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Nathan Scott

Nathan Royal Scott is a fictional character from the CW television series One Tree Hill, portrayed by James Lafferty.

Haley James Haley James Scott Grayson Allen Lucas Scott Brooke Davis Julian Baker Clay Evans Chuck Bass James Lafferty Chris Keller Troy Bolton Peyton Sawyer Jim Halpert Seth Cohen Nate Archibald Logan Huntzberger Chase Adams

Don't let your boyfriend treat you like a season 1 Nathan Scott, you deserve a season 6 Nathan Scott
I just want a man that's a combo of Nathan Scott, Barry Allen and Chuck Bass is that too much to ask??
When am I going to find my Nathan Scott or Seth Cohen??? Like hurry up please, it's been long enough.
Nathan Scott, Logan Huntzberger or Bellamy Blake β€” Who's Bellamy Blake?! lmao Logan, if you asked me a...
I know it's 3 am but I can't be the only one who thinks Paul Ryan looks like Nathan Scott
the real Nathan Scott didn't ever cheat on Haley James
"Lucas Scott just threw a roundhouse to Nathan Scott's jaw! And on the other side, Brooke Davis is choking the new girl!"
Currently accepting applications for a boyfriend like Nathan Scott
Grayson Allen is basically Nathan Scott during the first half of the first season of One Tree Hill.
He looks like Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill lmao
No I forreal looked at this quickly and thought it was Nathan Scott
Are we really gonna act like Grayson Allen is not the child of Nathan Scott from OTH? Lol
Grayson Allen is season 1 Nathan Scott we don't acknowledge him
Yo this remind me of Nathan Scott in OTH when Lucas joined the team
Grayson Allen is the season 1 Nathan Scott of Duke.
nahhh I need a Nathan Scott to my Haley James! I just finished rewatching oth today ://
just another Haley James looking for her Nathan Scott πŸ’˜
Find a guy who loves you as much as Nathan Scott loves Haley James Scott 😭❀😍
i want a relationship like Haley James & Nathan Scott πŸ’™πŸ˜­πŸ’™πŸ˜­
Nathan Scott and Haley James are forever goals
Thank you for being the Nathan Scott to my Haley James.. It looks as though I like what's written in the stars, swe…
Sometimes I feel like Nathan Scott with a Chris Keller in the picture. πŸ˜‘
Nathan Scott and John Tucker are literally twins.. they even have the same basketball number
Really looking for the Lucas Scott to my Peyton Sawyer. And the Nathan Scott to my Hailey James.
Want a relationship like Hailey and Nathan Scott. Wishful thinking 😜
Hailey James is high key the biggest thot for leaving Nathan Scott to go on tour with Chris Keller.
Watching old one tree hill episodes where Hailey tutors Nathan Scott makes my heart melt😍
I was meant to be besties w/ we share our love for the same fictional guys. Pacey Witter, Jess Mariano, Nathan Scott πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
Jake Jagielski is the most underrated character on One Tree Hill 😍 second only to Nathan Scott, obvs.
Now taking applications for someone to be the Nathan Scott to my Haley James
If your boyfriend doesn't treat you how Nathan Scott treated Hailey leave him
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This is like my thousandth time rewatching one tree hill and I fall in love with Nathan Scott every time
Looks like you've just given out your number to many more bots for unwanted sms πŸ€”
Happy Birthday to the one and only, Nathan Scott❀️
Happy birthday to the one and only, Nathan Scott! I'll always love you ❀️
waiting for my Nathan Scott, or Clay Evans, or Julian Baker
Now taking apps for the following men in my life : Nathan Scott, Lucas Scott, Julian Baker, Clay Evans, and even a Chris Keller
still patiently waiting on my Nathan Scott, Clay Evans, and/or Julian Baker😫
I need a Nathan Scott or even a Clay Evans in my life ...
I just want a warm cup of Karen's cafe coffee specifically from one tree hill with a side of Nathan Scott.
If only all boys could change like Nathan Scott
Just saw a dad in Earth Fare that looked just like Nathan Scott!!
If only I lived in tree hill and had a bf like Nathan Scott
We all need our own Nathan Scott to protect us.
This man Blake doesn't know who Nathan Scott is...
There's a boy named Nathan Scott in my ward and it makes me so happy
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Nightly reminder that Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott are amazing πŸ’ž
Hot take: Ryan Lochte is the ugly version of Nathan Scott in an alternate universe where he stayed a *** f…
I'll be your Hailey James if you'll be my Nathan Scott
Shout out to Nathan Scott and Hailey James for being a beautiful rendition of Beauty and the Beast.
13 years since we were blessed with Lucas and Nathan Scott
Such a big package from Hopefully it contains a bunny. I'll name him Nathan Scott phillips
Wish I could be half as good as Nathan Scott is to Haley on one tree hill
One of my TA's for Chem looks just like Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill 😍😍
I have to present a monologue for my communications class so I'm doing one from one tree hill by Nathan Scott because he slays my life
So thankful for Nathan Scott and his hot bod
get this Nathan Scott stuff off my timeline.
Mia Catalano and Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott from oth are all featuring on Life Unexpected and it's making me so happy😍
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Watching One Tree Hill for a second time in a row b/c who can get sick of Nathan Scott 😍
16 reasons why Nathan Scott is hotter than Lucas Scott in One Tree ...
The fact that I share a birthday with James Lafferty aka Nathan Scott, makes my life greatπŸ˜…β€οΈ
Happy birthday to my loving boyfriend Nathan Scott! Always and forever bae
Gonna pray tonight that I find a guy like Nathan Scott ok goodnight
I swear I just saw Nathan Scott ballin it up in Overland Park..or at least his twin..I'll take either one
When all you want is a Nathan Scott but all you got to choose from are a bunch of Chris Kellers
Tim Riggins and Nathan Scott are why my expectations are so high
Nathan Scott, Oliver Queen, Max Evans, Jace Herondale, Four...I can go on and on!
My parents pulled a Haley James and Nathan Scott
Idk who's a more perfect boyfriend: Nathan Scott, Lucas Scott, Nate Archibald or Chuck Bass πŸ€”
Are Aaron and Jordan Rodgers to football what Lucas and Nathan Scott are to basketball?
I need to get back on my One Tree Hill wave because Nathan Scott actually made my entire day better.
I want a family like Hailey and Nathan Scott have😫😻
I was literally telling Garrett earlier that they need to get Nathan Scott nowπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
This is me in front of James Lafferty's parents house (aka Nathan Scott)
i need to find a man like Nathan Scott 😍
A lot of these girls want a Nathan Scott but they definitely aren't Haley James's
Nathan Scott & Haley James have the best love story of all time
My biggest goal in life is to find someone who loves me as much as Nathan Scott loves Haley James
Forever thinking of Haley James and Nathan Scott as goals
Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott are goals afπŸ’ŸπŸ˜­
I need a Nathan Scott or a Tim Riggins or a Jim Halpert in my life
just another picture of Nathan Scott looking like a godly human being 😍
Be my Nathan Scott and I'll be your Haley
PSA: Katie & I found a Nathan Scott look a like. 😍😩
Nathan Scott:. - I love him SO much . -BF,Husband and Dad goals all at once . - Ruined my expectations for men
Nathan Scott from OTH is a total babe😍
last night at the concert I saw a guy wearing Nathan Scott's Tree Hill basketball jersey and now I know that love at first sight is real
I'm pretty sure Nathan Scott is literally the love of my life.
Don't start OTH because the things you expect from your boyfriend will be very high after seeing Nathan Scott
I'm not a Chuck Bass, or a Nathan Scott, I'm not even a Troy Bolton. But I'll cherish you, and I'll be down for you, just be down for me
Half way done with high school and still looking for my Troy Bolton/ Chuck Bass/ Nathan Scott/ etc
Blessing your timeline with these photos of Nathan Scott looking finee.
I want a Nathan Scott and Haley James relationship ☺️
be the Nathan Scott to my Haley James?
Nathan Scott can drive 3,000 miles to go fight for Haley and I can't even get a text back
I need someone to love me like Nathan Scott loves Haley James.
In order to get your Nathan Scott you have to be a Haley James
stop messing with boys like season 1 Nathan Scott and get yourself a season 6 Nathan Scott
Chase Mathews, Troy Bolton, Derek Shepherd and Nathan Scott ruined men for me by setting an unrealistic expectation of perfection
Troy Bolton drove all night to see Gabriella, Nathan Scott worked his hardest to give Haley James an awesome life, and yo…
I need a Nathan Scott and a Jamie Lucas Scott in my life
I need a Nathan Scott or Julian Baker in my life
Haley James you have Nathan Scott and you like being with Chris, wyd!
Nathan Scott. It's a NEED, not a want.
Nathan Scott is my favorite human to ever not exist
if Nathan Scott can change, any boy can change.
can I plzzz find myself my own Nathan Scott or Nate Archibald ???
Nathan Scott is in love with Haley and my dog is the only one who's in love with me
Nathan Scott please father my children
Nathan Scott scores with an assist by Evan Woodward to put the Raptors up 4 to 1.
Husband like Nathan Scott, son like James Lucas Scott, and best friend like Brooke Davis πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Nathan Scott is attractive. oh my oh my. 😻
Just spent the past hour bawling because I finished One Tree Hill and I'm not ready to give up seeing Nathan Scott everyday 😭
Evan Woodward with his 4th goal of the game to start the third quarter. Assist by Nathan Scott. Raptors with the 5 to 2 lead.
Can I have a Chuck Bass or Nathan Scott please and thank you
Just want my own Cory Matthews or Nathan Scott or Seth Cohen. I'm not picky, really.
It's really unfair that guys like Nathan Scott and Julian Baker don't existπŸ˜’
Nathan Scott, you haven't aged a day.
The ultimate transformation. Nathan Scott is still alive.
Our goes to Nathan Scott for obvious reasons.
Every girl deserves to be loved like Nathan Scott loved Haley James😭❀️
I'll be your Haley James if you be my Nathan Scott? πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ
Haley and Nathan Scott are probably my favorite couple. 😫
Forever waiting for my Nathan Scott to my Haley James.
I'm going to marry someone who loves me the way Nathan Scott loves Haley James πŸ’˜πŸ’˜πŸ’˜
Still looking for the Nathan Scott to my Haley James.
Why is it so hard to find a guy like Nathan Scott?
Forever wishing I lived in Tree Hill and married to Nathan Scott and was best friends with Brooke Davis 😌
no no no you need a Nathan Scott or a Julian Baker!
. Thanks for being my Nathan Scott, Marshall Eriksen& more😌
Better than Nathan Scott could have ever done it😈
Dallas Winston from The Outsiders is one of my favorite fictional characters of all time. Right behind Nathan Scott
Who needs Nathan Scott when you've got brody?
I need to stop watching OTH because it makes me sad knowing Nathan Scott isn't real.
Haley James and Nathan Scott are the only high school couple I've ever truly rooted for
can be the Nathan Scott to my Hayley James anyday
4 years without Brooke Davis, Nathan Scott & Haley James. The ones that were there for it all. πŸ’— https:…
…Smith dumps it down to Nathan Scott, and he’s double teamed, but he forces up a 7-footer. It’s off the back of the rim. No good…
You'll be my Nathan Scott and I'll be your Tamara Sartori 😻
Still waiting for my own Nathan Scott to show up
It's impossible not to love Nathan Scott.
Nathan Scott is my New Chuck Bass of Netflix series.
Every one should have a shirtless Nathan Scott on their timeline. You're welcome.
Every girl needs a little Nathan Scott season 1 to realize Nathan Scott season 4 is out there
Nathan Scott, the ultimate man crush.
if only there were actually guys out there like Lucas and Nathan Scott 😍😭
. 7) Nathan Scott and Haley James. { "Hi hales" low key crying right now bc of this scene }
Haley James and Nathan Scott make my heart whole 😭😍
Nathan Scott, protect Haley James Scott at all costs (Vine by smexi scott)
Grayson Allen is like real life Nathan Scott (if Nate hadn't lost his Duke scholarship)
Grayson Allen reminds me an awful lot of Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill
Grayson Allen reminds me of Nathan Scott from OTH πŸ˜‚
Grayson Allen is Nathan Scott in real life
Grayson Allen is a real life Nathan Scott
Why does Grayson Allen look like Nathan Scott lmao
Chase Adams and Chris Keller were another thing. Nathan Scott strength and love for his family. Brooke badass Davis. . The last episode.
Just patiently waiting for my Nathan Scott
"and if you're lucky, if you're the luckiest person on this entire planet, the person you love decides to love you back" - Nathan Scott
"Penny Pritzker on the Privacy Shield Pact With Europe" by MARK SCOTT via NYT
Last night I had a dream that I was playing one-on-one against Nathan Scott... That's what I get for watching OTH before bedπŸ˜‚πŸ€
it's 5 am and I'm up crying bc Nathan Scott woke Lucas up from his coma 😍😭
Okay but why can't I run into Nathan or Lucas Scott in like a grocery store or something ?
I love Nathan Scott with all my heart
"Nathan Scott was with Haley through thick and thin and guys can't even be with me while I go to the restroom" LOL WHAT
Nathan Scott is the most perfect thing!
Nathan Scott could learn a thing or two from Mr. Osweiler.
When I grow up I wanna be Nathan Scott
Can I have a relationship like Nathan and Haley Scott?! πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ˜­πŸ’•
If my future husband isn't Nathan Scott and my son isn't Jamie Scott I'm calling a do over on life.
After seeing the Scott Kelly documentary, I can't look at all the beauty of earth and space and still not believe there is a God out there
Where's a Nathan Scott when you need him
there is no one I love more than Nathan Scott
Nathan Scott is the most basic looking boy on the planet if you think he's hot you're lying to yourself
A Nathan Scott or Damon Salvatore is the real question
I cry when I watch one tree hill because I'll never find a guy that loves me like Nathan Scott loves Haley James
Alright like highkey lemme cop Nathan Scott
Every good female deserves a Nathan Scott and Jim Halpert in their lives :-)
the way Nathan Scott treats Haley James is truly amazing. 😭😍
Nathan Scott & Haley James will always be one of the most adored couples on tv
Nathan Scott, Chuck Bass, Nate Archibald, Logan Huntzberger, and Lucas Scott.(Oh you can't forget Jamie Scott)
πŸ’— Bellamy Blake, Nathan Scott and Alex Karev πŸ’— the holy trinity of *** with great character development
happy birthday Nathan Scott, I love you ~ Brooke Davis
I wish i was Brooke Davis. And married to a Nathan Scott.
I need the successful life of Brooke Davis, and family that Haley has (and Nathan Scott) πŸ˜‚
treat me like Nathan Scott treats Haley James Scott and I'll love you forever
Nathan Scott and Haley James were the real mvps in One Tree Hill
Love me the way Nathan Scott loves Haley James
girls if you ever find a boy that looks at you the way Nathan Scott looks at Haley James then never let him go
needa transfer to Tree Hill HS and get me Nathan Scott
Haley James Scott and Nathan Scott had some of the best quotes and lines in the series!
who needs Nathan Scott when you have Andrew Colwell ?
Grayson Allen is just a real life Nathan Scott
Where's my Nathan Scott at this isn't fair
Why don't guys like Nathan Scott and Clay Evans exist in real life?
Is a guy with Lucas Scott's words, Nathan Scott's love, Julian Baker's personality, and Clay Evans looks too much to ask for?
then reality hits and I remember I don't like no one but Clay Evans and Nathan Scott
can I have a Nathan Scott, Clay Evans, Julian Baker & Chase Adams all in one plz & thank u
I'll take either a Nathan Scott or Julian Baker or Clay Evans 😍
everyone talks about Nathan Scott but what about Clay Evans MY GOSH he's perfect as heck
If only Nathan Scott could be my valentine
Searching for my very own Nathan Scott. Any takers?
Ur Nathan Scott is out there. He just busy w Peyton rn don't worry.
β€œI told you I was sexy.” -Nathan Scott. Yes Nathan, yes you did.
Finally finished One Tree Hill... I will always love you Nathan Scott...❀️😌
Lucas and Nathan Scott you have both halves of my heart 😍
Don't settle for a Chris Keller when your Nathan Scott is out there 😢
Would do anything to meet Nathan Scott and/or Tim Riggins
Everyone deserves a love like Haley James and Nathan Scott's
Haley James and Nathan Scott are such goals I just CAN'T DEAL
Nathan Scott, you have aged finely my friend.
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I cry watching oth because I know I'll never live a life like Haley James and Nathan Scott
Haley James & Nathan Scott will forever be my favorite
🐣🐣🐣 "I, Nathan Scott, devourer of worlds, shall eat all the unborn chicklings." 🐣🐣🐣
I used to dream about having my own Prince Charming, now I just dream about having my own Nathan Scott πŸ™ƒ
Nathan Scott, is a Chita Rivera Dance Award Nominee at this year's The Column Awards. If you're a subscriber -...
just started One Tree Hill.. I now know who Nathan Scott is. Be proud!
ty Chuck Bass, Nathan Scott and Ryan Atwood for destroying my life and what was left of my happiness
In the face of the algebra midterm tomorrow, I shall remember what Nathan Scott & Clay Evans taught me: FORTITUDE.
Nathan Scott and Haley James Scott were meant to be together forever
I would do virtually anything to have Haley James and Nathan Scott's life
I want a relationship like Nathan Scott and Haley James πŸ™ŒπŸΌπŸ˜‚
Jason Street from FNL is my new Lucas Scott/Nathan Scott 😍😍
Whitman Hanson is full of clowns who can't dab and has a phony Nathan Scott basketball player.
There's nothing more attractive than Nathan Scott playing basketball.
Couldn't find Nathan Scott or Blake Griffin on the court today :/ by _xtiiina
Everyone deserves a Nathan Scott or a Julian Baker :/
Nathan Scott gives me heart palpitations😿
i need a Nathan Scott in my life but i also need a Lucas Scott and a Marvin McFadden and also a Julian Baker
Only thing missing in my life is a Nathan Scott.
Brooke Davis and Nathan Scott have the best character development in TV
Extremely grateful we got nine seasons of Nathan Scott.
No words for how perfect of a character Nathan Scott is.
Need a Jim Halpert, Andy Dwyer, or Nathan Scott in my life.
I need a Nathan Scott or a Chuck Bass in my life😏😍
Nathan Scott and Hailey James Scott give me so much hope
i want someone to look at me the way Scott McCall looks at Allison Argent or the way Nathan Scott looks at Hayley James
The detective looks like Nathan Scott from One Tree Hill.
I've been awake since 4am watching One Tree Hill and if I didn't know before that I needed a Nathan Scott in my life I know I need one now
yeah that or one tree hill 😍 I would love to have me a Nathan Scott 😏
finished one tree hill and I miss Nathan Scott so much already
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Finished one tree hill...where's my Nathan Scott
Look at me like Nathan Scott looks at hailey James
I'm about to watch one tree hill on an actual tv instead of my iPad, Nathan Scott is now full screen I'm in love
STEPH curry, Nathan Scott, Liam court, Dylan O'brien, Jackson Avery, Mark sloan, and Derek shepherd would NEVER treat me like this
Nathan Scott, you are so beautiful.
5 days till I'm back with Nathan Scott aka
why isn't my boyfriend Nathan Scott and why isn't my name Haley James??
I'm in love with Jana Kramer, Robert Buckley, Nathan Scott, James Lafferty, Seth Cohen, Matt Saracen, and the list goes on and on
"One rainy day, Nathan Scott proposed to Haley James and the rest is a fairy tale."
Forgot how much I love Nathan Scott omfg
I swear Brandon is so much better than a Nathan Scott would ever be 😍😍😍
Nathan Scott gives me false hope for boys
is needing her mate, Nathan Scott. If interested please @ or DM her.
please tell me you made the shot or you are not the next Nathan ScottπŸ˜†
I'll forever be obsessed with Nathan Scott.
Season 2 deep and I don't think I could ever choose between Nathan Scott and Lucas Scott.
Nathan Scott in his basketball uniform is my favorite.
Just now putting together that Aaron Craft is living Nathan Scott's life
Four years ago today, James finished his last scene ever as Nathan Scott on One Tree Hill.
Nathan Scott, Carl Grimes, and Chuck Bass...all that needs to be said
One day I hope to have the success of B Davis, be the mother that Haley was, the heart that Lucas had,and be married to Nathan Scott
Four years ago today, Nathan Scott aired in his last episode of One Tree Hill. A huge thank you to for being …
Everything I want:. Haley's brain. Peyton's creativity. Brooke's life. Nathan Scott.
Want a wardrobe like Brooks Davis, a brain like Haley James, and a man like Nathan Scott. πŸ™πŸΌ
Judge me but I think I'm completely in love with James Lafferty 😍 in other words, Nathan Scott from 😩😍❀️
He is so bad...πŸ”₯|Nathan Scott. Dt:Oth Obsessed because why not❀️ (Vine by teen hill shameless)
Just happy I ran into my favorite Tree Hill Raven, Mr. Nathan Scott last night πŸ™ƒπŸ˜
Where can I find a boyfriend like Nathan Scott?
if you're my Nathan Scott, I'll be your Hayley James β€οΈπŸ€ @ GOOD LUCK
"That's a guy I'll never be. A guy that just stands by and watches while the world hurts you.". -Nathan Scott
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When I picture my life after college I see me being like Brooke Davis, marrying someone like Nathan Scott, and having a son like Jamie Scott
VETO: Name the actor/actress who played Brooke Davis, Haley James Scott, Nathan Scott, Lucas Scott and Peyton Sawyer. what show r they from?
One Tree Hill season 3 episode 3, Nathan Scott has worn this light blue Ralph polo in no less than 8 episodes
πŸ†˜πŸ†˜πŸ†˜: NEED a boyfriend for Halloween so we can either be John Lennon & Yoko Ono or Nathan & Haley Scott from their hs days
can i pretty please have my own nathan scott?ΒΏ
Is Nathan Scott dead in this *** show rn or is he really just missing like
Ryan: That guy over there looks like Nathan Scott!. Dalton: Who is Nathan Scott?. Ryan: The guy off of One Tree Hill! Duh!
Nathan Scott will always be my dream man
Guys as caring and as loving as Nathan Scott are unheard of
Time for Oreos, my bed , and Nathan Scott πŸ’ž
Idk who to like better Lucas or Nathan Scott
I need a hot dork in my life like Nathan Scott 😍😍😍
Oh, One Tree Hill, I still love you. Does Nathan Scott exist in the real world?
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