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Neal James

Neal, James, Fordyce and Down was a London banking house which collapsed in June 1772, precipitating a major banking crisis which included the collapse of almost every private bank in Scotland, and a liquidity crisis in the two major banking centres of the world, London and Amsterdam.

James Neal Panama City Beach Runaway Bay

Neal James , Banjo Man , I didn't know Dolly Parton could play a banjo . Maybe someday she will invite you to play with her !
Congrats to James Neal for winning the Senior's tournament this weekend at Regional.
James Neal invited me to Cabo.. it's just lost in the mail ~M
James Neal and raffi torres are also in Cabo right now I think
Forever blessed that James Neal isn't on Team Canada 😇
James Neal must have seen a good lookin girl in the stands
James Neal sees a pin board made of 100 wine corks. He consideres it a challenge as he drinks the 1st bottle. two weeks. one mission.
James Neal would do well at figure skating…. Embellishing actually gets your higher scores in that sport.
jay-kneel. My dad's name was James Neal and yeah I was given that middle name
Some quick passing between Evgeni Malkin and James Neal resulted in this beautiful one-time goal.
you are the scum between my toes. Crosby is a joke Malkin is a fraud Neal is, well hes James Neal. You are good right now but wait
Great weekend with the fabulous James Midgley: director. Craig Herd: DOP and Mark Neal: sound. NOT afraid of a bit of graft.
A fan even said James Neal should have made YEAH!
Good getting together and catching up with Neal James today at the Tilted Kilt Calgary for some RBS 6 Nations rugby. We both agree that we BATUS Boys are long-overdue for a reunion. MaggotFest? RugbyFest? Ski Trip? We should make it happen. ;)
Cheers Lee Migzy Jordan for the nomination. I nominate Matt Neal James Archer Ross Petre Jamie Maw you've got 24hr boys!
TURNT al the way down lol Arthur Neal James Putney t
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Great time with good friends listening to Neal James
"Mommy, you are my best mommy ever and I will love you forever and ever! It's about Valentines Day too Mommy. Do you know what that means? It means I need to make Lolly Dog something to tell her I love her! What should I make her? Do you think your friend Neal James would take her a present for me and tell her how much I love her? I will send Turtleman a present too! Oh, Mommy I'll try to get you a Valentines Day present too I guess." ~Ava
Neal James' Sked: Friday night January 10 . Neal James will be performing at the LUCKY STAR 15592 Hwy 331 Business in Freeport, Fl. From 7 til 10 pm. Only a 30 minute scenic ride up Hwy. 79 from PCB left on hwy 20 at Ebro. 18 years old and up allowed. A Hungry Howies is across the street and delivers Pizza, Sandwiches, Wings etc to the Lucky Star per your order. Saturday January 11. Neal will be performing at Runaway Bay, 3901 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, Fl. from 5 until 8pm. Inside where it's warm. Enjoy good food and music. Families welcome.
'Can you make that red a bit lighter, but not pink'?
Me and Andy met Neal James from Turtle Man while we were out at lunch!!
Read the full 'Mirror Mirror' story by Neal James here, courtesy of Paul Curran-Bilbie's site.
I'm currently waiting on Neal James at Bob Evans.
don't forget about James Neal he seems to be playing better finally
James Neal is the only Penguins player I like. With what the pens gave up for him, I wish the Bruins got him
If James Neal wasn't on the Pens my hate for them turns to a dislike
James Neal is on fire in a big way. Must be the ginger beard.
Anyone else think James Neal has the best beard for the
The things I would do to James Neal though! 😍
James Neal is like David Booth, if David Booth was good.
James Neal with his black hair and ginger beard is the reason playoff beards are worth it
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I kinda like James Neal dudes brazy.
James Neal, though good...big ol' puss
James Neal. Teach me how to grow a beard that gingery.
James Neal and Kris Letang have perfect hair.
Penguins look like Kings out there throwing the body around!!! I saw James Neal "Dustin Brown" Lucic
James Neal is the of the Pittsburgh Penguins.
What a hit by the Real Deal James Neal on Lucic! Way to make Whitby proud!
And km beginning to see shades of old James Neal. Monster hit on lucic..
James Neal with the huge hit on Milan Lucic
Matt Cooke needs to pay attention to James Neal. That's how you knock someone on their ***
James Neal is just tossing his body at people.
I cannot believe James Neal just put Lucic on his *** Wow
Now that's the James Neal I remember from Plymouth. He wasn't just a goal scorer, he was a feared physical player.
Didn't know James Neal had a hit like that in him.
Oh dude, James Neal, youre the man.
James Neal's hit on Lucic definitely the best hit of these playoffs so far
Did lucic really get dropped by James Neal ?
James Neal just sent a message with that hammer on Lucic
This pens/bruins game is going to get chippy fast! Whatta hit by Neal!
I don't think I've ever seen Lucic get hit that hard. James Neal will be referred to as the POWERWAGON from here on out.
James Neal showing his toughness right there.
James Neal runs over Milan Lucic I love it
James Neal ain't playing tonight with the hits
Hey! If James Neal scores another hat trick tonight can I get a free hat for calling it? Am I a jerk for asking?
' Lol ; everybody from the hood went to the BIG [ A ] Tanya Neal , Cherly Taylor , James Layfield ,…
I'd share my mini eggs with James Neal.
Tyler Kennedy and James Neal love missing the net
Not James Neal's fault...But Iginla or Letang bury one of those chances. You need a right handed shot there. It's not rocket science
The only reason why I want the pens to win is because Of James Neal 😍
James Neal wearing a tinted visor really has me worried
Pittsburgh playing final game of the season in front of their home crowd. James Neal expected to return.
James Neal and Paul Martin back out on the ice today! So excited!
Stepan now tied with Eric Staal and James Neal in goals, with 18.
Really would like James Neal for my birthday!!! How can I make that happen???
James Neal and Paul Martin return to the lineup tonight for the Pens as they take on the Carolina Hurricanes at...
So Bobby Ryan is back in for the Ducks. James Neal is back in for Penguins. Now when is Crosby coming back :(
A very nice picture of James Neal did a great job with my BFF ;)
I cannot control my body when I see James Neal. He's one of those guys.
HHS with the win in Round 1! 10-0 over James Clemens. Way to play ladies!
will line up Iginla at left wing and James Neal on right wing. Evgeni Malkin center -SK
Omg watch James Neal interview and he asks one of the reporters a question and you hear Sid in the back like dying of laughter
James Neal and Paul Martin are back tonight 😍
James Neal will focus on right wing going forward. He wouldn't divulge what concussion symptoms he was having.
James Neal and Sidney Crosby have a word at morning skate
stephon curry remind me of kameron James.
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James Neal is probably barely concussed, just playing it safe, no reason to risk it
Oh yeah NHL this team still doesn't have James Neal, Paul Martin, and some guy named Sidney Crosby! Good luck.
And win. Everybody looks good. Sidney Crosby, James Neal, and Paul Martin aren't in the lineup. We're in good shape.
Why do I feel ILL, I see James Neal on my TL that's why
DeJuan Neal just added James Madison to his college choices at PrepForce:
First 19, then 10. Numbers go by so fast, they look like 18. Miss you, James Neal!
Don't even get me started on James Neal.
I put James Neal in the giveaway list too.
Playoff Jersey purchases to be made: Douglas Murray, Bennett California & James Neal. What would we do without BornTrade
lol i've unofficially decided that James Neal is the resident pretty boy since we lost Jordan :p
Pens seem to have precise instructions jump people if 71 or 87 goes down badly. Poor James Neal.
Malkin takes more dumb penalties than James Neal
As far as being impatient with all of the new guys go, remember how long it took James Neal to get adjusted here. It's not that easy.
The Pens are doing this without James Neal, and oh yea, the greatest player on earth.Crosby
3 years ago, never would have imagined top 2 RWs would be Iginla and James Neal.
Kris Letang is back! Definitely been missed, now need Paul Martin, James Neal and Sid back.
dude if u see James Neal get a pic for me PLEASE lmao :-)
Its funny how when James Neal threw the puck at me is my happiest moment in life and i didnt even catch it...
nope. I think Hall is turning into a James Neal-type cheat-shot artist. Hit 'em and hide behind the refs.
Where is the suspension for the James Neal hit..
perfect example of what a classless bias NYRangers hack B. Shanahan ..where is the suspension for the James Neal Hit..
if you have a pic of James Neal upload it also AU fair use best practices
but yet the hit put on James Neal is about the same but nothing in terms of suspensions
You guys didn't think the Del Zotto hit on James Neal was questionable?
James bright has been missing 3 days let me no if anyone has seen him
Boll: on who he'd want to fight "I'm good friends with James Neal...I'd love to grab him once or twice...he'd be skating away for sure" ;)
"we must be prepared to scream" - James Neal on libraries and copyright
Before his concussion, James Neal had 1 goal in his past 13 games.
Sincere thanks to James O'Neal of for spending time with us at
James Neal on the library confronting the copyright axis of evil - I love it
Little Giant Ladders
lets not forget the elbow by MDZ to James Neal's chin also...
fair use is not civil disobedience. James Neal
Marchand gets elbowed in the head and Volchenkov gets 4 games. James Neal gets a concussion & Del Zotto gets nothing. WELP.
James Neal: "Fair use is not civil disobedience, it is our most important tool and must be preserved."
It happens all the time but I am happy for the confusion. James G. Neal is someone I truly admire.
Wrong James Neal. I'm James P. He's James G. - I appreciate the confusion. A blessing and curse for me in
Agreed! MT James Neal puts forth agenda on © that includes walking away from bad contracts, and OA advocacy. Yay.
Neal James Barnby it's times like this I wish you were here telling me it's going to be okay
it makes me wanna hit my James Brown!
So what is this story about some lady not liking James Neal.
The amount of times I squealed over James Neal tonight is unreal BUT JUST LOOK OKAY. 😍
still not giving up on trying to get a reply from James Neal. Doesn't he know he has fans way up in Canada? 🐧
maybe. Hard to tell. He's apparently BFFs with James Neal. 😉
is close to 1800 followers… if you’re not following her then James Neal and the terrorists win.
Don't you dare say James Neal is a jerk! He is awesome! Better than you!! Stop saying bull crap about him!
don't forget about all times he's made saves he shouldn't. Remember the 2 on 0 or the glove on James Neal
Of the Top 10 players from last year, only 2 remain in the Top 20 this year (James Neal and Steven Stamkos).
Remember when James Neal was on the Stars
If I could have a guy mixed with Brantley Gilbert, Marcus Mumford, Liam Hemsworth, and a little bit of James Neal I'd be in love.
James Neal looks average without Malkin out there.
On another note, James Neal *** without Evgeni Malkin. What is going on? Something like 0 points in his last three games played.
Why is Dustin Jeffery playing with James Neal? That line has no chemistry
I don't need any cheering up, but however, HI THERE James Neal, FEEL FREE TO COME VISIT ME.
James Neal please pick up the white courtesy phone. The scoresheet is trying to reach you.
So without Malkin in lineup, James Neal is worth about 4 dollars at the most.
Hey James can thank future HOF Chris Kunitz for your extension. You *** fool
warning: when you look up pictures of James Neal on Google, this man comes up. -__-
Can you imagine if James Neal sent Beau Bennett to Gary Roberts' Summer Boot Camp?
James Neal has scored nine goals in the past two years without Evgeni Malkin in the lineup. He has 48 with Geno in the lineup.
You just KNOW James Neal gets it every day
This fat pig tried to call me out after calling James Neal a "pompous *** . Call her out please! - -
How about the real deal James Neal puts one in this period
Have you guys realized how SILENT James Neal is without Geno?!
"James Neal and Tyler Kennedy almost hooked up there" I'm sorry what
Shaquille O'neal - Best centre. Kobe Bryan - Best SG Lebron James - Best SF Still searching for the best PG and PF.
James Neal is due like my eighth-grade library book. Has 3 shots tonight after going scoreless on 4 shots last 3 games.
do u honestly think I care what James Neal thinks? I still go to games, I still know ppl more important than him!!
James Neal definitely isn't as good playing without Malkin
James Neal sure didnt appreciate your attitude!
Malkin might return on Friday. James Neal will be the happiest player to see 71 back. Just one assist for Neal in last four games
James Neal definitely missing Evgeni Malkin right about now. 0 goals in his last 5 games without Geno.
James Neal has gone 15 periods without a goal.”geno has been out...15 periods?(5 games)
To think you went after him instead of James Neal. Details unconsidered since the game of drink is on.
I don't disagree with the hit being worth the same James Neal got which was a much later hit.
James Neal is another player that's just fun to watch. Coming from a woman it's hard I believe I'm sayin this based on his play, I know.
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colour correction test and optical flare. Whole night on this one with Neal Bainz! We'll be done soon Yup!
--What a crock. James Neal launches himself and elbows Giroux and Couts in the playoffs and gets 1 game?!?! Shanahan blows.
The James Neal hit on Couts last playoff was way worse. Couts wasn't even looking. Harry Z is no criminal...
Michel Therrien flashes James Neal during the game -
if only it was James Neal or Brandon Sutter.I would've hyperventilated
Maybe we want consistency? James Neal jumped 3 feet in air in April & hit guy in head. Got ZERO games for it.
Problem isn't Harry Z's suspension its that James Neal got nothing for worse in April & Alfredsson the same yesterday. Be consistent
Given Zolnierczyk's suspension, Im still waiting for James Neal's from last April. Jumped 3 feet in air & hit in head=0 games. joke.
4 games seems like a bit much. Still no consistency in suspensions. Was this worth 4x as many games as James Neal got last year?
he went back to the Lakers and proved to be a valuable mentor for a team led by Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal.
I'm from out of town and I'm looking for an authentic James Neal jersey. Can I order one from the team store?
I'm spending my prom night with James Neal because he's better than all you peasants
shut up you got James Neal for a stick of gum LOL
Well, if you the one I am thinking of Do you remember James Moon and Merri Neal? We went to the college. Does Full Armor??
Someone buy me a James Neal hoodie please.
Order Miche Bag Online!
4 songs mixed by Michael Zimmerling , produced by Neal X and Tony James
I got you a James Neal for your bday. Just getting him ready to ship over.
my all-time starting five? Johnson, Jordan, James, Jabbar, O'Neal. I'd be nearly as confident w/ bigO, Kobe, Bird, Duncan & Wilt.
I love my bed because that is where I can live like James Bond, have massive sex with stunning women, eat huge...
So want to meet you James and Bob - will you be in Neal Street on Monday 4th? XX
James Neal is where it's at. Best looking guy on the team
James Neal feels are almost worse than harry feels tbh (note the word ALMOST)
Even losing can stop you from loving the beautiful beast that is James Neal and you know it.
The Pens won 7 6 and weirdly James Neal didnt have one goal.
I'm going with James Neal to score OT winner
score 7.James Neal logs 1 assist. for tonight
Pittsburgh goal scored by Brandon sutter assited by Simon despres and James Neal
I say James Neal will get the game wining goal.
James Neal scores for Pens to win it!
James Neal is gonna snipe the winner in OT.
I really just love James Neal's face 😍😘
James Neal is gonna end this thing with one shot... or maybe
James Neal with the ovechkin play. Dear God. We are the 2009 Capitals.
James Neal's wrist shot could easily win this thing. Need to get him the face off wins in their zone.
Which means he gets the winner. RT:James Neal quiet tonight
just saying... I haven't heard anything from James Neal tonight... is he even playing?
Seriously, I don't even care if they're doing the whole Peter is Neal's new daddy anymore, I just want James gone.
Was just telling the same thing about James Neal. Three shots, no points, even +/-. Crazy.
FB yesterday was an AWESOME day!! My family is so close that's why it's not so hard for us in these sad times. We are so strong together we bond so good. From my mom the love of my heart and my sisters and brother love u all. And to my very close cousins the Smith family and the Benton family yesterday uncle James touched us all he was a good man and uncle always a respectful person and you too auntie Gracie. Mickey Cheryl and Mike love that you guys are around and your kids and grand kids. Auntie Bob I still miss you and love you. To my uncle *** you been there for us we love you Charles Uncle Leo pump Benton jus love my family. To my favorite bro n law love you too Mr Neal banks. To my nieces and nephews love you all too. Well as we said good by to uncle James smith we will always love you!!! Oh almost forgot my soon to be Lisa Johnson love you too and the Tuggle side of the fam love you too!!! Well think that's it good night. Miss you QUEZ
Congrats to our friends Neal James, a.k.a. the Banjoman, and the Turtleman on this new exhibit in Kentucky honoring them! Looks like a grand old time was had by all! We may need to offer a custom Cedar Creek "turtleflage" banjo case to the exhibit, let us know Neal! Andy Garrigue.
a HUGE thanks to Turtle man and Neal James his partner for supportinf Ryan so much, in 24 hours you have brought over 125 people her way, God bless u for all your help. Dont look now BUT miracles are happening and i CANT wait for everyone to be able to watch Ryan progress after her treatments. you ALL must know its all bc of YOU! Each encouraging word helps keep me going everyday to keep fighting. thank you ALL!!
Neal James' song about his friend Ernie brown, Jr, the Turtleman. Turtleman 2012 wlmp: via
was one of the funniest episodes we've seen of and Neal James are a great duo
Welcome to "An Author Speaks Radio" Today Listeners & Friends, we will have A New Guest that goes by the pen name of: "Author Neal James" with his latest book called: " Threads of Deceit." Neal James has already written several novels and short stories which have shown him such great noteriety. He ...
Getcha some! If you missed our conversation with Turtleman and Neal James this morning, you can hear the entire...
Great conversation with Turtleman and Neal James this morning on the radio.
Stop by the ECS Blog tomorrow to see my interview w/ Neal James & next week I’ll have Marjorie Strebe.
Neal James - The Banjo Man snapped this shocking photo today in the Big Apple.
Shoutout to my newest follower: The Turtleman! Fired up after talking to him and Neal James this morning. That's LIVE ACTION!
You going to that Neal James course?
Got a very busy day tomorrow with Neal James - The Banjo Man here in the big city. Well be all over the place, on radio, magazines, newspapers. Hope to keep you posted! Remember Sunday at 9:00 PM ET new holiday episode just for you. Thank y'all, we love y'all!
A big thanks for keeping me between the lines is owed to Joanie Ricky Kyle,Tony Owens,Todd Ricki Stewart, Ken Reed ,Timothy J Hund,Bob Ptak,Josie Ferraioli,Tim Burke,Teri Burke,Neal James,The riders at Pineapple Willys, The Wicked Wheel, and The Salty Goat,and all the local riders down here who've been patient with me through my "re acclamation period".lol , I'm doin my best,and lovin every minute. TB ( Pipes)'
im guessing James Neal will be playing for the Rangers side
Scotty, how u gonna let James Neal in this game after to and Scooter? Is fighting allowed?
This is the first chapter of my new novel 'Full Marks', which is due out later this year.
Krystin Tudor liked James Neal, Once the Vocalist of Malice, Remembers 80s Metal as “an arena of metal gladiators…
James the real deal Neal just followed me
I'm listening to One Life by James Morrison on Pandora
I would give my left arm to be James Bond.
James Neal is becoming in for me what Rick Nash was in earlier game editions.
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a bunch of flyers, rangers, & James Neal. That could be very entertaining.
Double J with the shorty. James Neal rips that one off the glass or something.
James Neal is going to be playing in a charity game with some Flyers hopefully they remember he's a Pen
says James Neal will be in this AC game. Hopefully all the Flyers in the game will be on his team so they can avoid cheapshots
James Neal and a bunch of Flyers...I like where this is headed.
I'd still take 2000-2001 Kovalev over today's James Neal.
wonder if James Neal asked Sidney Crosby to come?
A little over a year ago I got to see James Neal's goals & Matt Cooke's penalty shot. *** of a game...& a good birthday present. :)
S/O to my Grandaddy, the Honorable James M Neal as he retires from 14 years of service to the SC House proud
James Neal gets one to put the pens up 4-2 in the thirs
Neal says you could be surrogate mum and we'd both do you on same night and see who wins
... does anyone actually, honestly, legitimately think that James Neal is an enforcer? Because you need to get your head checked. What.
Come on by Sportsman's Warehouse in Hamburg Pavilion (2200 War Admiral Way) and see Neal James "Banjo Man" from...
“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” - James Neal Hollingworth
I got a pal who gets Dallas Stars stuff, James Neal or Ryder gloves?
Quote by Michael O'Neal "The more we focus on our weaknesses, the longer our strengths and talents go unnoticed...
you're telling me! Now I have to dream about James Neal's buns instead of physically seeing's a tragedy.
A great interview done by Paul with Oregon DB coach John Neal. Interview showed why I'm proud to call coach Neal a good friend!
Everybody's getting on James Harden for the invisible handshakes. Let's pay homage to the Spurs' Gary Neal, first:
Neal James ~ add his work to your reading list! ;D The dialogue is so wildly authentic! Good. On. You, Neal!...
I liked a video from NBA 2k13 MyCAREER - Yacht in Miami | LeBron James vs Neal Bridges
The Banjo Neal James gave me, it'll be good as new in a few days! Thanks
Watching the penguins right now on makes me so happy we got James Neal
Tomorrow night 'll be playing with our good friend Neal James at The Wicked Wheel from 7 till 10 for Bike Night !!! We'll be INSIDE,so come on out early and see us not freeze to death ! LIGHT 'EM UP !
Thank you, James Enoch , tommy Neal , James Curtis , Huffman twins, Norwood brothers, charles enoch, Al Baggett, Donald blue (WW2 veterans). Henry Thomas Derington (ww1) Scott Harris (Vietnam) for your service to our country! And all that gave their lives 9/11 and .those serving to protect our great country !!! God bless America !!!
Neal James began writing in 2007 when a series of short stories found favour on a number of international writing sites. Since then, he has released three novels and an anthology of short stories. ‘Full Marks’, his fifth book in as many years, is a crime novel and a product of a vivid imagination se...
One of my many male friends was welsh I tried to learn to swear but it was horrid lol Neal James was my mate still love him
where do u work? Btw if u see James Neal there tell I'm his future wife😍😘
and James Neal's dirty but beautiful hair.
Wearing my James Neal tshirt in hopes that this lock out ends soon!
Lebron isn't the next MJ he's the first Lebron James
Pulling a James Neal this week with my hair
Seriously?Can I put my name in the hat (if you don't record Thursdays, which I think you do). Recorded with Neal and Zach before.
Have you tried St James cheese from Neal's Yard? Closest thing UK has to a good, stinky French cheese
Yeah James Neal follows me no big deal or anything.
Michael Raymond-James's character name is Neal Cassady. What does his name mean?
76:33 The assistant referee signals for offside against James Constable. Chris Neal restarts play with the free kick.
any word on the James Neal suspension?
In last block with the last block crew Para ' dice Neal James Trell & JaVonte ^_^
Dressed as turtleman and Neal James, we got 2nd place in our schools croquet tournament and won a couple of Kindle Fire's. LIVE ACTION!
This is the profile page for Neal James | Visit this profile page for more information.
"This plan is just so perfect, ain't no way it's gonna work." -- Neal James from "Call of the Wildman"
Alot is on my mind!! I change my old wayz cuz i wanted to make a differents. Ppl use to c me as a fighter somebody dat didnt care rather r nt i die r went to jail. I love da new me dat love an care for everybody an give back if i can. My life had alot of heart acks death etc, bt i made it even tho i dnt care wat ppl say bout me at end of da day wrds still hurts. My life story!!! Lovin me Roger o neal james Belin
You're IN A HORROR MOVIE (the 8 people in your friend box on your Timeline profile order from top left-no cheating!). Decides the creepy house is safe -- Jacob Ison Screams like a baby -- Jill Fraley The one who trips while running in the woods --Strossa Blackburn Swindall The first to go missing -- Neal James Murdered while saving you -- Desirae Brown Survives by faking dead -- Meridith Mullins Has a solid survival plan -- Mark Horne Is really the killer --Kim Jackson
My builder's great. He did what was needed at the time agreed and left after cleaning up his mess. Neal James is a hero!
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
is Neal James the only non-military person capable of speaking to the media on defence matters? is he on a contract or something?
Hanging out again with one of my best friends, Neal James, from Call of the Wildman on Animal Planet.
A friend had posted this on my wall !! This is for my FB friends that are in or around the West Liberty area ! Adam Skaggs 10 hours ago . Over the weekend I had the opportunity to talk to Neal James, a.k.a Banjo Neal. Neal is the right hand man of the Turtle Man on the T.V. show, Call of the Wild Man. He asked me how things were coming along in West Liberty after the tornado. He said he couldn't believe the destruction that was caused by it. He wanted me to inform the people of West Liberty that they are in his prayers and that he h ad not forgotten about them. He has a very big heart and it goes out to the people of Morgan County. I told him I would and this is about the best way I know of how to do this for him. So help me out by spreading the word of his request to your friends and neighbors here in Morgan County. Thank You and God Bless.
I'd really like to connect with fans of my Dad, Neal James. I'd be more than happy to talk with y'all! Hope everyone has a great day!!
On today’s episode of “They’re paying him HOW MUCH?!” : Special guest - Tyler Seguin. Intro: I stare at picture of James Neal and sigh :)
Highlight of my night is easily getting hysterically excited about the appearance of Pudsey Bear in the pub.
Now you don't know what you startin ,boom take it to the head James Harden -
Anyone willing to make a cover of James Neal? :D
We need the "Real Deal" James Neal to get to NYC and get a DEAL done!!
Never mind NHL 13, I just want the real deal (not just James Neal).
Sod Crosby I think James Neal is my new favourite penguin
"Those who say it can't be done are usually interrupted by others doing it." James Baldwin
Yeah so do we wear our sports jerseys tomorrow cause I really want to wear my James Neal jersey
James Neal WOULD be the one player with no plans for heading my way during a lockout. What about ME, James? What about ME?
it's fine. my dad texted me once and was like i just left James Neal's house. i was like OH R.L.Y.
Season in Review: James Neal: Key Stat: 18. As in 18 power play goals, which led all NH...
Saw James Neal downtime at the Villa this weekend..the man has wheels for days
Neal james from the turtle team is now following me thanks man
Quick passing makes the defense spin in circles. Watch James Neal demonstrate
My calendar is James Neal and Matt Niskanen this month. Next month is Tyler may stay September extra long...
I Neal - I sent you an email, did you receive it? Cheers, James A
So um yeah I was getting married to James Neal in my dream ok then
Another day another great Judgement House. Now parting from them till the weekend! @
For my Banjo playing brother enjoy.
James Neal was at southpointe golf club today!
Rejoicing at the 25 first time decisions and 32 rededications tonight as the Lord worked mightily!
"S/O to my *** roommate & his mom's for the Wings Over Greenville!! Made this a complete football sunday!"
saw James Reimer today...players have been stalking me this summer. James Neal, Jordan Nolan, John Tavares. c'mon guys i need my space
Let's all help Neal James help Turtleman's Daughter, Courtney, with her fight to find a cure for Diabetes! Everyone who enjoys the show can help at this address. Let's all help! It's a great show for all ages to watch. Turtleman keeps it clean! Please help Courtney, I just did! Easy Peasy!
James Macgregor. Don't know much about him - probably best to ask Neal. Here's the Soundcloud though:
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
On page 81 of 368 of The Human Disguise, by James O'Neal
I made a James Neal gif without anyone asking me to today. That's weird.
18 first time decisions tonight. 18 rededications tonight as well, even in the midst of the rain! Our God reigns and saves!
I'd go Malkin or Sid before James Neal, from the Penguins at least.
Whats the difference between between James Neal and ? One is a pro athlete
I don't care what you've accomplished in life because James Neal put his arm around me last night, so I know my life is better than yours.
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