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Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany, also called the Third Reich, was the name for Germany from 1933 to 1945, when it was a totalitarian state ruled by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party (NSDAP).

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"It took Nazi Germany seven years to kill 6 million Jews. It would take a nuclear Iran one day." --
True story of fightback by British PoWs in Nazi Germany. 'My Underground War'.
Perhaps we should bring up Prescott Bush and the Ford Motor Company and their dealings with Nazi Germany.
Nazi Germany n the late 1930s..remind u of Iran chanting death 2 America
Even in Nazi Germany and communist Soviet Union loan sharking was illegal. But not in Western liberal democracies.
A TV show takes a look at alternate history-If *** and Nazi Germany had actually won WW2 -
Amazing Business Woman S.Shirley who survived Nazi Germany & set up a software company in England with Women Coders.
I can't tell Nazi Germany from America anymore. The repub party makes Hitler look like a nun.
Just got off duty a few minutes ago. Seems to be catching on. Someone compared our logo to Nazi Germany's flag, though.
cliche as it sounds, it prevents tyranny. . See: Colonial America, Nazi Germany, any great dictator, N. Korea...
I cannot with Nazi Germany. These old films and stories absolutely break my heart. How could they be so ignorant to treat HUMANS like trash?
Carson calls Obama a 'psychopath,' sees U.S. as Nazi Germany, asks what the Knesset is on trip to Israel
IBM machines were used to identify and imprison Jews in Nazi Germany.
Nazi Extortion: Study Sheds New Light on Forced Greek Loans via But Germany doesn't want to pay
.Interesting. Nazi-Germany used hatred against jews as incentive for war against Russia. Is Nazi-EU going same path?
3_24_15 Amtrak / DHS checking ID's just like they did in Nazi Germany.
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hitler's christian nazi-germany (and italy etc.) was not credible christianism either - BUT BECAME THE NORM! chew on that
Video compares Rockland racists to Nazi's in Germany
"Nazi Germany knew what they were doing I'm just sayin" - Will
TIL that an anti-Nazi organization called Exit distributed free t-shirts at a neo-Nazi rock concert in Germany. Th…
Wait, are we also agreeing that the US is like Nazi Germany/Obama is Hitler? The guy who murdered millions?
So Jews need a home but the Violence & dual propaganda is incredibly ugly & belongs back in Nazi Germany, Ironic considering
anyone comparing Israel with Nazi Germany is an ***
"Porsche once made tanks for Nazi Germany." Must of been nice
has anyone asked Jeb about Grandpa Prescott and his support of Hitler's Nazi Germany? Awkward
says there was nothing wrong with Union's pact w/Adolf htt…
Our video was successful in bringing attention from the press to the hate long ignored Video
Never trusted them hip rap lot and never will. It's exactly how Nazi Germany started.
Presidential hopeful Ben Carson thinks Obama is a 'psychopath' and America is like Nazi Germany via
for free! Download "Crystal Night" for a look at the rise of Nazi Germany.
Cus Nazi Germany attacked us right. “9/11 foretold in this 1983 Marvel comic?
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Porsche once made tanks for Nazi Germany.
Toby Sonneman's father fled Nazi Germany in 1939 & was welcomed to NYC with a band & a parade—or,
right because the Vatican didn't do business with Nazi Germany.
Sorry the Koch name goes all the way back to Nazi Germany & John Birch Society.
People like Oregon Sen. Elizabeth S Hayward r marching America down the path of Nazi Germany. http:/…
The members of the John Birch Society are well documented as well as their ties with Nazi Germany.
The United States has a higher amount people in prison then Communist China, Stalin Soviet Union, and or Nazi Germany,
Photos of the abandoned Olympic Village built for the 1936 games in Nazi Germany will give you chills
Read an excerpt from 'My Underground War' - the True Story of a British PoW in Nazi Germany.'
War,CrashEconomy,Corps pay no taxes,Gridlock Gov,Bust Unions, blame minirities,pass enabling act and Voila you got 1930 Nazi Germany notgood
On the difference between historicising Nazi Germany / ISIS and excusing individuals like Mohammed Emwazi
Rise and Fall of the Third Reich HC William L. Shirer History of Nazi Germany
Best thing since the disintegration of Nazi Germany? I think so!
A cartoon from 1948 Borba. G. Marshall gives Yugoslav gold to Germany and Italy (still in fascist/nazi uniforms). 1/1
The police in America really are like the Gestapo in nazi germany
Final interview with Boris Nemtsov "Russia quickly turns into a fascist state. Propaganda modeled as in Nazi Germany"
Heirs of Jewish art dealers sue Germany over Nazi medieval relics
. My dad- whose mother fled Nazi Germany- says its going like that now, everywhere.
cowardice i dnt c it as any different from 1930's cowardice in Nazi Germany.
Madonna is great. This blogger is shady but quotes are good. via
.My Faith teaches that we have the God given right of self-defense & there are "just wars" (NAZI Germany)
Play as a Nazi Germany soldier in an alternate world where the Nazis win. Aka Wolfenstein
nah m8 it'd be great. We should have a Nazi Germany campaign
My Great Great Aunt, 93 years old, left me the Nazi pocket knife that she got in Germany during 1938, right before …
Madonna likens France to Nazi Germany, but misses a few important points
,saying israel is fighting for survival is like Hitler and Nazi germany saying the same.Palestinians survival ended in 1948
Madonna has compared France to ‘Nazi Germany’ – saying intolerance against Jews in Europe has reached ‘an all-time high’. In a radio
Madonna claims France 'feels like Nazi Germany' and that anti-Semitism has ... - The Independent
There is no difference between Nazi Germany planning to annihilate England with V-2 rockets and Israels enemies plans. Netanyahu is warning.
I think we may have been down that road before.
If (god forbid) ever ruled this world, it would be like Nazi Germany in 1940.
Your president has done more harm with his terrible Middle East policy than you may know. Nazi Germany? How quaint.
We're reliving the 1930s. Netanyahu is Churchill, Obama is Chamberlain, Iran is Nazi Germany.
Madonna says France 'feels like Nazi Germany' | via
Homophobic leaflets being handed out at an official stall at UKIP conference. It's like something from Nazi Germany. ht…
-Radio host compares Obama supporters to "people who ignored the train cars" in Germany:
Apparently, Madonna knows what Nazi Germany feels like (She was born in 1958):
Nazi Germany? No - Britain in 1936 - Mosley marches on East End in the Battle of Cable Street http…
Think I went through that whole first lecture on Weimar and Nazi Germany without mentioning Hitler once. Well done me
Their private Propaganda Machine, just like Russia, China, Nazi Germany & other Communist countries.
the Red Army have their sins to bare as well. Communist Russia was a brother to Nazi Germany before their alliance broke.
The only two things that can compare to it would be Jesse Owens winning in Nazi Germany, or possibly the Dream Team.
Can the Monroe doctrine be enforced by the Union alone? No unified US means Russia wipes the floor with Nazi Germany and
Is this Gwinnett county or nazi Germany?
"It is often said that nothing succeeds like success. Certainly Nazi Germany seems to confirm that saying."
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How is this different from our refusal to deal with Nazi Germany before World War II?
your talking about 2 completely different subjects.Nazi Germany was way worse bro
Over time our entertainment industry corrected misconceptions about who did the most to defeat Nazi Germany.
Austria after the war pretended 2B a victim of Nazism. But Eichmann & Hitler were Austrians. Austria was higher % Nazi than Germany
oh I remember this from nazi Germany
yes.. Reminiscent of Nazi Germany and Hitlers genocide.
Germany: Accused Nazi guard, 93, charged with accessory to murder
ISIS is most comparable to what Hitler did in Nazi Germany to Jews, only this time in a modern age
It boggles my mind. Nazi Germany provoked the world with its atrocities, yet ISIS is allowed to go on with air strikes?
93-year-old charged with 170,000 counts of accessory to murder for alleged service as SS guard at Auschwitz:
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich: A History of Nazi Germany | [William L. Shirer]
Black History month fact. BLACKS DURING THE HOLOCAUST. Black people from 1933 to 1945 in Nazi Germany and in...
*** on the Homeland Insecurity. Sounds like something right out of Nazi Germany when I heard it was being...
Grover Norquist on ballot to be a Director of the tis like Rudolf Hess being on a Jewish ballot, in Nazi Germany, for Jewish gun rights
Heinrich Himmler. Most feared men in Nazi Germany & Europe. Head of SS. Responsible of internal security.
Labour's gets Matthew Richardson & UKIP a verbal slap from Bercow for comparing the NHS to Nazi Germany
Coca-Cola invented 'Fanta' to get around the trade embargo against Nazi Germany during World War 2.
A THOUGHT OR TWO ABOUT A THING OR THREE: Priorities in the news today. DEFLATED FOOTBALLS, HOLLYWOOD GIRLS SHOWING MORE SKIN, THE NFL IN GENERAL, TIGER WOODS, MAJOR LEAGUE BASEBALL'S CONCERNS, THE SNOW STORM. FINALLY, Today is the 70th Anniversary of the liberation of AUSHWITZ CONCENTRATION CAMP in Nazi Germany. A place where at one time. 10,000 people were gassed to death and cremated on any given day. Epitomizing the term, "mans' in humanity towards man." A TIME NEVER TO BE FORGOTTEN, A TIME TO BE TALKED ABOUT, A TIME FOR SADNESS AND DISGUST.It is my hope that the media will talk of this today, not after a football game, or slinky dress. NEXT, As I had mentioned the other day, this date in 1973 marked the cease-fire agreement in Vietnam, beginning of the of the end of the war. But, to recognize the end of something, this government wishes to hide, we would have look at the beginning of something the Johnsons, the Westmorelands, and yes, my dear historians, the Kennedys, who were responsible for the de . ...
Nazi human experimentations were a series of medical experiments on large numbers of prisoners, mainly Jews (including Jewish children) from across Europe, but also in some cases Romani, ethnic Poles, Soviet POWs and disabled non-Jewish Germans, by Nazi Germany in its concentration camps mainly in t…
the Saudi Arabian National Guards, which draws recruits from the Bedouin tribes, protects the king and acts as a counterweight to the arm, is patterned like Nazi Germany,s Wehrmacht (Army) and Waffen SS (loyal militia)
"SHARK ISLAND CONCENTRATION CAMP" Who was "Adrian Dietrich Lothar Von Trotha?"The first genocide of the 20 century: Eurocentric annihilation of the African blood in Namibia 1904-1907. We do not understand evil nor can we comprehend evil until we meet them and get to understand their nature gradually a clear picture unveiled about who they really are and what they stand for. "MEDICAL EXPERIMENTS" Eugen Fischer, a German scientist, came to the concentration camps to conduct medical experiments on race, using children of Herero people and mulatto children of Herero women and German men as test subjects. Together with Theodor Mollison he also experimented upon Herero prisoners Those experiments included sterilization, injection of smallpox, typhus as well as tuberculosis. The numerous cases of mixed offspring upset the German colonial administration and the obsession with racial purity. Eugen Fischer studied 310 mixed-race children, calling them "Rehoboth *** of "lesser racial quality". Fischer also sub ...
The Only place from which the government had guns were places like Nazi Germany, The right to bear arms is the right to freedom. Protect yourself and our rights. SHARE and LIKE PAGE we have to fight together to win!
Watching school kids sing the national anthem whilst shells are fired from a huge warship and warplanes fly overhead? Is this Nazi Germany?
In Nazi Germany, Jews were written out of the history of German civilization. Now "The West" wants to write Muslims out of i…
Let me put to rest a few things with these people blaming America for all the issues in the world. Slavery, Theft of Resources, Genocide, Capitalist ideals And Imperialist standings. (If you are willing to read) Lets go to Slavery first sense this is the largest and most common issue used today. What is Slavery? Slavery in legal aspect is party A (Me) Buys/Obtains party B (You) For the use of force to make Party B do work without any fruits of labor. Meany still believe that in America slavery is still evident in the work place due to inequality of pay and other such things. Lets look at it this way a woman that works 48 Hr weeks same as a man but she makes $9.15 Hr and the Man makes $9.20 Hr. Some feel this is inequality but why? The answer is this a male making $9.20 Hr is only getting about 20$'s more a day then the female for the reason maybe the man has been there longer, Or maybe the man has more experience, Ect. Feminists argue that it is a way to enslave the female population. In this same concept ...
I hear you marched in your thousands against my religion. Last week, and last month. You marched against immigrants, foreigners, and anyone a shade darker. I will not draw comparisons to Nazi Germany. I will not call you bigots, I will not insult you...
In all seriousness is anyone taking modern American history or nazi Germany 😥
1934 NAZI GERMANY SILVER 5 MARK COIN.NO RESERVE! via eBay We love Bonnie...Bonnie McKee that is!!!
What I've done today: watch All-Star Game, work out, and read 100+ pages in my book about the rise of Nazi Germany. 👍
Nice to see some ALP supporters. Think the people that are for the LNP have not felt the effect of what has been done to Queensland. So they are ok. About crime and bikies etc. the way LNP have gone about it reminds one of Nazi Germany. Yes be tough on crime but with fairness and justice. On the job front and others need something positive to happen now. Not 6 years from now, the patient may be dead and that goes for both sides.
1965 marks 50 years since the death of Sir Winston Churchill – one of the most celebrated war time leaders. Sir Winston Churchill began his career as an officer in the British Army and saw action in British India, Afghanistan, Sudan and South Africa. He served as a soldier and as a politician during the First World War, eventually becoming Home Secretary and then in 1940 Prime Minister and Minister of Defence during the Second World War. He is also remembered for his charismatic and inspirational speeches across the years, giving Britain and the Commonwealth the hope they needed, particularly after the fall of France in the Second World War when Britain and the Commonwealth stood alone against Nazi Germany. PIC of Second Lieutenant Winston S Churchill of the 4th Queen's Own Hussars in 1895, where he graduated eighth out of a class of 150! Also, Prime Minister Winston Churchill visits the Siegfried Line defences 4 March 1945 and finally Sir Winston Churchill visits the men of 79th Armoured Division after ...
I went to Setsucon for the first time in State College, and while I don't like publicly degrading a fellow convention... Here we go. I did not like it. This convention cost $25 to get in for a day, and they require ID to enter and to register yourself on a form like a Jew in Nazi Germany. I asked if I was going to get a number tattoos on the inside of my arm too. There are no signs advertising where the venue is for newbies and no guidance of how to buy tickets. They have been around for 10 years and had less than 40 exhibitors. They have like 500 volunteers how sit at every single door like they are the Setsu SS, and they have strict rules about which door you HAVE to enter and exit out of (for no real reason). The Cosplayers were amazing, but the convention was not. That's all I will say right now.
Just watched this really does show the horrifying reality of Nazi Germany.
some libertarians are ANARCHISTS. so explain to me how that fits in with Nazi Germany and Golden Dawn.
the only countries starting wars are fascist countries, the / Nazi Germany / Japan ** never started a war only defended itself.
Last week UKIP candidate said ban benefit claimants from driving, now a Farage aide compares our NHS to Nazi Germany!
Right on Moordrake. Rogan would be the first in the cattle car in Nazi Germany! And I'd fight to rescue him...
Sorry, no. It was a law in Nazi Germany you had to declare yourself Protestant, Catholic or believer in god.
לא ציונים מספיק? תטופלו. "Although it has been most often used to describe Nazi Germany and Stalin’s Soviet U...
world war I: assassination of archduke franz ferdinand. world war II: expansionism of nazi germany. world war III: set…
.no thanks. This is not Nazi Germany. Here, police officers are public servants. We don't serve them.
Ukip general secretary calls for NHS to be privatised and compares it to Nazi Germany
general secretary compares NHS to Nazi Germany So tell me why we shouldn't be afraid of the extreme right wing h…
How movies change our perception: poll asking people in France who contributed the most to the defeat of Nazi Germany htt…
from dfer'a discripfion I thought you hailed from nazi Germany.
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I liked a video from Call of Duty: World at War 2 Story - Nazi Germany
Taking a Page from Hitler’s Nazi Germany, the 2015 State of the Union Address
OMS: My next enrichment - Nazi Germany. Check with the principal's secretary, Mrs. Paul. Learn how the past can lead to the past's present.
Fifty years ago today, Sir Winston Churchill died at his home in London, aged 90. Here he is announcing the Allies' victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two. Watch the full speech and others that inspired the nation here:
Ladies and gentlemen, it has been 70 years today since the Battle of the Bulge came to an end with an historic Allied victory against the forces of Nazi Germany in the Belgan Ardennes. In the midst of the snowy weather and freezing cold, the Allies held the line for 36 days, and at the cost of an estimated 19,000 Allied deaths, 28,000 wounded and 23,000 MIA as against a hundred thousand on the enemy's side and 3,000 civilian fatalities, effectively blocked one more German push towards France and Southern Belgium by Army Group B and the German Air Force. Led by their heroic commanders, these brave men of the joint Allied armies ended Germany's final chance to turn the tide of the war. As a result of this great victory, the 101st Airborne Division (Air Assault) today carries the Presidential Unit Citation given due to its heroic resistance against the German forces during this great battle. Part of these forces of the division are from Easy Company of the 2nd Battalion, 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment, no ...
p 262 of Jim Marrs "Our Occulted History" compares Nazi Germany to present day US...
Ethiopian Holocaust: The Resurrection of Fascism & Nazism Ideology in Practice in Ethiopia by TPLF: The ongoing systematic Nazi-TPLF tigrean supremacist state-sponsored killings until now consumed more than three million Non-tigreans men, women, and children and millions of others which is confirmed by the regime itsef and many being ethnically cleansed by eviction by Nazi Germany counterpart regime in Ethiopia, Nazi-TPLF and its collaborators of the incumbent Nazi- regime. The TPLF called this “the final solution to achieve the tigrean supremacy question.” The word Holocaust is derived from the Greek holokauston, a translation of the Hebrew word olah, meaning a burnt sacrifice offered whole to God. This word was chosen becauseNazi-TPLF has been following similar fasion in the ultimate manifestation of the Nazi killing program—the extermination camps in Ethiopia /Bado sidist(void six )prison, Halewa,Mahekelewi Prison,Kelinto prison ,shewarobit,dedessa..etc—the bodies of the victims were consumed w ...
The patriot who is seldom acknowledged by our nation. He came fourth in the ICS examination and was selected but he did not want to work under an alien government which would mean serving the British. As he stood on the verge of taking the plunge by resigning from the Indian Civil Service in 1921, he wrote to his elder brother Sarat: "Only on the soil of sacrifice and suffering can we raise our national edifice". Finally, he resigned from his civil service job on 23 April 1921 and returned to India. He was imprisoned by the British authorities eleven times. His famous motto was: "Give me blood and I will give you freedom". Jai Hind, or, "Glory to India!" was another slogan used by him and later adopted by the Government of India and the Indian Armed Forces. His stance did not change with the outbreak of the Second World War, which he saw as an opportunity to take advantage of British weakness. At the outset of the war, he left India, travelling to the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, seeking ...
*Jan 23* is Birth Anniversary of Subhash Chandra Bose : Subhas Chandra Bose, 23 January 1897 – 18 August 1945 (aged 48) was an Indian nationalist whose attempt during World War II to rid India of British rule with the help of Nazi Germany and Japan left a troubled legacy. The Respected Netaji, an honorific by the Indian soldiers of the Indische Legion and by the German and Indian officials in the Special Bureau for India in Berlin, in early 1942, is now used widely throughout India. Earlier, Bose had been a leader of the younger, radical, wing of the Indian National Congress in the late 1920s and 1930s, rising to become Congress President in 1938 and 1939. However, he was ousted from Congress leadership positions in 1939 following differences with Mohandas K. Gandhi and the Congress high command. He was subsequently placed under house arrest by the British before escaping from India in 1940. Bose arrived in Germany in April 1941, where the leadership offered unexpected, if sometimes ambivalent, sympathy ...
In the latest example of Christian hyperbole and hypocrisy, Jim Bakker says Christians in America are being persecuted like Jews in Nazi Germany.
Jim Bakker tells Mike Huckabee that Christians in America should prepare for prison like Jews in Nazi Germany
4 Facts you should know about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Legally his name was never Martin Luther, His name was Michael King Jr. Dr. King's Father, Michael King Sr. mysteriously changed their names to Martin Luther during their visit to Nazi Germany in 1935. The Original Martin Luther is the German Catholic Priest who is credited as "The Father of Protestantism." Dr. Michael King was a Free Mason. _ R.I.P. Dr.King You will forever be a controversial figure. -Was Integration Necessary? -Would We have rebuilt Tulsa Oklahoma, Black Wall Street? -Is Civil Rights higher then God Given Rights? -Did we Trade Our God Given Rights for Benefits and Privileges? -Did Dr.King Integrate us in a Burning House? I can go on and on . Most don't even know Coretta Scott and Dr.King were Unitarianist. Those who does not believe in the Divine Birth or Resurrection of Christ. So, why did he pose as a Baptist Protestant? My Question is, Is his involvement in the Civil Rights Movement a Conspiracy?
A 1962 America occupied by Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. If you get Amazon Prime, I'd suggest catching "The Man in the High Castle" pilot
If you feel bad for what Hitler did the Jews go look up the Israeli occupation. Israel is just a modern day Nazi Germany
Nazi Germany fell, the Iron curtain fell. . When I despair, I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. There have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they seem invincible, but in the end, they always fall. Always. Think of it --- always. Mahatma Gandhi
Ben Carson likens ISIS to US founding fathers, re standing for one's values. Once he likened the US to Nazi Germany, re something else.
Alan Turing was a brilliant British mathematician who worked in secret to break a key Nazi Germany code, allowing Allied forces to see and plan for attacks ahead of time. Jeffrey Brown talks to Benedict Cumberbatch, star of "The Imitation Game," a new movie portraying Turing's life, about the actor’…
Let remember since we promised not to forget. What was Nazi Germany's home land security called? What is The Gestapo.
Being the hottest topic in bioethics since the murderous program in Nazi Germany till now, euthanasia carries different meaning based on its usage. Historian Suetonius described that Emperor Augustus experienced euthanasia by dying quickly and without suffering in the arms of his wife, Livia. In medical context, euthanasia was first used in 17th century by Francis Bacon meaning painless and happy death. However, defining euthanasia as “painless inducement of a quick death” was argued as it is not the exact definition of euthanasia. The debate on defining the term continues and does not ended yet though a lot of definition offered from various people and organisation. However, it is easier to understand euthanasia as the intentional killing by act or omission of a dependent human being for his or her alleged benefit. The key word here is "intentional". If death is not intended, it is not an act of euthanasia. Originated from the Greek meaning “good death” (well or good) + thanatos (death) refers to ...
After attacks, arm-in-arm world leaders join mass Paris march: (Reuters) - World leaders including Muslim and Jewish statesmen linked arms to lead an estimated million-plus French citizens through Paris in an unprecedented march under high security to pay tribute to victims of Islamist militant attacks.` Paris police said the turnout was "without precedent" but too large to count. One organiser said he had indications it could be between 1.3 and 1.5 million people. Some commentators said the last street presence in the capital on this scale was at the Liberation of Paris from Nazi Germany in 1944. President Francois Hollande and leaders from Germany, Italy,Israel, Turkey, Britain and the Palestinian territories among others, moved off from the central Place de la Republique ahead of a sea of French and other flags. Giant letters attached to a statue in the square spelt out the word Pourquoi?" (Why?) and small groups sang the "La Marseillaise" national anthem. Some 2,200 police and soldiers patrolled Paris ...
Oak and Vigne Monday Night Movie 12th Jan at 6.30 The Imitation Game: is a 2014 historical thriller film inspired by British mathematician, logician, cryptanalyst and pioneering computer scientist Alan Turing. Turing was a key figure in cracking Nazi Germany's Enigma code, which helped the Allies win the Second World War, only to later be criminally prosecuted for his homosexuality. The film stars Benedict Cumberbatch as Turing, and is directed by Morten Tyldum, with a screenplay by Graham Moore loosely based on the biography Alan Turing: The Enigma, by Andrew Hodges. The Imitation Game was both a critical and commercial success. In the 72nd Golden Globe Awards, it was nominated in five categories including Best Motion Picture – Drama, Best Actor – Motion Picture Drama for Cumberbatch, Best Supporting Actress – Motion Picture for Keira Knightley and was also nominated in three categories at the 21st Screen Actors Guild Awards including Outstanding Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture. Oak and V ...
Last year an Australian judge was commissioned by the UN to report on atrocities committed by the government of North Korea. He reported torture and wrongful imprisonment on a large scale. At the end of his report he said " in 1936 we didn't know what was happening" (Nazi Germany). We cannot say we do not know what is happening in North Korea now. Resulting action after his report.S F A
Great Offer Otamatone from Maywa Denki (White) CHECK DEAL Otamatone from Maywa Denki (White) A Beatles Fantasy - Is Paul Dead? The Beatles (John Lennon, Paul McCartney, George Harrison and Ringo Starr from Liverpool) rose to fame in the early sixties. The revolutionized the tunes planet. No one experienced ever recognised the Beatlemania, as it was later on named, which built every youthful lady and man insane. Otamatone from Maywa Denki (White) The Very best Strategies To Retail store New music Right now the major kind of music medium marketed is a digital MP3 file, but just before, tunes was constantly sold on a bodily medium. It can be a nightmare to uncover an previous collection and come across that none of the products participate in like they did before. Each various style of audio medium takes a a little bit distinctive atmosphere to maintain it undertaking right. Bartok - Concerto For Orchestra When his native Hungary went to the facet of Nazi Germany as an ally, Bela Bartok left the country and ...
On Capitol Hill, there are fewer than fifty House members and senators (out of 535) that could be categorized as faithful patriots (and I'm talking about the newly elected House and Senate). In certain State houses and senate chambers, the percentage would be considerably higher. In many states, however, the percentage would be much lower. When it comes to America’s pulpits, the percentage of faithful patriots is almost certainly no more than five percent. That was the percentage of faithful pastors in Nazi Germany who boldly stood against Hitler’s Police State. And I’m confident the percentage of pastors in America today who are courageously standing against the modern-day Police State is about the same. There are almost NO mainstream journalists in print or television who haven’t sold their souls to a paycheck. The same is true for the talking heads on the talk radio shows. Likewise, the vast majority of our judges seem completely ignorant of constitutional government and the Bill of Rights--or ...
Ještě o Banderovi. Tuhle můžete pro změnu poslat na ukrajinskou ambasádu. "It was then that the OUN-B proclaimed a Ukrainian state in L’viv on June 30, 1941, tryingto convince Nazi politicians to recognise it in hopes of becoming part of the New FascistEurope under the aegis of Nazi Germany. Stepan Bandera, as the providnyk (leader) of theOUN-B, was supposed to be the providnyk of the new Ukrainian fascist state. According to the Führerprinzip, applied by the OUN-B, Bandera’s word would be above all written law in the OUN-B state – he would become the embodiment of this fascist Ukrainian state. The Nazis, however, did not accept the state and took Bandera into captivity on July 5, 1941. He was transported to Berlin, where he stayed under house arrest until September 15, 1941. He was subsequently arrested and kept in a Berlin prison as an honorary prisoner (Ehrenhäftling) until October 1943. From October 1943 to October 1944 Bandera stayed in Zellenbau,a part of the concentration camp Sachse ...
Liberal Jews and the acceptance of GUN CONTROL. Jews in America: A False Sense of Security.. Many Americans have unthinkingly accepted -- thanks to endless repetition by some politicians and media personalities -- that "gun control" can and will produce "safe streets" or reduce "violence", by which they mean criminal activity. Some American Jews agree. Few see that "gun control" is lethal, especially to Jews. "Gun control" can reduce "violence" by ordinary criminals. But only if it is enforced by use of the same brutal police-state measures, as was the case in Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany. Common criminals were restrained in these countries. But so were ordinary people. Much more important: governments with such wide powers that they were able successfully to enforce "gun control" committed mass murders of tens of millions. Between 1929 and 1953 in the ex-Soviet Union, 20,000,000 were murdered by Stalin’s forces. The Nazis murdered some 13 million people, including 6 million Jews. JPFO’s published r ...
Currently doing the Boer War and Nazi Germany. I promise you it's equally as bad if not worse, essay writing is awful.
Stepan Bandera collaborated with Nazi Germany to try to free Ukraine. But he was never a full-up Hitler ally like Stalin &…
Modified Food/Reducing Population/Elite Crimes against Humanity/Seeds of Destruction The Hidden Agenda Of Genetic Manipulation Review of F. William Engdahl's Book Published By Global Research By Arun Shrivastava 6-20-8 ⭕, documentaries and articles on : the dangers of Genetically Modified (GM) seeds. ⭕️Majority has focused on adverse health and environmental impact; almost none on :⬇️ the geo-politics of GM seeds, and particularly seeds as a weapon of mass destruction. Engdahl has addressed this issue but the crop seed is one of the many "Seeds of Destruction" . how the intellectual foundations of 'eugenics,' mass culling of the sick, coloured, and otherwise disposable races, were... actually first established, and even legally approved, in the United States. Eugenics research was financially.⬇️ supported by the Rockefeller & other elite families and first tested on Jews under Nazi Germany. It is purely by chance that world's poorest nations also happen to be best endowed w ...
India as a hindu Rashtra has the same fate as that of Nazi Germany. That of USSR to be more precise.
The Russian president, Vladimir Putin, has invited the North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un, to Moscow next year to mark the 70th anniversary of the Soviet defeat of Nazi Germany in the second world wa...
The difference between Hitler and the Obama/Bush administration is that Nazi Germany was wiped out, but the White House still stands.
Sounds like somebody US should cooperate with.YEAH RIGHT: "ROC spokesman compares America to Hitler's Nazi Germany"
European theatre From their Emancipation to World War II, Jews were very active and sometimes even dominant in certain forms of European theatre, and after the Holocaust many Jews continued to that cultural form. For example, in pre-Nazi Germany, where Nietzsche asked "What good actor of today is not Jewish?", acting, directing and writing positions were often filled by Jews. Both MacDonald and Jewish Tribal Review would generally be counted as anti-Semitic sources, but reasonably careful in their factual claims. "In Imperial Berlin, Jewish artists could be found in the forefront of the performing arts, from high drama to more popular forms like cabaret and revue, and eventually film. Jewish audiences patronized innovative theater, regardless of whether they approved of what they saw."[21] The British historian Paul Johnson, commenting on Jewish contributions to European culture at the fin de si?cle, writes that The area where Jewish influence was strongest was the theatre, especially in Berlin. Playwrigh ...
Population Control, Nazis, and the U.N! by Anton Chaitkin ROCKEFELLER AND MASS MURDER The Rockefeller Foundation is the prime sponsor of public relations for the United Nations' drastic depopulation program. Evidence in the possession of a growing number of researchers in America, England, and Germany demonstrates that the Foundation and its corporate, medical, and political associates organized the racial mass murder program of Nazi Germany. These globalists, who function as a conduit for British Empire geopolitics, were not stopped after World War II. This United Nations alliance of the old Nazi right, with the new left, poses an even graver danger to the world today than it did in 1941. Oil monopolist John D. Rockefeller created the family-run Rockefeller Foundation in 1909. By 1929 he had placed $300 million worth of the family's controlling interest in the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey (now called ``Exxon'') to the account of the Foundation. The Foundation's money created the medical specialty . ...
Jesse Owens wins gold in Nazi Germany '
An invitation has been sent to Kim Jong Un of North Korea to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Soviet defeat over Nazi Germany, confirms the Kremlin. Putin has extended his invitation to the North Korean leader, and it is said that this will be Kim …
Einstein in 1933 escaped Nazi Germany; Knew Genocide was coming; Now PPL are leaving USA; ZioNazi Genocide
Americans fought World War II to destroy Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, which has nothing to do
was part of Europe when it fought against Napoleon, Imperial and Nazi Germany. Obviously. Now it is not part of "Europe"? Because?
North Korea’s leader may travel to Russia to mark the USSR’s victory over Nazi Germany on 9 May as mark of closer relations
"compared Sony to British prime minister Neville Chamberlain and his capitulation to Nazi Germany" um, what now?
...and the country that defeated Nazi Germany, Fascist Italy, and Imperial Japan dithered helplessly, unable to rescue them. (2)
We defeated Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan in barely more than 3 yrs. Now a general says it will take longer than that to defeat ISIS.
Russia & China are the 21st century's equivalent of 1933 Imperial Japan & Nazi Germany. Need to be democratized thru economic warfare.
All people have capacity for evil. From Ireland to Pakistan, Imperial Britain to Nazi Germany. It's our duty not to let it 'happen here'.
Cheney has long backed torture, blithely supporting techniques that were called war crimes when used by Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany, and outlawed in treaties signed by most civilized nations. His central claim — not supported by a phone-book-thick body of evidence — is that torturing terrorists produced “phenomenal results,” including “the intelligence that allowed us to get Osama bin Laden.” Without having read the Senate Intelligence Committee report, he was quick to say on Monday that the barbarism committed in our name was “absolutely, totally justified.” And of course, he would do it all again, without hesitation. By Wednesday, he was the petulant child caught and cornered. Confronted with evidence that 26 detainees were wrongfully held, with examples of “rectal feeding” (rape by another definition), or induced hypothermia that most likely killed one suspect, he proclaimed the exhaustive inquiry “full of crap.” He still had not read the report. It’s impolite to call someb ...
Calgary heroes honoured by Dutch government for role in liberation of Holland from Nazi Germany.
Faschismus In Ukraine & Nazi Germany. In Ggenteil to Poroshenko,. Hilter does not own cities bombed
Good AW lobbies are harder to find than Anne Frank in Nazi Germany
Ben Carson Stands by America as Nazi Germany Analogy on Crossfire It's been more than two months since Dr. Ben Carson first said that America is "very much l...
The War Hero and the Chicken Hawk DECEMBER 11, 2014 (in the NYTimes today) Timothy Egan They’re old men now, one unable to dress himself without help, the other living with a transplanted heart. Old men with stories to tell and tailor for posterity, stories that might still bend history. When they were young men, they had choices to make, and those choices shaped what they said this week about an awful breach in American values. John McCain was the impetuous one, though duty-bound by family to serve. He fought in the unpopular war, was shot down, captured by the enemy and tortured. Everything he knows about what coercion and pain do to the truth, he learned from personal experience in a cell in Vietnam. *** Cheney took a more calculated route. In and out of colleges, he dodged the war with five draft deferments; he said he “had other priorities in the ’60s than military service.” Early on, he learned how easy it was to evade responsibility. This may be the last big fight of the two old men: a str ...
The United States made its share of mistakes during the Cold War. But because of a democratic system of contestation, transparency, checks and balances, many of them were exposed early. New administrations could shift policy without losing face. Course correction was routine. Despite the nostalgia that many mandarins have for an old Metternichian model, it is the big, raucous, contentious democracies — Britain and the United States — that have prevailed in the world, not Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan or the Soviet Union. “A case can be made . . . that secrecy is for losers,” the late senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan wrote in his 1998 book on the subject, adding, “Openness is now a singular, and singularly American, advantage.” Closed systems work badly. Open systems have the great advantage of getting feedback — criticism, commentary, audits, reports. The CIA claims that its programs after 9/11 worked very well and suggests that the best judge of this should be itself. The Senate report provid ...
ICYMI - Pete Hegseth calls a modern-day equivalent of Nazi Germany following details of the group having beheaded 4 christian children for not denouncing their faith:
I have no words, how is this any different from Nazi Germany? Thank you
Bulldozer attack on Nazi concentration camp...
not saying it's OK but still, don't think anyone using the term is trying to reference nazi Germany
obooko -- Free e-book in pdf, epub and kindle formats: Truth and Consequences By Esther Minskoff WW2 drama In 1943 in Nazi Germany, Dr. Dorothea Schmidt, Director of the Berlin School for the Handicapped, watches as her students are taken away to be gassed and burned. She does nothing to stop this even though her illegitimate child, fathered by a Nazi leader, is one of the victims. Guilt haunts her. After the war, she emigrates to America where she falls in love with Leon, a Jewish man whose family died in the Holocaust. She is compelled to tell him the truth about her past even though she knows he will reject her.
There is a sickness in the world today. At various times in history it has been called "the Soviet Union", "Nazi Germany", "the British Empire". Today it is called "the USA". The world has recovered from this sickness in the past. It will again.
Yournewswire We’re Afraid Of What’s Happening To Our Country: The Soon To Be Nazi Germany 2.0 This isn’t the most uplifting thing to talk about – but it is on so many people’s minds here in the United States, I had to write something about what’s been floating around – whispers in coffee shops, friends afraid to tell each other that they all feel it: America is heading towards a new version of Nazi Germany – and, frankly, we’re scared. Don’t blame us – we blame ourselves, and in just a few generations, we have allowed things to get to this point – and, though it isn’t here yet… it’s coming. The signs are everywhere. That’s why a fascinating article called “25 Signs That America Is Rapidly Becoming More Like Nazi Germany” [1] by Michael Snyder really caught my attention today. Snyder is concise, well researched – and that’s part of ...
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Steven Walker and Robert Rye Sr., its not one person that is good or bad, it is the entire social structure, that needs to be destroyed as it currently stands. Can you imagine the reaction Steven Walker would get if he put red and blue lights on his car, and pulled me over at gun point? All because this is not Nazi Germany, and I choose not to carry "Travel Papers" ? And yet, people who wear a costume and metal badge, magically feel, it is totally ok to shoot and kill me, if I decide not to stop, when they want me to??? If you can not do something legally and morally in your personal life, it is then Illegal and immoral for you to do it in your professional life as well. Here's your sign.
This was posted by Shadi Pahlavi i am the most lost thing on earth,, an illegitimate princess born to the house of Pahlavi - part of my story - do you guys in USA know that you have been swindled by your government for a long time beyond your imagination ? like do you know that bill and Hillary Clinton are not red blooded Americans born in USA but they are in reality half polish niece and nephew of Farah Pahlavi (my step mother ) and they were sent to USA as kids as part of the mutual project between... CIA and savak ( the Iranian secret police created by CIA from 1955 ) as project Farah , they were migrated to USA to be raised as political foster kids of CIA and the bush family for the purpose of being used in politics in the future ---in USA they were raised with CIA connected foster families- - Hillary is not the biological child of the rod hams or Virginia Kelly not the biological mother of bill Clinton -- all the aspects of the life of theses two including their names and going to law school ,their b ...
Horst-Wessel-Lied was the co national anthem of Nazi Germany between 1933-1945 until it was banned after the defeat of Nazi Germany. This was also the anthem...
Are we in freak'n Nazi Germany territory yet? These people are just plain scary with their propaganda machine...
RIP Karl the barber from - I remember as a child having a great chat with him about life growing up in Nazi Germany.
Not Nazi Germany, but London and Oswald Mosley plans to march on the East End at Cable Street
Alvera Studio in Germany - beautiful building that was torn down by the Nazi's in WWII
Completed DBS form, made notes on 5 books on Nazi Germany &revised the Italian intervention crisis. Productive day but brain no longer works
Remember Nazi Germany and the extermination of the Jews? Scary how similar this looks.
--1041: Nazi Germany declares war on the United States. --Nazi Germany was pure evil. --We mobilized an kicked their behinds, and brought many of them to justice through firing squads and the gallows. 2014: ISIS declares war on the United States. --ISIS represents pure evil. --The United States Senate releases a one-sided report about alleged torture of enemy combatants not subject to the Geneva Convention, thereby endangering soldiers, former soldiers, and their families (per FBI warning last week). -- I won't even mention the Beirut barracks bombing, when Islamic Jihad declared war on the United States, continuing today through other Islamic extremists... Am I the only person that sees a problem here?
FTR, Germany & Russia are both responsible for WWII & the rise of Nazi Germany. Then Hitler turned on Stalin.
13yo Lucy finds out she's a gypsy & can see people's memories.The first one she can't forget-her great-grandma in Nazi Germany.
. Hi Jason! I just wanted to bring this new book to your attention. Have a good weekend!.
creepy implications of Nazi Germany going on there... I hope unintentional.
'No one knows their potentiality for evil or resilience.' (Think Wonder Years instead of Nazi Germany.)
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Not sure if in anatomy class or Nazi Germany
Oh, cool. Well, I think we can condemn Al Qaeda regardless of our past. That's like saying we can't condemn Nazi Germany for HC
The truth speaks for itself! The Nazis "perfect" Aryan poster child was Jewish and lived to tell:
Nazi Germany policies being implemented in Kenya with the support of the church&media.
The Holocaust was both legal and effective in Nazi Germany, but that didn't make it morally right.
German Court Throws Out Nazi Massacre Case via Bad news from Germany.hoping for a success…
A5. Somewhere new and exciting, hopefully. Let's leave Victorian England, Frontier America and Nazi Germany behind, shall we?
So you are Nazi Germany-appreciative and Israel-friendly. Sure. That doesn't sound idiotic at all.
Hm, turns out H.R.4681 passed in America, sure is great living in "almost kinda Nazi Germany but not land"
Nazi Germany is interesting, that nation was really feelin' themselves lol
Here's a great new book written by an old friend of mine!.
likens to fascist and Nazi all rolled into one
Got out of the blockade, at the cost of my details ID‘d down like in Nazi Germany or North Korea. What is this crap http:/…
Nazi Germany had an anti-tobacco movement, their research was silenced after the war.
What did we learn from Nazi Germany besides the fact that whites are obsessed with racial purity. What else?
Is America Today Marching to the Same Drum Beat as Nazi Germany? - Kitty Werthmann
The *** learned to torture. humans in Fascist Soviet Union. & in Nazi Germany!. When I get ahold of them. they'll learn what REAL torture is!
I also love hearing anything about Plum Island... and it's ties to Nazi Germany 😉
Excerpts from the 1967 Firearms Act were taken directly from Nazi Germany
Ben Carson believes modern American life is comparable to Nazi Germany, but he doesn't want us to dwell on the Nazi Germany part of his comparison.
VACCINATION: THE UNGODLY PRACTICE By Leonard G. Horowitz, D.M.D., M.A., M.P.H. Pastor Norm Franz and Errol Owen Many people believe that vaccinations are safe and 'mandatory' for school and/or workplace attendance. They are clearly deceived in most cases. Vaccines are not 'mandatory' in most American states that allow for personal, religious, and/or medical exemptions. Furthermore, the practice of vaccination is far from safe. In fact, if you were to seriously consider the suppressed facts you would likely conclude that the alleged benefits of vaccination do not outweigh the severe and extensive risks. For parents who elect to forgo these risks, in celebration to God and His blessings, among which are health and natural immunity, the following pages include Bible verses that should be copied and then attached to your vaccination waiver or declination form(s). The following Bible excerpts serve as a supplement to the ninety-minute audiotape entitled, Horowitz 'On Vaccines.' This tape provides a lengthy dis ...
If Germany's justice system was killing disproportionate amounts of Jews, it would be clearly unconscionable, considering…
By Alexandra Jaffe, CNN December 4, 2014 — Updated 1249 GMT (2049 HKT) STORY HIGHLIGHTS Ben Carson said he would “absolutely not” walk back his comparison of the U.S. to Nazi Germany Carson also clarified comments that Obamacare was “the worst” thing to happen since slavery A CNN/ORC poll this week showed Carson taking second...Read More
Not really it's all propaganda, same tactics used in Germany rise of Hitler and the totalitarian Nazi party.
CNN host Wolf Blitzer got into a heated debate with neurosurgeon Ben Carson yesterday, over comments the doctor made comparing the US to Nazi Germany.
Chaos in America. It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas? It's beginning to feel a lot like Nazi Germany.
We (ALL AMERICANS) have a fate worse than the Jews facing Nazi Germany in our NEAR FUTURE if we fail to get the...
“All lives matter. That's the first message the Torah gives us about human beings,” - Rabbi Rachel Kahn-Troster The events leading up to the holocaust are uncomfortably similar to what is happening in America now. Nazi Germany looks crazy in the movies and maybe we comfort ourselves thinking that couldn't happen here, but it didn't happen overnight. My first job out of college was at a bank. An elderly lady came to my desk for assistance. I got up to get some paperwork for her and on my way back she looked me up and down and smiled wistfully. She told me how she wishes she could have spent her youth wearing cute outfits to work like me. Puzzled, I asked her why she didn't. She rolled back the sleeve of her shirt and showed me a crude tattoo of numbers and maybe a few letters. I don't recall. I felt a chill wash over me as I realized the implications: she was a holocaust survivor. I was overwhelmed but managed to put together a semi-coherent question along the lines of, How do we keep that from ...
"Papers please" Today I was trapped and forced to pull over at what's called a "regulatory checkpoint" by local police working in conjunction with state police. They're not even trying to pretend these molestation stations are for safety anymore. Welcome to Nazi Germany 2.0 ladies and gentlemen.
Yes ...I am referring to human rights abuses worse than or even worse than Nazi Germany
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How Nazi Germany tried to recruit Muslims to their war against Jews, Britain, and Bolshevism:
Are we headed for World War 111? December 4, 2014 War Clouds Victor Davis Hanson The world is changing and becoming even more dangerous -- in a way we've seen before. In the decade before World War I, the near-hundred-year European peace that had followed the fall of Napoleon was taken for granted. Yet it abruptly imploded in 1914. Prior little wars in the Balkans had seemed to predict a much larger one on the horizon -- and were ignored. The exhausted Austro-Hungarian and Ottoman empires were spent forces unable to control nationalist movements in their provinces. The British Empire was fading. Imperial Germany was rising. Czarist Russia was beset with revolutionary rebellion. As power shifted, decline for some nations seemed like opportunity for others. The same was true in 1939. The tragedy of the Versailles Treaty of 1919 was not that it had been too harsh. In fact, it was far milder than the terms Germany had imposed on a defeated Russia in 1918 or the requirements it had planned for France in 1914. ...
The Swedish nazi party keeps gaining voters. If we end up like Germany, I'm sorry. We weren't in WWII so we have all this bottled up anger.
What does much of today's church have in common with the churches of Nazi Germany?
Yeah, I hope the guy who has compared Obamacare to slavery and the US currently to Nazi Germany doesn’t run for president. Screw Ben Carson.
and Germany's war by David Motadel, book:How Muslims were lured to the Nazi cause As "de facto fanatics"
The amendments raised by Labor were virtually conscience votes. It reminded me of Nazi Germany.
Ben Carson stands by Nazi Germany comments there is nothing in the modern world that compares to what the nazi did😡
DE-News : It's not easy being a neo-Nazi in Berlin. Since the end of World War II, Germany has largely derided�and…
Ben Carson stands by Nazi Germany comments are you kidding me the nazi commited genocide on a massive totally usages
If you think not pulling his pants up would be a valid reason for Michael Brown to be killed, or that gun control will turn the whole country into Nazi Germany, I don't want you on my friends list. If I haven't unfriended you, please unfriend yourself.
Foto: londonphile: Deadline: Alan Turing helped defeat Nazi Germany during WWII, but then was arrested in...
I personally believe that if you're a member of the KKK and found you should be thrown in prison like Nazi's in Germany were.
An exceptional mind is a terrible thing to waste!.
Thx for sticking by your guns on the Nazi Germany comment. My German husband has made similar comments to me-Truth is Truth.
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Also amazing that KRS-ONE ends with Jews in Nazi Germany. Making links/connections, that many in my community have sought to erase
El-de-Haus documentation centre in names of dead read aloud. Emotional exhibition
Laughing with Hilter- Telling a joke in Nazi Germany could get you killed! America headed down the same road!
a short time later, Ireland went to Bremen to play and the footballers REFUSED to salute
Ben Carson: I won’t back down from Nazi Germany, slavery comparisons
Dr. Ben Carson, Professor Emeritus of Pediatric Neurosurgery at Johns Hopkins University and author of "One Vote: Make Your Voice Heard," debated with CNN anchor Wolf Blitzer over Carson's remarks about America and Nazi Germany and that Obamacare was "the worst thing that has happened in this nation…
What if during WW2, the USSR lost to Nazi Germany, and a cold war h
Only a NAZI like Wolf Blitzer would latch on to the two words "Nazi Germany" with regard to Ben Carson! .
I'll repeat.Conservative Gov't of past: Nazi Germany,Stalin's Russia,Present day "Commie" China, see the links to GOPTP?
8,000 years of human civilization. Any time you go into the past, things are horrible and evil. 60 years ago were the Jim Crow laws. 140 years ago was slavery. 500 years ago "witches" and *** were burned alive. Why do people think that we are so special? "Every part of human history was evil, but not us! We live in america! Land of the free! Racism doesn't exist anymore." We aren't special. We aren't different. There has been progress, but there is more to go. Racism exists. For those who argue that Michael Brown and Eric Garner are "thugs", you are no different than the citizens of Nazi Germany who said Jews were "dirty".
Only a mountain stands between her neutral Switzerland & Nazi Germany.When her art talent is needed for forgery, friend &…
I can see it. Don't let our government take over. Make a change, have a voice.
What were the long-term goals of the alliance between Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan?
And comparing the U.S. to Nazi Germany is pretty ridiculous. So the chances of me voting for you are slim to none
JOURNAL OF CURATORIAL STUDIES: BOOKS TO REVIEW Interested in submitting a review to the Journal of Curatorial Studies? Here are a few relevant books and catalogues from 2014 that we are interested in. The editors are also open to suggestions about other recent publications, as well as reviews of exhibitions and conferences. NOTE: Authors should have read the books before seeking to write a review. Also, the Journal does not have copies of these books and so cannot send them to authors. If you are interested in submitting a review, please contact: Jennifer Fisher, Editor, jefishDrobnick, Editor, jimBoyd Acuff and Laura Evans, Multiculturalism in Art Museums Today, Rowman & Littlefield. Abu Talib Ahmad, Museums, History and Culture in Malaysia, NUS Press. Joyce Apsel, Introducing Peace Museums, Routledge. David Balzer, Curationism: How Curating Took Over the Art World and Everything Else, Coach House Books. Nicolas Bancel, Thomas David and Dominic Thomas, The Invention of Race: Scientific and Popular Repres ...
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Ben Carson to Wolf Blitzer: is correct. Americans need to stand up & stand on their beliefs.
Feel like Carson said this the way he did specifically for getting attention and getting people talking
Take some time to listen to this man. Actually listen.
Dr. Ben Carson, one of the early frontrunners for the GOP presidential nomination refused to back down from his earlier comments about America being Nazi Germany.
In response to Russian suffering, Putin compares U.S. to Nazi Germany →
Not to be outdone, another clown running for POTUS
Download Fury 2014 Bluray, HDRip, DVDSrc Here : : As the Allies make their final push into Nazi Germany, a battle-hardened U.S. Army Staff Sergeant in the 66th Armored Regiment, 2nd Armored Division named Don "Wardaddy" Collier commands an M4A3E8 Sherman tank named Fury and its five-man, all-veteran crew: Boyd "Bible" Swan, gunner; Grady *** *** Travis, loader; and Trini "Gordo" Garcia, driver. The tank's original assistant driver/bow gunner has been killed in battle. His replacement is a recently enlisted Army typist, Norman Ellison who has neither seen the inside of a tank nor experienced the ravages of war. Norman eventually earns the nickname "Machine", given to him by Grady Travis. While at a forward operating base, it is revealed that Wardaddy greatly despises the Waffen-SS, shown when he harasses an injured captive SS officer before telling Norman to kill every one of them he sees. The surviving crew, who have been together since the North African Campaign, belittle the new recruit upon meeting .. ...
Here is my letter to the editor that "The Forward" does not want its readers to see: I read with great disappointment Jane Eisner’s piece, “Chasing Ghosts, Reviving Spirits: The Fall and Rise of Poland’s Jews, A Movement To Resurrect Life in the Home of Death Camps.” The feeling Jews have toward Poland is understandably painful because millions were killed there. But most of that anger is misplaced. And, the Jewish perspective on Poland is not the only one. For starters, the “Home of Death Camps” line is antagonistic toward Poland. Nazi Germany built these camps in Poland because it was the one country in the world that provided asylum to Jews for centuries. Ms. Eisner asks if it’s time to “forgive a country and a people many Jews blame as much as the Germans for the atrocities and destruction of European Jewry,” but then emphasizes the negative rather than the positive. Let’s not forget that during WWII, the Germans killed millions of Christian Poles as well, and that no country did . ...
This old guy I was talking to claimed to be a child prodigy of philosophy in Germany. I assume he was referring to the nazi philosophy
Ben Carson to Wolf Blitzer: I stand by my Nazi Germany-U.S. comments
and I've studied history for 3 years now in school, mostly about Nazi Germany so I know a thing or two about it.
When we studied Nazi Germany in school, a natural question arose: how could so many good people stand by and watch the "government" and the "police" treat citizens so brutally? I never heard about Eric Garner until the grand jury decision, and watching the video just now, I couldn't help but feel like one of those "good people" who stood by and watched the "police" execute its citizen. I'm tired of standing around wondering what we can do.
Neurosurgeon Ben Carson stood by his controversial comparison of the United States to Nazi Germany in an interview with CNN's Wolf Blitzer on Wednesday.
CNN's Wolf Blitzer holds Ben Carson accountable: "you need to explain" your comments about slavery and Nazi Germany
Ben Carson stands by comparison of U.S. to Nazi Germany
Ben Carson has compared the United States to Nazi Germany, and when CNN's Wolf Blitzer called him on that, Carson admonished him not to focus on his words. Earlier this year, Carson had told the conservative news outlet Breitbart that the U.S. was "very much like Nazi Germany" because President Bara…
Yeah, Doc, you may want to consider a return to brain surgery...on yourself. "Ben Carson compares US to Nazi Germany http:…
About 25% of SS staff in Nazi Germany were confessing Catholics, yet the Catholic Church didn't excommunicate any of them.
Richard Evans' series on the Third Reich - Great reminder reading for teaching GSCE Nazi Germany.
But it's almost universally associated with Nazi Germany and the nightmare that was the holocaust
We certainly aren't perfect & our history of Nazi Germany is horrendous, but we've learned!
to quote Basil Fawlty, this is exactly how Nazi Germany started. Disgusting.
Twelve O'Clock High is a 1949 American war film about aircrews in the United States Army's Eighth Air Force who flew daylight bombing missions against Nazi Germany and occupied France during the early days of American involvement in World War II. The film was adapted from the 1948 novel 12 O'Clock High. The film was nominated for four Academy Awards and won two. Twelve O'Clock High was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant".
The only other civilization in the history of mankind that is as race obsessed as we are, the United States was Nazi Germany. I thought we all come to realize that no matter where your ancestors come from, we all have a common heritage here, that of the legacy of our Founding Fathers; to defend Life, Liberty and your Pursuit of Happiness in this wonderful experience we call Life. Being American is colorless. We are not bound by the Old World troubles of Nationality, Status, Religious Doctrine, or Creed. But seen as equals, to speak our minds and pursue our dreams, as freemen. That is the American the real American Dream.
Why is Chuck Hagel being canned after having been Defense chief for less than two years? Competence aside, part of the answer is the White House has moved from seeing events in Iraq and Syria through the Vietnam lens to the Nazi Germany lens, and Hagel is still seeing them as Vietnam. For the last fifty years, American foreign policy has swung between two polar-opposite views: Through the Vietnam lens, we don’t want to be dragged into foreign civil wars that can end up costing tens of thousands of American lives. But through the Nazi Germany lens, we must stop barbarous and aggressive fascist movements before they overwhelm civilization. Obama himself began with Vietnam lenses but he and his advisers view the Islamic State as more like Nazi Germany. What do you think?
Was icon Dietrich Bonhoeffer *** New questions about influential theologian martyred by Nazi Germany
from 1919 to 1939. From 1939 to 1945 control by Nazi Germany and Russia. !945 Freedom. Then communist government from 1946 - 90.
"The time to make up your mind about someone is never." --Director Mike Michols …who fled Nazi Germany at age 7 and became a truly remarkable man. His genius, his laughter and his heart will be missed by so many. Sincere condolences to his beloved wife, Diane Sawyer, and his family at this moment of great loss.
"Forgive me if this sounds crude, but did you try NOT getting invaded by Nazi Germany in 1939?" - Don Lemon interviewing Poland
Look at her eyes! She was killed four days ago in the Eastern former Ukraine by the shells of Kiev's pro-Western junta military forces, whose actions are supported PERSONALLY by the U.S. President Barack Obama and the ruling regimes of Canada, Australia and Europe. How many such children were killed in Yugoslavia (Serbia), Arab and other countries of the "third world" because of these monsters - no one can count now... That must be stopped at last in ANY way! Named executioners must be declared terrorists and supporters of terrorism and be arrested and exposed to punishment, like criminal leaders of Nazi Germany in the past.
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Dear Mr Cameron, A Brit once said "Jaw Jaw not War War". Good advice to you sir. "Prime Minister compared Russia to Nazi Germany"
Sometimes I can't remember if I'm working at Dollar General, or Nazi Germany.
If things don't change over here we are going to be like Russia are Nazi Germany . The day they take all away from me I will fight and die before I bow to Muslins are comie rules
so WW1 and 2 Religion yet people from every religion was apart of one side. Nazi Germany was a POLITICAL PARTY.
“Nazi Germany is a lot like New Jersey.” - things my Holocaust professor says
Opening ceremony of Bromma Airport in Sweden with the flags of Denmark, Great Britain and Nazi Germany
The _ was a resistance group in Nazi Germany. The group consisted of students and a p...
The last 1400 years have been a build up to the ignorant madness that Islam seems now ready and able to unleash on this world... While people are complacent and not willing to say the problem is 'Islam', they have a very clear and huge advantage... Remember no one was willing to say or believe that Nazi Germany was a threat, a mad Reich, growing, planning and forging forward to enact their delusional ideals upon this planet... 'The World' too was complacent in their views of where this movement was one saw the horrors that waited around the corner, except a few that were also ridiculed for their 'bigotry'... Einstein recognized this evil ensuing & so did Winston Churchill, in both the Nazi regime and in Islam. Does *** really have to be unleashed within our shores, the freedoms of our grand children & their children revoked before people are willing to be patriotic and staunch to the sacrifices made by our fallen country men, Our Heroes...which has allowed us the leisure to embrace & live the f ...
Photo: artnet: A Paris Moment Incarcerated in Nazi Germany in 1940 while serving in the French army,...
New in Am Econ Rev by Moser et al—scientists who fled Nazi Germany increased US patenting in their fields
COMMENT: This behaviour is inexcusable and intolerable. It recalls the worst excesses of Nazi Germany and South American Dictators - both of which were also sponsored by America. We need to amputate Israel from the community of nations of the world and we need to send America a message to stop supporting those who commit human rights abuses the world over - or else! = = = = = = = = = Update via Samer El Sadek Nesreen(name changed), 14 years of age, arrived in Amman from Gaza on July 29th/2014 in an ambulance, both legs were amputated below the Knee after an F-16 missile targeted an open field as she was running for shelter. 3 life threatening surgeries in Gaza to remove the missile shrapnel debris which went through her chest and settled 1.2cm right beside her spinal chord. The Surgeries failed in Gaza. In Amman, after 2 careful and precise surgeries, the Doctors were finally able to remove it safely. Attached is a picture of the rusty metal piece which was in her back. Dr. Ramzy was courageous enough to ...
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