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National Parks

A national park is a reserve of natural, semi-natural, or developed land that a sovereign state declares or owns.

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UNESCO, National Parks, and over 100 countries, check in with on this
Did you know that some of our National Parks are bigger than countries?? Wood Buffalo National Park is bigger than…
NEWS: National Parks & Wildlife Service asked to appoint a County Ranger for Louth.
There are over 20 National Parks in South Africa. Find the one that suits your LuxVenture™ style here:…
East or west coast. Which highway has the heaviest humpback traffic? | Wild About Whales | NSW National Parks
Yellowstone trails listed in new book, "Best Sights to See at America's National Parks"
An exciting opportunity has arisen to work as a Communications and Marketing Manager for National Parks UK
My sister worked for USGS at Kilauea Volcano observatory. Cousin for national parks. My fam worships!…
The year was 2017. The resistance was led by vodka, national parks, Teen Vogue, and Merriam-Webster dictionary
On June 14, 2017 in Washington D.C., Arizona State Parks and Trails received the Outstanding State Trail Program...
,home to Tongariro & Whanganui National Parks. Stay in a Chateau, ride a Rail cart, Jetboat or hike! Dis…
Defund parks, cut national monuments, now says privatize campgrounds. This is MAGA?
Amen. I think someone will talk some sense into him...legalize n' build economies. Maybe no more cartel…
Please extend that "4 star before they can operate" to airport, shopping complexes and national parks
National Council Medical Director Joe Parks, M.D., will testify today at 12:30 PM before The President’s...
Just give me someone that'll go adventuring and visit National Parks with me. 🗺
ACT NOW to protect America’s national parks and monuments. Share your voice here:
Downstream are Matusadona and Mana Pools national parks, home to hippos, rhinos and birdlife.
Indeed. It's just too bad our national parks are being sold to the highest bidder, usually China, who ha…
Headed for Kasha-Katuwe thank full for our national Parks
Summer is here & it's the best time for some National Park 💫🌙✨
Escape the crowds of and explore these 7 lesser-known wonders: via-
Stay misty for me... Mist Falls at Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks.
Here are some excellent tips for exploring Yosemite National Park from USA TODAY!
Good morning. New song, new video, premiering on now!
Study found 95% of Americans said it is important to protect for future generations.
im geeking libraries are the best wow honestly libraries and the national parks are like my favs i should start another thread on the NPS
How each of your $100 tax dollars is spent. In short, America has become a giant insurance scheme with an army. .
Children's educational interactive book series on National Parks
Amazing Sylvia Earl watching call her the impetus for ocean conservation akin to US national parks…
Does dad love the outdoors? Plan a hike in a U.S. national park. (via
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11 accounts showing off the very best of the magnificent US National Parks.
According to U.S. News & World Report, exploring national parks is one of the best family travel ideas. This is why: ht…
Did you know the U.S. has 58 National Parks. How many have you been to?
Ever felt like you have photography skills just waiting to be unleashed? >>
Lassen Volcanic National Park is one of America's most tragically underrated (but absolutely amazing) parks
If you love America’s national parks, follow us to join the conversation to help restore them.
Veteran and park advocate on connecting with and investing in our national parks:
22 titles and counting! is a great way to teach kids about our National Parks!
Creating National through the Hub: Looking beyond port and parks...-
Smell the ocean air at National Parks guides from our road trip here:
Middle school summer sciences class went to the IMAX theatre in Branson today where we learned about the National Parks.
Heading outdoors this summer? Get your National Parks & Federal Recreational Lands Passes at these locations:
Ken Burns and Dayton Duncan talk Trump and National Parks. Read more:
I hope I never have to read the headline "Here Are the National Parks & Monuments the US has Damaged & Destroyed". http…
It's the 21st century, so obviously we're asking if e-bikes should be allowed in national parks.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I found mountains. You should call your representatives about preserving National Parks.…
Popular Naming of Tigers need to stop in d National Parks . Demeans the National Animal of
Ansel Adams = my favorite photographic artist & check out his 1940's collection from our national parks
Completely amazing: Yellowstone with this display of aurora borealis. Our National. Parks are such incredibly...
Happening now off Komodo National Parks. Help please... Pak Hendra Tan, ibu Jilmi Astina.
Take a Hike - or Stroll, Paddle, Pedal, Horseback Ride: June 3 is National Trails Day and Clean the Bay Day for our…
I'm not saying all liberals are evil. But really that's your argument? Social Security & Na…
love learning about the National parks
Been to 10 and am headed to one more next month. Can't wait. Love our national parks.
Universities have always been bastions of liberal thought. Liberal thought brought us Socia…
Eight must-see national parks waterfalls httpdld.bzfdM4W
13 amazing rides in National Parks you need to try via
Our National Parks were visited by our Memorial Day observers
A promposal has vandalized our National Parks when a poster would have been just perfect
Some of these places are close to home for us so we need to cherish our national parks while we still have complete…
I want to visit US National Parks. Not sure they'll be there and refuse to come to US while GOP in power.
How $100 of your are spent: . Half of all spending goes for SS benefits and 🔖
Join on our way to explore all the national parks of Hungary:
I love National Parks! Hope they will remain and important part of our country and culture.They are true gems.
Did he not donate his first presidential paycheck to the national parks service?.
I just visited half a dozen National Parks in 8 days, saw people from every nation but only 2 blacks. Whatsup with that?
National parks are a legacy of Theodore Roosevelt. He preserved them for the Americans.100 years later, Trump will…
I spent today exploring Mt. Rainier National Park in Washington State! . This is seriously one of the best National…
That's definitely something they're considering! Though unusual for national parks it's not unheard of.
Maybe speeds should also be reduced? Hungry bears, lots of food - Kootenay National Parks no-stopping zone in effect https…
I detest Trump, but it has been verified that h…
Should I let this be my guide to the National Parks?
This is a total joke when he is allowing oil drilling in National parks and cutting their fu…
Join in on the efforts to preserve our ocean national parks🌊🐬
Open up a world of love for our National Parks for our children through
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Must-see wonders at our most visited national parks httpdld.bzeReTn
In October 2012 we organized a 3-weeks family trip to US, with the route through some of the best National Parks,...
I just want to visit more national parks, but also spend less money 😭
I think this is just hilarious when it's Trump that is trying to put the states in charge of national p…
The National Parks are seeing record traffic, but all those selfie-snapping tourists can harm the places they visit.
As families prepare for summer vacations in our National Parks - Democrats threaten to close them and shut down the go…
My biggest regret was going to college. I should have stuck it out cleaning hot…
Please protect our national parks and don't commercialize them. Some things need to stay natural on it's on beauty
Zinke: "If you go back to 2008, the department made $15.5 billion more a year, just in offshore, than we do today" ht…
15 ways to observe in America's National Parks
Rep Paul Gosar needs one. He wants to turn the National Parks into mining and drilling fields with profits to the 1%. That's…
Nearly 30 cargo ships were named after our national parks and historic forts!
But for real I'm already planning our second trip to and and our Utah National Parks trip! Get me back there ASAP.
Some grizzly bears appear to target railways for foraging in Canadian national parks
National Parks are no place to collect firewood & Travelling Stock Reserves can be impacted too. Suggested options…
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Featured Book in Store! 'National Geographic Guide to the National Parks of Canada, 2nd Edition' by National...
We are excited to share our inclusion of the top ways to explore Canada's National Parks!
Here Are the 47 National Parks in Canada You Can Visit for Free in 2017: via
111 ways to explore National Parks in 2017. We recommend:
Parks Canada, the world's first national park service, was established today in 1911.
Experience isolation 40 miles south of Santa Cruz, California.
Get out into a National Park this weekend! None around you? (Are you sure?) Download the Parks Canada App today:
17 Canadian national parks you should see while they're free this year
I don't know what my kid was reading. He also said 1600 people have disappeared in National Parks
Hey, baby boomers, don’t wait on this deal for a $10 lifetime pass to visit national parks!
Welcome to America's wild playground. The best free things to do in US national parks:
Uh whut? No environmental standards, no national parks, gutting education and Healthcar…
Platforms profit from a ton of content from many industries. This is like national parks taxing Canon and Nikon for landsca…
Hello people are talking about hot takes on beers and national parks at the table next to me
I told some guy today I liked his National Parks shirt, and he was very unimpressed and I'm a little offended still
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
5/20--TOMORROW--is National Day! Get out with your family and find a park to enjoy via…
A great place to invest in infrastructure: our national parks!
American interests like our health, our water, our air, our safety, our national parks, our net neutrality, our image.
Pres Trump wants to make it easier to drill in national parks. Here are the 42 parks at risk.
DYK the Endangered Species Act has a 99% success rate? Meet 10 species found in our natl parks
Make Algonquin into National park. We should have more National Parks.
R40m worth of rhino horn stolen from Zim's national parks strong-room
Outbreaks of parasitic infection "Crypto," which is linked to swimming pools and water parks, on the rise, CDC says.
Best national parks: Avoid the crowds via
Escape the rat race and explore the best national parks on the West Coast:
If you haven't heard, just released their app making it so easy national parks (free in…
What’s one of the fastest growing segments in the industry? It's in state & national parks.
was the 1st national parks service in the world? It was established in 1911 as the Dominion Parks Branch!
Yeah, we could've been well on our way to clean energy, back in 2001. Cutting edge. Instead we're gonna dig up our National Parks.
You should watch Ken Burns Movie "The National Parks: America's Best Idea". You are positioning y…
15 most awe-inspiring national parks in America via
There will be extra traffic this long weekend as people head to national parks to celebrate Be patient and
The app is very useful for finding and learning about Canada's national parks and hsitorians sites. Well done!
How unplugging in can help you communicate, relieve stress, develop confidence & more:
Who the f takes out National Parks. Amirite
If you startle a BIGFOOT it may bite off your arm. Please visit soon and often. BILL HOWES Marketing ~GENIUS~ for THE US NATIONAL PARKS DEPT
Pendleton National Park many parks have you been to?.
Don't forget the EPA, National Parks drilling, tax cuts, deportations, religious bans, troop surges, and cuts to e…
Carlsbad Caverns in S. New Mexico. Surreal and beautiful... I will be seeking out more National Parks
Was just watching about Acadia in the National Parks rewatch, right when they introduce Rockefeller
Ok no such thing as global warming then selling national parks as soon as the glaciers are gone gd real estate sense
just completed this great course on - - build with Watson and Bluemix!
-feet up on the coffee table watching a National Geographic's national parks marathon and enjoying my first summer break weekend-
What's by Alt National Parks on FB... This isn't all right. . . ✊ .
TRIGLAV NATIONAL PARK - one of the oldest and most beautiful national parks in located in northwestern
Dear MSM: GET OVER COMEY. Trump never pays his contractors. Focus on THE NATIONAL PARKS HE WANTS TO SELL.
Educate your kids about our wonderful National Parks here
Although it's hard to see man-made structures from space, nature takes on a whole new beauty from this perspective https:…
Nope, I definitely will one day. I've been to 5 national parks, hope to finish as many as I can in the next few years
Take a glimpse at Europe's best national parks - Lonely Planet
When did we start talking about national parks?
You will want to add all these places to your summer bucket list!
Pres can't understand "...why there aren't more golf courses in national parks. Yellowstone would be so great to play.…
What national park will you choose to visit in 2017? Take your pick as it's free entry all year long! . ht…
No, don't tell me. Is it anything to do with funding roads, schools, hospitals, defence, emergency services, national p…
Don't say that too loud or Trump might start trying to sell off National Parks too.
National parks are truly the best thing about America
Shopping centre in Kildare, I guess the recession is over, maybe we could start reinvesting in our National parks https:/…
Drilling in our National Parks is a terrible idea.
National parks have never been more popular.
‘Turn it off’: how technology is killing the joy of national parks.
President released an executive order attacking America’s national parks, public lands and http…
We've really enjoyed the guy's visit to at their National Parks.
Why do you go to How many of you would love for others to turn off the noisy gadgets? .
.Reject Trump’s executive order to roll back protections for our national parks and monuments
All national parks are free on MLK Day
outsidemagazine The cause of death in parks is drowning.
The cause of death in parks is drowning.
watching America's National Parks for mother's day . I mean the whole fam is getting deeply invested in arctic squirrels right now
Our national parks need $11.9B worth of repairs. How did we get to this point? Hear the story behind the data.
Yep, same link again. Asking everyone to step up on this effort. This should be non-partisan. Parks before profits.
See incredible photos of National Parks from Via
Here is a short write up on what 'ruined' my short getaway. . TLDR : MALAYSIANS DONT DESERVE OUR MARINE AND NATIONAL PARKS…
Ocean Sciences Article of the Day - Why Russia’s Indigenous People Are Wary of National Parks (Arctic Deeply)
& Gave HIS 1st Paycheck to OUR National Parks because He Loves America MORE than the Greedy, Corrupt, Democrats who Steal…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Fourth grade had a fabulous day at the Franklin Institute today! They saw an IMAX movie about the National Parks...
I'm at Department of National Parks, Wildlife and Plant Conservation in Chatuchak, Bangkok
Stop liar-in-chief from destroying these records! 23 Awe-Inspiring Records Held by US National Parks
Hen Harrier Habitat mapping National Parks & Wildlife Service of Ireland. Built with
Amazing remote sensing created by National Parks & Wildlife Service of Ireland
TGIF x 2!! The weekend is here, and it's a FEE FREE WEEKEND at our National Parks! I'm so…
At Mar-a-Lago, Roger Stone proclaims to Ben Carson that the IT guys are selling land in National Parks. Sean Hannity gets tangled in cords.
Simphiwe from eDeaf loves visiting the National Parks &was excited to learn that SANParks already employs around 50 people wi…
Today has released their perks programs for National Parks, check it out:.
Sailing Canada's National Parks: the Pacific Coast. This is the fourth and final entry in our series of blogs. https:/…
Chatbots and IBM Watson: Let’s talk about National Parks. . Via Courses.
Amazing posters shows what WILL do to OUR National Parks via
$100 of Your Taxes Are Spent: 8 Cents on National Parks and $15 on Medicare
INCREDIBLE news as is set to have 2 new National Parks, thanks to the work of
Screw you Todd Davidson nobody cares about National Parks
Last English post about what you can't miss in and National Parks! with kids!
So far, by captive I mean zoo populations. In Kenya we'll be working with National Parks and conservancies.
45 gives 78K to the National Parks but will cut $1.5B from Interior Dep. Kinda like firing the zoo keeper & handing him $5 for a taxi home.
Looking to adopt a 4th grader for the free National Parks admission. Will pay for college, must love dogs. Serious inquiries only.
Only 39 days until I take off on my exciting trip to 9 National Parks, a National Recreation Area, 18 State Parks, and 7 National Forests!
ok classes for fall 2017 ARE history of american west, history of national parks, INTENSE GRAMMAR REVIEW, hon american lit, and hon religion
also with new EPA..And our NATIONAL PARKS..from Denali to Arcadia..are in TROUBLE UNDER the TRUMP ADMIN
… things they do. So what's the point of being rich? (I'm thinking defunding national parks, libraries, museums)
Happy Spring from Fort Sumter and Fort Moultrie! It's a beautiful day to be out exploring your national parks!
Canadian provincial and national parks are no-drone zones
Not very well. Why do you hate national parks and forests?
No more National Parks in Scotland until the existing ones are run properly. Couldn't agree more.
Slashing budget for would mean serious threat to national parks via
BREAKING: Admin's proposed budget would threaten protection and operation of natl parks across the country
Work in restoration. Not timber. Business can grow the trees it wants to cut down. National parks/Reserves=off limits.   10% Off
National Parks are public land & rightfully belongs to ALL of the animals, not just cattle ranchers. 😠. https:/…
Grand Canyon: How to make the most of your visit via
I love national parks and laser-cut wood, so I never stood a chance.
Tourists have been doing stupid things in national parks for as long as there have been national parks.
Turn National Parks into fully protected UNESCO World Heritage Sites, beyond the reach of POTUS? 👀. *** yes. Count me in. h…
17 Canadian National Parks to see for free in 2017🌲🍁🌲 via
USA Today: how to make the most of your Grand Canyon visit
My birthplace is on the list! If you haven't visited Nova Scotia yet, put it on the list! Beautiful! ❤
This is so concerning. We need to protect our National Parks. This Republican admin will devastate them!…
8 Breathtaking National Parks to visit this Spring Anyone to these parks this se…
Chiang Mai. Or the national parks and (happy accident of the) Hmong hill tribe villages…
Analysis: President Trump’s budget includes a huge giveaway to hotel owners in our national parks
Denys Galvin, former NPS, now on the board, asks Congress for better funding for the National Parks:
If you're visiting national parks in please wear attire suitable for the activity.
Solar powered cars in national parks? That's exactly what visitors saw in 2016! See our recap video:
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Want to know how we are making National Parks accessible for all, more beautiful & better protected? Get our e-news htt…
We get everyday from protecting and enhancing the National Parks of England and Wales!
Strange,we need passes to get into national parks but anyone can walk on thru the borders.Doesn't seem weird to anyone else…
1) Today is the first day of spring. 2) Admission to every national park in the US is free on April 15-16 & 22-23.
to the Interior Department could mean layoffs of park rangers and seasonal closures for national parks
Great to see National Parks committed to mimicking nature and focusing on the WHOLE
Infrastructure, cash key for and our national parks
VJA French student Annalyn Parks receives recognition for her original, award-winning National French Week video.
A great list of Winter Activities in the National Parks. Come warm up in the
Going to national parks is a favorite family vacation spot of ours. Be smart and respectful so you and others can e…
THIS! This scene is what the National Parks want to prevent. ☎️📞 your Reps! Tell them NO to drilling in parks. 👇🏻 https:…
Here are 17 Canadian national parks to see for free in 2017.
What are the differences between National Parks and National Forests?
Tell Congress - NO new drilling in our Take action today:
then don't drive on roads. Or go to National Parks. Or send your kids to public school. Or drink water from tap
Can you name the 4 National Parks in
Sign the National Parks and Forests Protection Pledge - Sign the Petition!
No drilling in our National Parks! They were created to prevent this very thing!
PS 224: National Parks of Colorado & Eastern Utah offers in-the-field archaeology experience this summer, pri…
We visited Brunswick High School today to spread the National Parks love!
We're looking forward to visiting some of Canada's National Parks this year!
Record shows Rep Newhouse in favor of relaxing standards for oil/gas extractors in National Parks
All 4th graders can go to National Parks free...check it out Macaroni Kid Blue Ridge Dahlonega Dawsonville...
The National Park Foundation would like to remind everyone that National Parks are fee-free tomorrow for...
As seen at Olentangy Orange MS: "Black History Month in our National Parks."
So worried what is going to happen to our National Parks
Did you know Bush Jr. rewrote the national parks law and added mining to America's past times? Yeah now mining companies can use our parks
earthquake King, there goes our Wildlife refuges, National Parks and anything Beautiful in America. Good bye clean water.
NO. So much for clean air, water and National Parks.
Best free things to do in US national parks:
The next Fee-Free Entrance Days in the National Parks is Feb 20th
Nature conservationists in Europe stand up for Czech national parks
The spectacular Dark Skies Festival starts tomorrow in and National Parks! htt…
Found in the depth of Redwood National and State Parks. California, USA: …
When is the protest when we all go visit our National Parks?
Get outside, shake off the grind and breathe the fresh air. Visit your national and state parks!
And if you order the EP from Maggie's official store, a portion of the purchase is donated to the National Parks As…
RIP the environment. Get ready to live in a smog *** with no national parks.
the GOP Roosevelt and its referencing the national parks
The National Parks had a record year last year and they don't advertise at all. Trim the Tourist Tax!
Might as well see the national parks before they get destroyed.
we are so screwed. Going to miss you, beautiful National Parks, wildlife and everything environmentally good.
Did you know that you can get free entrance into national parks on certain days of the year?
First the National Parks went rogue... Museums and libraries fight 'alternative facts' with a
15. Israel has over 150 nature reserves and 65 national parks in the small space of 8,020 square miles.
The GOP infestation continues. A staggering blow to the planet & its animals, our national parks, water & air. Weep.
Goodbye clean water and national parks. Goodbye lynxes and bears.
SCROTUS actually just said, "How can anything 30 years old look so beautiful?" 😳 Guess this is why he is destroying national parks.
Celebrate Presidents' Day with free admission to national parks & enjoy similar views in the Great Smoky Mountains.…
Have plans for Presidents' Day weekend? All national parks, lands, and forests will have free entrance on Monday!
National parks are free on Monday and I'm supposed to get a $1300 crown done that day. Hmmm what would I rather do? 🙃
South African National Parks has shut down some camps and gravel roads in the Kruger National Park - DN
The Garden has been included in the list of the 20 best places to stargaze in the UK 🌠. https:…
Pruitt confirmed to lead EPA. Might need to take kids out of school & visit national parks before they become coal and oil dumping grounds.
The National Parks are free to enter on Monday but I'm pretty sure all of ours are still deep in snow right now 😢
Congress would reverse rules that protect natl parks from damage caused by drilling? FAQ on what “9B” rules are:
Purchased two National Parks shirts. I can't wait to get them and proudly display my support.
I hope everyone enjoyed breathable air, National Parks, and potable water while you could.
The future of National Parks in the face of climate change via
Whelp, everyone go out and enjoy our national parks while you still can. Going to be oil fields and/or fracking sit…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Seriously?? Scott Pruitt confirmed EPA head?? When will the national parks get drilled and fracked now? Sad!!
4 cose da vedere assolutamente nei Banff&Yoho National Parks: . 4Things you must see in Banff &…
Our national parks & federal lands have just been sold to the highest bidder. It's heartbreaking.
Colorado's national parks, monuments offering free admission on Presidents Day
Resistance led by dictionary people, Teen Vogue and National Parks is a glorious thing.
Dear Congress: stop using CRAs to dismantle laws supporting clean water and air for our communities and our national parks. https…
Meanwhile, our National Parks are being SOLD for PROFIT. There's just not enough of us to PAY ATTENTION!
Don't forget that National Parks are vital to science & research, and science & research are vital to National Parks.
One a year is a great idea & totally doable! I love the National Parks. The Redwood Forest is my favorite.
Anyone wanna join in on a protection for national parks march with me?
A9 Consider exploring America’s beautiful this spring with this itinerary:
The best national parks in the U.S., according to a couple who visited them all
Member of The National Parks Conservation Association Find out more here:.
Tory indulgence of the rich spells doom for national parks
Republicans-You're facing revolt from Utah, Budweiser, Teen Vogue and the National Parks. Time to rethink your policies
National Parks are one of the most wonderful things of the USA... don't let the Government sell them to public own…
National Parks exist exactly because we tried privatizing public land and it was a disaster.
Here are the national parks in you can visit for free in 2017
A9 Looking to hit some of the west coast national parks! Mini road trip style
This Discover Magazine article is a great summary of how science and our National Parks are linked.
What's that? It's the final weekend to see America Wild: National Parks Adventure 3D?! Showtimes here:
Repealing 9B takes away all authority of the National Park Service to oversee the protection of parks.
Please be the voice of these defenceless animals that are bred at national parks in Ontario.
Take it from my niece, being a at our national parks is quite fun!
Bears in national parks count toward population numbers but can't be trophy hunted. A blood bath outside parks! https:…
Our national parks are NOT for drilling. Preservation. Conservation. Landmarks. Get it TOGETHER Congress. This? Nonpartisan…
View images from every U.S. national park—taken by one photographer in 2016
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