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National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel, also commercially abbreviated and trademarked as Nat Geo, is a subscription television channel that airs non-fiction television programs produced by the National Geographic Society.

Alaska State Troopers Monica Lewinsky Brain Games Star Talk Animal Planet Yukon Men Tim Shaw

Brain Games on National Geographic Channel is my type of stuff
All ladies should watch the national geographic channel rn lol
The National Geographic Channel is my new favorite thing to watch.
Literally all I watch now is the National Geographic channel
National Geographic Channel for the rest of the night 😊👌
Instead of being productive or even sleeping, I'm watching the national geographic channel.
Watching the coolest show on the National Geographic Channel
How does National Geographic channel find the drug dealers for but DEA agents can't!? # conspiracy
Watching host on the National Geographic Channel. Pretty interesting stuff...
Why is the national geographic channel like one of the best channels out there
So Tony Gonzalez is now hosting a show on the National Geographic Channel. Apparently post-NFL life is a struggle
National geographic randomly started coming in on my cable. I fricking love the national geographic channel.
I love the brain game shows on the national geographic channel 🙌
watching national geographic channel and ur on there. Caffeine nap challenge.
seen this on National geographic and zebra is another one...,
Whenever I get sad I just listen to Gavin Degraw and watch national geographic channel.
How can you watch that when Nazi Megastructures is on the National Geographic Channel?
MUST WATCH: The Big Picture with explores the ways data&maps provide insight into the world,starts 3/30,9PM
National Geographic Channel tomorrow night at 10pm. Watch it and then understand why I'd never support a European Army.
I could probably watch National geographic and the history channel all day😐
My sister likes to watch dinosaur documentaries from the national geographic channel??
Sky Sports showing more birds then cricket :) seems like watching World Cup at National Geographic Channel
Year 9 the National Geographic channel is showing a programme on Anne Frank that may help with your homework. 8pm Tuesday 10th March.
National Geographic Religions of the World Hinduism History channel Documentary: via
I enjoy the national geographic channel just a little too much
I'm watching a show about squirrels rn on the national geographic channel😂
Macau Cable TV - National Geographic Channel ( Ch.51 ). Strobe rockets light up the night...
am I the only one who thought the walkers that killed the horse looked like something on national geographic channel
I was just casually watching the Travel Channel and suddenly the tv changes to National Geographic….and now it won't go back to Travel
The '80s: The Decade That Made Us on National Geographic so far is awesome! Time to reminisce
Find gratification in watching the history channel, Animal Planet and national geographic
Watching a documentary on the National Geographic Channel about flight - I reckon it was hijacked & landed somewhere to be used again
Tbh I can watch the National Geographic Channel or Animal Planet all day 👌
Tune in to National Geographic Channel to catch the premier of Tetra Pak on Super Factories at 1900 hrs, Sunday...
National Geographic Channel has a new TV show called Wicked Tuna. I'm speechless.
Anybody else catching the crazy action in the Fish Bowl on National Geographic Channel???
I have enjoyed watching Animal Planet for many years...But I was shocked the other night to see the show  "Yukon Men"! I feel "Yukon Men" is not appropriate for Animal Planet. It may be better suited for National Geographic Channel or An Outdoor Sporting/Hunting Channel. I find "Yukon Men" offensive…
"National Geographic Channel" to promote sheep sex slave industry
When was the last time you had a good night's sleep? Sleepless In America exposes the crucial need for sleep and the shocking life-threatening consequences of its absence Sunday on National Geographic Channel.
Neil DeGrasse Tyson's foray into television with the reboot of Cosmos last year has led to another show. Today the National Geographic Channel said that it's tapping Tyson for what will be its...
Does bulletproof desserts sound crazy? Renegade engineer Tim Shaw takes science to the streets, showing how even the simplest of experiments can turn the everyday into the extraordinary. Street Genius Season 2 kicks off 5 January 7.00pm AEDT on National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Channel to feature Azerbaijans tourism potential: AZN 5 mln is allocated from the state bu...
Neil deGrasse Tyson Gets His Own Late-Night Talk Show: The show, Star Talk, will be airing on the National Geographic Channel
Neil deGrasse Tyson lands TV talk show - - 'Star Talk' will be on the National Geographic Channel
Americans aren't getting enough sleep and while we think we can survive on just a few hours, the impact on our bodies is severe. National Geographic Channel's new documentary "Sleepless In America" uncovers the perils of sleep deprivation.
National Geographic Channel announced the premiere of the network’s first-ever late-night series, Star Talk, hosted by renowned astrophysicist N
National Geographic Channel takes you INSIDE one of India's most advanced tertiary care hospitals where doctors, nurses, support staff work around the clock ...
Our favorite astrophysicist, pedant, and science communicator Neil deGrasse Tyson announced today that he will be hosting a late night series Star Talk, premiering on National Geographic Channel later this April. Filming in front of an audience at New…
Sunday nights just got better. New season of "Ultimate Survival Alaska" begins Sunday on National Geographic Channel.
If you've never watched Science Of Stupid on National Geographic Channel, do. Its hilarity, almost died laughing. Perfect hungover watching.
As par mahabharat the height of GHATOTKACH was 80 ft.National geographic channel has found one such skeleton in North India.
Have you driven the Singing Road? The 1,300 foot strip of road on Route 66 has rumble strips imbedded in the pavement, each representing a musical note. When motorists drive over the strip at the posted speed limit of 45 mph, vibrations in their vehicle’s chassis play America the Beautiful. Check it out on National Geographic Channel's "Crowd Control", airing Monday, Dec. 22nd at 4pm MT!
Check out the awesome Chug page on National Geographic Channel's website, It's full of ,
Do the Right Thing | National Geographic Channel via my favorite author
Upon observing, my father's favorite channel right now is National Geographic. Wow!
no it's on the national geographic channel. It's modern.
I've been really into the national geographic channel and the travel channel lately
Actually feel kinda bad for people who never watch Animal Planet,discovery channel or the national geographic channel
Ummm not sure of the channel but it's national geographic!
Watching. 📺 Watching National Geographic Channel: Explorer (with M, panji, and papau) —
National Geographic is a tight channel too. They're program line up is like an endless didactic block party.
I'm loving Foxtel... Just for the National Geographic channel. Been some awesome stuff in the last few day!
I would trade years off my life and digits off my salary to be a photographer for National Geographic or a cameraman for the travel channel
After watching GoPro tv channel for like 3 hours on my flight, I'm fairly convinced it's the digital age National Geographic
National geographic channel is possibly the best thing that could have ever happened to my little curious brain 📝
Every Jesus lover should be tuned to DSTV National Geographic Channel 181
so shows me 3 docs to watch but I get not available in your country: so I unsub from the channel!!
If you watching tv i recommend you watch Brain Games on National Geographic Channel it'll have yo brain feeling stupid
I saw one about elephants on the National geographic channel that was pretty nice
Any program on the National Geographic Channel > Eastenders
it comes on the national geographic channel. It's pretty cool.
Brain marathons on National Geographic Channel all day.
The show American Beaver on National Geographic channel could be misleading.
Father-in-law watching "American Beaver." National Geographic Channel, don't you know.
Watching on the National Geographic Channel now, and I'm completely engaged! Wow!
That time when National Geographic Channel debuts a program about the Bible
Little Giant Ladders
I was just watching national geographic channel for dead *** 2 hours
Now I'm watching the national geographic channel by my lonely.
Thus I find myself watching the national geographic channel at two in the morning on Christmas Day
Straight called some *** on National Geographic channel a Yeti D''';
I think the national geographic channel is talking dirty to me
Watching the Cosmos: A space time odyssey christmas marathon on the National Geographic channel. So good
Did you know that Season 2 of is now showing on National Geographic Channel?
EXCLUSIVE: National Geographic Channel has greenlit a docu-drama series American Genius from the producers of The Men Who Built America and Sons of Liberty. This time, Stephen David Entertainment w...
National Geographic Channel reveals in stunning detail why Australia's deadly dozen is described as one of the deadliest. Enjoy! Become a member
National Geographic Channel wrote: Join us on Nat Geo WILD - DStv Channel 182 - for the journey of a life-time at 12:00 and 19:00 CAT for consecutive episodes of Wild Russia! This is a High Definition series charting a journey across this vast land that stretches from Europe to the Pacific Ocean. Covering 11 time zones, this huge country contains a wealth of unspoiled natural wildernesses - beyond the huge ci...
Get the ultimate tour of Air Force One, including the President's bedroom and restricted areas where top-secret technology is housed. Then meet the presidential pilot and the crew charged with operating this global command center in the sky. © National Geographic Channel
i watch national geographic and history channel so much omg i lOVE IT
Following National Geographic and Discovery Channel on Instagram made my feed 1000 times more interesting!
National Geographic is an awesome channel.
I highly suggest watching Brain Games on the National Geographic channel. You play mind games and learn how the brain functions
From the shocking death of Princess Diana to the devastating earthquake in Kobe Tragedies, 9pm on National Geographic Channel
Was watching the national geographic channel just now and got reminded again that animals are living a very harsh life too :(
National Geographic Channel to investigate the world of UFOs
The National Geographic channel is my absolute favourite.
I liked a video Making of the Hyderabad Metro Rail with National Geographic Channel – A TRAILER
'90s on National Geographic Channel. Something to look forward to for a throwback Thursday next week.…
The Travel Channel and The National Geographic channel always keeps me company at night. Until the stupid Paid commercials 😡
National Geographic is the best channel on tv. Its so informative
Making of the Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) Coming soon on National Geographic Channel
Watching the National Geographic channel. Lol dumb bored
Recorded from National Geographic Channel HD in 720p + Dolby Digital 5.1 with DirecTiVo.
Wow. 👌 ok, time to see what's on the National Geographic channel.
The National Geographic channel's documentary about September 10, 2001 that debuted a few nights ago is one of the best 9/11 documentaries.
Must Watch !!! National Geographic Channel's Teaser On Hyderabad Metro Rail National Geographic releases the teaser for the 'Making of the Hyderabad Metro Rail' episode on it's MegaStrutures series
"Coffee Connoisseur" a story on coffee, on National Geographic Channel at 7:00 PM tomorrow and Sunday, 9:00AM http:…
I remember when the discovery channel and national geographic used to be educational, now it's just reality tv
its just me and the night and National Geographic Channel documentaries
National geographic channel sometimes just gets you so *** hooked on it, you start getting emotionally attached to the animals.
Kinda funny that the National GEOGRAPHIC Channel thinks I'm in Finland.
Science of stupid on NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC CHANNEL its amazin.
Channel the best itu national geographic people.
Orbits Hot Glass is featured Friday August 22, 2014 9pm CST on the National Geographic Channel.
DStv Guide - I'm going to watch Air Crash Investigation on National Geographic, Channel 181, tonight at 21 August 2014 20:10. Join me.
National Geographic is like our favorite channel now
Is that illuminati on national geographic channel?? 
was watching National Geographic channel peacefully and then this NPOMC jamming in again. way too much, President Snow.
Learned more on national geographic & discovery channel den i did in school! Also i thank wikipedia and google! I just ask and i get answer
No one is born a great cook, only learns by doing. — watching national geographic channel east bites west with chef wan
ah national geographic, the magazines are far better then the channel. My da has every copy from 1984
All you Molly takers should really turn on the national geographic channel right now. Educate yourselves.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
No. Put on national geographic channel immediately. Show will blow your mind.
This drug inc documentary on national geographic channel got me tuned in like a mf👀👀👀
i'm watching it right now on National Geographic Channel actually.
Please somebody turn to the national geographic channel... this is why white people scared of black people.
Party aka watching drugs inc on National geographic channel in bed alone 😏
Do yourself a hilarious favor and watch Going Deep with David Rees on the National Geographic channel. I am fully cracked up by it.
Oh yeah I have the science channel and national geographic
Drugs Inc, Dallas Dope Cowboys at 10pm on National Geographic Channel. There gonna be in the barrio and show a clip of the house on Jeane St
Watching National Geographic Channel's 'The 90s' special. Is it safe to admit I never saw a single episode of The West Wing?
“I love the Smithsonian channel so much.” Try the national geographic channel.
I just love the national geographic channel period
I finally found the National Geographic channel, I'm blocking all of your fake ***
I love that show on the National Geographic Channel called Drugs, Inc.
You can find many more varieties of PMLN Butt species on the National Geographic Channel.
If you ever feel like an alien, try watching Taboo on National Geographic Channel.
Documentary about Romania to be aired on National Geographic channel – AGERPRES
Just saw my old friend Brett Azar on a commercial as a guest for this show on National Geographic channel. Good to see he's doin well 💪
Actress Michelle Trachtenberg attends the premiere of National Geographic Channel's 'Killing Kennedy' at Saban...
a 2 hour tour inside bhaiyyas office. It made me feel like i am watching a typical episode of MEGA Factories in National Geographic Channel :D the camera wasn't allowed inside though :3
You know it's a family Sunday around the hearth when National Geographic Channel pulls out its entire Hitler catalog.
The special on the 90's on the National Geographic Channel is awesome. Fantastic. *** I'm old.
Been watching "The 90s, The Last Great Decade" on the National Geographic Channel. The 90s didn't mean much to me, but this has been really interesting.
Banged Up Abroad on National Geographic Channel is my favourite tv show I love it.
HotMessFolder isn't sure what Monica Lewinsky is running for -- but she's talking to the media again! She gave an interview to National Geographic Channel for a documentary on the 90s. The Today Sh...
Paramount Pictures and National Geographic Channel are offering a sweepstakes to promote the Blu-ray release of...
On June 11, Union Station was proud to welcome famed Egyptologist and Discovery Channel, History Channel, and National Geographic Channel host, Dr. Zahi Hawass, for a special sold out lecture “Adventures in Archeology.” Dr. Hawass sat down with Union Station President & CEO, George Guastello, to discuss his adventures in Egyptology and the magic and beauty of The Discovery of King Tut exhibition at Union Station. Learn more about The Discovery of King Tut and get your tickets today at
Monica Lewinsky’s first television interview in eleven years will be in a 3-part mini-series produced by the National Geographic Channel entitled “The 90s: The Last Great Decade?”
Monica Lewinsky has granted another television interview, this time to the National Geographic Channel. Lewinsky is sitting down for the National Geographic's ...
D-Day The Sacrifice NZ Premiere National Geographic Channel AU Friday 6 June at 8.30pm IGLOO Channel 8 In the spring of 1944, the Allies rolled the dice and chanced the whole fate of the Second World War on a single day. On the 70th anniversary of D-Day, National Geographic Channel revisits the Allied forces’ June 6, 1944 Normandy landings and the ensuing 100 days leading up to the liberation of Paris from the Nazis.
Monica Lewinsky has agreed to do her first television interview in 10 years --- with National Geographic. The National Geographic Channel is doing a three-part miniseries titled 
On the news so far this week. On Monday astronomers from Harvard-Smithsonian center for astrophysics, said they had identified a new type of planet, "it's like Earth" just 17 times more massive, located just about 560 light years from Earth.the name of the planet? Kepler-10c, rocky planet with a diameter of 18, 000 miles across. In another astronomical news. The remarkable payoff of a new survey called "The ultraviolet coverage of the Hubble ultra deep field". The Hubble new image shows about 10, 000 new galaxies. And last but not least. Monica Lewinsky is giving an interview to.National Geographic Channel, really? Now who owns this channel? Well no other than Rupert Murdoch CEO of Fox news Network, or if you preferred GOP news network, good luck with that one!..How can all of these be possible? Big brother keeps feeding us with your. .
If you have not watched "inside the Iraq war" or "inside the Afghanistan war" on the National Geographic Channel, then you should. It is as real an experience as you will ever get,from your comfortable couch, in your safe house. There are no greater heroes to me than people like them who are willing to lay down there lives for their brothers INTENTIONALLY!!! My utmost respect and love for those men and women was exponentially magnified after watching that! God Bless America, and God Bless Our Troops!!! Too all of my buddy's past,present or future who have done a tour are doing it now, or will do it, I LOVE YOU AND THANK YOU!!You will never know what you mean to me. I respect you as much as anyone can be respected. You guys deserve better than what the government is giving you in a lot of situations. I hope I can repay you someday! I know I missed a few people I'm sure but here are a few I want to thank personally!
The month of May is looking decidedly French, starting with 'Go French!' on the National Geographic Channel, weeknights at 7pm, till 23 May. Followed by Roland Garros 2014. Or some call it the French Open. Or the 2nd grand slam of the year. Doesn't matter what you call it. All we know is, it's starting this Sunday, LIVE on FOX Sports and FOX Sports Plus HD!
Watching Alaskan State Troopers on the National Geographic Channel . Alaska is like a huge Little Elm, maybe a really big Grand Prairie..
I'm a big fan of Casey Anderson, "American the Wild", on the National Geographic Channel. Starting with adopting a grizzly bear pup, as a young boy. On to his continued commitment, to raising awareness of our impact on America's wildlife. He's a great role model for our children.
Just got a job as a researcher for the National Geographic Channel. Never thought I'd have to proudly write the words "Nazi Megastructures" on my CV before now.
I'm going to be on a National Geographic Channel tv show!
Animal Selfies , National Geographic Channel at afaqs! creative showcase
National Geographic Channel did you mean life
LearJet Documentary On MegaFactories National Geographic Channel - multimillion dollar private jets! not much more to say, imagine having one of your own, ...
Watch Breaking Barriers with Tim McGraw on the National Geographic Channel on Wednesday, May 7 at 8 pm central.
Both had appeared on the National Geographic Channel program “Alaska State Troopers,” the channel said Friday.
the jewel of National Geographic Channel: World Traveller - Sa…:
Don't miss brand new episode 8 of on National Geographic Channel tonite @ 10pm! Esp if you are or aspiring to be a female scientist!
Have you seen the TV show "Alaska State Troopers?" 2 police officers who were on the National Geographic Channel's reality show have been killed. The Alaska Dispatch website reported that the troopers were shot after an unarmed village public safety officer called for backup after an altercation involving the botched sale of a $150 couch. STORY:
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Macau Cable TV - National Geographic Channel ( Ch.51 ). "This place seems like an ancient...
What would i do without my National Geographic Channel
Two Alaska State Troopers from the National Geographic Channel program "Alaska State Troopers" have died in a confrontation on the dirt streets of an isolated village.
Tragedy has befallen the Alaska State Troopers. Two officers who appeared on the National Geographic Channel...
UPDATED: National Geographic Channel is working on an add to Thursday’s episode of Alaska State Troopers to pay tribute to the two troopers killed this...
Enjoy this fantastic video of by the National Geographic Channel.
National Geographic Channel says it will pull from any rotation its repeats of Alaska State Troopers featuring two troopers killed in a confrontation in a...
Two Alaska State Troopers, who appeared on National Geographic Channel's show of the same name, have been shot dead in a remote village. Details:
Miracle landing on the Hudson on National Geographic Channel scary!
Just a last reminder because most people don't visit every day: TONIGHT'S THE NIGHT! National Geographic Channel, 9PM Eastern & Pacific. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed making it.
UK friends, Watch out for "COSMOS: A Spacetime Odyssey: The Lost Worlds of Planet Earth" Episode! it will be aired on National Geographic Channel on the 11th of May! Kevin and I created with the help of Stephen Vuillemin an animation for a section talking about the Great Drought.
National Geographic Channel is telecasting few new shows which is so good than before. I like these- 1. Nat-Geo Cover Shot, 2. Brain Games, 3. Cosmos, 4. Street Genius, 5. Scam City nd I would like all Ultimate programmes on that. B)
My son, Scott Ballard, who lives in Alaska, will be featured briefly in the following television show:Thursday night, May1, 2014, 9:00 PM central time, National Geographic Channel, "Alaska State Troopers", title of this particular show is "One in the Chamber". He and a friend had just killed a moose when this film crew came along and filmed them. You know mama had to advertise it!
SO-CAL Speed Shop Pomona was fortunate enough to participate in this show. Please try and check it out May 7th on National Geographic Channel.
"Nothing says you got stoned and watched a documentary on the National Geographic Channel quite like naming your band after a breed of animal."
National Geographic Channel is expanding its East Coast development team, adding Nicole Reed as VP development and Igal Svet director, development. In addition, Naimah Holmes...
Check out National Geographic's segment tonight on "None of the Above: Defying Gravity - The Strength of Human Hair!" The Look, an Onesta salon in Venice, CA, works with Tim Shaw to see how strong hair really is! Check it out tonight on National Geographic Channel at 10:30pm (eastern time)!!!
What happens when the tide goes out under the Ice This is pretty neat. Turn on the speakers to hear the narrative. Only the Eskimos would have the nerve to do this!! This is amazing! This is something I had seen once on the National Geographic Channel, so when I came across this, I thought you might enjoy watching it as well. When the tide is out... under the ice. Very interesting what the indigenous habitants of the region have done for ages.
I plan to watch Stephen Hawking, vida de un genio on National Geographic Channel (Andina / Colombia) at 29/04/2014 19:00.
Jeez still no news about the lost plain ? and bad news I missed a program on this on National Geographic Channel ! I bet those who believes in god must be spinning some good story on this.
He was the of the 80s and 90s! Now Rob Lowe returns as the voice of the as he works with National Geographic Channel on
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