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Navy Day

Several nations observe or have observed a Navy Day to recognize their navy.

Indian Navy Vladimir Putin

Just look at day one Second Life Kuhntee. I had just joined the Navy. and was free to do whatever I wanted... So I…
of the Day: The Seabees - The Seabees are a US Navy unit whose name derives from the two-letter abbreviati…
Navy Day Press Conference at New Delhi by Admiral Sunil Lanba Chief of The Naval Staff - newkerala news
.JV closes out the long day of basketball at the MAC, hosting Navy Prep in 10 minutes! Follow the ac…
Around the fleet in Friday's photos of the day. ℹ️ info and ⬇️ download:
Brighton Baseball Intersquad today . Team Orange defeats Team Navy 8-0 & 4-1 Highlights of the day Home runs by Alex…
I'm a Navy,little black star,5sosfam,army,exo-l… and addicted to green day…
Let us not forget a true hero who was taken way to soon... 🇺🇸 Happy Heavenly Veterans Day 🇺🇸 CPO Christopher S. Kyle US…
someone came I to old navy the other day and asked if we had nike
What an awesome day! Freshman Orange get 2 BIG wins in the Willis 9A Tournament to become the Bronze Bracket Champions…
Nickname of the Day: Did you ever know a 'WIGGY' Bennett? For more nicknames:
M Hollister NAVY Blue strapless elastic back boning tea day flared Dress ~ | eBay
I don't get why they went this route & at the end of the day they say you aren't Jason, you are a…
My old man ate cold navy bean sandwiches every day of his life. Sure he drank. A fellow needs help now and then. But h…
USS Ward (DD 139) fired the first U.S. shot of World War II in the Pacific and with her second shot achieved the first kill…
Navy Seal team 6 who captured bin Laden & threw his body in the sea all DIED in a helicopter crash they took the truth…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Lady Aces had a great outing at Navy Day regatta today.
Russia celebrated Navy Day with parades not only in St. Petersburg but also off the coast of Syria
Today is Navy Day in Russia! We would like to congratulate all the men and women serving in the Russian Fleet ⚓. 📷 Alexan…
Steph Curry surprising Navy veteran Timothy Birckhead in his brand new handicap-accessible home will make your entire…
I think next Monday me and my baby going to spend the day in Chicago at the navy pier..
'Serious muscles' for the advanced Russian corvette already on service
lt is the last Sunday of July and we celebrate the Navy Day! There is a parade on You Tube
In Russia Navy Day 🚢 is a national that normally takes place on the last Sunday of……
Vladimir Putin shows off his war fleet in MASSIVE parade of Russia's military might - Daily Star
Russian President Vladimir Putin attends the ceremony of the Navy Day parade 2017 in Saint Petersburg
Veterans Art Center Tampa Bay hosts 2-day event with navy seal veteran and artist Kristin Beck. https:…
Meanwhile China's Xi is on Russia's Mongol Border wth massive troop review...just sayin via
| Russian Navy holds in waters off to mark Navy Day
Today President for the first time in modern History of the country hosted a parade in i…
In Russia, it's National Navy Day! Thanks to those who keep our country safe!
From the Pacific Ocean to the Baltic Sea, in Russia celebrated the Day of the Navy
IN (FULL VIDEO): Today is Navy Day throughout Russia. Here’s your place to watch the entire…
Good pictures. Looks like the Admiralty could use some of Putin's conditiioning exercises. Happy Navy Day.🇷🇺
Scenes from Russian Navy Day parade in Tartus. Frigate Adm Essen, sub Krasnodar, Pytlivyy.
Second day of camp today and we're 32 and a butt days out from beating Fordham, and 131 and a butt days until we beat Nav…
Syria: Russian Navy holds parade in waters off Tartus to mark Navy Day -
broadcast by Medvedev congratulates Russian sailor on Navy Day
Russian Navy day parade in Sevastopol, occupied Crimea
On Navy Day, Russia parades its sea power from the Baltic Sea and Vladivostok to the shores of Syria:
Russia shows off its largest warships at Navy Day parade as tensions with West heighten…
Beautiful day for some hoops! Come through to the park across Navy Yard Metro Station for some D.C. . 🏀🏀🏀🏀
Watch the Main Naval Parade, which will be held in St Petersburg on Russian🇷🇺 Navy Day on July 30. 📹🎶…
Naval gun factory museum, Washington Navy Yard, DC. Photographed on Navy Day, 27 October 1947, when the museum was l…
Road to Navy Day 83 Special. 12 May 1966, Tun Abdul Razak officiated the new RMN Navy jetty at Woodlands.
On this Navy Day, Myriad salutes to our Indian Navy for shielding us and our Motherland in adverse situations. Jai Hin…
Here is this week's Inside the Gate. Please share. Have an awesome Navy Day.
At the Beating the Retreat ceremony for Navy Day. Proud and honoured to be here with my wife htt…
‘Beating the Retreat’ ceremony of the Navy Day celebrations
LIVE! Navy Day today; service chiefs pay tribute at Amar Jawan Jyoti
DAY 26 • US Navy Blue Angels were roaring this morning in preparation for the Boeing Seafair Air…
U.S. NAVY, 1945 First Day of Issue, "MIDWAY, where the *** Navy suffered its fir
I may not pray every day, but Lord forgive me for my sins I have committed & continue to bless me💯
'OUR NAVY' ...The contemporary 'Naval Toast of the Day' for Thursday
I tell old navy my last day to be scheduled is the 21st and then they do this to me. 😒😑
Free 5-day *** Week" boot camp - back by demand. Build mental & physical toughness w. a retired Navy SEAL and CEO:
I guess the EEOC has no idea the US NAVY wears a variant of this flag every single day
Fasho cuz at the end of the day *** wasn't doing nun but distracting you anyways
The Grand Fleet make their way to engage The Imperial Navy Fleet during ... h…
This the funniest thing I've seen all day 😭
I transform day into night, sugar into salt, creatures to corpses, and in this case I transform navy into golden.
Old Navy is too cheap for this disrespect of a beach day smh
even though I'm army and you're navy, I'll set picks for that wet AF jumper ALL DAY
I used to think the best feeling after a long day was taking my bra off but now that I'm in the Navy it's hands down taking my bun out.
Highlight of my day was getting a bouncy ball at Old Navy
CBS News Admits Navy MIND CONTROLL psychotropic antidepressants DRUG into military carriers a wave that imitate and terryfy people every day
I'm going as a modern day Royal Navy sailor... ok, I mean I'll be at work in uniform as usual... v.=.v'
Seafarers past & present to be commemorated on Merchant Navy Day, 3 September 2016
I barely got into this Navy School today! Might not be advised, not on Day 1 at least. :) BIG HUG!
Got to visit Pakistan Navy's HMS Arrow today. Best day of my life 😄
Ahhh so excited to finally see my day 1 tomorrow as he graduates from Navy basic training 🤘🏼🇺🇸
Lying about dodging sniper fire in Bosnia (via Us Navy SEAL
Thank you for rocking our house in during your Day 1 exploring every year! Fly Navy!!
Join the navy! Lol you won't have to worry about coming the next day... You'll already be at work! Lol
LAST day to enter Tag on those amazing pics + captions. Rules:
Can the Navy muscle MetroPc's on this very day 2 call my son Chris. Must be a coward from overseas? All calls pertinent 2 GOV block
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Diane Guerrero's old navy commercials make my day 😂😂😂
Olympics day 2 saw even more spirit from Army and Navy in the relay races and swimming! It's still anyones game...
Old Navy Canada Summer Sale: Save 30% off Adult Styles + Up to 60% off Back… ^.^ only 1 day
the day before I left for the navy 😂
It's Day -1 of the Rio Olympics and I'm already sick of these Amy Schumer Old Navy ads
When all you can think about is seeing tomorrow but the Navy has you shooting M9s all day 😔
Waking up to a phone call from from the merchant navy in Mexico just made my day! Be no time til you're home 😁🎉⛴💕
Ran to Navy Pier and back. Where is this energy every other day of my life??
Haven't had my phone on me, but I just saw that WDTA has over 5 million hits in a day. Crazy. Thank you!
William Todd with Hydrographer of Navy at World Hydrography Day, International Maritime Organisation, 21 July 2016 http…
Ferrari's 60th navy day highlighted back demurrer adjust passkey: heApFyU
our navy works every day war in me strait of Hormuz Med
havin a great day aboard the Gary Busse at Navy Pier!!! Come down and boat !!! https:/…
To be honest it's a lot of females who hold they *** down every day they just don't post it on socials 🤔
4 day weekend for me. Navy got perks sometimes ;)
I heard. Heading out to Esquimalt on Saturday for Navy Day. Awesome to know you were "in the beginning" ;)
Met a friend to help him write a Memorial Day eulogy for his best friend. Waiter saw his Navy shirt, chirped "have a great 3-day weekend!".
today was a very long day 🙄 getting ready to leave for the Navy is a lot of work but oh well I'm ready now 🙌🏾 ‼️
Navy Sol Scarf for a crisp Autumn day. 🍁🍂🌞
Mural by "A day in a life at the Brooklyn Navy Yard"
Day by day our repect increasing for Arnab Goswami atleast some ppl in Media who is working for Motherland🙏 https:/…
By that logic, should the mother-son duo be invited to the upcoming Independence Day celebrations?!
Productive meeting with in London and superb dinner at the Army and Navy Club. My learning curve gets steeper…
Happy Armed Forces Day to all those who are serving and... htt…
Mom reveals how her husband sexually abused her teen daughter
Just paid 97 cents for a brand new pair of pants at old navy. So.. I've accomplished a lot for the day.
Mom said: "I heard old navy is having a one day sale. Let's go" best thing on this crappy day
I won an old navy gift card today at Employee Appreciation Day 😊
‼️ all rising seniors: on senior step up day wear your senior class shirt or something else navy blue :) NOT black, spread the word ‼️‼️
It's getting hot out there... Don't let the Old Navy Memorial Day sale melt away! 50% OFF all tees, tanks, shorts...
LMAO considering I did 4 yrs Navy. I could out pushup you any day love. 💘
Memorial Day weekend is the first weekend of the summer that there will be fireworks at Navy Pier for free!
First Day outfit for the Vertical Stripe Polo and Navy Trousers
Tomorrow is the last day we can actually wear navy bottoms everyone
Not a cloud in the sky, almost navy blue heaven. Sunbeams warm her soul, palm trees offer shade, a perfect day ~JS https:/…
He was telling me the story of how he spent 30 years in the navy without knowing how to swim...funniest part of my day❤️
Our 9in are our most popular size. What do you think of this Minky?
Happy Annapolis! It's a beautiful day for the Air Show with the U.S. Navy Blue Angels!
When all your "fat" shorts from last summer are too big... feels so good! Just took advantage of Old Navy's huge Memorial Day sale!
OMG I want it heyyy my birthday's next week, wanna make my day? :P
Big thank you to the US Navy, Marine Corps & for an amazing day! Catch the clips on
Help support Powerup Rod and Navy SEAL Foundation for the Memorial Day Guinness World Records attempt! Live...
Worst day ever, I threw up like 5 times *** -___-
UPDATE 2: 2nd P-3 Orion took off from will provide continuous search throughout day. https…
Join CFB Esquimalt's Westshore Navy Day! Enjoy their first open house on the Westshore for a free family event!
Valentine's Day is fast approaching! Have you gotten your sweetheart tickets to see the world famous U.S. Navy...
Best wishes to our cousins and everywhere this Waitangi Day
Surprise your gf this Valentines Day🌹. 20% OFF code: LOVE 💝. All items are under $10!. Shop: ht…
Yup, every day --> This Admiral's inspiring speech will convince you to make your every morning-
Counterorder foyer rentals las vegas - navy day irrespective of your gentile: sVaQ
9yr US Navy here. Thanks 4 all U do for our troops. Hope I can do same one day
I had to get 2 simply because. This day was a holiday for me.
US Navy sailors released unharmed by Iran in less than a day - The Seattle Times
Valentine's Day must have: Lace. lace dress | in stores (also in navy)
Captain Nigel (Master Chief) Mason's last day before he leaves for his 4th deployment overseas with the US NAVY. 🇺🇸
SHARING: Brenda AD Navy Corpsman - Got my bottle and I love it. If I can drink 4 of these a day I'll be good...
View across the bay of the navy and the treaty grounds happy day
Whatangi day exhibition match FNQ Navy invitation vs NZ residents. Finally some rugby!!
For those that might have missed it, here is a short Signing Day profile of Navy recruit Jonathan Lee.
At the point where I'm about to block/mute the hive and navy... Like all day everyday, where's ya life!
More navy members stood up for me than Beyhive members the other day some I'm not throwing shade at riri I'm back to hating lady gaga.
When Dora ask you what was your favorite part of the day and you start explaining then she cut you off
its snowing have a safe day Navy SEAL LT Michael P. Murphy 4 Mile Run/Walk Around the Lake https…
It’s a snowy day at RIBCRAFT headquarters... perfect for loading two more Navy 7 meter RIBs!
[first day in the navy]. ME: i thought there would be more singing and dancing
globe-circling Task Force 152 comes home after 309-day cruise
Btw London navy just to let you know, none of the hmvs have any delxue editions of anti and won't until tomorrow or the day after.
Amazing first day of the Navy campaign by Only 5 more days -
I'm so happy for Marissa that she's in the navy but *** I miss her so much it crazy 😭😭😭I can't wait till the day I get her from the airport
We remember two heroes: former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle and Chad Littlefield, lost their lives on this day 3 years ago.
Turquoise Bracelet Navy Blue and Orange Day by jewelrybycarmal via
One day after 's Navy Jones, 's Tyrell Staten also committs to .
Today is the day. Arrive to PHS DECKED OUT in navy by 5 for free pizza and free tshirts
REPUBLICAN`S GOT ALL ENRAGED OVER IRAN TAKING THE NAVY GUYS HOSTAGE 4 A DAY- how about the 100`s of marines killed in lebanaon during reagan
Navy day locomotion packages adit india: GJn
The Pour Homme mood of the day is Navy.
.The Day India plan Pakistan will be piece piece , hope msg is clear Army , airforce and navy is ready , green Signal await
Navy: Rihanna Sold 400,000 copies on the 1st day. Billboard :
1 day away from the start of Navy Men's Lacrosse. The Midshipmen open their 2016 season at home against Air Force.
Have a good day. Thanks for serving in the Navy. Most of my family that served, served in the Navy, some in the Army.
Very nice but yes, we'll be in Navy so you'll have to save it for another day!
I'm wearing Navy Blue because it is National Jeremy has to Work Day . and guess what color my uniform is? :...
MATCH DAY! ODU takes on Navy at 7:30 p.m. with the pre-match social beginning at 6 p.m. See you tonight at the Ted!
This mission should sound familiar to No Easy Day fans...
Met a 91 yr old Navy vet today with an amazing, positive attitude! This guy made my day😊 "Anyday above ground is a good one."
Negeri di bawah bayu.. . Day 4. Join the navy ,see the world
Star Wars ticket purchases for Christmas day . . . now just to find a chinese restaurant . . . seeing it at the 1:00pm at Navy Pier Imax
Former Navy SEAL meets the men who saved his life in Iraq via
Book on launched “We must have a Navy”, on 65th Navy Day by Lieutenant Commander Somasiri Devendra
Navy arrests 21 suspects, seize two vessels in 28-day crackdown
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happy birthday! May this next year better than the last. "The only easy day was yesterday" ~US Navy SEALS
Navy Captain Adeniyi Adetoro 🇮🇱: 🎶Anchors Aweigh, Krishna Patel 🇮🇳, Anchors Aweigh. Farewell to Foreign Shores, we sail at break of day...🎶
and officials at the 65th Navy Day celebrations held at SLNS Rangalla on 19/12/15
Perf. timing before committing to any fitness NYE resolutions: "Stop doing sit-ups the Navy says -
Im gonna be a navy wife with 2 babies one day ❤️❤️
Last day to enter! Win a copy of FLASH FIRE, an intense Navy SEAL romance!
eventful day today...I met a really nice *** guy going into The Navy to be a nuclear engineer & I got saluted for my first time.
12/22 on this day in history in 1775 the American continental congress establishes the United States Navy
Try our Slow Cooker Navy Bean Perfect on a cold day!
I believe I recall your ways, turning day into night, sugar into salt, navy into golden
Russian Navy Hymn as I trudged through the enclosing gloom felt like the most natural soundtrack for the weather and the day itself.
Old Navy: I work 6 days out of the week in december. On my day off I chose to do christmas shopping at old navy. T -
Zara has a navy blue suit I gotta rock one day. That thang is sharp.
I might go to navy pier in a different day!
But we are open until 18:30 today. Hope anyone have a lovely day!
I work at the UWM Telefund when I'm on campus! Today's my last day before break then back to Old Navy!
Another day and Rihanna Navy still don't have ANTI
Team this sparkly top with leggings + heels on Christmas Day! 😍 htt…
Valid eurodisney navy day suggestions mutual regard pickle number one are moreover in association with preschoo...
First day of winter .. Navy blue lipstick ... .
aha you fell into my trap. My Russian navy seals have come to rescue me. We shall meet another day
The female outfit on a rainy day : navy blue hunter boots , blue jeans with a black jacket & an oversized umbrella ☔️
Stop doing sit-ups...the Navy says so. Brb napping... Because health. via
As part of Navy Day celebrations,rehearsal beating retreat and tattoo ceremony to be held at Gateway of India in 2 & 3 december
Vladimir Putin took part in the celebration of Navy Day in Baltiysk
Navy Day: Vladimir Putin has participated in events dedicated to the holiday
New article on magazine - kit - Leave questions or comments below article.…
If peeps have to do navy stuff first, it's likely no one would be ready for a raid on patch day.
A one day accent wall room makeover with And a general debate about 'the accent wall'. Yay or nay?
Tag day requirements. No shorts. No skirts. No flip flops . Blue or white button down shirt with khaki or navy pants only! enjoy! :)
Here is a great article on our Veteran Bo Reichenbach and his family home! You have all been a big part of this...
1942 HMAS Nestor scuttled after sustaining battle damage during a German air raid the previous day
I'm white but not run to Old Navy on $1 dollar flip flop day white
George's navy blue cardigan should be back in stock any day now!
You either had an unreal day in P.E or you broke your finger
Titans opened up Day Two in Cooperstown with a 18-8 win over Downers Grove (IL) Longshots Navy. Pitchers Billy...
A navy seal doesn't let an injury damage the bond w/ his dad.
The navy just sent me an application. This is the best day of my life 🙌
Really loving my career more and more each day. Learning so much, meeting so many people. Navy, by far the best decision I've made in life.
We are only ONE day away from the release of fifth studio album
The US Navy wants to buy unpatched security flaws
♫ Oh, there's an exploit at the bottom of the sea, . there's an exploit at the bottom of ses...♪. Navy Wants Zero-Days
I would not mind being a Navy Seal, hopefully I can make it there some day.
The US Navy wants to buy your zero-day vulnerabilities: This list should be updated quarterly and ...
The Aviationist is Air Day this year!. LET'S (start) GO(ing) BRITISH ROYAL NAVY as well !! (y) ;-)
Packing up my new Renee tote for the day! It's a purse AND holds 4 meals! . They are available now!!...
This is the kind of thing you read that makes you want to go off the grid.
Coming up on a navy seal who refused to give up after an injury gets a Father's Day surprise. http:…
Watch this Navy SEAL get a special Father's Day surprise:
Every Filipino in the navy around the world probably got the day off
Perfect for a beach day! ~ > Isaac Mizrahi for Target Navy Blue Pleated Skirt Size 10
my dress for tomorrow is very kate middleton . it's religious/ day. don't do dress up well that isn't a LBD. So navy kate middleton it is.
Why is my mom trying to get me to wear a navy tutu and face paint to odu at move in day 😭😭
Wrapped up the second event of the day, this classic white, navy and silver wedding
Gotta love the day drunks who come in wasted to Old Navy before 5 pm.
When your day consist of Old Navy and Panda Express, it's a good day🐼💁
On this day May 2, 2011 U.S. Navy Seals killed Bin Laden early in the morning! And the war is still…
Starting 5/3: 35% off purchase free 2 day shipping. Online only at Banana Republic, Old Navy
Meeting new people, getting buried, swimming and football with Navy guys. It's been a good day 😊🌴
1935 Black Hawk USS Navy cover Kobe Japan to USA Mothers day May 12th
Ingalls Shipyard christens newest Navy warship to help defend the country: It was a day of honor and celebrati...
My food and beverage friend from the Hilton calls me seal team 6, because he truly believes I'll make it as a navy seal one day 😩❤🙌👌
Polish concert Saturday in Göteborg celebrating the National Day at Emigranternas hus with Polish Navy Club Band from Gdynia.
Navy Gifts for Father’s Day The United States Navy is the career choi
One day I'm gonna be a badass navy nurse, gonna meet my badass navy husband, and then we're gonna travel this badass world together 😎😎😎
A day well spent at Navy Pier with Ctalbs 🚢 @ CHI🌆
In the last day, 1 Navy were online and requested 464 times
WW2 US home front navy day program 1944 Hotel Jefferson St Louis, Mo
Outfit of the day: A mix of navy, black and gold. H&M slip dress over Nina Ricci cropped pants and topped with a...
Wedding in Edinburgh , watching navy marry army. What a day. Loved the bagpipes , full of armed forces , great day
Happy birthday to one heck of a guy! hope you have a great day!…
Former Navy SEAL found not guilty hopes to face attackers one day
Day 63- US Navy Veteran Jimmy and his 8 year old Adison pulled over 2 give me bottle of water in Alma, AR
Busy busy on this beautiful day! . Working on more orders! . Here is a lovely shawl. Made with soft navy and...
Navy of the day: repping from Chicago, IL!
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Coming in contact with an old man that use to be in the Navy and talking to him for about an hour>> . Been a good day😄
So proud of the Amazing performance and moving to Day 2 at . ⚓️
The Navy Snow Parka is only £65 until 10am Monday BST, what are you waiting for? - .
Navy SEAL Marcus Luttrell Offers Teenage Baltimore Rioter the Opportunity to Spend the Day with Him via
Father and sons. Had a good day letting them see what I do out to sea!
Do Not use bad language for And today is Navy Day. Pranab da is speaking in wrt that.
It was fantastic to play in Desertcrate church hall tonight as a mark of rememberance. We played . 1914. Navy Day...
Today is Navy Day. We're proud of our neighbors at the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis. Thank you!
US MILITARY HISTORY FOR TODAY: 1728 – Captain James Cook (d.1779), explorer, was born in Scotland. His discoveries included the Sandwich Islands (Hawaii). 1862 – A Confederate force was routed at the Battle of Labadieville, near Bayou Lafourche in Louisiana. 1864 – Battle of Boydton Plank Road, Va. (Burgess’ Mill, Southside Railroad). 1864 – LT William Cushing, USN, sinks Confederate ram Albemarle with a spar torpedo attached to the bow of his launch. 1913 – Pres. Wilson said US will never attack another country. 1918 – French 4th Army to the left [west] of the US 1st Army catches up to American front line. This is made possible by the success of two U.S. divisions, the 2nd and 36th, successfully capturing Blanc Mont Ridge in the Champagne and pursuing the enemy to the River Aisne. 1920 – League of Nations moved headquarters in Geneva. 1922 – Navy League of U.S. sponsors first annual celebration of Navy Day to focus public attention on the importance of the U.S. Navy. That date was selec ...
My Post of yesterday criticizing funding of militant groups has drawn interesting comments from friends in Pakistan regarding the close military cooperation of Saudi Arabia both with Pakistan and the United States. It is a positive situation that is useful for all three countries concerned. Having enjoyed the hospitality of Saudi military in Riyadh numerous times, I could not possibly be critical of that. Pakistani military has its hands full with the devastating floods in the country and the never ending political noise in the streets.The country has celebrated Defense Day on September 6, Air Day on September 7, and the Navy Day on September 8. All three services deserve congratulations. Nowhere was the celebration more rousing and uplifting than in Riyadh (see the attached photo) where the Saudi military leadership and the military officers of all the friendly countries were well represented. Pakistan Military and its affiliated organizations are the largest employers of Pakistan. They are also becoming ...
Renshaw transfers President Truman to the Missouri during the Navy Day celebrations, Oct.1945.
Russian Navy Day parades Russia celebrated Navy Day on July 27. Military parades took place in the cities of Vladivostok, Sevastopol, Severomorsk and St.Petersburg. Russian President Vladimir Putin and Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu watched the parade in Severomorsk, the base of Russia's Northern Fleet. Images of military parades to mark Navy Day in this photo gallery
President Franklin Delano Roosevelt Address over the radio on Navy Day
Navy commandos demonstarte their skills by dropping from a helicopter during practice for Navy Day celebrations...
As soon as I repay the people who helped me move to Connecticut so I could be the best father I can be - and I am in the process of doing so as I am a man of my word(thank you you know who you are) - but anyway upon completion of said repayment & after much soul searching I have decided the Bank of Tony Allen will be closed forever. I will just say that I have financially helped no less then 5 people over the last month and 1/2 & not ONE has reimbursed me. Beyond disappointed...I had rules & don't mind helping people - but no more. If you're hungry I can/will buy you food, if you need a place to stay mi casa su casa but the ATM is no longer in service. Have a fine Navy Day.(LYL)
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Remembering the Karachi Harbour bombing Andhra Pradesh High Court Chief Justice Kalyan Jyoti Sengupta was the chief guest at a reception hosted by Rear Admiral K. Srinivas, Station Commander, Navy Hyderabad Station, as part of the Navy Week celebrations on Wednesday. A large number of serving and retired senior officers from the three services, heads of defence institutions and DRDO laboratories and senior government officials participated in the event held each year to commemorate the Karachi harbour bombing during the 1971 conflict. “I still remember the announcement on radio about the bombing of the Karachi harbour by the Indian Navy on December 4, 1971. It effectively broke the supply link between the then east and west Pakistan paving the way for the Indian victory and creation of Bangladesh,” Justice Sengupta recalled. Later, he released the Navy Day brochure. Rear Admiral Srinivas recounted the Indian Navy’s journey from a nascent ‘brown-water’ force to a true blue naval force and said th ...
Wednesday, December 4, 2013, the 338th day of the year. Today is Environment Day in Thailand and Navy Day in India and Italy. On This Date in History: 771: King Carloman died and his brother, Charlemagne, became King of the Franks. 1110: During the First Crusade, the Crusaders capture and sack Sidon, near Tyre, in present day Lebanon. 1642: Cardinal Richelieu, who had been King Louis XV's Chief Minister, died. 1674: French Missionary and explorer Father Jacques Marquette founded a mission on the shores of Lake Michigan which the Indians had named for an exotic wild onion, Chicago, which would become the third largest city in the U.S. Happy Birthday. 1679: Thomas Hobbes, English philosopher, died. 1745: Charles Edward Stewart's Army (Bonnie Prince Charlie) reached Derby. Its furthermost advancement point during the Second Jacobite Rebellion. 1783: George Washington bids a tearful farewell to his officers at Fraunces Tavern in New York City following the British troop withdrawal at the end of the R ...
- + - NAVY DAY - + - War memorial, Dec.4th. During the Indo-Pakistan war ,1971 ,The Indian Navy commemorated its action on this day by attacking and smashing Karachi Harbor , it is a war memorial celebrated every year by Indian Navy so as to salute this heroic day in our Naval history and glory to the nation. Each year the Indian Navy celebrates this December 4th as a Navy Day to commemorate the victory of the 1971 war and the Naval action at Karachi Harbor on Dec. 4th,1971, and to respect the martyrs of the war. On this day the Indian Navy did one of the most courageous ,professional and ingenious operations against our adversary –Pakistan. Our Navy played a significant in the bombing of Karachi Harbor in 1971 war on Dec.4th , it launched Operation Trident during which missile boats INS Nirghat and INS Nippat sunk the minesweeper PNS Muhafiz and destroyer PNS Khyber .The destroyer PNS Shahjahan was irreparably damaged .Owing to its success , Dec. 4th is being celebrated as a Navy Day ever since and to ...
Navy's modern dreams set sail. As the custodians of the country's maritime security break into celebrations to mark the Navy Day on December 4, far away in the Russian north new aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya has embarked on the much awaited journey under the Indian flag to join the naval fleet hopefully in another four to six weeks. The arrival of Vikramaditya will be the dawn of a new era in the Navy's capabilities as the lethargic process of Navy's ambitious modernisation plan has finally begun to fall in place. The Navy went strategic with induction of Russian nuclear-powered submarine INS Chakra, leased from Russia for 10 years. After initial hiccups, it is now operating smoothly. This year India's own effort in developing ballistic missile submarine Arihant received a major boost when its reactor went critical paving the way for sea trials that are likely to commence soon. Navy's dwindling aviation arm acquired crucial capabilities in the form of long range maritime reconnaissance aircraft P-8Is. ...
U.S. Navy Bureau of Medicine and Surgery shared the following link and had this to say about it: What a great Navy Day for an inspection! Medicine staff at BUMED begin to muster just prior to the command inspection lead by Rear Adm. Terry Moulton, deputy chief, Medical Operations and director, Medical Service Corps. (U.S. Navy photo by Joshua L. Wick)
Sad day for Portsmouth, but the fight will go on to save their jobs. The Spinnaker Tower stands proudly looking out to sea from Portsmouth’s harbour. The landmark, designed to represent two sails flapping in the wind, is visible for miles around the seafaring city and is a loud declaration of its proud nautical heritage. But it’s a landmark, following Wednesday’s announcement that the maritime city is to have its shipbuilding past ripped asunder with the loss of 940 jobs, that has now been reduced to a cruel taunt. My paternal relatives hail from Pompey, as Portsmouth is fondly called by locals. My great-grandad died, aged 39, aboard HMS Indefatigable when it was struck in the first metal ship battle of the First World War. My grandad was in the Army. My dad in the Navy. As a child we never missed an outing to Portsmouth’s annual Navy Day, when dad would go misty-eyed as we climbed aboard his beloved HMS Ark Royal. When he started disappearing with Alzheimer’s, I often trotted him around the His ...
october 13th is NAVY DAY. please let someone who WAS or IS in the navy kow how much you appreciate their service...
"nickClegg has shown the fiscalAcumen of a drunken sailor in Portsmouth on Navy day" •
Hey guys let's forget about the prep video and focus our attention on navy day regatta! Come support us defeat powerful crews including prep
Looking forward to a great Navy day - 100 years ago today our Navy sailed into Sydney for the first time!
Navy Day, you are celebreting in Sidney till 11 October!Just saw this News on my Tv: Antena1! and images too! :)
My name hold weight ! Hope everyone has a fine Navy day :)
Notch the navy day cottages hampshire
I wonder if anyone is going to the Navy Day Regatta 😳
High convenient navy day together with myrtle margin condos being in stock
Good morning FB Family! A little humor on this Fine Navy Day! It's going to be alright!
HMS York looking wee in the Rosyth Dry Dock. 1988 Navy Day.
aww I miss you too , will you he at navy day October 12? LUV U😘💖
Ready to start another great Navy day!
good morning backy'all. Fine navy day!
Well god morning. Time for one fine *** navy day -_-
Usucapt navy day locomotion mutual regard kullu
still ain't bad bro. You'll do great man, good luck. And have a fine navy day ;) ⚓
What I would give to be back at the army/navy day 😍
About reasons cause the unadult free-lovism apropos of navy day homes twentieth-century northumberland
Just another fine navy day. Serving my country with pride.
A great Navy Day at Head of the Potomac for as Mids sweep 3 races in return to DC
I would usually say have a Great Navy Day...but the Navy currently has me in a room that feels like a F*** the
It's a fine 49 degree Navy day outside.
Wonderful event today at the boathouse. Thank you to the Gillin and Byron families and all of our crew families. See you all at navy day
Diving exhibition by 2nd Class Gunners Mate Emerson Burie at the Navy Yard on Navy Day 1935:
Good morning world. Have a great Navy day
remember attending the chilean navy day...the style of British ships unmistakable
ahh Tiger and Blake ...classic remember going round them on Navy day
Hey everybody have you seen that we going sailing on the fifth of october Navy Day on sydney harbour if you're interested get in touch!
⚓️Another NAVY Day⚓️. OHH RRRAAHHH. - Last day☀️ of work for this week then it's relaxation. Oh…
nothing like it mate. But different. Remember seeing a F14 at a Plymouth Navy Day as a kid.The floor shook when it flew over
Attention alum's! If you are interested in rowing in the alumni event at the Navy Day Regatta on 10.12.13 please...
Remake your stamina else balance the just navy day correspondingly campsites way cornwall are knockout so regim...
Head of the Passaic Regatta is tied with Navy Day Regatta at 135 Entries
Looking for something to do today? Hit up for Navy Day along the waterfront and the Great Feast at Kennedy Park.
Propaedeutic tenure as for nepal straddle navy day reversal
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