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National Government

The Conservative Party of Canada has gone by a variety of names over the years since Canadian Confederation.

Prime Minister Port Moresby County Government Simon Bridges Joseph Ole Lenku New Zealand Cabinet Secretary

the National Government hasn’t built a single house in the Christchurch CBD in the 6 and a half years of the rebuild
To learn more about National Government projects in Kwale County, visit
Motsoaledi confirms that Gauteng kept Esidimeni details from National Government: A mortal failure of c...
If a National Government is Threatened By A Governor ,To *** with this knucklehead Government,.
No respect to president and National government is a bad picture # is like putting grains and nails in a posho mill.
NYC follows a national trend of government/philanthropy collaboration:
"to build capability across government, giving GDS a real national presence for the very first time"
Move of digital academy to will build capability across government and give GDS a national presence: https…
Government in exile is a national issue and National issues cannot be announced without national consensus.
U.S. government funding projects that will use drones to fight Zika
Mass immigration dilutes national identity, EU wants to be one world government.
DENVER - Federal investigators say the U.S. Attorney's Office in Colorado has declined to prosecute an employee of
Trump, escalating rhetoric, says Clinton "has to go to jail"
We are going to change national priorities to make the government work for us, not jut big corporations.
campaign chr releases statement following report that He believes
Government tells new Auckland mayor to abandon Labour ties Happy Ak hasn't got Nat puppet
At least he isn't compromising our National Security or selling our government…
U.S. government officially accuses Russia of hacking campaign to interfere with elections
PCOS gets less than .01% of funding from the NIH! We signed this petition for the NIH to recognize as a... https:/…
Giuliani wrongly accuses Clinton of lying about 9/11: Stumping for Donald Trump in Ocala, Florida, on Wednesday,…
Obama cites Hispanic gains in health, education at reception: President Barack Obama is recounting progress he says…
Breaking news on 2016 US elections via
Canadian Government: Canada does not want a "National Seal Products Day" - Sign the Petition! via
Oct is Disability Employment Awareness Month. Gov. of Canada challenges businesses to be more inclusive
The only 'poverty of ideas' comes from the National Government:
- THE Turnbull Coalition Government has again been embarrassed after an unprecedented parliamentary error
This is extraordinary. The government literally acts against the national interest by speaking.
This is what happens when you have a government being complacent with National Security
CIA influence at CNN is scarier. Google operation mockingbird + watch
The Constitution established a national government of limited and specifically enumerated powers. We no longer operate…
New security measures, amenities at hostels soon.
Updated: Arkansas Senate hopefuls spar over Clinton, Trump support at debate
Is this the agile Government that Malcolm promised? What a
Hispanidad - Spain celebrates first national day without government
Missouri Democrat Kander raises $3M for bid for US Senate: Democratic Secretary of State Jason Kander has raised…
"The industrial disputes at another 10 federal government departments will move to official Fair Work Commission...
CHRA responds to the federal government on the National Housing Strategy.
Headline should be "Liberal National Government stuffs up yet again!!" Labor did their job, Libs are useless in Gov…
Why the government is giving special treatment to Pauline Hanson:. in a move which surprised colleagues yesterday exp. https:…
Ryan may have to watch his back after distancing from Trump
I’ll be committed to a different kind of government, one that governs in the national interest, not for private gain.
"'We did not set fire to our own houses. We left our houses for a reason. It is the regional government’s duty to...
Someone bigger than controls family and friends...
⭐️ • Logging dispute set to fire up: THE State Government has stoked Tasmania’s dormant native fore...
Fear of corrupt government officials scares Americans the most, according to an annual survey.
Tell Anne Tolley and the National Government you want specific homelessness policy now!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
There's altogether too much corruption with this National Government .with Key being targeted in the Panama...
Gauteng Province can't be ruled without the support of National Government for too long.
County Governments not under your watch! You have failed in oversight of the National Government!
Protesters who seized national refuge decry goverment control
A heated debate and division surfaced among government and opposition Members of Parliament on Thursday when...
Venezuela swears in opposition-led National Assembly as government fumes
think I'm going to really like my national government class. Even tho I hate politics. He teaches it different. Makes me want to be empower
"Citizens for Constitutional Freedom is right that the national government should vacate the land. But it's wrong...
Chelsea Clinton to enter 2016 fray with Tuesday events
'Paying fat cats top $' at a time when the Baird govt has cut 2500 teachers makes absolutely no sense at all. https:…
"The national peak body for young people, defunded by the Abbott government in its first budget, has called for a...
The federal government wants to know how many Canadians are homeless:
Nationwide, the federal government owns 640 million acres, or about 28 percent of the country’s land mass. It is...
New consultation clarifies National Infrastructure Commission needs to be"mindful" of Climate Change Act h…
It's not just National Security Letters: looks at government gag orders in a New York drug case
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Bill Clinton campaigns in Iowa, brushes off Trump criticism
students need frontline TAFE teachers not new executives https:…
Typical COALition activity. Governing for the big end only. The rest of you can go & get f***ed!
Case Study: How to "Deskill" NSW by the Baird Government https:…
. Its not easy... getting more and more difficult aided and abetted by Liberal National Government. Put blame where blame due
My fave moment -- poker analogy to describe shutdown: "We all went all in, and we all lost"
In 2016, Clinton and Sanders turn to GOP to win Democrats
In the Commons I've asked the government about legal framework for protection of national parks from surface drilling for
The consequences of a DD "appears to have taken some within the government by surprise". "Good Government"?
Ranchers cited by anti-government group built large cattle operations, reputation for kindness
Just about every aspect of this John key national government is basically one big smoke and mirrors show. .
More than 20,000 tickets were distributed for Trump event in a theater with only 1,400 seats
.commits to a Point-in-Time Count of . An important step towards understanding + solving
update would increase home density by rail stations. Less car parking & better cycle & walk routes needed too
“Nothing beats one-on-one conversations. Nothing beats door-knocking. Nothing beats phone calls.”
Little Giant Ladders
House of Commons: To disband the Medicines and Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) a corru...
Modi government should be firm in its stand & not give in to constant whining from the professional peaceniks.
State government set to tap green energy
Celebrate birthday with a look back at his top campaign moments
NDA has failed on reforms, says Amartya Sen - 'However, the NDA government had done more than the UPA governmen...
BANGUI, Central African Republic (AP) — A national election in Central African Republic, designed to replace its transitional …
Scores line up for Trump Vermont event in Sanders' hometown
Call for evidence: its causes and approaches taken by national & local government. Deadline 8 Feb
Youth peak body defunded by Abbott government faces closure: The national peak body for young people, defunded...
He's getting rid of the NDP. Won't say how but he's gonna do it. .
Clinton involved w special interests pursued plan to remove Government of Libia in disregard US national interests
National Office publishes report on improving Government projects delivery. Read more at -
A third of major government infrastructure projects may be unachievable, warns National Audit Office:
I so hope this is for real this time
National Government should market the tourism sector while County Government should focus on hospitality and beautification
Sh160 million lost in Embu County graft. 160M for a County Government is an equivalent of 1.6B loss in the National Government.
UNICEF and Cambodian government say violence against children costs economy $168m pa and that's why it must stop!
Qld govt wants Palmer to show his books: QUEENSLAND'S government wants to ensure Clive Palmer's other business...
I've learned more about government from watching House of Cards than I have in my National Government class lol
Death toll in floods mounts to 347: Central government declares Tamil Nadu floods… SPS®
State Department gets undiplomatic with Russian TV reporter
NDC heads for opposition – NPP’s Edmund Kyei: The ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) government will re...
"Lazy and corrupt staff working in national and County Government offices in Samburu have been put on notice."
The bizarre political Christmas gifts you only wish you could buy, and some you actually can
CRDA and revenue officials of TDP government raze banana plantation, the farmer should be compensated https:/…
EU creating border-control army that will destroy national sovereignty - even of non-EU Euro nations!
Cuba Begins to Re-Imprison Political Dissidents ‘Freed’ Under Obama Deal: The Cuban government has re-arrested...
MaharanaPratap. Government planning to observe birth anniversary at national level
The databases Obama has implemented are an example of government overreach.
Journalists/Law Enforcement = Screw Up. Those concerned about the integrity of government investigations of...
Next year, the downstream effects of government spending on national highways and railways should show up..
Assam Chief Minister Tarun Gogoi on Thursday said the state government would come out with a fact sheet on the...
Nawaz or PPP government have always worked for their interest Not National interest. That's why GHQ resisted their ideas.
We congratulate the Colombian government for the launch of their National Action Plan on business and human rights. http…
Our totally crazy National Government has lost touch with reality . this is unbelievable .Please sign and...
Deadline near on government plan to match Syria donations
Myanmar Parliament approves national ceasefire agreement: Union minister and deputy chair of the government’s ...
Andrew Coyne: Why are we still entrusting the government to report on Canada’s finances? | National Post
Government to declare 106 additional inland waterways as national waterways. https:…
We meant to tell you about refugee ban: THE Abbott government imposed a retrospective ban on taking refugees t...
National security is far too important to let government have anything to do with it.
.congratulates the Tunisian National Dialogue Quartet who were awarded Nobel Peace in Norway -
POLITICIANS from both sides of the political divide have backed a plan that could see…
Shame Scottish Govt doesn't see a Scot film studio 'as being of national importance.' I disagree, if you do sign/RT. https…
"I think the most important priority of the federal government should be national defense." -
National security must the first priority of the federal government. . SIGN HERE ===>
Support swells for tough terror laws
Government to construct 7,000 kms of new national highways under 'Bharatmala Pariyojna'
Do you have someone on your Christmas list who's into politics? This is what they really want.
We’re gonna need a bigger TSJ building; by
Government too restrictive in child refugee cases, Supreme Court rules
exactly! Specifically because our national government is taking care of the economy fairly well, but the state isn't
NEWS. Mass protest in tomorrow-6 after jumma prayer against the National Government friendship with
Statement by Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government. .
president of south Africa, minister of higher education, National Government: Open The Doors of Learn... via
Senzo Mchunu says thanked National Government for their support in visiting the province & the Meyiwa family.
why was this commission created while there's a Public Service Board's in every county,and at National Government?
42 Cabinet Ministers of the National Government were sworn in at the Presidential Secretariat in Colombo, today. http:…
New National Stats out today on Higher Education Participation Rates, see here
National spatial plan? State investment still conc in London
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
attending 3 day meeting in New Delhi with various central government minister for discussing national issues of MSME
National childhood immunisation programme boosted by MenB vaccine
Unfilled posts reserved for backward classes and minorities in government jobs to be given backlog status
Mobile phone coverage: Federal Government fails to fix patchy service in Hills -…
nurses have accused governors of frustrating them. They are pleading the Health docket to be reverted to the National Government.
Government to table amendments to EU Referendum Bill: The Government is set to put forward changes to the arra...
Today launch update to national framework on sexual health & BBVs - read our reaction and guide:
Government asked to name DRC looters via
Lest we forget, people walked up to the teller at National Bank and withdrew money directly from Government owned acco…
Statistics - national statistics: Assessments and social services for adults: Financial year ending March 2015
Statistics - national statistics: Participation rates in higher education: 2006 to 2014
.Foreign government info is denoted as 1.4(B) on redacted emails. .
Statistics - national statistics: National Travel Survey: 2014: Personal travel statistics for residents of En...
[Serious]What futuristic or secret technology do you believe a national government has already attained?
How dirty traffic police guys your government deploy them in the field who even don't know national language... to speak
Warm greetings and felicitations to Government and people of Vietnam on their 70th National Day
Australia's economy slower than that of Greece. Congratulations, Abbott Government.
The national press club has a message for the Egyptian government after 3 jou... (Vine by
The vaccination has been added to the NHS Childhood Immunisation Programme in England
Prime Minister to propose to Parliament tomorrow to limit Cabinet Ministers to 48, State & Deputy Ministers to 45 in National government -CK
Registering your business on CSD will allow u to do business with government (national and provincial).
My best wishes to the people of Vietnam on their National Day. Our Government attaches great importance to strong ties wi…
Being a Worker/Leader in a State or National Government party, Should be an Honour and a Privilege, Not full of Honours and Privileges
COG Peter Munya demands that the National Government should telea the county funds ASAP.
Mandaue City Gives Way to National Government on CICC: Mandaue City Mayor Jonas Cortes said the Mandaue City G...
Uasin Gishu County receives firefighting engine from National Government
7. National Government will pay for the cost, County Governments will cater for utility bills like water bills
H. E Munya. The National Revenue is reduced toward the Counties since National Government borrows at the expense of cou…
Catch up with all our latest news, including a National Government documentary and another Premier League trial!
Garissa *** County Commissioners make presentations on behalf on National Government
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TŜILHQOT’IN NATIONAL GOVERNMENT 253 – 4th Avenue North, Williams Lake, BC V2G 4T4 Phone (250) 392-3918 Fax (250) 398-5798 PRESS RELEASE Tsilhqot’in Nation Responds to Extension of Environmental Assessment Certificate Tsilhqot’in Territory, BC (January 15, 2015): The Tsilhqot’in National Government is disappointed by the extension of the Environmental Assessment Certificate for Taseko Mines Ltd.’s New Prosperity Mine but maintains that this project can never proceed. The Gold-Copper mine in question has been rejected twice by the Federal Government with numerous concerns voiced by independent panels and provincial and federal experts. The proposed project is within a proven Tsilhqot’in Rights area and adjacent to the declared Tsilhqot’in Title Lands. Quotes: Chief Joe Alphonse, Tribal Chairman of the Tsilhqot’in National Government and Chief of Tl’etinqox: “No matter what, this project is dead. The Tsilhqot’in are the only First Nation in Canada that have proven Aboriginal title in ...
The first act of a National Government should be to disband this menace (Indian Army)- Thank God none took the Mahatma…
President Uhuru Kenyatta has fired Joseph Ole Lenku from the position of CS Interior Coordination of National Government after a raise in insecurity in the country. This comes hours after 38 Kenyans were killed by Alshabaab militants in Mandera. Kajiado Central MP Maj-Gen (rtd) Joseph Nkaissery has been nominated as the new Cabinet Secretary. More news to follow... [ 1 more word. ]
EXACTLY...and a government that refuses to take national action to avert an expanding UK crisis.
By 2016, national government will have cut its funding to Islington Council in half
Can anything good come from Makueni? As I type this, residents of Makueni County are at Harambee House. After successfully collecting the requisite signatures, they will, hopefully, meet President Uhuru to deliver their petition. They want the dissolution of Makueni County. It started with the MCAs demanding too much money from Gov. Kivutha Kibwana. When Kibwana refused to toe their line, they attempted impeaching him. Then Kibwana went to the people and called for the dissolution of the county. Makueni MCAs are mostly Wiper with a URP-elected speaker. The clash of parties there represent the clash of party ideologies. Wiper is, for all practical purposes, the 'community' party of the larger akamba. Prof Kibwana is a member of a fringe party but is more gravitating towards CORD than Jubilee. URP is a jubilee party. If the residents succeed in dissolving the county, leading to a by election, the result will boomerang across the country. In Luo Nyanza, for example, counties like Kisumu are just waiting for ...
Norway support parties, the Liberals and Christian Democrats, accept 2015 budget deal with minority government, according to national media.
Government trashes traditions of Parliament. Need to draw line in the sand. Not a lot of substance at Palmer inquiry
OUTRAGE as government quango attacks kids for being “too English!" | National News | British National Party
In long years in Aus, UK & US, I have never experienced a government, a media or a national broadcaster as uniquely mendacious as Australia.
An economic case for the Government investing in a national programme of home energy efficiency
The National Audit Office report into the Better Care Fund shows government interference has done more harm than good ht…
UK Government did not "think through" its cuts, says National Audit Office:
DILG: 33 more engineers help make rehab POWEs TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, November 20, (PIA) –The government hire a total of 33 engineers now deployed in 19 towns and at the Provincial Engineers Office to help in the preparation of 1,066 project program of works for public infrastructure ruined by the earthquake. This, as local leaders initially identified the incapacity of municipal engineers to do the program of works and estimates (POWE) of government funded rehabilitation projects. Newspaper reports that Interior and Local Government Secretary Mar Roxas chided Bohol mayors for failing to get a hammer pounded on government infrastructure rehabilitation, when the secretary asked for updates on the Bohol rehabilitation, a year after the October 15 2013 earthquake. Sec. Roxas, who was in the Provincial Disaster and Risk Reduction Management Council meeting last October 15, 2014, told mayors they would be made accountable to “the bosses” for their failure to get the project rehabilitation going. It may b ...
National Citizen Service in Scotland? Get ready as it sounds like a pilot is on its way.
Congress to stage dharna against UP government today:
Latest figures show activity is at low levels in the UK
By November 2014 there were still 12,500 national government ghost workers and 79% of government employees were aged above 35 years. It is clear why there are still limited employment opportunities for the youth in the national government. It remains to be seen the County Government's commitment to solve the youth unemployment crisis
Happy to hear DEFRA Minister Lord De Mauley reaffirming government commitment to at the National Association for A…
Did you know the police and government cover-up surrounding the Birmingham bombings remains a mere footnote in the national media agenda?
Dept for Transport: A national scheme will reward schools that encourage children to walk and cycle to school.
Obama spurns GOP with expansive immigration orders
To the Australian Federal Government : Hands off our National Broadcaster or you are finished. We will vote u out of office.
Social media vital for UAE government organisations to improve services, say experts | The National
."Cities are underpowered. Can operate like businesses but constrained by national government shareholder" Greg Clark
Does Obama have authority for immigration changes?
Take a look at the UK National Action plan progress summary 2013-2015:
Road safety corps recognised as best government agency (via
"Barnstable receives national award" The Government Finance Officers Association of the United States and Canada...
Acknowledging the role of broadband to national development, Juwah said the federal government had taken several steps,(5)
Lessons have been learned. Houses will fly 1 of these national flags under a Labour government.
Not broadband, but the national consultation on mobile network coverage ends 26/11.
I want a government that doesn't try to strip its citizens of its hard won rights and keeps our health service national and public
CLIVE Palmer wants the government and Labor to agree on financial…
| Road safety corps recognised as best government agency: The Federal Road Safety Corps ...
That other anniversary next week: one full calendar year for Abbott's government's loser status in the national polls
Possums, goats and weeds big winners in Government's restructure of Conservation Department.
Here's an idea: why not vote for local MPs then create a national government from them, based upon actual qualifications.
National Assembly drama: It is a big shame on Jonathan's government - Atiku -
The government’s campaigns appear to have given rise to new waves of political activism.
1 in 5 struggle to afford a funeral Support the bill calling for a national review of
What's the impact of government anti-immigration campaigns?Read our interim research report> https…
Road safety corps recognised as best government agency
Government to double number of American Indian communities in $1.9B land ... - Minneapolis Star Tribune
& Chief Roger William of National Government meeting at resource dinner.
MINISTER SLOW TO GET INTO THE DRIVING SEAT New minister Simon Bridges will have to pick up speed if he wants to go the distance on transport matters, says New Zealand First. “In Parliament today, when asked questions about the development of commuter rail services, the Minister could only say he’d ‘have to check’, says New Zealand First Transport spokesperson Denis O’Rourke. “Disappointing, but on the subject of railways, not surprising given the National Government has been running down rail for six years. “When asked what new lines would open, he mentioned there had been some spending on upgrades and electrification in Auckland and Wellington. “But when questioned on extending the diesel commuter train service south from Auckland to Tuakau and Pokeno he found the ‘level of detail’ too much, and asked for the question in writing. “With funding already set aside by the Waikato District Council for a new station, there is an urgent need for the service to be extended as a means of get ...
Militia. Not a household name, should it be? It isn't a bad word. Unless you listen to our regular media outlets. This word has been vilified and demonized. This is not only the last line of defense of our country. It is also based on and filled by everyday Americans. Not all, yet most have prior, and current, military service experience. They believe in a number of things. Not the least of which is family and protection of such. In a time of war, these men and women may be called upon by the National Government. You may also know them as National Guard or Individual Ready Reserve. At the same time, individuals not within these two named groups are also militia members. They are neighbors, co workers or other respected members of your community. Some prefer a low profile and will not widely acknowledge association with a militia group or organization. That is their choice. Even so, all of these people have something in common and it isn't a love of guns. Some of them come across as extreme, yet not the wh ...
WHAT a mess does not even cover it – Scottish Labour are staring into the abyss. Polls may go up and down but, in the aftermath of the independence referendum, their message is consistent – Labour have suffered a calamitous collapse in support. Their only real consolation for next year’s general election is the lack of SNP-Labour marginals as only a few SNP candidates came within touching distance of Labour’s vote in Scotland in 2010. Even if that represents a firewall against a disastrous wipeout, there is no pretending that – for many of the party’s traditional base – Scottish Labour have become anything other than a brand scarcely less toxic than the widely reviled Tories. What a tragedy as the British Labour Party are, in part, a child of Scotland. Lanarkshire-born Keir Hardie was the first leader. His four successors – Arthur Henderson, George Nicoll Barnes, William Adamson and Ramsay MacDonald (who is a hate figure in Labour history for forming a National Government with the Tories) ...
The interview with the ANC's SG in today's Star newspaper is disappointing, to say the least. I previously joked that he must be barred from doing media interviews, but this particular interview has convinced me. For a person in his position he should resist the temptation to speak on matters he knows nothing about. It is true that the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Scheme was initiated by the Gauteng Government, but what we have today is different from what was conceptualised back then. If indeed Gauteng had commissioned SANRAL to implement the etolls, then why has the National Transport Department told Premier Makhura to buzz off when he initiated the review panel? The project was indeed initiated by Gauteng, but taken over by the National Government. If what the SG is saying is factual, then Premier Makhura must implement conference resolutions and scrap the scheme. Those who were in Gauteng at the time will testify to the fat that this scheme is now what was conceptualised back then. So, if he wants Gaut ...
Launch of greenhouse project was successful. Thanks to Nakuru county & National Government!
Following is the ‘Charter of Demands and Reforms’ presented by Dr Qadri A - Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and Chief Minister of Punjab to resign immediately. B - National Assembly and provincial assemblies must be dissolved because ‘this is unconstitutional,’ [citing Article 62 of the constitution], as two thirds of the members are tax evaders and thieves. C - Formation of ‘National Government for Democratic Reforms’ with consensus. D - Every current leader, technocrat, bureaucrat, and public office holder must face a strict accountability process administered by the new government. E - The poor of this country should be given 10-point socio-economic package to alleviate poverty: - Housing for homeless - Food and clothing for everyone - Necessities must be arranged in three months - State health policy, free medical treatment - Free compulsory education to every child and educational classes for adult - Basic necessities must be provided for half the price - Employment must be provided, especial ...
* Address By The Prime Minister. Hon Peter O’Neill CMG MP, Flag Raising Ceremony - Independence Day Celebrations, 16 September 2014 * Distinguished Guests, Men, Women and Children of Papua New Guinea. On the occasion of the 39th anniversary of the creation of our Nation, I extend warm greetings to each and everyone - on behalf of my family, the National Government and the National Parliament. I hope every citizen and guest of our country celebrates this important event in the spirit of national harmony and goodwill. We have much to celebrate. We are a nation that is diverse in many ways, in languages, in culture, in traditions, and yet unified in one people. Together, we are building a future, that is secure, that is strong, and that is trying to deliver real benefits to our people. We do so by delivering higher living standards and real opportunity for all of our people - especially for our children. Our economy is not just fast growing, but it is transforming our country. The task your Government fac ...
Have your say! British Chamber of Commerce survey takes 3 min to influence and National Government:
I would not want to be a public servant in New Zealand right now... Firstly, The now ex Justice Minister Judith Collins sends death threats to one known (how many others is unknown) public servant while our Prime Minister becomes aware and lets her keep her job just shrugging his shoulders arrogantly.. calling it 'unwise' and slapping her in the wrist for the 3rd time. Now a sick homeless person in need of care reaching out for a place to live, contacting government departments (including emailing Winston Peters himself) because he has no where to sleep at night with the housing crisis biting in and boarded up empty state housing which National won't let people live in, got frustrated, lost the plot with WINZ shooting 3 staff members, killing 2. Those poor public servants man... just trying to do their job.. wanting to help people and keep New Zealand a safe and great place to live... yet from the top to bottom of New Zealand society under this National Government they are being sandwiched. The pressure m ...
Just read the most disturbing, horrific book I've read for a long time. Dirty Politics, Nicky Hager. It's hard to come by. So I'm going to sum it up here. Move on if you don't care about government, the lack of critical investigative journalism or the future of NZ. This will be my longest post ever. Hagers book is essentially based on a trail of written communications between Cameron Slater (Whale Oil), Jason Ede (Senior Press Officer in the PMs office), Minister Judith Collins, rightwing blogger David Farrar, National party strategist Simon Lusk and tobacco company lobby man Carrick Graham. These communications confirm that the National Government runs a secret and highly orchestrated campaign co-ordinated by a group of paid totally morally bankrupt and evil individuals whose prime goal is transform the National Party into an even more rightwing version of itself. Judith Collins is right in the middle and John Key, who admits he calls Cameron Slater regularly, is absolutely implicated. The key strategy i ...
does the National Government provide the Western Cape with the Provincial Budget? I'm hoping you can help me understand this
Machakos County News Courtesy of Gov. Alfred Mutua Today is historic! We have launched the fastest built Highway in Africa - 33 kms in 3 months and at a 1/3rd of cost. find some facts about the Makutano Ma Mwala-Kithimani Road. FACT SHEET MAKUTANO MA MWALA TO KITHIMANI ROAD (33KMs) FASTEST BUILT ROAD IN AFRICA 1. The Road is a critical linkage road cutting across Machakos County joining Garissa Road to Machakos Kitui Road. 2. The Road id 33 kilometres long. 3. The original KENHA (National Government) estimate cost was Kshs. 1.6 billion for construction of the road. However, Machakos County Government has constructed it for Kshs. 650 Million, a third of the KENHA cost. Local contractors, registered with the National Government were used. The road was supervised by qualified engineers and all materials tested by the National Government’s testing unit. 4. The road was fully funded using Machakos Government County funds. 5. The Road was built in a record of three (3) months (March 18th, 2014 – June 18th, ...
Main article: Transmigration program The Transmigration program (Transmigrasi) was a National Government initiative to move landless people from densely populated areas of Indonesia (such as Java and Bali) to less populous areas of the country including Papua, Kalimantan, Sumatra, and Sulawesi. The stated purpose of this program was to reduce the considerable poverty and overpopulation on Java, to provide opportunities for hard-working poor people, and to provide a workforce to better utilise the resources of the outer islands. The program, however, has been controversial with critics accusing the Indonesian Government of trying to use these migrants to reduce the proportion of native populations in receiving areas, in order to weaken separatist movements. The program has often been cited as a major and ongoing factor in controversies and even conflict and violence between settlers and indigenous populations. Reformation Era See also: Indonesian Revolution of 1998 Pro-democracy movement University student ...
The need for Unity and Trust 1957 To further this overriding need for unity, my colleagues in the Council of Ministers and I have decided to give the country a lead by inviting the leaders of the Action Group to form with us a truly National Government composed of members of the main parties in the Country, and here I must pay tribute to Dr Azikiwe, to Chief Awolowo, Dr Endeley and to the leader of my own party, the Sardauna of Sokoto, for supporting me in this decision. I and my Colleagues of the N.C.N.C. and N.P.C. bold out our hands in welcome to the Action Group members of the Council and I promise you that we shall do our utmost to ensure that the deliberations of the Council are held in an atmosphere devoid of strife and narrow party prejudice. Sir Abubakar Tafawa Balewa First Nigeria Prime Minister. The Golden Voice of Africa.
Today, it has become increasingly likely that the U.S. government will once again take military action in Iraq.
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New post on Parliamentary Questions on a national inquiry into organised abuse, and government evasion
Insecurity: CDS dismisses report that Military plans to overthrow Jonathan’s government | The Custodian
Any1 who wears such a ridiculous wig is weird that's clear so their ruling will always be weird via
County of San Bernardino wins record-breaking 31 national good government awards via
One way to show this ridiculous Government what the people think is to join the Vote of no confidence in the...
well if were talking about Britains national health service i sincerely hope what u say about government programs is correct
Half of wants a change of government. The should be afraid. Very afraid.
The government is taking part in building cities! 1BN in competitive funds available to communities
MT government has today awarded Margaret Rugadya & for helping Uganda get National L…
"MT Just cause Pyne is a goose, is no reason to demonise Latin.
Is a national unity government possible in former White House adviser for joins at 10pET
"Teaching of Latin to be revived in classrooms by Federal Government (note: not an official UN language)
"We have few allies within law enforcement and the government, and we need to start working with them and allying with them."
Six deaf Emiratis leave care centre for an independent life [The National] --
In the government of there is a post of strategic co-ordinator for national thought. Honestly
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Punjab opens helpline for abducted men’s kin: The Punjab government swung into action on Thursday by setting up a...
‘White paper on financial situation after session’: Andhra Pradesh government would come with a white paper...
South Australian government forces man to have psych test for wearing religious vestments in firearms license!
Conservatives grilled on 'spy agency' watching protesters.
Questions raised on INR 40,000 crore collected for the National Clean Fund - Sanjay Chakrabarti
So all the EFF MPs accepted houses 4rm the national government.. Thought they were against such benefits
the Federal Government for failure to and violation of Federal Immigration Law
Is Abbott helping out the Vatican with reintroduction of Latin.
and by the way has his quitting hurt national pride? na..toh focus on the current government..why wasting time in AAP?
WSJ: The U.S. has sent an increasing flow of signals that it would prefer a new government in without
"When the government invokes national security, the court usually sides with the government."
"The American people need to be more responsible in holding the government and the media responsible."
National Technology Transfer Center - Links to all government agencies in each branch and all 50 states
VIDEO: 'Iran's goal is to establish a Shia government that oppresses Sunnis and is responsive to them’
This is a national scandal. The degree of Government ineptitude is breathtaking and shameful.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
[The Age National] Secret trade negotiations: is this the end of the big four?: The Abbott government is press...
Latin to be revived in classrooms under Abbott Govt push:
Antidepressant warnings may have backfired, study says via
FILIPINA PEACEBUILDERS LAUDED FOR LEADERSHIP AT GLOBAL SUMMIT TO END SEXUAL VIOLENCE IN CONFLICT 19 June 2014 – Philippine Presidential Adviser on the Peace Process, Secretary Teresita Quintos Deles, headed a 10-women peace delegation that highlighted women’s leadership role in peacebuilding in the country at the Global Summit to End Sexual Violence in Conflict held from June 10 to 13 in London. Co-hosted by British Foreign Secretary William Hague and Special Envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Angelina Jolie, the Summit gathered delegates from 155 countries representing government, civil society, and international organization sectors to raise global awareness and worldwide attitudes on sexual violence in conflict by translating political commitments into practical action to prevent a culture of impunity. Aside from Secretary Deles, the Philippine delegation was composed of the following: Professor Miriam Coronel-Ferrer, Chairman of the Philippine Government Panel (GPH) to the ...
Immigration Officer II 200 Jobs in Kenya - Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government
STATEMENT OF APPRECIATION BY THE MBEKI AND MOERANE FAMILIES The Mbeki and Moerane families would like sincerely to thank everyone who extended their support to us during the period of the passing and laying to rest of our beloved mother, aunt and grandmother, Mrs Epainette Mbeki. In particular, we would like to thank the Eastern Cape Provincial Government, the National Government and the Idutywa community for their strong support. We also wish to thank all those within and outside our borders who conveyed messages of support and those that sacrificed time off their schedules to be with us when we interred our mother's remains last Saturday. A new chapter of life without our mother and grandmother has begun. Her life long commitment to improving the lives of our people will continue to guide and inspire us in everything we do. Issued by Moeletsi Mbeki. June 18, 2014
Rain or Shine. Done with our Independence Day Job Fair Participated by a total of 52 companies, 31 local companies and 21 overseas agencies Total registered applicants 1,936 Hired on the spots (HOTS) 443 In behalf of our Hon. City Mayor Rolen C Paulino we would like to thanks our partner agencies/companies who had make this Independence Day Job Fair a SUCCESS. Thank also to all the people who support our activty.. Parks & Plaza, PNP, OTMPS, City Health, MIS and FMA Audio Tech. To our National Government partner agencies Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA), OWWA Central Luzon, Dole Pfo Zambales, To our job fair partner www. and Victorious Korean Language Training Center.
Mayor endorses dam project By Lydia C. Pendon ILOILO City Mayor Jed Patrick Mabilog is endorsing the Jalaur River Multi-purpose Project (JRMP) Stage 2 of the National Government (file photo), adding that the city is set to benefit from the project’s bulk water supply and power components. Amidst the seeming reluctance and indecision of the City Council to give endorsement to the project, Mabilog said the councilors only wanted a full explanation about the project for they were not informed beforehand. Mabilog said the city has no water source and is tapping its water supply from the province. The National Irrigation Administration (NIA) is seeking endorsement from the City Council through a resolution to be passed for the immediate implementation of JRMP Stage 2. Meanwhile, the City Council’s committee on environmental protection held a hearing about the JRMP Stage 2 on Wednesday with NIA Regional Director Gerardo Corsiga, also project manager of JRMP, as resource speaker. Corsiga said Iloilo City wil ...
Looks like the long-promised new police headquarters for the Tweed is going to be delayed once again.another broken promise from Nationals MP Geoff Provest. This is on top of his government's cuts to police numbers in the Tweed Byron Local Area Command. My press release is below: After three years of inaction and hundreds of thousands of dollars in tax payer funds wasted on abandoned planning, the State Liberal-National Government has again further delayed building a new police station and court complex at Tweed Heads, Labor candidate for Tweed Ron Goodman said. “Put simply, no wonder Tweed residents have lost all faith and belief in anything Tweed MP Geoff Provest says or promises,” Mr Goodman said. Mr Goodman was referring to an announcement by National Party Tweed Shire Councillor Warren Polglase at this morning's (June 10) Tweed District Chamber of Commerce meeting that a $20 million Tweed Police and Courthouse development was at risk of no longer going ahead. “The collapse of yet another propos ...
It is crucial the Government doesn’t just shrug off the Salvation Army’s update on the state of Pasifika people in New Zealand as just another report, Labour’s Spokesperson for Pacific Island Affairs Su’a William Sio says.    “This is Home reaffirms the growing inequality between Pacific people and the rest of New Zealand, an issue the National Government has so far steadfastly refused to address.   “While there have been some improvements our people still face an uphill battle when it comes to employment, housing, educational achievement and income.   “A major concern is that home ownership still remains an elusive dream for thousands of Pacific people, with the proportion owning or part owning their home falling from 26 per cent in 2001 to just 18.5 per cent in 2013, while home ownership among European New Zealanders remains at around 55 per cent.   “When you look at NCEA achievement rates in Year 11, Level 1 and Year 12, Level 2 the Pacific rate sits at the bottom of all the other ...
Did you know that you are supposed to be consulted and actively participate in making financial decisions at the county and National Government? Well, Kenya`s Constitution in article 201 says the following: a) Openness, accountability and public participation in financial matters. We would like to know if you have played this role before, have you participated and if yes, how, if not what should your county and national government do to facilitate this? Share your thoughts...
PRESS STATEMENT FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Nairobi, 18th May 2014 PROVINCIAL ADMINISTRATION TO BE REBRANDED AS PART OF THE REFORM PROCESS. Following the signing of the Executive Order by H.E President Uhuru Kenyatta, the Ministry of Interior and Coordination of National Government has started implementation of the same in earnest. The reform process is anchored in the 4th schedule of the constitution, the National Government Coordination Act, the National Security Act and supporting regulations already gazetted.All the officers serving under the new legal framework have been formally appointed. These include the Regional Coordinators who will be based in Jogoo House, Nairobi Coordinating a cluster of counties. Others include 47 County Commissioners, Deputy Commissioners, Assistant Commissioners, Chiefs and Assistant Chiefs. In tandem with this reform, the Ministry has changed the name of these officers and the overall function at the national level. All the officers will be referred to as National Government A ...
I am still waiting to hear of a governor who feels he has been undermined by a county commissioner. The only county commissioner I know of is Nelson Marwa from Mombasa. The only issue I have heard him talk about is security especially in relation to the terror attacks. Nothing else. Security is a function of the National Government alongside 34 others outlined in the Fourth Schedule of the Constitution of Kenya. The Sixth Schedule of the same constitution under article 17 envisions a RESTRUCTURED provincial administration that ACCORDS with the devolved units. I remember when there was chaos in Marsabit, CORD and Isaac Ruto came out guns blazing attacking the National Government of negligence. How do you expect the government to carry out its functions if it cannot have a footprint across the country? If anything, National Government should have a larger representation at the grassroots because it has more functions than the County Governments. CORD and Isaac Ruto should be told it is impossible to derail ...
via AB Murage Eghmp BELOW ARE THE TOP FIVE FAILURES IN OUR SECURITY SYSTEM: And do not try and blame the mess on Joseph Ole Lenku - the CS for Interior & National Government because 1.) Mr. Kenyatta knew very well that he was a mere cook at Utalii Hotel who had NO idea about security matters but still went ahead and gave him the job. 2.) he is just one person in the group of failures and even if he fails, must the other four fail as well? PRESIDENT & COMMANDER IN CHIEF - Uhuru Muigai Kenyatta (Kikuyu) CHIEF OF GENERAL STAFF, CDF - Julius Waweru Karangi (Kikuyu) DIRECTOR, NATIONAL INTELLIGENCE SERVICE - Michael Gichangi (Kikuyu) DIRECTOR, CRIMINAL INVESTIGATION DEPARTMENT - Francis Ndegwa Muhoro (Kikuyu) With everything at their disposal from the presidency to their native language, Kikuyu, you mean these four people can not meet, discuss in their mother tongue and come up with practical solutions to security problems facing Kenya? Or are privy to details and other agenda that is hidden from Kenyans?
Miringtoro statement foolish ignorant and misleading says Momis Aloysius Laukai | New Dawn President of the ABG, John Momis today described claims made in a recent Press Statement by the National Member for Central Bougainville as Foolish, Ignorant and misleading. The President was responding to this week’s claims by Jimmy Miringtoro’s statement with wrongly attacked ABG President Momis as pushing for BCL to re- open the Panguna mine and has not listened to the wishes of the people on the ground. Miringtoro also claimed that BCL will offload all its shares to the National Government and also saying that the ABG legal Adviser, Tony Regan was recently engaged as legal consultant to draft the ABG Mining law and had links with Rio Tinto BCL’s parent company. The Member also said that the Legal Adviser had meddled in Bougainville Affairs by advising on Bougainville’s Mining law. President Momis said that the claims by Miringtoro were completely wrong and questioned if he knew anything of Bougainville ...
Breast Cancer Awareness
~@ VM !!!   CONSTITUTOR, he who promised by a simple pact to pay the debt of another; and this is always a principal obligation.  All of the laws for the people are based solely on Corpus Delciti, the Body of the Crime, No Victim, No Crime. Common Law, My Rights End Where Your Rights Begin.   Whereas our Constitution is said to be Our Law for restraining Our Government.   Acts of Congress are Statutes, not Laws that started out being Congress agreeing to 'act' in a certain manner, while in session, while in DC, which started out being for only at least one day a year and for no pay. These unconstitutional scum have then extended this to apply to all 'Federal' aka Contractual Employees of the unconstitutional Alphabet Agencies we all know and love and then to us as 'Persons' aka Contracted Corporate Cattle that has us acting as the servants of our 'voluntarily contracted' 'Federal', not National Government, instead of them being the servants of the people.  These statutes only have any authority over ...
Prime Minister assures Bougainville Anthony Kaybing 120514 Prime Minister of Papua New Guinea Peter O’Neill has assured ABG President Chief Dr John Momis that the National Government will not influence the Panguna issue. Mr O’Neill made this remark during a meeting between the two leaders last week in the nation’s capital. The Prime Minister said it is not the intention of the National Government to decide or to take control of the Panguna Mine. The Prime Minister made this remark following the controversial takeover of Ok Tedi Mine by the National Government which saw the PNG Sustainable Program being superseded. The Prime Minister adds the final decision to reopen the mine rest with the people of Bougainville with their legimate government the Autonomous Bougainville Government. Amongst the issues discussed between the two leaders was the correct calculation of the Restoration Development Grant. President Momis was happy to reveal that both governments have reached a consensus on the issue with th ...
I have something that really grinds my gears today , The Nigerian Army is a modern military force, with officers trained in the finest European military academies. If properly tasked the Nigerian Military is capable of resolving internal conflict as has been proven again and again. Police action and even the National Government is complicated by religious and tribal politics and Western oil interests. All we asking is that you
- the coloured enclave of Mitchells Plain has overwhelmingly voted DA. The ANC could not even achieve 250 votes in a single voting District. Mitchell Plain was a hotbed of political activism throughout the 1980's and was the constituency of the outgoing Minister in the Presidency, Trevor Manual. Over the years a lot of good work by National Government was done in this community, e.g. recently a Hosptial was opened; Minister Manual is involved with an Education Forum and a Bursary Trust; a number of former activists are involved with a very good CPF ; the list is endless.This raises serious questions regarding what went wrong? Why is it that this community who continue to suffer at the hands of the DA see the DA as some sort of NGO helping them against the ANC. Why is it that all other parties led by Black persons could not even garner even half of the votes of the DA. One perception is that the community trust a white led party more? I really do not know whether this holds true but this is really some str ...
GOV VS OK TEDI & PNGSTDP CONTRACTORS SUFFER. The recent court case between the National Government, Ok Tedi, PNG Sustainable Development Program, has pulled and caused many small to medium suppliers, service providers to operate at a risky bankrupt status. Due to all contractors providing construction services to the province under contracts entered into by the State through its Central Supply & Tenders Board. All projects and payments has been put on hold, since last year 2013. Department of Mining is currently on the back foot, trying to ease the tention from disgrantel contractors whom have used Millions of Kina to do the projects of their own money and now are still yet to be paid , even 50% payments is yet to be made. Mr Prime Minister please ensure quickly that they are paid some how, and the funds allocatted to the contracts maybe reimburse the payments that currently sit in Courts Trust Account K250 Million. Is the Government going to pay extra for loss of business and breach of contract? Please . ...
After the death of more than 50 drunkards from Embu and Kiambu after consuming poisonous illicit brew, members of the Parliamentary Committee on Security led by chairman Asman Kamama issued the ultimatum to Cabinet Secretary for internal security and Coordination of National Government to resign immediately. What we wonder is, does Hon. Lenku have the superhuman powers to identify the drunkards' hiding drinking dens? These brews is like food to these Kiambu people. They never learn. So it's like dictating what food these Kiambuians should eat. Otherwise, he should have been the 1st to resign being unable to curb cattle rustling that has pitted the Pokot community against its Tugen neighbours and countless raids to Baringo. Lenku needs support. Not resignation
this is the National Government orchestrating a town planning failure. They do not understand city building!
Cayetano urges biz groups to draw development plan Monday, February 24, 2014 CITY OF SAN FERNANDO -- Senator Alan Peter Cayetano over the weekend urged business groups in Central Luzon to come up with a unified development plan that will entice investors to locate in the countryside and eventually decongest Metro Manila. Cayetano on Friday met with officials of the Pampanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Inc. (PamCham) and other business executives at the Laus Group headquarters in this city, where he discussed his proposal and his plan to present it to President Benigno Aquino III. In his brief presentation dubbed “Inclusive Growth Means Looking Beyond Metro Manila,” the senator disclosed that in 2013, the National Government earmarked some P184.2 billion for infrastructure projects, P142.3 billion of which has been allocated for the National Capitol Region (NCR). “We can very well see that eight out of ten infra projects are in NCR. In the 2011-2016 development plan, the improvement of NAIA (Nin ...
Mr. Ronnie Kastrils, South Africa's former Minister of Intelligence Services, ex fellow Robben Islander with Mandela and a personal friend of Nelson Mandela's, former MK Commander, has urged South Africans NOT to vote ANC, rather to spoil their votes, in protest against wholesome corruption of the ANC's current National Government. This is how to ensure that a country is NOT over run by corruption.
From the New Koki Market Ground Breaking Ceremony. Koki Market, a historic landmark in Port Moresby and the country, will be rebuilt to a state-of-the-art market, funded by the National Government with K5mil, and a joint Moresby South and NCDC partnership of K3mil for the total K8mil of work.
UPNG ULTIMATUM By: Mark Kayok Students at the University of Papua New Guinea in Port Moresby, have given the National Government a week, to clarify the economical aspects of the controversial three-billion Kina U-B-S loan. They gave this ultimatum in a petition, de...
HEY AIESEC! Do you want to contribute to AIESEC 2015 and Rwanda 2020? COME AND JOIN our MC team for the term 14.15!! After 20 years of the genocide: -Rwanda is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa! -Safest country in East Africa -Cleanest country in East Africa 1 IMPORTANT reason to join AIESEC in Rwanda: As part of Rwanda 2020, the country wants to become the IT HUB in Africa; reason why AIESEC in Rwanda has a partnership with the National Government where they sponsor our IT EPs with their international flight for them to get experience and go back to Rwanda to implement new technologies! As MC OGX you will impact Rwanda's future by providing those opportunities!!! THIS IS BIG AIESEC IMPACTING THE WORLD!
A desire to form European defence force was refuted very strongly by our Deputy Prime Minister' in debate with Nigel Farage recently , yet 'joint' efforts along a common sense agenda have been in effect for many years under the general umbrella of NATO . Of course without the presence in great numbers of the United States armed forces NATO itself would have fallen by the wayside quite some time ago . Following the debate and Clegg's refusal to admit that there was a force in being or even a 'plan' I decided to rake about a bit , and indeed such low level sources as Wikipedia are quite revealing about the EU framework for the eventual Adoption of an EU armed force - nominally under control of their 'National Government' but with an HQ and associated services based in Belgium . I have seen a Youtube documentary on the pan European Community Military HQ which in typical fashion looks to be very state of the art and 'very nice' for senior generals to strut their stuff , without a defined mission danger or act ...
SPEECH BY THE INSPECTOR GENERAL, NATIONAL POLICE SERVICE MR. DAVID M. KIMAIYO, MGH, CBS, DURING THE PASSING OUT PARADE AT ADMINISTRATION POLICE TRAINING COLLEGE, EMBAKASI ON 17 APRIL 2014 • Your Excellency, Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta; C.G.H, President and Commander in chief of Defence Forces of the Republic of Kenya, • The Cabinet Secretary for Interior and Coordination of National Government, • The Chief of Staff and Head of Public Service Mr. Joseph Kinyua • The Director General NIS Maj. Gen Michael Gichagi • The Principal Secretary Interior Mr. Mutea Iringo • The Chairman National Police Commission Mr. Johnston Kavuludi • Senior Police Officers • Parents and Graduants • Ladies and Gentlemen; Your Excellency, On behalf of the National Police Service, the graduands, parents and friends, I would like to take this early opportunity to thank you for once again honouring us with your presence today and preside over the graduation ceremony of the officers infront of you. This is the second such fun ...
Future New Zealand – the Simon Bridges and National Government vision. via
All purpose parts banner
Simon Bridges and the National Government vision of rural NZ.
THE National Government has identified East New Britain as the country’s tourism centre. It recently identified four regions in the country as special zones to develop. These include Port Moresby as a commercial and administrative centre; Lae for manufacturing and industry; Mt Hagen will...
We're lobbying National Government to help us in the WCape. Sign our petition HERE:
There are many people across this Nation that are very concerned that a Convention of States to amend the U.S. Constitution may “Run Away” with the amendment process and destroy our Constitution. While there may be some justification for such fears the State of Michigan, by authorizing a delegation to propose a “Balanced Budget Amendment”, has shown itself to be an anemic vassal to the “National” government sitting on the throne of power in Washington D.C. The leadership of this State is wholly without the wherewithal to release the grip the elitist oligarchy has around our throats. Proposing that the “National Government” balance its budget is akin to proposing that a Bully on the Play Ground stop hitting you in the face so much. As it stands right now the National Government in Washington has seized our Cow, forced us to butcher it, is enjoying a big steak dinner and throwing us the bones. When are we going to have a State Legislature that will stand up for State Sovereignty? When are w ...
Sta. Fe town asks National Government for help in developing relocation sites. A...
By Emmanuel Kipkore Talel THE COUNTY ASSEMBLY OF ELGEYO MARAKWET COUNTY. THE ALLEGED CORRUPTION AGAINST HON ALBERT KIPKOGEI KOCHEI . Today I called a number of MCA's concerning the corruption case against Hon Albert Kochei that was aired in Nation TV at 9PM News bulletin. 1.The Speaker is to be housed by the County Government-The County Assembly Service Board was responsible of making sure that the speaker is housed, it is their duty and responsibility to deliberate and discuss, and they came up with the following options: a)They wanted to house the Speaker in former County Council houses, these houses should have been renovated to fit his status. b)They also wanted to rent a house within the county factoring in the economic status of our county. The County of Elgeyo Marakwet is the third last after Lamu and Tharaka Nithi in allocation of money from National Government. c)They also had an option of building a house for the Speaker to reduce the usual cost of fuel from and to county Assembly everyday. Foll ...
Google gives the UK gov more power in identifying videos that are deemed a threat to national security. Not good.
It's above the police, they are not allowed to challenge national security. It's the *** and government …
Brownouts here in Mindanao is getting worse day by day, no action had been done by the national government. 😞
Dr Shireen Mazari condemned Punjab government and local police
Plan to tackle domestic violence offenders through GPS tracking. Is this reliable?
US government to cede control of key Internet body: SAN FRANCISCO—The U.S. government is relinquishing its...
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