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Neal Caffrey

Neal George Caffrey is the main character of the USA Network original series White Collar.

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Neal caffrey always lookin like a snack πŸ˜›πŸ˜›
Neither can I. Matt's extremely talented! Aces everything thing he does! But he was born…
The second I saw White Collar, it only enhanced that. Neal Caffrey had the life. I never wanted something that crazy thi
If you had to pull off a heist at a majorly secured... β€” Ask Neal Caffrey
In this crime drama, a streetwise librarian and Neal Caffrey catch drug dealers and the motive is always money
. Not sure why this exists but here's criminal consultant Neal Caffrey (Matt Bomber) k…
White Collar is my favorite show. I am literally Mozzie. Neal Caffrey is my favorite character ever.
Watch me roll up to this interview like Neal Caffrey
That's your approach to everything, Caffrey.
this has Neal Caffrey written all over it
Last night there was a story about counterfeit art on the news, and I said to my dad "Neal Caffrey should have authenticated it." πŸ˜‰
When you refer to Neal Caffrey in a conversation with your dad, and he laughs out loud, because he watched White Collar with you. πŸ‘πŸ»
Seems like the doing of Neal Caffrey
Nooo, be a good ambassador from d prison, help catch oda wrong doers, den u can negotiate freedom.. Be like Neal Ca…
goodnight to neal caffrey and dana and NOT to bri
*Heads out first with his Caffrey peacock strut~* How long are you in town for?
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Haven't said that I forgive you, Caffrey. *sips his coffee, eyes resting on Neal*
so the last scene shows Neal Caffrey, in the flesh, in Paris putting on his hat looking fine as ever and walking to…
This is my pet mosquito! I mean ... Well, I named it Neal Caffrey, because it's so good at disappearing every time…
Whilst I am very adept at copying the masters, a Neal Caffrey original is almost always a mix of post-impressionist & expressionist.
No.just wasn't bright enough to see it coming. You know how it goes with Neal Caffrey.
Keep dreaming about that day, Caffrey. *slow grin*
Neal Caffrey remains the smoothest criminal ever.
Happy Father's day snake eyes! πŸ’‹β€οΈ can we get an encore for Neal Caffrey please πŸ™πŸ»
Nah. Games keep you alive, Caffrey. It makes it worth living. But maybe you forgot about all that.
Sometimes. *mocking tone, making his own move* What do you want this time, Caffrey?
ah, was gonna ask you which actor or actress you think would be a perfect Neal Caffrey
I need a friend like Mozzie is to Neal Caffrey
Matt Bomer is hot, but Matt Bomer as con artist, Neal Caffrey in White Collar is even hotter.
Amazing great show shame it ends miss Neal Caffrey a lot 😩
Yooo I be telling people learn from my *** Neal caffrey
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Missing Neal Caffrey more than ever. Please make or a
πŸ“· archivistsrock: Neal Caffrey in every episode of White Collar
I hope I get to meet you and see your film in a different role than Neal Caffrey from…
hats- the true gateway drug to cowboyness or Neal Caffrey-ness
Tom Paris is Space Bryce Larkin/Neal Caffrey and i will legitimately fight anyone who disagrees with me
It occurs to me that I did a painting of Matt Bomer at Neal Caffrey and I have no idea where it ended up.
Peter Burke as an established author facing a serious author's block and Neal Caffrey as an artist looking for insp…
Cuppa ste an Neal Caffrey is what Fridays are all about😍😍
Neal Caffrey's greatest con. The score of the scores. . I'm gonna miss this show a lot.
For you fans our Thursday poll thanks to In which episode does Neal Caffrey/Matt Bomer NOT sing?
I liked a video Neal Caffrey fedora trick and more
lol! I wish I had the Neal Caffrey charm. I have no charm. 😝😝😝
I'm so in love with Neal Caffrey that I don't think I'll ever be able to be with anyone
It took a criminal Neal Caffrey of White Collar division to take down & the my b…
If we're we'd be worried. No one evades Agent Burke and Neal Caffrey. (cc:…
Neal Caffrey's life stresses me out more than my own life does
Neal Caffrey! He oozes sex appeal and has the biggest heart! And.He could sell light switches to the Amish.…
I added a video to a playlist Year of The Cat (Westway Glamour Mix) - Neal Caffrey
When I die I'd like to be reborn as Neal Caffrey (fully aware he's a fictional character)
Happy Halloween! Starting my cons at a young age, I'll be as good as Neal Caffrey when I'm older.
Neal Caffrey girlfriend is married from Jeffrey in the real life 😳
So, lack of money has me recycling the previous year's costume. Not complaining though because I'm still going out dressed as Neal Caffrey.
Matt Bomer. -this man was crafted by God himself. -I loved neal caffrey. -is he even real. -deserves more
Neal Caffrey could con me outta all my money and I wouldn't even be mad.
Neal Caffrey (White Collar) . - 37 ans . - 81 Γ©pisodes . - "You're the only one who saw good in me. You're my best fri…
"Training Impossible Devil": Neal Caffrey and a baseball player solve medical mysteries in New York, but they're not very good at it
Neal Caffrey wears the best suits idc
Neal Caffrey, the sexiest and most charming TV character ever. Thank you, ❀️
Hilarie Burton as Sara Ellis and Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey in White Collar Amer. .
If you don't know who Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, and mozzie are.then I don't think we can be friends to the full potential
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Neal Caffrey: Because of your... situation... . Peter Burke: You make it sound like I'm dying.
this show honestly feels like Peter Burke having a new Neal Caffrey to worry about πŸ˜‚
spending the rest of the day with Neal Caffrey & Peter Burke
Neal Caffrey, teach me how to play pool!!🎱😁
"Sometimes it's hard to say goodbye. " -Neal Caffrey
Neal Caffrey can pull off ANY outfit.
"This is about Neal Caffrey. We have reason to believe that he has been in illegal activity behind our back for some time now"
Now, can I have Neal Caffrey? Pretty please w a hat and a neat bottle of Bordeaux! πŸ˜»πŸ˜»πŸ‘Œ
Watching will and grace. Grace talks about dating an ex con and I'm like "Neal Caffrey?"
White Collar, After White Collar criminal Neal Caffrey is captured, he agrees to help the FBI catch others like him https:/…
The Real Life Neal Caffrey had just recently celebrated his 1st birthday. Happy birthday, Caffrey!
I thought the best bromance in tv for me was between Peter Burke & Neal Caffrey till started BL, Alan shore & Danny Crane πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
Cal Lightman, Neal Caffrey, Patrick Jane and Sherlock Holmes in one show would be so much better than the avengers
The means should always justify the ends. - Neal Caffrey
Re-watching White Collar and dang, if isn't perfect as Neal Caffrey.
Actually scratch that. I've found it, it is Neal Caffrey. Only silly Netflix doesn't let you screenshot 😣
Daang! I used to have a photo of Matt Bomer / Neal Caffrey (maybe?) saved to my iPod but I deleted it & it would've been perfect for my RP πŸ™ˆ
It's just like I can't see anyone other than playing Neal Caffrey or other than J2 as Sam & Dean.
This book can make you Neal Caffrey . No lie
Sounds you need to take a few tips from Neal Caffrey after his time doing the same on
So you're pretty much like Neal Caffrey (then? But you can travel thru space and time and have powers and all that.
White Collar: Just watching Neal Caffrey work is purely magical. There's absolutely nothing that guy cannot do. He's good looking too 😻
There's a guy at my gym that looks like Neal Caffrey 😍😍
neal caffrey Howdy I invite one to this particular adult movie webcam totally free sign up.
White Collar: Neal Caffrey, a con man, forger and thief, is captured after a three-year game of cat and mouse...
Not really. But you do you, Caffrey.
Caffrey, come on in. *it's not a trap and Keller is all smiles*
Neal caffrey is the most charming character I ever saw on television.
Idk what happened but suddenly Neal Caffrey
I need a Mike Ross or Neal Caffrey in my life 😍😍
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I always do. If you tell him Neal Caffrey is here he'll let me in. Go's important.
*That earns him a bright, Neal Caffrey smile* Now that I'm in a good place, I want to help you. You deserve a shot.
You're so awesomely handsome Ken, but darn!! I love you now Neal Caffrey!
Even though White Collar is done this man is still my Neal Caffrey.
Women are 2.7x more likely to vote for Neal Caffrey on our The Greatest TV Characters of All Time list. Vote
Just finished White Collar and am now extremely sad that I will no longer watch grace my television as Neal Caffrey.
Holy shiiit is Bryce from "Chuck" actually Neal Caffrey from White Collar?! I'm onto you..
Neal Caffrey definitely makes the all time players list πŸ‘Œ
Yeah. I had to change some things about so he wouldn't be too similar to Bomer's Neal Caffrey character.
Hey Neal Caffrey thanks for the follow!
Neal Caffrey is back in my life and I am a better woman because of it
I'm so addicted to White Collar?? Well, who doesn't love intelligent sexy Neal Caffrey he's so perfect it's INSANE???
Oliver queen and neal caffrey are my fav
drink beers with Peter Burke or wine with Neal Caffrey from 🍺🍷
Our museum just confirmed, Salvador Dali paint its probably fake. Neal Caffrey, what did you do ?. Matt Bomer ?. One of you ?
White Collar - Peter Burke - Neal Caffrey and his cereal box badge
The bromance of Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke is timeless. Still love watching every minute. Thanks for the show!
The great Peter Krause turns up the charm to 10 but @ 50 he may be too old for a 'Neal Caffrey" role; he does try his best 'Thomas Crown' 😎
Just as I can't see anyone except Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey.
It's awkward how both the partners of Neal Caffrey & Peter Burke have this stunning resemblance from one another
Matt Bomer as the brilliant Neal Caffrey in "White Collar."
or should I say Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey. But still L O L that is hilarious
Neal Caffrey, Felix Turner, Cooper Anderson,Ken, Donovan, & Ted. I watched them all because of you Lol
Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey on White Collar. Great suits and styling.
Though, for me, Magic Mike XXL is in the same world as White Collar, and it's the story of what Neal Caffrey did after he left the FBI.
Oh god. Peter Burke, Neal Caffrey, Mozy and El will be missed. Can't believe it's over.
Β« chest as a coy smile coils upon roseate lips. I tilt my head subtly to one side as I spoke, "The infamous Neal Caffrey Β»
I've finished watching US drdama ”White Collar season 4”. Matt Bomar as Neal Caffrey is cool. I like Neal Caffrey!
If not Neal Caffrey will find a way to obtain that hard drive.
Only on the 2nd episode of White Collar and I am already obsessed with Neal Caffrey😍
Forever wishing Neal Caffrey was a real person
Pls Jake don't troll me here, it's actually legit best show ever. Neal caffrey 😍
Neal Caffrey is the best thing to happen me
every time i open my netflix profile and there is Neal Caffrey looking at me with his *** blue eyes saying 'we ain't done yet'. we are neal
I can't believe I've just wasted tears on Neal Caffrey πŸ˜­πŸ‘πŸΎ
pls don't unfollow cuz I changed my layout to neal caffrey idk I just luv him so much
Watching White Collar and oh Neal Caffrey, ever so gorgeous ! 😍
White Collar is my favorite show. I relate to Neal Caffrey.
At last i did a perfect one Holmes signed George caffrey
my legend is Matt Bomer that play White Collar's Neal Caffrey.. RIP mann..
Grumpy Neal Caffrey in his pjs is what gets me up in the morning
Neal Caffrey is best con ever. Such a good fun watching White Collar with Matt Bomer, how he scam Peter.
"Neal Caffrey" is the character Matt Bomer played on White Collar, which was a fun good show . . . until it wasn't. (Grrr.)
Napoleon Solo's backstory in the 2015 movie is similar enough to Neal Caffrey's that I found it distracting. Plus:
Will definitely miss Neal Caffrey. I hope Matt Bomer would do something like this again.
Neal Caffrey doesn't have beard. I'm good. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
You're Neal Caffrey, you can't have beards πŸ˜…
Tfw u start watching White Collar just because Neal caffrey reminds u of Napoleon Solo πŸ˜©πŸ’¦πŸ’¦
I'll never love anyone more than I love Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey
Happy Birthday to AWESOME Neal Caffrey. you inspired me so much. for me. you are perfect. to
it'd be nice to have Neal Caffrey's charm
Gonna watch some , can't get any better than good ol' Neal Caffrey. :)
Definitely. I can talk about Neal Caffrey 24/7. He is the love of my life.
If I could be anyone else I'd either be Trey Songz or Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey)
No picture involved with this one, but here you go:. Mozzie: Get a room! . Sara Ellis: We are in a room! . Neal Caffrey: MY room!
But back to UNCLE for a moment - Napoleon Solo is totally Neal Caffrey's uncle/mentor/secret father yes?
Pacey Witter, Damon Salvatore and Neal Caffrey. I can't choose one.
No wonder I am in love with Neal Caffrey, he's freaking Matt Bomber!! 😍😘❀️
I forgot just how much I love Special Agent Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey.
I'm still in season 3 tho. What abt u?""white-collar Peter Burke and Neal Caffrey""
mine was neal caffrey momo's was Peter and was yours Sara?
Two minutes into the first episode of and I'm already in love with Neal Caffrey. is unbelievably beautiful. 😍
Consider it done! :-) So apparently Neal Caffrey isn't the only one who doesn't like guns ;-)
Im legit emotionally attached to Neal Caffrey
*Still she leaves nothing unturned. By the time she's done his place is a little messy* Why were you with Caffrey last night?
Neal Caffrey is the worst thing to ever happen to me
What would the point be in playing you, Caffrey? You know all my moves by now.
My nominee for are and as Rebecca Lowe & Neal Caffrey πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
Neal Caffrey or Ghost from Power, who rocks suit better?
Impossible is what Neal Caffrey specializes in, review
So in love with that show especially Matt Bomer aka Neal Caffrey!!
sorry i butchered his name, in the series his name is Neal Caffrey and IRL his name is Matt Bomber.
Matt Bomer and Jeff Eastin about the possibility of a
Should there be a 'White Collar' movie?
I think everyone who watches White Collar develops a crush on Neal Caffrey
I can't believe neal caffrey wears fedoras and I still like him. also patrick stump. they are the only exceptions.
he's like Neal Caffrey somehow ...except the theiving lol
You gotta admit, Neal Caffrey is a charmer 😁
Neal caffrey made me wanna be a wine connoisseur
There's nothing wrong with enjoying the good things in life. - Neal Caffrey
Neal Caffrey could get away with anything :)
Neal caffrey in a leather jacket I literally just moaned
Today finished the season finale DVD..glad that Neal Caffrey is still alive to con the world as...
My nominee for is as Neal Caffrey on White Collar
if you were criminal mastermind what would your first... β€” I'd pull a Neal Caffrey. I'd go for art. Honestly ...
Imagine Neal Caffrey, Remy Hadley, and Emma Swan all in prison together
i stg the physical manifestation of Dexter Gordon's tone would be Neal Caffrey
If Neal Caffrey and Harvey Specter made a series together females and most males wouldn't leave the couch
still haven't figured out the connection bet Jeff Eastin and PH but remember in WC when they said they searched for Neal Caffrey here
In White Collar they kill Neal caffrey omg I can't 😭😭😭
The cons they pull remind me of Neal Caffrey
Neal Caffrey is gonna do something stupid
that's all. His luck'll run out. *Caffrey is a minnow swimming in an ocean of sharks these days*
Mozzie is the best . Actually he's kinda cooler than Neal Caffrey .
Many? Well. *He actually looks pleased with that news. People talking about Neal Caffrey is what fuels Neal Caffrey*
it and you had a deal with Caffrey. You kept your mouth shut about it, and in return, Burke got your protection. That deal -
you're fun to watch as Neal Caffrey. 🌹
Neal Caffrey in leather jacket *-* I prefer to see him in a leather jacket than shirtless tbh.
Neal Caffrey is the classiest thing. I'll never over him, it hurts.
I fricken love White Collar Neal Caffrey is the actual bae
My nominee for is Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke in White Collar
My nom for is Matt Bomer as Neal Caffrey Click here to see how to vote
My nominee for is Matt Bomer. We need more Neal Caffrey!
Neal Caffrey is actual boyfriend goals😍
Oh *** Neal Caffrey is never 'just' curious about anything.
My nomination for is for his role as Neal Caffrey in
The greatest trick Neal Caffrey ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist. And like that, poof.
Neal Caffrey :. I cannot tell a lie.
I like them because of Raymond Reddington and Neal Caffrey.
omg I love it soo much, neal caffrey is so perfect πŸ’—
I'll never forget Neal Caffrey, I'll never forget White Collar
If they don't put White Collar Season 6 on Netflix soon, I might just die. I need my fix of Neal Caffrey.
I didn't watch White Collar today and I miss neal caffrey
I miss Neal Caffrey. I need to know what happened to him in the series finale Please make a Please
Imagine living the life of Neal Caffrey
Gotta feeling my hair looks like Neal Caffrey today!πŸ˜†
So this evening was... emotionally unexpected!! -_- I don't care that it's almost 11:30, I need some tea, chocolate and Neal Caffrey!! Now!
N/P slash "When Neal Caffrey first met Peter Burke, he gave him a sucker..."
well played Neal Caffrey 😭. such an amazing ending to an amazing show πŸŽ‰πŸ’™
White Collar's sixth and final season is brand new to Ozflix. Au revoir, Neal Caffrey and chums.
to love Neal Caffrey lol He was a great character πŸ’–
Photoset: favcharacters: Neal Caffrey and Peter Burke - 4x11
I always forget that Neal Caffrey is, despite being played by Matt Bomer, not actually canonically ***
I want to be part of history because even as archaeologist, I still love Neal Caffrey!
"I've done things in my life that I'm not proud, no that's not true. I'm proud of most of it." -Neal Caffrey
Came home to find Neal Caffrey behind the door. Guess I have my viewing for tonight 😎 sad it's the last season 😒
yea me too, no Caffrey at all but I have still my passion for ties and fedoras. Neal Caffrey never dies.
Neal Caffrey is back with the FBI team in a brand new season of White Collar. Starting on City tonight at 22:00
Matt Bomar is Neal Caffrey a con-man, master forgerer, and White Collar criminal. In order to get ou
Friendly reminder that Peter Burke spent an entire year thinking Neal Caffrey was dead
Finished the last episode of White Collar 😭 best till last. What an emotional roller coaster - long live Neal Caffrey πŸ‘Š
I feel like this is the perfect song for Neal Caffrey
Happy birthday to my Roh Roh. Day one Indian bff☺️you've grown to be a handsome Neal Caffrey!! Have a 420 bday!
The longer I paint the more I feel like Neal Caffrey
Not this time. *rubs his chin* Not this time, Caffrey. You do something long enough and you want a change, you know.
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Everything's too easy for Neal Caffrey. Crappy show.
*grins* Look at that. Caffrey delivering. Thanks mate.
I want to go on a date with Neal Caffrey
So, I know I'm late to the party but I just now finished and I loved it! What a way to go out, Neal Caffrey! Greatest con ever!
Elizabeth: Actually this is Neal Caffrey. Brooke: Are you an agent too?. Peter: No, I wish I was. IΒ΄m just a consultant
Neal caffrey so fly... aka Matt Bomer
A criminal really shouldn't be one of my favorite characters of all time, but here I am obsessing over Neal Caffrey. 😍
If I looked like Neal caffrey my crush would have liked me back but I don't so oh well I cry evreytyime
Neal caffrey is one handsome smart ***
In other news , managed to catch the finale of White Collar !. Had some tears , Neal Caffrey , amazing show ended on an amazing note !
Neal Caffrey is the reason why I don't trust good-looking men. πŸ˜‚
BBC should do a remake of Cumberbatch as Neal Caffrey, Idris Elba as Burke, FTW
Time to hop in bed and watch some Neal Caffrey
the show ends (in a long time), you can tell them how to end it properly (Neal Caffrey type fashion πŸ˜‰) 2/2
I love Neal Caffrey as much as I love ❀️
One off them Netflix, full series in one day sorta days, White Collar, Neal Caffrey is just perfection πŸ˜πŸ˜πŸ‘Œ
remember when I had a far cry over neal caffrey dying in White Collar but then they revealed him to be alive and that was the finale
*Neal Caffrey. You are in love with a guy and don't know his name :P
This Summer instead of Neal Caffrey 's Suit going to get into new get up for something new going to enjoy it so much
Because crushed my hopes and dreams today about Neal Caffrey 😩
I need someone as cocky and sarcastic as Harvey Specter. And he has to be as hot as him. Just get me Harvey. I want Harvey. And Neal Caffrey
Still yet to find someone that's watched all seasons of White Collar!! Neal Caffrey is just 😍😍😍😍
Having dealt with so many CEOs I can safely say...only time will tell if Rahul Yadav was a Neal Caffrey of a startup world
We STILL miss you all! "The return of Neal Caffrey "would be a super present for all of us . Love. A Belgian fan❀
I agree too. Neal Caffrey was love. Sad the show ended
My heart always sink when I've seen Matt Bomer's Neal Caffrey. He is truly incredibly charming gorgeous brilliant wise man character.
I want to be a part of history because I love Neal Caffrey
[ Movies ] Open Question : Do gentleman thieves/conmen like Danny ocean and Neal Caffrey only exist in movies?...
Good evening from Italy :3 this is my FanArt πŸ’• yay I love your role Neal Caffrey 😍 and I love White Collar h…
Along with Captains Austin Caffrey and Matt Cavallo, the leadership council will meet Monday after school in Coach Neal's room.
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Bit late to the party, but White Collar is such a good TV show! Neal Caffrey 😍
to be fair, I do love a good thief, a la as Neal Caffrey.
ur personal collection of ties & pocket squares can beat Neal Caffrey! wish I cd c them all- just wow πŸ˜€
Just discovered White Collar. I am hooked. I just cannot get enough of Neal Caffrey . This is not good for my essay writing
I'm only on S4 of White Collar but I have a feeling Neal Caffrey is one of those characters that die a legendary death. .
"I'm not a suit guy". lol HOW THINGS CHANGE NEAL CAFFREY
Someone find me Matt Bomer (Neal Caffrey) in NY, and tell him to teach me his con artist skills.
It's been 25 minutes and I'm already in love with Neal Caffrey
If I made a Neal Caffrey RP account, would you think any less of me because I clearly have a problem
chill fam. Neal Caffrey if anybody.
Here is my Neal Caffrey Bomer Block. I'm giving it away on FB to who makes the best NEAL edit. Matty Mel (my FB name)
that's how I feel ab White Collar I need more Neal Caffrey in my life
If there are any Neal Caffrey RP accounts, one of their bios better be "a beautiful fantasy just out of reach"
you can have literally everyone else on any show. Except Neal Caffrey.
It would be so much better to watch "the return of Neal Caffrey " !
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My goal is to live an adventurous life like Neal Caffrey.
And you can kind of see in Neal Caffrey, a little bit of Hawkeye's mischievousness. ;)
such a shame Neal Caffrey from White Collar is *** in real life he's literally beautiful
Oh well, I guess I can meet up with Neal Caffrey instead. ;)
Neal Caffrey has taught me the insignificance of ice breakers. I have become a lot more comfortable initiating conversation with strangers.
There was only one person I could think of more anxious for that kind of ownership than Neal Caffrey.
I do!! Thank you for keeping us Matt Bomer and Neal Caffrey fans entertained!
Watching White Collar Season 5 after forever... The gorgeousness that is Neal Caffrey~ :3
when will i find the Neal Caffrey to my Peter Burke
Tell me Neal Caffrey and Frank Doyle wouldn't have A LOT to talk about. I dare you.
when he first arrived, anklet included. Neal walks out to meet Peter, looking like the old Caffrey...just with floofy hair*
Yeah yeah. I'll give it a go. Enjoy your freedom, Caffrey.
Because I did what I do best. *iconic Neal Caffrey smile* I conned him into thinking I'm a good boy again.
That's not too juicy. Come on Caffrey. You're sitting on the good stuff, I bet.
When the first episode of the season makes you cry it's a good one but I get to stare at Matt Bomer aka Neal Caffrey
Order Miche Bag Online!
Hey there! Fan here from Philippines. I miss Neal Caffrey, I miss :(
Neal Caffrey is the best part of White Collar 😍
can't be as scary as keeping tabs on Neal Caffrey! lol
Now that I've got my BSN it's time to do some catching up with my main squeeze Neal Caffrey until I become a Tennessean😌
Wow, i just watched the White Collar's Finale, and you make my feelings get crazy... I really thank you for Neal Caffrey...
just wondering do you know who Neal Caffrey is?
Neal Caffrey is really Magneto's human son. I'm confident in this.
If all men dressed up like Neal Caffrey, the world would be a better place πŸ™ŠπŸ’•
I hope Neal Caffrey ends up back in jail.
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