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National Rifle Association

The National Rifle Association of America (NRA) is an American non-profit 501(c)(4) lobbying group that advocates for the protection of the Second Amendment of the United States Bill of Rights, and the promotion of firearm ownership rights as well as marksmanship, firearm safety, and the protection of hunting and self-defense in the United States.

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These nuts are a threat to public safety. . Remarks by President Trump at the National Rifle Association
Donald Trump, you want to end gang violence on our streets! Do not continue on your knees sucking…
The National Rifle Association are the gun nuts of the world. Cecil Andrus
Gary L Anderson worked at the National Rifle Association where he served as Executive…
The NRA’s Cynical Campaign on Domestic Violence. In a National Rifle Association video targeted to women,...
The solution to undesired males in the nest is at best, most hopeless. Besides police, who can we turn to? The Nati…
The National Rifle Association is a national organization? Please, go on.
Hillary loves me this i know. The national rifle association should recieve AND GIVE forgiveness. Love me.
"I'm the National Rifle Association of America. Freedom's safest place"
The NRA is supposed to be the National Rifle Association not The National Repeat Action and Sub Machine Gun Association!
Flowers. Peace and goodness... The national rifle association don't even get it anymore. Love man, love love love.
Dr. Goebbels himself would struggle to better this from America's National Rifle Association .
but note the NRA is called the national rifle when u use a name that implies n…
A solid write up on the relationship between the NRA And Blacks…
NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION is about to send out Donald Trump!
Did you know that White Jesus is a member of the National Rifle Association?
"The Bass Pro Shops/National Rifle Association night race from Bristol, TN." Reckon that's as 🇺🇸 as it gets.
Ok, prepare yourself before you watch this National Rifle Association ad. But do watch it. We have to know.
Another court win for the NRA - National Rifle Association of America! . Follow NRA Members' Councils of...
NPRA® National Poverty Rifle Association for $ of a cup of coffee you can help buy a migrant worker's sidearm and license. Change our world
Not too sure the National Rifle Association has strong ethical concerns about sideline bigotry and whit…
No Sir- not racist. Just planning to defend ourselves. If you were a member of the National Rifle A…
RW: In early April, the National Rifle Association published toYouTubeand its video hub, NRATV, a lacerating monologue about the New...
Flowers. Peace and goodness... The national rifle association has no love in their bodies.
Who are you to judge me? The national rifle association is ignoraent. Who agrees?
Michael Luo, The New YorkerIn early April, the National Rifle Association published to YouTube and its video hub,...
1st our National Rifle Association is a"domestic security threat"Now our is a Racist. I won't ti…
Seriously? National Rifle Association implicitly&explicitly calls for more gun purchases. Why you lyin', girl? You're the new face of death!
National Rifle Association of America (for whites) I think y'all forgot that last part
Wayne Anthony Ross is a "He is a former vice president of the National Rifle Association and currently is a…
Perfect, we will go with national rifle association.
Shame: Wear that "A" from the National Rifle Association Around Your Neck!. Virginia voters want a sane gun safety p…
Ku Klux Klan was banned in 1871. The National Rifle Association was founded in 1871.
Racist TV host for NRA TV ( National Rifle Association- the lobbying group that protects the profits of the gun...
Black Lives Matter responds to chilling National Rifle Association video that was seen as an 'open call to violence'
Photo booth: rinsed. Elephants included. @ National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom
America's greatest threats are guns, the National Rifle Association, and fearmongers like Wayne and Trump.…
Sponsored by the National Rifle Association. Standing up, where the impotent could not, since 1871.
The National Rifle Association of America is getting bolder with their new ad, calling for justice against the...
The national rifle association needs to remind the president who helped him get elected.
Ya man crush a Christian and a national rifle association member.
that's deliberate no doubt, it establishes a link to The Right. What's next: National Rifle Associatio…
The National Rifle Association forever. Just one of the many radical right wing messages…
It's time for a New Rifle Assosiation. The National Sports Rifle Association. The NRA has lost it's Marbles!
Obama wins the National Rifle Association award for stimulating more gun sales in the U.S. than any other president in re…
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The National Rifle Association of America is becoming a terrorist organization. This is criminal!
A group attempting to convince Americans that a National Rifle Association advertisement was a "dire
Question: In the recently concluded Indian National Rifle Association elections, who was re-elected the President...
Buoyed by soaring gun sales and a White House supportive of its efforts, the National Rifle Association has...
The National Rifle Association is calling for violence against journalists and liberals.
"We have no interest in taking away everyone’s guns, as the National Rifle Association and other fearmongers like t…
The National Rifle Association is in unmistakable racist hate group territory.
The national rifle association is a very sad being.
“Wrong, Congressman Beyer. Self-Defense is a Right Shared by all Law-Abiding Americans” by
This congressman trashed national carry reciprocity. He couldn't be more wrong.
This week's dives into how the National Rifle Association of America is for &...
Torshin, and his assistant Maria Butina, have used their affiliation with the National Rifle Association to court...
Agreed. Al Gore does not end with "I'm the National Rifle Association of America..." bu…
"At long last, someone from the National Rifle Association has spoken up about Philando Castile. Sort of."
The Los Angeles chapter of Black Lives Matter (BLM-LA) is demanding the National Rifle Association (NRA) pull two...
"The meat industry has got all the money of Big Tobacco and Big Pharma, and it has the personality of the National Rifle Association"
NRA ad: 'Organized Anarchy' - In a new ad produced by the National Rifle Association of America, commentator Dom...
On this day in July 1860, National Rifle Association held its 1st Wimbledon gathering. Henry was 2nd, representing QERV with 17pts
Women’s March organizers to the National Rifle Association of America: “It is clear that your organization does...
re-elected National Rifle Association of India presidnt. India tops medal tally for 1st time in
It's called the National Rifle Association not the Woman's March Association who refuses to stand…
Check this out: NRAstore Giveaway Official Store of the National Rifle Association
We've seen Dana's scary side... but it's her sexy side that rakes in the infomercial money…
Beyond disgusting by the National Rifle Association As close to a declaration of war as I've ever seen.
This is why the Left would be insane to disarm.
National Rifle Association releasing video for civil war might want to make sure their members aren't involved in…
The first cut of this ad ended with "Hail Hydra!" but they decided to leave in a little subtlety.
National Rifle Association teaches gun safety. Guessing you don't know this, daft leftie.
I didn't call for anyone to be armed in a National RIFLE Association video 😂😂
It's a natural extension of the unchecked penchant for irresponsible promotion of unlimited weapons for all.
. You don't like our politics so you suggest shooting us? Is this still USA
National rifle association can't go any lower with their latest save
An advertisement for the National Rifle Association has become a flash point for partisan anger.
Never thought I'd have to consider owning a gun to protect my family from extremists. via
National Rifle Association (a lobbying group that protects gun manufacturers billions in profits) Issues Call for...
This comes dangerously close to NRA calling for violence against and gov't shut down of legitimate protesters.
The National Rifle Association just slammed the whiny far-left "Resist" movement & and I'm enjoying seeing them all…
Hey folks, let me tell you a story about the National Rifle Association's delegation to Moscow in Dec 2015: .
OMG! "Watch this recently released ad from the National Rifle Association, starring right-wing pundit Dana...
I'm no marketing guru, but selling the National RIFLE Association with the imagery of a clenched fist seems, well, counterintuitive.
Join the NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION. Because the 2A protects ALL of the other Amendments.
Whether NRA or else, this has been the norm, nothing new for people of conscience!
The NRA is now openly advocating that gun owners should kill liberals who protest.
I'm sorry rhetoric like this is irresponsible, doesn't help bring the country together & divides us further
The NRA are jackbooted, racist thugs who threaten mass violence to bully citizens into silence. Stand up to them.
If you're still a member of the NRA, you are a violent white supremacist. No excuses. No caveats.
New NRA ad is bigoted, divisive, and almost calls for violence: On the National Rifle Association’s (NRA’s)…
I see that the NRA is really upping their propaganda game. Good grief. . via
17thsoulja5. ・・・. While the National Rifle Association has never been much for nuanced…
This Viral National Rifle Association of America ad warns against “violent left,” attacks the 1st amendment then...
In the wake of Steve Scalise getting shot, we really need to tone down our rhetoric.
NRA ad: 'The Violence of Lies' - A National Rifle Association of America ad, narrated by conservative television...
"I didnt call for anyone to pick up arms. I just said they should join the Nationa…
Disgusting National Rifle Association ad appears to be 'an open call to violence'| https:/…
"This National Rifle Association ad is an open call to violence to protect white supremacy." https…
The NRA's new ad urges people to join to protect themselves against the "violent left". https:…
Waiting on the Southern Poverty Law Center to finally name the National Rifle Association of America a hate group.
So the National Rifle Association(NRA) has not come 2the defense or shown any support 4one of its former members Philando Castile
So the National Rifle Association of America picks "this guy" as their NRA Carry Guard representative. Mr.
Wonder how Steve Scalise feels about his "pro-gun stance" and "A+ rating from the National Rifle Association" now...
There is never an end to fantasy paranoia on the Right. . "Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association told...
Scott Meyer from National Rifle Association speaks, praises authors for vetting the bill and expresses support for bill
26. The National Organization for Marriage, the National Rifle Association and evangelist Billy Graham’s son Franklin repr…
National Rifle Association. Born out the embers of the klan
Most know JFK was a war hero. Few know he was a Life Member of the National Rifle Association (NRA).
National Rifle Association must reach out to the British People. They must be educated and armed in this New World. Please help them.
Getting some tips for Dox this weekend at the National Rifle Association at Bisley, UK
ICYMI: The National Rifle Association is suing the state of California over a law restricting magazine capacity...
Re today's report on child shootings: Here's how the NRA blocked a child gun access law in Tennessee:
How does the National Rifle Association turn the latest tragedy into a blame-the-victim effort? Easily
is the first sitting president since Ronald Reagan to address the National Rifle Association as he heads to their annu…
Sessions & Gorsuch were both National Rifle Association picks. Trump "owed" the NRA - they gave $30 million to his campaign!
National Republican Party as well as the National Rifle Association. When I go into a busines…
Trump assures National Rifle Association members they’ve got a friend in him at Atlanta convention
Fri, Apr. 28, 2017: Trump speaks at National Rifle Association, vows to “never infringe” on…
Thank you, LOU, Texans like Donald Trump and appreciate his support for THE NATIONAL RIFLE ASSOCIATION.…
U don't find it ironic that guns aren't allowed at the national rifle association? Hehe
Trump spoke before the National Rifle Association today. He said, ""There is no bigger A-hole than me." Everyone agreed.
The eight year assault on your Second Amendment freedoms has come to a crashing end-->
.spoke to the crowd at the Leadership Conference, taking about defending Second Amendment gun rights.
.told conference crowd, "I will never, ever infringe on the right of the people to keep and bear arms."
.'8-Year Assault on Your 2nd Amendment Freedoms Has Come to a Crashing End'.
The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a guy at the National Rifle Association headquarters shooting himself in the ***
An employee of the National Rifle Association was taken to a Virginia hospital after accidentally shooting himself. .
I think they cut the mustard. tods @ National Rifle Association of the United Kingdom
The national rifle association has small hands like trump. Gimme peace fam.
National Rifle Association employee accidentally shoots self at National…
The national rifle association loves to be wrong!
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That would be The National Rifle Association, not the National Relief Act of FDR for you morons on the left.
To my generation, The national rifle association doesn't see the obvious..
Where did the National Rifle Association begin, and how did it rise to hold the power it does now?
" appears Snapchat asked Everytown to pay a fee to ensure National Rifle Association ads wouldn’t be shown wit…
Porter: "The National Rifle Association is the largest law enforcement organization in this country." ???
Jim Porter of National Rifle Association up to speak for bill to eliminate need for permit to carry concealed weapon.
The problem with those noisy gun massacres. . . .
National Rifle Association (NRA) more truthful, . than the New York Times.
A video released by the National Rifle Association criticizes an ad released by the New York Times that aired du...
Read the response piece from a young Florida woman that ignored and refused to publish:
"Americans want to live!". Then stop shooting each other and go say something to the National Rifle Association...
An inflammatory statement about race attributed to a National Rifle Association official originated as...
Ah,this is it! National Rifle Association of USA also say,"Guns don't kill people! People kill people!" So no sense in lice…
has an A rating from NRA Heard he likes mail.
TODAY! Connecticut please vote Democrat Greg Cava of Roxbury over Berthel, R-Watertown. National Rifle Association is behi…
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NRA front and center at Trump SCOTUS meeting
The best article I've read in awhile... but I'm a little biased
National Rifle Association front and center at SCOTUS debate
seems a little embarrassed when he says, "National Rifle Association."
On 5/20/2016, Donald Trump was endorsed by the NRA and told them: "I will never let you down.".
Coward Paul Ryan is a tool for the National Rifle Association
Don't underestimate the ambition of local reps who may one day be governor or president. via
NRA Applauds Neil Gorsuch’s Nomination to the U.S. Supreme Court - via
Law Professor Explains Stand Your Ground. How accurate is the description? National Rifle Association
Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association sat to President Trump's left as he met with "SCOTUS groups," according to WH schedule.
. Seated with Wayne LaPierre of the National Rifle Association, a paid lobbyist! Why?
'The National Rifle Association has what it wanted: a supreme court nominee it views as a strong defender of gun rights.'
GREAT seeing Wayne LaPierre if the National Rifle Association sitting next to the President at the White House!
Surprise surprise. The National Rifle Association (NRA) applauds the nomination of Judge Neil Gorsuch.
NRA set to go on offense: The National Rifle Association (NRA) is about to go on offense after eight years……
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When the National Rifle Association of America is endorsing a candidate you might wanna run for cover.
wants to keep Americans safe. Why not start with rifle association. A few lives might be saved
Perhaps only when the National Rifle Association is declared a terrorist organisation?
My Republica - NRA planning to spend hefty amount for deploying volunteers via
He was endorsed by the NRA. In 2014, the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) officially endorsed Sessions, granting
The National Rifle Association endorsed Donald Trump earlier than any other nominee in its history and spent more than $26 m…
Political Action guide for Animal Issues! How to be a voice for animals! via
But he won't. Nobody will. They all live in fear of the National Rifle Association
Follow the top National Rifle Association stories for Jan 30 on our topical page:
This guide will show you how to activate your political animal for animals or whatever issue. via
Our voices and votes for animals are needed all the time—not just when we're in crisis. via
Trump could save more American lives by expelling the National Rifle Association.
National Rifle Association (NRA) members should be banned from travelling to UK and Europe with immediate effect.
Why does Trump never challenge that US National Rifle Association?
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I'm deeply considering becoming a life member of the NRA (National Rifle Association). Friends who are members, do you feel it's worth it?
Join me by becoming a member of the National Rifle Association:
“Quiet guns are easier to shoot,” the National Rifle Association says in its American Rifleman magazine. “Try it.”
When NRA Calls the Shots: Reasonable Killing of a Bo... via
2016 in review: The National Rifle Association spent on much on Trump-supporting ads in the presidential race?
is offering a discount to members of the National Rifle Association (NRA), which has many *** rights and...
The National Rifle Association did not cause the death of this child, Admit it and deal with the issues.
Via STAND UP FOR AMERICA. National Rifle Association. Your Second Amendment rights are not subject to the whims...
We have the ability to build safer guns. The NRA doesn... via
Liberty University Is Set to Make History with a New Second ... via
We have had your back since 1871. We are the
Check out this year's National Rifle Association gun of the year the Daniel Defense V7 model! .
SG Rifle Association expelled from national governing body In a media release on Saturday (Dec 10), the national ...
Obama Blames Rush Limbaugh and the NRA for Ruining ... via
Centuries ago, I was told The national rifle association can't transcend... Lame.
Obama blamed the “filters” like Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, and the National Rifle Association for disrupting his message…
Manchin is a member of the National Rifle Association
I AM the National Rifle Association of America and I AM freedoms safest place
Very good podcast by RnA Outdoors with our good friend Jason Quick of the National Rifle Association. Great...
Does that make Clinton and the Democrats hypocrites? Nugent is a board member of the National Rifle Association. H…
"The Threat to Public Safety if ‘Concealed Carry’ Goes National"The National Rifle Association is hoping a Republi…
The link is clear: stronger gun laws = lower rates of gun violence.
I think I may join the National Black Rifle Association as well.
Got knife? national RIFLE association NRA (not KNIFE) Are you proposing we give up our knives as…
Media jump the gun on Ohio State shooting that never hap... via
the National Rifle Association, the richest lobbying organization in the USA.
National Rifle Association sees chance to attack gun laws at state, federal levels
Babies, guns and Jesus.Republicans, their guns and their NRA: The National Rifle Association pushed for...
Open Carry at the 2016 NRA Annual Meeting in Louisville,... via
My National Rifle Association membership ID# was stolen and used to destroy our U.S.Constitution/U.S.Bill of Rights in legislation.
Shootings over Chicago holiday weekend: 8 dead, 62 wounded. Happy Thanksgiving from the National Rifle Association!.
The NRA is getting ambitious now that Donald Tr... via
"This is our historic moment to go on offense." CEO of the *National Rifle Association*, as things just keep getting terrifyingly worse.
You go girl you are the National Rifle Association
'Our moment to go on offense': NRA makes big plans for Trum... via
The GOP and the NRA are Preparing Pro Gun Bills for Pr... via
Stop following my account plz if you don't have love. The national rifle association doesn't see the obvious..
Remember this picture when you hear some politician brag about having the endorsement of the National Rifle Associatio…
Light, sun, moon, stars.. The national rifle association don't want me to succeed. Wow.
The bottom line is, the National Rifle Association, National Shooting Sports Foundation, firearms manufacturers...
I can't remember who once said that, The national rifle association may not be a good guy after all
King Harald will grant an audience to the Chief of Norwegian Joint Headquarters, then to the National Rifle Association of Norway.
National Rifle Association has an anti hillary commercial wonder why 🙄
The National Rifle Association thinks gun rights supporters and gun control advocates should vote on different days.
The real Despite the media's lies, we know who we are; proud Americans of all races, genders and ages…
The NRA ILA has become the top spender this cycle. Find out more about them here:
tell that to the National Rifle Association and you may get shot lol
if Trump wins you can change from National Rifle Association to National Russia Association
I'm the National Rifle Association of America and I'm freedom's safest place"
Our newest members of the National Rifle Association. Congratulations sons. # USA
And one of them was endorsed by the National Rifle Association...
Great job, National Rifle Association of America! Keep up the fight to protect individual rights against government oppression.
Can the National Rifle Association help Donald Trump win over women voters?.
OCTOBER is at the National Rifle Association 🇺🇸If you value ANY of your constitutional rights, you belon…
will accept the result, if he wins. Will his National Rifle Association guard polling stations to prevent rigging of election?
Interested to learn how suppressors work? Check out this fantastic article by the National Rifle Association.
"Gun fatalities in states w weaker laws are more than three times as high as in those states w tougher restrictions"
Kansas voters to decide hunting, fishing rights amendment: The National Rifle Association has s...
We agree with the National Rifle Association on this one! It is critical that we take a stand for freedom!
No, sir. Your National Rifle Association card does not count as an ID.
The NRA has blocked gun violence research for 20 years. ... via
Growing evidence that stricter gun laws reduce violence. article.
NRA-ILA | California: NRA & CRPA to Host FREE Webinar on Prop 63 on Tuesday, October 18th via
"The National Rifle Association endorsed Donald Trump". - Said Donald Trump, who refers to himself in the third person more often than Dole.
Latasha Dyer lost her daughter to an unsecured shotgun, & then lost a fight w/the NRA: via
The National Rifle Association (USA) thinks fairytales would have happier endings if there were more guns.
One TN lawmaker voted against a safe storage bill because “you want your NRA score to be as high as you can get it."
The evidence is clear: States with strongest gun laws (ranked by have lowest levels of gun violence. https…
Opposition levels new round of criticisms against Nevada’s ... via
Stronger firearms laws can reduce gun violence.
Hillary Clinton might issue an executive order on guns if elect... via
The NRA vigorously opposes legislation that would hold adults accountable when kids shoot someone.
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50% of U.S. population could soon be living in states with comprehensive background checks for gun purchases
By Richard Cowan WASHINGTON, Oct 7 (Reuters) - The National Rifle Association is on track for record spending this year on…
Limits on gun research hamper efforts to combat gun dea... via
Inquirer Editorial: Bill allowing the NRA to sue town... via
Missouri becomes first state to adopt ‘Stand Your Gro... via
Missouri joins states allowing concealed carry with... via
The NRA is Psyched About Missouri: Missouri is A-OK with the National Rifle Association…
This is why U.S. Grant established the National Rifle Association. Pay attention, BLM.
Live video of Jeb Bush speaking at the annual meeting of the National Rifle Association -
Who has been named as the Chairman of the National Rifle Association of India committee on Rio 2016 debacle?. (1)...
."I am going to save your Second Amendment, the National Rifle Association has endorsed me."
went to National Rifle Association dinner upstate New York, very interesting all raffle prizes were guns all shapes and size's amazing event
Congratulations, Weston Dunlap, on capturing your first National Rifle Association regional championship!
for sharing about national rifle association, have a great Monday :) (Want this 🆓? >>
Does Hillary Clinton think you shouldn't have guns for self-defense? We dig into the source of the NRA's claim
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. A long list of fraudulent stories for us to debunk.
Before you judge or drink the media version, check out the National Rifle Association website for education,...
Min chhodo, politicians are not letting him stand in National Rifle Association elections..
Even more laughable, PolitiFact claims Hillary position on Heller same as Bush admin:
Many Trump TV adverts paid for by National Rifle Association. They know a good maniac when they see one.
Day two at national rifle association 8hours of gun shots :)
"The mutual embrace of Donald Trump and the National Rifle Association grew tighter last week"
Rio 2016 | Shooting: President of rifle association takes blame for India's lack of medals: National Rifle As...
Join the National Rifle Association to protect your freedom to protect you and your property!
.I notice the National Rifle Association is now doing dirty work… how's Senator treating you guys…
Wow. with one of the most factually inaccurate ads I have ever seen.
Aq is my National Rifle Association campaign grade. This is from their page...
NRA ad claims Clinton 'doesn’t believe in your right to keep a gun at home for self-defense' via
Whoa! General Petraeus is joining with vets for gun control reform National Rifle Association
Tim Kaine on the National Rifle Association I don't mind powerful groups campaigning against me It': via
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
The National Rifle Association, often thought of as a powerful, unbeatable special interest group, may have finally met its ma…
Sen Tim Kaine gets an F rating from the National Rifle Association, but a perfect score from Planned Parenthood. :)
We are the National Rifle Association of America, and we are Freedom's Safest Place. 🇺🇸https:/…
If you're a mom, how do you feel about firearms?. This is my latest piece for National Rifle Association... Check... h…
The National Rifle Association is nothing more than a racist group that promotes violence in our communities. We...
Another notch for the National Rifle Association! You're winning! feel free to give a statement!...
The National Rifle Association has a $2 million advertising campaign to run in seven battleground states and provide air cover for Mr.
The National Rifle Association meets or exceeds the standards for a domestic terrorist organization.
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