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Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany, also called the Third Reich, was the name for Germany from 1933 to 1945, when it was a totalitarian state ruled by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party (NSDAP).

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The Polish internment in Nazi Germany, the Troubles in Ireland, the French-Spanish-English history of Empire/War
Heck, the U.S. didn't even close the embassy in Nazi Germany until after the attack on Pearl Harbor.
Example: Ravel piano concerto for left hand, written during rise of Nazi Germany. Prophetic?
Former state Rep. Ana Rivas Logan just called the Florida House "the next best thing to Nazi Germany" in an interview on MSNBC. Ouch.
someone who actually thinks only whites are right. Not someone whom u disagree w/. Aka the old KKK, Nazi Germany, Aryan Brotherhood
another example of how DJT encourages violence and hate - just like Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler.
Washington Post seriously conflates people who fled Nazi Germany with the consequences of a Trump presidency.
To deal with the comparison with Nazi Germany, students would like to inform Mr Guha that a cursory look at...
lol Tories are trying to reignite the Cold War as well as take us back to a cross between Victorian Britain and Nazi Germany
Because zionist didn't have the guts to defend jews in the Nazi Germany as Hamas try to liberate palestinians from u
Yet had no problem w/ Fascist Italy & Nazi Germany took their scientists & rebuild countries !! Ok so they still spy on them
One face for the history books, one face for the backroom meetings and policy planning. Himmler and Hitler's Naval Chief ran Nazi Germany
Today in 1943, the US fights its 1st major land battle against Nazi Germany at Kasserine Pass. Not a good start!
Also, Jonathan Meades so good on the moral equivalency between Nazi Germany's and Soviet Russia's occupation of the Baltic States.
Would it be possible to start Nazi Germany if you'd just been listening to Bob Marley's Exodus for the past three weeks. Chris Martin 2005
Many people don't know Max Schmeling smuggled Jewish children out of Nazi Germany.
The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich : A History of Nazi Germany by William...
"A True Basterd": the tale of Hans Landa's ascension in Nazi Germany.
Exclusive: Jesse Owens sets his sights on Nazi Germany in this scene from
Why did Soviet Russia wait to invade Nazi Germany?. Because they were Stalin.
The sin of the American Left is far greater than the sin of Nazi Germany. Their Holocaust has killed far more than Hitler's did.
Being Scouse in Leeds is like being a Jewish *** in Nazi Germany 😂😂😂
Portuguese savior of 30,000 refugees of Nazi Germany honored in LA :: World Jewish Congress
Nazi Germany and Southern Europe, 1933-45: Science, Culture and Politics. by Fernando Clara - Palgrave Macmillan. https:/…
The US Interstate Highway system is a direct inspiration from the Autobahn highway system built by the Nazi Germany. Dwight Eisenhower buil…
GOOD! Muslim kicked out of Trump rally 4 incite the crowd by wearing a yellow star of Jews in Nazi Germany
The "St. Louis," carrying Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany, arrives in the port of Antwerp after Cuba and the...
I never understood American neo-nazis. Nazi Germany was a deadly enemy of USA and thousands of Americans died fighting that entity.
so a GOP Fascist or Theocrat would be better than Obama? Where has putting Party b4 country gone awry? Nazi Germany perhaps?
Agreed. But ISIS is to Islam as the 9th Panzer Division is to Nazi Germany. The problem is much bigger than ISIS.
Physical Chemistry. Calculus based Physics II. Nazi Germany. Molecular Biology. What a semester. just some gases and electricity and... hitler?
Turkish president backpedals on Nazi Germany comments
Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan used Hitler’s government in Nazi Germany as an example of an effective...
Turkish president offers Nazi Germany as favourable model for presidential system
An in-depth look at the Bush family and their deep ties to Nazi Germany and the Third Reich - …
Turkey signed the Turco-German Non-Aggression Pact with Nazi Germany on June 18, 1941
This 95 year old German Grandmother lived in Nazi Germany and did a rather interesting https:/…
'We are the government.' If this reasoning is believed then the Jews in Nazi Germany killed themselves. ? Murray N .Rothbard
If you're claiming Nazi Germany wasn't all for the subjugation of lesser races (Nuremberg Laws), you're full of it
Really? As if capitalist states called Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany had any 'political freedom' - rubbish from Milton.
France opens up police and ministerial archives from the Vichy regime which helped Nazi Germany in World War Two.
In context, I'm thinking mostly of Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, but yes Franco and Salazar count.
Arno Breker was a German sculptor, best known for his public works in Nazi Germany (July 19 1900 - Feb 13th 1991) ☼
If another one of these *** compares ISIS to Imperial Japan or Nazi Germany
WAR IS *** and our bombings are no different than what we did 2 Nazi Germany & Imperial Japan. WAR IS ***
that's why I took the Crusades option over Rise of Nazi Germany for A level. Way more fun but prob shouldn't be
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I've said it before and I'll say it again: We beat Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan, simultaneously, with 100 people in the…
I swear, Charles & David have a Randolph & Mortimer Duke $1 bet to see who recreates Nazi Germany first!
Nazi Germany and its fascist Arrow Cross allies in Hungary murdered some 565,000 Hungarian Jews during World War Two, the Yad Vashem
You're thrown into 1943 Nazi Germany, and your only companion is a Verne Troyer who believes he is John Rambo. How do you escape? …
Can't decide if St Paul is behaving like a 2 year old or Nazi Germany. So much for Minnesota nice.
I do computing and IT, but modern history is interesting. Political landscape of Nazi Germany and Middle East. 😊🌺👾
You don't think the Christian Germans ran terrorist death camps? Nazi Germany was CHRISTIAN! Large numbers of genocidal creeps!
I was fine with Ghostbusters, Ninja Turtles and Spider-Man but Donald Trump trying to reboot Nazi Germany is a bit much.
Muslims torturing and murdering Christian men, women and children...Nazi Germany all over again...wh... -
.on the bad-faith analogy between Syrian refugees and Jews fleeing Nazi Germany:
The Start of World War II: The History of the Events that Culminated with Nazi Germany's...
"Mr. Soprano do you mind wearing an electronic bracelet" -judge. "Sounds like Nazi Germany to me" -uncle junior
Ones waving a Union Jack, one has a play on the flag of Nazi Germany and one a Welsh flag. They should probably regroup and be consistent
History of John Birch Society origination from Nazi Germany and the promotion of communism by Fred Koch.
Trumps Comments about a data base are chilling. That's not America that's Fascist: Soviet Union, China, Nazi Germany...Not here not ever!
There has been a lot of recalling how European countries turned away Jews from Nazi Germany in WW2, fears that it will be same for 'WW3'
Koch Bros are kin of The John Birch Society that began in Nazi Germany !
just think about Nazi Germany and the bravery of a Danish king wearing the star of David
I wonder, what would the American population do if it were Jews fleeing Nazi Germany, seeking refuge?
"You can't kill your way out of this problem."- Shepherd Smith. Really Shep? Tell that to Nazi Germany.
German-Jewish author in exile writes to new occupant of his recently confiscated home in Nazi Germany.
That's like America trying to keep Nazi Germany happy from not selecting Jesse Owen.
"He began to see his faith through the lens of global citizenship rather than the monstrous, racist ideals of Nazi Germany." - Dr. Marsh
Sadly your type are eternal b/c in the 1930s you would have said same of Jews fleeing Nazi Germany htt…
'These things would work well in Nazi Germany, but they don’t work well in a country w/ a Constitution'
Swastikas were "systematic" in Nazi Germany. "Poop swastikas" were outlawed. Mizzou is worse than Hitler?
1938: Germany - "Kristallnacht" saw the organized destruction of Jewish businesses and homes in Munich by Nazi stormtr…
It is said that the toilet paper of Nazi Germany was so rough and scratchy that it was almost unusable, so many...
the YouTube comment that references nazi Germany is sad but true. I respect the police but hard to condone this behavior...Sad.
honours victims of Nazi Germany's 'Night of Broken Glass'
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Kristallnacht 2015: Boycotts, Munich and the Jews: by Abraham Cooper and Harold Brackman   Nazi ...
Motion for three defence lawyers to be relieved of their duties as part of mass-murder trial in Germany
Today marks 77th anniversary of Kristallnacht, Nazi Germany's deadly attack on Jews,
1942 - Nazi Germany begins Operation Anton, the military occupation of Vichy France
That is really AWFUL news! How could go backward to Nazi medicine? HOW? Gloria Poole,RN,artist; Missouri
To equate this situation with Nazi Germany and Rwanda, and resist OTHER narratives, says a lot more about you Chude
For those who do not like comparing israel to nazi Germany, come live as Palestinians in Gaza or West Bank or Jerusalem for…
Hanin Zoabi compares Israel to pre-Nazi Germany at Kristallnacht event
The Declaration of on Economic Boycott of 1933:. (v.
The use of that image reflects the fact that anti-Europeans associate anything European with WWII and Nazi Germany.
Blitzkrieg Relive Nazi Germany's military attack on an unsuspecting world. When...
are you saying you want Britain to be more like a fascist dictatorship something along the lines of nazi Germany
In Nazi Germany it was the Jews who were singled out, and in today in Tory Britain' its 'immigrants'.
Germany: Defence team for neo-Nazi NSU suspect requests to be relieved ahead of testimony via
Because the is leading the charge at Mizzou just like they did in Nazi Germany.
Hence, the party and the organizers shared a common stake in the recovery of
Comparing some yelling student protesters to mass killings, whether in Revolutionary France, or Nazi Germany, or Maoist China, is horrid
u r 100% correct. The terrorists have turned us into Nazi Germany. tu 4 speaking out.
No Indian owes anyone an explanation for the Nazi appropriation of the Swastika. That burden must belong to Germany
Neo-Nazi murder trial defence lawyers ask to be excused
Why is the destination for Germany? Because if one speaks out they call them Nazi. Manipulation and guilt. It works in E.U. also.
India*Replay of Nazi Germany?YES.SPREAD HATE,destroy Unity of the Nation&then serve the Nation's Wealth to Corporates.
WE REMEMBER: 77 years since the 'Night of Broken Glass' pogrom against jews in Nazi Germany.
condition us to be loyal to the state from a young age. I don't think any other country does/did it except Nazi Germany 💆🏽
An Indian soldier with the flag of Nazi Germany after German surrender during World War II.
nothing like “Nazi Germany" which is why prez candidates get to compare to Germ.
Wardaddy sets out to make Nazi Germany cry uncle. See Brad Pitt lead a cast of tough characters across the world...
Stern Gang (joined Irgun in Deir Yassin Massacre. Tried to ally with Nazi Germany. Irgun and Lehi founded the IDF.
Remember "Muslims in India like Jews in Nazi Germany" hysteria after Batla House, tho' Cong was in power? Same gang on now, same gang leader
Otto Frisch, a German Jew forbidden rank in Nazi Germany, was instrumental in study of Uranium-235, building the basis for the atom bomb.
The draft began as Nazi Germany - which had overrun Western Europe in Spring of 1940 - began bombing Britain, ahead of a planned invasion
Blacks lack the capacity for the social organization of either Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. That's nothing to be proud of.
Sample chapters for new spec available now for Medicine through time & Weimar and Nazi Germany htt…
his absurd take about guns in Nazi Germany is flat wrong. Weimar gun laws were tougher.
.Therefore, Nazi Germany, the Nuremberg Laws, Slavery, the KKK, & David Duke have nothing to do with White Supremacy.
What happens when a Nation forgets God? Read the book about Nazi Germany. Author, Erwin Lutzer. It is happening again in Europe.
Young Women from Britain in 1930s Nazi Germany - SPIEGEL ONLINE
Hey Ben Carson, you *** IF America was really "like Nazi Germany" you wouldn't be heard saying that twice, get it? You're one sad man🇺🇸
Donald Trump's mass deportation plan sounds a lot like what Nazi Germany did. -
Just like Nazi Germany and Imperial Japan. Just a minority. Nothing to worry about.
My novel THE BEAST'S GARDEN is now available on Audible! A retelling of ’Beauty and The Beast’ set in Nazi Germany: http:/…
Didn't the Labour Party in the UK do similarly even after Britain was bombed by Nazi Germany?
My latest. Donald Trump is not a joke. His appeal is very real and his immigration views resemble Nazi Germany. .
Conservatives are so willing to save us from becoming Nazi Germany that they're willing to round up millions of minorities they…
👈 here is an "irish republican" who claims to be "pro-zionist" occupation? This is like a Polish Jew who supported Nazi Germany.
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Nazi Germany was just like Paul Greengrass's United 93, except Leni Riefenstahl held the cameras more steady.
Tonight's Ben Carson zingers if Jewish people in Nazi Germany had had more guns, maybe no Holocaust?
In land of the Free, people are being aggressively searched,not in North Korea nor in Nazi Germany
The United States defines comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany as anti-Semitic (
Netanyahu compared Iran to Babylon, Roman Empire and Nazi Germany. He stated they no longer exist but Israel still does.
Jesse Owens after winning the long jump at the 1936 Summer Olympics in Nazi Germany, at which he won 4 gold medals
SSSR did it. . Nazi Germany did it. Mao-China did it. Pol Pot did it. . Several European Labour parties do it. . - - -
"..and members of Sanger’s American Birth Control League visited Nazi Germany, sat in on sessions of the Supreme Eugenics Court..
When the Union army defeated the Confederacy, they won the war. When the allies defeated Nazi Germany, they won the war.
James Woolsey just compared Iran to Nazi Germany and also simultaneously channeled his inner Benjamin Netanyahu. what an ***
Like it or not, violence works. Just ask Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan, and other regimes that we've bombed into the history books.
Baby you're like the Treaty of Versailles and I'm like Nazi Germany; I'm gonna violate you repeatedly. 😏😂
Anyone disagreeing with me is a fascist!. Basil Fawlty: This is EXACTLY how Nazi Germany started...!.
Allowing Iran to access nuclear power is the same as allowing Nazi Germany to do the final solution .
Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed the HaavaraAgreement in 1933 = Genocide, Land Theft.
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Nazi Germany and Zionist German Jews signed on 25 Aug 1933 = Theft of Palestine.
Russian Imperial USSR 1965 XX year anniversary of the Victory over Nazi Germany
"the most dire threat to humanity, measured on a scale of potential suffering, since Imperial Japan and Nazi Germany"
1940: WW2 - Nazi Germany began its bombing blitz on London, the first of 57 consecutive nights of bombing.
"The Book Thief" Markus Zusak 5☆ Death tells Liesel's story taking place in Nazi Germany. Highs and lows. People are terrible. My heart.
If you endorse what said then you endorse the attitude and ideals that led to Nazi Germany and the Holocaust
David Irving specifically stated there were no gas chambers in Nazi Germany. He is a holocaust denial. I am a genocide scholar.
Kim Davis' lawyer compares her to Jews in Nazi Germany | Offensive? Do I have to ask? .
And you'd think indoctrination was only to be found in north Korea former USSR and Nazi Germany. But argentina?
I wish I was joking. Praise today, from Abbott, of Nazi Germany's sense of shame under Hitler.
I encourage everyone to research jewish press persecution in Nazi Germany. It will look familiar.
Dear would you have taken in Jewish refugees fleeing Nazi Germany? Yes or no?
Britain took in my jewish father aged 13 escaping Nazi Germany. And we're forever grateful
We put Jewish refugees from Nazi Germany in a prison camp on the Isle of Man
1938/39 10,000 unaccompanied Jewish children fled Nazi Germany and were accepted into UK. Have we fallen so far since then?
Behind Enemy Lines : The True Story of a French Jewish Spy in Nazi Germany by...
The Iron Cross was not a symbol particular to Nazi Germany.
so then does that apply to Jewish men in Nazi Germany? Or Christian men in Syria? If they should stay and fight?
I adore hysterically terrible Shining Through - Melanie Griffith goes undercover in Nazi Germany 'cos she can bake.
On this day in 1939, Nazi Germany invaded Poland, initiating World War II.
alt history scifi: time travelers kill Hitler, Nazi Germany still happens, does not invade Russia, repels invasion at Normandy
Chaplin put up $25 million in today's cash to finance his anti-Nazi film The Great Dictator while US was still at peace with Nazi Germany
.is fortunate neither Nazi Germany nor Gestapo are even remotest prospect here, because you'd be Hermann Göring.
yes! What are you doing, Nazi Germany or French Rev??
Besides, a "loyalty oath" just sounds like something out of Nazi Germany or the communist Soviet Union.
And let's not forget, Nazi Germany co-opted the Christian community there against European Jews.
Be it Nazi Germany or apartheid South Africa we must thank the few who resist | Peter Hain
could someone have lived their whole life in Nazi Germany hated the system and still have been German?
also doesn't make sense because if they were growing up in Nazi Germany they'd learn German wouldn't they?
Nazi Germany also 'harvested' the body parts of unwanted humans—
Just like IBM & Joseph Kennedy selling to Nazi Germany. Dancing with the devil. In ***
This is getting worse than Nazi Germany. American Airlines stops flights to Israel.
I had a cherry scone today, but there was NO clotted cream. What is this? Nazi Germany?
Right.They used to shoot to injure and victim lived but no more. Shoot to kill before asking questions. Nazi Germany
People stay bragging how progressive Cali is but yall was living worse than Nazi Germany 20 years ago. Police brutality on a new (old) level
SORRY, we can't all live in Nazi Germany like you, mein fuhrer.
what so Nazi Germany allowed *** immigrants into their country so they?
Are these new nazi's? I thought being a nazi was illegal in Germany. Where are their swastikas, left them home?
Never is. But that is the same argument used by the appeasement movement in and after we declared war on Nazi Germany. It's
TIL of the US Coast Guard Cutter "Eagle". A sailing cutter made by Nazi Germany, surrendered to the British in...
is practicable as appeasement was towards Nazi Germany. In principle, but potentially in practice with ISIS.
Right. But those are the principles we went to war with Nazi Germany on. Not because we were threatened: because others
FACT: Germany bans the display of the Nazi flag, so right wing skinheads there now wave the racist CONFEDERATE flag!
I am a fan of any show that accurately points out that swastikas are older than Nazi Germany.
those were literally not even communism like, it's like saying nazi Germany is what democracy is.
Do you think we should have tried to reach a political compromise with Nazi Germany instead of declaring war on it?
There is a serious Nazi riot going on right now in Germany. Attacking cops to get to a shelter for asylum seekers.
America IS NOW MAKING Nazi Germany look like child play, so sad 2 see this Nation this way.
No compz bw India and Nazi Germany. India is too diverse, too chaotic, too large, too poor, too .
.Please help us again to get rid of that Nazi scum in Germany. By any means. The sooner the better. Police fail dismally.
unbelievable. We are watching a replay of Nazi Germany again
> "Psychiatric Totalitarianism" . The Role of Psychiatry in Nazi Germany and the U.S. Violence Initiative.
??Why Stalin?Led by Stalin,the Soviet people defeated Nazi Germany.
You are showing everybody else that the type of discrimination that occurs in Uganda or that happened in Nazi Germany is acceptable.
Ghost train loaded with gold from may have been found : World, News
Just like in nazi Germany parents will teach kids to lie " yes teacher" their data will be rubbish
look at Modi's India & tell me how in any serious way it is different than Nazi Germany. Even RSS founding texts eulogise Nazi pogrom
Nazi Germany had great prosperity &national pride…. & its people turned a blind eye to atrocities govt was doing to keep it. just like
Yes they say Capitalism is evil and point to Nazi germany.. try again
Did you guys know about her links to Nazi parties in Germany in her youth.
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Yes since Ha'avara Agrmt sold them to NAZI Germany helping the IIIrd Reich .
Have I woke up in 1936 Nazi Germany? "UK asylum seekers 'told to prove they are *** ***
"people forget that the first country the Nazi's invaded was Germany"
you don't see people in Germany holding nazi flags saying "its not about genocide its about heritage"
President Zamen/Czech Republic: "The Islamic State is similar in character to the Nazi Germany of the early 1930s" htt…
Steve Maman, a Jewish business man in Canada, driven by a heritage of the Nazi Holocaust in Germany, decided he... http:/…
Bad enough people bombed with impunity in Syria, heartlessly beaten back from Macedonia, then to be met by Nazi mob in Germany.
August 21, 1942 – World War II: The flag of Nazi Germany is installed atop the Mount Elbrus, the highest peak of the Caucasus mountain range
Iran is the Nazi Germany of the Middle East. The Supreme Leader is called the Iranian equivalent of fuhrer.
Note that + both dropped the '30s Germany Nazi references this week wrt Trump
I watched movie about Nazi Germany. I got angry b/c Media/Hollywood tells horrors of WWII ignores today's horrors
and we ended up with a president who went to Germany and wrote a nazi slogan in the geustbook, just sayin
not gonna wish you a happy b-day, seeing your tour is not going to be in Germany. Did nazi that coming, right?
Q: Why is the Nazi flag illegal in Germany but the confederate flag is "constitutional" in America?. A: Germany is ashamed, Ame…
A town in Germany is destroying old books because they contain 'politically incorrect' words.
Nazi Germany called, they want their eugenics, murdering program back.
Nazi Germany? No - Britain 1936 - Mosley marches on the East End in the Battle of Cable Street htt…
Reminder: The US did not invent the concept of the Miltary-Industial Complex. See Nazi Germany & Imperial for earlier examples.
Monoethnic empires which didn't make it: Nazi Germany, Imperial Japan...
Fanta was created in Nazi Germany due to difficulties importing Coca-Cola syrup during World War II.
By comparing Palestinians to Jews in the Warsaw ghetto is ABSURD!! It's like comparing Israel to Nazi Germany
Our courses explore the role of images in US Civil Rights, Fascist Italy, the French Revolution, Nazi Germany, Tudor Britain, Vietnam War...
. Israel no better than Nazi Germany. Gaza is worlds largest outdoor concentration camp. Heinrich Himmler would be proud.
Killing Jews was legal in Nazi Germany ... its insane we didn't use their tissue for science and education!! See...
"Stalin...was not fighting only to destroy Nazi Germany & Imperial Japan...[but] to supplant them."https…
hey stupid. France was occupied by Nazi Germany in ww2. And USA / Soviet Union saved Britain and its EMPIRE.
It's crazy how strong and built Nazi Germany was, & the U.S. & its allies were the ones to take it down.
The EU is Nazi Germany in disguise - Founders of the EU always planned for a superstate
any reference to Nazi Germany, Hitler or Neville Chamberlain.
Some Jews in Nazi Germany in 1938 did the same thing.
This is the BATTLE flag of Nazi Germany, not the flag of Nazi Germany, so it's totally not racist guys.
Holocaust lessons should begin w/understanding of prewar Jewish Life, using testimony, materials in Lesson 3: Nazi Germany
.Nazi Germany inherited from the Weimar Republic a near complete collapse and an industry +
Whilst you "look over there".. Abbott Govt could soon banish people like in 1930/40s Nazi Germany 😳
This doesn't sound like America! This sounds like a scene from Nazi Germany or Stalinist Russia.
the same reason his grandfather profited from Nazi Germany through shell companies before Hatch Act
See this re the Bush family, Nazi Germany & a bank called Brown Brothers Harriman - still operating in LUX.
I'm beginning to understand why 80% of Nazi Germany didn't see the evil behind Hitler's intent! The other 20% hated Jews. Sound familiar ?
China behaving like Nazi Germany in South China Sea, says Benigno Aquino
Christians have murdered even more Jews than Muslims have, particularly in Nazi Germany and czarist Russia (pogroms).
From IMB in Nazi Germany to ITT in fascist Chile to Wikileaks in the Ecuadoran Embassy the song remains the same. The Horst Wessel lieder.
So Southern Baptist prez compares American culture and government to Nazi Germany?
Of course, not only did Nazi Germany destroy organized labor, it made extensive use of slave labor.
What about Middle Eastern? To Qatar, Ankara, and Saudi Arabia, ISIS is probably scarier than Nazi Germany ever was.
Quote from Jewish philosopher Theodor W. Adorno after fleeing Nazi Germany
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
but not everybody is bad in ISIS, just like Nazi Germany you have a Oscar Schindler there are good peeps in ISIS
Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia, and American lynch mobs demonstrated how easy it is to manipulate herd-oriented people. ? Butler Shaffer
Today we honor those Americans who on June 6, 1944 gave their lives in Normandy, France to fight Nazi Germany.
On June 6, 1944, more than 160,000 Allied troops landed along the beaches of to fight Nazi Germany. http…
- USA beat the *** in the Pacific sea battles and island hopping campaign. They did NOT defeat Nazi Germany
The Soviet strategy for defeating Nazi Germany was pretty much the most effective plan in the whole European theater.
NDP MP appears at rally with lawyer saying Bill C-51 will LITERALLY make Canada into Nazi Germany:
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