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National Security Council

A National Security Council (NSC) is usually an executive branch governmental body responsible for coordinating policy on national security issues and advising chief executives on matters related to national security.

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Remember, Steve Bannon is on the National Security Council, makin' him a "Top Intelligence Official.".
Steve Bannon has no place on the National Security Council. Tell your Senators to support the bill to stop him.
Presidential Memorandum Organization of the National Security Council and the big jobs push back into the U.S.! How Trump Won--And
Mike Flynn may no longer be able to attend National Security Council meetings, but Steve Bannon will, so that’s fun.
“Irony” is when the National Security Council needs to use encrypted comms because it doesn’t trust the executive b…
There are many contenders for Most Alarming Paragraph in report tonight on the National Security Council. Here's…
Jesus. Radical ideologue Stephen Miller was recently allowed to *chair* a meeting of the National Security Council. http…
Formidable: mi Turmoil at the National Security Council, From … see more
Dumbing down of the Presidency; reversion to photos and graphs Turmoil at the National Security Council
Michael Flynn just appointed a Peter Thiel associate to senior National Security Council staff
Former NSC member Michael G. Mullen opposes role in National Security Council, enlightens on its purpose:.
ACTION NEEDED: Help us kick Steve Bannon off the National Security Council:
Michael Mullen, former chairman of Joint Chiefs of staff: Bannon doesn’t belong on the National Security Council.
Michael G. Mullen: I was on the National Security Council. Stephen K. Bannon doesn't belong there
Your nightmare: Steve Bannon is on the National Security Council. Sign the petition to remove him. Get rid of him!
Admiral Michael Mullen says Steve Bannon has no business being on National Security Council.
Do write Congress to support this legislation that will clarify the membership of the National Security Council:.
Bannon now on National Security Council - Does a person w/ beliefs such as this belong there? TIME TO ACT NOW! How…
Donald Trump was not fully aware he signed an executive order putting Steve Bannon on the National Security Council http…
Trump signed EO putting Bannon on National Security Council without realizing what he was signing. Now mad at Bannon https:/…
Trump wasn't fully briefed on an executive order he signed giving Bannon a seat on the National Security Council
While you guys were all watching "football", Terry Bradshaw was given a seat on the National Security Council
Call the Senate Committee on Homeland Security and tell them Steven Bannon doesn't belong on the National Security Council.…
The Homeland Security Committee can block Bannon from the National Security Council. Call now. It takes 1 minute. 202-224-475…
Clue for you: It's called National Security Council. Guess it's too much for you to decipher.
In surprise move announces has named Frederick Douglass to National Security Council. https:/…
just gave a a top seat in the National Security Council.
Trump team building a wall inside National Security Council
Rep Murphy files bill that would remove Stephen Bannon from National Security Council - ask your reps to support!
I mean, just for a second, imagine if Obama had kicked the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs off the National Security Council.
A reasonable question: Why not Bannon on the National Security Council?
Donald Trump is freezing out National Security Council experts: report
if you support my bill that would require to depoliticize the National Security Council and put national secu…
Dem offers bill to remove Bannon from National Security Council
Must Read: The danger of Steve Bannon on the National Security Council.
I cosponsored bill bc the National Security Council should focus on natl security, not Steve Bannon's po…
America, meet Steve Bannon, your new National Security Council member: "Darkness is good. *** Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That's power."
Now talking with Welch about Steve Bannon being put on the National Security Council. Listen in here:
DO NOT ALLOW Bannon to be on the National Security Council. (Your VM and email are full...)
Dem bill would remove Bannon from National Security Council:
Stephen Bannon's elevation to National Security Council sends shock waves in Washington.
"Mr. Trump took the unprecedented step of naming Mr. Bannon to the National Security Council..."
Bannon will sit alongside the secretaries of state, Treasury, defense and energy at the National Security Council
.Language in Trump's National Security Council memo is "identical" to Obama's, Bush's ht…
Me: And now Bannon, a white nationalist, is on the National Security Council? Where does it end??. Girl Scout: so no cooki…
Pay attention: Bannon has set up a "shadow NSC" within the National Security Council that leaves no paper trail. https:…
We need experienced people who will protect our country on the National Security Council, not an extreme right-wing politic…
Trump gives Steve Bannon a seat on the National Security Council
Scary, belligerent, Islamophobic, anti-Semitic, racist, now member of the National Security Council.
How Steve Bannon went from Breitbart to a seat on the National Security Council
Political strategists have never before participated in National Security Council principals meetings, because...
Membership of National Security Council is crucial to peace &should b based on bipartisan governing NOT campaigning. https:/…
National Security Council orders and appointments raise concerns
Sanders: Bannon must be removed from National Security Council
Putting Steve Bannon, an extreme right-wing operative, on the National Security Council is dangerous and he should be re…
Steve Bannon: Right hand of the President, member of National Security Council and now Supreme Court Justice?? Could happen
Former Defense Secretary Robert Gates: 'Big Mistake' for Trump to Exclude Members of National Security Council -
Former Defense Sec. Robert Gates: It was a "big mistake" for Trump to exclude members of National Security Council
Pres Trump politicizing the National Security Council is frightening. Steve Bannon doesn’t belong in the White House, le…
Bannon to National Security Council...yikes!. I fully expect his Supreme Court Nom to be Judge Reinhold. .
Steve Bannon sitting on the National Security Council is dangerous and unprecedented. He must be removed.
DON"T OVERLOOK: Trump restructured the National Security Council to make a permanent seat for Steve Bannon. Horrific ne…
Bannon is on the National Security Council! What is the last straw Ryan and McConnell are looking for, Kellyanne on the Supreme…
Scarier and scarier. Trump has reorganized the National Security Council by elevating his chief political...
just made a sweeping, unprecedented change to the National Security Council appointing the Nazi Bannon.
Trump Administration defends the role of senior strategist teve Bannon on National Security Council
NO. 9/11 is controlled demolition Top foreign pol officials go after Trump for National Security Council changes by
Thought wasn't your real Pres? Think again. Trump signs order to revamp National Security Council
Trump gives Stephen Bannon access to the National Security Council
Donald Trump adds his pet Nazi Steve Bannon to National Security Council, removes Chairman of Joint Chiefs
POTUS signed an order this afternoon which removed the Director of National Intelligence from National Security Council + added…
Steve Bannon given access to National Security Council? Please tell me the Dems are working on something or h…
Trump adds top political advisor while removing Chairman of the Joint Chief of Staff? Are you kidding me?
This is the Bannon administration. He’s the one writing Trump’s EOs, and he has a permanent spot on Trump’s National Sec…
Hi. A frigging white supremacist now sits on the National Security Council. That is all.
Don't let your outrage distract you from a deeper move:
The editor of a tiny racist website for the National Security Council? I don't think so.
In case you missed it -- Shuffles National Security Council, adds Steve
one would think DNI and Chairman of Joint Chiefs should be permanent members of the National Security Council, but apparent…
Trump made holocaust denier head of National Security Council. Am I reading this right?
And now Bannon is on US National Security Council More policies made to divide, more chaos likel…
With all that's going around don't forget that has appointed a dangerous bigot to the national Security Council
Tiny Hands replaced the Director of Nat'l Intelligence and Joint Chiefs Chairman on National Security Council w/ Steve Bann…
Steve Bannon replaced the head of the US military at the National Security Council. If that doesn't make you concerned…
Let me repeat. There is now a confirmed anti-Semitic, white supremacist, neo-Nazi on the National Security Council.
White supremacist Steve Bannon and Trump's son-in-law Jared Kushner now sit on the National Security Council. Pay atte…
Not a joke. The President of Breitbart put himself on the National Security Council & removed the Joint Chiefs and Director…
Deeply disturbing. . Trump & Bannon are removing essential voices of reason from the National Security Council via Executive…
Trump has purged the National Security Council of dissent and added Steve Bannon. If this doesn't frighten you, hit yoursel…
New memo establishes Steve Bannon as member of the National Security Council’s Principals Committee, typically off limits to…
If true, new Trump configuration will mean that no uniformed officer will be at some of his National SECURITY Council meetings.…
Steve Bannon replaces the head of the US military at National Security Council.
LOL, ok now it really gets crazy! Steve "Breitbart" Bannon is now in the Principals Committee of National Security Council! HA! ***
Trump has elevated a promoter of white nationalists over the JCS chairman & DNI within the National Security Council. Who…
While Chair of Joint Chiefs & director of national intel given limited access to Nat Security Council meetings, Bannon…
To reiterate, the Joint Chiefs of Staff have been removed from the National Security Council and replaced with a white nati…
was not avail so added white nationalist to National Security Council.
Steve Bannon, a Nazi, is now in the National Security Council, while the Joint Chiefs of Staff is out. Let that sink in.
Political operatives including Bannon and now on principal committees of NSC.
Trump put a Nazi in charge of the National Security Council.
The editor of Breitbart is now in charge of our National Security Council. And you thought I was being dramatic all this time.
The man who boasted about building "the platform" for white supremacists is now on the National Security Council
Steve Bannon is now on the National Security Council Principals Committee, equal status to the Secretaries of State and Defe…
President Trump has restructured the National Security Council to include Steve Bannon, his chief strategist
The Breitbart publisher is making American immigration policy. Also, he just got named to the National Security Council.
Trump looked at the National Security Council & decided: I need less Intelligence & more white supremacists
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Trump just kicked the Joint Chiefs out of the National Security Council.
This may the scariest news today. A white nationalist now is higher ranked on the National Security Council than intel or Join…
Steve Bannon is replacing the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs on the National Security Council. Say that out loud. https:/…
Is it normal to remove the Chairmain of the Joint Chiefs and Intelligence from the National Security Council? That see…
Trump took the Joint Chiefs of Staff off the National Security Council and replace them with a guy who ran a neo-nazi con…
How long will the Pentagon put up with Chairman of Joint Chiefs being tossed from National Security Council in favor of Bann…
Bannon being added to National Security Council. Joint Chiefs of Staff and Director of National Intelligence removed
Bannon steps into regular mtgs in National Security Council, chair of Joint Chiefs of Staff & dir. of nat'l intel pushed…
Steve Bannon replaces head of U.S. military at National Security Council...hello??!! Is this thing on!???
We need Black Widow to infiltrate the National Security Council and take out Steve Bannon.
When I first saw Monica Crowley yammering out of her pie hole on Fox News, I thought "that's National Security Council mater…
So of course his hagiographer, Monica Crowley, will be part of Trump's National Security Council.
“The fear of direct military conflict is real,” Shamila Chaudhary, a former Pakistan director at the U.S. National Security Council said.
DJT selects Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg as Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary of the National Security Council. Congrats…
Report: National Security Council facing staff exodus due to concerns over Michael Flynn:
DJT selects Dr. Monica Crowley as Senior Director of Strategic Communications for the National Security Council. Cong…
Fox News analyst Monica Crowley, who Trump just appointed to the National Security Council. Oct. 5, 2015.
Monica Crowley, who will be in Trump's National Security Council, said the refugee crisis was actually jihad
Monica Crowley to do strategic communications for National Security Council, I'm told. Will work with Mike Flynn & lon…
Lt. Gen. Keith Kellogg and Dr. Monica Crowley to join National Security Council team.
EXCLUSIVE: Trump to name Fox News' Monica Crowley director of strategic communications for National Security Council https:…
The case for giving U.S. development institutions a seat at the National Security Council.
Photo: President Obama makes a point during the National Security Council meeting on Counter-ISIL that he convened… https…
At one point, under GWB, National Security Council spox would listen to call and *race* to release readout first.
FM receives the Deputy Adviser to the United Kingdom’s National Security Council
Little optimism as US considers next steps in Syria. President Barack Obama convened Friday a meeting of his Nat
Grateful for fruitful mtngs with Indian national security council sec. and think tanks over 2 days
1h. We have developed a National Action Plan (NAP) for implementing the Resolution 1325 of the UN Security Council...
we knew.” 401. One official in the National Security Council suggested: “… setting out convincing arguments as to why Saddam
Constitutionally , there should be National Security Council headed by President, with PM and services chiefs as members
This is an *** commission, is it aware of the composition of the national security Council or KRA commissioners etc etc
I agree. Time for the President to convene the National Security Council or the NSC anew.
In Feb 2016, the Ukrainian gov't adopted a national plan of action for implementing security council, resolutions for UNSCR1325
I strongly recommend that the President convene the National Security Council from Blogbot for Blogger
Hmm I wonder what rest of the members of Trump's national security advisory council have to say?
Amy Pope, National Security Council impact of Arctic on US tremendous
Congress isn't part of National Security Council making foreign policy decisions in real time.
2/2 Shamkhani, the Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council & frmr Def Min under is Iran's highest-ranking Arab official
In my reckoning if he had not gone and convened a meeting of the National Security Council that would have been news.
In 1951 the National Security Council said, machines can't do better than human. Funny thing ...
ISLAMABAD: The Council of Pakistan Newspapers Editors (CPNE) has resolved to defend the supremacy of the...
Abdurashid Dostum accuses National Security Council of his recent convoy attack!
The National Security Council is hard at work to fix the IC and USM! Unclassified press briefings to be released soon.
Inside the White House | What is the role of the United States National Security Council?
I understand that Obama has increased the power of the National Security Council exponentially…
Despite UN Security Council resolution 1325 in 2000 as of August 2015 only 22% of all national parliamentarians were female
Check out the National Council on Aging’s 22 Senior Scams You Must Know and Avoid:
Seems to show a reversion to traditional patterns e.g. small National Security Council
Statement by Spokesperson on National Security Advisor Meet... - RT/mj
could someone list for me the names of members sitting in the Kenya National Security Council.
The National Judicial Council and the Nigerian Bar Association differs on the arrest of judges by the Department of Security Services
The U.S. National Security Council has demanded that Russia and Iran cease supporting the Syrian government due...
Washington’s, U.N. Security Council resolution calling for the resignation of . Huma Abedin force out…
or there will be no meeting of national security council . as PM and his cabinet are not reliable at all
Gee!! HOW AWFUL! Call out the national guard!!! Convene the UN Security Council, this must be STOPPED!!
U.S. National Security Council demands that Russia and Iran cease supporting Syrian government
diversions and heavy in ahead of Awami League’s National Council on October 22n…
This day in history. 1961. JFK's national security council, meeting on the Vietnamese problem, decided on stir fried d…
Head of National Security council says is now focus of attacks, positions there hit by 3000 sh…
How about top 5 ranked rule of law countries every yr are designated UN National Security Council members
Little Giant Ladders
conjunction of terrorism and WMD. But the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy. The NSC [National Secu…
National Security Council spokesman says US cooperation with the Saudi-led coalition in Yemen is “not a blank check” http…
Spokesperson for US National Security Council speaks out on funeral strike. Is the official tune finally changing?
As expected, Turkey's National Security Council will propose extending the state of emergency introduced after the failed…
Turkey's National Security Council (MGK) led by President Erdogan advises Govt to extend emergency rule already in its 3rd…
Robert Gates:"served for 26 years in the CIA and the National Security Council, and was Dir of Central Intelligence"
Past and present presidents meet in Malacañang Palace for National Security Council.
All living former Presidents back in the Palace for the National Security Council meeting.
180-degree view of the ongoing National Security Council meeting inside Malacañan (Photo: Palace) | https…
5 Presidents at the National Security Council meeting in Malacañan. . (Official Palace photo)
Pleasure to attend my 1st meetings of Cabinet & National Security Council as Foreign Secretary https:/…
National Security Council held an emergency meeting chaired by Abadi: [size…
Oliver Letwin as Chancellor of Duchy of Lancaster headed the National Security Council ctee on implement'n of national security strategy...
Jesus Christ: George W Bush attended no meetings of the National Security Council in the 7 months prior to 9/11
Pres.chaired the National Security Council (meeting this afternoon in ARG. (1/4)
The Rhodes echo chamber should lead to National Security Council reform, says me & |
Chairman of the House Armed Services Committee filed a proposal to reform the National Security Council
Here is irrefutable evidence in the language used by National Security Council members in blatant defiance of LBJ.
From a junior staffer of his staunchest critic, to an analyst at his National Security Council,…
LMAO.. Heidi Suzanne Cruz served in the Bush White House as the economic director at the National Security Council
Mr. Harris joins AFC after serving four years at the U.S. National Security Council at the White House in...
Republicans to take aim at the National Security Council
National Security Council directives described aim of US foreign policy as a world made over in US's own image;
President Obama concludes a National Security Council meeting before his trip to SA, the UK & Germany - Pete Souza
House bill would subject National Security Council discussions to FOIA
A pretty good article on how the next administration can improve the effectiveness of the National Security Council:
Bill would make National Security Council subject to again
documentary about Pakistan. Produced in 1971 by the National Security Council and the CIA.. from khawar naeem...
We were honored to host for today’s National Security Council meeting on countering CC
Now reading -->> Memo to a New President: How Best to Organize the National Security Council
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
DIA document sent to Panetta, Joint Chiefs of Staff and National Security Council. ON 9-12-12.
When your National Security Council group gets bored and photoshops your foreign policy professor with Obama...9x
The National Security act of 1947 created the Department of Defense, National Security Council, & the Central Intelligence Agency
"Reagan cut short his California vacation and called a National Security Council meeting in Washington"
Obama wants to appoint him to his National Security Council or Homeland Security. Because of his expertise. And faith
At the National Security Council. North Korean missile launch, a clear breach of UN resolution, is unacceptable threat to Ja…
Lying was a GWBush admin insider, working at the Federal Trade Commission, his wife for the National Security Council
White House names John Morton new adviser to at National Security Council
Former czar calling for a pandemic response directorate within the National Security Council!
(1/2) This is the Director at Council for Emerging National Security Affairs!
. US National Security Council "Iran does not exert command and control over the Houthis in Yemen."[346] wiki
"Sending troops to is detrimental in the absence of government's request," says Iran's Secretary of Supreme National Security Council
Govt Minister in today's Times refers to LA "foreign policies" undermining National security
Under the patronage of H.H. Sheikh Hazza bin Zayed Al Nahyan, National Security Advisor Vice Chairman of the Abu Dhabi Executive Council
Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council Ali Shamkhani said on Thursday.
The Infamous Memorandum 200. Under Kissinger’s aegis, the National Security Council submitted the so-called...
Canada will seek a United Nations security council seat, Trudeau says after meeting
More popcorn eating going on at Ukraine's National Security and Defence Council. Every asset Russia uses for Syria is one less for Donbas
If it's True Hedi Cruz. Works for Council of Foreign Relations. She's truly a National Security THREAT
And Damon Wilson, former European affairs director at the national security council under George Bush, is also right. 1/2
Larry Korb, once director of national security studies at the Council on Foreign Relations, etc., disagrees
Memo given to National Security Council Secretariat Seriously... There is no excuse for police to back off.
On Thursday the committee will interview Erin Pelton, former communications director to the US Mission to the UN & Natio…
Igor Ivanov: How can we ensure national in the 21 century? Is neutralist policy already outdated?
Really like but must vote Teds wife is tied 2 Goldman & served on National Security Council under Bush; how'd that work out.?
Iran's Sec of Supreme National Security Council: GOP attempted to delay release of US hostages until US election
:cc: neighbor's will soon understand foreign policy is set by National sec…
Bernie a pacifist lecturing Hillary Clinton who as Sec of State was on the National Security Council on dealing with our enemies
what do u mean? The Secretary of State is on the Presidents "National Security Council".
2.11.16 - The Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC), Ali Shamkhani; “In the course of the...
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Given 1980 history, this is quite a claim from head of Iran’s National Security Council: https:…
that's a direct quote from Sec of Iran's Supreme National Security Council. Google it. More is popping up.
Listed also is Clinton confidant Gayle Smith (who now serves on Obama's National Security Council)
wish our National Security Council in PMO brings NCIIPC, NCCC, NTRO led centers/warrooms to one umbrella + MoD/CYBERCOM
PM: NSC will help gov’t deal effectively with terror threat: Najib Razak says the National Security Council ha...
Bruce Riedel, who worked in National Security Council of the White House said the Pathankot attack is design…
As well as Heidi being Condi Rice's Economic Adviser to the National Security Council.
With U.S. Consulate General Matthias Mittman. Formerly National Security Council, where he served as Director for...
The UN Security Council gave its backing Wednesday to the new national unity government in embattled Libya, a move it hopes will help stem
security council endorse an agreement between rival Libyan political factions to form a government of national unity.
UN Security Council adopts resolution 2259 in support of Libyan Government of National Unity. May the rebuilding process commence
NSC Bill greatest security disservice to Malaysia when it should unite nation to defeat ISIS terrorists...
UN Security Council has announced that the UN-brokered government of national accord is only legitimate Libya government.
UN Security Council recognises new Libyan Government of National Accord. New Government, new chapter for Lets see what it can do.
1/3 UN Security Council resolution welcomes signature of political agreement to form a Government of National Accord in
The Security Council unanimously supported the formation of a national unity government in agreement
UN Security Council adopts Resolution 2259 unanimously backing agreement & Government of National Accord to bring peace to
UN Security Council adopts resol. 2259 for Skhirat agreement & national accord government : timely in light of security challenges
mbr how about a comment on the CFR Media Connection? …
the Security council adopts unanimously resolution 2259 in support to the Skhirat agreement and the government of na…
Why does the UN Security Council ignore the largest bar? Blindness? Or "national interest"?
DTN Israel: 'Israel is fighting terror the right way': Ex-National Security Council deputy head compares terro...
Obama to convene National Security Council before leaving for G20 US President Barack Oba…
Arutz7: State to intervene in anti-Israel sports boycotts: PM orders National Security Council to dire...
Did you know Michael Hastings wife was a Bush Speechwriter and Director of Communications as the National Security Council?
David Cameron described as a threat to national security by the BCP British Council of Pigs
SBE Council is championing National Awareness Month. No is too small for the bad guys.
For the first time Secretary General is to participate in National Security Council of Ukraine meeting in
He Kept Dutton as Immigration Minister&Put Morrison on the National a Security Council
…ate Counsel to the President and Legal Advisor, National Security Council; Memorandum for the Record… (p 316)
Martirosyan said the Council of National Security of has a very strong pressure on citizens and can make them give any testimon
"after returning to they said that they feared. to go out. All of these are acts of the National Security Council". Martirosyan
Gov't refutes biting criticisms of decision-making by National Security Council:
well, Berlin Airlift, formed National Security Council, hmmm that's all I got.
… Detainees.) (3) CIA briefings for members of the National Security Council in July and September 20… (p 304)
U.S. Citizens Released in Yemen: The following statement was provided by Ned Price, National Security Council ...
Internet governance is now the mandate of the National Security Council Secretariat, good story by
national security council, ICANN board, US Govt...risky to mandate netgov to any one body Leon!! (couldn't resist)
,PMN thanks the people at the National Security Council, the Foreign Ministry and the Atomic Energy Commission
Cameron deemed Labour and Jezza a 'risk to national security' until he joined the privy council and will also be security b…
PM has slightly expanded the National Security Council of Cabinet.
Senator moves into defence - the first woman in the job, and into National Security Council
We are appalled by a blatantly 1-sided Security Council statement regarding tensions in
The Queen makes Corbyn member of the privy council and privy to state secrets, so does that make the Queen a threat to …
This US National Security Council paper is the antithesis of what the Indian govt is recommending.
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WaPo publishes leaked National Security Council paper on strategic approaches to encryption
If you're writing about encryption, you should read the U.S. National Security Council paper. http:…
What about the CENTCOM commander? or a functional National Security Council?
President Ghani assessed security condition of the country in the National Security Council meeting.
Metro Detroiters chat at Southfield synagogue tonight about Iran Deal with Paul Irwin of National Security Council.
Turkey's National Security Council calls for safety zone in Syria to resolve refugee crisis.
Turkey resolute in achieving Syrian peace: Turkey’s National Security Council has emphasized the government’s ...
National Security Council no major incident reported on Sunday’s expedition: Yesterday the National Security C...
a spokesman for the White House's National Security Council, said the U.S. is taking the allegations "very seriously"
A National Security Council official on Tuesday proposed that the National Intelligence Coordinating Agency (NICA)...
the National Security Council, the Central Intelligence Agency and the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
Labour leader Harriet Harman invited to National Security Council meeting by Prime Minister.
Re-upping new report on reforming National Security Council, by Dafna Rand & me.
RN and HAK take control: How decision making moved into the READ:
"The resort to force, internally or externally, is therefore a last resort for a free society.". ~ National Security Council Paper 68, 1950
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"For the free society does not fear, it welcomes, diversity.". ~ National Security Council Paper 68, 31 January 1950
Report of the National Security Council on the situation in the zone of the for June 15
it wud help if the UN Security Council supported AU initiatives..but national interests seem more prime than international justice
- cooperation has helped "contain terrorism in ," Ali Shamkhani, secretary of Iran's Supreme National Security Council
s step towards Minister . approves a govt proposal-allow women watch games .
21. The National Security Council and CIA entertained the option of a coup and eliminating him if necessary.
Bernadette Meehan, a spokeswoman for the National Security Council, the New York Post reported. Read more at
Abbott's politicisation of everything has infected the National Security Council. Abbott has compromised Nat'l security
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