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Nebraska Furniture Mart

Nebraska Furniture Mart is the largest home furnishing store in North America selling furniture, flooring, appliances and electronics.

Kansas City Warren Buffett

sour skittles are now on my list of things to outlaw, along with anime and Nebraska Furniture Mart
Nebraska Furniture Mart on I actually really like this store idk whats with all of the bad reviews. the cus…
we would rather buy the product in Nebraska furniture Mart because we don't want to order them & they don't come for Christmas
my wife and I have been loyal consumers with Nebraska furniture Mart but we might just have to order this product from Apple!
Nebraska furniture Mart should know or have some concept when this product is coming in for the upcoming Christmas season
Please let me know if you have any information about the availability of the Apple Airpods at the KCK Nebraska Furniture Mart
if a product is coming out before Xmas Nebraska Furniture Mart salespeople shouldn't be 2 busy 2 assists me.
Nebraska furniture mart changed the delivery time so won't be home in time, so we'll just have to see when it's con…
Hi, I'm a long time shopper with Nebraska Furniture Mart. I buy all tech & appliances at the KCK store.
Pay off my Nebraska furniture mart credit card or buy a Xbox one to play FIFA ?
I called and after spending thousands at Nebraska Furniture Mart, I am told, NMF IS NOT a furniture store STRANGE in my opinion
I bet Nebraska Furniture Mart's company christmas party is out of control with all those lampshades to choose from
Last night a costumer tried to get me to price match Nebraska Furniture Mart's black Friday ad.
in book!. While I sold Nebraska Mart Wayfair Fired me based…
We'd be otw to Nebraska furniture mart with my paycheck
Do I see a Nebraska Furniture Mart commercial in your future?
When what you planned for your six months doesn't work out, I highly recommend that you go spend over an hour in Nebraska Furniture Mart
Nebraska Furniture Mart. Purchased something solely because they told me it would arrive the 10th. Now they don't even
In one of those Mega Stores you see in those futuristic movies. Nebraska Furniture Mart is the size of Nebraska.
Come to Nebraska Furniture Mart and drop off new/unwrapped toys!
Nebraska Furniture Mart City Cam and the rest of our cams looking soggy.
Someone come to Nebraska Furniture Mart with me!
Who wants to go to this car meet at Nebraska Furniture Mart at 7am tomorrow~
TFW there's one dude in home theater at Nebraska Furniture Mart and all you want is to pull the…
tell me why Mariah got excited bc I said we're going to Nebraska furniture mart
across the street from Nebraska Furniture Mart
Santa just walked in to Nebraska Furniture Mart said Merry Christmas and walked out
Thank you for following through Nebraska Furniture Mart. And thanks to Kristi & Clayton in Customer Service.
The perfect accessories for cookies and milk πŸ‘ŒπŸ½ @ Nebraska Furniture Mart
The new Nebraska Furniture Mart Christmas guy is kind of hot. Just saying.
This was me at Nebraska furniture mart the other day. Miss me with that $80 delivery fee for going 2 miles πŸ˜‘
Those were the days - going big on clean management high on ethics and governance |The Nebraska Furniture Mart|.
After 1 trip & 3 calls to Nebraska furniture mart, spending 48 min on hold, & talking to 7 people I finally got 4 throw pillows ordered. πŸ™„
No empties, what a surprise. (@ Nebraska Furniture Mart Drop Lot in Omaha, NE)
I'm at Nebraska Furniture Mart 1st in line eagerly waiting to see you and get an autograph by you!
Congrats to Sam Rennaker of Omaha winner of the 55" HDTV courtesy of Nebraska Furniture Mart, and 89…
River Listeners to win the 55" TV courtesy of Nebraska Furniture Mart!
Coffee table/ end tables w/iron legs for sale. Purcahsed at Nebraska Furniture Mart . Paid $900 ask $400 (will except best offer)
Literally think I've lost it all...but nope lost a kid today in Nebraska furniture mart 😳
Free photo with Santa today at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Stop by the Belly Image booth to learn more about our services!
...and more reindeer. Nebraska Furniture Mart had a guy signing…
Just gave a math lesson to the manager at Nebraska Furniture Mart. I barely graduated high school by the way.
It's the best collection at Nebraska Furniture Mart. People really love it.…
91 acres of prime real estate intended to lure Nebraska Furniture Mart wound up landing Dallas ...
Went to Nebraska furniture mart for 2.5 hours looking for a rug for my living room & left in legit tears. Why? Bc I couldn't decide on one πŸ˜‚
Feeling numb after our first Nebraska Furniture Mart experience. What a stark contrast to my…
Cousin just asked me if I wanted to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart to find a new dining room table. Uh, are you kidding me? Now? Stupid ??
"You guys want to go to Nebraska furniture mart?" - πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Mercer Modern Morris Arm Chair in Beige - Set of 2 | Nebraska Furniture Mart. Wouldn't use for ever
Nebraska furniture mart is sooo addicting 😩😩
Too funny! Rock & Brews is a music-themed restaurant located very close to Nebraska Furniture Mart in The...
Nebraska Furniture Mart is a little piece of *** on earth...Just sold my soul for an eternity of debt.
I felt the same way when they opened a Nebraska Furniture Mart in Dallas. Just stay Jersey strong. In Philly.
I have the day off tomorrow with my babe. Gym x Nebraska Furniture Mart x Plaza πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
lol no, it was a wall of flowers at Nebraska Furniture Mart
Love that the KISS restaurant is on Nebraska Furniture Mart Drive.
I'm about to go to sleep in Nebraska Furniture Mart
Location of Nebraska Furniture Mart shoppers in 2015. Truly a destination shopping experience.
92% of all Nebraska Furniture Mart sales still take place in the store.
Nebraska furniture mart is my happy place πŸ’š
I would probably go to Nebraska Furniture Mart a lot more if it was closer to Fort Worth
Drooling over a new bedroom set from Nebraska Furniture Mart.
Nebraska Furniture Mart keeps calling me to buy more bedroom furniture...but all I wanted was one night stand
Saw the perfect bedroom set today at Nebraska furniture Mart.. Anybody got like $850 I can hold?
Just got back from Nebraska Furniture Mart! I bought all bedroom stuff! I'm so excited to move in!
I would already have my bedroom set and he said he will get me furniture from Nebraska furniture Mart
We are only leaving this house to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart. I'm trying to get me a new bedroom set
sumbody call Nebraska furniture mart an c if dey got the recliner by lazy boy
the kiss restaurant is going up right next to Nebraska furniture mart
Did you see the cool stuff the Samsung washer and dryer from Nebraska Furniture Mart can do?...
YAY!! Recording more spots for Nebraska Furniture Mart tomorrow!!
Went to Nebraska Furniture Mart Texas last night. Holy crap. It's the size of a mall.
Lead Cashier - Nebraska Furniture Mart - Omaha, NE: βˆ™ Support Cashiers by answering questions and...
Who wants to go to Nebraska Furniture mart with me tomorrow I just have to explore that place
Something about a child with their toe stuck inside an escalator at Nebraska Furniture Mart.
I lied Nebraska Furniture Mart is pretty cool
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Who remembers the Chiefs locker room show at Nebraska Furniture Mart?, I was there every week!
Get your hands on our ToyCare product at these following sponsoring locations: Ikea, Nebraska Furniture Mart, Rooms To Go, and Pottery Barn.
Walking through Nebraska Furniture Mart creating my dream bedroom, kitchen, and living room!
Nebraska Furniture mart delivered the wrong furniture last night after I waited 2 weeks for delivery. Still bedroom set…
Check out Dallas Face Painters at Nebraska Furniture Mart, the Colony this Saturday from 11 am to 2 pm.Putting Smiles on Faces.
Nebraska Furniture Mart did $9 million on Saturday, & act like he can't accidentally deposit $500K in my account.
oh man I'm not sure what brand it is! I got it at a Nebraska furniture Mart
Nub alert: shopping around Nebraska Furniture Mart with her backpack on
Ever wanted 2b on The is coming 2 Nebraska Furniture Mart!
Come join us on Saturday from Noon to 3pm in The Colony at Nebraska Furniture Mart for Severe Weather Awareness Day!
Take a spin: Free Wheelmobile is headed to Nebraska Furniture Mart:
Something Mrs. B could never have imagined: Nebraska Furniture Mart owns $80 million worth of $WFC
Hourly Sales Associate: $11.28 an hour For over 75 years, Nebraska Furniture Mart…
Some of the workers @ Nebraska furniture mart are low key cute πŸ‘€πŸ‘€
Exciting visit from HOM Furniture and Nebraska Furniture Mart sales people along with Paul Lyman. They enjoyed...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
The search for patio furniture continues ... (@ Nebraska Furniture Mart - in The Colony, TX)
Sell cheap and tell the truth- Rose Blumkin. Motto of the late founder of Nebraska Furniture Mart .
Check out the giveaway at Nebraska Furniture Mart via
Nebraska Furniture Mart has better prices on microwaves anyway.
Macy's is kind of expensive I'm thinking Nebraska furniture mart
I should go dorm shopping at Nebraska furniture mart
It's better to have them hate you, than to feel sorry for you - Mrs. B of Nebraska Furniture Mart.
couldn't find a good picture of the speedway or Nebraska furniture mart.
Have you gone to Nebraska Furniture Mart? Dangerous place.
Never go to Nebraska Furniture Mart alone. You'll get lost, hungry and sad. And the mermaid pillows will make you question your whole life.
[banksy walks in nebraska furniture mart] have you seen the recliners they have in africa? it's called Dirt
Nebraska Furniture Mart is the greatest place on Earth and I will fight you if you disagree.
Nebraska Furniture Mart on a Saturday and I'm bored? This could be trouble...
Promised my wife a day of shopping in Kansas City if we swept yesterday. So Nebraska Furniture Mart it is! Thanks a lot Fam!
There's a line to get in Nebraska Furniture Mart because it's not open yet..Like hold on I'm sure that couch will still be there in 5 minsπŸ˜‚
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
no my actual job at Nebraska furniture mart
Nebraska furniture Mart and Ikea in 3hrs
I hope to walk out of here with just a video game...😢 (@ Nebraska Furniture Mart - in The Colony, TX)
Come down to Nebraska Furniture Mart for the Easter sale! Jesus has risen and prices have fallen!
"They price match. If you cant find it here. You must of missed something"
I know I'm getting old because I get to go to Nebraska Furniture Mart this weekend and I'm so pumped.
Warren Buffett says this small chain of furniture stores in the Midwest is outselling the rest of the industry
I'm now the Duke of Nebraska Furniture Mart on
Hey How about you turn off pop-up ads during severe weather. I don't need info on Nebraska Furniture Mart just now.
Speaker Lee Summers oversees all immersive customer engagement at Nebraska Furniture Mart.
Need to spend a day in rooms to go or Nebraska furniture Mart
The electronics guy at Nebraska Furniture mart injured himself trying out for American Ninja Warrior.. I told him he was my heroπŸ‘πŸΌ
Thank you for hosting us tonight at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Great small business story!
We've got some See's Candies here tonight a The Nebraska Furniture Mart. Two of Warren Buffet's…
We are at Nebraska Furniture Mart for 2016s first DBJ After Hours!
Looking forward to seeing everyone at Nebraska Furniture Mart tonight. Big crowd on tap!
TCPD en route to Nebraska Furniture Mart for a hit and run. (28-W3)
I'm on the Nebraska Furniture Mart blog! Check it out and learn how you can win a new TV for game day!
babe, does this call for a Nebraska Furniture Mart date soon? 😁
with an outdoor stage in the Nebraska Furniture Mart parking lot
12 Thoughts we all have while shopping at Nebraska Furniture Mart.
Mom and dad are under arrest at Nebraska Furniture Mart, and the 10 and 12 y/o are at home alone needing to be checked on.
What a great visit with and great partner Nebraska Furniture Mart!
Read about In-Store Digital Media at the Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas, and much more.Β 
Many enter, only the strongest survive.
Those mermaid pillows from Nebraska Furniture Mart are being sold for $162.99. Who would buy such a thing?
People for miles and miles around drive to Nebraska Furniture Mart to browse, always find what they want. I did.
Where's the boosters that can steal from Nebraska Furniture Mart? I need a living Room set and Bedroom set.
1980s - ROSE BLUMKIN - Omaha's Nebraska Furniture Mart - Mrs. B. via should watch this old video .
Nebraska Furniture Mart catches holiday shoplifters via should watch
GRAND OPENING of Nebraska Furniture Mart in Texas - May 7th, 2015 via should watch this video.
A peek inside Nebraska Furniture Mart Texas via should watch this is huge.
They have a lot of stuff at the Nebraska Furniture Mart ... But a turntable with vinyl records. Wow.
Learn how Nebraska Furniture Mart is using your phone to gain retail data. GeoMarketing
You won't hear "Where can I find..." at Nebraska Furniture Mart thanks to app.
thank you for creating Nebraska Furniture Mart. You are using horizontal integration at its finest
New opening at Nebraska Furniture Mart in - Electronics Hourly + Commission https:…
I really love how Nebraska Furniture Mart doesn't let you check your gift card balance online.
I saw these at Nebraska furniture Mart. Fancy
Nebraska Furniture Mart in Dallas is a little overwhelming. It's like an amusement park filled with furniture. 😳
Apply now to work for Nebraska Furniture Mart as in
Only in Omaha does this make the news. Um we don't care about this.Warren Nem got it ... Apple got...
You don't want to be this fella... And if you know this fella give us a yell.
"Nebraska furniture Mart, all day, everyday"
Nebraska Furniture Mart offering reward for tip leading to arrest in recent theft
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
needed in at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Apply now!
demo today at Nebraska Furniture Mart of TX in Colony, TX. See you there!
Nebraska Furniture Mart is the most extravagant store ever
I apparently look old enough to buy furniture at nebraska furniture mart πŸ˜…
Deck some serious halls with gifts & decor from Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas
Get your house clean! This Dirt Devi is cheaper than the Nebraska Furniture Mart price!
Just saw a girl with a YLC shirt at Nebraska Furniture Mart.
Need something to top off your holiday decorating? Make sure and check out the 50% Off In-Store sale at Nebraska...
Roku 2 (new faster model) for $58.32 shipped from Nebraska Furniture Mart
10:28 in line at Nebraska Furniture Mart loading dock.
Shopping trip to KC with my hubby. Nebraska Furniture Mart here we come!
Wants to go to Nebraska furniture Mart with me Sunday or Monday?
Pretty much exactly what I've been slowing buying at Nebraska furniture mart. is making is superfluous, though.
goes to bat for Then, I will no longer shop at Nebraska Furniture Mart
delivering furniture and appliances for Nebraska Furniture Mart
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 for PS4 or Xbox One ($39.99): Nebraska Furniture Mart offers Call of Duty: Black Ops III…
Shoot. Go to Nebraska Furniture Mart and they'll hook it up
* they're trying to get him from near Nebraska Furniture Mart. Hope he makes it home safe.
Nebraska Furniture Mart is hiring a apply now!
All inside Nebraska Furniture Mart. Family got some small items. I just people watched the crowd and kept w...
Family date night at Nebraska Furniture Mart of Texas. I *may* have been accused of having a problem... 󾍇
Hope it doesn't hit the new Nebraska Furniture Mart!
is it weird that I love going to Nebraska furniture mart??πŸ˜‚
Got ticked at Nebraska furnitire Mart because I couldn't decide on any office furniture. Left with a new washer/dryer set
You'd think you're at Disney World driving through the Nebraska Furniture Mart parking lot
Nebraska Furniture Mart is currently blowing my mind... If you can dream of something for your house, they have it in 50 colors
Guess what!!! They are putting in a Hard Eight BBQ in Frisco by Nebraska furniture mart!
Shopping found a dinning room table...!! koch (@ Nebraska Furniture Mart - in Omaha, NE)
The nephew is trying to take it all in at Nebraska Furniture Mart.
This city loves its baseball team! So cool to be at Nebraska Furniture Mart and everyone has on Royals gear!
Tips for1st time visitors to the new New Nebraska Furniture Mart. Yes, you need them!
πŸ˜‚ sluggers on the loose in Nebraska Furniture Mart
They put a Nebraska Furniture Mart in DFW, but instead of the standard huge size, they had to make it the biggest furniture store in America
I might have tried out 3 massage chairs at Nebraska Furniture Mart tonight. I could have stayed there…
"did you guys know you could furnish your whole house from the stuff in Nebraska Furniture Mart?". woah Brady you don't say
It is ginormous. It is glorious. It is Ikea on steroids but less Scandanaviany:
I'm never buying from Nebraska Furniture Mart ever again. I've been waiting for my couch for almost 3 months now...
Wow, new at is huge. Where's my tour guide? lead the way!
Demoing the Pro Flight Simulator at the Nebraska Furniture Mart in Frisco, TX
Spending the afternoon with this Beauty!!! A little retail therapy!!! @ Nebraska Furniture Mart of…
From dust collectors to dust ruffles, take our tour of in
Need a job? Come to Nebraska Furniture Mart Tuesday April 21st and put me down as a referral!
Sounds like Disneyland for shoppers. 8,000 products alone at the accessories bazaar at the front of the store.
What's inside the massive Nebraska Furniture Mart? Let's take a tour (also with video)
For Furniture Mart, everything, including sales, is bigger in Texas |
So, my tips of the day... 1. Do not schedule a furniture delivery from Nebraska Furniture Mart on a day when you...
Told Nebraska Furniture Mart mgr newly planted tree BLOCKS small sign 2 turn 2 the store. Well C if he has an owners concern as good steward
Hey Nebraska Furniture Mart, I got a job...stop rubbing it in that I failed your stupid test by sending me "you might like this job."emails.
Dropped a good penny at Nebraska Furniture Mart πŸ˜†
Can't wait to do grown up things with tonight. Watch out Nebraska furniture Mart.
We sent & to TX store. Somehow they found way home.
I need to go to Nebraska furniture Mart
Nebraska Furniture Mart is the WORST! Countless issues with quality, customer service, and delivery.
I absolutely love Nebraska furniture mart lol
Nebraska Furniture Mart: Everything, including sales, is bigger in Texas - Omaha World-Herald
Warren Buffett visits new Nebraska Furniture Mart in The Colony today
Peeking inside Nebraska Furniture Mart, yes it's huge It's like a whole city.
Vistas at Waterstone Neighborhood Homes In Frisco Texas is just minutes from Nebraska Furniture Mart
Passed a garage sale on Ward Parkway and says "that's not a garage sale, that's Nebraska Furniture Mart, they have 8 couches".
Blazin' Time is here again! This week check out Frank McGlynn & Whitney Maxwell at DJ's Dugout Sports Bar West location...very fun!! And over at Brewsky's Food & Spirits Haymarket location Keith Allen & Mike Mathews will be whipping up some fun times for everyone all weekend long! And if you happen to be attending the Berkshire Hathaway Big League Picnic after the Shareholders meeting, you will see all four of our players from 5:30 - 8:00 pm (at Nebraska Furniture Mart). Gonna be a big weekend so come on out and get your Blaze on with us!! Doors @ 7 - Shows @ 9...See you there!!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Video-Deep in the Mart of Texas: Nebraska Furniture Mart driving development in Texas city -
Meet our weather team this Saturday at Nebraska Furniture Mart. Stormy the Weather Dog will be there too! We have some free stuff to give away including our weather flashlight! So, we hope to see you on Saturday afternoon. We will be on stage around 1 PM for introductions, and then we would love to take pictures with you. It's a windy Monday! Have a great day!
At Legends with David Gee. Been to Nebraska Furniture Mart, Cabelas and Five Guys Burgers and Fries. Been a fun filled day. The best part was visiting with our daughter-in-law Melinda Koelliker-Gee. Life is good.
Sectional purchased from Nebraska Furniture Mart about 5 years old. Four reclining seats and corner piece. Too big for space in our house so need to sell. Paid $2000 for it. Located in Lincoln near Lincoln East High School. $600 or Best offer. Message me if interested
Can I just buy everything in Nebraska Furniture Mart?! Can't wait to style a house of my own! 😊
My future house will pretty much be Nebraska furniture mart
Nebraska furniture mart is overwhelming!
can I live in Nebraska Furniture Mart? that'd be chill.
gf makes me go to Nebraska Furniture Mart and I'm like thats cool cuz there's 1,000 places to sit
Nebraska Furniture Mart. Neither NFM or YA has been helpful - both say - sorry just keep waiting. :(
I could play in the Nebraska furniture mart for days 😳 this place is insane
We go to Nebraska Furniture Mart for a microwave and come home with a new flat screen for the living room. who does that
About to experience Nebraska Furniture Mart. I think it's the Midwest equivalent of Ikea?
hey y'all, i'm baaack with another shopping adventure. nebraska furniture mart. with my mom. LES DO DIS
Nothing makes me hate life like a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Ran into at Nebraska Furniture Mart. He was boiling water in under three minutes.
In the car going to Nebraska furniture mart to meet up with people we are going to the race with .
Everyone know that you only come to Nebraska furniture Mart to lay in the massage chairs
Missed and Nebraska Furniture Mart by one night. Oh well. Still gonna eat some real beef.
Fun fact: Nebraska Furniture Mart could hardly care less about its employees. New store to boycott.
Deals, news, and events at Nebraska Furniture Mart. & &
Lunch with my dad turned into a trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart and a new bedroom set.
2 jobs is exhausting. I might start taking my lunch breaks at Nebraska Furniture Mart bed testing area
Nebraska furniture mart need to call me by tommorow or I'm a open a can
Apparently I got the largest couch Nebraska Furniture Mart sells oops
I've applied at like 3 places, but I really want the nebraska furniture mart job
Secrets: Nebraska Furniture Mart and the incredible Rose Blumkin! What's your fav. Rose
I checked in at Nebraska Furniture Mart on
Took a trip to the Nebraska Furniture Mart, left as a happy girl. 😍
don't worry Nebraska Furniture Mart is coming!!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I got mine from the Apple store in Nebraska Furniture Mart! I believe there is another one on the Plaza downtown!
I bet no one has ever noticed that Nebraska furniture Mart is on blumpkin dr.
Woo got a call back from nebraska furniture mart πŸ‘
no let's go to best buy and Nebraska furniture mart.
y'all went to Nebraska furniture mart?
Everytime my grandma orders something from Nebraska furniture mart I get an email. Anyways I think she's refurnished her house.
IKEA? How bout Nebraskas Furniture owned by Warren Buffett and coming to Frisco Area in 2015!
The young woman at Nebraska Furniture Mart assured me that my purchase was fashionable and subtlety masculine.
Nebraska furniture mart has my head spinning... That place overwhelms me 😳😁
Nebraska Furniture Mart. In and out in 30 min. .
Reading a biography of (mrs B) Rose blumkin the russian jewish immigrant who started nebraska furniture mart.
up the down in Nebraska Furniture Mart
I just wanted a pink futon. Nebraska Furniture Mart is supposed to have EVERYTHING!
On the Nebraska Furniture Mart website...had no idea there was a difference between a "klik klak" and a futon.
Nebraska Furniture Mart. 30 month financing! Just an easy payment of $40 a month!
Update your maps at Navteq
This is what happens when you take them to Nebraska furniture mart
If you can go to Nebraska Furniture Mart with your partner/spouse without having at least one small fight or breakdown you are a robot.
Nebraska furniture mart and hooters all in one day
Nebraska Furniture Mart is so fun omg 😍😍😍
Most people go to Nebraska Furniture Mart to look for/buy something. I go strictly to sit in the massage chairs.
Even had a few things to say about celebrating 30 years with Nebraska Furniture Mart!
Nebraska furniture mart is such a cool store!
In Nebraska furniture mart with my mom, it's gonna be a long day
Oh Hollywood Casino you get me every time! Nebraska Furniture Mart here I come Friday!!!
Nebraska Furniture Mart, one of the world's largest shopping environs, owned by Omaha investor Warren Buffett (of Berkshire Hathaway) has announced the addition of the NFM-EM Mandolin to the store's complete line of indoor and outdoor products for the home.
Kansas City, Mo. -- A Kansas City woman has launched an email campaign against Nebraska Furniture Mart, hoping to convince the retail giant to reconsider it's stance on conceal carry. Just a month ...
Thelma settled herself in the La-Z-Boy recliner ($799, shipping extra, from Nebraska Furniture Mart in Omaha). Wheel-of-Fortune was on in two minutes, and she had her bowl of popcorn on her left and a Long Island Iced Tea on the right. Β  "OK, Patty, let's get this party started." She pointed the flipper at the giant TV on the wall ($2779, but if it was plasma, LCD, or whatever, she could never remember) and waited through a commercial. Finally her boy Pat came on, and all was right with the world. All except that little yapping ball of Poo-Poo fuzz . . . Finally the moron in the center solved the puzzle. "The Temple Of Athena Nike On The Acropolis!" – which Thelma had known since the N's and O's were in place. Β  "About time, *** " Thelma grumbled at the television. "And – ""It's a prize puzzle!" Pat Sajak interrupted. "You're going to Athens, Greece!" Β  "You and a guest will fly round-trip coach from Los Angeles to Athens for a week's stay at . . ." Thelma stopped listening and went to the wet ba . ...
Comfort Inn & Suites hotel in Omaha is right off I-80 on 72nd Street near Nebraska Furniture Mart and minutes from Fun-Plex and University of Nebraska at Omaha. Hotel offers free breakfast and free Wi-Fi.
Did you know that Nebraska Furniture Mart will do 30 price adjustments if you call them and ask for the new price? Delaney's bed just went down $100 and they are crediting me! I was going to make a DIY pallet headboard for Delaney and was so excited when there were 3 pallets that appeared behind my store. My associate and I said oh it's a God thing and drug them in the store. Well the pallets fall apart when you are trying to take them apart so I decided plan b. We will be buying lumber.well guess what.God just took care of materials for my headboard again!!! God is great:)
Miss Kay shops like I shop. I love Nebraska Furniture Mart. 😬
WORD OF THE DAY "KANSAS" (day four of four) A State in the USA, which most people assume is boring, flat, and trashy. That there are just a bunch of rednecks and mobile homes. That is not true. It is a wonderful state and if you haven't been there than don't criticize it. There's: Massachusetts Street in Lawrence: countless restaurants, shops, etc. Olathe Great Plains Mall- A really big mall Worlds of Fun- an awesome amusement park 100's of acres big. Great Wolf Lodge- Indoor WaterPark Cabela's and Nebraska Furniture Mart - Cabella's is a huge, gigantic sporting goods store, Nebraska Furniture Mart is like a Walmart times 50. University of Kansas- Self- Explanatory Union Station-holds Science City and restaurants and stuff- awesome place too. Russell Stover's- Chocolate Candy Loaded with history - The Eisenhower Center, forts Riley and Leavenworth. Airplanes are made here - Boeing, Beechcraft, and Cessna. The Interstate Highway System was initiated in Kansas. Mount Leonard-awesome, awesome place... KC Zoo ...
Wanted to share a little story that happened about an hour ago. I'm driving up a steep hill here in the south end of town with the bed of my truck full of lumber and plywood. Halfway up the hill, all the lumber and plywood decide to slide out onto the street. A local neighbor (prob in his 50's) wasted no time running up the hill to help in the cleanup, and about the same time a Nebraska Furniture Mart truck comes by and precedes to pull over at the bottom of the hill and both men in that truck got out and ran up the hill to help as well. As we are all loading the mess in the back of the truck, a carload of approx 17-20 yr old "boys" creep by laughing at us and went on their way. So here three "older" gentlemen find it "right" to stop what they are doing while these young "punks" drive by laughing and watching us instead of stopping and helping. Pretty impressed at the other gentlemen offering their assistance but pretty sad I thought that the "kids" drove on by.
Come see our store: Tuva 721 So. 72 St. Omaha Ne. 68114 across the street from Nebraska Furniture Mart next to Big Lots
They're going to tear down and redevelop the Crossroads mall area in Omaha. Sounds pretty awesome to me. Traffic is a bit heavy there as it is but hey, that's some great real estate. from OTB Destination website (they're the developers): 72nd & Dodge - the heart of Omaha. This completely re-imagined destination will include new-to-market retailers and restaurants, office space and residential living. Crossroads is an urban infill site surrounded by the most affluent demographics in the state of Nebraska and world-class shadow anchors, including the University of Nebraska - Omaha, Nebraska Furniture Mart and Methodist Hospital. Opening Fall 2014.
Going to Omaha to check out Nebraska Furniture Mart for the house!
Nebraska Furniture Mart expands in Dallas, invests in its hometown of
Why does Nebraska Furniture Mart email me? Do I look like I buy fancy furniture? Where's it gonna go, my room in Dieterich?
Changin pandora stations to wmyb in Nebraska furniture Mart
What visit to Nebraska is complete without a stop at Nebraska Furniture Mart?
Nebraska furniture Mart is on the way I will finally have bedroom furniture again!
Listen to What Employees say about working at Nebraska Furniture Mart in Clive Iowa: via des moines ia
Spending the day waiting for the carpet cleaners and Nebraska Furniture Mart.BORING!
Nebraska Furniture Mart is dropping the ball, they forgot about us in the loading dock & we've been here for 20 minutes. Only ones here.
Whenever i'm in Nebraska Furniture Mart I think of how I want my future apartment to look lol
But if you must do Nebraska Furniture Mart, I highly suggest you do it during a game.
Nebraska Furniture Mart is not recommended for anyone having suicidal thoughts.
dad just got in a fight at Nebraska furniture mart 😳
i remember when i got lost at Nebraska furniture mart ..
check the mart, as in Nebraska Furniture Mart Happy New Year!
Literally every single tv in nebraska furniture mart has the nebraska game on it
Brashears is having their warehouse sale now. Nebraska furniture mart in KC ships up to 6 items to Btown for $50.
Hit up Nebraska Furniture Mart this afternoon, now getting ready to watch 'The Emperor's New Groove.'
Sooo tired! I went to bed at 4am & then woke up @ 8am when Nebraska Furniture Mart showed up! & now I'm staying up to bring in the new year!
I was looking at dishwashers at Nebraska Furniture Mart and I accidentally broke a piece off so I just awkwardly walked away.
I need to take my CPU to Nebraska furniture mart
Enjoying this trip to Nebraska Furniture Mart wayy more than I thought I would. It's like pinning to my dream house board in real life.
I guess I'll make it official. I'm officially an employee at Nebraska Furniture Mart!
I see you girl. 2013 Recruiting at Nebraska furniture mart
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