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National Climate Assessment

The National Climate Assessment (NCA) is a large-scale national project that is conducted under the auspices of the Global Change Research Act of 1990 and is one of the many activities of the US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP), a program which coordinates and integrates federal research on changes in the global environment and their implications for society.

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Help inform the next National Assessment: Our call for technical inputs is open thru January 15th
Please take this great opportunity to take part in the National Climate Impact Assessment regarding climate...
To learn about climate impacts on the US, see the US National Climate Assessment:
is real, and it's happening now. needs your input for the next National Climate Assessment.
What's in the White House's plans to address and
Interesting read about the philosophical approach to writing an impactful next National Climate Assessment
JOB OPPORTUNITY: USGCRP is seeking a Climate Change Scientist to support the National Climate Assessment. More info:
Climate scientists say the WH’s National Climate Assessment (NCA) resembles PSEUDOSCIENCE more than actual science.
5 states where Climate Change could be disastrous (based on National Climate Assessment):
Marlo Lewis writes at Fox News about the National Climate Assessment: (cue funeral dirge music) Tuesd…
- has been warning Texans about drought, including the BS she wrote in the National Climate Assessment.
China issues its Third National Climate Change Assessment Report, prepared by some 550 (!) experts:
Got that data and more from:. and. and longer.
Between 157,000 and 247,600 residential buildings potentially at risk of inundation.
Climate Change risks to Australia's coasts. Summary of Risks.
The National Climate Assessment provides analyses of present and future environmental scenarios in the U.S.
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Aspirations and common tensions: larger lessons from the third US national climate assessment
“7 facts on how global warming is scorching the United States no facts on chemtrails & weat…
Fraud in the National Climate Assessment is spectacular - even for .
.Last year's National Climate Assessment predicts retreat of poplars, maples, birches and expansion of oak savannah.
Innovations in assessment and adaptation: building on the US National Climate Assessment
your article on water in Syria cited in Defense climate threat assessment: . PDF:
The National Climate Assessment summarizes the impacts of Climate Change on the United States, now and in the future.
The actual amount of sea level change at any one region and location will vary greatly in response to regional...
Time to think of Climate Change as a risk similar to how we think of National Security via
National Climate Assessment 'frequently confuses climate with Climate Change'
"IPCC is not alone in its conclusions. In recent years, all major scientific bodies in the United States whose…"
NASA National Climate Assessment data for heat wave days 1981–2010 now on CDC WONDER at
Making up the Apocalypse: The truth about the science in Obama's climatology
IPCC, SREX and National Climate Assessment do not agree with your statement. Consensus is no increase in global or US drought.
Mosquitoes spread and virus. The 2014 National Climate Assessment warned that Climate Change...
Wildfires are destructive to treasured coral reefs. National Climate Assessment reports that coral reefs are already struggling to survive.
Useful infographic from US National Assessment Rept: 10 Indicators of a Warming World
Video from National Climate Assessment focuses on Natives bearing the brunt of Climate Change:
U.S. National Climate Assessment - linking Climate Change to poor health and insecurity
Climate Change Impacts from the National Climate Assessment: Focus on Effects of Emerging Infectious Disease o...
National Climate Assessment - a good example of interactive climate communication
National Climate Assessment: Who conducted the study, and how - San Jose Mercury News
Check out "National Climate Assessment: Indigenous Peoples, Lands and Resources chapter" on Vimeo
On Thursday, July 31, at 6pm the North Carolina Arboretum will host Laura Stevens, a research scientist with the...
Great kickstarter project to create & distribute videos about the National Assessment
National Climate Assessment 'frequently confuses with via
Author of National Climate Assessment says there are 10 signs of and we're seeing them all
According to the National Climate Assessment, 2014 has been the coldest year for the US ever
Explore what the National Climate Assessment says about sea-level rise: then
National Climate Assessment and Preparing for Changes in the U.S. - M…
"Here in Los Angeles we are feeling the impacts of Climate Change, and the National Climate Assessment makes clear that we have an urgent need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Given that electricity generation is our nation's single greatest source of those emissions, I applaud President Obama and the Environmental Protection Agency for their proposal to limit carbon pollution from power plants, a key step in moving our nation towards a clean energy future. Our Los Angeles Department of Water and Power has been a leader in moving off coal toward renewable energy sources. Here in L.A. we have also been reducing emissions by increasing energy efficiency, reducing our reliance on energy-intensive imported water, and cleaning up our Port. As a member of President Obama's climate task force and member of the C40 steering committee, I will continue to find ways to create green jobs and advance clean technology while reducing greenhouse gases and preparing for the future of Climate Change." - Los Angeles ...
Rick Scott Won't Say If He Believes In Man-Made Climate Change: 'I'm Not A Scientist' Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) refused to say whether he believes man-made global warming is real Tuesday, despite having said in the past that he doesn't believe in it. The Miami Herald reports that during a stop in Miami Tuesday, a reporter asked Scott whether he thinks man-made Climate Change "is significantly affecting the weather, the climate." "Well, I'm not a scientist," the governor replied, trying to switch the subject to what his administration has done to respond to flooding. Real scientists have weighed in, however, and have determined that man-made global warming is very real. A National Climate Assessment recently named Miami the city most vulnerable to damage from rising sea levels. A Southeast Florida Regional Climate Compact paper has also warned that water in the area could rise by as much as two feet by the year 2060. Scott hasn't always been so shy about giving his views on this issue. When asked by the ...
National Climate Assessment: change is already being felt & will worsen Thnx for posting
.This only depends on whether you consider little worms like Rubio as human. Rubio claims that global warming is not caused by Humans. WASHINGTON — Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, a Republican star and possible 2016 presidential candidate, said Sunday that he does not believe human activity is causing Climate Change. "I do not believe that human activity is causing these dramatic changes to our climate the way these scientists are portraying it," Rubio said on ABC's "This Week." "I do not believe that the laws that they propose we pass will do anything about it, except it will destroy our economy.". A National Climate Assessment released by the White House last week found that Rubio's home state is one of the most vulnerable to rising sea levels and changes in temperatures and storm patterns. President Barack Obama has proposed several regulatory programs to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide, which most scientists say are the chief cause of a warming global climate. Rubio said he doesn't agree that action ...
Great minds express complex subjects with simplicity and clarity. To wit: Abusing Relativity Jonathan Chait has an extended discussion and takedown of the Fox News All-Star Panel reaction to the National Climate Assessment, which I won’t try to summarize. But I do want to delve a bit more into one point. Chait quotes Charles Krauthammer dismissing the scientific consensus because 99 percent of physicists were convinced that space and time were fixed until Einstein working in a patent office wrote a paper in which he showed that they are not. As Chait notes, this logic would lead you to dismiss all science — hey, maybe tomorrow someone will write a paper showing that the germ theory of disease is all wrong, so why bother with sterilized instruments in the hospital? But there’s something else wrong here — the complete misunderstanding of what Einstein did. Yes, Einstein showed that space and time were relative concepts. But did he show that everything physicists had been doing up to that point was a ...
The bloodcurdling National Climate Assessment is here, and it portends catastrophe; floods, clouds and other assorted weather events are imminent! But, says the report, "there is still time to act to limit the amount of Climate Change and the extent of damaging impacts." Have you noticed that we're always at the cusp of a cataclysm yet the deadline to act always moves to a politically convenient not-too-distant future? I guess that when the time to act runs out—it will at some point, right?—we can begin thinking about defunding all these panels and reinvesting in something more productive, such as figuring out how we can adapt to the future. For now, though, the congressionally mandated report claims we're no longer merely dealing with impending disaster. The United States, it asserts, has already incurred billions of dollars in damages from severe weather-related disruptions because of Climate Change. The political hope is that some of this ugly weather will generate more urgency to do something. Pre ...
This week, the U.S. government released the National Climate Assessment, a 1,300-page report compiled by 300 leading scientists and experts. Their findings mirror those of scientists around the world. Without a doubt, Climate Change is happening at a frighteningly accelerated pace and is affecting every part of the country. We have to work quickly to make a difference for future generations, starting with tighter regulations and penalties for the biggest polluters amongst us. Tell Speaker of the House John Boehner and Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid to stop the partisan games and start passing meaningful legislation to slow the acceleration of Climate Change.
The recent release of the National Climate Assessment (NCA) by the White House offers us absolutely nothing new in proof that Climate Change is real, instead it is just a rehash of predictions based on computer models that we have … Continue reading → The post Does Barack Obama Tell the Truth Ever? appeared first on .
On the heels of the 2014 National Climate Assessment, The White House is walking the walk on its commitment to solar and renewable energy.
On Tuesday, the federal government released the National Climate Assessment (NCA). How did the cable news networks cover it?
Washington, D.C. – Science, Space, and Technology Committee Chairman Lamar Smith (R-Texas) released the following statement in response to the White House’s release of its National Climate Assessment.
This week, the Obama administration released its National Climate Assessment, which covers a wide array of energy sources and topics. But there was one key takeaway that has largely been lost in the initial coverage of the report: Natural gas development – especially from shale – is critical to both…
24 House Dems, led by and ask for hearing on National Climate Assessment.
Yesterday the federal government released the latest National Climate Assessment, documenting more forest fires in the Southwest, thawing permafrost in Alaska, less water for crops in the Great Plains, more heat waves and flooding in the Northeast, and droughts in the Northwest. We know what has to happen. The best way to slow Climate Change is to put a price on carbon -- giving companies that produce it a financial incentive to produce less. The EPA’s proposed emissions rules for new and existing power plants will help, as will tax incentives to encourage the capture and use of carbon. We also need to get solar and wind up to scale as quickly as possible. The biggest roadblock is political – not just the reluctance of big corporations and Wall Street to pay the extra charge, but, more fundamentally, the near certitude among the super-rich (who hold most of the political cards) that they and their children can avoid the worst consequences of Climate Change. They won’t face shortages of food and wate ...
The Obama Administration has released a new U.S. National Climate Assessment, which it describes as the most comprehensive scientific Climate Change assessment ever generated. It was developed over a four-year period.
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Global Warming: Global warming could make the United States 10 degrees warmer by the end of this century, according to a National Climate Assessment report issued at the White House on Tuesday. “Most people who aren`t under the influence of the Koch brothers and the fossil fuel industry know the sev…
On leave for only a few days and the White House releases the third National Climate Assessment. No biggie!
4 critical things to know about the National Climate Assessment:
Sen Inhofe claims National Climate Assessment's release was timed to influence vote on KeystoneXL …
National Climate Assessment report warns of dire effects from warming on Alaska land, water:
The National Climate Assessment released on Tuesday by the federal government predicts future challenges not just for the country, but for the Upper Midwest.
The White House released the National Climate Assessment study earlier today.Hundreds of scientists (sources) put it together
Check out the new National Climate Assessment: A region-by-region breakdown of Climate Change impacts →
plain language, the National Climate Assessment says change is already being felt and will worsen via
The National Climate Assessment explains how climage change impacts the U.S. via
Climate Change: what are the worst impacts facing America? USA's National Climate Assessment weighs in. via
"once considered an issue for a distant future, has moved firmly into the present.” National Climate Assessm…
Reality – here and now -- in latest National Climate Assessment. It's time to
Official - change ...once an issue for distant future has moved firmly into present
We live in a different America now, thanks to …
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Is the recent Climate Change report dishonest, disinformation..?
Climatologist on White House climate assessment: "the phrase ‘Climate Change’ is now officially meaningless"
News release: Friends of the Earth statement on the Third National Climate Assessment
Climate Change is here, and how we adapt to it will go a long way in determining our future on Earth. That is the conclusion of the Third National Climate Assessment report by the National Climate ***
Climate Change is here and. getting worse
STUDY: As the Climate Changes, extreme weather could become the norm /
Federal Report: Climate Change is here and getting worse
National Climate Assessment report is well organized and highly readable - important information & needs to be shared
You can feel the National Climate Assessment in your bones
Eeek! MT National Assessment released today. Here are the biggest impacts on the Southwest:
.How Climate Change affects different areas of the US. National Assessment http:…
Global Warming Times: 3rd US National Climate Assessment released. For more see
Our Ourselves - report details how is affecting the country- right now. via
7 scary facts about how global warming is scorching the United States
15 arresting images of Climate Change from today's National Climate Assessment
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3rd National assessment released by White House spells out already significant impacts on USA h…
US Govt releases 2014 National Climate Assessment on a free website that’s easy to navigate & read …
In May 2014, the U.S. Global Change Research Program released the Third National Climate Assessment, the authoritative and comprehensive report on Climate Change and its impacts in the United States.
The National Climate Assessment, released today, is the most comprehensive assessment of U.S. climate impacts to date. Here’s a look at how communities across the country are already being affected—as well as steps we can take at the local, state, and federal levels to rein in future warming.
Pennsylvanians will need to adapt quickly to already occurring Climate Change that is causing more frequent and intense rainstorms and flooding, and hotter, longer and potentially more deadly summer heat waves, according to the third U.S. National Climate Assessment released Tuesday.
National Climate Assessment poses disaster for the economy: … fears of global warming to unnec...
Climate Change has “firmly moved into the present," according to the National Climate Assessment released May 6: http:/…
A 1,100-page National Climate Assessment reported California residents should brace for hotter temperatures, reduced water supplies and longer droughts in the future. Sea levels are also expected to rise according the federal report. What are your thoughts on this new federal report regarding Climate Change? More:
The National Climate Assessment is sobering reading -- and even more sobering when you realize the entire Republican Party will reject it out of hand, and fight tooth and nail to prevent us from doing anything about it. On the ...
Impacts of Global Climate Change. The National Climate Assessment can be found here in this link: put together an encapsulation of the lower 48 states and the effects expected for each.
A report by the National Climate Assessment says a warming planet will worsen a series of weather trends already showing up across the Midwest. Look
Next up on Fox News: The White House issued the National Climate Assessment today. Is it just a distraction from Benghazi?
The warming of Earth, with human consumption of fossil fuels as the main cause, will have severe consequences for every region of the United States, according to the Third National Climate Assessment released Tuesday morning by the Obama administration.
Heading over to msnbc to chat with All In with Chris Hayes about the National Climate Assessment that was released today. Check it out tonight at 8:40 EST and let me know what you think...
Tuesday, May 6, 2014WASHINGTON, DC - Today, a respected non-partisan committee of experts released its National Climate Assessment (NCA) report, offering its starkest warning yet about the dangers of Climate Change. After reading the report, Rhone Resch, president and CEO of the Solar Energy Industr…   10% Off
The White House released a report on Climate Change today, the latest National Climate Assessment (NCA).
The National Climate Assessment isn't just about our future. It's about our scarcely recognizable present.
The National Climate Assessment released on Tuesday says that while Climate Change may help increase crop yields in the Midwest in the short term, those gains will be offset in the long term by extreme...
Coming up on the news at five… With nearby states legalizing marijuana, Idaho police have seen a lot more pot passing through the state. We’ll tell you what they’re doing about it. Plus… a National Climate assessment was released today. We’ll tell you what its warnings are.
Critics are assailing the National Climate Assessment out today as "alarmist." The report concludes that global warming is already causing violent storms and other weather hazards for the United States. And it says the effects will "become increasingly disruptive across the nation throughout this ce…
"The White House has just released its new National Climate Assessment (NCA), and its central scientific message will be familiar to climate scientists and the White House press corps. Climate impacts are already apparent in the United States, they are likely to worsen, and communities should begin factoring Climate Change into all kinds of decisions.” Read more from AAAS - The American Association for the Advancement of Science.
And for more on the Third National Climate Assessment, check out this blog post by Science Advisor to the President John Holdren and NOAA Administrator Kathryn Sullivan -- along with a collection of state-by-state fact sheets on Climate Change impacts:
The United States Global Change Research Program’s National Climate Assessment, which was released today, offers the fullest accounting yet of the impacts Americans face from Climate Change.
"We welcome today’s release of the third National Climate Assessment, which underscores the importance of taking action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare our vulnerable communities for a changing climate," said California Secretary for Environmental Protection Matt Rodriquez. Read the rest of his statement here:
The National Climate Assessment report denies that siting and adjustments to the national temperature record has anything to do with increasing temperature trends. Note the newest hockey stick belo...
"The story in the Southwest is the story of water." National Climate Assessment Southwest chapter convening lead authors Gregg Garfin and *** Franco discuss how…
The National Climate Assessment is not just about Climate Change, but about so many intersecting social and environmental issues relevant to all of us. The impacts of Climate Change are not something to come in the future, they are happening now. We all have a responsibility. Many congratulations to the whole NCA team and all of the authors! It has been a true honor my friends!
An honor and a privilege. I asked about sea level rise and its threat to South Florida, then about what Miamians can take away from the National Climate Assessment released today and how we can apply it to our daily lives. See his responses at 5 and 6 pm on NBC 6 South Florida. Un honor y un privilegio. Le pregunté sobre la gran amenaza al sur de la Florida del incremento en el nivel del mar, y luego sobre cómo podemos aplicar este reporte del clima nacional en nuestra vida diaria en el Miami. Vea sus respuestas a las 5 y 6 de la tarde en NBC-6.
Human Health: Read this section from the latest National Climate Assessment
The White House will be going *** Climate Change all week, thanks to a new National Climate Assessment report looking at what Climate Change means for the U.S., short and long-term.
Don't miss our pal from talking at the White House about what educators can do with the National Climate Assessment!
The Third National Climate Assessment was released today, and the outlook isn't good. But co-author Matthias Ruth thinks Boston, and the country, can face the challenge.
LIVE feed of President Obama and administration unveiling their findings in the National Climate Assessment
Monica Lewinsky usurped the National Climate Assessment on the top spot of Google News before noon, Pacific Time.
John P. Holdren, the President's science advisor, shares the National Climate Assessment
WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today, the White House will release the third National Climate Assessment (NCA), a federal analysis that documents the damage Climate Change is causing to communities and businesses across the country as well as ways to mitigate or adapt to it. The assessment is expected to guide…
"Every American will find things that matter to him or her in the National Climate Assessment."
Third National Climate Assessment released today - it's going to be a hot summer! Are you ready for guilt-free AC?
The White House released the 2014 National Climate Assessment today. According to the report, Climate Change poses a major challenge to US agriculture:
The U.S. federal government released its third National Climate Assessment on Tuesday, emphasizing that Climate Change is not only an issue for the distant futur...
Don't forget to tune into the live coverage from the White House of the National Climate Assessment release in 2 minutes!
Today, the U.S. Climate Change Response Program released the National Climate Assessment. Droughts in California and the American Southwest and heat waves across the country are projected to become more intense. While more winter and spring precipitation is projected for the Northern United States, less is expected for the Southwest. California has already taken important steps to address Climate Change by setting a goal to generate 33% of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Now it’s time for Congress to
The third National Climate Assessment released today highlights the effects of Climate Change across our nation, and concludes that we are not prepared for the significant risks posed by our rapidly changing climate. The assessment is a Congressional-mandated report that includes evidence and resear…
Once again the scientific community is sounding the alarm, this time with the National Climate Assessment, and reaffirming that carbon pollution is driving Climate Change, fueling more violent and frequent weather events, and threatening public health.
A new report says Climate Change is real and is already affecting your life. But critics are calling the new assessment alarmist. Fox News Radio's Steve Taylor reports Washington: The report, called the National Climate Assessment, was sponsored by the federal government but writ
The Obama administration released the latest National Climate Assessment, which found that the U.S. has already lost billions of dollars due to severe weather.
The National Climate Assessment was released today. Here is a link to the chapter on the Midwest. The message is clear. It is time to
Log on to today at 2 p.m. EST for an exclusive opportunity to learn about the National Climate Assessment (NCA). The report is an invaluable resource to help you understand, learn, and teach climate literacy and how Climate Change affects your part of the country. webcast will feature opening remarks by Dr. John Holdren and an overview of the NCA by Dr. Jerry Melillo. The event will feature two panels - one focused on report findings, the other on using the information in the report to educate the public, which will include the NCSE's McCaffrey.
From hotter heat waves and heavier downpours to more frequent flooding and drought, Climate Change is already having a broad impact on the nation’s weather and economy, according to a new government report. So what sweeping changes await? Check out the top 10 frightening highlights of the National Climate Assessment:
Watch Dr. John P. Holdren talk about the National Climate Assessment and the President's plan to →
The strength of the new National Climate Assessment is its focus on change already underway – not forecasts of what may happen in the future, authors say.
The National Climate Assessment is being released Tuesday. This report highlights climate impacts close to home and should generate a buzz. But, will it?
The National Climate Assessment released its latest report today. It outlined the toll extreme weather is taking on our homes, businesses, and communities. But it also focused on a less obvious consequence of Climate Change: it threatens our health.
National Climate Assessment lists these Northwest Effects: 1) Changes in snowpack melt & stream flow will affect water supply and salmon runs-by 2050 snow melt will be 3-4 weeks earlier 2) Sea level rise will increase coastal erosion and flooding. 3) Increasing ocean acidity will impact coastal habitats 4) Forests will have more wildfires, insect outbreaks, and tree disease - transforming the forest landscape. Some impact by 2040, possible major impact by 2080 5) Agriculture costs increase due to the need to adjust to temperature changes and water availability Jeff Renner is at the White House today and will have more directly from the experts later today. ~Rich
"Climate Change adaptation actions often fulfill other societal goals, such as sustainable development, disaster risk reduction, or improvements in quality of life, and can therefore be incorporated into existing decision-making processes." One of the key messages from the National Climate Assessment released today.
Tomorrow I'm going to the White House to interview President Obama about the National Climate Assessment report coming out
TONIGHT: "Global Changes, Local Impacts" our free webinar on the forthcoming National Climate Assessment. Don't miss out: Wednesday, April 16th, 6:30-7:30 PM Central Time Simply use this link to get in to the webinar: in from the comfort of your home or work computer (we're mobile-friendly too).
NCCSC's Shannon McNeeley will speak tomorrow 4/9EDST annual mtg on National Climate Assessment panel on Adaptation chapter
Peoples World: The third National Climate Assessment report, due to be released this month, confirms both the ...
- What is the impact of Earth's seven plus billion people on biodiversity? It's a complex puzzle, as biodiversity continuously shapes the planet's land and oceans. Allison Leidner of NASA Headquarters demonstrated how space based observations reveal Earth as a system, presenting at NASA's Hyperwall this week at the fall meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) in San Francisco. In addition to coordinating activities in NASA's biodiversity program, Leidner helps coordinate NASA's involvement in the National Climate Assessment. "I'm here at AGU for both of those reasons, because AGU is a really important conference for understanding the latest advances in Climate Change science, and also understanding the impacts and how we *** those changes to help inform our decisions," Leidner said. The annual fall meeting of the AGU is a chance for more than 22,000 scientists, educators, and students to present their research, broaden their knowledge base and embrace the excitement of science. In these 15-seco .. ...
The US National Climate Assessment - plenty of food for thought:
US National Climate Assessment reveals that severe weather disruption is going to be commonplace in coming years
A 60-person Federal Advisory Committee (The "National Climate Assessment and Development Advisory Committee" or NCADAC) has overseen the development of this draft climate report.
Environmental news and views of Haiti, the Caribbean and South Florida. The show is produced by Ken English, the MediaMojoGuy. Camille Coley - Florida Atlantic University: The National Climate Assessment (NCA) is an important resource for understanding and communicating Climate Change science and i...
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