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Necker Island

Necker Island is a [ 74 acre] island in the British Virgin Islands just north of Virgin Gorda.

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I presume your Necker Island staff are enjoying your good fortunes too...
Sticking your face between the breast of shocked unconsenting young women who are guests at Necker Island?
How Richard Branson gets fresh water on his private island
Richard Branson shows the hurricane damage caused to his luxury home on Necker Island via
"tax avoider says now Necker Island has been destroyed he can devote more time to stea…
Sir Richard Branson dislikes the formality of neck ties so much that he often carries around a pair of scissors wit…
Is he a recluse on Necker Island or just too scared to visit UK?
Sir, how big is your Necker Island? And is there room for a normal sized golf course? I may have so…
Wasn’t there an announcement recently saying UK was going to be paying for the rebuilding of…
Still waiting for my invite to necker island to chat with you :)
I’d like to see who’s footing the bill for fixing up necker island...
Being able to forget groping someone on Necker island?
1. Well alive I would go for Richard Branson because I like him and I would like to be invited to…
This man is suing the NHS for not getting a contract. Why don’t you pi55 off to Necker Island. Oh wait...didn’t it…
Is it 'Motorboating' unsuspecting visitors to your island lair like some kind of pound shop Bond vi…
How about you donate the settlement money in the nhs case to the homeless charity as a Christmas pr…
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Vile, greedy, selfish man. He probably only has repair work to Necker Island in his thoughts.
Wow and is she on Necker Island with Sir Richard?
She was getting much more than money! She’ll be buying a similar mansi…
Fancy explaining why you’ve sued the NHS? Must be nice on necker island whilst you fleece our health system.
Having an extra £2m off the NHS to do up your gaffe burned down on Necker Island ??
Our Chief Content Officer, Melissa Chapman, talks 'why brands needs to start thinking like publishers' in a blog fo…
So the NHS has funded his repairs to Necker Island ...nice...and they talk about Trump FFS
I enjoyed forwarding all his junk post to 'Necker Island' until his house was blown down, now I just have to bin it
Just the beginning: Billionaire Richard Branson is the latest high-profile person to be accused of sexual harassment following…
Richard Bransons recollections on how he bought Neckar Island
Thank you for the shoutout Love what I do. Maybe a Necker island cheeky visit? :)
Richard Branson's tennis tournament that is normally on Necker Island was moved here because the isl…
The story of how Branson bought Necker Island
shares key learnings from his trip to Necker Island with Tune in to the
Usually ok, always been fast to respond and courteous - not this time though! Obviou…
Another financial helping hand to Mr Branson add in his undisclosed NHS PAYOFF. I can see good old N…
's knighthood should be revoked, this is an absolute disgrace. He doesn't even pay tax…
Check out how we helped create a visually dynamic presentation for on Necker Island 🐳 🌴 🐙
Very bad PR for Mr Branson. But then he needs money to replant Necker Island or whatever after hurricane
Branson now 'completely feral' on Necker Island, drawing pictures of Belinda Carlisle all day & eating £50 notes.
Richard Branson reveals Irma devastation on Necker Island via the Android app Obama buddy
Sir Richard Branson reveals devastation caused to Necker Island home by Hurricane Irma
Branson reveals devastation to his Necker Island home. Can't he afford Aid Plan to rebuild Necker?. via
Sir Richard Branson shares images of devastation on Necker Island as he appeals for help for region.
Richard Branson reveals extent of damage to Necker Island via
Richard Branson reveals damage to Necker Island after Hurricane Irma destroyed it
Richard Branson reveals images of 'huge' damage on Necker Island
Richard Branson shares photos of 'huge' hurricane damage on Necker Island.
Richard Branson reveals scale of damage to luxury Necker Island resort
Richard Branson's Necker Island home destroyed as hurricane strikes Brexit did it eh Richard!👏
Relax, rich white guys are ok, although there's some property damage so watch out folks .
Sending our thoughts to Richard, Joan and everyone on Necker Island and the Caribbean-
If you have a hurricane there every10 years, how is it caused by climate change? Branson Isle destroyed by Irma
rode out in wine cellar on Necker island. Open the good stuff first, life is too short to drink bad wine..
Richard Branson's luxury home completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma | Necker Island
Necker Island: the celebrity paradise Richard Branson would do anything to protect via
Just heard that Necker Island has been hit hard by Hurricane Irma.. hope everyone is okay. 🙏🏻
Richard Branson's son reveals Necker Island home destroyed. .
Richard Branson is riding out Hurricane Irma on his private island
You and everyone okay out there on Necker Island?
Tour Richard Branson's private island where he and his team rode out Hurricane Irma
Richard Branson's luxury Necker Island home completely destroyed by Hurricane Irma | Metro News
Well, you should have paid your taxes. At least the rebuilding will bring in local jobs.. via
Hurricane Irma: Richard Branson refuses to leave Necker Island as Irma threatens to strike
Richard Branson's son says 'all humans' safe on Necker Island following Irma
Breast Cancer Awareness
Hurricane Irma | Virgin The latest blog update from on Necker Island.
Richard Branson's Necker Island home destroyed as Hurricane Irma obliterates swathes of the Caribbean -
Billionaire Branson's Necker Island home 'uninhabitable' after storm
Richard Branson's Necker Island COMPLETELY obliterated by Hurricane Irma as his son reveals everyone survived...
People watching & fearing the worst 4 Necker island will have had those fears realised after it was announ…
Richard Bransons Necker Island home has been obliterated by 185mph Hurricane Irma...
Richard Branson rode out Hurricane Irma in wine cellar on Necker Island
Our thoughts are with our friends&family in the Caribbean. We're grateful to report that our team on Island are safe h…
Fortunately, all humans on the island are OK.
Richard Branson, who owns and lives on Necker Island, had vowed to ride out Irma. He went through the eyewall.…
Richard Branson set to bunker down with Virgin staff in wine cellar of Necker Island home as Hurricane Irma nears
Sir Richard Branson and his team have hunkered down in his wine cellar on his private island, Necker Island, in...
Richard Branson refuses to leave his Necker Island resort despite oncoming Hurricane Irma
I'm just the opposite. I would be happy w/ a Necker Island & close family and friends. I would also go along w/ the big wedding as long as I
It’s baby lemur season on We’re very excited to welcome our new additions: http:/…
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Funny that Branson who lives on Necker island says the same thing
Would be nice to get invited to Necker island and talk disruptive technology like Blockchains.
Blockchain Trust Accelerator gets big shout out in from ahead of a triumphant return to Necker Island w
"Hope everyone's hangin in there on a Monday!" (said the lemur from Necker Island…
Preparing for the toughest business trip of the year... .
Among this year’s most notable participants are former Estonian president Ilves, Peruvian e…
Necker Island, please and thank you! :)
Got to be Necker Island , where I would relax first and then ask for a job being a beach tidier uper lol
The Monetary Authority of Singapore has revealed a three-step plan to connect the world’s central banks via
There is an "ambitious agenda will explore how blockchain technology can be applied in everything from economic empo…
Take a look at the Virgin company that offers experiences to Kasbah Tamadot and Necker Island. ^TC
Find out more & enter for a chance to pitch your startup to esteemed judges on Necker Island
Our goal for our annual summit: To turn ideas into action that make the world a better, more livable place  for all. http…
It will be on Necker Island for sure 😄
screaming at the club gives me life. Reminds me of the snaps from Necker Island 😭♥️
Update your maps at Navteq
Saturday, central London, VM down again. Repeat, down again. Is service running okay on Necker Island,…
NOAA Diver Randy Kosaki collects black coral at Necker Island in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands. Photo: Greg McFall/NOAA…
Life on Necker Island - Hidden away in the beautiful British Virgin Island, Necker Island is my f...
Isis is considered a virgin. ISIS was conceived in VIRGINIA. Obama went to Richard Branson's Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands.
Just got word, heading back to Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands really soon - watch…
Mix Master Mike and Susi Mai in the house on Necker Island!
I added a video to a playlist Obama KITE SURFING in Caribbean! (Richard Branson's Necker Island, BVI)
Former President Barack Obama smiles after kite surfing off Necker Island 🏄
Aah can you imagine being on the Necker Island right now with these two???
Sir Richard and Barack battle it our kite surfing style on Necker Island... . From FC - .
Former president .and friend .enjoyed a day of kite-surfing on Necker Island…
Obama went from the White House to whitecaps on Virgin billionaire's private island
These photos of Barack Obama having the BEST time post-Presidency will fill you with joy
So Barack Obama is having the best time post-presidency
Obama is kitesurfing with Richard Branson, and our invite got lost in the mail. Thanks, Obama. http…
Barack Obama kite surfing on Necker Island in the British Virgin Island with Richard Branson
Barack and Michelle Obama arrive on Necker Island to stay with Richard Branson| Daily Mail Online
value of that island if a vacation rental? try $100,000 per night . a lesser comparable would be Branson's Necker Island /2
Necker Island is absolutely gorgeous! If you need me, I'll be in the British Virgin Islands
Curious about Necker Island, Richard Branson's private island in the British Virgin Islands? It comprises 74...
There's some great jobs going across the Virgin Group this week, including a role on Necker Island!…
We could start with Necker Island; turn it into the new penal colony, as we'll soon run out of prison space
if they have died or emigrated to Necker Island
In stead of War Invite the Worlds Leaders to Necker Island to have a Game of Chess.
Win a trip to Necker Island with Get collecting those coins. Happy hunting...
Amazing first day. Great food, beautiful vistas. Wildlife everywhere: Lemurs, Iguana, etc. Chatted with Sir Richard…
10 Reasons Necker Island in the is Pure Paradise! via
Anyone interested in going to Necker Island? If you think you have a winning startup, this is your chance! Enter...
How the 1% live? The world's most luxurious travel experiences
Thanks for your blessing on the private Necker Island tour! Ted talk giving aka "Gum…
if your office is on Necker Island and you pay for the flights than I can pop in for a whole week! ;-)
The world's most luxurious travel experiences - The Independent
Serving it up to on his home court 🎾👌 @ Necker Island
really? Who cares, he can't vote anyway. He won't have 2 live with the consequences. Maybe he can offer her a room on Necker Island
📷 From the first moment Sir Richard Branson visited Necker Island in 1978 he had a vision, one that has...
Richard Branson has Necker Island just one idea for you# just sayingdramas
We’re just a month away from the 5th Annual Necker Cup Pro Am Tennis Event here on Necker Island. Stay tuned for mo…
Redoubt-Necker Bay zone on Baranof Island in Unit 4 to close to the harvest of mountain goats…
Take a look at the world's most experiences
Delighted to have - one of the true Rock Stars of venture capital - judge the Finals on Neck…
Treasure hunting has been a blast. Hope whoever gets to Necker Island has a brilliant time. good luck everyone
have a re-run if you don't get the result you like, democracy Necker Island style!!
.introduces the lemurs on Necker Island in 360° video
are you in BVI? Have you been over to Virgin Gorda yet? Cruise by Necker Island it's beautiful
.is changing coffee & changing lives (& sharing his story on Necker Island):
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How social entrepreneurship can take you to Necker Island...
Via What its really like on Necker Island: Necker Cup Uncensored
I added a video to a playlist Necker Island & Necker Cup Experience
Finally wrote about our experience on Necker Island at the Necker Cup Spoiler alert: Its uncensored and I might...
It seems Casper the ghost was really an octopus in disguise. Discovered off Necker Island (central Pacific).
whole and closeup (polyp in bottom left corner is open). Necker Island at ~4280m
Stunning closeup of this swimming Necker Island at ~4290m
Neat white sea anemone at 4290 m Necker Island
New never seen before off Necker Island,HI
A better shot of this glass sponge I think they said Hyalonema? about 4290 m . Necker Island
Cute little blobby sea cucumber feeding on sediment on bottom Necker Island about 4290 m
It's good to be back! Follow dive LIVE near Necker Island in
4290 m Necker Island. Deep-sea OCTOPUS! One not immediately identified by folks on shore!!
No sign of him campaigning for Necker Island or the wider (British) Virgin Islands to become part of EU
The future of technology comes to Necker Island
Richard Branson bought Necker Island at 28 years old. It was on sale for $6M; he negotiated the price down to $180K.
So,4 officers & £2.5m.Next sighting of Maddie on Necker Island?
From Virgin’s Necker Island to Dubai, our business entrepreneurship student Elijah is kicking
I’ll take the Necker Island version please …
ahh you do have a heart!!! You need to get ur own Necker Island!
So it would appear he is not appearing via a live feed from necker island!!
We've got some last minute availability on Who fancies a trip of a lifetime?
Oh yes. Excited for this years Necker Cup on the wonderful Necker Island! One Month to go!
An even more magical place than today's photo of Richard Branson on a Necker Island beach!
It takes courage to stay on the same path, especially in business.
any immigrants washed up on necker island yet rich? How many u taking in from Syria? Or do u expect English to foot bill?😡
Huge congratulations Matt Clegg winning the 2015 Virgin Necker Cup- off to the island!!
One way ticket to Necker Island would be much appreciated
Fact: Richard Branson bought Necker island for only $175k . It will now cost you £39k a night to rent, but you can take 29 friends with you
How can you get where you need to go in business?
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
You will not find anyone more passionate for GSC position on necker island.
Bahama pintails and introduced Caribbean flamingos fly over near Necker Island, part of the British Virgin Islands.
A group of extreme sports-loving entrepreneurs is hosting a startup contest and the finals will be on Necker Island
ICYMI studying as team headed to Necker Island, and more.
So thrilled we were chosen by as winners of Build A Biz at Necker Island!
Congratulations to our client off to Necker Island with
Five exclusive holiday destinations - from Little Dix Bay (Virgin Islands) to Necker Island
Sir. Richard Branson playing golf in his Necker Island resort with one of our ECOBIOBALLS. Albus Golf will...
.was delighted to discover giant tortoise eggs on Necker Island:
Some people are living on Necker Island and somewhere in the world some people are running the gen and talking about champions league.
Feeding and loving on some endangered Lemurs all day today on Necker Island 😊
hits the spa only way to carry my sunscreen and beach essentials @ Necker Island
.playing Fruit Ninja with his eyes. participated in at Necker Island
a nice set of SimChess would look good on Necker Island.
Off to pay my flight money in a bit - whilst at the same time planning fantasy trips to Bora Bora and Necker Island
We've filmed installs in Haiti and Necker Island. Next up: progress in New York thru
Can I just live on Necker Island please!? 🌴☀️🌊
Last week to win a trip to Necker Island and attend the End of the World Party with Richard Branson!
Necker Island new Celebration Weeks in March plus stay 8 nights and pay for 7
Would like to see direct flights from Branson Missouri to Necker Island on Virgin Airlines! We need Virgin Airlines here!
Who's going to join us on Necker Island?
What's it like to stay on Necker Island, Sir Richard Branson's home? Pioneer enjoys some tropical fun
did you see Necker Island on TV last week? dreamy! We're just thinking about it now pre Hurricane Rachel!
Life goal to be able to afford holidays to Necker Island.
This is what it's like to pitch to richardbranson on Necker Island ExTechChallenge
Attend the End of the World Party watch Aloe Black live at Necker Island! bucketlist,
Fancy a 5 Day Adventure on Richard Branson's Necker Island? This could make it happen!
Aerial view of Necker Island. Was lucky enough to enjoy a helicopter ride around the British Virgin…
I am in need of a weekend refresher. A quick trip. Think I could join the family on for a few days?!
just watched you filming on Necker Island. People have dreams but yours are unreal but you make them reality.How??
Happy Mother's Day! How about treating her to an indulgent stay at Necker Island?
Watch me get interview by a lemur or two:
I would be much more impressed if you were on Necker Island!
Best meal of the trip and we arent even at Necker Island yet. Brandywine Estate on Tortola rocks!
Thank you for your Top 10 Tools for Profiting with WordPress! I can now book my stay on Necker Island. ;)
Need to start fundraising for my trip to necker island in 2020
Moving day! Worked it out after leaving Necker Island in 2006 we have moved 9 times and 5 countries...this shall be number 10. Urgh
Thank you for teaching me about Necker Island and congrats!
Virgin Life - a day on Necker Island: via Amazing on so many levels!
Hmm?? I'll ask the boss next time he's not on Necker Island! ^PH
“Sunset corner on Necker Island. question time!
Sunset corner on Necker Island. question time!
is there space on Necker Island to put us all on instead?
My friend Richard Branson and friends Billy & Fiona have invited us to Necker Island, want to come?.
Not a bad shout! "The next stop will be Necker Island" might go down well :) ^KS
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
'Once-in-a-lifetime' storm hits South Pacific Necker island. Branston jumps in his space ship and hopes for best .
I Look forward to kite boarding on Necker Island one day soon.
Necker Island is located in the Caribbean in the beautiful and unspoiled British Virgin Islands.
Well, there goes me wanting to spend any time on Necker Island.
She was inspired by a knight, now she's ready to fight for other women -
If you have any Junior roles going at Necker Island give us a shout 🙋
Three finalists in The Extreme Tech Challenge pitch their ideas to Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island.
Polynesians begin to bottomfish at Nihoa and Necker Island in the Hawaiian Northwest Islands, 1000 A.D.
ooh a new job! Good luck :D. We're hoping to get a special invite to Necker Island by Mr.Branson, we're pretty confident
looking to partner @ summit for Necker Island, partner opps. If you know anyone Pls connect us! Thx for the follow!
Dear Virgin. I lost my ticket to a month's stay on Necker Island. Can you plz replace, no questions asked? Tnx.
If someone would like to take me on holiday to necker island then I would be happy with that💰☀️
What it's like to pitch Richard Branson on Necker Island via Madeline Stone
So fun to be onstage playing violin to accompany on guitar at XTC @ Necker Island
Are you really living your or just paying bills till you die?
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Finally catching up with this Necker Island show...first 5 mins W O W
bet Necker island would sort this hangover right out
Farewell to the lemurs. Heading home after an amazing week in the BVIs! @ Necker Island
Father Christmas made it to Necker Island this year - on a kiteboard! .
My last day on Necker Island. Thank you for this amazing experience and your love,…
Ben Ainslie was sailing by Necker Island, boat had mechanical trouble so we helped rescue him! h…
On Necker Island with and an amazing group of change makers right this second as these…
What is really like? Here’s my favourite videos on our beautiful home
What does a day on look like & what does the future hold for the island? Find out: http:…
What inspires me? Watch these videos to be inspired too
Did you see the documentary? Here are some more videos about the island:
Fun way to catalyze discussions on Necker @ Necker Island
SY Zefira making Necker island look small in the BVI's 😊
'the unbelievers' & 'Happy' & 'Necker Island (doc on Richard Branson's island on bbc iplayer)
i m not gonna give upp.the worlds need me and you to.are you are now in Necker island?
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Billionaire's Paradise: Inside Necker Island A look at one of the most exclusive holiday de...
What a great Event on island ! Next year aim we will have company as a winner !
Congrats to Mr Ainslie on being rescued by Sir Richard and spending time on Necker Island smile
Asking dad to take me to necker Island for my birthday was going well until I told him it's £40k a night to stay there.
What aspect of your job makes you happiest? For it's giving back:
I'm cancelling my trip to Necker Island 👎
Votes are in! Our top 3 finalists going to Necker Island, pitching are Breathometer, Doctor On Demand an
When I sent my wind to necker island? It came back 15 degrees . Next day 3 degrees. *-*
guess your happy place is Necker Island? It now has a 3 word address (actually many)
At Necker Island watching judgung the future billionaire start-ups like
Dancing on the table with at Necker Island 😜
pretty sure it will be Necker Island if I manage to get there one day!
And another boat for the Champagne and cocktails. @ Necker Island. Sir…
On my way to perform on for Sir Richard Branson and the crew…
attendees and organizers sporting HELIX swag with @ Necker Island
Order Miche Bag Online!
It was great being back at Island and awesome hanging out with & crew htt…
We are sharing some photos with you when travelling to island as it happens!
Need my advice for your company?Enter your business into & win a trip to Necker Island with me. …
Just seen a nice little valentines offer for a trip to Necker Island, only £25, if anyone fancies surprising me, I don't ask for much
"hey brother, can you spare any change?" ~ people who have never been to Necker Island.
Atlanta CEO Heads to Necker Island to Mentor Finalists in the Extreme Tech Challenge
You'd have to throw in a free week on Necker Island for me to back 2.33 ;)
There is actually a bloke who is Richard Bransons personal photographer on Necker island . Hello Richard!
anyone got a spare £25k? You can go on holiday for a whole... 7 days!
Hanging with and Sir at Necker Island. Dinner with some great…
Ben Ainslie and Georgie Thompson rescued from BOAT on Necker Island
The road to Necker Island has officially begun in Las Vegas... The Top 10 finalists have been selected in Sir Richard Branson's Extreme Tech Challenge. Join us this week in Las Vegas at CES, the world's largest consumer electronics show, to witness the competition Live on stage. Contestants will sho…
Last night, Necker yes please!! £30k a week to no thank you
A trip to Necker Island is certainly on our wish list after seeing the programme last night:
100% Holidays. Without a Travel Agent you are on your own... We also sell Necker Island xx
I want to go to Necker Island so badly!!! It's actually perfect
A little motivation for the new year! Billionaire's Paradise: Inside Necker Island: via
can I have a job on necker island please 👍
Necker island looks like the best place in the world ☀️
Can’t believe Necker Island cost $180.000, my house cost more than that. I know it was 30 odd year ago but still… reight move!
Just wondered if needed one extra electrician/multi-skilled tradesmen on the island of necker?
Such a terrible idea to watch the Necker Island documentary during exam period...
The water sports staff on necker island 😍👌
“Most definitely staying at Necker Island very soon! u getting an invite from then?
Just catching up on Last Night's Program on Necker Island. Must ask Richard Branson about a discount next time I see him!
Most definitely staying at Necker Island very soon!
necker island has nothing on Scotland in the summer! People not places ;)
Scotland's just as exotic as necker island!! ;)
Watching the docu on Necker Island on Kind of grossed out to be honest.
Watching Richard Bransons necker island, can only dream, one day 😍😍😍
not getting wed on Necker Island but is just as nice trust me
Interesting TV programme on Necker Island last night-hope you noticed the Beaumet Champagne chilling in the ice buckets
The geography geek in me couldn't help but criticise beach replenishment efforts on Necker Island last night 🙈
Ok so I asked mam to price necker island for summer, not thinking it was 30 thousand for one week,whaat, is that even allowed
This Necker Island place is so buff
One wet and windy school run in and I need a week on Branson's Necker Island, saw it last night, I'd even take a week on the second one, Mosquito Island, which didn't appeal quite so much. Trouble is, at £280,000 a week, by the time you include the extras, additional baggage allowance, deposit, linen, it all starts to add up.We can dream though eh?
I want to work on necker.Richard Branson's private island !! 😩
it was quite an eye opener. Last night's about Richard Branson's Necker Island was fascinating too.
Watching the programme about necker island makes me excited for my holiday. A week today 😃😃😃😃
I found the opening minute of this quite... well, sickening really!
I want to live or work on Necker Island 🌅
Did anyone see the world premiere of BBC Billionair paradise: Necker Island? . It's now on
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