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Neal Adams

Neal Adams (born June 15, 1941) is an American comic book and commercial artist known for helping to create some of the definitive modern imagery of the DC Comics characters Superman, Batman, and Green Arrow; as the co-founder of the graphic design studio Continuity Associates; and as a creators-rights advocate who helped secure a pension and recognition for Superman creators Jerry Siegel and Joe Shuster.

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Your old rival, Neal Adams even put STERANKO EFFECT in aDeadman sory in the late 60s.
Neal Adams figured it out no later than 2003. Here a later web archive with YT links:
Z.P.G. (Zero Population Growth) movie poster, 1972. Looks like Neal Adams art to me.
I forget who pointed it out but it was lifted from either Neal Adams or Michael Golden's artwork.
I know him from classic Neal Adams Avengers run. Kree-Skrull Wars
Only 1 game so far, but hard to rank Hooker above Adams on CURRENT skills. BUT I made same mistake in eval K Neal last year
I have a question. Are you the Neal Adams from YouTube with the expanding Earth video's?
Really all the pre-Bronze age guys. Neal Adams was the first big step away from "comic style"
Power Records: Conan the Barbarian Book and Record cover art by Neal Adams, 1975.
One of my favorite Christmas themed comic covers. Badass Santa. Art by Neal Adams.
The Not So Silent Night Of Harley Quinn written by Paul Dini, drawn by Neal Adams and colored by yours truly.
I didn't have anything on the pull list this week, but I had to go get the Batman annual. & Neal Adams team up for a story.
Then later, Neal Adams drew Green Arrow's ward Speedy doing smack right on the cover! WITH the CCA!
Matt Wagner, Neal Adams, Kelley Jones. Hon. mention Mignola (don't know if he had a large enough contribution)
Ra’s Al Ghul is the ultimate Batman villian by Neal Adams
Last day of saw Shane Davis, Megan Lara and Neal Adams, Scott Snyder and the artists behind comic.
The GOP wants to go back to Jack Kirby, Democrats want to go back to Neal Adams, but America has always been and will always be Rob Liefeld.
Pat Broderick & Neal Adams cover for the first issue of short lived Atlas title - Planet of Vampires (1975)
martinlkennedy:. Pre-production artwork by comic artist Neal Adams for the 1970s movie ada… https:…
that's kinda those Portfolios they put out of Neal Adams, Simonson, Golden, Wrightson.
Will Eisner, Harvey Kurtzman, Neal Adams, Jim Steranko, and Frank Miller all top John Byrne as influential creators and it's not even close.
From JL Garcia Lopez to Neal Adams to George Perez and more, *** Giordano never got his due as one of the best inkers of all time.
Neal Adams art is on the outside.Jose Luis Garcia Lopez (PBHN) art is inside.Put the inside in the outside;is it good?Darn tootin'!
The first in the jazz & comics series takes on Sonny Rollins, Neal Adams, Joshua Redman and Darwyn Cooke
Loved this art as a kid. I'm guessing this came out of Continuity Studios? That face seems a little Neal Adams.
THE SHADOW Jam piece by Neal Adams, Joe Sinnott, Mike Mignola
First off, major thank you to DC Comics and Marvel legends Mark Waid and Neal Adams for being on today's show. We... http…
I'd like to see a John Stewart Green Lantern movie. I was just listening to Kevin Smith's convo with Neal Adams.
Bummer... and some of the TBA? (Chris Sabat, Ryo, Sean Schemmel, Neal Adams and some of the other comic artist) Any news?
Complete original art by Denny O’Neill (story), Neal Adams and Bernie Wrightson from Green Lantern 84. HOLY MOLEY.
George Perez, Neal Adams, Jim Shooter, Bernie Wrightson, Marv Wolfman, and Chris Claremont will be at the Indiana Comic Con, April 29-May 1.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I liked a video (Part 2) here is my CGC 9.2 Tomb Of Dracula 1 signed by Neal Adams
Steve McNiven, Neal Adams, Ian McDiarmid, Ray Park, Charlie Cox and Jon Bernthal are all going to be at Tampa Bay Comic Con. I'm so ready
Oh come on...Neal Adams? I feel like he's UNDERrated. Some of the best all-time Batman art. Defined the look for a generation.
Get it directly from the source cheaper than anywhere else!
have you seen Neal Adams concept work for the unmade 'The Stars My Destination'?
I'll say it: Frank Miller is incredibly overrated. Neal Adams, too.
Neal Adams' Blood - Demons, aliens, gangsters, and the Knights Templar are just some of the things thrown at yo...
I've gotten to the Batman Odyssey part of the Neal Adams omnibus and this sums it up pretty nicely
Far as I recall these are the 1st two Super-stories I ever read. Didn't know Neal Adams art at the time but 'Wow' https…
Reading some old comics from the 70s. The artwork of Neal Adams still astonishes me. :-o .
Out in stores today 02/24/16 49 Variant by Neal Adams and Brian Bolland. h…
I think you only get 1 or 2 per generation; an Alex Raymond or Milt Cannif; a Neal Adams, a Garcia-Lopez. Well, right no…
I've decided to just steal Neal Adams. Keep him in my basement with my rock collection which consists of Dwayne Johnson and a magic crystal.
Sketched by Neal Adams and colored by Richard Corben. One of the greatest taglines ever.
"And I'm not a Jack Kirby fan because I love the way he drew, or whatever it is that people think. I love Jack Kirby's mind." -Neal Adams
I will! I love Neal Adams. He's actually responsible for John Stewart!
SUPER late to this party, but my Batman Mt. Rushmore would consist of Bill Finger, Neal Adams, Dennis O'Neil and Chuck Dixon.
I feel like should publish the complete collected works of Denny O'Neil & Neal Adams, as a trade paperback series. Changed comics.
Batman 49 cover. Pencils: Neal Adams. Inks on blue line: Walter Simonson. . This'll be up for auction Feb. 25... http…
I doubt if you brought up Denny O'Neil or Neal Adams he's would get the reference.
Me too. Saw a lot of Neal Adams and Frank Miller influence as well.
Neal Adams reveals how artists like SIMON BISLEY got involved with NEAL ADAMS MONTH
Another piece of the Interview about the Green Arrow cover. Neal Adams pencil Jim Lee inks. Two powerhouses of...
Preview some of Neal Adams' February variant covers, mirroring his own past work:
I'll be there. I'll be near the Neal Adams table trying to either talk myself into or out of dropping some cash
This giant tome of rad Neal Adams-era Batman came out today for $20, this will last me a long dang time.
New Beginnings: Robin 1991. Courtesy of Neal Adams, Robin got a new costume. Courtesy of Brian Bolland, the...
What do you guys think about the Batman Neal Adams Omnibus coming out on March 1st?
Strange Adventures DC 1968: "The Call from Beyond!" By Neal Adams. Deadman is a, well, dead man. He was k...
Sorry for the wait, but better than nowt!. Gets Second Printings, Neal Adams Draws Harley Variant
By the way, notice that Bucky O'Hare is left-handed. That's because his creator, comics artist Neal Adams, is a lefty.
The nice thing about this giant Len wein batman comic is the metric *** ton of Jim aparo and Neal Adams art.
Maybe he was a guest of the toast. Neal Adams, Toast Guest.
One time I saw Neal Adams at a cafe before a convention and he had like 8 pieces of toast on a plate.
1 of 5 stars to Batman by Neal Adams
This may be blasphemous but I really don't like Neal Adams' art style.
The Neal Adams Files: ESPN Magazine, 2000. Ali vs Michael Jordan for the greatest athlete of the 20th century.
I think Trump should be allowed visit UK but only if his voice is dubbed like they did with Gerry Adams in the 80s. May…
there're a couple of those, where Moebius, Neal Adams, and Joe Kubert basically perform wizardry on French TV
Not an exercise in "not being Neal Adams', but an excellent exercise in being a great dad.
The one where the whole issue is like an 80-page essay on hanging out with Neal Adams is prob the best.
going small at the end with Neal,Brown, Mathis, Adams and Williams. I like it!!!
Neal Adams pays tribute to…Neal Adams with 25 Variants from DC in February. via
A big THANK YOU goes out to Neal Adams for being so incredibly sweet to me and donating 3 signed…
perhaps "Batman: Odyssey" wasn't the best example of the Neal Adams that excelled at writing & art. featured in NBC s Science of Love
My fist thought here was Neal Adams changing day scenes to night and adding heavy blacks in Batman
got to interview at Reno. Find out about his upcoming projects!
got to interview legendary artist at Reno. Read about his future plans!
Alex Daniels defeats Cole O'Neal of Bremen by fall. Harris, Cox, Daniels and Adams through to the finals.
Neal Adams (Original artist of Superman and Batman, and of Bucky o Hare)' daughter Kristine, just sent me a mint...
I love love love this song Ryan Adams and Neal Casal - When The Stars Go Blue
Rashad Adams you think this would work for us?
One of my favorite sci fi novels. This was almost an animated feature in the 80s with Neal Adams designing.
Artists! There is nothing wrong with tracing. If it's good enough for Dutch masters and Neal Adams it's good enough for you.
We are Almost sold out of the DK3 Gold Edition with a Neal Adams Batman head.These went fast (A lot of people...
Pre-order alert! Neal Adams Covers February For DC Comics . A true industry legend will display how he earned that...
batman black and white statue zombie by Neal adams
Essential listening and the proof if any were needed that Neal Adams is The Man - via youtube
I wish I could edit my poll to add Alex Ross, Neal Adams and George Perez to it
Check out Silver Age Superman Neal Adams Cover very good (VG) Condition via
When I picture Bronze Age art, I see a Buscema (Sal or John) before I see, say, Neal Adams
I predicted the Neal Adams art for Green Lantern would go for around $500K, and it went for ... $442,150!
Gary Neal played 9 minutes and didn't put up a single shot.
I'm up in the air on that Neal Adams Superman book.
Brave and the Bold No. 85 (1969). 1st new costume for by Neal Adams! 1st appea…
November 16, 2015: Neal Adams' Thoughts on Superman Ahead of "The Coming of the ...
Looking toward to the upcoming Neal Adams homage by... Neal Adams
The more covers a comic has, the less I care. It stops being a part of the comic's identity.
Find the contradictions in Neal Adams statement about
Lots of Neal Adams pencils to look at in these DC Comics February 2016 Solicitations
Check out 19 awesome covers for the first issue of the crossover!
Who else is excited for this? We talked about it with Look for that episode shortly!!!
Another announcement. This one is on Neal's Superman project!. February will be a VERY BIG MONTH FOR NEAL ADAMS!...
Here is a limited time offer for the Holiday. We have gone through some original Neal Adams artwork and knocked...
This is a thing that's happening and I couldn't be happier.
Is there anything in my career I'm more proud of than the subtitle of BLACK CANARY vol 1, KICKING AND SCREAMING?
to Celebrate with a Full Month of Covers by the Master!: via
Neal Adams Pays Homage to Distinguished Career of Neal Adams in DC Variant Covers via /r/B…
.shares a first look at the art for Neal Adam's February variant covers here:
We can finally talk about Neal's Superman project and the 25 Variant cover month of February. It was so hard to... htt…
DC's February features Neal Adams everywhere, more "Dark Knight" and creative shifts
Went to my 2nd comic book signing today. Neal Adams signed my X-men book. So i guess you can say it was a pretty freakin awesome day
'Neal Adams pays homage to himself', ok but did he actually draw any of these covers this time round? HASHTAG BURN.
Our 2nd issue gets a Neal Adams variant cover. Great homage to one of my all-time favorite covers. htt…
The Newsboy Legion! The Guardian! Jimmy Olsen! Superman! And to top it off a Jack Kirby cover inked by Neal Adams!
Neal Adams did a recreation of his Green Lantern Green Arrow cover - 1st appearance of John Stewart
With the great artist Neal Adams at Wizardworld Tulsa
An original Tarzan cover penciled by John Buscema and inked by Neal Adams. You read that right.
It's human nature though to qualify things (Neal Adams draws better than Rob Liefeld, but writes worse...
Neal Adams all day every day plz. Although I did really like Kevin Smith/Phil Hester's "Quiver"
plan on reading them all at some point (70% read), but autographed ones stay on shelf (Neal Adams, Amanda Conner, J Palmiotti)
A big welcome to Sandy Collier and Neal Adams from Spring Branch, Texas! Thank you for making the drive to join us!
Frank Miller and Neal Adams are the Batman artists Andy mentions most often. He is a fan of so many, though.
All the background characters look like either Richard Donner or Neal Adams
Want to do comics version of The End of the Tour, which would be Dave Sim & Neal Adams driving to Hoover Dam talking hollow earth theory.
3. Jeph Loeb/Tim Sale. 2. Dennis O'neil/Neal Adams. 1. Grant Morrison/all the artists he's worked with especially Dave Mckean.
vs - Cover Art by: Neal Adams and Joe Kubert
Yeah it was and I liked Jack Kirby in the fantastic four and Neal Adams in the avengers
Neal Adams tackling New Gods, Dan Jurgens and Lee Weeks on married Superman and classic Titans. . We know several...
Thanks to for taking me to supercon yesterday. Got critiques on my work from Frank Quitely, John Romita Jr. and Neal Adams!
RE: Batman creative teams of the past, if you had to choose - Denny O'Neill/Neal Adams or Frank Miller/David Mazzucchelli?
Wondering if this piece of close season titillation is related to Neal Adams role at the club?
I'm still freaking out about the fact that I met Billy Dee Williams, Jason Mewes, Robert Englund and Neal Adams on Saturday. What a weekend!
I'm eating in the same restaurant as Lou Ferigno and Neal Adams. Hopefully that means the food is good.
Sometimes. Art Adams will always look like Art Adams, but Jim Lee can vear between Frank Miller to Neal Adams.
Alex Ross is great. Jim Lee, Tim Sale, Neal Adams, George Perez and Romita Sr and Jr.: Those are my fav comic artists
This weekend I've talked to Neal Adams about The Force Awakens & Talked to Dean Cain about BvS... This had been a good weekend.
It's certainly been a memorable day. Met Also, Stan Lee & Neal Adams are staying in the same hotel as me.
...A far cry from what was crafted by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby, or Roy Thomas and Neal Adams.
Neal Adams lays out how DC and Marvel tend to rip off creators to own their IP.
Joe Kubert, Neal Adams, and Moebius walk into a bar...
take a look at some old comics from Jack Kirby, John & Sal Buscema, Neal Adams, and Joe Kubert. Art alone tells a good story.
I'm hoping Jared Leto is gonna go the Neal Adams JOKER route. Like, so much.
After 18 years I finally get to meet Neal Adams, Oh yeah, all books will be CGC SS!!
highlight: great Neal Adams referring to great Carmine Infantino as "a functioning illiterate" at Jack Kirby panel.
i still think the Neal Adams one makes the books nearly unreadable for me unfortunately.
A change of pace from many Adams' covers, and intriguing, too.
I hope get to make more Batman figures, would love to see based on Neal Adams's version done as a 1;12 figure.
Tune into now to hear Alex Fitch talking to comic illustrator Neal Adams
On at 11am Alex Fitch talks to Neal Adams​, one of the defining artists of the Superhero ‘Silver Age’.
In his artboook there are also messages from Druillet, Eisner, Crumb and Neal Adams.
Photo: the cover to The Phantom Stranger by Neal Adams
EXCLUSIVE: NEAL ADAMS talks links btw ARROW and his BATMAN work!
Adams, King, and for Tony Blair...US congressmen question timing of Adams arrest via
Neal Adams and Denny O' Neil did inject Batman with grit in the 70s, but as a direct reaction to the Spider-Man drug issue.
Detective Comics - Batman panel re-creation by Neal Adams, inks by Buzz *
I think Adams timeline is proof that it certainly does ! 😜
Dennis O'Neil, Neal Adams were the team. It's a love letter to both characters. They even reissued it.
Green Lantern (Jan '72) cover by Neal Adams. Intro of John Stewart.
In this past year I've been through quite a bit, and if there were only one person I could have by my side through it all I would only ever wish for Hannah Lew to be right there with me. She has been there with me when the Impractical Jokers told us jokes and when I met and talked with Neal Adams. she is my rock and my constant confidant. While meeting Norman Reedus didn't matter much to me, I'm glad it put a smile on her face.
Photo: THRILLKILL from CREEPY art by Neal Adams.  As a kid my mom would give me a choice after...
as a kid I hated it when I recognized a Neal Adams or Jack Kirby shot in a lesser artist's work. It just jarred.
Got to spend some time with the legendary Larry Hama. Could have listened to him spin yarns all day about Neal Adams, Michael Golden...
Seriously, just offhand I know there's work by Chris Sprouse, Jose Luiz Garcia Lopez, Lee Bermejo, Terry Dodson, Neal Adams, Gary Frank...
Thanks for the add, Anthony! I have always loved the series. My favorite episodes are Schizoid Man and Living in Harmony. Collected a few of the books about the show also of course along with the VHS, DVD, and Blu Ray sets as time went on. I had looked forward to the reboot of the series idea a few years ago, but ended up very dissatisfied with it although I did like Jim Cavieze as the lead after seeing him in The Count of Monte Cristo and now Person of Interest. Back in 1977 I attended Bay Con 2 in the San Francisco area. It was the first time I met Gil Kane along with Neal Adams and *** Giordano. I had only been making 3D Shadowboxes a few years at this point and keen on meeting whoever I could in the business. The cover of the Bay Con 2 program book features Gil Kane's art with inks by Steve Leialoha for a proposed series on The Prisoner written by Steve Englehart. Although the program guide had an article and other art Kane printed, this was the only Prisoner related piece. What I might still have b . ...
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
It's New Comic Book Day!. On top of our Neal Adams' Store Signing and Wizard World Ticket Raffle tonight at 5pm...
Superman vs Ali page Pencils by Neal Adams. Inked by Adr-ben on Deviant Art
yes! I'll put it next to my Kelley Jones, Ben Templesmith, Bob Kane, Neal Adams... I really am excited I am quite fond of him!
one thing to remember is that Batman moved on quickly. Neal Adams version isn't Adam West, and that's by 1970.
but Mcfarline is just a poor Neal Adams clone. Just my opinion
just met Neal Adams at Wizard World and told him how much I love him on Fatman on Batman. Sweet guy
And that Cardiff City is how you win in 45 minutes... Love from Neal Adams 😘
- Neal Adams Omnibus - - Neal Adams is considered one of the greatest Batman artists of all-time, and one of com...
The legendary Neal Adams is here at
You can still get Neal Adams VIP Passes for the weekend at the Wizard Richmond VA show. Neal will be there all...
Don't forget to buy tickets to this years and meet legendary illustrator Neal Adams!
Come see me again today at the Neal Adams booth!! (@ Greater Richmond Convention Center in Richmond, VA)
Ad art created by Neal Adams' Continuity Studios! CBS Saturday Morning line-up in '76.
My interview with Neal Adams the LEGEND via
Had one of the most incredible moments at a con between legendary artist Neal Adams & my daughter at
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
kirby had such an influence even artists like Neal Adams incorporated Kirby dynamics. 2014 comics in a post Kirby world
Photo: alexhchung: Batman by Neal Adams Even though he’s crazy, Neal Adams’ art is the best. And he seems...
Hey Chris, have you seen this picture of Thor? It's by my favorite comics artist Neal Adams.
I will be with my friend DC Comic artist Neal Adams at his booth! (@ Greater Richmond Convention Center)
New post (Neal Adams, November 1970) has been published on Webcomics Guide
I got me first appearance of John Stewart as Green Lantern signed by Neal Adams over at the other day. Woot!! :D
Jules just high fived and fist bumped Neal Adams. He's a cool dude.
He's Neal Adams give him busy work to do status now?
Batman -- see the Dark Knight and The Beatles on classic Neal Adams cover!: AU $... EBAY AU
miracle man by Neal Adams Rare Comic Books - Google+
Jack Kirby/John Buscema/Don Heck/Curt Swan/Neal Adams, some of the legends of Marvel/DC comics.
Looks like that's standard, but the 3 paperbacks of his classic stuff are still in print.
gonna be at a con with Neal Adams next weekend - I will struggle to not say "thanks for inspiring great gone and forgottens"
The legendary Neal Adams did a Ted Kord Blue Beetle for and me.
Dionne Warwick, Yolanda Adams, Kirk Franklin, The Late Dr. Theola Booker and Hanq Neal - What do they all have in...
Neal Adams is having a signing next week. I'm going.
your neck. Licking your adams apple and lick from there to your right nipple,swirling my tongue around it then biting it +
check the origin story of Frank Miller, pestering Neal Adams at his studio
It was a tremendous pleasure to meet one of the defining creators of the silver age of comics -- Neal Adams.
Xmas came early for geeks this week. comic artist Neal Adams is tonight til 8 pm!
I walk into my LCS on a regular Wednesday & Neal Adams is giving a talk...
Gallery of Neal Adams cover art for Tarzan books (1970s) …
I finally found the 3D werewolf poster I had in my younger days. It was drawn by comicbook great Neal Adams.
Neal Adams thinks guest Matt Smith would be great as The Joker - what do u think? htt…
debating going to Fandom Fest Saturday. got Stan Lee, Neal Adams, and Jim Cornette autographs last year
Meeting and chatting with Neal Adams, Rob Liefeld, Todd McFarlane, and Joe Jusko was just the icing on the comic con cake
I agree w Neal Adams. Matt Smith would be a great Joker
Neal Adams suggested on the Fatman on the Batman podcast that Matt Smith should play the next Joker. It would be epic. Thoughts?
have you invited Gerry Conway, Pat Broderick, Dan Jurgens, and Neal Adams yet?
Denny O'Neal and Neal Adams' Green Lantern/Green Arrow book. Closest thing to church for me.
...Remember, thru the span of my career I have worked at the same time as Joe Kubert, Alex Toth, Neal Adams, Curt Swan...
Good thots on Liefield, but where do you stand on best inkers for Curt Swan, Neal Adams, and Irv Novick? (Yes, this is a test.)
Today I met legendary comic book artist (& one of my childhood heroes) Neal Adams.
only 7 hours left to bid on this Variant. [
Neal Adams art of your favorite team. All teams available. I'm a Blues fan, which is why I have that one...
Neal Adams did some awesome illustrations of the characters and...
This s a little different! Stan Lee and Neal Adams teams up to do a Hockey project together. We are now selling...
Just heard Neal Adams' choice for the next movie Joker. . Matt Smith. . Perfect. Listen to the man Warner Bros.
Amazing page. 'Night of the Reaper' Batman 237 by by Neal Adams and *** Giordano
Listening to the latest episode of and Neal Adams just suggested that Matt Smith play the next Joker. I want to see that!
Photo: Hands down favorite cover of all time. 227 by Neal Adams.
And on the 8th day, God hated Brazil
Our weathervane officially unveiled today by Neil Adams in memory of special DTFC people
Never believed death came in 3s until today.. Rip Kensley David , Timothy Adams and Davonte Neal ..
Make sure to check out the Neal Adams Bars! 6 different designs! 6 different flavors! Get in store or order...
- I won't lie, Neal Adams is my least fav fatman on batman interview. A wealth of info but comes across as a huge d-bag.
Didn't they make that already? "Operation Dumbo Drop" Good grief... Just don't give the elephant an iron suit or a lightsaber.
...Disney working on live action movie... ...I'm sure nothing will go wrong!?
Elephant cries during rescue after 50 years of abuse
Getting some of that Neal Adams on...
I think Neal Adams might have been right!
Neal Adams is still the bomb. What's he now, in his 70's?
Watched Heavy Metal last night. My God, that movie is a who's who of great comic artists. Even Neal Adams & Howard Chaykin worked on it.
Scroll down to listen to another Neal Adams interview.
Neal is on Fat man on Batman with Kevin Smith again. Im listening to it right now myself so join me in listening... ht…
and of course I keep hoping Gerry Conway, Pat Broderick, Neal Adams, Gail Simone, and Rob Liefeld will be there!
Couldn't agree more! Neal Adams once told me to watch tv in b/w, back when a simple turn of the knob made that happen:)
My design is an homage to the classic Neal Adams cover!'The Master's Back!'' on
I just listened to your new Neal Adams interview. Wish I heard that trick for how to get paid more sooner
just heard latest FATMAN, Neal Adams is a great guest
still wishing you'd invite Gerry Conway, Neal Adams, Pat Broderick, Gail Simone, and Rob Liefeld!
Congressman Richard Neal's Speech on the 20th Anniversary of Gerry Adams receiving his travel VISA via
Neal Adams' recommendation of Matt Smith for the next Joker, could be the best thing I've heard.
I love how, even in a Jerry Lewis comic, you look at, say, the bottom panel of page 3 and it's obviously Neal Adams:
Don't see Adams happening Gillaspie. Something around Tavares and Carlos Martinez
Neal Adams! Am I the only one out there that thinks Capullo is overrated? Much prefer Jason Fabock.
I'm huge fan of Neal Adams' Flash Gordon. The Chiaroscuro lighting in Bernie's work is stunning.
Neal Adams, Greg Capullo, Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, Dan Slott, Scott Snyder, and Jimmy Palmiotti will all be at Comic Con!! Get comics signed!!
I have to say, Batman has got to be my favorite character especially drawn by Neal Adams, Jim Lee or Greg Capullo!
Yes! the jae Lee one is definitely on my list! as well as the Neal Adams Zombie batman
Let's look back at Bylsma's strategies:. 1. Put Iginla on wrong wing. 2. Take Neal off PP. 3. Never adjust ever . 4. StArt Adams and Engelland
The announced: Heads to for Lecture, Signing & Chocolate!
I seriously don't want to post this neal adams footage because the audio is bad :( it *** !
Photo: super-nerd: Tales of the Demon by Neal Adams
.comic book had really already started to change in the 60s speeding up in the 70s with Neal Adams art and BANG, Frank Miller.
Neal Adams pencil sketch: submitted by nitro1ne [link] [comment]
My favorite Neal Adams cover would have to be The Flash Vol. 1
Me too. Man Thing was amazing. Also Tomb of Dracula, Jonah Hex, and anything Neal Adams.
Neal Adams heads to Meltdown for lecture, signing (& chocolate)
Okay kiddies, this Sat I'm interviewing comics legend Neal Adams What do you want me to ask him?
67 days to go Here's to Joel Parrish Greg O'Neal Chester Adams.
uhm WHICH batman jon the original bob finger batman or maybe the neal adams batman or animated s
I think every movie minus that one abortion has picked a favorite "look" that Neal Adams gave Batman and used it for their mask.
Superman a more well known character when his movie came out? Batman had Adam Wesr TV show and Neal Adams/Fran Miller runs.
Neal Adams cover sketch from this weekend's wizard world in Phili.
Playing around with an update of a classic pose by Neal Adams (Superman 233).
LOL I'd take Curt Swan or Neal Adams over him anyday
Vintage pic of Neal Adams, Tim Conrad, Mike Grell, Michael Netzer (?) and Howard Chaykin. Thanks to Legion World.
and Chris is channelling Grateful Dead…with Neal Casal (saw your Ryan Adams mention on Rich's review!)
Neal for Simmonds, straight up city. Just do it. Holmgren will say yes. He might say yes to Craig Adams for Simmonds.
Explain it to me in terms that I can understand. . How many Neal Adams or Esad Ribic signatures are you worth?
Listening to Neal Adams on Fatman on Batman; he is one interesting guy!
Sam Johnson or Chris Neal, who would you start with? Micky Adams still to decide...
Went hunting for some Neal Adams books for an upcoming signing. Got a beautiful Detective 422 which…
Comic book legend Neal Adams did some of the best covers for Marvel’s "Deadly Hands of Kung Fu". http:…
if gravity was constant why nothing that big now? Not possible on current gravity on earth. Earth grows! Neal Adams youtube!
One of the weirder geological conspiracies I've heard - Neal Adams 'Earth is Growing' Theory via
Avoiding work by thinking of my top 5 superhero artists. Off the top of my head- Kirby, Neal Adams, Garcia Lopez, John Buscema, Colan.
Detective Comics from the 70's . Neal Adams at his finest !
Last weekend was the Denver Comic-Con. The fun started with a spectacular opening night party at Mile High Comics. Chuck Rozanski is the owner of Mile High Comics, and he and his employees went all-out to put on a really awesome event. Grace and I dressed up as Darth Maul & Queen Amidala. I actually shaved my head & super-glued the horns on. Chuck performed the 3 Doors Down song Kryptonite on stage. Afterward, I got the opportunity to get a picture with him while he was still in costume. Lou Ferrigno was one of the guests at the party and meeting him was one of the highlights of the weekend. At the party I also met one of the all-time great comic artists, Neal Adams. At the actual Comic-Con I got to meet Gigi Edgley, who is probably best known for playing Chiana on Farscape. She now hosts Jim Henson’s Creature Shop Challenge. It was an absolute delight to meet her. She is so incredibly nice. I also met comic artists Rich Buckler and George Perez. Both guys were super friendly. I also got to sit in the . ...
just sent me this amazing print if the Hal Jordan US postage stamp signed by Neal Adams!! I'm…
I love comic book artwork if the artist DREW them by hand as opposed to using a computer. To me, taking the time to painstakingly draw by hand has a very personal, & intimate feel to it. I admire guys like Jack Kirby, Neal Adams, Joe Maneeley, Steve Ditko, John Romita, Sr., Gene Colan, Don Heck, & all the great illustrators of the past. Who's with me?
My buddy and I were talking about the great comic artists of the past and present. We listed the ONE ARTIST who dominated and defined his decade, and came up with this list. Clarification, this list doesn't mean the artists listed are the best artists at the time. It's based on various different factors: popularity, talent, uniqueness, etc. An important factor was how many different artists were imitating their art style as soon as they came on the scene. There are many talented artists throughout the years such as Michael Golden, Berni Wrightson, Mike Mignola, Don Newton, Walt Simonson, Adam Hughes, Travis Charest etc. but for whatever reasons, they never quite broke out of the pack and captured the fandom's imagination on a grand scale. Speaking of Michael Golden, he may be one of the most underrated artists in the last 40 years. I would list him behind Jack Kirby and Neal Adams as the third most influential artist in comics. Without him, there would be no Arthur Adams. Without Arthur Adams, there would ...
One week until Neal Adams signs at Dr. No's! The legendary artist of Batman, Deadman, Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Deadman, and more will be signing at Dr. No's on Wednesday, May 28th, from 4:30 until 7:30! Don't miss out!
When one hobby interferes with another... I will be selling some comics that I had planned on keeping, in addition to the ones I am already selling. Some of these will only be available through the weekend if not before. All of these are CGC graded. If you want pics or have questions or interest, PM me directly. Spider-man 252 9.4ss signed by Stan Lee - $250 Spider-man 700 9.8 - $100 New Mutants 98 9.4 - $230 Green Arrow 1 9.8 (1983 series) - $275 Ms. Marvel 1 8.5 - $115 Tales of Suspense 66 9.0 - $250 Green Lantern 76 5.0ss signed by Neal Adams - $335 Daredevil 21 9.8 (1st superior spider-man "cameo") - $75
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Ottawa Comiccon is over. All good things must come to an end, unfortunately. Here are my top five favourite things from this year: 1. Spending Mother's Day with my kids: My cool kids, lots of Minecraft, the 501st, Neal Adams & Bruce Campbell. My daughter said it was the best day of her life. I couldn't agree more. 2. My photo op with Sean Astin: He said I had a beautiful smile. 'Nuff said. 3. Bruce Campbell's panel: The best panel in the three years I've been going to Comiccon. 4. Leonard Nimoy's panel: I was so overwhelmed at seeing him via Skype talking to us that I almost cried. Then, I was moved by how nice and thoughtful and generous he was in his comments. Then, Karl Urban crashed the Q&A. 5. The experience: Hanging out with friends, amazing cosplay, the party atmosphere, meeting great people waiting in line or in the main hall, the beautiful weather & my purchases (jewelery, t-shirts, Wonder Woman swag, etc. etc. etc.). It was epic! Many thanks to the volunteers and organizers for all of your hard ...
Ottawa Comiccon is over, it was a blast! Neal Adams told us publishers are stupid, Karl Urban crashed Leonard Nimoy's Skype call... (1/2)
Met some cool people( Shatner, Nathan Fillion, James Marsters, and Neal Adams) saw a lot of cool people too(large list,including the karate kid) and rode a hover board... Now to cap it off Mexican foods and a house show! Hit me up!!
Due to a Star Wars filming scheduling conflict, unfortunately, Peter Mayhew will not make it down to Niagara Falls Comic Con this year. We're sorry folks, but Disney has cast all Star Wars alumni in the new film. Don't forget all of the other amazing guests including William Shatner, Giancarlo Esposito, Marina Sirtis, Dean Cain, Chandler Riggs, Ernie Hudson, Sylvester McCoy, Kevin Sorbo, Ric Flair, Jason Priestley, the Comic Book Men, Neal Adams, Kevin Eastman, and more!
Got to meet two of my favorite artists/writers at St. Louis' Wizard World Comic Con earlier this month. The first two are drawings by Neal Adams, autographed, then got the lithograph free from David Mack and talked with him for great length about Daredevil and got him to also sign the End Of Days series. Been a long time coming, but getting back into comics now that the kids are older. I know these are newer, but thought I'd share.
Dennis O'Neil and Neal Adams knocked it out of the park creating him. One of my favorite Batman rogues.
I just received a shocking phone call from Andrew Leslie Phillips , informing me that Robert Knight has died. I don't know any details, but I called Berthold Reimers and Linda Perry Barr and discovered that this horrid, sad, shocking news is true. Next week, when Earthwatch is scheduled to begin at Midnight and me at 1:30, ir somehow seems gauche to do anything but remember Robert during that time slot, including "Hour of the Wolf." I am given to understand that Berthold, Linda Perry Barr, and Tony Ryan will coordinate some programming and remembrances. I have my own, as well -- Robert claimed to first come to WBAI as a result of picking up a special premium from me. (It was a poster for the Broadway show, "Warp,' signed by Marvel artist Neal Adams. Worth a lot today.) I will be on hand to engineer whatever we decide to broadcast next week, at least through 3 AM. This is yet another blow and major loss to the WBAI family, and to the history of the station.
Batman 75th Anniversary Original Art Sketch Cards now on Neal Adams, Bill Sienkiewicz, +more
Used to love Neal Adams' when he did Green Lantern/Green Arrow, Batman, etc in the 1970s. Oh wait it's Neil Adams?
Neal Adams is a legendary comic book artist. I can only hope that all his work on Batman is out in Trade paperback from so I can enjoy it someday.
Pike ( Sheldon Taxes) asked a question of what is the pride of your collection? Well I thought a long time about this. I have key books worth a good chunck of change as well as many first appearances and silver age But my Love was always the Teen Titans and this story in Green Lantern/Green Arrow and was my favorite. Denny O'Niel and Neal Adams having Speedy addicted to herion in 1971. This was the first time drugs were introducted into the American home. News at that time only mentioned Refer, hippies and drug users, never letting the parents know what was really going on. I think it is one of the most powerful stories I have ever read in comics and I reread about once a year.
Neal Adams drew him on that cover...that's all I got
Neal Adams is gonna be at Got him to autograph one of his books at Portland Comic-Con. Best $20 I ever spent
I'm meeting Neal Adams, the guy who drew that book, this afternoon at Comic Book World. Ali FTW.
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