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Race and ethnicity in the United States Census, as defined by the Federal Office of Management and Budget (OMB) and the United States Census Bureau, are self-identification data items in which residents choose the race or races with which they most closely identify, and indicate whether or not they are of Hispanic or Latino origin (ethnicity).

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. Map of the main Native American tribes in North America in the 1500's
Last stop of the day was a quick tour of a Native American museum / cultural center that has the…
A look back at Sitting Bull, history's most important Native American leader
North American, Native American, Latin American, Central American, South American and those who travel to the Americas.
"“From the Black Lives Matter movement, to the environmental and Native American movements in opposition to the...
Says the foreign invader of North America living on stolen Native American land.
There is going to be a huge fight over Native American Land in AZ 75 acres Tohona O'odham Tribe on the border.
Making health care delivery culturally safe for Aboriginal people in urban centres
Gee Library at TAMUC selected to host 'Native Voices' exhibit - My
New Traditional Gospel recording artist and Grand Rapids, MI native, Pastor James Cutts, has released his first... https…
Today we're shouting out Diane Humetawa, the first Native American woman to be a federal judge!
I swear Native American people age so beautifully 😍
Federal Judge Rules in Favor of American Indian Plaintiffs: Natural Gas Line Ordered Removed from Land - Native News Online
HUGE WIN! An Oklahoma judge just ordered pipeline company to remove their pipe from Native land. http…
wait literally in my American Lit class we haven't gotten past Native American mythology...
“The soul would have no rainbow if the eyes had no tears.” —Native American proverb
We Live in the building Log on We got a special Native American Guest in the Building!!!...
A fun activity to incorporate when teaching about the Native American culture. This lesson includes so much more but this is a snap-shot!
Amazing Women. Good message. Native American women should also be recognized.
KOB4: Lobo lineman maintains his Native American heritage
When this professor was corrected by a white colleague, she was insulted bc she's the "Native American expert," so how could…
In National Treasure 2 they say they want to "get back" a piece of Native American history but it was never really theirs to begin with...
Lobo lineman maintains his Native American heritage
a white woman at OU who is a Choctaw professor really actually said "don't look at Native American students in the eyes, it…
Join 1,200 people at this weekend's 10th Annual California Big Time celebration of Native American culture!.
A 3.8-mile section of Oregon’s coast is named in remembrance of an elderly, blind Native American woman who was...
Montana Native American tribe and conservationists sue Dirty Donald Trump for ending coal moratorium
PSA: Native American boarding schools in the U.S who's mission was "kill the Indian save the man" didn't stop until 1997…
Thanks for giving Mike Daum some love last night!
I'm Native American & love Rooney Mara. I was thinking the same as everyone else but since it was done, oh well still love her!
Native American and supporters are confronted by security of the Dakota Access Pipeline, North Dakota. Robyn Beck
Navajo Native Americans perpetuate the term Indian to mean Native American
Not sure which Native American nations cleared Jean Baptiste Point DuSable's visa to settle at the mouth of the Chicago River...
You know it's South Dakota when you find a Native American wasted as *** 😂
Gimme a break ! I'm 1/4 Native American and that stuff doesn't bother me one bit.
Krewe of Chasco after Party 🎉 $10 wrist band gets free Drafts, River View food vendors & fun with Native American...
They shouldn't run pipeline through river on Native American land. Why not re-route the pipeline?
The XL Pipeline was delayed because the pipeline was crossing Native American land and the pipeline was also going under the Missouri River!
Justice League is coming... led by a half-Native American, half-Hawaiian Aquaman. What a time to be alive.
Native American sun🌞in honor of my dad encouraging me to carry happiness, to grow, to live, & to accept every part of myself…
In 40 years there's gonna be a dope movie about the haunted Native American theme park in Connecticut built on an old ins…
I'm glad that the lake Ronkonkoma snapchat geo thing is the Native American murder ghost.
It was the nature of African, and Asian, and Middle Eastern systems too. AND Native American ones too.
I find it offensive that Goofy Elizabeth Warren, sometimes referred to as Pocahontas, pretended to be Native American to get in Harvard.
Alcatraz went from a military prison/Fort, to maximum security federal prison, to Native American protest site, to…
The Department of Interior finalized a new rule to limit methane leakage on federal and Native American land.
Stop saying that you're part Native American anytime somebody brings up racism. We all know that you…
National Museum of the American Indian forces Native American women to remove “Water is Life” flag.
Jackson gave positions to cronies, caused The Trail of Tears deaths of Native American via The Indian Removal Ac…
After this and DAPL, no Native American leader can meet or any of his appointees, including his secretary.
are you a Native American? Are you a Native of the Caucasus Mountains? Please clarify
This nation is a melting pot. You actually are an immigrant, unless of course you're a Native American?
"our culture" as in Native American? You did learn America was built by immigrants, correct? 'Melting pot' ring a be…
Interior Secretary Zinke wants to interact with Native American tribes as 'equals'
San Antonio Missions preserve Native American history in Texas’s first World Heritage Site
Weird background vocals in a song made me think a woman was running along side our car in the desert singing her Native American songs
I stand with my Native American brothers & sisters for because they deserve equality, justice and support
Great suggestion! Also invite anyone from the number of Oklahoman Hispanic, Latino, Native American, and Vietnamese…
Bernie Sanders, closed-door meeting with the Native American community, 3/9/2017:
Owners of talk about the contemporary Native American art gallery and introduce the in-house artists . https:/…
8 days until everyone is somehow Irish.. Its like Pokeherhiney and the Native American claim...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Turns out, after mom and dad did DNA testing, I'm 56% Irish. All my life I've been told Native American cause my dark complexion lolol. WTH.
Daniel Rivers, a Native American, talks about how the Cherokee (among other tribes) did not have a gender hierarchy
I'm a real life Dale Gribble, now all I need is a hot meteorologist wife who cheats on me with a Native American
I plan to major in Central American and Native American studies..
"U.S. judge denies Native American tribes' request for injunction to stop Dakota Access Pipeline completion" - Updated at Re…
Native American student graduation ceremonies this spring
An American equivalent of Nelson Mandela wouldn't be a Black/African American president, it would be a Native American president...
Oh yeah, last time on Kiba looked to have found his version of Paradise, and Toboe decides to stay with a nice Native American.
I prefer Native American. But some might prefer Indian or by Cherokee, Choctaw, Seminole, Creek etc. Most use Indian or NDN.
The new Secretary of the Interior coming to work on a horse whose name is a Native American slur is very on-brand
Native American ancestors in the Civil War - Family Tree Magazine
Did your Native American ancestor serve in the Civil War?
u have a history of lying about ur heritage! Saying u r Native American, but in fact u just wanted the millions that went with it
When someone claims they have Native American heritage
I guess we can forget about Native American and Pacific Islander school children.
Update your maps at Navteq
Dan Henderson is a Native American so he does not count in the weight classes he is decend from giants with red hair utah cave ppl
Getting some Native American healing mojo! Thank you Willy and for the sage and…
A mockup of our new Domestic Violence Awareness Board for Native American and Alaska Native communities.
Great article on how lacrosse community can support Native American communities.
Hiawatha was a pre-colonial Native American leader and co-founder of the Iroquois Confederacy.…
Photograph of Native American ancient stone walls and...
Native American ancient stone walls at the Pueblo Bonito...
For the first time in OSF's history, they're presenting a play by a Native American - Randy Reinholz's OFF THE RAILS.
So your co-worker fell off his chair with a large heavy set black haired girl. Weird. She looked Native American or Samoan.
Mongrels does not stray from Jones’s earlier engagement with explicit Native American topics; common themes of...
Turners Falls High School (MA) students walk out after removal of Native American mascot
Turners Falls High School is adopting a new mascot. Here's what schools still have Native American themed logos:…
mix of Native American and Europeans traditionally. Nice selection of food drink music history clans/tartans.
"Boring"- no ties to the Muslim Brotherhood, hasn't lied about possessing Native American heritage, and hasn't espoused…
Ghent's a top city. But, their football team's logo symbolises a circus, & 'identification with the Native American struggle'. Genocide?!
Massachusetts colleges that retired Native American mascots
Explode a leftist's brain in one picture: a black/Native American woman, wearing a MAGA dress designed by an immi…
Analysis: Native American tribes make new court filing to stop Dakota Access Pipeline
Dread Zeppelin - Immigrant Song via How do I feel about immigration? don't ask me ask a Native American:(..
Today Miss Indian World is in Washington DC with the The Aspen Institute and the Center for Native American...
im Native American, she is not.. judge Judy says once u lie always a liar ...peroid😃
.Native American women are STOP reducing millions of women to "Pocahontas".
10 bucks says you could convince Tomi Lahren that A Tribe Called Quest is a Native American terrorist group
Al Franken: Calling a White woman, who pretended to be a Native American, "Pocahontas" is racist. Source: https…
Elizabeth Warren went one step further in her lie about being a Native American feminist. She's been calling her vajayjay a Tomahawk Wound.
Early head start teacher calls for support for culturally specific early learning, support for Native American literacy.
She started a nonprofit that works to reconnect Native American youth and families with their tribal culture.
Like how in the mid 1800's around 60th st there was this predominantly African, Native American community called Seneca village
each cabinet member should have a representative of each group. Native American, Black, White, and Hispanic
Archaeologists find historic Native American sites in Pennington Gap
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Archeologists find Native American sites during Greenway construction in Pennington Gap. Archaeologists have...
Archaeologists uncover Native American sites in Pennington Gap, ranging in dates from 8000 B.C. to 1000 A.D.
.But VP Charles Curtis also advocated for assimilation and detribalization and was opposed by many Native American leaders. 😞
As a real registered Chippewa/ Ojibwe (Native American), I can say that 's words weren't from a black or Indian mouth.
Black and white watercolor silhouette of a Native American chief with a headdress, smoking peace pipe.
TVA has found several Native American sites in Pennington Gap that date back as far as 8000 B.C. They have found fi…
Actually, *** the article is authored by a Native American (Simon Moya-Smith is a citizen of the Oglala Lakota Nation). Liar.
Charles Curtis' mother was a Native American (the Kaw Nation), and has the distinction of being born in a Territory, rather than a State.
Can't wait to adopt a Native American child and then Coyote. So I can yell, "Coyote no! The white man is dangerous!"
Many of the Native American photographs we enjoy can be credited to Edward Curtis. In the late 1800&...…
“Still Life With Spirit and Xitle” - by Native American activist and artist…
Head of the primary committee with jurisdiction over Native American affairs in the US House
Native American lived here before us. Did we forget the trail of tears Indian removal act
My. Hood: Wy'east. Native American called Mt. Hood "Wy'east" - legends about how the peaks were named are importan…
Egyptians,Chinese, Native American cultures (south and north) all have uninterrupted recorded history during that time
This museum focuses on Native American history and culture
Hey racist Ross, unless you are Native American, same applies to you! Even the founders were British-Americans. Try…
Explore and celebrate the rich history of 22 Native American tribes while you visit
Same with Native American cultural grabs by comics writers. They want digestible imagery familiar from mythology or history, but no more.
The Sacred Path of Tears-The complex weaving of Native American history makes it appealing to readers.
I've also got Bury My Heart At Wounded Knee which i keep in Aberdeen. It's a book about the Native American genocide
for Trump: Lori Ann Piestewa, the Hopi woman who was the 1st Native American woman to die in combat for th…
U.S Congress and the Bureau of Indian Affairs are denying Native American rights!
1st Native American to become a US Senator was Charles Curtis of KS. 110 years ago today
Honored to be speaking at this Native American wellness conf but can't believe the pipeline is moving fwd :(
just like how Native American where here doing fine before the colonies ?
110 years ago today Charles Curtis of Kansas became the 1st Native American elected to the US Senate. .
While back in the US, Trump just appointed the first ever Native American as Indian Affairs Adviser:
If you are not Native American please stop saying you are happy about putting a stop to immigration.Your *** is here due to immigration
tribe. Trump is going to be WAY different when it comes to Native American affairs.
Edmonia Lewis (1844-1907) was an American sculptor of African and Native American heritage 🎭🎨 🌍…
TRADITIONS - Native American and Contemporary workshop at the Art Pavilion. See all info attached!
Yelp agreed! My great grandfather of Native American descent should've built a *** wall & I wouldn't be l…
Attention veterans and anyone interested in Native American veteran affairs! Did you know that American Indians have...
I believe being Native American just wasn't enough to push me to stand up for all. He gave me a *** son as well. Yep, that did it.
and CNN also ignored the FIRST Native American heading the Agency overlooking Indian Affairs...he is NATIVE...
Racist Trump - 1993 - Testifying in front of Native American affairs Committee ... via
really? 2 women (1 a women of color) a black man & a Native American for Indian Affairs. stop believing everything Politico says
You guys know Native American's came to North America across the Bering Sea Straight right?
this photo of Elizabeth Warren in college applying for Native American student loans just got leaked!!
Miss me with the false outrage over someone kneeling during a National Anthem combined w/silence when Native American land is violated.
For some reason I just pictured Mel Brooks, dressed up as a Native American, meeting Rodney Allen Rippey's family
for native Americans land with "American pipes", yet none for Flynt ... trying 2 give chance but u make it so hard
But small is good press! Hillary and the media and her opponents are strong. So great to be Native American Senator, Jeff Flake.
Mrs. Bessie Coleman was the 1st African American & Native American Woman to become a Certified Civil Aviator (Pilot) https:…
The Air is the only place that is free from prejudice. Mrs. Bessie Coleman. First African & Native American Certified Civil…
This is a piece done by ARTIST in dedication to Native American nati…
Celebrating aviator Bessie Coleman, the first woman of African American & Native American descent to hold a pilot's lice…
several years limits our population on a global scale. Further abuses of native American lands &
Native American councils all over the continent: take note.
Everyone disclose where your family came from if your not a native american trump will deport you. *** deport himself & HIS ILLEGAL WIFE
Unless they're Muslim, Native American, Hispanic, POC, LGBTQ, women, or require air to breathe and clean water to drink.
I do notice some similarity between Buddhism and Native American proverbs . But then I don't know much about our Native Americ…
so, basically everyone's crimes except Native American's right?
suffice to say we are gonna sign up for every regional Native American advocacy group's mailing list, and Causa Justa
Red tape chokes off drilling on reservations via
Red tape chokes off drilling on Native American reservations
ICYMI: “We had understood about a week ago that he was at the top of the list to be given clemency.”
Google pays homage to the first African American and native American female pilot, Bessie Coleman; born 1.26.1892 in Atlant…
This is for seminarians who have African, Latina, Asian, Native American or Pacific Islander heritage.…   10% Off
My family is Native American, middle eastern, jewish and European who does think Americans are? IMMIGRANTS thats who!
DYK Native American languages have been used to create military code during times of war since World War I?
6 Native American girls explain the tragic (and often ignored) story behind Thanksgiving.
but wait I thought she was a Native American? Wasn't she at the first Thanksgiving while Al Gore was inventing the internet?
It's Ironic that we are celebrating Thanksgiving, while Native American's are being Tear Gassed and Shot with...
Native American Girls Describe the REAL History Behind Thanksgiving | Teen Vogue Now at 6 Native American girls sc…
CCAC looks ahead to new $1 coins; 2019 design will honor Native American contributions to the space program:…
I take it she's not Native American?
Did Blizzard/Overwatch team ever comment on Pharah's Thunderbird skin? And how it's slapping Native American imagery on an Egyptian hero?
holds as much truth as her claim she was Native American
This is a real Native American people.
(Inauguration Intro): From the country that brought you slavery, Native American genocide, Salem witch trials, internme…
Today a guy asked my ethnicity. I told him to guess and he goes, "Maybe Polynesian..Mexican or Asian. But I could also see Native American."
The lady that lied about being Native American, is grilling on ethics in education
I am a person (quite liberal) who embraces religious and secular beliefs, and finds this offensive. What about Nati…
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Free downloads of great WE THE PEOPLE prints - includes Muslim, white, Native American, & African American females.
would rather thank war monger GW Bush who *does* belong in prison than let out a poor Native American who was framed, 1
Leonard Peltiers clemency letter was denied. Obama just sentenced a Native American freedom fighter to death.
📷 the-movemnt: Obama has 2 days to free Native American activist Leonard Peltier. Here’s why his case...
"We are deeply saddened by the news that President Obama will not let Leonard go home."
The ejection of tribal members in small tribes with casinos on their land; “per capita” profit shares go further .
Daughter just announced that her Native American name would be Twerkahontas. I'm not going to like the next 10 years, am I?
I disagree with you on this one he was a Native American political prisoner. please reconsider.
Native American activist grabbed by law enforcement during public testimony. this
Lied about being a minority (Native American) to take advantage of Affirmative she's for the poor!!😖
One of our scholar, Matilda, hopes to become the 1st to go to space Read more: https…
Native Americans also held spiritual gatherings to pray for rain in California:.
thank you! Let's get Native American businesses like yourself and all others trending!
Pocahontas stole a scholarship from a real Native American by pretending she has Native ancestry. No honor, no shame, liar an…
BREAKING: Native American elder arrested at Pruitt EPA hearing - standing up for water and land
Meet Black Singles 300x250
So if my ancestors are Native American … right ?
I think it's racist to pretend she's Native American to get a slot at an Ivy League school. Ridiculing her for that…
ICYMI: Bill would replace Columbus Day with day honoring Chief Standing Bear, other Native American leaders
This Native American activist was arrested for protesting Trump's awful EPA pick:
Native American activist Leonard Peltier was denied clemency by today. He's not giving up. We won't either.
Obama just denied clemency to Native American activist Leonard Peltier. Outrageous.
How can you be on an ethics committee when you lied about being Native American? U stole From taxpayers!
Flooding from sea level rise is threatening to wash away Native American artifacts out on the Boston Harbor islands…
this was in Mill Bay (Cowichan Valley). The school was like 25% Native American, as was my class. He still said it.
We have not inherited the earth from our fathers, we are borrowing it from our children. Native American proverb.…
Northwestern is launching a new Native American & Indigenous studies research center!
Paul Cheoketen Wagner in Native American flute, bringing voice of the "First Peoples" to our…
.. Native American proverb: worry is like a rocking chair, uses lots of energy but gets you no where!
Paul Cheoketen Wagner in Native American flute at "Salmon is life"…
.I checked out your Hustle Gang line. You need to know your use of Native American imagery is disrespectful to us. You should know that
"54 cents for Latina women, and 59 cents for Native American and Alaska Native women."
Nobel Peace Prize winner Shirin Ebadi has called for clemency for Native American activist Leonard Peltier
Give thanks for unknown blessings already on their way. . ~Native American proverb
Regard Heaven as your father, Earth as your Mother, and all things as your Brothers and Sisters. — Native American pro…
Check out Mother Jones magazine Donald Trump Oil and Native American rights Childbirth via
Our standard across NASPA is to include Native American or Alaska Native. We take this very seriously and again apologize for the omission.
"No vendor, NOT ANY VENDOR, can identify your Native American tribe."
The North Dakota Legislature should just appoint George Custer to lead outreach to the Native American tribes in...
Forest Lake expands learning opportunities for Native American students
is ignorance bliss or a cancer to society...I mean the Native American's were ignorant to claiming ownership to land
Lewis and Clark: "Where are the ones they call the Migos??". Native American: "Dat Way" . American History 101
Five major Native American tribes had of fathers the Children of Israel as SLAVES: Cherokee, Choctaw, Chickasaw, Creek and Seminole Indians
And TIL about Bessie Coleman, first African & Native American pilot. At FRA there’s a street named after her. ✈️
we are a Native American group I'm full-blooded Chippewa from Red Lake MN as my team are native
Native American tribe is fighting against the Pilgrim Pipeline in New Jersey
Perhaps Black lives don't matter in the US because Native American lives don't matter
Nittany Lion = named after mtn lions that roamed Mount Nittany til 1880s. Derived from Native American words. Troja…
You mean Native American not Indians lol, Indians are from . Indian.
I'd recommend she apply to the Office of Indian Affairs, she seems eminently qualified to speak on Native American issues.
Mark Jan. 17 on calendar. Doc on Indian artifacts and challenge of creating Native American museum.
I am very scared of losing my Native American benefit under ACA. We don't have access to Indian HC since we aren't in boundary
Spencer is the realest Native American. He is 1/17 Cherokee Indian
We use a Native American tradition of the talking stick. You sit and p...
There's no way that's a real Native American
Blanket Stories, 2005 by Marie Watt, contemporary artist of Native American heritage (Seneca Nation)
It states Latinos. Native American's are not Latinos. They are Native Indians.
If the Indians wanted their land they would've just fought better. Also, they're not Native American. They…
I've also been told I looked Native American, Pacific Islander and many more.
Protect these Native American monuments from the Republicans. .
In four pieces, Mr. Morris's troupe drew from South Asian idioms as well as Native American and other influences.…
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Today in 1890, U.S. Army massacres Indians at Wounded Knee. More Native American history in
"Bold" prediction: will wear a Native American headdress when visiting India because "aren't all Indians the same?"
"Native American" language would be English. You mean Indians...Navajo, Hopi, Sioux, ect. Do better next time.
Showing Today Wed. Dec. 28th at 2:00pm . Mabel is a Native American grandmother who lives alone, tending her...
Wow, I love I just won this for free, Antique Plateau Indians / Native American pictures
The MACKINAC, HURON, and POTTAWATOMIE Bands of Native American's assisted the War Department in 1812 to win the...
Amnesty International Brings a Week of Art Activism to LA. Photo: Kathy Peltier, daughter of Native American...
Free on Kindle. Humor, Native American mysticism, magic mushrooms.
My paper for your class compared the treatment of Native American and indigenous Hawaiians by the US gov't. Good starting pt.
Hoop dance inspires confidence in Native American youth -
Of all the foods commonly associated with Native American culture, frybread has long been at the center of the tabl…
Congrats Faith Spotted Eagle on becoming the first native american woman to ever receive an electoral vote... by takin…
Can a Native American vision stop a terrorist plot when the FBI cannot?
Amanda Byrnes says Energy Tranfer Partners the oil pipeline that wants to cross Native American Treaty Land !!
We need better community mental health emergency services, because too often when cops are called they shoot and...
My family has been in US since early 1600s, also I'm part Native American. Hilarious to keep being told to leave by Trumpists!
I'm so so so sick of racists trying to take away Native American rights and resources. Bullies and thugs attacking unarmed pe…
A gift from me to you. FREE on Kindle. Magic Realism / Humor / Native American.
This Native American community just killed a bowhead whale and now they all gone share it. This how life supposed to be.
If I could go back in time with a car, and presented it to a Native American tribe, I wonder if they would have chosen a car over a horse.
Ya'll 100% stupid for not looking for Native American men to pipe you down knowing full well we invented rain dancing
native and center Jake Daugherty named All-American .
I bet none of your friends got any experience with Native American men. Why not hop in my DM & be the first to tell stories & brag about it?
You do realize Latinos can be white (European) or of color (Native American or African descent), right? No? Well, now you do.
Native American potters bring their hand-coiled creations to anthropology students at the Ceramics Studio
Black go good with everything White, Asain, Indian, Spanish, Native American ... We got the sauce FR FR
I have two different kinds of Native American in me and can't figure out how to be offended by thanksgiving
4th graders working on group slide shows about Native American tribes
"Programmers are not going to be a white collar job in the long run. Machinists were the programmers 100 years ago."
Native American activist from South Dakota ‘shocked’ by Electoral College vote
Tauy Jones Hall is named after an founder. Jones was a Native American, a translator & an abolitionist.…
Non-Native American, has yet to master the art of diversion & forgets that we are well aware of her farflung…
I'm native American, and I love this country. So what is your point? Could have been french or spanish.
anyone considered having Native American spiritual leaders bless the campus to do away with the curse? What is there to lose?
How Faith Spotted Eagle became the first Native American to win an electoral vote for president https:…
Dan, Did you see that states Hillary would have won they cast vote for Colin Powell and a Native American leader? lol
I'm super excited to be sending a food & clothing box to a Native American elder via the Okini program at One Spirit
I am a Oglala Lakota from Pine Ridge Reservation in that Native American enough for questions?
Russell Means, Oglala Lakota, activist for the rights of Native American people,AIM leader, libertar
"So say the Asian, the Hispanic, the Jew. The African and Native American, the Sioux,. The Catholic, the Muslim,... https:…
also HUD also is in charge of Loan application for the Native American land development . Loans...
hbd Indiana. stay archaic. today's snapchat rant is dedicated to the history of Native American removals from Indiana: "Land of the Indians"
Native American. Bodaway Humpensquaw. My land, my people. Be respectful. 🔥DM's Ope…
Unless we create mass movement with Native American presidential candidate in the lead to completely redefine this land
$CBIS has partnered with Native American tribes in OR, CA, and NV to build grow land and R&D facilities.
I just found out I'm European and Native American. Roots from Greece/Italy. This explains my dark hair and pale skin. How fkn cool!😇
I found out that I'm 30% Native American today. Along with 53% Southern European, 2% Sub-Saharan African, etc etc
Q4: Native American dancing at Lewis & Clark Festival explaining history of each dance and regalia worn.…
we need a fit Native American male model for a custom book shoot. Help us find him. ht…
I would consider the Native American before a culture whom own kings sold them to Muslims centuries before America was born.
I get it. I've had Indian-Americans call me out over my use of Indian. Russell Means loves Disney's Pocahontas but hates "Native American."
and Tom Cruise plays the Native American leader
it's Her lieutenant the half Indian outlaw I think who is the voice of the speaking Native American in this TV series. Yesikno;)
Looks like the protestors win! . The pipeline will be re-routed away from the Native American land!!!
WOW! denied easement for Dakota Access Pipeline. it will be rerouted! Native American sovereignty wins! what a day…
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