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National League

The National League of Professional Baseball Clubs, known simply as the National League (NL), is the older of two leagues constituting Major League Baseball, and the world's oldest extant professional team sports league.

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My kid is playing National League games in Vegas and North Carolina this yea…
Drunk Brittany Murphy is faster than average 2014–15 National League 2 North
Hot Barber surgeon is better than used 2014–15 National League 2 North
concur. Thank you. Willie McCovey of the San Francisco Giants beat out Tom Seiver of the Nets for the National League's Most Valuable Player
🎉 Congratulations to National League side Boreham Wood who've knocked out League One' Blackpool!. Magic of the htt…
A’s in American League and Cubs in National League but I’m not that big on baseball. Football my team is cowboys and JJ Watt. 😂
This is National League football at it's best. Look at what Tuesday's last minute winner for meant to th…
Here is my Non-League betting preview for tomorrow night. 3 bets in the National League and 1 in the Evo-Stik South https…
He's like Schwarber in the National League the Cubs got a stick left-field then you pul…
National felons league most uneducated racist in America they prove it every day Boycott sponsors and Boyc…
Congrats to Alum and the on being National League Champs!
It's called a protest. Except on our own time, not while at work like…
I'm so old I remember when the Astros were a national league team.
We are now one game closer to the first ever World Series battle between two National league western division teams.
Has this been the World Series or are the Dodgers that good to run over the National League.
And they said the National League side of the bracket was entertaining...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Maybe bc they used to be a national league team? We look so young compared to these teams, poor them, 7…
Put the Astros back in the National League where they belong
National Felon League hates cops and love criminals. Probably because so ma…
Yep, National Felon League. Criminal thugs protesting the deaths of crimina…
The National Felons League, it's Kneelers and $7bil tax subsidy must go! This is a social and financial proble…
It's very strange to see Houston playing in an ALCS. The last time I kept up with baseball they were National league.
I say if the NATIONAL football league wants to use the word "national" they should be required to stand for the flag or change your name.
The short life of the National Colored Base Ball League
Grizzlies escape wild chase by Bees to remain undefeated with a 41-26 Suburban League National Conference victory o…
The better NATIONAL LEAGUE team will win tomorrow.
Justin Turner is funneling champagne out of the National League championship trophy. I don't think he misses the Mets. h…
🤔oh for goodness sake I had this kneeling thing all wrong, my bad 🤗 I humbly apologize 2 the National Felon League members 😳…
You’re an *** when was last time a National League Pennant winner won two World Series back to back, moron.
National Collegiate Box Series (NCBS) established, plus new Ohio league and Colorado expansion. READ:
Watching and the DH rule is basically minor league National League. DH rule is stupid and takes 50% of baseball skill away
The are the National League champs. Turns out, the road to the was always a freeway.
I'll be honest, I still think the are a national league team
I know I'm all National League, but man if the Astros make my money's on them to win it all!
More than 400 pages of evidence support the motion to ban hunting on Trust land:
Not too long ago, the Houston Astros were a National League team.
Good night from the National League champs.
Whoops, in my brain the Astros are still a National League team. ALCS.
FHS National Junior Classical League was featured on Classroom Closeup NJ last Sunday.
If the league won't punish the usurpers, league should lose their gov't subsidies, & be forbidden to pl…
I need the Houston Astros back in the National League please and thank you
You know the story about the NFL’s national television audience, and how the league is quickly losing the...
Friday night facts:. 1. President is a liar. 2. The should be in the national league. Still,
LIVE STREAMING | Catch all the action as meet in the Futsal National League!
Watch the moment the win the National League Pennant on
Congratulations to the new champions of the National League.
With the National League looming the club's only silver lining are the Hartlepool Utd Supporters Trust https:/…
Rovers ready for 'massive' National League clash with Aldershot
If we take the National League championship series, dare I say CT3 would be the favorite for MVP or The Redhead!…
An immediately that's followed by why National League ball is weird. Stolen Base Wild Pitch and likely a Sac for a run.
Dhaka Abahani Limited closed the gap to only two points with the leader of the Bangladesh Premier Football League a…
National league *** I hate Los Angeles but they better sweep the Cubs. Only good team left is the Astros
Chicago Cubs: We may not win the World Series often but when we do we always make noise in the Natio…
Funny how both this dork and the National Felon League hate Trump and have drawn…
History of the National Football League in Los Angeles - Wikipedia
Why can't they just hold a press conference ? I'm done with I choose not watch the National Felons Le…
Exclusive presentation of the 2017 National League Division Series delivers on
Um, I hate to embarrass you like this, but the are in the *National* League. Sorry to clown you guys.…
The National League Wild Card game, scheduled for 8 PM Eastern on Sunday, 10/15, has been pushed back to 11 PM EST due to weather concerns.
Hey you are in luck. TBS is doing the National League and Fox (Buck) the AL... (fist bump to you) :)
Mark Sanchez was a top tier QB in the National Football League at that time! Just didn’t fit into the system
Great win guys!! and now for the Dodgers, come on let's show em who's the best in the National League 🐻…
I didn't know women played in the national felons league.
From solar buses to National League football (and, of course, buying The Big Issue!). Get involved tomorrow!
New Jersey Devils organization becomes first NHL franchise to form a strategic partnership with a National Women’s Hockey League team
TGIF?? Nah...TGWWTNLDS (thank god we won the national league division series) now that's a catchy thing to say 😌
And here are our Senior Hurlers National League fixtures for 2018
I guess he'll be playing in the Iranian national football league
Congrats to the National League Central Division Series champion Chicago Cubs! We left a night light on f…
Here are the rest of the National League fixtures for this weekend - a great weekend of hockey ahead!
Coventry up for the challenge, Tyne and Sale FC set for a dual and an important weekend in Round 7 Nationa…
Draymond really just 💩 on the entire league. I hereby declare October 12th “National Draymond Green Appreciation Day”.
NFL now only FL No need 2 be in USA if NOT OUR NATIONAL Football League. Americans have been doing WITHOUT 4 a long…
Racism, sexism and homophobia. The man shouldn’t be managing Sunday League, let alone your national team. D…
Regardless of what's happened since always felt toddy should have had more time. Hope to…
Vandy is a great place but not a National contender with a rabid alum…
Why do they call it the NATIONAL Football League if these spoiled brats can't even be polite during the…
Trump praises NFL for cracking down on players who don't stand for National Anthem. But the league hasn't done that.
Strikeouts are out of control. It’s either a HR or K. Another reason Votto should be the National League MVP.
Huge weekend in National League 1. Some fantastic fixtures lind up. Read more here:
The national team is a disgrace and you’re being sent to court for our broken system an…
The Sports Network Brandt If Eli Manning can beat Broncos itll be a top-5 win in his career
The Sports Network Sam Bradford Stefon Diggs remain out of Vikings practice
America's National Women's Soccer League is nearing its very British conclusion |
When you’re watching game 5 of the National League Division Series...😂😂😂
Pat Gilroy's first match in charge of the Dublin hurlers will be a curtain raiser to his former team
Not to jinx anything tonight, but a win for the would make them 1st in entire National Hockey League
The bigotry, hatred & extremism on display in the National Assembly yesterday goes to show Nawaz league has been mainst…
The Limerick Celtics Basketball Club lost a close game to the Ulster Elks 89-81 at the LIT SportsHub on October 8... htt…
Well well well.. This bar chart indicates why NFLers think obeying he law is oppression.…
Statement sould say."We are a bad league. In wanting our players on the national team to excel…
Dusty Baker's goal is to blow leads for every National League team before he dies.
.are in sight of BT National League 2 summit
Low income & minority communities can't afford to face the co…
Player Threatens to Quit League if Made to Stand for National Anthem. mammy couldn't spell Richard
Either of the National League teams. The Astros and the Yankmees don't deserve to win.
So the combined hopes of the entire National League now rests with The We are relying on them to beat the a stick! 👍
The Nats are the Braves of the 1990's. Well, you know, without a World Series title or National League pennant
Sunday February 25th is a date to be in Wexford Park. Davy Fitz v Clare in the National Hurling League
Come and support the S'PORT in first ever National League Home fixture 🏐🖐
Wrexham can be serious contenders if they add goals to their game. Manager Dean Keates on the National League title…
Well true I'm pretty sure if they make it the National League will be.
KINGS 54 EASTBOURNE 36: RESULT and scorers from Monday’s National League match at Central Park; KENT 54: Luke Bowen… https:…
We've got another big game next Saturday as we welcome National League leaders to Amblecote in the
Consistency key in 'crazy' National League, says boss | .
NJ Devils Enter Partnership with the Riveters of the National Women’s Hockey League
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Since 2000, >850 players of the National Wifebeaters League have been arrested for crimes against women. via
My goodness last night's game was fun. Diamondbacks move on to the NLDS
I recommend you follow the NFL League Rulebook-STAND FOR THE NATIONAL ANTHEM! 🇺🇸is tu…
Pretty much the intelligence level I'd expect from someone in the National Thugball League
We all know the National Felons League has a lot of women beaters in the league!
Now, that National League was a rollercoaster! So much back and forth.
Former Walsall manager Richard Money has taken over as boss at National League side Solihull Moors.
Former on the move:. Solihull Moors name former boss Richard Money as club’s new manager.…
“. allowed players to use the league’s national stage to disgrace the flag & anthem. NFL may have done irreparable…
As long as the Premier League exists the England national team will not succeed at any tournament.
I feel like it is tolerated because he is from the National Felon League!
Well, Cohn DID get $ from the NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE. While L Don Trumpard only got $3.76
If a National Social Justice Warrior Activist Football League player had said that about oboza, he would have been suspended.
Keep up to date with the season. Fixtures+Results Tables 📊…
NEWS: Watch out, Dagenham! Woking's aims continue to impress as they stun the National League with start ➔ via Get…
Fixtures of fourth round of WALTON loT SMART FRIDGE National Cricket League (NCL)
A great appointment 👏. name former and boss Money as club's new manager ➡️…
Catch the National Volleyball Team and Virtual Playground brothers in a One Day League for A…
Stop this nonsense!!!, no such thing, does Monaco play its own league & National team?
In postseason play, the all-time National League leader in bunt hits by a catcher is Mike Scioscia (2).
Archie Bradley's stunning triple helps the beat the in the National League wild-card game.
Divisional Round is now set in the National League. Chicago will face Washington, meanwhile Los Angeles will take on Arizona!
Chandler National Little League has something to say to the ahead of tonight's NL Wildcard game.
Money guided the U's back into the Football League in 2014. Solihull are currently 23rd in the National League.
Men's and Women's National League fixtures resume this weekend
We've rounded-up the latest team news ahead of Saturday's game at Solihull Moors - take a look here:…
Join us in cheering on and wishing luck to the in tonight’s National League game!
We've been ranked 7th in the Times Good University Guide putting us in the top 10 of every national league table.…
TICKETS: Did you know that you can now purchase your match day Super League and Division 2 Tickets via our...
Congrats to the cubs... The National league central division champs!…
Indeed we do. Too many felons.the NATIONAL FELON LEAGUE just bai…
2017 National League Playoffs: Your guide to LA for Diamondbacks, Dodgers game -
Can we get a shout to how close it is in the Na…
Diamondbacks beat the Rockies 11-8 in the National League Wildcard game;. ALDS begin today. Boston at Houston. NY Yank…
Bill Wolfe Jr., 42, was a wrestling and Little League coach and spent his time raising money for new equipment and unif…
The Glass House of the NFL - The National Football League is a glass house that was cracking well before Donald... https:…
It's the Arizona Diamondbacks and the Los Angeles Dodgers in the National League division series.
they have the second best run differential in the National League. they deserve to play in the Division Series.
National League will be even tougher, says Barrow boss Paul Cox as competition increases over signings
1949: Crosley Field, Major League Baseball Park located in Cincinnati. Home of the National League's Cincinnati Red…
They're in the Conference Premier (or National League) as it's now known. Currently 16th.
The Dodgers will host Game 1 of the National League division series at 7:30 p.m. on Friday. Game 2 is scheduled...
My two favourite National League teams are playing each other in the division series. That ***
Recruiting for a left back for National League. U23's GK for National League North. RB for League 1 U23s. CF for Northern Premier League
With Clayton Kershaw primed to start Game 1 of the National League division series, the Dodgers are lining up...
Cohen Bramall on how he went from National League to Premier League, in 5 steps.
At last check his PRI Score was 20.50 best for 7th in National League.
Designated hitter in the National League? Robotic strike zone? Sports columnists Benjamin Hochman and Ben...
They're an American League team, Braves are a National League team... No correlation
What a day. Dover Athletic top of the National League and I ordered some onion rings in Wetherspoons off an app. What dreams are made of.
Shaun Johnson in doubt for Warriors' season finale
Dang boo! Hey you just joined the... National. Fierceness. League
Best pitcher in the National League? Baseball America lists Kershaw, Scherzer, and Greinke. Agree?
"What conference are the Cardinals in?". "Well they're in the National League.". Oh... 😐.
Joey Votto's got 34 walks this month (8 in his last 2 gms)- 6th most in one August by a National League player (Most: 39- Ralph Kiner, 1951)
Warriors sweat on Shaun Johnson for season finale
Pictured: the best player in the National League, and Joey Votto
Michael Maguire responds to transfer talk linking Robbie Farah away from Rabbitohs
NRL round 26 late mail: Updated line-ups, team news, injuries, squads with Wacko’s Whispers
Further proof of the National League being old and in the dark ages. The American League, the DH, the Oxford comma:…   10% Off
Golden Point: Forgotten factor in Adam Blair, James Graham contracts, Bulldogs’ new nursery
He leads the National League in HR and RBI for catchers. Also a world champion. Kind of a big deal
Manly face a long wait before the NRL's investigation into the club is completed.
Former back-rower Alex Glenn will run out against North Queensland in Thursday night's NRL...
On these SINGLES (England vanarama National League) low $takes advised! Also parlay just in case... Let's have some…
On this date in 1930, Hack Wilson hit his 44th homer of the season and broke Chuck Klein’s National League record
Warren Spahn (Boston Braves). 1950 National League leader in wins (21) and strikeouts (191)
John Vukovich set a National League record in 1979 by attempting to bet every opposing player he could throw a football…
Find with the Association and National League for Nursing here
in 1981 Pete Rose hit a single and broke the National League all-time hit record with his 3,631 hit.
Rock Calendar 8-10-81: One day after baseball resumes following a strike, Pete Rose breaks the National League all-time hit record.
… Dave Parker hit a single, to extend his hitting streak to eighteen games. Leading the National League in batting, Parker had … (4 of 5)
As a member of a National League team, I meant. Did it in interleague play previously.
Why in 2017 are American League and National League stats kept different? That should've ended with interleague play
Micky Mellon says Tranmere Rovers have "a full squad to pick from" for Saturday's National League opener at Torquay. Utd.
Tranmere, they have been there and know what the league is like , but some great teams in National League , HUFC, Eastle…
Dave Penney "The National League has come on leaps and bounds in the past years, there are a lot of teams fighting for promotion"
header of the week is via National League ref playing touch with the local Vets Tea…
I will be doing the first 5 league games and this Fridays pre season game which includes an in depth National League preview
Austin Barnes leads all National League catchers (min. 100 PA) with a .936 OPS.
folk's have u heard this before?. Kris Bryant is better than Nolan Arenado at the position of Third Base in the National League of Baseball
Associate degree nursing programs accredited by the National League for Nursing, 1977
[Marlin Maniac]That’s good for third most in the National League. The signings of Brad Ziegle…
It'll always be the Junior Circuit, long live the Senior Circuit! World Series leans National League..…
The American League may be the junior circuit but it sure is the National League's daddy.
All National League fans say that because they have lost how many in a row? lol
National League putting on a HR Derby at the Legends game! Still miss
Bulldog's Bite: The untold story behind my dislike for Josh McGuire
Max Scherzer named National League all-star team's starting pitcher
The Philadelphia Flyers finished with the 13th worst record in the National Hockey League and got the best player in the NHL entry draft.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
is looking GORGEOUS in the National League gear! It's not Wednesday yet, but she's definitely my
Aaron Rodgers is the top tier best Quarterback alive and in the National Football League.
I'm a national league girl all the way but I am impressed. He put on a show. He is such a great player & fun to watch.
looking at these ASG line ups. and I hate to say it but i think the National League is gonna take it.
Chris Sale will start the All-Star Game for the American League and Max Scherzer will open for the National League. https…
They gotta end this game. National league is destroying
Always has me laughing out loud 😂 National League putting numbers on the board!
We see you & Congrats on the inaugural National Arena League c'ship win! Mama G! 🦈🎉🥇🏈
National league straight killing it lol
Bro the National league Celeb team got some people that can rake
Who is that latina playing for the National League? 😍
National league celebrity team ballin
This National League celebrity team is unfair
National league is the best no matter what!
Last year's National League HR leader gets released on the day of the HR derby. Crazy lol.
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Q's dream girl is playing second base for the national league
As a publicist who specializes in national crisis comm issues Jake, this may be this dumbest…
You are NARAL(National Abortion Rights Action League),so I'm sure you support the commonly used eugenic Abortions of disabled…
The Sharks just won the National Arena League championship but don't let that distract you from the fact that the Jaguars won the offseason
Congrats to the starting pitcher for the NL All-Star team! 👍⚾️🐯
up at half. See 2nd 1/2 live here if not at ballgame. National Arena League Championship -
Christina Milian looks amazing in that national league all star jersey/uniform 🔥🔥😍😍
My yankee fan friend "do national league fans watch a double switch contest?"
That left center fielder for the National League needs to get outside more..brutal😂
Ha...who is the girl with a beard throwing for the National League team in the Wow. Also, why am I watching this?
Whoever is playing left field for the National League has the most awkward throw I've ever seen.
Which National League team will play in the World Series this year? ⚾️
Ok, who is in left field for National league in this celebrity softball game? Looks like he's never thrown a ball in his life!
ace Max Scherzer will start for National League in MLB game
The starting pitcher for the National League in the All-Star Legends and Celebrity Game: Jennie Finch!. 📺 |
National League defense looking like the Mets right now
Who is the left fielder for the national league that throws like a girl.
FUMBLED SNAP! Jermiah Price falls on the ball and will win the National Arena League.
Congrats to Wade Davis!. . This is his third selection and first in the National League.
Established in '19, the Detroit Stars were a charter member of the *** National League formed in KC by Rube Foste…
In India, two national leagues running parallel to each other. NO relegation in the main league. How can can gi…
The Big League: celebrating milestones of all sizes
Are the Maroons smart enough to realise Cherry-Evans is the future?
I guess the Marlins met the Matz tonight. Also rest of National league they are coming for you.
We chatted about Verlander going to National League today --- Curious to see if he willing to go. He holds the cards
, having a standout 1st pro season in the Mongolian National Premier League for…
Wayne Bennett says winger Corey Oates is in doubt for Friday night's NRL clash with Melbourne due to illness...
Melbourne skipper Cameron Smith is set to rejoin his NRL teammates for their final training run ahead their game...
Who knew that a "Meloncon a refusing to stretch" story would spark the Hey National League: watch out!
OAK 6. HOU 9. end of 4th. This would never happen in the National League.
"There's no other person in the National Football League that's as disruptive as
With 33 stolen bases, Hamilton is tied for the National League lead with Wsh's Trea Turner. Turner has 5 steals in his last 2 games.
Warriors' Issac Luke sidelined for two weeks after dislocating shoulder
Where is the best place to watch the Dragons?
If the Raiders want a premiership, there’s one obvious man to turn to
The Dodgers have won 17 of their last 19 games. They’ve hit 42 homers in those 19 games. They own best record in National League at 52-27.
Raiders sign duo for remainder of season.
Travis Shaw just earned himself a spot on the national league all star team.
Great session today w/ a U16 player for English National League side who stopped by to…
Still can't get used to seeing DH Bellinger in National league.
Perhaps the entire National League has figured out how to pitch Mr. Thames.
KFC National Basketball League Final is set:. Old foes and perennial finalists VBCC and Courts Jets will square off on Saturday.
NFL Draft: Deshaun Watson, Mitch Trubisky, Patrick Mahomes and the most confused quarterback class in years
INJURY CLOUD ☁️ The latest news on our skipper's calf concerns. . .
Miguel Montero led all National league catchers throwing out 40 percent of would be base stealers in 2011 .Two bulging…
National League Central Worse division in baseball and the World Chump Cubs look awful
Edrick’s outrageous howler, laugh to rival JT
The glut of fantasy value on offer right now
Cant wait to watch the yanks battle the national league on July 11 to see who gets to lose to them again in October.
Ben Barba fails in bid to have drugs ban overturned
Ben Barba will have to serve a bit more time on the sidelines, failing to have his 12-match ban for cocaine use...
It didn't sound like a joke. . "And now a story about one of Steve's favorite team." . "Oh The Minnesot…
Guess who just took the lead in Fangraphs WAR among ALL National League 3Bs,
National appears to be in the best shape in the District 52 Little League Majors all-star tournament.
It's back in the and we are . Watch the vs Now! http…
Former UAlbany standout Lyle Thompson has been named the 2017 MVP of the National Lacrosse League.
The National Hockey League should hire referees that know the rules of hockey
Which National League third baseman should start the All-Star Game?
Max Scherzer is the only National League pitcher with more than Carlos Martinez's 2.7 fWAR. They face off Sunday night.
Delighted to complete client move up to the National League with Maidstone United ✍…
Little Giant Ladders
Willson Contreras: first leadoff HR by a catcher in National League history (1876-present)
Second baseman Carlos Asuaje took Myers' glove and played first. As said, that's some "National League sh…
On this day in 1952, Hall of Fame right fielder Hank Aaron signed with the National League's Boston Braves. After..…
Not sure about the new National League play-offs initiative. Surely it's finally time the Football League agreed to…
With Slade as manager and talk of Nathan Clarke signing, Grimsby could get relegated to the National League next season. 🙈
It was a known fact around the National League that the Cardinals had the strongest windbreaker game - led by Keith "Tu…
Massive congratulations to He has signed for Maidenhead United ahead of the 2017/18 National League season.
Ugh TBS has the National League playoffs this year which means Ernie Johnson is gonna call the games 😭😭
Trip to Premier League HQ today to speak with National League clubs about
Wild side note to that. . had the highest payroll in the National League at the time: $42.8M.
Two in the Championship, two in League 1, three in League 2 and one in the National League 🤔
BBC Sport - Ebbsfleet Utd and FC Halifax secure promotion to the National League.
And in the National League, the champions of the whole world, the Cubs, are currently 18-18.
Here is the picture of your 2017 National League girls champions! Congrats on an awesome week of track & field- 4 in a row!…
For the first time this year the Orioles play a road series against a team not in the AL East or National League.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
2 of the Top 5 are AL East teams the rest National League teams
Here's a hot take - every National League team is a joke. Yanks sweeping the Cubs shows it. Nats are fine, but a 3/4 place AL East team.
Guaranteed 11 south east teams in the National League next season. That has to be some sort of record?
Let's hope Pools follow the York City blueprint when it comes to dropping in to the National League.
Mike Leake continues to lead the National League in ERA: 1.35.
Ladies and gentleman, your National League leader for ERA. Mike Leake.
Mike Leake’s 1.32 ERA in 2017 leads the National League.
Heading to 200th National League game? Don't miss a min with our Game Day Info!
Join us in celebrating Nat's 200th National League game, when we take on the GWS this weekend! 💪🏼. 🎟…
Could be 12 Southern teams in National League next season.
HT: Wrexham 0-1 Dagenham & Redbridge. ⚽ Paul Benson's header is the difference in this National League game. 📱 LIVE…
I always forget how much I hate National League rules until the Orioles go on the road in interleague play. Give me my designated hitter.
Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe was told by a National League executive that teams have been reluctant to…
Just settled down to watch last week's National League highlights and you appear to have recorded me B…
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