a video Mr. Rogers "It's a Beautiful Day in This Neighborhood"
New to the neighborhood, I bet they won't stay for good watch. Someone will steal daddy's rolly and call it the neighborhood watch
George Zimmerman, the neighborhood-watch vigilante who killed unarmed teenager Trayvon Martin four years ago,...
George Zimmerman's Designs to Profit From Trayvon Martin's Death: George Zimmerman, the neighborhood-watch vo...
Friendly neighborhood PSA that they are finally redoing the horrid mess we call mybama & we can all rejoice
Why is Central Square labeled Crime Watch neighborhood via
Pistol used in Trayvon Martin shooting to be auctioned: Former Florida neighborhood watch volunteer George Zi...
Zimmerman is a lunatic, want to be cop for a neighborhood watch program shoots a kid for eating Skittles and drinking iced tea SMH
I liked a video from Exploring an Abandoned Neighborhood 🏠
Re George Zimmerman auctions Trayvon Martin gun - The pistol that former neighborhood watch volunteer...
The pistol former neighborhood watch volunteer George Zimmerman used in the fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin is...
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Sickening. Can't wait to see how Fox News says this is OK. Also, why do the media refer to him as "neighborhood watch captain"?
This looks like one *** of a Neighborhood Watch meeting...
From the Fredericktown Police Department: The next Neighborhood Watch meeting will be Tuesday May 10th, 6:30 pm...
Neighborhood Watch meeting going on now at Dadeville Fire Department.
I will be attending a Neighborhood Watch meeting this evening~ to talk about the gangstas in this neighborhood..
Mayor Warren & the Rochester Coalition for Neighborhood Living invite you 2 Celebrate City Living
Neighborhood Watch has been effective over the years for crime but not for unprecedented religious extremism.
Enjoy today's neighborhood spotlight from Baird & Warner, featuring Glenview and Northbrook!
Anyone just watch Channel 2 on the road rage shooting in Kennesaw? Yeah, that's my neighborhood
I added a video to a playlist Mac DeMarco // "Freaking Out The Neighborhood"
Last year I had Neighborhood Watch and the LPS COR Unit to talk with residents as community safety has been a priority of mine.
neighborhood watch of 1 killer princess! (no, not Obama)
thinks he's gonna defeat ISIS with a Neighborhood Watch?
I added a video to a playlist Neighborhood 360
Watch out Christians! Ted Cruz wants to patrol and secure your neighborhood after next U.S. school shooting.
Learn a little bit more about your friendly neighborhood memes!
Everything I support is basically how the system already works - neighborhood watch, homeowner's association, etc.
I wonder if supports rights for Muslims in neighborhood watch organizations?
We should just put a wall up and have the police watch over every neighborhood. Well, other than the wall they already do that.
I'm going to contact my neighborhood watch and get a jump on monitoring my neighborhood.
Bout to drive in the super ghetto neighborhood this weekend bumping this. I'm not kidding.
Oh boy...I've stumbled into the 'combat fatigues neighborhood watch' section of Youtube gun reviews.
We are in Schaerbeek neighborhood of Brussels were police raids are ongoing watch on CNN now
now and will create "neighborhood watch" units and eventually round up all Muslims behind camps
This week's Neighborhood Spotlight is Glenview and Northbrook, two picturesque and welcoming communities in...
For all I know, she's holding neighborhood watch meetings on our roof with the raccoons.
If you are interested in starting or getting connected with your Neighborhood Watch group, here is the Community...
Children in Homs' besieged Waar neighborhood still enjoy football matches.
Today is the FINAL DAY to register your candidacy for neighborhood council. You can watch a quick video to learn...
You brought a gang to a neighborhood watch meeting?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
In the first episode of "Milwaukee with John Gurda", he explores the Walker's Point neighborhood.
Poppop is the neighborhood watch!!! He knows everything about everyone!!!
New blog post! This time it's all about the punk rock bars of our beloved Kreuzberg. Shout out to Franken,...
Seattle in 1955! See your neighborhood?. Great aerial footage of Mount Rainier in 1955 at the end too!.
Wellington will hold a Neighborhood Watch Meeting for the Aero Club on Wednesday, March 23 at 6 p.m.
Note: The new Neighborhood Watch officer for our area is Stephany valadezs
GOP presidential hopeful puts a malign spin on the Neighborhood Watch idea
Hear what residents have to say about why they love living in our 55+ neighborhood!
Listen to "This Way" from Neighborhood Watch by Dilated Peoples on Apple Music.
Sgt. John Pennington encourages Neighbors to coordinate Neighborhood Watch with NextDoor app -
Since 2014 there have been 24 new groups formed iin the Pueblo Police Department’s Neighborhood Watch program.
RBPD Neighborhood Watch - The neighborhood watch program in Redondo Beach consists of active citizen involvemen...
understood the Neighborhood Watch program better and left all their blinds open!.
Racine RDA to consider Neighborhood Watch request for $20K to help with the 18th annual Group Work Camp program this summer.
HV, home of the 1st Neighborhood Watch program!
Neighborhood Watch program for churches takes off in Fairfax
Hey ya'll.. According to this court document, the Neighborhood Watch program was not intended to authorize the spying on of neighbors...
Starting a Neighborhood Watch or want to improve your operation? Training sessions: 6PM on 2/18 and 2/25 @ Oxnard City Council Chambers.
My parents and neighbors are really outside trying to act like the neighborhood watch club 🙄🙄
Eliminating Food Deserts in America - YouTube Discussion to help you and your neighborhood!
The Gospel ll be hitting your Neighborhood soon. Watch out.
East Nashville man says enough is enough, forms neighborhood watch group.
So happy for/proud of Matt/Blue/Crow and their new family. Welcome to the neighborhood! Play date? via YouTube
WATCH LIVE: Downed trees causing big problems for North Bay neighborhood; On ABC7 News at 6 PM:
What will you find on your next neighborhood stroll...
Watch catch jerking off in this super sexy scene
Yeah my neighborhood watch homie won't be cold this winter... he never asked…
So you're telling me I shouldn't have gone to the neighborhood bar to watch the end of the game...
You get suddenly weary and fall asleep, and when you wake up the Neighborhood Watch signs in front of your house have mo…
When a cargo ship lands in your neighborhood, watch out! A tsunami may be near! -- NASA
DEN : Onlookers come to admire the self-proclaimed "Miracle on 34th Street" in the Baltimore neighborhood of… …
I liked a video Murder in the Neighborhood
I got neighborhood watch and 3 mt holly police officer living in these apartments
there's a suspicious package by katherines house and I'm on FT and heard sirens I checked her neighborhood watch page she go' die today
The Captain showing his moves at the Neighborhood Watch Christmas Party
Just causally throwing down the neighborhood gauntlet:
This *** said u can give the neighborhood watch *** a gun to shoot Trayvon, but u can't give the ISIS watch *** a gun? 😂😂😂
Having a boring day? Go into the trendiest coffee shop in your neighborhood and yell "thanks a-latte!" and watch their r…
Not a very beautiful day in my neighborhood!
Residents, our Neighborhood Watch meeting will be next Tuesday, September 15, from 6:00pm to 7:00pm! We hope to see you there!
Everyone would benefit from a Neighborhood Watch. Many thanks to the sheriffs dept. for their many tips at our meeting! To serve & protect!
FCSO Deputy Jeremy Shipley is hosting a Neighborhood Watch meeting tonight at 6 pm at the Teague Conference Center.
Good morning! We hope you had a safe Labor Day weekend! Join us for our Neighborhood Watch meeting tonight at 7pm.
I'm sure you watch black people in your neighborhood close also, you seem the type
He had to, he was protecting his neighborhood. Trayvon was making "lean".
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
I liked a video from Freaking Out The Neighborhood w/ Dignity
Hey, I just dropped in. was in the neighborhood, so I thought I would come on in.
Miss the Neighborhood Watch about heroin awareness on August 26, 2015? You can watch it now!
One of my favorite storytellers ever on the neighborhood watch he wasn't allowed to on
Every black neighborhood should watch "Kill the Messenger"
pulls in behind me when I get home, "Wrong person, sorry." Is a criminal in the neighborhood?! How will I know?
Being part of a Neighborhood Watch Program in an all white suburban neighborhood.
I watch law and order too, as I am typing , I am watching law and order now. See so many my old neighborhood.
He clearly stepped into the wrong neighborhood.
I'd like to invite you to my neighborhood for the Q4 bulk trash pickup. We can watch together. Please?
I see you creepin', this is a neighborhood watch zone
Check out Ladies Like Us: The Rise of Neighborhood Watch - Episode 1 on SlapTV, which Jared Safier helped...
Neighborhood watch aka my 6yo is on duty. Apparently Bob's girlfriend is over & has a car alarm.
*** YOUR POTUS would have never gotten elected without whitey.You dont have enough to elect a neighborhood watch commander
I added a video to a playlist Beautiful 4BR 2BA home in the ANUHEA neighborhood
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I added a video to a playlist 3 Bedroom Home in the Hale Pilialoha Neighborhood Close to Maui,
Great meeting again w/ Rolling Meadows residents as they move forward on their neighborhood watch.
Planning for Growth: shares with us some examples from her neighborhood
I love going outside in the rain it's like a shower... but in my neighborhood while people watch and think I'm crazy
Aaron Rodgers surprises Annie and an entire neighborhood! - Full Story -... via
these neighborhood watch people just strolled down my road as I blast music
This evening the Hanover Sheriff’s Office hosted its quarterly Neighborhood and Worship Watch group meeting.
This one was apparently volunteering for neighborhood watch
The Sandhill Shores Neighborhood Watch Group makes a generous donation of $500 to the Fort Pierce Police...
WATCH: Demolition day for long-neglected homes in the Roosevelt neighborhood. reports at 5 -.
After murder, Rolling Meadows neighborhood forming neighborhood watch with help from
yeah neighborhood watch I think he should b in jail
Quite the crowd tonight for Ansonia Hilltop neighborhood meeting regarding recent break-ins. Establishing block watch
THX 2 the Dept from 4 their Neighborhood Watch Program presentation today!
New farming training video on getting more clients in your own neighborhood-
I wish I could bring some of my racist relatives to my neighborhood and just have them watch everything for a day to change their minds
From gangster to Calvary pastor, watch this incredible story
Photo: Watch out for your neighborhood bandits… 🐾
Found a clip of being a bully then getting his *** kicked in his neighborhood
NEWS FLASH Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood Volume 1 is on How many episodes did I watch when I was little?!? Oh my!
Things to watch out for in your neighborhood: a scream from anywhere, anyone removing valuables...
Whenever I'm sad I watch the videos of Roy, Nick, and I taking turns getting pulled on the desk chair behind nicks van in my neighborhood😌
It'd be cool if the little kids in my neighborhood would actually watch for cars before running into the street
is at the friendly neighborhood post office. @ Post Office-Keysville
Thank you to those who attended yesterday’s Bluff Park town hall meeting on Neighborhood Watch! You CAN make a...
on Neighborhood Watch float in Lake Helen parade. Flag had nothing to do with slavery, local claims.
Neighborhood Watch program seeks village volunteers: THE Neighborhood Watch crime prevention program is still ...
Help prevent vandalism, break-ins, auto theft, and more by starting a Neighborhood Watch in your community! ht…
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