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Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane (born February 3, 1956) is an American actor of stage and screen.

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When .speaks all I hear is Nathan Lane in the movie
This guy on the bus looks like a really bad Nathan Lane impersonator.
Who else thinks that sounds a little like Nathan Lane?
and Fav if you'd like to see Nathan Lane star as PT Barnum in revival of Barnum.
Having a fun, musical moment with good friend, Nathan Lane, here at the house. 🎵
Nathan Lane, Julia Roberts, director Tarsem Singh and Lily Collins go over a scene on the set of "Mirror Mirror"...
Nathan Lane is my nephew, I am a very proud auntie!!
Great to see Nathan Lane representing UCB, Marco Pierre White's cooking today talking on Central News
Walking around Broadway this afternoon in NYC I literally bump into Broadway legend Nathan Lane --…
You can be flamboyant and straight, right? Like Nathan Lane if he were straight.
Tonight we learn something of Borkman's childhood. After this bit. in Ricketts Lane. 935pm
Theatrical legend and notorious funny man, Nathan Lane is ready for some laughs at
Overheard on the press line: that's Nathan something! I love that guy! Oh Mr. Lane- the world loves you.
One of my favorite film quotes (from Mousehunt, delivered by Nathan Lane) “He’s Hitler with a tail. He’s The Omen...
It's been star-studded backstage for visiting us, JK Simmons, & Nathan Lane!
no way I told you it looked cool the way it was
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Nathan Lane was awarded the “Making A Difference Award” by the Matthew Shepard Foundation (MSF) at the organization’s 14th annual Honors Ga…
Y'all have no idea how crazy this is gunna be 😈
Nathan Lane thinks he used to be in the closet?
I heard Nathan Lane is a freak in the bed...
Nathan Lane describes how the late Matthew Shepard helped him home out publicly
2 Broadway Legends & a Redhead. . Nathan Lane and Stockard Channing last night at night of play readings… http…
Disappointed. I thought the poll today would be: Should Nathan stay in his own lane?
Multiple vehicle collision at the 63 Connector. Both eastbound lanes are blocked. One westblound lane is bloc…
We sang for the Matthew Shepard Foundation awards event last weekend, and met Nathan Lane!
The meeting of two Gomezs: Raul Julia and Nathan Lane.
Nathan Lane, and more to read plays by →
Tony winners Nathan Lane and perform SE7EN the musical and more:
"Hakuna Matata" by Nathan Lane from The Lion King - been a while since I heard this song. ☺️ ♫
dude EVERYTHING comes out today in my department. Twilight, HP, Magnus Chase, Rainbow Rowell, Nathan Lane, Pharrel Williams...
If I were Pope, I'd probably meet with Kim Davis, but I'd also bring Nathan Lane and a care package from...
Nathan Lane, if you're listening, come see the at the Memorial Opera House in Valparaiso, IN
Nathan Lane in a 1 night only reading of classic 'The Man Who Came To Dinner' 7/12 at 54
Nathan Lane, Jean Smart and more will do a benefit reading at
Nathan Lane/ Harriet Harris/Jean Smart to reunite on December 7th only for a one night only revival of The Man Who Came to Dinner. Yum!
Nathan Lane, Jean Smart and Harriet Harris return for a One-Night-Only event!
Nathan Lane and will reunite for a reading of THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER:
I DID vaguely know of its existence but not the involvement of Jean Simmons, James Coburn, Nathan Lane & Britt Ekland
nostalgic soothsayers: David Attenborough, Nathan Lane (as Timone), Morgan Freeman, Sam Elliot, my mama
Hey guys, Bebe Neuwirth was in The Addams Family on Broadway with Nathan Lane!
The real injustice in our world is that neither Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, OR Cam Clarke are returning for that new Lion King show.
Nathan Lane and Debra Messing to Lead Benefit Readings of Short Plays by Wesley Taylor This Fall... .
The Birdcage made me wish Robin Williams and Nathan Lane were married irl
No worries for the rest of your… ♫ Hakuna Matata by Joseph Williams, Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella & Jason Weaver
Opening night for 'Bent' at Mark Taper Forum and look who is here -- Nathan Lane!
My excuse is I was watching Nathan Lane on The Daily Show and Stephen Sondheim on The Colbert Report because I'm musical trash.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Watching the Birdcage on Netflix. Oldie but goldie starring the late Robin Williams, Nathan Lane & Hank Azaria. Laugh out loud funny
The scene in Birdcage when Robin Williams is teaching Nathan Lane to be straight >>>>> . Cinematic history
Nothing better than The Birdcage for much needed stress relief. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane are sublime.
One of my absolute favorite movies! Robin Williams and Nathan Lane at their best! — watching The Birdcage
"Birdcage" scene when Robin Williams teaches Nathan Lane how to be a man- a masterclass in comedy.
Watching "Birdcage" with Robin Williams and Nathan Lane. Omg the best. Love this movie.
The Birdcage one of my most favourite movies , Robin Williams & Nathan Lane were perfect
Right!? I love it. BUT I want Gene Wilder and Nathan Lane as a duo instead
Have you heard about this yet? On Broadway it's featured the likes of Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Martin...
A musical gift for Letterman, from Nathan Lane, Marc Shaiman, and Scott Wittman...
The Birdcage is so funny. I liked it when Robin Williams told Nathan Lane he walked like “Miss John Wayne”
lol! Like the dinner scene in the Robin Williams/Nathan Lane movie "La Cage aux Folles." See it?
Don't miss Robin Williams, Gene Hackman, Dianne Wiest and Nathan Lane in the hilarious romp The Birdcage! Part of...
I will never get over the fact I work on the same street as Helen Mirren, Nathan Lane, Elizabeth Moss, Stockard Channing, and many more.
Confession: I once thought Anthony Lane was the same person as Nathan Lane.
I'm definitely racist cause the only white guy I've ever been able to trust is Nathan Lane
Matthew Broderick, Brian Dennehy and more celebrate Nathan Lane at the Monte Cristo Award gala
PHOTOS: Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Brian Dennehy and more attend the 15th Annual Monte Cristo Awards
Brian Dennehy's new name for Nathan Lane's production of "Wind in the Willows"..."A fart in the dale." 👌
Brian Dennehy has arrived! He will present Nathan Lane with the Monte Cristo Award.
*** what I wouldn't give for them to cast Nathan Lane in Fast 8 somehow
Hey do you have any connections at They need to get Nathan Lane to star in bio pic.
Session 2 is underway with Nathan Bush of Notre Dame, Jeff Gouch of EVS, and Bruce Lane…
Almost as scandalous as when Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick had lambs in lingerie!
Today, the part of will be played by Nathan Lane. I'm going back to sleep. 😴
Earlier I sat bolt upright in bed because I had stolen a goblet back from Nathan Lane and he was chasing me with tongs. What?
Simon witn a buzz cut & SJP rubing his forehead clean aww ., she adores him
Man cheats carpool lane with "The Most Interesting Man in the World"
Ted Cruz kinda does look like a young Nathan Lane
What a lucky girl Sara Jessica Parker is...
THE PRODUCERS Movie on a DVD with NATHAN LANE and Matthew Broderick!
When will Nathan Lane realize I'm his daughter
next time you bring Nathan in my mentions I'm taking you Skeltons lane
Is there any way to be completely certain Ted Cruz is not actually Nathan Lane doing a brilliant parody of Ted Cruz?
Feel like Nathan Lane could do a way better Ted Cruz than Ted Cruz
At first all I saw was the word birdcage and had a eureka moment that Ted Cruz looks like a sad Nathan Lane
FREE ENTRY for a gig at the big chill bar in brick lane tomorrow featuring me and TheFreakanomics + support from...
Buttercream is proud to announce that coming soon we are opening a NEW location in Plymouth! . 72 Nathan Lane...
At some point in the next year, SNL's gotta get Nathan Lane to do a Ted Cruz impression. (Listen to their voices!)
I think you relate to Elton John or Nathan Lane a bit better
"She greets the day with her hair wet" - Tisbury Lane//Mae
Does anyone else think Ted Cruz sounds just like Nathan Lane, making his whole *** marriage stance even more awkward?
Look, I'm 40, I'm single, and I work in musical theater--you do the math! Nathan Lane
and I have predicted that Nathan Lane will be Cogsworth in Beauty and the Beast. I think Sacha Baron Cohen will be Lumiere.
Ted Cruz almost looks like Nathan Lane in Birdcage in that picture
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Ted Cruz is my favorite Nathan Lane character.
It's pathetic, seeing all these girls date guys that are graduated .. With no money.
i am still so in love with Nathan Lane and i lost my Producers DVD years ago.WHY IS IT NOT ON NETFLIX
The Good Wife has the most ridiculously amazing cast doesn't it? Rizzo, Alan Cumming, Nathan Lane, Mr Big.
Well, it's fantastic. Robin Williams and Nathan Lane starred in it.
MT Philly candidate can't support protected bike lane bc people cld be “killed by a speeding cyclist.”
lol some of your convo today reminds me of Nathan Lane's "Kill the mothers!" lines in The Birdcage
I already want Nathan Lane to play in a Jay Roach political drama
hi there, talks related to our mainstage shows (i.e. the recent artist talk with Nathan Lane & Brian Dennehy)... (1 of 2)
gotta disagree with you on that Nathan Lane — here’s the real deal
My ex sent me a picture of her having sex with her new boyfriend. So I sent it to her dad.
The Jim Dowson quote about Putin here is so *** it's about to be played by Nathan Lane in the Broadway version
I can do a pretty good Ted Cruz voice as it turns out. He's a little like a boring Nathan Lane.
If you close your eyes and listen to it’s a more conservative Nathan Lane.
About to redeem some . Here r my choices - Application Pending, , or (b4 Nathan Lane starts)
Amusing myself wondering what happened to characters who disappeared from TV shows, eg Mandy on The West Wing, Nathan Lane on The Good Wife.
so excited! Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick r my heroes! Dream come true to see them perform! Be amazing if I got to meet them
The Birdcage ~Such a great movie. Nathan Lane, Robin Williams & Hank Azaria are awesome in this. Robin was such a comic genius!
At -- Nathan Lane: Nathan PAIN. It's Thursday and it's time to get your sweat on!! This quick cardio and leg workou…
Robin Williams, Gene Hackman. Nathan Lane, Dianne West. can you guess what im watching?
Nathan Lane is one of the only actors who can make me literally laugh out loud
Totally forgot it starts with him muttering "If you don't finish making up, I'm gonna kill myself" while Nathan Lane is getting dressed.
Nathan lane & Robin Williams 'how to act straight' scene from the birdcage is hands down one of the best acted comedic scenes of all time
Watching the Birdcage and remembering why I LOVE Nathan Lane 😂😂
TR will return to Broadway in It's Only a Play with Matthew Broderick & Nathan Lane. :)
has both Alan Cumming and Nathan Lane in recurring roles. C'mon, is just ONE musical number too much to ask for?
President Nathan Lane & more pay salute Angela Lansbury at the Kennedy Center Honors:
The wax guy looks like Nathan Lane.
Nathan Lane obviously approves. Would like to see the actual statue, tbh.
I'm seeing Nathan Lane & Matthew Broderick. together. on Broadway. and I am geeking out so hard right now 💕
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Am reminded of Nathan Lane on Modern Family gasping about a team being called the Blackhawks. "They're ALLOWED to call them that?"
why would anyone visit a Muslim country. It's bad enough going to brick lane for baigels.
Meerkat. The only app voiced by Nathan Lane!
Nathan Lane 206 Success Facts - Everything you need to know about Nathan Lane
Thank you, Nathan Lane, for pointing out the obvious in the WWHL poll,that Judy Garland wasn't a Broadway Diva,
Tune in to now to hear from with Tim Lane and Nathan Brown
Tim lane & Nathan Brown live from Etihad Stadium ahead of St Kilda & Hawks. First though, we're talking cricket with Chappelli...
No one was kinder or more generous - Nathan Lane remembers the late, great, Robin Williams, Watch
(was played by Nathan Lane in an obscure Sondheim musical.)
I can watch wedding episode of over and over. Nathan Lane is incredible
The king of broadway ♫ The King of Broadway by Nathan Lane —
Nathan Lane showing off a Lip Sync skill. Ready to show yours? Sign up for the Lip Sync Battle - show is April...
The look Nathan Lane keeps giving Brian Dennehy in this interview is worthy of a play of its own.
"It's like a story you would read in the New York Post." Nathan Lane, on Charlie Rose, explaining "The Iceman Cometh"
I saw Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick on Broadway - did not want it to end.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
I could listen to Nathan Lane shout "That's our Hitler" in The Producers every day and enjoy it!
This is for Crissy Ritter and Nathan Lane and Alisha Breann Lane
31 Irish League shirts from the 1990s which will take you down memory lane
Cedar Ridge Church we are asking you to please be in prayer for Mickey Lane, who is Kristie Dial Pettis father.
So excited that Nathan Lane is MC at the Children's Author Breakfast!
Nathan Lane was my other big inspiration in case anyone wants to get JIGGY with some of the best *** music I've ever heard.
Tony winner Nathan Lane will return to Terrence McNally's
Nathan Lane singing Happy/Sad makes me happy and sad. Oh. I see what they did there.
I know I say it every time but: The Birdcage is so brilliant. Nathan Lane is a treasure.
at least Nathan Lane was doing a British accent. That was fun.
Is it me or is Nathan Lane always just playing Nathan Lane?
"You look like 1 quarter Jimmy Kimmel and 3 quarters Nathan Lane"- random girl addressing me. . My life is weird.
Heyyy what happened to Nathan Lane on I miss him...
I'm sorry, but any episode of Modern Family with Nathan Lane just kills me.
"Look, a rainbow bridge on St. Patrick's Day. Let's follow it.". *ends up in Nathan Lane's house*
Stew is the cutest ok. if i wasn't 20, i'd be swervin' into his lane. sorry, Nathan.
Brian Dennehy and Nathan Lane are on CHARLIE ROSE talking about "The Iceman Cometh." . My plays are as good as...
Nathan Lane and Brian Dennehy on the origins of T…: just in case you can't view this on the BAM website
Our students saw an amazing w/Brian Dennehy/Nathan Lane tonight and got wisdom from in audience. Thanks!
Grandpa and Emma at BAM for Nathan Lane and Brian Dennehy in THE ICEMAN COMETH!!
Third act has maybe won me over. Nathan Lane & Brian Dennehy have been in my favorite Broadway productions. So glad I saw this.
Tonight: Iceman Cometh at BAM with Nathan Lane & Brian Dennehy. Giving this play another shot after Kevin Spacey bored me on Bway...
Excited to see Brian Dennehy and Nathan Lane tonight !!!
I am one row away from Brian Dennehy and Nathan Lane in BAM Brooklyn watching the Ice Man Cometh. They are almost within my arm's reach lol.
My blog for is on THE ICEMAN COMETH with Nathan Lane, Brian Dennehy.
Brian Dennehy and Nathan Lane. Very talented actors. Bravo. First time I didn't like a character Nathan Lane was playing.
Nathan Lane, Brian Dennehy and a superb cast in The Iceman Cometh. We should be bowing the them. The…
Beyond stoked to see Nathan Lane & Brian Dennehy in The Iceman Cometh!
Free idea: Give Nathan Lane a poodle for his Iceman entrance.
"Ted Cruz = Nathan Lane 2.0, down to the voice.
Midnight idea: something with Nathan Lane and Brooks Ashmanskas
Nathan Lane is *** Everything makes so much more sense now.
Nathan Lane of Modern Family gives me life.
Lane Kiffin wants to know if the dress averages 4 nights out per month so that he can never wear it out of the house.
Nathan Lane Will Return to 'It's Only a Play' on Broadway -
last week with the outstanding Nathan lane was good too .
What colors the dress? Girl please I'm color blind that thing is orange and pink💁
Dealing with other people's mistakes Daily.
Theater Review Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane and Stockard Channing in 'It's Only a Play' on Broadway
Come over to the dark side, You can learn so much from watching. Nathan Lane Covington's deviousness. :). Thx for the RT!
Friday night on Nathan Lane plays the role of a lifetime in The Nance,"" "
wait does this mean you get to see Nathan Lane tonight😳
. Do you know Nathan Lane Covington?. Great infographic here!.
How much do you really know about Nathan Lane Covington?
Breaking News! NathanLane will return to on Broadway:
Nathan Lane will return to on March 31!
The Bus driver, who bears a faint resemblance to Nathan Lane, is apparently a complete *** to elderly women.
Nymphomaniac directed by Mel Brooks and starring Nathan Lane would be the best movie ever.
Even I knew EB White wrote Stuart Little. I have seen the movies with the voice talents of Michael J Fox & Nathan Lane.
Fun to think of Nathan Lane & Kevin Spacey having played the same part. Kinda like Kristen Wiig & Kristin Scott Thomas going for same role.
still very good, Nathan Lane is hilarious in it
last time I worked someone left pistachio shells everywhere-if that happens again customers:u will hear aggressive Nathan Lane renditions
This is what means to us at noon lol
Nine Times outta Ten I focus to much on the negative but *** do I love my Life.
Photo: Brian Dennehy, left, and Nathan Lane in "The Iceman Cometh," opening tonight at the Brooklyn Academy of...
Nathan Lane, Patti LaBelle, Matt Groening, Cecile Richards, Lynda Barry are all at BAM this week
FDA announces Class 1 recall of Covidien blood clot-removal therapy made on Nathan Lane in Plymouth:.
Surprised that in the new revival of “The Iceman Cometh,” Nathan Lane plays George Gervin.
The epic O'Neill classic opens at tonight!.
League Legend Nathan Hindmarsh talks health and wellbeing at Lane Cove primary school
Dad's aviation buddy that looks like Nathan Lane just sat down next to me someone help
Officially going to NYC my birthday weekend with theatre peeps to see Nathan Lane in The Iceman Cometh!!!
Super excited to see The Iceman Cometh with Nathan Lane and Brian Dennehy at Not excited about the ...
Two guys you've never heard of (nathan lane & Brian Dennehy) premiere tonight in The Iceman Cometh
Freshman Nathan Lane has been named Crossroads League Indoor Track Athlete of the Week! Congratulations Nathan!
When you give Lindsey Graham a Snickers, he just turns into Nathan Lane.
Congrats to who receives the 15th annual Monte Cristo Award this April:
I really wish that The Birdcage just left out all the hetero family entirely and was just about Nathan Lane, Robin Williams, & Hank Azaria.
Top celebrity birthdays for Feburary 3, 2015 include Isla Fisher, Nathan Lane: Your daily list of celebrity an...
I prefer the version where Nathan Lane & Mathew Broderick sing the who thing... the one Elton John nearly rioted over
Well Emily, Audrey, Duke, & Nathan would be at The Gull rooting for the Pats. I heard Mara is a Seahawks fan... Interesting.
L track season is about to be like 💀.
When you see bae too drunk at the club.
C'mon, Lane Kiffin won't leave for the 49ers, he's always been loyal to teams and wouldn't leave after one ye. Wait.
Nathan Lane on Modern Family is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.
See Video Footage of Nathan Lane and the Starry Cast of "It's Only a Play"
It is always nice to remember that Nathan Lane is the voice of Snowbell. 😁
Today seeing the movie Birdcage - charming movie starring Robin Williams and Nathan lane about a *** couple marrying off their hetro son..
Aesthetic: Nathan Lane as Snowball the cat in Stuart Little (1999).
Nathan Lane is seriously one of my most favorite actors
Nathan Lane has got one of the most distinctive voices in the acting business! TIMONNE!!!
Sitting in a booth at The Brooklyn Diner that both and Nathan Lane have sat in. I'm going to consider us butt buddies now.
2. We have the Joey Crawford of Portland Parks & Rec here. He's calling 3 in the key, hand-checks, palming, & lane violations.
Can i just marry Nathan Scott and live on Wisteria Lane
There's still time to support the TV Pilot Campaign, and claim your perk:
Rupert and Nathan Lane share a laugh during their send off party at NYC's Royalton on Sunday evening. htt…
When Nathan Lane told his mother he was *** she said, "I'd rather you be dead." He said, "I knew you'd understand."
George C. Scott, Theresa Wright, and Nathan Lane in the 1991 revival of
"He brings out qualities in Hickey that perhaps no other actor could." on Nathan Lane MT
There's a moment of total Nathan Lane ham in "It's Only a Play" in which he repeats "Ben Brantley?!?" with increasing hysteria.
Update your maps at Navteq
Article: Mike Shanahan, Lane Kiffin might be candidates for offensive coordinator
Nathan Lane is such a dame on stage in this. I want Starina to be my sugar mama.
Watch chat with in their comfy hotel bathrobes. So much to love here.
Watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Nathan Lane and Jimmy Fallon Get in a Brawl on
Now if only they could get Matthew Broderick as Clumsy Smurf & Nathan Lane as Vanity Smurf.
1983 Betamax Commercial with Nathan Lane: "Betamax- Your choice for a video cassette recorder!"
Do y'alls thing and show out tonight Time to stand up & make a statement in region 1
Spotted in Chicago: Nathan Lane! I almost belted out some Producers but didn't because I can't sing even if my life depended on it.
Of the 2, I would choose The Wiz, bit The Music Man has a lot of comedy in it... cue Nathan Lane.
34% done with The Sect, by Courtney Lane: Nathan had me scratching my head..he is a...
thatch leach lane I beeped and waved BUT you aired me
Went in for an MRI today. Got in the machine and promptly had a panic attack that would make Nathan Lane proud
Can never watch the Stuart Little films without hearing Nathan Lane's voice and just picturing him as Timon from the Lion King
From Lane tor receive the Monte Cristo Award from the Eugene O'Neill Theater
just named checked Nathan Lane, Martin Short, Eugene Levy and Steve Martin. Can we just agree that she's the Queen?
I think it's an affectation. Certain people think "smart" sounds like Nathan Lane in The Birdcage.
Nathan for You idea: 10 items or MORE lane at grocery store. This way people are forced to buy more rather than less.
Is that Nathan Lane sitting next to Joyce?
It's been a great week so far with two wins on the bounce. Can we make it a treble tomorrow? . Dunkirk v Rocester KO 3pm. Len…
Nathan Lane's walk in "The Birdcage" is still the best John Wayne impression ever done
I ♥ Super-stoked that he let me touch his junk. While he sang me my favorite song. htt…
Raise your hand if you want to see prank call Nathan Lane!
Can totally see Nathan Lane stealing the show but Martin Short was wonderful. Stockard Channing my fave! Lots of LOLS.
Ya Nathan Lane is wonderful as well
Tim Quarterman scoots through the lane and hits a driving layup, he's up to 27 points: LSU 86, UGA 82 (2:02 - 2nd OT) - …
Nathan Lane has my favorite voice ever!
Martin Short ready to fill Nathan Lane’s s ...
Not mentioning it was Nathan Lane not Jimmy Cliff singing in the Lion King cos Tia's joke was too good.
Exclusive: and Nathan Lane are returning to
Just finished the Millionaire fast lane !! Now on to the next. One book a month what should I read next?
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Jernigan just looked like he was auditioning for Nathan Lane's role in the birdcage.
"I'm over Nathan Lane. He's that rolly polly *** guy that makes the stupid faces.". My mom has strong feeling on some things
DeSean Jackson had zero chill for this
he looks like Nathan Lane in Bird Cage with makeup on
I've always imagined Dan and my grandpa as acting like Nathan Lane and Robin Williams in The Birdcage
we voted for Nathan Lane, and wrote in natch!
A lookback at saying adieu to a trio of primary players. .
see resemblance but Nathan Lane much better looking
"Is it just me or is François Hollande looking a lot like Nathan Lane? yeah a tanned balding version
The theater category in QuizUp is perfect for me cuz quite often the answer is Nathan Lane... (Or related to)
Realized I've never enjoyed anything that Nathan Lane has EVER done. MAYBE "The Birdcage," but, nah. Look it up. He's terrible. Not good.
Martin Short to Takeover for Nathan Lane in ‘It’s Only a Play’
dream cast - Nathan Lane as Elphaba, Whoopi Goldberg as Glinda, Danny DeVito as Madame Morrible, Patrick Stewart as the wizard
Lol at kids bullying others to make themselves feel better.
The French President looks a little like Nathan Lane.
When I go into NYC, seeing 1 show per visit has its downsides. I missed seeing Nathan Lane in It's Only a Play. And now I've missed If/Then.
Purdue's best-of-both worlds 200 Free Relay Team in Lane 1 is & Sean Mokhtari.
*** y'all wildin chill Nathan lol gotta game tonight come out brudda
Martin Short on filling Nathan Lane's shoes on Broadway.
On this day in 2005, actors Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane were on hand to help unveil their new stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Guess who joined us for lunch? Nathan Lane and Brian Dennehy are in the house!
Is it me or does French President Hollande look a lot like actor Nathan Lane?
Two of your favorite guest stars are coming back! Get the scoop from
Enjoying watching The Producers. Love Nathan Lane - saw him in the West End in the same production and he was brilliant. Saw in Broadway 2
Matchday at white hart lane : spurs v chelsea
The guy singing karaoke right now at is channeling his inner Nathan Lane.
My love if Nathan Lane knows no bounds
Oh man... I dated one of Nathan Lane's cousins. And the circle is complete.
Wouldn't be the perfect lead for a Nathan Lane biopic?
No cellphones went off during Nathan Lane's monologue, but the air was tense!
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
Sean Hannity looking and sounding like what you get when you stick Nathan Lane and David Duke in a Brundlebooth
Saw a pic of Rosie O'Donnell the other day and my first thought was: Wow, Nathan Lane has really let himself go.
call me crazy, but I think that Nathan Lane might be ***
Things we are grateful for: Nathan Lane making audiences laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
For those that don't remember Robert Lane, Nathan Stanley, Michael Spurlock, Brent Schaeffer & others, trust me Bo Wallace is/was a blessing
Whats the best way to kick off the last day of 2014? With Megan Mullally, Nathan Lane, Matthew…
Nathan Lane (my favorite) will play Hicky in on Broadway. Anyone feeling generous and want to buy me a plane ticket?.
I Remembered how much days there was In a year from the Disney Channel.
More pics of Nathan at Sandy Lane resort in Barbados with Union J & others [29Dec] (via unknown source) http:…
fair enough. I liked the tv show and movies from the 90's. But I really loved the Broadway cast. Except Nathan Lane :P
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