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Native Americans

Native Americans in the United States are the indigenous peoples in North America within the boundaries of the present-day continental United States, parts of Alaska, and the island state of Hawaii.

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Some people are Native Americans, and can give land for farming surplus foods in sharecr…
And then once became the Australian shepherds. It's been said the Native Americans would called them the ghost eye. They were used for +
"Originally named 'Silver Lake' by Native Americans, White Lake became a high-end vacation destination in the...
70 years after US came up with "Manifest Destiny", which was sort of an American Lebensraum, with Native Americans instead of Slavs
Great article by & about how police are colonial forces against Native Americans!...
Thank you truly Indigenous and all people Native Americans & others who support immediate release of Leonard Peltier
A social history of enslaved peoples in plantation contexts that takes Native Americans into consideration in is a beast of a project.
Latino community and Native Americans worked hard to protect these regions in N.M. & have strong connections to these lands
inapplicable to Native Americans, bc it relies on racist pseudoscience to lump completely…
My father was Cherokee Indian, America belongs to the Native Americans not anyone else.
America was never "white".we stole it from Native Americans. . I hate stupid so much.
Why is there never any Native Americans in the Miss America Pageant 🤔
Wait for white people to give America back to Native Americans > wait for youtube video to upload
During 1866 and 1922, Native Americans and black soldiers often intermingled in the American west, on the frontier. -Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Not only did we slaughter a whole nation of Native Americans but then we named sports teams after them. Literally adding insult to injury.
Easy enough to use Native Americans and/or East/Subcontinental Indians. Or the Ca…
Dad saw a Native American on TV and said "he doesn't look like a real Native" prbly bc he's so used to white people playing Native Americans
Today in 1830 Andrew Jackson signs the Indian Removal Act forcing thousands of Native Americans of their land
Tell to stop assault on Native Americans & the constitution. Sign here:
"175 Native Americans landed on Omaha Beach on D-Day -- but only 55 have been identified. The memorial dedication...
Hi Mr Norris. I wanted to say thank you for bringing Walker Texas Ranger to TV...I like all the crew and the Native Americans.
War or not last I checked the guy who inspired Hitler through his genocidal campaign against Native Americans is still…
Mark Dawson on contact between English people and Native Americans in the Early Modern world.
Warren does have a direct lineage to well known Native Americans. Iron Eyes Cody, Chief Wild E…
Rep Ruiz to co-chair bipartisan task force aimed at improving health services for Native Americans
I also mentioned the national monuments because of how our national park system has origins in evicting Native Americans
So glad to hear you are claiming to be Native Americans and Vikings. Neither group supported Sharia Law while livin…
Former Wells Fargo workers say they targeted immigrants and Native Americans.
Fourth grade field trip to and learning about Native Americans and celebrating Cinco de Mayo. https…
I'd want to adopt the US Tribal Nations/Native Americans rights and values.
A slave holder who demonstrated hatred towards Native Americans and died 15 years before the Civil War. Does he...
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The whole civil war thing is bad, but the president also believes Andrew Jackson had a "big heart". Explain that to the Native Americans
African slaves that were colonized by the Spanish and French, Native Americans that lived among/intermarried in maroon communities; etc.
Appalling disrespect and callous disregard for the potential resting places of Native Americans
And what about the 9 million Native Americans killed by U.S Whites and Blacks? Jewish museum in DC.. I…
U.S. named cities for Andrew Jackson & weapon systems after the Native Americans he tried to wipe ou…
The real Jews are black. Read Deuteronomy 28:15-68. Blacks, Hispanics, and Native Americans are the Israelites acco…
Blacks(non-africans) Hispanics and Native Americans you ARE Israelites. Jesus, the prophets and God himself are bla…
There are some prairie dogs shot for food, but only Native Americans may do so. Andrew Zimmern had a program featuring it.
you ever heard of Native Americans' Sun Ritual? they hang off trees from large hooks thru their skin 😵
Pete Hegseth Fox News compared Native Americans to ISIS. "This is Indian country," he said. "This is enemy country."
I would like to protest that there aren't enough Asian, Hispanic, & Native Americans in government too…
Albuquerque's CNM No. 1 for associate degrees and certs awarded to Hispanics & Native Americans.
Oh, kinda like " white Christians" when they slaughtered Native Americans? Or the Crusades, Inquisi…
The red Indians or Native Americans, There is a group that travel England Northeast, I heard their music played on wind instruments Briliant
He later referred to General Custer as an emissary to the Native Americans
Markwayne Mullin (the plumber) cancels meeting with Native Americans at Sequoyah HS safety concerns maybe he should get.
Legends tell of Crystal Skulls as an inheritance from Ancient times. The Aztecs, Mayans, Native Americans and...
But apparently among fans & critics there was never a consensus on whether they portrayed Native Americans well.
"Since Columbus 'discovered' America, Native Americans have had to endure the worst of the worst." Test of endurance.
Native Americans say the law protects their children. The Goldwater Institute claims it does the opposite.
For all of you who love to rep Native Americans, Jacoby Ellsbury is Navajo. Rep him... for now. ⚾
Oh and read a little. Native Americans weren't living in paradise with each other. They i…
Explore the Woodland Indian period, when Native Americans inhabited the Pisgah site in Tazewell County.
Native Americans fight bill that would cut funding of Nevada’s historic Stewart school...
Native Explorers program recruits, trains & educates the next generation of Native Americans in science & medicine.
Still to this day Native Americans are not treated fairly. I hope that one day that this will change.
Native Americans, others gather at ancient site south of Orange County to honor the past, and the future
My tribute to The Crow, also called the Absaroka or Apsáalooke, tribe of Native Americans. For thier fight to the p…
On this day in 1804, Congress orders the removal of Native Americans east of the Mississippi River to Louisiana.
My report from Whiteclay, Neb., a town that exists to sell beer to Native Americans. How it could be shut down:
The Keystone Pipeline now we pollute the river of the Native Americans whose land this was let's just steal their life and sacred grounds
Levitz: early American musicologists felt need to capture state of "primitive" music by Native Americans and "negroes."
The Piasa is a Native American Dragon 🐉depicted in 1 of 2 murals painted by Native Americans on bluffs above Miss.River .
A lifeline for Native Americans struggling to survive
Gov. Huckabee approves of travel ban, citing Pres. Jackson ignoring court order, leading to death march of Native Americans,…
Ah Pochahontas spks as she pretends she's a Indian princess. Insulting to Native Americans. So embarrassing for her,or should be.
I hope it has an effect..not like the christians slaughtering the Native Americans women and children
Native Americans the day after the first Thanksgiving
Why Andrew Jackson? Because he was a slave owner, killer of Native Americans, & signed the Indian Removal Act, of c…
Thousands of Native Americans took their fight to the White House.
Native Americans march to the White House in spiritual battle against pipeline
Backstory to vid you posted on Trump spewing venom at Native Americans (hint: he got shut out of deal): http…
Surely a better way to put this, then describing A Tribe Called Red as "Native Americans from Canada"?
Andrew Jackson couldn't spell either. And that's why we had the Trail of Tears. Misspellers hate Native Americans. Coincidence?
Upwards of 15 million Native Americans killed by white Christian Americans. 4,000 in the Trail of Tears.
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Ah yes, and the Trail of Tears was just Native Americans moving west bc they heard California had lovely weather
Or saying the Trail of Tears was a nice family vacation 4 Native Americans. Trump & his people are so clueless. 🙄
Native Americans erect a tipi camp beside the Washington Monument as part of protest against Dakota Access Pipeline:
Let me ask you what did/has multi culturalism done for Native Americans, Australian Aborigines, Palestinians & NZ Maoris?
"Native Americans were real estate agents who were highly motivated to downsize out of their unmanageably huge amount of la…
1853: oldest daguerreotype of Native Americans? Taken by Solomon Nunes Carvalho in Big Timbers (SE Colorado):…
Native Americans & Australian Aborigines, both were trampled over & their land (etc) was stolen from them, many thrown in jail!
VIDEO: Military service has been inextricably linked with Native Americans for 200 years
Discover How Women, Native Americans, & People of African Descent Participated in the
Top 10 Common Misconceptions out of many about 'Native Americans' - via
After complaints by Native Americans, Montana's GOP-controlled House votes to change the name of Columbus Day:
We can learn a lot from Native Americans, who lived in Sedona, Arizona. To be more, to be heard and felt. - - -SPIRITUAL - - -
Well actually Native Americans came to America via land bridge that was between Russia and Alaska. Indigenous is a…
Andrew Jackson probably sick af down there knowing that Native Americans still exist
religious tolerance n Trumps don't quite mesh together he hates Jews Muslims African Americans the Native Americans etc...
Really? Muslims, Mexicans, Native Americans, African-Americans, Jews not being mentioned on Holocaust rememberance day.
'Just watch me': Challenging the 'origin story' of Native Americans.
Oil spills know no boundaries. But you do know all that land and esp burial ground belongs to Native Americans right?
Native Americans have been fighting to protect their USA land since the first colonists hit USA shores.
Native Americans opposing Dakota Access get a boost from Pope Francis
Pope Francis is right. The federal government must start treating Native Americans with the respect and dignity they deserv…
Pope Francis today appeared to back Native Americans seeking to halt part of the Dakota Access Pipeline:
Look, new post! Laura Johnson charts Native Americans' roles in textile…
and even before "White Americans found it" Native Americans were here first and descended from Northeast Asia.
& Oglala Lakota/Native Americans are among this group
Dam projects like have displaced Native Americans from their traditional lands. You can't tame Mother Ea…
How about their "sins of their fathers" with the Buffalo Soldiers commiting massacres of Native Americans?
PC(USA) leaders issue apology to Native Americans, Alaska natives, and native Hawaiians
leaders issue apology to Native Americans, natives, and native Hawaiians -
My heart is with the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe, Native Americans, and Mother Earth tonight. ✊🏽
Hamilton Collection
Repeal of aka would take away jobs & from Native Americans & Alaska natives
The created new health coverage opportunities for more than half a million Native Americans and Alaska Natives
As a Congressman, Charles Curtis fought for voting rights for women and Native Americans. He proposed the first version of the ERA.
"The Real Democratic Party" built reservations for Native Americans and ghettos for Black Americans.
An epic read - the history of America told by settlers and Native Americans. .
Because Christopher Columbus showed up at the shore and presented Native Americans with his visa?
Perhaps next you can come up with a good one about Native Americans?!
Lars Larson to the White House. When are you going to return the people's land to the people. Do you mean the Native Americans? Lars Larson?
When exactly was America great? During Jim Crow? When Native Americans were forced on reservations!? I'll wait ...
We can't trash the Iran Treaty but can rip up a Treaty made with Native Americans? Think for yourselves.
The Indian Removal Act of 1830 was a policy of relocating Native Americans from their homelands to reservations. >
I celebrate American history no matter what color you are! Native Americans, Black Americans,Whites & Asian. It doe…
"There are no Native Americans in the Bureau of Native American Affairs . . " ~ Su the Sunkissed Poet
Native Americans vow legal action as the go-ahead is given to complete the Dakota Access oil pipeline.
So to say that only Native Americans were not Immigrants is to ignore the awful truth of the African American exper…
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With a 100 million Native Americans would have never been killed and 12.5 million slaves wouldn't have been ship…
. Vets & Native Americans threatened by repeal of Affordable Care Act … Vets…
. do Native Americans receive annual payments for Pipeline across their land ?. Burea of Indian Affairs
Elizabeth Warren: We are a country of immigrants. Native Americans:
*opens a soylent* Native Americans have been psy-op agents ever since the code talkers of the pacific war *adjusts diaper*
Iwo Jima was won because of Navajo Code Talkers ...We pray President Trump will stop injustices endured by Native Americans & War Veterans!
Trump + son in law REVENGE- Donald Trump’s long history of clashes with Native Americans
I beg U 2 please have pipeline re-routed away from Native Americans water and land. Will even make Veterans happy!
Trump's decision to give the go-ahead for the Dakota Access Pipeline is a slap in the face to Native Americans.
This is the time that Native Americans take full advantage of their Second Amendment Rights. Words are better but be prepar…
Going as "Native Americans" to a tea party in Boston? Sounds like Pats fans had the original racist fraternity party.
7 thoughtful ways to be an ally to Native Americans on (and beyond)
Native Americans are technically immigrants. There is NO evidence of human origin on North America
Native Americans were the only ones who lived on the continent of North America for a very long time.
Do you know how the first people to live in North America called? . Native Americans. They are also called Indians.
Scientists have labeled the Cherokees not as Native Americans, but as a Middle Eastern-North African population.
North Dakota National honor..watching Native Americans be mistreated you have forgotten your oath,shame t…
. It looks like Ukraine Nazi have invaded North Carolina. ☹️. of Native Americans. *** Make Ame…
But so much for the tolerant left, right? I mean, so what if a couple of Native Americans get run over? The left ar…
Native Americans also held spiritual gatherings to pray for rain in California:.
Native Americans speak out against FRAUD Elizabeth Warren who pretended to be N.A to score a money$$ making gig at Harva…
Hope no Native Americans were watching Steve Mariucci on NFL Network just now.
1. Bernie did very well among Asian Americans, Arabs, Muslims, Native Americans, Alaska&Hawaii indigenous people and Latinos.
.of The Doors advocates for Native Americans in a passionate op-ed column for Rolling Stone.
Trail of Tears. Genocide of Native Americans. Transatlantic slave trade. Black Codes. Ku Klux Klan. How the Jews became white
I added a video to a playlist The Cherokee Indians -- Native Americans
Hillary Clinton has the time to go to Trump's inauguration but not to stand with the Native Americans in North Dakota. This is…
Veterans arrive at Standing Rock this week to relieve Native Americans fighting a bloody battle against the Dakota Access pipel…
Israel might as well be like the Knights Templar better to pay the Arabs off while disposing of them like Native Americans
government. Native Americans, holocaust survivors & their relatives, the Japanese, but not black people
We the Indigenous people of THIS land are NATIVE AMERICAN. We ARE NOT Indian. Indians are people from India. Native Americans is who WE are.
Just wondering... when's John Kerry/Obama going to propose a dual state solution for America and its Native Americans?
The oppression of African Americans and Native Americans in the United States recently is what should be focused on right now.
1862: 38 Native Americans are hanged in Minnesota—the largest mass hanging ever in the US.
A better one would be...Would we except Native Americans getting a part of Manhattan back.
there was no opposition at the time of this act. Who are they going to deny citizenship? Native Americans?
every single person, except for Native Americans, are in America for a better life and we are all immigrants
100-year-old photographs give insight into lives of Native Americans
Native Americans need to go back to their own country and leave the USA to white men whose land it belongs to.
USDA expands farm loans for Native Americans farming and ranching on tribal land
"We fought you, we took your land. We signed treaties that we broke.". Veterans apologize to Native Americans, standing w/
Millions of Native Americans died & had their land stolen for Thanksgiving to be a thing.
In my own view, the life expectancy of Native Americans in the Unite...
Kids used to play Cowboys and Indians. Now kids need a safe space because Pioneers and Native Americans is too racially in…
How young Native Americans built and sustained the movement
Things that half of Americans don't care about:. 1. Safe drinking water. 2. Native Americans. 3. Black lives . 4. Mass sho…
why are veterans getting credit for "all American people" when it was literally only Native Americans protecting EVERYONE th…
Man, Native Americans get all the breaks.
And yes I'm talking about white people stealing America from Native Americans and Hawaii from the native Hawaiians.
Native Americans say all should praise President Obama with the chant: OBAMAWAMA, OBAMAWAMA, OBAMAWAMA!
That still has literally nothing to do with facts about the treatment of Native Americans in US. Treatment of Jews…
Why do these "Native Americans" look exactly like the Trump protesters, Ferguson rioters, college hooligans, Occupy Wall St…
Military veterans gather in a circle to stand with Native Americans at Standing Rock
The United States has a decision to make: do we continue the exploitation of Native Americans or do we treat them with dign…
Congratulations to Native Americans in Dakota!. Egregious you had to fight for your land rights. the least America Owes Yo…
The Native Americans can be thankful for a win over Big Oil and greed today. Thank you for making a
Native Americans have been cheated for hundreds of years. The time to change that is now.
I bet you love Thanksgiving. Cheating Native Americans and stealing their land must be your turkey and gravy. ***
For the first time in History, Native Americans successfully protected their sacred land on THEIR terms. Way to go ✊✊✊
does not like Native Americans. He lost casino opportunities to native tribes. Whatever Obama did, prepare 4its undoing.
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The Dakota Pipeline will no longer destroy precious land & water. Sending ❤️ to the beautiful Native Americans who stood &…
PEOPLE POWER! Rep. Tulsi Gabbard on this HUGE victory for Native Americans and water protectors. https…
couldn't be happier for the Native Americans who have spent months at Standing Rock finally being able to celebrate a victo…
so native Americans getting hit with water cannons is what you're in favor of? Must be amazing being so unlikable
ALL credit goes to Native Americans for the victory, not Obama. They protested & endured abuse for months to pr…
in honor of the success of and the hardwork Native Americans pulled through for MONTHS. it is only right that i post…
I appreciate listening to the Native Americans and millions of others who believe the Dakota Access Pipeline shou…
Cenk Uygur of The Young Turks reports on today's news, credits Native Americans, activists, vets.
'We opened eyes': at Standing Rock, my fellow Native Americans make history
"In reality the story of Native Americans is true of all indigenous peoples' stories." Richard Twiss, 'Rescuing the…
I would have refrained from doing this,but I had to pass the Indian Removal Act, giving Native Americans land in the Louisiana Purchase
Zambia Volunteer Dennis hopes to leave a legacy for Native Americans in the Peace Corps
Remembering the US soldiers who refused orders to murder Native Americans at Sand Creek
Sir, Please take a stand with Standing Rock -- Native Americans rights, American rights and STOP the reprehensible violen…
Yes indeed. Just like Native Americans, the Jewish people you see in life are the few survivors of their tribe.
Wounded Knee coming soon. Another federal massacre of Native Americans. History will repeat itself!
indigenous races including from the Ural Mountains to the Native Americans allegedly of North America
Where is the national outrage over the Dakota Access Pipeline? Over 500 treaties have been broken with native American…
England don't care I am Queen Elizabeth II side and culture. Swedish Royals been around long time than USA. Took from Native Americans
Vintage portraits of Native Americans taken more than 100 years ago via
owns stock in the company building the pipeline. I own stock in freedom of speech and restitution to Nat…
Yea man. Native Americans are really getting oppressed blatantly in 2016
The US can carry on destroying Standing Rock now Thanksgiving is over
Native Americans: Cops to Natives: rubber bullets, grenades, degradation. to Natives: end your resistance…
Absolutely disgraceful, stand with the peaceful protesters . How much more can be stolen from Native Americans..
.Just ask native Americans, East Indians, and the Africans. The world's a *** hole cause of White imperialism.
We,US native americans protecting our lands everywhere. They threw us on bad they…
Standing Rock is a new turn in Christian ties with native Americans
It's for Native Americans. "We are not vanishing. We are not conquered, We are as strong as ever.…
Where r the Congressional members standing with Native Americans, well don't hold your breath, bc they ain't com…
Thanksgiving at Standing Rock: Native Americans and protesters locked in a standoff with police.
Bundy's launch armed invasion. Feds do null. Unarmed native Americans get tear gas and worse.
This isn't just going to affect Native Americans, will affect our major rivers and lakes and millions of…
Happy Thanksgiving ! Enjoy yourselves and spare a though for Native Americans who are still fighting today to protect t…
Er... Native Americans "get" reservations because the settlers of this continent murdered them and took their land. ht…
we should start by stopping the attacks on the native Americans, who are REALLY trying to better the country!!
Sacred Spirit - Chants and Dances of the Native Americans Vol 1 & 2 (Full Albums)
It's deeply distressing that the government is putting oil industry profits ahead of Native Americans' rights, clean water…
“It’s about the union between Native Americans and the white people.”
Army to close federal land in N Dakota where Native Americans protest | Bossip via
Barack Obama was "absolutely committed" to Native American rights. "Native Americans will not be forgotten as long as I'…
On Thanksgiving Week, Native Americans are being tear-gassed in North Dakota
Michael with Sage for PR photos for Black or White- he loved the Native Americans and studied their spiritual knowledg…
"Look, we'd love to help the Native Americans at but we're busy celebrating their genocide." -America
We owe Native Americans so much. It's time for a new approach to the Native American people, not to run a pipeline throu…
2016: Native Americans have made great strides from being an oppressed people to respected. NFL SCHEDULE GUY: Cowboys-Redski…
Indian boarding schools were a beast that still ripples for many who continue to struggle w/ their identity as Native Americans.
I wonder if the police at will get Thursday off from beating Native Americans defending nature, to go celebr…
Sheriffs assault Native Americans as cops kill Native Americans as ppl celebrate an NFL team name that means proof of I…
How do people STILL call Native Americans "Indians"?? Indian people are from India. So confused how this is still.
Native Americans being tear gased in North Dakota, wildfires spreading over my state, Neo-Nazis and the KKK organizing in my country...
Ahead of Thanksgiving, a reminder that Native Americans are still being treated like trespassers on their own land:
"On Thanksgiving week, Native Americans are being tear-gassed in North Dakot..."
A psychopath in line for the Oval Office & Native Americans wanting nothing but to safeguard nation's water supply…
Thanksgiving, a day of mourning for Native Americans via
In North Dakota, thousands of Native Americans and allies have come together to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. https:/…
Audrey and I had fun time doing presentation on Native Americans to classes at Calvary Tabernacle today. Thks for invite Sis Bryan
For many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning
I'm curious as to why you also refer to B.C. Aboriginal peoples as Native Americans?
funny I thought the news was American police corral, beat and arrest Native Americans. AGAIN! smh
New politics in tribal power as Native Americans & Canadian First Nations blend new tools with old values. My story:
Your people gained power in America by killing Native Americans and enslaving black people. I hope you're proud of that.
He subscribed to theories about Native Americans that aided it, he refused to enforce a Supreme Court order telling Georgia to stand down.
If y'all don't have plans the Chrysler Art Museum is free until 3 go see some real live authentic Native Americans dance and perform @ 1:30
Andrew Jackson, the President who murdered over 10 Native Americans was a Democrat.
just remembered, what does this disastrous presidential result mean for the Native Americans defending their land in N…
Native Americans refers to all Natives to America, the term American Indians excludes those native to Alaska
Is using the term "American Indian" when referring to the Native Americans not from Alaska offensive/inappropriate?
Native Americans were not the first ones here either. They migrated to the North American continent by the Bering land bridge to Alaska
A lot of Native Americans use meth and a lot of Afro-Americans use crack.
I'm thinking in particular of the game's depiction of Native Americans and the 1911 Mexican Revolution
We cannot let this continue, America. We must support Native Americans in their fight against DAPL.
60% of Native Americans & Alaskan Natives live in metro areas. Nov is Native Am. Heritage Month. TY
I'm so glad we finally respect Native Americans in this country. *gif of Kelly Kapoor subtly shaking her head*
A battle is underway between Native Americans and the oil industry in North Dakota. Here’s what you need to know: h…
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there's a good documentary on what we did to the Passenger Pigeon. Oh, we did this to Native Americans also.
‘Do it for the water': Native Americans carry Potomac water on prayerful, 400-mile journey — ht…
It's unfortunate Native Americans receive this treatment in 2016 considering there is a treaty for them protecting…
Hey I am disappointed in your financial support of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Our planet and Native Americans deserve better.
: Where is the Justice Departm't when Native Americans are being abused+MSM ignoring it ?
The only group of people treated worse than African Americans are Native Americans. This was their country before anyo…
The line from the fossil fuel lobby is that Native Americans may not have clean water, but they at least get an education. Awful.
A great time to listen to Bimstein's "Dark Winds Rising" - Native Americans opposing toxic waste incenerator
Native Americans are resisting the Dakota Pipeline with tech and media savvy:
ACTUAL Native Americans telling you it's racist & you listen to wypipo instead *** is WRONG with you?!
We as Americans should be ashamed at what's happening in Haven't Native Americans went through enough?
Leopard=an animal. Native Americans=real human beings CURRENTLY being politically oppressed so I'm trynna understand this co…
Halloween time is always a good example of how white people still don't see native Americans as people
it's absolutely Europeans fault that Native Americans are oppressed
I support the brave Native Americans & activists in North Dakota who are standing up to Big Gov't & Big Oil. Stay strong…
Native Americans like Renee Davis are ignored when police brutality is viewed as black and white
Actually, IDK why but some particular Native Americans are also Indians. I just came to know that last month. It is funny..
Native Americans in Nevada might be forced to drive hundreds of miles to vote
Native Americans attempting to stop a pipeline from being built on their land just got assistance from a herd o…
I wasn't referring to Native Americans. I was referring to him, complaining about "white bodies" in a majority white country.
The brutality of authorities toward Native Americans arrested in North Dakota is mind-blowing
Non-Native Americans are the ones getting offended. Native Americans aren't offended.
Native Americans matter. What's happening at Standing Rock matters. These people have suffered enough. Too much has be…
All over this country, Native Americans have suffered far too much, and for far too long. They deserve a voice.
Why are white Americans so disrespectful to Native Americans?
I'm not using Cleveland's team name anymore. And after last night, I'm done writing about the cartoon.
Never forget that:When Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, he then sent the cavalry westwards to continue the genocide of…
Tell the kids they might wanna make new banners for our Native Americans. Thei…
& stop dressing as Native Americans too
>Implying I'm speaking for others. Native Americans spoke for themselves in the interviews.
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capitalism at work: smashing people for the benefit of z filthy rich. Standing Rock tribe protest N Dakota pipeline
Johnny Depp will donates land back to Native Americans
If the crisis was happening overseas America would be leading peace talks. This is ridiculous. h…
if she had no intent of shaming the Native Americans she would actually try to learn about the culture
You get to be "Indian for the night" while Native Americans are currently being abused & beaten just for wanting clean…
tell Sec of Interior, Sally Jewell>to order her BLM agents stop attacking Native Americans & desec…
A history of Native Americans protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline via FYI
Native Americans protest in peace over land & water: maced & beaten. White militants take up arms over land: acquitted.
American troopers forcing Native Americans off their land with military grade weaponry. Stop me if you've heard this…
So now that the largest gathering of Native Americans is big news, all media are joining. Make sure you don't twist their reasons.
The South Fork Elementary 5th grade students are studying Native Americans. While focusing on the Navajo tribe, the…
"Don't claim you're honoring us.". Native Americans are among those protesting the Cleveland Indians name and mascot at the
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