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Nawaz Sharif

Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif (Punjabi; born December 5, 1949), is a Pakistani steel magnate and national conservative, serving as the 12th Prime Minister of Pakistan in two non-consecutive terms from November 1990 to July 1993, and from February 1997 until October 12, 1999. He is the President of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, the Centre-right-conservative political force in Pakistan.

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Nawaz Sharif had crossed all the limits of brutality, Beating innoxents through gullu butts
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will be visiting Moscow on 9th of July. 2 Billion Dollar energy investment deal is expected to b…
Earlier today PM Nawaz Sharif had a meeting with and to discuss the administrative matters of GB. http:…
ittefaq nama: A fictitious diary of Nawaz Sharif via
Video: Muawiya of LeJ saying Nawaz Sharif asked them to stop Dharna. . http:/…
Nawaz sharif had crossed all the limits of brutality. Beating innocents through gullu butts. http…
Why is such a high priority for by Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Meeting could take place between Nawaz Sharif and Narendra Modi on SCO: FO .
Keep your. right hand. on your heart. and answer. this simple. question. Is Nawaz Sharif. capable of. solving . Pakistan's. problems?
Karachi is not in priorities of Nawaz Sharif and pmln. PMLn wants to live in Punjab where they have vote bank. Islah-e-Muashra ittehad Pak.®
Schooling and Social Change in Pakistan by Muhammad Nawaz Sharif via via
I remember COAS Kiyani also met Nawaz Sharif when it was clear that PMLN has won.
NAB has filed reference against Paragon Society of Saad Rafique if its true & Nawaz Sharif not pressurized NAB,very bad f…
Taking note of Imran Khan's poor form, I'd like to invite Afghan Taliban to attack Pakistani parliament and take down Nawa…
Nawaz Sharif PML N attack on Supreme Court and Break the LAW -A rear footage: via
People of Karachi have been disappointed by the indifferent attitude of PM Nawaz Sharif towards...
Every woman needs a husband... because . so many things go wrong daily & you can't blame Nawaz Sharif gov, all the time."
Rajasarmad: Media that is Nawaz sharif's back pocket is trying very hard to make lies look like Universal Truth.
PM Nawaz Sharif has gone mad. How could he appreciate Sindh Govt. and CM Sindh for their worst performance during …
PM Nawaz Sharif lauded the efforts of Sindh Govt: CM Qaim Ali Shah
CM Qaim Ali Shah thanked PM Nawaz Sharif for taking personal interest in matters of the province, particularly
PM Nawaz Sharif arrives in Karachi for one-day visit
Zardari personal request to Nawaz Sharif let Ayyan Ali go as you let go your man - via
Shame on Nawaz Sharif and his cabinet along with Sindh government for ignoring and not visiting Karachi Victims.
For all those who take BBC as word of GOD. This is also BBC documentary exposing Nawaz Sharif. Now react plz
-. Q2: The only person to serve as both elected President and Prime Minister of Pakistan was?. Nawaz Sharif. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto. M Ali Jinnah
Nawaz Sharif paid millions of US $ to leasing company for their 117-128 park lane, 16 Avenfield house. ht…
One conspiracy theory doing rounds in Karachi is that Nawaz Sharif is hiding behind the army & victimizing political opponents through army
PM Nawaz Sharif says national unity and cohesion is the need of hour in the wake of the sensitive times of campaign against terrorists
Nawaz Sharif is our Jon Snow coz he knows nothing and Altaf John Cena , .. u can't see him (Coz he is on telephone).
Punjab Governor calls on PM Nawaz Sharif to discuss development works in Southern Punjab
Just in: Governor Punjab Rafiq Rajwana calls on PM Nawaz Sharif, discusses development works in Southern Punjab
Rawalpindi Islamabad Metro bus service inaugurated today by PM Nawaz Sharif
Nawaz Sharif, you should have said that we will end culture of strike by giving justice to people. But you always get i…
PM Nawaz Sharif will inaugurate Rawalpindi-Islamsbad Metro bus service on 4 June 2015.
Beautiful Metro Bus service for beautiful people of Pindi and isd. Thanks PM Nawaz Sharif.
Gen Pervez Musharraf biggest mistake is tht he should have hanged Nawaz Sharif for charges of hijacking. Today I...
Pakistan is the only country to have three Defense Ministers : . 1) Nawaz Sharif . 2) . 3) Anand Sharma .
". ethnic, communal and sectarian violence. This is an all-out war against all forms of violence " PM Nawaz Sharif . 3/3
Shahbaz Sharif & Nawaz Sharif always do systematic rigging in Elections, like they did in Elections 2013.
Whether it's Nawaz Sharif,Shahbaz Sharif, Qaim Ali Sah ,AM Baloch or Pervaiz Khattak are all elected thus respected. Democracy must prevail
Pm Nawaz sharif letter to president of zimbabwe.
PM Nawaz Sharif writes to President of Zimbabwe, thanking about cricket team's tour
PM Nawaz Sharif writes letter to Zimbabwe president thanking Zimbabwe cricket team on visiting Pakistan.
The news of rift between CH Nisar and Mian Nawaz Sharif is baseless it is a made up story by some media channels to improve the…
How Much Nawaz Sharif's assets increased from 1983 to 1993 Fawad Chaudhary: via
Nawaz Sharif's assets increased 1600% from 1983 to 1993 - Fawad Chaudhry via
Pl comment on this video of Nawaz Sharif. 2011. Aman Ki asha on full swing. .
Gen.Raheel must force Nawaz Sharif to get tough with India otherwise he must be kicked out ht…
Nawaz Sharif urges Ban Ki Moon to implement UN resolutions on .
Yesterday Sheikh Rasheed used really hard words for Nawaz Sharif but not more then Moodi who said. "Nawaz Sharif ki kya okat hai"
Pakistan furious over Modi's nuisance remarks in : News
Modi wanted to do an Obama (Abbotabad case) after Myanmar Covert op. Ended up sounding foolish like Nawaz Sharif after Myanmar's declination
Ban Ki-moon & Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, PM of met on margins of conference. Readout: http:/…
are you in love with Bilawal Bhutto or Nawaz Sharif ?
Trust NYT on Axact but do recall what NYT dozens of stories alleged against Pak Army, Zardari, Nawaz Sharif, ISI, don't …
Nawaz Sharif is "proud" of the way ISI works. I wonder if the agency would reciprocate the prime minister's sentiment - ab…
Journalists vowed: We will not let the civil dictator Nawaz Sharif to muzzle the voice of BOL
media men in Balochistan rejected the biased attitude of civil dictator Nawaz Sharif, demanding to restore BOL.
Words of Raheel Sharif must have sent shivers down the spine of spineless Nawaz Sharif for he's got massive assets in Indi…
Reham told me Lahore mein thandi hawa chal rahi aur KPK mein nahi, when Nawaz Sharif prays for good weather he only prays…
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PM Nawaz Sharif approves an assistance of $5 million for Rohingya Muslims
Pervez Musharraf has now threatened India !! Hearing that, Nawaz Sharif has already booked an appointment with Clinton.
Jinnah to Gen. Raheel Sharif 'Go save my country before that Aloo Nawaz sells it to Modi'
Abdul Rehman Muavia has disclosed information about Nawaz Sharif asking help from ASWJ during dharna in Islamabad.
Riaz Malik with Zardari, Aleem Khan with IK, now Nawaz Sharif should also appoint Dr Arshad of Eden as his adviser.
Nawaz Sharif approved buying of security equipments worth Rs370million for security of President Mamnun Hussain...
PM Nawaz Sharif will have 2 answer 4 extrajudicial murder of Waseem Dehlvi & other workers of MQM …
Nawaz Sharif says is real and Shahbaz Sharif is making
Basically 'Federation' is going to pay for Showbazi of Shahbaz Sharif & Nawaz Sharif. .
“Different between vision. . Imran Khan to Education. . Nawaz Sharif to metro buses.
PM Nawaz Sharif meets CM's of all provinces at PM office prior to the meeting of National Economic Council.
PM Nawaz Sharif meeting chief ministers of all the four provinces prior to the meeting of National Economic Council.
thanks our beloved leader Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif for giving security and inviting Zimbabwe team.
Dr. Shahid Masood is an Agent of Nawaz Sharif. Be this in your mind.
Dr. Shahid Masood is an agent of Nawaz Sharif, he wants to divert attention of people from problems to other non issues.
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Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari are in League with Altaf Hussain Thru CrimlRahman Malik:They Prompt Altaf What to Say Against Army
The fedral govt Nawaz Sharif and the Pakistan Peoples Party had not given any priority to Karachi in approving mega projects
Pakistan wishes to deepen relations with the Central Asian state, says PM Nawaz Sharif
PM Nawaz Sharif & Punjab CM Shahbaz Sharif get clean chit in Model Town killing case
As expected: Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif get clean chit after killing 14 innocents in model town! . Sorry martyrs.
FIA won't do hoot against Meezan Bank b/c CEO Irfan Siddiqui is of Jamaat e Islaami & an aide of Nawaz Sharif
Imran Khan: Masses can stage protest outside Bani Gala, but are not allowed to even set outside residences of Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari
I guess instead of ARY Is now run by Irfan Siddiqui who's advisor to Nawaz Sharif so ARY is 0
I was right to choose Khawaja Saad Rafique to become the railways minister: Nawaz Sharif.
Smiling faces of Nawaz Sharif & Zardari in a meeting are flashing on TV screen on top of news tickers about the massacre.
PM Nawaz Sharif was presented guard of honor upon his arrival at Presidential Palace MT
Hamza Shahbaz Sharif interviewing Nawaz Sharif~. *rolls over and dies
how about Maryam interviewing Nawaz Sharif and then Tehmina Durrani with Shahbaz Sharif..
I hope 1 day Mian Mansha, Asif Zardari, Malik Riaz and Nawaz Sharif will be hanged publicly to protect the state of Pakistan from Corruption
. why this arshad Sharif is playing like Saala of Nawaz Sharif in his programs.Is he gone mad
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Those were the days when the GHQ united Nawaz Sharif & Altaf Hussain (1990) against Benazir Bhutto
Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari will never criticize Altaf Bhai. he has all the numbers to their off shore bank accounts.
The silence of Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari on Altaf Hussain's remarks is deplorable. . Secondly, how is PEMRA allowing thi…
When Kh Saad Rafique presented Aleem Khan to Nawaz Sharif to join Pmln after Q league, Nawaz said he can work for us better if he joins Pti
yeah so what? Nawaz Sharif is corrupt, why don't you go after him?
Nawaz Sharif has requested US to provide aid in the name of Nepal which would be diverted to terror
PM Nawaz Sharif pledged his country’s full solidarity with over the crises in the Middle East
that *** can't even come to Karachi and talk about how he runs that city. Nawaz sharif, and Bhutto came back. He got no balls
Pride of Pakistan. Pride of Nation. Pride of Muslim Ummah. The one an only. Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif. 😍😍😍😍
PM Nawaz Sharif visited to mend relations after Pakistani lawmakers rejected a Saudi request for military in
Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif discussed on Thursday the...
So IK calling "Oye Nawaz Sharif" was an abuse highly condemned by liberals and "Haram Khan" by Altaf deserves their silence.
PM Nawaz Sharif meets Saudi leaders, watch details now in 9am bulletin
Amir Mateen criticizes PM Nawaz Sharif for not inviting CMs of other three provi - via
Saudi Defense Minister holds meeting with Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif and Yemen's President Hadi in Riyadh http…
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PM Nawaz Sharif, accompanied by COAS, Defense Minister, Foreign Secretary, leaves for day long tour of
PM Nawaz Sharif meeting the Defence Minister of Saudi Arabis Prince Mohammad bin Salman in Riyadh.
Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif heads off for Riyadh to mend ties with Saudi Arabia over the Yemen crisis
"The Pakistan-Saudi relationship has begun to resemble that of a puppet and its master"
PM Muhammad Nawaz Sharif being received by King Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud at Diriyadh palace in Riyadh
PM Nawaz Sharif , COAS and Khawaja Asif with Saudi King , will hold talks on Yemen crisis .
Islamabad High Court issues PM Nawaz Sharif contempt of court notice on case filed by CSP officer. Details soon on
What you think if IK / Shahbaz Sharif / Nawaz Sharif / Raheel Sharif & other-plan all major country targets for few yrs as team
Indians seems to be equally cruel like Shahbaz Sharif & Nawaz Sharif, need to be taken to World Court of Justice
Magic Phone call of John Kerry to Nawaz Sharif last night and today Shahbaz Sharif rushed to S.Arabia ..
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met Army chief General Raheel Sharif today at PM House Islamabad to discuss national...
2/2 So far Nawaz Sharif has not been able to rise above cronyism and use of money to buy influence.
All protecting democracy are now worried about own qualification hence running to No one cares about Nawaz Sharif. LOL😸
& inject him with AIDs, automatically Mehbooba mufti will die, her dad,mani iyer,Owaisis,Nawaz Sharif & ISI all die of AIDs
. Hearts of whole Pakistan beat with Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
China calls Gwadar as its 'biggest harvest' but Baloch determined to save it via
PPP leadership must decide role of Khursheed shah is he a leader of opposition or Nawaz Sharif's cabinet minister?
Nawaz Sharif has the Strength to Achieve Anything that's seems Impossible to other parties Leaders!
Imran Khan funny reply on Nawaz Sharif's silence over Khawaja Asif's speech against PTI in Parliament
Strongly condemn Nawaz Sharif's continuing efforts at pre poll rigging in GB by announcing dev package for GB as an elect…
Nawaz Sharif is the one of the highest tax payer in working for free & u just pay 2 lac tax i.e 1% of tax paid by PM
Imran Khan reply to Nawaz Sharif over container politics taunts via
Awam ki khidmat ke dawedaro,just look at the protocol of senseless PM.
If there’s any threat to Nawaz Sharif, it is from himself: Chairman on
While Khwaja Asif spoke, Nawaz Sharif innocently watched like the local crime leader who gets goons to do his dirty work
Nawaz Sharif can never even do container politics-
There was no need of any clarification by Nawaz Sharif when there was already a resolution passed by National Assembly-
Dharna was the need of the hour as we got justice from no where because Nawaz Sharif had his own umpires around-
Protests never weaken the govt, its Nawaz Sharif's bad performance which has weakened his government-
We want to defeat Nawaz Sharif and status quo through the electoral process in a free and fair election
Buying consciences, lifafa journalism, changa manga style politics...these are all creations of Nawaz sharif and co.
Nawaz Sharif was Created by General Zia & ISI. - Play youtube Videos Directly from TADS.TK
This is a gift from INDIA to our PM Nawaz Sharif...Number are different against Sarhees which PM gave to them
Iranian Foreign Minister meeting PM Nawaz Sharif shortly. Later, he is scheduled to meet Army Chief Gen Raheel …
At last judicial commission formed. Now a count down of 45 days starts for Nawaz Sharif & Imran Khan. let's see who pr…
Hanif Abbasi announced to open 30 outlets of Ephedrine in commercial areas of islamabad. Nawaz Sharif will do inaugurat…
Haroon Rashid Exposes alliance between Geo and Nawaz Sharif -
PM Nawaz Sharif and President of Turkey Tayyip Erdogan holding talks on the Middle East crisis with focus on
PM Nawaz Sharif shaking hands with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan prior to their meeting in Ankara.
President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan receiving PM Nawaz Sharif upon his arrival at the Presidential Palace.
PM Nawaz Sharif will be visiting the on April 3, to discuss the with Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.
PM Nawaz Sharif chaired a high-level meeting here this evening to discuss recent developments in the Middle East.
PM Nawaz Sharif chairs high level meeting. Situation of Middle East discussed in meeting.
That is why ANP is with Nawaz Sharif more than Shahbaz Sharif. Asfandyar is requesting Nawaz to delay the process through NAB
Credit goes to PM Nawaz Sharif who bring back our brother's & sister's frm Safely.Tks to PIA & Cabin crew as well.
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Karachi airport resounding with Nawaz Sharif zindabad slogans as the flight bringing 502 Paksitanis from Yemen lands. Ye…
Imran Khan is not the PM of Pakistan he's a member of parliament, Nawaz Sharif is the Chief Executive
Nawaz Sharif came to KPK and said , I cant see Naya KP ? That's because Mian Saab thinks only metro is Naya KPK! - IK
come on maryam Nawaz Sharif is the most beautiful woman ever born in Pakistan
Nawaz Sharif to protect again. Gov not providing proofs to Scotland Yard .
When History of Evil Going on Behind High Walled Fortresses of Malik Riaz,Asif Zardari, & Nawaz Sharif is Revealed Pak…
Altaf Hussain demanded PM Nawaz Sharif to give the right to vote and the right to contest elections to overseas Pakistanis.
Also, Mumtaz Bhutto left Nawaz Sharif to join PTI in October 2014 when Nawaz Sharif needed support more than ever
PM Nawaz Sharif orders Minister Khawaja Asif to ink new agreement with
RIP Zulfiqar Balti sahib Personal photographer of PM Mian Nawaz Sharif. We miss you! May Allah bless his soul.
PM Nawaz Sharif at home of Driver of MD KESC, who was murdered by saulat Mirza,
PM Nawaz Sharif said this reflects the confidence of the people on the development-focused policies of PMLN.
Scenes from Lahore make me so sad and to think nawaz sharif calls it a democracy?!
Modi is giving statements against us but Nawaz Sharif is silent as his son has business interests in India, says Imran Khan"
Whenever nawaz sharif govt comes in really difficult time something major happens 2 divert Army direction.Please ans it why?
Stage is all set for Shahbaz Sharif taking Notices, dismissal of few police officers and yes Nawaz Sharif will form comissi…
Exiled Kashmiri Jamil Maqsood speaks exclusively to on torture and excesses committed by Pak PM Nawaz Sharif i…
Dear Paksitani nation ! . Did you get now how Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari have embraced into ONE. . Staus Quo
Why Nawaz /Shehbaz Sharif sleeping, when they will get up who will save Lahoris from these Christian mobs???
Saw lots of police and anti-riot truck parked near home of Nawaz Sharif in model town
pti should find other ways to reform the election commision. Nawaz sharif would never let Pakistan to go beyond his control.
Where is ??? Where is nawaz sharif wake up situation is worst
Nawaz Sharif asks for immediate inquiry into Lahore blasts
An open letter to PM Nawaz Sharif. Is he serious in his National Action Plan?
According to PMLN Lahore is the home of Nawaz Sharif. Now Nazwaz and Shehbaz both are trying to move from Lahore with their families.
PM Sharif unable to attend inauguration of Multan-Faisalabad Motorway project as protesters blocks road
Zia-ul-Haq and PML-N i.e. Nawaz Sharif the spiritual son of ZIA.
Do you recognize these kids?Nawaz Sharif is responsible if they look siblings : IK
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has congratulated Dr. Shazra Mansab on winning the Nankana by-election in a convincing manner.
Nawaz sharif is not eligible for government,he can't control even Lahore,shame ,someone is promoting sectarian violence.
Over Billing of electricity is Cheating,Fraud,Theft,Robbery and bhatta . Nawaz Sharif and others involved. arrest them. FIR. Punish.
BREAKING: PM Nawaz Sharif announces he will neither resign nor he will go on leave
Meanwhile Mian Nawaz Sharif is avoiding temptation of Joining KSA Anti-Iran alliance. A very positive step from him unbelievable
Our Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and 92 world cup. trophy had a same same hair. style.
Nawaz Sharif is responsible 4 me being not able 2 full fill my conjugal duties adequately : IK
Nawaz Sharif is responsible 4 me not appearing before SCP : IK
Prime Minister terms it an attack on state: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Sunday strongly condemned the bomb ...
Scum Salman Ghani enjoying crumbs thrown at him by Nawaz legitimizes Sharif's loot & plunder. Detrimental for Pak!
Heading towards Roshan Pakistan in the visionary leadership of Mian Nawaz Sharif. .
Great meeting with pm mian nawaz sharif
Sharif Govt's Economic Performance, since 2013. What's wrong with it?.
PM Nawaz Sharif couldn't leave for Gojra due to blockade of Motorway, and bad weather
Time have come to free Lahore from these target killers gangsters and Bhutta Khors of PMLN Nawaz Sharif & Showbaz etc http:/…
You shud try with butyful Nawaz Sharif, not ugly black Modi.
Attaining the milestone of drone capability would add a new dimension to Pakistan's defense: PM Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
Little Giant Ladders
Nawaz Sharif is bank loan defaulter of 3 billion in London(Mar12)
. Jinnah would disown nawaz sharif if he visited PAKISTAN today. He would send him …
Jemima gold Smith were also bought by Nawaz Sharif.
what about Khawaja Asif said in Kashif Abbasi show that he and Nawaz Sharif saw Geo's proof being a traitor
Waiting for someone to say Nawaz Sharif was Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1992 too, so we will win world cup.
Nawaz Sharif also had an affair with Dilshad Begum- sister of famous Bollywood actor/director Feroz Khan (also famous for abu…
PM Nawaz Sharif says Pakistan and Saudi Arabia enjoy deep-rooted and historic ties
match to start in few hours and Nawaz Sharif is meeting Saudi King in Middle East. Now if Pakistan loses this m…
ready to resume talks with says Nawaz …
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has approved the appointment of a focal person for Afghanistan
Sources: COAS has asked Nawaz Sharif to step down and dissolve cabinet. Nawaz has asked for time to discuss this with his party members.
ready to resume talks with says Nawaz Sharif
Nawaz Sharif is destroying one of the last institutions barely standing in Pakistan i.e.,PCB by placing his crony Sethi who knows nothing
Exclusive: Pakistan ready to resume talks with India, says Nawaz Sharif .
PM Nawaz Sharif summoned to Riyadh by the Newly Crowned King Salman. By Sikandar Bacha.
yeah once in a year. And whole year mess up team. No diffrence in Afridi and Nawaz sharif.
ISLAMABAD:(APS) Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday said that relations with Afghanistan had undergone...
Honorable Mr. Nawaz Sharif I Pray 4 a Peaceful and Democratic Pakistan. My Heart breaks 4 your children;I know you are strong
We are & will be the follower of Great Quaid Mian Nawaz Sharif
Here Comes the Container... Nawaz Sharif is Dumb... He Don't learn from Experience.. .
Caring PM Nawaz Sharif for sending special flight to evacuate Pakistanis stranded at New Delhi airport. Bravo !!!
Nawaz Sharif urges overseas Paks to invest in the country, yet is adamant in depriving them of th…
With what face does Nawaz Sharif ask and urge overseas Pakistanis to invest in Pakistan?
. Dherna is Necessary to make Nawaz Sharif to Work .. . No Dherna, No Work ! . Need another Dherna to Kick Nawaz Out.
Pakistan willing to pick up threads of dialogue snapped by India, says Nawaz Sharif - India Today vi…
PM off to visit the Saudis. Nuclear proliferation courtesy affair?
Nawaz sharif will take live phone calls for complaints from public, everyone is requested please dont call please he cant answer - PMLN
Shame on u Nawaz sharif. You will pay for what you have done..
Nawaz Sharif also copied Zardari in getting afraid from Military Courts
Nawaz Sharif will be responsible if If I end up with egg on my face . tomorrow; IK
This lack of seriousness is also reflected in Nawaz Sharif taking off for Saudi at this very crucial time-IK
Mufti did samething with ji what Nawaz sharif did with Atal ji ..we are sad.
Pak-Afghan relations are improving PM Nawaz: ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Monday said that relati...
The newly crowned monarch of Saudi Arabia, King Salman bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud has invited PM Nawaz Sharif to visit the kin…
Govt will provide all possible facilities to the investors in order to achieve its objective of economic prosperity: PM Na…
PM Nawaz Sharif will discuss a range of bilateral and regional issues of mutual interest, including counterterrorism.
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif will soon restart a helpline to directly listen to the complaints of the people.
This is the reality of Nawaz Sharif and his copy cat cabinet
Pre Poll Rigging is happening in Gilgit Baltistan. Nawaz Sharif can't win Election without Rigging.
Petrol prices increase in India while PM Nawaz Sharif refused to increase the petrol prices. Yes Nawaz Yes !
While nawaz sharif ko chalta rehny do unless you can handle yourself coming 1.5years on lead of Gen Raheel as President of Pak..
How can we plant trees in such pouring rain. Protest Vigil. Nawaz Sharif stop the rain rigging
. Look at nawaz Sharif It's not Sindh or Balochistan but one side of Roshan Punjab!!
Nawaz Sharif ji has sent a wonderful white Sari for my Mother. I am really grateful to him & will send it to my Mother very soon.
Nawaz Sharif is responsible for terrorism in Karachi because he supported the families of terrorist. -Haroon Rasheed.
PM Nawaz Sharif and General Raheel discusses strategy to take out Mullah Fazlullah
This Abdul Aziz is younger brother of Nawaz Sharif,,,he cannot take a step against him,,,u should give resign frm ur ministry,,
"Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif & this offer at a hair transplant clinic
Nawaz Sharif has nominated his own 'umpire' for the upcoming elections in Gilgit-Baltistan (GB) region - Imran Khan
starts campaign with former close aides of Asif Ali Zardari and Nawaz Sharif
Hitler was Hitler becoz of awaken German nation. Nawaz Sharif is Nawaz Sharif becoz of our sleeping nation.
Nawaz Sharif you are not a Prime minster, you are a Crime Minster.
PM Nawaz Sharif has said Pakistan's exports to European Union markets have surged to over one billion dollars as a result of GSP plus status
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif lands at Karachi airport,will discuss law and order and other political issues with Sindh Govt.COAS is also here
Spoke to President PM Sheikh Hasina, PM Nawaz Sharif & President Sirisena. Conveyed my best wishes for the …
92 Channel - Nawaz Sharif uses his stomach for thinking! Mubashir Luqman!
Enough is enough. PM Nawaz Sharif and finance minister Ishaq Dar must spare 300 to 400 billion rupees for foreign security deployment in Pak
Shame on Nawaz Sharif, Qaim Ali Shah, Shahbaz Sharif, Pervez Khattak and Abdul Malik. None of you deserves the honorable …
We are trying to deliver with utmost sincerity: PM Nawaz Sharif via
PM Nawaz Sharif: Govt suffered losses while people benefited by reduction in prices of petroleum products
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Reduction in diesel prices has benefited farmers: PM Nawaz Sharif
Only if and were as important to Zardari and Nawaz Sharif as
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif direct Ministry of Water & Power to immediately RESTORE all disconnected Tube-well connections in
Allah has bestowed Pakistan with precious resources of gold, silver, copper and iron: PM Mian Nawaz Sharif
the same way Nawaz Sharif and Zardari became bros. When is Shahbaz Sharif dragging that thief on road?
40 killed in bomb attack in Shia mosque in Pakistan.
Very interesting video clip please watch it. Ap nawaz sharif *** Nhi nhi mn Imran Khan *** ..
Nawaz Sharif takes in a wrong direction he once again hits Baluchistan.
It is up to Nawaz Sharif to tell David Cameron that someone can not sit in the UK and preach hate speech, incite violence-…
Dunya News – Reserves of gold, silver, bronze and iron have been found in Chiniot, says Nawaz Sharif
It's was PM Modi who invited Nawaz Sharif during his swearing in ceremony as PM of India. Why you always forget past.
Called on Hon'ble PM Mr Nawaz Sharif along with TAPI Petroleum Ministers;he extended warm greetings & wishes for Hon'ble P…
No US media still behind Nawaz Sharif and no one cross these killer ministers .
PM Nawaz Sharif has said the natural resources of Pakistan will be fully exploited for the prosperity and development of the country.
PMLN Is the best poltical party And Maryam Nawaz Sharif , Nawaz Sharif Sir and Sir Shahbaz Sharif r the best Leaders
Update your maps at Navteq
Why Nawaz Sharif and ARMY is silent on Baldia Town Massacre?
This project is very important for all the countries of the region and Pakistan is keen that it is expedited : Prime Minister…
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif was addressing a gathering here after getting a briefing on the discovery of...
We all should take this opportunity seriously so that we can fulfil our obligation to our people : Prime Minister Muhammad Na…
Pakistan would be happy to play a positive role in this regard : Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
We are facing shortage of gas . This project will help us meet the deficit. : PM Muhammad Nawaz Sharif
PM Nawaz Sharif being given a presentation on the confirmation of iron and copper resources in Rajwa, Chiniot
PM Nawaz Sharif greeted the nation on the discovery of good quality. copper, iron and gold deposits,
PM Nawaz Sharif said lower fuel prices had led to decline in prices of . everyday commodities.
PM Nawaz Sharif If you cannot give justice to 258 people died in Karachi Baldia town factory then you should resign with shame. Dont say that justice is given in court. You are the one who is responsible that court investigate and take the matter to its logical conclusion. Or please resign.
I recommend General Kayani to push out Nawaz Sharif for his failure to prevent the attack on the school-boys.
is like Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif without hair. -.-
Hamid Mir showing PM Nawaz Sharif's speech in UN demanding plebiscite in Kashmir .
Nawaz Sharif has gone to AJK/PoK to address a joint session of legislative assembly and Kashmir council on .Pointless
Imran Khan is in good form again thanks to Bhabhi :) Nawaz Sharif better watch out!!!
Gen. Rashad Mahmood was appointed chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff Committee, by Nawaz Sharif in November 2013.
"Just one question. Who gifted modi with that million rupee suit? Hope it was not Nawaz Sharif."Gautam Adani mar gaya kya ??
This is what Einstein said about Nawaz Sharif
PM Nawaz Sharif has expressed deep grief and sorrow over the sad demise of religious scholar Maulana Abdul Majeed Ludhyanvi
Nawaz Sharif is the only prime minister in the whole world who announce the petroleum prices. What is doing OGRA?
If PML-N was anything like a democratic party Nawaz Sharif,his family members & advisers'd have been thrown to wolves long ago. Ayaz Amir
What is merit of President except making dahi bhale for Nawaz Sharif
Pakistan wants normal ties with `important neighbour` India: Nawaz Sharif: Islamabad: A day after US President...
It's really a shame that Nawaz Sharif has time for the death of king Abdullah but not the deaths of 141 innocent kids i…
Nawaz Sharif thinking of inviting the US President for some good Desi Pakistani food
I demand a statement from PM Nawaz Sharif about this discrimination of President Obama/ignoring the blood of 132 children
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