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In 1776. Nathanael Greene went to Fort Ticonderoga and brought the big cannons back to The Siege of Boston. Turning t…
These are a few of my favorite things. @ Nathaniel Greene Park
I like music and I mostly listen to Lecrae, Nathaniel Baseey, Dr. Tumi, Todd Dunaley, Travis Greene and Joe Mettle…
Lions win in OT on Nathaniel Hall last second shot over West Greene. Led in scoring by Jr PG Nikola Pesic with 28 pts
Albums to download . The hill - Travis greene. This God is too good - Nathaniel bassey. Any planetshakers album. Any Hillsong album
Reading that Nathaniel Greene was a general at 33 made me marvel at how young the leaders of the time were.
Way back in the 80's, a Young man named Dan Schaffer came aboard the USS Nathaniel Greene, and brought with him a...
Scooting along Nathaniel Greene Memorial Park. Made it out without a scratch
The most underrated general in American history: Nathaniel Greene? .
Hazard of Valley Forge tour: guide repeatedly mentioning Nathaniel Greene & Henry Knox will ensure Right Hand Man stuck in my head forever.
good point Pan Ward is credited as first woman. Tiffany Greene is first AA woman.
Also how come Fort Greene, Brooklyn isn't called Fort Putnam anymore. Just bc that Putnam guy died and Nathaniel Greene was like, cool?
A monument to Revolutionary War hero Nathaniel Greene, with City Hall in background
A new book by Erik Fogg and Nathaniel Greene is out now, entitled 'Wedged: How You Became a Tool of the Partisan P…
Yesterday, we went to the Nathaniel Greene Middle School in Providence to drop of books. It was our first delivery! So many more to come
What was the plan of Nathaniel Greene in the south?
Statue to Gen. Nathaniel Greene, hero of the Revolution, dedicated at Valley Forge .
Nathaniel Greene was an American general in the Revolutionary war. He was know for his success in the south.
RI TIDBIT~~~Though second in command to George Washington, Nathaniel Greene, a Rhode Islander, is acknowledged by many historians as having been the most capable and significant General of the Revolutionary effort. Cornwallis feared Greene and his forces most. Greene ultimately defeated Cornwallis.
Radical Commitment 8.3.2014: Nathaniel Greene was a devout Quaker (a Christian religious order that was Pacifist in nature) who loved his Christian faith. But when the American Revolution came along, he joined George Washington & the Continental Army so that he could set men free in a political sense. For this act of conscience, Greene was thrown out of the Quaker Faith. Meanwhile, he went on to become the chief strategist for Washington and one of the major reasons the 13 colonies became the United States of America. Could you take a stand like Greene surrounding an issue that you're passionate about?
Where are the Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain's, the Audie Murphy's, the Nathaniel Greene's of the Iraqi Army?
On this day in 1781, American forces under Nathaniel Greene met the British under General Cornwallis at the Battle of Guilford Courthouse.
Lost Towns of Mississippi Greenville Greenville was by far the largest and most important town on the Natchez Trace. It was halfway between Natchez and Port Gibson. In its earlier history, it was known by different names: Pinckneyville, Orchardsville and Huntly. In 1805, its name was changed to Greenville in honor of Gen. Nathaniel Greene. It was a thriving town when the United Stats took possession of this territory in 1798. Upon the creation of Pickering (now Jefferson) County, Greenville became its first seat of justice. The surrounding country was settled by families of wealth and refinement. Cato West, David Holmes, Cowles Meade and Gen. Thomas Hinds all lived within two miles of old Greenville, and the remains of Col. Cato West and Gen. Hinds now rest in the soil of their respective plantations close by. A little farther away, in the same neighborhood, lived Capt. Bullen, the Harrisons, the Harpers, the Hardens, the Hunts and other historic families of Mississippi. Only a few miles to the ...
Its almost the 4th of July. The celebration of our independence from England. The day when a bunch of farmers and delegates gave a finger to the king and said," Neh. Screw you, we will build our own country and you are not invited." I am in awe of those brave men. I am enamored by the tales of Ben Franklin,George Washington,and Thomas Jefferson. I especially love the lesser known heroes, Daniel Morgan and Nathaniel Greene. Brave men who saw the errors and misdeeds of a corrupt oligarchy and decided they and their people deserved better. But now is the year 2013. We live in a nation of domestic spying,corrupt financial instituions,foreign troops training on our soil. We have whistleblowers who tell the truth of our government's transgressions against its own people,who now is in search of a country to house him for asylum. His freedom of speech is apparently missing in action. I find it particularly humorous,since we are a nation founded by rebels,doing acts that were considered treasonous and were conside ...
Denim Fact of the Day: Eli Whitney only invented the superior version of the cotton gin in 1792 after noticing long-staple cotton (Sea Island) differed greatly from short-staple cotton (upland), and required much more labor to remove the green cotton seeds while visiting Mrs. Greene's plantation in South Carolina. The very Mrs. Greene that I speak of just so happened to be the widow of a great Revolutionary War General for the United States of America by the name of Nathaniel Greene. Greensboro remains connected to the cotton industry more than we can ever know.
Ariel The Almighty BADASS Nerb is responsible for Microsoft's failure to make a good Xbox One. Yes, you heard me right, he was behind it all.Andreas Albedo Hälleblad helped sabotage the project under the guidance of Nathaniel Greene.
NEWS: In 4:00 PM, Andreas lead a riot control squad to brutally suppress the protest. He has cruelly injured 700 protesters, only 50 were killed. Nathaniel Greene finally developed the new technological weapon that shoots 500 rasengan per minute. Ariel Perez renamed Microsoft into Nerb Tech, he made Nathaniel in charge of it that business.
Weather permitting I will be at Nathaniel Greene, Sunday, June 2nd starting at 9am. I will be doing hour long sessions at 9, 10, 11 and Noon for $60. That includes the session fee and 25 pictures on a disc with copyright release. Each picture will have 3 copies: color, black and white, and a special edit. Contact me to reserve your spot!!
Nathaniel Greene, Henry Knox and Ben Lincoln did well. Benedict Arnold, Horatio Gates and Charles Lee... not so much.
...and Green Township is named for Nathaniel Greene, one of Washington's generals in the Revolution.
Evan at Nathaniel Greene memorial in battleground park...
On Sept. 11, 1775, British and Hessian Forces under General Howe attempted to trap Washington's Americans against the Delaware River, but Washington took up a strong defensive position on the east bank of Brandywine Creek. Howe divided his forces, sending his German contingent under Knyphausen in a frontal assault, while the British went north to out-flank the American right. One ford was left unguarded and the British managed to get in the rear of Washington before he was aware of the danger. There was heavy fighting around Osborne's hill, the ground changing hands five times before Lafayette and his contingent were finally driven off but a rout was avoided when Nathaniel Greene's troops arrived to cover the American withdrawal.
July 14, 1789 - the beginning of the French Revolution. President George Washington's Revolutionary Army friend was General Jean de Lafayette. Their revolution began when the people of Paris "stormed the Bastille." This prison, the Bastille, held very few political prisoners...folks who spoke against the king and his government. (IMAGINE THAT IN AMERICA!!!) There were several KEYS to the Bastille and Lafayette brought a key to GW as a symbol of thanks to the citizens of the US. IT HANGS TODAY in Mt. Vernon in a shadow box as you walk upthe stairs on your left. As a side note, while Lafayette was visiting in the USA , he and George visited in Savannah. George Washington's favorite dance partner lived outside of Savannah. Kitty Greene was the widow of Gen. Nathaniel Greene (of the Green Mt. Boys fame.) GW really liked women but he left no children. Martha Custis had two children when she married George. Robert E. Lee married Martha's grand daughter. This is where we get the name of the Custis - Lee Mansion ...
"We fight, we get beat, rise an fight again" -Nathaniel Greene (revolutionary war hero)
It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood and people are getting ready to celebrate the day that brought independence and freedom to all Americans. Hooray for General George Washington, John and Sam Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Nathaniel Greene, James Monroe, Ben Franklin, Nathan Hale, Patrick Henry, Francis Marion, John Paul Jones, Marquis de Lafayette, Baron von Stueben, James Madison, and Thomas Paine. And a big Huzzah for the rank and file who volunteered to be a part of that great crusade. It's Fourth of July time. Time to Celebrate.
21. Nathaniel Greene - the Quaker General (Young Heroes of the American Revolution): Nathaniel Greene loved batt...
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