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Fantastic, creative film about National Guardsman on maneuvers who run afoul of local Cajuns and get hunted by them
National Guardsman meets his baby daughter for the 1st time after his deployment via
National Guardsman returns home from deployment and meets his newborn daughter for 1st time: "I had tunnel vision"
Thanked a National Guardsman for his service at an event at the Flatiron , and worry about what wars of choice will be coming.
The Indiana Guardsman made a touching video to express their gratitude for all veterans and service members
To All our Veterans, Active Duty, and National Guardsman, past, present and future - Thank You!…
Rescuee who crawled on National Guardsman's back calls him a 'hero'
National Guardsman/ was head of the county young republicans and an evangelical Christian. You're not convincing
Hold Hillary Accountable. This contains 'language.' But I am a National Guardsman and can speak with that dialect.…
as a veteran & an 18 year National Guardsman, I say thank you for your support. 🇺🇸🇺🇸
A Texas Air National Guardsman is telling his story about how the Military Flag Project is helping him push forward.
"Here in Sioux Falls represents one of our premiere fighter wings"
My national anthem yardstick is the singer's pronunciation of *perilous*. National Guardsman Joey Odoms NAILED IT at today.
National Guardsman gets 2nd chance after termination following deployment
In my 2nd year of my career and also a National Guardsman, but not quite sure what to do with my money. -
Gloria Richardson removes the rifle of a National Guardsman from her way during a 1963 Civil Rights Protest. Brave! h…
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Jpost: Ex-US National Guardsman charged with trying to aid Islamic State
A Chanhassen science teacher credits a stranger, who's also a National Guardsman, with her second chance at life. |
Great to hear! What career field are you interested in serving in for your community and nation as an Army National Guardsman?
Ex-National Guardsman blew himself up on the job.
PA National Guardsman with great talent
This photograph was taken by a soldier in Afghanistan during a rescue mission. The pilot is a PA National Guardsman.
Photograph taken by soldier in Afghanistan.The pilot is PA National Guardsman whose regular job is EMT helicopter pi…
"Fired Los Angeles police who killed unarmed National Guardsman on live television sue to get their jobs back"
18 years old George Harris placing flowers into the rifle barrels of National Guardsman outside of the Pentagon, 1967
In 2004 OTA received a request from a NC National Guardsman, Rick Weaver, a huge Steelers fan. Today he and his...
Wife: Former firefighter accused of hitting National Guardsman was parallel ... - Lexington Herald Leader
An Atlantic County sheriff's officer who as a National Guardsman searched through debris from the World Trade Center.
Last week, we profiled the National Guardsman who drowned saving his children from a riptide; a true
Louisiana National Guardsman to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
New memorial in Frankfort, Ky with the names of all the fallen National Guardsman since WWI.
Army makes exception, allows guardsman with King George ties to be buried in Arlington National ...
Louisiana guardsman gets exception, will be buried at
Request granted to bury La. Guardsman killed in crash at Arlington National Cemetery
Staff Sgt. Thomas Florich to be buried in National Cemetery.
Army secretary OKs burial in Arlington National Cemetery for guardsman
As it should be.. La. Guardsman killed in crash to be buried in Arlington. By Louisiana National Guard Public...
Sec of Army approves Louisiana guardsman killed in March chopper training to be buried at Arlington National Cemetery
After the family's request was originally denied, a Louisiana guardsman will be buried in Arlington National Cemetery
Army announces Staff Sgt. Florich can be buried at Arlington per family's wishes: Ret MG Hargett applauds decision.
To be fair they were San Andreas Air National Guardsman
About face: Pentagon rules La. guardsman who died in chopper crash can be ...: Louisiana National Guardsman St...
Army approves Arlington burial for National Guardsman killed on training mission; burial was previously denied
We're very pleased to share this breaking news! Tom has been rightfully approved for an Arlington Burial.
Secretary of Army approves burial at Arlington National Cemetery for La. guardsman killed in helicopter crash.
Remember the dad whose Guardsman son wasn't allowed to be buried at Arlington? Now... he WILL. (via
Arlington Cemetery denies burial for National Guardsman killed in helicopter training crash
Soldier goes AWOL to fight ISIS in Iraq: An Iowa National Guardsman has headed back to war... via
What if it was an Off Duty National Guardsman kicking his *** National Guardsmen are offered more protection than Police under Federal Law.
National Guardsman gets life sentence in case linked to 're-homing' | Reuters
On this day in 1980 in El Salvador, four American churchwomen were kidnapped, beaten, raped and murdered by Salvadoran National Guardsman. Despite the crime and the brutal repression the US government supported the right wing government with military aid of $1 million/day: In the afternoon of December 2, Donovan and Dorothy Kazel picked up two Maryknoll missionary sisters, Maura Clarke and Ita Ford, from the airport after the pair arrived from attending a Maryknoll conference in Managua, Nicaragua. They were under surveillance by a National Guardsman at the time, who phoned his commander for orders. Acting on orders from their commander, five National Guard members changed into plain clothes and continued to stake out the airport. The five members of the National Guard of El Salvador, out of uniform, stopped the vehicle they were driving after they left the airport in San Salvador. Donovan and the three sisters were taken to a relatively isolated spot where they were beaten, raped, and murdered by the so ...
I am completely disgusted with Urban Outfitters and the lack of conscience they have displayed with the "vintage Kent State sweatshirt that is faded red and comes complete with blood splatter" .this is not ok, it was a terrible event that happened in Ohio in 1970 when students were killed at Kent State by National Guardsman .it is still mourned in our state, we absolutely do not tolerate this disrespect and I strongly urge people the company headquarters and express your disgust!
Country music star, Billy Ray Cyrus talks to News 4 anchor, Elias Johnson, about his decision to perform a special concert at Incline Village to honor the life of Sparks Middle School teacher & National Guardsman - Michael Landsberry.
National Guardsman dies during training at Camp Roberts: A staff sergeant with the California Army National Guard...
In the production, 10 actors read 45 letters from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Among the letters are a couple written by Sgt. Michelle Witmer, a 20-year-old New Berlin woman killed in Iraq in April 2004. Witmer, a member of the Wisconsin National Guard 32nd Military Police Company, was the first female National Guardsman killed in action.
NYPD detective departmentally charged with shooting dead National Guardsman: The NYPD detective who s...
To ALL of my Brothers and Sisters out there who served, Happy Brothers and Sisters Day You may have served in Combat or in non-combat. You may have retired out or you may have served for a short time. You may have been a draftee, reservist, National Guardsman or a regular. You may have served in the Corps, Army, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard or the Merchant Marines, BUT YOU SERVED. YOU DID YOUR JOB HONORABLY and for that I am PROUD to call you Brother or Sister. You may have served during Korea, WWII,. Vietnam, Persian Gulf, Iraq or Afghanistan, But you served, you did not run. You have a DD 214 with those words "HONORABLY DISCHARGED" two of the most noble words in the world. Again I am proud to know each and every one of you. * Today is Band of Brothers' and Sisters' Day* ; send this to all your brothers, fathers, sons, wives, mothers, sisters and fellow veterans you know. Happy Brothers' and Sisters' Day! To the cool men and women that have touched my life: Here's to you!! I was never a hero, but I am th ...
National Guardsman: NO WAR WITH RUSSIA: It's amazing to me how many people are calling him a little whiner, baby, etc.  Most of whom are women..Who would cry to their man if they were getting picke...
Good Morning! For my Nascar fans, our son John a National Guardsman who was the privilege of holding the American Flag! We are so proud of him.
"Well that's ironic! A National Guardsman serving chicken!" My God, times never do change
A lesson for US protesters, too ! ”National Guardsman, brother, don't kill me"
RIDER SPOTLIGHT: DAVE NEUMER SGM Neumer’s military career began during the start of the first Gulf War in 1991. He enlisted in the US Army Reserve in February and was assigned to the Signal Company of the 12th Special Forces Group. Dave’s early enlistment had him working as a Signal Operator while the unit was moved from Reserve status to the National Guard. He was designated as the first soldier to be sent to attend the Special Forces Assessment and Selection course (SFAS) by his new provisional company, and after that, he attended the Special Forces Qualification Course (Q-Course) in 1994. Over the next six years, Dave attended numerous schools and became qualified in many different skills: Engineer Qualification, Special Forces Operations and Intelligence Courses, and Ranger School are among the most prominent. This was all completed while being considered a “part-time” National Guardsman. Dave was promoted to Master Sergeant (E-8) in June of 2001 and performed the duties of a Detachment Team . ...
National Guardsman from San Joaquin County accused of LA subway bomb plot, charged with attempting to aid al-Qaida.
Anna Cloeter explains why USPS was ordered to reinstate a National Guardsman fired for “excessive” military leave
In the matter of Erickson v. United States Postal Service, the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB) upheld a previously issued decision ordering the United States Postal Service (USPS) to reinstate a former National Guardsman who had been fired for taking “excessive” military leave, and to provide…
The Halifax Health hospital shooter's family has asked for a military burial. And, since the National Guardsman wasn't convicted of a capital crime he's getting one with honors at Patrick Air Force Base. Daytona Beach police Chief Mike Chitwood is furious.
WASHINGTON -- A federal board has again ordered the U.S. Postal Service to reinstate a National Guardsman wrongly fired from his job as a postal worker because he took military leave, telling the agency to pay him what could add up to millions in back pay, benefits and legal fees. On Monday, ...
There seems to be some talk/buzz on the net that the president has begun a questioning process to determine if the military (presumably the National Guard?) would be willing to shoot an American Citizen I times of civil unrest...In news gathering concerning the militarizing of the police across the Nation as well as the rising incidences of police "summary Judgment" of perps. one can olny conclude that the questionnaire revealed the answers they are looking for...Our local cops and the National Guardsman and even the full time Military might be only too willing to mow us down upon orders from the Feds...(the Justice Dept?, ) an aside,: 9do you really trust your life in HIS hands?) My thinking is, having read the list of the dangerous" Americans Veterans, Patriots, Conservatives and and group connected with conservative values, religious, and any group supporting religious groups, (excluding Islamist), that my life is probably is danger the moment the SHTF. What is a Patriot to do? I suggest a secre ...
A visit to the San Diego Zoo Thursday turned into a heartwarming reunion for a National Guardsman and his three young children.
Airman who went missing in Fells Point died accidentally, his family says: A National Guardsman who we...
National Guardsman injured in Afghanistan to receive Purple Heart medal Wednesday
My Dad always flew his flag on the flag post in front of his house... A National Guardsman, ROTC, veteran of WWII in the Pacific with two invasions- Leyte and Okinawa with the Army and the Korean War. left their impact. He had a tremendous tenor voice which he demonstrated in musicals, the choir and a quartet in college. He became head of the chemistry dept at the college where he taught. I still retain all the letters he wrote back home during WWII to mom. Here's a salute on Armistice Day.
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today congratulated New York Air National Guard Staff Sgt. Christopher Petersen who was recognized as National Guardsman of the Year by the USO during its annual Gala in Washington D.C. last night. Petersen, of Commack, Long Island, is a full-time member of the 106th Rescue…
Incidents of Mexican drug cartel violence and activity across the International border in south Texas, Rio Grande Valley. These articles were published by The Monitor of Freedom Communications, Inc. A new law enforcement bulletin warns that members of drug cartels have been overheard plotting to kill federal agents and Texas Rangers who guard the border, officials in Washington reported Thursday. drug smuggling ring accused of working with Mexico’s Gulf Cartel was dismantled Thursday after 11 people, including a U.S. National Guardsman, were arrested in connection with the case Wednesday. brought federal charges against a man who already faces state charges for a carjacking ring purportedly operated by the Gulf Cartel. linked Thursday’s dual homicide on in Olmito to Mexican drug cartels and consider the killings spillover violence. Pharr police officer arrested last week was working as a middleman for Mexican drug traffickers seeking military-grade weapons, the FBI said Monday. agents turned over a su ...
HAMMOND--Thousands of friends, classmates and brothers in arms paid respects to Army Spc. Chris Drake Tuesday as the National Guardsman's body came home from the Afghanistan war. Classmates came from Independence High, where he played football with Coach Keith Carona. The entire Tickfaw Police Depar...
Rhode Island team members, here is a link to an overnight youth camp opportunity in RI. Please Read the application link. Registration priority is given to National Guardsman and their families, however night two is the registration for other military components. Another great opportunity to meet other branch/component families while providing your children great experiences in the area. Military Youth Camp Registration Forms can be found here! Read the cover page to learn about this year's registration process.
Remembering the thousands of victims of the Tulsa Riots, which included the Black Section of Tulsa, OK being attacked by White Civilians, Local Law Enforcement, and National Guardsman, who dropped bombs from planes on the area. What did these Black people do? They succeeded!!
Thank you to my Uncle Anthony, a soldier, my brother, Buddy, the Marine, My brother-in-law, Pete, the Navy man, my brother-in-law Don, (help me with the branch of service), my son-in-law, Robert, the Marine and National Guardsman and my nephew-in-law, Ron in the Navy. Please add whomever I left off our family's list.
I would just like to thank all my friends and family for their current and past service to this great country in the armed services, so here's my thanks to my step kids David Clark and Kelli Clark my Uncles Lowell Colwell and Carl Martin my Brother-in-law George Franks my friend Gary Thomas and soon to be National Guardsman my step-son Adam Clark. Thank you for keeping this country safe.
Pablo Pantoja, who is of Puerto Rican descent and reportedly served as a National Guardsman in Iraq and Kuwait,...
SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment is proud to salute the men and women of our armed forces and their families. Waves of Honor permits any active duty military, activated or drilling reservist, or National Guardsman to one complimentary admission per year to select parks.
A video collage of still images commemorating the 36th Anniversary of the killing of four college students by National Guardsman at Kent State in 1970
Candle fundraiser for a 23 year old US National Guardsman who is recovering from a sudden cardiac arrest.
One of my tiress shredded and essentially exploded in the middle of i-285 this morning. Not even 5 minutes after Triple A told me help would arrrive in 45 minutes, a National Guardsman, a Capt. Peek of Decatur, Georgiachanged the tire and charged my also dead battery which apparently had beendrained by my hazard lights (smh). I made it home in 30 mins well before the tow truck arrived thanks to this man. Sunday is indeed a day for reflection and appreciation and I am extreamly greatful that Capt Peek was on hand to assist me, though he did scare the crap out of me when he first walked up to my car. THANK You
James Meredith spoke at the Booneville Library today. Some of our children from Marietta were able to attend. I spoke to the bus driver for a few minutes this afternoon. She said someone there was very disrespectful to him when he was beginning his talk. She said he had to stop and ask for directions. The person at the gas station told him the library was north of were he was. When Mr. Meredith told this the "gentleman" said, "You should have kept going north where you came from." My question is, "Why did that man bother to show up?" A much more interesting person was there; he was a National Guardsman who had been at Ole Miss when Mr. Meredith was on campus. He said that none of the Guard had real bullets in their guns. I found that interesting; I am not sure why. I makes you look at the situation in a new light, doesn't it? I still wish I could have been there today. Do you?
Happy 11th Birthday to our daughter Gina! We will celebrate by first standing out as part of an honor guard at the funeral of LTC Michael Greene, a MA National Guardsman, which it is reported will be also protested by the Westboro Baptist Church. Gina told me "Two people who love each other should be together." We are proud to stand in support of the Greene family & our military members. Then, it is off to the American Girl Doll store with one of her friends, and home for cake!
Lawyers say a grand jury in Queens has voted not to indict a police officer on criminal charges in the fatal shooting National Guardsman
Grand jury refuses to indict NYPD cop who gunned down National Guardsman du
Thanks for all the people that showed up for my retirement party. It was very nice to see my current cadets attending, but more importantly to see some of my older previous Cadets, some who attended over 10 years ago. I have always enjoyed my job so very much and the cadets that I have had in JROTC have always done very well in class not to mention Drill Competitions, Color Guard, Christmas Gift Wrapping, Parades, Honor Guard and everything else that I have not mentioned. We have some Cadets who really have gone on in their lives and are doing very well, such as An Air Force Pilot, Civ Airlines Pilot, Soldier of the year for the Army, National Guardsman of the Year, Nurses down in Florida, and here locally. We have Cadets currently serving in all branches of the service and are deployed in Afghanistan, at one time about two years ago, I had 11 of my previous Cadets deploy to Iraq at the same time. I feel that I have established a great relationship with all the Cadets and more importantly with some of th ...
Idea. Put an armed National Guardsman on patrol at public schools What think you
the Chicago Conspiracy Trial Bobby Seale: bound, gagged and shackled Forty-three years ago today marked the beginning of the infamous and so-called Chicago Conspiracy Trial – the most highly publicised showcase for the opposing political, cultural and generational ideologies that divided America during its explosive Vietnam years. Accused of conspiring to incite the riots at the August 1968 Democratic National Convention (“The whole world is watching!” chanted the 5,000 demonstrators as 12,000 police, army troops and 5,000 National Guardsman repeatedly attacked them), the eight high-profile defendants were singled out by the Establishment, prompting an eager J. Edgar Hoover to declare: “A successful prosecution of this type would be a unique achievement for the Bureau and should seriously disrupt and curtail the activities of the New Left.” For their part, the defendants – a hotchpotch of well-known radicals collectively representing the National Mobilization Committee to End the War in ...
A 19-year-old National Guardsman in St. Landry Parish is honored with the Purple Heart. Christopher Delaney, of Grand Coteau, received it Monday. It blew the truck into three pieces, it was just a flash of light and an hour and half later I woke up in the hospital, I thought I was dead to be honest,
Via California Army National Guard~lIs your National Guardsman deployed overseas right now? “Our Military Kids”...
National Guardsman surprises daughter in dance class: Sergeant Major Ronald Morse has been away for...
Just drove down Rte. 36 through Sea Bright. Every single building has been destroyed. The mounds of debris are massive. I pulled over in total disbelief. A National Guardsman came over to see if I was alright. I don't think I will ever be totally alright anymore. It looks like war. The devastation is amazing. Yes, I cried.
A grand jury will determine if an NYPD detective should face criminal charges for gunning down an unarmed National Guardsman on Grand Central Parkway last month, the Daily News has learned.
Atlantic City Press announced 70% of power has been restored in LBI. Will let homeowners in on a "grab and go" basis accompanied by a National Guardsman starting Monday
Ryan Honey, a VA National Guardsman is the winner of the signed Washington Redskins helmet. CONGRATULATIONS.
President Obama and Gov. Christie have spent a lot of "non-political" time getting their faces on TV and telling the people of NJ how much help they are going to give them. I am sick of it. The media continues to report stories of death, destruction and chaos all along the eastern seaboard. Why do we not hear about the first responders, the Coast Guard rescue people, the fireman and policemen willing to wade into polluted and volatile water to save homes and babies and *** who refused to evacuate. How many people will go nameless who just got in to some of these places and did what needed to be done to help strangers. Then there are the lineman in Jersey and NY who face dangerous work to get power back to the millions who don't have it. Why is there so little said about the people and many teenagers who will go to places like Long Beach Island, Seaside Heights, Ventnor, Brigantine, Margate to help to put things back in order. Thousands of National Guardsman will leave their homes, families and jobs to ...
To my dad, thank you for your duty as a National Guardsman when I was a baby. To my Pap, thank you for you service in Vietnam. To my x4 or 5 great uncle who's name I cannot remember, he was a prisoner of war in the Civil War. I haven't met you but I love you and I hope you're at peace. To my cousin Eric who is still active duty Army, you are one of my heroes and I love you more then you'll know. And my Uncle Bob who is fighting cancer due to Agent Orange from Vietnam (he was a field medic) I love you and am praying that you get better so soon. Just some things on my mind
strange things appear in unused email accounts that I check a few times a year. here is a bit from one... If you think Michele Bachmann is scary, let me introduce you to Allen Quist, the homophobic, anti-choice GOP candidate who is taking on pro-choice champion and 24-year National Guardsman, Rep. Tim Walz in Minnesota's 1st district. Here's what you need to know on Quist: •As a State Representative, he attacked a *** counseling clinic and compared it to the KKK. •He said that men are "genetically predisposed to lead a family." •He thinks dinosaurs existed with man. (I'm being serious.) •He was instrumental in launching Bachmann's political career, helping her win her first race. There's no other way to say it: Quist is not someone we want in Congress. Tim just went up on the air with his first TV ad in this swing district, and he needs urgent support to keep it up on the air and get his message out to Minnesota voters.
My Boy called to volounteer his services this morning and he just got activated (called up) as a National Guardsman to help in efforts to protect citizens from the effects of Hurricane Sandy! He's heading to base as we speak I think he's cool... I am a nerd. I do understand this... pax B8s
A National Guard whistleblower has reported that National Guardsman have been briefed by superiors on plans to confiscate guns and target doomsday preppers
The helicopter is a Keystone CH-47 Chinook, piloted by Larry Murphy, an EMS chopper pilot and National Guardsman from Allentown, Pennsylvania. The amazing landing was not part of a rescue mission, however, but rather a pick-up of "Persons Under Control" (prisoners) captured by U.S. soldiers during Operation Mountain Resolve in the Nuristan province of Afghanistan in 2003.
The funeral for Noel Polanco, the ex-National Guardsman who was shot and killed by NYPD Detective Hassan Hamby on the Grand Central Parkway, was held Friday, and his mother, Cecelia Eyes, stopped by the PIX11 Morning News to plead for justice for her son.
Noel Polanco, a National Guardsman, was to be given a military salute as he was remembered at a Queens church.
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News: National Guardsman killed by cop in traffic stop promoted to sergeant at crowded funeral: APThe body of Ar...
I do the eulogy at the funeral of Noel Polanco, the National Guardsman killed by police in NY last week. The services are in Queens at 10AM
Police Commissioner Ray Kelly has called for a grand jury to investigate the shooting of a 22-year-old unarmed National Guardsman near Laguardia Airport last week.
The Rev. Al Sharpton promised Saturday to support the mother of a National Guardsman shot to death by an NYPD officer.
Jess Maldonado GallegusGreat Grandfather, World War II Veteran, National Guardsman, Career Barber, and among the last of The Greatest Generation. Jess was born in 1922 in Newcastle, California to Mexican parents, one of 15 brothers and sisters. As a child, he was a hardworking member of the family, ...
As a former National Guardsman, I'd be *** proud to have Mitt as my Commander in Chief.if you care about our future and our country, please take a few minutes to read his recent speech. I just can't wait until the debates to see Mitt go toe to toe.
Can't believe it's 11yrs. For me it's a lot of snapshots of memories. Nextel was working with all civil services since our radio's still worked (our system bypassed the public switch) and we were programming thousands of devices, throwing them in boxes and sending them out to FDNY , NYPD, OEM, etc. literally hours after the towers were hit. They asked for volunteers to go and deliver phones and I got to go to a fire house in the Bronx on Webster Ave. I called Michael to come and we drove into the Bronx. It was just surreal. NOBODY on the southbound side of the roads. We flew down from Elmsford. The northbound side was packed. We could see the dust and clouds from the WTC as we were coming down the Bronx River Parkway. We got off the exit and headed towards the firehouse and when we turned onto Webster Ave we found ourselves stopped by two National Guardsman in full gear and with machine guns at the ready. We gently explained who we were, what we were doing and they called down. We got the okay and litera ...
Today in history:Twenty black students entered public schools after President John F. Kennedy sent National Guardsman:
Free Admission to Busch Gardens, Sea World and More.Active duty, Reservists, and National Guardsman (and three dependents) can obtain one free admission to any one of the amusements parks: SeaWorld, Busch Gardens, Sesame Place, Water Country USA, and Adventure Island each calendar year. Once again they forget 'THE RETIRED VETERANS".NUTS!
Today, I had a chance encounter with an old man. This old man was a WWII vet. This man landed on Omaha Beach, fought in the Normandy Campaign, the Battle of the Bulge, and liberated concentration camps in Poland before the war ended. This man was also a National Guardsman. He told me to be nothing but proud of my Guard status. So, sir, I tip my hat to you. The Lord and Lady will carry you on high.
A former US National Guardsman trained a white supremacist group on AK-47 assault rifle and fighting techniques, to help them prepare for an expected race war. The guardsman eventually became a white supremacist group member himself.
A *** National Guardsman and her wife will testify this weekend before the Democratic Party Platform Drafting Committee, urging Democrats to take an official stand on same-sex marriage in the party platform this election.
*** National Guardsman and wife push for Democrats to adopt *** marriage on party platform
Gloria H. Richardson, a civil rights leader in Cambridge, Maryland, responds to an order from a National Guardsman enforcing martial law, 1963
My first day as a National Guardsman. Truly worthwhile. Robert Ramon Rodriguez Justin Allen Jones
I would like to say to everyone that is reading this. There is a wounded warrior that was attacked by a suicide bomber in afganistan he is now located in the states at walter reid medical center his name is Devin Davis. His wife has sold everything to get a ticket and get an apartment in Washington so that she can be close to him. Almost every bone in his legs and chest are broken. I am asking all my friends and family to please send money to the paypal acct that Stephanie Morton and Shellie Stanton have set up and I am a former US Marine and I can promise you that the money is going to his wife for cost of living up there in washington please if you love your country donate a dollar and lets help this National Guardsman back on his feet.
This from John Hawkins: Hey Cooks. Anyone want to volunteer to help cook breakfast for 50 National Guardsman for a few days, let me know. They are staying at 4-H Camp and need someone to cook breakfast. Groceries are provided, just need prepared. They want to eat about 0600 and head out to clear the roadways and help the power company. Have Thursday and Friday covered, they will be there for 7-10 days. Call 457-1040 to volunteer...
About 200 National Guardsman have reported to the Dayton area to help with storm damage.
My little girl is not only a CNA and a National Guardsman, but she is now an officially licensed EMT! Way to go Amanda Wentz!
A National Guardsman who served in Iraq, Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay has sued a woman he tried to rent from, after she told him his war service and her peace activism presented a “conflict of interests” and suggested he seek housing elsewhere — though the Dorchester landlady insists...
A National Guardsman says he was denied an apartment because of his war service, and he is suing the anti-war landlord who told him that his service would be a
Today is an ugly anniversary in American history: 42 years ago, National Guardsman opened fire on anti-Vietnam protesters at Ohio’s Kent State University, killing four students. Ten days later, Mississippi police fired on civil rights protesters taking refuge in a women’s dormitory at Jackson State University and killed two more students.
Decades ago, while protesting the Viet Nam War, four students were shot and killed by National Guardsman at Kent State, Ohio. One of the students, Allison Krause left a loving family to mourn their loss and launch their own inquiry into Allison's and three other college students unnecessary deaths. This year on the anniversary of the May 4th Kent State Massacre, President Obama will receive a letter about Allison's death from her family...
Scored 2 lower level tickets to next Saturday's bronze statue unveiling of Baltimore Orioles Hall of Famer Frank Robinson/Oakland Athletics game at Camden Yards for only $30! Bought them from a MD National Guardsman who's raising money for the MD SPCA so it's also for a good cause. For that price, we might have to go to the other 5 statue unveilings throughout the season that he also tickets for. Would love to attend Cal Ripken day too!
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