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Nawaz Sharif

Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif (Punjabi; born December 5, 1949), is a Pakistani steel magnate and national conservative, serving as the 12th Prime Minister of Pakistan in two non-consecutive terms from November 1990 to July 1993, and from February 1997 until October 12, 1999. He is the President of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, the Centre-right-conservative political force in Pakistan.

Shahbaz Sharif Imran Khan Prime Minister Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif Mian Nawaz Sharif Muhammad Nawaz Sharif Barack Obama Asif Zardari Raheel Sharif Narendra Modi Qaim Ali Shah Saudi Arabia Mamnoon Hussain Sindh Govt Salman Khan

A rare pic of my leader Mian Nawaz Sharif
Nawaz Sharif is working against interests of peasants: Imran: The PTI chairman addresses crowd in Mian ... (ExTr)
Nawaz Sharif only made promises to the people of Thar but never follow up: Bilawal Bhutto
is modern form of & Nawaz Sharif is very cheaply trapped, can't dare to chall…
Mumtaz Bhutto summoned to meet Shahbaz Sharif on instructions of Nawaz Sharif. Hope NS is not considering Governor's Rule in Sindh
Karachi Festival starts with recitation of Koran. PM Nawaz Sharif was chief guest of the event.
Ansar Abbasi loses it on Nawaz Sharif's statement of a "liberal, democratic Pakistan"
Nawaz Sharif and family dined at Serafina New York for 3 long hours. pizzas . apple pie, cheesecake and chocolat…
every name in this list is a true sickularist ;) They will accept the award only if we offer Padma Vibhushan to Nawaz Sharif ;)
I think Obama didn't summoned Nawaz Sharif to listen to him. Rather he was called so that he can listen to US President.
Nawaz Sharif says attack on Saudi is attack on Pakistan and will be replied to: Nawaz ibn Saud, slave of al Sauds
Nawaz Sharif about General Zia ul Haq "I have great admiration for late president, I like to peruse his policies"
Vision of PM Nawaz Sharif is very clear that zero conflict policy and peace & stability are the key 4 economic develop…
PM Nawaz Sharif called Tyrkish President, Turkish PM and Congratulated them on their victory.
PM Nawaz Sharif congratulates Turkish PM, President on telephone over victory in elections
Nawaz Sharif congratulates Turkish PM, President on election victory
US senator Mike Gravel calls for Dr Aafia's release. Nawaz Sharif where are you?
7- PM Nawaz Sharif wants to give Gilgit-Baltistan representation in Pakistani Parliament but Gen Aslam Beg, Gen Kayani & ISI are hurdles.
People are protesting against Nawaz Sharif as they couldn't cast vote due t his VIP protocoal https:/…
Nawaz Sharif wants to improve ties with India: Pak High Commissioner Abdul Basit
So much respect for Nawaz Sharif today for dealing with such a sensitive, personal issue in such a dignified manner.
Imran Khan ko Leader bnana ha to Nawaz Sharif jaisa Jiger lay k aye : Hamza Shehbaz . * NS shows up on stage with his fatt…
These POTians did not leave Nawaz Sharif & Shehbazs hair, there family, Hamza & Shehbazs marriages, Maryams marriage with Safder
PM Nawaz Sharif has directed party officials to refrain from commenting on family and personal matters of Imran Khan
Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif Politics begins and ends on photo sessions & media publicity. Same thing they do on flood & now on earthquake.
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank president Jin Liqun meets PM Nawaz Sharif,for details watch now h…
So Modi call Nawaz Sharif today after all.
. Thank you Edhi. Thank you Burney. Thank you Sushma. Thank you Salman Khan. Thank you Nawaz Sharif. Finally thank you Pakistan
Free Balochistan" and "You are Bin Laden friend" slogan chanting during Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif speech at https…
Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif heckled by pro-freedom Baloch activists in US.
Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif heckled during speech at US think-tank
PM Nawaz Sharif Heckled During Speech in US, Called 'Friend of Bin Laden', asked to free Balochistan:
it's too much pain for the terrorist pakistan. With nawaz sharif
India's arms build-up will force Pakistan to take deterrence, says Nawaz Sharif in US
PM Nawaz Sharif has announced 500 million rupees for the rehabilitation of flood affectees in Gilgit Baltistan.
If has any magnanimity, he should pick up the phone, call Nawaz Sharif and use the opportunity to resume …
Only PM Nawaz Sharif knows the basic problems of Pakistan and he is our last hope. .
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif heckled on in US by a protester demanding freedom for Balochistan
Recently PM Nawaz Sharif presented photos of Obama's mother at work for ADB in Pakistan in 1980s. Nice gesture for a mother.
The question is why, why on earth does N League GULLUS kill?Whats this?. Mian Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif !Why can't …
Modi met Nawaz Sharif in Ufa while the Army was paying homage to a soldier martyred in
"I have made sincere efforts to improve relations with India," says Nawaz Sharif at USIP.
Nawaz Sharif on your return: take strong actions,to reform:this useless media,they are spreading Intishar.Anchors are literates,ignorants.
Nawaz Sharif made to listen more than talk when he met Barack Obama: Report
Nawaz Sharif says can’t bring Taliban to peace and kill them at same time
Barack Obama tells Nawaz Sharif not to selectively target terrorist groups in Pakistan
Obama meets with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
Only this time india is doing correct thing on which pak is rattled, who care? now we should not and we dont.
khalidrafiq138: Obama-Nawaz Sharif talks: Not much to shout about
For all those who are criticizing Nawaz Sharif,watch this video of Modi with Obama
Barack Obama told Nawaz Sharif not to discriminate among terror groups - Free Press Journal
Ahmar Masti Khan started chanting slogans as Nawaz Sharif started his speech in USIP, security officials took him out the Auditorium.
Nawaz Sharif forgets to talk about Dr Afia while agrees to handover Dr. Afridi. Very munasib
Nawaz Sharif lied to the nation about his Saudi deal how credible is his statement in Asghar Khan ISI ca…
Reporter- Indian Prime Minister calls prez obama as barrack. What do u call him?. Nawaz Sharif- Maalik!.
PM Nawaz Sharif met with Senator Bob Corker, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and ranking members of the committee.
Nawaz Sharif failed to make an impact again despite Turnbull & Asser shirts and Saville Row Suits. Nobody important came to welcome him.tsk
In 1980 Nawaz Sharif went to India with Gen Zia ,Punjab CM of India asked to him ,are you son of Jana Lohar?
PM Nawaz Sharif ordered sending plane-load of wheat stock for displaced people of in N.Kunduz: PM office
. Congressional resolution introduced to welcome Nawaz Sharif in US - The Economic Times
Nawaz Sharif arrives in US, Kashmir in agenda for talks with Obama: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arriv...
but sir i support him internationally not as Nawaz Sharif but as Pakistan's Prime Minister of My beloved country.
Insha allah the Time is over of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. And insha allah Pakistani People will kick them out from Pak.
Thanks Pakistani awam thanks very much trust on Mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif
Why the *** our PM invites Pakistan terrorist & PM Nawaz Sharif during oath taking ceremony. May be he didn't know thr IRADA
Hassan Nisar doing chitrol of Nawaz Sharif on
"Sons of Nawaz Sharif live abroad but my sons live in London. The two cannot be compared -- Simple Khan"
Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif involved in violation of poll laws.
Asif Ali Zardari is better thn Nawaz Sharif, says Imran Khan in Okara. IK had previously singled out AAZ as the most ev…
Both are the spokespersons of establishment. Every one knows who brought Nawaz Sharif to power & who sent Imran Khan to R…
Hamza Shahbaz & Nawaz Sharif have been criticizing IK for using abusive language. Agreed! He should learn ethics from Tala…
“I will have to ask Nawaz Sharif to give me a loan” – Imran Khan On $10 Million Divorce deal between him and Reham
Last time Nawaz Sharif was in Pakistan:. - Russia was out of Syria war. - Zaid Hamid was still in Saudi jail. - Ahmed Shezad was …
corruption book:At least $160 million were pocketed by Nawaz Sharif during his first stint as the Prime Minister in1990.
Nawaz Sharif: Pakistan will fight terrorism. its just like Aravind Kejriwal saying "I don't do politics". ~MadMax
yes they do ... anyone asking about Mrs of Raheel Sharif, Nawaz Sharif, Mamnoon Hussain ??
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Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Baksh said this abt Nawaz Sharif's appetite and insatiable corruption as leader of ht…
Do YOUR bit for your media. Ask PM Nawaz Sharif to & ensure journalist safety. Sign this petition
Pics of Nawaz Sharif and Mamnoon Hussain are both bigger than that of the Quaid
Whoa! UN meet in US!! Narinder Modi called for Silicon Valley to come to India. Nawaz Sharif called for Cashmere valley to co…
PM Nawaz Sharif Remained Absent in Dinner for Head of States Hosted by Obama
PM Modi waves to Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif at UN Peace summit. Bhakts: Wow. Modi wave even in America. .
Protest in NewYork Infrount of Hotel Where Nawaz sharif Killer of Mohajirs is Staying. . http:…
When daughter of Pak Malala was receiving standing ovation from all heads of states in UNO, our PM Nawaz Sharif was busy with Bla Bla in UK.
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif address to Leaders summit on peace keeping
The Pakistani's are not fit for a handshake, waving should suffice
Pakistan Premier Nawaz Sharif waves at Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the UN peacekeeping summit, Modi waves back.
Cc: . It's not just Kumar Vishvas who wears a pink panty, Nawaz Sharif also wears the pink.
No one can presnt Kashmir issue better than Nawaz Sharif. Bcoz we have'nt a wise leader like him.
Meanwhile did u know that sharif was also went to America.😂😂
Physicist Max Planck's wave theory is bedrock of quantum mechanics: did poor Nawaz Sharif get at least a wave from PM M…
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Isn't Nawaz Sharif not a habitual runner? same guy who licked Mushraf's shoes for C-31 flight to Jeddah
For Modi and Sharif not a summit, not a handshake, just a wave. Would Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz...
is Nawaz Sharif not an illegitimate PM who came in power by rigging, buying media ppl, planting ppl like Njam Sethi, ROz
Sarfraz Merchant denies meeting Nawaz Sharif, says he was in Regent's Park mosque to offer Eid namaz, nothing else
Is it true Nawaz Sharif visited Orkut's office?
Nawaz Sharif, wave at each other at peacekeeping summit .
If he can, Nawaz Sharif would like to hire a servant that can go to toilet in his place – Hassan Nisar
Nawaz Sharif, PM Modi wave at each other at UN peacekeeping summit via
Dehati aurat *** pimps and PAK shows uncut Nawaz sharif speech but never showed Modiji speech of UN uncut pp…
Since Google announced free wifi at 500 stations in India, Nawaz Sharif has requested Google for 500 stations in Pakista…
siasatpk: Nawaz Sharif, narendramodi wave at each other at peacekeeping summit .
- PM Modi Nawaz Sharif Wave at Each Other at UN Peacekeeping Summit - India TV…
A shut up call 4 all those who r criticizing PM Nawaz Sharif on his UNGA tour. Get a life haters. http:/…
What is point NAwaz Sharif, taking 70 odd people to UN? Does he need that many to write his speech? He can't even read!!
Sources: Daheti Aurat cried so much, finally Arun Jaitley telephoned PM Modi to wave at Nawaz Sharif.
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Indian PM Modi Ji is rocking in USA like Salman Khan n Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif is doing good like Rajpal Yadav.
Many TV anchors who claiming last year that Nawaz Sharif Govt was a security threat now traveled to NY on Govt expense to …
Nawaz Sharif failed to meet expectations in UN :- Dr.Shahid Masood
Govt to send bereaved family members to Saudi Arabia: ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has decided that ...
First protest MQM NEW YORK CHAPTER in front of Hotel where Nawaz Sharif is staying!
PM Nawaz Sharif also raised the issue of Indian violation of ceasefire on the Line of Control,Working Boundary with…
Issues remain at hand as Nawaz Sharif, Modi wave at each other at UN meeting: Lahore (Web Desk) – As both nations…
PM Modi's bilateral with Sheikh Hasina a pointed snub to an unsmiling Nawaz Sharif who is staying in the same hotel
Nawaz Sharif be A man, strictly Ask Saudi Government, to inform the Families of missing Persons About them.
PM Nawaz Sharif meets the President of Korea Park Geun-hye on the UN sidelines
Pak PM Nawaz Sharif looks bored listening to Nigerian President at UN South South Cooperation meet, waiting to speak.
Nawaz Sharif,s culture is Hinduism. Mian Muhammad Sharif has been made Ram Sharif by his foolish son.
Nawaz Sharif celebrated Eid in LONDON. Altaf Hussein,Eid in LONDON. Asif Zardari celebrated Eid in DUBAI. BUT,They r true leaders of Pakistanis
Bigg Boss or Splitsvilla? Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, and Nawaz Sharif will be staying under one roof in N…
Kashmir issue main cause of India-Pakistan tension: Nawaz Sharif: Terming the Kashmir dispute as the main reason of…
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If u want better Pakistan say no to Imran Khan & Yes to Nawaz Sharif
Gen Raheel's popularity is high because of Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Imran Khan- (This man calls himself a politic…
Nawaz Sharif should learn accountability from KP , Complete press conference today in Nowshera .
Nawaz Sharif is a monster.He has stolen mandate and no more a legitimate Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Nawaz Sharif has (thankfully) been reduced to a lame duck Prime Minister. Do a program listing his failures in t…
Civilian-military line will totally blur if Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif doesn't raise issue in debate: Mirza_pk
Barriers to way Forward | Iftikhar Ahmad | CSS Current Affairs . Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will raise the issue...
Sindh Energy Minister Murad Ali Shah advised PM Nawaz Sharif to act like PM of Pakistan instead of acting like PM of o…
Murad Ali Shah reveals that we have enough coal reserves in Sindh, Nawaz Sharif is attempting to kill coal projects in Sind…
Hey, what do you mean Saudi Arabia doesn't take any refugees? They hosted Idi Amin, Nawaz Sharif and Zein alAbidin Ben …
Sartaj Aziz, Raheel Sharif and Nawaz Sharif hosting a joint press conference..
John Kerry US Sctry of State phoned Nawaz Sharif n showed his worries in Indo-Pak region.
Saleem Safi says there are not many words in Nawaz Sharif's dictionary apart from "revenge"
Joke of the Day !. Only time will tell that the word "Revenge" cannot be found in Nawaz Sharif's dictionary !!
I can also prove Nawaz Sharif is a Santa Claus. He climbs up the chimney and robs house holds. Shahbaz is his backup.
Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif and others misused official resources causing a loss to the national exchequer of Rs...
Agreed but first banned Nawaz Sharif & ShahBaz over their link with Taliban & ASWJ terrorists https…
Wah Wah a very good chalange,anxiously waiting for reply of Nawaz Sharif or messanger basharam pervez rashid..
Any dialogue sans Kashmir will be futile: Nawaz Sharif: Two days after a scheduled…
. Maulana Fazal-ur- Rahman & Nawaz Sharif are not competent,Only Gen.Raheel Sharif who address the demand of MQM.Be Careful.
KANUPP successfully producing power for last 43 years: PM Nawaz Sharif.
Govt is looking keen and focus towards a Roshan Pakistan. Public has high hopes only from PM Nawaz Sharif. .
radication of loadshedding, terrorism among govt priorities: Nawaz Sharif.
PM Nawaz Sharif chairs meeting to review progress of National Action Plan & operation
PM Nawaz Sharif chairs high level meeting to review implementation on National Action Plan and operation progress.
PM Nawaz Sharif to inaugurate K-2 project of Karachi Nuclear Power Plant (KANUPP).
No one take credit for peaceful karachi from Nawaz Sharif. He has done it. His actions speaks louder than words. .
Karachi operation will continue till its logical conclusion says PM Nawaz Sharif .
PM Nawaz Sharif and others offering dua after inaugurating K-2 project of Nuclear Power Plant
PM Nawaz Sharif's message in Karachi: need to dig out facts who was involved in 2012 Baldia Town factory fire , cc To Whom It May concern
Hamilton Collection
Nawaz Sharif didn't visited any mandir when he came on swearing in ceremony of
Asif Zardari preferred to face fate, didn't take his words back against Generals. Having tapes / proofs, Nawaz Sharif prefers to surrender.
In the Blackmailers Club Asif Zardari,Nawaz Sharif,Altaf Hussain ,Maulana Fazloo and Asfandyar Wali are very active
Half a billion$ ws given to Mian mansha in the name of circular debt who is Nawaz Sharif's vehicle for money laundering via Dar.
Imran Khan has spent two years doing everything he can to make Nawaz Sharif a powerful Prime Minister
Personal Enemies of Nawaz Sharif criticized to Top Army Generals its politics of CH NISAR ALI KHAN
Nawaz Sharif has clearly said that the enemies of Afghanistan is the enemy of Pakistan. Asfandyar wali Khan
Examples from Urdu columns(1990s): “After Sher Shah Suri, it is Nawaz Sharif..” Another:”After Ranjit Singh, the only leader from Punjab=NS"
Nawaz Sharif set to leave for Belarus: … of President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus. This ...
Kamran Khan & Mian Amir Mehmood are trying to achieve for Nawaz Sharif what his darbaris failed to .
This is how & when Nawaz Sharif & his companions asked for the help from . Arent they traitors?.
That moment when you realise whatsapp has made more changes than Nawaz Sharif has made in Pakistan.
Gen Shareef beats Nawaz Sharif in punishing the corrupt. Mian Sb, you can start with Yousuf Gilani and Makhdoom.
The headline of the day is appointment of Jawad S Khwaja as CJP by Nawaz Sharif, rest is noise to obscure the news!
Amply clear that the Army/ISI calls the shots on policy matters in Pakistan.Not sure what PM/Doval hope to achieve by engaging Nawaz Sharif.
that Nawaz Sharif is not good for Pakistan 😖😖😖
Waseem Akram you are also commoner like us! You are not Nawaz Sharif,Shahbaz,Hamza,Dar and Khawaja!
Now waiting for to say no Pakistan hand in attack and send sareee to Nawaz Sharif as gift.
Shame on Nawaz Sharif he is quietly watching destroying Pakistan. .
... Nawaz Sharif and congratulate him saying "India is always with Pakistan in the fight against Terrorism" !!
We want a peaceful, stable and democratic Pakistan. Nawaz Sharif.
If a person is as corrupt as Nawaz Sharif, Zardari, Altaf Hussain then he can win in Pakistan.
Favorite MNA of Nawaz Sharif turned out to be the head of Land Mafia.
Pakistan’s SC allows military trials in terrorism cases - Nawaz Sharif welcomed the decision but critics and right...
Pakistan and Nawaz Sharif cannot co habbit
In Sha ALLAH Pakistan will b more peaceful under the Leadership of PM Nawaz Sharif.
Pakistan to be connected with Central Asia via Tirmiz: Nawaz Sharif -
List of people who shouldn't take selfie. . Nawaz Sharif, Qaim Ali Shah, Fauzia Kasuri, Tahir Ashrafi, Malinga, Abid Sher Ali & offcourse me.
Nawaz Sharif should order inquiry into international media reports that Mullah Umer died in Agha Khan hospital, …
Nawaz Sharif, Hamza Shahbaz, Makhdoom Amin Fahim etc have remained absent from NA but they are still part of it.
"Army must be ready to strike, if Nawaz Sharif dares sucking them in (what? He does not explain)," thunders Sheikh Rashid.
Shame on Zulfiqar Ali Bhutto, Benazir Bhutto, Nawaz Sharif & Army Govts for sucking the blood of the people of Pak.
Lessons from past one year. for IK"pehlay tolo phir. bolo"...lesson for mian sb fr. past "arrogant Nawaz Sharif. late 90s must not return"
Justice can be purchased in Pakistan.From Raymond Davis,Zardari,Nawaz Sharif and now ElectionRigging
DG Ops Indian army in early80s who planned/executed attk on Siachen now grand father in law of Nawaz Sharif 's niece
Nawaz Sharif must choose his words carefully. Remember the 'Dehati Aurat' remark?
Nawaz Sharif & Saudi Govt are planning to abduct Dr Tahir ul Qadri too if he visits Saudi Arabia. - .
UN military observers visit Pakistani victims of Indian attack but PM Nawaz Sharif won't. The irony is unmistakable.
Agreed 100%.Its really looks like Raheel Sharif is Prime Minister and Nawaz Sharif is like a Mamnoon Hussain. Salute to
I am the Prime Minister of Pakistan, and I am no longer going to eat grass. Nawaz Sharif
Is that the reason Nawaz Sharif a puppet Prime Minister, Musharaf in under house arrest. lol
As elected leader Nawaz Sharif will host a second Indian Prime Minister. If this is not high diplomacy what is?
Yasir Nawaz Requests to Prime Minister of Pakistan( Nawaz Sharif) to watch 'Wrong No'
Nawaz Sharif, Prime Minister of Pakistan himself admit the n says "Pakistan has become a Beggar State"
Hassan Nisar told me "Gen. Raheel almost successfully negotiated with Moon for Eid after 29 Ramzan but Nawaz Sharif sold the plan to India"
Nawaz Sharif thanks Saudi Govt that they keep Zahid Hamid with them he also want leashes event should be on air in Pak also thr Saudia TV
Talat Hussain your program was deplorable.YouR not qualified to criticise meeting of Nawaz Sharif & Modi.U don't know international affairs.
In his first ever meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Ufa, PM Nawaz Sharif thanked Russia for its...
Welcome Modi to Pakistan: Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Nawaz Sharif rose as sagacious leaders in 1999, when both o...
Probably you are disappointed that Kashmir was not discussed. More than Nawaz Sharif , Indian media was desperate for the K Word
Nobel Peace Prize laureate Malala Yousafzai met PM Nawaz Sharif in Oslo, saying that she wants to return home
"From Maleeha Lodhi to Marvi Memon, all appointees of Nawaz Sharif are made violating rules. They are 2 number people," S…
Danial Aziz Pig,Dalal Ch,Marvi Memon,Shahid Hamid, Cons of other groups sitting is Nawaz Sharif's lap now for what?
Pakistan has elected democratic government. Nawaz Sharif is the President of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PMLN)...
Cursing Zia for Nawaz Sharif but no words for MQM & other dictators, Jamat Islami?. WoW. Very smart Faisal Qureshi!
Imran Khan labeled Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari as ‘Fugitive’ | Watch live streaming & best...
President PML-N Larkana, Mr. Babu Sarfraz Jatoi called on PM Muhammad Nawaz Sharif at the PM House.
Shehbaz sharif and Nawaz Sharif should resign . Expected such news from . http…
COAS is always there for his soldiers. Nawaz Sharif didn't visit Karachi heat wave victims or their families. He must be bu…
Manhoos GOVT Ki waja Se Hamre kY Jawan Sacrifice Dai rehe Hy... Nawaz Sharif U should go now
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. i think that we should leave them.they are also big lover of Nawaz sharif. just leave them . our work is to support IK
Nawaz Sharif and Qaim Ali Shah's dismal response to heatwave proves that has no one to care for it.
Protecting schools from extremists today will help to stem the rise of extremism tomorrow - PM Nawaz Sharif
Pakistans voice for peace must be heard at UN: PM: ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has ...
Ahsan Iqbal your time finished. Can you pack the belongings of Nawaz Sharif as he has to go Saudia again for 10 years
BREAKING: Nawaz Sharif planning to issue a job offer to Narendra Modi
Third class gullucracy and third class gullu police of Punjab, shame on Nawaz and Shabaz Sharif,
Education affects how they interact within their communities and with the state and its institutions: PM Nawaz Sharif
Education influences the way people perceive the world around them, understand issues and find solutions to their problems: PM Nawaz Sharif
Education stops the exploitation of the poor and harnesses their potential: PM Nawaz Sharif
Education ensures equal opportunities and social justice for everyone: PM Nawaz Sharif
Nawaz Sharif expresses his commitment to securing the right to a high-quality… via
Pakistan does not rule out Nawaz Sharif-Narendra Modi meeting at SCO summit
Shame on Nawaz Sharif not to visit NKorea even once.I am sure any Pak leader would get celebrity kind of a treatment there.
IMF assured of gas, electricity price hikes by gov ans Nawaz Sharif, in mini budgets. Patwario Hor Chopo
PM seeks meaningful participation at UN: ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday…
: Cut all electricity to Nawaz Sharif and his family and all the ministers, MNAs and MPAs in Pakistan. See what happens?
shame On Pml(N). Shame In Nawaz sharif. Inshah'Allah We'll shine one day and that day is very soon 😎👍
News 18 May 2013 COAS met Nawaz Sharif in their house in model town.
This is interesting. via Schooling and Social Change in Pakistan, by PM Nawaz Sharif.
In education is a priority and a policy imperative
People of Karachi really very disappointed with recent visit of PM Nawaz Sharif. Not a single step for more than 1200 vi…
As if all victims who've lost their LIVES bcz of no basic necessities r thanking PM Nawaz Sharif right now fr …
Nawaz Sharif had crossed all the limits of brutality, Beating innoxents through gullu butts
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be visiting Moscow on 9th of July. 2 Billion Dollar energy investment deal is expected to b…
Earlier today PM Nawaz Sharif had a meeting with and to discuss the administrative matters of GB. http:…
ittefaq nama: A fictitious diary of Nawaz Sharif via
Video: Muawiya of LeJ saying Nawaz Sharif asked them to stop Dharna. . http:/…
Nawaz sharif had crossed all the limits of brutality. Beating innocents through gullu butts. http…
Why is such a high priority for by Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Meeting could take place between Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi on SCO: FO .
Keep your. right hand. on your heart. and answer. this simple. question. Is Nawaz Sharif. capable of. solving . Pakistan's. problems?
Karachi is not in priorities of Nawaz Sharif and pmln. PMLn wants to live in Punjab where they have vote bank. Islah-e-Muashra ittehad Pak.®
Schooling and Social Change in Pakistan by Muhammad Nawaz Sharif via via
I remember COAS Kiyani also met Nawaz Sharif when it was clear that PMLN has won.
NAB has filed reference against Paragon Society of Saad Rafique if its true & Nawaz Sharif not pressurized NAB,very bad f…
Taking note of Imran Khan's poor form, I'd like to invite Afghan Taliban to attack Pakistani parliament and take down Nawa…
Nawaz Sharif PML N attack on Supreme Court and Break the LAW -A rear footage: via
People of Karachi have been disappointed by the indifferent attitude of PM Nawaz Sharif towards...
Every woman needs a husband... because . so many things go wrong daily & you can't blame Nawaz Sharif gov, all the time."
Rajasarmad: Media that is Nawaz sharif's back pocket is trying very hard to make lies look like Universal Truth.
PM Nawaz Sharif has gone mad. How could he appreciate Sindh Govt. and CM Sindh for their worst performance during …
PM Nawaz Sharif lauded the efforts of Sindh Govt: CM Qaim Ali Shah
CM Qaim Ali Shah thanked PM Nawaz Sharif for taking personal interest in matters of the province, particularly
PM Nawaz Sharif arrives in Karachi for one-day visit
Zardari personal request to Nawaz Sharif let Ayyan Ali go as you let go your man - via
Shame on Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet along with Sindh government for ignoring and not visiting Karachi Victims.
For all those who take BBC as word of GOD. This is also BBC documentary exposing Nawaz Sharif. Now react plz
-. Q2: The only person to serve as both elected President and Prime Minister of Pakistan was?. Nawaz Sharif. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. M Ali Jinnah
Nawaz Sharif paid millions of US $ to leasing company for their 117-128 park lane, 16 Avenfield house. ht…
One conspiracy theory doing rounds in Karachi is that Nawaz Sharif is hiding behind the army & victimizing political opponents through army
PM Nawaz Sharif says national unity and cohesion is the need of hour in the wake of the sensitive times of campaign against terrorists
Nawaz Sharif is our Jon Snow coz he knows nothing and Altaf John Cena , .. u can't see him (Coz he is on telephone).
Punjab Governor calls on PM Nawaz Sharif to discuss development works in Southern Punjab
Just in: Governor Punjab Rafiq Rajwana calls on PM Nawaz Sharif, discusses development works in Southern Punjab
Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro bus service inaugurated today by PM Nawaz Sharif
Nawaz Sharif, you should have said that we will end culture of strike by giving justice to people. But you always get i…
PM Nawaz Sharif will inaugurate Rawalpindi-Islamsbad Metro bus service on 4 June 2015.
Beautiful Metro Bus service for beautiful people of Pindi and isd. Thanks PM Nawaz Sharif.
Gen Pervez Musharraf biggest mistake is tht he should have hanged Nawaz Sharif for charges of hijacking. Today I...
Pakistan is the only country to have three Defense Ministers : . 1) Nawaz Sharif . 2) . 3) Anand Sharma .
". ethnic, communal and sectarian violence. This is an all-out war against all forms of violence " PM Nawaz Sharif . 3/3
Shahbaz Sharif & Nawaz Sharif always do systematic rigging in Elections, like they did in Elections 2013.
Whether it's Nawaz Sharif,Shahbaz Sharif, Qaim Ali Sah ,AM Baloch or Pervaiz Khattak are all elected thus respected. Democracy must prevail
Pm Nawaz sharif letter to president of zimbabwe.
PM Nawaz Sharif writes to President of Zimbabwe, thanking about cricket team's tour
PM Nawaz Sharif writes letter to Zimbabwe president thanking Zimbabwe cricket team on visiting Pakistan.
The news of rift between CH Nisar and Mian Nawaz Sharif is baseless it is a made up story by some media channels to improve the…
How Much Nawaz Sharif's assets increased from 1983 to 1993 Fawad Chaudhary: via
Nawaz Sharif's assets increased 1600% from 1983 to 1993 - Fawad Chaudhry via
Pl comment on this video of Nawaz Sharif. 2011. Aman Ki asha on full swing. .
Gen.Raheel must force Nawaz Sharif to get tough with India otherwise he must be kicked out ht…
Nawaz Sharif urges Ban Ki Moon to implement UN resolutions on .
Yesterday Sheikh Rasheed used really hard words for Nawaz Sharif but not more then Moodi who said. "Nawaz Sharif ki kya okat hai"
Pakistan furious over Modi's nuisance remarks in : News
Modi wanted to do an Obama (Abbotabad case) after Myanmar Covert op. Ended up sounding foolish like Nawaz Sharif after Myanmar's declination
Ban Ki-moon & Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, PM of met on margins of conference. Readout: http:/…
are you in love with Bilawal Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif ?
Trust NYT on Axact but do recall what NYT dozens of stories alleged against Pak Army, Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, ISI, don't …
Nawaz Sharif is "proud" of the way ISI works. I wonder if the agency would reciprocate the Prime Minister's sentiment - ab…
Journalists vowed: We will not let the civil dictator Nawaz Sharif to muzzle the voice of BOL
media men in Balochistan rejected the biased attitude of civil dictator Nawaz Sharif, demanding to restore BOL.
Words of Raheel Sharif must have sent shivers down the spine of spineless Nawaz Sharif for he's got massive assets in Indi…
Reham told me Lahore mein thandi hawa chal rahi aur KPK mein nahi, when Nawaz Sharif prays for good weather he only prays…
PM Nawaz Sharif approves an assistance of $5 million for Rohingya Muslims
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