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Neah Bay

Neah Bay is a census-designated place (CDP) on the Makah Indian reservation in Clallam County, Washington, United States.

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Bob Rees: The Magnuson-Stevens Act is working quite well for those plying the waters of the Pacific…
Fix me and my bay bays some cheese sticks and get in the bed
Surf perch daily limit increases to 12 from Ilwaco to Neah Bay on July 1. It was reduced to protect rockfish, there…
when Royce up and leaves Neah Bay too?" [ I shake my head as I walk to the door.] This is why I don'…
The drive back from Neah Bay annnddd a pow wow hangover lol shoot I was tired af at work today.
Recreational halibut fishing opens in Neah Bay, La Push and Puget Sound -
A no swimming advisory issued for Dakwas Park Beach, Neah Bay, Clallam County. Read more on the blog:
Neah Bay wins fourth state 1B title in 6 years with 64-34 victory over Odessa-Harrington: For the fourth time in……
Shout out to Odessa-Harrington on a great season! Neah Bay captures the 1B state championship, though:.
Neah Bay climbs back on top of 8-man ranks, wins third state title in four years after beating Odessa-Harrington.…
High-school football: Seattle Lutheran’s first home game: Neah Bay visited Seattle Lutheran tonight at West Seattle…
A4: Any stretch of coast on the Neah Bay in Washington State. Stunning, rugged, wild. Perfect for exploring.
The views in Neah Bay will always get me 😍🙌🏽 just amazing!
Someone pls bring me to Neah Bay like rn
We made it to Neah Bay in about 29 hours from the Columbia River bar. It feels good to be at the dock!
>> just attack us but La Push and Neah Bay as well. I'm glad wasn't around during that time]] You have a new family now. I >>
-- going with to Neah Bay to get to know her family and then the trip to Seattle we've been gone some time.]] Congrats on --
-- head, I stand to claim another drink, before settling again.]] With in Neah Bay, appointed me the beta. That's --
Back on my grind tomorrow! Got a weekend to chill but Neah Bay boynd tomorrow! 😜✊🏽
Recreational halibut fishing in Marine Area 3 (La Push) and Marine Area 4 (Neah Bay) will re-open for one additional fishing day on 5/28.
Blue Ling Cod I caught last week at Neah Bay🐟 @ Makah Marina, Neah Bay
Beautiful day for coring and surveying near Neah Bay
Prepping Neah Bay king salmon for the Tide Dinner tomorrow.
what's yours?? Neah Bay is an amazing place to come to in the summer, you should come if you can!!!
La Push and Neah Bay receive one more day of halibut fishing via
Waiting for a ressurection in Neah Bay, an attempt to raise the Blackfish, sunk in her stall this winter. Divers...
I am glad their house is ok. I used to travel up to Neah Bay. It is so beautiful north of Seattle. The rain seems more graceful.
I should be in Neah Bay this weekend 🖕🏼😒
or you can stay and go to Neah bay prom and dance with me. 😁😁
Enough halibut remains in quota for Neah Bay/La Push offshore fishery to reopen on May 28.
Neah Bay, WA searching for evidence of earthquakes and tsunamis
-- says.] You have my stomach growling over here. You are one of the best cooks here in Neah Bay. There is no doubt about --
If you want a grad invite from me, and you don't live in Neah Bay. Make sure you DM me your mailing address.☺️
Port Angeles police name Arkansas woman as suspect in Neah Bay man's death - Peninsula Daily -
He also coaches middle school basketball at Warm Springs, a school for three tribes. They went undefeated. "It's like Neah Bay," he said.
You saw it on SWX: Almira-Coulee-Hartline tops Yakama Nation Tribal 46-41. Warriors to face Neah Bay for State Title
📷 Simple white croses mark the graves of the Makah Indian tribe at Neah Bay on the Olympic Peninsula.
Coastline coves as far as the eye can see. Cape Flattery Trail | Neah Bay, WA. ht…
STATE FOOTBALL: Neah Bay takes on rival Clallam Bay; Port Townsend and Quilcene also in ac…
the only reason I dislike going to Neah Bay is bc I never know who is going to act like they don't know who I am 😑
Neah Bay reopens daily for chinook retention:
Neah Bay reopens daily for chinook retention
Neah Bay chinook salmon fishery will reopen Friday: The northern coastal port of Neah Bay will reopen for king...
Neah Bay chinook salmon fishery will reopen Friday
Neah Bay chinook salmon fishery will reopen Friday! via
Neah Bay reopens daily for chinook retention -
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cruises the USCG Ice Breaker Neah Bay on the tour sponsored by the Military Archives Round Table.
Seattle this weekend. Neah Bay the following weekend. Ahh definitely looking forward to seeing everyone. 😄❤️
We got THE BEST smoked salmon from this little shack smoked by a Makah tribesman in Neah Bay.
~> wolves can't. It isn't just our fight though it is a group effort. From the Alpha of Neah Bay, to and ~>
OUTDOORS: King fishing reopens off Neah Bay - Peninsula Daily
/c/ since we’ve met. It’s because of me she’s broken off from the Neah Bay pack. The more I think about it the more I find myself /c/
/c/I were in Neah Bay. In all honesty I’m glad they are here. Even if is hesitant about joining their pack I still think /c/
It would be a she wolf. I don't want La Push though or Neah Bay because Indie is there. So I've been trying to think.
1.93 earthquake occurred 23km SW of Neah Bay, Washington at 14:51 UTC!
M1.93 quake 23km SW of Neah Bay, Washington at 07:51 AM on Friday
OUTDOORS: King fishing reopens today, Saturday off Neah Bay —
To go to neah bay and get some shots up or to take a 780 hour nap?
Changes to ocean salmon fishery in Neah Bay and Westport
Anglers allowed 2 Chinook off Westport; Neah Bay re-opens for Chinook Aug. 14-15: OLYMPIA – Anglers will be al...
Anglers allowed 2 chinook off Westport; Neah Bay re-opens for chinook Aug. 14-15 -
Westport chinook daily limit increases; Neah Bay anglers get two-days to keep kings
Boo yah. Huge Kings at Neah Bay. Daily fish reports on Steelhead University .
Neah Bay is always gonna win state 🏈💁 and im always gonna be at there games for state 🙊
Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay prepares to get underway The Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay, a 140-foot ice-breaking tug homeported in Cleveland, sits in ice at its mooring station prior to getting underway to break ice in western Lake Erie, Jan. 9, 2015. The crew of the Neah Bay will be operating as part of Operation Coal Shovel, which is one of two ice-breaking operations conducted by the Coast Guard Ninth District cutter fleet. (U.S. Coast Guard photo by Petty Officer 2nd Class Levi Read)
Peninsula College women beating up on Edmonds 54-22 at half. Neah Bay's Cierra Moss has 18 points, Miranda Schmillen w/10.
SPORTS: Neah Bay football Peninsula's top story of 2014 -- Peninsula Daily News
~ CALLING ALL 12's ~ The Olympic Peninsula Sea Hawkers Have had an AWESOME first year celebrating Our Super Bowl Champs! SHOW your Seahawks Pride ~ Join Today! ~ This is the Official Booster Club for the Seattle Seahawks Organization. They have a direct link on the Seahawks Website. We are 1 of 47 Chapters including Chapters in Canada, England, Mexico and Germany and a Military Chapter. We have 111 members from Port Angeles, Sequim, Clallam Bay, Neah Bay, Forks, Cincinnati and Reno. Some of the Benefits include: a 15% discount at the Seattle Team Store across the St from the Stadium, an opportunity to get a Pre Game Field Pass before a Home Game, A chance to win An Authentic Seahawk Autographed Football, the Opportunity to participate in Seahawks events throughout the year. This past year: • Some of us attended and participated in the All Club Annual Chili Cook-off at the King Street Bar & Grill across from the Stadium. • We Hosted a Seahawks Playoff Rally before the 49er playoff in January. • Membe ...
Kenrick Doherty Jr. Leading Neah Bay with 10 points. John Reamer and Ryan Moss with 7 apiece.
November 24, 2014, President Barack Obama awarded the Medal of Freedom to the three Civil Rights workers who were killed in June 1964 in Neshoba County, Mississippi [at the same White House ceremony in which Suzan Harjo was awarded her Medal of Freedom, the nation's highest civilian official honor]. In 1964's Mississippi FREEDOM SUMMER, 25-year-old Ponca Indian and National Indian Youth Council officer CLYDE WARRIOR had worked with the Mississippi Band of Choctaw Indians at Philadelphia, Neshoba County, Mississippi, to accelerate Indian involvement in civil rights and voting rights efforts. [Also in 1964, Clyde had come to Washington State with Marlon Brando to participate in Fish-Ins and to speak at the Capitol protest of 2,000 Indians in Olympia - staying before and after that activity with the Makah's Bruce Wilkie at Neah Bay - where also the 1964 Annual Meeting of NIYC was held. Clyde's summer schedule moved him from Ponca City to Tahlaquah, OK, to Philadelphia, MS, and to Bismark, North Dakota to ...
Someone in Neah Bay hangout with us.
What is there to do in Neah Bay.. Me n Dontae are chillien
Home from Neah Bay. So glad to be in my own bed 😭😊
Big prep football week next week: Neah Bay at Lummi, Port Townsend at Klahowya for the league title, and, of course, Sequim at Port Angeles.
I am excited to say I will be in Neah Bay on November 1rst, I was asked to do the photos again for homecoming, I...
~ from Neah Bay. Honestly, its tough cookies if doesn't like the show; I warned him when I said 'bad television'. ~
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--> from to the road again, I lean forward as the trees lessen. I haven't seen Neah Bay besides when we'd tracked -->
Start of 3rd Quarter. Tulalip Heritage is kicking off to Neah Bay.
Tulalip Heritage has entered the red zone.
Neah Bay is set to kickoff to Tulalip Heritage to start the game.
didn't get sent to Neah Bay on his first week at (A 4-hour tour...)
I love seafood and RockCreek is fin fish forward. The Short Trip Neah Bay black cod... @ RockCreek Seafood & Spirits
Makah to celebrate dock completion today in Neah Bay - - It is the first phase of a two-part project that ...
M1.6 quake 16km NNW of Neah Bay, Washington at 09:14 PM on Friday
I can't wait to go to Neah Bay tomorrow thou 😋😆👌
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M1.5 quake 12km NNW of Neah Bay, Washington at 04:26 PM on Wednesday
+ So, after we arrived in Neah Bay, I was going to get us a hotel room; as small as the hotels may be, they were cozy and cute. We +
{Even though Neah Bay was only a a few hours trip away, I still preferred to leave before sunup, and after sundown. Crazy as it may be, +
New to Neah Bay,he was looking for a change in his life. Will this small town provide what he needs? DM for info!
Really wanna see Missy and them Friday... But I really wanna go to neah bay   10% Off
Go to Neah Bay Friday and watch the boys plan them, or go watch LaConner play Darrington? 😅😱
Large Copper Sea Bass caught just west of Neah Bay in the Pacific. Thanks to Zane White for the guided trip.
Camping at Shi Shi Beach near Neah Bay. Hike back with Elinor & Jenni. Pic credit to Jenni.
Coast Guard rescues man after boat catches fire near Neah Bay
Neah Bay here we come. Oh how I love road trips and shorelines and musical bonfire nights. 🚗🌊🎶
Makah group plans to mark whale hunt anniversary Saturday in Neah Bay —
No, just focused between Port Townsend and Shelton, points in between. Also need to get to Neah Bay. Next visit!
normajean ...I am in neah bay I left late wed. nite, jenn came n picked me up... ill be home tommrrow. I couldn't let u know cause u don't have tyme on ur phone. if u need to get ahold of me call me 6452994
To my Washington frens on fb ya boy gotta game 2marrow up in neah bay feel free to come show sum love for the shine
If you have information concerning this case, please contact:Neah Bay Police Department - (360) 645-2701 or The Polly Klaas® Foundation (800) 587-4357
The wave rose over my left shoulder, I’d heard it coming, the steady shushing barely audible above the straining Volvo at first, but as it came closer, it was getting louder. We were in full foul weather gear, long johns, Levi’s and wool sweaters, covered in bright yellow rain gear and rubber boots. The whole ensemble, cinched together with life harnesses tied to winches on either side of the cockpit. We’d expected heavy seas – It was Tillamook Bay, Oregon in the fall. We’d been trapped in the bay for seven days, the bar having been closed right after we crossed it upon entering the harbor. We were on our way down the west coast from Port Townsend, Washington to San Francisco, California. Our first open ocean cruise, my father was in his glory, finally fulfilling a lifelong dream to sail around the world, or at least make it to the South Pacific, where he could lay on a beach and listen to the Dead, Hendrix, Pink Floyd or the such, while my mom would be aboard listening to Bach, or the Soviet Ar ...
Good thing I'm gonna be playing volleyball all weekend, and hardly have to be in neah bay..
Game day on Saturday the deafening champs Neah Bay Washington! Both undefeated. This is bout to be the game of the year! But lets come back to Portland 3-0. Its time to Shine!!!
~> pull back to look up at You mean that guy you let use your place in Neah Bay? He's your...cousin? So he just found out ~>
DETROIT — The Coast Guard is advising Saginaw Bay residents that the Coast Guard Cutter Neah Bay is scheduled to...
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All-Peninsula boys basketball team announced; Neah Bay's Venske is MVP:
you'll miss forks soon, I miss neah bay. Oddly enough 🙊
I feel as though if there are any attractive women in Neah Bay, they have been plowed like a farm
Neah Bay sisters Cierra and Cherish Moss will sign letters of intent tomorrow afternoon to play basketball at Peninsula College.
The Ozette Potato. Named by the Makah tribe who live at Neah Bay, the northwest most point of Washington State,...
She's more afraid of you than anything else right now. So, with you way over in Neah Bay, she's feeling pretty safe.
y'all said no Neah bay teams, wasn't being very specific. 😒 lmao
I really would love to be back in neah bay at the cabin with Emily. It's so awesome there.
nope.. Nobody from Neah bay at all I think..
oh I see. No neah bay team is going
Last # selfie in my bed here in neah bay :( going to beach now
It was on the boat then we were going here :) @ neah bay
has 2 spots available for Neah Bay rock fish on May 2. Shrimp and Halibut season is full.
One time was at neah bay and I was all like to a car .. Hey ✌️
Going to hinking in neah bay cape flatter before
Little Giant Ladders
Heading out to Neah Bay this weekend! Can't wait to see all the beautiful dresses and fellas all dressed up :) 2014 prom!
remember that piece of Seattle highway that just sat in the water in neah bay
St. Paul seems so *** nasty compared to Neah Bay! I went from seeing the ocean and cleanliness to nastiness!
I'm at neah bay now really here so happy it took forever like a thousand years 😺
Round trip to Neah bay. Lift. Catch up on the walking dead. Sleep.
Neah Bay Cabazon & Wildernes Farms Pork Belly all in one night... good bye Spring Break
// fun on the way back to Neah Bay. ] We can plan something, . You and I need a reason to smile and laugh. *
// All I wanted to do was get back to Neah Bay where I felt she would be safe. However both Cori and I felt the need to //
1B second place team 2011. First time Neah Bay played for the state championship.
How is Cedar Park Christian a No. 1 seed and Neah Bay is a No. 2 seed? NB took second at tri-district, CPC was fourth. No biggie, just weird
Archaeologist who unearthed ‘the Pompeii of America’ dies at 91 * Richard Daugherty, the Washington State University archaeologist who led the excavation of the Ozette village site, “the Pompeii of America,” and numerous other key Northwest finds, died Saturday of bone cancer. He was 91. “Doc” Daugherty, as he was known by many of the Makah in Neah Bay, died Saturday at his home outside the WSU campus in Pullman of bone cancer. Starting in the 1970s, Daugherty worked closely with the Makah during the 11-year Ozette excavation on the North Olympic Peninsula coast southwest of Neah Bay, setting a new standard for native and archaeological cooperation, said Allyson Brooks, state historic preservation officer. “He really set the path for archaeologists and Native Americans to work together instead of in opposition,” she said. “That’s a big deal.” “The way he involved elders in helping identify artifacts was very progressive,” said Janine Ledford, executive director of the Makah Cultu ...
Neah Bay will play this Friday, November 29th in the Tacoma Dome 4pm vs. Lummi
1B state semifinals: Neah Bay will play Lummi on Friday at 4 p.m. at the Tacoma Dome.
Great night for football, Blackhawks started off slow, but TURNT IT UP in the second half to win 57-22 beating seed in the south Wishka Loggers. Tacoma Dome here we come!!! We have a pretty good team people. We're the underdogs versus Neah Bay next week but guess what, WE BELIEVE!!!
Another great shot from the Neah Bay area. Nice distant view of British Columbia. :)
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Anglers off La Push, Neah Bay limited to one chinook a day beginning Aug. 10.
Aloha PNW paddlers! July 13-14 we will be paddling from Port Townsend to Neah Bay, we are in need of a chase boat and also brave paddlers who are up for the challenge. Please send me or co-organizers tagged below a message if you can help use secure an escort boat or if would like to join in the voyage and we can share with you more details. Mahalo! Jono Saunders Terence Quong Seattle Va'a Association Sail Sand Point Outrigger Hawaiian Outrigger Canoe Voyaging Society
Key City Fish had fresh caught marbled king salmon from Neah Bay this morning.I will serve this either over polenta or with roasted potatoes.I also experimented with an oatmeal cookie recipe, substituting raisin bran for oatmeal.the cookies turned out great!! And of course we will have a green salad with roasted red pepper, onions and radishes from the garden, greek olives, beets and cheddar cheese.
July 1st, 2013 911 Remembrance Tribute Truck will start it's West Coast Tour. The tour route will be from Pahrump, Nv to Bakersfield, Ca to Fresno, Ca to Morgan Hill, Ca to San Francisco, Ca to Russian River, Ca to Eureka and Samoa, Ca to Gold Beach, Or to Coos Bay, Or to Florence, Or to Seaside, Or to Long Beach, Wa to Forks, Wa to Neah Bay, Wa. We will be taking pictures of those we meet along the way and posting them here. This will also be your chance to donate to 911 Remembrance as we will have our special 911 Remembrance donation tower with us.
It wasn't Mothers Day but I sure had a good day!! Chuck and I got up early! Ugg! I only had 3 hours sleep last night. We went to the store to find turkey breast. No luck! So we got rotisserie chicken. I got to talk to both my brothers, my nephew, my baby sister and my niece! Man it is so awesome having family! We are planning on getting together at the end of the month. Kylee and I will be going up to Neah Bay and spending at least the night there. My brother is going to cook us a traditional salmon dinner. My other brother and nephew are going to try and go too! We are going to bring my brother and my niece back to stay with us for a week or so. I can't wait. It's going to be a great time! I'm so excited I don't think I will be able to sleep for awhile! Lol I hope y'all have a goodnight! Remember to Be Kind to One Another
One year a small group of our dance group attended Makah Indian Festival at Neah Bay. The festival was being hosted down by the beach it was a beautiful day out. There had been an announcement that canoes are approaching. There were seven canoes holding about ten to fifteen people in each of the canoes. Each one of them were dugout canoes made of Yellow Cedar. As they got closer I could see totem designs on the side of the canoes and the people inside the canoe were wearing regalia. They were singing songs as they rowed. They stopped about fifty feet from shore when an elder stood up and began speaking in a Native language. He announced in English they were not here to make war they had come in peace when they heard of the festival. He asked for permission to join when an elder onshore invited them ashore. One by one they came up backing their canoes in. One of the men said we are going to need help. People moved towards the canoe wading through the water and they moved to both sides of the ca ...
Check out this opportunity that Pipeline offers! Are you interested in immersing yourself in the beauty and richness of the Makah culture? Do you love working with elementary students? Do you want a deep, engaging, non-traditional learning experience in the Pacific Northwest? If you answered yes to the above questions, consider applying for the Neah Bay: "Telling our Stories" project, via a partnership between the UW's Pipeline Project and Neah Bay Elementary School on the Olympic Peninsula. During the 2013 - 2014 school year, a small group of UW students will take part in a year-long project with Neah Bay Elementary students. Using oral histories, digital story-telling and photography, UW students will learn about the rich history and culture of the Makah people while mentoring 5th grade students to deepen their understanding and exploration of their own Native culture. Note that this project will require a non-negotiable 3-quarter commitment, as well as a 2 week partnership experience during Septembe .. ...
2,919 already on board. Please SHARE and help us achieve our 3,000 goal. Special gift for that. Our aim is to promote events, specials, beauty, people of Neah Bay. Thanks for your thumbs-up!! :-)
State B predcitions ( 4-4 last year, so you better call Vegas and book these !!): 1B Girls - Colton over St John !! 1B Boys - Neah Bay over Sunnyside !! 2B Girls - Reardan over NWC !!! 2B boys - Colfax over St George !!!
Please Spread The Word: Henry Ward Jr (Henny) was entrusted by Melanie Cable to take her daughter & car earlier today. Last seen around noon at Diaht Hill, Neah Bay. He has yet to return. It's a white '03 Mistubishi Outlander with Idaho plates. He may currently be in the Clallam Bay area. So because she allowed her daughter Joy to go with Henry, they cannot issue the Amber Alert yet (even with his nasty criminal history). If you see him, Joy or the car, please call 911. Prayer Warriors-please pray for a safe return of Joy & prayers of strength for the mother Melanie Cable and re-post
A.W. of Neah Bay, WA Just Bought a New 2012 from a dealer in Port Angeles, WA for $36,418.00!
sure am missin' Neah Bay and my Makah friends lately... Bout time for a rainforest visit... :)
But Instead I asked God to pour out his holy spirit upon Neah Bay, WA and to save my entire family...
Boeing [NYSE: BA] on Dec. 19 made an on-site delivery of the first P-8I aircraft to the Indian Navy in Seattle, in accordance with the contract. India will receive this aircraft and two more of its eight contracted P-8Is in 2013. The program is progressing on schedule as Boeing assembles the fourth and fifth P-8Is, which are designed for long-range maritime reconnaissance and anti-submarine warfare. The first P-81 for the Indian Navy, a derivative of the Boeing Next-Generation 737-800 commercial airplane, began its official flight test programme last July with a fully loaded version of the plane demonstrating its flying qualities and handling characteristics in a test flight. Over the next few months, Boeing test pilots put the first P-8I through its paces over a US Navy test range west of Neah Bay, Washington, and a joint US/Canadian test range in the Strait of Georgia, Boeing said. The P-8I features open system architecture, advanced sensor and display technologies, and a worldwide base of suppliers, pa ...
If you happen to visit Neah Bay today and it strikes you that the town is eerily quiet and absent cars, children, people it's due to about half the community members being at the Tacoma Dome in support of defending high school state champions, the Neah Bay Red Devils. Nevertheless, enjoy your visit and all that we have to offer - walks to the Cape, along the beach, or through the exhibits at the Makah Museum at the MCRC.
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TACOMA - The second half has been the Lummi football team's undoing the last two times it's taken on rival Neah Bay.
Good luck to Lummi and Neah Bay our Native teams in the state tournament 4 pm today!
Having a great time with my honey just spending some wonderful time together. Chilling out at a gorgeous B & B in Port Angeles and heading for Neah Bay in the morning for our first look at the Pacific in Washington. Helped serve Thanksgiving meal at Serenity House in Port Angeles and got to spend some nice time with a Coast Guard couple and share stories. Missing all the family but enjoying the time together. :)
Veteran's Day Assembly today at school to honor the Vets in Neah Bay. My Kinders did the Pledge of Allegiance in sign language!
A few weeks ago I joined back up with the WWU project production team for another day of capturing film and photos. This time, however, our destination lay out in the far reaches of Neah Bay, WA. Being the very most NW tip of the …
I made it to Neah Bay, Washington, the northwestern most point of the contiguous U.S. I'm spending the night at the home of some great new friends on the Makah Indian Reservation. I'll be headed back to the airport soon for my flight on the 6th. One week left to play :-) Much love to all.
Today, 10/25/2012, Michael Barry and I ventured to Neah Bay & Cape Flattery from Sequim. The weather was cooperative. Although we saw most of the "expected" ducks, gulls, alcids and passerines and a few shorebirds, the highlights were: Ruffed Grouse -- on side of highway, one mile west of the Hoko River on SR 112; Northern Shrike -- Wa'atch River Valley; 15+ FOTS Red Crossbills -- Hobuck Beach Resort; recent roadkill Northern Saw-whet Owl -- on SR 112 in Joyce.
Today I am really nervous. I sold all the jewelry I got from "the job" and got a couple "yards." Unfortunately there are cops everywhere. I don't think they know anything, but I am still layin low, at least until things cool down a bit. If worst comes to worst I can always call my buddy, "Pedro" from the joint. Apparently he's got this little human trafficking thing out in Neah Bay, and he can get me a passport, and a plane ticket.
Just read this online...Most areas of Puget Sound reopen Oct. 13 for late-season crab fishing. Waters reopening to sport crabbing Oct. 13 at 8 a.m. include marine areas 4 (Neah Bay), 5 (Sekiu), 6 (eastern Strait of Juan de Fuca). In each area, crabbing will be allowed seven days a week through Dec. 31. Woo Hoo, going to get me some Fresh Dungeness Crab...
Just returned from Washington. Sorry to say I had to wear sweats in September. What a zoney! Just kidding. The Olympic Peninsula is beautiful and the Oregon coast is a trip everyone should make. Also the ferry from Bremerton to Seattle is a must. The Seattle skyline from the middle of Puget Sound is gorgeous. The view of Mt. Rainier is awesome. And be sure to take the drive along Hwy 112 to Neah Bay.beautiful. And don't forget Ocean Shores... only place I know of that you can ride a harley and drive a corvette right on the beach. Yes, on the sand. It was great. Thanks to my sister for putting up with us for a month. It was great!
I LOVE CANADA! Once I got there, that is. Arising at 4am in Neah Bay, getting on the road by 6, and arriving in Port Angeles at 7:40 in time to catch the ferry to Victoria. The trip was uneventful (except for eating leftover clam strips and chips for breakfast [bad] and seeing a harbor porpoise [good]) until I got to customs, and the agent DID NOT LIKE ME! He had me drive into a secluded stall where I was interrogated for 15 minutes! Once released, I easily got Canadian cash, and drove into the Cowichan Valley for wine tasting; I hit every winery open on a Tuesday, including one I convinced to open just for me! I checked into my room in Cowichan Bay, bought some local cheeses, and had dinner at The Masthead Restaurant. Amazing dinner! My first raw oysters of the trip, and they were perfection! A salad with smoked salmon and some of that local cheese; delicious! And, yes, a whole Dungneess crab! Dungeness are out of season in the US, so I was thrilled to find them available on Vancouver Island! ...
Old Catholic mission on tip of Olympic Peninsula??? I was told by a friend that he visited the northernmost mission in the US, when he was a kid. Would have been in the early '60s. He's recalling Neah Bay?? Anyone have any info? Terri McQuillen??
Today I am in Newport Oregon, which is on the coast. drove in last night under cover of fog patches here & there. Yesterday I was up on the Space Needle checking out Seattle. The day before took a ferry from Seattle to Bainbridge Island and headed out to Neah Bay, the northwestern point of the USA. I also got pay my respects to one of the "Guitar Greats", visited the Jimi Hendrix memorial. So far so good.
I had a great time in Neah Bay, Lake Ozette and Port Angeles, WA. I am now in Seattle, staying with a friend for a few days. Seattle doesn't have the Eiffel Tower, but there is the Space Needle. Tomorrow, I will walk around town. Thursday, my friend Ted and I will go up to Vancouver for the day.
// already running late for work and we still had to drive up to Port Angeles from Neah Bay.~ .. are you ready?
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Yesterday was Silas' first game against Neah Bay and they beat them 20 to 6. Silas had some amazing moves. You can tell this is his third year playing. He got mvp for the game and it sounds like he earned a tomahawk and bone crusher stickers for his helmet. I'm so proud of my boy.
ednesday, 05 September 2012 Heading Northwest The journey on which I will embark tomorrow has been in the works for little over a year now. It has definite spiritual aspects, which have come up fairly recently: Baha'i events in San Francisco and Glenwood Springs, CO, which I will discuss with those who are interested; visits with Baha'i and other friends in Reno, the East Bay, Eugene, Portland, Neah Bay, WA, Seattle, Vancouver, Jackson, WY; stops in Las Vegas, Tonopah, Hawthorne, NV, Lake Tahoe, Santa Rosa, Eureka,CA, along the Oregon coast, Aberdeen, WA, Port Angeles, Kelowna,BC, Spokane, Moscow, ID, Boise, Idaho Falls and Rock Springs, WY, any of which might entail spending time with online friends and all of which will be memorable, regardless. The people matter more than the scenery, which will appear in all my posts, nonetheless. It's not the destination that matters, it's the process.
Took a trip around the Olympic Peninsula with my friend Eunie.Neah Bay, Makah Native Museum, Cape Flattery, Lake Quinalt, Pacific Beach, and a drive back along the Columbia on the WA side!
The final destination... here in Neah Bay. Sleep time.
Kinetic VM delivery 2012-08-17 Friday The good wind had to die sometime, and it went away exactly when and where the weather model had said it would. Night fell, moonless and inky black, the only light coming from the bio luminescence in the water stirred up by Kinetic's passage. The fog came back, thicker than ever, making our long-anticipated landfall an extra challenge. Not to mention threading our way through a few dozen tuna fishing boats scattered in a band across the route in to the coast. Freighters and cruise ships added to the fun. At 0115 PDT on Friday night / Saturday morning, we rounded Cape Flattery, with such limited visibility that the lighthouse itself was obscured, and entered the Strait of Juan de Fuca. We could hear the Duntze Rock Whistle Buoy groaning away it's mournful tone as the swell rose and fell. Finally, the fog lifted and we could see the lights of Neah Bay on the Washington shore. Across the strait, in the shadow of night, rose the mountainous and rugged shore of Vanco ...
Just decided where I will spend my birthday in Washington next week! Heading to the Olympic Peninsula for Makah Days! Planning a great weekend camping and diving in Neah Bay! Will be my first adventure to this part of the state and am excited!
six car caravan through the Olympic Peninsula on our way out to Neah Bay at the northwestern-most tip of the state (and of the US for that matter) to perform tonight at the Makah tribe block party! bringing out the whole family!
Awesome day in Grand Haven, got to tour on three Coast Guard ships the Neah Bay, Griffon, and the Hollyhock. It was badass!
Had a great day with the Family at the hot springs! Neah Bay and the Forks area is beautiful!!! I dont wanna leave!
Off to Neah Bay to meet with the Makah Tribal Council to dial in Photosynthesis Festival! Mere weeks away! ! ! !
Partial house from Japan washes up near Neah Bay: Part of a house found on a beach north of Hobuck Beach may be ...
My bed was not comfy last night. Then I had a long epic dream where the huge black bear my brother shot last week chased me all around Neah Bay. When we got to my mom's house it came inside and I tried to talk some sense into the bear. Just when it was about to eat my mom, Nick Nolte busts in and shoots it with a tranquilizer. Then we take it to the bay and drown it. Being chased by a bear is EXHAUSTING. My legs are tired.
a stoked weekend of PNW surf...Neah Bay area (secret spot), the Push at 3-5', side shore winds, but fun on Friday eve and better Saturday morning...the drive down to Westport...groynes were flat, but funky, lumpy, fun surf with NW winds shielded by the jetty on Sunday am...Lakers game at the Islander with big D...
“Smell is a potent wizard that transports you across thousands of miles and all the years you have lived. – Helen Keller. The smell of cantaloupe takes me back to Pasco to my grandfather’s garden. I am a child looking up to an old man that knew about everything that grew there. I can smell the silt carried in the mighty Columbia River and hear scritch of sprinklers in the alfalfa fields. The smell of low tide in Sitka took me back to Neah Bay when I was 16 and pushing my baby cousin Meroe in her stroller. The summer sun baked kelp under the blue sky. We heard the seagulls scream and the crows cuss as we hunted for salmon berries. Meroe had little feet and soft round baby knees. The smell of lemons makes me think of my Aunt Becky who made dutch babies and served them on blue and white willow ware with bright yellow lemons. In late summer when blackberry season is over and there are still berries drying in the sun, I think of the many berries we picked and the scent of pies my mother baked. I can’t ...
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