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Native Hawaiian

Native Hawaiians (in Hawaiian, kānaka ōiwi, kānaka maoli or Hawaii maoli) refers to the indigenous Polynesian people of the Hawaiian Islands or their descendants.

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"Zuckerberg's lawsuits... place the billionaire in the long, painful history of Native Hawaiian dispossession." .
One of final racist acts: Setting up race-based govt in Whatever happened to
Race-based law like this is disgraceful by Obama. Sullies the part of his legacy that is undeniable. Kudos 2
I guess knowing what pumpkin is in Hawaiian makes you a "true native" lmao what
Hawaii is one of the most diverse states in the nation, and a race-based government there would be wrong…
Once again Obama taking the law into his own hands! Time to Law & Order to return! Midnight Regulations in Paradise
Obama invokes the Pen and Phone Clause for a midnight regulation to facilitate race-based govt in Hawaii.
HUD issues final rule on equal access programs - HUD is revising its Native American and Native Hawaiian progra...
Ignorant, ahistorical author misses the point: Midnight Regulations in Paradise
📹 iamchinyere: Racist white lady calls in and tells Native Hawaiian to stop blaming the white man for...
And most of these iconic images of Native Hawaiian culture is now tied to the image of an alien and not the indigen…
I resisted seeing Lilo and Stitch because I HATE the art style and all the non-Pasifika Disney fans who appropriate Native Hawaiian language
I am African, Native American, French, Hawaiian, Caucasian, and have some Chinese...nah who gone come behind me...
For first Native Hawaiian canoe paralympian, life is 'being extraordinary' via
it's also nice that her voice actor is: Auli'i Cravalho, a native Hawaiian
If you are considering seeing read a Native Hawaiian's perspective on the portrayal of her people
Midnight Regulations in Paradise Another short lived action for Trump to undo.
For first Native Hawaiian canoe paralympian, life is "being extraordinary"
University of Hawaii astronomer Paul Coleman is also Native Hawaiian
the first Native Hawaiian homestead (think Indian reservation) you should visit there
Fact 22: From 2007 to 2012, the # of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander-owned firms in US grew by 45.3%
US Senate approves new funding for homelessness, Native Hawaiian housing via hawaiinewsnow
Passed by Senate for Native Housing, Programs for those Experiencing |
Native Hawaiian graduates wearing nothing but cultural pride:
Im not Filipino, black, Chinese, Malaysian, Thai, middle-eastern, Hawaiian/pacific-islander stop tryna talk to me in your native language 😔
Curriculum that's culturally responsive for Native Hawaiian students is crucial in helping them succeed as learners!
Kaawa's message to others: "Know your roots, represent, and perpetuate. Not just for yourself, but for your...
I’m very glad we were able to secure $5 million in this bill for the Native Hawaiian Housing Block Grant.
We were able to appropriate additional money for homelessness and affordable housing programs which will help Hawaii
The simplicity of wax finish to enjoy all of its glory of this native wood, the Hawaiian Koa. These pens are made...
Sending flavors of the island around the globe for from native Hawaiian plants.
Writer of the book on Hawaiian massage is blaming the native medicine for the drop in native population recorded by missionaries. I. CAN'T.
An adult Yellow-fronted Canary in a Honolulu park. These guys are native to sub-Saharan Africa, but are now thriving in the Hawaiian Island…
Allison Ng in the movie Aloha was supposed to be Hawaiian native and half Chinese. It was played by Emma S…
father, an American from Hawaii, has Native Hawaiian, Chinese, Portuguese, and English ancestry.
Preserve native culture for future generations by studying and using the Hawaiian language. Learn more.
Readers’ wildlife photos: Ed Kroc sent some lovely photos of native Hawaiian birds (not all are limited to the…
. Yeah, how stupid r the people of America to allow like over 10 Native American languages?. And Hawaiian?. Ban 'em!
Apparently I'm mixed with either Hawaiian or some Native American tribe 🤔🤔🤔🤔
The World and All the Things upon It : Native Hawaiian Geographies of...
NLM to Host Nainoa Thompson Special Lecture on the Hōkūle'a and Native Hawaiian Health, May 23 -
I added a video to a playlist Native Hawaiian Sovereignty: Overthrow and Aftermath - Kau'i Sai Dudoit
Celebrating 10 years of Native Hawaiian design talent at last night's Wearable Art Show
Being native Hawaiian is such a blessing 🌺
More Americans need to be aware of our ingrained racism and erasure of Native Hawaiian culture. .
A Native Hawaiian dancer, photographed by mikebambi.
Native Hawaiian group adopts constitution in potential independence bid: A constitutional convention of Native...
Native Hawaiian group adopts constitution at convention - The Native Hawaiian constitutional convention has ado...
Onondaga Faithkeeper Oren Lyons on the Doctrine of Discovery, Native Hawaiian historian Davianna McGregor on how...
An important goal "using Native Hawaiian knowledge and viewpoints as the foundation for educational programs".
And then there's my SO, who is from Singapore but (a) has been asked if she's Native Hawaiian, Native Alaskan,
"Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander" (NHPI) people with origins in Hawaii, Guam, Samoa, or other Pacific...
.grad invited to clerk for Justice Sonia Sotomayor-- 1st Native Hawaiian invited to do so! …
Supreme court blocks results of Native Hawaiian election - 'Associate Justice Anthony Kennedy's order on Friday...
Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, apparently acting on his own, intervenes in Native Hawaiian election
The election of delegates to a Native Hawaiian constitutional convention can proceed, the U.S. Ninth Circuit rules.
Spending this Saturday morning with philanthropists sharing about the needs in our Native Hawaiian…
to the high school teacher who told me to check off "Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander" instead of "Asian" on job apps: smh fam.
I'm glad "fapping" is a universal term and is used by people native to the Hawaiian isles.
- against the hip of Brit, a double leg takedown. With Spud now being on his back, The Hawaiian native - [
calls on voluntarily withdraw plans to desecrate native Hawaiian sacred land http:/…
People use to think I was some Hawaiian surfer dude, then that slowly evolved into people thinking I'm a Native American
Watching Lilo and Stitch counts as doing research for my Native Hawaiian project, right?
don't know if you saw but Disney just cast a 14 year old native Hawaiian girl as the voice for Moana!
Disney's newest princess is named Moana and she is native Hawaiian!! :D
How will voters from US territories like & be influential in the 2016 presidential elections?
"I will examine the situation of the American Indian/Native American, Alaska Native and Hawaiian peoples against...
I want a large Hawaiian pizza payed for in all pennies 😌
After months of searching for the voice of “Maona,” Native Hawaiian has been cast!
"It's a Hawaiian roll ham sandwich.. Do you want a bite of your native food?"😭😭
The Englishman was already getting annoyed with the native Hawaiian, it was only their first of -
The reverse of the coin has a neat depic tion of a native Hawaiian chieftain (see Figure 13-3).
KINOLAU HERBAL REMEDIES BY JENNA SCANLAN will be celebrating with us at the Native Hawaiian Arts &…
We are thrilled to announce that has found her voice in Native Hawaiian newcomer
Feds say judge should not block Native Hawaiian election via StarAdvertiser
US Department of the Interior weighs in on Native Hawaiian election lawsuit: HONOLULU...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Feds grant nearly $800K to boost workforce in Native Hawaiian health
and domestic violence in Asian American, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Women
Spread the word! Native Hawaiian youth artists are on the rise! … Please share! Mahalo!
They're targeting anyone with "different" names (trans people, Native people, Hawaiian people etc). I'm looking @ my options
Can't wait to go to Portugal and look like my native ppl bc I don't look like my Hawaiian family AT ALL
But I still looked like a rad Hawaiian native so I don't care
We are pleased to announce that Native Hawaiian Energy is the only company certified to sell SREC products in...
"I can be both black & native Hawaiian despite others' perceptions & assertion that I must choose one over the other"
Native Hawaiian Roll cheats to fill register, classifies us as anti-USA, anti science- what's next?
most who I know aren't necessarily native but if they have significant Hawaiian ancestry/one of their parents is they do it
Welina mai kakou, . C.O.P. and Pili Pono Native Hawaiian Scholarship Program is looking to hire for five tutor...
Native Hawaiian plant growing in Hilo. I think it is called Na'ena'e but I am not sure. I love the contrast of...
So far this trip I've been mistaken for a native, a French Canadian, and a Hawaiian. o_O
My kids will be good looking *** little native spunjahs that speak beautiful Hawaiian and make all of the kids on the playground jealous💁
there are Native Hawaiians. They are Hawaiian. I know because they are very vocal.
People always say I look Asian or Native American but never Hawaiian 😳
*filling out college application*. Me: am I black, native Hawaiian, or Alaska Native? . Dad: you're Asian . 😭😭😭 even my fam makes fun of me
Join us at the 14th annual Native Hawaiian Conference on 9/22. Register:
Mahalo KSBE, the Native Hawaiian Higher Ed program and my advisor. 20 years ago you helped me earn my MEd.
Was it Emma Stone cast as the Asian - Hawaiian native or Bill Murray's ad-libbed-only lines that did you in?
The Anti-GMO Club is a Danger to Native Hawaiian Forests -
Fun Fact: Native Hawaiian is a dying language.
UH and Kamehameha Schools collaborate to increase Native Hawaiian student opportunities.
I liked so much was the Center believed all Native Hawaiian children are gifted & talented. We worked with children w a range of abilities.
One of the parts of working with Na Pua No'eau, the Center for Gifted & Talented Native Hawaiian Children (
From Monarchy to U.S. Statehood: Overview of Hawaiʻi from a Native Hawaiian Perspective
No, Asians are not native to Hawaii. I do not look “Hawaiian”.
omg, me too! I also have some Native Hawaiian blood but they never see that! They see my Japanese side and ask what part of China!
I've gotten asked if I was pretty much every race: black, Filipino, Hawaiian native, Puerto Rican, and Dominican. Is that a good thing?
BE A STEWARD of the SUMMIT— Help protect the native Hawaiian rainforest at the summit of Kīlauea by volunteering...
The best conversations I have are with educated Native Hawaiian men! Soo much ‘ike it challenges me💯
Saving rare and endangered native plants one seed at a time:
When people think they're native bc they know some of the lyrics to the bulletin song😂👏🏾 (Hawaiian superman)
Native Hawaiian Law: A Treatise is a definitive reference for understanding critical issues for Native Hawaiians.
Saving rare and endangered native Hawaiian plants one seed at a time:
Less than 1% in the national registry for bone marrow is Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander!
Anali's Paradise - Native Hawaiian plants exquisitely embroidered in blue and green tones. Fern and Philodendron...
According to the eye doctor papers my race is Native Hawaiian and Neethu is Native Alaskan 😂😂😂
Like . Layton High School didn't even teach Clark . that Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders . are one people
discussed the movie Aloha, comedian Jo Koy joked that Native Hawaiian's don't exist and that you can be one if you eat spam.
was the first Secretary to meet with Native Hawaiian communities in 40 Years
Interior Secretary Sally Jewel was first Cabinet Secretary to meet with Native Hawaiian leaders in 40 years
Powerful picture of the gap between Hawaii experienced by tourists & hard reality of Native Hawaiian lives: Prof Michael Spencer at
Hearing from Prof Michael Spencer: Insider-Outsider reflections from a Native Hawaiian researcher
Since 2000 population (Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander) in grew 30%, outpacing Latino growth.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
The information featured in this album has been compiled over a few years from many places, including: The Manual of Flowering Plants (W.H. Wagner et al, 1999+online supplement), Native Planters in Old Hawaii (Handy and Handy, 2004 reprint), Hawaii’s Ferns and Fern Allies (Palmer 2003), Plants in Hawaiian Culture (Krauss 1993), Plants of the Canoe People (Whistler 2009), Amy Greenwell Garden Ethnobotanical Guide to Native Hawaiian Plants (Lincoln 2009), The Works of the People of Old (Kamakau 2006 reprint), Plants in Hawaiian Medicine (Krauss 2001), ‘Ōlelo No’eau (Pukui 1983), Māmaka Kaiao (1998), Hawaiian Dictionary (Pukui and Elbert, 1986), our own experience growing the species at MNBG; and the following websites and online databases:
The Native Arts and Cultures Foundation is a national nonprofit that supports American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian arts and cultures. With the support of generous arts patrons, forward thinking partners and equally committed co-funders, we provide support to individual artists, Native arts and cultural organizations and Native arts programs. To be among the first to hear when funding is available, subscribe to our newsletter: us continue this work and offer more opportunities like these, please make a gift today:
Lots of Hawaiian artists come to mind. Apply, you never know. Good luck!
It may not look fancy but it sure isn’t just grass. In 2015 Hawaiian Mission Houses will be building a Native...
Its ridiculous how many times a white person has asked if I'm Hawaiian 😂😂😂
Awesome. How does this sound? A Native Hawaiian... Half Hawaiian. His Father was an ambassador to the Kingdom of Hawaii--
I wonder if there's a native word in Hawaiian for "seasons"
Very cool opportunity for Native Hawaiian high school students!
The INSPIRE Pre-College Program is a full scholarship open to Native American, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian...
This photo postcard from the 1940s depicts a Native Hawaiian man reading a Hawaiian language newspaper. During...
Call for Entries: New Fellowship for Hawaiian Artists in visual arts
Theres was a native Hawaiian grandpa singing piano man at dinner last night and it just hit me how much i should have appreciated him
Stripped down for all the right reasons. Kaawa -- a Native Hawaiian who was receiving two bachelor's degrees from...
In honor of learn about the future of native Hawaiian birds!
Graduate at Univ of Hawaii strips to loin cloth at winter graduation. |
Student cheer as student disrobes at graduation.
His mom told him to think twice b4 doing it. student strips to his loin cloth at winter graduation.
Amazing vintage shot of Myron "Pinky" Thompson (yellow shorts) posted by Thompson was a native Hawaiian...
Kaawa -- a wore the traditional malo during the graduation ceremony.
There are three species of sea turtles native to the Hawaiian Islands: the Green, the Hawksbill, and the...
I think he's either hawaiian or Native American. and speaks german and english. bb
If a native Hawaiian woman places the flower on her right ear, that means she is \available.\""
I'm pretty sure the Hawaiian girl was white Hawaiian too, instead of Native, Asian or mixed. But I would have to check to be sure
Part Chinese/Native Hawaiian, now that I check wikipedia.
Why a Native Hawaiian student disrobed at his graduation.
Hawaiian History: Native Hawaiian Tradition gives the Origin of Hawai'i's Name in the Legend of Hawai'iloa, the Navigator who Discovered it.
Due 1/15/15: Fellowship for Native artists active in dance, music, traditional and visual arts
Check out this wealth of recordings of native calls (& other natural sounds)
.talking about his heritage, Spanish/Filipino/Native Hawaiian.
Native Hawaiian student strips for a cause at his winter graduation.
the official language is English bc it's in America but the native language is Hawaiian alright history class is over
thought I could put you to sleep with a native Hawaiian beat, Lololol😂
Like "my ethnicity is white, black, Puerto Rican, Swedish, Native American, Filipino, Hawaiian" I THINK YOU'RE CONFUSED
Quote this with your best selfie along with your ethnicity 🙏 Japanese Hawaiian Caucasian Native American ht…
*** oponopono Is ~ Before the Sunsets Daily *** oponopono – Before the Sunsets Daily Till today *** oponopono is a very important Hawaiian Value and Lapa’au wisdom, which is a part of the Pono (Harmony) and (Balance) in the Hawaiian LomiLomi Lapa’au process. This indigenous cultural process is a deep Native Hawaiian Lapa’au technique. *** oponopono is • You, One with Creator (Divine Mana) past, present and future • An ancestral makana (gift) to all mankind, it is a greater connection of mana (power) in understanding ancient wisdoms of the Ka Wa Kahiko (Ancient Ones) for the Self and Ohana • Pono (Harmony) and (Balance), helping individuals work towards an enlightened and positive path in Life. However, individuals learn that the choice is entirely up to you • Your journey in life, to set free the old and awaken the new • Knowing who you are, where you came from, what are you contributing to life today and where you will be going • May take a few minutes, a few hours, a few days ...
Researching just about every candidate - sending emails and questions. Never would consider myself a Republican but check out what Joe Kamaka has to say - lots of great ideas! : (State Senate Dist 5) "I have 4 key points I'm starting with to convince you to "GO-JOE KAMAKA" in 2014: TAXES & REVENUES Support a State lottery with 20% to Education & 10% to Public Safety/Law Enforcement Resist New or Increased Taxes Tax reform to include eliminating the G.E & State income tax Tax exempt our service members serving in the military out-of-state. While serving out- of-state, our service members DO NOT use any State resources or services. Why are they being taxed? Reduced tax rates for Hawaii-Based businesses and offer tax incentives to companies that use local workers. Create an environment in favor of local businesses. Support and encourage entrepreneurship by facilitating small business development and growth. We must encourage a true FREE-MARKET in which government governs less. 2. TRANSPARENCY IN GOVERNMENT . ...
Keanu Reeves' father was born in Hawaii, of British, Portuguese, Native Hawaiian, and Chinese ancestry.
my mom is half German Asian Hispanic Hawaiian British Native American.when they're hair looks li…
I look like every hapa, Filipino, Native American, Hawaiian, and South-East Asian female celebrity in the world. Apparently.
People who talk about it are few today; the Native Hawaiian Kalākaua had a grand ideal like "Greater East Asia Co-prosperity Sphere."🌺
Actual quote from Kauai native who has never left the island "Im not full Hawaiian like live off the land, brah. I cant, I love Instagram"
"My success was their success" keynote on her experience in Native Hawaiian language immersion.
My kids are Hawaiian so I’m voting on their behalf but I never know who the heck these people are!
If you are running for OHA and you don’t have a Hawaiian name that’s some minus points in my book!
i meant the hello Kitty, btw. Not the photo of urself... Lots of Hawaiian folks look Asian (dunno if that's native or immigrant)
The South report is part of a series, incl our Native Hawaiian & Pacific Islander report, produced w.
shes Puerto Rican Italian Hawaiian and Native American. It's my mom dumb.
When I lived in Hawaii a native Hawaiian nurse said to me, "How could you have left such a beautiful country like Canada?"
I remember a particular Native Hawaiian woman at an ABC store in Her intense beauty & her charming smile haunts me relentlessly.
PA'I Foundation, whose mission is to preserve and perpetuate Native Hawaiian cultural traditions, is hiring.
I'm native too bruh. The Hawaiian roots are inside of me
I'm a big fan of films that tackle native Hawaiian issues and stories
and he's Hawaiian Native! This might be the first Indigenous person cast as a major superhero character!
Taro grower and Native Hawaiian practitioner Jerry Konanui of Puna works to propagate and save from extinction...
Jason Momoa is native Hawaiian right? That would make Aquaman of all movies the first non-white-led superhero movie since Catwoman
Khal Drogo is apparently Aquaman. Half Native Hawaiian. This is the coolest thing.
I always get asked if I'm Brazilian, Hawaiian, or Native. 😏
..It's a journey after all.. : Food and Travel Blog based in Jakarta: Hawaiian Bistro : Native chef serving authentic Ha
not loving the mockery of the native Hawaiian language tho, smarten up you bogans!
yes and some native Hawaiian language
Someone got free fuzzy snuggles with a Hawaiian native. The owner of the coconut stand f...
A Kukalepe Memorial, commemorating the fallen Maoli warriors of native Hawaiian conflicts -
Would do anything to be back lying under the Hawaiian sun looking like a native right now
Native Hawaiian Holding Company official indicted on new criminal charges |…
my. Native Hawaiian friends still see him as a sellout
If Duke wants to be part of the native Hawaiian solution, what has he been doing to make something happen???
Aiona says he respects Native Hawaiians but self governance must be driven by Hawaiian community with consensus.
Aiona, a Native Hawaiian, says there is still a Hawaiian kingdom in the islands.
Mufi says we are part of USA but wants to slow down the Native Hawaiian Roll Commision
Wish I was one of those native Hawaiian surfer chicks with a rockin tan
This chick is Native American and she just told people she's Hawaiian. To yell or not to yell... 😒😡
When I was doing a 8a certification paperwork for a client, I fount that the SBA added a NHO (Native Hawaiian Organization) That is assume!
Three, actually. Not just Cyborg, but native Hawaiian Jason Momoa's Aquaman and The Rock in Shazam.
Congratulations to Hawaii First FCU, a leading CDFICU honored today for their work in the Native Hawaiian community
Since 2011, our biggest contract in Djibouti, have come from SRA International and Hawaiian Native Veterans and Istithmar World $1.08mil
Update your maps at Navteq
CENSORED NEWS: Funder of Hawaiian telescope is same for Native ri...
nuh uh you clearly have Hawaiian sandals you're totally native
Offended when reading the nationality part of an application& it only mentions "Native Hawaiian, Guam, Samoa, Tonga, or OTHER PACIFIC ISLAND
“I'm black... Hawaiian, Native American & Irish 😕” 😩😭 *** u popn lol I thought I had the good mix 😂
I always get asked are you Native American, Hawaiian?. I'm just mexican lmao.😂
I move to Hawaii and Kolten Wong, a Hawaiian native and former Rainbow Warrior, starts snapping? Coincidence? I think not.
Debating if I should dress up as a Hawaiian or native Indian for Halloween 🙇
Samoan, Hawaiian or Native American I get a lot
And the Hawaiian print shorts on the Aztec native in Africa are completely legit.
I think I can speak for all the Native Hawaiian land owners here in Iao Valley plz Wailuku Water Co can follow thru! Mahalo
OFFICE OF HAWAIIAN AFFAIRS DOI TESTIMONY IN SUPPORT OF FEDERAL RECOGNITION - fiduciary of the Native Hawaiian trust, OHA’s Board of Trustees has determined that the reestablishment of a government-to-government relationship between the United States and the Native Hawaiian community is the most viable action that could be taken to protect and expand existing trust assets, federal programmatic funding, federal consultation rights and other self-determination rights under federal law. Moreover, as a matter of justice and equity, this opportunity should be available for the Native Hawaiian community to pursue. We should not be denied the basic self-governance rights afforded all other major indigenous groups in the nation. We have suffered through colonization and the dispossession of our lands, resources and culture, and the hearts of our people continue to be burdened by these historic injustices, as recent oral testimony made clear. Our community cannot heal until the federal government shows meaningful ...
From I support the administrative path to Native Hawaiian recogition proposed by President Obama.
NEW U.S. ASST. SECRETARY FOR INSULAR AREAS CONFIRMED Tia Belau. June 30th, 2014. Secretary of the Interior Sally Jewel released the following statement after the U.S. Senate confirmed Esther Puakela Kia’aina to serve as Assistant Secretary of the Interior for Insular Areas. “Esther will bring considerable expertise to the issues facing the U.S. territories and the freely associated states, and I am pleased the Senate has voted to confirm her to this important leadership post at the Interior Department. Born in Guam to Native Hawaiian parents, Esther has strong connections to Pacific Islanders and extensive experience on Capitol Hill. She will be a valuable asset to this Department as we work with island leaders, the White House Interagency Group on Insular Areas, and partners across the federal government to further the islands’ social and economic progress.” Once sworn into office, Kian’aina would lead the Department’s effort to coordinate federal policy for Guam, the Commonwealth of the Nort ...
Fmr Sen Daniel Akaka to be honored Wed by the NEA for helping bring Native Hawaiian culture to public schools:
What of this do you not understand.from Act 675 that gave birth to Act 195 ? Mahalo Scotty Wong: And all of this is done under the guise of "Negotiating" once all the Kanaka Maoli is lined up on the firing line... The only gauanteed thing is all the Kanaka signing agrees that the U.S. Controls your Crown Lands and You gave them authority by Verifying your name on the Roll! And who controls the ROLL, The people sitting down with Obama and the Feds right now. The foxes allowing the Foxes to guard the Hen House... 47 1 governing entity, the United States will recognize 2 and affirm the Native Hawaiian governing entity’s 3 inherent power and authority to determine its own 4 membership criteria, to determine its own member- 5 ship, and to grant, deny, revoke, or qualify member- 6 ship without regard to whether any person was or 7 was not deemed to be a qualified Native Hawaiian 8 constituent under this Act. The Native Hawaiian 9 governing entity must provide that membership in 10 the Native Hawaiian governin ...
May 25, 2014 secretly "reorganizing the Native Hawaiian Community as an Indian Tribe " since 2012 by Andrew Walden Does the Obama administration believe it has the authority to create the Akaka Tribe without Congressional approval? After a Summer marked by chatter from Sen. Brian Schatz and Rep Colleen Hanabusa about administrative recognition of a the Akaka Tribe, Interior Secretary Sally Jewell flew to Honolulu September 5, 2013 to tell the Council for Native Hawaiian Advancement that the Obama administration is exploring possible administrative options for pursuing federal recognition of Native Hawaiians. Sen. Mazie Hirono last August told reporters, President Obama is "very committed to Native Hawaiian recognition, and he said that he is going to be reviewing the legal basis in which executive action can be taken." And more recently, Trustees of the Office of Hawaiian Affairs have been spending a lot of time in Washington, DC. Four members of the US Commission on Civil Rights September 16, 2013, war . ...
WASHINGTON – The National Park Service today announced nearly $40,000 in repatriation grants under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) to assist museums, Indian tribes and Native Hawaiian organizations in returning… [ 282 more words. ]
FORMER OHA TRUSTEE - CRABBE IS RIGHT & OHA IS WRONG - Details Here - a former trustee for the Office of Hawaiian Affairs (1984-96), I commend Kamana`opono Crabbe for doing his fiduciary responsibility and due diligence in the questions raised to Secretary of State John Kerry — questions dealing with our kanaka maoli legal status under international law that should have been raised long ago by OHA trustees. OHA trustees are wrong to be offended by Crabbe’s action, which is necessary for an honest and legal understanding of our Native Hawaiian situation. Last November, OHA unanimously passed a policy stating OHA will only “facilitate” a process toward nation-building — letting us explore all aspects of this journey, including the independence model. If a democracy is to function properly, it is important citizens be fully informed. It stands to reason as part of OHA’s due diligence of nation-building, Crabbe make just such an inquiry to Secretary of State Kerry, for he followed pol ...
Today's Star-Advertiser: A Hawaiian nation? Efforts to establish sovereignty enter its next phase, but some leaders fear Native Hawaiians will give up too much By Vicki Viotti The Native Hawaiian Roll Commission translates Kana'iolowalu, the name of its enrollment project, as a poetic allusion to the act of striving ("na'i"), and to the din of many voices. The commission has all but completed its work, and some of that din is already being heard. The Office of Hawaiian Affairs, immersed in its Native Hawaiian nation-building efforts, erupted late last week in a dramatic conflagration. That's not unusual in the decades-old Hawaiian sovereignty movement, but this time, drama flared in Washington, D.C. That's where several OHA trustees, as well as Chief Executive Officer Kamana'o Crabbe, were meeting federal officials to discuss recent developments. On Friday, OHA released on its website a letter, dated May 5, that Crabbe sent to Secretary of State John Kerry, seeking a legal opinion on the status of Hawaii ...
So as of 1997 they separated Asian Pacific American into census choices A) Asian B) Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
The purpose and objectives of the Kuhina Nui Ka‘ahumanu Hawaiian Civic Club To actively participate in the promotion, perpetuation and practice of the Native Hawaiian culture and values. To initiate and to advocate for positions endorsed by the membership of this club and the Association of Ha...
Save the date! Join the Asian Pacific Islander Caucus for Public Health, with the American Public Health Association, for a webinar on Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander health on Thursday, May 29th at 5pm ET. Space is limited so register early at:
Kristiana Kahakauwila, a Native Hawaiian author, has an amazing collection of short stories that was my absolute favorite read of 2013. She is also super gracious and sweet. I sent her a kind of rambly and fangirly message through her website, and she responded with an incredibly warm thank you. She'll be at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park tonight at 7. I'm gonna try to go, but I don't know if it'll work out. But passing along the info, just in case other Seattle area folks would be interested and able!
Happy National Park Week! We hope that you can join us and “Go Wild” for the unique plants and animals of Haleakalā, many of which are found nowhere else on earth. Even though today is the final fee free day of National Park Week, we will have activities here at the Summit and Kīpahulu all week. Listed below are some of the activities we will be offering. ~EP On Monday April 21, at 10 am, Laura Berthold of the Maui Forest Bird Recovery Project will give a presentation about rare native birds at Hosmer Grove in the Summit District. She will then be available in Hosmer Grove until 2:30 pm to provide bird watching tips and answer questions about bird ecology. On Wednesday April 23, from 10 am to noon, visitors can explore first mile of the Supply Trail with park staff to learn more about park history. Meet at the Supply Trail Trailhead, along the Hosmer Grove Road. Saturday April 26 is Junior Ranger Day. Activities include Native Hawaiian cultural demonstrations, games, and crafts in both districts. Th ...
Our world is changing, and urban planning can lead the way. In an increasingly diverse and globalized world, urban planners work to create communities that are economically thriving, socially just, and environmentally sustainable. A doctoral degree in planning can prepare you to link new knowledge to issues that affect communities and policy-making worldwide. To introduce planning doctoral study to selected outstanding students, the UCLA Luskin School of Public Affairs and the USC Sol Price School of Public Policy, in partnership with the Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning, will host a four-day workshop to prepare students to apply to and succeed in doctoral programs. Students from groups that are under-represented on planning faculties are particularly encouraged to apply. They include: African Americans, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Native Hawaiian and other Pacific Islanders. Workshop events will be held on the UCLA and USC campuses, in the heart of Los Angeles, July 20-24, 2014. Regist ...
Are you in California? Are you uninsured? Check out Covered California by March 31 to choose a plan that’s right for you. Especially if you’re Asian American, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander, chances are good that you qualify for new federal subsidies that make healthcare coverage more affordable than ever.
Spring is almost here and that means Summer is right behind it! Vacation time begins! Now, let's continue to Hawaii! The third largest Hawaiian island is home to the majority of Hawaii’s diverse population, a fusion of east and west cultures rooted in the values and traditions of the Native Hawaiian people. It’s this fundamental contrast between the ancient and the modern that makes discovering Oahu so enjoyable. Finding accommodations is easy on Oahu. You’ll find everything here from hotels, luxury resorts, boutiques, rentals and bed and breakfasts. Waikiki is where you’ll find the majority of Oahu’s hotels and resorts. Oahu Highlights: Waikiki: Once a playground for Hawaiian royalty, this historic hot spot is now a gathering place for the world. Pearl Harbor: This National Historical Landmark features five historic sites memorializing the December 7, 1941 attack. North Shore: During the winter months, this legendary surf mecca attracts the best surfers in the world. Iolani Palace: The only off ...
CENSUS: Possible changes in choices for Latino respondents By David Olson The Press Enterprise (March 14, 2014) Experimental question combines race and Hispanic ethnicity. The U.S. Census Bureau is discussing whether to change how it asks Americans about their race and ethnicity. The Census Bureau is concerned because a growing percentage of people check "some other race" on the survey forms that are sent to all U.S. households every 10 years. In 2010, more than 6 percent of Americans identified themselves as "some other race." More than 18.5 million of the 19 million people who did so also identified themselves as Hispanic or Latino. That indicates that Hispanics were unsure which box to check under "race." The census form indicated that "Hispanic origins are not races." A number of Arabs and people of mixed race also checked "some other race." "Increasingly, Americans are saying they cannot find themselves" on census forms, the Census Bureau's Nicholas Jones told the Pew Research Center in an article pu ...
National Institute for Latino Policy 3/15/14 U.S. Census looking at big changes in how it asks about race and ethnicity By Jens Manuel Krogstad and D'vera Cohn Pew Research Center (March 14, 2014) The Census Bureau has embarked on a years-long research project intended to improve the accuracy and reliability of its race and ethnicity data. A problem is that a growing percentage of Americans don't select a race category provided on the form: As many as 6.2% of census respondents selected only "some other race" in the 2010 census, the vast majority of whom were Hispanic. Six percent may seem small, but for an agency trying to capture the entire U.S. population (nearly 309 million in 2010) every 10 years, that number results in millions of people unaccounted for. This pattern of response led to the bureau's "most comprehensive effort in history to study race and ethnic categories," according to Census officials Nicholas Jones and Roberto Ramirez. "Increasingly, Americans are saying they cannot find themselve ...
One more for the Native Hawaiians .
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Sharing Some Awesome, Awesome News! Molokai Middle School is making you proud Molokai'ans, Native Hawaiians, & others across the State. Why? Our students just qualified to go to the World's VEX Robotics Competition in California next month. Thanks to an awesome STEM program! Exceptional right? Our little, humble Molokai, population about 7,000 and the only Middle School on the island. A Robotics Team comprised of all Native Hawaiians. Impressive! They competed against other Middle Schools in the state and were the only school to represent Maui County. Now they will be heading to World's competing against the best of the best. It's a Cinderella, Rags to Riches & Diamond in the Rough story. Molokai Kids CAN DO. And we need to get behind them and support them. Stay tuned for how you can help make the dream to head to World's a reality. They will need your kokua. Kelly Kaawa Richardson, Michael Bates Kahale, Eddie N Kimberly Lani, Caroline Kuihealani Adolpho, Kumu Kaeo, Kahoiwai Kawaa, Kuilani Puhi, Molokai . ...
Everything thinks I'm Hawaiian or Native...I'll take it.
Yesterday the highlight was a four-hour mini circle tour of the southwestern part of Oahu. Our driver and guide was a phenomenal native Hawaiian named something like Luana, and she knows EVERYTHING about all the places, plants, people and history of the area since she grew up here. Here are some photos of the beyond beautiful sites where we stopped for photo ops. Today our entire tour group of 28 goes to Pearl Harbor, the Arizona memorial, etc. Oh, did you know there are wild chickens all over the Island? Dave Dagenais, you would go crazy over the paddleboarders, surfers, body surfers and other extreme sports enthusiasts on and around the ocean.
"you sorta look Hawaiian" if you notice Native Americans and Hawaiians look kind of alike.
At some point all Hawaii residents, Hawaiian and non-Hawaiian alike, are going to have to think hard about Hawaiian issues and Hawaiian rights. Either you support resolving Hawaiian rights claims and the Hawaiian community or you don't. At the end of the day, everything special about this place is due in large part to the culture and contributions of Native Hawaiians. It's time to make real decisions about honoring and respecting that history. There is no Hawaii without Hawaiians.
Congratulations to this hui on creating the Native Hawaiian Journalism Association (aka ‘Ahahui Haku Mo‘olelo). W...
Diabetes Goal & Over view: Goal: Reduce the disease and economic burden of diabetes mellitus (DM) and improve the quality of life for all persons who have, or are at risk for, DM. Overview: DM occurs when the body cannot produce or respond appropriately to insulin. Insulin is a hormone that the body needs to absorb and use glucose (sugar) as fuel for the body’s cells. Without a properly functioning insulin signaling system, blood glucose levels become elevated and other metabolic abnormalities occur, leading to the development of serious, disabling complications. Many forms of diabetes exist. The 3 common types of DM are: Type 2 diabetes, which results from a combination of resistance to the action of insulin and insufficient insulin production. Type 1 diabetes, which results when the body loses its ability to produce insulin. Gestational diabetes, a common complication of pregnancy. Gestational diabetes can lead to perinatal complications in mother and child and substantially increases the likelihood o ...
In Hawaiʻi, Native Hawaiians are 5.7 times more likely to die from diabetes compared to other ethnicities. Join HUI OHA tomorrow (3/15) at 7:30 a.m. as we Step Out to Fight Diabetes at a walk at Kapiʻolani Park.
Tyrone was a great minister and spent his last years in faithful service to his Lord with Imiola Church in Waimea, served as a volunteer with Hospice and was a volunteer chaplain at North Hawaii Community Hospital. He was active with the Waimea Hawaii Civic club, the Imiola Prayer group and in support of the local community schools. He helped Native Hawaiians tie their christian beliefs and native hawaiian beliefs together so that they could live in harmony with both. He was a great and loving servant to his Lord.
Didn't like that movie, to be honest. Nothing you say can make me believe George Clooney is a native Hawaiian
Some people say I could be Philippine, Hawaiian, or a Native American.😳 It would be awesome if it actually turned out to be true✌️😊
Four words stuck out in this plea for help from the Native Hawaiians... ACT FAST - ACT NOW!!! Dont wait for your future to unfold... you go make it happen!!!
In the past 2 weeks I've been mistaken for Asian, Hawaiian, White, and Native American. Really people?
Was given the honor of going to an all Hawaiian high school function that enacted part of their history. Very few Halole's as white people are called by the Native Hawaiians get the privilege of seeing these school enactments. I greatly respect the Hawaiian culture and the people here, it was wonderful.
Do you have a college age or college student? Or are you interested in hearing how you can "actualize" your potential? Register now for PILOT's free workshop on Saturday, March 22nd at Claremont Graduate University. Presenters will be on hand to speak on communication, public speaking, and opportunities for graduate school. See flyers for details, and REGISTER TODAY! Pacific Islander Leaders of Tomorrow (PILOT) is a program facilitated by a coalition of Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander (NHPI) organizations who are experts and champions in addressing educational disparities in this specific community. PILOT aims to address policy, systems, and structural changes in education and learning to benefit vulnerable NHPI children and families through funding from the W.K.Kellogg Foundation’s Racial Equity Initiative.
To all my friends in the Phoenix area -- my dear husband is opening his practice and is offering a New Client special for the next month. He is a Native Hawaiian healer and does a very ancient form of Lomi Lomi blended with training he received when he worked with Maori elders in New Zealand. He has an extraordinary gift that leaves most people speechless when they try to describe what he does. But suffice to say, he can help you clear and root out core issue and trauma from deeply entrenched sub-conscious patterning that holds us back from being the full expression of our Divine Self. His ability to ground and stabilize energy in the physical form is unparalleled. His work is stunning and I encourage anyone in the area who is truly ready for a shift to work with him. Your life won't be the same; I promise. You can message him on FB at to set up an appointment or post here and I will have him contact you. You'll be so happy you did!
The official registration period is now closed. Mahalo to the 107,000+ Native Hawaiians who have decided to come together to rebuild the Hawaiian nation, and the thousands who have signed the petition of support.
Listening to Dr. Norma LeMoine discuss the linguistics of African, Native, Mexican & Hawaiian Americans as Standard English Learners.
Disturbing differences: Health disparities tackled by states: And Native Hawaiian adults are less likely to ex...
Del Toro on filming in for movie about Blackfeet . American. via
What if Kamehameha Schools required the developers it employs to be at least part Native Hawaiian?
Monk seal native to the Hawaiian Islands taking a nap from my recent rip to
Audience member: How will KS, a Native Hawaiian school, develop in a way that's beneficial to Native Hawaiians?
.says bringing artifacts, native plants, even names till add to the Hawaiian sense of place for
Do we ever think about whether help or hurt our Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islanders communities?
why does everyone think that is Hawaiian, Native American, middle eastern, etc lmao ?
It would be pretty cool to learn how to speak native Hawaiian.
Follow the story of a young Native Hawaiian woman in To Weave a Name: E Haku Inoa at The Ross on March 15 @ 5PM
I'm Native American. and I get that or asked if I'm Hawaiian. I hate it.
What inspires you? For this Hawaiian native surfer, photographer and artist, it's the ocean. Discover more of our...
HB4214 [NEW] To promote the academic achievement of American Indian, Alaska Native, and Native Hawaiian children ...
Mahalo for posting this hot story about on your awesome site:
Mahalo eXpression! Magazine Hawaii for posting this news about on your awesome blog! -...
Forbidden Island. Yes, there is such an island off of Kaui. No one can visit the island unless you are an original, native Hawaiian.
commends the Kalaeloa Heritage & Legacy Foundation for preserving historical Native Hawaiian sites
Looking forward to viewing this film. This film has the potential to put Hawaii's transgender community on the map.
Did you know? has one of the largest collections of Native Hawaiian art. Learn more during Maka'ika'i: The Art of Culture at 6 p.m.!
Mahalo for stopping by today! Always great to see you in DC to discuss Hawaiian issues
I asked my grandma if I should be scared of night marchers because I'm not full Hawaiian and she told me I shouldn't fear my people.
While number of white farmers has decreased, black, Asian, Native American, Hawaiian farmers increased. Changing the face of ag?
"what is your race?. - Native Hawaiian or other islander. - African originating near the Nile River. - Asian villager from Taiwan . - white"
A race is a group of people with unique culture/physical differences. Native Hawaiian= different than Tahitian/Polynesian
Native Hawaiian? They date back to the year 0. I'd consider them a race
Come to think of it there's another poc mc of a series that I've read, Kimo from the Mahu series is Native Hawaiian.
Save the date for Empowering Pacific Islander Communities' launch of "A Community of Contrasts: Native Hawaiian...
Dictionary: Hawaiian -- Ha*wai"ian, a. Belonging to Hawaii or the Sandwich Islands, or to the people of Hawaii. -- n. A native of Hawaii.
To: Morehead State University Transfer Students Re: Diversity Opportunity Scholarship (DOS) - Deadline March 14, 2014 Contact Joel Vanhoose in the UCM for the 2014 DOS application with an extended deadline of Friday, March 14th (postmarked). E-mail the scholarship application to your UCM MSU contact (j.vanhooseThe DOS is awarded to Kentucky residents with a minimum 3.0 cumulative unweighted GPA and 18 ACT composite score that identify themselves on their undergraduate admission application as a member of one of the following ethnic groups: Hispanic/Latino, African American, American Indian or Alaskan Native, Asian, or Native Hawaiian or other Pacific Islander. *Students must be admitted to MSU and meet all scholarship requirements in order to forward their scholarship packet to the selection and review committee.***
The staff of the Art Collection and Galleries of Sweet Briar College, in consultation with the appropriate Indian tribes or Native Hawaiian organizat
Provides photovoltaic systems for residences & businesses. Primary focus is to help Native Hawaiians lower their energy costs. Provides PPA to lower cost
why doesn't anyone believe me when I tell them I'm hawaiian , italian and Native American . & that I'm NOT black & mexican ..
The south shore of Molokai is full of old unused Native Hawaiian fishponds that possibly date back a…
KA`U HEALTH CARE PROVIDERS AND INTERESTED residents can participate in a free one-time macroepigenetics online training course offered by the Food Ingredient and Health Research Institute, the only federally recognized nonprofit entity in the U.S. devoted entirely to food ingredient safety, education and research, starting this Thursday, Feb. 6. Professor Renee Dufault, FIHRI founder and a leading researcher in the toxicology field with a concentration in macroepigentics, leads students through a 10-week interactive online course, with bi-monthly discussions held at Hana Hou Restaurant in Na`alehu. Coursework investigates “substances in the Standard American Diet that may modulate genes to create conditions for disease” such as type-2 diabetes, autism, ADHD and CVD,” explained Dufault, who lives in Ocean View. “The course has been used successfully in a recent clinical trial to facilitate improvements in diet to significantly reduce risk factors for type-2 diabetes,” she added. The class is limi ...
both Pueblo and Hawaiian are Native American languages. 24 other Native American languages are still spoken in US & Canada
We are a scant 24 likes away from an even 4000! Please share this post with a friend or family member that you think should care about our wonderful native Hawaiian ecosystems!
There's a difference between Native Hawaiian and thinking your Hawaiian .
The collaboration among Native Hawaiian organizations, local artists, and the Hokulea World Wide Voyage is inspiring! Check out the art work on Hikianalia from Fitted Hawaii and Pow Wow Hawaii! Mahalo to Oiwi TV for the excellent media coverage!
Promoting academic success for Native Hawaiians by piloting, implementing and supporting Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math educational programs and systems that are grounded in past and present Native Hawaiian knowledge.
Actually, a few hundred thousand or more people speak various native languages, and that's not even counting Hawaiian. Nice try.
Aloha kakou! Most of you have probably heard by now the issue that is at stake involving our children's education here in Hawai'i. If we can all take some time out of our busy day and write a letter to the Board of Education regarding PONO. The time is now as the hearing's deadline for testimony is literally hours away. There are solid points to address that can be found within the content of the recent email on this subject assumed to have been delivered to all members. As a Native Hawaiian, I feel saddened and disappointed that the curriculum developers have chosen an acronym/word that means goodness, excellence, morality and righteous. Let's all stand for the sanctity of our children, and in essence, our FAMILY. boe_hawaii
There are various creoles in the States that include mixing around languages like French, native and African languages, Hawaiian, Dutch etc
Dug-up bones and unidentified remains of Native Hawaiians may be reburied on an uninhabited island if a proposed law passes.
Wow spent my Saturday restoring and preserving a 1000 year old native Hawaiian Taro grove in Waipio Valley. Thank you Vetiver, amazing grass that will keep those beautiful streams intact for 7 more generations. I feel honored to get to be a part of it. Thank you thank you thank you, past, present and future.
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