Native Americans & Christopher Columbus

Native Americans in the United States are the Indigenous Peoples in North America within the boundaries of the present-day continental United States, parts of Alaska, and the island state of Hawaii. Christopher Columbus (before 31 October 1451 - 20 May 1506) was an explorer, colonizer, and navigator, born in the Republic of Genoa, in what is today northwestern Italy. 5.0/5

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Because Christopher Columbus showed up at the shore and presented Native Americans with his visa?
We should be celebrating Native Americans, not Christopher Columbus.
Colin K. not standing for da Star Spangled Banner is nothin compared to what Christopher Columbus has done to Native Americans.
Viking explorers met Native Americans long before Christopher Columbus did and we are a combination of both. Running Wolf White Buffalo MC
please share Christopher Columbus did not Discover America. People (aka Native Americans) were here when he arrived.
We invited Native Americans to respond to "Christopher Columbus."
Native Americans were asked to do word association with Christopher Columbus. These are the responses
"Remember when Christopher Columbus...". Me "Killed and raped Native Americans?...Then stole their land? They do."
It's not even 8am and Mr.Lewis is preaching about how Christopher Columbus destroyed the Native Americans with syphilis
We need to stop calling Native Americans, Indians. Its 2015, we are not controlled by the knowledge Christopher Columbus shared to the world
them. I guess it is like the crap about Christopher Columbus discovering America; the Native Americans did not know they existed until
KEMET "DISCOVERED" AMERICA LONG BEFORE COLUMBUS! ! UNLEARN "HIS-STORY " AND "DISCOVER" THE "MY-STORY" RALUTE! ! Columbus Himself According to renowned American historian and linguist Leo Weiner of Harvard University, one of the strongest pieces of evidence to support the fact that Black people sailed to America before Christopher Columbus was a journal entry from Columbus himself. In Weiner’s book, “Africa and the Discovery of America,” he explains that Columbus noted in his journal that the Native Americans confirmed “black skinned people had come from the south-east in boats, trading in gold-tipped spears.” American Narcotics Discovered in Egyptian Mummies The discovery of American narcotics in Egyptian mummies has left some historians amazed. Recently, archaeologists discovered the presence of narcotics only known to be derived from American plants in ancient Egyptian mummies. These substances included South American cocaine from Erythroxylon and nicotine from Nicotiana tabacum. German toxico ...
Muslims in the western hemisphere (North America, South America and the Caribbean Islands) before Columbus The old poem that most American school children recognize begins “In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue…” Indeed, in the year 1492, Christopher Columbus (whose real name in Italian was Cristoforo Colombo) sailed across the Atlantic in the name of the Spanish crown and landed in the Caribbean part of North America. For hundreds of years, it has simply been accepted that Columbus was the first explorer to valiantly sail across the sea and “discover” the Americas. However, this theory no longer stands up to modern scholarship. It goes without saying that the first people to truly Discover America were the ancestors of the Native Americans, who probably crossed into North America through Russia and Alaska about 12,000 years ago. Discussion of the “discovery” of the Americas by Europeans, Africans, or Asians is an insult to the history of it’s Indigenous Peoples. That said, the first dar ...
It is assumed that indigenous Indians (Native Americans) on the territory of today's North America and the United States migrated from Asia before 40,000 years ago. Some of the regional indigenous cultures before the arrival of Europeans were very well developed in the area of society, agriculture and architecture. It is assumed that before the official discovery of America in 1492 by Christopher Columbus today the US were about 1.5 million Indians. Most of them are extinct after the arrival of Europeans due to frequent wars with the colonizers and because of numerous outbreaks. Europeans are already up to the mid-18th century, founded the 13 colonies on the eastern coast of present-day United States, and the population of the colonies began to greatly increase amid increasingly frequent waves of immigration from Europe. Over time, colonies American Revolutionary War, George Washington motif become more independent from the British crown, and 1775 began the American Revolutionary War. The fledgling US Con ...
Today marks Columbus Day, a federal holiday to commemorate the arrival of Christopher Columbus to the so-called "New World" in 1492. But the holiday has long evoked sadness and anger among Native Americans, who object to honoring a man who opened the door to European colonization, the exploitation o…
In 1492 Native Americans found Christopher Columbus lost at sea.
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Christopher Columbus, Imma let you have this day.. But we all know the Native Americans were here first.
Christopher Columbus Day? I could've sworn that the Native Americans was here way before this man was thought of.
On this day in 1492 the Native Americans found Christopher Columbus lost at sea
Growing up I was taught about how much of a hero Christopher Columbus was and how he discovered America. As I got older I learned the truth about his slave trading, abuse of Native Americans and over all maniac ways. The thing is, its not like what I learned was new information. It's just that Public schools are too big of *** to teach kids the truth about these so called heroes.
To honor Christopher Columbus, Daniel Snyder will continue to disrespect Native Americans.
The Seattle City Council unanimously voted on Monday to redesignate the federal Columbus Day holiday as Indigenous Peoples' Day to reflect that Native Americans were living on the continent before Christopher Columbus' 15th Century arrival.
Christopher Columbus did NOT Discover America& this land belonged 2& was stolen from Native Americans it is appropriate 2 change the holiday
Treatment of Native Americans Throughout History of Americas Throughout colonization of New World, Native Americans have been treated ambivalently. Some tribes have been respected and treated like humans, while others have been treated like savages and less than human. Settlers and explorers occasionally treated Native Americans well, but later treated them poorly in order to access supply on Native American's lands. After much bloodshed and trickery, white people forced Native Americans to leave their lands and travel hundreds of miles to new reservations all over United States. English settlers of Virginia Colony greatly mistreated Powhatans, Indian tribe that inhabited area that is now Virginia and Chesapeake Bay coast. Spanish massacred Incas and Aztecs, while Christopher Columbus caused destruction of Natives in Caribbean Islands. When Columbus sailed across Atlantic Ocean in search of easier passage to India, he discovered Americas and landed on shores of Caribbean Islands. His expedition brought wi ...
By Attorney Legrand H. Clegg II It’s October again and the nation pauses once more to celebrate Columbus Day. On the twelfth of this month, schools, banks, government agencies and other institutions suspend regular business to pay tribute to the famous Italian navigator who is alleged to have discovered America. Most historians, archaeologists, anthropologists and other scientists and scholars now know that Christopher Columbus did not Discover America. Not only were Native Americans present when he reached the New World, but also Chinese, Phoenicians, and Europeans, among others, had been sailing to the Americas thousands of years before Columbus ventured across the Atlantic. Adding to these facts is a recent book, The First Americans Were Africans: Documented Evidence, written by a brilliant African American scholar, David Imhotep, who holds two Ph.D.s. Of course, Dr. Imhotep is not the first person to draw attention to the African presence in the Americas before Columbus. After colossal Negroid stone ...
So I'm at the gas station with Luke and I overhear these two home grown American racists talking about how all these "Latinos" should go back to Mexico. Cause you know. That's where we all originated from. Then one said "Puerto Ricans are just Mexicans that got lucky." Lucky?! Dude, if Christopher Columbus hadn't made the mistake of finding this place instead of India and then proceed to STEAL this land from the Native Americans, you wouldn't even be here. THAT'S lucky. *** uneducated hillbillies.
History 101 The Native Americans are the original Americans. Everybody else migrated here. The Spaniards ie: Christopher Columbus and Co. Mexicans, Europeans (Caucasian) African-Americans. Chinese-American, Salvadorians. Everyone is a *** Except the Native Americans. If you are not Native American, your grandfather, or great grandfather migrated to the States. Which means the U.S is a melting pot full of immigrants and Native Americans. Don't judge people based on race for your ancestors were/are immigrants to this country whether it was a legal or illegal entry. People need to understand this. It is the history of this land.
Why did Christopher Columbus call Native Americans "Indians" and Where did the term Indian come from?
boggles my mind we still call Native Americans "Indians" just cuz Christopher Columbus' *** thought he landed in India
"Columbus Day is no more in the city of Minneapolis. The city council unanimously passed a resolution Friday that now recognizes the second Monday in October as Indigenous Peoples Day. The move symbolically switches the focus from Christopher Columbus to the recognition of the high price Native Americans paid when Europeans arrived to the New World."
A MUST READ ~Tdahn/Indian Outlaw~ Racism, Justice and the American Indian Racism against Native Americans Forgotten Story of Indian Slavery When you hear the word racism, most people think African American or Hispanic, but there is an entire other race in America who experiences racism on every level without a real sense of justice, it is the American Indian. Racism far exceeds just Black and White or Hispanic and Asian. Often forgotten, the American Indian has experienced a great deal of racism in the U.S. Although many people overlook or excuse the behavior of the settlers, this was the home of the Indian person before Christopher Columbus. Contrary to popular belief, Columbus didn't Discover America, the Indians already called this vast land home. And like any person defending their home or territory, the Indians fought to keep their land. It seems a shame that Native Americans are subjected to racism in a country they called their own but they do. According to the United States Department of Justice N ...
ARZARETH: The name of the land beyond the great river, far away from habitation of man, in which the TEN TRIBES of ISRAEL(Native Americans & Latinos) will dwell, observing the laws of Moses, untill the time of the restoration, according to IV Esd. xiii. 45. Columbus identified America with this land. (See Kayserling's "Christopher Columbus," translated by Dr. C. Gross, p. 15.) 1906 Jewish Apocrypha KJV Bible [2 Esdras 13:40-46] [40]Those are the ten tribes, which were carried away prisoners out of their own land in the time of Osea the king, whom Salmanasar the king of Assyria led away captive, and he carried them over the waters, and so came they into another land. [41]But they took this counsel amoung themselves, that they would leave the multitude of the heathen, and go forth into a futher country, where never mankind dwelt, [42]That they might there keep their statues, which they never kept in their own land. [43]And they entered into Euphrates by the narrow places of the river. [44] ...
The Native Americans did not see Christopher Columbus' three ships because it was outside of their experience.
Anime, known as "Maize" to the Native Americans, was, unfortunately, brought here by Christopher Columbus
Black History FACT: Ivan Van Sertima (26 January 1935 – 25 May 2009) was a Guyanese-born associate professor of Africana Studies at Rutgers University. He is best known for his book They Came Before Columbus (1976). This book makes it possible to see clearly the unmistakable face and handprint of Black Africans in Pre-Columbian America, and their overwhelming impact on the civilization they found here. On July 7, 1987, Van Sertima testified before a United States Congressional committee to oppose recognition of the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus's "discovery" of the Americas. He said, "You cannot really conceive of how insulting it is to Native Americans ... to be told they were discovered”.
"If aliens ever visit us, I think the outcome would be much as when Christopher Columbus first landed in America, which didn't turn out very well for the Native Americans." - Stephen Hawking
word (India). Native Americans didn't even know what india was lol. Christopher Columbus was just a ***
Okay so many people are going in on cokes Super Bowl commercial. Get over it. Yes football is an American sport but Coke isn't just sold here in America! The Song they were singing was an American song sung in the most American way. By people of all different races, skin colors cultures, and last but not least languages!!! We all don't speak the same language. So why would coke being so great at marketing only broadcast to the English speaking American? They wouldn't. Also just to give some history, America didn't always speak English and to further boggle your mind wasn't even called America! It wasn't discovered by Christopher Columbus like all the textbooks like to tell you. It was stumbled upon!!! Native Americans lived here before us "Americans" did. Land was taken from them,violently if I might add, and then it was called America and English became the official language. Not the only language spoken, just official. English didn't even originate here, it originated in, get this, ENGLAND!!! And gues . ...
( HAPPY Black History MONTH 💪💪💪) I always been so strong minded about my culture because , I'm from Minnesota Born in a diverted state , ii didn't move out of here till ii was in first grade and ii moved to Memphis . See Minnesota is full of white , Asian , Somalian, Mexicans and blacks but wen ii was in kindergarten and first grade the only history ii remember is Christopher Columbus and Native Americans ii was proud to say my daddy native so I'm Indian that's y my hair is better than yours , like really ii was proud about being native ! But ii step foot in Memphis and best to believe ain't seen one Caucasian, Asian , Mexican all my teachers where black yes ma'am they taught me all about respect ii got that yes sir no ma'am drilled in my head , in first grade for second semester learning about my black culture for the first time my baby sister knew about her history when she was in pre school , but for me to walk in a underground rail round learning about my culture and I'm only 8 years old cryi ...
 Explorers in the late 15th, 16th, nad early 17th centuries began the European phase of American History. Their "discoveries" in the New dispelled rumors of a northwest passage and settled ancient questions of world geography. Contact between Europeans and Native Americans would have a dramatic effect on Europe, but a devastating impact on those who were wrongly called "Indians."   Christopher Columbus: Spanish explorer who, with the backing of Ferdinand V and Isabella I, discovered the North American continent on October 12,1492. Though he was originally seeking a westward route to India, his fleet of ships consisting of the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria reached the island of Hispanola, claiming it for Spain.   Giovanni Verrazano: Mariner who explored the East coast of the United States and Nova Scotia under the commission of France in 1524. He was commissioned to claim new lands in the New World and find a route to China. He was the first European to enter New York Bay. His land claims were not coloniz ...
Hugo Chavez blamed Christopher Columbus for leading the way in the mass genocide of the Native Americans by the Spanish.
GOOD MORNING - TODAY IS SUNDAY, November 3, the 307th day of 2013 with 58 to follow. Daylight Saving Time ended at two AM and we are now on Standard Time; abbreviated EST for this time zone. Sunrise in the Boston area is @ 6:20 and sunset is @ 4:35. The moon is new @ 7:51 AM. The morning stars are Mars and Jupiter. The evening stars are Mercury, Neptune, Saturn, Uranus and Venus. ON THIS DAY IN: 1493 - Christopher Columbus, on his second voyage, sighted Dominica in the West Indies. 1507 - Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint Lisa Gherardini, the "Mona Lisa." 1631 - The first Protestant missionary, Reverend John Eliot, arrived in Boston. He was the first to try to convert Native Americans to Christianity. 1794 - Thomas Paine was released from a Parisian jail with the help of U.S. ambassador James Monroe. 1839 - The first Opium War between China and Britain began. 1868 - Ulysses S. Grant was elected 18th President of the United States of America. 1883 - The U.S. Supreme Court declared Native American ...
Zombies, Native Americans, Christopher Columbus, the JFK assassination. Pretty sure this is the best show ever.
TODAY IS Columbus Day!! For decades and decades, American History books and school teaching, told us Christopher Columbus discovered America. What those books and teachings did not give credit, to was the fact that Native Americans were already here. Native Americans truly discovered America. It also gave little mention, to the fact that Nordic explorers had traveled down the eastern cost of Canada thousands of years earlier. Today, we celebrate Columbus Day for what it accurately is. Columbus did discover the existence of the New World for Europeans who until then, believed the world was flat and ended somewhere in the Atlantic. And, the focus is more upon discovery of the "New World", and less upon Columbus himself. Did You Know? Columbus Day is sometimes referred to as "Discoverer's Day". Some key facts (in case you forgot them since grade school): Columbus Discovered America in 1492. He originally set sail on August 3, 1492, but had trouble with the ships, stopping at the Canary Islands for a month. T ...
So here's some hypocrisy for your Monday. Why is everyone so gung *** about changing the name of The Washington Redskins when America still acknowledges a holiday commemorating Christopher Columbus who led a crusade that raped, pillaged, and killed Millions of Native Americans?
Indian people or Indians are people who are citizens of India, which forms a major part of South Asia, containing 17.31% of the world's population. The Indian nationality consists of many regional ethno-linguistic groups, reflecting the rich and complex history of India. India, in its current boundaries, was formed out of a number of predecessors. Because he thought he had found a sea route to India instead of discovering the Americas, Christopher Columbus was mistaken when he thought Native Americans were Indians. Populations with Indian ancestry, as a result of emigration, are somewhat ubiquitous, most notably in Southeast Asia, South Africa, Australia, United Kingdom, Middle East and North America. Population estimates vary from a conservative 12 million to 20 million diaspora Genetics Basu et al. (2006) emphasize that the combined results from mtDNA, Y-chromosome and autosomal markers suggest that "(1) there is an underlying unity of female lineages in India, indicating that the initial number of fema ...
Fact: Christopher Columbus did not "discover" America. Native Americans were here long before he brought his pale face to the shores
I mean Christopher Columbus gets the credit for discovering the Native Americans.
The forgotten holocaust: the Native American Start here to write down reading a terrible book, American Holocaust, the American historian David E. Stannard. The book tells, in detail, sources and citations, the effects of the arrival of Europeans in the Americas since 1492, with the conquest of America by Christopher Columbus. And now begins the prologue Stannard, quite rightly, to go down hard: in just 21 years by the arrival of Columbus and his island vastly populated that the explorer had renamed Hispaniola had become a wasteland, almost eight million people - that Columbus had decided to call Indians - were killed by violence, disease and despair. It was only the beginning: in the space of a few generations between 90 and 98% of Native Americans was exterminated in the largest genocide of which we have knowledge in human history. We are talking, in little more than three centuries, between 100 and ii 150 million human beings, old, children, women and men. The figure is such that the scholars who have ...
United States Stretching from the Atlantic to the Pacific and encompassing more than 3.79 million square miles, the United States of America has a remarkable diversity of landscapes and climates, including the Southern swamps and Everglades, the immense Great Lakes, the soaring Rocky Mountains, the windswept Great Plains, the arid deserts of the Southwest and over 12,000 miles of coastline. More than 10,000 years before Christopher Columbus landed in the Bahamas in 1492, ushering in an era of European colonization of the New World, the nomadic ancestors of modern Native Americans began settling across the North American continent. In the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries, immigrants who came to America seeking economic opportunity or religious freedom struggled to build thriving communities in the uncharted wilderness, often to the detriment of Indigenous Peoples. By the 1770s, some 2.5 million European colonists had settled in America. In 1776, those living in Great Britain’s 13 colonies declared their ind ...
I went on Wikipedia to see who shares a birthday with Alyssa.. On Leap Day. Tony Robbins tops the list on births with guys like Ja Rule and the dead singer from Drowning Pool also leap day babies. Antonio Sabato Jr. is also on the list with Pope Paul III, Al Autry, and Simon Gagne. Leaves a lot of room for her to take over that list of people with relative ease. In deaths (for those believing in reincarnation) you have a few good souls like car painter Earl Scheib lol and Davy Jones from the Monkees. Most exciting are the events that have taken place on Leap Days.. Christopher Columbus used his knowledge of a lunar eclipse to barter with Native Americans for supplies, Hattie McDaniel wins an Academy Award, physicist Ernest Lawrence receives the '39 Nobel Prize (delayed due to war), Dawn Fraser sets the 100-meter freestyle world record, Gordie Howe knocks in his 800th Goal, Desmond TuTu and 100 clergymen get arrested, and last year on her birth the Tokyo Skytree construction completes! Tallest tower in the ...
All black people didn't arrive in the "Americas" on slaveships from Africa. African indigneous tribes were already in "America" way before "Christopher Columbus", the indigneous black aborigines of America... (History of the Yamassee Nativ...e Americans) Language: Yamassic "Yamassic"; ... ... Verb: Yamassee "Yamassee" Gentle Noun: Yamassee "Yamassee" a Native America Clan from Southeast America; Q. Who are the Yamassee? A. We are descendants of the people known as the "Mound Builders". The Yamassee is the oldest Native American Clan of Southeastern North America. We Yamassee, people are the descendants of the wooly haired Olmec People of South America, who slowly moved from South America upward and over to the southeast of North America. Along the way the Olmec People established many clans and many societies. Q. Who are the Olmec People? A. The Olmec People called themselves Nubuns These Ancient Black indigenous people of this planet made migrations from Africa westward to this part of the land now being ...
READING ( trên 30 bạn làm thì 10h30 tối nay chị sẽ đưa ra mẹo và chữa chi tiết ^^) The first American immigrants, begining more than 20,000 years ago, were intercontinental wanderers: hunters and their families following animal (61)_ from Asia to America, across a land bridge where the Bering Strait is today. (62) _ Spain’s Christopher Columbus “discover” the New York in 1492, about 1.5 million Native Amercans lived in what is now the continental United States, although estimates of the number (63)_ greatly. Mistaking the place where he landed – San Salvador in the Bahamas – (64)_ the Indies, Columbus called the Native Americans “Indians.” During the next 200 years, people from several European countries followed Columbus across the Atlantic Ocean to explore America and (65)_ up trading posts and colonies. Native Americans suffered (66)_ from the influx of Europeans. The transfer of land from Indian to European – and later American – hands (67)_ accomplished through t ...
BLOOD MONEY THE TRUE STORY OF CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS WHO WAS HE? Who was Christopher Columbus? According to American History, Columbus was the Italian navigator who discovered the New World that we today refer to as America. On 1492, Christopher Columbus, on behalf of the Spanish Monarch, sailed to the “New World”, discovered friendly Native Americans and made his mark in history. This is what your children are taught. However, who was the “real” Christopher Columbus? For four hundred years you have been grotesquely lied to and have been fed fabrications regarding one of the greatest stories ever told. The ordeals of Columbus was one of the bloodiest chapters in the history of the world. It was indeed a holocaust that displayed a great genocide of a people and fueled the very slave industry of West Africans to Europe. Unbeknownst to many Americans, Christopher Columbus named himself. Columbus believed that he was chosen by God to be the Christ of the Western World. “Christo” from the Latin, “C ...
We're tasting Sweet Potatoes at Montgomery Elementary today! Be sure to ask your child(ren) about it! Here's some of the cool stuff we'll be discussing tomorrow. History Sweet potatoes are believed to have been domesticated in Central and South America nearly 5,000 years ago. They then spread to Mexico, the Caribbean, the West Indies, and parts of North America. When Christopher Columbus landed on America’s shores in 1492, the Native Americans were growing sweet potatoes. Columbus and his men loved the tasty sweet potatoes so much that they brought them back to Europe to grow their own, where they continued to increase in popularity. Sweet Potatoes in the U.S. Approximately 4.2 pounds of sweet potatoes are eaten per person annually in the United States. The 3 states which produce the most sweet potatoes are North Carolina, Louisiana & California. Nutrient Facts Sweet potatoes are an excellent source of Vitamins A (helps our vision) and C (helps fight infections). They are also a good source of Dieta ...
Interesting fact of the day, The Caribbean is named after the Carib Tribe of Native Americans who lived on the west side of the island of Hispanola(modern day Haiti). The Carib Tribe and Arawak Tribe who lived on the east side(Dominican Rep.) were subjected to slavery, the theft of gold and genocide by their European colonizers. In fact, to get the gold from around the wrists and ankles of the people the colonizers would cut of the Native Americans hands and feet to obtain this raw material. Who led these blood thirsty, murderous, coldhearted, sick minded devils to commit these heinous attrocities against Indigenous Natives, non other than Christopher Columbus. You learn something new everyday, huh?
Christopher Columbus called Native Americans "Indians" because he thought he was India...real talk
I just thought about something. Christopher Columbus did not Discover America. I mean seriously think about it, the Native Americans were there first so obviously they discovered America. The better way to correctly say it is, Christopher Columbus found America, but he didn't discovered it.
'They [the Spaniards present in the region where Christopher Columbus was governor] are driven by insatiable greed, killing, terrorizing, afflicting, and torturing the native peoples with the strangest and most varied new methods of cruelty . Systematic violence is aimed at preventing Indians from daring to think of themselves as human beings. They think nothing of knifing Indians by tens and twenties and of cutting slices off them to test the sharpness of their blades. My eyes have seen these acts so foreign to human nature, and now I tremble as I write.' —Bartolomé de las Casas, Catholic priest who witnessed the inhumane treatment of Native Americans by the Spanish Conquistadors firsthand 'Our nation was born in genocide when it embraced the doctrine that the original American—the Indian—was an inferior race. Even before there were large numbers of Negroes on our shore, the scar of racial hatred had already disfigured colonial society. From the sixteenth century forward, blood flowed in battles o ...
Christopher Columbus watching avatar with a bunch of Native Americans... Awkward.
I wanted to share a statement my friend made this morning regarding Christopher Colombus: "So let me get this straight... Cristoforo Colombo, aka Christopher Columbus: -supposedly a fantastic navigator although he screwed up trying to find his way to China. - Reportedly pompous. - Stumbled upon this land, refused to leave, and claimed it. - His shipmates fought and killed Native Americans, and also had sex with their women. It was reported that during all this chaos, many Native Americans thought this was the end and nothing good was to come of their future so they killed themselves by poisoning themselves or jumping off cliffs. -we have also found a way to sugarcoat the truth from our children by introducing a poem, "In 1492, Columbus sailed the ocean blue..." ...I have to say there shouldn't be a day off of school-how about devoting this day to learning about exploration!"
Update your maps at Navteq
Thank you Native Americans/Christopher Columbus for letting me recover from D-Days for one extra day.
I seen a lot of negative things about Christopher Columbus yesterday, and didn't think I'd say anything because I just don't feel like fighting anymore. But... I don't know everything about him, but I really don't think he came to America to drive the Native Americans off their land. If I remember correctly, he was just looking for a better way to India. That's why we called the Native Americans Indians until recently. Hatred is a horrible thing. Clouds our judgement and will even hide the truth from our eyes. From what I've studied about the wise men of the Native American communities of the past, they condemned hatred of an enemy. I will admit that a lot of people have done wrong in the past, but we are now sons and daughters of those people and if we never seek to forgive the deeds of our fathers, then we will be as guilty as they were. Forgiveness, mercy, love, brotherhood. It crosses all religions, cultures and people's. lets try and practice it more often. Especially if you disagree with my post. :)
"Do Native Americans celebrate Christopher Columbus Day? Idk, do the Jews celebrate Hilters birthday?" -:)
I can't believe they are still teaching to this day that Christopher Columbus discovered America. who was the first person to chump somebody in America.. plus he was ruthless... s***, if we gone celebrate Christopher Columbus Day, We might as well have bin laden day, Jeffrey Dahmer weekend, Frank Lucas Fridays,ect . hmm I wonder what the Native Americans do on this day.
Why is it that people seem to think they can't appreciate Native Americans without hating on Christopher Columbus? As if he was really an exceptionally bad man in his time. He did do bad things, of course, but no one seems to hate Julius Caesar nearly as much, who was guilty of so much more.
Christopher Columbus sailed the ocean blues & discovered what is known as America in 1492. NOT! Native Americans got to her first.
Today is Columbus Day everybody!! In Oct 12 1492 Christopher Columbus landed on San Salvador Island and DISCOVERED how he and his men could RAPE, KIDNAP, ENSLAVE, and STEAL From the Native Americans they found. All the while spreading SYPHILIS, Small pox, and "Christianity" to them. Happy Columbus Day to ya!
Wow, didn't realize ours was first. Canadian Thanksgiving The very first Thanksgiving celebration in North America took place in Canada when Martin Frobisher, an explorer from England, arrived in Newfoundland in 1578. He wanted to give thanks for his safe arrival in the New World. This means the first Thanksgiving in Canada was celebrated 43 years before the pilgrims landed in Plymouth, Massachusetts! Thanksgiving for Canadians is about giving thanks for the harvest season rather than the arrival of pilgrims. Both Canadians and Americans celebrate Thanksgiving with parades, family gatherings, pumpkin pie and a whole lot of turkey! Columbus Day Columbus Day is a holiday in honor of the explorer who first came to the New World on October 12, 1492 - Christopher Columbus. Since 1920, Columbus Day has been an annual holiday. Columbus wasn't really the first person to see America so some peeps call the holiday Native American Day or Indigenous Peoples Day since Native Americans lived in North America long befor ...
Native Americans were called "Indians" because Christopher Columbus thought he was in India ...
Europeans are the true immigrants. Settlers came and took the land of Native Americans. F*** Christopher Columbus and all the Pilgrims.
No offense Christopher Columbus. The Native American heritage represents all of us! If we can have Cinco De is a disgrace we don't celebrate Native Americans!
Christopher Columbus is a total *** liar and jerk to think that he killed 1 million Native Americans the tainos and made them slaves. And if they resisted he would cut there hands off or burn them alive and we celebrate a day for him
The NFL forcing the to recognize Art Modell is like Europe forcing Native Americans to recognize Christopher Columbus when he died
yay I get to write about how Christopher Columbus killed all the Native Americans in Spanish class!
Christopher Columbus told his soldiers to test out how sharp their weapons were on the Native Americans.
I hate that we still talk about Christopher Columbus in school. He called Native Americans "Indians" and killed half of them!
Christopher Columbus didn't find crap. Native Americans found America and Africans built it.
1492: Native Americans discover Christopher Columbus lost at sea.
How did Christopher Columbus 'discover' America. So the Native Americans didn't know they existed? Oh I see now.
First holocaust happend to Native Americans-first anti-Christ was Christopher Columbus lol we were so kind when they arrived but that's insane lol 19million gone. Dang :/
Minority Matters: A Case Study I conducted a qualitative study on how changing Texas Social Studies Standards to better suit a Christian-creationist perspective impacts Native American and Chinese American ethnic identities in one Texas grade school. The study considered if each minority student had cultural considerations addressed within the new curriculum. The study focused on two students in a 2nd grade class representing two minority ethnic backgrounds. While observing the children’s responses during a social studies lesson on the Founding Fathers of the United States, the child of Native American descent raised her hand and asked the teacher where her people’s point of view was in the history books. She shared that her grandmother and grandfather had told her that Native Americans were “here first and we are spiritual peoples without Christians and that Christopher Columbus was the first welfare case this country ever knew.” The teacher had no answer as to why the Native American perspective ...
Slavery was pretty harsh, and there is still some bitterness and jealousy associated with that, and it was only a matter of time before those feelings got the best of Africans. But you people chose to stay in America and suffer instead of leaving when you got your freedom. Choosing to stay here in America and charge people by saying everything is about race is bitterness and it comes from slavery when Africans were getting beaten, hanged, and chased for their life. To supplement those feelings by attacking innocent people with traditional demonic African witchcraft will not change nothing, but make your lives even more worst. That kid in Pensacola, Florida did not deserve it and for the safety of others, its time to go back home to Africa and let the Native Americans get their land back from the europeans or descendants of Christopher Columbus. The story of the africans in America is, they were freed from slavery only to ruin their own lives with the bitterness and jealousy from slavery and of others who ...
Every year on July 4th, we celebrate the genocide of Native Americans in the name of Christopher Columbus. Today I celebrate the emancipation of the Jamaican people from the United Kingdom. No BBQ chicken today, jerk chicken only. Happy Independence Day-
"Alien abductions have been going on since I was a child in the 50's. It usually begins with a man taking the road less traveled, and he stumbles upon a light in the forest. My assumption is questionable that aliens have landed on earth. Why would they bother traveling the vast light years of space to probe some low earthly? In my opinion, if aliens were here they would be all over the newspapers. And if governments are hiding aliens they are doing a better job at then they seem to do at anything else! If Aliens do land on this planet, it would be like Christopher Columbus first landing in America, and it did not turn out so well for the Native Americans." -Stephen Hawking.
Everybody knows that Europeans took a lot of land from Native Americans, but this animated GIF by Tumblr user sunisup gives a great sense of just how fast the people living in North America were pushed west after Christopher Columbus "discovered" the continent.
Native Americans, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas, also known as American Indians. They had even mean by the term Native American. The term Indian was first used by Christopher Columbus, who, in addressing the continent and islands of America, wrongly believed to have reached India, Asia. The ter...
Imagine your outrage if you one day found someone living in your house and they said to you "I discovered this place so now it's mine. You go live somewhere else or perish"? So think how Native Americans must have felt when Christopher Columbus did the same thing to them yet history considers him a great man. I guess nobody remembers the losers hey...
I wonder if this is how the Native Americans felt after Christopher Columbus raped them with no vaseline
It's common belief that Vikings visited Newfoundland, therefore reaching the New World from Europe before Christopher Columbus, but a new genetic analysis claims not only did Vikings visit North America, they brought natives back to Europe with them.
Christopher Columbus is said to have “discovered” America, but of course we all know better than this, as long before him people/peoples had been there, even settled. Native Americans arrived there many centuries before Columbus, and there is good evidence that explorers from other civilizations beat Columbus here, too. Artifacts have now been found suggesting that ancient cultures explored the continent. Greek and Roman coins and pottery have been found in the U.S. and Mexico; Egyptian statues of Isis and Osiris were found in Mexico as well as evidence of Egyptians in the Grand Canyon (see above). Ancient Hebrew and Asian artifacts have also been found. Stories of travellers from distant lands in native myths and folklore also suggest probability. The truth is, we know very little about early, far-traveling cultures.
Some small history for you; Christopher Columbus tried to take a shortcut, and ended up somewhere he never intended to go. He discovered two continents that people in Europe didn’t even know existed. By crossing the Atlantic Ocean in 1492, Columbus opened contacts between lands and peoples that were unknown to each other. Columbus’s voyage to the Americas opened an exciting period in history. Animals, plants, and new ideas were exchanged between continents. But it also caused terrible tragedy. Millions of Native Americans died as Europeans rushed to take land and riches for themselves. From the Engineer Ing. Divine
The population figures for Indigenous Peoples in the Americas before the 1492 voyage of Christopher Columbus have proven difficult to establish and rely on archaeological data and written records from European settlers. Most scholars writing at the end of the 19th century estimated the pre-Columbian...
North America was long known as the New World by the people of Europe. Of course, North America was only “new” to the Europeans. Native Americans had lived there for thousands of years before Europeans arrived. Colonists from England, France, and Spain flocked to North America after Christopher Columbus’s famous voyage in 1492. They claimed land and wealth for themselves and their kings. These countries gradually lost their lands in North America. But their influence still shows in the people and cultures of North America. THIRD LARGEST CONTINENT North America is the third largest of the world’s seven continents. Only Asia and Africa are larger. Canada, the United States, and Mexico cover most of the continent. Central America and the islands of the Caribbean Sea are usually considered a part of the continent. Greenland, the world’s largest island, is considered part of North America, too. WHY IS IT CALLED North America? The name America comes from an Italian navigator named Amerigo Vespucci. Am ...
Abu Sufian 5/20/12 Mr. Chernyshev HW # 43 I. Setting The Scene – Spanish soldiers who reached the Aztec capital of Tenochtitlan in 1519 were amazed by its size and splendor. From the emperor’s palace, reported one soldier, they had a clear view of the majestic temples of then nearby cities, built in the form of towers and fortresses, and others, all whitewashed, and wonderfully brilliant. II. First Encounters – In 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the islands that are now called the West Indies, in the Caribbean. There, he encountered the Taino people. Spanish conquistadors, or conquerors, followed in the wake of Columbus. They settled on the islands of Hispaniola (now known as Dominican Republic and Haiti), Cuba, and Puerto Rico. Europeans unknowingly carried diseases such as smallpox, measles, and influenza to which Native Americans had no immunity, or resistance. This caused the Native American population to decline as much as 90%. III. The Conquistadors – From Cuba, Spanish explorers probed ...
GOD UNDER ONE NATION!!! The USA has never been one nation under God!!! This nation has never at any point been a GODLY nation. It has never been ruled by the Bible, God, or Justice. If you disagree pick a time in US history and prove it. When prayer was in school so was segregation and Jim Crow. When the constitution was written Africans and Native Americans were not treated as Christ would have treated them. Christopher Columbus, the Pilgrims, settlers, and every explorer did not live up to the Christ that they preached. This country was not founded or ever ruled by the Bible in its real context. The USA was founded on Rape, Robbery, Slavery, and White Supremacy. I am a Christian and I am an American! -Marcus V. Brown 2012-
In the years following Christopher Columbus' voyage to The America's, 95% of Native Americans were killed by travelling Europeans.
An investigation worthy of a Dan Brown novel has shed new light on the voyages of John Cabot, the Italian navigator and explorer, revealing that he may have had knowledge of European expeditions to the "New World" that predated Christopher Columbus's 1492 voyage.
WHAT DIDNA BEARD WILLIAMS WOULD DO IF SHE WERE PRESIDENT OF THE United States: Just needed to tell you the cornerstone of my 2012 Presidential Platform would be. I don't want to lie to the American People about jobs, healthcare, etc. I want one think done. I WANT THE AIR CLEARED OF ALL THIS CLASSISM, RACISM AND NEPOTISM BULL. I want not a townhall meeting but a countrywide meeting. I want everyone who can write to put down on a piece of paper what irks them about blacks, whites, Mexicans, Mullims, Jews, etc. etc. etc. And I'm going on television in a massive arena and force...yes force...everyone to listen. I'm going through all the stereotypes, racist statements. phoney American History accounts, lies and truths about Christopher Columbus, who invented what . and clear out the bs. I'm going to talk about slavery, what happened to the Chinese, Native Americans, etc. We're going to get it all out. AS PRESIDENT, i'm not going to walk on eggshells about straightening out the history books. I AM GONG ...
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