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Navy Seal

The United States Navy's Sea, Air, and Land Teams, commonly known as Navy Seals, are the U.S. Navy's principal special operations force and a part of the Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) as well as the maritime component of the United States Special Operations Command.

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Speaking of the Crap News Network, what are your thoughts on Kate Bolduan flipping out on a Navy Seal last night?
I commend this Navy Seal for holding his cool with these Fake News panelists Thank God he didn't low his standards to th…
had my roommates cousin over... he cracked a vertabrae in my neck not liking me - a former Navy Seal and my neck is screwed!
Former US Navy Seal describes the moment he killed Osama bin Laden - Times of India
Happy angle birthday to Danny Dietz a Navy Seal from Colorado who gave his life during Operation Redwing R.I.P
I 5th hunk a Navy Seal team and Special Forces unit should be deployed so you can speak truth to ignorance.
first It was Obama's fault a Navy Seal w…
Knowing that Osama Bin Laden had already died years earlier, I actually PREDICTED that something would happen to...
Have you heard about him ordering the Yemen raid and killing 30 innocent people including a navy seal and an 8 yr old girl?
Few have the mental and physical fortitude for a challenge like this.
Navy SEAL vs dirty cops. Guess who wins!. Standalone or last in a series of like-minded characters!.
Elite Navy Seal sniper states globalist pedophilia is real. This is sickening. Scary, too.
Navy Seal, with connections to security personnel who protect globalist elites, states Pedo issue is REAL
I try to remember to post this at least once a day support he's starting something amazing. Who better to lead…
Veterans from various US military branches are uniting to save children from sex trafficking pedophile rings -
Write then Wong Nao as my navy seal uncle always said
Saw that, need to watch him in Scorpion and the movie Act of Valor. When you watch it, t…
A Navy SEAL explains why you should end a shower with cold water
Has he seen the last raid that killed a Navy Seal? This is VN 2.0. Years
Strap like tha navy seal promise you don't wait💯🔞🆎
Danger stalks Lexi and her Navy SEAL protector. Conjuring Darkness
Excellent additional research on the Obama Navy SEAL murder scandal all in one place ->> htt…
🚨🔊💥🎯 Navy Seal vet set up a crowd funding site to shine the light on & to rescue children at let's…
A Navy SEAL explains what to do if you're attacked by a shark
Steal the meal of Neal mcBeal, the navy seal
¯`*•.¸♥ Can Emma protect her heart after. Navy Lucas saves her life?. ☑https:…
Dem lawmaker: Navy SEAL might be alive if Trump spent less time attacking media.
The man in my icon is a NAVY SEAL who killed men with his bare hands, yet he is pouting to a girl selling cookies.
This is the future liberals want. .
Navy Seal is crowdfunding an op to hunt down pedo's in a doc-series Ple…
Get trained to shoot by a Navy Seal at Rockwall Gun Club.
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great American. Busted the mafia & the Penn State cult. Fed Judge, FBI director, son is a Navy Seal. God bless LF
My Uncle is a retired Navy Seal he stands up for Trump.
Michael "Trump used the widow of the Navy Seal like a prop" Moore makes Keith Ellison look like a moderate.
Marcus Luttrell, Hero, Navy Seal, author of Lone Survivor! Incredible moment listening to him.
is now going to report Barry was a Navy Seal.
. Awan bros fired from Congressional IT roles may be behind leak that killed Navy Seal in Yemen.
. Clinton loyalists fired for illegal activity also behind leak that led to Navy Seal death in Yemen.
Carelessly send a Navy Seal to his death, deny responsibility, showboat his widow, brag about her standing ovation. --"Pr…
If a Navy Seal missions were safe and easy we wouldn't need to send Seals now would we? Duh.
My father served in Korean War what Dan Grilo said to a Navy Seal wife made it seem my fathers service didn't matter 2 him.
. NEVER FORGET:. During the lengthy standing ovation for the Navy Seal and his widow, Democrats stayed seated.
Disgusting: Hate-filled Democrats refuse to stand for fallen Navy Seal's widow!
Trump honors widow of Navy Seal 'Ryan' Owens in Congress address – video
This is exactly something I would think an ex-Hillary staffer would say to a Navy Seal widow.
Trump blames the military for Navy Seal's death in raid he approved. He wants all the acclaim but none of the responsibili…
taking care of an 11 YR OLD should not be your excuse to ignore Navy Seal,Muslim&Indian murders,Jewish hate crimesCOME OUT OF TOWER
OMG instead of the family of the Navy Seal that died or the widow of the Indian man killed because of the hate speec…
Sean Spicer says the White House is "very comfortable" with Yemen mission that left Navy Seal dead
Obama knew it was to dangerous. .so President *** had to flex his power. .we loss a brave Navy Seal. .9 children were killed
today is day 31 Trump said he would take care of ISIS in 30 days. .lies and sets up a Navy Seal to flex his power
Bill Owens deserves answers on the death of his son, Ryan, Navy Seal killed in Yemen
Wow: Father of slain Navy Seal from Yemen mission Trump called a "success" wouldn't meet Trump at Dover.
Father of slain Navy Seal didn't want to meet Trump, demands investigation
This is from a REAL American...Someone you're not fit to shine his boots!.
Be sure to look up when you're at the Navy SEAL Museum, you don't want to miss anything!
.is set as a lead in CBS’ untitled Navy SEAL drama pilot from former “Justified” executive producers…
Fascinating book which every US Navy Seal is required to read. Watch out for our book club for the interview on Leg…
Half an hour into a botched firefight that cost the lives of a Navy SEAL, an American child and many innocent...
Synopsis. Foster Kavanaugh, former Navy SEAL, knows what it’s like to be the top dog, the man in charge, the one...
I never said I'm a navy seal my handle should clue u in on what branch I was in the article had some pentagon hack not a seal
Donald Trump was at dinner w/Kushner & Bannon while Navy Seal Team 6 was engaged in a fire-fight that HE had authorized in whic…
But what did this guy know? It's not like he fought to destroy America's enemies or anything:
during military raid in Yemen that killed a Navy SEAL and scores of women and children, was, wait for it,…
In light of lifting protections for transgender people, reposting my article at
This ordered raid was not properly vetted, did not achieve it objective and resulted in the death…
Trump the 'biggest threat to democracy', says man who brought down Bin Laden
4 Star Admiral/Navy Seal, Commander of Bin Laden Raid: Trump is a threat to Democracy.
is ALWAYS RIGHT! Navy SEAL Raid in Yemen Spotlights Issue of Female Terrorists Amid Trump’s Temp Ban h…
So are the Trumples going to call this guy a liberal cuck who listens to fake news?
How to Be an Exceptional Leader: Advice From a Navy SEAL via [PLS RT] if you find this ar…
You know, I just realized that the Navy Seal copypasta is a great example of how important context is, and why this thin…
Trump is 'biggest threat to democracy', says Navy Seal who brought down Osama Bin Laden
Happy Angel Birthday to Navy SEAL Brendan Looney who selflessly sacrificed his life for our great Country.…
aren't they always a navy seal also. For being elite units there sure are a lot of them.
Can I identify as a Navy Seal even though I've never been one? Or Latino?
Update your maps at Navteq
war on media is 'biggest threat to democracy' says Navy SEAL who brought...
Trump busts Muslim spy ring in Congress!. Fired 3 bros handling top secret info. hrs after SEAL 6 mbr killed in Yemen. https:/…
Vice Admiral Robert Harward a former Navy Seal has turn down Trumps well oiled machine. He's been on enough ships to know a…
whoring for airtime an excellent journalist wouldn't insult a Navy Seal or any other hero. .
EXCLUSIVE: Navy Seal raid in Yemen missed main target, who is now taunting Pres. Trump, U.S. officials tell NBC News
those Neutron bombs would've came handy for decapitation if a SouthKorea Special Forces w Navy Seal operation fail
A Navy Seal has died under Trump's watch. The circumstances were much different than Obama watching 4 men die when he cou…
On a serious note, today we remember Navy Seal sniper and American badass Chris Kyle.
Trump to Navy Seal family: sorry about your son. Had to be done. Extra points for the little girl though! *puts up…
POTUS "drops everything", on Marine One to Dover Air Force Base w/Ivanka for arrival of fallen Navy Seal, Owens. Rest In Pea…
So Proud of my for taking the time to Greet our Fallen US Navy Seal at Dover Air Force Base today. PRESIDENTIAL
he went to the funeral of a Navy that an issue???
Trumo killed our Navy Seal, perverted Team into mass murderers of innocent women&children. Pro-life? Nazi brown shirts love it.
Marcus Luttrell starred in Lone Survivor, a movie about himself, but played another Navy Seal member while Mark Wahlberg played Marcus.
Clint Eastwood directed film about the late Navy Seal and great American hero Chris Kyle.   10% Off
Navy Seal commander gives some of the best advice to Grads at commencement. ENOUGH SAID.
What sport is the Navy Seal league lol whatever I hear your argument
Exclusive: Walton Goggins & Navy Seal team faces trouble in the intense new trailer: 😯…
Is there anything your best friend does not know about you? Yep. I was an Assasin in my old life, & a CIA/Navy Seal in the next
Chris Cassidy is amazing. Astronaut, Navy Seal, &Rockets Fan! MT S/O from ISS was pretty gr8 last night
POLITICO Freshman Rep. Ryan Zinke, an ex-Navy Seal commander, has report...
This series was about cars and street racing after Tokyo Drift it became about becoming navy seal 😂😷
This guy gets rekt on the 4chan boards after bragging about his girl and h...
Instead of introducing Tim as a normal qualified agent had to make him a Super Jock Navy SEAL.
Former Navy SEAL CDR lauds Gen. Mattis:. 'He understands the principle that if you go to war, you go to war to win.'. https:/…
if you live by Vet. U.S. Navy SEAL mindset. See more of Dom on
UNTIL it HURTS, a documentary about 9/11 and our Navy SEAL warriors... . Please watch this video . GodBless Them 2&All
US Navy SEAL Brendan Looney pictured here with an interesting load in his utility pouch. He was KIA on 9/21/10, RIP ht…
Check out Fearless: The Undaunted Courage and Ultimate Sacrifice of Navy SEAL Team SIX ... via
Someone has obviously falsified this kids documents he has the body of a fully grown navy seal, he probably wrestle…
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Trump considers former Navy SEAL Zinke for Secretary of the Interior, sources say
Got a bunch of Navy Seal buddies hired to play the other Seals. Was a fun experience & a fun story for my family.
This is awesome. Northwestern's Tom Hruby, who is a retired Navy Seal, was carried off the field on Veterans Day weekend. (vi…
I think about the story of the court-martialed, double CMOH recipient Navy Seal assigned to a Marine Recon group all the time
i got flushed out of Navy Seal training after one of my instructors yelled in my face and spit got in my eye and i started…
is a LIAR she invites Rappers to the White House to perform, they have lyrics that would make a Navy Seal blush. eh Michelle?
Navy SEAL and Author... aren't those basically the same thing?!? Isn't the 4th phase of BUDS Creative Writing?
Former Navy SEAL and author Clint Emerson is hosting the Team Room Q&A on Sept. 25
Would Michael Phelps have the ability to get through navy seal training?
"Under pressure you don't rise to the occasion, you sink to the level of your training. That's why we train so hard." - Unnamed Navy Seal
U.S. Navy Seal Veteran Calls out Hillary Clinton for Lying "You are not worthy of the office you seek" htt…
Eluding the mob, a woman finds protection with an ex-Navy SEAL team.
Join us this morning for a special Sunday morning with former Navy SEAL Chad Williams! You don't want to miss...
A Navy SEAL fires an M60 machine gun sometime during the Vietnam War
Matt Bissonnette, former Navy Seal, being fined $6.6 for revealing classified info in his book. Time to claim Clinton defense!
Matt Bissonnette, former Navy Seal wrote "No Easy Day." The U.S. government is grabbing all profits and royalties. How is this legal?
Dorothy Woods, wife of US Navy Seal killed in slams Hillary Clinton! Then calls out for Trump's leadership htt…
So, this Navy Seal gets zapped for $6.8 MILLION dollars for publishing "unapproved" info, and Hillary walks free? https:/…
I liked a video Chief Chris Kyle - Navy Seal - Freedom Experience at Fellowship Church
We're honored to have retired Navy Seal, Jason Redman with us at
Looking for something new to read??? Hot and Navy Seal jumped out at me. 󾌧󾓶
Meet our guest Chad Williams tomorrow at 7pm. He's a Navy Seal that found Jesus in the middle of war htt…
Navy Seal says, "The Federal Gov't is trying to provoke the veterans to do Something."
No way Rob D was a seal maybe he did laundry for them. Biggest cry baby Whiner out of the 20 was a team of I not a Navy Seal
Navy Seal: AR-15s are best medicine against terror (VIDEO)
ISIS footage shows vehicle US Navy Seal was riding in when terror group killed him
Chris, Hillary turned her back on Ambassador Steven, our Navy Seal. Should be in jail & not running 4 presidency!
Well, let's try it then 😁: "You're more likely to fulfill Navy Seal training than clicking on a banner" Bob Hoffman
Trump voters they don't get any better than our Navy Seal ~Thank you for your AWESOME SERVICE!!! What a veteran
This is crazy. Former US Navy Seal, Chris Kyle, who is now deceased is also mentioned.
Order Miche Bag Online!
Closing things out after a great day - former Navy Seal "Win the gunfight first"
What happens when a former Navy Seal tries to settle down? THE HORDE happens; get it now on
At 11:10 Am on Eli Crane former Navy Seal will talk of Navy Seal Charlie Keating who died in action.
New video shows the intense ISIS battle that killed a U.S. Navy Seal in Iraq:
D'Eric Thomas as Michael P. Murphy, a U.S. Navy Seal who was awarded Medal of Honor.
From the Video shows Navy Seal's death was result of intense combat with Isis
RIP to the Navy Seal who got killed in Iraq by Isis yesterday. This is the stuff that should make the headlines of the…
Navy Seal Jeff Boss is an adaptability coach. This is a skill that everyone in business and life needs now:
"SAPVoice: What a Navy SEAL can teach you about business improvement SAP.
Navy Seal Jeff Boss explains why EVERYONE on your team needs to be a leader. Listen now:
The founder of a Navy SEAL preparation center in CA talks about how to develop mental toughness.
Trump Cabinet-. Director of CIA O'Neill(Navy Seal)/ Director of the national drug control policy Arpaio. Thoughts?
You need to have a "Navy Seal" challenge and bring in R. Lee Ermey in yelling at you guys as you both fail miserably.
Kristin Beck on life as a transgender ex-Navy Seal via
Want to change the world? Start by making your bed everyday. . —Admiral William McRaven, U.S. Navy Seal
Tooth fairy and her minion army, ftw. Walmart greeter (former Army Ranger or Navy Seal) ftw.
I will be voting for former Navy Seal for Missouri Governor. I encourage MO …
I can hear Condi say "If I were Sec of State I would not have allow Ambassador Stevens, CIA agents & Navy Seal die." https:…
WATCH LIVE STREAM: Navy Seal from Otsego to receive Medal of Honor at White House ceremony.
No Easy Day: The Autobiography of a Navy Seal: The Firsthand Account of the Miss
Ok knew it. He was involved. He one mean sneaky man. But we have a smart Navy Seal! Go McGarrett
Navy SEAL joins tonight on to talk abt and the
Bodies of the soldiers. Obama had all Navy SEAL bodies cremated without permission from their families t…
Not hard to figure out! Search his name on google and then cut & paste:
I signed up for the Navy SEAL LT Michael Murphy- 4 Mile Run/Walk Around the Lake on Jun 25, 2016!
Ex-Navy SEAL mocks "absurd" decision to reveal U.S. special forces in Syria to Russia
Join me in Visalia March 4th or Fresno March 5th to hear from Navy Seal Rob O'Neill and watch the movie Zero Dark...
Hello guys I wanted to know some tips before going into buds . I am a high school student interested in becoming a Navy Seal
I'm not afraid to navy seal any of you. Bring it on.
Have you heard this interview of a navy seal with Sam Harris on violence? So good.
Navy SEAL Dustin Frank can handle physical pain; it’s his soul that needs mending.
Majority of active military & vets are for Trump - open your eyes & look around. A Navy Seal is one of his spokesmen on Fox News.
so you a navy seal, ninja and a CoD God?!
Betrayed: The Story of Extortion 17 by the Father of a Navy SEAL
Should this Navy Seal Flashlight be Banned Forever?. Get full product details here:
Today we honor the Legacy of U.S. Navy SEAL SO1 Matthew J. Leathers.
Trump just raised 6 million for vets & a Navy Seal of one of his best spokesmen.
Remember: US Navy Seal Brendan Looney KIA 9/21/10. Notice a "tactical puppy" in his back utility pouch.
My only dream since I was a little boy was to be a Navy SEAL. Still in my plan...
Learn to shoot effectively to protect yourself & your loved ones! Get started w/
Congressman Zinke is absolutely right: Ex-Navy SEAL mocks 'absurd' decision to reveal U.S. forces to Russia.
Navy SEAL joins tonight on to talk about
Wanted to give a shout out to a Navy Seal that shares my same values. I am retired USMC CWO-3 and I support
But you'll always have my heart for your great Navy Seal documentaries and biscuits, America. Sincerely, A Canadian
From Eric Greitens, Navy Seal and author. . "Joy, like sweat, is usually a byproduct of your activity not your aim". See below- Greitens
Veteran Navy Seal calls Hillary Clinton a liar to educate you on how much she's a fraud!
from "Navy Seals, a beating death and claims of a cover-up.".
You'll never hear talking about compassion, kindness & precious gift of life like Navy SEAL Marc Lee.
He was never a Navy SEAL. He quit two days before being halfway through training.
How a Navy SEAL trained an entrepreneur to appreciate failure
Cahill anyone? Dale Gibson left us with that in the next at at 7/1. Pimmers takes U S Navy Seal.
On another flight home from a run with Kevin from Tier1 Sof. I Took Mika the Navy Seal Museum K9 with me for training
Please show your support for Navy SEAL, Shane Hiatt Follow his company A…
US NAVY SEAL in the 6:10 looks very appealing at 7/2! Worth £10 that
How a Navy SEAL trained an to appreciate
Thoughts on US navy seal mate high opening handicap but he seems to be getting it together now?
No tip from us in the 6.10 but US NAVY SEAL does look the one to be with. Won well last time out, Kirby on top & more to come handicapping
US Navy Seal could brighten my week up big time 😬🙏🏻
Does he look like a Navy Seal or Paul Blart?
registration open for the 2016 Navy SEAL LT Michael P Murphy 4 Mile Run/Walk around the Lake htt…
First time watching on for Gateway First Conference. She's such a phenomenal speaker! "I am Gods Navy Seal."
Developing Mental Toughness and Becoming Unbeatable in Life w/ Navy Seal... via
It is just amazing how much she lies. SMH.
Twelve ways to live like a Navy SEAL in 2016 | Fox News |
Everton look overpriced to me. 12/5 with paddy worth a punt. Also doubling up with US Navy Seal at kempton
When it comes to are you an ostrich, a doomsday prepper or a Navy SEAL?
get on us navy seal though mate. Did you get on San Quentin I know it's a horse you've backed in the past quality odds today
Amazing reporting in on the scandal
"I lost my Navy SEAL son in Ramadi. The city’s future still matters to me."
Parenting is hard. Here is what a Navy Seal says about how to shape your kids:
only when I meet Freddie... We was in the same class in the Naval Academy, then we joined the Navy Seal together...
Family of Glen Doherty, CIA contractor & fmr. Navy Seal, killed in Waiting a Year for Death Benefits.
American Sniper make me wana join the Navy Seal 💯
I just met a guy in the DMV office, who was a sniper, was in Afghanistan, he had over 300 kills, Navy Seal for 28 years & served in Iraq
Making love to Queen Latifah is like doing Navy Seal boot camp
Bombing Syria now would be like sending a Navy Seal sniper to shoot a dead horse.
Watching American Sniper makes me think about becoming a Navy Seal
Is the lynch mob forming behind the building? McGarity may need a Navy Seal or two for private security. This fan base is something else.
I see Navy Seal sniper training in the future.
If I ever join the military I'm going to sniper school as an Army Ranger or a Navy Seal
How a Navy Seal creates an Unbeatable Mind with
Olivia Pope plays hard to get, but you know deep down she wants the D.. But you have to be the President, a Senator or a Navy Seal
.A Navy Seal gives advice on never backing down:.
Si your father just cut us a prime rib only daddy a navy seal was bred like champion Puerto Rican warrior To never eat meat
It's RACE DAY! Being the Battlefrog is designed by Navy Seals, I'd like to send a sincere thanks to Kevin Kent for being a Seal-true Ameri…
Strapped on my side like a navy seal
Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink explains the 'dichotomy of leadership' - Business Insider
When your patient's son says your haircut is badass cause it makes you look like a navy seal lol
People are more likely to complete a Navy Seal training program or climb Mount Everest than click on a banner ad.
The fitness tips I learned from living with a Navy SEAL
Even as grown adults we can learn from these lesson in :
'You are more likely to complete Navy Seal training than to click on a banner ad': to EMBA in NY…
I need soldier somebody who gone keep it real, somebody who gone pick me up when my back against the wall, I need a Navy Seal
A retired Navy SEAL commander explains 12 traits all effective leaders must have
Thank you Carl Higbie (former Navy Seal) for you support of my plan to straighten out the Veterans Administration-a me…
Listening to Tim Ferris Podcast w retired Navy Seal and author Jocko Willink. Listen!
Pak’s SSG troops has been listed as best special forces, ahead of US Navy Seal & British special air service group.
The lead Republican candidate for Missouri Governor is a former Navy Seal.
My new role model, most lethal sniper in the world.. Good thing he was a Navy Seal. Chris Kyle.
The company was co-founded by the late Chris Kyle, a former U.S. Navy Seal & subject of the Clint Eastwood movie American Sniper.
Great run this morning with ex- Navy Seal Good to be back running today.
Navy Sniper: Seal Commando - Journey through an intense battlefield, becoming an elite…
You have got to check this out music by a former Navy Seal-
I liked a video Phony Navy SEAL of the Week. Always in the FIGHT... Extended Version
6 died trying to rescue Bergdahl. 5 taliban released for Bergdahl. its a good day for US
Get 6 Free VitaTops
is one of the best girls who ever played cop\Navy seal roles on TV 👌 she's sexy too 😍👌
Navy SEAL discusses attempt to save Bergdahl
An open letter from the mother of the first Navy Seal killed in Iraq to General Martin Dempsey |
Former Navy Seal running for freeholder in Burlington Co NJ.
She's a secret ninja Navy Seal?! Just when I thought I couldn't love her more. Good god ***
Could you imagine what a navy seal would've done to a room full of cowboys back in the western days? Lmaoo
Yet the Obama regime stands by Bergdahl...
Navy SEAL doing a pull-up with a BF Goodrich tire attached.
I liked a video from Operation Longsword - ArmA 3 Navy SEAL Co-op Gameplay
SSG is now ranked better than US Navy seal and SAS Group.
Learn to shoot from a U.S. instructor.
The new Chris Kyle 1/6 scale figure by MSE is packed with his iconic Navy Seal sniper gear!
…and their mentor, the gruff but lovable former Navy Seal sniper with six ex-wives…
One of the most fearless warriors , Richard Marcinko is one of the founding fathers of the Navy Seal
Navy Seal training set to open for women, says Chief of Naval Operations
domain names
Question of the day, "Is that a High School soccer team or a Navy Seal team?"great job, Hammond,Clemmer,Sibold
Today is the day. Chad Williams, former Navy Seal, will be our guest speaker. We hope you will join us.
Wait, the former Navy Seal who is now transgender was from Seal Team 6??!
Navy Seal's are tough: I can only imagine how tough they'd be if they were in the United States Corp!
Navy Seal's 'Leap Frog' team parachutes over Esplanade: Watch as members of the Navy's Leap Frog team parachute…
6 members of the Navy Seal “Leap Frog” team R parachuting from 1 mile above to land inda area of da Esplanade.
It is illegal for example to ever state in a book what team you were on as a Navy Seal. If you have such books, destroy.
-- Big Country meets Beantown -- Prior to last night's game, this Navy Seal team parachuted onto the field at Fenway.
that's boot camp. Naval Academy is to become a Navy Seal.
The Feeling Tonight hitmaker received the accolade in honor of Chris Kyle, the Navy Seal depicted by Bradley Cooper in the blockbuster
Cabela’s will host former U.S. Navy Seal and “Lone Survivor” Author Marcus Luttrell at the company’s Waco...
I❤️the the Luttrell brothers, Marcus, & Navy Seal brother, Morgan xchange at mention of ht…
Maori hunters outsmart US Navy Seal in Manhunt via
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