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Need For Speed

Need for Speed (NFS) is a series of racing video games published by Electronic Arts (EA) and developed by several studios including Canadian-based company EA Black Box and British-based Criterion Games.

Aaron Paul Kid Cudi Imogen Poots Captain America Michael Keaton Breaking Bad Metal Gear Solid Dominic Cooper Tomb Raider San Francisco Road Rash Scott Mescudi Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tony Hawk Vin Diesel Criterion Games

How the whole need for speed got started.
You have a need for speed. We’re driving innovation by enabling a cashless experience at NYC’s 1st global FIA Formula E race.
Im just trynna get high and play need for speed
I added a video to a playlist Alan Walker - Alone (Need For Speed)
Meet the Air, an electric luxury sedan with a serious need for speed. 😎
Need for Speed Underground was the same way. All I did was spend money on ridiculous rims and mods, and play the Drag Race events
Ahh I used to play minecraft 😂😂😂 and I played Need for Speed a lot before this
Will Wilson all square with John Harvey nukes an 8 iron from 170 yards in the right rough on 5 to 10 feet. The need for speed!!
Anyone get the ol' 'Need For Speed' feeling in any of the the newly built underpasses? Or is it just me?
Add me on psn to play Need For Speed 2015 🚗. Better-Than-U-92
John you need speed runners best 7 quid you will ever spend if any one asks it's for the kids lol
Do you know the new changes for the new year? Get up to speed and ahead of the game…
Looking at the perfomance and rendering issues of Need for Speed I probably need to buy a SSD drive
UKIP need 2 speed things up. Ages to w8 for new leader, members' views always take ages 2b heard. TV lic…
Inside Instagram’s reinvention - the need to pivot with speed at time, a key lesson from the Valley for the world
Need for speed is probably the best game I've bought so far for the ps4
I liked a video The Evolution of Need For Speed (1994-2017)
5 mini-docs are now available, from to for speed. Please like share and subscribe .
Yes I do have a need, a need for speed.
back into High school mood need for speed is making may job undone :-):-(
I’m ok with a little slow speed just need a dedicated line for live streaming, nothing else.
Have a need for speed? Move to Idaho. Check out the average speed limit by state:
Sia Sunday Video . -For those in need, for those who speed, for those who try to stop their minds with weed. Sunday.
Looks like President Trump is feeling the need for more speed and target 🎯 practice!. .
Agree Gerry- southern govt need to push for high speed rail dublin-dublin airport-belfast as part of brexit deal
I won the Fast Forward trophy in Need for Speed: Most Wanted for 22 pts
I basically never need to min/max the last drop of speed out of the thing, so whatever means less hassle for me is usually good
Need For Speed is on a roll today. Like the usual.
1 Wk to go! Riding with team 46 on 30 July. Feeling the need for speed! Still time to donate…
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"Now, you're probably wondering what I'm going to need all this speed for."
I added a video to a playlist Need For Speed : Most Wanted Defeating with a Cement Truck [REMASTERED
I liked a video need for speed carbon randomness 2
urgent need for a speed breaker at an accident prone area in Mumbai
I liked a video Need for Speed Carbon randomness
Download Need for Speed No Limits apk game cracked for free - .
I was planning on going out tonight, but now Speed is on ... If you need me I'll be on the couch for the next 2 hour…
3DO is Gex/Road Rash/Need For Speed. Or the amazing FMV games!!!
*** Tony Hawk, San Andreas, Need For Speed and Midnight Club Dub Edition are the best games ever made idc.
I have the most redneck variety of games... MX vs. ATV, GTAV, Need For Speed, and NASCAR lol
Need For Speed is on. I can't believe howard stark, Jesse Pinkman and elliot alderson are in this
11 Years ago today, Need For Speed: Most Wanted was released!
Black Friday deals are now live on PS Store. Up to 60% off FIFA 17, Need For Speed, Watch Dogs 2, Titanfall 2, more: htt…
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I think both are right, speed it's easier to use an an. I need to get out more. Cheers for the MBMs
It's so weird that's Need for Speed hasn't never been seen on but yet it's coming on tonight on a regular channel lol
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Top 5 Website Performance Testing Tools: For new website owners, the need for speed i...
I wanna play cs or need for speed..
Hi. In Need For Speed No limits, Can the Mitsubishi Lancer has 669 IP with 4 stars ? Thanks
Fuel your need for speed and competitive side with some on the stag!
Need for speed Getting the camaro: via
I feel the need, the need for speed...✈️🚀😍 del en
Wanderers are feeling the need for speed as they take on the Jets tonight at Spotless Stadium. Good luck boys! http…
What do you think of the BMW? It reminds me of the stuff I used to create in Need for Speed
But I did recently wonder if modern information's speed & flatness would have made Communism more viable. Less need…
It's a roundabout sort of day. Think someone has the need for speed coming on to this roundabout
are your servers down. Trying to play need for Speed and errors when trying to connect to server
how about 2 speed kickback? simple, no cables, fast. All you need for everyday urban
There’s no debating who has the need for speed in the SNEAK PEEK of & in his ’67 Corvette Sting…
Would a race track help vent the "need for speed"? Valley auto dealerships could support it and promote safe racing.
I'm starting to miss Need for Speed World.
Quand tu te crois dans Need for speed.
I feel the need for speed. Croft it is then
I liked a video from COPS & ROBBERS! - Need for Speed Hot Pursuit Funny Moments
You definitely feel the need, the need for speed! New Personal Record of 31.26 sec (-25.63s)! Neat! ✈
i buy Need for Speed : Truck edition
I liked a video Need for Speed: ProStreet Soundtrack
its called tech nostlagia-i still play need for speed with my XP desktop
Need For Speed is on Channel 5 tonight lmao i'm recording it because Rami just cracks me up in that movie he's so funny.
Just watched Need For Speed. Aaron Paul only got 6 months jail for injuring or killing three cops in the last race scene? ***
Need For Speed is cool because there's this new girl but there's still love and no hard feelings for his ex. And Michael Keaton
Need For Speed is the Captain Tsubasa of cars; infinite running in limited space
The graphics used for suggest you are playing Need For Speed. Only the racing cars are missing.
welcome to Need For Speed. After two years of development hopefully it would have been worth the weight
I added a video to a playlist Hope Veno: Drift King! (Need For Speed)
Just reinstalled Origin and they're offering Need For Speed: Most Wanted for free. I'll take it!
I liked a video from Need For Speed: Most Wanted 2013 | ManExZy
Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit is currently free for those of you saddled with an EA Origin account.
I literally owe all my music taste to the Tony Hawk, Burnout, Need For Speed, & Madden games. Almost all the bands I listen to were in those
will be different but impossible to change that. Would need to control speed for each trial.
Consecuencias de viciarte al Need for Speed ..cartoon coches..
Have the need for speed? New can show you how to increase product speed by 30%:
What your opinion about Need for speed 2 movie ? Will be good ?
Judge:"You're a good looking man. There is no need to speed. She will wait for you." walked out of the court room without a ticket
Meet the business’s need for speed as a service provider of
Thanks for sharing we all need this reminder as we speed through our day!
in your EA trademark article - EA want to trademark "Ghost" as in "Ghost Games," the EA owned studio that makes Need for Speed.
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Sometimes I need to write 10,000 words to form that one special sentence that hangs on for dear life regardless of the speed of light.
I could watch Need For Speed every day and not be mad.
Feel the 'Need for Speed'.. is coming to on Wed 23rd March
6-18 is a big jump in upload speed. You need a good upload for gaming
Did you know we use the 5 speed GF2000 By G-Force Transmissions ? . Call *** for your transmissions need.
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We need 2 stop charging the same for 15 mbps speed as they do for 60 mbps speed. Monopolies are bad for your people
Walking to the PlayStation Store to buy Need for Speed and seeing the price is 69,90 euros.
Speed Training for Distance Runners. We need it (often) & how to do it purposefully.
I liked a video from Need for Speed 2015 Gameplay | PHOTO MODE FOOTAGE! | SHOWCASE
Dwight Yorke bin dey form Need For Speed with hin £60k Chevrolet... Road Safety people don ban am say e no go fit drive…
Need For Speed: reveals the inspired show on
Jane Jensen and Roberta Williams are combining Need For Speed: Most Wanted and Big Mutha Truckers. The twist? it's narrated by Jenn Frank
I liked a video from Need For Speed - Parte 6: Magnus Walker! [ Playstation 4
I liked a video Making Car Sounds and Bad Friends! - Need For Speed
PODCAST PREMIUM : Fallout 4, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Call of Duty et Need For Speed: La sai...
I liked a video from Need For Speed - Lamborghini Murcielago Build - 1000HP (NFS 2015)
Just Cause 3, Need For Speed, Rise of the Tomb Raider, Rock Band 4, Guitar Hero Live will all have to be bought for Christmas.
News • Re: Fancy a new Burnout Game?: Need For Speed: Most Wanted is the spiritual sequel to Burnout Paradise.
The Most Wanted 2005 version will always be the most played Need For Speed ever created
((I think not, since Burnout Paradise and Need For Speed were made by Criterion Games and published by EA Games.))
I just want fallout 4, Need For Speed, rainbow six siege, Star Wars battlefront and black ops 3
More people watch me play Need For Speed than Advanced Warfare...
Need For Speed movie, final race is 8 racers, winner takes all... Every car gets destroyed. Nice.
too inconsistent, wrong sort of player for us, another Balotelli in the making, need more movement, speed and clinical
Need for speed the run etapa 3: via
Going to be hiring those interns for full time and need to get them up to speed? Read this
Jesse Iwuji is helping PPF bring attention to the needs of our Patriots- from... http:…
Just looking through my times for my last comp.Positive-very pleased with my 1:50 split for 500m row. Negative-need to speed up box steps!💪🏼
I liked a video from I Played Need For Speed at E3! My Opinions on Customization,
I'm going to need to integrate it into R, for speed
Zoom - Michael Floyd's need for speed via
His company feeds online gamers' need for speed
I liked a video Need for Speed: Bad Frames!!!
Get to know more about the Agile Software manifesto:
was JUST explaining the need for speed to someone yesterday.
Time to play the old pc version of need for speed underground 1
novidades da e3 Need for Speed: via
omg! I love him! He was so cute in breaking dawn and need for speed!
Need for speed is one of my favorite movies
also rami malek is good and has an a+ nude butt ( see Need For Speed for reference)
. Dont do it, i did remeber how good "need for speed ii second edition" looked when i was a child, you dont wanna ruin that.
yes, convertible car, they were very lucky it didn’t flip. We need to set a sensible precedent for speed.
So excited! Fu Manchu’s slow hardcore sound satisfies the need for speed
I might just have to buy a next Gen video game console just to buy NHL 16 and the new Need For Speed. Those games look sick as ***
opinions on — Ace is awesome, likes good music and need for speed :)
Congratulations to Need for Speed, winner of Hardcore Gamer's Best Racing Game of E3 2015!
I be blowing money fast there's need for speed
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Need for Speed is just an incredible movie. A race to a race!
Sometimes an obstacle is just a speed bump our lives need when it moves too fast. Be grateful for the experience then happiness will follow
Have a need for Speed? These two new litehawk RC races will blow his hair back!
😂😂 need to put Nicole's number on speed dial for when she goes missing !
That's awesome! By the way, Ventura Bay's map is roughly twice the size of Need for Speed Rivals.
Imogen Poots in Need For Speed is a beauty😍
I recently purchased the Need For Speed: Rivals- Loaded Garage DLC for xbox 360 but can't find it in-game.?
Just got back into playing Need For Speed: Rivals.. I regret nothing
Once I get my new computer I should be able to do a lot more. SoulHunt, CS:GO, Garry's Mod, Rayman Legends, Need For Speed, Trials Fusion :)
Vin Diesel watch out! There is a Chocobo with the Need For Speed! Video by
Metal Gear Solid, Crash Bandicoot, Twisted Metal, GTA, & Need For Speed were love back in the day.
Midnight Club 3, Need For Speed: Underground, Burnout 3, those were the days, back when street racing games were sik
Need For Speed & Midnight Club will always be my favorite racing games
Absolutely hate the fact that Criterion Games took over the Need For Speed games, absolutely ruined the franchise
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While lil white kids plays Need For Speed. Lil black kids were playing mid night club learning how you break street laws
The character Aaron Paul plays in Need For Speed is basically Jesse Pinkman.
Being some voiceless, nameless, cardboard avatar in what amounts to a Need For Speed style world put a huge damper on Horizon.
Also: AMOK is ok, I remember the Area 51 port being respectable, Road Rash and Need For Speed are fun
Off work finally. My night shall consist of Need For Speed, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Purge; Anarchy, Jamesy Boy and maybe even OITNB plus the Tigers game!👌 movie and thunder buddy, where you at?!
watching Need For Speed and licking my tv bc Aaron Paul
I need to own Need For Speed because I love Aaron Paul so much.
Finally got round to watching the whole of Need For Speed! Aaron Paul 👌
Just came to know that Reliance Entertainment co produced this movie — watching Need For Speed
I split my time with cod. I do have GTA V, RE4 and Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit and The Run
Also noticed Need For Speed 3 Hot Pursuit on there - my favourite NFS game of all time!
This is better game than NFS MW 2013. love it — playing Need For Speed (TM) Hot Pursuit 2010
Coming out 14th August, Børning is a Norwegian action comedy that looks to have taken inspiration from Fast And Furious and Need For Speed
A race with a buddy of mine online in Need For Speed: Rivals in a hard race in a Ferrari Enzo. I win the race, gold medal! Need For Speed Rivals Race Need Fo...
The really hot black dude in Need For Speed who flies the helicopters is my bae, that's Kid Cudi. My love.
I've only driven a car once... but based on my ability to consistently drive in the correct lane on Need For Speed, I'll be a fab driver.
Wow... Here's some info about the Def Jam video game series, pertaining the gameplay and it's changes through out the series due to alternative developers! Def Jam's debut game is Def Jam: Vendetta! The publishers - EA, the developers - AKI Corporation & EA Canada. ( AKI Corp gave you WWF No Mercy and WCW/nWo Revenge, and many other wrestling games. ) ( EA Canada gave you Fifa Soccers, MVP Baseballs, Need For Speed: Underground 2, Marvel Nemesis, NBA Lives, NBA Streets, Fifa Streets, SSX series. ) Put these teams together and you get Vendetta. First came Vendetta, second came Def Jam: Fight For NY! Publisher - EA, developer - AKI Corp & EA Canada. Same companies, thus the same results, however this creation has far more evolved ( There's also Def Jam: FFNY The Takeover, which was basically PS2/Gamecube/Xbox FFNY ported to the psp, with a couple interesting new additions I found would be awesome in a new console installment! )! HOWEVER, such was all lost in Def Jam: Icon, which was next released! Instead o ...
I have a PS4 for sale, I have 4 games, Metal Gear Solid, Need For Speed, Assassins Creed Black Flag and Call of Duty Ghosts. I also have an extra controller. Ill take 550$ for all of it. I also have a Skull Candy Slayr Headset Ill throw in for 35$ and a PS3 Copy of Battlefield 4 for 15$
For the first time PUCIT ACM Student Chapter will conduct a Gaming event in Punjab University College of Information Technology NEW CAMPUS. We aim to Provide, students of PUCIT New Campus, a Platform to show their Skills and Abilities in the Gaming World. Games which are included for the students to GAMEON are: -Need For Speed (Most Wanted) -Counter Strike 1.6 -FIFA'13 -Flappy Bird -Temple Run 2 Disclaimer: Only PUCIT New Campus Students are allowed to participate. Registrations will start from 20th May, 2014. Stay Tuned for more Updates!!
I liked a video Need for Speed 20th Anniversary
Intensify your - Snapbags. Easy to install, no need for speed ring.
So I really didn't have any hopes for Need for speed, but it was totally good!
. Come on now little 1.2. There's not a lot that you can do . Not very fast not built for speed . But that's okay it's all I need.
Insta Link-look whats we found online ''NEED FOR SPEED'' CLICK HERE:
training tonight. I feel the need, the need for speed! Speed session tonight.
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racing in 2 weeks yay bring it on pod - so excited!!! Feel the need - for
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WATCH 20 years of inspiring a Need for Speed: .
Check out my live stream of Need for Speed World!:
СКАЧАТЬ need for speed 2012 car locations for
Battlefield 2, Crysis 2, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 & many more going offline on June 30.
Watch 20 years of Need for Speed Which NFS was your favorite?
Hello Everyone! Here is my 3rd Gameplay with Need for Speed Most Wanted 2012. I have this game on Origin and my name on Origin is: CRISTIAN1ELITE. Again This...
Good morning world, lovely and sunny, shorts on, Kyriacous in shorts too in his walker drifting around the veranda like need For Speed Granny
We got ahead of the game, now it’s your turn. Proud to announce Zong being the first and only 4G Operator in Pakistan. Ab hum keh saktay hain Need for Speed fulfilled!
OK. Like new xbox360 slim. Not been played much . All hookups and chrome blue controller. Gta5. Ghost. Need for speed the run. All for 175 firm. Or trade for a nice ps3.
I know that its an issue every year: but can people ACTUALLY slow down driving in town!! I mean like what's your rush?? Start 10 minutes early to where you got to go, instead of waiting like last minute? I think that dusting out people is very unhealthy, especially kids that's growing!!! SLOW DOWN!! OR if you feel the need for speed, go out the road, speed out there!!!
Like his New free Website with Scoop New 2014 Movies Capitain america 2/ The Amazing Spiderman 2/ Wolf Creek 2/ Need for Speed/ Race for Speed 2, New Tv Series, Music, Videos, animation, Games, Sports, Humor and more.. Like his home page
Play stupid games, win stupid prizes... I just hope your loved ones will understand your need for speed: I know what an accident sounds like. Towards court & Whitman I just heard a crotch rocket hammering thru gears... hard. Then some screeching tires. Then a loud slam. Like I said, I hope your family understands your need to drive like an *** in downtown Rockford.
Ps4, 1 pad, 2games Need for speed, lego marvel hero's and a blue ray superman dvd and Orb gaming headset, only used afew times as no time to play. £300 no offers or swaps, Rochdale
How do you change yor car on need for speed ?
Awesome!! Just another chevy powered ford.. Guy must of had the need for speed
Need for speed day off day with the husband :) Been booked in for surgery May 29th and now just loving the rest of today with the most amazing husband ever!!!
May 13th is TOP GUN day, "I feel the need for speed" is for those jet 22 years flying helicopters was "low and slow along the treetops". Not too often you see an Army General Officer flying a Navy Airplane 50 miles off the coast of Florida.
David felt the need for speed over the weekend too..
Spot your dads car ! Ians 1980s car "The Shark" reborn in the pc game, 'Need for speed shift 2'
Updated weekly summary: As you may have read, Disney failed to deliver Captain America, so there had to be changes. Previous closures still apply, but Need For Speed (M) also closes on Wednesday. The Grand Budapest Hotel (M, a comedy scoring very high on IMDB) opens on Thursday instead of Captain America. We will reschedule Captain America when we are able.
How they made the Need for Speed movie - were the cars real, did he drive, why a Ferrari was key to the movie but was never seen? Plus more facts and videos
At the masters movie theater watching NEED FOR SPEED...yea I am a complete gear head.
News is EA will be taking Battlefield 2, Command & Conquer: Red Alert 3, Crysis 2 & Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 all offline and will no longer be available for multiplayer option! Does anybody play these games online?
Uf !!! Need for speed fast and furious rock yeah baby!!
Lms when you see your favorite games Call of duty (anyone) Block ops( anyone) Need for speed carbon Need for speed most wanted Fifa '13 '14 God of war Mortal kombat (anyone) GTA (anyone) Temple run Subway surfers 007 etc...just listed a few stillz ✔✅ So any other comment them
Don't judge my need for speed. I got it from Afrikan Barbie, who got a ticket for doing 125 in a 65 zone... And SdoubleiR' Blackoutmusic who was doing 120 on 435 yesterday.
Now my babies took me to the see need for speed.I am having a wonderful mother's day with my kids. .
Need for speed rivals and injustice ultimate edition. Ps4. As new condition. £25 each langney.
Playing Cop Career in Need For Speed Rivals ... Like how boring and stupid this is LOL. Being a cop *** :( I bet no one plays this part, a racer makes a lil sense
Saints row 1 2 3 and need for speed shift 2 for xbox 360 in really good condition. 15 each or 45 for all.
Happy Mother's Day to all the moms who have a need for speed!
Aaron Paul & Cast Talk Need For Speed Subscribe Now! ▻ We sat down with the cast and filmmakers of 'Need For Speed' to talk ...
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Aaron Paul the Breaking Bad dude, and the main charater in Need For Speed, made his debut in the music video "thoughtless" by the artis Korn just some fun infomartion. I was watching the video and noticed it was him he plays a highschool student getting bulied in the video.
What are your weekend plans? Hang out with Aaron Paul, Scott Mescudi, and Dominic Cooper in Need For Speed!
Need For Speed.. Captain America TWS.. Ride Along.. Divergent.. Draft day.. All movies I have at my finger tips.. 😏
Need For Speed is came out today in France and I just loved it. I think I'm in love with Tobey ! And Imogen Poots is amazing.
It's finally here!!! Vidometer 3.0 is in effect. Need For Speed meets Google Earth. Check out the Video. Stoked!
Need For Speed movie Mustang sells for $300,000: Director Scott Waugh's incredible stunt sequences and Aaron P...
The new Need For Speed was absolutely amazing!
Need For Speed is the best movie I have ever seen. I loved it!(:
Okay, so here is the list of PS3 games my younger brothers are trying to get rid of, if you are after any of them, shoot me an inbox with an offer. Pretty much happy to take anything above what EB or JB will give us. NBA 2K13 Need For Speed: Undercover Prince Of Persia: The Forgotten Sands Iron Man 2 Little Big Planet 2 Modnation Racers Motor Storm Scene It Elder Scrolls: Oblivion Tiger Woods PGA Tour 11 SBK 09 007: Quantum of Solace Sonic Unleashed Pain Sega Mega Drive: Ultimate Collection Injustice: Gods Among Us Hellboy: The Science of Evil Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 FIFA 08 MGS4: Guns Of The Patriots Gran Turismo 5: Prologue
If you had to live the rest of your life in a movie which on... — Need For Speed or maybe Resident Evil:Retribution
Watching a couple of movies lately. I noticed some interesting things... 1. The Lego Movie plot is similar to Divergent. 2. Captain America with his shield on his back looks like he's one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. 3. Finally, Elsa from Frozen, in real life, reminds me of the Need For Speed actress, Imogen Poots. Happy Sunday gorgeous peeps and enjoy the movies :-)
Ethan Hawke should have been the lead for the Need For Speed film.
Need For Speed is by far, the best movie I've seen. 👌
Breaking Bad bromance rekindled at Need For Speed screening
and I walk out of the movie theater from watching Need For Speed, and we see two cars speed off thinking they have a fast car.
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Watching Drive, I recommend anyone going to see Need For Speed check this out instead, as I'm sure you haven't. Ryan Gosling, 80's-esque noir, Bryan Cranston, great story and not based on a video game.
Need For Speed was pretty awesome movie.
It's never too late to catch the speed!. Here's 'Need For Speed (3D)' schedule for today:. City Mall. 14:20 (Hall...
Need For Speed movie has really sexy cars, with hot noises...god bless the director!!
Need For Speed is just as Epic the 2nd time around.. Best racing movie I've seen (not including RUSH) since Tokyo Drift... The driving is sick & so on point with the drivers eye & in car camera shots like the actual game! No CGI but still puts Fast & Furious to shame!.. Best Film of 2014 right there I think!..
**FUNNY STORY ALERT**: Wells Fargo called up Sal and said they noticed unusual activity on his credit card saying that he pumped gas in Fontana at 8:07pm then made a transaction in Montebello at 8:26pm. They said it was not possible by any car to be at both places which are separated by a great distance within that short of a time period. Sal's words were "I have a TST 763 RWHP Shelby Cobra built and tuned by Spankin Time Performance and I just watched Need For Speed". They replied "oh..."
Movie Review: Need For Speed. Directed By: Scott Waugh. Starring: Aaron Paul, Imogen Poots, Dominic Cooper, Scott Mescudi and Michael Keaton. Street racer Toby Marshall is framed for murder and sent to prison. Two years later he must join a cross country race to avenge his friend and prove his innocence. Need For Speed is the latest video game to movie adaptation to hit the big screen and usually these aren't the greatest of movies. Aaron Paul (Breaking Bad) stars as Toby Marhsall, a famous street racer, during a race, something doesn't go to plan and he is framed for murder. Years later when he is released from prison he must travel the country to get to a big secret race so he can revenge on the man who framed him, played by Dominic Cooper (Captain America: The First Avenger). I'm a huge fan of Aaron Paul because of Breaking Bad, he proved that he is brilliant in a dramatic role but can also be funny and to no surprise, he was great in the movie, he was one of my favorite parts of the movie. My other fa ...
Just came from seeing Need For Speed at the movies. It was actually a good movie:) I can say i liked it o_O
Best part of Need For Speed? All the San Francisco, Knob Hill air time
I just fell in love with Aaron Paul all over again in the Need For Speed.
Wow amazing racing movie.really well done...Need For Speed gets an A in my books for sure Aaron Paul kills it in that movie
Just saw the new Need For Speed with Ashley Robertson. Aaron Paul is main character. Good movie, lots of FPV with the racing, but a bit predictable. Overall I'd give it a 8/10
Need For Speed (2014) Review. I really thought this wasn't bad. Although the story was a bit flawed, the acting was kinda flat with the exception of Aaron Paul and Michael Keaton, and this dialogue was super cheesy, I still think this movie is great and will get it on DVD when it comes out. I think that despite all the flaws it has, it's one if the better new racing movies I've seen. They've actually gone far into the world of both pro and street racing. The cars were great, the racing scenes were pretty awesome, and everything, no matter how cheesy, was done way better than any of the fast and furious movies. They made references to a lot if great men in the auto industries like Carol Shelby and Henry Ford, while referencing old racing films like King of the Mountain, Bullit, and Vanishing Point. Vanishing Point I say particularly because of the radio DJ routing for him as he goes cross country to get to the race in San Francisco. Overall, I love this movie, and that's my opinion, so whoever disagrees, g ...
Need For Speed was actually a really dope movie, props to Aaron Paul for stepping up his game and sticking a foot into Vin Diesel's territory.
Omg the Need For Speed movie was great, Aaron Paul was awesome in this movie the first race with the camaro SS, Grand tornino, Pontiac gto was epic with them loud big block engines
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Need For Speed – A Fanboy Movie Review Pump up your engine because it’s gonna be a bumpy ride. I gotta say this movie is actually better than the Fast and Furious franchise or is it going to be? Need for Speed is a video game franchise by Electronic Arts. It has been dominating the video game genre for racing and probably the best racing game out there. And would it also dominate on the box office numbers? Video game fans should definitely check out the movie. It’s definitely true to the source, well not most of it but story wise though, it’s pretty decent than just a racing movie. It doesn’t just appeal to the video game fans as well but it’s also for the general public. The trailer of this movie doesn’t give it justice, maybe it’s the reason why it’s not cashing in more audience and only placed 3rd on the Box Office. PLOT The plot is, well at least more decent than most movies have come out. I wasn’t expecting much from this based on the trailer but *** I made the right choice of s . ...
Not many men can pull off a brown plaid suit with the same level of style and sophistication that Aaron Paul can. In fact, the former Breaking Bad star has such a fondness for the notoriously difficult colour, he donned the same outfit for his appearance on not one but two morning shows in New York whilst promoting his new movie Need For Speed. What do you think of his suit? Love it or Loathe it?
Need For Speed (2014) Aaron Paul Tobey Marshall: I do not fear, for you are with me. All those who defied me, shall be ashamed and disgraced. Those who wage war against me, shall perish. I will find strength, find guidance, and I will triumph. Badass movie!
Need For Speed is a solid car movie and Aaron Paul is the man. The petrolhead movie we've been waiting for.
Hey, I'm hoping you can help me for sessions for today. What time would the 3:30pm session of Need For Speed finish in Penrith? Also I was thinking of seeing Monuments Men before it at 1pm, would I make it? Thank you.
Need For Speed Movie 3D- Showing at 12:00pm, 3:05, 6:10, and 9:15pm. Need For Speed is presented in Dolby Digital 3D stars Aaron Paul and is Rated PG-13 for sequences of reckless street racing, disturbing crash scenes, nudity and crude language. The running time is 2 hours and 10 minutes.
The main actress in the new film Need For Speed was literally one of the most beautiful/prettiest women I have ever seen. Found her a bit annoying at first but then she was just to cute lol. Def worth a watch and good film to. Got to be in the cinema :)
(I saw Need For Speed last night, and for a movie based on a racing game ? Its pretty good, go beyond the...
Need For Speed or 300??? cant wait for Tranfomers, Spiderman and Captain America..
someone take me to see Need For Speed 😩 I need to see my husband Kid Cudi on the big screen
My thoughts on came from seeing Need For Speed. It was awesome! If you didn’t already, you should definitely go and check it out, yo! I won’t give you any spoilers regarding the movie, so you can continue reading. It’s safe. It is true that game-inspired movies are usually a pretty high risk and didn’t do so well in the past (movies like Super Mario, Street Fighter or Mortal Kombat – and I was sad about that, being a huge fan of these games.) Not this time! After you've seen Aaron as Jesse Pinkman, you just know it’s impossible not to expect a lot from him. And he delivers every time. The movie has fantastic action, and the fact that there is no CGI involved... well, it makes me like it even more! Now we are living in a time when almost everything is happening on the green screen and keeping it real was a really great (and probably hard) thing to do. Loved the funny moments, there were a few ones that made me like laughing out really loud. All the cast did a great job, Kid Cudi (or should I s ...
Kid Cudi is gonna be in that Need For Speed movie tho! 😳
I just seen Need For Speed... I love Benny (Kid Cudi character) he so hilarious
Recently Kid Cudi went on The Arsenio Hall Show to promote the new movie he’s in, Need For Speed (which is dope by the way). He performed ‘Internal Bleeding’ and … Continue reading →
Just saw Need For Speed , Kid Cudi is funny as ***
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Think I'll go see need for speed today with the boo .
Can't wait for Need for Speed to come out. Making a trailer with what should be the trailer theme song. Created one for Godzilla.
Need For Speed is already out!!! We should get someone to give us an orange wednesday code and go this/next week!!
If you didn't play Tony Hawks Underground or Need For Speed Underground growing up we're not friends
'Need for Speed' leads on Friday with $6.6 million, but will trail 'Mr. Peabody' for the weekend:
“Just remembering how awesome need for speed was last night😎🚗” that movie had me like 😱😱😍
The fact that Kid Cudi is in Need For Speed😍>>>
Omg need for speed is my new favourite film. It's amazing
Need for Speed is really an 80s movie.
Watched need for speed yesterday and was amazing as always
Going marble arch to watch need for speed
Someone please come see Need for Speed with me
Anyone fancy a film tonight? . 300, Book Thief, Need for Speed or Non-Stop all on at Stevo. x
Someone should take me to see need for speed 🌚
Have you seen Need for Speed yet? I love how I can take my kids since there isn't a lot of cussing/nudity.
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Omg need for speed is the best film
Once my appts get sold time to make up an excuse to leave ready to watch Need For Speed!!
At the cinema watching the new Need for speed with dan 😘
I still need to see need for speed.
Friday night three teens decided to go to a theatre and enjoy the movie, “Need for Speed”. After it was over two of the teens decided to take to Gosling Road and see what kind of speed they could acquire in their BMW and Mustang. One teen who has not yet been identified was traveling …
Box office update: 'Need for Speed' takes the lead on Friday with $6.6 million, 'Veronica Mars' debuts at $1 million http:/…
Need for speed is a must to watch...
seeing Need For Speed right now in NJ and can't stop thinking about how you answered me last week!!! You're the coolest ILOVEU
oh, forgot to ask, how was the converted 3D of Need for Speed? Did you notice it or was it completely pointless?
Read Need For Speed movie reviews on
I'm being forced to watch Need for Speed with the fiancé.
Watching need for speed with the fam
Man, Need For Speed was just too dope.
Need For Speed is the most Vincent Chase-looking movie that's ever actually been released in theaters
Should I see need for speed or lone surviver?
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Went to. The movies and watched Need For Speed that was epic
Going to see Need for Speed on cinima today, Not excpecting anything ground breaking.
Need for speed best movie I've seen in a while go see it
Aaron Paul and Dominic Cooper interview with Check it out here... http…
Oh yes the need for speed at the drive-in dam i wish this cold would leave me alone !
On the last episode of The Kennel we had a Need for Speed:
Saw Need for Speed. Blew away all expectations. Brilliant and amazing movie. You did a beautiful job. 10/10
i like Aaron Paul but the Need For Speed movie just looks terrible & corny.
Brought baby brother to the movies to see "need for speed" then going to treat him with some wingstop cs best sister. 😉
“Need for Speed was terrible”it was legit! Well I was kinda high and it was in 3D
Need for Speed got out of the gate first, though it wasn't nearly as fast as expected. Meanwhile, Tyler Perry's The Single Moms Club bombed.At 3,115 locations, Need for Speed opened in fi...
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