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Nazi Party

The National Socialist German Workers' Party (abbreviated NSDAP), commonly known in English in short form as the Nazi Party, was a political party in Germany between 1920 and 1945. Its predecessor, the German Workers' Party (DAP), existed from 1919 to 1920. The term Nazi is German and stems from Nationalsozialist, due to the pronunciation of Latin -tion- as -tsion- in German (rather than -shon- as it is in English), with German Z being pronounced as 'ts' as well.

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Like being a Jew at a Nazi Party meeting.
New documentary traces Wernher von Braun's path from Nazi Party to American space hero after death he left a clue
Stupid Chuck Todd does not know that a Democrat Party controlled American press is SAME AS was the Nazi Party contr…
Be a schmarty, join the Nazi Party - Mel Brooks from "The Producers". Hilarious. As good as Monty Python.
It's called connecting with the American people. Why are you part of the Nazi Party.
The Zionist Federation of Germany sent a memorandum of support to the Nazi Party on June 21, 1933. In it the Federation noted:
Leader of the Free World meets the leader of the Nazi Party or perhaps the Russian Federation or both
I was in Greece a few years back. Greece's Nazi Party, the Golden Dawn, was recruiting under slogan "Greece for Greeks."
you better, do some research hotrod! Margret Sanger, was sympathetic and allied with Nazi Party!
I love the CNN anchor who just spat out "Federalist Society" like it was the Nazi Party.
The inaugural dance, at the end, looks like a dance for the men and women of The new Nazi Party of America, Clapping for their new Fuhrer
Trump's cabinet picks are being celebrated by the American Neo-Nazi Party, which is like the Republican Party, only mo…
Teen Vogue is exposing Donald Trump’s National Security Advisor: Met with the Head of a Neo-Nazi Party
The Democrat Party is transforming into the Nazi Party ... they control most of the Media while turning our children in…
Dems are the Nazi Party, along with the established Republicans like Bush Senior.
What do u consider to be "white culture"? Do u believe in the original Nazi party's ideals of a "pure race"?
Think I choked down that pizza by God.. know I read about the Nazi party - not sure the neighbors know what they're doing
the 2-bit botox queen has officially DESTROYED the green party for NAZI fascist Hillary!. Good job, you g…
Remarkable similarities here between tactics used by DWP and the German Nazi Party. Josef Goebbels would be proud of them. htt…
Hunt down the facts on how Brazil & Chile became safe havens for Nazi party members and SS officers.
Why—and how—did South American countries become safe havens for thousands of former Nazi party members?
. Does even qualify as "press". It's really just Nazi party propaganda isn't it?
With the Nazi party in the White House? No!
I'm just wondering how u consider yourself a nazi when u know the founder of the party had no use or respect for your country?
Kind of weird the Nazi party took power with only 43% of the vote. It's like right wing extremist minority rule all over again.
Seig Heil Dr Singer !!! The Nazi party here in the US loves you ! Killing babies was the
you know the recount is being funded by a former member of the NAZI party right?
she is talking abt the American Nazi Party or Bundt. why do you claim she is a "Hitler apologist?"
Watching people lose their minds over a mentally deficient Nazi LARP party w/ like 100 attendees (50 of which were fed…
SCUM SKI NAZI NEWS! Green Party files petition to recount votes cast in DESPERADO why don`t you come…
CA is one party Nazi state. Not funny at all to live there - you either rip the system or they rip you off.
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NVR again can anyone in the US wonder how Germany allowed the Nazi party 2take power. Fear &willful stupidity
German communists turned over to fascist freikorps by social democrats . Freikorps became the Nazi party
American Nazi Party chairman said he saw Bannon hiring as proof Trump might be for real.
instead of Rump & his Nazi party trying 2 think about knitting & now playing the guitar, we literally live in *** now knitting helps
This critisim is rich coming from someone who tried to imply that Al Sharpton was worse than the American Nazi Part…
is TECHNICALLY RIGHT 🇺🇸Nazi Party not charged w/murder in 25 yrs. B4 that 6 members acquitted of murder C Wiki
Are Now The Party Of Nazi Fascism. They Praise and Love Communism. created this in
Funded by the real Nazi Soros. "Green Party" is right, bought and sold to the highest bidder.
No one's trying to revive the Nazi Party. Some people did a mocking Roman Solute, and you decided to side with the SJWs on this one
You let Blanchfield get away with false statement that Hitler was elected. He was appointed chancellor after Nazi party gains
Do you want your tax dollars to finance Nazi party candidates at every level of govt? I don't.
We saw the Nazi party he is putting forth for his coup d'etat and we decided to change our minds-sorry not sorry
Zakres needs a history lesson on who's been progressive/racist, narcissistic Nazi loving party! Left losers!
His appointments to form the new Nazi Party?
In 1977, a group from the American Nazi Party wanted to hold a march in Skokie, Ill... a largely Jewish community with Holocaust survivors
They also are not vindicated by any political party or political movement the way that the neo-nazi alt right currently is
Heinrich Himmler head of the SS Nazi party,reported death May of 1945,look at his photo,something is wrong with this info,thinking out loud
Shocking no GOP in Sen or House left their racist, sexist, oppressive, Nazi-ish party yet. Much smaller pol change cause…
Total # of deaths connected to American Nazi Party in last quarter century: ZERO; Total # of deaths connected to Al Sharpto…
I suggest those trying to revive the Nazi Party powder their hair and revive the Whigs instead. At least that is US-relevant.
Folks, it's real simple. Good, decent, inclusive Americans who believe in equality, do not get praised by the American Nazi…
...other subgroup of people contribute more to civilization?” - Steve King, Nazi Party, Iowa
Then all you guys can join an old and cherished fascist party: The USA Nazi Party.
Trump says his "movement" has accomplished more than any in American politics. True. The rise of the Nazi Party hasn't happened here before.
TIL Puma was started by German brothers who were members of the Nazi Party; then one of the brothers, Adi Dassler, left to form Adidas.
Hugo Boss initial major success was as a supplier of uniforms for the Nazi Party and its related organizations.
Washington Post: American Nazi Party and Ku Klux Klan say a Trump presidency would help legitimize white supremacy.
because she wasn't endorsed by the Nazi Party and David Duke
no? Have you ever heard of the Roman Coliseum, or the Nazi Party, etc., etc., etc. Such a stupid statement.
German vet on Hitler's rise--who became leader of the then Nazi Party in 1921-
and now you are pissing all over the American flag with your support for the modern day Nazi Party - Democrats.
this antisemitic blood libel propagated by the Nazi Party and American sympathizers U parrot these libels SAD!
People forget that scene in FERRIS BUELLER where he pledges allegiance to the Nazi Party
Gen George Patton knew the democrat Nazi Party (R) the enemy of the United States of America!
Evidence of how Royal Dutch Shell saved Hitler and the Nazi Party | Royal Dutch Shell plc .com
Has ISLAM become the modern day Nazi Party? ht…
Has ISLAM become the modern day Nazi Party?
Considering Adidas founder Adi Dassler was a member of the Nazi Party, shouldn't Jews be asking this question?
Bush family had ties to the Nazi Party. Research Prescott Bush. Criminal Family
Yes Congress is Nazi Party to us. I loathe them. I wonder why Bal suggested the sapola to come to Akal Takht?
JP Morgan was one of the major banks to finance the Nazi Party it continues to trade today, its stock price is around…
I was called 'violent', 'nazi', 'terrorist' for attending peaceful tea party. But violent leftists are called peaceful. …
evolved into a fact movement under the NAZI PARTY
The biggest difference between a Trump rally and a Nazi party rally is Nazis spoke in complete sentences.
oh no someone made the widdle Nazi party mad! .
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Hey with fans like this, who needs enemies? Your Nazi party is over before it started.
So the abuse of woman story should get buried? Have you too joined the new American Nazi Party?
fun fact: you know who else used to shut down political opponent rallies by force? The nazi party's SA, facist.
People always bring up Hitler and Nazi Party. It dilutes the seriousness of the argument when people do that.
This is important: Nazi party was the first environmental 'green' party.
The Nazi Brownshirts used violence and intimidation to silence opposing views. Which party does that sound like?
I thought Moveon was a wing of the Nazi party They act like Nazis
most people are unaware that the American Nazi Party was a big political movement during the lead-up to America's involvement in WWII
At least that KKK rally got shut down today. No wait that was an American Nazi Party meeting. Oh wait it was a Trump rally.
people say "it could never happen here" but in the 1930s America has a large powerful Nazi party.
Thank you Chicago protestors for standing up to the greatest threat America has face since the cold war, Trump's Nazi party.
Um...there was a Nazi party parade in NYC during WWII. The idea of pro-Nazi Americans wasn't speculative.
I hope it becomes imposible for to hold his hate rallies. Just as it is for the KKK and Nazi party.
I was told she's saluting the "Romans" since they did it before the Nazi party
About 4 more Nazi pics away from leaving the Republican Party
It's official, the Republican Party is now the Nazi Party.
Greece. It's from a Golden Dawn rally, they're a Greek neo-Nazi party
And was a supporter & the party were People need to learn history!
frankly that's better than doing the Nazi salute at a Trump Party.
And you see the Real Nazi's are on the Left and in the Democrat Party.
MoveOn, the leaders of the new Nazi Party
Bernie's Brownshirt's go Berserk. Nice to see the tolerance of the Democratic Nazi Party.
Bernie's Brownshirt's Go Berserk. The tolerance of the Democratic Nazi party.
Hugo Boss was an active member of the Nazi Party, and his company produced the all black Nazi SS uniforms. - The New York Times. 1997-08-15.
well after the nazi tea party senate republicans showed how they operate like kkk whenever the oportunity allows they R racist
Please let the Israeli Labor Party that they're actually a Nazi party. Quick!
same thing with Hitler and the rise of the Nazi party. A lot of parallels.
I have more motivation to seek out and destroy the remainder of the Nazi party in a Prius than to even attempt a single lesson of algebra.
Guruji was a staunch admirer of Hitler and praised the discipline of his Nazi party. So you RSS guys are fascists. 😐😐😐
Climate Change created ISIS.Oh, now I remember that history lesson...The Ice age created the Nazi Party...KooKoo!
The Growth of the Nazi Party from 1919 to 1933 - Its an example of greatness - not for the world, but I'm a different term. I could go...
are the new party, just this time remains an unknown donor! Oligarchy + Fascism = The Government of today!
swinneys a useless *** a bit like you and the rest of the Scottish nazi party
We will either be great under Trump or new Nazi party under Sanders
Govt & ruling party seem to have learned from pre-war .
Just because Jeb's grand pappy funded Nazi party doesn't mean Jeb should suffer losing his birth right.
overheard in the griffith library: "marxism is basically the ideology of the nazi party" wHAT are you on about
You equated all Muslims to Hitler's Nazi party "just ignore it" you accused me. Attack theocrat ideas, not individuals.
*** the brothers who created Adidas and Puma were in the Nazi Party. ***
All nations have bad politicians. Why make a big deal about Hitler's Nazi party?
The Nazi Party of America once commended the Black Seperatist groups.
Don't be a stoopid! Be a smarty come and join the nazi party!
Oskar Schindler || 1908-1974. Member of the Nazi party who saved the lives of 1,200 Jewish people by employing them. ht…
There is something inherently wrong with the Labour Party, ex Nazi Cllr, ex BNP cllrs and a paedophile campaigner. http…
Guardian didn't say things about your Nazi party, they interviewed them, they exposed themselves as racists, bigots, cretins.
Strongest supporters of the early Nazi party? Students. I'm not kidding.
if you show me a source that the party is new Nazi. Which you cant.
Did the English Nazi party knight him?!
nobody laughs at me when I say I was too late for the nazi party, in fact they looks they give me seem rather unkind.
Nazi Cow- has always shown her lack of colour- and its a Growing party over there- not just German
but now that Sweden got involved anyway, your Neo-Nazi party plans to blame the refugees, not those responsible for the war.
didn't Sweden participate in Libya? Yeah, it did. What did your Neo-Nazi party say then and why blame victims now?
LOL Trump is leading the Republican Party's nomination for President, but nobody is admitting supporting the Nazi
A Nazi doesn't have a distinctive look. They're people in the same political party which means they could look like anything
Confused about as confused as Muslims wanting to live in Britain, Jews in the Nazi Party, 'Green' Prince Charles & his private jet
Along with the endorsement of tAmerican Nazi Party, Aryan Nations Daily Stormer KKK leader David Duke: a clean…
Yes! CAIR has connections to Muslim Brotherhood like Adolf Eichmann had connections to Hitler and the Nazi Party.
Let's go after Oskar Schindler next - after all, he WAS a member of the Nazi Party (SARCASM). good grief
If Corbyn is to Labour what Hitler was to Nazi Party then Adam Boulton is to journalism what Josef Fritzls *** was to his kids childhood.
radical christianity is represented by KKK and the nazi party who took the cross for a sigil.but no one is pointing at you
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Dunno what all the fuss about the is. They never were a political party. Just a bunch of racist Nazi thugs.
Math NAZI's in the Democratic Party controlled Media and White House still equate 25% to 5%. Remember 2 and 2 is...
And there you are. Guess what? You're still a Nazi. How you doing with the BNP no longer being a Party?. Joined UKIP yet?.
The Nazi party tried to turn Christmas into a nonreligious holiday celebrating the coming of Hitler.
absolutely, it suited him until he could make it about the Nazi party directly. He was unhinged
Just like the death of millions of Jews had nothing to do with the Nazi party, right
Dont let slick Willie take ur mind off the horrible sins of Killery/Barry/Pelosi/Nazi Dem Party who wants God out of their party platform.
Simple. His Nazi-esque ideas have propelled him to a big lead in the polls for your party's nomination. Speaks to who all of you are
How many times are you having to type 'Nazi party', and what, might that suggest ?
I keep saying 'Nazi pazi' instead of 'Nazy party' lol.
so a GOP Fascist or Theocrat would be better than Obama? Where has putting Party b4 country gone awry? Nazi Germany perhaps?
The British Nazi Party are in ruins and I for one look forward to UKIP going the same way.
For more extreme forms of government, such as a new Nazi party that will protect their people.
Shhh..Matthew, let 'em run Trump. It will be death of GOP. Sadly, might become American Nazi Party.
The is no longer a political party but fascism and Nazi's still exist and we still need to beat them and their ideology.
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The Nazi BNP is no longer an official political party in the
Nazi BNP removed from official register of UK political parties for failing to submit form.
The Nazi BNP is no longer a registered political party. The final nail in the coffin. .
The British Nazi... erm... I mean National Party is no longer recognized as a political party. Here is my reaction:
I was mentioning the red arm band and Hitler did the same thing with the nazi party but he stole it+
SS, or SchutzStaffel. An armed branch of a Nazi Party. Succeeded the SA (Sturm Ableitung) after its dissolution.
Founders of Egyptian Nazi Party Claim It‘s ’Not Hostile to Jews’ via
After fall of Mubarak, group announces intent to form Nazi party | Egypt Independent via
All people who used to vote BNP now vote that's why there numbers have swollen.. Nazi party!
. Bit like the Nazi party in 1945 then :))
You got your own Auschwitz within your own party, we dont stand for the killing babies Nazi fk
Had a dream that I was at a huge party but when the police showed up they just went straight nazi and starting killing everyone lmAo
In WWII most Germans were for the war, and supported Hitler in everything he and the Nazi Party did, including the rape, pillage, and murder
Birth of a Nazi party in United States.
Revisionist history banned 1936-1946. 2000 new Nazi party officaly rising power in Germany. 2016 major party again
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ISLAM is a movement not a religion,Just like the NAZI Party of 1932.
Green party are just a joke. Supporting nazi fascists in kiev Ukraine and now gmos too!
Like all of the nazi party was a great generation
he relaxed gun laws on everyone accept his cultist Nazi party. German people were terrorized to question him
Birth of the nazi party in united states. (Video)
The Nazi party was an exclusive cult. Hitler was its leader. they carried it out in secret
that's why the jewish people some don't like Christians because hitler and his nazi party said they were christians
sounds like the Nazi party is back in town!
its over for the Democrat nazi party
Might be worth pointing out that the Hitlerised Nazi party existed for over 12 years before it started rounding people up.
Nazi Party did not follow the law unless they wrote it. via youtube
events are a lot like Nazi party rallies in the 1920's
And the "vast majority" of Nazi Party members were peaceful, too. Doesn't change the situation, does it.
Rebirth of the real Nazi party. Substitute Trump for Hitler and the timeline falls into place. Protestor? Git im outta ear.
Republicans are the new Nazi party.
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With everything that's been happening in the GOP, I've been brushing up on some history. Mainly looking at the origins of the nazi party.
Indiana Jones bros and nazi slutty *** party is a no
Australia's answer to the Nazi party still recruiting vile racist redneck scum.
Off the topic of misinterpreted symbols used by the Nazi Party, the Celtic Cross is ancient. But those dumb white supremacists use it.
If only it was his name was the problem. Its his foul adherence to the Nazi party, that is the problem.
Run as a candidate for the American Neo-Nazi Party, know they're looking for a New facial toupee to salute too.
The Nation of Islam is anti-white, anti-Semitic and they advocate violence. They're no dif than the KKK, Nazi Party & New Black Panthers.
teniamos que estar juntas en ese party like the oldtimes Hawaiian and the Nazi 😍
Didn't the Labour Party in the UK do similarly even after Britain was bombed by Nazi Germany?
Hermann Goring was Hitler's second in command. His brother was a critic of the party. ht…
comparing her party to Nazi’s or terrorists would be wrong, has no problem doing it herself.
they are a party solely after independence everything else is secondary - Nazi style dictatorship
Here we go again . Welcome back the nazi party!!
he uses the same arguments the Nazi party did.
Didyouknow:- Adidas was founded by a former member of the Nazi party, Adolf Dassler, .
FYI: The guy from the Tyabb Football Netball Club is running the Australian Nazi Party now
The Chinese Communist Party government is the Nazi of this century
My love to Austin Mahone. A special son of mine, almost murdered by Nazi party human reptos who play Football for Nfl. Most to die.
*** get a life - we are in america fighting Mi6, ODDESSA, NAZI PARTY, German Fake Italian Mafia w/ Blac…
The one that says " nazi b." I'd agree is probably done by someone who doesn't like Joan or her party.
Shirer's 'Rise & Fall of 3d Reich' reveals inescapable similarities between the Nazi Party & the current Republican right …
That is your Social Security Card...might as well be the brand the Nazi Party put on the Jews before they burned them in the crematories.
C. Koch is a great American. Compare his work with the marxists nazi in charge of Dem party, Soros.
This is called "political discourse" Used by the Nazi party to make gov't dysfunctional as we see today.
It is not like that NAZI George Soros that funds the entire fake appratus of the Democrat Party.
I could start my own Nazi party with the Middle Schoolers in Gifted advisory with me i kid you not
Arabians are far more racist than the Tea Party, yet uusupport foreign policy of Nazi Palestine
obviously Obama's Harvard Marxist Elite rfuvators preach to him now ISRAEL IS THE NEW NAZI PARTY.
And how exactly do the situations that brought about the nazi party coincide with America in modern day 2015?
When a deal is made between Nazi party and Zionists, there's no other side. It's blatant corruption.
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Obviously ignored the trade agreement with the Nazi party and Zionists but hey Zionists never acknowledge history
No,not what I meant.Bernie not a Nazi.Nazi party grew out of Social Democrats.Meant it as slippery slope.
I mean, what else have you got, Republicans? Because it’s looking like a team-up between the Confederacy and the Nazi Party up in there.
That isn't correct at all. The Nazi party (a deplorable racist organisation) was anti Semitic.
This is quickly escalating into Hitler and his Nazi party all over again. This is insanity personified.
in fact the Nazi party targeted exactly the same sort of people that ukip targets
the constant scapegoating ifof mmigrants for st.nige's piles is exactly how the Nazi party started
The Nazi party molded Nietzsche's life and writings to fit its ideology.
Excellent article on 're-branding' of Hitler/Nazi Party 'legislation'. We are all targets.
That's History for today. I'm on Discovery History (Sky 535) tonight 9-11 PM in the series "The Rise of the Nazi Party"
The Hitler Youth - Congress of the Nazi Party in Nuremberg, Germany , September 11 1935
Corporations are the new Nazi Party. And Citizens United court decision was the Enabling Act
music is not a luxury, but a tool. for good or for evil. see the Nazi Party, the Civil Rights Movement. art is useful
- Benno von Arent was a German Nazi, a member of the Nazi Party and SS→
They were "German Concentration Camps" with the Nazi Party elected by the Germans running German Government. government were gone!
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So this Royal Family is directly Connected the Nazi Party, Says Racist remarks ave we're not being taught this...
Never mind the Nazi Party, just wait till they find out the Royal Family was once connected with the British Empire.
Why have a Nazi Party or Golden Dawn in Australia when those nutjobs are welcomed with open arms in the Liberal Party?
Erich Koch was a Gauleiter of the Nazi Party (NSDAP) in East Prussia from 1928 until 1945.
An unaired episode of The Brady Bunch: Cindy, flattered when told she is the Aryan ideal, joins the school's Nazi Party. Mike intervenes.
Adidas was named after its founder Adolf "Adi" Dassler, who was also a member of the Nazi Party in Germany.
Saxon got into publishing after involvement in the Nazi Party, John Birch Society, Minutemen, Scientology
Hist 2day:1908 bitrthd of Oscar member Nazi Party who saved 1,200 Jews by employing them in his factories
Can the SQA please make the Germany question for Higher History about the rise of the Nazi Party! Cheers 👌🏽👌🏽
Image of Nazi Party rally organized by John Beattie disrupted in Allan Gardens by citizens, N3 Fighters Against Ra...
Dalai Lama and Serrano the head of the Chilean Nazi party
Remain calm: Ann has defected to the Nazi party with a military private jet full of reputation.
. Is like having a Bar Mitzvah at a Nazi Party headquarters
Dalai Lama with Serrano - the head of the Chilean Nazi party
So a Jew who joined the Nazi party couldn't be called a Nazi? . If you act like a schmuck, you're a schmuck. Act like a Nazi...
"How did the Nazi Party come to political power?" . Can't trust thots.
And it wasn't the International Nazi Party, it was democrats..
Australians always think the opposition party is the answer but both support these nazi laws. Let's stop voting Libs and ALP.
To be clear: I am putting the Republican Party in the same camp as the Klan and the neo-Nazi groups. If they don't like it, they can change.
As is the American Nazi Party. What a wacky bunch of guys.
Oh, I'm sorry, was I being 'ageist'? Way too many of them have been voting for a right-wing Nazi party here. I'll cry another day.
yes they've fully dispersed and joined other parties. including the deputy PM. and so? the nazi party had great clothes?
Dalai Lama was friend of Serrano the head of the Chilean Nazi party
Cuz I was following some American Nazi Party profile & he's Jewish. .. that's like oil & water ..
Chocolate was used by the Nazi party in an attempt to assassinate Winston Churchill. Do you really want something like that in your body?
The KKK was as insane as the Nazi Party when it came to propaganda, parades, public events, etc... 1920s USA or 1930s Germany? Can't tell.
I just told drew about how I defeated the nazi party and stopped the cold war
so why are we so reluctant to call them the Nazis that they are? Democrat Party = Nazi Party USA
and the Democrats care more about Muslims and Communists than about Americans. Dems the new Nazi Party USA
And the Democrat Party is the modern incarnation of the Nazi Party. Di-vorce, De-friend ALL Democrats in your life.
Academics harbor an extremely conformist psychology; this is why 98% of academics marched for the Nazi party.
Because they're Nazis. Let's not mince words. The Democrat Party USA is the modern incarnation of the Nazi Party.
Serrano the head of the Chilean Nazi party meets the Dalai Lama http:/…
brought to you by the conservative nazi behaving country dividing regressive teabagging Republican Party & Foxnews
no they were the Nazi is Roy's only L
i cant remember. Was that before or after roy's boys defeated the nazi party?
And the Nazi Party better make up their mind. Either it was a Holohoax or racial slavery and genocide are able to claim a basis in science.
I guess Jonah Goldberg was right about the NAZI platform resembling Democratic Party principals.
“was also used BUY the Nazi party my boy”. Calls you "boy" but doesn't know it's BY.
I have such a fascination with WW2 and hitler and the nazi party and everything about that era in history.
I'll just leave this here. The real nazi party is Israel's next door neighbor.
Fienstien like the National Social Party (Nazi) AHC, Sen Dingell (D) said that was to control people.
The Allies defeated Hitler by attacking it as a Nazi nation ideologically. Only 7-10% of Germans were Nazi Party members. They lost
I'm not surprised. This is Israel, the creator of "IS" and a nazi party like murdering party called Zionism, may they burn in ***
Greece may free jailed Golden Dawn leaders. Prosecutors said Tuesday that the jailed leader of Greece's neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party and his …
In it's current configuration Israel has become the Nazi party of the middle east in a continued genocidal land grab
"HTC slips up and apologizes for saying that it was cooperating with the Nazi Party, aka Comcast." : on /…
Do our Israeli brothers and sisters realize that bb is siding with the kkk white supremacist nazi party...
just been told off for comparing them to Nazi party. Rallies, marches, loony leaders?
Today's Democrat Party is yesterday's party of Hitler
Actually, it isn't wrong to use a Private email during her Sec State tenure. Geezes The Nazi Party just can't stop with
OGS: The year is 2001 B.C. Prehistoric Napoleonic France and Poland have drclared war on the Prehistoric Nazi Party
- took out the Nazi Party — Red Skull, Hitler. Try this one.” . Steve found himself secluded in the break room, the -
Hugo Boss designed and manufactured uniforms for the Nazi Party.
"There is awesome power in every single person created by God. If you dont think so; in 1645 one vote gave Oliver Cromwell control of England. In 1776 one vote gave America the English language instead of German. In1875 one vote changed France from a monarchy to republic. And unfortunately in 1923 one vote gave Adolph Hitler control of Nazi Party in Germany. Your vote is of great value, use it wisely for the good of our future. Go out and cast your vote and make sure it counts. Its your right and your power. Do, in exercising that right and power, vote Gen. Buhari for President. Forward to at least 5 people for the good of our Father land. God bless you as you vote Buhari in FeBuhari!
This is what we have teaching at our universities. No wonder the young people are so screwed up nowadays. This is the big gathering that is being held in Texas this week end. for shame, Texas, for allowing this. Keynote speakers at the event will include Georgetown University professor John Esposito, founding director of the school’s Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding, which has come under fire for, among other things, hosting 9/11 Truthers and a member of Egypt’s Nazi Party. Also scheduled to attend the forum is controversial New York-based Imam Siraj Wahhaj, who was an “unindicted co-conspirator” in the 1993 World Trade Center bombings trial. Wahhaj has called the FBI and CIA the “real terrorists” and expressed a desire for all Americans to become Muslim, according to the New York Post.
lives because of the war and the Nazi party
What do you stand for? Remember the Holocaust! ONLY a vast MINORITY of the population in Germany were members of the Nazi Party...the rest of the population stood by and watched. The difference this time is that islam will convert, kill or make slaves of ALL unbelievers.who do you believe in??
Here is the list promised of Republican recipients of David Duke's $$ Republican Party is a disgrace!
. British prince wears a to a costume party and gets crucified by press. just as clueless.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Neo-Nazis in American Politics: Follow the Money of David Duke's List of Donors & Recipients in the Republican Party
Islam is worse than the Nazi party ever was.
Bush was Complicit in Financing and Arming the Nazi Party: from Webster Tarpley Radio:
Leave it to the KKK Nazi GOP Party to come up with this crap!
At it's peak the Nazi party was never more than 7% of Germany's population. And yet, this small percentage was responsible for tens of millions of dead around the world in less than a decade. Just how much of Islam has to be considered radical in order for it be perceived as a global threat? Having said that, certainly, not all Muslims are radical, maybe not most, but far too many are, possibly well into the hundreds of millions. That would not, I believe, be an unreasonable estimate. Some will try and dispute this, bending over backwards and sideways, desperately attempting to hide the ugly truth. But the evidence is there, all you have to do is look.
Extremist? See BNP.National Front,Nazi Party,KKK,ISIS etc.These people do not speak for any nation.
Lmao my best friend sent this teasing me because I don't particularly trust the government. Thank you so much. I needed a good laugh. But I thought this would be a good chance to explain something that I've been wanting to for awhile. There are two different kinds of conspiracy theorists. First the paranoid ones. They base their theories on their paranoia. They think the government is out to get them. And I have no doubt there are *** that honestly do wear aluminum foil hats. Because they think the government is trying to control their minds. I'm the kind of conspiracy theorists that bases them on facts and history. For example, 9/11 truthers have evidence that would stand up in a fair court. And we have the Law Of Physics on our side. That is the reason why I have no problem whatsoever calling myself a Truther. I honestly don't know what happened in Roswell. But if I look at it logically, if an alien spacecraft did crash in New Mexico and we got our hands on that kind of technology. I can't blame the ...
The failure of governments to see this for what it is, and act is handing the Nazi Party a cause that could appeal to the popu…
No tears for scum who incited racist hate under the guise of satire & free speech. Would you cry for Nazi party propagandists?
nah bro. Majority white liberals against the nazi party and lynching.
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