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National Health Action Party

The National Health Action Party (NHA) is a political party in England. Founded by former MP Dr Richard Taylor and cancer specialist and chair of the NHS Consultants Association Dr Clive Peedell in May 2012, the party seeks to campaign against changes to the English National Health Service.

Rufus Hound European Parliament Jeremy Hunt East London Liberal Democrats

For the love of Pontus, you are excellent. Join National Health Action Party. We are the jumpsuitiest tooty salute canutes
If you live in South West Surrey, vote for Louise Irvine of the National Health Action Party. . In German:.
National Health Action Party welcomes Dr Alex Ashman as new leader.
If you have a vote in the Witney by-election cast it for the National Health Action Party. Deluge yr MP with mail
if I lived there I'd vote Labour first, Green second and National Health Action Party third.
But they didn't invite the National Health Action Party Candidate
53,500 National Health Action Party leaflets for the Witney by-election all packed and ready to go.
"Helen Salisbury - National Health Action Party fighting Witney By-Election" . Email: contactif you can join us to help
The National Health Action Party remains united and committed to defending our NHS & public services. Someone needs…
Arthur C Clarke's blissful dream of sailing the solar wind is now Dr Louise Irvine, National Health Action Party.
National Health Action Party super-heroes: the tireless and Come and join them!
'Shame on you' shouts one Greenbelt campaigner from the national health action party
Why is the National Health Action Party spinning for comrade .
The National Health Action Party (will last as long as their as folk left with the faith to keep public & stop privatisation
The votes are in. Proud to have got 5% of the votes for The National Health Action Party.
HI Abi, v helpful article. But do please include the National Health Action Party as an option. Here's why:
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Don't give up because George, the one-eyed rescue dog, hasn't
National Health Action Party - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Get my support here on in
If Labour had been able to show that our NHS was safe with them, there would never have been a National Health Action Party. Why not join?
Are you linked with the National Health Action Party? They had a strong candidate taking on Jeremy Hunt in Farnham.
Those comments were made by Dr Clive Peedell, a member of the National Health Action Party.
National Health Action Party was 7th most popular party in England in total votes and votes per candidate:
The National Health Action Party didn't win seats, but our warnings about future of NHS now on the record
Thank you Rebecca Fox, National Health Action Party candidate for &
How the NHA Party would fund its NHS Action Plan - by the National Health Action Party via
Candidate for National Health Action Party says access is part of a wider problem in society and politics in general
Statement from Dr Clive Peedell, co-leader of the National Health Action Party: “Voters must be getting pretty dizzy watching UKIP’s revolving NHS policy. The only thing that’s clear is a vote for UKIP is a vote for the end of the NHS as we know it. “Nigel Farage has made it public that he believes the NHS should be replaced with a European-style insurance-based system, based on a flawed argument that the NHS is unaffordable. Although Nigel Farage and UKIP may be flip-flopping over public policy pronouncements, there’s no doubt this idea will remain very much on the UKIP table. ”What’s more, Nigel Farage also said that he’d be more comfortable if the money he spent on health was invested through the market place rather than central government. In other words, UKIP policy still promotes NHS privatisation through the increased use of the private sector in the NHS. “UKIP simply can’t be trusted on the NHS, because they don’t believe in it and they think it’s unaffordable. “But our . ...
Press release - new NHA candidate standing in Oxford! A well-known Oxford GP is hoping to cause an upset in a Tory-Lib Dem election battle in Oxfordshire and emerge as the surprise winner in next year's general election. Dr Helen Salisbury, the latest election candidate being fielded by the National Health Action Party, will be challenging Tory Nicola Blackwood who has a wafer thin majority in Oxford West & Abingdon. Blackwood won the seat from the Lib Dems by just 176 votes in 2010. Dr Salisbury, a local GP who also teaches Oxford University medical students and is involved in research that helps patients understand their illnesses, will be able to count on the support of the academic and medical communities, as well as local celebrities such as the prize-winning novelist Mark Haddon, author of The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. And she believes she can reach out across the political spectrum to voters of all parties: "The NHS is valued and relied on by all my patients, whatever t ...
Dr Carl Walker, the chair of the European Community Psychology Association Task Force on Austerity and Mental health, and the National Health Action Party candidate for East Worthing and Shoreham, has hit out against Nick Clegg’s announcement on new waiting time targets for mental illnesses and plans to put treatment for mental health conditions on a level with physical health from 2015. “Putting aside the Coalition’s pathetic attempts to seize the agenda on the NHS after presiding over a catalogue of failures from rising waiting lists to bursting A&Es to GP practices facing meltdown, it’s hypocritical and misleading of Nick Clegg to try and claim the high ground over mental health when it’s the austerity policies of his coalition government that have ripped through the heart of mental health services, putting people’s lives at risk. The Coalition’s record speaks for itself: more than eight in 10 GPs now believe that their local mental health teams cannot cope with mental health caseloads, a ...
Celebrity, comedian and National Health Action Party candidate Rufus Hound discusses the pressures on UK ambulance services
Our Euro Election Candidates Four of the London Euro election candidates for National Health Action Party.
Our Local Election Candidates wonderful bunch of people standing in local elections for National Health Action Party!
Pretty please! “Please get involved with National Health Action Party in East London & support
National Health Action Party "An NHS mental health trust that is cutting staff and services has spent £1.2m in one year on a private hospital where one of its senior consultants is a director. Dr Julian Beezhold, a consultant psychiatrist, serves as medical director at the private Milestones Hospital, near Norwich, as well as holding a senior role in planning changes to mental health services provided by the local NHS trust." "Dr Clive Peedell, leader of the National Health Action Party, said the conflict of interest should be investigated, adding that he believed private companies were reaping growing rewards from 'financially vulnerable trusts laid low by Government cuts'."
I’ve just checked out the new National Health Action Party - NHA Party
The latest from NHA Party (National Health Action Party. UK political party putting patients before profits and opposing privatisation
if you pledge to vote for the (National Health Action Party) in this year's European elections 🇬…
Here's the press release from the National Health Action Party, announcing that TV comic Rufus Hound will be a candidate for them in this year's European Parliament elections. Vox Political reporte...
.. The attacks on the National Health Action Party are undoubtedly good news and a sign you are doing something right. Well done.
National Health Action Party made up of people who don't want to be politicians.
Rufus Hound totally read this blog post by me in Oct 2012 and thought, "If Phil Dore is doing it, it must be cool!".
We formed the National Health Action Party at the end of 2012 because we believed that a new political party was needed to defend the NHS and its values. Together with other health care professionals, we were seriously concerned about the impact of the Coalition Government’s Health & Social Care Bill . It was clear to us that it would trash the founding principles of the NHS: Comprehensive treatment, within available resources Universal access, based on need, not ability to pay Services delivered free at the point of delivery We warned that the Bill would destroy the NHS as an effective, efficient health system fair to all citizens and patients. We were also shocked at the Government’s brazen disregard for the public, introducing a Bill that was not in any manifesto, a bill which no one wanted and no one voted for. Now that the Health & Social Care Act has come into force, we have seen how it is transforming a cost-effective public system of health care into one that is more expensive, wasteful and u ...
National Health Action Party NHAP launched to save the NHS once the envy of the world. Improve i…
Listen to the National Health Action party's co-chair denounce new candidate Rufus Hound to …
The comedian and actor Rufus Hound announces he will seek to become a member of the European Parliament for the National Health Action Party.
Rufus Hound is running to be an MEP for the National Health Action Party. Is he right to say the Tories are privatisng the NHS by stealth?
The National Health Action party was formed by a group of like-minded healthcare professionals, who strongly support the original principles of the National Health Service (NHS) and were shocked by the failure of the democratic process as demonstrated by the appearance and the passage through parlia...
I do hope this National Health Action Party thing doesn't take off. They are as misguided as the politicians.
Great interview with Dr Clive Peedell from the National Health Action party and Max Keiser. Worth a watch.
This week's report on the launch of the National Health Action party
Now you can set up your own National Health Action Party local group. Here's our official toolkit to help
Rufus Hound is to stand in May's European Parliament elections,representing the National Health Action Party.
I see former Lib Dem Rufus Hound has defected to the National Health Action Party as Euro-candidate. Another reason to vote Labour.
Vote NHA (National Health Action) Party @ the European Parliamentary elections. At least they believe in more than the gravyTrain UKIP enjoy
BBC website standard is atrocious "National Health Action Party (NHA) - formed by medical professionals to oppose health policy in England."
MysticMeg. I firmly predict the winners of the Euro elections in UK will be the ... NHS - National Health Action Party
BBC News - Rufus Hound in Euro elections NHS bid - - running for the National Health Action Party (NHA)
This is ace: to announce on the Jonathan Ross Show he'll be running for in the Euro elections
Why is standing for election as a member of the National Health Action Party
So is planning to stand in the Euro elections for the in protest against privatisation
Rufus Hound to stand for National Health Action Party in euro elections
"None of us wants to be politicians, but we have no choice."
Rufus Hound will stand as an MEP in for the National Health Action Party, to campaign against changes to NHS
Yes, it’s true. Rufus Hound is going to be a candidate for in the euro elections in
Yes it’s true. will be a candidate for us in the euro elections. He tells tonight 9.30pm
look, is to run as a candidate for the He is a good fellow that Hound.
I just donated to the National Health Action Party because You should too:
The comedian Rufus Hound is to stand for Dr Richard Taylor's National Health Action Party in the Euro elections http:/…
National Health Action Party have a swanky new website hard to disagree with them but will they make a difference?
The National Health Action Party looks like an important initiative to defend the value of universal rights
National Health Action Party? So that was just a political broadcast for some self serving minority group? up next?
You can say, the National Health Action Party. It's why it was created.
Jeremy Hunt has wasted over £200,000 trying to close down Lewisham Hospital. Full story here: Dr Louise Irvine of the National Health Action Party and Chair of Save Lewisha
National Health Action Party “If you don’t know the contents and consequences of the act then you’re not alone, and it’s not your fault. This act will probably change our lives more than any other piece of legislation created by the present government. It was opposed by the British Medical Association and by all but one of the medical royal colleges. Yet it was never advertised in a manifesto. As Michael Portillo told Andrew Neil on BBC One’s This Week in January 2011: “They did not believe they could win an election if they told you what they were going to do.”
Matthew Myatt, talks with Doctor Iain Maclennan, from the National Health Action Party, on why people should vote for him to be Eastleigh's new MP. An intere...
The National Health Action Party has endorsed a local doctor, public health expert and former navy medical officer Dr Iain Maclennan as their candidate to contest the Eastleigh by-election. Dr Maclennan, aged 54, lives in Bursledon, in the borough of Eastleigh. He has just retired from the NHS after serving as GP for some years and more recently as a consultant in public health with the local Hampshire Primary Care Trust. He also served 10 years in the Royal Navy."
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Labour should learn from the National Health Action Party not strangle it
Closing A+E units is official government policy. Plus great plug for the National Health Action Party! via
Do we need a National Health Action Party? (I'm iffy but like the people) Official launch 15th Nov, London.
Launch of the National Health Action Party | Event | False Economy: > thanks to False Economy for publicity
I'm late to this, but spot on re: National Health Action Party
National Health Action Party may well be the death of the
Surgical strike by on the ridiculous but dangerous National Health Action Party.
The National Health Action Party must be strangled at birth, writes
via National Health Action Party has a web site but Google struggles to locate it.
Are you all following the National Health Action Party, UK's newest political party?
The National Health Action Party recognises the need to improve the democratic & public interest credentials of parliament
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