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National Treasure

The idea of national treasure, like national epics and national anthems, is part of the language of Romantic nationalism, which arose in the late 18th century and 19th centuries.

Robbie Coltrane National Treasure 2 Julie Walters Nicolas Cage Nicholas Cage Nick Cage National Treasure 3 Nic Cage Justin Bartha National Trust Historic Preservation Phil Kessel John Lewis Charles Barkley Independence Hall Rand Paul

If you start 'National Treasure' at exactly 11:32:06pm on New Year’s Eve, Nic Cage will say "I'm gonna steal the De…
Confused as to why they added Nic Cage's dad from National Treasure to the hall of presidents?
My life has become National Treasure, except instead of The Declaration of Independence I'm trying to find a 3-day-…
So sad to hear about the death of the lovely & funny Keith Chegwin. . RIP you National Treasure.
The Knights Templar own all the gold. National Treasure was a documentary! ABC’s Lost was a secret documentary! It’…
Donald Trump is a National Treasure and will be on Mt. Rushmore for exposing the corruption of the "press" as Fake News
Charles Michael Davis is a National Treasure & should be treated as such.
Sign of a Philadelphia tourist:. Start taking photos of the bell in Independence Hall (not Liberty Bell) because you saw National Treasure...
I want a National Treasure movie about who started the rumor that that Marilyn Manson got 2 ribs removed so he could suck his…
Me and just convinced that Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter & National Treasure were real historical events. I'm dead😂
Think Kate Adie should be officially recognised as A National Treasure, just heard her present 'From Our Own Corres…
Happy Birthday to Stephen Fry: a National Treasure if ever there was one.
No, Len Goodman is not a National Treasure - he's an arriviste and would need much longer to develop into his role.
I need to abandon my yahoo accounts. forgot my email password & it was like a scene from National Treasure. complicated as *** am I a spy?
I can't believe I'm paying $3.99 to rent National Treasure again on I've probably spent $200 renting this movie.
Tom and I LOVE National Treasure and are waiting for 3. One way or another, we'll see it together lol
Update your maps at Navteq
IS a National Treasure. Remember the old saying "beauty is as beauty does"? This is Our…
Is there a better human anywhere? . Jimmy Carter is a National Treasure ❤️
National Treasure is what made Lin Manuel Miranda interested in history
Michelle Obama is our National Treasure. Hear the message about strong men,
is a "real American" and a National Treasure. I cannot think of a braver and more patriotic current TV personality.
sometimes I get Tom Hanks and Nicholas Cage confused and I think it's because I get the Da Vinci Code and National Treasure confused also
mom "What's on?". me "National Treasure". shannon "Brighid, its Captain America". me "Steve Rodgers IS a national treasure"
National Treasure, starring Anthony Hopkins and Julia Stiles. Directed by Clint Eastwood, music by Julio Iglesias. Budget: $75m
I've just been watching tribute to Billy Connolly. A true Scot and a National Treasure for the whole UK.…
Joy Reid is a National Treasure & I'm not gonna lie to you, that Rachel Maddow??? She's growing on me! Her post-ele…
An attraction in Milwaukee was named a National Treasure by the National Trust for Historic Preservation.
National Treasure but only when they mention the Declaration of Independence
"If you seek his monument, look around you." - Nicolas Cage, National Treasure @ St. Paul's…
Hulu's 'National Treasure' is like if 'Doubt' & 'The Night Of' & Bill Cosby drama got put in a blender. Beautifully shot—I highly recommend.
New movie idea: "National Treasure: Republican Healthcare Bill" starring Nicolas Cage as Rand Paul.
Rand Paul is just upset because his Nick Cage in National Treasure impression looking for the secret Obamacare Bill…
Where is Nicolas Cage? I need him to steal this a la National Treasure.
Just another reason why Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a National Treasure. She's DT'S worst nightmare: A powerful woman he can't control.
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is a National Treasure & Hero of the Resistance. Thank you.
Reminder: is a National Treasure and an International Delight.
On this Eve we welcomed National Treasure to What would…
Stone Cold Steve Austin is a National Treasure. Any chatter to the contrary = Japanese to Pearl Harbor.
Justin Bartha is awesome in the National Treasure movies.
Sally Field is a National Treasure. (Yes, I just watched Steel Magnolias for the first time. ❤
I get a little butt hurt every time I see a meme ripping Nicholas Cage. Solely for my love of National Treasure
Not giving Doug a fair shake. He crushes it in National Treasure.
Donald J TRUMP is a national treasure
Catherine Herridge is a national treasure.If it wasn't for her sources and tenacity we'd be in the dark about a number of thi…
He achieved national treasure status in the 1970s and never lost it.
20:30 Make Me a National Treasure: Gyles Brandreth discovers what it takes to become a national treasure.
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thank you for supporting our National Treasure-the finest in the World- can't wait for PEOTUS -a true Commander and Chief -1/20
David Attenborough is a National Treasure. Protect at all costs. He needs 24/7 security, if the man sneezes we need to know he'…
Thandiswa Mazwai is a National Treasure... her music 👌🏽
and like all Nick Cage movies except National Treasure
Currently watching National Treasure 2. It's no National Treasure, but it's still Nick Cage hunting for (and being) an American treasure.
Riley Poole from National Treasure is undoubtedly the most underrated character in the western cannon. Nick Cage ha…
every time i shorten spencer's name i think of National Treasure and Pineapple Dancer Louie Spence and i think it's v fitting
I'm trying to remember if I've ever been on a tour of Independence Hall or if I'm just remembering National Treasure too well.
dude you're seriously a National Treasure to me
Someone should tell him that National Treasure is a documentary. He's already got Jon Voight narrating his videos,…
Mining interests old and new threaten this national treasure.
Busta Rhymes is a national treasure. Fight me on this.
Elizabeth Warren is a national treasure.
Raphael Tenthani was a national treasure, was lucky to have him. But it took the British govt to honour him
is a national *** treasure. Thanks for the pep talk, Dad. Also, did you rake the yard? If not Mom's g…
you've transformed the public's opinion of you. How does it feel to be a national treasure?
is a national treasure, thank u for sharing these videos. Didn't know they existed! These songs made me a fan 4 life
Bradley Walsh is a national treasure.
The U.S. can't agree on much right now, but it can agree that it lost a national treasure: Gwen Ifill.
Even in humor your brain-states are parallel to others out there. You are a *** national treasure.
Treasure trove of savings awaits Indiana owners
One of my top movie recommendations to watch before Thanksgiving is called Monumental, starring Kirk Cameron. I...
From my friend Scot Miller, who has worked tirelessly for this new national treasure.
Dr Strange is very good, and despite Benedict ‘National Treasure’ Cumberbatch’s dodgy accent you’ll still fancy him. . Yes, you will.
Blac Chyna really did the mannequin challenge while giving birth. America needs her. a national treasure.
Sisters of the Blessed Sacrament: Belmead in Peril: Help Save A National Treasure - Sign the Petition!
Great job as always. Dickie V is a national treasure and thats not just hyperbole
This national treasure was revealed to the country this day a year ago.
Q&A session at the press conference for J28 "These orcas are a national treasure."
I directed tonight's episode of American Housewife. is a national treasure. Watch her try to fit in with the basic…
Popcaan is a national treasure. We must protect him at all cost 😂🇯🇲
Take a moment and take action to expand protection for this national treasure.
is a National Treasure who everyone should support & respect
in 1272, Edward I became king. In 1303, the theft of his treasure at Westminster led to a national scandal... ht…
for saving American auto industry, for 70+ months of job growth and scandal free administration. You're a na…
loves He called it a 'national treasure'. That tells you all you need to know about the disgraced…
Martin Amidu is a national treasure. He stands for justice, he's an anti-corruption campaigner and a real patriot. Amidu wins…
just finished watching for the 100th times National Treasure 2 Book of Secrets!
is a National Treasure she should be stuffed and displayed next to Phar Lap
How can America live with the diplomatic embarrassment of the National Treasure that is Steven Seagal becoming a Russian?
the grand prize for the CTF is getting to hug Nicholas Cage while he makes National Treasure jokes
Watched the final episode of National Treasure. A brilliant, disturbing bit of telly. But the acting. My God it was good. Robbie Coltrane ..
Behold the House of Tomorrow, a Modernist gem just named a National Treasure via
On the first episode of National Treasure which has the legends that are Robbie Coltrane & Julie Walters. My expectation are high.
Is it bad that House if Cards always makes me want to watch National Treasure?
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
House of Tomorrow from the 1930's Named a National Treasure - 360 Modern
Robbie Coltrane & Julie Walters are fantastic in National Treasure- Channel 4 👏🏼
Just watched final episode of National Treasure. Brilliant, disturbing, agonising viewing - with 3 truly magnificent leads + great support.
My brother just hysterically laughed at me for running into the living room after hearing the music of national treasure
National Treasure has to be one of my top fav movies
that's ok. It's one to either hate or love. Did you watch national treasure with Julie Walters. It just finished tonight. X
lawrence.john published National Treasure delivers a punchy verdict: The last piece in the jigsaw fell into p...
Connor Gillaspie is a national treasure
loving the HBC stories, keep em coming! That man is a national treasure
u were like 9 when that came out & im like just imagining National Treasure but instead of a 40 y.o. Nic Cage it's a 9 y.o. Dan
I can watch National Treasure a hundred time and never get tired of it 😩😛
"Nicholas Cage himself is a national treasure"
Conor Gillaspie is a national treasure
Acid Cat is a beautiful piece of art and a national treasure.
I don't know why, but I seriously love the movie National Treasure
John Mulaney is a national treasure
This looks like something that would be a clue on National Treasure
Javy Baez is excepted from all Cubs-related anger. He is a national treasure.
Gloria Allred is a national treasure
I think it will probably be a good sat morning movie. Like if you catch national treasure 1 or 2 on TV. Just leave it on
The final part of National Treasure was open to a lot of interpretation.
Not acceptable. Ken Bone is a national treasure.
Cheryl Reeve is a national treasure.
Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters are amazing in National Treasure.
This is slanderous. Bon Iver is a national treasure.
Hunter Pence's hair is a national treasure.
I desperately need new National Treasure movies and new Harry Potter movies
Call Nick Cage, we need to draw up a script to National Treasure 3 ASAP!
TV Review: on Jo Brand's new social worker sitcom Damned; and ep. 2 of National Treasure
Fine performances by Coltrane, Walters & Andrea Riseborough in last night's "National Treasure".
Star Wars Episode I is an underrated national treasure. People don't appreciate pod racing like they should.
Tune into at 9pm TONIGHT for Robbie Coltrane in See if it filmed near you in h…
Dan Fogelman is a genius and a national treasure
Wow, 's voice is a national treasure. Holy cow that's an instrument.
Hours away from the live action TV debut of Ghost Rider on (Also, tune in, because a national…
I am not only a national treasure but a national bank holiday
David Ortiz is a national treasure.
she is Canada's national pop treasure
TV drama National Treasure puts sex abuse scandals in a new light - Financial Times
I don't care what team Phil Kessel is on. He's a national treasure.
As a wise fish who is voiced by a national treasure once said, "Just keep swimming."
Phil Kessel is a national treasure.
remember when cut to commercial while this national treasure lifted the Stanley Cup
Ron and Don are a national treasure.
I swear, ESRB descriptions are national treasure, especially for M rated games.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Johnny Cueto is a national treasure. We are beyond blessed to have his personality on this team
I wanna watch national treasure & lose my problems in the escapades of Nic Cage
Now that is a national treasure, I just want to say I TOLD YOU SO.
David like Sopan, You are a national treasure! 🤗
He totally paused to think about how to say it, too. What a national treasure.
Andrew Miller is a national treasure.
National Treasure 3: Nicholas Cage goes to the moon in order to steal Mars.
is a national treasure. Are you registered? . Every vote matters
"I got no flavor. It's what I deserve." Ted Danson is a national treasure
I don't know how often Buffy Sainte-Marie visits Canada, but she is a national treasure and we're so lucky to have her when she does
. . . The Tipitaka. is the Buddhist Canon. Is written in Pali. on Ola Leaves. A national treasure. of Sri Lanka . . . .
Nicholas Cage had an easier time finding the national treasure than I just had trying to find a open spot with an outlet in the lib
David Fahrenthold is a national treasure.
This is amazing. is a national treasure. Thank you for calling the media out.
Alex Jones is a national treasure omg
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Gerald McRaney is a national treasure.
Singlish is seen as a national treasure or a detriment and danger – depending on whom you ask: htt…
I just can't believe Team USA would do this to national treasure
A young long before she was a National Treasure!
Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters turn in ‘Bafta-worthy’ performances in new Channel 4 drama National Treasure.
National Treasure, review: Robbie Coltrane is superb in this dark landmark drama
National Treasure review – a dark, Yewtree-shaped shadow hangs over it The Guardian World News . A man paces up an…
Robbie Coltrane and Julie Walters... two of the absolute best. National Treasure is great.
Radio Times Julie Walters: why National Treasure isn't about Jimmy Savile Radio Times She plays the wife of a man…
My 12th National Treasure caricature for September is Dame Helen Mirren.
Anyone know if our National Treasure, Sheridan Smith, is taking Funny Girl around the Country? # FunnyGirl
Today's is 'Indiana Jones' meets 'National Treasure'—and doesn't cost a fortune at $5.95
Justin Bartha's character is still my favorite in National Treasure.
Morgan State University is now listed as a National Treasure!
National Treasure star Robbie Coltrane on the perils of fame "I’m not some Hollywood stud."
Press pack for brilliant new drama National Treasure incl celeb interviews with Robbie Coltrane, Julie Walters etc
National Treasure star Robbie Coltrane talks about the perils of celebrity - Daily Record
Robbie Coltrane made Channel 4 sex abuse drama National Treasure "for the victims":.
I once knew another Gates Ben Gates but that was on National Treasure. I am glad to see it runs in the family.
eh don't throw shade at Harambe. He was a national treasure and will live on in our hearts
A nation stops in its tracks to say farewell to a national treasure.
My biggest problem is a media that just declares this-or-that a National Cultural Treasure and expects unanimous agreement.
Hazel Irvine would be a sad loss to devolution. A national treasure.
A moment to remember The night all Canada paused to celebrate with national treasure http…
Well I dont hate her - I just don't want her to win - you have 2b more than just a 'national treasure' to win the show.
Oh there's scene in National Treasure where Nicolas Cage enters this cave filled with Egyptian artifacts, gold, Egyptian manuscripts and etc
Why doesn't National Treasure 3 exist yet? Yo & Nick Cage can you get on that?
Our own Irish peatland are such a national treasure and a haven for wildlife
England feels more secure now that national treasure Bernard Allan is back in it
Interesting social dynamic watching (a) how many Dinesh D'Souza followers praise him as national treasure & then (b) how he does preen RT
Little Giant Ladders
Fans? She thinks she's a 'national treasure' and all of us the the UK call her 'Our Sam' 😂
USE SQL TO CORRUPT THEIR DATABASE. jason bourne is our national treasure
Frank Ocean is a national treasure.
Congrats, again: you are a national treasure!
Whomever invented plastic wrap on a stick is national treasure. It's duct-tape of the 21st century.
Kim Kardashian is a national treasure
In case you missed it because you were too busy watching the actual athletic events or something, national treasure Lesl…
"You should become a Peruvian national treasure, it'd be so easy for you". "Why, because I'm white passing?". "... Yeah"
Ooh, just saw a trailer for a drama with Robbie Coltrane called national treasure that is clearly about a Yewtree type case
Sean was a national treasure in year 9 X
After plenty of research, I am still unsure if National Treasure 3 is going to happen or if the Internet is just playing with my emotions.
10 times Helen Mirren was a bona fide national treasure (Photo: AP)
Which Disney Channel national treasure is a better sitcom actress?
Eating beef jerky and watching National Treasure. I'm almost certain this is exactly how the lord would want me spending my Sunday.
That Rio report just reminded me that we should have declared a national treasure. So good for so long.
can you let just one day of cynicism go and show the world how Canada can be united around a national treasure
Treasure what's left of your at these iconic destinations: . 📷:
Korean and American in Finnish national treasure in today.
‘Get out of my pub!’ Countryfile thrown into chaos as John Craven lashes out at Matt Baker aww 'national treasure!'
mstinalawson's video lol Tina is a national treasure
Tragically Hip: Why Canada was closed for the final farewell A national treasure
No, but calling them a national treasure and suggesting people follow that account...
Clare Balding is a national treasure. She aced the Olympics. Look after her. X
THANK you I knew it wasn't from National Treasure
Oh my gosh we hit 20k!! Thank you so much for all the support and love for minseok. He's a true national treasure -Z https…
Claressa Shields is a national treasure tbh
The outpouring of support for John Delaney is overwhelming. A genuine national treasure
thank you guys, love u all, our National Treasure, perfect poet and Gord, your courage inspires us all! Stay positive. Always
Not only endorsed, but deems a 'National Treasure'
National Treasure, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Kiefer Sutherland. Directed by George Lucas, music by Elton John. Budget: $100 billion
Showed Thomas Jefferson the film National Treasure, he tore up the Declaration of Independence
Re watching last night's live Late Night & is a National Treasure. And not the Nic Cage kind.
Nicolas Cage kissing Diane Kruger is the worst part of National Treasure.
Eric Andre is a got dam National Treasure, easily my favorite grad of the Berklee College of Music
Tasty Thursday ... thank you to our National Treasure our NHS workers from the Alexandra Hospital!
Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is not only a truth teller heroine Superb Supreme Justice she's a National Treasure
really is an irreplaceable soul 💖 Check out: 22 Reasons Tom Hanks Is a National Treasure via
Steve Martin is helping Canada rediscover Lawren Harris as more than a 'National Treasure'
a big reason I loved National Treasure so much was bc Justin Bartha was so cute so I guess I should thank him for my history degree
1) This situation is fubar and 2) is on track to National Treasure status
is a *** national treasure. Keep up the good work we are with you
John Lewis is a national treasure. Thank you sir. Give us a vote!
Gilbert arenas is a national treasure.
Sadly I am too young to remember M. Lecavalier but a national treasure!
Stars are blind by Paris Hilton needs to be recognized as the national treasure it is.
.is a national treasure. Proud of her service for Illinois!
who remembers Benjamin franklins bifocals in National Treasure 2
My recent trip to upper peninsula was a beautiful reminder of how much of a national treasure it is. https…
Watch: While visiting today with Joe, Carter called Crane a "national treasure."
First episode of Any Given Wednesday was solid. Charles Barkley is a national treasure.
Gotta love the LEADERS of this country, like John Lewis, a national treasure.
We'll make sure our own national treasure receives your amazing shout-out!
An f'n national treasure. He deserves way more love than he gets.
This is a hero. Thank you sir. You are a national treasure.
On the first commercial break for and may the lord watch over Bronte and protect her she is a national treasure
This man is honestly a national treasure
Matsumoto Castle,Japan's oldest castle-National Treasure with 400 years of history. Photo by satoko518 via Instagram https…
Charles Barkley is a national treasure
The people who call into are a national treasure
America’s natural heritage is a national treasure. has made protecting it a priority: https:…
Aztec Medallion shot instantly and another without winning a match but I'm the bad guy? Wake up people I'm a national treasure!
Agree with him or not on this issue, John Lewis is a national treasure.
Mindy Kaling Is a National Treasure on Instagram (and in Life), and Here's Why
Mr Ryan is and always be a National Treasure. You on the other hand will always be a National Disgrace.
Strongly condemn attack on famed qawwal 2lose our dearest national treasure who sang for the love…
Bob Dylan is also a national treasure and I love him dearly. I can't understand a single thing he is saying.
Clifton Powell is a national treasure!!!
Let's be real: is a national treasure.
JR Smith has hit Nic Cage'ian levels of being a National Treasure. Still wearing his game shorts from game 7.
.isn't just a national treasure and a magnificent statesman. He is one heck of a man.
a fun cr1tikal fact: he had bad ocd when he was younger and watched National Treasure every single night before bed for 2 years
I was going 2 go 2 sleep but National Treasure is on so..
National Treasure & National Treasure 2 will forever be my movie .
Why is National Treasure more than 2 hours long?
Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. Anyone that thinks Brian Spanner is a "National Treasure" in an enemy in my book
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Half Priced Books literally has so much for so cheap. Place is a National Treasure
Started watching The Librarians, which seems like a cross between National Treasure and David Tennant-era Doctor Who.
Ah, Mrs. Mollie (Hemingway, you are indeed a National Treasure:
Isn't that National Treasure thesp Sir Timothy Spall in the middle?
Tomorrow is my final day which means I'll spend those two weeks watching 90's X-Men, National Treasure films, Empire and Jane The Virgin
Would you be interested in America's original National Treasure, The Lost Silver Mines of John Swift.
Just read Tom Verducci's piece in this week's on the great Vin Scully. Job well done on America's National Treasure
Sheridan is a National Treasure. is a National expense. Go
Funniest part of the review. "You remind me of that guy from National Treasure!". "I remind you of Nicholas Cage??"
.has been named a "National Treasure," 1 of only 2 HBCUs with that designation in the country
Bobby Knight is a NO BS, NON PC Leader. If Knight had experience in Politics, I would say he'd be a great VP pick. National Treasure
Our movie this week is National Treasure. Get ready for bad history, bad acting, and bad impressions of Nick Cage
Matt Bomer and Simon Halls should be declared as a National Treasure.
watching National Treasure and freaking out cuz satan is in it and literally arresting Ben Gates
Harry Belafonte is a National Treasure. Anyone who hates his music is a horrible person.
Hamilton Collection
FUN FACT - People care more about National Treasure with Nicholas Cage than they do about finding a cure for cancer:
I watched Mr. Right again. Nicholas Cage should be looking for you because you are a National Treasure! :-p
After walking the Freedom Trail for 5 hours, I don't think I have a choice but to watch National Treasure. Hallooo Nicholas Cage 🙋🔔🇺🇸
I’m mostly cool with his work. Check out Trevor Rabin. He did Glory Road, Remember the Titans, National Treasure
I think you're thinking of Nicolas Cage. He's in National Treasure.
One man's national trash is another man's National Treasure starring Nicolas Cage
I totally thought this was an Onion article.
Wertham's Originals. You're a damned national treasure (and also probably corrupting our youth).
Magic! Exactly what's needed in this Congress: GOP chairman introduces bill recognizing magic as ‘national treasure’
Happy Day! Let's celebrate this national treasure and global icon today.
In a rare move to help the desperate cause, calls on for assistance
Disappointed that "it helps explain your budget math!" isn't cited in bill to recognize magic as a national treasure
Ms. Martin u shld be declared a national treasure.
Muggle congressmen want magic named US national treasure.
imagine the farts in that couch. Its a national treasure.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
House of Representatives bill would recognize magic as a "rare and valuable art form."
All jokes aside, the Nigerian movie industry or Nollywood as its called is a national treasure.
'Least now I know that all I need to do is become a self-entitled, blue-blooded pisswit in order to be a 'National Treasure'
introduces bill to recognize magic as national treasure. Uh, guys.
because Joanna Lumley wants it duh. And she's a bloody national treasure!
Texas congressman wants magic to be recognized as a national treasure
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