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National Geographic Channel

National Geographic Channel, also commercially abbreviated and trademarked as Nat Geo, is a subscription television channel that airs non-fiction television programs produced by the National Geographic Society.

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Life Below Zero demands more from those who call Alaska home. Only those who possess exceptional perseverance, ingenuity, resourcefulness, awareness, and bravery can thrive in this extreme environment. Learn about the cast of National Geographic Channel's “Life Below Zero” and the virtues it takes t...
Terror at the Finish Line featuring Pete Kelly as a runner on National Geographic Channel via
Help choose the FAN FAVORITE boat from National Geographic Channel's Wicked Tuna! Rock the vote, don't rock the boat! Vote for my pick: HOT TUNA!
How To Survive the End of the World Episode Guide | National Geographic Channel via
Watching "Brothers in War" (Charlie Company-9th Infantry Division in Vietnam) on National Geographic Channel... God Bless the Octofoil Soldiers who came before me...
Moore fambam. "Mystery Science Theater 3000" will be returning under the name "RiffTrax" on the National Geographic Channel on April 1, 2014
One last promotional suggestion. Watch BROTHERS IN WAR on the National Geographic Channel, this Wednesday at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. Narrated by Charlie Sheen, and inspired by the book The Boys of '67 it is a beautifully assembled first hand account of Charlie Company & their tough and tender experiences in the nation-rending Viet Nam war. NGC, and the Vietnam War Commemoration & the Grateful Nation Foundation unveiled this masterpiece produced by Scott Reda of Lou Reda productions at the Premiere last Friday. I am so grateful to my brothers and sisters for their sacrifice & honor.
Chapter members, When this movie hits the screens, or National Geographic Channel, go and see it! Six of us Mid Atlantic Chapter Gamewardens, (by invitation,) went up to the National Geographic Society in Washington, D.C. for the world premier showing of this film. Following a Cocktail hour, and several dignitaries and authors speaking and explaining how the movie came to be, we were treated to it, in it's entirety! The movie is about Charlie Company, the Ninth Infantry Division (The Mobile Riverine Force). The movie is narrated by Charlie Sheen and there are no reenactments or pretend scenes in the film. It is 100% footage of these men in 1967, fighting and dying in Vietnam. And, you will understand why they invited us when I tell you that "the Brown Water Navy plays a big part in this movie!" Numerous PBR and Sea Wolf action scenes, and, the entire sequence of a Navy Zippo saving the Company when they were pinned down by enemy fire in (I believe) Dong Tam. This necessitated the Zippo traversing ...
"Stop stalking your crush in the internet because they don't care for you..." -Mr. Ramon Bautista, Science of Stupid, National Geographic Channel.. Coming soon.. i wan't to watch this!! good evening everyone!
See Wildlife shows on the National Geographic Channel website
Two fish on the line aren't two on the deck. Get ready for double trouble tonight on an all new Wicked Tuna, 9/8c on National Geographic Channel →
Last night on National Geographic Channel "Live from Space" special program and Russian astronaut said that from up there in the International Space Station you can't see any borders between countries. Can't you just imagine Vladimir Putin sitting on the ground saying "I don't see any borders here either :-)"
Watching Live From Space at National Geographic Channel right now makes me remember why Gravity captured m... © 2014
“Live From Space” Event Takes Place Today. The AP (3/14, Moore) continues coverage of the “Live From Space” special that airs tonight on the National Geographic Channel, featuring a live report from the ISS by astronauts Rick Mastracchio and Koichi Wakata. Anchor Soledad O’Brien said astronauts, who have been taping segments in case of interruptions, are “phenomenal ‘field reporters.’” The article notes that part of the broadcast will include “never-before-broadcast experiments that demonstrate the scientific purpose of the station.” Newsday (3/14, Werts) reports that NASA is “seizing the moment” of the movie Gravity’s popularity to help teach the public more about what is done at the station. US News & World Report (3/13, Sneed) noted that Dylan Mathis, an ISS program spokesperson, similarly said, “This is allowing us to communicate what we’re doing with science and utilizing technologies that cannot only benefit us on Earth but are going to allow us to go beyond low Earth ...
Big Block Design Group (BBDG) designed and created the main title sequence and show open for Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, the National Geographic Channel and Fox broadcast network’s follow-up to Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, Carl Sagan’s iconic exploration of the universe that debuted on PBS in 1980.
Broadcasting LIVE from space. Don't miss on the National Geographic Channel on March 14 at 8 p.m. ET.
BTW...the replay is on Monday nights at 10PM EDT/ 7PM PDT on National Geographic Channel. So, now.
Watching Cosmos, on National Geographic Channel, the new one... my geek brain is happy.
PSA: For those who want to watch it again (or if you don't mind seeing it a day late) the National Geographic Channel's Monday night airings of Cosmos will have additional footage and fewer commercials.
"Cosmos" shows again tonight on the National Geographic channel. Here's why it's important.
National Geographic channel is the best science TV channel in the World.
The first episode of the new Cosmos, narrated by Neil Degrasse Tyson, will air again tonight at 9:00 p.m. CST on the National Geographic Channel (ch. 203 on Time Warner Cable in Dallas).
Cosmos is rerunning on National Geographic channel in 1 I watching it AGAIN? YES! It is such an awesome new science show!
"Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey" is on the National Geographic Channel tonight at 9pm CDT. It's a re-run of the first episode, which I missed.
if you missed it 10pm national geographic channel.reair of Cosmos
Ultimate Survival Alaska isn't on this week. Thanks for ruining my Monday, National Geographic channel!
Does anyone who has the National Geographic Channel want to watch Cosmos tonight at 10 PM?
Today's PSA: If you missed Sunday's broadcast of the "Cosmos" series hosted by Dr. Neil DeGrasse-Tyson, it will be rebroadcast tonight at 10 on the National Geographic Channel. It is Must-See TV! That is all.
Reminder: you can watch 1st ep of the Cosmos sequel/remake on National Geographic's cable channel @ 10 ET. Highly recommended.
You can catch it tonight on National Geographic channel at 9 PM Central Time.
If you didn't see Cosmos on Sunday evening and you have cable, the National Geographic Channel is replaying it tonight. Check your local listing for time. Be there!
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I missed the very beginning but you can catch it on your cable systems video demand as well as replays on both Fox --yes, Fox!!!-- and on the National Geographic Channel. I especially loved the end where we learn of the personal connection between a young Neil Tyson and Carl Sagan who had him visit his lab. Read the article... Better yet, see the last 15 minutes for yourself. Yep, I got a little testy eyed. Sagan was a giant. I'm glad Neil and others have found a strong perch on his shoulders!
Friday, 7pm on National Geographic channel. They and Discovery repeat the series once in a while, we filmed it almost 5 yrs ago.
Brain Games at 9p then an encore presentation of Cosmos at 10p on, National Geographic Channel! I HAVE TO SAY."TODAY IS A GOOD DAY!"(Sue the Science Geek. hehe!) PEACE! :D
Watching the national geographic channel makes me hate being human😕
Giordano Bruno Is Covered in the New COSMOS Documentary! by Robert JohnsonI'm very happy to say that Giordano Bruno, who this Deism newsletter is in honor of (along with the Deist Cayetano Ripoll), was respectfully, accurately and movingly covered in the first episode of COSMOS which aired last night on FOX and which will air again on the National Geographic channel at 10 PM Eastern Time tonight. Bruno's enlightening and inspiring story was told through high quality animation. It covered him being a member of the Roman Catholic clergy, how he read On The Nature of Things by the ancient Roman Lucretius which opened Bruno's mind to the infinite Universe which sparked him to question the Bible's version of things with the Earth being the center of the Universe.
Ok, first National Geographic Channel has Cosmos and I am hoping up and down with joy. But now see this:...
Shows Slice of Iñupiaq Culture along the Way Season finale of the popular National Geographic Channel show aired in early March   ASRC is congratulating one of its own board members for winning season
I heard National Geographic channel, it's on Hulu now too apparently.
A CALL TO PARTICIPATE! This video features Jacquie Chandler and *** Dodge of the Earth Gym lodge with Michael and Phoebe Rogers of Stone Bear, all sharing why embracing Ancestral Technology is important for managing the complexities of the modern world. The Ancestral Technology Village is developing at Land of the Stone Bear Mother, on the South Yuba River watershed and is a gathering place for "The Summer of Quantum LOVE" with a schedule of many exciting activities and adventures. Join the fun and design your own Ancestral Adventure Experience. EarthGym is a concept for connecting people into a personal relationship with the Earth through using the natural world as our gym. *** Dodge is the star of National Geographic Channel series called "The Legend of *** Dodge". Jacquie Chandler is also the Executive Director of Sustainable Tahoe, an innovative Geotourism showcase for stewardship and behavior change to protect the environmental integrity of the Lake Tahoe Watershed.
Top 10 animal warriors on the National Geographic channel. Don't bother me for the next hour.
In case you missed it, National Geographic channel is doing an encore presentation of Cosmos tonight.
Cosmos shows again tonight at 9PM USA Eastern on the National Geographic channel! Watch to be amazed by our universe and science.
It will be on the National Geographic channel tonight.
If u didn't watch last night, it's on tonight on national geographic channel!!!
Go to the national geographic channel if you feel like having your mind blown 💥
Sunny asks: Did you miss last night on Fox? Catch it tonight on the National Geographic channel
In case you missed last night, check it out tonight 10/9c on the National Geographic channel. It's fantastic.
If you didn't watch Cosmos last night, it is being reaired on the National Geographic Channel tonight, and is also on Hulu.
And now Cosmos, the return, in National Geographic channel
If you missed the premiere of Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, there will be a re-showing tonight at 9:00 PM on National Geographic Channel. This science-education series is a reboot of the 1980 PBS series created by scientist Carl Sagan.
Yes I watch the national geographic channel
It will be repeated this evening at 10 pm on National Geographic channel if you missed the debut on Sunday. This...
Teachers should watch "Cosmos with Neil Degrasse Tyson" on National Geographic Channel tonight.
I just saw Pompeii.they could've showed that movie on the national geographic channel 😒
The National Geographic Channel is one of my favourite channels
for those of you who missed it last night, like myself, Cosmos with be on National Geographic channel tonight at 10pm est! thanks to Jose Ekonomo for letting me know i missed it in the first place!
Cosmos airing in Australia, on the National Geographic Channel, this Sunday, 7.30 pm ... Lucky if you are a Foxtel subscriber.
March 10, 2014 -- Fox and the National Geographic Channel are broadcasting a reboot of astronomer Carl Sagan’s...
I'm more interested in National geographic and Discover channel than most other channels
Real tears because of this documentary on the National Geographic channel.
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'Brothers in War' by Lou Reda Productions to premiere on National Geographic Channel good producers, good show
will air on National Geographic channel tonight. Important to watch and regain respect for
Barbie?! Let her watch National geographic or discovery channel
My mom is watching the national geographic channel 😂😭
Make your own solar system via National Geographic
Cosmos | National Geographic Channel Who watched last night? No lie, it brought a tear to my eye
Live From Space | National Geographic Channel Don't forget to watch this Friday
Watching the new on TV on German National Geographic Channel, let's see if it's any good
Ahh. Generally, when I see Nat Geo, I think tv channel & not National Geographic. :)
Seth MacFarlane: Inside the new 'Cosmos' ship - On Sunday, March 9, Fox and National Geographic Channel will...
Just home watching national geographic channel ;)
Monday March 10th on the National Geographic Channel at 9PM
Check out my cousin's cameo appearance on the National Geographic channel!
Here we have Obama's introduction before the premiere of yesterday evening in the US:
Tomorrow (Tuesday) evening at 10 PM the National Geographic channel (108 Comcast, 76 or 876 on Metronet) will air an episode of their series called Diggers, this one called Lost Nazi Plane. It was filmed here at Freeman Field last fall and tells the story of David Gray and the Freeman Field Recovery Team in their quest for buried WW-II enemy aircraft parts. This history is the basis for our backstory at Fear Fair, FYI.
The premiere of Cosmos starts tonight at 9/8c on National Geographic Channel! Stay tuned for a brand new Wicked Tuna NEXT Sunday 3/16 at 9/8c!
National Geographic Channel’s ISS tracker is definitely worth checking out. Hope to snap a picture one day. :)
The premier is reairing tonight on national geographic channel! Not sure what's on next week...
National Geographic's Solar System Builder might just be the neatest thing on the Internet today.
Is it wrong that I love watching the national geographic channel and the history channel?! Probably.
I don't usually watch TV but when I do it's discovery channel or national geographic
We were priviledged to have seen the pilot episode of the much anticipated fantastic new series from National Geographic Channel (NGC) and FOX. Last friday night, the mind museum was filled with rocket science and milky way discussion. the event was hosted by Chico Garcia form the Morning rush Rx...
This week's answer has been added for the National Geographic Channel Ultimate Survival Alaska Sweepstakes
Cosmos is premiering tonight, a sequel to the Cosmos hosted by Carl Sagan in 1980 on PBS. This time it's hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson, it's being introduced by President Obama, and it's airing on Fox and National Geographic. It premiers tonight at 9 pm Eastern, 8 pm Central on the following networks: Fox, National Geographic Channel, FX, FXX, FXM, Fox Sports 1, Fox Sports 2, Nat Geo Wild, Nat Geo Mundo and Fox Life. The reviews of preview screenings have been quite good, so I'm hopeful for a great show. The science is not likely to be very advanced, this is general appeal sort of stuff, and hopefully will help encourage a new wave of science literacy. It's easy for those of us who care about science literacy to get disheartened by the bad science and wrong science and anti-science sentiment that seem to spread so easily on the internet (anti-vaccine campaigns, anti-GMO campaigns, creationism, climate change "skeptics", moon landing hoax-believers, etc...) So, here's a little ray of hope for us all. ...
President Obama will deliver the introduction to the new Fox science series “ Cosmos : A Spacetime Odyssey” in the premiere episode Sunday night being carried on 10 Fox channels and the National Geographic Channel .
Fans of the late astronomer Carl Sagan's "Cosmos" have even more to be excited about this weekend. Ahead of Sunday's premiere of the "Cosmos" reboot, the National Geographic Channel will air a marathon of the original series.
NERD ALERT! National Geographic Channel is running a marathon of old school Cosmos with Dr. Carl Sagan circa 1980. (Ah, to be 9 again!) 😃 Nice surprise after a few hours of backyard sunshine with 3 generations of Wilcox women (i.e. doing yard work), two of which are now napping. One of which used to watch it with me back in the day. 😊
Public Service Announcement: The National Geographic Channel is replaying the original "Cosmos" with Carl Sagan starting today at noon Eastern. And a whole lot of channels are showing the new "Cosmos" with Neil Degrasse Tyson beginning tomorrow. Set your DVRs!
Come out and play is an initiative by to encourage the young to play well and make it big. Footage courtesy: National Geographic Channel and BBC World. Music: Dance Tonight by Paul McCartney.
Tune in to Live From Space March 14, 8PM EST on National Geographic Channel. Follow the ISS in real-time and explore the world's interests.
The Eight episode of the Mission Army programme broadcast on the National Geographic Channel. Indian Army ...
National Geographic Channel- Finding Atlantis Full DocumentaryCould the fabled lost city of Atlantis have been located? Using satellite photography, ground-p.
National Geographic Channel is committed to making and showing documentaries that explore the...
BROTHERS IN WAR - WILLIE MCTEAR FROM NEWELLTON, LA AND THE MIGHTY TENSAS ROSENWALD CLASS OF 1961 Charlie Sheen narrates National Geographic Channel's Powerful VietNam war special on Wednesday March 26, 2014 at 8 pm. McTear was on the leading edge of the Viet Nam era in the MeKong Delta in a new age of Guerrilla warfare. Like McTear, so many of our Tensas young men served in sheer innonence and braved the raw, gut-wrenching and heartfelt conditions of this war and so many were lost to us forever. As Tensasans Tensas Reunion, Inc. - Tensas Rosenwald we are grateful and will never forget the service and bravery of those we sat next to us in classes every day. get all the details of this upcoming documentary at
Remember Carl Sagan's series "Cosmos" back in the 1980's? Sunday night the National Geographic Channel will be bringing us "Cosmos: A Space Time Odyssey" hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson announced on the "Today Show" this morning by Mr. Tyson with Matt Lauer.
Cosmos hosted by Neil Degrasse Tyson premieres this Sunday at 9 on Fox or National Geographic Channel omfg I'm so excit…
>"...The new series, which debuts March 9 and 10 on Fox and the National Geographic Channel."
So its been over 2 years now that I have zero TV...I could get a couple of those new inside antennas and watch the local stuff but haven't, as yet, done that. Yesterday, while at the local laundromat, I had the opportunity to view something on the 'National Geographic Channel' entitled "The Legend of *** Dodge". OMG how absolutely awful this show is and what an A-hole Mr. Dodge is. *** has happened to television? Cable TV was the most costly monthly bill I had (when I was paying for entire neighborhood was getting it for free because a young entrepreneur hooked us all up) and even though I had over a hundred channels usually never watched more than 3 or 4 regularly.
For those of you that watch the National Geographic Channel show called "Wicked Tuna" you'll notice a new boat on the show this year… *** stole my boat name WICKED PISSAH. But they didn't use the Red Sox font like I did….amateurs!
A new spin-off of the popular National Geographic Channel (NatGeo) series Wicked Tuna will feature the Outer Banks fishing industry, set to film in the area this winter. Read on for the official pr...
Snake handler Jamie Coots, a Kentucky pastor who starred on National Geographic Channel's Snake Salvation, died Saturday after being bitten by one of his venomo
Watch Hollis's own Tyler McLaughlin in the season premier of Wicked Tuna Feb 16 at 9 pm on National Geographic Channel
National Geographic Channel show Diggers last year unearthed a time capsule containing a piece of Steve Jobs memorabilia that's been buried for 30 years. A video obtained by CNET shows the excavation and opening of this renowned canister. (Credit: Mike Durkin) The time capsule, known as the...
This week some of my videos will air on February 13th on the National Geographic Channel in a segment called "Terrible Twister" which is part of the "Do or Die" series, airing at 7:30 EST but check local listings for your time. I see it for 5:30 pm MST this week Thursday on NTGEO and NTGEOHD for Dish network here in Colorado.
ALLAH dlm buku THE RISE OF ISLAM karya Rabbi Ken Spiro "... The Arab tribesmen of the region worshipped a pantheon of gods there, including Al-Lat, the sun goddess, and Al-Uzza, a goddess associated with the planet Venus, both of whom were daughters of the chief deity, known as Al-Ilah, (Allah) or "the God." -- Rabbi Ken Spiro, originally from New Rochelle, NY, graduated from Vassar College with a BA in Russian Language and Literature and did graduate studies at the Pushkin Institute in Moscow. He has rabbinic ordination from Aish Jerusalem and a Masters Degree in History from Vermont College of Norwich University. Rabbi Spiro is also a licensed tour guide by the Israel Ministry of Tourism. He has appeared on numerous radio and TV programs such as BBC, National Geographic Channel and The History Channel. He lives near Jerusalem with his wife and five children, where he works as a senior lecturer for Aish Jerusalem.
Each day National Geographic Channel brings you an amazing picture from around the...
We admired them for quite a long time. This isnt National Geographic Channel or Animal Planet . This is AGACAIM SPECIAL. Live
Bucknell Forum speaker Neil Degrasse Tyson is hosting a new version of "Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey," with the first episode airing in March on Fox and the National Geographic Channel.
THE DEER AND A LEOPARD As I sat on my couch watching a documentary on National Geographic Channel recently, I came away with an astounding life lesson from some two deer that won’t concede an inch to each other. Some tourists caught on camera two grown deer that appeared to be in dispute over territory; none of them was ready to give to the other. So a vicious fighting ensued over a long period of time. While neither party was relenting in attacking the other, a pregnant leopard was lurking at the background. They fought so hard that they never took notice when the leopard pounced on them as if to say the fight is enough. Pronto, they were forced to separate by an imminent death. Although they thought of joining forces against the adversary lately, it never worked because her claws and teeth were already sank on throat of one of them. While the other watched helplessly and made futile efforts to rescue the other, nothing could stop the leopard from feeding her upcoming babies with the carcasses of diffi ...
Fruity Rudy Sunday!! Catch Rudy on National Geographic Channel's Ultimate Survival Alaska tonight at 9pm! If you...
Watch the teaser for the National Geographic Channel film "Killing Kennedy," which premieres Sunday, November 10. Starring Rob Lowe and Ginnifer Goodwin. (Ph...
Baby animals are much more cute than baby humans. Just sayin. National Geographic Channel proves this daily.
Calling all 7-10 years old. Here is your chance to join National Geographic Channel young Explorer program to...
Had to share! my Brother Rudy Reyes on National Geographic Channel...
Official page for Brain Games in the U.S., a TV show on National Geographic Channel examining secrets of the human mind. New season 1/13 at 9/8c!
EXCLUSIVE: National Geographic Channel is building a franchise around one of its highest-rated series, Wicked Tuna. The cable network has greenlighted a s
After sweeping many chimneys and installing numerous chimney liners in my eight-year career in the industry, I was given the opportunity to be a part of a National Geographic Channel do-it-yourself...
At the start of the seventh week, instructors notice a significant physical and mental change in the candidates. At this point, the training only gets tougher. Muscle endurance training is increased so they can cope with the more rigorous drills to come. *** Week is approaching fast and the candidates bring in rocks and corals to pave their own Road to Heaven. The 50-meter road is used as an instrument of torture for themselves to mark their last obstacle to becoming frogmen. Assistant coaches deliberately sharpen the stones for a harsher challenge. Meanwhile, the kitchen prepares a bitter tea so each candidate can learn the taste achievement. As the typhoon moves in quickly, so does the next sleepless 132 hours, which marks the beginning of the toughest challenge of their lives. Which tadpole soldier has what it takes to become an elite frogman? Find out more in Frog Men, TONIGHT at 9PM on National Geographic Channel (StarHub TV Ch 411 and mio TV Ch 201).
Britain's TV channel to air first live show from space Representational Photo London: Britain's Channel 4 said it will air the first-ever live television show from space, tracking the International Space Station though a complete orbit around the Earth. "Live from Space" will be broadcast on National Geographic Channel in 170 other countries. Besides glimpses of daily life aboard the ISS, the programme will offer high-definition images of the Earth from orbit. The show is to be hosted by Dermot O'Leary, the long-time face of British talent search program "The X Factor," who will speak live with the astronauts aboard the ISS via NASA Mission Control in Houston. "It's already been an education to research this project and so I can't wait to join the viewers in finding out both the spectacular workings of the ISS. I simply can't wait," O'Leary said. Professor Stephen Hawking and British astronaut Tim Peake - set to serve on the ISS in 2015 - will also make appearances on the programme. The ISS, a $100 billi ...
Watching the national geographic channel... Very humbling... Even in our worst days we got it way better than people in other countries..
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I'd rather watch Bravo, or National Geographic channel than TLC.
Lonnie Dangerous auditioning for host of new tv show for the National Geographic channel...
RTfrom>>> Creative bus advert for National Geographic Channel's built for the Kill
Don't do Super Bowl? Here is a great alternative! The FISH BOWL on National Geographic Channel
Watching the national geographic channel  weird stuff on here
Watching the national geographic channel. And there showing a girl with 4 arms & 4 legs!!
Why does national geographic channel come up before you
National Geographic is so fascinating. Thank goodness there's a channel that still commits to what they were started for.
Macau Cable TV - National Geographic Channel ( Ch.51 ). Using the ground beneath his feet...
Macau Cable TV - National Geographic Channel ( Ch.51 ). Animals that look like plants,...
National Geographic Channel over the moon (literally)
Watching the national geographic channel with the baby bro 😁🐯🐴🐍. Ay this stuff is like live wild life entertainment' amazing! 😳👏🙌.
No more National Geographic Channel for Kye he thinks he's an Otter and poured his Dinner on his belly…
Lol I categorized that like as if it's the National Geographic Channel.
After watching the national geographic channel I learned more then I ever did in school lmao
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National geographic channel is my favorite
Like national geographic and discovery channel and the science channel
The national geographic channel is my favorite.
Ugh rainy day.perfect weather to cuddle and national geographic channel
harry's that awkward dork who knows more facts than national geographic and discovery channel. I love him
Contemporary World Geography! Can I just watch the National Geographic Channel instead?
Wicked Tuna to bring new show to the OBX:  The National Geographic Channel announced Friday that it will spin ...
you need to watch on National geographic channel called Bigfoot: The New Evidence 2014 Russian Bigfoot kids w/video WOW.
Yep. Still can't stop watching the National Geographic channel.
Candy bar for National Geographic Channel TCA press tour party at The Langham Hotel
"Duck Quacks Don't Echo" may be my favorite new show title. Starts Monday on National Geographic Channel.
Good bigfoot shows on National geographic channel-- 3 hrs worth. Eastern time right now-
Seeing this ad for "Brain Games" on the National Geographic Channel makes me wonder how a nonfiction show with the word "brain" got on TV.
Sneak peek of National Geographic Channel's "The '90s" series premiering in summer. Sadly I would totes watch.
In answer to the the National Geographic Channel's question — no, the '90s were absolutely NOT "the last great decade." LOL
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Happy Friday! Coming up on the KTLA 5 Morning News: Allie Mac Kay gets a workout at Hot Hula Fitness; Gayle Anderson visits the Pasadena Humane Society & SPCA's new Animal Care Center; Julia Roberts — JULIA ROBERTS! — talks to Sam Rubin about her new movie August: Osage County; BBC World News reporter Yalda Hakim shares her experiences reporting from the world's toughest conflict zones; actress Dove Cameron gives us a preview of the movie "Cloud 9"; and Jason Silva talks Brain Games, National Geographic Channel's highest-rated show! Watch:
THSN: Update. Dateline Sleepy Hollow Good afternoon. Not much new really in the "hood". Some rain, pretty subdued out in the woods. Not much movin' 'round. The cats are holed up under the deck, hibernatin' in a manner of sorts, 'cept when they hear the door open. They think there may be food comin', they slink off when I start splittin' blocks. Not slink exactly, they hang 'round the splittin' block until the first splint of wood lands close, then disappear back under the deck. Must be the noise an projectiles. What else? Oh yeah... Watched this show on the National Geographic Channel this afternoon. A very well produced program. A scenairo involving an invasion of Earth by another intelligent life form bent on destroying human infrastruture and sucking the planet clean of biological life, as we know it. Humans an all. Yeah and on it goes to depict the decimated human race rallying back to overcome the invaders. Sorta like an old SC-FI movie my sister took me to "once upon a time" but this was a 20th Cen ...
Press Release: National Geographic Channel green lights the new series “Showdown of the Unbeatables” starring Zane Lamprey and Brian Unger. “Showdown of the Unbeatables” will pit inventors and entrepreneurs against each other in a battle royale in which their inventions face off in a death match — for instance, the world’s strongest bombproof door against the world’s most powerful military cutting torch. Zane Lamprey (“Have Fork, Will Travel”) and Brian Unger (“It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”) align themselves with opposing companies as they put their products to the test. In the process, the science behind the inventions is explained.
Do you live under a rock? If the answer is, "yes," then National Geographic Channel's Doomsday Preppers is the show for you.
*** Dodge, a bearded ex-Marine who lives off the land in the forests of the Olympic Peninsula, is the subject of a National Geographic Channel television series that premiers tonight.
Tune in to National Geographic Channel to learn the keyword that is revealed during the broadcast. A keyword will be provided at various times throughout each episode. Then enter the sweepstakes Sweeps Rating: Okay Eligibility: US, DC, 21 and older Entry Dates: January 5, 20
National Geographic Channel is having a series about US prisons!
Scam city op national geographic channel : Amsterdam
National Geographic Channel you are BLOWING MY MIND right now
Preparedness... This weekend, we are settling in for a severe winter storm, freezing temperatures..,you name it-- Old Man Winter and Jack Frost are making their appearances and the bread, milk, and egg supply at grocery stores are evidence of that! We (me included) hear of a storm approaching and we prepare for it in every way possible. I wonder if we do that for Jesus? Do we prepare ourselves for Him? Do we do all we can to help I others come to Christ and know of His Saving Grace? In the song, "Days of Elijah", one part says "prepare ye the way of The Lord". That comes from Luke 3:4-6: "A voice of one calling in the desert 'Prepare the way for The Lord, make straight paths for Him. Every valley should be filled in, every mountain and hill made low. The crooked roads shall become straight, the rough ways smooth. And all mankind will see God's salvation'". We put so much energy on being prepared here on Earth-- watch Doomsday Preppers on the National Geographic Channel sometime! We need to be putting as m ...
I'm halfway watching this show on the National Geographic Channel about American polygamists.
Must be polygamy day on National Geographic Channel.
I love National Geographic Channel. This is my alltime favourite channel.My wildest dream is to work for National Geographic as an Photographer. Working with national geographic magazine and channel is larger than life experience. I wish to live my dream soon. Gundeep (India)
National Geographic Channel (also commercially abbreviated and trademarked as Nat Geo) is an American digital cable and satellite television channel that is
National Geographic Channel takes you INSIDE one of the best hospital's in the world - Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital - narrated by Amitabh Bachchan PRE...
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National Geographic Channel's Brain Games is in our central courtyard playing some tricks on your mind! Come check it out in preparation for their new season premiering on January 13.
Dr. Vivian Balakrishnan was at the launch of the National Geographic Channel Young Explorer Programme
On national geographic channel ...If you were born then you'll love it.. If you were born after I highly suggest it!
National Geographic channel is playing an 80's marathon.
yeah man seen most of those type of shows I love em! National geographic is prob my fav channel ha! Nature and space ftw
"The 80's, the Decade that Made Us" Marathon on National Geographic Channel.
Swear down my dad is trying to bore us all with the national geographic channel or w/e it is. . Just stop.
Documentary about the 80's on the national geographic channel 
National Geographic Channel is having an "The 80's: The Decade That Made Us" marathon today...
"National Geographic is my new favourite channel."dweeb
National Geographic is my new favourite channel.
There's a documentary on the 80s on national geographic channel right now, you should watch it
I watch the national geographic channel... Hate on it
Mom said we might watch discovery channel or national geographic this afternoon. If we're good, maybe we'll get popcorn.
This show on the national geographic channel right now is really grabbing my attention for some reason
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National Geographic Channel is running their: 80s decade that mattered series all day today. I love it.
National geographic is prob the best channel on TV
6-part documentary about the '80s on Check.
Going to highly recommend the 80's documentary marathon on National Geographic channel!!! "The Decade that Made Us" series. Watch NOW!
Yup, helped set a world record. Catch it on a history channel or national geographic Chanel near you.…
Walao my dad changed to his national geographic channel 
Watching border security on national geographic channel & straight up cheering for these Mexicans
What better way to spend than watching the National Geographic channel I think I'll get comfy
Tak kisah la skang ni New Year's Eve ke apa ke, I still feel sorry for the elephants in the national geographic channel tu.
Scam City Season 2 begins on National Geographic Channel in 3 weeks. Different dates for each country. UK is the 16th. In…
Looking at this show on National Geographic Channel called, "Wicked Tuna" and these fishermen go out to sea to catch TUNA. 1 crew caught 13 tunas that will be worth almost $100,000 once they unload at the end on their season.. *** must be nice...
YAAAHO.Mon Jan 13th ...National Geographic channel. season of Brain Games !
Happy holidays from all of us at Life Below Zero and National Geographic Channel!
National geographic channel quest for the holy foreskin should be interesting
NIAGARA APRIL 5th, 2014 The 1st Annual Beyond Ghosts Para-History Festival to benefit Old Fort Niagaral! We have an exciting day lined up with guest speakers, vendors, Civil War and Revolutionary War Re-enactors, historical tours of Old Fort Niagara, living history demonstrations, and more! Check back here often for all the latest information on scheduled events, vendors, personalities, lecturers, etc. This is going to be a blast!!! Come meet the great list of people and myself, Eric Glosser Retired Police Officer and currenlty the Director/Founder of the United Paranormal Project in Ohio and Movie Producer/Director for PARAEGLO Paranormal Documentary Films. KRIS WILLIAMS - Ghost Hunters and Ghost Hunters International! Kris Williams was raised in southern New Hampshire where she studied art, film, radio, history and genealogy. She grew up in a house that was very open-minded about the paranormal. ADAM BERRY - Ghost Hunters! Adam grew up in Muscle Shoals, Alabama and moved to Boston Massachusetts to atte ...
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Turn to the National Geographic Channel grab a beer and enjoy the show. time
"Equal parts The Blair Witch Project, The Descent, and the National Geographic Channel's more arcane survivalist shows" - The Austin Chronicle on The Woodsman on DVD 1/7/14
National Geographic Channel premieres season two of its Ultimate Survivor Alaska Series this Sunday at 9pm ET/PT. The reality competition show...
Watching Gary's cousin in Ultimate Survival Alaska on the National Geographic Channel - Grady Powell, part of the military team.
Tune into National Geographic Channel in less than 10 minutes to catch Ultimate Survival Alaska featuring the Military Team of Jared Ogden, Grady Powell and Rudy Reyes. Tune in and enjoy.
Alright folks! In just a couple of hours, Jared Ogden, the CEO of PPF, will make his official TV debut via on National Geographic Channel. CONGRATS! We will be watching. 9PM EST!
C'mon National Geographic Channel - "The Hunt For The Holy Foreskin". You really don't have any other ideas for TV shows? Really? REALLY?
Seal Team Six: The Raid on Osama Bin Laden is a 2012 television film chronicling the Abbottabad compound raid and killing of Osama Bin Laden in 2011 by U.S. Navy SEALs. It first aired on the National Geographic Channel on Sunday, November 4, 2012. The facts in the film were not "confirmed or denied"...
Sparks will fly, wrenches will turn, bets will be lost and pranks will be played as Zach Ness and his team raise *** on two wheels in Born to Ride on National Geographic Channel this December.
My episode of the reality show Meltdown starring Richard from Hardcore Pawn series airs Thursday "tomorrow" at 3:00pm on the National Geographic Channel, Check your local listings and i think my cousin Joey Guerra might be in the same episode... I haven't seen it yet, a little nervous :0!!! Thanks Eddie Holloway Cabral Eddie Holloway Cabral's photo.. Like · · Share · 5 minutes ago ·
Today the Screen Actor's Guild (SAG) Awards nominees were announced. Look no further than the drama nominations to find proof that cable is really where the better work is found these days. Kerry Washington was the only drama actor/actress nominated from network TV in the drama categories. The networks continue to dominate the comedy categories but the cable channels are making inroads with 40% of the nominations. I really don't think there is a "bad" nomination in the bunch but I am surprised that James Spader did not make the cut for The Blacklist. The awards will be given out Saturday January 18th at 8pm on TBS/TNT. -Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Television Movie or Miniseries: MATT DAMON / Scott Thorson – “BEHIND THE CANDELABRA” (HBO) MICHAEL DOUGLAS / Liberace – “BEHIND THE CANDELABRA” (HBO) JEREMY IRONS / King Henry IV – “THE HOLLOW CROWN” (WNET/Thirteen) Rob Lowe / John F. Kennedy – “Killing Kennedy” (National Geographic Channel) AL PACINO / Phil Spector – ...
Daniel Craig narrating One Life on the National Geographic Channel is fascinating.
Have you seen National Geographic Channel's Life Below Zero? It's world class. But brings up some questions about...
Paul William Walker IV[1] (September 12, 1973 – November 30, 2013) was an American actor. He became famous in 1999 after his role in the hit film Varsity Blues, but later garnered fame as Brian O'Conner in The Fast and the Furious film series. His other films include Eight Below, Into the Blue, She's All That, and Takers. He appeared on the National Geographic Channel series Expedition Great White. Contents 1 Early life 2 Career 3 Personal life 4 Death 5 Filmography 5.1 Film 5.2 Television 5.3 Music videos 6 Awards and nominations 7 References 8 External links Early life Walker, the son of Cheryl (née Crabtree), a fashion model, and Paul William Walker III, a sewer contractor, was born in Glendale, California, and raised in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County.[2][3] He was of Irish, English, and German descent.[4] His paternal grandfather was professional boxer "Irish Billy Walker".[5] Walker was raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.[2] He graduated from ...
National Geographic Channel turns spotlight on 'Comet of the Century'
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National Geographic Channel turns spotlight on ‘Comet of the Century’
The Rabbi Meets Venice Beach | National Geographic Channel via oh this is going to be spec…
The Rabbi of Shul on the Beach meets Venice Beach | National Geographic Channel
Has anyone else out there watched the moving "Killing Kennedy" on the National Geographic Channel? It's very interesting. Rob Lowe is awesome as John F. Kennedy and Ginnifer Goodwin is beautiful as Jackie. Great movie.
Believe it or not.. One good movie on National Geographic Channel. No way Lee Harvey Oswald shot Kennedy that many times.. Too bad they don't mention the others involved.
Just watched President Reagans speech in Berlin, Call Mikhail Gorbachev to take the Berlin wall down (National Geographic Channel). VERY MOVING and WOW.BALLSY!!! The White house and the State Dept. had nixed that line from the speech, and President Reagan kept it in under protest!!!
Watching Killing Kennedy on National Geographic Channel. I used to babysit William Rothhaar who plays Lee Harvey Oswald. Thinking I should have just let him have the candy.
Killing Kennedy is being shown in the UK on Tuesday, National Geographic Channel.
Best channels to watch when your high: History channel, history 2 channel, national geographic, science channel and Na…
Can't wait to watch Killing Kennedy with tonight at 8pm on National Geographic channel! Great actor/interesting American icon!
national geographic channel @ 9pm this Tuesday. They're showing a docu drama of Killing Kennedy.
I don't get the National Geographic channel. This is the worst day.
National Geographic Channel is showing the movie Killing Kennedy tonight, I hope they show the cover up right before it so we know the truth
They killed Lincoln earlier this year, now National Geographic Channel is with these billboards
i just panicked thinking i didn't have national geographic channel. I checked and I do.
So I finally get a nice vac from school and I spend it watching Discovery Channel and National Geographic... Explain why??
Tonight at 10p Killing Kennedy debuts on the National Geographic channel and you don’t want to miss this incredible…
Killing Kennedy...tonight at 8pm! National Geographic Channel. Rob Lowe is excellent in this role! wow.
So excited to watch Killing Kennedy on National Geographic Channel tonight! Been waiting all week for this!!
Also on TV tonight: Killing Kennedy on National Geographic Channel, Cowboys/Saints football and of course, The Walking Dead.
Always fascinated by President Kennedy, excited about this movie. Killing Kennedy | National Geographic Channel
Discovery & national geographic channel freaks me out !
I will be watching "Killing Kennedy" on the National Geographic Channel Tonight!
Big anniversary month: Killing Kennedy debuts tonight. Rob Lowe as JFK. Totally agree with list of other must-sees:
Killing Kennedy comes on tonight on the National Geographic channel
I liked a video from National Geographic Channel - Pinoy Hoops Part 3/3
dont forget tomorrow national geographic channel UK 9pm mon 11th me as marilyn in "Seven days that made a president"
Tune in to the National Geographic Channel tonight at 8pm to catch the Wilson School of Dance's assistant...
I am good Dost. Wish I could own national geographic channel. Trust me it is amazing to spend time in Jungles.
It's like the African national Geographic channel when the river stop flowing dry.
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National geographic is the best channel forealz
Whole day.. It's EVERYDAY the same Discovery channel , national geographic or an old stupid program on the tv. Every 5 minutes he say -
World War II the apocalypse on national geographic channel is unbelievable. Best 4 part series I've seen in a while. Awesome viewing.
Indonesian food on national geographic channel :9
Seriously National Geographic Channel needs to call Children's Services on some of these parents on Doomsday Preppers.
Is it possible to watch too many Discovery channel& National Geographic vids on sharks.. ?
if I had the national geographic channel life would be cool
I think is gonna be great in "Killing Kennedy" premiering tomorrow night on The National Geographic Channel. 276 on 7:00
if you liked it be sure to watch the national geographic channel Sunday night the parts about parkland are different
Killing Kennedy come on tomorrow at 8 on the National Geographic channel. Do you think famu gets that channel cause I sure don't think so.
Everyone make sure to watch the premiere of "Killing Kennedy" movie tomorrow on National Geographic Channel at 8 pm!! (:
Watching "Pinoy Hoops" on the National Geographic Channel now. Thanks for letting the world know about our love for the sport!
I want to see 'Killing Kennedy' on national geographic channel tmmrw!!!
The national geographic channel isn't working!! It hasn't been working all day and I'm freaking out cuz I love that channel
I just kinda love the National Geographic channel
Watching H2... I love the history channels and the national geographic channel...
I'm totally geeked for the new Killing Kennedy movie on the national geographic channel tomorrow, just cause I loved reading both books.
I highly recommend watching "Brain Games" on National Geographic channel. Fun and informative show with a cute host. ;)
you should watch Killing Kennedy on the national geographic channel. It's on tomorrow.
"Killing Kennedy" film, dramatizing JFK assassination, to air Nov. 10 on National Geographic Channel.
National geographic channel is interesting..
Mega Mosque | National Geographic Channel via All praise be to Allah SWT, The Lord of All beings.
Today we've got Erik Nelson from National Geographic Channel's Killing Kennedy at 4:30 PM, then Rusty Gatenby from KSTP-TV at 5:00 PM, and for the ticket show Allison Pottinger American curler at 6:15 PM central.
TVGuide: Half a century after the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, it is still hard to believe that the era of Camelot has been interrupted by a single madman. But we will not find conspiracy theories (even a trace) in the ambitious film Killing Kennedy of the National Geographic Channel. Based on the best-selling book by Bill O'Reilly and Martin Dugard, the film blames Lee Harvey Oswald (Will Rothhaar), a disgruntled ex-Marine with a psychopathic need to be noticed, the assassination of JFK (played by Rob Lowe). "Too often with epic tragedies we believe that there are larger forces at play - something grand, powerful secretive - because the alternative is almost more frightening to accept," says Lowe, who has always been enthusiastic about the JFK assassination. "Surveys have shown that the majority of Americans do not believe that Oswald acted alone, but this is not what we want to portray in the film."   Killing Kennedy covers both the victim's life , and that of his murderess , following J ...
Does anyone get the National Geographic Channel? I know the guy playing Lee Harvey Oswald in 'Killing Kennedy' premiering on Nov. 10, and I'm jonesin' to see it! A first rate young actor getting a huge break and I wanna see it!
This November, National Geographic Channel is going to show you what it would take to survive a catastrophic...
- She should watch ALCATRAZ the movie... or National Geographic Channel.
Zero Dark Thirty.AWESOME! Turn that off, TV already in the National Geographic Channel and it's a show about one if my favorite things...Alcatraz...talking about one of my favorite prisoners to learn about...the birdman, Robert Stroud. Creepy creepy weird dude. Don't judge me, I just have weird interests. LOL.
's watching on National Geographic Channel saying about Recovered & Re-repairing the Angkor Wat Temple.
I want to have a debate with some free minded individuals and want to see others opinions. On October 27 at 8 pm, the National Geographic Channel is running a two-hour documentary on what would happen if the lights went out for 10 days. Within a couple of weeks scheduled on November 13/14th a "exercise" known as grid ex 11 is supposed to "simulate" and EMP strike. On November 14th a comet we know as comet ISON will be closest to the sun and in direct alignment with mercury. and this situation makes it likely for strong ELECTRICAL discharges from the Sun through the plasma to the planet Mercury during this alignment. So a Sun/Comet/Electrical Discharge Event with the North American Power Outage Drill on the SAME DAY as a possible FALSE FLAG POWER OUTAGE to cover for a Controlled Bank Collapse by the “elite”. Now this drill is said to only affect 150 willingly volunteered business centers and governed buildings, but don't you think that's a little small for a simulated EMP drill? If you ask me it sounds ...
while watching Malaysia Through The Decades on National Geographic Channel with…
William Rothhaar was one of my students at Edison Language Academy when I was Principal. Will was and is an outstanding individual and extremely gifted actor. As a child actor he starred in JAG and did many movies and commercials. In this movie, "Killing Kennedy" he plays Lee Harvey Oswald, a challenging role, to say the least. He is getting rave reviews all over town! Be sure to watch this movie on November 10th at 8:00 PM on the National Geographic Channel. Super proud of this guy. Proud to call him a friend after all these years. A major star to watch! -Steve
Actor-producer John Abraham was named the face of the National Geographic Channel on Friday. John s...
John Abraham named face of National Geographic Channel - via
I am meeting with Mark Bauman tomorrow - to see how our group might help them ... any questions I should ask him ... As Chairman of National Geographic's Cross Platform Committee and Senior Vice President of Content Development, Mark Bauman oversees the Society's cross platform editorial development process, working with the Executive Editor of the magazine and National Geographic Channel leadership to decide which large projects the Society will feature next. As part of this process, Mark also guides strategy for the hundreds of science and exploration grants that the Society gives each year. He has overseen music and natural history series for PBS, NGC, Nat Geo Wild, and NGCI; and has been recognized with numerous broadcast and print journalism honors, including an Emmy, more than a dozen Cine Golden Eagles, and various film festival awards. Before coming to National Geographic, Mark, who is fluent in Spanish, Russian, Czech and Italian, was based in Eastern Europe and Latin America for ABC News, where ...
Finished my dinner (of Cheerios) while watching The 1980s on the National Geographic Channel. The episode covered the fall of the Berlin Wall which I can remember so clearly. I was still teaching - and in geography class I showed the kids a filmstrip series (yes filmstrips) of Berlin and we talked about the Wall and the people who had died trying to cross from east to west. That night the kids went home and saw history happen . . . they were so excited the next morning and we spent the entire period talking about what they saw on the news and what it meant. I still can't watch that footage without getting teary-eyed!
National Geographic Channel to film episode in Easton
National Geographic Channel is my guilty pleasure.
Fear of not getting the shot “National Geographic Channel's most amazing photos
. Why are you even bothering watching that rubbish - surely there is far more enthralling TV on National Geographic channel!
National Geographic channel has some wild television series. Wow
Which is your favorite TV show? — Cake Boss, Ace of Cakes... I love the National Geographic channel
Up eating a strawberry poptart watching the National Geographic channel about crack smokers! Smh
I see Vinnie jones is presenting an informative and educational programme on national geographic channel called Russia's toughest
Watching national geographic channel and sipping tea
domain names
I need to stop watching the National Geographic channel:( I have nightmares about crocodiles chilling on our couch
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