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Navy Seals

The United States Navy's Sea, Air, Land Teams, commonly known as the Navy SEALs, are the U.S. Navy's principal special operations force and a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command and United States Special Operations Command.

United States Green Berets Delta Force South Korean Kim Jong Patrick Halliewood Ellis President Obama Boy Scouts National Cadet Corps

Kind of a silly comment for them to say it carries Navy Seals, Navy Seals have MANY ways to get to Sou…
US Navy Seals tasked with North Korea 'decapitation' strike could be part of exercises
durr we have Navy planes flying in from the Persian Gulf, Navy Seals, Seabees, Intel al…
NAVY SEALS the Green Beret Delta Force US.Special forces restrict Kim's grandchild. Or I don't worry about life and death.
Do you realize you jeopardized Andy Reids life by death of Navy Seals?!?!?
What's interesting about Pennywise as a villain is it really seems like if a team of Navy SEALs was sent to kill him it wo…
If combat in Harry Potter is based on saying spells quickly and at the right time, rappers would basically be the magical Navy SEALs. 😁😁
Navy SEALs wearing jeans in Vietnam. [1800×1201] -
Think about the firstguy to say the Navy Seals copypasta... what a legend
Dolphins, SEALs and Jazz. A great walk including dolphins, Navy SEaLs and the Utah Jazz doing a…
I think the white house and military have secretly been training top Navy Seals to assassinate him.dont forget…
and navy seals knowing the truth that they didnt kill anyone, was a liability to the US govt
A fun read for any execs interested in crisis management. Leadership resilience is key to navigating the ship durin…
Elite US Navy Seals that killed Osama bin Laden are training South Korean assassination squad to take out Kim Jong-u h…
Signing up for a 42 hour event in Cleveland ran by Army Rangers and navy seals.. no sleep, 70 miles with a lot of physical & mental tests..
And didn't President Obama authorize Navy Seals to go into Pakistan and kill Osama Bin Ladin?? He was as tough as u can get.
Trump 2012 Diane Sawyer. Jessie Ventura was an option. . Less later Navy Seals. Yet he mostly never considered the after sales of realities.
SPECTRUM, Philadelphia, day after Osama got his face blown off by our Navy Seals. PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE!!!
This is the hut in the Kandahar Province of Afghanistan where two Navy Seals took refuge and killed 35+ Taliban sin…
Looked it up. a NATIONAL GUARDSMAN & an Air Force guy. About as far as you can be from Navy Seals & still be 'military'.
WHERE is the search for who was responsible for murder of 4 and Navy Seals in
Tell that to the Navy Seals you so often love to tout!! Next time you might wanna talk with & quote th…
Hey 45 bravery and conquests in Vietnam? Where was your service record? You have al…
When will we see "LOVESICK" in NYC.We want to see more of you. Looking forward to NAVY SEALS. Hugh & Mary
Y'all actually want robocop to bring in the Navy seals with all these shenanigans smfh
He deserves better. Honestly he should join Max's new show. It's about navy seals and with David Boreanez.
The United States needs to show further support in Syria. Deploy special forces(Navy seals and Green Berets) to protect civilians.
What did you say about me? I graduated top of my class in the us navy seals and have over 200 confirmed kills
she should come to her podium in that Navy-Seals-dressed-as-shrubbery camo. hilarious!
designed by navy seals and a healthier energy alternative to those canned drinks! Geaux Tigers!!!
High-value target disappointed to be raided by Rangers instead of Navy SEALs
The are pretty unique people, like Navy Seals. Very dedicated with very strong sense of right and wrong…
I added a video to a playlist WOW! Navy SEALS' Insane Parachute Jump into Football Stadium! =O
Dam hot in that gear and over there
The rules of engagement set by the 'Obama administration' were specifically designed to protect Muslims KILLED 17 N…
Do the things you fear--do them a lot! Leadership tips on mental toughness from a former Special Agent.
I can see the future of VR here! U.S. Navy are getting their brains zapped to become super soldiers
Yeah. Lmao. Investigated by who? Navy SEALS that were friends of the…
Atrocities is sending navy SEALS on a botched mission that killed a bunch of kids.
10% of Salute and Support tee sales will benefit SEAL Legacy programs assisting families of fallen US Navy SEALs.
4 tips from a navy SEAL to improve your mental toughness
If there's one thing an entrepreneur must master, it's the art of resiliency.
US Navy Seals talking to Lake Travis Athletes about mental toughness today! Champions always finding ways to improve. htt…
Thank you Navy Seals for your service and for speaking to this morning.
He didn't mention its a Org. Staffed with Navy SEALS of the highest order, Its true heroes being true heroes plea…
Navy Seals didn't died in the Black Hawk Down incident those were Army Rangers and Delta Force it was a pretty popular movie
Excellent expose on Navy Seals and the Opium problem on with Scott Pelley right now. It's a big problem. They had a special mtg today.
Filipino Martial Arts are one of the deadliest fighting techniques which is taught to Navy Seals yet we rarely hear of it in this country
Israeli special ops team up with US Navy Seals
Watch: Elite commandos from Israeli special ops unit team up with US Navy Seals - Israel News - Jerusalem Post
We will have an extra author on Sunday! Join Michael Wood as he shares the fascinating story of Navy Seals training…
Jim Caviezel confirmed to lead role in a new CBS Navy Seals pilot.
One of my Fave bit from Sebastian Maniscalco.. HILARIOUS 😂😂😂Navy Seals | Sebastian Maniscalco at Levity Live
I added a video to a playlist Lone Survivor Intro - Navy Seals training
Watching Lone Survivor again- Such a gripping story of courage under fire and the brotherhood of Navy Seals
Really that's why he flew out for fallen Navy Seals funeral service? But you're probably a homeland security..
Navy Seals reveal about training Isis in United States
sounds like these Navy Seals need a little intervention by Our President of the United States of America,
Did you say the Navy Seals are cowards?. There is no more to be said, you need to leave the United States. 🇺🇸
Peshmerga Wahid Koveli whose unit fought bravely with US Navy Seals against in Tel Osqof died of stroke
party or cult figure. Navy Seals were photo'g'd in one of our vehicles flying Trump flags. That's scary scat.
Obama was horrible, and funded terrorists himself. And navy seals killed Osama, shut it.
What went wrong? Inside Sunday's raid in Yemen by Navy SEALs
--& to think Obama fired him for being a Real Leader who wouldn't fire on fellow Americans...
me personally " I find the integrity of Navy SEALS Unquestionable," and would question at your own risk!
think twice before accusing Navy Seals of lies . And if you must , then I suggest you make your peace with God first!
Have the Navy SEALS pledged allegiance to Trump or to the United States of America? Who is responsible for…
Al-Qaeda knew the SEALs were coming before the firefight that killed a Navy SEAL Sunday. Who tipped? Barack Hussein?
This is interesting: . Bulletproof Mind: 6 Techniques for Mental Resilience from the Navy SEALs.
The jacks motormouth Squid Navy r behaving like the clowns they r. Again. Losers attract.
So no massacre in Bowling Green. I guess Trump was responsible for “White House massacre” of Navy Seals and civilians in Yemen.
Can someone remind me how many Navy SEALs and 8-year-old American girls were killed by Clinton's private email server
I prefer Navy Seals who weren't killed in poorly planned raids
This is whats on ur mentally ill mind while our Navy Seals r dying in ur botched Yemen mission!! !
Military, rigorous command & control structure. But when deployed operating in small autonomous units. Navy SEALs of software design
it's not his job to come up with the intel. The navy seals normally don't take ops without sufficient
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Spicer just named the Navy SEALs wife on national TV. You might want to send some force protection over there,
Americans deserve to know how weighed risks to our Navy SEALs before and during Yemen raid
So I assume U know that Navy Seals shot an 8 year old girl in Yemen. She bled to death…
Making America safe again would require the Navy Seals dropping by the WH to give you the bin Laden exit plan.
Navy Seals killed 8 children. You are psychotic if you defend the operation in…
This is what US Navy Seals did in Yemen last week. They also killed 8 women. How can you defend people…
Remind me again? How many Navy Seals were killed during the operation that took out Bin Laden & Obama ordered?
Hey geniuses, did u know Navy Seals murdered 8 kids and 10 women in Yeme…
Dangerous, treasonous amateurs with more regard for Vladimir Putin than our Navy SEALS. . Going down in history. But not h…
Welcome to the Internet. Here is your complimentary copy of navy seals copypasta so you don't look like a noob on your first…
Trump approved his first military operation without sufficient intelligence, and everything that could go wrong did https:…
In 4 years we'll be watching a movie about unprepared Navy SEALS on a misguided mission and thanking our lucky stars that DJT was impeached
The Navy Seals shot her in the neck & she bled out for 2 hours before she died. How do…
RIP "Legend" Chris Kyle. True hero and a man who sacrificed it all, each and everyday. Beyond Respect for US Navy Seals.
But Rick Rossovich, Michael Biehn, and Bill Paxton were in the Terminator and Navy Seals together...
"Six"FANTASTIC SERIES! Great portrayal of our Navy Seals & their sacrifices. Walton Goggins brings it as usual! ⚓️👏👍
Why not call in Delta Force, Navy Seals, Boy Scouts, National Cadet Corps & tiffin walas while you are at it :) ProudToBPoruki
Why not call Delta Force, Navy Seals, Black Cats, Boy Scouts, National Cadet Corps, WWE raw wrestlers while you are at it. :)
How tf you gon work for CIA & Navy Seals even go for Vietnam but cannot swim? 😂😂😂😂 Black Dynamite wins
Those are Navy Seals skippy, the heavier looking one is a beast named - Marcus Luttrell
It's Big Orange Friday. Here's some Navy Seals making a force entry into Neyland. The General would be proud
In Memory of our United States' Ambassador Chris Steven and Navy Seals... tip: Patrick Halliewood Ellis and Perry (…
New in Ex-Navy Seals discuss leadership and ego. Thanks to Cove User Steve for sharing
Director discusses Navy SEALS drama Six and her favourite scene in the forthcoming series…
.And when AMERICA lost 30 NAVY SEALS in the helicopter crash a few years ago, where was the MASSIVE STADIUM TRIBUTE for them?. Crickets
Navy Seals chaplain threatened by political suck ups!
Okay but. imagine a real actual RL Navy SEALS team fought one of these super heroes. like remember the ending of Deadpool,
RTBook 1&4 of the SEAL Team Heartbreakers on SALE $.99 Navy SEAL Romantic Sus…
First night dive for Class 246. . usnavy
Folks get ready for this. I can't say it enough. I am so proud to be a part of this show.
Strapped like the navy seals promise u don't want it☠️
You'd think I'm in the Navy the way I be poppin seals
You know those Navy SEALs, they weren't Democrats and Republicans. Th...
So it's about Navy SEALs taking on zombies?
ask Romney it makes you kind of Fruity
“I am a Navy Veteran and I am proud to say that I am an employee at Easter Seals Tristate," said Michelle Phillips htt…
"This ultimate test of endurance will be led by six instructors who are veterans of the Navy SEALs, Green Berets,...
Navy Seals are the baddest dudes on the if, and or buts about it
Former Navy SEALs on how leadership defines a team via
Get it straight: Pakistan is not our friend. When our tremendous Navy SEALS took out Osama bin Laden, they did… (cont)…
Equipped and trained by the United States. The Bangladesh Navy got their own Navy SEALs.
What can you learn about team and getting business funding from the Video on LinkedIn Pulse:…
My dad was usual sane about movies, but loved that one. I think it boiled down to Marines beating Navy SEALS.
My navy seal buddy was in that movie Act of Valor that used real seals.
Got a bunch of Navy Seal buddies hired to play the other Seals. Was a fun experience & a fun story for my family.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
the Navy SEALs get their name from the different environments in which they operate? Sea, Air and Land. premi…
RT2 romance 2 families in crisis & a HEA you'll never forget. Navy SEAL Romantic Su…
Scrapped like the Navy Seals Promise you don't want it! 🎧
How Navy SEALs’ “40% Rule” can help you do more than you thought possible via
Will Gen Robert Abrams be a traitor too.
Isn't he the guy who abandoned group of wounded Navy Seals who were hit by friendly fire?
Strapped like da navy seals promise youn want it
Trump and is like Barney Fife organizing strike (Navy Seals) on Bin Laden--Unqualified and UN-DANG-FIT--
pretty sure Navy SEALS killed him! Not 2 mention Bill said he could've done it 10 yrs sooner and didn't.
Strap like the navy seals promise you don't want it
Navy SEALs to present prize challenge for watercraft bumper design at OpenWERX on 4 November
US Navy SEALS and other specialized troops are training and drilling w/ military incl formations li…
$20.00 value for only $4.45, always dive with the ProDive Whistle used by US Navy Seals and USCG
Dave Rogers from navy seals using the worlds only one shot zero scope
I get u, I 🙏 he helps R Vets & stands by his word. After seeing 3 Navy seals interview I hated Hillary
ok, learn how to spell. He did nothing. You can thank the Navy seals for that
Okay, who's up for this?. Check out these Navy Seals guys jumping into Tennessee Football's Stadium, University of...
LSU watched Lone Survivor with former Navy SEALs last night. No surprise they're holding their own.
Watch the Head Of the The Navy SEALs Explain the Method Trump Uses - Never Back Down From the Sharks:
"Under pressure, you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training." (Navy SEALS)
I think of them about the same as I do about Navy SEALs.
Good advice on mental toughness. Overlaps a lot with
Would never happen with Trump!: Navy SEALs tell top House lawmaker they don't have enough combat rifles | Fox News | ht…
Spoiler alert: Half are posters from Navy Seals and the other half are from the Queen Latifah Steel Magnolias remake
Forget the hype. It's discipline that matters. .
CALLING SPECIAL FORCES & NAVY SEALS ! America is under SIEGE by the CLINTON machine !.
CALLING SPECIAL FORCES & NAVY SEALS ! MAYDAY SOS ! America is under siege by the Clinton machine ! ACT NOW !…
The fake Navy Seals and dancers did the U.S. pledge of allegiance. And then they danced to Bruce Springsteen’s **Born in t…
Christians think being a "warrior" means being loud. But there's this group called "Navy SEALs" that are more effective in darkness&silence.
At the Republican Hindu Coalition Trump event, fake Michael Jackson was followed by dancers attacked by jihadists and rescu…
Got them red dots like mw2, all they gonna see is Red. Strapped like the navy seals believe me you don't want it.
Half of the Navy Seals like Bill Maher and the other half really like Sean Hanity, it is a challenge working together past this divide
Pak's dearest son Osama gt his *** kicked & tkn away by US Navy Seals few yrs back. Prob'ly it happ so quick tht th…
"I graduated top of my class in the Navy Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous secret raids on Al-Quaeda" - Hillary Clint…
49ers-SD game on TH will have a “Salute to the Military” with Officer Steven Powell singing “God Bless America” and Navy Seals parachuting.
2 Navy Seals (Retired), CIA Agent and i believe a special agent in the Secret Service
She also trained in underwater demo/explosives with the Navy Seals and rode a motorcycle to work. She is awesome.
Wait. Are Navy Seals allowed to go clubbing?
nothin but family, navy SEALs, and a whole lotta fishin.
Thank you for great meeting w/ AARP MT State Director about support for caregivers https:/…
We're gonna have the best navy seals, and these seals are gonna be great let me tell ya.
"There are two ways to do something. The right way, and again." . — Navy SEALs
Chris Kyle is one of the most prestigious navy seals/ sailors since the post 9/11 era name 2 silver stars is unheard of
oh how I would love to plow through through that crowd
I just saw a spider on my balcony. Please send Navy Seals, SWAT, National Troops, hot guy next door, or Dalay Lama. ASAP. Brrr.
Everyone who made it through Navy Seals training today should be proud Bc it's not easy.
just met an uber driver-Russian immigrant who joined US Navy SEALs-told me all his Russian immigrant friends in Brighton Bea…
A look at the grueling Navy SEALs training program
Navy SEALs from SEAL Team 10 before Operation Red Wing. The only SEAL to survive the mission was Marcus Luttrell.
. Actually, the Army Rangers, the Green Berets, and the Navy Seals have been doing that for years
Perhaps you need a "tune up" from some ex Navy Seals skilled in attitude adjustment. I can arrange!
Isn't it time to declassify and release the pictures of UBL taken by Navy Seals after he was killed? And/Or his burial at sea?
Look up Dr Richard Allen Murray (trained Navy Seals) & Aaron Morikami for some real science on "the Force". FYI...
. Defense Sec. says now girls can be Navy Seals or Marine Recon. 95% of ultra-fit young men cannot make it, so how can girls?
Stunning day on Ritz Carlton golf course Golf tourney benefiting the Navy Seals and Brian's House.
Police Tip: did Patrick Halliewood Ellis' employer have relations in Benghazi, Lybia, or with US Ambassador Chris Stevens & the Navy Seals
For those asking about the Navy Seals exercises at Coronado beach yesterday, here's a glimpse. It was INTENSE.
Our next speaker and activator is Renita Kahlhorn of The Flow Factor, we has past experience working with Navy Seals!
Fatherly advice from Navy SEALS, Black Hawk pilots and other U.S Military veterans:
It's a video by Abo Zain, pro gov reporter, a car bomb hit the (or in the vicinity of) HQ of Navy Seals / Suqur Al Sahara
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Obama has had 4 star generals, Navy seals and diplomats killed. You really must reasses your values!
US Navy Seals - The name US Navy Seals comes from the environment within...
are they waiting for the Navy Seals to parachute in? you know them and a gazillion militia are 30 minutes out.
I was just followed by the Navy Seals. What an honor! Bless you Seals for keeping our country safe!
The day after The Rock and Navy SEALs helped this teen celebrate his birthday, he passed away
I liked a video from Navy SEALs Have a '40 Percent Rule' And It's the Key to Overcoming
Navy Seals/Commandos & Suqur al-Sahara are still advancing towards Palmyra Triangle htt…
Frog Fuel increases strength, prolongs endurance, and accelerates recovery. It is also designed by US Navy SEALs.
Navy Seals, when the Army and Marine Corp. need their hero's. :D
Robert they have been sitting on a time-bomb anyway. Those are the 300 navy seals, right? https…
If ever you doubt the strength and honor of our Navy SEALS here's why you shouldn't. Clinton for President? *** NO!
When Osama bin Laden opened the door and saw the Navy SEALS on his doorstep
"So what can the SEALs and research teach you about getting through life’s tough times?"
Hey bros help me out. Navy seals or Green Berets. I was thinking to join one of them in turkey so pls halp
Killed soldiers were from the "navy seals". ISIS claimed that they were killed by a car bomb
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Navy SEAL admiral's promotion denied after review -
TWo Navy Seals will will be in Alliance as part of the Human Performance Project.
Book 11: The Red Circle My Life in the Navy Seals by Brandon Webb. This book is about high standards and how success breeds success. Three
Screw the Navy Seals. He's an Australian. He's got access to the Navy Great White Sharks. :)
Why hasn't President Obama sent the Navy Seals in to rescue Chris Christie already?
ONUK MRTP22/U SAT Turkish Navy Seals' Operation Boat has a top speed of 54 knots.
Member of America's famed SEALS has been awarded the nation's highest military honor.
.- my oldest friend and the pride of Los Altos, CA - has a new book coming out. Just ordered my copy:
As President, will Bernie probe Obama: In a fake death on 02-05-2011 by US Navy SEALs attack on Abbottabad Compound, Pakistan?
What a quote from our panel at the Share Execuforum. "mainframers are the navy seals of IT!"
and teams: How US Navy Seals lead and win
Live on Kickstarter tomorrow. | Dark Matter Rubber was designed for the U.S. Navy SEALs wh… https:/…
Tony Robbins and Navy SEALs know these 6 words are key to any success.
Some Navy Seals are going to lean way the *** into Gurbanguly Berdimuhamedow
"We thank God they’re there," says Pres Obama of America's Navy SEALS. Calls them a "special breed of warrior."
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Spring break training got me feeling like I'm at boot camp for the Navy seals
I keep hearing an MX 20-20 beeping somewhere. Wonder if some Navy Seals are snooping about.
SEALs die while training in swimming pool via
The importance of believing and acting like you're a rock star long before anyone else recognizes it.
What are the pros and cons of having the SEALs in the Navy yet working closely with the Army and Marines?
Why doesn't "the media" report on the collapse of America since their boy Barry was crowned!?Navy Seals on Ingraham vote 4 Trump!
The Navy Seals who were in Bengazi and authored. 13 Hours, the book, currently being interviewed on the radio support Trump
Tune in to Laura Ingraham:Navy Seals who wrote "13 Hours" r on...met with & are voting 4 him because he will have our back!
Yea, if I had US Navy Seals and Delta Force looking for me, I'd be paranoid too! LMAO...
Here are my 8 Lessons and Takeaways from Extreme Ownership by former Navy SEALs Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
All I gotta say is kill and they comin like navy seals
More Osama bin Laden Raid Materials Released: The documents were taken by members of the Navy SEALs in their 2...
Until today, just five Navy SEALs had been awarded the Ed Byers just became the sixth.
I will never quit. I persevere and thrive on adversity... If knocked down, I will get back up every time. - The US Navy Seals
Navy SEAL from Ohio given Medal of Honor - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
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Take a European vacation with hot men of Valor Series
We were called Cub Scouts, but we were really Navy Seals.
What do the Navy Seals have to do with PLTW?? @ Riverside Convention Center
To save the Pope delicate tushy, Swiss Guard each carry an HK MP7 PDW, chambered in 4.6x30mm. Same as Navy Seals.
This 2014 Commencement speech given by the head of the Navy Seals is worth watching. His advice on how to succeed...
I was pleased to my cousin son Luis trains Navy Seals in the Los Angeles area. My family has a long Naval history
Just tried watching a film called 'Act of Valor' about the Navy Seals. Turned it off after 20 mins as Ken Barlows acting is better. Turd 💩👎🏼
"Navy Seals can travel up to 75 miles under canopy." . Well, however far they came from, they're here.
I think all our service people are great but, Navy Seals, to me, are the Elite!! you wrote Seal Team 6, wow!! Quite an
Gen Votel Commander - Navy Seals, Green Berets - issues video statement in full support of SecDef decision
Secy. Carter: "They'll be able to serve as Army Rangers and Green Berets, Navy Seals, Marine Corps Infantry, Air Force Parajumpers.."
I watched a movie based on a true story called, "Captain Phillips." I fell in love instantly with the Navy Seals & the whole story line..
UCLA is honoring the Navy Seals this weekend with this sweet decal:
Sunset storming of Spanish Bay GC by the Navy Seals. They flew in right over our heads. That's NFL…
It's RACE DAY! Being the Battlefrog is designed by Navy Seals, I'd like to send a sincere thanks to Kevin Kent for being a Seal-true Ameri…
Obama didn't get Osama. Navy Seals did! Get is straight! Seal team Six! Then most were killed! -
I would love to know what the cargo was that these 2 dead ex-Navy Seals were guarding on the Maersk Alabama?
Find out the truth about these 2dead ex-Navy Seals&you just may find out the truth about .
Do u think the could find out the real reason y these 2 ex-Navy Seals died? protecting drone cargo? .
Did pirates kill 2 Ex-Navy Seals &make off with stolen drone technology in Seychelles to sell 2China.
The US Navy Seals will be on campus TONIGHT at 6:30pm in Ben Allen Field house! They will be speaking on the Life of an Athlete Program!
LOL. used by Navy SEALs and SFOD-D, still has Afghan moon dust on it!
US Navy Seals during *** week get the minimum amount of sleep before you die.
are you kidding me man they're basically Navy SEALs 😂
Pakistani leadership knew of Osama's presence long before US Navy seals killed him
Your page viewers are more likely to successfully become Navy Seals than click on a banner advertisement.
no literally everyone on my moms side was in the military and my brother is going into the navy seals so I have more insight
"Individuals play the game, but teams beat the odds." - Navy Seals
just said she knows how to "stand (her) ground"isn't that the order she or someone in her chain gave to the Navy SEALS in Benghazi?
Watched every Navy Seals movie on netflix today and if that doesn't motivate me to grind then i dont know what will
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
If you want to watch an interesting docu about the origins of Navy SEALs hit me up
Can’t wait to get my copy of Navy SEALs Lead and Win .
Remember History is NEVER kind to Tyrants, Dictators & Terrorists.(neither are Navy or
U.S. Navy SEALs from SEAL Delivery Vehicle Team Two fast-rope from a MH-60 Seahawk to the deck of the USS Toledo.
I think we should defund the military down to six Navy SEALS and an Apache attack helicopter and send them in to slag Wall Street
the US ambassador and the three navy seals.
I hope Hillary's HAUNTED by SPIRITS; 2 US Navy SEALS she left for dead on dark roof top in Benghazi.
I think its high time that we send our navy seals , kidnap Putin and make him our president .
tell that to ambassador Stevens and the navy seals that died.
Unbelievable! Two Navy SEALs DIED because this woman AND her boss didnt care about losing American lives!
The was intelligence on the ground two navy seals they were abandoned by Hillary
And we had a Navy Seals "burning up phone lines" requesting help in Benghazi, but you didn't answer the call and send help. …
you're not going to be successful with handguns and rifles against tanks, drones, and Navy SEALs. Silly argument
You know who was burning up the phone lines asking for help?? Our Ambassador and Navy Seals!!
We didn't have any military in Libya? Why did navy seals die then Hillary?
My son was offered a Navy Seals contract! So proud of him and his service to this country!
Listen to Tim Ferris podcasts where he talks to Navy Seals, business leaders and scientists, instead of Kanye West. You'll go farther.
This is why STAND DOWN orders were given! But 2 Navy Seals took up the fight anyway! Obama went to bed mad!
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