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Neal Brennan

Neal Brennan (born c. 1974) is an American writer, stand-up comedian, actor, director and producer. He is best known for co-creating and co-writing the Comedy Central series Chappelle's Show with Dave Chappelle.

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I watched Neal Brennan and it was one of the darkest things I've seen and it was amazing, I like Birbiglia. Louis CK is hit and miss
Neal Brennan's 3 Mics is hilarious. And I never laugh at Netflix stand up.
Neal Brennan returned to The Daily Show to call out conservatives for supporting Trump
Neal Brennan: Republicans are hypocrites for defending President Trump's risky budget, frequent vacations and poorl…
Watch perfectly explore the GOP's double standard. Trump is "everything you said you hated."
Need a good laugh which comedian bit on Netflix is prime? Seen Neal Brennan's set already
If Neal Brennan had his own talk show, I'd never miss it.
my bad, it was only a year ago. Thought it was way older. .
.explains the GOP's Trump hypocrisy: "He's everything you said you hated"
Neal Brennan is really good at stuff
.stopped by The Daily Show to call out conservatives about Trump
"Hey conservatives, do you love America? Sure, but not as much as we love our side winning".
Thanks Loved this piece 'He is everything GOP said they hated!'
why does Neal Brennan block people. Just saw I was blocked. *** !!
Neal Brennan once again drops by “The Daily Show” to figure out why conservatives like Trump…
Pride & Prejudice is a perfect name for a redneck's truck. -Neal Brennan
Neal Brennan explains the GOP's Trump hypocrisy on "He's everything you said you hated"…
Neal Brennan makes a hypocritical fool of the Republican Party, Daily Show
Neal Brennan address REP hypocrisy with TRUMP BEAUTIFULLY via
My favorite all time TV show is I talked to producer/director Michael Kirk about it. Thrilling.
This may be one of the best comedic commentaries on the hot mess going on at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. Ask your...
Whoever did makeup on The Daily Show tonight went real heavy with the blush. Neal Brennan and J.Lo looking rosey.
Republicans: "Sure, [I love America]. But not as much as I love my side winning." - Neal Brennan
.asks why the GOP loves Trump: 'he's everything you said you hated'
[Meetup] On 2017-02-09 at Hollywood Improv: FREE COMEDY TIX: Jeff Garlin, Neal Brennan + more at Hollywood Improv!
Neal Brennan's 3 Mics on Netflix is some of the best/creative standup I've seen in years.
a week of Neal Brennan and Dave Chapelle collaborating again?
Nice one. Will get on this. You heard the one of Prince, Dave Chappelle, Neal Brennan and Questlove?
Joe Rogan Experience – Neal Brennan: Neal Brennan is a stand-up comedian, actor, writer, director and pr...
I liked a video from Joe Rogan Experience - Neal Brennan
it helps to have Neal Brennan and John Mulaney as writers
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My favorite Prince story, told by Neal Brennan
Neal Brennan is so poppin right now
we're interviewing Neal Brennan, co-creator of The Chappelle Show, today! got any questions you want us to ask?
Lol nah you better off without a coach
he wants us to " Act like men",when he walked away after kicking us off without any reasoning! Souza had to explain
Souza was like "this new coach is trying to win games." Uhhh by kicking us off?? 😂👀
Whispers to 'Neal Brennan's show just got a 3 show extension for next weekend'
The year is 2021, a time of great advancement. The Sixers start TJ Ford, Landry Fields, Jason Kapono, Pops Mensah-Bonsu a…
New episode of Sorry I've Been So Busy (my podcast w/ is up w/ guest Listen and subscribe:
all your hard work paid off man. From humble beginnings to a follow. P.S. great champs podcast with Neal Brennan
High school girls soccer: Fort Osage 3, Chrisman 0 halftime. Aspen O'Neal with 2 goals. Marina Rios with one.
Quote of the day :. " Black men treat their women like white men treat black men." -Neal Brennan
Seniors Brennan Neal & Alex Hoffmann took 6th & 2nd place in speaking in the varsity division!
.explains: Donald Trump is the bad boy your parents don’t want you to date.
All I've ever wanted to talk about is whether anyone else thinks out of drag Acid Betty looks like Neal Brennan.
you don't smack Kevin Brennan around to hurt him, you have Neal on and it kills Kevin.
This is awesome. Neal Brennan is pretty awesome --->
I wish I mentioned this last week when Dan Le Batard had Neal Brennan on his radio show
Neal Brennan was great on LeBatard the other day saying we expect Football players to just turn off the violence
Neal Brennan said in an interview Dave Chappelle pitched him a sketch about people in Africa hunting that thing on The Weekends Head. 😂😂😂😂
Saw you last night at the Neal Brennan 3 Mics. Didn't wanna bother you. Keep doing you man. Definitely a fan.
Thank you Neal Brennan for Just thank you.
thanks for playing that Neal Brennan sound, funny and truthful.
Neal Brennan it's about the last 12 minutes.
Comedian Neal Brennan recently discussed his experience undergoing TMS therapy for depression on The Daily Show. https…
Neal Brennan on domestic violence in NFL headlines, "all I see is 'football player does football at the wrong time.' They're simpletons."
Love the . Do your ears a favor and listen!!.
Neal Brennan's face looks like he uses it to perform *** on Central Park rats in his spare time,
The 3 mics show by Neal Brennan was so good last night
Some blurry friends of the show, Neal Brennan (3 Mics, Chappelle Show) and Sasheer Zamata (SNL), at HOT SOUP on Tuesday night.
"St.Patrick's Day:A day the Irish celebrate their rich heritage by acting like a bunch of Puerto Ricans." Neal Brennan. S/O to my Boricua
3 MICS (Neal Brennan on stage) (@ The Lynn Redgrave Theater at in New York, NY)
New favorite comedian is Neal Brennan co-founder of the Dave Chappell
Neal Brennan made some really dope points on the breakfast club, I see why Dave Chappelle enjoyed working with the guy
There's a reason why John Legend and Dave Chappelle are supporting "Neal Brennan 3 Mics" - find...
About Last Night: Comedian Neal Brennan had some heavy hitter support from fellow Comedians Chris Rock and Dave Cha…
A Dizzi News Flash…. '3 Mics': Theater Review - Neal Brennan, the co-creator of 'Chappelle's Show,' performs an...
Congrats to STM Alums O'Neal Lochridge and Brennan Breaux who helped LSU sweep this weekend. O'Neal with home run and winning run on Friday!
Neal Brennan & Friends brings you comics from TV and beyond tonight @ 9pm!
Yo, When can we expect Steve Martin to swing by "Neal Brennan and Friends"?
Check NEAL BRENNAN'S 3 MICS on I'm thinking of going...
The Champs podcast (ending is a bummer but the archives are great and funny.
The jew went and threw some shade on you breh... 🤔
We've got a line-up of A-list comics for you in Neal Brennan & Friends tonight @ 9pm!
Neal Brennan said he could be up there with Rock and Chappelle.. what a co-sign!
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So I don't need to read this article asking Is Neal Brennan The World's Greatest Sex Machine?
Neal Brennan and Friends brings you comedians from TV and beyond tonight @ 9pm!
I think I just heard Neal Brennan's voiceover in a Samsung commercial. That seems very strange.
to when Max & Brennan saved the day by finding Booth! Don't miss on tonight's new episode.
Oooh, that right there, will have white folks heads do the "Neal Brennan".
Brennan Neal (Whiteland) '19 6'3 Forward had 15pts in JV debut in win over Mt Vernon last night.
Iliza Shlesinger is replacing Neal Brennan at The Store tonight.I love when one of my favorite comedians gets replaced by one of my least.😑
Gon listen to Neal Brennan on the way home. He's funny af. Idc.
Neal Brennan's '3 Mics' is phenomenal. See it, but only if you're into great shows.
some of the most vile entitled white men like Neal Brennan and other white comics who use black stories and only see us as...
LA: Tonight I will be going to see Neal Brennan at Largo at 8:30. Come and laugh and feel and take selfies
Heard its this guys birthday - do yourself a favor & go see his 3 mic show. Its exceptional.
Wish someone was down to see Neal Brennan at Largo with me Tuesday
Neal Brennan & Friends gives you the best comics from TV and beyond tonight @ 9pm!
Come see Demetri Martin , Neal Brennan and so much more at is like an hour. See…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I need that Chelsea Peretti and Neal Brennan love
Doug Benson, Tim Heidecker, Todd Barry, Nikki Glaser, Neal Brennan and others to appear at... via
Neal Brennan was writing for Chris Rock? He's the voice of Samsung too. Being a comedy writer man, wow.
SEPT. 9 - Doing new hour called "3 Mics" @ Largo. . One Mic for stand-up. One for 1 liners, . One for emotional stuff.
Learn the backstory of BB-8, little droid that has already made a big impact on fans.
Mosher Kasher and Neal Brennan bridging the cultural gap in a way Chappelle's Show grazed (Brennan co created that show)
any way to get funnier? Neal Brennan says to just go to comedy clubs all the time but do you have any way or is it possible?
I like Neal Brennan, his Chappelle Show writing was hilarious!
Excited 2 be hosting this show 2night! Great line up w/ co-creater of the Chappelle show Neal Brennan headlining!...
Who wants to join me for a great comic, co-creator of Chappelle's Show Neil Brennan, at a fab venue in L.A.
It's a unique show. Stand-up and personal. Here's a review from Montreal. Tickets:.
companion to this is Neil Brennan's personal experience of using ketamine to treat depression. sounds life changing
On Saturday Aug. 29 7pm catch me at the Comedy Store Main Room featuring for Neal Brennan co-creator…
this Saturday 10pm Neal Brennan Co-Creator of Chappelle Show. Let's do dis!
Gary owens is the top ten black comedian - Neal Brennan
Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan are flat-out prophets and we didn't even know.
RATED H for Hilarious! Neal Brennan (co-creator of Chappelle's Show) and Moshe Kasher pick Charlie Murphy's brain about the Past, Present and Future.
Watch today's video stream featuring Hannibal Buress, Neal Brennan, Cristela Alonzo & more. It's way better than the news.
broad city and neal Brennan's approval matrix also great
Neal Brennan (co creator of Chappelle's Show) said they had to pay DJ Assault $24,000 to play this on the show. NSFW
Big talking bout Diz on The Champs making my day .
Just realized that Drew is actually Neal Brennan
I probably wouldn't be checking for this if the Neal Brennan wasn't a part of it
"Is that creepy?!" - Danny Brown being sexually existential. Brown = Hood Gary the Squirrel
neal brennan dm'ed me saying he would pay me 100$ if he made cp3 funny . Neal not all black folks can turn funny
This CP3/Blake Griffin/Neal Brennan comedy sketch looks like it could be good
is it a recent one? Callen and Neal Brennan were on together. That's one of the funniest yet.
Because Blake Griffin and Chris Paul teaming up with Neal Brennan for a TV show is going to be awesome.
Blake Griffin and Chris Paul starring in Adultswim sketch show developed by Neal Brennan:
Neal Brennan and Tupac. The only dudes that care when don't nobody else care. This show misewell be Mars, jesus.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Chris Paul is afraid of farm animals | For The Win
Please tune in and check out this great project that I had the pleasure to be apart of :D
And here's an article about the show with and .
Sports: Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, and Neal Brennan have a new comedy sketch series [Vid]
Neal Brennan and Brett Gelman sound like they would be the Mario and Wario of comedy, as far as names go.
Griffin & Paul are working with Chappelle's Show writer Neal Brennan on sketch comedy series called "BGCP3TV in HD"
Wire: Blake Griffin, Chris Paul in new comedy sketch series on Adult Swim
Can someone find me a gif if Neal Brennan's dance when Chappelle was walking through the club in slow motion?
I'm watching Neal Brennan do stand up and now it makes so much sense how he and Dave Chappelle made historic comedy together.
Got some tickets for tomorrow Eddie Pepitone, Neal Brennan, David O'Doherty. Drop me a line
Larry King was cold. Neal Brennan, Seth Rogan and some others.
This weekend you can catch me host for the hilarious headliner Tom Dustin alongside femme fatale of comedy Jenny Zigrino. Jenny Zigrino is Sassy, Brassy, and Classy. Her keen observations, adorable wit and explosive stage presence will capture your attention and possibly your heart. Jenny Zigrino has been performing nationally in clubs, colleges, and festivals all over the country and internationally. She has featured for national acts like Tom Green(MTV), Gilbert Gottfried (Comedy Central, MTV) Neal Brennan (The Chappelle Show) and Todd Barry (Louie, Comedy Central). She’s a regular at the Women in Comedy Festival and has performed in Riot LA Alternative Comedy Festival, Boston Comedy Festival, and Women in Comedy Festival. She recently took 2nd place in the 2013 SheDevil Comedy festival and finished as one of the top 8 finalists in 2013 Laughing Skull Comedy Festival. Comedy Central named her a “Comic to Watch” for 2013. Jenny has been nominated as “Boston’s Best Comedian” for 2013. She MC ...
Neal Brennan and Kevin Nealon invent skin the Laugh Factory comedy club in Hollywood, CA, home of the best stand up comedians. Want to see mo...
Turn to Comedy Central RIGHT NOW to see Neal Brennan's hour special "Women and Black Dudes."
Watch the premiere of Neal Brennan's "Women and Black Dudes" TONIGHT at 12/11c. (Looking at you Michelle Obama)
someone show Neal Brennan that article where John Mayer bragged about *his* black card
Neal Brennan shares his favorite clips, highlighting his influences, from Rick James to Seth Meyers:
Neal Brennan is always funny him and Dave Chappelle held the crown at on point
This is like getting a behind-the-scenes look at why Seth Meyers and Neal Brennan best friends.
Seth Meyers talks to Neal Brennan about Women and Black Dudes, Late Night, and Chappelle’s texts:
Neal Brennan's nick cage joke was way funnier
Everyone in the world! Head to the Hollywood Improv for a great show benefiting malaria at 8pm! Maron! Dana Gould! Nealon! Neal Brennan!
Just heard the quote of the day: "The American Dream is money won't make you happy.but let's just make sure." -Neal Brennan
was the last time you spoke to Neal Brennan also the last time you spoke to Chris Rock?
I did this video for with Sarah Silverman, Neal Brennan, David Alan Grier and Deon Cole. Check it out.
Saw the Myers Gala lineup - John Mulaney is amazing, and Neal Brennan and Hannibal Burress are guys I want to see, too.
was making a joke about that Neal Brennan RT. How's the sunburn?
New Show with 50% of the masterminds behind the major film and sketch accomplishments Half Baked and Chappelle Show
"Neal Brennan please have sex with me." -everybody
Dave Chappelle likes Neal Brennan because he makes Charlie Murphy look like Wayne Brady.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
The world's biggest comedy festival happens in Montreal this month! Neal Brennan Comedy, Moshe Kasher, Tom Papa,...
SANTA MONICA: I'm at The Neal Brennan & Friends Show tonight at w/ + more. 9PM
See the best touring comics from tv and beyond doing new material with "Neal Brennan & Friends" tonight @ 9pm!
Neal Brennan just made essentially the same joke I made an hour ago so at least there's that?
Harry Connick Jr & Will Smith were Neal Brennan & Dave Chappelle before it was fashionable
Congratulations. You made it to the weekend. Give yourself a present and download this week's podcast featuring Owen Benjamin, Neal Brennan, Chelsea Peretti, Nick Kroll, Chris D'Elia and John Mulaney -
Some great comedy shows are coming up at The Crocodile! July 14th: Neil Hamburger, Tim Heidecker (of Tim & Eric's Awesome Show) at The Croc... August 24th: Neal Brennan at The Crocodile (from Chapelle Show aka Dave Chapelle's White writing partner!) Both shows at 7pm, get yr tickets now!
Seeing hilarious Neal Brennan at Lovitz Comedy Club tonight. Neal directed 'The Goods'. Did you buy a ticket or wait for free cable?
Hey badgers come out to Bethel Hall tonight @ 8. I'll be doing a show w/ Chris Hardwick, Neal Brennan, Myq Kaplan & more :-)
let's give Chappelle writers credit. Bill Burr, Charlie Murphy and Neal Brennan get love.
Check out my recent review of comedian and Chappell's Show co-creator, Neal Brennan, for Comedy of Chicago!
Ashy Larry, Neal Brennan and now Charlie Murphy have come through... Dave Chappelle where you at?!
Alright-first show success! Time for Neal Brennan and Ian Edwards!! Whew!!
Big thanks to all the comics who KILLED The Improvised Stand-Up Show last night: Gil Garibaldo, Ari Shaffir, Jeff Richards, Neal Brennan, Andrew Themeles, Carl Tart, and Jerrod Carmichael
I'm stoked to be on one of the dopest shows in Hollywood TONIGHT @ 8pm w/ Ari Shaffir, Neal Brennan, Jeff Richards and Jeremiah Watkins! BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW!
Eric Andre, the star of Adult Swim's "The Eric Andre Show," has regrettably canceled his Gilda's LaughFest 2013 appearance due to the extended production schedule for his TV show. Andre, who was originally slated to perform alongside Neal Brennan as part of Bud Light's Blue Late Night Comedy Series at the Orbit Room on March 12, will be replaced by Natasha Leggero.
10 years after it debuted, Neal Brennan dishes on what made his list of the show's top 11 moments.
I disagree go see Pete Holmes, Tj Miller, Todd Barry, Paul Provenza, Neal Brennan, and Ian Edwards.
Half a man. Neal Brennan and James Gunn. Weird, but somehow it keeps happening.
Tonight, we have a full hour of all-new Up All Night starting at 8. Up first, take a walk down memory lane to Chris and Reagan's not-so-magical wedding day, with guest star Sean Hayes. Then, the misadventures continue for the Brinkleys at 8:30. Up at 9, Howie Mandel hosts the newest holiday phenomenon-- the Take It All week-long event continues, followed by an all-new Rock Center with Brian Williams at 10. Followed at 11 by southern Nevada's most watched news - NEWS 3 AT 11. THURSDAY, DECEMBER 13, 2012 8:00: Up All Night 8:30: Up All Night 9:00 Take It All 10:00: Rock Center with Brian Williams 11:00: News 3 at 11 The Tonight Show with Jay Leno - Hugh Jackman, Maria Sharapova, and musical guest JD McPherson Late Night with Jimmy Fallon - Martin Short, John Cena, and Neal Brennan
Neal Brennan is cracking me up. I love you, Comedy Central.
Texas!! December 20-23 at the Addison Improv with Charlie Murphy and Neal Brennan
just downloaded the Heems, Neal Brennan, and Complex eps
Description: Comedians call it the hardest room in the country and audience members call it the best. 16 national headliners, back to back, from the cute and cuddly to the down and dirty, with everything in between. Our Original Room stage has been home to such greats as David Letterman, Jay Leno,...
Kicking it at the Neal Brennan show! Can not go wrong with the creator/writer of Chappelle Show and Half Baked! Funny as *** ..
Neal Brennan doesn't get enough credit for his contributions to Chappelle's show.
Oh MAN: Seriously funny man NEAL BRENNAN is doing a comedy set at the Firebird TONIGHT. How funny? Well, did you think the Dave Chappelle Show was funny? He co-founded that thing. For real. Get down there and meet us up!
This is the guy who created the Rick James skit on the chapelle show and helped write Half Baked and it is tonight!!
Might go catch Neal Brennan tonight.funny dude and co-creator of the chappelle show
He didn't do a set. He was just there to watch Neal Brennan.
Evidently one of the writers from the Chapelle Show is doing stand-up tonight at the Firebird and I didn't even know it. Success!
Turns out he showed, Head writer/co-creator of chappelles show Neal Brennan was headlining and Dave lives 2 hours away in Ohio.
I wish I had gone to the Neal Brennan show. Coulda met Dave Chappelle.
I'm opening up for Chappelle's Show co-creator, Neal Brennan tonight at Morty's! Show starts at 8 & you won't want to miss it!
Tomorrow on the Bob & Tom Show its Neal Brennan, Mike Birbiglia, and Costaki Economopoulos!
I liked a video from Neal Brennan After-Parties With Prince | Animated Archives
Just got the lineup for our upcoming LOUD VILLAGE presents...Comedy For The Holidays show! Tim Heidecker, Pete Holmes, Kyle Kinane, Neal Brennan, Eric Andre, Garfunkel & Oates, DJ Douggpound, The Birthday Boys, Brandon Johnson & Emily Maya Mills, Joe Sib are all set to be there and it's hosted by Jeremy Burke! Get your tickets now!
Riff Raff's on the new Champs podcast with Neal Brennan. This ought to be interesting.
Tomorrow on the Bob & Tom Show it's Neal Brennan and Dan St. Paul!
Neal Brennan cancelled. It's just Charlie Murphy headlining that weekend.
Got some new giveaways in the works, including a pair of passes to see Chappelle show co-creator Neal Brennan
People think I'm not in Chicago shopping for underwear with right now. People are wrong.
It's The Champs Podcast with Neal Brennan, Moshe Kasher and DJ Douggpound. Check out interviews, videos and more with comedians.
Neal Brennan's performin at the laugh factory tonight I totally woulda gone to that
My Dog Keith got a chance to hump swimsuit model Chrissy Teigen and took it.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Looking at your calendar. Charlie Murphy and Neal Brennan both on December 21? Or am I reading that wrong?
First time at and first time seeing (@ The Hideout for Neal Brennan + more)
You there god? It's your girl C Paule. Please let me bump into Neal Brennan romcom style while he's in Chicago. Just have my back on this.
These are the Neil Hamburger and Neal Brennan tickets we are going to raffle off at the show! Come out at 10!!!
Wednesday's kind of a lame day, so we had to make our lineup extra awesome to balance it out. 9 pm Steve Rannazzisi, Bobby Lee, Michael Kosta, Erik Griffin, Neal Brennan and a whole lot more!
Get tickets to Neal Brennan at The Hideout in Chicago on November 09 2012
no, Safari just blows. Tell Neal Brennan to unblock me.
Just out of the very hot shower. Mm Thanks again to my brother, Keith for his apartment and love. We are a very tight family, having been through so much tragedy...and still surviving. We have lost a sister and a brother (Keith's twin) and our beloved stepfather...all in their early to mid-thirties. We have been knocked down so many times...and keep getting up. It's like we are rocks hurtling through space and each time we hit a piece of space reshapes us and makes us a sleeker more polished, albeit crazed, being. I slept very well last night. I had more crazy dreams. Some very sexual...and lovely in every way. The kind you wish were either real...or that you didn't wake up from. Also another crazy dream where I was leaving the airport in LA after a flight and rented a bike and headed down the highway. Just then I realized, I hadn't collected my luggage. I went back and ran into my friend and comedian, Neal Brennan and a childhood friend, who is no longer with us, Ken Stortz. They ...
I was marveling over the same sketch it was fun seeing young Neal Brennan.
We finally integrated The Champs with the most ignorant white people in America +
Big up Dave Chappelle and Neal Brennan for people are STILL dressing up like Tyrone Biggums.
Neal Brennan:Neal Brennan is an American writer, stand-up comedian, director, and producer. He is most popularly known for his work on the Comedy Central series Chappelle's Show, and for co-writing the film Half Baked. Brennan and Dave Chappelle met when both were aspiring stand-ups. Through his old...
I literally just bought myself black jeans because I saw Neal Brennan wearing them on a show I did last week. (cc and
Neal Brennan is NG director never noticed Tell him Good job please
"who is Champs?" Neal Brennan from Chappell Show...Only has black guests.
just weeping really cos I miss you so much. Other than that just daily grind of admin job…rave! You in pantoland already? X
Neal will be back shortly. His phone died
Hot girls in LA have so few skills that if they were guys, they'd be homeless. -Neal Brennan
Neal Brennan Romney is happy. He wanted Detroit to lose.
we LOVE YOU NEAL BRENNAN. will you check us out?! it would mean a LOT! we follow comedians and are fans of comedy :)
My Champs podcast with is available for download at...
This is my dog, Keith. He's a cute pitbull and he knows it.
Neal Brennan, Sammy K Obeid and Jules Posner were all so great tonight at the Punchline! Congrats, boys!
Moshe Kasher, Neal Brennan and John Salley! Listen to the latest episode of .right now!
Neal Brennan, who co-created the friggin' Chappelle Show for crying out loud (and is a great, hilarious standup, writer and director), has the best show biz stories in the world. He shared a ton of them here, as well as a couple of the things that make him...
Last one :( (@ The Rivoli for Neal Brennan and Todd Glass w/ 3 others)
Just saw Todd Glass' set. Waiting for Neal Brennan (co-creator of Chappelle's Show) to come on now. Final night of
Last night I got to see Hannibal Buress and Neal Brennan go Hamilton all for the price of one PBR and a Shot. I love this city!
That time Dave Chappelle, Questlove & Neal Brennan partied with Prince
Hannibal Buress and Neal Brennan at the Knitting Factory tonight? Don't mind if I do!
Here's another True Hollywood Story for you. Back in August, Comedian and "Chappelle's Show" co-creator Neal Brennan went on Bill Simmons' B.S. Report podcast and told a story that would probably make more sense if it was a sketch on Comedy Central.
Chappelle Show co-creator Neal Brennan shares a tale about a night spent with Dave Chappelle, Questlove and Prince.
This is pretty hilarious. The animation of Neal Brennan's story is truly the icing on the cake. Pancakes, apparently.
Coupon to see Montez from WORKAHOLICS, Eric Andre from THE Eric Andre SHOW and Neal Brennan from CHAPPEL...
Official site of Neal Brennan, Emmy nominated director, writer, actor, and comedian, and co-creator of Chappelle's Show.
Last two days I got to see Louis Ck, Bill Burr, Neal Brennan, Owen Benjamin and Thomas Dale do stand up! Oh yeah I also booked two shows!
Great packed night tonight - Thanks to the country's greatest host in Mr. Chris Spencer and classic performances by Dominique Comedienne, Neal Brennan, Esau McGraw, David A Arnold and of course MR. KEVIN HART.
My life feels so inane after listening to podcasts because I am inundated with useful facts such as Neal Brennan's opinion on Jon Hamm.
“Neal what's the best pick up line you've heard? // Hi, I'm Neal Brennan. MY bro took sarah silverman's virginity.
Contest time: the comment with the most likes gets 2 free tickets to see Neal Brennan Comedy...
In age of youtube, can there ever be a huge sketch show? Chapelle Show's Neil Brennan weighs in.
I've listened to every single episode of The Champs a bunch of times. It's like comedy crack.
Super stoked about Neal Brennan at the laughing skull lounge this Thursday. Like beyond stoked. People should join.
Miley's new haircut makes her look like Jeff Tran, everybody's asian roommate from freshman year of college.
Are you going to Neal Brennan, Todd Barry, or Doug Stanhope?
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
The High Watt is pleased to announce another installment of its ongoing comedy series with Corporate Juggernaut, this time featuring the co-creator of Chappelle's Show, Neal Brennan! In addition to The Chappelle's Show, which he wrote, produced, and directed with Dave, Neal's past credits also inclu...
Monday, September 3 at 8:00pm in CDT at Nashville, Tennessee
I think I seen this person at Walmart.
Just read something that hit the nail on the head. Im totally following neal brennan
The latest version of WORDS GOOD! READ NOW! with articles on Friedkin, Development *** Honeymooners, and Neal Brennan
Getting dressed up and heading to Santa Monica for Neal Brennan's comedy show tonight :)
Currently sitting outside an ale tent by the sea, in the sun. Everyone looked at me when I cheered when neal knocked Plato from 1st
Pretty awesome interview with over at
My interview w/ the very funny Chappelle's Show co-creator and America's first black podcast host.
“I did an interview with talks about post chapels show life..pretty cool
Neal Brennan talks about how the comedy business has changed
The Champs sit down with their first “Lil” guest, Rel Howry, rising star comic from Chicago. They discuss his father’s crying, white people at camp, girls and religion. S’good.
What is happening between Neal Brennan and Alec Sulkin
Neal Brennan's playing the DC Improv. I was praying you'd double bill with him. ( ._.)
Best Comedy Club In Atlanta :: Neal Brennan - The best comedy club in Atlanta as voted by numerous publications locally and nationally.
That's the one! I couldn't remember the name of it! DREAM AGENT! Thanks ya big hunk! x
Listened to Lil Rel from The Champs w/Neal Brennan, Moshe Kasher and Douggpound
The Champs with Neal Brennan, Moshe Kasher and DJ Douggpound is an hilarious show.. you wana peep this.
Original Champ and NBA All-Star Blake Griffin makes his triumphant return to discuss the Clippers season, his knees, the things he needs to do to become a complete player, and the origin of the term "Lob City."
Here then is another wonderful episode of The Champs with guest- Lil' Rel. feat and
Oh, my fault, *** I didn't know there was a law against driving and feeling things.
Here's the actual video from the clip I had posted earlier. Neal Brennan talks about what really happened on Chappelle's show and why it ended.
I liked a video from The Kevin Nealon Show - Neal Brennan
Nerdist is part of this crazy culture at the end of September...Patton Oswalt, Louis CK AND...Neal Brennan! I want to see him.
More time for stand up! Pizza day Fri With and Neal Brennan and friends with on Sun
Oh, good, Neal Brennan is on this podcast, too. ::unplugs headphones, throws iPhone into the ocean::
Help the Champs out on iTunes by Rating & leaving us a Comment. Thanks to those who have taken the time out to do so.
used to have to fight his mom's boyfriend, who went by the name, "Do Dirty." New Champs.
New Champs -- with a really funny dude you may not know --
I wonder if Neal Brennan is gonna get another show...I'd watch.
Can we all just pause life, work on our personalities and meet back up in a year? That would help me. -Neal Brennan
havent laughed that hard in a long time. List of the comedians I have seen so far tonight: Doug Benson, Jay Chandrasekhar, Neal Brennan, James Gunn(hes a director, but still really funny) Nick Kroll, Anthony Jeselnik, Jon Daly , Scott Auckerman, Matt Besser and Howard Kremer... thanks UCB Theater LA
Who is Neal Brennan and why did I never care to know?
"If you Google fifteen things in one year, it's basically the same as going to the University of Phoenix online."-- Neal Brennan
What is happening between Neal Brennan and Jenny Johnson
or Neal Brennan said this as a build a title on Doug Loves Movies and I had to make the poster
Re: that Neal Brennan show - I feel like I should apologize for the whole TMNT doc rabbit hole. Who knew it'd go there?
The Neal Brennan show on Sunday night was awesome. Hilarious and a literal steal for the price. Many thanks!
Friday, July 13 at 7:30pm in PDT at The World Famous Comedy Store
Very excited to announce that NEAL BRENNAN (Co-Creator of Chappelle's Show) will be coming back to headline next week's Comedy Night on Tuesday 7/17. Full line up will be posted tomorrow and it's probably the best one yet!!
This week on THE CHAMPS- from Parks and Rec! we discuss sexism in comedy and sassy black ladies fux/wit:
NEW CHAMPS! With (from Parks and Rec). We discuss Adam Carolla and a bunch of other stuff.
The Goods: Live Hard, Sell Hard - Neal Brennan: From the guys behind Talladega Nights and Step Brothers comes on...
I'll make up for no VeniceUground tomorrow by putting you on my guest list for an incredible show at the Improv 10p tonight. I'm MC for SPECIAL EVENT ComedyJuice with Chris D'Elia, Neal Brennan, Brody Stevens, Adam Ray, Mark Serritella & more! A-LIST LINEUP!!! Message me ASAP, I gotta turn in names!
I'll be in vegas, but otherwise I'd go see this guy tomorrow night imo.
Hollywood Improv. Tuesday July 3rd 8pm and 10pm. 8pm with Bobby Lee, Erik Griffin, Brody Stevens 10pm with Chris D'Elia, Neal Brennan, Adam Ray Let me know if you would like to go!
Why Neal Brennan is awesome RT Congratulations to God and Jesus. Huge night at the BET Awards.
Our original show in our original room. 12 National headliners back to back for a truly singular comedy experience. No other club in the country offers back to back hilarity of this caliber and in this volume!
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