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Nawaz Sharif

Mian Mohammad Nawaz Sharif (Punjabi; born December 5, 1949), is a Pakistani steel magnate and national conservative, serving as the 12th Prime Minister of Pakistan in two non-consecutive terms from November 1990 to July 1993, and from February 1997 until October 12, 1999. He is the President of the Pakistan Muslim League-N, the Centre-right-conservative political force in Pakistan.

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(2/3)PM Nawaz Sharif, but no one listening or raising this issue in parliament, some of them are working in model colleges
Gen Raheel Shareef must sense the pulse of the Nation before it's too late to realize, Nawaz Sharif is an Indian Puppet…
Letter daughter Maryam( 31 Oct '15) to Nawaz Sharif's daughter mentioned on htt…
Whenever u see anything related to PM Nawaz Sharif on PTV. First confirm it from Maryam Nawaz 😂
Nawaz Sharif and COAS will discuss the Middle East situation and KSA's relations with
Nawaz Sharif is famous political *** He learn political boot Polishing from Army And Maryam Fallow her Papa and escape with Army man.
Hats off to PM Nawaz Sharif to allay concerns & reservations over the construction of with consensus.
Nawaz Sharif's own "nawasi" (Maryam Daughter) got married underage. How can you expect change in Pak culture
President Ashraf Ghani assures PM Nawaz Sharif that security for Pakistani diplomats posted in would be enhanced.
Afghan President calls up Pak PM Nawaz Sharif, apprises him about Jalalabad attack
Just in: Afghan President Ashraf Ghani telephones PM Nawaz Sharif, assures to improve security of Pakistani mission
Afghan President speaks to PM Nawaz Sharif and assures security for Pakistani diplomats in Afghanistan
India is favorite of our uncle Nawaz Sharif. And no one make crazy Maryam Nawaz is quite busy in health and education LANAT UN PAR
Today Imran Khan exposed Nawaz Sharif performance but media showed no interest & than they say he is not doing opposition
Minister of Defence Kingdom of Saudi Arabia HRH Mohammad Bin Salman warmly received by PM Nawaz Sharif at PM House
Mitigating sufferings of Kashmiris priority of Nawaz Sharif: Pervaiz: BHIMBER: Federal Minister for Information, Broadcasting and Nat...
*Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif with the Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee for the Lahore Treaty, signed in Feb 1999
Nawaz Sharif sends his heartfelt emotions to John Kerry
John Kerry call Nawaz Sharif, promise swift action on |
John Kerry calls Nawaz Sharif over Pathankot attack, asks to continue India-Pakistan negotiations
Pathankot attack: John Kerry calls up Nawaz Sharif who promises him 'swift' action - The Economic Times
John Kerry tells Nawaz Sharif to find out truth in Pathankot attack
Nawaz Sharif is advised to make full efforts to avoid making CPEC controversial from the beginning like Kala Bagh Dam. Very important.
I think it is Nawaz Sharif's moment of reckoning-he needs to seize it and make best out of it-he wont get such opportunity again in his life
Modi ji used to say UPA ministers serving Biriyani to Pak, what now? He himself went to meet Nawaz Sharif: Sushil Kumar Shinde
Nawaz Sharif is Spreads Wealth Son Hassan is Managing Directors in a MultiMillion Pound Cos
It was a pleasure hosting PM Nawaz Sharif at the Presidential Palace last night.
Best Leader in Pakistan was Ex. Gen. Pervaiz Musharraf . Even Altaf Hussains narrative is better than Nawaz Sharif's vision.
HH Nawaz Sharif, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, is a terrorist. He is no lesser than Mullah Omar or A…
The question on everyone's mind > Is the Pakistan military on board with the assurances that PM Nawaz Sharif is giving India on Pathankot?
PM Nawaz Sharif inaugurated Project of Asian Development Bank in the name of Saab ko mamu bana dia.
PM Nawaz Sharif using same language used by Gen Musharraf, he was already following his policy of India appeasement
Okay, so now speculation on even what time Nawaz Sharif called Narendra Modi.Bhai wah. Tamasha bana rakha hai!!!
I am with PM Nawaz Sharif in Columbo he spoke to Indian counterpart after 4:15 pm not before PM Nawaz busy from morning to…
Pak PM Nawaz Sharif rings Indian PM Modi -- Modi tells him he should take "immediate action" on Pathankot leads
Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif calls up Indian PM Narendra Modi and assures him of investigation into leads given by India o…
Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif rings Indian PM Modi and tells him that his government will investigate leads given to it on Pathankot attack
Get PM Modi ready for Plebiscite I'll get PM Nawaz Sharif ready for the same says says Hina Rabbani.
yes we need to talk with Gen.Raheel Sharif.not Nawaz Sharif. But it looks same story during kargil war.when Atalji was there.
PM Nawaz Sharif will take steps to end the Saudi-Iran crisis after his return from Sri Lanka: Irfan Siddiqui
Nawaz Sharif should show some balls and do what is good for pak's future,anti India policy is not good 4 health and it is proved in 67 years
I think PM Nawaz Sharif want to give extension to Gen Raheel & in coming days he will offer extension to gen
Nawaz Sharif going to SriLanka tomorrow. Will he reciprocate Surprise Stop Over at Delhi ?
You will not find a man like Nawaz Sharif who is so keen to have peace in subcontinent: Lt Col (Retd) Shafqat Saeed
Nawaz Sharif at least once do justice to all provinces
Patients as well as attendants seemed satisfied and thanked PM Nawaz Sharif for starting PM National health Program.
Pathankot Attack: A return gift to Narendra Modi from Nawaz Sharif? via
EDUCATION improvement in pakistan beacause of you maam Maryam Nawaz sharif.
PM Modi's Lahore stopover puts the onus of a better South Asia in 2016 back on PM Sharif. My piece in ht…
Nawaz Sharif will go to Colombo today. Remembered that in post-lahore euphoria,speculation was rife if he will make reciprocal stopover. LOL
Zardari was evil , But Why Nawaz Sharif is not blamed for all failures ? Nawaz is responsible for all PMLN blunders https:/…
,IK Wants to become a PM ,But Nawaz Sharif Want to Deliver while he is a PM
Memo or Articles -Any1 has ever read any Memo or newspaper article or Co-op ever written by Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif, Altaf Hussain, AAZ
attack is Nawaz Sharif's idea of surprise visit.
Fresh protest in Pathankot over terror attack, locals burn effigy of Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif
is mazar Sharif related to Nawaz Sharif
Awaiting Modi's selfie with Nawaz Sharif. Hope he will give birthday bumps too...
PM of hearts , Nawaz Sharif is born to rule. Lovely caption
M Fazal is on forefront 4 claiming his own personal share,leaving behind pashtuns&baloch
As if Nawaz Sharif hv control over the terrorism industry of Pak..Its all under Pak army & ISI..!! I salute our heroes who shut thm evrytime
worry Nawaz sharif gunna get big dunda from kpk people soon !
Tariq Fazal Ch Presenting gifts to father of new born on the behalf of PM Nawaz Sharif .
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif all Pakistan stand with you because you care and love all Pakistan :)
We were told pak army was on board when Modi offered deeper engagement to Nawaz Sharif. Isnt Doval in touch with Pak NSA Janju…
Chairman NADRA as a young student in Aitchison College receiving a cup from PM Nawaz Sharif
Now that Bhakts have to defend Nawaz Sharif also.
4/11 beneficiaries & staunch defenders of Capitalism.If it is not Nawaz Sharif & Asif Zardari,then it is Imran Khan & Jahangir Tarin.None of
Nawaz Sharif. A leader with vision, man on mission. Now 1 step more for nation National Health Program
First time in history of Pakistan Health insurance Programme . PM Nawaz Sharif launching this great initiative
Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif will be hanged one day for Model Town killings. . For Killers
Wedding pictures of Nawaz Sharif's granddaughter. As per 1 report grandpa's turban was from India, gift from PM.
Kargil happened when Nawaz Sharif was PM,Toppled by Parvez Musharraf n proclaimed himself President.U r ***
Gen Mohammad Ziaulhaq President of Pakistan my father and Nawaz Sharif is my elder…
Dope in Pakistan means something else. Nawaz Sharif is on dope when he says he's fighting terrorism
Watch Part 1: PM Modi makes first visit to Pakistan to meet Nawaz Sharif.
Moula Baksh Chandio urges Nawaz Sharif to act as a PM of Pakistan and to listen Sindh's reservations.
Its our warning to Gen Raheel sharif &PM Nawaz Sharif, if modi lands in lahore then we will leave pakistan for ever.
Pakistan not expecting much from January talks: Aziz: "Spoke to PM Nawaz Sharif & wished him on his birthday",...
Mr Prime Minister - No dialogue over dead bodies. Pl cancel your meeting with Nawaz Sharif.
Modi's visit to Pakistan was of a private nature. Since he met Mr. Nawaz Sharif and his family along with the...
PM Modi's favourite dish served at Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif's home
PM Narendra Modi’s pit stop in Pakistan: Birthday bumps for Nawaz Sharif and a possible honeymoon:
PM departs from Lahore airport for Delhi, Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif sees him off.
From threatening Pakistan in 2011 to holding hands with Nawaz Sharif, Modi has come a long way
I wish the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Mr. Nawaz Sharif on his birthday and pray that he remains in wonderful health.
I wonder if an 'Akhand Bharat' with Sheikh Hasina or Nawaz Sharif as PM, would be okay. . Nahi Ji. Pradhanmantri to Modi hi chahiye.
President Ashraf Ghani calls PM Nawaz Sharif to discuss regional issues and mutual interests.
No objection against relations with Nawaz Sharif, but Kashmir is burning. State govt. failed. Why not President rule there ?
Modi ji and Nawaz Sharif having tea...but that tea is not being served by respected Barkha ji ?...This India-Pak talk is …
Dhanyawad to India from Afghanistan President; Blessings from mother of Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif
Wow ! What an amazing step by n so well reciprocated by mr Nawaz Sharif ! best birthday gift to Atal Vaj…
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Whether we like it or not Nawaz Sharif is Pakistan's elected PM, Afghan President should only talk to him & not the blackmailer RaheelSahrif
Looking forward to meeting PM Nawaz Sharif in Lahore today afternoon, where I will drop by on my way back to Delhi.
Clever Modi ploy to ruin Nawaz Sharif's birthday with vegetarian meal. Bonus: Ruin Xmas for journos by making them work.
Modi's special move on a day where birthdays of Atalji,Mohammad Ali Jinna and Nawaz Sharif happening.Adventurous move.
Narinder Modi will have 2 hours long meeting with Nawaz Sharif at Raiwind. Security has been beefed up around Raiwind
PM India Narinder Modi is landing in lahore in couple of hours. PM Nawaz Sharif will receive Indian PM.
Today Pakistan president Nawaz Sharif birthday celibrates in Lahor
Not only Birthday of Nawaz Sharif,139th Birth anniversary of Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah being observed across Pakistan today
Happy Birthday, Nawaz Sharif. May you have Mohammad I ki Nihari and fajay Kay paye
Nawaz Sharif is Sacred of Army and General Raheel - Allah Kare Hum 5 Saal Pore Kar Jaen
Mr.president Nawaz Sharif sahib please release afghan border people of Baluchistan are getting hyper day by day...
PM Nawaz Sharif's close friend Sohail Zia Butt announces to make his own Political party .
A loud 'Assalamu Alaikum' by Turkish President as he enters the hall to meet Nawaz Sharif.
Pakistan's PM Nawaz Sharif said the handover of Gwadar Port to China is a good beginning.
Only Narendra Modi and Nawaz Sharif can ensure people-to-people contact: Om Puri
Khwaja Asif, Ishaq Dar stop being a darbari; you also have to answer your God one day. Think about him not Nawaz Sharif
Nawaz Sharif assures Li Keqiang over security of Chinese workers in Pakistan:  Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz S...
Dr Shahid Masood making fun of Nawaz Sharif: via
PM Nawaz Sharif may not betray Ch Nisar Ali Khan otherwise PPP can do nothing except futile exercise to protect AA Zardari's corruption.
Nawaz Sharif govt. will not compromise on karachi's law & order 👍👍👍.
Heart to heart in Islamabad: Sushma meets Pak PM Nawaz Sharif
no. but I support Nawaz Sharif 's stance. Ch Nisar is creating problem for govt
Feel the difference between khan sab and nawaz sharif.
Feel the difference between Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan.
Everyone isn't nawaz sharif who visits for personal business
.why Ajmer sharif? Nawaz is welcome to do Ganga Arti like Abe.
A moment of silence for all my liberal friends who thought Nawaz Sharif is a federationist democrat now :)
wish ur pm nawaz sharif come to india and does a Ganga aarti with modi
Prime Minister of Pakistan Nawaz Sharif met with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan at Ashgabat
why not let Nawaz Sharif come to Ganga Aarti? Why so u say Ajmer Sharif??
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Finally, we have documentary proof of Nawaz Sharif rigging pre-poll for 2018. took this secretly
I believe Pakistan must adopt the governance model presented by Amrish Puri in movie Nayak. Nawaz Sharif should make me P…
if Indian PM visit pak, where shud nawaz sharif take him to? Are there any temples left in PAK?
Stop being fools; Nawaz Sharif and Zardari are both one. NS know than eventually if this operation continues it will reach Punjab.
Let Modi and Nawaz Sharif pray at Bankey Bihari temple in Vrindavan. But it is beyond the imagination of
When Nawaz Sharif meets Modi, he is enemy of the state. When Imran Khan meets Modi, he is improving bilateral relations. …
Nest time modi gifts something to nawaz should be Kulkarni...
Dear Stop acting like Asif Zardari & Nawaz Sharif when it comes to discussion on Our Quaid' s Two Nation Theory s…
Pakistan committed to strong ties with regional countries: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has underlined the need...
Musharaf was better than Nawaz Sharif, he banned my entry in Karachi so that I don't embarrass myself by contesting elect…
Will imposition of Governor rule in Sindh mark the beginning of the end of Nawaz Sharif government.
Very good mian muhammad Nawaz Sharif sab
Our PM Nawaz Sharif talks about a tolerant Pakistan & his Son in Law, MNA and Head of PMLN Youth Wing praises Mumtaz Qadr…
Do not be surprised if I say Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif are also radicalised! -
As Punjab will have local Governments. ...what will Shahbaz Sharif and Nawaz Sharif do ?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Army's perennial minus one formula that they've tried from Ms Fatima Jinnah to ZAB, to Nawaz Sharif to Altaf Bhai
Ulema’ at the Jamia Darul Uloom Haqqania, issued a warning to Nawaz Sharif against propagating liberal values.
Whats about Bad Language of CM Shehbaz,Nawaz,Talal,Pervez Rasheed and other Darbaris of Nawaz Sharif.
Baloch activist heckles Nawaz Sharif's speech, calls him friend of BinLaden htt…
And here Son in Law of PM Nawaz Sharif delivers a speech in favour of Mumtaz Qadri -
Shocked to see captain Safdar (Nawaz Sharif's son in law) in this video justifying Salman Taseer's murder .
Shahryar Khan told the media that a letter seeking a no objection certificate has been sent to PM Nawaz Sharif.
Teachers are being forced to attend Nawaz Sharif's Jhang jalsa
Teachers are being forced to attend Nawaz Sharif's jalsa.
ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has asked the country's president to reject a petition for pardon for four
RAW Connection to Nawaz Sharif Thru Mukesh Ambani: Ambani intervened with Clinton in 2000 to save Sharif's life.
WAPDA delegation calls on PM  : ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif on Thursday listened to the complaints...
Nawaz sharif...the deadliest snake of em all! 😱😲
Daughter of Dr speaks of her ordeal for the first time in emotional letter. http…
Peace in Afghanistan inevitable for stability in the region: Nawaz Sharif
Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif asks President to reject appeals of Peshawar school convicts
'No mercy for Peshawar school attackers'
Pakistan, Russia entering new phase of strong relationship: Nawaz Sharif
Be Warned:Nawaz Sharif & :Do You See the Headlight of the Oncoming Train:
If Nawaz Sharif was honest,he would'nt have met such a formidable personality as who defeated them at their game as Gov of Punjab
Bad,Bad,Bad Times Ahead ISIS Barbarians at the Gates:Haraam Khors Nawaz Sharif/Zardari at the Helm:Pak economy is doomed & Rebirth of Terror
Nawaz Sharif is the Worst PM when ISIS Barbarians at the Gates:Nawaz welcomes ISIS,it'ill keep Pak Army Busy & PMLN Corruption Mojan Mojan
"Don't pull legs, let me do foreign tours". PM Nawaz Sharif lands in Uzbekistan for his 44th intl trip
Pakistan under eco-terrorists,nawaz sharif & Asif Zardari is inviting daish or ISIS to enter and fight Pakistan Army & strength…
This is people's love & trust that Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is in power thrice & this trust will continue
Why is US Govt not focusing their CIA imposed Tout in Pakistan: Nawaz Sharif:& his father who nurtured.fed,housed ISIS founding members
Whole of Lower Dir came out to greet Nawaz Sharif. Charged public chanting slogans:.
Patrons of ISIS includes PM Nawaz Sharif:Even his father housed,fed, & funded Pre-Cursors of ISIS or Daish.AZardari uses them for terror
Nawaz Sharif & his father patronized Jihadis who morphed in Daish or ISIS.No one speaks out against patrons and financial supporters of ISIS
PM Muhammad Nawaz Sharif laying the wreath at Independence and Humanism Monument, Samarkand.
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Nawaz Sharif in Dir today . This is called Jazba!
Nawaz Sharif might sell the Roosevelt Hotel in New York. End of an Era?
A rare pic of my leader mian Nawaz Sharif
Nawaz Sharif is working against interests of peasants: Imran: The PTI chairman addresses crowd in Mian ... (ExTr)
Nawaz Sharif only made promises to the people of Thar but never follow up: Bilawal Bhutto
is modern form of & Nawaz Sharif is very cheaply trapped, can't dare to chall…
Mumtaz Bhutto summoned to meet Shahbaz Sharif on instructions of Nawaz Sharif. Hope NS is not considering Governor's Rule in Sindh
Karachi Festival starts with recitation of Koran. PM Nawaz Sharif was chief guest of the event.
Ansar Abbasi loses it on Nawaz Sharif's statement of a "liberal, democratic Pakistan"
Nawaz Sharif and family dined at Serafina New York for 3 long hours. pizzas . apple pie, cheesecake and chocolat…
every name in this list is a true sickularist ;) They will accept the award only if we offer Padma Vibhushan to Nawaz Sharif ;)
I think Obama didn't summoned Nawaz Sharif to listen to him. Rather he was called so that he can listen to US President.
Nawaz Sharif says attack on Saudi is attack on Pakistan and will be replied to: Nawaz ibn Saud, slave of al Sauds
Nawaz Sharif about General Zia ul Haq "I have great admiration for late president, I like to peruse his policies"
Vision of PM Nawaz Sharif is very clear that zero conflict policy and peace & stability are the key 4 economic develop…
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PM Nawaz Sharif called Tyrkish President, Turkish PM and Congratulated them on their victory.
PM Nawaz Sharif congratulates Turkish PM, President on telephone over victory in elections
Nawaz Sharif congratulates Turkish PM, President on election victory
US senator Mike Gravel calls for Dr Aafia's release. Nawaz Sharif where are you?
7- PM Nawaz Sharif wants to give Gilgit-Baltistan representation in Pakistani Parliament but Gen Aslam Beg, Gen Kayani & ISI are hurdles.
People are protesting against Nawaz Sharif as they couldn't cast vote due t his VIP protocoal https:/…
Nawaz Sharif wants to improve ties with India: Pak High Commissioner Abdul Basit
So much respect for Nawaz Sharif today for dealing with such a sensitive, personal issue in such a dignified manner.
Imran Khan ko Leader bnana ha to Nawaz Sharif jaisa Jiger lay k aye : Hamza Shehbaz . * NS shows up on stage with his fatt…
These POTians did not leave Nawaz Sharif & Shehbazs hair, there family, Hamza & Shehbazs marriages, Maryams marriage with Safder
PM Nawaz Sharif has directed party officials to refrain from commenting on family and personal matters of Imran Khan
Nawaz Sharif, Shahbaz Sharif Politics begins and ends on photo sessions & media publicity. Same thing they do on flood & now on earthquake.
Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank president Jin Liqun meets PM Nawaz Sharif,for details watch now h…
So Modi call Nawaz Sharif today after all.
. Thank you Edhi. Thank you Burney. Thank you Sushma. Thank you Salman Khan. Thank you Nawaz Sharif. Finally thank you Pakistan
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Free Balochistan" and "You are Bin Laden friend" slogan chanting during Pakistani PM Nawaz Sharif speech at https…
Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif heckled by pro-freedom Baloch activists in US.
Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif heckled during speech at US think-tank
PM Nawaz Sharif Heckled During Speech in US, Called 'Friend of Bin Laden', asked to free Balochistan:
it's too much pain for the terrorist pakistan. With nawaz sharif
India's arms build-up will force Pakistan to take deterrence, says Nawaz Sharif in US
PM Nawaz Sharif has announced 500 million rupees for the rehabilitation of flood affectees in Gilgit Baltistan.
If has any magnanimity, he should pick up the phone, call Nawaz Sharif and use the opportunity to resume …
Only PM Nawaz Sharif knows the basic problems of Pakistan and he is our last hope. .
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif heckled on in US by a protester demanding freedom for Balochistan
Recently PM Nawaz Sharif presented photos of Obama's mother at work for ADB in Pakistan in 1980s. Nice gesture for a mother.
The question is why, why on earth does N League GULLUS kill?Whats this?. Mian Nawaz Sharif & Shahbaz Sharif !Why can't …
Modi met Nawaz Sharif in Ufa while the Army was paying homage to a soldier martyred in
"I have made sincere efforts to improve relations with India," says Nawaz Sharif at USIP.
Nawaz Sharif on your return: take strong actions,to reform:this useless media,they are spreading Intishar.Anchors are literates,ignorants.
Nawaz Sharif made to listen more than talk when he met Barack Obama: Report
Nawaz Sharif says can’t bring Taliban to peace and kill them at same time
Barack Obama tells Nawaz Sharif not to selectively target terrorist groups in Pakistan
Obama meets with Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
Only this time india is doing correct thing on which pak is rattled, who care? now we should not and we dont.
khalidrafiq138: Obama-Nawaz Sharif talks: Not much to shout about
For all those who are criticizing Nawaz Sharif,watch this video of Modi with Obama
Barack Obama told Nawaz Sharif not to discriminate among terror groups - Free Press Journal
Ahmar Masti Khan started chanting slogans as Nawaz Sharif started his speech in USIP, security officials took him out the Auditorium.
Nawaz Sharif forgets to talk about Dr Afia while agrees to handover Dr. Afridi. Very munasib
Nawaz Sharif lied to the nation about his Saudi deal how credible is his statement in Asghar Khan ISI ca…
Reporter- Indian Prime Minister calls prez obama as barrack. What do u call him?. Nawaz Sharif- Maalik!.
PM Nawaz Sharif met with Senator Bob Corker, Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and ranking members of the committee.
Nawaz Sharif failed to make an impact again despite Turnbull & Asser shirts and Saville Row Suits. Nobody important came to welcome him.tsk
In 1980 Nawaz Sharif went to India with Gen Zia ,Punjab CM of India asked to him ,are you son of Jana Lohar?
PM Nawaz Sharif ordered sending plane-load of wheat stock for displaced people of in N.Kunduz: PM office
. Congressional resolution introduced to welcome Nawaz Sharif in US - The Economic Times
Nawaz Sharif arrives in US, Kashmir in agenda for talks with Obama: Pakistan Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif arriv...
but sir i support him internationally not as Nawaz Sharif but as Pakistan's Prime Minister of My beloved country.
Insha allah the Time is over of Nawaz Sharif and Zardari. And insha allah Pakistani People will kick them out from Pak.
Thanks Pakistani awam thanks very much trust on mian Nawaz Sharif and Shahbaz Sharif
Why the *** our PM invites Pakistan terrorist & PM Nawaz Sharif during oath taking ceremony. May be he didn't know thr IRADA
Hassan Nisar doing chitrol of Nawaz Sharif on
"Sons of Nawaz Sharif live abroad but my sons live in London. The two cannot be compared -- Simple Khan"
Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif involved in violation of poll laws.
Asif Ali Zardari is better thn Nawaz Sharif, says Imran Khan in Okara. IK had previously singled out AAZ as the most ev…
Both are the spokespersons of establishment. Every one knows who brought Nawaz Sharif to power & who sent Imran Khan to R…
Hamza Shahbaz & Nawaz Sharif have been criticizing IK for using abusive language. Agreed! He should learn ethics from Tala…
“I will have to ask Nawaz Sharif to give me a loan” – Imran Khan On $10 Million Divorce deal between him and Reham
Last time Nawaz Sharif was in Pakistan:. - Russia was out of Syria war. - Zaid Hamid was still in Saudi jail. - Ahmed Shezad was …
corruption book:At least $160 million were pocketed by Nawaz Sharif during his first stint as the Prime Minister in1990.
Nawaz Sharif: Pakistan will fight terrorism. its just like Aravind Kejriwal saying "I don't do politics". ~MadMax
yes they do ... anyone asking about Mrs of Raheel sharif, Nawaz Sharif, Mamnoon hussain ??
Sufi poet Mian Muhammad Baksh said this abt Nawaz Sharif's appetite and insatiable corruption as leader of ht…
Do YOUR bit for your media. Ask PM Nawaz Sharif to & ensure journalist safety. Sign this petition
Pics of Nawaz Sharif and Mamnoon Hussain are both bigger than that of the Quaid
Whoa! UN meet in US!! Narinder Modi called for Silicon Valley to come to India. Nawaz Sharif called for Cashmere valley to co…
PM Nawaz Sharif Remained Absent in Dinner for Head of States Hosted by Obama
PM Modi waves to Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif at UN Peace summit. Bhakts: Wow. Modi wave even in America. .
Protest in NewYork Infrount of Hotel Where Nawaz sharif Killer of Mohajirs is Staying. . http:…
When daughter of Pak Malala was receiving standing ovation from all heads of states in UNO, our PM Nawaz Sharif was busy with Bla Bla in UK.
Prime Minister Muhammad Nawaz Sharif address to Leaders summit on peace keeping
The Pakistani's are not fit for a handshake, waving should suffice
Pakistan Premier Nawaz Sharif waves at Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the UN peacekeeping summit, Modi waves back.
Cc: . It's not just Kumar Vishvas who wears a pink panty, Nawaz Sharif also wears the pink.
No one can presnt Kashmir issue better than Nawaz Sharif. Bcoz we have'nt a wise leader like him.
Meanwhile did u know that sharif was also went to America.😂😂
Physicist Max Planck's wave theory is bedrock of quantum mechanics: did poor Nawaz Sharif get at least a wave from PM M…
Isn't Nawaz Sharif not a habitual runner? same guy who licked Mushraf's shoes for C-31 flight to Jeddah
For Modi and Sharif not a summit, not a handshake, just a wave. Would Prime Ministers Narendra Modi and Nawaz...
is Nawaz Sharif not an illegitimate PM who came in power by rigging, buying media ppl, planting ppl like Njam Sethi, ROz
Sarfraz Merchant denies meeting Nawaz Sharif, says he was in Regent's Park mosque to offer Eid namaz, nothing else
Is it true Nawaz Sharif visited Orkut's office?
Nawaz Sharif, wave at each other at peacekeeping summit .
If he can, Nawaz Sharif would like to hire a servant that can go to toilet in his place – Hassan Nisar
Nawaz Sharif, PM Modi wave at each other at UN peacekeeping summit via
Dehati aurat *** pimps and PAK shows uncut Nawaz sharif speech but never showed Modiji speech of UN uncut pp…
Since Google announced free wifi at 500 stations in India, Nawaz Sharif has requested Google for 500 stations in Pakista…
siasatpk: Nawaz Sharif, narendramodi wave at each other at peacekeeping summit .
- PM Modi Nawaz Sharif Wave at Each Other at UN Peacekeeping Summit - India TV…
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A shut up call 4 all those who r criticizing PM Nawaz Sharif on his UNGA tour. Get a life haters. http:/…
What is point NAwaz Sharif, taking 70 odd people to UN? Does he need that many to write his speech? He can't even read!!
Sources: Daheti Aurat cried so much, finally Arun Jaitley telephoned PM Modi to wave at Nawaz Sharif.
Indian PM Modi Ji is rocking in USA like Salman Khan n Pakistan PM Nawaz Sharif is doing good like Rajpal Yadav.
Many TV anchors who claiming last year that Nawaz Sharif Govt was a security threat now traveled to NY on Govt expense to …
Nawaz Sharif failed to meet expectations in UN :- Dr.Shahid Masood
Govt to send bereaved family members to Saudi Arabia: ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif has decided that ...
First protest MQM NEW YORK CHAPTER in front of Hotel where Nawaz Sharif is staying!
PM Nawaz Sharif also raised the issue of Indian violation of ceasefire on the Line of Control,Working Boundary with…
Issues remain at hand as Nawaz Sharif, Modi wave at each other at UN meeting: Lahore (Web Desk) – As both nations…
PM Modi's bilateral with Sheikh Hasina a pointed snub to an unsmiling Nawaz Sharif who is staying in the same hotel
Nawaz Sharif be A man, strictly Ask Saudi Government, to inform the Families of missing Persons About them.
PM Nawaz Sharif meets the President of Korea Park Geun-hye on the UN sidelines
Pak PM Nawaz Sharif looks bored listening to Nigerian President at UN South South Cooperation meet, waiting to speak.
Nawaz Sharif,s culture is Hinduism. Mian Muhammad Sharif has been made Ram Sharif by his foolish son.
Nawaz Sharif celebrated Eid in LONDON. Altaf Hussein,Eid in LONDON. Asif Zardari celebrated Eid in DUBAI. BUT,They r true leaders of Pakistanis
Bigg Boss or Splitsvilla? Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Narendra Modi, and Nawaz Sharif will be staying under one roof in N…
Kashmir issue main cause of India-Pakistan tension: Nawaz Sharif: Terming the Kashmir dispute as the main reason of…
If u want better Pakistan say no to Imran Khan & Yes to Nawaz Sharif
Gen Raheel's popularity is high because of Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif. Imran Khan- (This man calls himself a politic…
Nawaz Sharif should learn accountability from KP , Complete press conference today in Nowshera .
Nawaz Sharif is a monster.He has stolen mandate and no more a legitimate Prime Minister of Pakistan.
Nawaz Sharif has (thankfully) been reduced to a lame duck Prime Minister. Do a program listing his failures in t…
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