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National Enquirer

The National Enquirer (also commonly known as the Enquirer) is an American supermarket tabloid now published by American Media Inc (AMI).

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National Enquirer is credible "newspaper," says our "so-called" president trump! In reference to Ted Cruz's father involved in JFK death.
Chuck Todd gets Roger Stone to admit he's been a source for National Enquirer stories in the past.
Lord had been on repeatedly thru day. Lemon did not need to put this gross man on again. CNN is National Enquirer o…
Of course they did, plus Trump loves conspiracy theories, I mean he thinks National Enquirer is truthful
could substitute 'To Kill a Mockingbird" with National Enquirer...
"I was referring to a newspaper." He was referring to the National Enquirer.
Heard you dropped your copy of National Enquirer today when Elvis was spotted on the South Lawn.
A President is an employee. If we have to worry about wether he is doing his job or reading the National Enquirer, that is an issue.
National Enquirer is owned by Newscorp (which is owned by Richard Murdoch of Fox News).
Check this out "Us Weekly Is Sold to National Enquirer Publisher" by SYDNEY EMBER via NYT
Wenner sells US Weekly to National Enquirer publisher via
Yep, is to the U.S. presidency as the National Enquirer is to journalism.
Remember when Trump pointed to the National Enquirer as a trusted news source?
Fake news is Fox and Brietbart, not CNN. Orange Baffoon also likes National Enquirer fake news.
He's been reading a lot of things too! I'd bet money...National Enquirer!
Us Weekly Bought For $100M By the Owner of The National Enquirer and Radar Online -
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
So The National Enquirer is buying Rolling Stone. I guess we can now look forward to headlines like, "Jimi Hendrix…
Only MSNBC could manage to make the National Enquirer more credible than they are. Welcome to the alt universe!.
Kardashian Duckdynasty loving national enquirer reading dumbed down americans voted for all things trump..
You're the last who should be talking about polls. National Enquirer has more credibility than you.
Good grief! Breitbart makes the National Enquirer look believable! & people buy into this crap?
Worse than that-is WWIII going to start over a National Enquirer story from a month ago?
Aand that's why we get the article we do.All msm Is basically the national enquirer now
good job the people know is trash journalism...DJ Vlad is the NATIONAL ENQUIRER of hip-hop
maddow reminds me of Nancy grace. Theatrical and entertaining. National enquirer type news.
He said he saw it on TV. When I think about this my brain just rejects it. Might as well say he read it in National Enquirer.
Flashback: plays for national title today .
An apt metaphor for these Trumpian times: devolution from property to property
Trump based wiretapping charge on media Way too busy for CIA briefing but plenty of time to read National Enquirer
all comes back to the National Enquirer putting out that Obama is ruining it for Trump.
Probably got idea from Breitbart or National Enquirer, the "real news" he actually reads.
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
.is the National Enquirer President.NEPOTUS, for short.
adage: Us Weekly's new sibling National Enquirer still pushing Trump wiretap by Obama and "Obama Kenya Birth Certi… http…
You have become the National Enquirer of the extreme left
How Us Weekly went from Tronc to the owner of the National Enquirer.
The Suntimes looked like the *** national enquirer last week. Its ridiculous
Us Weekly has moved from one magazine group to another. --
NBC News confirms Us Weekly sold to American Media, the vehemently pro-Trump publisher of the increasingly propagandist…
Congress will get to it once it's done looking into the National Enquirer report of Elvis sightings at a truck stop in Colorado.
Being pretty crazy while being chased by the National Enquirer is not ...
When Nicole Simpson got murdered and they had pictures of her body on the National Enquirer 😓😪
seriously *** is your problem? And this is journalism? You never, never go full National Enquirer.
yet you claim THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER is a reputable news source!? Don't talk about fake news!
The National Enquirer has more facts in it than the
It's a threesome incl. the National Enquirer.
he likes the National Enquirer b/c it has lots of big pictures. Reading is hard.
Worse, he promoted the National Enquirer, who did horrific coverage of HRC.
Can someone American screenshot this article for me I want to read it! PS no it don't think it's true it's the nati…
FAKE NEWS! FAKE NEWS! Faux News is the television version of the National Enquirer!
what do you expect from a rag that is about as intellectual as the National…
Here we go again, another rant about the media... with no credit given to honest publications like THE…
national enquirer has more cred than CNN at this point
The National Enquirer should have gotten Pulitzer Prizes according to his Orange Highness.
National Enquirer is looking for folks of your...uh..hmmm..'caliber' you really dont get many HEARTS here do you? so sad 2BU
I loved Andrew. He was awesome. But NOW Breitbart "news" and Drudge seem almost like National Enquirer of "conservative" media
its not an arguement dude. Fact is, we've elected a clueless rambling *** who thinks national enquirer is "good" news
Is there any British sports media that is reliable and not national enquirer like?
He also depends on the National Enquirer, a paper that he thought deserved a Pulitzer Prize.
The Huffington Post is equivalent to the National Enquirer. FAKE NEWS
I didnt realize the national enquirer was so right wing republican. They fit right in.
I love when he quotes the national enquirer for his source for something. Even *** know that's fake.
says "Free Press". Not Unless you mean , or The National Enquirer...
That's why I get my news from the only reliable news source that supports your agenda! THE NATIONAL EN…
I'm not sure the National Enquirer is a very credible source
CNN is to Credible Journalism as the National Enquirer is to Literature.
I don't care if TMZ, ABC or The FREAKING NATIONAL ENQUIRER presented the info, IF ITS REAL. ***
Trump wants you to think CNN Is fake news but the National Enquirer deserves a Pulitzer. You can't fool all the poorly ed…
We have reached the point where mainstream news seems no different from the National Enquirer.
Breaking: Man who campaigned against Cruz using fake news article from National Enquirer complains about fake news!. https:…
the Vice President quoting the Talmud and Seamus Heaney. Enjoy this folks. It's the National Enquirer for the next 4 years.
LOL He also thinks National Enquirer is a great news magazine deserving of awards Watched report about it on…
What Critical thinking? Maj of Trump backers Believe the National Enquirer deserves an Award! trump himself said th…
Just saw a lady purchase a National Enquirer that praised Trump while saying Bill Clinton had cancer and Malia Obama is going to rehab. Why.
Stop your paper is embarrassing I would trust the National Enquirer more
Huffington Post is a racist disgrace, less reliable than the National Enquirer, on a journalistic par with Der Sturmer.
Just for the record, the (Boston) Herald's reporting standards are only slightly better than the National Enquirer.
Too late! We know who they are - another progressive MSM. Never trust a snake! Nowadays TMZ, National Enquirer r more trustw…
Just received my National Enquirer & now I'm pretty sure I know why Comey retreated. Start w/page 20 re:Ken Starr-Comey must be terrified.
Time Magazine: Trump's Buddy's at National Enquirer covered up story of Trump's extramarital affair: Report
National Enquirer 'paid Playboy model Karen McDougal $150k for Donald Trump "affair" story - but never published it' ht…
What do rogue FBI agents, Vladimir Putin, the National Enquirer, KKK, David Duke and the RNC have in common? https:…
Trump makes National Enquirer country's leading news source, according to Wall Street Journal
Hey...I say "let your freak flag fly" and deal with it with your spouse, but this buried National Enquirer story shows…
Shady stuff from Postmedia / Paul Godfrey's new best friends: National Enquirer paid $150K to suppress Trump story
making Chase Utley the National Enquirer in this analogy is the funniest part.
Report: National Enquirer paid $150K for Donald Trump affair story: A former Playboy playmate claims to have had an…
had an affair w/ a playboy model while he was married to Melania? And the National Enquirer covered it up?…
So the National Enquirer published adultery accusations against Ted Cruz. But paid money to squash an adultery story ab…
"I’ll trade you the Las Vegas Review-Journal, National Enquirer, + KKKlan Crossburner for every other newspaper in the country!"
Now that believe National Enquirer gets true stories (some of which it kills) did they read fixer set up trysts w both sexes?
Report: National Enquirer bought rights to Trump affair story, but never published via
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
How do Evangelicals, and Christians in general, feel about cucking of Melania?
Remember when the National Enquirer put our troops at risk, stole billions from Haiti for Earthquake victims? . me neither.…
. Someone earlier was quoting 'truth' from the National Enquirer earlier. 😂
was exposed for cheating on his wife? Of course you don't
Guy who owns the media company that is quashing the story is a close friend of Trump. And his name is David *** https:…
Report: National Enquirer withheld story about Trump affair
was exposed for cheating on his wife? No? That's because he paid for you not to know.
National Enquirer needs to have the satanic rituals on the front page next
ADULTERY? ISN'T THAT WHAT they call it when WJC duz IT? CHRISTIAN Consrvtve OUTRAGE METER: ZERO (when GOP candidate) htt…
If there's any truth to the Trump affair, news companies will fight to pay National Enquirer's $150K plus a fee for…
BREAKING: According to WSJ, Trump cheated on Melania with a Playboy Model, National Enquirer paid 150K to cover up https:…
Just the opposite. Trump's buddy at the National Enquirer bought & buried story about Trump breaking his vows to Melania &…
had a 10-month affair with a Playboy model while he was married to Melania? Breaking news people!. h…
Many people are saying got his side chick preggers and forced her to have an abortion.Poor Melania 😢
The very cozy relationship between Donald Trump and the National Enquirer - The Washington Post
Here we go again, desperate Hillary and her army of news editors starting trends to try and taint Trump as adulterer..WEAK…
Why just one Friday night oppo drops when there can be two?
National Enquirer paid $150G for Trump affair story, then quashed it via
No wonder Trump thinks Enquirer should get Pulitzer. If only they awarded prizes for burying embarrassing news.
We probably shouldn't be surprised that Trump's buddies have been paying to bury his love affairs
. And to think.. Its also Breitbart, Infowars, and the National Enquirer that have a GOP list worth $100MM..
National Enquirer withheld story about Trump affair with ex-Playboy model: report
You know Trump is first grade white trash when THE NATIONAL ENQUIRER is being used to shield his nasty, nasty sexual b…
National Enquirer publishes stories on reptilian aliens, but pays $150,000 to kill an affair story about Trump. Scum protec…
You can't drain the swamp if you are the swamp. breeds disease/is disease
Oh so now believe National Enquirer story that and Huma are lovers!
Former Playmate admits to affair with Donald Trump but the National Enquirer never published the story
And now for a story you will NOT believe comes from the Wall Street Journal:
bros at the National Enquirer bought and buried the real story about how he cheated on Melania?
Why would "National Enquirer" shield the story if could make millions by printing it. Think about it.
National Enquirer's owner agreed to pay for Playboy model's story of affair with Trump but hasn't published it
I agree. Who needs the trashy National Enquirer, when we have a trashy Donald Trump himself admitting to being an adulter…
might never be an adult, but he's definitely an adulterer, Big League!
Nat'l Enquirer, owned by Trump friend, paid ex-Playboy model $150K for story of affair w/Trump—then didn't run it http…
Liberals are losing their minds over National Enquirer trying to spin Crooked by smearing Trump. Join http…
In case 2016 wasn't gross enough for you: "National Enquirer shielded Trump from Playmate's affair allegation" https:…
Maybe Megyn Kelly's fascination will lead her to the National…
RYAN: There's also... this. TRUMP:. RYAN:. TRUMP: I... okay. RYAN:. TRUMP: I'll admit: I don't love this.
WSJ reports National Enquirer squashed story of Trump affair with Playboy playmate a year into marriage to Melania. Still…
Trump supporters who SHOUTED to heavens about Comeys letter had to know more was coming on Trump. I said then watch out! National Enquirer
The Journal reports that the National Enquirer paid $150,000 to kill a story about an affair Trump was having.
National Enquirer is legit! Ted Cruz had 5 affairs! Rubio too! Herman Cain slept with a 13 year old! Todd Palin cheated too!
Salma Hayek says Donald Trump planted a story in the National Enquirer after she turned him down:
Salma Hayek shot down Trump for a date so he planted a phony story in the National Enquirer
Salma Hayek: I denied a date so he planted a National Enquirer story that he rejected me for being too short ht…
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Trump is to Lincoln what the National Enquirer is to War and Peace.
Shawn Hannity Fox news When will the National Enquirer article be brought up and what fall out will Hillary have over it?
.they've turned into the National Enquirer. don't merit more time.
Daily Mail going all National Enquirer today. . Hillary's body double. Sigh.
Yet has suggested that the National Enquirer should win a Pulitzer and Info Wars is credible.
might as well have hired Linda Tripp and the editor of the National Enquirer.
I bet you think National Enquirer needs the Pulitzer prize too!!
Well when your principal news sources are the National Enquirer and Alex Jones...
Just-nominated Trump talking Heidi Cruz, Lee Harvey Oswald, National Enquirer, OJ, and more. The man is what he is, not gonn…
"Young Achiever" is right: graces the pages of the National Enquirer (1983).
sorry. DailyMailUK is Brit equivalent of National Enquirer
NBA stars call on athletes to promote change
Dr. Phil sues National Enquirer over abuse articles -
that's the true Arthur Ashe courage award - not like last years National Enquirer farce!
And it looks like the National Enquirer is DESPERATE for control!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Actually there is one explanation, Strumpets read it in the National Enquirer.
How much can I get from The National Enquirer for my revealing that I had Trumps alien baby.
Dr. Phil sues National Enquirer over abuse articles...
Dr. Phil sues National Enquirer over abuse articles
Dr. Phil sues 'National Enquirer' for $250 million via
Dr. Phil is suing the National Enquirer for $250m for apparent false articles.
Sounds like a National Enquirer story - do you really think Loretta Lynch would be that stupid?
I expect to see the Lewandowski/Hicks affair on the cover of National Enquirer.
Dr. Phil sues National Enquirer over spousal abuse articles (from
National Enquirer not backing down after Dr. Phil lawsuit
Watching Benny Johnson gloat over Gawker's demise is like watching Stephen Glass attack the National Enquirer.
Cruz enabled Trump even after the National Enquirer story, he only stopped when Heidi was attacked by Trump
For those who missed it, *** Morris is now the chief political commentator for the National Enquirer, making them even les…
Most Republicans say they read the bible before they go to bed. John Miller reads the "National Enquirer.
Trump would still intermix the Briefing info with National Enquirer, Fox and the Internet and spew out more total…
Reading MSM these days is like reading National Enquirer, plus they think they're doing a good job. Polls on MSM are as low as Congress.
John Miller will be getting secret intelligence briefings that we'll all be able to read in the National Enquirer.
💥 Introducing the new SMUT magazine WA POST...making National Enquirer & Weekly World News look great in comparison!
Expect article from Trump's long time friend & publisher of National Enquirer, David *** connecting Paul Ryan to John Wilkes Booth, soon
Why doesn't your National Enquirer have Mike Walker&Harvey Levin come out in your Front Page that he is *** a Great idea!
Hardball with Chris Matthews has this headline on MSNBC: Donald Trump: 'Hillary hurt many women' This crap belongs on National Enquirer.
National Enquirer says Elizabeth Warren's ancestor was with Buffalo Calf Road Woman days before she killed George Arms…
wow - Trump on the Cruz/Lee Harvey Oswald link: "I don't think anybody denied it. You can't knock the National Enquirer."…
LOL! The Sun is right there with the National Enquirer
Trump is a National Enquirer reader, meaning he'll have a very comprehensive Bat Boy engagement policy.
Jesse Ventura as VP & Charlie (Tiger Blood) Sheen Defense Sec they get news from the National Enquirer. Likeminded Loons
I don't think he was, but the National Enquirer reported he's had a lot of affairs..ask John Edwards about them
HAVANA TED ... this is the Warren Commission Report not National Enquirer was right about Oswald
A much more trusted source for information. reported National Enquirer story from trump as fact!
From FoxNews, a division of Comedy Central. First appeared in National Enquirer.
Weekend Fun: Burying the National Enquirer behind Soap Opera Digest in every supermarket and drug store in the US ... and... GO!
I hear The Mirror is right about most things, just like the National Enquirer.
In the minds of Trumpers:. National Enquirer's allegations about Cruz: true of course. The Mirror's allegations about Trump: lies of course
Is Mirror more/less accurate then National Enquirer?
So, Trump really is a pedophile? Oh dear, and this wasn't even broken by the National Enquirer.
National Enquirer: bears striking resemblance to Gavrilo Princip, can't say where he was in June 1914.
National Enquirer has been sued more time than The Mustang Ranch has customers & to no end.It fuels the lie,which is the goal.
And the National Enquirer broke the story our MSM ignored --> "Two Americas - Two Women - John Edwards"
National Enquirer: Ted Cruz’s father linked to killing JFK This is gross slander.
.That's why it's good to read the bible more & National Enquirer... well, never.
Michael Savage threatens to withdraw support from Donald over National Enquirer smear
Trumpies have been following a site so fake it makes National Enquirer look like the WSJ? LOL!!!
I remember the people who called the National Enquirer "Tabloid Garbage" who like Rafael Eduardo Cruz didn't sue:
So establishment Super Pacs endorsing Cruz are rouge agents BUT the National Enquirer and Roger Stone are controlled by Trump
Current front cover of the National Enquirer. Surprising this isn't being talk about in the UK.
U spent 55 seconds of 76-seconds segment on Ted Cruz rehashing old and unsubstantiated smear of Cruz by the National Enquirer.
Cruz: Trump's team planted the National Enquirer's sex scandal story
Governor Huckabee: If Ted Cruz really wants to fight, he should Sue the National Enquirer over
VIDEO: Trump and his supporters view the National Enquirer as a legit news source. Do Americans agree?
I agree National Enquirer is a rag magazine, but they were right about John Edwards, Jimmy Swaggart and others.
We don't know who leaked the Cruz stuff to the National Enquirer, but Trump isn't gaining any Prez cred using Roger Stone as a surrogate.
Glenn Beck was reading the National Enquirer on his radio show today. I stopped listening to his program. The man has officially lost it.
Ask O.J. SIMPSON & John Edwards if National Enquirer stories have teeth. - get OUT
National Enquirer is legitimate journalism. Remember Tiger Woods? They broke that one! ur toast!
Ted Cruz won't sue National Enquirer because allegations are mostly true. This is not going away…
Who knows if Ted needs to come clean w/ this National Enquirer story. But they tell fewer lies than NY Times, WaPo & Ted…
Donald Trump defends the National Enquirer's claims that Ted Cruz had five affairs
If everything that's in the National Enquirer is false and then Ted Cruz and all these women should sue the National Enqui…
Amanda Carpenter is quick to threaten others with a lawsuit but slow to threaten National Enquirer with a lawsuit. Duh!
Wonder if the National Enquirer knew Heidi Cruz was admitted to the Austin Texas State mental Hospital in 2005 with suicidal …
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Here's some ideas for the National Enquirer and others. Why not? This is what the GOP nomination has devolved into.
Photos show Ted Cruz tempted Eve in Garden of Eden and other stories the National Enquirer can use .
Funny, the National Enquirer said the same thing about John Edwards, Jesse Jackson & Bill Clinton ...
Rush himself was exposed by National Enquirer for his Oxy abuse. Used to rail against drug abusers all the time
So, what's the deal, the National Enquirer ran out of Democratic sex scandals?.
So Trump is a democrat, kkk white supremist, mob boss, Hitler & now a writer for National Enquirer. Wha…
National Enquirer would not dare go to press considering the recent Hogan v Gawker trial. The same reporter broke the John Edw…
Ted Cruz SLAMS ‘Donald Trump and his henchmen’ over National Enquirer garbage piece
National Enquirer is ALWAYS right about affairs- caught Tiger Woods, John Edwards, Jesse Jackson. Now Ted Cruz.
Donald Trump everyone knows that you and the owner of National Enquirer are Bosom Buddies,his attack on Ted Cruz is right out of your mind.
National Enquirer broke the stories of Jesse Jackson Jr, John Edwards, Tiger Woods, and Lewinsky. Cruz …
Sometimes the National Enquirer has more balls than the MSM. They also Broke Jesse Jackson Jr story and Cli…
My 1st thought; c'mon folks, this is the National Enquirer. Then I remember John Edwards
Remember the National Enquirer also brought to light the John Edwards mistress and love child scandal. No joking around …
I trust the National Enquirer implicitly. Much more than Washington Post, NYT, NR, the Blaze. et al!.
This from National Enquirer is too actionable for them to run it, post Gawker, w/ nothing to back it up. Must …
National Enquirer list of Settlements for Lies: Cameron Diaz, Tom Selleck,Cape Cod women for story abt love child" with Senator Ted Kennedy.
Yeah, we all remember when the National Enquirer broke the Pentagon Papers story.
Jumping on the National Enquirer story either way? Remember those Democrats mocking the John Edwards revelations or Jennifer Flowers. Chill.
Live footage of the San Francisco Police Department's Cold Case Unit reading this week's National Enquirer:
for what it is worth David *** and the National Enquirer did get the John Edwards, Tiger Woods and Bill Cosby...
Never in my lifetime did I think I would utter the words "thank God for the National Enquirer"
Remember, National Enquirer has a history of breaking affairs, Gary Hart, Jesse Jackson and John Edwards to name a few …
McCarthy had Hedda Hopper, has the National Enquirer. Roy Cohn was a great teacher for both, SMALL men
Donald Trump's cozy relationship with head of the National Enquirer goes back to to his Ivana divorce. Guess who their "source" then was?
National Enquirer took down John Edwards. They polygraphed everyone involved before running the story. We shall see how …
This could be yuuuge. National Enquirer was right about John Edwards & Rielle Hunter & Bill Clinton & Monica.
Take look at REAL DEBATE. Not a National Enquirer story that u all love. Memo: go 2 wk 4 soap opera digest.
Straw man. Fake issue. SENSATIONALIST GOSSIP. You & the National Enquirer.
And the National Enquirer got those photos of Gary Hart and Donna Rice. Tabloid journalism had big wins pre-TMZ, too.
Cosby sues his accuser, her lawyer, her mother and the publisher of the National Enquirer
California teen boys don dresses to protest school dress code
shameful how you are bashing Trump Do he doesn't win Iowa? So what! Are you now the National Enquirer
The National Enquirer has more respect than the New York Daily News. a trash paper.
a slippery slope to becoming the National Enquirer
don't forget, Men In Black read the National Enquirer to keep tabs on interplanetary aliens.
.. Can bet the farm on it.. A Trump presidency would bring National Enquirer stock up exponentially
The DM should be renamed the British National Enquirer
National Enquirer look cerebral. This is so juvenile.
What refutation is needed? I think that the National Enquirer doesn't even buy this crap.
By surrendering control of their lives to the paparazzi, they managed to drive the narrative, and draw in a National Enquirer following...
Difficult task to push National Enquirer into becoming a more credible source of news...but you managed it.
Please fire Damien Cox. Unless you're trying to emulate National Enquirer, then giddy up. Enough with that clown. Please.
it's from Game Change and a similar book. The news was out b4 National Enquirer got it. IT was behind the scenes
Eh I don't recall that sequence of events
your coverage *** The National Enquirer of news Networks.
You are the National Enquirer of sports reporting.
Trump supporters arguing over who gets to represent the candidate. Overheard something about the National Enquirer...
I always hated being on that type of network anyway. It's like the National Enquirer v. New Yorker Magazine.
enough with Palin. Insane! When did the AP turn into the National Enquirer?
It's a dumb question that makes the headline look bad. It's National Enquirer type stuff, a dumb question with an easy answer.
I know people who are better at photoshop for fun than the National Enquirer is at photoshop for funds.
1st hate email I got at the Post!: "Cam Newtons pants? What a freakin disgrace, go write for the national enquirer, u suck"
i stopped reading those kid of articals in TR mag, its national enquirer stuff. heritage found should be ashamed.
Getting your source of news from Yahoo News is like getting your daily new from the NATIONAL ENQUIRER! LMAO!
Hospice puts together wedding for Bluffton couple in four days
If you can't feel intellectual reading the Sun, then I don't know when you can. National Enquirer? That should do the trick
Props to the lady at Metro who used a full cart for only a copy of the National Enquirer. BASKETS CAN'T HANDLE THESE SCOOPS.
LOL at ANY story coming from Bossip... It's the National Feral Enquirer
How to get rid of that bulging belly fat
Then why try to discredit two good men with a non story? It's like a National Enquirer story.
I'm thinking more like National Enquirer reader.
and you can say the same thing about Saban and LSU. Forde needs to write for the National Enquirer!
Signe Anderson, original Jefferson Airplane singer, dies at 74
Your publication is pretty much the National Enquirer and you can barely stay afloat. Go home, Gawker.
McCrory makes decisions based on info in WORLD NET DAILY?!? Oh come on. Why not National Enquirer?
Daleiden's actions are more analogous to a tabloid than legit journalism. Doubt these men'd defend the National Enquirer.
Asheboro verbal commit Nick Coe is ready for national signing day, find out more about the humble DL...
Poor has become a National Enquirer. Next it wasn't the refugees..but Martians that did it?
I'm going to apply to the National Enquirer where journalism isn't biased in favor of the Establishment.
Cruz, Trump, Rubio attack each other in sprint to Iowa finish
Then line up everyone one of your employees and let's put all their affairs out there. Becoming the National Enquire…
Shocker, Al Jazeera turning into the National Enquirer. Next is a report on little green men
Coming just days after a report in the National Enquirer, Charlie Sheen announced to Matt Lauer on the “Today Show” that h…
SPIKE: attempted to nix National Enquirer story by threatening $150mil lawsuit
Geoff Baker is the National Enquirer of sports journalism
Is there difference bt Wrestling Observer Newsletter and National Enquirer. I see everything 2nd hand from WON with NoDQ but it's same empty
.says hosted a National Enquirer debate and owe American people an apology -
Orson Wells would be proud. And the and the National Enquirer want their headline back.
Now don't insult the National Enquirer. Trump is in a class by himself
Trump is the National Enquirer of GOP candidates
Media just ripping over an issue initially reported by the National Enquirer.
Oh, and the National Enquirer, of all things, is properly portraying the SC shooter as a monster, not as a "nice kid who make a mistake".
did you entirely miss my point? The National Enquirer. This isn't reliable. 90% of what they say is made up.
the source for this was the National Enquirer...
Really guys? The source is the National Enquirer.
So... which family member is going sell Bobbi Kristina Brown's death photo to the National Enquirer?
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