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Neal Stephenson

Neal Town Stephenson (born October 31, 1959) is an American writer known for his works of speculative fiction.

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▲ The IX Series. Weston’s storytelling style reminds me of Neal Stephenson.
Check out Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash for more stuff like this, published in 1992!
6% done with The System of the World, by Neal Stephenson
"Aww, look at all these leftover books after the giveaway.". "Hey! A Neal Stephenson!". Every book its reader.
it stands for Yours Truly and is based on the character in Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson 📚 And it sounds like the letters. 😊
New web log post up, in which I briefly consider Neal Stephenson's "Seveneves."
Just finished the latest Black Mirrors, and they are fabulous. CB is a GENIUS like Neal Stephenson or Iain M Banks!
Best Neal Stephenson book to try in audio book format? Have some audible credits & a lot of travel coming up 🤔
Like, this is worthy of Neal Stephenson, William Gibson… the whole cadre of 80's science-fiction
Once a person has all the things they need to live, everything else is entertainment. ~Neal Stephenson
It reminded me a bit of the VR world in Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash, but more laden with spirituality.
Has anyone else read "Seveneves" by Neal Stephenson? Because it is the best kind of anxiety inducing.
would be a little too Neal Stephenson.
finished shadow warrior 2. the ending .. first Doom and now this. what is it with this year and neal stephenson-esque endings in FPSs?
Never read a book by Neal Stephenson. Unsure what I'm more afraid of, feeling dumb while reading it or not feeling smarter after.
Difrnce btwn stupid& intelligent ppl- whether or not they are educated - intelligent people can handle subtlety. Neal Stephenson
Currently really struggling with Neal Stephenson's "Seveneves." The premise of the story is interesting so far...
that “about me” section reads like he’s a Neal Stephenson protagonist. Sword fighting, levitation engineer, mars rivers…
If you’re digging the Mars books, check out Neal Stephenson’s Seveneves some time.
On page 110 of 927 of Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson
I bet Neal Stephenson never saw that one coming!
Or perhaps we live in a Neal Stephenson book:
Somewhere, and Neal Stephenson are shaking their heads knowingly at this whole Mirai bot net DDoS thing
I grew up reading William Gibson and Neal Stephenson... “The Future” by
Beautiful. Most of Neal Stephenson's more accessible books have people rollerblading
Famed science-fiction author Neal Stephenson is running a creative studio for secretive ...
Overall, the combo of hacker ethos, puke spray, and bicycles put me in mind of Neal Stephenson's "Zodiac"
have you read this? From 20 years ago, but written by Neal Stephenson, and yes - oddly interesting!
Neal Stephenson blowing up the moon. Next on Are robots finally coming for our jobs?
On page 135 of 470 of Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson: This time line confuses me. When a...
The author Neal Stephenson is unbelievably excellent. I recommend starting with his book "Reamde" (and no, it's not misspelled!)
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The difference between stupid and intelligent people - and this is t...
SF? Anathem by Neal Stephenson, great book but also a great performance in the audiobook.
did you read Seveneves by Neal Stephenson? Tons of detail involving space travel etc in novel form
Most countries are static, and they need to do is keep having babies...
21. The Cyberpunk genre. I forget what kickstarted the interest, but part of it was definitely Neal Stephenson's "Snow Crash"
What do you make of Rick Wilson's claim on Jamie Weinstein's podcast that RAH & Neal Stephenson were 2 of his main influences?
love that book, have you done the Baroque Cycle? Reamde is a killer read also. I love Neal Stephenson, Chris Brookm…
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte, Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson, Only a Kiss by Mary Balogh (right now, at least)
FINALLY finished Neal Stephenson's seveneves. Thanks for the recommendation Highly recommend for anyone who loves scifi!
If you like hyooouge reads, the Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. The Locke Lamora books by Scott Lynch good too.
Yikes. Me too. Three words for you: Orson Scott Card. Another two: Neal Stephenson.
Who your favorite authors? Mine are Preston and/or Child, HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, Neal Stephenson, Mark Z. Danielewski
did you ever read Diamond Age back in the days I f cyberpunk science fiction? Neal Stephenson predicted all this.
cool, a step closer to The Illustrated Primer from The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson.
Swift Playgrounds is really. it reminds us of Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age.
TIL Amazon's first Kindle was code-named Fiona, after Fiona Hackworth from Neal Stephenson's 'The Diamond Age'. Am…
gallimaufry: my word of the day thanks to Neal Stephenson's "The Diamond Age"
Can't believe this is the first Neal Stephenson movie though. Snow Crash, Diamond Age, Anathem would all be amazing.
Kevin J Anderson or Neal Stephenson imo, I've not read anything by them but I see them in EVERY bookshop and on EVERY forum
by far the Baroque Cycle. By Neal Stephenson. Really it's i think 6 books in all
\\ it's one of my fav bits of Neal Stephenson's first book in the Baroque Cycle 1/2
Neal Stephenson includes a few kinds of polearms in The Baroque Cycle.
Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle: Quicksilver, the Confusion and System of the World.
We could assign them 'Cryptonomicon' by Neal Stephenson as required reading.
both and more. Go read or listen to Neal Stephenson - Baroque Cycle for slightly fictionalized account.
I like history books, biographies, sci-fi is sort of very, VERY specific. I really only like Stephen Baxter and Neal Stephenson.
also, John Scalzi is great (redshirts, old man's war is what I started with), and can't miss with Neal Stephenson.
Novels read recently: Annihilation by Jeff VanderMeer and Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. Currently: Luna by Ian McDonald.
Rubio might be the candidate in "Interface" by Neal Stephenson and George Jewsbury.
Whoa. Neal Stephenson. The Diamond Age. Read it. Highly recommended, as is everything by Stephenson.
The Silk Road saga is a fascinating story, better than most Neal Stephenson novels. Start here for a good summary
Just over 10% into SevenEves by Neal Stephenson and it's triggering anxiety something shocking :-( I'm going to read something else!
You will love Snow Crash / any of the proposed futures of Neal Stephenson
This makes me think of the acting grids in Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age.
Neal Stephenson's SEVENEVES: can't decide if I like it more or less than Anathem and REAMDE. Would recommend it last of the three.
. I have read it, in fact. Neal Stephenson is a little obsessed with it: you can see its influence on ‘Snow Crash
4 of 5 stars to Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
Fight scene? If so, there are a number in _Reamde_ by Neal Stephenson. But that's long and has lots of not-action.
2/3/16 @ 7PM -- Salem, NH Science Fiction Book Group discusses "Anathem" by Neal Stephenson. If you've read it, stop by!
Reminds me of this piece by Neal Stephenson: In this metaphor, Bitcoin (and Unix) are the Hole Hawg.
someone recently mentioned a book that was like "the math parts of Neal Stephenson's Anathem." Any idea which book it was?
Wow - Neal Stephenson Seveneves - 51% done and its already one of my favourite books
Just bought Interface by Neal Stephenson's - foregrounds in a Sci-fi way what's happening in US elections c.f.
Loved the Neal Stephenson reference in particular...
Cryptonomicon Neal Stephenson Hacks Into the Secret Histories of Nations and the Private Obsessions of Men
love reading Seveneves by Neal Stephenson word of the day "Perigee"
Yes, it tells you if they can actually understand and model the system. Harder with bread though :-) As Neal Stephenson said:
IMHO first part of Seveneves is Stephenson's best work and second part close to his worst!!
On page 825 of 927 of Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson: I am such a dork, but I do not car...
Philip K *** Star Trek "extended universe" novels and the Stuarts in England (thanks Neal Stephenson)
the last book I read was 'Snow Crash' by Neal Stephenson, which I recommend to you as well.
16% done with The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson: Book is very slow moving so far. Kind ...
Seveneves by Neal Stephenson: highly recommended for space fans.
Lance Stephenson throws down this HUGE dunk over Julius Randle.
by Neal Stephenson available for at
On page 668 of 927 of Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson
. Neal Stephenson based one of his novels around the corporate espionage about & the psychology of DENIM.
2701 is a plot triviality in Neal Stephenson's "Cryptonomicon"
Do you have a book, Seveneves, by Neal Stephenson, in stock?
Woke up early this morning to finish the last 50 pages of THE Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson,…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
And his picks are: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson; The World Until Yesterday by Jared Diamond & SPQR by Mary Beard.
not sure forced reading of Neal Stephenson and Douglas Coupland a huge leap forward.
Email really is a fascinating problem -- Neal Stephenson - Why I Am a Bad Correspondent
Asking on How does Neil Degrasse Tyson feel about Neal Stephenson's Seveneves?
Watching this odd movie from 1985 called 'Real Genius' with Val Kilmer. It's a lot like 'The Big U' by Neal Stephenson. Best line so far is:
Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Altered Carbon by Richard Morgan. The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.
Unbelievable, smart, & something out of a William Gibson or Neal Stephenson novel.
Only that I didn't - Neal Stephenson did, in his cyberpunk magnum opus Snowcrash.
Neal Stephenson is my pick for modern sci-if writer. But Heinlein got me started when I was young
In that case, you should also check out Neal Stephenson's Seveneves.
I still find myself thinking about Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash. It's been years since I read it, and I've read MANY books since.
Herald Mage (trilogy) is Mercedes Lackey, Snow Crash is by Neal Stephenson. Great books both :)
Summer Reading | Aaron Flint Jamison on why he's chosen Neal Stephenson's novel Seveneves.
Great claim to fame! I'll let you know re: Stross. Also got Gene Wolfe, Ken McLeod & Neal Stephenson lined up. Your fav?
Btw, been thinking about rereading Neal Stephenson's Baroque Cycle... every attempted those (they're formidable)?
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The Baroque Cycle by Neal Stephenson. Quicksilver is the first in the trilogy.
Just shelved! Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. From the New York Times bestselling author of Anathem, Reamde, and...
I just finished the new one Seveneves from Neal Stephenson and enjoyed it, but how old are we going back?
System of the World The Baroque Cycle / Neal Stephenson Signed 1st ed
Brad Reina: Electronic Literature in The Diamond Age: Neal Stephenson and the Present and Future of Ebooks
(it hard-crashed ten minutes later, welcome to the Neal Stephenson future)
Dave Recommends:. If you haven’t read Neal Stephenson, pick up Snow Crash. This is a cyberpunk must read, and...
The Cradle from Neal Stephenson's Seveneves. Latter third of novel has many superstructures you'd like
I finished the new Neal Stephenson book "Seveneves" last week. It was totally enjoyable and had stuck with me.
I remember reading Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age in the 90s and voila tablets were invented and bespoke enjoyed revival.
Neal Stephenson's new book, Seveneves, is as dense as ever, but awesome. Classic Asimovian space opera. Sci-fi so "hard" it's like diamond.
"5,000 years later." Don't see that very often. Loving the new Neal Stephenson book.
Quicksilver - Signed on Publication Date by Neal Stephenson - First Edition
Holiday! Beer and cheese and Neal Stephenson and Spelunky and Beard no.64.
Has anyone who's read The Martian also read Seveneves by Neal Stephenson? If so, thoughts?
I clearly did not. You can make up whatever fantasy you want, but if I want fiction I'll read Neal Stephenson.
🌠 You need to read Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. Really, really good book.
Reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson - this seems like it may be a journey.
Neal Stephenson books are Modern *** primers in that they make you feel unreasonably qualified to talk knowledgeably abt their topics
The idea of Neal Stephenson is interesting, but I have a hard time actually getting through his books.
Good review from Seveneves by Neal Stephenson's Seveneves: five thousand years of apocalypse and rebirth
Eating raisin bran Neal Stephenson-style, thanks to the unwitting generosity of my employer.
How Kim Stanley Robinson and Neal Stephenson “dismantle the fantastic Star Trek vision of space travel”
3 of 5 stars to Seveneves by Neal Stephenson
Reading Seveneves by Neal Stephenson. Can't help but picture you as the astrophysicist hero Dr. Dubois Harris.
Book Review: Seveneves by Neal Stephenson: What makes Neal Stephenson's latest book, Seveneves, so exciting is...
It's amazing how much damage it can do. I've heard the Neal Stephenson now writes on a treadmill.
(& that's where I bow to Neal Stephenson for being a universal ideological Turing Machine, infinite teams of paper required, tho)
The People Who Survive, an interview with Neal Stephenson, author of Seveneves via
I think my is either going to be Maplecroft, or Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver. Maybe I'll be crazy and read both.
I have a long review of Neal Stephenson’s neoliberal disaster novel
VIDEO: talks about "Seveneves," his other creative projects, and more:
On recommendation am starting Neal Stephenson's new one Seveneyes, in which the Moon explodes on the first page.
65% done with Seveneves, by Neal Stephenson: I forgot what a slog a mammoth book like this...
finished Sidekick - Seveneves: by Neal Stephenson by Anna Call and WeLoveNovels and gave it 3 stars
.no, it has arrived. This is Neal Stephenson real life, digital life, at its finest
I’ve got nothing scholarly for you, but Neal Stephenson’s spec-tech fiction novel Seveneves is about rebuilding Earth.
I just picked up the latest from Neal Stephenson and KSR. Good reading for my trip to Florida.
and has hired Neal Stephenson. Maybe to build "The Street"? They're tight-lipped, but it's my guess.
who do you prefer: Neal Stephenson or Kim Stanley Robinson?
Reviewed Seveneyes by Neal Stephenson; what a horrible drudge. This was the guy who wrote the Diamond Age and Snow Crash, what happened!
or The Diamond Age - Neal Stephenson in all seriousness tbh
"Diamond Age has a hanger ending, which is a choice I made, it's not that I'm just dumb" - Neal Stephenson
The Boston Globe reviews Neal Stephenson's "Seveneves" and gives it a "meh".
Also, now I really want Michael Mann to direct a movie based on a Neal Stephenson book.
I can't believe Neal Stephenson is releasing a book this month and Kim Stanley Robinson has one for July. This world is too good.
feel like w/ 3d printing etc, Neal Stephenson's vision in The Diamond Age has a lot going for it. Dunno re distributed Republics
The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson - perfect description for technological singularity, published in 1995!!!
You can read a fictional account of John Wilkins in Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver, the first in his Baroque Cycle.
Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson is on sale on audible for $3.99 until midnight!!! ~Karmin
on Tim Tim talk talk Great Listen. How about Neal Stephenson as a guest?
Okay! I've been waiting to do this for months! If you don't like bragging, scroll on, but I'm about to mop the floor with BOOKS! Though not literally. That would be horrible. Last year was the best reading year I have ever had. Ahem. In 2014 I read The Screwtape Letters, The Great Gatsby, The Poisonwood Bible, Moby *** Marcus Aurelius' Meditations, Brave New World, Hesiod's Theogony, the Homeric Hymns, the Oresteian Trilogy, Vergil's Aeneid, The War of Art, Billy Budd, The Fountainhead, and 25 other books including works by Alice Munro, Plato, Maurice Druon, Neal Stephenson, J.R.R. Tolkien, Epictetus and Baha'u'llah. I am still working on The World of Ice and Fire, Atlas Shrugged, The Complete Hans Christian Andersen, and a few others. These books have kept me sane through a pretty difficult year. Reading has always been an important part of my life, but my relationship with books has really changed. Every page I turn is making me a better person.
Neal Stephenson (Snow Crash) writes cyberpunk. He is far from being a transhumanist.
Looks like Iceland has read Neal Stephenson's Cryptonmicon. Data haven, anyone?
"Some viewers are complaining about the ending of Neal Stephenson's float, but it made perfect sense to us."
NealStephenson joins mysterious augmented reality company MagicLeap. Shared by
the Neal Stephenson SF novel 'cryptonomicon' has a bit of fun with Bletchly park too.
Who names their book's protagonist 'Hiro Protagonist'? . Neal Stephenson, that's who.
Midnight Snack Video: Happy New Year! demonstrates the art of saberage
oh man I enjoyed cryptonomicon too much. Neal Stephenson is one of my faves.
Neal Stephenson joining Magic Leap but staying here
On page 100 of 470 of Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson
Secret Nazi nuclear bunker discovered - Reminds me of a Neal Stephenson storyline
by Utterly wonderful, a soupçon of LeCarre, a pinch of Neal Stephenson... Dry, black, and very. very clever
"The Internet was never a separate space; what's on the Internet is just what’s in our heads"
Henderson, MKG, and Zeller should see a boost too w/o Jefferson. Stephenson out. Neal banged up.
It'd be like that time William Gibson and Neal Stephenson fought.
..."more in common with Neal Stephenson’s Snow Crash than with Gene Rodenberry’s Federation utopia in Star Trek."
Blew my skull open in my youth. That and The Diamond Age. Neal Stephenson is a deity in human form.
I put my headphones on and turned the music up loud and began rereading Neal Stephenson's The Diamond…
Novelist Neal Stephenson joins Magic Leap to figure out future of games
Neal Stephenson's Confusion spins a tale of heisting gold from the Spanish port of Bonanza. Great story.
What's on your summer reading list? — I don't have one because I read all the time. I'm reading Neal Stephenson'...
Looking at this kid with a hoodie, Google backpack, and Neal Stephenson book and thinking about how much more money he has than me.
sci fi i LOVEEE 'Snow Crash' by Neal Stephenson, and philosophy i only have feminists and stoics :/ Pick 1?¿
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Are all of Neal Stephenson's books written with the same deliriously energetic use of the English language as Snow Crash is?
it's like a Neal Stephenson Baroque Cycle LARP with the budget of an OK Go video.
On page 339 of 927 of Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson: Done with Book One! Going to read a...
New post: Zodiac by Neal Stephenson An interesting and compelling eco-thriller Pls Rt
On page 318 of 927 of Quicksilver, by Neal Stephenson
Me and Chuck are listening to Neal Stephenson's Snow Crash audiobook, which contains my all time favourite character name:. Hiro Protagonist.
Magic Leap, a mysterious augmented reality company, said Tuesday it has hired science fiction author Neal Stephenson as its chief futurist.
Tech companies hiring sci-fi authors? Neal Stephenson has just been named Magic Leap's company's Chief Futurist
Neal Stephenson lands the perfect job, thank-you-very-much. An Unexpected Adventure
Welcome to the metaverse: Neal Stephenson becomes "chief futurist" at startup Magic Leap
has a fantastic imagination. He is the Huxley/Heinlein/Neal Stephenson of comics.
This is so great: Echoes of Neal Stephenson
I feel that way all year round. Currently reading some Ron Rash (gothic Appalachian) stories and a Neal Stephenson novel.
Also it's a million degrees and my bags are heavy because I had to transfer a Neal Stephenson tome to them because my bag was overweight.
is now onboard and believes Augmented Reality will bloom in games, education, etc
Reading Cryptonomicon by Neal Stephenson. Apparently it’s the ultimate geek novel. I’m completely drawn into it.
A mysterious and post-modern startup just got more so with the addition of Neal Stephenson
NOT The Goldfinch...there, I said it. Anything by James Elroy or Neal Stephenson.
for more fiction I've liked everything I've read by Neal Stephenson for the most part, especially Snow Crash
Neal Stephenson starter?: Recently heard of Neal Stephenson and wondering what book of his to start with. Are ...
New Goal: Become wealthy enough to hire Neal Stephenson as a tech author.
"She's never heard of me because I was famous." - Neal Stephenson
Read anything by Neal Stephenson? Snow Crash wasnt awful... I actually liked it, and itsnt my typical genre/style.
On page 304 of 937 of Anathem, by Neal Stephenson
On page 586 of 1044 of Reamde, by Neal Stephenson
Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver is on sale for $6 on Audable!
Just started reading Neal Stephenson's Quicksilver (part one of his Baroque Cycle series). This one is going to be a long read.
Currently Reamde by Neal Stephenson Check out this book on Goodreads:
There is the book called "the Diamond Age" by Neal Stephenson. Its about a fathers attempt to educate his daughter.
Yep, next instalment of Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson - 1990s cyberpunk. Good stuff.
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On page 264 of 937 of Anathem, by Neal Stephenson
on the other hand, if that one book is by Neal Stephenson, that’s about the same as four books by other authors…
Last three books I read: Reamde by Neal Stephenson, Zero History by William Gibson and now The Shining Girls.
On page 74 of 336 of Dear Life, by Neal Stephenson
3 of 5 stars to In the Beginning...Was the Command Line by Neal Stephenson
Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. Syrup by Maxx Barry. Deception Point by Dan Brown. Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson.
Neal Stephenson decided to address that, and recently put out a book of utopian-ish stories.
Anathem by Neal Stephenson fro Kindle is currently 99p, great book (affi link)
Project Hieroglyph, Neal Stephenson: Using science fiction to create a better tomorrow. looks interesting
+1 For the Martian. Also anaethem by neal stephenson was awesome I thought, if you liked his other stuff
Pre-requisite reading for class:. 1. 2. 3. by Neal Stephenson best writer. 4.) ?
This article reminded me of Neal Stephenson's The Diamond Age
On page 224 of 937 of Anathem, by Neal Stephenson
HIRO. PROTAGONIST. is it too late to nominate Neal Stephenson for nobel literature prize
Well I just got 10% through another Neal Stephenson book and gave up. Man, I can't stand his writing style.
"Talent was not rare; the ability to survive having it was." - Neal Stephenson, Quicksilver
“Most men would rather be shot through with a broad-headed arrow than be described by you.”. Excerpt From: Stephenson, Neal.…
Based on how he coached without Lance Stephenson in Greenville, I'd anticipate Steve Clifford starting Gary Neal tonight.
anathem by Neal Stephenson 😊 lol I'm sorry I forgot to answer you yesterday 😳
top 2 are Dune and and Anathem by Neal Stephenson! I love me a good, fleshed-out sci-fi world.
This is a subplot from a Neal Stephenson boom
On page 206 of 937 of Anathem, by Neal Stephenson
bummer. | Neal Stephenson’s failed $500,000 video game and the perils of using Kickstarter
read Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. Main dude was internet famous black asian hacker with a katana fighting memes.
Ties into the latest Neal Stephenson article. Ideas are abundant, CEOs (people successfully implement ideas at scale) are rare.
I use emacs ... just like Neal Stephenson & Vernor Vinge. Well, like they USED to...
Blade Symphony: What sound does a successful Kickstarter make? via
It's not Clang, but it is free to play this weekend. The story of Blade Symphony
With his new story about a 20-kilometer-high skyscraper, sci-fi author Neal Stephenson hopes to get engineers thinking big.
This looks fascinating (and sold out): Neal Stephenson, Ted Chiang, and others on SF & public policy:
Finally we have arrived at Neal stephenson's vision of the united states from Snow Crash, unironically.
One time I met Neal Stephenson and he signed a book of mine - Some Remarks. That was cool.
Finished reading Neal Stephenson's 'Snow Crash' today. I really liked it! Recommended for cyberpunk fans!
For Neal Stephenson fans, a new short story:
"New employee -- put his dinner in the microwave -- had foil in it -- boom!" the manager says. Snow Crash, Neal Stephenson
Snow Crash - NEAL STEPHENSON 1992 Crypto&Philosophy in one of Cyberpunk's best.
Some Remarks by Neal Stephenson which is alternately brilliant and annoying.Also Takeaway by Lizz Lunney which is ACE
11% done with Snow Crash, by Neal Stephenson: "Burbclave occupants who against all logic h...
That's Neal Stephenson's book right? Haven't gotten around to it.
Just like a Neal Stephenson novel, this is going to end badly and all over the place
'Innovation is no longer on my good list of words' Neal Stephenson in Science Friday (Stories to Make You Think BIG)
this is my third Neal Stephenson book, after Anathem and Reamde
I find that Neal Stephenson books tend to fill that gap for me. Also anything by KC Parker.
Bitcoin, Silk Road, VR: proof this is Neal Stephenson's world, we're just living in it.
Musings on a 20km tall building from Neal Stephenson and friends "a gas of steel"
In Neal Stephenson’s ‘Baroque Cycle’ of novels there are a couple great scenes based on Brandt’s urine-mining.
The Diamond Age by Neal Stephenson is outstanding. I highly recommend it.
Tonight, I will start reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson
REAMDE by Neal Stephenson gets 3 of 5 stars.
Manhattans like a big old Neal Stephenson hug.
Neal Stephenson makes comics debut with Cimarronin -
A wink from Kindle to Neal Stephenson -
I don't like too much of a trudge. Found a lot of Neal Stephenson's latter work, such as Anathem, to be very trudging.
Added to Wish List: 'Hieroglyph: Stories and Visions for a Better Future' by Neal Stephenson via
Listening to all my tracks by at random, on my iPod (I have all the albums) and reading Anathem by Neal Stephenson.
“All versions used the same words and structure, but they were as various as clouds.”. Excerpt From: Neal Stephenson. “Anathem.”
Super interesting. I didn't see much in the way of digital realities (e.g. Neal Stephenson's "Metaverse")
Oh also there seems to be especially in Krauss's taking to Neal Stephenson, an attitude towards positivity vs dystopia
I saw an ASU "Origins" Conference, all the big player, and Neal Stephenson, but I was discouraged about how few the phyicists...
6:29 Q1: Neal runs in a sweep from 11 out. 13-0 Yorktown. Jacob Stephenson 40-yard run was key
"Social networking is the closest thing we’ve invented to a “Snow Crash” in the Neal Stephenson sense."
"Innovation is no longer on my good list of words because it is slapped on so many things as a business buzzword.". -- Neal Stephenson
Can we still think big? speaks w/ author Neal Stephenson about science fiction reinvigorating ideas.
Neal Stephenson's Diamond Age is the best I can come up with.
I got tagged for this by Nat Guest - to pick 10 books which had stayed with me (for whatever reason, & in no particular order). Obviously I have taken over a week to think about this and I'm still not sure so TAKE THIS LIST AND BE HAPPY 1. Ash: A Secret History by Mary Gentle. One of those books that you get so involved with that it makes you forget it isn't real history. 2. The Chrysalids by John Wyndham. Secretly, this is a cheat entry for all John Wyndham's works. So there. 3. Tigana/The Lions of Al-Rassan by Guy Gavriel Kay. OH MY GOD. Beautiful mix of fantasy and history and so elegant and heartbreaking - I can't choose between them, I just can't. 4. Dune by Frank Herbert. I read it when I was 9 and it ruined my life because I have been chasing that level of awesome ever since. 5. Prospero's Children by Jan Siegel. The first in a trilogy about magic and other worlds and lost worlds this world and witches and demons and dragons. Also: Yorkshire. 6. Kushiel's Dart by Jacqueline Carey. This isn't just a ...
Looking forward to this DC event w Neal Stephenson, NASA sci, & more from Sci-Fi via
Join Neal Stephenson, NASA’s Chief Scientist, and More for a Future Tense Event on Sci-Fi
Nice interview with Neal Stephenson. It really is a shame there isn't more optimistic scifi at the moment
D.C. area Neal Stephenson fans, check this out!
I loved those books so much. Neal Stephenson ftw.
I don’t know that I’d want to hold myself to Neal Stephenson’s standards of “lazy”.
With the release of Destiny I am again reminded of Neal Stephenson's comments on the laziness of post-apocolypse
Though Neal Stephenson has been known to deliver that in longhand
Re-reading REAMDE by Neal Stephenson. Think you'd like it. Great techno-thriller.
Neal Stephenson and others with an optimistic view of the future:
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Spotted: Author Neal Stephenson speaking at Kepler’s in Menlo Park
On page 710 of 1044 of Reamde, by Neal Stephenson
+1; if it hadn't been written by the Project, it would have to have been by Neal Stephenson or Umberto Eco. Good read.
On page 256 of 499 of The Diamond Age, by Neal Stephenson
"When the moon blows up..." Neal Stephenson's upcoming novel, Seveneves, sounds interesting...
Neal Stephenson inspired collection of near future sf. Includes new Stephenson story too!
Solve for X: Neal Stephenson on getting big stuff done: vía
Neal Stephenson, interviewed about his influences, and about "Q&A: The sci-fi optimist"
Full house tonight for Neal Stephenson as he talks about visions for a better future in his book…
Big crowd for author Neal Stephenson in Valley for launch of new book on positive scifi to inspire next gen. Series?
At the unveiling of project hieroglyph with Neal Stephenson at Kepler Books!
I am at a panel in Menlo Park that will include Neal Stephenson, Annalee Newitz, Rudy Rucker, Keith Hjelmstad.
Look out neal Stephenson I'm coming for you!
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