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Needful Things

Needful Things is a 1991 horror novel by American author Stephen King. This is the first novel King had written while sober .

Stephen King Max Von Sydow Castle Rock Dead Zone Pet Sematary

Some things are needful, some things are helpful and some things are profitable. Jesus is all we need.
IT is great, most definitely high on my list. Favorite? I'm going to go with Needful Things.
If a student deserves to fail and exam, please do what's needful and fail such a person. Lowering standards just makes things worse.
But like, Needful Things and the author's cut of The Stand also exist
Needful Things. An excellent self help book for de-cluttering your home
I've always liked Needful Things and Pet Sematary. It too, but it's a doorstop.
Please do the needful things so that everyone should follow their accountability and responsibility to run train on time
Needful Things Trilogy Box Set on tape - narrated by the
This little item of needful correction changes many things that we thought we knew when it comes to understanding Bible prophecy
Prenups are really needful, &happiness is having things done the right way, not just to please you but for the common goal-the marriage.
hope Jose do the needful things by correcting mistakes we made today against them on wed
Many things are legitimate, but only one thing is needful. .
. With my *** luck , It would be Stephen King in a thong minus needful things .
Cujo is set in Castle Rock and is part of a loose trilogy including Dead Zone and needful Things
Its not the shopping website. You're just poor. You can't buy things you wish.(Not needful) Accept that. Poor poor *** for sure.
I added a video to a playlist Stephen King's Needful Things: Leland Gaunt aka The Devil at work
On page 499 of 690 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
Pls let all d needful b done very fast. D level of hunger is bcomin unbearable n d prices of things in d market are not smiling.
Needful Things 016 is now available on my Soundcloud page. Listen again to the latest edition of my radioshow...
Had to stop reading after seeing both NEEDFUL THINGS and SILVER BULLET in the bottom 12 of 58. Madness. (Also I'm doing my own.)
A buddy dropped by to challenge me at hockey today. @ Needful Things
If US economy depends on people binge-buying for holiday gifting,we need to remake it around real,needful things,clean water-Flint
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And Jesus answered and said unto her, Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things. But one thing is needful:
When a thorough economist speaks, best is to take away from his wisdom & do the needful to set things right rather than justify your wrongs.
at ground report bank are working normal. Farmers need little bit help of money to purchase there needful things..
I have gotten needful of things from my past to think of for my own good .
Listening to my first audio book and it's pretty nifty, if I do say so myself. It's Needful Things by the seriously awesome
"I have to say the bible, because..." He laughed a little. "Some other favorites are needful things and the art of war. You?"
On page 456 of 690 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
"From the exhaustless riches of Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material."
And he always wants to ban our Needful Things.
you will not get away with this. We live everyday in the streets of this country some lacking needful things. WE R STRONG AWARE
Are you doing the things that are needful to your Destiny life Mission? Do the needful things and live a needless life.
Essentiality a till warlord depose attend discard the the needful as things go uncalled-for restraint of trade…
Our monthly NEEDFUL THINGS store is officially open, featuring select items from our in-house…
A lot. It starts with recognizing that things are not working. And the desire to do the needful.
The needful as things go jobs far out webmaster admin: LphRFn
& how ironic. The actor potraying Satan in Needful Things portrayed a priest in The Exorcist.
I've read The Stand, Needful Things, Thinner, and some of the others that I can't hink of right now,likely because they were
Day 4 of Psalms and Proverbs. When we think about the things that we need, there is nothing more needful in our lives than the Wisdom of God
Mark, I just watched a film called - Needful Things (1993) you should watch it
just finished Needful Things by I think it's one of his best. Do you have a favorite?
Oooh Carrie was one of the last SK books I read! Needful Things, The Dark Half, Rage were my first ones. Hate clowns because of IT!
First book I read voluntarily was Needful Things by and I haven't stopped reading since.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Feeling very bad for you. Please do the needful to make things ammeghable again.
Needful things is the best place for tattoos, piercings, and AWESOME body jewelry!❤️.
My favourite book has got to be Needful Things
Needful Things 007 is now available on my Soundcloud page. Feel free to share and listen again to the latest...
WHEN WE NEGLECT 2 do needful things at the time ⏰, it'll result in MISfortune at the time ⏰. 2
Aw, aren't they sweet? Jason and Wednesday plushies are Needful Things for March!
We are happy to have Matt with The Spoonery Woodenware & Needful Things Aromatherapy back with us this Saturday!...
as a preteen I read It, Needful Things, Pet Cemetery but never DT. Might need to catch up.
From the archive: Needful Things: Pay the salesperson cash in full - Needful Things by...
I added a video to a playlist NEEDFUL THINGS (1993)
I don't think I have one! I adore Desperation, The Stand, Ballad of the Flexible Bullet, Needful Things, Jerusalem's Lot...
Possessions possess you: an Internet of Needful Things. .
Human Familypede sticker featured on 's Needful Things only $5 shipped FREE! https:…
We will see I hope this doesn't end up like Needful Things such a good but but crappy movie.
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Needful Things by Stephen King. A Sense of an Ending by Julian Barnes. Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt
Stephen King 1991 HCDJ Needful Things first edition and print Viking Hardcover
In just two weeks episode 002 of my new radio show 'Needful Things' will be broadcasted on Afterhours.FM. The...
Max Von Sydow in Needful Things. Not sure if it's explicitly stated he's the devil but I always assumed.
Also, Needful Things has Max Von Sydow...he's pretty great regardless of what he's in.
I love Weinmann Accessories' leather cable clips. Check it out!
needful things is great. Saw it as a child. Found the dead dog terrifying...
One things is needful, having genuine relationship with your Maker - Jesus Christ.
New Mondo Review: Stephen King's NEEDFUL THINGS open for business on Blu from
Happy 4th of July from your friends at Hearts Design at Needful Things
Have being unrestrained in agreement with thine plumber-5 things ethical self the needful till rehearse them up...
In needful transactions let my gaze [be] fixed on unseen things, my eyes open to the emptiness, fragility, mockery of earth and vanities VoV
The needful in relation with blurb software as things are: HpQkxf
Happy 3rd y'all. Come into Needful Things today 💋🇺🇸🗽
Life gets complex when spontaneous flow of words & gestures make things complex. A pause drops the complexity to half. You react needful.
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Missing some things, but they aren't needful for me!
Just had to explain IT, Needful Things and Carrie by to people... God I love his work
Needful Things is taking orders for these thru tmr... $15, benefits AME church in Chas
Must travel out into The World for Needful Things shortly. And it looks like more rain today.
I feel like we are in the 60s again. . Or in a Stephen King book like Needful Things. . Let's quit hating and get...
Does ANYBODY know what the name of that book was? Reading through NEEDFUL THINGS reminded me of it & it's bugging me that I can't remember.
Underground only theology things to do updates in favor of needful subsisting linkage 2013: QRCyv
After a severe drought, I have started reading again & it feels good. Reading another novel called Needful Things, great so far
It's odd to look back and remember that my first experience with Max Von Sydow was in middle school when I saw NEEDFUL THINGS
I read "Needful Things" for awhile. Law enforcement is investigating a deadly battle that occurs in the novel. I'm enjoying the book.
Alimosho LGA should do the needful. Things can't continue in this bad direction.
Alimosho LGA needs to do the needful. Things can't keep going in this bad direction.
Is 'Needful Things' the best Luc Besson film that Besson never made? Discuss.
Also, I got all the needful things to make homemade ice cream!
I think Needful Things is probably my favourite! That or The Tommyknockers! 😍😍😍
I have, I've read them all but working my way back through them. In fact I might read Needful Things next.
There's an episode in "Rick and Morty" where they watch television, all improvised by the voice actors. The next is a "Needful Things" spoof
Full Dark No Stars & Duma Key by Stephen King are both really good But currently reading Harry Potter & at night Needful Things
Time for me to read some Needful Things and fall asleep. Goodnight, cruel world.
Method in passage to bring forth effectual *** indexed ads that plan spare needful as things go yours truly...
When we Finally Understand that life is not about a collection of needful things. Then we are free
Celeborn says: Oft it may chance that old wives keep in memory word of things that once were needful for the wise to know.
This one is not a matter of change. Some things are necessary and Buhari should do the needful
Today open my eyes to some needful things 😓
I read some of "Needful Things" for awhile. Leland Gaunt's pranks are starting to cause some serious fights in Castle Rock.
This really hit a nerve with me. I remember being called out by a librarian for checking out Needful Things. Highlight of childhood.
All these media bashing won't help. Any1 who wants to change things should do the needful. Get the numbers
I read "Needful Things" for awhile. Leland Gaunt, of Needful Things, orders the customers to do pranks. These acts pay for the merchandise.
Providing security to life and property of citizens from this present government is the most needful amongst other things.
-deciding that Stephen King's Needful Things is a good life coach guide." She might have heard wrong or even misunderstood.--
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This 3 Things are Needful.Be temperate, respectable, and self-controlled - Titus 2:2"
the town reminds me of the film made from the Stephen King book needful things!
"That's not the devil. It's those god-damned Baptists!" -needful things
Regarding the "Needful Things" novel, the store is selling a lot of items to the Castle Rock townspeople. Will the police investigate?
have either of you read Needful Things?
On page 90 of 790 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
must stay away from needless things. Or indulge in needful ones...
Rereading Needful Things & the dog's death is v. classy compared to Life of Pi. It's bad that Stephen King is more subtle than a Man Booker.
Day 21: The first novel you remember reading - Needful Things, Stephen King. It was in my mom's…
The book is so much better than a great film! Needful Things is good too, and Langoliers
Whichsoever e-needful head count is almighty as things go my humble self?: xtOXl
Can you help with some needful things? Please read/RT -
And the only things I read which offend me, are things which are stupid. But I understand that for some people, listing content is needful.
Decease the needful-it's not as things go enduring in what way presidency the population presumable: AQjpEp
omg. If u REALLY wanna know it's called Needful Things
Hamilton Collection
One kajillion needful things to I'm taking the boys to the pool instead.
Featured in our NEEDFUL THINGS Shoppe for May: sticker packs Get sticky:
if you really like plots that circle also try needful things. It's a tad long but well worth it
"You have all done wonderful things, but you have not done the needful. Return to your first love" - Christ
Looking for a weekend bag? Me too. Got a whole bunch up on the blog for my new Needful Things…
Sunday's congregational prayer was adapted from "Things Needful" in The Valley of Vision.
On page 298 of 790 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
I was thinking the other day: How does one come up with a story like needful things?
Blog; a recantation-come to postulate as things go lot needful: NtviYFV
oh I liked Tommy Knockers the book was better than the film. But Needful things was my fave
The needful touching commercial software as things are: BVbEHB
Wow! I just won this for free, Stephen King book lot hard backs mr Mercedes needful things win
..but if you're into horror then The Shining, Needful Things, Misery and The Dead Zone are my faves
PS Needful Things, if you haven't read it/ like me, haven't read it since high school, is AWESOME.
Devastated about missing last night's event for pukey reasons. Gonna read Needful Things until I feel better.
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Needful Things, a Stephen King book, but I screwed it up. The actual quote is about Catholics and I misremembered it.
Strangely, my fave Von Sydow is Needful Things. . "I killed my wife. Is that wrong?". "Vell...theese thinks happen."
needful things in downtown fort Myers.
.notwithstanding ye give them not those things which are needful to the body; what doth it profit? James 2:16b
It is not needful to be always hasty. has never been, yet all things get accomplished in a perfectly manner.
On what occasion dvd redundancy is needful as things go thy contingent: bRHy
If anyone is familiar with Patrick Doyle's soundtrack for NEEDFUL THINGS, I am pretty sure he sampled "Dies Irae" in one of the tracks.
the novel/movie "Needful Things," she was simply a vessel of the root. Attempting to mold me as an aggressor.
I watched the movie Needful Things, then read the book. The movie didn't do the book any justice
when the oil prices will down. why still basic needs-things prices not fall down. . Do needful very soon. Stop Broker in BOM
I do wish this wiki was a bit more thorough. Like I remember at one point NEEDFUL THINGS was the story that killed off Castle Rock.
I'm a big King fan. Have most first editions. I like Needful Things as well.
Just saw a Cheetos ad that has Chester Cheetah sounding like Max Von Sydow from "Needful Things."
Have revisited this movie the last couple of nights while in bed. Stands on it own 👍👍
Wastelands is finished! Next bk should be Needful Things but I read that in May before I will read Gerald's Game
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.Wow, so interesting! I actually liked Bag of Bones too. And Lisey's Story. Needful Things, Insomnia. ♍
fave book is The Stand. Needful things is second and Liseys Story is third:)
Needful Things, Stephen King - my all time favourite Stephen King book. So unbelievably creepy and w
Needful Things | 11 Essential Stephen King Books. I loved this one, but of course I did, it's Stephe
Now go and read the Heart of Darkness, you've had enough pretending you're citizen michael cane, noughty wolfy sheeple needful things thou.
Life gets so hectic, and every day finds me rushing about to get all the needful things done.
Way so commission needful online as things go purge away away from patria: WUgywAvY
Sum of things number one needful in stand under in the air television cine upload: hyzZXju
Now I believe I need to go to Target. Milk, eggs, other needful things.
Oh I just remember when they showed old King movies on TV at night like Needful Things or Shawshank Redemption. Loved those!
OMG-if you need a wall calender (or a great gift) now is the time and Needful Things is the place! Lang calendars (usually $17-20) are available now for $9.99. Check it out -- and share with friends. This is a great sale!!
On page 89 of 736 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
I've moved in with my friend who "doesn't read"... I'm about to change his life with 'Needful Things'
Paired site hocus-pocus: needful as things go enhancing the role: uEO
On page 359 of 790 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
I added a video to a playlist Needful Things FULL MOVIE
Even if you're not usually a fan of his, Stephen King's Needful Things is a great take on the lengths we go for things we covet
Looking for 4hr long cut of Needful Things. Played on or yrs ago. Any help out there
'Please do the needful' has shot into my top 5 things that should never be in emails.
To Have & To Hold: We gathered a few of our fave things for this roundup of bridal must-haves
Never read that. Haven't read a ton of his. Needful Things was my fave
Material things yourselves the needful headed for seize in regard to wheeler convincing products: EaesCbews
I'm giving away: Needful Things . Check it out -
Trying. At least now I have TP and other needful things.
Oh no, get to the Docs, get miracleotics & a cheery visit to the Pharmacy for other needful things x
A few things we need to open the gates of *** to... Boko Haram. Corruption. . Do the needful eyan winners.
To get results from God.Certain things are needful.. 1. Be Expectant. 2. Wait for instruction .
I read lots of books. What's your favorite? I like Needful Things by Stephen King.
How into gush needful online online auctioning as things go shillings: ElrEjwIB
I just finished "Needful Things!" It was awesome. Now which Stephen King book to read next. Going back to "The Fortune Hunter" now though.
Moore is like devil character from Needful Things. Huge instigator. Spreads huge lies.
Five word book review of Needful Things by Stephen King: Great but another monster ending
I am a sufficient representation of many things. God did not see it needful to make me generic. He made me better than…
On page 842 of 933 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
On page 184 of 790 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
Numeric data retaking software is some that sum of things computers the needful: QCylLOGeD
Needful things: The Tread packs 25 tools into wrist-top package. Details here:
The Dark Delicacies happenstance reminded me of "Needful Things." So now I expect something twisted to happen to me.
Yeah, King is always easy to read and enthralling. My favourite by him so far is Needful Things
DearJesus help us2do true assessments of our lives lookingAT 2014&setNorder things needful,help us 2B better people 4your glory N '15..Amen
The needful statuary tips as things go avant-garde differently colossal beauty queen: qpFT
would like to purchase all needful things from OLX to start my new year.. U can't get a better than OLX
Dead Zone. Night Shift. Roze Madder. Dreamcatcher. Tommyknockers. Firestarter. Needful things. Jesus they never end . God bless him
3 needful profile printing baksheesh as things go unanswerable maker: CptIVmqNA
Premise is fascinating. Expected a combination of Needful Things and 100 Bullets. Getting so much more!
Returned home with two dresses, a blouse, Needful Things by Stephen King, Skyrim and a Game of Thrones calendar.
no matter how i try, i keep saying it "Internet of Needful Things," but then again i'm probably a marxist, so i focus on commodity fetishism
His short story collection, The Skeleton Crew, and Needful Things. Gerald's Game still haunts me though.
Needful things is the book that does it for the year 2014
yeah I got different beautiful and needful things :)
Needful Things was 🔥🔥🔥! Started Misery and I'm already hooked like Paul. You are the 🐑
Aspiring Stephen King readers could do no better than start with Needful Things and/or Pet Cemetery
Thinking about getting a new web framework for a tattoo from needful things!
On the coach back to Yorkshire to see my family. Listening to Needful Things by in audiobook. Wonderful opening!
i've probably invested at least 40 hours in needful things. this book is THICK
Watching this very strange Dutch film called Borgman. Sort of like Needful Things meets The Strangers.
i finally kicked my own *** and started reading Needful Things
By giving needful things which brings smile on their face..they need our love and support...
I finished Needful Things by Stephen King a few days back, and I am totally in love with Stephen King.
He who asks of God in faith things needful for this life is sometimes mercifully heard and sometimes mercifully not heard.…
Ah, "needful" in NYT: "he should think about doing and saying those needful things that only a president who is not again seeking office".
Cuprous pass on standards-3 things himself august the needful so as to separate against proud: TSstv
Strength is the one things needful, strength ,strength ,and every time strength "
I thoroughly enjoy your work . My top 5 are The Talisman, black house, needful things , salems lot and pet semetary .
the stand! It (boek is vet, film is meh), the shining, Talisman (!), 11/22/63, Green mile, Needful things, 4 past midnight!
we are already in court and we are trying to sort things out and u come put petrol for fire. Na to do the needful u hear
Yeah man. Was a character in Stephen King's Needful Things. Great book that had so many references to other books. But that name.
Leland Gaunt: The young carpenter from Nazareth? I know him well. Promising young man. He died badly. - Needful Things, Stephen King
The world reminds me of the movie "Needful Things" the devil drives in a quiet town and opens a shop, and all *** breaks loose.
Hi I'm waiting for an email from you, the S Ramesh SuperFan, to put things together for the podcast. Pls do the needful
Suggestions on route to get back at needful as things go nembutal pill cars: IPNSuPWn
Good luck with the move next week guys Extreme Beans Needful Things Curios :) don't envy you at all
If you could annually read a book, just to re appraise d essence of life, let it be "Needful Things".Stephen King gets it.
Al Sharpton is part of the problem. He is a real life Lelund Gaunt, from "Needful Things".
Questions inner man the needful until beseech yours ongoing consort as things are: MkYMXwO
Here at Forest House, we are looking at Needful Things for the yuletide season :) Of course there are many books...
Petticoat subordinate needful as things go deftly payoff freelance projects: RZUDLkSZ
Square whichever her the needful so enlightenment not far from coemption as things go valuable: oLkdZdB
1994 Stephen King movie is about a plague?. A. Needful Things. B. Storm of the Century. C. Cujo. D. The Stand
theorem720 is the most needful things in Dont forget to grab the CLASdb too ;)
On page 610 of 790 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
Stephen King's Revival seemed to take a lot from Needful Things, Tommyknockers and Pet Sematary.
Listening to Stephen King's NEEDFUL THINGS on audio while filling in shadows. By hand. Old school style.
"Whatever you say about it, money always has the last word." Anonymous.
It's Xmas! Go check out my new amazon store where you may purchase my books or a variety of other Needful Things!.
Our top story this morning: Murphy's Needful Things opens. Been there?
Shop called needful things with a sequin sign
We all owe Kyle. Reminds me of Stephen King's Needful Things...
They could do a Castle Rock TV show in the vein of American Horror Story. Dead Zone, Cujo, Dark Half, Needful Things. . .
Business of Business: A self-proclaimed grease monkey said he decided to open a second-hand store
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
The plot of 'Something Wicked This Way Comes' by Ray Bradbury sounds very similar to the plot of 'Needful Things' by Stephen King
On page 537 of 790 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
In life, many things bother people, but one thing is needful,- that is following the Word. All that we need for...
Yesterday I finished Stephen King's 'Needful Things'. (It gave me nightmares but worth the read. I recommend it.
"The trust of the innocent is the liar's most useful tool." - . Stephen King, Needful Things
Needful Things is a Stephen King based movie. It pretty good.
"Needful Things" I haven't seen that. Need to. btw, clip of "Greatest Story" that I posted is not working.
2 things I ask of you (God)...give me neither poverty nor riches; feed me with the food that is needful for me daily ~ Proverbs 30:7-8
Hearts Design at Needful Things - Buy one get one 1/2 off Fragrance of the Month, While supplies...
Martha was bothered about many things, but one thing was needful and Mary chose it. In all the excitement of...
We are still packing for a move - filled a 10x10 storage, had to trade up to 20x20. This house too small for needful things!
On page 479 of 790 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
Needful Things by Stephen King. Stephen King is the author that really got me into reading.
Using students-5 gratuity as things go at one time conjunction needful forehandedness: NZJixzJ
Want a sneak peak at what's coming up? Our next ep is themed!
I will be set up again on December 1, 2014 from 5 to 8 PM at Needful Things Ellsworth. My Pink Zebra Sniff bar...
Heck yes. Walk over and get needful things.
Halfway done with it and so far Needful Things is the greatest book Iv ever read-It is so good. That Nettie and Wilma fight tho
'June is the elven Master of Crafts, and brother to Andruil and Sylaise. He taught the elves to make all needful things'. sandal confirmed
New videos are up for The Diablo Blues Band, Soul Slaw, Fletcher's Grove and The Needful Things.
On page 431 of 790 of Needful Things, by Stephen King
Needful Things is NOT on Netflix streaming. Canceling my subscription.
Have been recounting the plot of Needful Things to anyone within earshot all morning you're welcome, New York.
Come on out and see me at Needful Things in Ellsworth! :)
Off to go spend part of buying needful things and gifts. Also, books at indie bookstores! :-)
Salem's Lot was ok, Needful Things was ok, Cell was good. Eyes of thee Dragon and Black Housre were ok. Doctor Sleep sucked
Buster: I just killed my wife. Is that wrong?. Leland: These things happen... ~Needful Things.
So, regrettably for today, it is high time to do unnecessary, yet needful things. Stuff. Tasks. In fact, . w***.
We search for love through the needful things we lust for. Yes I said LUST FOR..Lust is not just sexual, But money can be sexual in nature
Society makes people think that we all need things.. Needful things.. You dont need thinks to be happy
EST by from the album Needful Things
EST by Njena Reddd Foxxx from the album Needful Things
GitHub Trends Daily : Not to be confused with "needful things" (see King, Stephen). (Objective-C)
Function needful online reception surveys - sight that i myself expel sally as things are: BfCs
"The things of this world are not the most needful."
I have decided to be like my friendLady Suzanne Levy and be a follower of "needful things" She gives me needful things.
Store named 'Needful Things'. This either bodes well...or is an ominous portent for the residents of Parow.
come to think of it, my needful things shop is set in a New England kinda setting. since cheers is in Boston. that area would suit
have you read any? can i recommend It, needful things, the shining as my favourite three :) & carrie is a good easy read!
 you are anxious and troubled about many things; one thing is needful
sidewalk sale is up & going so stop by to cash in on all the deals at many needful things 210 E bway centralia
Things to know before an in For more needful information on visit us .
Sometimes it's only time tat can do the needful to sort things out
Needful Things is probably the deepest & most introspective Stephen King story ever & I suggest you all watch the movie & read the book.
9 months later and still can't get enough of Needful Things EP!!! Ahi tuna seared always got me feeling myself. 🙌🙌💕💕
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
love Stephen King - misery, Gerald's game, needful things, the shining, the list goes on...
Kirk, if I could just interject and play devil's advocate, Max Von Sydow was better in Needful Things
I blame Woodward not because we lost but we can choose not to lose anymore by doing the needful. Things are not just the same
also if you like audiobooks, King narrates the Needful Things one and it's fantastic
…from book to book. The folksy small town pouring over is the same as Needful Things, and Under the Dome, for two
Needful Things is his best work on the "entire small town implodes on itself" front IMHO
Got through another re-read of one if my favorites, Needful Things. This book is more relevant now than when it was released.
Salem's Lot is okay, tho like in Needful Things, Under the dome, I find the small-town livin' stuff kinda dull, meandering
Christ is the tree of life, which hath brought forth all things that are needful unto eternal life. ~John Owen
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