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Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany, also called the Third Reich, was the name for Germany from 1933 to 1945, when it was a totalitarian state ruled by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party (NSDAP).

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By Greg hunter’s (Early Sunday Release) Financial newsletter writer Dr. Jim Willie thinks 2014 will be a pivotal year for the U.S. Dr. Willie says, “We’re going to end this year with no resemblance to the beginning. We spent a lot of years trying to hold this thing together. The whole system broke in 2007 and 2008 with the subprime mortgages. I was saying before that we’ve got the entire U.S. economy depending on the housing bubble and the mortgage finance bubble, and when that breaks, the system is going to break. In the following couple of years, it continued to break. What did we do? We went to zero percent interest rates and made it pretty clear it’s forever. What else did we do? We did bond monetization, QE. I love QE, it makes it sound like CPR. It’s death. It’s hyper-monetary inflation. It’s what Nazi Germany did . . . it wrecked everything. These are desperation measures to hold it together because the system is broken.” Dr. Willie, who holds a PhD ...
All three episodes tonight were GREAT - Fukushima, health care in Appalachia and stolen art from Nazi Germany. Well done!
Yep. Everyone WELCOME to nazi germany (; lol
Movie Name: Captain America and the Winter Soldier Language: English Director: Anthony and Joe Russo HI all, i am back with a review of this super movie that got released the last weekend. First off. there was a lot of hoopla around this one... especially after the first part failed to garner this much responses. Now, did i love it. maybe...certain parts are quite awesome... is this super movie... again just a "MAYBE"... Capt. America, is not the coolest superhero from the MARVEL franchise... touted to be the very first superhero, he is indeed ANCIENT. Next question is: After watching the likes of "Iron Man", "Hulk", "Thor" etc... would you wanna watch this guy??? Nope... But after this movie...that idea changes a bit. because of the russo bros, who have shown us, this guy can get that much interesting as the others. Witty one-liners is this hero's character support, along with some jokes at how old he is. The directors have show us some amazing mind blowing stunts that really take you to the edge of the ...
A look at how the radical environmentalism of was a component in the hatred of
Not sure if Liverpool players or Nazi Germany.
Anderson: Is this Nazi Germany now, that I have to show my papers? Officer: It’s a simple yes or no. I need an answer or we can detain you until we figure out whether you’re a U.S. citizen. Anderson: Well, you know what’s more simple is the fact that my freedom is a little more important than you seem to think. Setting up checkpoints where people have to prove that they’re a citizen is not something that America is supposed to be about. So, I’m not sure if you understand that. Supervisor enters scene: Grunt Anderson: Grunt Supervisor: Just pull up over there (points to line of detained cars) Anderson: No, thank you… I want to go free on my way. Here I am just going about my own business and I don’t need to stop at a checkpoint to prove who I am because this is America. Correct me if I’m wrong – did I stumble into Mexico or is this still the United States? Supervisor: This is the United States. Anderson: Therefore, I should have the freedom to travel unmolested, because I’m in America h ...
Loss of loss of Freedom of Speech, on and on... what makes ya think we're immune from the same tyranny that seize…
= written& supported.Too much like Nazi Germany to me SCARY
Share this with everybody, especially your friends who've been brainwashed by Fox News. We MUST get rid of every republican we can if we ever expect to be truly free. Another republican administration would be like living in Nazi Germany. VOTE DEMOCRAT!!! Share, share, share!!! "DON'T GET MAD.GET ORGANIZED!!" *President Obama
Before we praise, revere, and/or -- in essence deify -- a person, do a little research and found out who they really are and what they really stand for. Once you know, then praise away if you agree with that person's views. I disagree with the following views, which are the opinions expressed openly by Margaret Sanger long before Planned Parenthood took root and spread. It is frightening to me that it took root and spread so far and wide so quickly. That would seem to say that either the majority of the public AGREES with the founding principles of Planned Parenthood (heaven forbid!) or the support was proffered in absence of the facts. The facts are: Margaret Sanger, founder of Planned Parenthood, sought the elimination of “human weeds” and those “unfit” to “breed,” including African-Americans and the disabled. Those who receive Planned Parenthood’s highest award, which bears Sanger’s name, out themselves as foot soldiers in the same unjust and violent movement. They march with an in ...
Looks like a meeting in Nazi Germany. Afraid we're heading there. Hope Hitler can't be reincarnated???...
This will forever be remembered as the Legacy of Phony *** Obama, Liberal control of the Federal Government, & and trusting a Racist Illegal Alien Black man as this Nation's President. It should be noted that He was totally shoved into the White House by the Leaders of the New World Order with tons of their money while this nation had a Plethora of really qualified Black Men who ARE US CITIZENS if we just had to have a Black Man in the Oval Office; ( like that isn't a racist issue anyway). If a Man or Woman is right for the job, Race should never be a reason TO or NOT TO elect that person. Give us back our Nation before this night mare of an Administration turns us into a Nazi Germany.
A silent Communal Propaganda is going on the Social Media against the Muslims of India by refering Owaisi, Ajmal, Khaleda Zia etc... I have many secular Muslim friends who are always a part of India, who will die fighting for this country.. I am sensible that I criticised a Moron Called Akhil, who couldn't understand the communal politics that is going on .. The future is bleak for India and I know we have to make great sacrifices... This is the darkest time of Indian democracy... And I feel I m living in Nazi Germany, where the same hatred was against Jews...
Isn't it time we looked hard at the use of German Shepherd dogs to apprehend alleged criminals. This same breed of dog was used with ruthless efficiency in Nazi Germany to round up Jews. This practice has no place in a modern democracy and justice system that should treat the alleged offender as innocent until proven guilty, remember until convicted this person is an innocent member of the public. The officers involved should face prosecution under dog control laws, and the dog should be destroyed. Police Dogs should always be kept on a leash and used only to track scents not to bite people.
. remember the days of rest. Six days you shall labor and finished all your work. A seventh day, Sunday, is the rest of the Lord thy God. Then not do any work, neither you, nor your son, nor thy daughter, nor thy manservant, nor thy maidservant, nor your cattle, nor your stranger who is in within your gates." "Lord God in six days made heaven and earth, the sea and all that in them is, and rested the seventh day. Therefore is the Lord God blessed and sanctified a day of rest." '... The fourth commandments, from Decalogue 310 years of Magdeburg tragedy... On this day, 73 years ago, in the morning 6:30 (also, the day was a Sunday), 6 April 1941 year... - In 1941, 6. April, Nazi Germany carried out the bombing capital of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, Belgrade. Ten days earlier, the Kingdom of Yugoslavia joined the Axis pact. This was followed by protests in the country and the coup that ousted the government of Prince Paul. Earth is closer to the Western Allies, and at a time when Hitler intended to start Opera ...
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
As honestly as they were lead by a mentally unstable psychopath, Nazi Germany seemed to do well at employing good designers..
Chuck Norris was born one day before Nazi Germany surrendered.
Dr. Ben Carson knows how to get an audience of conservatives going. In a recent speech, the retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon and current Fox News contributor suggested that progressives could turn the United States into the next Nazi Germany, according to The Huffington Post.
Facts you probably didn't know about Coke Cola From Wikipedia on April 6, 2014 Nazi Germany and World War II In common with many large American companies, Coca-Cola had a controversial relationship with Germany before and during World War II. In 1936, Coca-Cola was deemed unsuitable for children due to its sugar content and additives. A division of the company continued to operate in Germany during the war, but were unable to import the syrup needed for production of Coca-Cola from the United States. Before and during World War II, Coca-Cola adopted an apparent policy of ignoring the practice of eugenics and anti-Semitism by Nazi Germany, according to a 2000 book by Mark Pendergrast. Several of Coke's top executives in Germany were public members of the NSDAP (Nazi Party). When the United States entered World War II, Coke began to represent its product in the US as a patriotic drink by providing free drinks for soldiers of the United States Army, thus allowing the company to be exempt from sugar rationing ...
Iam interested to know what you would do when Obama finally issues an order for Marshall law. Turns the Army on us and the Police force. They have to obey his orders I hope you all know that . It will be too late to impeach him. When starts burning Bibles and burning down churches. You think It can't happen huh. Well remember Nazi Germany. Tell me Iam nuts or tell me your true feelings.
Watched a very thought provoking movie the other night called "The Book Thief". Centers around a child living with a family in Nazi Germany. The movie does a good job of expressing the fear and hopelessness of a society that has fallen victim to their government. Richard Henry Lee, Signer of the Declaration and a framer of the Second Amendment in the First Congress is quoted as saying, "To preserve liberty, it is essential that the whole body of the people always possess arms, and be taught alike, especially when young, how to use them". Guess that sums it up for me.
Not wanting to start a flame war or anything, but what, aside from the editors and writers keeping a status quo, prevents the Justice League or Avengers from deciding, "Hey, that Qurac/Nazi Germany/Soviet Union/Latveria/etc. is a nasty place, let's go fix it."? Or, would it essentially be the Iraq War of 2003 all over again, in that sure, they took down the house of cards, but now they're the ones who have to rebuild it?
The Battle of Greece began on 6 April 1941 when Nazi Germany invaded Greece during World War II. It followed an unsuccessful Italian invasion in October 1940 and an Italian counterattack in March 1941. When the German invasion began (German artillery pictured), the bulk of the Greek army was on the Albanian border, defending against the Italians. German troops created a second front by coming through Bulgaria, where the Greek defensive line did not receive adequate reinforcements. The Greek army was vastly outnumbered by the two invading forces and was soon forced to surrender. The German army reached Athens on 27 April and Greece's southern shore on 30 April, capturing 7,000 soldiers from British Empire forces who had been sent in anticipation of Germany's invasion. The conquest of Greece was completed with the capture of Crete a month later. Looking back near the end of the war, as Germany's defeat loomed ever closer, Hitler blamed Mussolini's Greek fiasco for his own subsequent catastrophe. As an expla ...
How long before they look like this and load you in a truck to haul you to camp like was done to the Jews in Nazi Germany?
Josef Goebbels,the Nazi germany minister of propaganda in his words said;" we will be the worst criminals in the existence of humanity".
Just what happened to the Jews in Nazi Germany...
C) Have you ever been or are you now involved in espionage or sabotage; or in terrorist activities; or genocide; or between 1933 and 1945 were you involved, in any way, in persecutions associated with Nazi Germany or its allies? .no! Now can I enter the US please?
"A scene from the movie Schindler’s List began to roll through my mind. The movie, produced and directed by Steven Spielberg in 1993, is the story of Oskar Schindler, a Gentile businessman in Nazi Germany who saved the lives of more than a thousand Jews by breaking the law to keep them working in his factories. In a powerful scene at the end of that movie, Schindler, played by Liam Neeson, is being thanked for what he has done by a crowd of those he has rescued just before he flees for his own life. The grateful Jews present him with a ring on the inside of which is inscribed a saying from the Talmud: “Whoever saves one life saves the world entire.” But, distressed, Schindler says, “I could have got more out. I could have got more. I don’t know...if I had just...I threw away so much money. You have no idea. I didn’t do enough.” He looks at his car. “Why did I keep the car? Ten people right there.” He pulls a pin from his lapel. “This pin. This is gold. Two more people...and I didn’t. ...
Obamacare?!? What country are we again .. Nazi germany!
First I heard: A United States of America project for "Training Youths in Homosexuality"? Apparently, we got money to train young people around the world how to be responsible homosexuals. Anyway, Uganda signed a widely criticized anti-homosexuality law likening it to anti-Semitic legislation in Nazi Germany. This past Friday, Uganda police raided such a project in their country on the concerns of its teachings and recruitment. Understand, Uganda is highly poisoned with HIV/AIDS and need the medical treatment the USA provides...Uganda only rejects the promotion of unnatural sexual activities between "man on man" or "woman on woman" part...Peace.
Spoke to a long time friend on FB. in Mississippi. What a shame that the Governor,signed the bill into law. That Restaurants & other business can now refuse,to serve *** or any body,they disapprove in the name of their Religiuos belief. Am I in The USA,or back in my Childhood years,of Nazi Germany? "Keine Juden"-No Jews.What a shame that this Nation is going back to the old ways of hate.
Psychological Warfare and the New World Order: The Secret War Against the American People by Servando Gonzalez.. ISBN: 978-0-932367-23-5 Book Description America is at war. But this is not a conventional war waged with tanks, battleships and planes in conventional battlefields —at least not yet. It is a secret, insidious type of war whose battleground is the people’s minds. Its main weapons are mind viruses disseminating propaganda and mass brainwashing by disinformation, cunning, deception and lies in a large scale not used against any people since Nazi Germany. Though important, these elements are just part of a series of carefully planned and executed long and short-term psychological warfare operations. In synthesis, it is a psychological war —a PSYWAR. If an unfriendly foreign power had carried out against the American people the actions carried out by Wall Street bankers, Oil magnates and CEOs of transnational corporations entrenched at the Council on Foreign Relations and its parasite organiz ...
In the modern world three rogue states have plagued the world, Napoleonic France, Nazi Germany, and Islamo-fascist Iran. All three of these states tried to ruin England and America. Period, case closed.
Benedict Arnold His name is synonymous with disloyalty. During the American Revolutionary War, Arnold began the war in the Continental Army, but later defected to the British Army. While still a general on the American side, he became Commander of the West Point fort in New York, and offered to surrender it to the British. After the plot came to light, in September 1780, Arnold joined the British Army as a brigadier general, with a sizable pension and £6,000 signing bonus. Many believe that he was frustrated at being passed over for promotion, sickened by others taking credit for his achievements, and tired of (groundless) accusations that he exacted private property for the use of the army . In fact, Congressional investigations later found Arnold had spent much of his own money on the American war effort. Much like Aaron Burr (above) Arnold’s plan unraveled due to an intercepted document: when American forces captured British Major John André carrying papers revealing the proposed surrender of West ...
The Church in Nazi Germany was subjected to as much pressure as any other organisation in Germany. Any perceived threat to Hitler could not be tolerated - and the churches of Germany potentially pre
Time to strap up and take this country back. I am sick of this BS. We live in a free country. Not nazi germany. When are you obamatards gonna wake up? This is just a show of force to incite fear in the citizens.
All over my alternate page at any given time are memes and links about the "Evil Obama" and comparisons of him with Hitler and remarks about how we are being brainwashed just like they were in Nazi Germany. I agree about the brainwashing, but not about the source. That so many could be so worried about our loss of freedom and yet nothing about the Supreme Court's decision to let our rights be bought and paid for by the One Percent just shows how far it's gone is beyond my understanding. Faux News has managed to convince the masses that Obama is the enemy and that we need to "take back our country." Well we do need to take it back, but from Koch Brothers, who would rather spend millions on keeping the working people from rights than to pay workers a living wage. I fear with all my heart all's lost if we don't get dems in all forms of government this year. We had the chance four years ago and we blew it. Yet even many who once stood with me on this are now being apathetic or saying things like both p ...
On March 13, 2014 Neue Galerie New York will open the exhibition "Degenerate Art: The Attack on Modern Art in Nazi Germany, 1937." This will be the...
Read this comment on one of the news stories. I believe that the guy is spot-on with this theory. I've been telling people the same thing. Flight 370 continues to be a sham. The pilot’s own flight simulator hard drive has been completely erased. This muslim pilot had apparently been rehearsing this which is why the hard drive “was” erased. The techies passengers on board will likely be held against their will by the enemy for advanced weapons manufacturing and future attacks against the USA. Combine that with the same pilot’s family being gone which indicates planning ahead. This is only half the story. Remember those nuclear weapons stolen out of Dyess Air Force Base several months ago that the complicit lame stream media would not report and only Alex Jones would report? Those weapons will likely be loaded aboard the missing 777 and flown at night back to the USA with the pilot declaring a flight control emergency and pretending to want to land at Reagan Airport. (Our dictator will conveniently ...
DESENSITIZED. This is one of the greatest sins and follies of our times. The first puff of cigarett you will cough uncontrollably, thaz first shot of whiskey makes you shutter.The first cuss word ever on Television was in Gone with the Wind...frankly Scarlett I dont give a *** ! Now women cuss, children cuss, movies show Sadism, Rape, Murders, Blasphemy, Mutilations...etc...Parents are desensitized, Kids are playing Warlock, Witchcraft, Demonic games Warcraft...etc right in the home...There is a point of no return...look at Our PRESIDENT...Lie after Lie, Trampling our CONSTITUTION and we just take it.NAZI GERMANY WAS DESENSITIZED.PAUL WARNED us in the BIBLE.1 Timothy 4:1-2 KJV [1] Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils; [2] Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron; NOTICE YOUR CONSCIENCE CAN BE BURNED OR SEARED, That means become numb, no more feeling..The Love ...
my ww2 project The Blitz The Blitz (from German, "lightning") was the period of sustained strategic bombing of the United Kingdom by Nazi Germany during the Second World War. Between 7 September 1940 and 21 May 1941 there were major aerial raids (attacks in which more than 100 tonnes of high explosives were dropped) on 16 British cities. Over a period of 267 days (almost 37 weeks), London was attacked 71 times, Birmingham, Liverpool and Plymouth eight times, Bristol six, Glasgow five, Southampton four, Portsmouth and Hull three, and there was also at least one large raid on another eight cities.[1] This was a result of a rapid escalation starting on 24 August 1940, when night bombers aiming for RAF airfields drifted off course and accidentally destroyed several London homes, killing civilians, combined with the UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill's immediate response of bombing Berlin on the following night. Starting on 7 September 1940, London was bombed by the Luftwaffe for 57 consecutive nights.[7] Mor ...
denied Obama is a Criminal a terrorist their is nothing you can say or do to change my mind can you raise the dead walk on water perform miracles. Just because you follow laws doesn t mean who obama does what do you think executive powers mean if we allow him to he will erase everything our ancestors fought for stood for believed in lived for what sharia law communism cloning the perfect race like nazi germany genociding this race or that race Really lie after lie scandal after scandal taking away right after right liberty after liberty and you post some HATE like Obama is something other than a criminal who illegally stole the election by fraud killed Americans in harms way stole tax money for ventures that failed bailout after bailout scamming the taxpayers out of billions for what a debt ceilling ignoring capaign what lies of erasing debt. Really and ignoring genocide in syria while bowing to saudi s who are islamic jihadists pop off fighter jets to terrorists in egypt while denying Americans right of ...
REPORT TIME !! It's gotten quite frustrating to many of us who endure this tedious process. The time has come for all of us to get together & put an end to this once & for all. Join us here, read what our next step is & invite friends. applaud all who have run similar campaigns & will always continue to support you in any possible way. Doesn't matter who's voice gets heard, just so long we reach the finish line. Our approach is just a bit more vocal. Having said that, if anything out there needs help promoting... Email us. Would be an honor. Only 10 this week :(. Better than sitting idle. Proud To Be A Holocaust Denier All Aboard The Jew Jew Train The Glory Of Nazi Germany Christopher Hayden STICK YER JEW NOSE UP YER *** Brendan Patrick Murphy Max Sturmer II Proud to be a Racist JEWS ARE SUCH LIARS Mike Delaney Six Million Lies
Assuming that I pass this semester of Grad school, I will be taking a class on Nazi Germany, and a Seminar class on African history next semester. Then it's just 2 more classes (spring 2015 semester) until I graduate. One good thing about grad end up with some great books to read and share.
Kind of amazed that Paula Garrett thought the smoker wristband experiment would go over well, but a lot more amazed that any WWC student would compare the policy to civil rights, Nazi Germany, or any other form of actual oppression.
April 6, 1712 – The New York Slave Revolt of 1712 begins near Broadway. 1862 – The Battle of Shiloh began – in TN, forces under General Ulysses S. Grant engaged Confederate troops led by General Albert Sidney Johnston. 1865 – The Battle of Sayler's Creek – Confederate General Robert E. Lee's Army of Northern Virginia fought its last major battle while in retreat from Richmond. 1888 – Thomas Green Clemson died, bequeathing his estate to the State of South Carolina to establish Clemson Agricultural College. 1909 – Robert Peary and Matthew Henson reached the North Pole. 1917 – The U.S. declared war on Germany after President Woodrow Wilson's address to Congress. 1919 – Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi ordered a general strike. 1924 – First round-the-world flight began. 1941 – Nazi Germany launched Operation 25, the invasion of Yugoslavia, and Operation Marita, the invasion of Greece. 1965 – Launch of "Early Bird," the 1st communications satellite to be placed in geosynchronous orbit.
The idyllic British village that died in the fight against Nazi Germany... via
I think that it is way past time for action! The soldiers at Ft Hood were all trained in gun skills yet they were unarmed. They were sitting ducks and had to run for cover. As the gunman kept mowing them down, they had to wait until gun protection arrived. The shooter was stopped by a gun! I had a nephew at Ft. Hood during the last rampage. It was several hours before we heard from him. He sat in traffic for hours after the lock down was lifted and they were allowed to leave the base. I am sick of all the politics, the lies, the greed, the cover ups, the excuses, the passing the blame, the turning of heads etc. Being a musician myself, I am always moved by music. During the 1960's & the Vietnam Nam War, the Kingston Trio came out with a song that made reference to Nazi Germany which commented about the complacent attitude of many people at that time as they watched Jewish families forced out of their homes, their belongings raided and stolen, the railroad cars pass by loaded with Jewish people on their .. ...
I am writing to let you know that abusing your power to kidnap Justina Pelletier, away from her legal parents, is unacceptable. Her parents had a doctor at Tufts that gave them a completely valid and relevant opinion about her condition. You cannot just ignore that, based on the expertise of doctor who is 7 months out of med school. You need to right this wrong immediately! This is not Nazi Germany you arrogant ***
just watched The Monuments Men. it's a movie where George Clooney, Bill Murray, and Matt Damon traverse Nazi Germany looking for stolen art and get into all kinds of zany situations
*HITLER HAD A GOVERNMENT HEALTHCARE PROGRAM TOO!!! Action T4 (German: Aktion T4, pronounced [akˈtsi̯oːn teː fiːɐ]) was the name used after World War II[1] for Nazi Germany's "euthanasia programme" during which physicians murdered thousands of people who were "judged incurably sick, by critical medical examination".[2] In October 1939 Hitler signed an "euthanasia decree" backdated to 1 September 1939 that authorized Phillipp Bouhler and Karl Brandt to carry out the programme of euthanasia (translated into English as follows): "Reich Leader Bouhler and Dr. med. Brandt are charged with the responsibility of enlarging the competence of certain physicians, designated by name, so that patients who, on the basis of human judgment [menschlichem Ermessen], are considered incurable, can be granted mercy death [Gnadentod] after a discerning diagnosis."[3][4] In addition to 'euthanasia' various other rationales for the programme have been offered, including eugenics, Darwinism, racial hygiene, and cost effectiv ...
Dear Friends and Family, I will be speaking about my family history at St. Jude Church, 17 Mt. Olive Rd., Budd Lake, NJ on April 29, 2014 at 7:00 PM. This talk culminates a year on working and completing my memoir. Both sets of grandparents lived in Germany in the 1920's-1930's when the Nazi's were rising to and assuming power. The story is one of despair, tragedy, hope, miracles and survival during and after the Holocaust. The story of how my parents escaped Nazi Germany and survived to build a new life in the United States is the gist of my talk. I do hope you can come to hear my talk.
SHAME ON ME (if I let you fool me twice!). Our govt. is not only failing to protect us from Red China, our Amer. leaders have been betraying Amer. by giving our most vital military secrets to them, thereby replicating how our leaders set us up for Pearl Harbor. This post is about Red China’s military preparations to destroy & occupy us, and how our govt. & intel. agencies (in spite of their high paying jobs to protect us) betray us by cooperating. (It is based on various sources, incl. speaking to a Mexican about the Chinese presence in Mex.) I hope for the best, even if this post reports jolting info. SECOND VERSE EVEN WORSE. While events repeat the pattern of the elite’s WW 2 script, the consequences of the next big war will (if it happens) be more catastrophic for America than WW 2. Stalin’s USSR secretly helped Germany develop military technology while the world thought they were enemies. Later, the USSR & Nazi Germany fought a war in part by proxy which was the Spanish Civil War (’36-’39 .. ...
Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a Lutheran Pastor in Nazi Germany during WW 2. Hitler had him arrested and hung.
Nazi Germany persecuted, incarcerated, and killed millions of Slavic people—Polish gentiles, especially members of the intelligentsia; Soviet prisoners of war; and others—and attacked Communists, homosexual men, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Afro-Germans, and other people considered unwanted in the “new European order.” (WAR & GENOCIDE - A Concise History of the Holocaust)
9 August 1945 - Japanese boomed with an atomic boom (true crimes against humanity by Nazi Germany). How different is what Nazi did in jpn to what America did to Afghans? Over 1 million civilians perished in the 2nd world war. While almost 1 million civilians and soldiers perished in afghans. Germans faced trial for their crimes against humanity. Did bush and his ranks face trial?
Historical note: In 1917, after the Bolsheviks took over Russia, Finland declared full independence from Russia. A civil war ensued, where the "Whites," supported by Imperial Germany, prevailed against the "Reds," who were supported by the new Soviet regime. Flash forward to 1939. Stalin begins to threaten Finland. Germany, England, and France all wanted to back Finland with military action. There was discussion in both the British and French parliaments considering sending troops in support, as was Nazi Germany. Can you imagine? If France and England had sent troops to Finland during the summer of 1939, the German invasion of Poland would have created a situation where the enemies in the west would have been allies in the east! (Germany invaded Poland September 30; Russia invaded Finland November 30).
Raising of the Federal Republic of Germany flag (black-red-yellow), upon celebration of official October 3, 1990 reunification of former West and East Germanys (Federal Republic of Germany and German Democratic Republic [communist], since 1949, following Allied Armies occupation, 1945-1949) which was also the colors used by the first German Republic (Weimar) of 1918-1933, as opposed to the black-red-white of the Kingdom of Prussia (from 1500's to 1871) [within the Holy Roman Empire, to 1806 and the German Confederation], and the unified German Empire [Second Reich], (1871-1918), along with the same colors and the swastika by the German Reich, [Third Reich, aka Nazi Germany], (1933-1945). Raised in front of the old "Reichstag" capitol building (built in the 1890's in middle of government center in Berlin) of the old "Reichstag" parliament of the Empire before 1933, when burned - replaced later by the houses/chambers of the Bundestag of Bundesrat and Landesrat in Bonn during divided states/governments. Rem ...
Okay, sometimes the "counter factual" genre can be interesting, even revealing. A recurring theme in counter factual 'histories' is what kind of world would we live in now if Nazi Germany had succeeded in developing the A-bomb and won WWII. I recently read an intriguing book, "Darwin Deleted: Imagining a World Without Darwin," where the author Peter J Bowler opens his ponderings by having a young Charles Darwin washed overboard from the HMS Beagle, thus asking if/when Darwin's contributions, and their timing in the history of Science, would have arisen in a world without Darwin. With this in mind, I wonder what the 'Left' in this country would be doing/saying/demanding IF the CIA --under the administration of ole Dumb-W -- had hacked into the computers of the Senate Intelligence Committee charged with the oversight of that organization -- while investigating their torture programs. I'm just thinking, well actually, willing to bet, that this group would be up-in-arms on MSNBC, very loudly crying "FOUL PLAY ...
"can u not??" -inspiring quote from American President Bill Clinton to Nazi Germany during WW1. Never forget
We are constantly lied to... You can't trust the Media or our History Books! Today (admit tingly while being bored web surfing) after some extensive researching, I have been blown away with learning some "truths" we have been lied to about. We "the USA" used nasty chemical weapons (not only atom bombs) against Japan in WWII, we dropped weapons on Tokyo that sterilized innocent civilians. We assassinated Panama's president, for no reason and he had never threatened our interests. And the Craziest of all Prescott Sheldon Bush (George HW Bush Sr's dad) was not only the US Senator that started Planned Parenthood but was also a Convicted Treasonist and War Profiteer that sold state secrets to Hitler and Nazi Germany during WWII. Where was that coverage when the Bushes were running for President? Oil Companies own Mass Media! We are treated like mushrooms (kept in the dark covered in ... Fertilizer) PS. You won't find any of this in Wikipedia or Encyclopedia Brittanica! BBC and other world wide news outlets hav ...
What took place is that the democratic party party of Nazi Germany went on a hate campaign now I always thought I was a American Republican.
WW1, treaty of Versailles, League of Nations, WW2, Nazi Germany, America in 1920s, and something else can't remember xx
Last chance to hear the Dean of Beeson Divinity School discussing, “To the Winds Thy Fears: Christian Witness in Nazi Germany" tonight at 7.
I like to call a spade a spade not talk about the British Empire and Nazi Germany in riddles
Interviewer:  “Dr. Ben Carson, I just pulled him back again.  I’ve been told that he said, ‘We’re living in a Gestapo age?’  What do you mean by that?”   Ben Carson:  “I mean, very much like Nazi Germany, and I know you’re not supposed to say ‘Nazi Germany,’ but I don’t care about political correctness.  You know you had a government using its tools to intimidate the population.  We now live in a society where people are afraid to say what they actually believe.   And it’s because of the PC police, it’s because of politicians, it’s because of news, it’s… all of these things are combining to stifle people’s conversation.  The reason this is so horrible, is because the only way you have harmony and reach consensus is by talking.  But if in fact people are afraid to talk you never reach consensus, and instead you grow further and further apart, and that’s exactly what’s happening.  Creating a horrible schism that will destroy our nation if we don’t fix it. ...
I recently finished "Those Who Save Us" by Jenna Blum. I thought it was a good book and well worth reading. The novel takes place in Nazi Germany, so naturally, some of the subject matter was very graphic. Those Who Save Us by Jenna Blum (Goodreads Author) For fifty years, Anna Schlemmer has refused to talk about her life in Germany during World War II. Her daughter, Trudy, was only three when she and her mother were liberated by an American soldier and went to live with him in Minnesota. Trudy's sole evidence of the past is an old photograph: a family portrait showing Anna, Trudy, and a Nazi officer, the Obersturmfuhrer of...more
Was watching Waters World and he was on the street asking people about the missing plane. A black guy said he thought Obummer did it, Even going so far as to say Obummer installed some Government issued Radar jamming device. At first I thought What a loony tune. But then I started thinking back over the past 7 years or so and everything the press goes overboard for one of these stories it has been to cover up for and distract us from a Obummer blunder or scandal,, Hmm??? As all that has been on the lame stream media has been the zombie plane 24-7 it's hard to tell whats he hiding. Of course there is the Russian deal which if you compare it to Nazi Germany leading up to WWII all the players are doing EXACTLY word for word action for action what was done then only Hitler and been replaced by Putin.
In 1929 the Soviets banned private gun ownership. From 1929 to the year Stalin died, tens of millions of Soviet dissidents or anyone the country's leadership believed were a threat, were rounded up and either murdered or placed in labor camp/prisons and forced to work, sometimes to their deaths. Adolph Hitler's Nazi Germany established gun control in 1938, just prior to the implementation of his horrendous, murderous campaign to exterminate the Jews. In the end, 13 million Jews and other perceived lesser races were killed by Hitler and his Nazi Party. In 1956 Cambodia issued its total gun control edict. Between 1975 and 1977, Pol Pot and his regime murdered as many as 1 million educated people whom he believed represented a threat to his power. In all, more than 56 million people (probably a low estimate) around the world have been murdered as a result of gun control laws imposed by rulers and despots who knew that the only way they could continue to brutalize their own people and stay in power was by dis ...
It's interesting how we whitewash American history. For instance, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill had an extreme dislike of each other. Churchill considered Roosevelt a man of "dangerous moral sentiment". Roosevelt wrote an aide in 1944 "We are going to have more trouble with Britain after the war than we do with Nazi Germany now." Roosevelt trusted Stalin, Chaing Kai Shek and the Chinese Communists more than he trusted Churchill. Churchill knew in 1944 that Roosevelt was a very sick man and made Roosevelt travel to Yalta and Canada for meetings which took at least a year off of Roosevelts' life. Roosevelt stated to his son that his State department was "working for Winston" and that he had to get rid of those employees. In 1950 Churchill wrote that Roosevelt was "reliving the American War Of Independence" when he demanded independence for India in 1943. Roosevelt was determined to abolish all empire building and establish a global New Deal, including building super ports and international railw ...
a Jew escaped from Nazi Germany in 1939 listened to German prisoners for Allies at Latimer Palace, Chesham
New Jersey is headed in the same direction of Connecticut, I suspect other liberal controlled states will follow suit as dictator Obama commands. I'm angry that people are so apathetic, uneducated and ignorant of the constitution and their rights. Both the constitution and the bill of rights are under attack from the left so they can pursue their government control of the people. Folks, tyranny is alive and doing well right here in the good old United States of America, led by the tyrannical Obama regime. You have to ask yourself, do I want my children and their children to grow up in a country that is losing it's status in the wold under the inept leadership of a wannabe dictator? Or worse, killed because they wouldn't bow down to the mandates of the dictator? History tells us it has happened before, Nazi Germany, and is happening here right now. Here's my rant driven by what New Jersey is pursuing under Governor Chris Christie, would he sign such a bill? What are his true colors? "Shall not be infringed ...
Like · · Share Stephen Fincher Richard Gates 38 mins . The world was for the most part quiet for years before 9-11. A dozen years of war later, exhausted Americans seek an end. Now Russia is grabbing land, China is claiming Territories on the sea, Iran and North Korea posture and threaten, all while we openly disarm. This is not just the doing of the Obama Administration, this is the work of an inept and corrupt government that has no vision. It is a godless bureaucracy and the self engrandizing elite that believe world politics and sound economies are based on their wet dreams. 6 million jews slaughtered by Nazi Germany, over 7 million in the Ukraine under Soviet rule, millions more uncounted by history. Do we have to have foreign warships landing on our shores before we wake up? Presidents have failed us before, non have placed this nation in such peril. I can point to no place in history that America was in such jeopardy, non that we could not repel. We have been deceived into weakness at home and a ...
"The Mortal Storm" gets gale force by setting it's brother-against-brother theme in Nazi Germany
Déjà vue. Nazi Germany began gobbling up sovereign countries citing ethnic and language compatibility and their yearning to be "reunited.". Austria, Rheinland, Czechoslovakia fell to the malign regime, with even a few plebiscites to justify absorption. The catalyst was that other critical nations showed great weakness and no resolve in stopping the Nazis. Then came real war with invasion of Poland, Belgium, Netherlands and France. Weak England could go on only because of the English Channel. In a much smaller contemporary world, the weak U.S.has signaled its impotence in Benghazi, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Iran and now the Ukraine. We gave up a missile shield at Russia's insistence. The U.S. was drawn into WWII by Japan's attack and Hitler's stupid war declaration. Will we be drawn into a war by another country, such as Iran, China or North Korea, while we blunder along with a burgeoning and newly aggressive Russia?
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this Common Core curriculum in the Federal mandate for schools is the same kind of brainwashing of Hitler Youth that they did in Nazi Germany.
1938-39 Hitler invades The Sudetenland and Austria and annexes them to Germany. Hitler explains that these countries were of German people that wanted to be part of Nazi Germany. The West including the Roosevelt and the U.S. appease him. 2014..Vladimir Putin invades the Crimean Peninsula and annexes it to Russia..because "They are Russian people that want to be part of Russia. The West and Obama/Kerry " make Harsh statements like we will inflict sanctions on Russia. Putin is not detoured he will sanction back. Problem is Putin can't get oil and other resources unless it comes through the rest of the guess what his next move is? Have we learned nothing from Hitler and Neville Chamberlain.As long as the EU and the U.S. appear weak Putin will keep going and he has Iran and Syria as his axis of evil...sound familiar..Remember Germany, Italy and Japan in the 30's.appeasement doesn't work.
Story straight from Nazi Germany or Soviet Union, but happened HERE and NOW. God help us.
Stalin should be held accountable for the invasion of the USSR by Nazi Germany in 1941. However, his ability to industrialize the Soviet Union in such a short period of time should be admired.
Just watched the first ten minutes of the BBC news where they are talking about what is happening in Crimea. Ten minutes of analysis about what is happening, where they didn't once mention that 97% of the Crimean people (from a voter turnout of 83%) actually voted to join Russia. Unbelievable reporting from the BBC. If you only get your news from the BBC you'd be under the impression that Russia have invaded a foreign country and are now some kind of rogue state like Hitler's Nazi Germany. Amazing stuff, and remember that every single household in the UK is mandated by law to pay the BBC £145.50 ($241.37 US Dollars) per year, whether they watch their New World Order propaganda or not.
Billionaire Home Depot co-founder apologizes for comparing the plight of the wealthy in America to Nazi Germany:
The billionaire founder of Home Depot apologized late Tuesday for taking a page from the Tom Perkins playbook in comparing the fight against income inequality to Nazi Germany.
Ukraine’s acting president, Oleksandr Turchynov, also made comments today, in line with those of interim prime minister Yatsenyuk’s. Turchynov said that the attempt to annex Crimea is “a very dangerous step … not only against Ukraine, but also against Europe and the whole world”. He went on to directly accuse Putin of manufacturing the crisis and violating international law. We would like to warn President Putin – who is personally responsible for this act of provocation – the political leadership of the Russian Federation will from now on have to answer to the entire world for the crimes which they are committing today on the territory of our country. Nazi Germany started the Second World War by annexing parts of other countries. President Putin, who keeps talking about fascism, is imitating last century’s fascists today by annexing part of an independent state, recognised as such by the whole world.
China dismisses UN report that compares human rights abuses in N Korea to Nazi Germany
What the GOP has contributed to America this week: 1. Paul Ryan: When I said 'inner city' men are too lazy to work; that's their 'culture,' I didn't mean it racially. 2. Kevin Swanson: The movie Frozen is a satanic plot to turn our children *** 3. Pat Robertson: Horror movies cause demonic possession. Let us pray. 4. Fox’s Stuart Varney: 'Obama’s overtime move is just a way of buying votes.' 5. AZ Republican running for Congress, Jim Brown: Slaveowners took pretty good care of their slaves. 6. Ben Carson doesn't care about political correctness or really about being correct at all, because "America today is like Nazi Germany." 7. Austin Ruse: "Liberal professors should be taken out and shot." 8. New Hampshire lawmaker posts beyond-offensive sexual ‘joke’ about battered women — and stands by it. (It was a crude picture of a man on top of a struggling woman, positioned to possibly give her oral sex whether she wants it or not, with the caption, “50,000 Battered Women—And I Still Eat Min ...
This is a work in progress. Peace For Earth To understand this state of war and violence that exists on Earth, one must understand our past. Empires and civilizations throughout humanities history have usually collapsed or fell to war as they started to near a period of technological advancement. This cycle has continued worldwide for now thousands of years while many of the driving reasons behind the waring or collapsing of civilizations are at base without logic. As this cycle has kept repeating for thousands of years, with one of the most significant outcomes being the slowing of humanities advancement, one can determine that humanities advancement has been held back by war and revolution. During the period of world war two, scientists working for Nazi Germany produced a particle accelerator nine feet in diameter. This was named Die Glocke by the Nazi's, the Nazi Bell by the world. The large Haydron particle accelerator in Europe is said to posses the capability to create wormholes, likewise is said o ...
VETERANS - PLEASE FORWARD THIS TO YOUR VETERAN FRIENDS AND CONTACTS! June 6, 2013, the 69th anniversary of "D-Day", the largest invasion ever attempted, where 200,000 Americans stormed the beaches at Normandy to begin the final push to defeat Nazi Germany in WWII. D-Day marked the turning point in WWII in Europe, where the Nazis were engaged in mass murder of Jews and minorities by the thousands. Today, European heads of state make it a point to recall and honor the sacrifices of those who landed in Normandy, as do our Presidents. well, most of them. In the 69 years since D-Day, there are four occasions when the President of the United States chose not to visit the D-Day Monument that honors the soldiers killed during the Invasion. The occasions were: 1. Barack Obama, 2010 2. Barack Obama, 2011 3. Barack Obama, 2012 4. Barack Obama, 2013 For the past 69 years, every American President except Obama have taken the time to honor the memory and sacrifices of the 6,000 American soldiers killed on D-Day. .Excep ...
Russia “Puzzled” Over Malaysia Airlines “Capture” By US Navy A shocking new Ministry of Defense (MoD) “urgent action” report more reminiscent of the 1941 Nazi Germany led invasion of Ukraine during World War II than these 21st century times is warning today that over 4 million Ukrainian-Russian refugees can be expected to flood over the southern borders ahead of advancing Western-backed Neo-Nazi forces heading east within the coming weeks. According to this report, the Border Guard is warning of a “humanitarian disaster” as over 675,000 Ukrainians have already fled into Russia, and Federation Council Speaker Yevgeny Bushmin has advised the MoD that as of today, another 140,000 refugees have fled into the Belgorod region, and where Governor Yevgeny Savchenko warned that these refugees are motivated by their desire to stay in Russia by the ongoing rampage unleashed by the unruly ultra-right Neo-Nazis who seized power in Ukraine and “think that they can get away with anything.” Even more ...
" you really start to understand how things like Nazi Germany happened. "The population of Germany in 1933 was around 60 million. Almost all Germans were Christian, belonging either to the Roman Catholic (ca. 20 million members) or the Protestant (ca. 40 million members) churches. The Jewish community in Germany in 1933 was less than 1% of the total population of the country." The largest Protestant church in Germany in the 1930s was the German Evangelical Church, comprised of 28 regional churches or Landeskirchen that included the three major theological traditions that had emerged from the Reformation: Lutheran, Reformed, and United. Most of Germany's 40 million Protestants were members of this church, although there were smaller so-called "free" Protestant churches, such as Methodist and Baptist churches. Before 1933, in fact, some bishops prohibited Catholics in their dioceses from joining the Nazi Party. This ban was dropped after Hitler's March 23, 1933, speech to the Reichstag in which he described ...
One of many remarkable stories of German Jew surviving in Nazi Germany through tact, improvisation & luck
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Are the people of Michigan willing to lose the rights of the first amendment? Remember the USSR, Nazi Germany, Red China and Imperial Japan? No free speech. Your governor and state lawmakers favor communism and dictatorships. When I liver there the men from WWII would have dragged them in the streets. So this is how Republicans say Thank you for your service.
Subhas Chandra Bose was an Indian nationalist whose defiant patriotism made him a hero in India, but whose attempt during World War II to rid India of British rule with the help of Nazi Germany and Japan left a troubled legacy. Born: January 23, 1897, Cuttack Died: August 1945, Taihoku Prefecture Spouse: Emilie Schenkl (m. 1937–1945) Books: Letters to Emilie Schenkl, 1934-1942, Alternative Leadership, essential writings of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Parents: Prabhavati Devi, Janakinath Bose Education: Scottish Church College, Calcutta (1918), more * Preface Subhash Chandra Bose was one of India's greatest freedom fighter. He was the founder of the Indian National Army, popularly known as 'Azad Hind Fauj'. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose had visited London during pre-independence period to discuss the future of India, with the members of the Labor party. His sudden disappearance from Taiwan, led to surfacing of various theories, concerning the possibilities of his survival. Life of Subhash Chandra Bose S ...
Inflammatory remarks by the musician Roger Waters, formerly of Pink Floyd, comparing the modern Israeli state to Nazi Germany have put him at the centre of a furious dispute. Performers and religious figures reacted angrily to the veteran rock star's argument that Israeli treatment of the Palestinia...
Daily Kos Recommended Christie unilaterally shuts down all Tesla car stores in NJ Cartoon: Obama calls Putin Rick Perry booed on Jimmy Kimmel show at SXSW Welcome to Hooters! Is that a gun in your pants, or ... GunFAIL LX American Family Radio guest host calls for left-wing academics to be ‘taken out and shot’ Paul Ryan 'poverty trap' theories quote white nationalist TYT busts Fox, Fox slams Obama, Obama jabs Zach, ACA wins the match Illinois Republican Bruce Rauner: I'm the '.01 percent,' and I'm awesome Cartoon: Civil liberties brainbuster Republican Senate candidate says Planned Parenthood is planning to kill your three-month-old babies Conservative hero Ben Carson says U.S. is 'very much like Nazi Germany' Cartoon: Percival Dunwoody, *** Time-Traveler From 1909 Make change happen. Log in or sign up for Daily Kos, the nation's largest progressive community. Thanks for all you do, The Daily Kos team P.S. Please help keep Daily Kos strong by chipping in $3.
sharing Holocaust survivor tells story of escaping Nazi Germany at Birmingham Public ...
Dr. Ben Carson, the conservative neurosurgeon . . America is now . “very much like . Nazi Germany.”
RW claims Left turning America in 2 "Nazi Germany," then says crap like this. Wasn't this what Nazis advocated doing?
Costco needs to remove Ben Carson from BOD after his latest Nazi comments "American public life reminds him of Nazi Germany"
As a rule, national candidates don’t usually equate American life with Nazi Germany, but these are strange...
Nothing in American politics is really much at all like Nazi Germany.
Important things to happen on this day in history: 538 - Witiges, king of the Ostrogoths, ends his siege of Rome and retreats to Ravenna, leaving the city in the hands of the victorious Roman general, Belisarius. 1365 - University of Vienna founded 1455 - First record of Johann Gutenberg's Bible, letter dated this day by Enea Silvio Piccolomini refers to the bible printed a year before 1609 - Bermuda becomes an English colony 1664 - 1st naturalization act in American colonies 1664 - New Jersey becomes a British colony from a mine 1773 - Jeanne Baptiste Pointe de Sable found settlement now known as Chicago 1894 - In Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA, Coca-Cola is sold in bottles for the first time. 1913 - Foundation stone of the Australian capital in Canberra laid 1930 - Mohandas Gandhi begins 200m (300km) march protesting British salt tax 1938 - Nazi Germany invades Austria (Anschluss) 1999 - Former Warsaw Pact members the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland join NATO. That is all.
Seeds of Fire, March 12 March 12, 1795: Birth of William Lyon Mackenzie (1795-1861), Canadian journalist, publisher, reformer, politician, and rebel; leader of the 1837 Rebellion in Upper Canada. March 12, 1912: Workers led by the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW) win the Lawrence, Massachusetts “Bread & Roses” textile strike after 32,000 workers, most of them young female immigrants, half of them under the age of 18, stay out on strike for nine weeks demanding a wage increase, double time for overtime, and safer working conditions. March 12 – April 6, 1930: A Salt Satyagraha (Salt March) led by Mohandas Gandhi protests the British-imposed tax on salt in India. Gandhi and thousands of others walk 388 kilometres from Ahmedabad to the sea, where Gandhi himself makes salt from the sea in violation of the British edict. Feeling their hold in India threatened by this mass disobedience, the British imprison more than 60,000 people. March 12, 1934: Nazi Germany annexes Austria (the Anschluss), the day ...
Wartime ghosts haunt Ukraine as crisis deepens: Seven decades after the end of World War Two, the ghosts of that conflict are being evoked in an ideological as well as geopolitical battle over the future of Ukraine. In a country that was occupied by Nazi Germany and suffered decades of repressive Soviet rule, the words "communist" and "fascist" can still conjure up horror and terror. Fascism in particular is not usually a word that is used lightly. This has changed during three months of crisis in Ukraine and as it tries to hold on to the Crimea region, where power now lies in the hands of Russian separatists and Russian forces. The label "fascist" is being bandied about so often, by politicians and protesters, that it risks becoming an everyday part of the political lexicon deprived of its original meaning. It has mainly been used by Russia, against the new pro-Western leadership in Kiev and the Ukrainians who protested for three months until they deposed Moscow-backed Viktor Yanukovich as president on F ...
maybe ska is the Soviet Union to jazz's Nazi Germany. Pretty harsh comparison, but hey, internet.
You'll notice the majority of facets defining terrorism are the actual plans Oba.m.a. has used against U.S. ALL from the start: TERRORISM... noun (Concise Encyclopedia) Systematic use of violence to create a general climate of fear in a population and thereby to bring about a particular political objective. It has been used throughout history by political organizations of both the left and the right, by nationalist and ethnic groups, and by revolutionaries. Although usually thought of as a means of destabilizing or overthrowing existing political institutions, terror also has been employed by governments against their own people to suppress dissent; examples include the reigns of certain Roman emperors, the French Revolution (see Reign of Terror), Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union under Stalin, and Argentina during the “dirty war” of the 1970s. Terrorism's impact has been magnified by the deadliness and technological sophistication of modern-day weapons and the capability of the media to disseminate news ...
I'm kind of aghast at those who are criticizing Hillary Clinton for comparing Putin to Hitler because it's very clear to me it's a spot-on comparison. This is a man who is literally enacting laws that oppress a group of people in his country and cultivating a culture of hatred, violence, and bigotry toward that group. It is absolutely comparable to what Hitler did to the Jewish population in the early 30s in Nazi Germany. A lot of folks forget that the Holocaust was a 12-year process. Our image of it--the mass killings--are characterized by the aftermath of the Wannsee Conference in 1942, but there was a nine-year buildup to this, starting with the first anti-Semitic laws in 1933/4. In 1933, few people in Germany could have imagined what would eventually happen. There was significant debate in the Jewish community on whether or not to leave after Hitler was appointed Chancellor. The vast majority of the Jewish population decided to stay. Instead of offering a shotgun pundit analysis, know your history. If ...
The “Hermit Kingdom” of North Korea is a savage, despotic state that the UN has compared to Nazi Germany. In the week or two it’s taken to write...
Chapter 4 – The Center of Power is in Washington George Bush - Unauthorized Biography Brown Brothers Harriman & Co. 59 Wall Street, New York Cable Address “Shipley-New York” Business Established 1818 Private Bankers September 5, 1944 The Honorable W.A. Harriman American Ambassador to the U.S.S.R. American Embassy, Moscow, Russia Dear Averell: Thinking that possibly Bullitt’s article in the recent issue of “LIFE” may not have come to your attention, I have clipped it and am sending it to you, feeling that it will interest you. At present writing all well here. With warm regards, I am, Sincerely yours, Pres—- “ At present writing all is well here. ” Thus the ambassador to Russia was reassured by the managing partner of his firm, Prescott Bush. Only 22-1/2 months before, the U.S. government had seized and shut down the Union Banking Corp., which had been operated on behalf of Nazi Germany by Bush and the Harrimans (see Chapter 2). But that was behind them now and they were safe. There would ...
What is happening in these days in the East reminds me of the appeasement policy of of the British Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain towards Nazi Germany between 1937 and 1939. Let´s do not make the same mistake again!
Amid the ravages of a world war, three men — a general, a president, and a prime minister — are locked in a rivalry that threatens their partnership and puts the world's most celebrated city at risk of destruction before it can be liberated. This is the setting of The Paris Game, a dramatic recounting of how an obscure French general under sentence of death by his government launches on the most enormous gamble of his life: to fight on alone after his country's capitulation to Nazi Germany. In a game of intrigue and double-dealing, Charles de Gaulle must struggle to retain the loyalty of Winston Churchill against the unforgiving opposition of Franklin Roosevelt and the traitorous manoeuvring of a collaborationist Vichy France. How he succeeds in restoring the honour of France and securing its place as a world power is the stuff of raw history, both stirring and engrossing.
The really, really sad thing is, as Justice Michael Kirby said in his report, the whole world knows what is going on in North Korea, unlike Nazi Germany, and yet we do nothing? The country that holds the key is China, if they want to be a legitimate world power they either need to intervene or vote for the UN Security Council to act. While the world stands by and watches tens of thousands of people either starving to death or being murdered by a regime from the dark ages.
Let us not forget that the biggest genocide in human history didn't occur in Nazi Germany, but on American soil.
Some interesting information on a few biotechnology corporations who aren't Monsanto or DuPont: - In 1925 BASF along with Bayer founded IG Farben, a company responsible for construction of concentration camps in Nazi Germany and the creation of Zyklon B, said to be the poison gas used to kill millions of Jews, and Sarin nerve gas, the most lethal G-agent and a schedule 1 substance under the chemical weapons convention. - Prior to WWI Bayer marketed heroin as a cough medicine. - In the early 1970s to 1985 Bayer manufactured Factor VIII, a protein that aids the blood clotting process, which was contaminated with HIV and Hepatitis C. The Bayer manufactured Factor VII was distributed to the US, Canada, South America, China, Japan, France, Italy, Iran, Iraq and Portugal. - From 1951-75, Dow managed Rocky Flats Plant, a nuclear weapons production facility that produced bomb-grade plutonium and manufactured hydrogen bombs. - Dow manufactured napalm B and Agent Orange during the Vietnam war, along with Monsanto w ...
United States Main articles: Nuclear weapons and the United States and United States and weapons of mass destruction The United States developed the first atomic weapons during World War II in co-operation with the United Kingdom and Canada as part of the Manhattan Project, out of the fear that Nazi Germany would develop them first. It tested the first nuclear weapon in 1945 ("Trinity"), and remains the only country to have used nuclear weapons against an enemy state in warfare, devastating the Japanese cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. It was the first nation to develop the hydrogen bomb, testing an experimental prototype in 1952 ("Ivy Mike") and a deployable weapon in 1954 ("Castle Bravo"). Throughout the Cold War it continued to modernize and enlarge its nuclear arsenal, but from 1992 on has been involved primarily in a program of Stockpile stewardship.[8][9][10] The U.S. nuclear arsenal contained 31,175 warheads at its Cold War height (in 1966).[11] During the Cold War the United States built approxim ...
Exposed: the Nazi roots of the European Union by Jon Rappoport March 3, 2014 Once upon a time, there was an industrial combine in Nazi Germany called IG Farben.
Valerii Klymchuk: "In year 1939 Nazi Germany signed Secret peace treaty with Stalin in USSR. After that both totalitarian countries divided Eastern Europe and spent 5 years killing MILLIONS of jews and other ideologically inconvenient Ethnics on both sides of the war zone. Ribbentrop-Molotov pact stayed classified information in soviet era and up until now hasn't been publicized among Russian audiences. Russian and soviet history are still heavily censored by Putin's propaganda. Political enemies of both Soviet and Nazi regimes were mass murdered in both countries before war, during, and somewhere even after 2nd world war. USSR started promoting oppression in it's foreign policies just like Russia does today, supporting North Korea, and Talking down never ending mass murder in Syria, etc. Ribbentrop-Molotov pact in not explainable from the position of SOVIET History, and ruins very foundation of all soviet ideological propaganda of supreme role of Russians in fight against FASCIST Germany. From here comes ...
WASHINGTON -- Ben Carson, the retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon and Fox News commentator, recently warned supporters of Oregon GOP Senate candidate Monica Wehby that progressives are turning the country into the next Nazi Germany. Carson made the...
Indeed it was, they were a Protestant sect in Nazi Germany. Proud Christian Nazis!
Doesn't matter how many times Lois pleads the 5th amendment (as she did again today) to keep from incriminating herself, she has basically admitted it when she blamed the illegal actions all on the people who work in that remote IRS office. Even Obama admitted the IRS was using its power to punish the Tea Party, saying it was "rogue agents" that di the dirty deed. Now he speaks out of the other side of his mouth and denies it ever happened.. If presidents are to use the IRS to punish those that do not agree with them, than the IRS has assumed the roll the SS used in Nazi Germany and the KGB performed in the Soviet Union.
Russia's seizure of Crimea is the most naked example of peacetime aggression that Europe has witnessed since Nazi Germany invaded the Sudetenland in 1938. It may be fashionable to belittle the "lessons of Munich," when Neville Chamberlain and Édouard Daladier appeased Hitler, deferring to his claims on Czechoslovakia. But if the West acquiesces to Crimea's annexation – the second time Russian President Vladimir Putin has stolen territory from a sovereign state, following Russia's seizure of Georgia's Abkhazia and South Ossetia regions in 2008 – today's democratic leaders will surely regret their inaction. In Western capitals, the response so far has been mixed. The punishments being considered – expulsion from the G-8, for example – would be laughable were the threat to Europe's peace not so grave. Putin regards the breakup of the Soviet Union as the greatest catastrophe of modern times, and he has sought relentlessly to refashion Russia's lost empire. If the West intends to be taken seriously, i ...
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.Report: "Hillary Clinton compares to Nazi Germany." Guess that means "Reset" is over!.
Hillary Clinton compared Russian President Vladimir Putin's desire to embrace ethnic Russians in Crimea to Hitler's resettlement of ethnic Germans living in parts of Europe to Nazi Germany.
The NEWS is reading like a Mel Brooks movie: Hillary Clinton compares Putin to HItler Putin is against Nazis in Ukraine Colorado Congressman: Arizona law like 'Nazi Germany'
Unbelievable! Hillary Clinton compares Russia to Nazi Germany. Evil contemptable *** That liar has a lot of hypocritical nerve making that comparison
I finished The Boys in the Boat and loved it! I found the story to be inspirational and was fascinated by the sport of crewing. Now I want to get a rowing machine because it sounds like a really good workout! I also enjoyed the historical part of the book, the dust bowl, the great depression, and the Olympics in Nazi Germany. I gave it 5 stars.
100 years from now people will say 21st century Russia is a lot similar to Nazi Germany
shameful enough th US badmouths france 4surrendering to Nazi Germany when the US would not exist without French gunpowder ammo
Obama does not understand the sacrifice of 20 million Russians to defend their motherland and defeat Nazi Germany
People. Let's stop comparing modern-day states to Hitler/Nazi Germany.
We must never forget that the horrors of Nazi Germany arose from the educated and refined land of Nietzsche,Beethoven ,Einstein &Mercedes Bz
Russia's move is nothing short of that of Nazi Germany and the Sudetenland. Shall we go to Munich again. Obama is enbarassing me
Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it. See Nazi Germany, 1938-40 and western appeasement.
They're comparing Putin to Hitler in 1938-39 not Nazi Germany to todays Russia. That's a huge difference
I don't normally try to be negative on Russia. Since its Soviet days are long gone. But I am worried of what is going on in Ukraine. This feels just like how NAZI Germany and Hitler did in 38 and 39. Saying that their countrymen are being hurt and moved troops in and then suddenly take over the whole country. I sense a war coming, if Putin decides to take the entire country there. One where nukes could quite be used. What are your thoughts about this.
If I hear 1 more *** compare Putin's Russia to Nazi Germany in relation to I'll go bonkers. Enough propaganda already
16000 Russian troops just walked into Crimea. Anybody remember Nazi Germany? Maybe our fearless leader will draw another line in the sand like he did in Syria
This Russian ultimatum is looking pretty serious, though history is definitely repeating itself in the form of Nazi Germany
Something that disturbs me as I listen/watch the continued coverage from the Ukraine... I remember reading in history class while in school about how Nazi Germany used the 1936 Olympics as a demonstration of their power only to follow up this display a short while later by invading a country nearby. This invasion eventually led to World War II. Now having just closed the 2014 Olympics the host nation Russia (according to many) seems to have repeated the invasive activity of Nazi Germany by invading their neighbors in the Ukraine. Let us pray for a peaceful solution that does not require a Global War.
Artist: Excision Song: Execute Album: X Rated Nazi Germany, also known as the Third Reich, is the common name for Germany when it was a totalitarian state r...
"Hard working People" chilling reminder of "Work makes you free " sign above concentration camp Nazi Germany.
The _ was a resistance group in Nazi Germany. The group consisted of students and a professor from Uni...
I have never seen anyone compare an airport to Nazi Germany but I guess there is a first time for everything.
Ms Peled ('s Sister) explains how the PROPAGANDA starts in shcool like in URSS and NAZI Germany. And she speaks the TRUTH
Hard working people ..? Has a chilling reminder of "Work makes you free" rem Nazi Germany. Sign above concentration camp.
You gotta hand it to Russia - they invaded a neighboring country after hosting the Olympics WAY faster than Nazi Germany d…
Yes, the Red Army, well known supporters of Nazi Germany.
If it weren't for present on Cohen & Blitzer would have made look like Nazi Germany & the aggressor v !!
what is unbelievable is that both of my parents, whose grandparents were killed by hitler when he invaded russia and who LEFT russia claiming discrimination for being jewish both of them think it's 100% right for Russia to invade Ukraine's Crimea. They are convinced without a doubt that Russia has done nothing wrong. Although I think Russia is not really Nazi Germany, what its currently doing is questionable at best. They might be taking people's property away, who knows. During 1917 they just took things from people, so they do have capacity to act that way.
About 5 years ago Joni Mitchell said "we are as decadent now as Nazi Germany was in 1939"
History repeats itself, America is nazi Germany.
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Which might well be considered as an act of high treason, reminiscent of the Anschluss between Nazi Germany and Austria..
Hey, remember was the genesis of Nazi Germany and You have voted yourself
agreed, but our friends tell on us. Like nazi Germany. Or 1984.
To easily draw parallels to the current situation between Ukraine and Russia with Nazi Germany is to easily forget the existence of 21st century America. No need to single out Presidents either, the guy with the drones counts as well.
The Third Reich: On the Rise and Fall of Nazi Germany The Third Reich: On the Rise a...
Comparing Shreveport Regional Airport to Nazi Germany...because that makes sense.
In 1938 when Nazi Germany invade Czechoslovakia didnt Hitler use the same excuse as the one Putin has just used for the Russian invasion of the Crimea. Is Putin the New HITLER
Did Dr. Stephen Sizer, one of Israel’s harshest critics, really go so far as to compare the current state of Israel with Nazi Germany in World War II?
I smell a Western policy of appeasement for Russia (and financial security for themselves), last seen in the 1930s for Nazi Germany
So... anybody else seeing far too many similarities to Russia now and Nazi Germany in the build up to the war? Kinda worrying... :/
Remember when Nazi Germany invaded Poland to "protect" ethnic Germans? I can't think of a current parallel.
Before the Black Death in the fourteenth century Crimea has a long line of different reigns. In Antiquity (pre 250BC till the first few centuries AD) the peninsula was shared by the Scythian's and the Greeks, which saw Rome taking over from the Greeks from 100-300AD. Then respectively over the next thousand years it saw invasions from Sarmatians, Goths (AD 250), the Huns (376), the Bulgars (4th–8th century), the Khazars (8th century), the state of Kievan Rus' (10th–11th centuries), the Byzantine Empire (1016), the Kipchaks (Kumans) (1050), and the Mongols (1237). The end of the Byzantine era saw the then wealthy Genoa's taking over till the Black Death. After that the land was settled by Tatars from Turkey which adopted the name Qirim from the Greek word Krimea. The Tatar population flourished in to the first truly democratic Islamic. Sadly as the empire expanded this birthed the introduction of a slave trade from around 1500 which consisted mainly of Russians and Ukrainians until the start of the Cri ...
There was health research in interwar Germany, so health research has Nazi cooties.
... and John McCain on Newsnight compares Russia to Nazi Germany. Calling Mike Godwin!
I know Nazi Germany is far from a laughing matter but my book is like Hitler's modelling portfolio.
Nazi Germany and Fascist Poland were Republics, and power did not lay with the people.
And they say history doesn't repeat itself. We are 1 step closer to Hitler's Nazi Germany and no one even blinks an eye. When it finally crosses your line and effects your life, it's going to be to late. If you don't fight for others freedoms, regardless what they are, who is going to fight for you when it comes time for the things you hold dear to be taken?
Comparing today's Russia moving into Crimea with Nazi Germany moving into Sudeten is sadly the kind of rhetoric I expect from Baird
Russia's occupation of Crimea is eerily reminiscent of Nazi Germany's build-up to the invasion of Poland.
End results of extremists is always disaster left as in this case or right as in nazi Germany or Franco's Spain. The trouble is once you let extreme ideologues take power you seldom get it back without a large price in blood.
"from Switzerland to Nazi Germany in one swift goose step" great line
it's an amazing book! It's bout this girl in nazi Germany and she gets adopted and she steals books.. Read it!
YOO we doin nazi Germany nxt yr and we're on medicine in history
and that was kinda a sarcastic comment Russia isn't nazi Germany they aren't trying to take over
Not everything bad thing in the world is Obama's fault. And, not every bad thing is just like Nazi Germany. You guys are smarter than this and I expect more out of you!
there's no comical banter when they're not involved... It was nazi Germany a bit of a sensitive subject? I forget
I see that Monument Men is on at South Branch cinema. It is a true story about men deployed to Nazi Germany by FDR to retrieve artistic masterpieces stolen by the Nazis and return them to their rightful owners. I have seen some reviews on the movie and I think it is one worth seeing. I guess you can tell by now that I like movies based upon true stories.
Russia's amb invokes memories of the fight against Nazi Germany/WWII: "We will not allow this to repeat". ht…
Hitler became Time's Man of the Year, went on to host the Olympics in Nazi Germany, then invaded Polad. Putin became Time's Man of the Year, just hosted the Olympics, and now invaded Ukraine. Wonder what's next...stay tuned!
Tasmania cannot afford to again be at loggerheads over the state’s future; it cannot be held to ransom by gypsy politicians pursing their own narrow self-interest. Vanessa Goodwin MLC Campaign Spokesperson Monday March 3, 2014 VANESSA GOODWIN’S GUIDE TO PUP CANDIDATES DAY HIGHLIGHTS LACK OF DEPTH The Palmer United Party launch yesterday revealed the hollow shell of a political party that it is. It centrepiece idea was ferry service, but it was not a real proposal. It was a thought bubble – more like a filler for a Christmas stocking – an IOU on your vote that will never be collected. And you can see this by the bluster of Mr Palmer as he explained his Palmernomics – he was still going to strip the state of its $650 million in GST – but then said the commonwealth should put in twice as much money! The launch also displayed the calibre of it candidates and Mr Palmer himself. Lead candidate, Kevin Morgan, said of Lara Giddings that she “Pays more attention to her hair than the interests of Tasm ...
Our President has created a situation in which the rest of the world no longer fears or respects the USA, hence the present situation in Ukraine. Putin and Russia are not the least bit concerned about the US or our displeasure at their actions. Obama has single handedly destroyed the leadership position that previous Presidents have worked to create for this country. This situation will continue to destablize as Russia starts going from country to country and re-building the former Soviet Union the same way it was created before, by force. But what I fear the most is not the growing threat of Russia but that this President will use this threat as an excuse to declare Marshal Law and suspend the constitution and elections thus creating for himself a position of dictator. We are seeing the beginings of Nazi Germany the sequel. If the democrats don't wake up and quit blindly following this man and if the Republicans don't stand up and show some leadership and backbone, the events that have been put in motion ...
Last week we heard a reporter on msnbc referring to Utah *** rights as nazi Germany this week it's cnbc turn making reference to Putin being 21st century Hitler, this type of propaganda is clearly what makes liberal *** our countries biggest threat.
Geez Russia, at least when Nazi Germany hosted the Olympics they were polite enough to wait two years before invading another country... have some class.
so...up for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2007 for saving 2500 children and infants from Nazi Germany . and Al Gore wins.for a still sketchy account of gloBULL warming...amazing I am ashamed of us
Ukrainian Muslims: Between the devil and the deep blue sea! ISLAMIC HISTORY: Crimea which is a peninsula between Russia and Ukraine is home to one of the largest Russain Navy (Black Sea fleet) which Russia leased from Ukraine until 2042. Russia has huge Naval and military presence in this area and Russia will NOT let go of one of their most strategic warm water ports.A warm water port is where the water doesn't freeze in winter and it is of utmost importance to Russian Navy. Crimea is also home to Crimean Tatars which have inhabited this land since the middle ages. They accepted Islam hundreds of years ago and live under the Ottoman Empire. Muslims lost this area to Russians in the Russo-Turkish War (1768–74) and there has been a history of persecution on Islam and Muslims since then. In 1944 after the World War II Joseph Stalin labelled these Muslims as collaborators (with Nazi Germany) and thousands were killed or forced exiled into neighbouring Uzbekistan, Kazakhistan etc. The forced exile of Muslims ...
funny...nazi germany hosted the olympics and ww2 then was at full swing. Russia hosted this years olympics and ww3 chances are very high. Russia soldiers have invaded the ukraine and demand 2 warships to surrender within the hour or risk an attack.
Are *** people to be used as scapegoats to make failing politicians popular?" "Imagine whats its like for *** men and women living now in Nigeria and Uganda frightened of friends and foes alike, unsure who to trust, on the run from everyone?" It is not an option not to speak out. Every African who values democracy must speak out or we will be in danger of fulfilling the memorable words of Angela Davis: "If they come for me in the morning, they will come for you in the night". discrimination against *** people is same as the horrors of Nazi Germany and apartheid-era South Africa.the promoters of this law are no different from the evil boko haram terrorists who butchered the students of Federal Government college in Yobe state.
In 1939 Nazi Germany invaded Poland. Using violence against ethnic Germans in Poland as an excuse. I won't be surprised if Russia does it as well. Putin wants his empire back.
Let's Hope This Man Is No Prophet ... there are approaching economic storm clouds, and what may have been too far off for some to see, is now becoming clearer right before our eyes. Those storm clouds are ... the mother of all Bear markets. My book, The Coming Economic Ice Age, Five Critical Steps to Survive and Prosper... has a chapter that speaks to the probability of global war accompanying the coming economic collapse. Could the Russia / Ukraine conflict be a trigger event that leads to a broader world war? We cannot be sure it will, but the timing is fascinating and disturbing to say the least. We have to be prepared for the possibility that the rally from 2009, and even the rally from the 1700's is coming to an end. World Wars I and II began in similar fashion, with an aggressor nation invading a neighbor that had little capability of stopping the annexation. Slowly one western nation after another got drawn into the conflict for one reason or another. Truly nations are interconnected. In the presen ...
Last night, Bill Maher delivered an excellent final New Rule on how some of the 1% are whining about feeling persecuted. Someone must tell me what is with this new trend of people who have all the power acting like they're the oppressed ones? Heterosexual Christians under siege from *** White people complaining that reverse racists are trying to strip them of their right to shoot unarmed black men. And most bizarre, the recent wave of billionaires sobbing that they're being demonized and under attack. And the thing is, it's not just having all the money in the world that's getting them down, it's that the rest of us don't often enough look at them and say, "You are the most brilliant industrious person on Earth. You know, I used to think Hollywood egos were the neediest, but these Masters of the Universe? More like babies on a plane. Stock trader Steve Schwarzman — net worth $8 billion — once said that Obama raising his taxes 3% felt like when Hitler invaded Poland. Sounds like something Sara ...
The Reichstag fire was one of the most momentous occurrences in the early days of Nazi Germany. The Reichstag fire occurred on February 27th 1933. The communists were blamed for the Reichstag fire and
CRIMEA: THE RETURN OF THE TATARS The Crimean Tatars are a Turkic ethnic group residing in present day Ukraine. They have a tragic history: after being falsely accused of collaborating with Nazi Germany, the entire Crimean Tatar population (200,000 men women and children) was forcibly deported en masse to Central Asia by Soviet leader Joseph Stalin within a few days in 1944. They were finally allowed to return during the twilight years of the Soviet Union, and now make up around 12% of Crimea’s population – massively outnumbered by the ethnic Russians who dominate the peninsula. The main problem for many Crimean Tatars is that they have not been able to reclaim the lands, which their families possessed before the deportation. They accuse the authorities of doing little to help them reintegrate into Ukrainian society. If their applications to build houses are refused, some Tatars seize plots of land, put up small stone huts to indicate possession, and then gradually construct larger homes on the self-ap ...
So following the Olympics in 1936 (Berlin) we shortly entered into WWII with Nazi Germany who we had already had tense relations with. Am I the only one around here who's starting to see a pattern with the 2014 Olympics in Sochi and Russia (who we already have tense relations with) seems to be on the war path? Let's see how America handles it THIS time.
Watching the movie 'pianist' starring Adrien Brody...its always so evil and cruel when jews(israel), having been through what Nazi Germany did to them, can then inflict hatred on Palestine and its people. My heart pains for my Palestinian brothers. The same as when South Africans, having been brutalised by both british and boers, can turn around and brutalise our African brothers...hasn't history taught us anything?
Email to Stop the War: The true aggressors of the problems in Crimea are the Russians. They are using bullyboy tactics developed by Nazi Germany and Milosovych. If your organisation is blind to this, the rest of the world is in trouble. Moscow, Putin & Lavrov are acting no better than Hitler and his cronies. Crimea was the homeland of the Tatars and not Russians. They have practised Apatite in Crimea for years and your organisation are blaming Ukrainians for the present conflict. I suppose you would have blamed the Poles for Hitler invading Poland in 1939. The correlation between the Olympics of 1936 and 2014 is too strong to be ignored.
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~ if you are discussing politics and invoke Nazi Germany, you have likely lost the argument. However, what does the following blend bring to mind? Punitive laws against minorities; Violence against minorities connived at by the state; Irredentist foreign policy justified on the grounds that your ethnic kin are supposedly endangered within a neighbouring state; Extreme nationalist rhetoric and the regular public exhibition of military hardware. Coincidentally, Berlin hosted the Olympics in 1936.
The atomic bombings of the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan were conducted by the United States during the final stages of World War II in August 1945. The two bombings were the first and remain the only use of nuclear weapons in wartime. Following a firebombing campaign that destroyed many Japanese cities, the Allies prepared for a costly invasion of Japan. The war in Europe ended when Nazi Germany signed its instrument of surrender on May 8, 1945, but the Pacific War continued. Together with the United Kingdom and China, the United States called for the unconditional surrender of the Japanese armed forces in the Potsdam Declaration on July 26, 1945, threatening "prompt and utter destruction". By August 1945, the Allied Manhattan Project had successfully tested an atomic device and had produced weapons based on two alternate designs. The 509th Composite Group of the U.S. Army Air Forces was equipped with Silverplate Boeing B-29 Superfortress that could deliver them from Tinian in the Mariana Isl ...
The online exhibit Anne Frank: her life, her diary, her legacy is available in 21 languages! The exhibit places the story of Anne Frank in the context of Nazi Germany and the Second World War. A unique aspect of this project is that, along...See More
In dictatorships like Nazi Germany, the Soviet Union, Cuba, and China people who opposed the regime would be declared mentally ill and placed in psychiatric hospitals or internment camps...
During the military occupation of Ukraine by Nazi Germany, a number of Ukrainians initially chose to cooperate with the Nazis. Their reasons included the hopes of independence from the Soviet Union and past maltreatment by Soviet authorities.
Russia moving into the Ukraine bears an eerie similarity to nazi Germany moving into Austria.
When any politician mentions gun control cause remember both parties are the same anymore. Check your history books for December 7 1941. That is the day the U.S became involved in a war against a man that was doing the exact same thing then that our government is trying to do now. Those who do not study history are doomed to repeat it. Wake up America. Nazi Germany is happening here if we do not change the course we are on
Nazi Germany all over again in Connecticut!
out this video on 'Netaji' & the mystery lurking around how he died or not. That puts me in dilemma, that why Bose chose INA to be formed in Nazi Germany, was Bose after his argument with Gandhi thinking of a Fascist India.
The "Arsenal of Democracy" was a slogan used by U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, in a radio broadcast delivered on December 29, 1940. Roosevelt promised to help the United Kingdom fight Nazi Germany by giving them military supplies while the United States stayed out of the actual fighting. The announcement was made a year before the Attack on Pearl Harbor, at a time when Germany had occupied much of Europe and threatened Britain. Germany was allied with Italy and Japan (the Axis powers). At the time, Germany and the Soviet Union signed a non-aggression treaty under the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact and had jointly invaded Poland in 1939, a deal that remained until the German invasion of the Soviet Union in 1941. Roosevelt's address was "a call to arm and support" the Allies in Europe, and to a lesser extent China, in their all-out war against Germany and Japan. "The great arsenal of democracy" came to specifically reference America and its industrial machine, as the primary military supplier for the Allied ...
A Mind numbing story of a little girl in Nazi Germany narrated by Death!
President John F Kennedy openly admired Nazi Germany when he toured the country as a young man, according to a new book marking the 50th anniversary of his historic 1963 visit to Cold W
Correct me if I'm wrong but did not nazi Germany invade the Sudetenland in March of 1938 supposedly to protect the German speaking people there? Next was the invasion of Poland and the beginning of the Second World War. What will Russia do next? When will our administration learn from history so we don't repeat our mistakes.
“This year will go down in history. For the first time, a civilized nation has full gun registration. Our streets will be safer, our police more efficient, and the world will follow our lead into the future!” -Adolph Hitler, 1935, on The Weapons Act of Nazi Germany
Kidnapping of children by Nazi Germany *Kidnapping of non-Germanic European children by Nazi Germany* (Polish :"Rabunek dzieci"), part of the Generalplan Ost (GPO), involved taking children from the rest of Europe and moving them to Nazi Germany for the purpose of Germanization, or indoctrination into becoming culturally German. At more than 200,000 victims, occupied Poland had the largest proportion of children taken. An estimated 400,000 children were abducted throughout Europe. The aim of the project was to acquire and "Germanize " children with purportedlyAryan -Nordic traits, who were considered by Nazi officials to be descendants of German settlers that had emigrated to Poland. Those labeled "racially valuable" were forcibly Germanized in centers and then sent to German families and SS Home Schools. In the case of older children used as forced labor in Germany hose determined to be racially un-"German" were sent toextermination camps and concentration camps , where they were either to be murdered or ...
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I used to wonder how mothers in nazi Germany felt with they realized their children had become brainwashed by the regime? I know! Such a sad tragic feeling!
Here's something you may wanna know about the Ukrainian conflict. If it escalates into an actual war, it is likely going to be one of the bloodiest wars in a long time. Currently, the Russian propaganda revolves around how the new 'nationalist' Ukrainian government resembles nazi Germany of the 1930s and how Ukraine is betraying the memory of the fallen soldiers of the WW2. Of course, I would argue that it's Putin whose actions resemble Hitler's. But the irony is that both nations pride themselves on the ideals of fighting for independence and sovereignty during the WW2. Which means that millions of soldiers and, more importantly, civilians in Ukraine are willing to put their lives on the line to maintain that sovereignty. Just like they did during the protests a few weeks ago, and even more so. In addition, Ukraine is not Georgia. The former has 45MM people; the latter only 10MM. The former has four times more land. There is no way for Russian to have a blitzkrieg and get it over with in a couple of week ...
Russia is acting like prewar NAZI Germany! They don't care what we want about the situation. Putin is telling the USA and all other Nations " Up Yours! "
Sounds like Russia is the new Nazi Germany and Putin is the new Hitler.
Half of me thinks give the *** Russians the Crimea, maybe they'll quiet down and have another Chechnya on their hands somewhere down the road. The other half realises that that's appeasement, the exact mistake the League of Nations made with Nazi Germany, so how long till they go after the rest of Ukraine, Belarus or Georgia? Stupid World.
There's a story about a group of Christians in Nazi Germany who were meeting in secret. Suddenly a band of soldiers broke through the door, rifles at their shoulders. They herded the believers against a wall and ordered them to deny their faith. Those who renounced Christ could leave, but those who remained would be shot. Most of the group chose to save their lives; only a handful stood against the wall, ready to die for Jesus. The soldiers herded the others out, locked the door behind them, dropped their weapons, and embraced the shocked believers. "We have been looking for genuine Christians," they explained. "We want to join you."
Henry had a PONZI scheme too! Did he use the USA taxpayers like Corporations do today? The coming of World War II and Ford's mental collapse Ford had opposed America's entry into World War II[35][46] and continued to believe that international business could generate the prosperity that would head off wars. Ford "insisted that war was the product of greedy financiers who sought profit in human destruction"; in 1939 he went so far as to claim that the torpedoing of U.S. merchant ships by German submarines was the result of conspiratorial activities undertaken by financier war-makers.[47] The financiers to whom he was referring was Ford's code for Jews; he had also accused Jews of fomenting the First World War (see the section on his anti-Semitism below).[35][48] In the run-up to World War II and when the war erupted in 1939, he reported that he did not want to trade with belligerents. Like many other businessmen of the Great Depression era, he never liked or entirely trusted the Franklin Roosevelt Administ ...
People who think that Russia's behaviours in Crimea dont matter, you are very naive. There are strong comparisons to what Putin is doing and Nazi Germany - you doubt me? In 1935 the Nazis brought in the Nuremberg laws - wherein it passed laws forbidding Jews from public life, marrying non-jews, own property and among other things forbidding jewish propaganda In 2013 Russia made it illegal to be homosexual, transgender, etc - if you fit in one of these categories you are not allowed to hold public office, be in a relationship or make public your sexual status In 1938 Germany invaded the Sudetenland to "protect native Germans" from "communists" in Czechoslovakia and Russia Yesterday Russia sent in troops to protect "native Russians" from "fascists and terrorists" from Ukraine and Europe So if you think we should not act - think about this - IF Britain and France had stopped Hitler in 1938 from staying in Austria and the Sudetenland then WW2 would not have happened!
ABSOLUTELY!!! We don't live in Nazi Germany! We live where books of any kind are a good thing for kids to read
Learn about the little-known but controversial figure Gertrude van Tijn, a German-born social worker who helped thousands of Jews escape Nazi Germany while working from within the regime.
I believe the Olympics were held in Nazi Germany in the late 1930's...interesting parallels developing.
75 years ago today, my grandparents brought my dad, his sister and brother to this country escaping Nazi Germany. To look at how far we have all come as Sonders, I feel a sense of pride and thankfulness for what they had to endure! My mom came over several years later after the war, after enduring unthinkable conditions and something hopefully our generation and the next will never have to be exposed too.
Justin Bieber stubs his toe and FB freaks out with post after post. Russia pulls a land grab in the very style of Nazi Germany and no one has anything to say whatsoever? It makes me wonder how dis-concerned this country really is with world issues that REALLY matter...:(
I can see this Ukraine crisis getting worse. It has all the hallmarks of nazi Germany annexing the Sudeten lands of Czechslovakia.
Kinda scary when 21st century Russia starts using the same language and excuses for invasion as 20th century Nazi Germany!! Not good news for anyone.
So I can't help but wonder if this is the moment WW3 breaks out or will the West back down on Russia's demands for Crimea a la Nazi Germany taking Czechoslavkia?
Does it bother no one else that Russia is literally going Nazi Germany on Ukraine?
New fault lines in the South China Sea Philippine President Benigno Aquino likens China to Nazi Germany.
Talk show host Dennis Miller engaged in a fierce war of words with musician and conservative activist Ted Nugent, objecting to Nugent’s comparisons of the Obama administration to Nazi Germany. The musician offered a half-hearted apology last week for referring to Obama as a “subhuman...
How are all those Nazi pseudo-religious Republicans who have been pushing these laws legalizing so-called religious-based discrimination and who are also publicly praising Putin for being a true Christian for his and Russia's standing up for true Christian values, going to respond to his invasion of Ukraine? Wait, I know. They'll do what their predecessor Nazi sympathizers did after the US declared war on Nazi Germany to enter World War II. They went underground and flocked to Nazi sympathizing groups, most notably the John Birch Society (co-founded by the father of the Koch brothers), where they committed themselves to the long-haul struggle of undermining and destabilizing the US government and society in order to eventually make it susceptible to takeover by a filthy-rich controlled, scapegoating Nazi-style regime different in name only -- at least at first. Of course, today's Tea Party is just the next generation of the secretly-Nazi, John Birch Society with the same roots, ideology and agenda.
Never knew my study area was in the Nazi Germany section. Books around me include: Return of the Swastika, Third Reich, & Life After Hitler
Mar. 1 2014 Twentieth-century theologian Dietrich Bonhoeffer coined the phrase “cheap grace” as way of summarizing grace abuse. Living in Nazi Germany, he was appalled by the cowardly way in which Christians were responding to Hitler’s threat. Lutheran pastors preached grace from the pulpit on Sundays, then kept quiet the rest of the week as the Nazis pursued their policies of racism, euthanasia, and finally genocide. Bonhoeffer’s book THE COST OF DISCIPLESHIP highlights the many New Testament passages commanding Christians to attain holiness. Every call to conversion, he insisted, includes a call to discipleship, to Christ-likeness. From WHAT’S SO AMAZING ABOUT GRACE by Philip Yancey
Sophia Magdalena Scholl[1][2] (9 May 1921 – 22 February 1943) was a German student and revolutionary, active within the White Rose non-violent resistance group in Nazi Germany. She was convicted of high treason after having been found distributing anti-war leaflets at the University of Munich with her brother Hans. As a result, they were both executed by guillotine. Since the 1970s, Scholl has been celebrated as one of the great German heroes who actively opposed the Third Reich during the Second World War.
I can't. I am too busy following the money trail from Fred Koch's Stalin & Nazi Germany ties.
THE Book Thief ** How to make Nazi Germany look like a nostalgic Hovis advert - and what a waste of Geoffrey Rush...
Regarding “In boycott, a political act or prejudice?” (Page 2, Feb. 12): It’s galling that in a piece on the nonviolent Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (B.D.S.) movement, launched in 2005 by Palestinian civil society in response to Israeli violations of Palestinian human rights, Jodi Rudoren frames her story in terms of B.D.S. echoing the anti-Semitic boycotts of Nazi Germany, quoting several Israelis harshly critical of B.D.S. and just one Palestinian supporter. Ms. Rudoren even seems to endorse allegations that B.D.S. is anti-Semitic and directed at Jews rather than Israel and Israelis, writing, “Avoiding a coffee shop because you don’t like the way the boss treats his employees is voting with your wallet; doing so because the boss is Jewish — or black or female or *** — is discrimination.” Contrary to what Ms. Rudoren and the quoted B.D.S. critics suggest, the movement does not target Jews, individually or collectively, and rejects all forms of bigotry and discrimination, including an ...
I would like to dedicate this year's festival to Ursula the She bear and earth mother, the wonderful woman who brought me into the world. She, and my Dad, taught me right from wrong, the meaning and value of hard work and who rewarded good behaviour and did not reward inferior performance. Clips around the ear and hugs were given out in ready measure. You always knew where you stood with her. She was brought up in Germany during the depression and then Nazi Germany and all the horrors of living through the 30's and the war. She tragically lost her wee brother and her father close together and all the young boys 16 yr olds she used to hang around with. They died on the Russian front. She was married for two weeks in 1944 before her first husband Carl Wiesner, was drafted and sent to Romania to disappear into a mass grave or Siberian salt mine. Immediately after the war during the Berlin blockade she was pimped out by her own mother to the GIs for rations. This is when she made a bolt for the exit and got a ...
US Secretary of State John Kerry compares anti *** to apartheid South Africa and Nazi Germany
I am puzzled, pleasee help me help me out. I heard conservative thinkers say the Obama's administration is like Nazi Germany. Is it because of taking away their 2nd admendment and their freedom of religion? I just don't get it. Also I dont get the idea of not going to apoligies from the remarks calling the president of the United States mongrel. I don't know why Greg Abbott wants to hang around Ted Nugent and Sarah Palin approve of Greg Abbot hanging around with Ted Nugent. When I hear or read this kind of stuff I sometimes wonder if they are for real.
Ted Nugent has found himself on the defensive as of late for his remark that Barack Obama is a “subhuman mongrel” and comparing the Obama administration to Nazi Germany. With accusations of racism flying, Nugent has denied being a racist ... Read More
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I came across an article today written by a prominent student at one of the most prestigious, elite universities in the United States, Harvard University. In it, the author, Sandra Korn, makes the assertion that "academic freedom often seems to bump against something I think much more important: academic justice". She promotes the restriction of research of views that she feels do not offer value to liberal ideals. Sandra Korn comes across as very hostile to the concept of dissenting views. In her utopia, there is no discourse, only rote agreement with the party line, everyone agreeing in a beautiful utopia. This shows a terrifying lack of understanding of the realities of the human condition. In what instances has an entire society ever agreed on anything? It has never happened. What HAS happened, is the forced indoctrination of populace with ideas deemed "acceptable". Where and when has that happened, you may ask? Nazi Germany. Soviet Russia. Maoist China. North Korea. When freedom of speech dies, so fo ...
Linda and I went to the movies this afternoon. We had seen previews for THE Book Thief a couple of months ago but missed seeing it at the Neon Theater as we had planned. Then I noticed in yesterday's paper that it is playing at the Dollar Saver Theater in Huber Heights so we took the opportunity to go see it on the cheap. It is more of an older generation's movie because of its realism and theme. The story is set in Nazi Germany and there is an eerie feeling that comes with that. I was on edge the whole movie and for that I give credit to the director and cast. Adding to the tension is the narrator in the film who is the oddly neutral Grimm Reaper. The story gives one a good sense of the tensions in Hitler's Germany as well as the naive nationalism that allowed it all to happen. Showing how easily people abandoned their fellow humans in the name of the Motherland. Something to be cognizant of as minorities are made scapegoats for our own fears, prejudices and misguided judgments. The tension grew a ...
Have any of you thought about how the Veterans' Administration just shredded the records of the claims for benefits? Oh, so what, Obama voters? Doesn't affect you, or does it? Just remember that this "caring" and inept Federal Government is now in charge of YOUR health care? Congratulations to the morons who support this president. You have succeeded in doing what Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan and the Cold War Soviet Union couldn't do. You have destroyed your country. Yes, YOUR country. I hope you all rot in ***
The Cold War was a sustained state of political and military tension between powers in the Western Bloc (the United States with NATO and others) and powers in the Eastern Bloc (the Soviet Union and its allies in Warsaw Pact). Historians have not fully agreed on the dates, but 1947–1991 is common. It was "cold" because there was no large-scale fighting directly between the two sides, although there were major regional wars in Korea and Vietnam. The Cold War split the temporary wartime alliance against Nazi Germany, leaving the USSR and the US as two superpowers with profound economic and political differences over capitalism and democracy. A deliberately neutral grouping arose with the Non-Aligned Movement founded by Egypt, India, and Yugoslavia; this faction rejected association with either the US-led West or the Soviet-led East. The two superpowers never engaged directly in full-scale armed combat but they each armed heavily in preparation of an all-out nuclear World War III. Each side had a nuclear de ...
Days after apologizing for calling Pres. Obama a "subhuman mongrel," Ted Nugent is ripping the president again, comparing his administration to Nazi Germany.
Ted Nugent compared Obamacare to Nazi Germany. We have elected officials who praise him.
Ted Nugent, again: Obama a 'jackbooted thug,' Obamacare like Nazi Germany
Alec Baldwin gave up. I do too. Enjoy the increasing control. I don't see much reason for looking at a world turning into a place where human beings are puppeted my mindless rules and not a single human being is happy. That's were its going. We did a good job of realizing our potential as close to the angels. hey? I dreampt I was talking to regular enough police and my mother, in this Francis Farmer story had actually managed to manipulate and lie and make me either a danger to myself of others. Right. Danger to myself. It's very bad. Why just survive and watch a walk into something that makes Nazi Germany look like a fun party?
AT THE ARTSCAPE - NOW ON! Andrew Lloyd Webber`s production of the legendary musical The SOUND of MUSIC, with an all-star, all-South African cast! Based on the memoir of Maria von Trapp, "The Story of the Trapp Family Singers" The Sound of Music follows wayward postulant, Maria, who leaves the Abbey and become governess to seven children. Her irrepressible spirit endears her to both the children and their father, Baron von Trapp. Maria and Georg marry but shortly afterwards, Nazi Germany takes control of Austria and demands that the Captain assume a position in the navy. Rather than go to war against his own country, the Captain, Maria and the children, with the help of the nuns at the Abbey, flee across the Alps. From its origins as a stage musical in the early `60s, through its incarnation in the acclaimed film version that made the story of the Von Trapp family singers into a 20th century legend, The Sound of Music has come full circle and returns, in spectacular fashion, to its home - live on stage. PL ...
Set in Nazi Germany, ‘The Book Thief’ tells the story of a young girl evacuated to the German countryside to keep her safe. She is sent to live with an eld
The lesson of Dunkirk Story by Thomas Sowell Tuesday, February 25, 2014 Politics is often like war. Unfortunately, politicians, the media and the voting public seldom have the same degree of realism and discipline with which professional soldiers fight wars. You can indulge your emotions and base your decisions on wishful thinking in politics in a way that you are not likely to when your life is on the line in battle. One of the most dramatic and heartening events of World War II was the miraculous evacuation of British troops trapped on the beaches of France in 1940 at Dunkirk. And its lesson is still relevant today. The British troops were in France to help the French fight off the invading army from Nazi Germany. But the sudden collapse of the French army left the Brits stranded on the beaches with the German army closing in on them. The British navy’s ships in the area were too large to move into the shallow waters close to the beaches so as to evacuate the troops. Instead, hundreds of British civil ...
Can I be serious? -_- Look, ok.there's been many negative stories about our generation. I think this is dee best generation EVER, considering that there were things like World Wars, Rwandan Genocide, Nazi Germany, Slavery, Difaqane, Aparthied, Great Depression, Britain dumping all its prisoners in Australia.things might have been worse in the middle east. The world is better place right now
should b payin me 4 social media promos, but 4 devotees of Abingdon tie-ins, 'Ship of Fools,' is on at 8. No, it's not about that crowd u run w/. It's the lengthy (2:45) b&w film adaptation of the only novel written by the tempestuous Katherine Anne Porter, a close friend to Abingdon's Andrew Summers. A disparate group of people are set adrift, placed at odds while journeying from Mexico to Nazi Germany (based upon a 1931 cruise Porter had taken). The film boasts an all-star cast, led by Oscar Werner (a dying doc), Simone Signoret (a drug addicted countess), Lee Marvin (a dissolute baseball player) and Vivien Leigh (a disillusioned divorcee; this was her last film). It was nominated for eight Oscars; won two. Werner, Marvin & Leigh won acting awards elsewhere. Director Stanley Kramer wanted Leigh and cast her unaware of her degree of mental illness: "She was ill, and the courage to go ahead, the courage to make the film-was almost unbelievable." Watch 4 the scene where she hits Marvin with her high-heeled ...
Ben Carson fires at liberal media out ‘to destroy anybody who is telling the truth’ February 24, 2014 by Tom Tillison 122 Comments Trump-CarsonOutspoken conservative Dr. Ben Carson joined alongside keynote speaker U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, to give attendees their money’s worth Sunday at the Palm Beach County Republican Party’s Lincoln Day Dinner. Urging those gathered at Donald Trump’s lavish Mar-a-Lago mansion to “pick up the mantle of courage,” the retired Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon stood firm on recent remarks he made that had the “PC police” on the left in an uproar. Garbage collector’s patriotic gesture brings resident to tears Earlier this month, Carson said people with values must stand up, pointing out that most people in Nazi Germany did not believe in what Hitler was doing but never spoke up. “This is what they do,” he said. “And this is why we have to have an educated populace so you can learn for yourself what’s going on, not be spoon-fed by a bunch of people in ...
In other corrupt gov't news. North Korean is committing systematic human rights abuses on a huge scale drawing comparisons to Nazi Germany
Breast Cancer Awareness
I wanted to share my thoughts on the mean - spirited legislation passed by both houses of Arizona's legislature. Such nonsense has happened before, we need only look at Nazi Germany. The Bible has been used to justify slavery and a multitude of other sins. As I thought about this legislation, I reasoned: "if this, then why not any other group one dislikes. . maybe Muslims after September11th, for example." Oh! I forgot, there is legislation that prevents discrimination based on race, creed, National origin, gender and so forth. Why is that? Because time and again humanity has shown its propensity to attack "the other". The person who is sincere in their religious beliefs may not discriminate against race and such, in the market place. Not in this society! They may only choose to shutter their business. That is because we strive to do better, to correct past sins, as truth is revealed. This vicious legislation is aimed at an unprotected group and points to the need for national legislation, o ...
I think we should adjust and correct the peace treaty so called camp David,with Isreal,and we should be more careful with our typical old enemy.There is blood between us which we can never forget neither forgive.One last word to Isreal,use your good judgment we are the Egyptians or the Arabs in general.We are not Hitler or Nazi Germany,So your revenge is not with us we the Muslims.We are Muslims human beings with our advantages and disadvantages ,and if you are the Jewish people are angles,we are the Muslims only human beings with our good deeds and our sins.And no body is safe or protected from Anger Of God.iman or Emy
Watch what happens when they come to take his guns away.Shades of Nazi Germany all over again...this is what you will face once they come to seize your weapons...AND THEY WILL...a man about to lose his life and 72 women and little children.very scary.thank Janet Reno. The Waco siege was a siege of a compound belonging to the religious group Branch Davidians by American federal and Texas state law enforcement and military between February 28 and April 19, 1993.[4] The Branch Davidians, a Christian[5] sect led by David Koresh, lived at Mount Carmel Center ranch in the community of Elk, Texas,[6][7] nine miles (14 kilometers) east-northeast of Waco. The group was suspected of weapons violations and a search and arrest warrant was obtained by the U.S. federal agency Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF). 30 Minutes after the below document on David he was dead, and so were 72 women and Little thanks to Janet Reno.she never had to pay for her decision to use force.
The Dem. running against Rep. Eric Cantor (R-Va.) says Fox News is not a News station. They only give biased opinions. Their political analysts aren't qualified.( Who is he to decide? ) they should be monitored and told vut is allowed to be told to the public. Ve have your family. What is this, Nazi Germany? Mother Russia? NO, NO, and NO! Ve don't vant propaganda from the state run news services! NO FEDERAL REGULATORS involved in our freedom of speech. EVERYthing the government touches turn to $hit!
Ted Nugent's "subhuman mongrel" remark, used against the President, is the same term used against Jewish people in Nazi Germany.
your gov like ours does suck and that new law is reminds me of Nazi Germany and Jim Crow
Maybe the favorite middle finger moment to fascism. Jesse Owens wins gold in Nazi Germany
Make Hitler spin in his grave by RTing this. via “Jesse Owens wins gold in Nazi Germany
Japan and Nazi Germany were allies in World War II, and though Holocaust denial has occurred in Japan at times, the motive for damaging the Anne Frank books is unclear.
Russia blames bloody riots in Ukraine on extremists, Western emissaries Russian President Vladimir Putin blames bloody riots in Ukraine on West-sponsored extremists. Echoing Mr. Putin, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has accused Western emissaries of the fomentation of a “brown”, pro-fascist revolution in this country. Importantly, a Russian Foreign Ministry statement reads to the effect that Moscow will use all its influence to safeguard peace in Ukraine. Equipped with firearms and cold-arms, extremists of the Ukrainian opposition were murdering innocent people, harassing women, making arson attacks against vehicles and apartment houses. Each militant of the neo-Nazi organizations Right Sector and Svoboda (Freedom) or Freedom of Extremism, as wags call it, was paid $200 per day of riots while a coordinator receives about $2,000 for the formation and training of a band of extremists. It is widely believed that their ancestors, such as war criminal Stepan Bandera, were slaves of Nazi Germany de ...
Looking at the Berlin Summer Olympics medal chart for 1936. Germany just dominated with G-33, S-26, B-30. 2nd place was USA with G-24, S-20, B-12. Sadly Canada came in 17th place with G-1, S-3, B-5. Nazi Germany was kicking ***
ICO Justina, hospital & CPS using power of State to overcome family without clout. Reminiscent of USSR, Nazi Germany.
PRAGUE (AP) — Fighter pilot Miroslav Standera, who fled Czechoslovakia to fight for the British and French air forces in World War II, has died at age 95. Council officials in his hometown, the southwest Czech city of Plzen, said he died Wednesday but provided no cause. Born a month before the end of World War I, Standera graduated from an aviation school but fled in 1939 following the country's takeover by Nazi Germany. He joined France's air force and fought the German invasion there in May 1940. He was seriously wounded during a dogfight a month later but safely crash-landed. The Czech Defense Ministry said Standera was the last surviving Czech pilot to have flown for France during the war. After France's surrender, Standera became a founder member of the Royal Air Force's No. 312 Fighter Squadron composed of Czechoslovak pilots; he and 87 countrymen served as RAF pilots during the Battle of Britain that year. Later in the war, he flew twin-engine fighter-bombers on night-time raids into France and G ...
A UN report shows that the 'nut case' North Korean leader, Kim Jong-un raised $645 million for luxuries from the ivory trade, and from the underground sale of alcohol. Like in Nazi Germany, this living day FREAK keeps 'his' people under tight psychological control, the population even have to listen to him preaching to them through speakers in their houses every day. In testimony before the UN commission, a former official of the regime who managed to escape said Mr Kim was acquiring the hard currency required for his spending spree through the underground sale of alcohol in Islamic nations and through trafficking in ivory from Africa to China. The claims of the commission are backed up by comments by Dennis Rodman, the former US basketball player, who visited Pyongyang in October described the lifestyle of Mr Kim as a "seven-star" party with free-flowing cocktails, jet-skis at his private island and luxury yachts. Full story:
I was just thinking. I've gotten really upset in the past when I've seen people who's rights were taken from them - Jews in Nazi Germany and currently citizens in North Korea - but on a less serious sense we are doin that here too in America. Im not sure of the exact statistics - I'm sure they could easily be found - but everyday people are locked up and thrown into prison for non-violent offenses. I could only imagine that our prison systems are a bit 'nicer' than let's say Auschwitz, but there are still troubled people who held behind bars who did little to anyone else but themselves. I'm going to rest now, but keep in mind that there is someone out there right now who can't sleep because he is celled with a violent inmate. Goodnight.
Recently, Tom Perkins, the legendary venture capitalist from Silicon Valley, was harshly criticized for his comments regarding the vilification of the 1%. He compared it to the vilification of the Jews by the Nazis. Here is what Ayn Rand had to say about the same basic issue, about 50 years ago: "Every ugly, brutal aspect of injustice toward racial or religious minorities is being practiced toward businessmen. . . . Every movement that seeks to enslave a country, every dictatorship or potential dictatorship, needs some minority group as a scapegoat which it can blame for the nation’s troubles and use as a justification of its own demands for dictatorial powers. In Soviet Russia, the scapegoat was the bourgeoisie; in Nazi Germany, it was the Jewish people; in America, it is the businessmen."
I was recently challenged in a newspaper article on Koch. “David, if you don't consider that Koch, a conservative billionaire, has any creditable knowledge, I expect that you don't believe a word from George Soros, another billionaire...oh, but George is liberal, so his words ring true. Just because someone is conservative does not mean they can't have good common sense ideas.” My response. Liberal or conservative is not my concern with Koch. Don't take my word on this. your own research. My concern about Koch besides evidence the American Koch was related to Ilse’s family, Erich Koch (a high level Nazi official in charge of Prussia) invites Fred Koch to sell his oil in Nazi Germany when he is banned from doing business in the US. After the fall of Nazi Germany, Erich Koch and Fred expand the oil empire to the Soviet Union. Erich Koch had been in charge of Prussia for Hitler so his ties to the Soviet Union ran deep. A few years later the Soviets took Fred Koch’s oil and prosecuted Erich fo .. ...
UN: North Korean atrocities are 'strikingly similar' to Nazi Germany:
GIVING PEOPLE A REPUTATION TO UPHOLD When motivational speakers make the impassioned declaration: “You can change the world!” a typical response may be to write them off as naïve windbags.We would agree that such exhortation rings hollow. Nevertheless, we do think leaders have the ability to inspire others to amazing, even history-shaping, feats. Perhaps no one did so better than Winston Churchill. As a leader, Churchill’s words of encouragement were not empty platitudes. Instead, they bestowed on his people a tangible reputation to uphold by painting an image of the character that would be required to overcome the perils at hand. The Battle of Dunkirk On May 10, 1940, troops from Nazi Germany stormed westward across Europe. Belgium, France, and Great Britain allied themselves in defense of the oncoming Germans. However, within weeks the Allied armies were in shambles. Belgium had already surrendered, France was on the verge of capitulation, and the British, at risk of being totally annihilated, be ...
"China violates human rights in a variety of ways. These violations are chronic and serious. Besides Falun Gong, other prime targets of human rights violations are Tibetans, Christians, Uighurs, democracy activists and human rights defenders. Rule of Law mechanisms in place to prevent human rights violations, such as an independent judiciary, access to counsel on detention, habeas corpus, the right to public trial, are absent in China. China, according to its constitution, is ruled by the Communist Party. It is not ruled by law. Communist China has had a history of massive, jaw dropping cruelty towards its own citizens. The Communist regime has killed more innocents than Nazi Germany and Stalinist Russia combined[1]. Girl children are killed, abandoned and neglected in massive numbers. Torture is widespread. The death penalty is both extensive and arbitrary. China executes more people than all other countries combined. Religious belief is suppressed[2]..."
North Korea like Nazi Germany, says former ambassador. /
"Well now the international community does know … there will be no excusing the failure of action because we didn't know - we do know,” UN says of North Korea’s atrocities, comparing them to Nazi Germany:
Who cares that it was n a bottom of sailing vessel? They were immigrants probly treated differently/Jews in Nazi Germany!
.why how liberal of you .nazi Germany lost a possible subordinate to Goebbels .
The Damned is a masterpiece. Dynasty set in Nazi Germany. Like The Sound of Music on bath salts. Gorgeous and so disturbing.
Historical News and Comment An Interview with Admiral Kimmel(Pear Harbor attack) Dean Clarence Manion December 7. Whenever this fateful date reoccurs on the calendar, it invariably revives a flood of tragic and painful recollections. The pain of recollection will be intensified this year when you read the recently published frank, and informative, memoirs of the widely experienced and universally respected General Albert C. Wedemeyer [Wedemeyer Reports! -- Ed.]. This big revealing book begins and ends with the emphatic and unequivocal assurance that the attack on Pearl Harbor could have been -- and should have been -- prevented, and that the United States could have -- and should have -- stayed out of World War II. Says Wedemeyer, and I quote: "The Soviet colossus would not now bestride half the world had the United States kept out of war -- at least until Soviet Russia and Nazi Germany had exhausted each other. But Franklin D. Roosevelt, the proclaimed champion of democracy," continues the General, "was ...
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