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Navy Yard

The United States Navy Yard, New York, also known as the Brooklyn Navy Yard and the New York Naval Shipyard (NYNSY), is a shipyard located in Brooklyn, New York, northeast of the Battery on the East River in Wallabout Basin, a semicircular bend of the river across from Corlear's Hook in Manhattan.

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Navy Yard tragedy's Aaron Alexis was reportedly in contact with an electronic surveillance and mind control "human rights support group" two weeks before killin
Green Line trains are single tracking from L'Enfant Plaza to Navy Yard after Metro officials confirm a man intentionally jumped in front of the train. He was pronounced dead on the scene. Riders heading toward Branch Avenue should expect delays. DETAILS:
Navy Yard killing could lead to greater scrutiny, less privacy for some federal ... - Washington Post
Busy day ahead . . . going to pick my Dad up, head to the Georgetown University Hospital to see my Mom, go by the Navy Yard to get my work laptop and do some grocery shopping before all this stupid snow comes.
Thanks to Bill Clinton Ft Hood and the Navy Yard are "gun free zones" as well! Insane!
NY fashion show held in Brooklyn Navy Yard
Firm that did background checks on Snowden, Navy Yard shooter got $16 million bonus via
1965, Rally to prevent the closing of the Brooklyn Navy Yard with Robert F. Kennedy at Park Ave & Carlton.
About 2 inches now at Navy Yard (SE DC) and counting... adding up quickly. Roads are gone.
13 February 1969, the former RAN Tribal class destroyer HMAS Arunta (I) cheated the breaker’s yard when she sank while under tow.
Got the Brat home safe!! It is not nice out there at all!!! DC & MD you *** suck when it comes to snow prepping!! Rte. 295 & 202 is jacked up!!! Didn't see 1 truck out there, however, I did see 3 trucks following each other by the Navy Yard.. Doing absolutely nothing!!
Have your wife contact While we do our TVGig city of
Anthony Sills discusses new Challenges: Implications of the Navy Yard Shooting
Guards in uniforms and schedules and habits are mostly for show, See Navy Yard also.
Denver Helland was born August 26, 1913, at Havre, Montana, and moved with his parents to Preston Township, Ransom County, North Dakota, when he was six years old. He attended the local schools, and farmed with his parents. He also held various other farm-related jobs, and did some trucking. Denver has one brother, Marvin, who was born in December, 1914. His sister, Harriette, was born in 1916, and passed away in 1950. On October 12, 1940, Denver married Mabel Olson, daughter of John Olson's from Kathryn. They moved to Bremerton, Washington, where he was employed as a machinist in the Puget Sound Navy Yards during World War II. Later, they returned to North Dakota, and purchased the Olson farm. As time went on, they purchased more land and now farm 100 approximately 1,100 acres. The Hellands have four children: Marlene is married to Tom Sagaser and they live on a farm near Jamestown. Deloris, R.N., is married to Larry Welken, and they live near Valley City. Dennis is at home. Donna works and lives in Fa ...
still feeling good about the storm? definitely piling up around Navy Yard now and stay cold thus far.
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
June 11, 1927- a fleet of warships and multiple flights of military aircraft escorted me to the Washington Navy Yard!
USS Lancetfish (SS 296) is commissioned. A month later she sank alongside the pier at the Boston Navy Yard due to...
Boat fires extinguished on District waterfront near Navy Yard
House panel to examine shooter and security clearances
snow and skating at canal park navy yard D.C.
When the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC) wanted to further revitalize its 300 acres and continue to create local jobs, it needed additiona...
There's a gem of a quote in the Tester press release that begins "Whether it's Edward Snowden or Washington's Navy Yar…
Are local police departments to blame for Washington Navy Yard shooting?
...also do not go to a Sikh temple or the Navy Yard.
Pretty soon a beautiful bird the Eagle will leave her winter nest! Brand new masts and rigging. They were replaced in the Navy yard with snow all over her. She's one of kind hand built and the only active commissioned sailing ship that exists. The Constitution just as majestic and beautiful is not fully commissioned.
Hey All, we are pulling the plug on our service at The Navy Yard tomorrow.. *** hum :(
"Mayday Calls at the Navy Yard" by STUART EMMRICH via NYT The New York Times
It's snowing down here at the Navy Yard, Topper!
Police have identified all of the victims of Monday's fatal shooting at the Washington, D.C., Navy Yard. The suspected gunman, 34-year-old Aaron Alexis of Fort Worth, Texas, fatally shot 12 people and injured...
Sorry to say we'll miss our Thursday friends at The Navy Yard tomorrow due to the storm. Stay warm and safe! We look forward to schmearing with you next week!
Something going down at the Navy Yard again. Keep people in prayers.
stay away from the Navy Yard the ghetto birds fly in on the police are swarming
DOD Official Reports on Security Clearance Process - The Defense Department has taken several initiatives to control security clearances in response to last September's mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, a DOD official told the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.
One of the most talked-about events of the week was Alexander Wang's show scheduled Saturday night in the Brooklyn Navy Yard.
The House Oversight and Government Reform Committee today released a report on the September Navy Yard shooting that found a flawed security clearance process allowed Aaron Alexis access to the buildings. Alexis obtained and maintained a Secret …
A House panel is placing some blame on hundreds of police departments across the country for the September 2013 shooting at the Washington Navy Yard, according to Government Executive. The chairman and ranking member of the House Oversight and …
SHUTTLE ALERT: Tomorrow looks like it will be another day when The Navy Yard shuttles are affected by the snow storm. All should plan on delays and the possibility that the morning Express runs will not be made to Market East station. We will make an announcement via email and social media tomorrow as soon as a decision has been made.
I have forgotten to pub the Phyllis Wheatley Y's Afternoon of Smooth Jazz. $60. March 23rd. At the Navy Yard. Good food. Good music. Good cause. Let me know if you are interested in attending.
& so does Alexander Wang! Alexander Wang took his New York Fashion Week Fall 2014 Runway show to the Brooklyn Navy Yard this past weekend. Wang mentioned to the Associated Press, “Fashion is always...
Get your pre-snow yoga in today at Nava Yoga Center at The Navy Yard! Join me for Fleet! at 11:45am or Heated Flow at 6:15, and be sure to stick around this evening for Community Acupuncture from 7:15 - 8pm
Make a differnce as we fall in freedom our press becomes more like Russia media 6 corporations manipulate 90% of our news in America so if you have an agenda how do you get people behind what you want yes you control the information they receive and the courts have supported this by ruling that news does not have to be the truth it can be complete fabrication and our media is doing just that don't believe it take a look at some of what is going on as far as so called conspiracy theory I dare you Benghazi IRS voter fraud the official report of 9-11 the elementary school shooting la airport shooter the navy yard shooting take a look
See how the Brooklyn Navy Yard is facilitating job creation and small business growth with the help of Goldman Sachs.
Winner of Philly's Best Beer Fest. Sample some of the countries best craft beers at the Philly Craft Beer Festival at the Philadelphia Navy Yard
In their first hearing examining last year s Navy Yard shooting, Republicans and Democrats on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee clashed on lessons to be learned from the tragedy.
Carnivore BBQ Food Truck will be on the Washington Navy Yard today for lunch! The truck is now located across from Subway/Dunkin' Donuts, Bldg. 184. Stop by and grab some grub!
All... I only share my achievements for one reason, because you never know where someone is in their life. You could give someone their "AHA MOMENT" I could INSPIRE you. Who knows. When I went deaf it was the darkest period in my entire life. Before my CI surgery I was inspired by a 10 yr old little know I have a relationship with Philadelphia CHOP ! From when Hyuston was in their NICU. Over the past 2 years I developed a close relationship with The Director Of "Phila Children's Hospital Center For Child Communication" I call her my BFF. She schooled me about the deaf life. So anyway yesterday I had a meeting with her, and wants me to be a speaker this year at "THE WALK FOR HEARING PEOPLE" ! SMH Its huge like SUSAN B. KOMEN with the breast cancer organization. She wants me to represent CHOP ! SMH I told her I was HONORED ! It's going to be 1000's of people from everywhere ! Smh Deaf and hard of hearing adults and parents. They want me to share my story with these kids. Smh tears.Smh She said y .. ...
I couldn’t believe it under all those layers of paint there was some wonderful information buried. The cannons were built at the US Navy Yard in Washington DC in 1886. Also marked 3 inch Rifle 500 Lbs. one was also marked number 28 the other number 29. Thus proving they are truly a matched pair having been built one right after the other at the Navy Yard.
Here Part 2 of my book The title is What is America like. In my book, it stated that I personally know some American people who is presently been targeted, and suffering for just being here on earth. These people are on drugs, have been abused for no apparent reason. For example: I do not personally know this Miriam Carey , but I did follow her story. According to research, Miriam Carey was targeted and killed. She was innocent, now her poor baby has to live without her mother. Driver killed after car chase from White House to Capitol A woman with a 1-year-old girl in her car was fatally shot by police near the U.S. Capitol on Thursday, after a chase through the heart of Washington that brought a new jolt of fear to a city already rattled by the recent Navy Yard shooting and the federal shutdown. The car was registered to Miriam Carey, 34, a dental hygienist from Stamford, Conn., law enforcement officials said, adding that they believed Carey was the driver.
Business is thriving in South Philadelphia as a new tenant was officially added to the long list of companies at the growing Navy Yard campus.
Elizabeth Bishop: "Late Air" Late Air From a magician’s midnight sleeve the radio-singers distribute all their love-songs over the dew-wet lawns. And like a fortune-teller’s their marrow-piercing guesses are whatever you believe. But on the Navy Yard aerial I find better witnesses for love on summer nights. Five remote lights keep their nests there; Phoenixes burn quietly, where the dew cannot climb. BISHOP, Elizabeth. The Complete Poems: 1927-1979. New York: Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 1983.
Another spark key from the teens. This one was made by the Boston Navy Yard. Look at the size of the contacts and the current rating.
Isolated from the rest of Fort Greene by the BQE (a block to the south along Brooklyn’s Park Avenue) Flushing Avenue has also had its very own jail. It was originally built to house sailors stationed at the Navy Yard; the jailbirds, bars and barbed wire were added later when the sailors left. It was demolished by 2005.
The report by the Republican staff of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee criticized 450 police departments — including that of Seattle and the District of Columbia, where Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis had lived. It also faulted…
℠2014 - Defense leaders testified before Congress that the DoD has improved its background check system since a mass shooting a the Washington Navy Yard. Available in high definition. Read more:
bertsbasket of memories ( home the old post office ) I wrote about living in the old blocker home but this next home was the old po in Cottageville . let me begin first uncle willie blocker lived in deland florida he visited his brother tiller and we had found a small little one room house up town that used to be the post office . the town had moved to a part of spells store for po . the little house belonged to Martha and james spell . they sold it to us for 187 dollars and uncle willie said he would help us move the house on a log truck to our lot we had next to the old blocker home . so it was a big exciting day and the house was moved . whitmore the oldest son of james and martha spell . was a little boy and he remembers the house being jacked up and moved . he called me one day to talk about it .he said his dad james spell was helping and the house almost fell on him . but the house was moved inside just one big room we made a half wall to divide the kitchen from lr and bed room . a half partitio ...
Don't forget tonight's fundraiser for our own Jefferson Middle School at Nando's Peri-Peri over in Navy Yard. 40% of proceeds 5pm-10pm to go the school, a delicious way to support the Trojans.
There's a boat on fire at the Navy Yard!!
Way to go Allie! NBCCD photography student goes to FASHION WEEK in New York A 20-year-old photography student at the New Brunswick College of Craft and Design who cut class this week to shoot high fashion and supermodels in New York is hoping her instructors are understanding when she returns. "I'm missing school right now, actually," said Allie Beckwith in an interview with Shift host Paul Castle in advance of a Dennis Basso runway shoot in Allie Beckwith Allie Beckwith shoots the Alexander Wang fashion show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. (Courtesy Allie Beckwith) New York on Monday. "If no one swipes me up before then I guess I'll be back in school on Thursday." Beckwith was asked by a fashion blogger she met in Florida last year if she would like to attend Fashion Week in New York to photograph the unveiling of fall lines by various designers. "My first answer was `Yes, now I need details. Where am I going to sleep?'" Beckwith said it has been a whirlwind of half-dressed models, celebrity sightings and *** ...
Big *** boat on fire in DC in front of the navy yard
I'm on the highway over here by the Navy Yard and something is in flames as we speak
Moved to in front of 5 Giys at Navy Yard
"In the Smithsonian Museum, just down from the White House, there is a remarkable marble statue of George Washington which was once displayed at Capitol Hill. It was commissioned by Congress in the 19th century and sculptured in Florence, Italy, by Horatio Greenough. When the statue was unloaded at the Washington Navy Yard in 1840, people were horrified at what they saw. Washington was depicted sitting in a chair, naked to the waist, with a sheet laid across his nether regions. So why portray him like that? And why was his right hand pointing up and his left hand pointing down." "The Biggest Secret", Ch. 17 The Secret Language (page 366): It was made in the image of Baphomet of Mendes or Asmodeus, The Satanists' symbol of the Devi (or Satan - half man, half beast).
Scenes from the Alexander Wang fashion show at the Navy Yard, which everyone complained about to trekking to:
Vogue UK called the Navy Yard 'the deepest depths of Brooklyn'
The Navy Yard Commerce Center developer team Liberty Property Trust/Synterra Partners has started site work on its newest project in the Commerce Center. The building is designed by Environetics, and will offer 75,000 square feet of flex space, similar to the adjacent two flex buildings on 26th Stre...
Some of you may be experiencing longer wait times to get through gates at bases as we bring hand-held ID scanners online across the fleet. The Washington Navy Yard is just one of several bases bringing on this technology on now, and we hope that as people register their IDs (which can be done on first scan) that wait times will go back to normal. Thanks for your patience and please plan ahead!
Inspired by "extreme conditions and survival" in the concrete jungle, Alexander Wang A/W 14 which was presented last night at Duggal Greenhouse - a new event space in Brooklyn's Navy Yard - had all of Manhattan's fashion elite crossing the river on a wintry weekend.
Photographed by Nina Westervelt. It's funny what fashion will dismiss as "outer borough." With today's Alexander Wang fall '14 show in the Navy Yard, there was no small amount of industry-insider grumbling about having to go "all the way" to Brooklyn. (Hey, we make the trek twice a day!) But, the...
[Photo] Louisville about to enter the Mare Island Navy Yard, California, United States for repairs, 6 Feb 1945; text on photograph denoted special...
MISSING DOG! From the Navy Yard, but she could have wandered. :(
Navy Yard - Pinky 3 is Here!!! We are parked on the corner of 2nd & M, SE. We will be here until 1:00 pm, so don't delay!!! Meet us at the curb for some cupcake bliss!!!
Looking forward to seeing our friends at The Navy Yard tomorrow morning for Thursday bagel breakfast...7:30-11am at Crescent Park!
Monthly Community Acupuncture is back next week! Stay after the Nava Yoga Center at The Navy Yard flow class or just drop in to join Flat Rock Health for a dose of February "focus and willpower."
The Navy's decision to award a sole source, $74 million contract to renovate the Washington Navy Yard building where a man shot and killed 12...
SHUTTLE ANNOUNCEMENT: Due to predicted inclement weather overnight and into the morning hours (freezing rain and icing), please expect a strong possibility of the Express shuttle runs being suspended for the morning commute. We strongly encourage those who use the Express to continue their trip via the subway system and use the Loop for the final leg of your commute. If the road conditions are hazardous, we will suspend the Express and increase the trips to AT&T Station, while still making all stops within The Navy Yard. In short, please plan for delays and the AM Express runs to Market East to be suspended. Stay tuned to this status for additional updates as they become available. Travel safely!   10% Off
Refer two friends to Nava Yoga Center at The Navy Yard and earn a free class! See below for details.
SHUTTLE UPDATE: the latest forecast indicates that snow will begin to taper off mid-afternoon, but all should expect delays due to poor driving conditions or accidents. Please plan to leave early to ensure you get to your destination with plenty of time. Express Shuttle: Please be advised that if traffic and/or weather conditions dictate, we will have to divert the Express Shuttles to drop people off at AT&T station. We believe this is a better alternative than the risk of an accident or severe delay on 95. If we divert the Express shuttles, they will make the normal stops within The Navy Yard, but will run to AT&T station on a continual basis. We will update if this diversion occurs. Loop Shuttle: Due to an emergency docking of a ship into Dry Dock 3, Kitty Hawk Avenue west of 18th Street will be closed today at 11:00 a.m. through the rest of the day. The Loop will still make all stops within the Navy Yard, but may be delayed.
Weather permitting, the USS Forrestal will leave The Navy Yard on Tuesday on its last voyage - to a scrap facility in Texas. The Navy says the best place to view the ship will be from publicly accessible spots along the Delaware.
Yard shooter convinced doctors he was - Feb 1 @ 3:10 AM ET
Timeline of Navy Yard shooter's efforts to get medical care, disability benefits from VA
$44M awarded to repair Yard where 12 ..
WASHINGTON (AP) — The Navy has awarded a $44 million contract to make repairs to the Navy Yard building in Washington where a gunman killed 12 people. Read more.
The Washington Navy Yard gunman who killed 12 people last year conned Veterans Affairs doctors into believing he had no mental health issues before the shootings.
Veteran Affairs doctors were so sure the Washington, DC, Navy Yard gunman was clear of mental issues they declared there was “no problem” with him just weeks before his shooting spree killed 12 people.
Bout to go to this kick back around navy yard
Before the Navy Yard shootings, Alexis left behind a note that FBI agents recovered saying he had been targeted by ultra-low frequency radio waves for the previous three months — the period that covered his visits to the VA medical … Continue…
The gunman who killed 12 people in last year’s rampage at Washington’s Navy Yard lied so convincingly to Veterans Affairs doctors before the shootings that they concluded he had no mental health issues.
Yard gunman's doctor before rampage: "No problem there" ..
New Stills at the King's County Distillery in the Brooklyn Navy Yard
Went on a Photo Shoot with the Drink N Click group to the Brooklyn Navy Yard where we visited and toured the Kings County Whiskey Distillery complete with tastings! It was a cold snowy day but lots of fun.
MILITARY: Navy Yard gunman's doctor before rampage: 'No problem there' - Washington Times: via
Doctors found 'no problem' with Navy Yard shooter weeks before rampage
Doctor found 'no problem' with Navy Yard gunman before attack
$44M awarded to repair Navy Yard where 12 killed
Washington Navy Yard gunman convinced doctors he had no mental problmes: In emergency room visits, he denied...
Attend GRHC's Rooftop Urban Agriculture course in NYC and tour the farm Navy Yard! March 11 -
THAT'S troubling! MT Navy Yard shooter's medical records have been published online. Is that ethical? Were given to the AP
VA doctors concluded Navy Yard Shooter had no mental health issues via
Just read a news article that the Washington Navy Yard has released a contract for $44 million to repair the Navy Yard following the tragic shooting several months ago. They are doing painting, general repairs, replacing furniture and making some renovations to the cafeteria and a remembrance area for the people that lost their life. I have no problem with a remembrance area or the renovations, but I don't understand the furniture and generally question how it can cost $44 million dollars. It is not as though the building were blown up or that parts of it have to be torn down. I know its a government contract etc, etc., but I shake my head at this cost. I am sure there are probably five or six government contractors in succeeding order before it gets down to the company that actually does the work swinging hammers and brushing paint, so everyone has to make a markup. A $50 dollar chair you could buy at Staples probably will end up being billed at $500. That's it for the week from the soap box.
Navy awards $44M contract to repair Navy Yard building where gunman killed 12 people
Woman found guilty of manslaughter for illicit silicone buttocks injections that killed Georgia woman - men rob armored-truck guard at gunpoint in Queens, NY, stealing $300,000 in cash - grand jury indicts 3 men on charges of causing Los Angeles-area wildfire that burned 5 homes - between North Korea, China reaches record $6.45 billion in 2013, up 10.4 percent from 2012 - with rifle, machete and container of gasoline charged with threatening ex-President George W. Bush - awards $44 million for repairs to Navy Yard building in Washington where gunman killed 12 - January official PMI slips to 50.5, National Bureau of Statistics says - of Italy, France on flood alert as heavy rain hits parts of Europe - continue to work to secure underwater well leaking natural gas off Louisiana coast - at University of California Santa Barbara to get experimental meningitis vaccine after outbreak - Fugitive who killed 1 Utah deputy, wounded another has died from shooting injuries - Robert Menendez, R-NJ, sets up $250,000 fu ...
Medical reports have revealed that Veterans Affairs doctors were fooled for years by Aaron Alexis, the gunman who killed 12 people in last year's rampage at Washington's Navy Yard.
Naval Asylum Plot Update While searching for a Marine from the USS Constellation buried somewhere in the Naval Asylum Plot, I came across 20+ burials in Naval 1, Row 3 (most of which are illegible markers) of sailors and marines who died during an Asian Cholera outbreak in October 1867. Most were young recruits stationed on the receiving ship USS Potomac at the old Philadelphia Navy Yard. The Potomac was anchored in the Delaware River with a crew of 400. Within 48 hours, 10 sailors died of the disease. More died a few days later. The USS Constellation and the USS Florida were anchored nearby in the Delaware River. Those not ill at the time were taken to the Constellation. The sick were taken to the Florida which was established as a hospital ship to keep the cholera from spreading on shore. The discovery of these 20 burials will enable us to identify the sailors and marines buried in Row 3 and parts of Row 4. Newspapers published the names of the sailors who died of cholera. Burials appear not to ...
DOCTORS who examined a US veteran weeks before he went on a killing rampage at a navy yard gave him a clean bill of mental health, even though the man had told police he was hearing voices.
In 2013, Philadelphia’s ever-growing Navy Yard added a remarkable 22 new companies, which makes last year the highest single year’s growth since the campus’ conversion from a shuttered naval base to its new life as an awesome mixed-use business campus. Now, The Navy Yard invites its visitors to stay...
Update your maps at Navteq
The US staged many terrorist attacks on it's own soil so it can prepare it's citizens for bigger terrorist planned attacks. I am not sure you recall Oklahoma Bombing in 1995, the suspect of the bombing Tim Mcviegh had told people that he was microchipped and that he was under mind control programme, I know just like every one else I did not think such a technology theoretically work let alone be in practice and used. Well I was wrong, mind control has been a reality for decades esp more recently with miniaturization of microchips and computers, camera and speakers, it is not beyond the readers imagination if we can squeeze video recording camera, microphone, voice recorder, computer, sat nav, and many other things in to a mobile phone. Who would have imagined this is going to happen and we will see it in our own eyes. We used to think the movies were just very fictional. Talking live with your loved ones from the other side of the world only used to happen in the movies, it happened gradually and now not ...
It took me over an hour to get home. It was the first real traffic jam I have been in since moving to Charleston. One of Charleston's landmarks is the Ravenal Bridge. It is stunning. One of the architectural features that make it so beautiful , the suspended cables, made it very dangerous today. Ice was falling from the cables into oncoming traffic. Some folks were hurt. No one too badly ... Thank God. When a bridge is out of service it wrecks havoc on traffic. I am very glad I took the time to learn my way around because I ended up cutting thru the old navy yard and avoiding gridlock. It took me a half hour to go about a half mile. Wow two firsts in one week... Snow and ice and a traffic jam. Looking forward to the weekend and the temps in the seventies.
Connecticut. Assembling bomber seats at the Warren McArthur plant is Ralph DePino who commutes from Naugatuck, a heavy industrial town just below Waterbury. Depino came to America fourty-three years ago from his native Italy at the age of six months, and has been at the Bantam plant since June 1941. He formerly worked at Winchester Arms, in New Haven and at the Boston Navy Yard
OLD TIME BROOKLYN By, Rocky Pascucci Old time Brooklyn, my town, A quaint old city of renoun. 'Twas there where I was born and bred, The town that's stuck deep in my head Through this world you cannot find A place as pretty and as kind. Let's take a trip to yesteryear (Excuse me while I wipe a tear. ) It costs a nickel for our trip, To Coney Island for a dip Into the sea and then we'll race, To Luna Park and Steeplechase. The Cyclone ride, the Wonder Wheel, So exciting and so real, Then off we go to Sheepshead Bay, Delicious seafood makes our day. We ride a taxi for a while, In utmost comfort and good style To Jamaica Bay where we will see a unique place, old Canarsie. Then in Brownsville we see a fleet Of pushcarts lined along the street. Pitken Avenue is so chic, They sell you anything you seek. A bit up further we will walk Along the streets of East New York Manhattan has lil Italy But here they have lil Napoli Tasty pizza, Italian food Of every type and every mood Religious feasts and large parades An ...
It's predicted to be in the mid 50s this weekend here in DC! How about a day trip to the Navy Yard to explore the new restaurants in the area or The Yards Park. Maybe a little ice skating at The Canal Park Ice Rink? Sounds like a perfect way to kick off the month of Februrary!
The MD Emergency Management Association will host the Annual 2014 Conference in Ocean City May 27-30th! Here are a few of the amazing presentations we've got planned: -- working with National Counter Terrorism Center -- cyber security for emergency management -- Boston Marathon Bombing-- hospital response -- Howard Co Mall Active shooter, lessons learned -- Sea Level Rise-- what to plan for -- Critical Incident Stress Management -- impacts to public safety -- Navy Yard active shooter-- Family Assistance Center operations -- Team Rubicon -- Social Media Tools And More! A full agenda will be presented soon! Plan to attend this year's's going to be SWEET!
The columbia mall shooter was black!!! So was the navy yard shooter!! Finally!!! Didn't hear Obama make a speech on that!!! Hm... And they did it with shotguns. It wasn't white guys with assault rifles!!! Yay!!!
Feel the Love 5k: a race by Bryn Mawr Racing Company at The Navy Yard where you run in the opposite direction of your partner and your total combined time determines the winner! Spaces are filling up fast, so register today.
Regarding our 2nd Amendment Got a response from one of Ohio's senators that he was glad that I had contacted him, he was for the Second Amendment and that reasonable laws needed to be enacted to prevent people who shouldn't get guns that aren't legally able to own them. This seemed to boil down to more registration and more backgrounds checks. Nothing about enforcing current laws or amending current laws like HIPAA rules so a doctor could register someone like the Navy Yard shooter or prevented the Aurora theater shooting. Why can't they think outside their own little box instead of hewing to the same tired attempts to keep guns from law abiding citizens.
I'm reading about the navy yard gunman last year and about how he lied so convincingly to the va that he was fine and had no mental health issues. We'll I guess he was going to a different va system then I am. Cause no matter what u tell the people I seen they think ur hunky dory and sitting peachy. U don't have to lie so convincingly, they want to act like nothing is wrong!
Police Ordered to 'Stand Down' at Navy Yard: Investigation launched into why highly-trained, armed team was ordered not to help, There is a lot that's still confusing about the DC Navy Yard shooting, but some of the details that have been confirm...
I have to leave my poor, flu-sick lady at home to go take a bus to the Brooklyn Navy Yard, so I can get my -- apparently recently improperly parked -- truck out of the impound. At the risk of sounding too white-trashy, a PowerBall win sure would turn this week around.
AP Investigation into Navy Yard shooter's medical files shows he lied to VA doctors about his mental health condition.
So the Associated Press now can get access to confidential medical records..!!! They have the medical records on the navy yard shooter and are releasing info. AND YOU THOUGHT THINGS WERE GOING TO STAY THE SAME AND YOUR PRIVACY WOULD BE PROTECTED...WRONG!!! This is just the first steps.
"He works in the Defense Department. No problem there." - A line from a mental health evaluation performed on Aaron Alexis, just weeks before he went on a shooting rampage that killed 12 of my co-workers at the Washington Navy Yard.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
1930 -- USS Arkansas departing the Brooklyn Navy Yard -- She saw action in the European theater supporting landings in Africa and Normandy. She was sunk in 1947 as part of the Operation Crossroads atomic test in the Pacific.
Finishing January at Navy Yard today. Lunar new year special today witha free egg when you mention this post.
Aw, man. Captain Cookie is not going to be at Navy Yard as scheduled today. I am sad.
Look ahead to the Navy Yard finish on May 4 Secure your entry today with
Apparently, Super Bowl XLVIII is on the same sacrificial ley line as Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon Bombing, the chemical weapons attack in Syria, the Navy Yard shooting, the World Trade Center bombings, and Stonehenge. Some may see it as a coincidence, but many are not. Along with that, the Super Bowl is being held on the 33rd day of the year, with 33 being the highest level of Blue Lodge Freemasonry and a very special number to the elite.
01 27 2014 Monday What did Christian Brown, the State Department Employee who was in charge of Embassy security for Bengazhi, get for her what can only be called gross incompetence? I know if she had been working the private sector and messed up that bad she would have gotten a box to clear her desk out and an escort to the door. But when you work for the Federal Government you tend to float out of the job you can’t handle and not booted. Christian got off with a raise, promotion, and new posting. That will serve as an example to everyone to ,well I don’t know what lessons it teaches but she sure learned it. Gun Control, Gun Free Zones What do Ft Hood, The Aurora Theatre, Sandy Hook Elementary School, DC Navy Yard, and the Columbia Mall all have in common? They were all gun free zones of course. Back in the old west almost everyone carried some kind of self protection and I’m sure that a man walking down the street with a Derringer in his waste band or the merchant with the shotgun under the count . ...
The recently opened Marriott hotel in the Navy Yard was sold out earlier this week thanks to a powerful snowstorm.
Did you know Pier 4 in the Navy Yard was dedicated to Sen Ted Kennedy on his 70th Bday in 2002??
Well that walk from North Station to the Navy Yard wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. Now, lets see what this work day has in store for me.
Three years ago today, my good friend and former colleague, Gabby Giffords, was meeting her constituents at a public event when a gunman opened fire on the crowd. Gabby, Rep. Ron Barber, and 11 others were wounded. Six were killed. In the three years since, we’ve witnessed more incidences of horrific gun violence in places like Aurora, Colorado, Newtown, Connecticut, and the Navy Yard in Washington, D.C. Also in the three years since, the House of Representatives hasn’t done one thing to help reduce or prevent acts of gun violence. When seemingly regular acts of mass gun violence afflict our communities, and more than 30 people are killed every day by someone using a gun, inaction is unacceptable. With the help of Rep. Ron Barber, Gabby’s former district representative, and my Democratic colleagues in the House, my task force developed a comprehensive set of policy principles that respect the Second Amendment and will prevent and reduce gun violence. We should act on these principles, and we should ...
Scott MacFarlane, a news reporter for NBC 4 in Washington, DC, had filed a FOIA request with the Navy in an attempt to compel authorities to turn over documents related to the Navy Yard shooting in September. MacFarlane was seeking memos written by higher-ups at Naval Sea Systems Command from Septem...
This day in U.S. military history, January 4th: 1847: Samuel Colt rescues the future of his faltering gun company by winning a contract to provide the U.S. government with 1,000 of his .44 caliber revolvers. 1861: About 40 U.S. Marines left the Navy Yard at Washington, D.C. to garrison Ft. Washington. 1951: For the third time in just over six months, the South Korean capital city of Seoul changed hands as Chinese Communist Forces (CCF) troops moved in. The last USAF aircraft left Kimpo Airfield. Eighth Army regrouped behind the Pyongtaek-Wonju-Samchok line as Seoul fell to the communists for the second time in the war. Britain’s 27th Commonwealth Infantry Brigade covered the U.N. withdrawal, then blew the bridges over the Han River. Naval guns of Task Force 90 held the communists at bay while 69,000 U.N. troops withdrew by sea from the port of Inchon on Amphibious Group 3 vessels. 1965: In his State of the Union message, President Lyndon B. Johnson reaffirms U.S. commitment to support South Vietnam in f ...
FIVE RATHER OBVIOUS POLITICAL PREDICTIONS FOR 2014 by S.H. Blannelberry As 2013 comes to a close, it’s time to start looking ahead to 2014. For gun owners, gun-rights advocates and the entire gun community as a whole, what can we expect to see this coming year? Well, here are five, not so shocking, rather obvious political predictions for 2014. 1. THERE WILL BE MASS SHOOTINGS. This isn’t so much a prediction as it is an inevitability. But there will be mass shootings in 2014. In his USA Today column published following the Navy Yard shooting in Washington, D.C., criminologist James Alan Fox summed up the trend on mass shootings over the past three decades. “Whatever the political response, it is important to dispel the widely held notion that mass shootings are on the rise,” wrote Fox. “Over the past 30 years, there has been an average of nearly 20 mass shootings a year in the U.S., each involving at least four victims killed, but with no upward or downward trajectory.” We shouldn’t expect t ...
From President Obama's second inauguration ... to the Navy Yard shooting ... to the 16-day government shutdown, 2013 has been a busy year in the D.C. region. What stories defined 2013 for you? Top Local Stories: National Stories: 'Talkers' of 2013:
The family of a central Pennsylvania native killed in the Sept. 16 mass shooting at the Washington Navy Yard has created a scholarship in his honor.
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"In the days after Newtown, many people said, “If the cold blooded murders of 20 first-graders and six of their teachers is not enough to make it harder for the mentally ill to get guns, then what is?” A year and a day later, I have no answer to that question. All I know is what has happened since Newtown. Since then, nearly 200 children have been killed by gunfire. Since Newtown, there have been 28 school shootings on U.S. school grounds during school hours — that’s one almost every other week — and they have taken the lives of 17 children. Since Newtown, 112 people have died in what the FBI calls mass shootings — incidents that took the lives of at least four people. Some of those victims died at the Navy Yard in the shadow of the U.S. Capitol. For all the talk and good intentions, the deranged are still finding the powerful weapons they need to carry out their deadly plans. After the Navy Yard shooting, the President said, “Once more our hearts are broken. Once more we ask, why?” But i ...
Upon presidential proclamation, which has recently included: the interment of Frank Buckles,[24] the death of Senator Ted Kennedy,[25] the remembrance of the 9/11 attacks,[26] the death of Pope John Paul II,[27] the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster in 2003,[28] the victims of Hurricane Katrina,[29] the Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami,[30] the deaths of Coretta Scott King[31] and Rosa Parks,[32] the Virginia Tech massacre,[33] the Fort Hood massacre,[34] the 2011 Tucson shooting, the funeral of Neil Armstrong,[35] the death of Libyan Ambassador Chris Stephens, the 2012 shooting in Aurora Colorado, the 2012 Wisconsin Sikh temple shooting, the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting, the 2013 Boston Marathon Bombings,[36] the death of Nelson Mandela,[37], the 2013 Washington D.C Navy Yard shooting, and the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. And we could probably find more. The death of the Pope and the Tsunami -- non-Americans -- happened during Bush's watch. Since the ...
1825, Pres. John Quincy Adams chose Pensacola as the site of a new Navy Yard!
WASHINGTON - The company that employed the Washington Navy Yard shooter pulled his access to classified material for two days in August when mental health problems became evident, but restored it quickly and never told Navy officials about the withdrawal, The Associated Press has learned. An ini...
Navy takes the lead on a 3 yard rush by Reynolds .. His 2nd touchdown of the game
Touchdown Navy. Three-yard rush by Reynolds to tie the game. Navy PAT is good, Midshipmen leads 17-16 with 10:56 left in the third.
Touchdown Navy! Keenan Reynolds 1-yard TD. That gives up 21 on the year
Touchdown Navy. Reynolds with a 3-yard run. PAT should give Mids their first lead at 17-16. 10:56 left in third.
SJSU/Navy game. Kicker leaves a 49 yard FG short after the other coach calls a timeout. Announcer says it was because of the timeout
Lopez attempts a 46 yard FG and is just short. 16-10 leads over at Halftime.
Lopez's 46-yard field goal is short. San Jose 16 Navy 10 at the half. San Jose had the ball 4 times, Navy 3 times. Mids ball to start 2nd
Lopez misses 46-yard field goal to close first half. Navy dodges a bullet.
New details emerge in Navy Yard killing
Navy Yard gunman had clearance pulled: Senior U.S. officials say the company that employed the W...
37-yard FG for Nick Sloan is good. 16, 10. 3:05 left in 2nd quarter.
holds on 3rd & 1 after Roach knocks Sanders for a two-yard loss. Navy tries to draw SJSU offsides on fourth down but it doesn't work!
Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis had access pulled for two days in August - WJLA -
2 yard TD run for Jarrod Lawson and the lead is 16-7 over
Gunman kills 12 and injures 15 at Washinton Navy Yard rampage
Touchdown Navy!! 12-yard run for Reynolds, his 20th rushing touchdown of the year
Keenan Reynolds with a 12-yard touchdown run for PAT should make it 9, Navy 7. 9:17 left in second quarter.
Navy Yard gunman had clearance pulled
10 0 San Jose State is a program on the rise. They just has a 12 play 77 yard touchdown drive
Washington Navy Yard the 'beating heart of the United States Navy'How will you know if someone loves you if you dont tel
Navy Yard killer briefly lost access to secrets via
APNewsBreak: Navy Yard gunman had access pulled
Why DOD contractors have to be eliminated - Washington Navy Yard Massacre
San Jose State takes the lead over Navy with a 41-yard field goal. 3-0 SJSU
Southern: APNewsBreak: Navy Yard gunman had access pulled
42 yard FG is good for as they lead 3-0 over
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
It is so important to support your neighbhorhood association. The NLNA keeps me up to date on all the latest building/zoning plans, local events and community/city affairs. They sponsor tree plantings throughout the year and volunteers are key to implementing that program. If you'd like to spend some time outdoors this weekend, please lend a helping hand to Erica and her crew. Don't forget to present your stories of this vibrant neighborhood for the upcoming Northern Liberties History exhibit! Help Make NL Greener: Tree Planting Fall Planting This Saturday, 10AM Tree 20 volunteers are wanted to plant 15 new trees all over the neighborhood. Everything needed to plant will be provided. Community service hours for students. Join us for lunch after planting too! To volunteer and get details, e-mail Erika at bgoldewagAnnual Appeal Continues AVI help, zoning, street sweeping, help with city agencies, Liberty Lands, tree planting & more Donate Link Thank you! Today & Beyond: Meetings & Events This Evening: Me .. ...
.to partner with open outpost at BK Navy Yard in 2015. by
Top of the morning friends. Join the Chick-fil-A Mobile Kitchen for lunch today at Navy Yard, the corner of M st. & New Jersey Ave S.E.
Sandy Hook, Dorner, Boston, Navy Yard and LAX all fit into a six-week cycle of "terror" events
A Veterans Day story. My Grandpa Weiser was in the Navy as a chef at the Great Lakes Naval Station in Michigan he married my grandmother in the midst an to fill her days she also join the Navy as clerical staff in Brooklyn. Here is her accounting of Armistice Day in WWI. "Dear Henry, Oh! What an exciting time, I only wish you were here but I expect there is plenty of it there too. At one o'clock the whistle in the Navy Yard started & we all thought of peace, the first thing but, "no," they said there would be more noise than that. But before very long somebody went thru holding up a newspaper "Germany Surrenders". There was a wild dash for the doors & oh, such a noise, shouting & yelling and girls crying & fainting & then all the whistles & sirens started. At one-thirty they came thru shouting "Go Home". No work today so it didn't take us long to get our things & get out. Outside all the factories had let out & were parading. Everybody simply went wild. So we came home & got ready for N.Y. but chan ...
Family of Navy Yard shooting victim sues US Govt. for $37.5 million:
in my neighborhood we have a victim from Virginia Tech and the Navy Yard -- very depressing.
Fact: Ft Hood and Navy Yard are gun free zones for all practical purposes by DOD policy. Only MPs and few others armed
Hearing reports that Navy Yard shooter's first name starts with J, M, or S; are like that girl in the commerci
Advanced energy storage system launched at Philadelphia Navy Yard
A photo exhibit remembers Superstorm Sandy. Here's a link to the story I did yesterday:
I'm on a bus, I'm in Brooklyn Navy Yard, I'm Dora the Explorer
Navy Yard shooter had a concealed carry permit. So did Pedro Vargas, who killed 6 in Hialeah, FL
Hi good morning. We are in navy yard today. Our window will be open at 11.00.
This hearing was scheduled for September but had to be rescheduled because of the mass shooting at Navy Yard.
Navy yard *** had a badge QT work in a secure buildin, u see my badge.but u scared of 2 black men in the elevator lol (via
For our friends feeling neglected, we are at Navy Yard today!
Arlington couple sells t-shirts to raise money for Navy Yard shooting victims
Exhibit at Brooklyn's Navy Yard remembers Sandy one year later - News 12 Brooklyn -
Did you know some Quakers work in the Philadelphia Navy Yard?
NEW POST: show at the Brooklyn Navy Yard Song of the day: "Kicking My Heels" -
I swear white people never go pass navy yard on the green line 😂😂😂
' i was gonna get off at navy yard but I was gonna be too early!
I rode past the fabricator on the way to get my Navy Yard ID... Brooklyn's modular skyscraper:
why is the Green line leaving Navy Yard 2 minutes early? Now I an going to miss my other connections!
In this video, a friend describes navy-yard shooter Aaron Alexis as a and supporter of Hussein Obama:
Navy Yard killer complained of ‘mind weapon,’ eyed revenge - Two weeks before he slaughtered 12 people at the...
Top Law Firms Hired to Represent Family of Navy Yard Shooting Victim Arthur ... - PR Web (press release) -
Former Navy SEAL and mass shooting expert on yesterday's tragic Navy Yard Shooting in Washington DC http…
I liked a video The Shady Rep Eleanor Norton Connected to Navy Yard Hoax
The facts"" of you life carry no more weight than the meaning you attach to "Police unit blocked from Navy Yard massacre
Washington Navy Yard shooting renews call for gun control -Do you think Aaron Alexis committed this crime alone?
Marine Corps Marathon, solitary runner will be joined by the memory of his neighbor slain in the Navy Yard shootings http:/…
Philadelphia is home to yet another 'green' technology courtesy of the Navy Yard and
Please join us at the GridSTAR Experience Center Open House to discover how our team is testing and developing energy efficiency, clean technology, energy management and proactive monitoring strategies in the Navy Yard in Philadelphia. Here is what you will encounter at the Smart Grid Experience Cen...
ICYMI: The New York Post got its hands on emails sent by Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis.
Today from GOA, President Barack Hussein Obama is picking a fight with gun owners once again. As reported by The Blaze on Tuesday: One day after a deadly middle school shooting in Nevada, President Barack Obama “remains committed” to pushing for stricter gun control laws and will “keep at it,” White House press secretary Jay Carney said Tuesday. This was the second conspicuous shooting in two months -- although the shooting this week did not garner nearly the amount of press that the Navy Yard shooting did in September. Regardless, the Nevada incident was truly tragic -- especially given the fact that Congress has done nothing to let teachers come to the defense of students. The Blaze reports: Police say a 12-year-old boy at Sparks Middle School near Reno, Nev., shot and injured two classmates and killed math teacher Mike Landsberry, a former Marine who served in Afghanistan and who had been trying to talk the shooter out of harming others. The 12-year-old boy also killed himself. Okay, what’s . ...
October is Domestic Violence Awareness Month, but most people are in fact unaware. One reason is that Republicans in congress frittered away most of the month by closing the government and creating a manufactured crisis over the debt ceiling. But the statistics on domestic violence and guns ought to get our attention. If October is like every other month, nearly 50 women in the U.S. will be murdered with a gun by an intimate partner -- overwhelmingly a husband or boyfriend. We've had so many mass shootings in places like Tucson, Aurora, Newtown, and the Navy Yard that it would be easy to conclude gun violence knows no gender. But that's not quite true. Women are over three-and-a-half times more likely than men to be killed by an intimate partner. And a gun in a household with a history of domestic violence increases that risk by twenty fold. Stalkers also use guns to harm their victims -- and you guessed it -- more than 75 percent of those victims are female. A few common sense changes in the law would ma ...
SWAT Team Told to Stand Down at Navy Yard - One of the first teams of heavily armed police to respond...
STATIONS: At the Charlestown Navy Yard in Boston, Park Rangers removed signs and opened the area to visitors (THUR088)
"USS Constitution Museum lost $115,000 due to the closing of the Navy Yard" My Son as well as millions of American have suffered!
Good morning Navy Yard! Cathy's Bistro heads towards to your way to serve lunch today.
Do you have a Threat of Violence Identification Program?
most people still not stopping at 4way stop @ 8th & L SE by Navy Yard.
Guards removed the "Closed" signs from the Charlestown Navy Yard at 6AM. is over. What's next?
A UNIVERSAL BACKGROUND CHECK did not stop the Navy Yard shooter from buying a shotgun, 2 days prior to his insane rampage
U.S. Park Rangers just unlocked gates to the Charlestown Navy Yard, took down govt shutdown signs.
Workers just took down signs and opened gates at Charlestown Navy yard
OPEN FOR BUSINESS: Park rangers unlock gates at Charlestown Navy Yard LIVE on
NEW: Live pictures on WBZ, gates being unlocked and opened at Charlestown Navy Yard.
Government shutdown signs haven't been taken down yet at Charlestown Navy yard.
Charlestown Navy Yard and other national park sites expected to reopen now that government shutdown is over
After being closed for 2 wks b/c of the govt shutdown, tourists will soon return to the Charlestown Navy Yard.
Navy Yard shooter seemed to aim at random, FBI chief says - Chicago Tribune (blog) -
FH officials can't comment on navy yard shooting say: we continue to remain vigilant and will adjust safety measures as …
Defense Official: Navy Yard Shooter ‘Contained’ but Not in - Defense official: Navy Yard...
Signs of Distress Multiplied on Killer's Path to Navy Yard - New York Times -
Obama tears into Republicans on budget, debt ceiling amid Navy Yard attackid Beckham for half a season,
Washington Navy Yard Recovery Task Force is getting its mission done - caring for team
South of Navy Yard Artist Presents The YELLOW Art Exhibit. Art inspired by the color Yellow . If you're going to...
Update your maps at Navteq
Crazy how the Navy Yard Shooting has been completely forgotten since this "Government Shutdown".
Threat came 2 days before shooting killed 13 in Navy Yard violence
On the last train to Navy Yard waiting on the blue and orange transfers so this show can get on the way
Re: Navy Yard Family Supported As Long As It Takes: My wife was at the Navy Yard on the day of the shooting. ...
I mean, a public breakdown is nothing like the Navy Yard shooting or the Capitol car chase and shooting or the National Mall self-immolation
I didn't realize that I had an emotional connection to the Navy Yard, sgi ing Superman with a sock full of kryptonite,
Guns, the Navy Yard and the Media: Echoes of an anguished debateNot gonna lie tho,chicks twerk better when they dont ha
The US Navy confirms there is an "active gunman" on the grounds of the US Navy Yard in Washington DC
IS A MILITARY COUP UNDERWAY IN THE USA? In the past few weeks, President Obama has inexplicably fired or forced into retirement dozens of the best and brightest Generals and Admirals in the US Armed Forces. It has been postulated that the Navy Yard shooting was a cover for a group of military officers who were gathered to head to the White House with an arrest warrant for Barack Obama based on his treasonous act of supporting Al Qaeda terrorists in Syria. We may never know the truth in that incident. Is a military coup underway and is Barack Obama attempting to quell it as it rises?...
The haystacks hide the obvious needles: Boston Marathon, DC Navy Yard, Snowden, etc. Lives lost so O can destroy the opposition.
In the last two weeks, a nutcase shot up the Navy Yard, another nutcase lost her mind on Capitol Hill in her car and was shot dead, and now another fine citizen poured gasoline on himself and set himself on fire leading to his demise on the National Mall. I think I am working from home until further notice.
Quinnipiac Poll: Tougher gun laws would NOT have prevented Navy Yard shooting (VIDEO)
Radios failed during Navy Yard attack, emergency responders say By Kevin Bogardus - 09/19/13 05:38 PM ET Radios for federal firefighters and police officers failed during Monday’s mass shooting at Washington’s Navy Yard, according to union representatives for first responders. Union officials said police and firefighters resorted to using their cellphones and radios from D.C.’s emergency responders to communicate with each other during the attack. Anthony Meely, chairman of the Fraternal Order of Police Naval District Washington (NDW) Labor Committee, said police officers who were first on the scene at the Navy Yard had trouble communicating with others in the force via their radios. Initially, officers found that their radios were working. But as they ventured deeper into the building where the shooting took place, their equipment stopped functioning. After the first shootout with the gunman, one officer found his radio’s battery was dead, while another officer could not receive a signal from hi ...
Did anyone else notice the VERY GLARING disparity between how events like the Boston Marathon Bombing and Trayvon Martin shooting and yesterdays Capitol Shooting and the recent Navy Yard Shooting...? That no one mentioned conspiracy. That no one mentioned the RACE of the perpetrators. That no one said ANYTHING about motive... until they said they were CRAZY. Look at what happened in the first few minutes in Aurora, Colorado. And Newtown, Connecticut. And Boston. Right Wing White Guys bent on destruction of President Obama and our Liberal Progressive government. They've got to be stopped. Guns are bad. They've got to be taken away. If guns are bad... then why was some crazy lit up with her child in the back seat...? Why were there complaints that soldiers at the Navy Yard weren't allowed to carry guns... and that there was insufficient ammunition... so lives were unnecessarily lost...? My point. America is DEFINITELY a RACIST NATION. The Mainstream Media... and the Justice Department... and the Internal Re ...
I have never been scared to live in DC, Navy Yard and now this. Ain't about to start now. Dolley Madison is not my heroine for nothing.
So, in Boston this weekend... Government closure= no info center for freedom trail, no USS Constitution, no Bunker Hill Monument, no Navy Yard... Guess we'll be walking the abbreviated Freedom Trail :-/
After the harrumphing about background checks in the Edward Snowden/NSA leaks and the Navy Yard whackjob murders (both of them employees of contractors, not the federal government), does it bother anyone that all of the Obamacare "navigators" (who will have access to SS numbers, tax information, Medicare numbers, health history, etc,) are employees of contractors (not employees of the federal government) and that none, as in NONE, of them are required to have background checks?
D.C. police officer shot in Navy Yard shooting has been released from MedStar Washington Hospital Center
(Stars and Stripes) Vigil honors Navy Yard victims: A small crowd gathered in Jefferson Park on Sund...
Deep Blue Group : How could Snowden and Navy Yard killer get top security clearances?
DC Fire and EMS paramedics awarded for response during Navy Yard shooting - Washington Post |
Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis told VA doctors he was not thinking of harming ... - Washington Post -
VA sheds light on mental health of Navy Yard gunman Aaron Alexis - CBS News -
Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis was not happy with America, and heard voices
Navy: Company that did background check on Navy Yard gunman knew he lied about 2004 arrest; he got clearance anyway htt…
Finger pointing over Navy Yard gunman's record
Law school exam q: discuss USIS liability for Navy Yard victims' deaths based on its background checks of shooter
Diving exhibition by 2nd Class Gunners Mate Emerson Burie at the Navy Yard on Navy Day 1935:
FBI says Navy Yard shooter had no specific - Aaron Alexis is seen in Building 197 of the...
Times Dispatch - Buddhists ponder Navy Yard shooting - Of the details that have emerged about Aaron Alexis after t...
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Dispute emerges over Navy Yard gunman's past
Here's the First Video of an Armed Aaron Alexis In the D.C. Navy Yard - . Wednesday afternoon, the released a...
FBI: Navy Yard shooter believed electro-magnetic waves controlled him - WASHINGTON (CNN) — Aaron Alexis, the man...
FBI: Navy Yard 'delusional' - (CNN) -- Aaron Alexis, the man who went on the deadly shooting rampage at...
Dispute emerges over Navy Yard gunman's history
Navy Yard shooter Aaron Alexis left note blaming low-frequency attack - Footage released by the FBI of Washington...
FBI releases video of Navy Yard shooter stalking halls with shotgun will edit it to show a…
Gunman and 12 Victims Killed in Shooting at DC Navy Yard - New York Times -
Radios that failed in Navy Yard shooting used in Cumberland County ...
so ironic of US considering that we're normally co-attacked.Recent shooting at a navy yard is enough proof they'ren't safer either
Spend the day tasting ciders from all over the world at the Hard Cider Festival at the Navy Yard !
ATF out of loop during Navy Yard investigation - WASHINGTON Within hours of the Navy Yard...
Background check on Navy Yard shooter turned up traffic violation, not gun use
Navy Yard shooter thought he was controlled by radio waves: FBI - By Ian Simpson...
Jon Stewart rants about Navy Yard shooting news coverage. This is
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Memo to Obama-If you had bothered to enforce current laws inre guns, the Navy Yard killings wouldn't have happened. *** is your VA doing?
My prayers go out to those who died in the Navy Yard Shooting. It's not a gun issue, it's a security and law enforcement issue.
Honoring Navy Yard Victims, Obama Asks: 'Do We Care Enough' to Change? - In remarks to service members and their...
Tomo's expanded opinion section on Evening Pilot (download at Apple's app store): Edward Wyckoff Williams on response to Navy Yard massacre
FBI releases footage of navy yard shooting . yard shooting
Tonight at 7:30, Ch 25 (NYC/Media). My interview with Dr. Herb Pardes on mental health and the DC Navy Yard tragedy.
Navy Yard shooting: Up to speed in 3 minutes
remembers resident slain at Navy Yard, reports on Tax Legislation and Mental Health Initiatives.
Elite tactical team designed to defend DC Capitol complex was reportedly ordered to Stand Down. ht…
Could disturbances have played a role in the recent Navy Yard events?
Obama Says Fight for Gun Laws 'ought to Obsess Us' via
Congressman: Cap Hill police told me his commanding SWAT team officer told them to Stand Down at Navy Yard.
Navy Yard shooter should have been committed
Navy Yard shooter was on Antidepressant Trazodone—How many drug induced shootings til lawmakers wake up?
More press are posing the right question: The New American— Did Psychiatric Meds Cause Navy Yard Tragedy?
Congressman says one of the drugs Navy yard shooter was on has "side effect that could in fact have been a problem.”
What's your thoughts on the EVP's reaction to the
Navy Yard shooting is a strong argument for arming more citizens on the job.
En route to the navy yard for the pour the core cider fest. Introducing my mother and aunt to public transportation.
"The Navy Yard shooting in D.C. has once again confronted us w/ the issues of and
"...but what we really should address is the inadequacy of in the U.S." -
Internal Pentagon report calls for immediate cancellation of a security system used at Washington Navy Yard
No, the Navy Yard mass shooter did not target a "gun-free zone"
Funeral set for Navy Yard victim from Westminster: Funeral arrangements for Washington Navy Yard sh...
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