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Nathan Lane

Nathan Lane (born February 3, 1956) is an American actor of stage and screen.

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Come over to the dark side, You can learn so much from watching. Nathan Lane Covington's deviousness. :). Thx for the RT!
Friday night on Nathan Lane plays the role of a lifetime in The Nance,"" "
wait does this mean you get to see Nathan Lane tonight😳
. Do you know Nathan Lane Covington?. Great infographic here!.
How much do you really know about Nathan Lane Covington?
Breaking News! NathanLane will return to on Broadway:
Nathan Lane will return to on March 31!
The Bus driver, who bears a faint resemblance to Nathan Lane, is apparently a complete *** to elderly women.
Nymphomaniac directed by Mel Brooks and starring Nathan Lane would be the best movie ever.
Even I knew EB White wrote Stuart Little. I have seen the movies with the voice talents of Michael J Fox & Nathan Lane.
Fun to think of Nathan Lane & Kevin Spacey having played the same part. Kinda like Kristen Wiig & Kristin Scott Thomas going for same role.
still very good, Nathan Lane is hilarious in it
last time I worked someone left pistachio shells everywhere-if that happens again customers:u will hear aggressive Nathan Lane renditions
This is what means to us at noon lol
Nine Times outta Ten I focus to much on the negative but *** do I love my Life.
Photo: Brian Dennehy, left, and Nathan Lane in "The Iceman Cometh," opening tonight at the Brooklyn Academy of...
Hamilton Collection
Nathan Lane, Patti LaBelle, Matt Groening, Cecile Richards, Lynda Barry are all at BAM this week
FDA announces Class 1 recall of Covidien blood clot-removal therapy made on Nathan Lane in Plymouth:.
Surprised that in the new revival of “The Iceman Cometh,” Nathan Lane plays George Gervin.
The epic O'Neill classic opens at tonight!.
League Legend Nathan Hindmarsh talks health and wellbeing at Lane Cove primary school
Dad's aviation buddy that looks like Nathan Lane just sat down next to me someone help
Officially going to NYC my birthday weekend with theatre peeps to see Nathan Lane in The Iceman Cometh!!!
Super excited to see The Iceman Cometh with Nathan Lane and Brian Dennehy at Not excited about the ...
Two guys you've never heard of (nathan lane & Brian Dennehy) premiere tonight in The Iceman Cometh
Freshman Nathan Lane has been named Crossroads League Indoor Track Athlete of the Week! Congratulations Nathan!
When you give Lindsey Graham a Snickers, he just turns into Nathan Lane.
Congrats to who receives the 15th annual Monte Cristo Award this April:
I really wish that The Birdcage just left out all the hetero family entirely and was just about Nathan Lane, Robin Williams, & Hank Azaria.
Top celebrity birthdays for Feburary 3, 2015 include Isla Fisher, Nathan Lane: Your daily list of celebrity an...
I prefer the version where Nathan Lane & Mathew Broderick sing the who thing... the one Elton John nearly rioted over
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Well Emily, Audrey, Duke, & Nathan would be at The Gull rooting for the Pats. I heard Mara is a Seahawks fan... Interesting.
L track season is about to be like 💀.
When you see bae too drunk at the club.
C'mon, Lane Kiffin won't leave for the 49ers, he's always been loyal to teams and wouldn't leave after one ye. Wait.
Nathan Lane on Modern Family is the greatest thing to ever happen to me.
See Video Footage of Nathan Lane and the Starry Cast of "It's Only a Play"
It is always nice to remember that Nathan Lane is the voice of Snowbell. 😁
Today seeing the movie Birdcage - charming movie starring Robin Williams and Nathan lane about a *** couple marrying off their hetro son..
Aesthetic: Nathan Lane as Snowball the cat in Stuart Little (1999).
Nathan Lane is seriously one of my most favorite actors
Nathan Lane has got one of the most distinctive voices in the acting business! TIMONNE!!!
Sitting in a booth at The Brooklyn Diner that both and Nathan Lane have sat in. I'm going to consider us butt buddies now.
2. We have the Joey Crawford of Portland Parks & Rec here. He's calling 3 in the key, hand-checks, palming, & lane violations.
Can i just marry Nathan Scott and live on Wisteria Lane
There's still time to support the TV Pilot Campaign, and claim your perk:
Rupert and Nathan Lane share a laugh during their send off party at NYC's Royalton on Sunday evening. htt…
When Nathan Lane told his mother he was *** she said, "I'd rather you be dead." He said, "I knew you'd understand."
George C. Scott, Theresa Wright, and Nathan Lane in the 1991 revival of
"He brings out qualities in Hickey that perhaps no other actor could." on Nathan Lane MT
There's a moment of total Nathan Lane ham in "It's Only a Play" in which he repeats "Ben Brantley?!?" with increasing hysteria.
Article: Mike Shanahan, Lane Kiffin might be candidates for offensive coordinator
Nathan Lane is such a dame on stage in this. I want Starina to be my sugar mama.
Watch chat with in their comfy hotel bathrobes. So much to love here.
Watching The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon Nathan Lane and Jimmy Fallon Get in a Brawl on
Now if only they could get Matthew Broderick as Clumsy Smurf & Nathan Lane as Vanity Smurf.
1983 Betamax Commercial with Nathan Lane: "Betamax- Your choice for a video cassette recorder!"
Do y'alls thing and show out tonight Time to stand up & make a statement in region 1
Spotted in Chicago: Nathan Lane! I almost belted out some Producers but didn't because I can't sing even if my life depended on it.
Of the 2, I would choose The Wiz, bit The Music Man has a lot of comedy in it... cue Nathan Lane.
34% done with The Sect, by Courtney Lane: Nathan had me scratching my head..he is a...
thatch leach lane I beeped and waved BUT you aired me
Went in for an MRI today. Got in the machine and promptly had a panic attack that would make Nathan Lane proud
Can never watch the Stuart Little films without hearing Nathan Lane's voice and just picturing him as Timon from the Lion King
From Lane tor receive the Monte Cristo Award from the Eugene O'Neill Theater
just named checked Nathan Lane, Martin Short, Eugene Levy and Steve Martin. Can we just agree that she's the Queen?
I think it's an affectation. Certain people think "smart" sounds like Nathan Lane in The Birdcage.
Nathan for You idea: 10 items or MORE lane at grocery store. This way people are forced to buy more rather than less.
Is that Nathan Lane sitting next to Joyce?
It's been a great week so far with two wins on the bounce. Can we make it a treble tomorrow? . Dunkirk v Rocester KO 3pm. Len…
Nathan Lane's walk in "The Birdcage" is still the best John Wayne impression ever done
I ♥ Super-stoked that he let me touch his junk. While he sang me my favorite song. htt…
Raise your hand if you want to see prank call Nathan Lane!
Can totally see Nathan Lane stealing the show but Martin Short was wonderful. Stockard Channing my fave! Lots of LOLS.
Ya Nathan Lane is wonderful as well
Tim Quarterman scoots through the lane and hits a driving layup, he's up to 27 points: LSU 86, UGA 82 (2:02 - 2nd OT) - …
Nathan Lane has my favorite voice ever!
Martin Short ready to fill Nathan Lane’s s ...
Not mentioning it was Nathan Lane not Jimmy Cliff singing in the Lion King cos Tia's joke was too good.
Exclusive: and Nathan Lane are returning to
Just finished the Millionaire fast lane !! Now on to the next. One book a month what should I read next?
Jernigan just looked like he was auditioning for Nathan Lane's role in the birdcage.
"I'm over Nathan Lane. He's that rolly polly *** guy that makes the stupid faces.". My mom has strong feeling on some things
DeSean Jackson had zero chill for this
he looks like Nathan Lane in Bird Cage with makeup on
I've always imagined Dan and my grandpa as acting like Nathan Lane and Robin Williams in The Birdcage
we voted for Nathan Lane, and wrote in natch!
A lookback at saying adieu to a trio of primary players. .
see resemblance but Nathan Lane much better looking
"Is it just me or is François Hollande looking a lot like Nathan Lane? yeah a tanned balding version
The theater category in QuizUp is perfect for me cuz quite often the answer is Nathan Lane... (Or related to)
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Realized I've never enjoyed anything that Nathan Lane has EVER done. MAYBE "The Birdcage," but, nah. Look it up. He's terrible. Not good.
Martin Short to Takeover for Nathan Lane in ‘It’s Only a Play’
dream cast - Nathan Lane as Elphaba, Whoopi Goldberg as Glinda, Danny DeVito as Madame Morrible, Patrick Stewart as the wizard
Lol at kids bullying others to make themselves feel better.
The French President looks a little like Nathan Lane.
When I go into NYC, seeing 1 show per visit has its downsides. I missed seeing Nathan Lane in It's Only a Play. And now I've missed If/Then.
Purdue's best-of-both worlds 200 Free Relay Team in Lane 1 is & Sean Mokhtari.
*** y'all wildin chill Nathan lol gotta game tonight come out brudda
Martin Short to Takeover for Nathan Lane in 'It's Only a Play'
Martin Short on filling Nathan Lane's shoes on Broadway.
On this day in 2005, actors Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane were on hand to help unveil their new stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
Guess who joined us for lunch? Nathan Lane and Brian Dennehy are in the house!
Is it me or does French President Hollande look a lot like actor Nathan Lane?
Two of your favorite guest stars are coming back! Get the scoop from
Enjoying watching The Producers. Love Nathan Lane - saw him in the West End in the same production and he was brilliant. Saw in Broadway 2
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Matchday at white hart lane : spurs v chelsea
The guy singing karaoke right now at is channeling his inner Nathan Lane.
My love if Nathan Lane knows no bounds
Oh man... I dated one of Nathan Lane's cousins. And the circle is complete.
Wouldn't be the perfect lead for a Nathan Lane biopic?
No cellphones went off during Nathan Lane's monologue, but the air was tense!
Sean Hannity looking and sounding like what you get when you stick Nathan Lane and David Duke in a Brundlebooth
Saw a pic of Rosie O'Donnell the other day and my first thought was: Wow, Nathan Lane has really let himself go.
call me crazy, but I think that Nathan Lane might be ***
Things we are grateful for: Nathan Lane making audiences laugh, and laugh, and laugh.
For those that don't remember Robert Lane, Nathan Stanley, Michael Spurlock, Brent Schaeffer & others, trust me Bo Wallace is/was a blessing
Whats the best way to kick off the last day of 2014? With Megan Mullally, Nathan Lane, Matthew…
Nathan Lane (my favorite) will play Hicky in on Broadway. Anyone feeling generous and want to buy me a plane ticket?.
I Remembered how much days there was In a year from the Disney Channel.
More pics of Nathan at Sandy Lane resort in Barbados with Union J & others [29Dec] (via unknown source) http:…
fair enough. I liked the tv show and movies from the 90's. But I really loved the Broadway cast. Except Nathan Lane :P
Nathan Lane is writing a children's book about his French Bulldog named Mabel. Wondering how many copies is going to preorder.
Nathan Lane on w so gracious in giving credit to his co stars in
“Nathan Lane was the voice of Timon from Lion King. Omg Pepper?! It totally hear it now. 😂😂
Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane lead an all-star cast, including F. Murray Abraham, Stockard Channing, Rupert Grint, Megan Mullally and Micah Stock.
Judith Light, Nathan Lane and Hugh Jackman backstage at - they are about to announce…
Discounts (first time) avail for IT'S ONLY A PLAY, Jan. 7-Feb. 28. (after Nathan Lane leaves). Martin Short replaces him Jan. 18.
Martin Short is taking over for Nathan Lane in early Jan. Who do you like better?
Martin Short in for Nathan Lane starting January 7, Show extended and switching theaters, Wow!!
Nathan Lane and Christine Baranski have starred in 4 movies together
The Lion King: The line, "What do you want me to do, dress in drag and do the hula?" was improvised by Nathan Lane.
Home from my quick trip to New York City to take in the sites and see some awesome theater! "Cabaret" with Alan Cumming and Emma Stone was superb! Alan Cumming never ceases to amaze me in both dramatic and comedic performances. And Emma Stone was captivating as Sally Bowles! "A Delicate Balance" was a beautifully acted drama with a script that seemed to lack a point (to me, anyway) beyond rehashing Albee's previous subject matter in "Virginia Woolf." Glenn Close and John Lithgow were stellar and Martha Plimpton held her own! Finally, "It's Only A Play" was as big a treat as I expected. While the script is thin and the pacing is a bit slow at times (I thought the play might have benefitted from shaving off a good 30 minutes), the laughs were genuine and the performances (save for Matthew Broderick's, which felt flat and uninspired) were delivered with perfect timing. The standouts, for me, were Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing and newcomer Micah Stock. We had great seats for each show. I think I need t ...
I've just met Nathan Charles at West Lane Methodist chapel
Great job out there coach lane! Putting them Rebs back on the map! Bring the Rebs another state championship!
My dad just told me that he thinks that I could be the next Nathan Lane. Thank you?
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also currently RLY impressed by nathan lane live & if u don't know who that is then brush up on your Lion King
Victor Garber and Nathan Lane are everything to me.
Now I'm imagining Nathan Lane as the voice of the adorable erythrotherian sidekick.
1500's Venetian Gazoo spliced with Nathan Lane and David Lynch. AKA My take on Apologies to
Congrats to Nathan lane on winning 3m today. 309 points. A season high. This follows a 2nd place in 1m yesterday.
Bradley Cooper, Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick talk about their new Broadway shows - on 7online!
OHHH MY GOD. nathan lane. my god and my goddess. is the birdcage on netflix. guess what else i was raised on
with Nathan Lane, who was also in Lion King too (but he's in KH2 for some reason)
a dark thought: there must be people who won't watch The Birdcage because Robin Williams and Nathan Lane aren't physically affectionate
Awesome video coverage of yesterday's Elaine Stritch tribute.
"Nathan Lane's portrayal of the President was totally lame." - An excerpt from the New Yorker's laudatory review of "FDR: The Musical"
Is it just me or am I the only one who Hates the new Insta update.
play better have been worth it, tony award winning! Should make Nathan lane and Matthew Broderick look like amateurs!
Nathan Lane was amazing. It wasn't all just funny either. Robin & Nathan's love story was touching.
I'd watch that in a heartbeat, but only if Eastwood played the Nathan Lane character.
I go to sleep with music on , I'll think to much if it's to quiet .. 🎶
Congratulations to Nathan Conway ( ) for a score of 304 on Lane 20 during Durham Elite
So Nathan Lane was 8 feet away from me during the show for at least 10 minutes, life is glorious.
Cue chills! Thrilling video from today's star-packed Broadway tribute to Elaine Stritch.
Y'all Boutta see me Get all this Guap. 💁
"Yeah yeah! Just make sure to camp my lane and ignore the top Kalista."
PCMR is spreading GABEN's word with the song: Ernie Sabella/Nathan Lane - Hakuna Mata | listen live:
You gotta Let the Negative People live in there Negative Lives & There Negative World with there Negative Bank Accounts.
So will the presence in the films of Alec Baldwin, Hal Prince, George C. Wolfe, Nathan Lane, Cherry Jones, Tin...
first passed away earlier this year, then today Mike Nichols. has anyone checked on Nathan Lane in awhile?
Mike Nichols directed 'The Birdcage,' one of my favorite films, starring Robin Williams & Nathan Lane.
RIP Mr Mike Nichols. Not a good year considering we've lost Robin Williams as well! Time to wrap up Mr Nathan Lane.
Robin Williams and Nathan Lane, both brilliant in it, check it out :D
My favourite film The Birdcage, a Warm and Hilarious Comedy with both Williams and Nathan Lane. On fine form
If someone'd just put up a revival of A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to re Forum starring Nathan Lane, I could completely relive college.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Broadway says goodbye to Elaine Stritch in style,
your a dead man. Nathan lane mire like nathan PAIN because it is what you will be in
Robin Williams, Mike Nichols, Nathan Lane, DP Emmanuel Lubezki, & crew at the monitor on 1995 set of THE BIRDCAGE http:…
Late stage and screen icon Elaine Stritch was honoured with a star-studded Broadway tribute by her famous friends including Nathan Lane and Bernadette Peters on Monday (17Nov14).Stage veterans gathered at the Al Hirschfeld Theatre in New York City for Everybody,...
Nathan Lane, Holland Taylor and other Broadway stars paid tribute to Elaine Stritch
“Whatever they’re paying you, it’s not enough.” Elaine Stritch to Nathan Lane, backstage at ‘The Addams Family'
Watch a movie today. The English Teacher starring Julianne Moore, Greg Kinnear and Nathan Lane. Julianne Moore...
It means no worry for the rest of… ♫ Hakuna Matata by Ernie Sabella, Jason Weaver, Joseph Williams & Nathan Lane —
Listening to Hakuna Matata (With Jason Weaver And Joseph Williams) by Nathan Lane - Sent from PlayerPro
Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane and Megan Mullally and Stockard Channing and Rupert Grint...…
Stop everything! We have to recast The Last Five Years movie. Matthew Broderick as Jamie and Nathan Lane as Kathy.
. Not just any Jew could handle our cause with the prerequisite grace and poise. Jon Stewart or Nathan Lane @ least
We're doing a Robin Williams & Nathan Lane from the birdcage. I am a drag queen 😂
I liked a video Robin Williams and Nathan Lane on Oprah 1996
omg - I SOOO WANNA SEE It's Only A Play - I don't think I have ever heard of a play having that many stars in it. - I have seen Earth Kit in Cinderella, I have seen Patti LaBelle twice, The Rocketts 5 times, Bette Midler once, NKOTB when I was in High school, Priscilla Queen Of The Desert The Musical (loved that one - and on broadway) - But "It's It's Only A Play" has Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing,Matthew Broadrick and Megan Mullally in it - This should be a great play and its in NYC thru Janurary
So blessed to get tickets to a sold out show tonight starring Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Megan Mullally, and...
going to see Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, Rupert Grint, Megan Mullally &Stockard Channing tonight :)
That's why I love it for a ridiculous campy Midler & Nathan Lane movie w/ bonus Stockard Channing & Dionne Warwick soundtrack
Just watched The Nance on Channel 13...heartbreaking and wonderful. Like all brilliant comics, Nathan Lane is also a truly magnificent actor.
“The Nance” on was really brilliant tonight. Nathan Lane was absolutely hilarious. I'm glad I saw it!
Current Mood: Trying to figure out what characters Nathan Lane has voiced without looking at IMDB
That was beautiful... I didn't think it was possible to fall more in love with Nathan Lane...
Came to watch The Nance because I like Nathan Lane, but your performance blew me away. I am now a fan forever! Thank you.
Watching The Nance on PBS with Nathan lane. What do people think about the translation of live theater to the tv screen?
Ok, so I was channel surfing and ended up on The Nance from summer 2013 starring Nathan Lane, and I highly recommend watching this play. Just do it. You will have all the feels.
Act one was phenomenal. Nathan Lane is slaying so hard right now.
Broadway Reaches the Masses: Nathan Lane in "The Nance" Airs Tonight on PBS via
Dear Nathan Lane you make me laugh while crying. Thank you.
Douglas Carter Beane’s acclaimed Tony Award-nominated play "The Nance," produced by Lincoln Center Theater, stars stage and screen actor Nathan Lane. The play tells the story of Chauncey Miles (Lane), a headline nance (a parody of a *** man) in the twilight of New York burlesque’s era, who is homose…
In the list of national treasures it reads, "Declaration of Independence, the national parks, and Nathan Lane."
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Watching Nathan Lane killing it in the filmed performance of his Broadway play "The Nance" on PBS' Live From :-) :-(
Watching The Nance - funny and heartbreaking. Nathan Lane is wonderful, as expected, but this a great surprise!
PIC! Stock and Rupert Grint toast their B'way debuts on opening night of
Loved Nathan Lane and Stockard Channing on Broadway in They were comedy gold.
Jimmy gets in a Brawl with Nathan Lane. via
Live at Lincoln Center on pbs is showing Nathan lane in the Nance on bway. Pretty good
I dunno if y'all are fans of star of stage and screen Nathan Lane , but he is killin' it tonight on PBS' airing of "The Nance"
Currently watching The Nance on KERA. Nathan Lane continues to remind me why I do what I do. An absolute phenom.
Just saw, "It's Only a Play", the new play starring Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing, and others. Some good laughs!
The Nance with Nathan Lane on PBS is simply AMAZING!
Watching "The Nance" withe Nathan Lane on PBS. Amazing. he is phenomenal
Check out Nathan Lane as he gives the performance of a lifetime as Chauncey Miles tonight at 9pm.
Watching 'The Nance' with Nathan Lane on PBS. How appropriate as we have the first *** unions in NC. Reminds one how things have changed and how far we've come.
THE NANCE starring Nathan Lane is burlesque magic.
Aimee and Charlie's evening - success! He got her Ghiardelli chocolates for their 1 month anniversary, which is actually on Monday, according to Charlie. Love that boy. Aimee's asleep already. I'm watching Nathan Lane on PBS. All's quiet upstairs. Nice.
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Join Nathan Lane for Lincoln Center Theater's "The Nance," a touching love story and funny and fond tribute to the golden age of burlesque, airing Oct. 10 at 9:00 on PBS. Check your local listings:
Just saw an incredible play on PBS starring Nathan Lane. The Nance. What an incredible commentary on the state of things. Brilliantly written. Beautifully performed.
Wish I had the money to splurge right now! Though Nathan Lane & Mathew Broderick are almost always on Broadway…
My dad is going back and forth between watching baseball, and a 'Live From Lincoln Center' play with Nathan Lane. I think I'll keep him.
Anyone want to see Nathan Lane and Mathew Broderick on Broadway, 'cause I totally do:
I also love seeing Nathan Lane and Cady Huffman together again.
Watching The Nance on PBS...and it's freaking hysterical! Nathan Lane is absolutely AMAZING!
Nathan Lane in The Nance is simply amazing. Simply. Amazing. One of the best plays I've ever had the pleasure to watch.
Really wish I could see Nathan Lane live in my lifetime.
"The Nance," starring two-time Tony winner Nathan Lane as a bawdy *** entertainer in the waning days of burlesque in New York City, is coming...
Apparently KET is the place to be on weekends. Watching The Nance starring Nathan Lane. Oh how I love theater.
"The Nance" starring Nathan Lane will air on this Friday. Check your local listings for times.
Preview starring award-winning actor Nathan Lane, airing this Friday night on
“LIVE FROM Lincoln Center presents "The Nance Starring Nathan Lane" about burlesque headliner of the 1930s, 8
“Reminder: starring Nathan Lane, starts at 9pm on Preview: .
“This week at 9 PM on Nathan Lane stars as the nance:
Watching & Nathan Lane in "The Nance" on Just saw Jonny in this week. Excellent Actor! 👏
Watching " The Nance " Broadway show its awesome I love Nathan lane he probably one of the most talented *** actors I've ever seen .cousin you need to watch this I miss you April Michelle
Watching "The Nance" with Nathan Lane Live at Lincoln Center on PBS... Funny *** play
Happened to catch a Live performance from the Lincoln Center that features Nathan Lane!! I have always loved watching him!
Photos! Raise a Toast to Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick & the Star-Packed Cast of It's Only a Play
Live from Lincoln Center's production of "The Nance" with Nathan Lane is on PBS right now.
Nathan Lane is Hilarious and worth every Horse Laugh! - I4U News: Daily News and Trends for the Geek Mi…
Nathan Lane... every time I see him I think "One more time, for the cheap seats in the back!"
Trivia: When Douglas Carter Beane was writing“The Nance,” he already had Nathan Lane in mind for the leading role.
Nathan Lane = chronically underrated actor! His performance at the Lincoln Center is fantastic.
Two Broadway reviews.saw the Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick comedy "IT'S ONLY A PLAY" before the opening night last night and laughed my head the NY Times rave review will attest to today. If you can get a ticket get one and laugh your troubles away. Last night saw the brilliant revival of the musical "ON THE TOWN" featuring that famous song "New York,New York a helluva town the people ride in the whole in the ground".A glorious production with the best dancing on the sets are gorgeous.worth the price of admission just to see the Staten Island ferry sail past The Statue of LIberty set. Only in New York kids.Only in New York.
The broadway play The Nance starring Nathan Lane is starting right now on PBS.
The Nance production is on PBS and man, Nathan Lane is really funny.
Watching The Bird Cage on Netflix because 1) Nathan Lane is God 2) Tomorrow is National coming Out Day
Nathan Lane helped me when no one else did.
I gotta say, I feel bad for Nathan Lane having to play this character who had to be so clandestine about his private life in The Nance
Nathan Lane in The Nance is just brilliant.
PICS! Celebrate opening night of with Rupert Grint, Megan Mullally, Nathan Lane & more!
Nathan Lane (26:06) and Tyler Houvener (26:12) posted PR's to pace Grace to 4th of 13 teams at Bethel Invitational.
KET: Live from Lincoln Center: Nathan Lane stars as *** headliner Chauncey Miles in fading twilight of 1930s burlesque.
Working on figure drawing while watching Nathan lane on PBS. Theatre design Friday night.
Really though, is there anything better than watching Nathan Lane?
If you're not watching The Nance with Nathan Lane on PBS then I don't know what's wrong with you.
Brittany went to an opening night of a Broadway show that had Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, and Rupert Grint in it las…
I saw Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane on Jimmy Fallon the other night promoting it! They were hilarious.
Looks like Matthew Broderick is doing that quick stare down there at Nathan Lane's Pea *** Nice camera angle NBC.
Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and the Rest of t…:
After a great conf, excited to see on broadway with Nathan Lane, Matthew Broderick, and Ron Weasley (Rupert Grint).
We are so happy Nathan Lane and Matthew Broderick are teaming up again for It's Only a Play! by Terrance McNally.
Meerkat Manor Toledo Zoo Edition - Flipagram with music by Nathan Lane, Ernie Sabella, Jason...
Hah! This one has Rupert Grint! (and Matthew Broderick, Nathan Lane, Stockard Channing and F Murray Abraham!)
The other CDs I hid away to check out next include La Boheme, Cats, and The Addams Family musical (??? but Nathan Lane is Gomez so I'll try)
Its movie night in the Legends lounge with The Producers. Mel Brooks presents the theatrical version of this legendary classic starring Matthew Broderick & Nathan Lane. Movie time is 7pm.
A notch higher than Neil Patrick Harris, just a little under Nathan Lane.
if you are in NYC, go see IT'S JUST A PLAY w Nathan Lane, Mathew Broderick, Stockyard Channing, Megan Mullally. Comedic Drama.
It's pretty cheesy, but it has Nathan Lane and Christopher Walken - the latter as the exterminator. Silly little flick.
Nathan Lane is so adorable!! Must download Birdcage.. That's his best movie till date! ^_^
I almost didn't do "The birdcage" but I went on board when I met Hank Azaria and Nathan Lane.
I like because he's like if Nathan Lane suffered from crippling heterosexuality
Joe falls in love with the same woman three different times. Things heat up when he marries the third. Nathan Lane!
Depressed cat saves Africa with help of flatulent warthog and Nathan Lane h/t
my little brother has no clue who Nathan Lane is. I'm thoroughly disappointed.
Nathan Lane makes himself the center of attention as a crossdressing early Tea Party supporter.
Hamlet. But with lions. In Africa. With a singing and dancing Nathan Lane.
It's Hamlet, except with lions and the voice of Nathan Lane.
agree... Well they are all funny. Nathan Lane too
My son Nathan Lane with the cap on and his friend Jordan Brueschke
Just crossed The Birdcage off my longtime "to watch" list. Robin Williams, Nathan Lane & Hank Azaria = HILARIOUS!
Birdcage - Robin Williams and Nathan Lane make anal sex look ridiculously fun.
Bucket List check: Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane together on Broadway in Megan Mullally was a special bonus!
I get to see Matthew Broderick, Stockard Channing, Nathan Lane, and Rupert Grint tonight!!!
Lane, Broderick back on Broadway in starry fall season
You work Hard for what you Got , Never let someone Take that From You
Watching The Birdcage, great Robin Williams movie, but it's really all about Nathan Lane
Trying to convince your father to be straight is difficult when Nathan Lane is involved.
High off the presence of Nathan Lane
Watching the Birdcage - glorious performances from Robin Williams, Nathan Lane and
African Hamlet, also Nathan Lane is a porcupine.
Nathan Lane wasn't so far off the mark in THE BIRD CAGE.
Nathan Lane pretends to be a woman & dances with Gene Hackman so his adoptive son can marry Calista Flockhart.
Tina Fey, Martin Short, Nathan Lane and I agree on this one thing.
Had a dream the new True Detective featured and Nathan Lane. Everyone had an ascot. ["...I'm gonna have a drink."]
I've just pictured Nathan Lane in The Birdcage! Have a great day x
I'm pretty certain I have a higher IQ than a mouse. But still he outsmarts me! I should call & Nathan Lane!!
I don't know. She's with Nathan lane (my soul mate) and Matthew Broderick but i cannot see
I shared a lane at the Y with Grant for a few years. It meant a lot that he and his father, Bill, helped me so much. You'll be missed.
The Pharisee and the Pagan - Part 2. See you on Sunday morning at 10:30am at 1100 Melody Lane, Roseville. We look...
This show is so great, plus it has an A-list cast. Mathew Broderick, Nathan Lane, and more... I'm so happy.
You need Nathan Lane or Manny Fresco for that.
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