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The National Anti-Vivisection Society (NAVS) is a national, not-for-profit animal welfare organization based in London that actively campaigns against animal testing for commercial, educational or scientific research purposes.

Say what you like about Ted Cruz but giving an anti-Trump speech to the Republican National Convention is gutsy
By asking for arrest of Dayashankar Singh but encouraging anti national slogans, Secular Brigade has showed their hypocrisy again.
The network looks to combat human trafficking and modern slavery in all its forms. More about it
Mark's chairing a meeting of the National Anti-Trafficking & Modern Slavery Network now .
Wahabi-zation= the process West uses to hijack national anti-colonialist movements in muslim countries.
Those politician who having sympathy for Anti-National people please stop your drama and let handle the matter to our fo…
GOP platform “supports adoption organizations that refuse to serve *** couples” via
Equating Delhi with Pakistan is an anti-national statement, Mr should apologise: Shri
None. And how many to cover coward stone pelters in Srinagar- Scores. Reflects the anti national priorities of…
GOP platform affirms support for discriminatory, anti-LGBTQ bills targeting the transgender community
Indian National Congress stands committed to taking on BJP-RSS and fight their anti-Dalit mindset with all its might.
alternative to pellet is real bullets... Kill these anti national bast.
All frontal organisation of Indian National Congress marching towards Sansad against price rise and anti people policy of govt
Imagine we hd such anti national ministers who r no less than terrorists.Thank U for wiping them out. https…
Men who criticize BJP = Anti-national. Women who criticize BJP = prostitutes. BJP loves chamchas who praise Modi 24x7 ..
Give it to Modi to inflate 2000 Crore to 15000 Crore. And make people believe that. Except, anti national CAG
Asinine comments galore. And media will focus on that rather than the brazenly anti national comments of Congress https:/…
Thanks to your cowardice and appeasement policies anti-national muslims are rioting in J&K! Even "dalits".
When people without Indian passport accuse Indian citizens of being anti-national, or mentally not fully Indian, you can't…
Honured to b the chief guest of National Anti-corruption Day (@ Anti Corruption Commission)
Just the thing for a National Anti-corruption Crime Commission to investigate!
Raid on judges house conducted by newly formed National Anti-corruption Bureau of Ukraine. For more info on unit:
Competition Committee members: Candidates for the Head of the National Anti-corruption bureau
Heads of ASPA are under investigation from National Anti corruption Directorate for a prejudice of 1.000.000 eur…
Mitchell Atkins is a consultant to FINRA registered broker -dealers, their attorneys and their accountants. Mr Atkins has 20 years of experience in various roles at FINRA (previously NASD) during which time he was a key participant in many transformative corporate and industry initiatives. Mr. Atkins served as Senior Vice President and Regional Director with overall responsibility for the four districts that comprise FINRA's South Region (home to approximately 850 brokerage firms). The programs he administered covered routine inspections of FINRA member firms, special investigations, FINRA membership applications, financial surveillance and risk assessment. In his role, Mr. Atkins oversaw the development of innovative initiatives such as the National Anti - Money Laundering Investigative Unit in 2012. He had asignificant role in FINRA's Risk Platform Redesign which transformed the FINRA exam program in 2013. Approximately ten years earlier, he was a member of the Strategic Design Team responsible for the ...
~Allocation of funding for the establishment and running of the National Anti doping Organization
National Anti bullying song right there... Bloody brilliant lads BGT XX
I think that Carrie should be nominated for the National Anti-bully & Anti-child abuse movie. Anybody agree?!?!
The 2014 National Anti-Hunger Policy Conference will be held March 2-4, 2014 at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. Click here to register.
Happy birthday, Lydia Maria Child (February 11, 1802 - October 20, 1880)! Novelist. Journalist. Student of world religions. Advocate for the rights of Native Americans. Editor (1841-1843) of the "National Anti-Slavery Standard," the weekly newspaper of the American Anti-Slavery Society. A founder of the Massachusetts Woman Suffrage Association. Author of "The Progress of Religious Ideas through Successive Ages" (1854), a 3-volume work in which she attempted to remove "the superstitious rubbish from the sublime morality of Christ." In 1878 she published "Aspirations of the World," a book she called her own "eclectic Bible," composed of quotations from all world religions. She died at the age of 78 in her home at 91 Old Sudbury Road, Wayland, Massachusetts. Buried in the North Cemetery, Wayland. ~The Marginal Mennonite Society Heroes Series.
Sound of ticking time bombs is getting louder for Yingluck Thanong Khanthong BANGKOK: -- That Thailand will get an interim government is now inevitable. The tenure of Yingluck Shinawatra's caretaker administration will end unceremoniously on April 1. Constitutionally speaking, it cannot last beyond that deadline. Let me explain: The February 2 election will fail to create a new government. The Constitution requires that a new Parliament be convened not more than 30 days after the general election. But it is clear that the Election Commission will not be able to certify the outcome of the election, marred as it was by legal violations and missing results. The election saw a turnout of 46 per cent amid disruptions at the polls, a widespread boycott, invalid and "vote no" ballots. The ruling Pheu Thai Party is believed to have mustered about 8 million votes - a far cry from its peak of 15-16 million. Support for the Democrat Party traditionally ranges between 12 million and 14 million votes. As a result, the ...
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A national anti-marijuana organization put down roots in Connecticut Monday and warned that legalization efforts are poised to create a public health crisis in the form of the “next Big Tobacco.”
We were honoured to have children's charity Childreach International attend our workshop. Chief exec Firoz Patel and his colleague Lucy Brown do amazing work for children around the world. For more details please visit them at They were also kind enough to give us this testimonial: 'I found the day to be thoroughly engaging and interesting. Both Marianne and Emma bring a wealth of relevant industry experience and 'insider insights' which were invaluable. This course comes at a really important time for our organisation as we are about to launch a national Anti Child Trafficking Campaign and Appeal. As a small children's charity, we would not have been able to afford bespoke PR consultancy but having spent a day with both Emma and Marianne I felt that I had one to one advise on how to get press and media coverage. The day was fun, well paced and practical. I would thoroughly recommend it.'
I just ordered this banner for National Anti-Fur day! It should be here by Friday! Who wants to be out in front holding the banner?
I echo Joy Smiths remarks! MP Joy Smith Applauds Alberta for Upholding Prostitution Related Charges Urges Ontario and New Brunswick to reverse their position February 7, 2014 (WINNIPEG, MB) – Today, Joy Smith, leading Canadian anti-human trafficking advocate and Member of Parliament for Kildonan – St. Paul, congratulated Alberta’s Minister of Justice and Attorney General, Jonathan Denis, for his leadership in upholding prostitution related charges. “I commend Minister Denis and Alberta for the decision to continue prosecuting prostitution offences to the full extent of the law and targeting pimps and johns and not prostituted women,” said MP Smith. “This reflects the shifting approach by law enforcement across Canada and I urge other provinces to follow suit.” Federal Minister of Justice Peter Mackay also made a clear statement on Wed. Jan. 29, 2014 that: "While the administration of justice is a matter of provincial jurisdiction, Canadians expect criminal laws in this country to be properly ...
President MICHAEL SATA has presented an award to LUANSHYA Municipal Council on the local authority's efforts in combating corruption.The award was presented by Justice Minister WYNTER KABIMBA, on behalf of President SATA during this year's National Anti-corruption Awards Ceremony in Lusaka.Receiving the award,Luanshya Mayor NATHAN CHANDA said the entire District is celebrating the achievement.President SATA has encouraged Zambians to get involved in the fight against corruption and not fold arms and watch greedy and selfish individuals siphon resources meant for education, health, infrastructure and delivery of basic services.In a speech read on his behalf by Justice Minister WYNTER KABIMBA, during the commemoration of International Anti Corruption Day on Tuesday, President SATA said it is with great sadness that corruption has affected the attainment of the Millennium Development Goals
In Uruguay marijuana can be purchased at any pharmacy BUENOS AIRES, June 6. / Correspondent. ITAR-TASS Dmitry Fomin /. In Uruguay, in the case of the legalization of marijuana, it can be bought at any drugstore. At the same time, the National Anti-drug…
BIG is hosting a National Anti-bullying Conference on 27th June in London, Esther Rantzen CBE, President of ChildLine NSPCC keynote speaker
At 18, he runs an anti-hacking company At 18 years of age he is one of the world’s youngest Microsoft Certified Systems administrators. His claim to fame, however, stems from the fact that his organisation endeavours to reduce cyber crime. He gives lectures to officers of the Indian Army and Indian corporates on how to safeguard their networks and the Internet infrastructure backbone from potential raids by malicious cyber hackers. As a mark of appreciation, Microsoft Corporation chairman Bill Gates [Images] invited him to the launch of Biztalk servers in India in 2006. Meet Vineet Kumar, the founder and CEO of the Global Ethical Hackers Association (GEHA) and the National Anti-hacking Group (NAG); the latter is a non-government organisation which 10,000 hackers have joined as members since its inception back in 2003). Vineet and these NAG members belong to a category of hackers that take pride in calling themselves ‘whitehat hackers‘ These are ethical individuals who are opposed to the abuse of com ...
ROLAND UPDATES: IGG accused of protecting corrupt officials The Inspector General of Government (IGG), Irene Mulyagonja, has cautioned anti-corruption activists against politicising the fight against graft by heaping blame on the Government for the current corruption trends. “You are throwing stones at the Government in power but, you may equally become corrupt if you are put in such positions,” she said, during the second National Anti-corruption Convention at Hotel Africana in Kampala on Monday. Mulyagonja said corruption is so pervasive in society that even the activists are likely to behave the same way as corrupt government officials if they are employed in the public service.
Come see Bully at Chakeres Cinema 10 on October 4 and Scott and I will be there to be a part of a bullying discussion after the showing. Our video "Don't Lose Hope" is also going to be featured! Wear your NO BULL gear! It'll be a great way to start a very successful National Anti-bullying awareness month!
Am in Israel attending an International workshop & giving lectures on human trafficking. It’s a great professional experience. We have a lot to learn from Israel and other countries who are represented here from all over the world. The topics are diverse including trafficking for organ removal & Surrogacy, domestic servitude, trafficking in the fishing industry, prostitution and much more. We are learning best practices including visiting human trafficking victim shelters for women & men and clinics. Israel has a best practice of coordination among agencies and the referral mechanisms work. We have good speakers including the officers in charge of trafficking at UNODC, OSCE, Israel's National Anti-trafficking coordinator, Police and several other agencies. It’s a great learning experience. I gave my lecture yesterday sharing my experiences doing anti trafficking work in Africa. It was great to contribute to the discussions. May 22, we have an all-day conference dedicated to the relationship between Go ...
We should have an annual holiday, where people get a paid day off for. It should be called "National Anti-Malware Scan Day."
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