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Naya Rivera

Naya Marie Rivera (born January 12, 1987) is an American actress and singer known for her role in the musical comedy television series Glee, as cheerleader Santana Lopez.

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PAUSE: Naya Rivera is out here dating David Spade!?!?!
I thought Naya Rivera & David Spade dating was an april fools joke.. But it's not 😂
Naya Rivera and David Spade Show PDA in a Pool and Fans Are Shocked via
Get the details on Naya Rivera and David Spade's budding romance:
Naya Rivera: Immature or inventive? In her story, shot from her bed and with goofy…
Naya Rivera responds to rumors of David Spade romance
Naya Rivera and David Spade - Naya Rivera responds to rumours she is dat...
Naya Rivera and David Spade dating just go to show that we really just want some1 who is confident and can make us laugh
Naya Rivera responds to David Spade dating rumors.
Naya Rivera and David Spade spark romance rumours
Naya Rivera and David Spade showed some PDA in the pool and nobody saw that coming:
EXCLUSIVE PICS: Naya Rivera and David Spade pack on PDA poolside in Hawaii -- are they a new couple?
Normal person: How did David Spade get Naya Rivera?. Me: How did Naya Rivera get David Spade?
Naya Rivera and David Spade spotted putting on PDA at a pool in Hawaii | Bossip
Naya Rivera Is Reportedly Dating David Spade - It looks like Naya Rivera has a new man in her life. According t...
the last text message you sent is the caption to these photographs of David Spade and Naya Rivera
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Naya Rivera and David Spade Are Dating: Get the Scoop on the New Couple
No couple has ever made less sense than Naya Rivera and David Spade.
Naya stans who were trashing naya Rivera yesterday are Defending her demented relationship today.
The couple has reportedly been an item for "a couple of weeks now."
Here are some more details about Naya Rivera and David Spade's rumored romance!
Being a fan of Naya Rivera is like having a kid with undeniable talent but watching them waste it on sudokus...
Naya Rivera and David Spade showing PDA on Hawaiian vacation.
Rivera and David Spade Pack on PDA Poolside in Hawaii -
yeah Naya Rivera dating David Spade is def the most dissapointing thing i've heard all week
*Big Sean looks at a picture of David Spade making out with Naya Rivera*
Every time I see Naya Rivera I just think about the time Big Sean went back to sleep after she told him Cory died
Love is in the air and it's time to meet your newest Hollywood couple, Naya Rivera and David Spade. http…
"Naya Rivera and David Spade getting cozy in Hawaii"
Are we sure this Naya Rivera and David Spade thing isn't an April fools ?
Naya Rivera and David Spade? She'll probably marry him 2 months from now.
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Dianna Agron and Naya Rivera are those people that if I met them I'd ask them to slap me on tape.
Naya Rivera says Glee costar Heather Morris has 'big shoes to fill' following winner Amber Riley
The UEA SU have boycotted Tiny Toon Adventures in case they draw attention to Naya Rivera.
It's 2017 and heya was and always will be real. Heather Morris and Naya Rivera 💔
Remake "The Omen" as a drama miniseries starring Imogen Poots and Naya Rivera
Naya Rivera has filed for divorce from husband, Ryan Dorsey. After 2 Years of marriage and having one child. 💔
Glee star, Naya Rivera. Her thigh gap, those legs 😢. And even after pregnancy, she remains slim and thin.
.makes an official statement on her unexpected divorce with Ryan Dorsey:
Naya Rivera I hate dude's like this .
"This was inevitable. Naya Rivera has major issues."
"In Naya Rivera's flop book all she did was address the few rumors about her over the years and put the blame on everyone else."
"It's a shame Naya Rivera has become such a metaphor, since she was beautiful before hacking up her face, and she actually has talent."
"I hope Naya Rivera has a prenup in place. She came into the marriage as the breadwinner."
Naya Rivera filed for divorce last week. She's asking for primary physical custody of Josey, with visitation rights for Ryan…
"Divorcing already? Last time Naya Rivera and Ryan were gushing about their slushy love for each other!". LOL
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ShowBiz: Naya Rivera files for divorce from husband of 2 years; ... more News & Celebs Videos->
Sean really like them musty wimmenz. Naya Rivera said she aint shower daily either 😭
"Naya Rivera just married Ryan Dorsey as a rebound from Big Sean. *** for the kid though."
Justine Skye drops a new video for her track “U Don’t Know,” featuring her rumored boyfriend Wizkid. Peep the...
This was the last thing Naya Rivera posted about Ryan Dorsey before their split:
Naya Rivera is divorcing Ryan Dorsey after 2 years? Yikes.
They're over! Naya Rivera files for divorce from Ryan Dorsey after 2 years of marriage. 💔
Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey are divorcing and we’re kind of in shock
LA: Naya Rivera files for divorce after two years of marriage to Ryan Dorsey
and Ryan Dorsey surprised fans when they decided to tie the knot just three…
Naya Rivera files for divorce from Ryan Dorsey, husband of two years.
Charlie Sheen to Star in Crackle Movie Mad Families with Leah Remini and Naya Rivera |
" The first season, which premiered way back in 2009, skyrocketed its cast — Lea Michele , Cory Monteith , Darren Criss, Naya Rivera" lmao
Naya Rivera found her ex Big Sean at home with Ariana Grande, before their split:
How could you be so selfish new memoir tells all!
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I can tell naya rivera is one of those people that thinks being crazy is cute
Glee's Naya Rivera reveals her husband’s reaction to her secret abortion.
New post: "Naya Rivera: The story behind my abortion"
Wait Naya Rivera and tahj Mowry dated? But I thought he was ga*signal lost*
Naya Rivera's book sounds like a GIFT
I liked a video from Naya Rivera Talks 'Love Hate' Relationship with Lea Michele on 'Glee'
Naya Rivera walking in seeing Ariana Grande on Big Sean couch is hilarious.
I used to love Naya Rivera, but that discovery snapchat of her just made her look like the biggest pos ever
Naya Rivera continues to lose ground to Chromecast one year after its relaunch
Naya Rivera is out for blood and she’s spilling all the tea on her failed relationship (and engagement) with Big...
Naya Rivera Drops a Cheating Bombshell About Big Sean: One of the rappers famous exes is involved.
I'm doing a give away.RT for a chance to win Naya Rivera's book Anyone from any country can win. (Must be following) h…
Big Sean was caught cheating with Ariana Grande, according to Naya Rivera's new book
JUICY! All the secrets revealed in her new memoir
Naya Rivera opens up about her feud with Lea Michele on her book 'Sorry Not Sorry: Dreams. Mistakes. And Growing Up'
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Ariana Grande Caught in the Middle of a Cheating Scandal… Again!
You might not want to read this, fans.
Naya Rivera Spills the Tea on Lea Michele, Big Sean and More via
Yikes, Naya is keeping it ALL the way real
Naya Rivera's calling out someone whose name "rhymes with Smariana Schmande." Any guesses?
Naya Rivera is gleeful Mark Salling dumped her, also
Naya Rivera calls out Lea Michele, Mark Salling, Ariana Grande & Big Sean in
Naya Rivera is best known for her role as teenage cheerleader, Santana Lopez on Fox's hit show, Glee. Rivera is
Naya Rivera could have had a really good music career what happened
Naya Rivera Reveals She Had An Abortion While On 'Glee': It was after a recent break up that she took really hard.
"Glee changed my life. It overhauled it. It got me out of debt. It helped…
"One [Glee] cast member [Naya] Rivera was particularly close with was the…
Wow. Regardless of where you stand on the issue, it takes a lot of courage to talk about this:
she is my inspiration , both as naya rivera as Santana Lopez , even as snixxx! I love her so much 😔💙
Glee actress discusses her decision to have an abortion
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Glee actress Naya Rivera discusses decision to have an abortion
Naya Rivera Wiki: Facts to Know About the 'Glee' Star's Memoir, 'Sorry, Not Sorry': Naya Rivera, known for he...
reveals she had an abortion during "Glee." Read more:
"It’s not something a lot of people talk about, but I think they should." —shares her abortion story
Can I be blessed with a combo of Adrienne Bailon's, Amber Riley's and Naya Rivera's vocals please 🙏🙏
Naya Rivera reveals she had an abortion during Glee. More of her shocking confessions tonight on at 7 & 11.
Sending so much love to for sharing her story around her abortion and anorexia in her book.
Naya Rivera had an abortion while on 'Glee'
Memoir News: 'Glee' star Naya Rivera opens up about anorexia, abortion in new memoir
Naya Rivera Reveals She Had an Abortion During Glee: The actress opens up in a new book.
Glee actress Naya Rivera talks about the decision to have an abortion:
star Opens Up About Her Abortion and Struggle With Anorexia Good for her. Break the taboo.
Naya Rivera reveals she aborted her baby during a day off, and chose not to tell her boyfriend at the time.
Naya Rivera opens up about about a previous pregnancy for the first time
Why Naya Rivera decided to share her abortion story.
Naya Rivera reveals she aborted her now-husband Ryan Dorsey's child while on
Naya Rivera opens up about having an abortion while starring on 'Glee'
Glee actress opens up about having an abortion a day before filming
This is what a role model looks like. thank you for your honesty.
Naya Rivera: I had an abortion during "Glee"
Reveals She Battled Anorexia as a Teen, Had an Abortion While on Glee
Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey at The Nice Guy in West Hollywood - August 19, 2016
Two of the best singers on the show are Amber Riley and Naya Rivera.
I really like how my layout has Naya Rivera, Michael Trevino, and Theo James all together.
any chance you could get Naya Rivera and Heather Morris to join?
& Spend Pool Time with Baby Josey!: Naya Rivera and her husband Ryan Dorsey relax in a…
Grant Gustin and Naya Rivera singing Smooth Criminal is still one of my faves from glee
Smooth Criminal by Naya Rivera and Grant Gustin. Really like that song.
Check me and Josey out in the May issue of and baby!
Naya Rivera cantando Love you like a Love Song. 💕
"Heather & Eli came over when I was pregnant &we all went swimming.Now that Owen's on the scene,we'll be having playda…
If Naya Rivera singing Valerie on glee didn't change your life you're dead to me
Ms. Naya Rivera is pretty in blue. And that smile. 😊
Demi Lovato & Naya Rivera Here comes The sun by lolovatopls-songs on
📷 naya-rivera: Everyday with him is the most special.
Naya Rivera. Heather Morris. Get here and hug me, i've missed you!.
dorseyryan Josey sliding in your DMs like: “Happy 1st Mother’s...
lily said i look like naya rivera, what a LIE
Can anyone tell me what this caption of Naya Rivera in Maxim's Hot 100 list says after "Heat Factor" May not be nsfw
Naya Rivera really shouldn't have gotten that nose job 😕😕😕
Photo: Naya Rivera steps out in lopsided, new mom glory
Everyday with him is the most special.
Diana Agron and Naya Rivera is prob not from this world. 👼🏼
I just realized the actor that played Marty on is Naya Rivera (from Glee) real life husband Ryan Dorsey.
With this new interview Naya Rivera made it clear that Ryan Dorsey is just his baby daddy, she never talked about them as a team.
Also Naya Rivera, I would jump off a cliff for her my original boo. She is the sun in my sky, the wind beneath my wings, the apple of my eye
Naya Rivera arrives at the Race to Erase MS 2016
Naya Rivera at the '23rd Annual Race To Erase MS Gala' on April 15, 2016 ❤
Funniest actors on Glee was Heather Morris, Dot Jones, Jane Lynch and Naya Rivera.
Am I the only one who thinks could be Naya Rivera's twin?
In need of some nursery inspiration? Let nursery inspire you:
Ok, first: Naya Rivera as Anita. Cause duh. Victoria Justice as Maria. RIGHT? Jake T. Austin as Chino.
anyways I miss naya rivera on my screen
Naya Rivera Booty in Leggings - Grocery Shopping at Gelsons in Los Angeles, Dec. 2015
Naya Rivera is coolin’ with her little one Josey at the park.
How about a new song with the participation of Naya Rivera???
I don't even really know about ya, but its clear you know my name🎧. Yashhh Naya!👏 ♫ Sorry by Naya Rivera —
Wait *** when did Naya Rivera have a baby lol
Rivera Dorsey son and there dog for national puppy day so cute
Naya Rivera at a Gas Station in West hollywood - May 2015
I've found that the tracks that have stood the test of time are ones by certain actors, i.e. Alex Newell, Naya Rivera.
I need a movie with AlyciaDebnam Carey , Naya Rivera, Eliza Taylor and Heather Morris.
I liked a video [FULL] Naya Rivera in The Bernie Mac Show (2002-2006)
Naya Rivera shares a new photo of her adorable son
Santana Lopez, Glee. played by Naya Marie Rivera Dorsey who is of Puerto Rican, African American and German descent ht…
Welcome to Queen Phillips's Blog : Big Sean's ex fiancée, Naya Rivera puts her big am...
Lea Michele & more -- the best dressed stars at last night's Young Hollywood party
Congratulations! Naya Rivera Gave Birth to Kim Kardashian’s Face!: Because she doesn't anymore, and since she'...
Naya Rivera thanks son for 'lopsided boobs' via
Naya Rivera Puts Her Assets on Display at Vanity Fair Party!: Naya Rivera looks white while showing off a whol...
Breastfeeding has left Naya Rivera with "lopsided boobs"
Naya Rivera looked mega hot at the Vanity Fair Young Hollywood party last night
"Naya Rivera ain't been the same since Big Sean dumped her and made IDFWU". LOL
"What has Naya Rivera done to herself?! She used to look so pretty now just looks fake."
"I remember in the early days of Glee I was in awe of how beautiful Naya Rivera was. What a shame to see she has ruined herself like this"
"Naya Rivera used to be so beautiful. Now she has ridiculous boobs, horrible lips and her eyes look like they're going to pop out!"
"I this Naya Rivera has severe mental health problems.". :(
VIDEO: Naya Rivera arrives at Vanity Fair and Fiat Celebrate "Young Hollywood" https:…
"Why did Naya Rivera change so much. She was always the most attractive and now she looks like a fake barbie doll."
"Naya Rivera is still young but looks 40 plus from all that work. She's a poor man's version of kim k.". LOL
"Naya Rivera needs a good talk with her plastic surgeon, her plastic surgeon needs to get their eyes tested". LOL
"Naya Rivera SMH. Surgery that went wrong. If can't see herself in the mirror, hope someone close to her will tell the truth."
Look at Naya Rivera y'all LMAO. Say No to plastic surgery kids!
Remember when Naya Rivera stans blamed Big Sean for her plastic surgery look. Look at her now. Just terrible.
Naya Rivera last night at the Vanity FaiR and FIAT Celebration of Young Hollywood. The New Mommy continues to flaun…
Naya Rivera had quite the glamorous date night with her husband Ryan Dorsey Sunday. The Glee alum and her hubby...
Naya Rivera didn't waste one second before whipping herself back into shape after the birth of her son Josey less than five…
Naya Rivera and the rest of the year and I don't think I'm going to the gym today and it is not the same thing to say Is a good time with
Naya Rivera as Anita again like she did on Glee please I would cry
can't complain buddy. Can't complain :)
It was tough to narrow it down, bu these are sexiest photos:
Clarke: Go float yourself. Lexa: Not sure what that is but it didn't sound good... Me: JUST MAKEOUT ALREADY.
Lexa just likes saying Clarke's name and I just like living in the trashcan.
she looks like Kim meets naya Rivera
Make-up free Naya Rivera puts her incredible post-baby body on display as she hits the gym on Monday:
Love your body, but then we get this - Naya Rivera Photo of Her Insane Abs, Causes a Meltdown via
Naya Rivera shows off her amazing post-baby abs!
Naya Rivera Shares Post-Baby Body Secret; 'Glee' Actress New Peg For Diet and work out seems to be…
to Naya Rivera's costume last year! Today is the last day to submit your costume using htt…
Less than five months after giving birth to her first child, Naya Rivera has already lost the baby weight.
HOT MAMA... Naya Rivera shows off abs, 5 months after giving birth to her son!
Naya Rivera’s post-baby abs are all the motivation you need to hit up the gym
Naya Rivera shows off her incredible post-baby abs. See the photo here:
In the new promo featuring a Chargers fan & Raiders fan/actress Naya Rivera (sister of TE Mychal Rivera) she doesn’t say OAK or LA.
Naya Rivera can sit on my lap anytime
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Smooth Criminal cover x Naya Rivera and Grant Gustin/2CELLOS (cause it's a dope one)
The best part of that game was the Naya Rivera commercial.
Everybody pray for Naya Rivera and Ariana Grande as after they had dumped Big Sean, they were both medically diagnosed with brain damage.
All year I was wondering who they would have for our Thursday night game preview commercial. And they choose Naya Rivera. 🙄😔
Naya Rivera is a raiders fan? Welp, I gotta root for raiders on Christmas eve now
Mychal Rivera's favorite holiday song? Watch him sing, and discuss Raiders-Packers:
Will anyone ever come close to being as hot as naya Rivera
Notice that the promo for Chargers-Raiders features Naya Rivera, the sister of and TE Mychal Rivera
They're not YOUR Raiders, Naya Rivera! Your brother just plays for them.barely.
I spend my days lusting over Naya Rivera's brother.
I've been waiting for ur book for so long now that I just finished my own tell all book: My life revolving around Naya Rivera.🙊😳
Why can't naya Rivera be single and *** 😔 I want her to be my girlfriend
naya Rivera your attractive and sexy
Still waiting for Naya Rivera to release her album and become the reigning Latin Queen of Pop
Naya Rivera will always be my girl crush 😍
📷 naya-rivera: nayarivera Listening to this sassy little diddy right now.
Wow Naya Rivera and her brother Mychal Rivera are famous that's cool
remember when Savannah was the biggest Naya Rivera fan to ever exist ever
Omg do y'all remember Naya Rivera she bad
all naya rivera's exes have to say about her is how crazy she is, but that's really hard to believe??? I wonder how bad she really is
I'm biased to the moon and back but to this day Amber Riley and Naya Rivera stay the best performers of this show for me.
Naya Rivera in a Black Maxi Dress Out in Beverly Hills - September 2015
21. Britney and Santana played by Naya Rivera and Heather Morris
Naya Rivera's son is so adorable. He has her smile.
Dear Santa Claus, I'd like to find Naya Rivera under my Xmas tree
I couldn't agree more. His smile is the cutest thing ever! He's so precious!! Cc:
Josey is truly the most adorable and smiley baby! 👶💖
📷 naya-rivera: dorseyryan Today marks about 12 months to the day this lil happy outlaw was...
“Like getting bacon from your elbow!” 6 times nailed what it’s like to breastfeed for the first time: https:/…
The fact that it's not 2009 anymore and both Naya Rivera and Heather Morris both have kids . I mean it's terrifying how fast things go by
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Naya Rivera and Heather Morris are gods gifts to us even though I don't believe in God but they aren't even real they are …
Naya Rivera was an understudy of Michael Jackson, Prince, and Stevie Wonder.
New baby, new bling! Naya Rivera reveals her push present from hubby Ryan Dorsey:
"Glee" star Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey have welcomed a baby boy, the actress's rep confirmed to ABC News.
Naya Rivera and husband Ryan Dorsey are reportedly first-time parents,&Weekly&Rivera is sai…
Home with Chris Colfer, Lea Michele, Naya Rivera, Kevin McHale and the gang :) Nice ensemble :)
Kylie serving so hard she got Khloe looking like Lindsey Lohan & Kim looking like Naya Rivera.
Still not over the fact that Naya Rivera is pregnant 😭😭😭
who do you want Big Sean to get with ariana or Jhene — naya rivera
Create web store in just a click. It's FREE! Naya Rivera’s The...
kissed Naya Rivera and we all wanted them to make out and it was just
Heather Morris & Amber Riley attended Naya Rivera's baby shower & it looked like it was the cutest thing
Naya Rivera tells "people mag" that Heather Morris attended her baby shower.
ICYMI: shows off her growing bump at beautiful baby shower:
Heather Morris was at Naya's intimate baby shower on Saturday (
I miss these two fabulous ladies on my tv
skip to 1:45, I just fangirl for over a min in the beginning ha. (this was after I met her inside)
Lol, cuz it's so true. I just wanted to pinch her cute lil dimples. We talked about the hunger games, and her wrist tat ha
That was the day I met her!. She was adorable, and I was smiling like an *** when I finally spoke to her lol
Can't expect less from Sean tbh, realest G ever! Even when Naya Rivera was being loud, he played it cool.
My waitress just said I remind her of Naya Rivera 😏😋😘
I'm in love with this gif omg, she is so so cute
Parents-to-be Naya Rivera and Ryan Dorsey celebrated their impending arrival with baby shower on Saturday, surrounded by friends and family.
I only watched the Naya Rivera clips so It looks good! And I love Eva!
Movie: ...Theres a bun in her oven!. Friend: you know who else said bun in her oven. Me: KATNISS EVERDEEN PEETA MELLARK. Friend: ...Naya Rivera
if they were to remake Charlie's Angels, i'd love to see Rihanna, Cara Delevigne & Naya Rivera as the new angels...
Zayn and Naya Rivera would be such a good fit
Photoset: nayarivera: People Exclusive: Inside My Baby Shower Rivera, who is in her third trimester, and...
One day you'll just be minding your own business and then suddenly you'll see the words "Naya Rivera has just given birth". …
After months of changes, anticipation and excitement, third trimester is here
Reached the final leg of my pregnancy. Make sure to check out my latest Blog for
Naya Rivera and Big Sean were Just NOT MEANT TO BE. I'm so happy she's with Ryan now😍
Suddenly questioning my sexuality again at Heather Morris and Naya Rivera. . It's 2011/2012 all over again.
I will forever be in love with Heather Morris and Naya Rivera
My nominee for is Naya Rivera and Heather Morris
Naya Rivera on how pregnancy has limited sex life ...
I knew Naya Rivera was prego !!! She's not showing here but I can tell she is her face is a little chubbs !!
Naya Rivera & hubby Ryan Dorsey went in for another baby check up together. See pics:
Looks like Naya Rivera is going to be branded by the media as Big Sean's ex forever. *** the media don't even care about…
| Naya Rivera & Ryan Dorsey ~ Head back to their car after a doctor’s appointment in Los Angeles (09.06.2015)
Naya Rivera stepped out for a baby checkup with her hubby Ryan Dorsey this week:
Naya Rivera just announced she's releasing her memoir very soon. Expect all the dirt on Big Sean & Lea Michele Drama💅 …
Naya Rivera is in Devious Maids. She looks flawless as Blanca. 😆😏
Naya Rivera looks like Ariana and she has a collab with Big Sean omg 🙈😂
Naya Rivera and/or Heather Morris joining the OITNB cast is something i have to see before i die
No matter what Naya Rivera and Heather Morris will always be my
[FACT] Heather Morris is the youngest female in the cast followed by Naya Rivera.
(tumblr) Mark Salling on his relationship with Naya Rivera // 3-22-2015
Naya Rivera accentuates her growing baby bump in a stunning white Tadashi Shoji gown as she attends…
Remake "The Diamond Arm" as a biography movie starring Claire Danes and Naya Rivera
Pregnancy looks GOOD on Naya Rivera! See the hot mama's growing baby bump in these bikini pics:
Amber Riley as Mercedes Jones, she is a good singer but i like Santana Lopez more,, hehehe (Naya Rivera)
Naya Rivera channels her inner Kim K. in a LBD
Devious Maids returns to Lifetime June 1 at 9 pm ET/PT. Naya Rivera, Gilles Marini and John O’Hurley join the cast.
UHQS: Naya Rivera leaving a restaurant in Beverly Hills
Naya Rivera, Chris Colfer and Kevin McHale behind the scenes of "New York"
So...what did Naya Rivera and Dianna Agron do to Ryan Murphy that they haven't shown up in this grand finale yet?
Naya Rivera, Heather Morris and many more are expected to attend Jenna Ushkowitz's charity event on March 3rd
ICYMI: Glee star Naya Rivera is pregnant! Congrats to the happy couple--how adorable was their announcement?!
Questionable timing? Naya Rivera's hubby Ryan Dorsey explains why they broke their pregnancy news when they did!
Naya Rivera expecting first baby with Ryan Dorsey
"Naya Rivera shares her pregnancy excitement with her followers • 😨😨
Naya Rivera is pregnant she wasn't playing
Turns out Big CONGRATULATIONS are in order for
Naya Rivera's pregnant. More beautiful babies to come in the world.
Naya Rivera is the prime example of why I hate *** Spiteful, lying, got another back up *** at all times lol smh
Naya Rivera is childish & petty for announcing that she's pregnant on the day Big Sean's album drop 😂
I feel bad for people who have never heard Naya Rivera sing
“Congrats, She and her husband are expecting their first baby! whoa!
The world should give Naya Rivera a break she's only human.
Naya Rivera pregnant with first child
Big Sean drops an album and the same day Naya Rivera announces she's pregnant. That girl cannot let Sean live.
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