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Native Americans

Native Americans in the United States are the indigenous peoples in North America within the boundaries of the present-day continental United States, parts of Alaska, and the island state of Hawaii.

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'We opened eyes': at Standing Rock, my fellow Native Americans make history
"In reality the story of Native Americans is true of all indigenous peoples' stories." Richard Twiss, 'Rescuing the…
I would have refrained from doing this,but I had to pass the Indian Removal Act, giving Native Americans land in the Louisiana Purchase
Zambia Volunteer Dennis hopes to leave a legacy for Native Americans in the Peace Corps
Remembering the US soldiers who refused orders to murder Native Americans at Sand Creek
Sir, Please take a stand with Standing Rock -- Native Americans rights, American rights and STOP the reprehensible violen…
Yes indeed. Just like Native Americans, the Jewish people you see in life are the few survivors of their tribe.
Wounded Knee coming soon. Another federal massacre of Native Americans. History will repeat itself!
indigenous races including from the Ural Mountains to the Native Americans allegedly of North America
Where is the national outrage over the Dakota Access Pipeline? Over 500 treaties have been broken with Native American
England don't care I am Queen Elizabeth II side and culture. Swedish Royals been around long time than USA. Took from Native Americans
Vintage portraits of Native Americans taken more than 100 years ago via
owns stock in the company building the pipeline. I own stock in freedom of speech and restitution to Nat…
Yea man. Native Americans are really getting oppressed blatantly in 2016
The US can carry on destroying Standing Rock now Thanksgiving is over
Native Americans: Cops to Natives: rubber bullets, grenades, degradation. to Natives: end your resistance…
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Absolutely disgraceful, stand with the peaceful protesters . How much more can be stolen from Native Americans..
.Just ask Native Americans, East Indians, and the Africans. The world's a *** hole cause of White imperialism.
We,US Native Americans protecting our lands everywhere. They threw us on bad they…
Standing Rock is a new turn in Christian ties with Native Americans
It's for Native Americans. "We are not vanishing. We are not conquered, We are as strong as ever.…
Where r the Congressional members standing with Native Americans, well don't hold your breath, bc they ain't com…
Thanksgiving at Standing Rock: Native Americans and protesters locked in a standoff with police.
Bundy's launch armed invasion. Feds do null. Unarmed Native Americans get tear gas and worse.
This isn't just going to affect Native Americans, will affect our major rivers and lakes and millions of…
Happy Thanksgiving ! Enjoy yourselves and spare a though for Native Americans who are still fighting today to protect t…
Er... Native Americans "get" reservations because the settlers of this continent murdered them and took their land. ht…
we should start by stopping the attacks on the Native Americans, who are REALLY trying to better the country!!
Sacred Spirit - Chants and Dances of the Native Americans Vol 1 & 2 (Full Albums)
It's deeply distressing that the government is putting oil industry profits ahead of Native Americans' rights, clean water…
“It’s about the union between Native Americans and the white people.”
Army to close federal land in N Dakota where Native Americans protest | Bossip via
Barack Obama was "absolutely committed" to Native American rights. "Native Americans will not be forgotten as long as I'…
On Thanksgiving Week, Native Americans are being tear-gassed in North Dakota
Michael with Sage for PR photos for Black or White- he loved the Native Americans and studied their spiritual knowledg…
"Look, we'd love to help the Native Americans at but we're busy celebrating their genocide." -America
We owe Native Americans so much. It's time for a new approach to the Native American people, not to run a pipeline throu…
2016: Native Americans have made great strides from being an oppressed people to respected. NFL SCHEDULE GUY: Cowboys-Redski…
Indian boarding schools were a beast that still ripples for many who continue to struggle w/ their identity as Native Americans.
I wonder if the police at will get Thursday off from beating Native Americans defending nature, to go celebr…
Sheriffs assault Native Americans as cops kill Native Americans as ppl celebrate an NFL team name that means proof of I…
How do people STILL call Native Americans "Indians"?? Indian people are from India. So confused how this is still.
Native Americans being tear gased in North Dakota, wildfires spreading over my state, Neo-Nazis and the KKK organizing in my country...
Ahead of Thanksgiving, a reminder that Native Americans are still being treated like trespassers on their own land:
"On Thanksgiving week, Native Americans are being tear-gassed in North Dakot..."
A psychopath in line for the Oval Office & Native Americans wanting nothing but to safeguard nation's water supply…
Thanksgiving, a day of mourning for Native Americans via
In North Dakota, thousands of Native Americans and allies have come together to stop the Dakota Access Pipeline. https:/…
Audrey and I had fun time doing presentation on Native Americans to classes at Calvary Tabernacle today. Thks for invite Sis Bryan
For many Native Americans, Thanksgiving is a day of mourning
I'm curious as to why you also refer to B.C. Aboriginal peoples as Native Americans?
funny I thought the news was American police corral, beat and arrest Native Americans. AGAIN! smh
New politics in tribal power as Native Americans & Canadian First Nations blend new tools with old values. My story:
Your people gained power in America by killing Native Americans and enslaving black people. I hope you're proud of that.
He subscribed to theories about Native Americans that aided it, he refused to enforce a Supreme Court order telling Georgia to stand down.
If y'all don't have plans the Chrysler Art Museum is free until 3 go see some real live authentic Native Americans dance and perform @ 1:30
Andrew Jackson, the President who murdered over 10 Native Americans was a Democrat.
just remembered, what does this disastrous presidential result mean for the Native Americans defending their land in N…
Native Americans refers to all Natives to America, the term American Indians excludes those native to Alaska
Is using the term "American Indian" when referring to the Native Americans not from Alaska offensive/inappropriate?
Native Americans were not the first ones here either. They migrated to the North American continent by the Bering land bridge to Alaska
Breast Cancer Awareness
A lot of Native Americans use meth and a lot of Afro-Americans use crack.
I'm thinking in particular of the game's depiction of Native Americans and the 1911 Mexican Revolution
We cannot let this continue, America. We must support Native Americans in their fight against DAPL.
60% of Native Americans & Alaskan Natives live in metro areas. Nov is Native Am. Heritage Month. TY
I'm so glad we finally respect Native Americans in this country. *gif of Kelly Kapoor subtly shaking her head*
A battle is underway between Native Americans and the oil industry in North Dakota. Here’s what you need to know: h…
there's a good documentary on what we did to the Passenger Pigeon. Oh, we did this to Native Americans also.
‘Do it for the water': Native Americans carry Potomac water on prayerful, 400-mile journey — ht…
It's unfortunate Native Americans receive this treatment in 2016 considering there is a treaty for them protecting…
Hey I am disappointed in your financial support of the Dakota Access Pipeline. Our planet and Native Americans deserve better.
: Where is the Justice Departm't when Native Americans are being abused+MSM ignoring it ?
The only group of people treated worse than African Americans are Native Americans. This was their country before anyo…
The line from the fossil fuel lobby is that Native Americans may not have clean water, but they at least get an education. Awful.
A great time to listen to Bimstein's "Dark Winds Rising" - Native Americans opposing toxic waste incenerator
Native Americans are resisting the Dakota Pipeline with tech and media savvy:
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ACTUAL Native Americans telling you it's racist & you listen to wypipo instead *** is WRONG with you?!
We as Americans should be ashamed at what's happening in Haven't Native Americans went through enough?
Leopard=an animal. Native Americans=real human beings CURRENTLY being politically oppressed so I'm trynna understand this co…
Halloween time is always a good example of how white people still don't see Native Americans as people
it's absolutely Europeans fault that Native Americans are oppressed
I support the brave Native Americans & activists in North Dakota who are standing up to Big Gov't & Big Oil. Stay strong…
Native Americans like Renee Davis are ignored when police brutality is viewed as black and white
Actually, IDK why but some particular Native Americans are also Indians. I just came to know that last month. It is funny..
Native Americans in Nevada might be forced to drive hundreds of miles to vote
Native Americans attempting to stop a pipeline from being built on their land just got assistance from a herd o…
I wasn't referring to Native Americans. I was referring to him, complaining about "white bodies" in a majority white country.
The brutality of authorities toward Native Americans arrested in North Dakota is mind-blowing
Non-Native Americans are the ones getting offended. Native Americans aren't offended.
Native Americans matter. What's happening at Standing Rock matters. These people have suffered enough. Too much has be…
All over this country, Native Americans have suffered far too much, and for far too long. They deserve a voice.
Why are white Americans so disrespectful to Native Americans?
I'm not using Cleveland's team name anymore. And after last night, I'm done writing about the cartoon.
Never forget that:When Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, he then sent the cavalry westwards to continue the genocide of…
Tell the kids they might wanna make new banners for our Native Americans. Thei…
& stop dressing as Native Americans too
>Implying I'm speaking for others. Native Americans spoke for themselves in the interviews.
capitalism at work: smashing people for the benefit of z filthy rich. Standing Rock tribe protest N Dakota pipeline
Johnny Depp will donates land back to Native Americans
If the crisis was happening overseas America would be leading peace talks. This is ridiculous. h…
if she had no intent of shaming the Native Americans she would actually try to learn about the culture
You get to be "Indian for the night" while Native Americans are currently being abused & beaten just for wanting clean…
tell Sec of Interior, Sally Jewell>to order her BLM agents stop attacking Native Americans & desec…
A history of Native Americans protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline via FYI
Native Americans protest in peace over land & water: maced & beaten. White militants take up arms over land: acquitted.
American troopers forcing Native Americans off their land with military grade weaponry. Stop me if you've heard this…
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So now that the largest gathering of Native Americans is big news, all media are joining. Make sure you don't twist their reasons.
The South Fork Elementary 5th grade students are studying Native Americans. While focusing on the Navajo tribe, the…
"Don't claim you're honoring us.". Native Americans are among those protesting the Cleveland Indians name and mascot at the
Native Americans most likely to be killed by police, and they are organizing against the brutality.
Native Americans most likely to be killed by cops |
Wells Fargo targeted Native Americans and Latinos for sham accounts, as well as other groups vulnerable to financial trickery
Back, lets remember that America was and should be the land of Native Americans. If people, (Trump or Hillary) wanna send people back they
Join us November 12th to learn more about what life was like for Native Americans on Aquidneck Island. Sign up:...
Why did you wear that racist Blackhawks jersey? Native Americans are
Immigrants and Native Americans: why it is important that we study (+ teach!) Native American History
We should be celebrating Native Americans, not Christopher Columbus.
Thank you for bring attention to the situation in North Dakota. The Native Americans need more press coverage.
North Dakota is not the only place Native Americans are fighting against multinational corporations for their rights.
The Divergent actress, 24, was arrested during a pipeline protest in North Dakota. She joins Native Americans who say the pipeline will-
TIL: Before they headed west, Thomas Jefferson told Lewis & Clark to be on the lookout for roving bands of Welsh speaking Native Americans
Happy Join us in thanking Native Americans for stewarding the land that is now called New England. Ph…
The average life expectancy for Native Americans on the Pine Ridge Reservation is 45 years.
"Native Americans" were Moors and/or Asiatics. This is your land also thanks to the prophet Noble Drew Ali
No Medals for Massacre -- Justice for Wounded Knee Killings of Native Americans! https…
Off the top of my head she's said offensive things abt Indian Americans, Native Americans, Vietnamese Americas, & African Americans.
South Mountain Freeway design rolled out as Native Americans ramp up protests - East Valley Tribune
America is made up of people who came from someplace else. Even the Native Americans came
Dear Jaylin. Think about how black persons have been treated in this country. Now multiply that by ten for Native Americans.
"We're not "Indian" nor "Native Americans'. We're older than both concepts. We're the Human Beings"-John Trudell
Native Americans welcomed White people to the United States and we're slaughtered for their kindness. .
A Baltimore contingent assembled in support of Native Americans, headed for North Dakota. "Know justice! Know peace…
See the Native Americans on the Front Lines of a Historic Protest
and I'm finna keep it real this is facts! Africans was the first Native Americans.
How about yall go back to the Caucasus Mountains cause this aint yo home either...This is the Native Americans land
America is for Native Americans. America is indigenous to Brown people not pink individuals. . Go back to Albion o…
OMG 19th C American literature 1st week lecture focuses on Native Americans and gender😭
Edward. S. Curtis. Resonates the past of Native Americans and their culture…
This is why I am THANKFUL that Justin Trudeau is our Prime Minister. He actually ACKNOWLEDGES Native Americans; something Stephen Harper has
For once the US Army is doing right by Native Americans.
Weary of being ignored, Native Americans united to fight for clean water, expose pipeline dangers. by
Someday water will be worth more than oil—something only Native Americans seem to understand
Thomas Jefferson knew that the Native Americans were Hebrew {A letter to Meriwether Lewis} |
Your work 4 Native Americans has been well-noted. Thank You.Take 1 more step. FREE 128 days
. It is unfair to say Native Americans were/are stupid and naive. They are cultured well beyond you.
Native Americans, Africans, descendents of slaves have legitimate grievances.
This is almost as funny as it is sad. Almost. "Unboxing the Mistreatment of Native Americans."
Sen. Bernie Sanders will support the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe http…
Bernie Sanders called on president Obama to take action.
Native Americans celebrate pause of Dakota pipeline and vow to fight on htt…
Learning about Native Americans for fourth grade. Look how creative our students are !!
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A portion of a $3.8 billion North Dakota pipeline is on hold after protests between Native Americans and guards
and their media ignore the vicious attacks on Native Americans.. yet call themselves the 'caring party'
"Ain’t nobody else going to fight this fight for us.". Native Americans arrive by canoe to join movement:
I propose - give the land back to the Native Americans, apologize and leave quietly. . It will certainly reverse Cl…
TIL: Bison disappeared because Pres USGrant subsidized their destruction to deny food to Native Americans to “pacify". Ra…
Native Americans from around the country paddled their way to join the fight
The shameful history of government-sanctioned disregard of Native Americans’ rights continues in North Dakota.
Facts don't matter to antisemites it seems.
What's Bernie been doing since the primaries? He's standing with Native Americans in the protest.
Who discovered America? Native Americans. Who stole America? White people. Who built today's America? My people. https:…
How do you guys feel about Native Americans do you think theyre okay? Because savage red devils.
I ask the Clinton Administration about the poverty level of the Native Americans. The response was appalling.
Our Country needs a courageous leader who ignores the noise of corporatism.
Republicans make it real hard to vote if they don't like you. 96-mile round trip to vote!
PHOTOS: Fight for Standing Rock: Dozens of tribes gather to fight against new oil pipeline. htt…
Media absence of Native Americans in N.Dakota? Tune in now: Attack dogs and oil pipelines .
It's unacceptable that for so long, Native Americans have been treated as third class citizens. That has to change. http…
Meet the Native Americans fighting against the North Dakota pipeline
We literally have a team that is a racial slur to Native Americans but everyone is upset over the national anthem protest.
unfortunately the Supreme Court has already ruled against Native Americans in cases like this.
Native Americans from PHX showing their support for Lakota Sioux, Sioux Tribe fight the construction of a pipeline
US halts work on North Dakota oil pipeline opposed by Native Americans via
Tough words to read, but not untrue... When are we gonna learn?
and Native Americans can't own land so get rekt
I wish more Native Americans were still alive..want my next fling to be straight from the tribe where you hiding at girl
If you don't think the Native Americans are right about the Dakota oil pipeline, think again.
Native Americans' battle against the Dakota Access Pipeline is part of a much bigger war -
I'm kind of amazed that the US government is considering not screwing over Native Americans
White man stealing from Native Americans again. Shameful.
Showdown over oil pipeline becomes a national movement for Native Americans
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Can we talk about how the Obama Administration stood up for Native Americans fighting the Dakota pipeline?
There are millions of Native Americans everywhere.. to say that we're all the same is so ignorant. We all come from differe…
That's not got the same impact for a cheap gag though. I believe the term 'Native Americans' is frowned upon too, now 😊
U.S. seeks a halt to work on North Dakota pipeline opposed by Native Americans. One big Oil Spilled & Ruination...!
Native Americans have been protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline for more than 6 months. Here’s a quick explainer: https:…
"...environmental sanity, against pipelines & coal ports & other fossil-fuel infrastructure, has increasingly been led by Nati…
Native American activists prep for "long haul" ahead of ruling on North Dakota Oil Pipeline!! via
Good question. The truth is that to this day, American's are still prejudice against Native Americans tribes, you...
Me too!! I feel like he'd say Native Americans were never abused and he can testify because he's 1/8th native -.-
Native Americans are now facing violent tactics in the fight against they're not backing down:
Shouldn't have ever been given permission to start totally disrespects Native Americans as guardians of the land
8-This is why Native Americans were called "red Indians". Colombus expected to have landed in the Indies. Now the question is "why?"
Members of 200 Native American tribes gather to protest oil pipeline
"Sierra Club will continue to stand w/ Standing Rock Sioux despite the deeply flawed decision made today"
US says will freeze work on pipeline opposed by Native Americans
The Mystery of why did North America's largest city vanish?
My second entry for the auction benefitting the Native Americans fighting for their land, water…
How Native Americans look when white people talk about sending people back to their respective countries
or this one?. " the Native Americans love being drunk on dependance & thanks for the casinos contributing to dnc vision"
US government halts oil pipeline opposed by Native Americans -
Never, which is why Native Americans, and minorities in general are going to contribute to HRC winning. We are strong.
Disregard the author. Americans' history is far from Rep King's comments. Iowa is an Native American name!
JUST IN: Judge denies Native Americans' request to stop work on Dakota Access Pipeline.
New reports indicate Native Americans protesting against in North Dakota have been attacked by dogs and mace
Just look at the so called Native Americans !!! They sure have their tragures hidden right under buildings they placed on it !!! They just wanted to make a statment like we are here now so we will build !!! YES YOUR Bianca Brandon Bruce Lee !!! And than act like the so called Indians who are the reall Americans are native ?!? Well I am not to sure about that !!! They sure did have their very own everything to !!! They just ruined it ore is hidden from site exept fore some here and there !!! To keep the message short !!!
'Manifest Destiny' was a doctrine that said "God" justifed the slaughter of Native Americans for land grab. . Money is the…
Two groups in American history had to died to earn the right to vote, Native Americans and African Americans.
Native American protesters attacked with pepper spray and guard dogs
In my opinion I think Native Americans had it worse than African Americans that were put into slavery.
Finally Mainstream Media tells the truth about Native Americans
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For attacking and using dogs on the Native Americans she needs to sued and be prohibited from ever owni…
Why does no one talk about the oppression of Native Americans?
Where is at is Native Americans unimportant to your stories. Have you seen the dogs?
*Native Americans peacefully protest to protect sacred land that belongs to them while being attacked by dogs & gas ht…
Just waiting for the day we all cry out for justice for the Native Americans.
So I guess. Because we're not standing with them, the Native Americans in North Dakota will soon succumb to...
my heart goes out to all Americans native Indians or otherwise when sacred burial sites are threatened. It is not right.
Jesus, they're pepper spraying and sicking dogs on them…
Violence erupts as Native Americans resist oil pipeline
is just the latest way Native Americans are getting screwed.
The lack of acknowledgement & understanding of Native Americans today is exhausting. fighting for survival.
Whatever happens to Black Americans happens worse, and in silence, to our Native Brothers & Sisters.
Native Americans are protesting the building of a pipeline that could threaten the area they inhabit.
If you thought attacks on Native Americans and their land rights were a thing of the past in US.
It's the 21st century and the Federal govt and paid mercenaries continue to destroy the lives of Native Americans
Native Americans attacked with dogs, mace at Dakota Access Pipeline protest
This is deep but it shows how the government's of different states have been treating Native Americans for...
The largest gathering of Native Americans in over 100 yrs fighting DAPL. .
Praying for my Native Americans in North Dakota getting THEIR LAND took yet AGAIN.
Fun fact: Immigrants are twice as likely as native-born Americans to become entrepreneurs.
while we're fighting over candidates; we could be better Americans if we come to the aid of our Native Americans. http…
Native Americans demand response from North Dakota Governor via
... this is a population that commits fewer crimes than native born Americans, contributes billions in tax $ & doesn't use…
These memes expose a new danger against Native Americans the media hasn't shown you:
Violence erupts as Native Americans resist oil pipeline. Read more at:
1000s of Native Americans traveled to ND to defend the Missouri River. This is how LLC responded.
Native Americans 'attacked with dogs, mace' at Dakota Access Pipeline protest
WE honor the wishes of the Native Americans fighting for
Amen . Amen . Amen . Native Americans weren't the only race "suppressed" in History 🙄
Native Americans have every right to THEIR LAND. corporations cannot continue to steal their resources/land.
Native Americans lock down to stop a pipeline from going through their drinking water.
White people siccing dogs on Native Americans??? This is 2016? The media doesn't care either? I hate this co…
If you really want 12K construction jobs then focus on building new homes w/ working plumbing for Native Americans.
Colin K. not standing for da Star Spangled Banner is nothin compared to what Christopher Columbus has done to Native Americans.
Tired of the “cost born by tribal nations,” Native Americans occupy prairie to block North Dakota oil pipeline
Why are Native Americans resisting an oil pipeline in North Dakota? Let's hear what they have to say
Published on 26 Aug 2016. In the Rewrite, Lawrence explains why a protest by Native Americans in North Dakota...
Rewrite: Why a protest by Native Americans in North Dakota reminds us of the history America always tries to forget htt…
WATCH: discusses protests by Native Americans against a pipeline in North Dakota: https:…
Dept of Homeland Security CUT THE WATER SUPPLY to Native Americans protesting at
The U.S. was never a" White" Nation. From the very beginning there were also Native Americans, African Slaves and Jews.
Cartier explored the St. Lawrence River and began fur trade w/ Native Americans
Greg Gutfeld offers a new take of the culture clash between the White men and Native Americans in this revisionist.
Stand with Native Americans. Energy Transfer Partners are after their land for a pipeline that disrupts their sacred grounds.
The smallest racial minority in the U.S. (Native Americans) is fighting oil and broken promises in North Dakota. Tonigh…
During World War II, more than 350 Native Americans served as Code Talkers for the U.S. Marines to transmit...
Social Studies Lessons about Native Americans?. Stories and Culture of Plains Indians and Buffalo. via
It mad weird to me when people say "Indian," when referring to Native Americans and I'm not even a Native American.
The Daniel Boone Wilderness Driving Trail. Once was the “gate” for hunters, pioneers & Native Americans.
So you're saying nobody but Native Americans can opine on American affairs?
Native Americans have six different forms of I'D to produce to get access to the same services as everyone else.
Cuomo: The GOP has "short-term memory loss"; Unless they "are all Native Americans, then they are immigrants too"
Via Joan Wheaton. “Pluto's Cave, located north of Mount Shasta, was occupied and used by Native Americans...
Trump has insulted the Following!. Native Americans. People with Disabilities. President Obama. Hillary Clinton. Ted Cruz. President Bush
Go back in time to give smallpox vaccines to Native Americans. Jenny McCarthy has already gotten to them.
24.1% of Native Americans do not have health insurance or the access to quality health care, often leaving their medical needs…
Native Americans understood the nature of Europeans, describing their hypocrisy as 'speaking with forked tongues'.
All "Native Americans" north, south, central, islands, are descendants of Moors. Babylon strip them of this title n ind…
Mormons believe that Native Americans are actually Jews... Like Mohegan Sun's tax accountant: "Dances in Fields of Goldstein"
The judge will be a descendant of someone from the Battle of Little Bighorn, so he'll be biased against Native Americans.
Mohegan Sun is a casino in CT. We go there often & yes, owned &operated by Native Americans
JULY FULL MOON NAMES. The Full Moons have descriptive names that come from Native Americans and Colonial Americans...
Trump has to blame someone for his massive Casino failures & risky junk bond financing, must be Native Americans. https:…
a lot of people are in denial about the rights of Native Americans because they fear losing hope of the American dream
Native Americans / First Nations (et al) are not Indians, and there is no country named East India, nor is there...
I just saw some girl try to defend Native Americans on IG by telling the white people to give the "red indians" their land back.👀
Watch Trump get savaged in 1993 after saying "they don't look like Indians to me" about some Native Americans
Only people that are originally Americans are the Indians, Native Americans, everybody else just sorta drifted here.
Not sure what they get from killing number of people!you can't just destroy whole population. you can still find Native Americans or Indians
There was mass murder of Native Americans, Carib Indians, Aboriginal Australians, Bosnian Muslims, European Jews--all by Christians.
Here's another group he insults. Tim O'Brien: Donald Trump has a playbook for attacking Native Americans
"They don't look like Indians to me" . Donald Trump's history with Native Americans:.
Not much known about Native Americans taken, as slaves ~ That was still a thing in 1820s New York
Now about your contention the American government conducted a Genocide. against Native Americans. (cont)
...esp Howie Carr, right-wing radio host who introduced me, &denigrated Native Americans w/ a war whoop 4
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It is true that Howie Carr is racist. He also makes inappropriate gestures to Native Americans.
Funds available for HIV prevention, care of Native Americans - Sioux City Journal
Latin History Month is 9/15-10-15, Asian Pacific American Heritage Month is May, Native Americans get November...
I assume you went to school in Maryland. What "facts" did you learn? About slavery? About the genocide of Native Americans?
Warm mineral spring waters at Berkeley Springs were 1st used by Native Americans & believed to have healing powers.
Would love someone to make a film about this: Native Americans recognized 5 Genders:
We lost many good things when we disrespected our Native Americans.
Knute Berger on the sordid history of U.S. massacres, especially of PNW Native Americans.
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