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National Grid

The National Grid is the high-voltage electric power transmission network in Great Britain, connecting power stations and major substations and ensuring that electricity generated anywhere in England, Scotland and Wales can be used to satisfy demand elsewhere.

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National Grid is ridiculous! My bill is unexplainable! Called customer service & they said that National Grid decided to Raise prices over winter season so my bill doubled. I knew I wasn't crazy. Never had this issue when I had NYSEG
Update from National Grid re the construction project: National Grid will restart work on Monday, March 24. The work will entail continuing the intermediate pressure pipe installation on Minot Street moving toward Adams Street. The low-pressure installation crossing Minot Street at the pit location has been completed. We are now pursuing continuing the installation on Minot, starting near the Gerard's service entrance and moving toward Adams. Following the installation, there will need to be a tie-in at the existing pipe at the corner of Adams/Minot (present location of the soon-to-be-decommissioned pit). The existing station will also be filled in and following that, there will need to be roadway resurfacing. We expect to need 3 weeks of work and factoring New England springs we'll be finished in mid- to late-April.
National Grid explains why winter electric bills are so high -
Smelling a Problem at the Site of a Blast trust a bodega condom more than Con Ed or National Grid
A single bumbling National Grid employee worked on two natural-gas hookups before they were involved in massive explosions on Long Island in 2011 and 2012, a just-completed state Public Service…
Good riddance a Stone Age plant. Gsa needs to be on National Grid. KPL …
National Grid figures show that on 23 February, energy supplied a daily record of 17% of UK electricity demand
I just looked up the rates of National Grid vs Ambit energy, I am shocked! The gas rate for national grid for march is $.753/therm while ambit is $.471/therm. The electric rate national grid is $.184/kWh while ambit is $.117/kWh , there is no fees to join, nothing changes. National grid still bills and services you. You just save money. Check out my website or message me to spend more of your money on something you want, and less on your energy bills!!!
Are you a National Grid customer paying through the roof this year? here:
Live in the National Grid energy market? Afraid to switch? I"d be afraid not to.
What the freak is really going on with the fact that everything is so out of control with utilities rent, food, clothing its pathetic. I had my own home I paid bills but now that I am new again to paying bills as they were included in my rent for a while. I am noticing on bills that I am paying for my employer drastic changes. For one the word ESCO was only a word when I had Con Ed and National Grid my national grid was paid every t hree months and was about 56.00. Now it is absolutely ridiculous they have these esco companies charging 178.00 approx and current charges for mere national grid as high as 75.00 for someone who very rarely uses a stove or hot water. Whats the story Jerry and Esco is also on Con Ed bills. First it started with telephone bills adding astronomical surcharges and taxes for everything and anything and nobody even flinched an eye. So basically combine your taxes with your taxed utitlities your added charges your inflated rents and the charges which are inflated by the distr ...
This is the front of my house right now, as National Grid is digging up my road at 10:15 at night.…
Some guy knocked on my door, wanted to sign me up for JUST ENERGY, he said it would make my Con Ed and National Grid bills cheaper...anyone else? Thoughts?
Engineer David Crosthwait, Jr. held 39 U.S. patents and 80 international patents pertaining to heating, refrigeration, temperature regulation and pump processes...So next time Con Ed or National Grid you let them that you David cousin and you want every dime they stolen from you back...
National Grid just put me on hold *after calling ME, as soon as I picked up the phone*
Grid's Eagles.. Vince Young wants to play again (National Football Post)
why is it so difficult to log onto the online account from the National Grid website? Can't seem to see the log in page!
As "money's no object", Dave may now b able 2 afford set of tassels for us all 2 replace national grid
Like a smoke detector that’s running low on juice, this is your library’s BEEP BEEP BEEP alarm. This Saturday, National Grid will be doing some work on the pole that leads into our building, starting at 7:30 in the morning. What they’re doing is modernizing the equipment, including swapping out old ceramic lightning protection equipment for new polymer ones. While they are doing this work, the Neil Hellman Library will be without power. National Grid has estimated two hours for the work to be done, which overlaps with our Saturday opening by about half an hour. We’re still opening at the usual 9am this Saturday, but expect some temporary situations: The computers might be unavailable for a little while and the building might be a little chilly; the nice thing about our building is that it has a lot of thermal mass (another hash mark in the ‘Go Books!’ column) so the Library shouldn’t be frigid but it might be cooler than usual for a bit. It’ll also be a bit gloomy amidst the stacks – ...
Gas lines out on the whole block. Come on national grid, NO HEAT!! Katie Grolley and Billy Nusca better fix my heat before I freeze!!😨
Is our National Guard Armed with bullets and other ordinance to deter terrorists here. Station them at Power Grid vulnerable points?
I want to punch national grid in the face.
. and National Grid has an outage the very next day
Nigeria requires N464 trillion for infrastructure development in power sector – Goodluck Jonathan - It also stated that the energy sector needs $900 billion (N144 trillion) during the period while the power sector needs $10 billion (N1.6 trillion) for generation and distribution in the next five years to add 5,000MW to the national grid. It added that the transmission network needs $1.5 billion (N240 billion) in the next five years. This was disclosed by President Goodluck Jonathan during the Nigeria Power Financing Conference at the Banquet Hall of the Presidential Villa, Abuja, on Monday. With the figures being thrown around every time by government officials, do you think there is any hope of improving current electricity condition in the country? Read more
Lights by National Grid. Scheduled for removal tmrw. We're checking with them about issues. More info at
National Grid says it expects to have power restored to the almost 450 customers for whom the power went out this morning in New York:
Year 10 are making models of the national grid today.
Gas back on in MSB - National Grid are sorry that it took so long
Just found out we are still not officially with the national grid for electricity, Although I sorted it last year. But we will have pay it back dated and its all their fault! This is why paper bills still should be issued and why DD does not always work.
Many people are seeing a spike in the cost of their National Grid bill. Here is some education on how it works. This video is for education purposes only. Please comment if you saw a spike in your bill.
I need to call National grid, this is crazy
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Think national grid forgot to pay their electric bill again...
I don't know what company has worst customer service Comcast or National Grid.
. National grid should b upgraded and Discoms can choose to buy power from preferred source. Competition will reduce cost.
I called national grid as you advised. But no, they said I'd been misinformed. SP has to book the job for me. Please sort.
In what world can someone spend $400 on electricity in a one bedroom apartment? I'm not a family of blow dryers and air conditioners who eat server farms at every meal. I'm never even home. Jesus National Grid
National grid were brill this morning god send makro run was fun with PTA now at home making more decs x
Anyone read the news report about national grid raising their rates once again. Your bill should go up 20 to 30 percent in feb. Our last bill was 350.00. This is localized to upstate New York. I call bs.
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Cowboy plumber = ticket to stay home all day waiting for national grid and gas safety! Can't even go pick up my new car! Not happy :-(
Don’t miss this exclusive interview with Andrew Baynes, Enterprise Architect
This is what has happened to lots of National Grid customers lately. Ambit can't take all the burden away, but we can ease it up some.
An excellent presentation by tony Maloney on an excellent apprentice and graduate programme at National Grid.
If KE used the wire lines for national electricity grid to fence the country borders, it would go 11 times around.
Demand 47400MW. Importing 1888MW from FRA, 1000MW from NED. Exporting 252MW to NI, 530MW to ROI. Output 49.991Hz.
National grid changing gas pipes so no heating national grid burst water pipe so now no water!
National grid farkhan khan employee of the year what a star helped me out this morning you need more people like this
The battery should power the national grid. Energy crisis solved. I thank you.
Next up Martin Inwood from .on Establishing a Mobility Capability in National Grid
Now we move to National Grid is discussing in detail.
Migrane from *** maybe from co2 (long story) so my gas has had to be turned off by national grid so now I'm in bed freezing and poorly...
Demand 46931MW. Importing 1888MW from FRA, 978MW from NED. Exporting 236MW to NI, 522MW to ROI. Output 49.984Hz.
LIVE UPDATE - UK gas system is 8.90mcm short. Demand currently at 307.2mcm, while supply forecast is at 298.3mcm according to National Grid.
...and technical operations of the National Grid. Both documents available at
Waited in all day yesterday for boiler to be fixed and now I got gas leak and half the national grid on there way now ...
Land for setting up of the headquarters of the National Intelligence Grid in Delhi has already been acquired.
Demand 45535MW. Importing 1452MW from FRA, 642MW from NED. Exporting 178MW to NI, 404MW to ROI. Output 49.948Hz.
National Grid - Track one of TSK!? remixed by Katsen. This version is available for FREE DOWNLOAD on Bandcamp:
The National Grid Corporation of the Philippines estimated the shortage at about 150 MW.
Demand 43949MW. Importing 688MW from FRA, 562MW from NED. Exporting 72MW to NI, 132MW to ROI. Output 49.984Hz.
11FEB2014 Scheduled power interruption in parts of CAMARINES SUR The National Grid Corporation of the (cont)
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Demand 39325MW. Importing 70MW from NI, 900MW from FRA, 564MW from NED, 68MW from ROI. Output 50.039Hz.
National Grid CO2 intensity is high so don't run anything that can wait! |0651
Leak standby - prob the most boring job at national grid. But hey the fact that it's all over time takes the edge off.
Demand 33115MW. Importing 1686MW from FRA, 646MW from NED. Exporting 70MW to NI, 114MW to ROI. Output 50.003Hz.
National Grid CO2 intensity is roughly average or above so don't run major appliances now if you can wait. |0521
I'm movin off the grid soon as i get in the position to. You'll see me on national geographic.
National grid is a typical american company I been waitin 9 weeks for them to reattach a downed wire to my house, 500 foot long *** grid?
Here if we can't pay our leccy bill can I chuck some monster down ye neck and use u as a connection to the national grid?
How the *** can out national grid bill double in a month! Bunch of scalpers!
Ok, who's with me...National Grid Corp needs to be handing over their CEO's for public tar n feathering...I heat with WOOD!!! NO FURNACE...of course I use electricity for fans to circulate, but come the F on. My bill is $545.51 this monthn n the news just said a 20-30% increase next month???!!! Who, pray tell, in gods name, can afford this? NOT I.
Guess I get to escalate my National Grid billing dispute. Wonder how far this needs to go...
Parts of Zambales to experience 10-hour power interruption on Thursday SOME towns of Zambales will experience up to 10 hours of power interruption on Thursday, February 13. “Customers of Zambales Electric Cooperative I in the towns of Iba, Candelaria and portions of Palauig will have outage from 8:00AM to 6PM,” National Grid Corporation of the Philippines Central Luzon Corporate Communication and Public Affairs Officer Ernest Lorenz Vidal said. The power interruption was originally set on Wednesday, February 12, but was moved to accommodate the request of Ramon Magsaysay Technological University, which will be celebrating its foundation day. “Brownout is due to the replacement of rotten poles, broken cross arms and insulators along Botolan-Candelaria 69kV line simultaneous with annual preventive maintenance of 50 MVA transformer at Botolan substation. Normal operations will immediately resume after work completion,” Vidal added. (Philippine Information Agency)
Has anyone else noticed a drastic increase in their National Grid bill? According to the chart my usage has doubled when compared to the last 4 winters.
National Grid HOT Trailer demonstration at the fire station tonight.
National Grid contributes $50,000 for flood recovery to the Herkimer Housing Authority. For this story and more go to
Got my National Grid higher than last month!
WTH!! Just got my National Grid electric bill for my VACANT home in New York! $180.45! This is twice as much as when I was living there! Anybody!!??
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-- National Grid again is reminding its customers of a nationwide utility bill scam. National Grid electric customers have received telephone calls from individuals claiming to work for National Grid.
Two visits from national grid now just to make sure the gas supply is properly capped off!! So no more gas escapes! Frank must have changed his mind about bumping me off!!
Has anyone else gotten there National Grid electrical summary report? I would really like to know who they use for there "Good savers neighbors". The only way i could use less electricity is to stop showering and washing my clothing yet they are still 300 points below me.
He was elected into parliament of ghana in 2004 to represent Tamale South Constituency and was subsequently appointed Minority spokesman for communications.He did a remarkable job and won the then opposition NDC a huge political capital of popularity in the cities and the periphery. He was appointed Cabinet minister in charge of communications in 2008 by the late Prez Mills of blessed memory.He again left an indelible landmark and unmatcheable benchmark of performance through diligence to duty, dedication to course and hardwork . The spirit of "Youth Giantism" was rekindled and sprouted via his intellectual actions. He restored hope to the hopeless, supplied water to the arid and eliminated darkness by connecting several communities characterized by darkness to the national grid. He empowered and continues to empower the youth to create and own wealth. Though occupying the Trade and Industry ministry currently which is one of the most hectic ministries in ghana he is still adequately accessible to his peo ...
Business idea. Eco gyms. Their wired up to the national grid same as normal buildings. But all the machines are linked up to a battery or generator. (I'm not the science guy I'm the ideas guy) then when people go on the bikes, treadmills and stair masters it stores your workouts in the batteries and once enough power has been generated the building will power itself based on your workouts. Self sustaining power. Now I need someone to tell me why this isn't possible?
When the storm hit day before Christmas, everyone at Environment Agency, National Grid and Government turned their phones off. Didnt hear nothing from them and got no responce till day after boxing day!.and now what has happened this week.if things go catastrophically wrong in this country you are on your own chums! Everybody save yourselves! Fact we all pay fortune in taxes seems irrelevant
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Got my dreaded National grid bill. $438.70. Worst I have turned heat off durring the day and only had heat on low at night.
A ton of updates coming your way this week... we've just added Charlie's Chicken and Treats to our Cuba event, and we welcome National Grid on board as well as a sponsor!
Long Island Cares 2014 Homeowner Grant Application: This grant application will provide a one-time assistance to families affected by Superstorm Sandy for either: • A home heating fuel source: oil, gas or electric, propane, kerosene, coal or wood or, • A Utility PSEG (formerly LIPA) or National Grid expense or, • A Storage Unit expense (POD or Storage unit facility) Eligibility Requirements • Applicants must be the homeowner whose primary residence was damaged as a result of Superstorm Sandy. • Applicants must be a resident of Nassau or Suffolk County and provide proof of homeownership • Provide copy of billing statement and receipts. Canceled check, credit card or bank statements are acceptable forms of expense and receipt and must accompany the application. • Requests must not exceed $1,000.00. • **This grant will support 100 grants up to a maximum of $1,000.00 each. *Submission and/or receipt of this application does not promise nor guarantee approval of reimbursement. All applications ...
National Grid Transc downgraded by Zacks to neutral. $68.70 PT. $NGG
Starting to get the ball rolling with a new heating system. Between calling plumbers, mass save, and national grid, I feel like Hank Paulson circa fall 2008 in getting all parties on the same page. Frusteration levels are already exceedingly high
Time for investment in a national grid water system. Take the water around the country up north and back down when in drought.
Instead of increase in megawatts, Electricity generation in Nigeria has dropped by 300 megawatts xo electricity distribution is an issue with d national grid.
Oh My God. How about those National Grid bills, friends? Polar Vortex is certainly going to be the end of me.
CEB Media Spokesman and Deputy General Manager Senajith Dassanayaka said today the first phase of the Norochcholai Coal Power Plant (NCPP) which was shut down in early January was re-connected to the national grid on an experimental basis
Herkimer Housing Authority rebuilds with help from National Grid: you recovered from last summer's flooding?
Energy Sector To Gulp $900bn In 30 years – Jonathan Stressing that the government alone could not fund the infrastructure development, the President said that the power sector alone requires $10 billion for power generation and distribution towards adding 5,000 megawatts to the national grid. He called on the power sector operators to do everything possible in order to provide appreciable power supply to Nigerians by June this year. READ MORE:
Editing video for National Grid. Get at me!
Please consider taking part in the new National Grid "Beatings for Heating" program. If you can't pay your bill because of this man made global warming unusally cold winter National Grid wants to help. National Grid will find a super rich person who will pay your gas and electric bill. In exchange the rich person will beat you with the weapon of their choice. To sign up go to:
Just by adding Itkenb4u Ambit Energy to my national grid bill account I saved $403.56 for my electric and $219.12 for gas-that my friends is a total of $622.68 for 2013, that my friends is an avg monthly savings of $33.63 for electric and $18.26 for gas. I KEN help U do the same, contact me today so U KEN get started on your savings for the of 2014 season. Its free to join and receive a nice free 2 night 3 day trip along with earning free travel points. I personally will be traveling to florida and boston this year.
I don't see why everyone in Upstate NY is so angry with National Grid? I LOVE them! They deliver FREE electricity and natural gas to my home every month the same safe and reliable way, since March of 2010.Just sayin'.
We'll I got the electric bill for the shop today and national grid says I can't get no higher it's peaked out on the graph dam using some juice 800$ this month woo hoo
-15 this morning but it will be 18 by 2pm heat wave! tonight -20 thinking about unplugging the freezer and taking the food out side with the National grid bill lol!! Thursday I guess we look out the window and see what happens because channel 6 has it missing us, channel 10 called the guy from channel 6 a rookie lol!!! Guess no one knows cant trust them anyway
MANILA -- Several towns in Zambales will experience a 10-hour power outage on Wednesday, according to National Grid Corporation of the Philippines (NGCP) Central Luzon.
3400MW electricity would be included in National Grid this year... Roshan Pakistan on it's way!
Kudos to KPLC for connecting me to national grid in period of 2 months without kitu kidogo. featured in NBC s Science of Love
National grid is late on the 845 power back on time
Venting: I have one bill Nstar not National grid. Well I almost passed out when I got last my bill. That thing was for over $400. I called Nstar like really something don't sound right. I guess we will be wearing fleece pajamas, socks, hats & gloves in the house. This has been one cold winter and I'm not giving Nstar all my money.
Ordered propane and paid my national grid bill. I need a second job.
Today's f"kery is brought to you by National Grid. All winter I haven't turned my heat above 50 except for one time. I know this because last winter my bill was over $1700 in 3 months. So this year I bought electric heaters and kept the gas heat low. Yet and still my bill is mad high every month. I try to pay my bill online, it says my SS number is incorrect for my account. I try to call the phone number on my bill and guess what? IT'S NOT IN SERVICE!! WHAT THE ACTUAL PHNUK?!?!?!
Notice!, Door to door salesman in area.Called 'Just Energy' the salesman makes false claims about his company concerning National Grid. His company is being investigated. Slam the door if this fellow shows up.
I would like to commend Assemblyman Jim Tedisco's office as well as Sen. Kathy Marchione for the fast response to my message regarding National Grid. It is something that they will now be looking into further. I don't normally get into politics but these government officials have proven to me that they DO care about local business and consumers and would like to do what they can to help. Again, I appreciate their attention with this matter and hopefully they have more success than I did with National Grid.
Thank u all for a lot of birthday greetings .. It was great to hear from u all .. This time last year was on 18 hour shifts for national grid blizzard duty... This year Im thankful for a quiet nite with my girlfriend who is about to turn 40 herself on weds ... Luv u Megan Anderson ..
Ok National Grid. I own multiple properties in the 518 and your telling me every single one of them went up hundreds of dollars on their bill last month? We have changed nothing.
National Grid *** Their website is not user-friendly, their general customer service number connected me to New York, I haven't received a bill in the two months that I have had their service, and to find out my balance I need my account number which they never provided me with.
Electrician has arrived and the circumstances are totally out of Fitness First's control. Robinson's next door is down too. National Grid are on it now, due to arrive before 12:00. Fitness First Walsall Wood will allow access to Cannock home members if you can get there! Thanks Sonja and thank you to our understanding members who realise that things out of your control do happen 😞
February 7, 2014 – National Grid today announced its sponsorship of Greentown Labs, one of the nation’s largest cleantech incubators. The $50,000 “Terawatt” sponsorship level will enable Greentown Labs to further provide its entrepreneurs access to the equipment, services, education, and network the...
We don't have power at the store, but we are open. National Grid says we'll have it back by 1:45, so until then - no credit/debit card sales will be possible. We'll update when power is restored...
Hold your horses and back up the bus! Although National Grid did a great job fixing our gas issue, our power is out now! So, you guessed it, we are unable to have BITES this evening. Please join us next week, "if the good Lord's willin' and the creek don't rise" We'll do it all over again.
A gas leak in Farmingdale near Front Street and Secatogue Avenue has shut down Elizabeth Street and Conklin Avenue while National Grid is on the scene, NCPD said at about 12:30 p.m.
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So I get in touch with British Gas home cover to say my washing machine water pipe is leaking, now we seem to have National Grid sat outside to do tests for a gas leak, f--k me how useless xx
Investors told to buy BSkyB, Royal Dutch Shell and National Grid
E.ON to shut gas-fired power station despite warnings from the National Grid the UK faces
Brooklyn Nets star Alan Anderson and National Grid's David Luetchford team up to inspire Hackney school children
Power is back on and FKO's Administrative Office is open! Thank you to National Grid, Mayor Kim Driscoll and all Salem public service workers for your hard work throughout the evening hours.
Oh! The plot thickens. From the Ridiculous RICL blog: National Grid, Chris Huhne, Clean Line Energy, & Michael Zilkha, and Zilkha Biomass Did you ever have something eat at the back of your brain? It just won’t go away? You’re sure there is more to the story but just don’t see the missing link? What a minute? That sound like the history of “Clean” Line Energy with lies, distortion, and half-truths. A new twist in this attempted swindle with Clean Line Energy and their investor, National Grid would not be surprising. Michael Zilkha of “Clean” Line Energy and former owner of Horizon Wind Energy, also owns another company called Zilkha Biomass Energy. The updated organizational chart shows Michael Zilkha as a co-owner. Being this is a Clean Line Energy Partners LLC org chart, it doesn’t show Michael Zilkha other private interests. Zilkha Biomass makes a wood by-product pellet that is burned as biomass. Best I understand it, biomass is a process form of dead plants that is burned instead of bu ...
Mini-grids can be deployed faster than centralized grid and can interface with national grid when it reaches the area
Factories could be paid to operate at night to cut wind farm compensation: National Grid may pa...
New reactor online at Ningde. The synchronisation of the unit to the national power grid was officially recorded...
oh ok then! Can't blame you for wasting power! It's lit up like the national grid !!! 24/7
'National Grid is so obsessed with the short term and pleasing its shareholders that it is clinging to old...
national grid have not done any works here that i can see, do you have a postoce so i can search further for you? Thank you.
Marion County Responders using US National Grid for search and rescue ops in a simulation
In other news, National Grid found a gas leak in my house after smelled it. She's now home with baby waiting for plumber.
Weird how National Grid urges you to go paperless... but then charges you $2 extra to pay online or over the phone.
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300~500 watt/h a day is what a starving North Korean gulag prisoner has access to (Source: "Escape from Camp 14").
. Work as one team, one National Grid
Strictly Come Dancing: National Grid prepares for biggest surge of the year: . Power consumption...
The National Grid gas man has been inside the little gas building thing down the road for a while now. There's a chance he's dead.
Material removed as a result of our tunnelling activity is being re-used by National Grid on sites across London
National grid out, boiler leak, gas turned off. I think I might finally be getting somewhere!
Have your say on Horncastle roadworks: The National Grid is urging people to attend a meeting on...
National grid, this security question is a joke, right? Looks like I'm never paying my electric bill
ONE NATION ONE GRID. The integration of the southern power grid with the national grid fulfils a long-felt need of...
East coast grid problems made worse by lack of national energy grid or real energy policy.
My brother the National Grid employee: "Battling the elements. Its all worth it in the end." Meaning making sure you have power is important
National Grid provides incentive for wind turbine on the campus of SUNY Canton:
Where's your electricity coming from? Check out the UK national grid status at
I suppose the upside is if a zombie apocolypse hit and the national grid went down I could still find good coffee
BT and the National Grid have agreed pay-out deals for the victims of a gas explosion in Shrewsbury four years ago.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Tech valley & beyond, part two conference at National Grid yesterday. Progress on changing Hudson Valley is being driven. Change will happen
Not as bad as the Midwest but crap it's cold! All police fire sanitation national grid and other…
Libya seeks to lay submarine electricity cable to link up with Italian national grid in Sicily.
Bayelsa State Govt declares that N1.8billion for electricity projects in 2014 Federal budget is for upgrade of power facilities *Says it wrote the Federal Ministry of Power in April 2013, requesting for projects to upgrade power supply to the state The Bayelsa State Government has exposed the falsehood being spread by Sahara Reporters and Premium Times on the electricity project for the state included in the 2014 budget by the Federal Government, describing the reports on the project as part of a larger plot by the two media houses to discredit President Jonathan on the orders of their opposition leaders paymasters. Premium Times and Sahara Reporters had accused the Presidency of including in the budget a non-existent power project to link Bayelsa State to the national grid. The two pro-opposition media houses claimed that the project had been completed in 2006 and therefore the funds will be embezzled. However, the Bayelsa State Government in a press statement by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Po ...
Home Minister, Sh Sushilkumar Shinde today laid the foundation stone for National Intelligence Grid (NATGRID)
Demand 44341MW. Importing 1992MW from FRA, 952MW from NED. Exporting 238MW to NI, 484MW to ROI. Output 50.059Hz.
Demand 44552MW. Importing 1986MW from FRA, 962MW from NED. Exporting 252MW to NI, 420MW to ROI. Output 50.062Hz.
Then allow for the fact that our NSW gov actually makes money from the elect. grid. Why the *** would you sell it.
Demand 43400MW. Importing 1742MW from FRA, 920MW from NED. Exporting 238MW to NI, 470MW to ROI. Output 49.933Hz.
‘Solar girl’ sheds reliance on Tepco for spartan life on the edge of the grid
Rural households join national grid at
Is Gary Barlow a National Treasure? Given that he puts his treasure in different nations then the answer's no.
is now One Nation, One Grid. South joins National grid completing seamless network integration for electricity
Demand 42871MW. Importing 1640MW from FRA, 778MW from NED. Exporting 70MW to NI, 248MW to ROI. Output 49.973Hz.
According to a Press Release from the Ministry of Power on the eve of first day of New Year 2014, the much...
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
In a major achievement for the power sector, Southern Grid synchronously connected with the National
Until the presidency is hooked to the national grid with no generator option there's no way We'll have power
Demand 36470MW. Importing 1412MW from FRA, 410MW from NED, 54MW from ROI. Exporting 48MW to NI. Output 50.002Hz.
National Grid and Fuel know they're making their money with this weather. I can't get my place to feel warm at all.
Just got off a conference call with representatives of the Governor's office. Drivers are strongly urged to stay off the thruway tomorrow, unless it is an emergency. Please report any power outages to National Grid. If you lose heat, immediately contact first responders and seek emergency shelter. Warming centers may be open tomorrow should the situation necessitate it. Please contact my office tomorrow should you have any questions.
Wind Farms Paid not to Generate Electricity & Fell Trees to Build More. UK wind farms were paid over £4.8 million ($7.88 million) to turn off their turbines over the holidays leaving tens of thousands of homes without power as storms hit the country. The payments, known as ‘constraint payments’, were paid because the National Grid was unable to handle the extra wind power produced during the storms or because electricity usage was low. The ‘constraint payments’, which are paid to wind farms to turn off their turbines when winds hit up to 100 miles per hour, compensate firms for energy they are unable to sell. The payments are added to the bills of the country’s electricity consumers even though the storms resulted in power outages for thousands of homes.
Just got the official story from National Grid: A cable fault at 5:25 a.m. Monday caused a circuit breaker to go out, affecting a substation. At the high point of the outage, 3,600 customers in Berlin, Bolton, Clinton and Marlboro were out. By 6:40 a.m., 2,500 customers had power restored, with the rest back by 7:11 a.m., according to the National Grid spokesman.
Almost 700 customers of National Grid lost power shortly before 6 a.m. Monday, north and south of Route 290.
We have been advised by National Grid that they have an outage on the Marsh Hill Rd in the Town of Adams. National Grid is assessing the problem and should have it repaired as soon as possible. Unknown restoration time at this point.
national grid gas connections, installations, upgrades and relocation services by NGC, a nationwide service for domestic and business customers
Shocking revelations about the 2014 Budget ~ N1.8 billion N1.8 billion is being asked to help connect GEJ home state of Bayelsa, to the national electricity grid Investigations into the proposed project reveal that GEJ is asking money for projects that have been completed 7 years ago, and that were all fully paid for in 2006 when he was the governor of the state. Doyin Okupe, GEJ SA insists that is not fake, but an Upgrade. but the question is "If it’s an upgrade, why didn’t they say so in the budget?" Why was it presented as a totally new project?” The project, titled, “Connection of Bayelsa to national grid”, under the allocation of the Federal Ministry of Energy (power), was described as a new project with reference number MOP100163 Read Full Story/Gist:
Sino po CPA with experience na taga sorsogon na willing magtrabaho sa NGCP(National grid corporation of the philippines na dating NAPOCOR)?Pm me for details,urgently needed.thanks!
Just spoke to National Grid... yes on trash truck...eta for power is about 1 hour...pleas e keep updates coming
National Grid customers have seen a hike in rates on their recent electric bills, to the disappointment and outrage of many electric customers. And with National Grid, whose rates were traditionally lower than that of Nstar, the increases keep coming. In the meantime, one of our solar customers, who were recently installed, just received a hefty rebate check from the State because of their solar system. What can I say? - Except, Go Solar. Customer + solar=happy. Happy New Year everyone!
We're currently experiencing power outages that are affecting our switchboard and billing systems. Our suppliers SSE Power Distribution are working on restoring supply as soon as possible. Our suppliers data centre (where many of you have sites hosted) is also experiencing a major power outage. The two, three megawatt dedicated lines in from the National Grid have fused due to flooding. SSE and National Grid are working to restore power to the affected data halls as quickly as possible. Apologies for the inconvenience and many thanks for your patience whilst these issues are resolved. Next update anticipated around 20:00
All purpose parts banner
Thank God National Grid was able to get my fireplace working and I borrowed an electric radiator. I don't think my temp went down below 47F
ust want to say that National Grid has THE worst website ever! It is SO not user friendly! UGH!
Update: National Grid is estimating the transformer that blew in Claverack will be replaced between 10 and 11 p.m. tonight. The Claverack firehouse has been opened as a shelter for anyone who needs it.
First live performance of National Grid by Ace City Racers at the Pollokshaws Ex-servicemans social club.
National grid is a total rip off! I haven't lived at our old address since the first week of December. I had the heat turn down to 55 there wasn't one thing plugged in anywhere and the bill was over $500. It has never been that high in the two years that we lived there.
"During December, a total of 2,841,080MWh of electricity were generated by wind power for the National Grid – at a time of year which traditionally sees a high demand for electricity. Overall, wind power supplied ten per cent of Britain’s total electricity demand for homes, businesses and factories."
Electric national grid bill is going up 12% starting today for Rhode Island Do you wonder why? Having weather like this with above ground wires is a bad outdated idea.
Dear National Grid, You really know how to sock it to me. Your broke customer, Danielle
Received a text from National grid that we are expecting a storm with high winds and snow accumulation.yup
Got a rxt from national grid. They ate preparing for power outages due to the storm
Got my National grid bill crazy there goes my next 2 weeks paycheck
Applying for a job at National Grid working on overhead power lines! Now that would be a fun !
Please take care during this snow storm. To report outages, call NSTAR and National Grid and check out their storm resources online.
Who out there has national grid gas and if you could let me know what they are charging you for the Gas Delivery Charge?
Oh it's the national grid failure so we are all backed up from gatwick ... Another half hour great
Per NiMo - National Grid last night: transformer and power line is down and they said there is a pole down and fire too
India finally gets a national grid. The Southern grid merges with the Northern grid. Power to the entire country will now be delivered by a single network.
The Raichur-Sholapur 765KV single circuit transmission line has been interconnected with the national grid, thereby achieving the one nation-one grid-one frequency system.
Durgapur, 1st Jan 2014 DPL greets New Year with zero generation A state-owned power plant here has greeted the New Year with absolute zero generation and has started drawing power from the national grid further to cater to the needs in its command area. The state-owned Durgapur Projects Limited's new Managing Director has assumed charge yesterday itself, incidentally. Mr Mrinal Kanti Moitra, a retired power sector executive has replaced Mr Mriganka Majumdar, another superannuated executive holding charge as MD since two years on contract. Mr Moitra, a retired West Bengal Power Development Corporation executive was assigned as Executive Director (Technical) at DPL and was elevated as MD yesterday. The power plant was completely shaded especially after the prestigious Chinese made seventh unit with 300 MW capacity tripped further yesterday followed by the subsequent tripping of its unit Number VI (110 MW) in the morning. The seventh unit remained out of generation for 11 days in the middle of last December ...
National Grid says over 3,000 people are without power in the Town of Webb and nearby communities including Alder Creek, Remsen and Boonville, apparently because of a transformer fire. We hope it comes back on fast!
BRAND NEW SINCE SIX - National Grid is reporting that just over 3 thousand residents are without power in the town of Webb and and parts of the surrounding region.
National Grid workers *** roads in Lattingtown for clearing so LIPA repair crews could get to power lines damaged by superstorm Sandy.
Power is out all over the area. The National Grid website is saying it should be restored at around 10 p.m. I'm hearing unconfirmed reports that there was an issue at a substation south of us. Stay warm folks!
Everyone without power needs to call the National Grid. THey are saying 11 pm before restoration on my call. More calls should bring more action.
National grid update; Update at 20:44 - Our engineers are aware of the power cut affecting you & will get to your area as quickly as possible. Your power is affected by a substation fault. We'll have everything back to normal asap. Thanks for bearing with us.
Ok National Grid, first you emailed me bills on Thanksgiving that were due on Christmas day. Now, you are sending me the next round on New Year's Day? Seriously?
Lovely!! Just rang national grid and they are expecting the power to be back on at 8.45! I want to watch Harry potter lol
National Grid better get ready for this
hopefully, I got National Grid to stop the constant collection calls. They weren't even for me. New phone number. Took some time to convince them, but I think they finally got it!
I think within next half an hour India is going to have a national grid that means India is going to have single frequency . Till today southern part of India was completely isolated from rest of India.I know that's no matter for some of my friends but ask an electrical engineer because he really knows how important this moment would be .right now i am in control room. feeling very excited Pritom Nath POSOCO M.Tech - 2013, Dwaipayan Bhattacharya Subir Deb EE, M.TECH..NITA Chitrangada Roy Samima Akter Avanish Kumar Bodhisatwa Sarkar Dibakar Chakraborty Swapan Das Madhav Goyal Sagar Goel Joydip Debnath Arvind Kumar Pradeep Kumar Sanodiya Sunil Kumar Kapil Das Laxmi Narayan Baranwal Debajyoti Majumder Puneet Maurya Nilotpal Das Onkar Singha Roy Shalini Bhaumik Raj Sinha Sushanta Nath Jaya BhowmikSubhankar Dasgupta
The current proliferation of wind farms in Ireland is not necessary for domestic consumption. This startling fact was conclusively proven by Pat Swords, an Irish chemical engineer, in a rousing presentation on Sunday evening in Knockanore, Waterford to various community groups opposing EirGrid. EirGrid is the state-owned company intent on building pylons across the Irish countryside, to support cables that will link wind farms to the national grid. Pat laid out facts and figures enough to shock the most ardent Fine Gael supporter and shame those supporting Fianna Fail. In 2009 John Gormley of the Green Party, the then Minister of the Environment in the Fianna Fail / Green Party coalition government, announced that Ireland would strive to ensure that 40% of electricity consumed would be from renewable sources by 2020. This target of 40% exceeded considerably both the EU target of 20% and the UK's target of 15%. What was startling was the complete lack of supporting research to justify this ambitious figure ...
On Dec. 30th, at 18:07 hours, the Long Beach Fire Department was requested to assist the Island Park Fire Department at a gas turbine fire located at the National Grid E.F. Barrett Power Station located on Daly Boulevard. The fire was located inside of one of the turbines and the main body of fire was knocked down within thirty minutes. Long Beach Fire Department sent one engine, one ladder, one ambulance, and our command post unit to the scene to assist IPFD units. Fuels inside of the turbine heated to nearly a thousand degrees triggering a fire. The Nassau County Fire Marshals and HazMat responded to the scene to assist in the investigation process. Photos courtesy of
Nothing more fun than waiting for National Grid !
National Grid hands wind farm companies around £1.2 million on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day alone to switch off their turbines as tens of thousands of homes were left without power
Bill Guarinello (left), president and CEO of HeartShare Human Services of New York, administers the heat assistance funding program for National Grid. State Sen. Marty Golden (right) is working with HeartShare to get the funding to eligible homeowners. They are pictured at an event in Bay Ridge last...
National Grid has gotten the go-ahead to increase residential electricity rates in Rhode Island 12.1 percent at the beginning of next year. The Rhode Island Public Utilities Commission gave its approval Friday for the rate hike as of Jan. 1. The utility serves nearly all of the state. It projects that the monthly bill in the typical Rhode Island household that uses 500 kilowatt hours of electricity will rise from $78.91 to $88.47, an increase of $9.56. National Grid says the "overwhelming majority" of the increase will go to cover an increase in the price of electricity it buys for customers. Timothy Horan, president of National Grid in Rhode Island, says in a written statement says the increase is driven by market forces the utility can't control. Switch to North American power for your delivery of service and lock in a rate of .0689. National grids rate will be rising 12.1 %. And receive a $50 welcome aboard bonus as well. you can also enroll part time to make some extra money for yourself enrolling fr ...
Power cut for thornaby, national grid say eta of midnight, didn't say which day mind
I want to thank all the amazing employees at National Grid for their overwhelming kindness. My sister who was instrumental in this amazing project that left many, many students so happy and grateful. My sister and I made a wish list for my students and each one had to fill it out. My sister then printed the names on paper ornaments and placed them on a Christmas tree. The National Grid family each took an ornament and filled the wish list for each student. THE RESULT.OVER A 100 GIFTS AND $500.00 IN CASH! Amazing, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
Thanks national grid, now I dont have to have a winter funeral for my herps, they require electricity to power their lamps and heat pads. Plus its way to early for them to pass they still have atleast six years left! I love my reptiles.
No power:( @ my house. Called national grid Worcester& Gardner out at least till 930am
Thanks you to National Grid for restoring our power. Was off for about 4 and a half hours, but they never stopped! Yea lights and heat and tv.
I love national grid!! It only costs $920 to heat the house this month... I should have bought everyone long underwear for xmas.. lol
National grid is planning on raising it's rates with in the next week or so!! I'm not worried because I don't pay an electric bill and no one who joins my team does either. That's because I teach them the free electric bill challenge! ! Want to take the challenge? It's free and easy and it works ;)
Good morning to all! Just when we thought we got through the ice storm unscathed, we lose power. Apparently National Grid is working on some lines in the area and has caused a power outage in the local area. From what I understand it is affecting people in the Philadelphia and Theresa areas. They said it could be up to 6 hours before it returns. We apologize for the inconvenience but there's nothing we can do but wait for now. If anyone has any updates throughout the day please feel free to post them on our page.
Ugh no power. Whole road. National Grid says few hours to fix, we will see.
We had an interesting case today. Officer Johnson took a report of business owner that was allegedly contacted by National Grid saying they were going to shut his power off in a few hours unless he went to CVS and purchased a Money Pax money order and sent it to the person listed. They had all of his information, including his account number and the amount owed. Turned out to be a scam. National Grid will never turn your power off in a few hours, and they will always ask your information. Please do not be afraid to call these companies back on the customer service numbers provided on the bills or on their website before you send any money! Also be very wary if they ask for money orders ! This is a very common scam and the money is often sent to another country and is often un refundable. As always, you can call the Webster PD with any questions!
Hey Fultonians and Oswego people, How many of you got your National Grid bill and are on their payment plan? Have you noticed a $40 increase? Many of my friends I've talked to this week said the same, exactly $40 extra and they saw the graph that said they used more gas this past month! Now considering I have a new roof on, and I actually used the same amount of gas for heating as last year, how in the *** did it mysteriously double? PLEASE read your bill!!! I will be calling their office on Monday. If your bill doesn't seem correct as mine isn't, CALL it in!!
In Yesterday's News: NCCI wind turbines back on Kimberly Petalas News Staff Writer GARDNER — The wind turbines at the North Central Correctional Institute in Gardner, which have been operational since April, went offline for several months following a lightning strike over the summer. “In June, there was a lightning strike and the switch that was required by National Grid suffered electronic damage,” said Cara Savelli, Acting Director of Public Affairs for the state’s Department of Correction. “The components were sent out to the manufacturer for repairs.” After six months, the turbines recently went back online, though this is not the first time the project has experienced problems. Construction began in September of 2010, which included the creation of an access road, installation of underground conduits and the addition of staging areas for needed equipment and crane pads. At that time, it was anticipated that the turbines would be up and running, generating power, within several months. D ...
FIRST LEGO League Rhode Island State Championship, sponsored by National Grid, is January 11, 2014 at Roger Williams University. See the link below for more details.
I am very appreciative to all the National Grid linesmen, other power company workers, tree cutting/trimming outfits who have given up their Christmas, vacations, and week-ends to keep power and safety to our area after the recent ice storm and now lake-effect snow today. I know they may make extra money but who wanted to work in last week's cold and slippery conditions? (Our ice storm of '98 makes you think of what could have been!)
Demand 39178MW. Importing 1990MW from FRA, 328MW from NED. Exporting 234MW to NI, 154MW to ROI. Output 49.963Hz.
Grid's Jets.. Jets had higher grade on Manuel than Geno Smith (National Football Post)
National grid & Con Ed stay taking their money when they feel like it (fab voice)
Demand 37914MW. Importing 1992MW from FRA, 770MW from NED. Exporting 180MW to NI, 100MW to ROI. Output 50.016Hz.
and bad girls get National Grid MA lol ***
you've no chance, I suspect you couldn't even change a plug never mind sort out the national grid
The chief executive of National Grid says with the world consuming more energy, most of the pressure on prices is up.
You know The Big 6 power cos use the same national grid? See letter from Michael Rogers...
1999 - Severe weather in France kills over 100 people and causes extensive damage to property, trees and the French national power grid
Many of them actually generated some MW to the national grid to achieve the all time high of 4,770Mw in 2012
Sending National Grid most of your paycheck?Give us a call we will come give you a Free Check up and tell you how to save money!315-755-6807
Grid's 'Boys.. NFP power rankings (National Football Post) - And into the final regular season weekend of action w...
lol I know. They aren't serious. Silly people. But if it weren't corrupt then they'd have a proper national grid etc
2,296,676 MWHr of windpower from National Grid in first 25 days of Dec. Windpower works which is why the gas & coal lobby upset.
Power restored from earlier transformer problem. Quick work by National Grid!
JinkoSolar shares rise 2% following news that four solar products have . connected to national grid $JKS
Why the *** is it called The National power grid?
National Grid is unable to cope with extra power produced. £25m extra cost paid this year via household bills
From Scott in the B 99.3 News Center.over 13-hundred customers of National Grid are without power in the Route 11 Potsdam-Canton Road corridor as of 6:55 this morning. The outage affects our transmitter site
Demand 38385MW. Importing 1992MW from FRA, 998MW from NED. Exporting 232MW to NI, 100MW to ROI. Output 49.917Hz.
Annoyingly, it turned out that the South Wing had been reconnected to the National Grid some days ago, but by then we were all packed to go.
No gas supply, National Grid better get here rapid!
Went to pay my National grid bill it says -$17.00 does that mean I over paid? and they owe me???
Can you believe that National Grid is going to be raising there prices in.RI
Power outage; Per National Grid, this is information with respect to a Power outage in Tyngsborough in the following areas; DUNSTABLE RD, RED GATE RD, CONSTANTINE DR, DIAMOND ST, DANFORTH RD, EMERALD ST Estimated Restoration time; 11:30pm # Customers Impacted: 298
National Grid is reporting approximately 2,200 residents are without power in South Tewksbury. Crews are currently "assessing the condition," and there is no reported restoration time yet. We'll update as more information becomes available.
Tell my landlord, national grid, frontier, and statefarm they can pick up my check directly from my job...fml
thank you National Grid & Nelson Tree service for restoring our power on 12/23/13
National Grid says more than 1,400 of its customers in Worcester are without power Thursday afternoon. The cause of the outage is unclear. It is centered along Interstate 190, in and around the Glendale neighborhood. This story will be updated as more information becomes available. …read more...
It's the 20th anniversary of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's ENERGY STAR® program, and National Grid invited local organizations across ...
Coned, National Grid and Cable all done. New keys in hand. I'm ready to move and start my New Year in my new place with a piece of mind.
National Grid, Old Mutual, and Aberdeen Asset Management offer more dividend bang for your buck than just a few weeks ago. - G. A. Chester - Other
How did national grid gt away with a 12% inc. in state r.i ? And how did they get it pass ? What are you doing on smith hill ? Most peoplecan't pay their bills now?this is why this state need a big change ,
Good morning!! Up and can't sleep for some reason.. the news trucks are still floating around outside. Crews- fire national grid and many others as well. My heart is still sad for all the people that lost everything. Plz if anyone can help with anything plz do so
God bless the National Grid workers who gave up their Christmas to try to help those with power cuts. What a hard job that must be.
The cash, which comes from household bills, is paid when the National Grid is unable to cope with the extra power produced during high winds, or during periods of low demand.
Thankful tonight for National Grid for restoring power to all those who have spent days in the dark and cold! Thank you for going above and beyond. We are grateful for all you have done!
Big thanks from ITV Meridian and our viewers to all the power company engineers who have been working through their Christmas to try and get customers back on the National Grid.
Another special thanks to our friends Brooklyn Chamber of Commerce, Assemblyman Joseph Lentol, New York Business Development Corporation Foundation, National Grid, and Alliance for Coney Island for their support with the first "Brooklyn Eats Cares for the Hungry." Through their generosity, Masbia not only received donations of much needed food and volunteers, but also received a check for $1,700, which will provide over 280 hot, healthy meals to our neighbors in need!
Dear national grid, I appreciate you say that you're doing your best to restore power, but in my humble opinion, it's not fgood enough. 36 hours without electricity and a potential 48 more, at Christmas of all times is just not acceptable. CThat's all. Happy Christmas all!:@
Hamilton Collection
Power back at 1140 last night, internet and cable back today. MERRY CHRISTMAS! Thank you Time Warner, National Grid and all those who came from other areas to help. Great job working in the elements and around the clock.
Good bless national grid, they truly are amazing for the amount of work they did in such a short time! I hope every single one of you guys get home soon. On that note going to pick up my dad :) merry Christmas everyonee!
easing the pressure on the National Grid, Xmas dinner Brummy style
National grid restored back to part of Downtown Dexter & Dexter Volunteer Fire Department at 12 05 am Christmas Day. Merry Christmas and thanks to all those that manned the stations during the Ice Storm of '13
national grid: Thank you for the hard cold work of restoring power to all of our neighbor hoods. Also, a thank you to the brush cutting crews for all their hard work. We hope you all get to go home and spend time with your families on this Christmas day. May God Bless you All.
Dear National Grid, please can you put the electricity back on today so that I can be warm and have something to eat today! Thank you!
Urgent announcement for the national grid, can you please unplug chargers. :-) if your house is like mine then I have about 10 on the go..
There won't be brownouts Tuesday and on Christmas Day in Metro Cebu, according to the Visayan Electric Co. (Veco) and the National Grid Corp. of the Philippines (NGCP). Read the story here
BOSTON - National Grid is warning their customers about a new scam involving their utility bills.
Thank you again National Grid and friends !! It's nice to be warm.and see what I'm doing with this wrapping paper !! Merry Christmas Everyone:-)
Thank you thank you National Grid for giving us our lights for Xmas! please let them stay on!
National Grid please give the crew and all sub contractors and crews from other locations tomorrow off we all want to see our family.I'm hoping to see my dad and I'm hoping my friends get to see there families.tomorrow you should give them at least 12 hours of family time.Thank you for your understanding and if not we all understand
if look at the National grid outage map,it looks like they will get everyone back online tonight.Great job boys
Thank you National Grid ! My power is back , came on at 2:30 way before the expected time of 11:30 p tonight.
Merry Xmas to the National Grid Line people who are working hard to get the families in upstate NY power back on.
National Grid finished their project just after 12 or so last night. Things wer'nt too bad. And today I swung by at the gas station Christmas party for them gas station calzones. The diet is called off for the time being. I may even go get a pizza..
National Grid is expecting to restore power to the remaining homes and businesses without power in St. Lawrence County on Tuesday.
Thank you national grid for the lovely Christmas present. Finally have power again!!!
If you still have no power tomorrow you can get a free Christmas dinner courtesy of the national grid. Via this page.
National Grid has donated Bottled Water, Dry Ice, and Blankets for anyone in our area who need them! You can pick them up at the Clayton Fire Department on Graves Street!
S wish national grid would get our power on only have a kerosine heater and candles. So much for Christmas dinner. Guess there will be no pies or goodies this year. Merry freakin Christmas
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