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Navajo Nation

The Navajo Nation is a semi-autonomous Native American-governed territory covering , occupying portions of northeastern Arizona, southeastern Utah, and northwestern New Mexico.

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EPA's Inspector General is reviewing uranium cleanup work on the Navajo Nation
Out of 521 abandoned uranium mines on the Nation the EPA and the tribe has cleaned up 9. "There’s not a lot of plac…
This powerful photo series showcases the community of the Navajo nation
A federal watchdog says it will review the EPA's efforts to clean up abandoned uranium sites on the Navajo Nation. .
A business incubator helps entrepreneurs on the Navajo Nation with the idea that local skills & talents are key to ind…
Trump & Zinke are stealing lands from the following 30 Tribes: Navajo Nation;. Hopi Tribe;. Ute Mount…
Photos of *** life on a sprawling Native American reservation:
More than 1/3 of the Navajo Nation doesn't have running water. This I'm donating to the Navajo Water Proj…
You want to tell the Navajo Nation whose babies are being born with Uranium contamination in their littl…
'A country within a country': with the Navajo Nation in 1948
New top story from Time: . As LIFE described the situation to readers in 1948, the Navajo N…
The search for the elusive murderer takes Christian and his unit from the Crossroads of New Mexico deep into the Navajo…
‘A Country Within a Country’: Inside the Navajo Nation in 1948 by Lily Rothman and Liz Ronk via TIME
Coming up at ONR: On Nov 30, we will host Sandra Begay, a Navajo Nation member and principal engineer at Sandia Nat…
Scenes from the Navajo Nation. Great day visiting schools with students, and Gary Knight http…
This May 6, 2016 file photo shows a portrait of Ashlynne Mike on display inside the lobby of the…
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The man who killed an 11-year-old Navajo Nation girl was sentenced today to life in prison.
Assistant secretary of Indian affairs, BIA director named.
Man sentenced to life in sex assault, murder of Navajo Nation girl via
Killer of Nation girl gets life prison sentence
Man in killing of Navajo Nation girl set to be sentenced - ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (AP) — A man who pleaded guilty to...
Man to life in of Navajo Nation girl - Oct 20 @ 8:32 PM ET
Man will get existence sentence for killing Navajo Nation girl, AG and insurance company seek settlement – KUNM
Driving through Navajo Nation noticing all the basketball hoops so I searched and found this cool story:
Democrat-run EPA spilled 3 million gallons of toxic sludge into the Animas River & waited days before telli…
Killer of Navajo Nation girl gets life prison sentence
The Latest: Navajo leader supported death penalty in case
The pumpkins are purchased from the Navajo Nation and all sales are donated to local nonprofits.
Times are slowly changing "Navajo Nation reconsiders ban on genetic research" by via
There are 500+ abandoned uranium mining sites on Dine/Navajo Nation. Radio activity levels are 10 to 25 times above what is…
Astronomy student sees more than stars on the Navajo Nation in JoAnne Zeterberg’s “Reservation Road.”
Coal's decline is already hitting the Navajo Nation budget via
Mayor Evans and members of Flagstaff City Council met with Navajo Nation leadership today in Window Rock
Putzova wants Council to consult with the Navajo Nation when certain issues come before council. Not specific on which issues.
Council now discussing Talking Points for Upcoming Trip to the Navajo Nation.
Listening to KTNN broadcasting the parade @ Navajo Nation fair
I'm watching NNTV5. Watch with me at Watch the Navajo Nation fair online.
Navajo Nation "remains in opposition to proposal to recommend a reduction." https…
All Pueblo Council of Governors + Navajo Nation coming together in historic way to further on g…
Navajo Nation and All Pueblo Council of Governors unite to protect via
Navajo Nation and the 4 utilities that own the plant agreed last week to shut it down in 2019
PSA: Navajo Nation which is the biggest Native American Reservation hasn't had clean water for 60+ years!
A President is in the house!! President of the Navajo Nation, Russell Begaye👏🏻
Missionaries on their way from Glendale Oregon to the Navajo Nation in Arizona. @ The Ward…
Sign the petition at Urge the Navajo Nation president and the council to step away...
Health, Education, and Human Services Committee approves measure to combat human trafficking on the Navajo Nation
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Elder Echo Hawk presents family history to President Russell Begaye of the Navajo Nation - Deseret News
my & rec for 4/3 is by Luci Tapahonso, the Navajo Nation's first Poet Laureate
Navajo Nation officer critically wounded in shooting
@ PolicingNews: Navajo Nation officer dies after shooting; suspect caught
27 year old Navajo Nation Police Officer killed on duty in New Mexico
We mourn the lost of Police Officer Houston Largo, who was shot to death. Read more:
UPDATE: Authorities say a Navajo Nation police officer who was shot responding to a domestic violence call has died.
The Latest: Navajo leader: Mourning with officer's family: The Latest on the shooting of a Navajo Nation police…
Navajo Nation police officer critically wounded in shooting
DH: Navajo Nation officer dies after shooting; suspect caught
Our condolences to the family and friends of Navajo Nation DPS Tribal Police Officer Houston Largo lost today http…
FBI: Navajo Nation officer shot responding to call has died
Navajo Nation officer dies after shooting; suspect caught: Federal officials say a police officer from the largest……
Navajo Nation officer killed responding to domestic violence.
End Of Watch: Officer Largo, Age 27, of Navajo Nation PD in New Mexico shot & killed in the LOD. .
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The FBI confirmed the Navajo Nation officer who was shot has died. He was shot while responding to a DV call in NM.
An officer has been murdered! Officer Houston Largo, your life mattered sir. .
A Navajo Nation officer was shot on a domestic violence call and later died. The 27-year-old had 5 years of service. http…
Navajo Nation officer dies after shooting; suspect caught
Navajo Nation officer dies after shooting; suspect caught
Congratulations to Shiprock Lady Chieftains! Shiprock 47 Hope Christian 42. Exciting time for Navajo Nation high school g…
Melissa Hill: Runner on The Longest Walk 5 - Melissa Hill Viejas Band of the Kumeyaay Indians, Navajo Nation, S...
Native American Heritage Day at The Hive! Representing the Eastern Band of Cherokee Indians & Navajo Nation for…
Chocolate Falls. Grand Falls is a natural waterfall Arizona in the Painted Desert on the Navajo Nation. photo by Laurynas B…
Navajo Nation Council passed the permanent appointment of Cynthia Thompson as Navajo Nation district court judge.
Navajo Code Talkers will represent the Navajo Nation and entire Indian Country in the 58th Presidential Inaugural parade i…
How about jobs within the center of the Navajo Nation? Why are jobs only available off or at the edge of the reserv…
Navajo Nation medicine man brought the rain during eight decades of service to his people | TSLTribune via
I mean the Navajo Nation even is struggling with pure water, uranium had been traced in groundwater from the mining That goes on Elders sick
First on CNN: Navajo Nation sues EPA over toxic mine spill
The Impact of Community in Navajo Life: Sam Slater, member of Navajo Nation, and James Wright, LCPC, Public H...
Navajo Nation approves funds for fire stations - The Navajo Nation Council has approved funding to pay San Juan...
We are currently presenting on the Navajo Nation's Building Communities of Hope Suicide Prevention Initiative with…
This evening, I represented the Navajo Nation at the New Mexico State Fair PRCA Rodeo and Carnival.
There are approximately 20 lakes on the Navajo Nation, not including Lake Powell. Some are easier to reach than...
Navajo Nation on CO mine spill: “This river life to the whole region... It is sacred to us.”
Navajo Nation sues Environmental Protection Agency for mine spill
National Navajo Code Talkers Day. Hate to think of where our nation would be had you all not served with such pride.
I support decision to sue re: disastrous 2015 spill. My full statement:
Navajo Nation sues EPA over metal sludge from Colorado mine spill via
What has the EPA done to recompense the Navajo Nation after this unbelievable event?
That fracking spot is literally on top of the Navajo Nation. *** America.
Navajo Nation Sues Feds Over Massive 2015 Colorado Mine Spill: Leaders of one of the nation's largest American…
On the road to Chaco Canyon PHOTOS: Fire at WPX Energy oil production site near Nageezi
Navajo nation needs to invest in some quality gyms & built them all over the rez..
Hamilton Collection
The Navajo, the EPA, and the Accident That Turned a River Orange
Navajo Nation sues EPA for negligence in cleaning up toxic mine spill into Animas River.
Navajo Nation sues feds over massive 2015 mine waste spill that tainted 3 rivers
The Navajo Nation is suing the EPA over a toxic mine spill
Navajo Nation sues the EPA over last year's toxic mine spill via
Navajo Nation sues feds over huge mine waste spill that tainted water used for drinking, farming, rituals.
Navajo Nation commission declares state of emergency due to floods
.awards Navajo Nation money for mine spill via
I’m pleased that the EPA has reimbursed the Navajo Nation for its response to this terrible incident.
EPA awards Navajo Nation money for mine spill
EPA awards Navajo Nation money for mine spill.
.is awarding the Navajo Nation about $445,000 in reimbursements for costs related to the spill https:…
Special session planned on Monday for Navajo Nation Council.
Health, Education, & Human Services Committee approves study of effects of hydraulic fracturing on the Navajo Nation
Navajo Nation mulling creating new tribal police academy -
Hubbell Trading Post National Historic Site is in the heart of the Navajo Nation.
Canyon de Chelly, AZ--Spider Rock on the Navajo Nation. Navajo guides take you through the park.
Navajo students to study methane at Navajo Mine. The Navajo Nation energy company that oversees a Fruitland coal...
Navajo Nation preps lawsuit against EPA over mine spill
Window Rock - Seat of the Navajo Nation. Code Talkers memorial for Memorial Day.
I stand with the Navajo Nation. Mr. President, please leave their lands alone.
Navajo Nation calls on President Obama to protect Bears Ears
"Where water makes a picture of itself in the stone." - Navajo Nation @ Antelope Canyon
Bill Clinton 1st sitting president to visit the Navajo Nation, Authorized Congressional medal of honor for code talkers. cont
Maryboy says the Navajo Nation is formally asking President Obama to create National Monument.
11-year-old girl kidnapped from the Navajo Nation is found dead - Los Angeles Times
Navajo Nation public safety director says 11-year-old girl kidnapped from reservation in New Mexico has been found dead -…
The is reporting that the 11-year-old girl who was kidnapped from the Navajo Nation reservation has been found dead
*** !!! - 11-year-old girl kidnapped from Navajo Nation in NM found dead
Girl kidnapped from Navajo Nation is found dead
Little Giant Ladders
Close to where I live - the northern area of the Navajo rez. No government agency will pony up to save lives.
The last of the contenders, Trojan Nation and Danzing Candy, have arrived at
This I'll be demanding answer to Navajo Nation impacted by disaster at hearing in https…
do you think you'll ever visit the Navajo Nation?
Sen. Carlyle Begay (D-AZ) presents “The Impact of Coal Restrictions on the Navajo Nation” at the Tenth …
TIL the Navajo Nation has their own utility company
Important work to help reduce health disparities on Navajo reservation
Cronkite News: EPA slammed for Gold King Mine spill that impacted Navajo Nation
Navajo nation on his mind, but Canada in his heart
In Navajo Nation, some ppl drive for hours to clinics. helping find health solutions.
SPIDERS! These adorable spookies were handmade by people of the Navajo Nation, and lived a happy life as links in...
Former Miss Teen Navajo Nation Krishel Augustine of weighs in on Heritage Nat'l Monument:
Navajo Nation to build a police and fire-substation at Twin Arrows, addressing current and anticipated growth needs.
In the Nation, a Focus on Data: via
BWH's Sonya Shin and colleagues are trying to ease the burden of diabetes among the Navajo through studies:
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Good morning Navajo Nation! Here is this weeks' standing committee meetings schedule:
Latest blog on reasearch, collaboration & community efforts: Learn more here:
Thank you, President of Navajo Nation for speaking out!
Arizona tried Daylight Savings Time for one year then opted out. The Navajo Nation is also in NM
I'm three hours behind you. Only the Navajo Nation uses Daylight Savings Time,
"The Navajo Nation Irrigation Office finally reopened canals in two communities this week, eight months after the...
Drug running and witchery-a deadly combination on the Navajo Nation. Vote 4 No Reason to Hide on Kindle Scout
Why the Navajo Nation was so important during the Second World War? Tomorrow, the answer.
Judge Jeanine: What's Wrong With 'America First'? | my daughter in law is Navajo from Nm I to felt insulated by her
An investigation into living conditions in the Navajo nation of the southwestern United States...
.Best on environment, endorsed by President of the Navajo Nation
Native Americans have highest rate of diabetes of US racial, ethnic groups. Two studies look for solutions
Navajo Nation gets go-ahead for lawsuit against Urban Outfitters
Non-profit organizations, like a DV shelter, should be priority for funding from Navajo Nation. Domestic...
Wait, what? Goldwater linked to 1976 bombing of Phoenix IHS and car bombing of a reporter on Navajo Nation?...
Shiprock domestic violence shelter closes because of funding issues.
Summer imma go spend some time on the Navajo nation.. Meet up with the homies.
I was raised on the Navajo nation in Northern Arizona. My family has always honored Navajo Code-Talkers. Without them we would lost
Navajo Nation, the size of VT, NH, MA combined, have only 13 grocery stores. COPE program working towards solutions
Adverse effects of Gold King Mine spill still impacting Navajo Nation
Navajo Nation president, and his wife lead the Northern Navajo Nation Fair parade line up.
Scott Leischow from the Mayo clinic discussing attitudes/beliefs about Navajo Nation's 'commercial' smoke free policies
Area firefighters battle multiple brush fires on the Navajo Nation
Bernie Sanders became the first presidential candidate to visit Navajo Nation.
Gold King Mine spill culturally & economically devastated the Navajo Nation. Fed govt is not stepping up.
in late afternoon.Access to scenic view courtesy of the Navajo Nation.
More thank you letters from Pine Ridge Reservation and the Navajo Nation you'll want to read:
Tuba City Primary 2016 spelling bee winner to move on to Navajo Nation contest in March •
The Lukachukai Mountains in north-central Navajo Nation. Western boundary of the
staff & students prepared for their Alternative Spring Break trip to the Navajo Nation w/ today!
.travels to the Navajo Nation, where tens of thousands of people have no clean water: via
“The Yellow Water has devastated us." How the Gold King Mine Spill Affects the Navajo Nation http…
Ben Shelly of the Navajo Nation. Don't let Greed of slush funds get you. Save your people Navajo..
Things to know about Navajo Nation, Urban Outfitters dispute
Hanta 'sin nombre' and HPS has been a recurring problem in SW, and especially Navajo Nation area.
I'm Alaskan Native. I married in to the Navajo Nation. No one beats the beauty of Alaska! :D
Laura Tohe was named Navajo Nation poet laureate and is almost a member of our roster
Navajo Nation on track for first utility-scale solar plant: The $64 million plant is on track to be built by t... https:…
Finally!. And excellent!. The sun-drenched Navajo Nation will get its first utility-scale plant in 2016.
Erin Brockovich to tour Navajo Nation areas damaged by spill
Guilty verdicts returned for brutal murders of Navajo Nation men: Alex Rios, who was 18 at the time of the Jul...
Council members address the impacts of the Indian Child Welfare Act on the Navajo Nation
Democrat state senator from Navajo Nation switches to the GOP
.hosts on the Navajo Nation in Window Rock on Friday & it’s on FOX Sports Arizona Plus.
Northern Arizona University will play a regular season basketball game in the Navajo Nation
Northern Arizona University to play in Window Rock on the Navajo Nation |
DENVER (AP) — The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency says new tests on water sent to Navajo Nation farmers after a Colorado mine waste
you out of touch? Navajo Nation formally opposes r's name
The last Navajo Nation fair b dis wknd. Carnival is already here.
Professor from Mesa selected as next Navajo Nation poet laureate
State Indian Affairs Committee will meet this week on the Navajo Nation
Navajo Nation denied help by EPA in dealing with fallout from river EPA turned orange
Named Poet Laureate of the Navajo Nation, Professor Laura Tohe hopes to inspire & uplift the Navajo people w/poetry.
A Navajo guided private tour of Antelope Canyon, Arizona. Old west. Incredible & important for the Navajo Nation.
Spent some time today talking with members of the Navajo Nation, a proud people who are keeping their culture alive. An inspiration to all.
Navajo Nation among those affected by mine disaster via
Navajo Nation cites 'culture of distrust' with Gold King Mine spill: Tribal leaders felt misled by...
Navajo Nation blames EPA for creating 'culture of distrust' after Gold King Mine spill
Yes! (sortof0 It is the minutes from the Navajo Nation meeting August 11 Anamis River >EPA 300mil Toxic gold mine spill
House Republicans, Navajo Nation tear into EPA over gold mine disaster.
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Erin Brockovich tours Navajo Nation after mine waste spill
Erin Brockovich takes on EPA - Erin Brockovich is joining Navajo Nation's political battle against the Environment...
EPA “clean power” plan will harm Navajo Nation in Arizona
As toxins flow from the Animas River to the San Juan, the struggling Navajo Nation is desperate for clean water.
Let's contact the and tell them to stop trying to screw over the people!
I liked a video from Senator John McCain Chased off the Navajo Nation
Navajo Nation not lifting San Juan River closure after EPA OK's water: via
The Navajo Nation received water from the in oil-contaminated containers?
moxyladies: "Nation 'weeping' as mining spill flows through
The org.featured in last week’s cover story, has met its goal to build freshwater wells for the Navajo.
EPA Sends Navajo Nation Dirty, Oily Water for their Livestock and Crops via
Great news! Great reporting by . CBS Sunday Morning Viewers Open Wallets for Navajo Nation | TVNewser
In Photos: Living Without Access to Clean Water on the Navajo Nation -
"Water is life." How the Animas River Spill impacts people of the Navajo Nation. via
The Water Lady: A savior for hundreds of families living in Navajo Nation
My colleague how EPA toxic spill in the Animas River is hitting the Navajo Nation hard. via
Wahleah Johns shared Navajo Nation OPVP Russell Begaye And Jonathan Nez's photo. 2 hrs · . Thank you to all the...
An update from the Navajo Nation's Office of the President on San Juan River irrigation—
Water crisis grips the Navajo Nation. Nevertheless, plans for fracking proceed apace.
EPA sends tainted water to Navajo Nation and denies it
AZ -plea deal drops intent to murder police -shooter gets 15 years for shooting Navajo Nation police officer in...
Navajo farmer group will sacrifice crops to avoid using mine-contaminated water
Emergency declarations in Colorado, New Mexico and the Navajo Nation as the Animas and San Juan Rivers remain restricted.
. A FBI Profiler, with unique abilities, tracks a mysterious killer deep into the Navajo Nation
So make sure you dont sell that land or the mining rights to them; like John McCain did to Navajo Nation.
Gold King Mine spill threatens crops of Navajo Nation farmers – video: In August, the Environment...
Sen. John McCain denies being chased off Navajo Nation by angry protesters
President Russell Begaye is now talking about the water tanks that were delivered to the Navajo Nation and visiting
Navajo Nation president poised to OK river water for crops
Mr President, I'm very concerned about the Navajo Nation receiving tanks of tainted water from the EPA. Please help!!
'Navajo Nation\'s president concerned about drinking water in tanks after mine spill': '
In a press release, President Russell Begaye stated the Navajo Nation is in the process of taking legal action against the U…
Navajo Nation president urges residents not to use EPA form for claims
Navajo Nation are extremely troubled and personally investigating concerns about tainted water in EPA tanks.
“My interpretation as president of the Navajo Nation is the EPA is trying to minimize the amount of compensation...
The whistle blower? President of the Navajo Nation, if memory serves. ;)
Navajo Nation farmers express concerns about quality of delivered water
Navajo Nation president due to declare state of emergency as spill moves west
Meeting today with President & Vice President of the Navajo Nation
The EPA fills Animas River and Lake Powell with heavy metal waste, asks the Navajo Nation not to sue. Seriously?
It seems Senator McCain was not exactly welcome at the Navajo Nation. Arizona Senators John McCain and Jeff...
'Get off our our land" John McCain chased off reservation by angry Navajo Nation activists
The Navajo Water Lady: In this corner of the Navajo Nation, just 100 miles west of Albuquerque, N.M., an estim...
Council is now considering Legislation No. 0225-14; confirming Ethel Branch as Attorney General of the Navajo Nation
Council votes 19-0 to confirm Ethel Branch as the Attorney General for the Navajo Nation.
Navajo Code Talker Day celebrations were held across the Navajo Nation today. The people honored their important...
Appreciate generosity of sending aid to Navajo Nation after disastrou…
St. Mary's sending aide to Navajo Nation: St. Mary's Food Bank in Phoenix is sending aide to the Navajo Nation…
READ: "Navajo Nation leader rejects EPA no-sue waivers." In which the EPA behaves just like extractive industry.
Emergency declared after EPA pollutes river: Navajo Nation president due to declare state of emerg... Tscent
Navajo Nation considers suing EPA over spill: Navajo Nation President due to declare state of emer... Tscent
Spent the PM in the Navajo Nation & Valley-beautiful rainbow appeared later turning 2x.
The cops on the Navajo Nation are a disgrace. All they do is pretend to watch over Tuba, while they actually aren't.
The Shiprock health fair is a great example of Navajo Nation's commitment to health education and awareness
Navajo Nation is having a hard time fighting obesity and heart disease.
I visited the Navajo Nation, and I was amazed what was under the land, but much was being extracted by non-Indians
Here in New Mexico, there are 13 tribes & Navajo Nation & call themselves Indians not NATIVE Am.
Lord bless our Junior High Youth as they work with the youth of the Navajo Nation.
Beginning of 2 weeks in AZ and on the Navajo Nation reservation with one of our new programs. So lucky to be here.
Navajo Nation opted out of federal death penalty for intra-Indian crimes committed on the reservation
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Monument Valley is an iconic symbol of the West and the sacred heart of the Navajo Nation.
Big things are going to happen on the Navajo Nation reservation.
Pray for safe travel for a Moody Radio short-term missions team leaving their homes today to work with the Navajo Nation in AZ June 13-20.
Dropped off my daughter about an hour ago at the airport for her mission trip to the Navajo Nation in Arizona sponsored by Moody Radio
Take a look inside the work of community health workers in Navajo Nation: SLIDESHOW
Flags at Half-staff on Navajo Nation to Honor Passing of Code Talker Bahe Ketchum « ¤ ¡
Reservists from the 911th Airlift Wing - Pittsburgh IAP ARS train by building homes for the Navajo Nation in...
Native Politico Nadine Padilla has called the race for Navajo Nation president for Russell Begaye over Joe Shirley.
With 92 of 110 chapters reporting, we declare Russell Begaye the new Navajo Nation president. He is ahead of Joe...
Lifelong resident of Twin Lakes, N.M., Jimmy Yazzie said he voted for Joe Shirley Jr., because he feels he will lead the Navajo Nation right
(From Joe Shirley's campaign rally today). How many crooks, felons, and people owing the Navajo Nation money -...
In March 2008, when Joe Shirley was president of the Navajo Nation he submitted this report to the Senate...
Great presentation on outdoor recreation in the Navajo Nation.
.and Navajo Nation take action to stop an illegal tax-refund scheme.
Great daytrip from Little Colorado River park. Support the Navajo Nation.
Website Builder 728x90
Navajo Nation sees tax on junk food as way to combat health problems - Los Angeles Times
Project on Navajo Nation teaches new gardening skills: SHIPROCK, N.M. (AP)The Daily Times in Farmington, New M...
Project on Navajo Nation eyes new gardening skills: The Daily Times in Farmington, New Mexico, reports (http:/...
Project on Navajo Nation focuses on gardening skills, eating habits
Article: Community shows support for family of Navajo Nation police officer Alex Kee Yazzie
Opinion: Navajo Nation enacts 'sin tax' on unhealthy products
.travels to the Navajo Nation where coal has damaged the tribe irreparably: via
Coming soon: travels to the Navajo Nation, where all that coal has proved to be a curse: via
an excellent, disturbing snapshot of the devastation coal wreaks in the Navajo Nation from
Perhaps we should take lessons from Navajo Nation - Junk Food Tax coming next month via
A photo that inspires me. On the Navajo Nation. It never will be for sale.
Whoohoo! Navajo Nation Social Services benefit their communities; JustWare benefits community--it's like the...
Never been there. Been to Navajo Nation! There's no Wal-mart for 3 hrs. That's rural.
View of the Navajo nation from my car window while passing through New Mexico.
These are the people of the earth we oppress them as we oppress the earth stop just stop
Wathomja, a friend of the grandmothers, keeper of the conina codeses .arrow maker clan says: Please watch this...
Navajo Nation will hold election to vote on language requirements for presidential candidates.
I got to digitize the Navajo Nation Jr. Bull Riders Association logo now..
I liked a video Cursed by Coal: Mining the Navajo Nation (Trailer)
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