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Nathan Fillion

Nathan Fillion (as in million; born March 27, 1971) is a Canadian actor, currently starring as Richard Castle on the ABC series Castle.

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Following you bc you were lovely to Nathan Fillion's fans. He certainly has had a load of shibai from some people.
Wow! I just all the new GIFS of Nathan.They are really good and he makes my heart mellt.Death by Fillion
Fillion This September will not be the same without Nathan Fillion and another season of Castle!
Hottie of the century Death by Fillion.Nathan
I have a trophy case that contains all the action figures ever made of me. It also has ite
How nice; you really owe Nathan Fillion a lot for giving you the thumbs up.
Love all these pictures of Nathan Fillion so good looking
I will also accept Nathan Fillion, Slip N Slide, Cookie Cop, or Princess Zelda.
the most beautiful, more charming, more sexy, man delights Sir Nathan fillion love love nat…
sorry, that gif was too perfect, mic drop, Shakespeare, and most importantly: Nathan Fillion
Exactly. This is what makes Nathan Fillion so important in our lives--his smile, wit, humor, laugh, joy, love of life. FUN.
Halo 5 multiplayer is now free to play on Windows 10
Blue Beetle casting idea: Jake T. Austin as Jaime Reyes and Nathan Fillion as Ted Kord. Thoughts,
Flattering Nathan Fillion about firefly was undoubtedly the highlight of my public drunkedness last night.
It’s worth it just hear Nathan Fillion explain the meaning of the word “crap”.
Nathan Fillion is coming to Russia!!! NATHAN FILLION IS COMING TO RUSSIA! He’s gonna be at ComicCon in...
"From Comic Con to Comic Con: how to steal from *** who are thinking I'm doing it for them" - a guide book by Nathan Fillion 😂
A friend and I just dream cast Chicago. With nathan fillion as Billy Flynn, Felicia Day as Roxie, and lucy lawless as Velma.
Somebody told me long ago that in acting, it's okay to steal, just steal from the best.
Get exclusive, never-before-seen bonus content when you own the DVD today!
Ugh. Nathan Fillion got dragged into a Kate episode. And immediately following the death of a character I liked too. Sad day.
I was shy. I was painfully shy, until fifth grade when I transferred to another school and
There r 2 words that make my heart skip a beat,butterflies in my tummy,breathless,hot &makes me smile,them 2 words/name is Nathan Fillion
Would take a bullet for Nathan Fillion.
LRT: Ha ha ha, apparently mentioning our bandmate's name has gained us some... niche followers. . WELCOME YOU GUYS!!! NATHAN FILLION'S BUTT!
I think Nathan Fillion just called people with toddlers and/or cats irregular humans.
I would not mind if Nathan Fillion was my second Father,or my new Best Friend,that would be cool!!!
you know what, I would love to have Nathan Fillion as a second Father...
I liked Nathan Fillion in was this movie he was in and i forgot the name.
I agree with you,and i dont believe the lies That Nathan Fillion,and Stana Katic were having problems,on Castle
Nathan Fillion should have a Reunion,that would be cool,and it being on TV!!!
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you know ,I don't believe the stories about Nathan Fillion,and Stana Katic having problems when Castle was made
Hunters are controlled by nobody. We control the wild. We have knives, cloaks, and Nathan Fillion.
Little bit in love with Nathan Fillion.
Alan Tudyk, Nathan Fillion, Felicia Day + more talk CON MAN season two at
This was a meta-experience panel at Didn't get to meet Alan Tyduk or Nathan Fillion.
Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion of the web series 'Con-Man' visit with Fandango host Tiffany Smith https…
📷 adeles: Norman Reedus, Nathan Fillion and Jeffrey Dean Morgan attend the IMDb Yacht at San Diego...
When do Nathan Fillion tickets go on sale tomorrow? BPT used to say 6, now it's 10. When should I set my alarm? :)
Yes! I would love to see something w/ the SPN guys, Ryan, Nathan Fillion, Zachary Levi, James Roday & Matt Bomer!
Thank you for giving the universe Dan Ackroyd, poutine, Nathan Fillion, and hockey.
Nathan Fillion won the favorite Joey poll with 83%. Don Jeffcoat got 8%. Tom Degnan got 5%. Bruce Michael Hall got 4%.
I want Nathan Fillion to give Riki Lindhome a million dollars and some sperm.
Great picture of Father and daughter AKA Molly Quinn and AKA Nathan Fillion
I had a crush on Molly Quinn when I started Castle. Then I had a crush on Nathan Fillion. AGAIN. MALCOM.
Old & new of Stana Katic, Scott Schwartz w/ Nathan Fillion. via 📷: featured in NBC s Science of Love
Nathan Fillion: Actor Reportedly Cast in 'Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2'
Please vote for Ellen Pompeo, Jessica Capshaw and Nathan Fillion until 19/05! :)
the only answer is Nathan Fillion. Nate's literal inspiration
You are going to be missed. Monday's will never the same. Castle.Nathan Fillion will always be apart of my life
I know it was Nathan fillion was amazing as castle I thought
Is Nathan Fillion this generations David Caruso, forgot that he was part of a team? Took years for anyone to trust Caruso again
Nathan fav Canadian. And now, he's out of a job. Being back Firefly or make him President!
Nathan Fillion thanks fans after series finale: 'What an incredible journey'
"What did we ever do to deserve Nathan Fillion"
How Nathan Fillion and Stana Katic thanked fans after 8 seasons:
Nathan Fillion Reacts to End of 'Castle' - ABC News - via
Nathan Fillion thanks fans following the "Castle" series finale
Nathan Fillion thanks "Castle" fans following finale: The "Castle" star has always been sure to show his appr...
Here's what Nathan Fillion had to say to "Castle" fans:
Castle and Beckett say what could be their last 'I love you' ever—in finale sneak peek!
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
The stars of Mike & Molly and Castle say goodbye to fans following epic series finales!
Firefly alumna and new mom, Jewel Staite, consoling Nathan Fillion now that 'Castle' is coming to a close. . Can...
It occurred to me that Nathan Fillion never got 2 knowingly play his last scene as Castle after 8 years. To that, I say, f-c…
Nathan Fillion, Jennifer Lawrence, and Bruce Campbell in Uncharted, directed by Gareth Evans.
Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk's just found a new home which is kind of perfect.
Castle's Fate May Be Decided Today: According to Deadline, star Nathan Fillion has closed a new deal for the…
Nathan Fillion has closed a new deal for Season 9. The news for a renewed/cancelled Castle should come up in the next hours. Get ready.
Will Castle return for season 9? Nathan Fillion has signed a new deal
With an older Hal Jordan being in Green Lantern corps, what about Nathan Fillion?
Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion. They are magical together. I can't imagine a better Kate Beckett and Richard Castle than…
I'm imagining Nathan Fillion doing the 90s cartoon Rogue accent and it's really only one step below Mal Reynolds anyway.
OMG Nathan Fillion just got cast in GOTG Volume 2. He is 100% gonna be Adam Warlock. Gonna check now...
Fillon is old, not fit for the stunts, though Starr is 41 "Fo real!?? Hmn. Nathan Fillion for me still
Nathan Fillion and Jewel Staite are Canadian, surely there's a cancon angle here somewhere.
‘Castle’ stars Nathan Fillion, Molly C. Quinn open up on Stana Katic departure
Ugh, this thing between Stana Katic and Nathan Fillion... It's Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny all over again.
Good evening and good Night fans Nathan Fillion
Molly Quinn is low key blocking anyone who is showing support to Stana. Her allegiance is clearly with Nathan Fillion
"If we come back, I promise Nathan Fillion will bring all of you a *** fine show" - Molly Quinn
"Castle’s other series regulars, Nathan Fillion, Molly Quinn and Susan Sullivan, have yet to comment..."
Jewel Staite to visit former FIREFLY cohort Nathan Fillion on CASTLE
Susan Sullivan talks about Castle, her work with Nathan Fillion, Hulk & Wonder Woman 󾌵
Nathan Fillion plays what is essentially just southern Kotomine
Then I hope they're paying you Nathan Fillion-level bucks...
to meet Nathan Fillion. I'm a bad stalker fan. NO CLUE you were in Seattle until it was too late to get tickets. UGH!
Check out NATHAN FILLION autographed pic from SERENITY via
. Who Is the funniest person Nathan fillion or Seamus dever
is it just me or does Nathan look different in the civil war premiere?
what's it like kissing Nathan Fillion?
I did meet Nathan Fillion once though. Maybe that's it ;)
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Nathan Fillion is all over my
This guy on Masterchef is like a really ropey Nathan Fillion
Big Nathan Fillion acting opposite Summer Glau for the first time since Firefly. In a much better series.
Burnt Lamb Man looks a teeny bit like Nathan Fillion. Anyone else see it?
Alec on looks like a low rent Nathan Fillion
Nathan Fillion's ranking is 708. Know why? Go to and tell fans why
that picture looks like Nathan Fillion and Michael Cera beat and shaved a homeless man.
Not the best pic, but its the one behind Alexis
oh Nathan Fillion is on Masterchef tonight
What would you think if they made a Booster Gold movie with Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk as Blue Beetle?
Casting: Nathan Fillion as Fred; NPH play Barney; Debra Messing is Wilma and let's go with Mindy Kaling as Betty.
Nathan Fillion at last night. Looking awesome, as always.
What did Nathan Fillion say to the Somali pirate?. I'm the Captain Mal.
So apparently, Nathan Fillion, Captain Malcolm Reynolds, is the voice of destiny's Cayde-6.
Hal should be Nathan Fillion. Alan Tuydk as Guy Gardner. And it should be a buddy cop movie with the corps
Born this day in 1971: Captain Malcolm Reynolds from – and more – actor Nathan Fillion.
Happy Birthday to Nathan Fillion! Nathan is best known for his roles as Captain Mal Reynolds in Firefly and...
I had a dream about meeting Nathan Fillion and then being hunted down with Molly Quinn
Stana Katic is the actress who plays Detective Kate Beckett alongside Nathan Fillion on ABC's "Castl
me every time I think about Henry Ian Cusick and Nathan Fillion
I'd go with Nathan Fillion, Glenn Gould, . Tatiana Maslany, Leslie Nielsen & Diana Krall... after you, natch!
TJ Miller for Guy Gardner, Nathan Fillion for Kyle Rayner...I can't make up my mind for the others
Great day at 1st annual SVCC. It's no SDCC but also got to see Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion,Alan Tudyk and Peter Mayhew.
I'm in the stan Lee panel rn and then photo op with Nathan Fillion because I'm a giant browncoat
I hope you had sweet dreams.Hello to my fellow & Nathan Fillion fans..Don't 4 get to smile.& behave. Lol!
So who's the dreamiest athlete or celebrity from the Edmonton area?. Nathan Fillion? Sheldon Souray? Andrew Ference? Chris Benoit? Who else?
TBT to yesterday, when I went to a reading featuring Dennis Haysbert, Nathan Fillion, Josh Brolin, Chris Parnell etc
Nathan Fillion, wearing a Firefly tee-shirt, gets into a rusty station wagon w/ a "would rather be watching Firefly season 2"-bumper sticker
Cool. American Gods is one of my fave books. Coolest person I've met is either Nathan Fillion or Leonard Nimoy
Everyone needs dancing Nathan Fillion on their TL
Please don't buy these t shirts. This image is photoshopped and without Mark's permission or Nathan Fillion's...
Ambrose with the defunct TV show Firefly Alan Tudyk Nathan Fillion and the Didact heads
Christine Rains - Writer: for March 2016. Give you a boost with a cute cat and Nathan Fillion!
I thought Nathan Fillion had legitimized uncensored buttsteak (auto-correct) on network TV a decade and a half ago!
As good as the production value and Mike Colter and Nathan Fillion were in the cut scenes, I wanted more from Chief's struggle.
Nathan Fillion is beautiful and kind though let's be real
Nathan Fillion is my pick to play Ted Cruz in 2016: The Movie.
The dad in the looks like a mix of Nathan Fillion & Karl Urban & it's weirding me out
I can watch some episodes of SAO. but not all. Unless there's celebrities like Nathan Fillion would be in there.
The Dad kinda looks like a cross of Nathan Fillion and Tom Wilson (Biff from Back To The Future)!
Nathan Fillion as Caleb is like John Lithgow as Trinity. Creepy AF but gets the job done.
When you realize you've got a little too much Nathan Fillion going on right now
Me: OMG best day ever. Boss: why? Is Nathan Fillion coming to work here. I feel like they think I have a 1 track mind...which I do. Lol
Nathan Fillion and Adam Baldwin in the Castle episode xD so funny.
Con Man with Alan Tudyk & Nathan Fillion seems like fun. Has anyone watched it?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
This girl looks like Nathan Fillion's daughter on
Ep 8×13 Wow! & Nathan he makes me swoon I liked seeing // hearing him play the drums nice job Nathan.Fillion htt…
I'm a proud Fillionaire Always Nathan is such a good man.Fillion
so was Nathan Fillion in Firefly and look how that went.
Thank You Fillion for Making Mondays awesome.& for all that you do.
in 2006, Samuel L Jackson starred in "Snakes On a Plane" and "Black Snake Moan." Nathan Fillion... he just got "Slither."
Nathan Fillion has played many great roles, but he'll always be Captain Malcolm Reynolds first to me.
Nathan Fillion will always be Captain Malcolm Reynolds from Firefly to me.
who is more likely to survive a zombie apocalypse: Nathan Fillion, Malcolm Reynolds, or Castle?
I saw a writer suggesting Nathan Fillion for Cable... Look, I love NF, but he's too young, too small, and not the right type.
surprised you didn't tell Nathan Fillion that he would be a good young Han Solo. Thanks for the free FMBM!!
"Nathan Fillion hates Stana Katic and has bullied her on set for years."
Completely on board with Richard Castle! 💗 me some Nathan Fillion!
Malcom Reynolds, Richard Castle, and Nathan Fillion. Who lasts the longest in the zombie apocalypse? Shortest?
I can't not be attracted Nathan Fillion aka Richard Castle
Game Idea: It's like Goat Simulator but featuring the voice talent of Nathan Fillion.
LRT: See what I mean? Imagine that read by Christoph Waltz. Or maybe Nathan Fillion.
i would love to walk with Nathan Fillion
Uncharted - Nathan Fillion as Drake and Bruce Campbell as Sully
Big 6-2 for The Panthers to clinch overall 1st place. Goals by The Bernier Murdock, Adam Fillion, Nathan Bols & TJoo! Back at it tomorrow.
.and have been cleaning up at the PCA's for the last few years!
Ryan Reynolds and Nathan Fillion? It doesn't have to be funny. Ha ha!
I actually like the relationship in Castle. Yes I watch Castle (I like Nathan Fillion).
After 20 minutes of play, The Panthers are up 2-1 with goals by Nathan Bols (unassisted) & Mike Cogan (Adam Fillion). 40 min to go!
Help me because I can't breathe .He's 1 sexy man:) Nathan Fillion Nathan
I'm watching the movie Bright Light with my Dear Nathan Fillion.
His photo juxtaposition was, tbh, pretty compelling. Like young Nathan Fillion next to an Easter Island statue
This proves that Nathan Fillion doesn't age.
I thought Castle wrote that which means the writers wrote that unless Nathan Fillion was the writer of Castle who wrote that?
hi Sean what's the likelihood of Nathan Fillion being at a future event
That one time I died and went to heaven, er, I mean, met Nathan Fillion and Alan Tudyk at the…
how was it working with Nathan Fillion on "two guys, a girl, and a pizza place"? Would you ever own a pizza place?
Would you go on another fishing trip with Nathan Fillion?
I want to see: Nathan Fillion, Lea Thompson, Karen Gillain, Alan Tudyk, Sean Astin, and Christopher Lloyd.
I had read in error: Nathan Fillion Square! Finally! has not the star but has a square! Great !
And also a tiny teeny bit of my appreciation of Nathan Fillion.
You can tell how old a photo is judging by Nathan Fillion's weight fluctuations.
Nathan fillion is my favorite actor
Watching because Nathan Fillion is amazing and I just love this movie!!
Mild spoilers for ep 810 "Witness for the Prosecution" in this interview with guest actress Kassie DePaiva
omg he looks like Nathan Fillion when he does the second one
I got Tahm Kench for an ARAM just now and did a little squeal. also Nathan Fillion was on The Guild too so I did another squeal
Nathan Fillion: On this day, I complimented Ron Glass on his sweater, and he gave it to me. What an...
I liked a video from Conversation with Nathan Fillion, Adam Baldwin, & Jewel Staite -
I'm excited for Nathan Fillion, Alan Tyduk, and from that other "BVS," Charisma Carpenter.
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Me: who are ur top 5 nerd celebs you'd want to meet?. Bro: Nathan Fillion, Nathan Fillion, Nathan Fillion, Nathan Fillion, & Norman Reedus
Summer to co-star on Nathan Fillion's Castle. via So happy will be on
Nathan Fillion and Elizabeth Banks battle an alien invasion in scary movie SLITHER, tonight at 8.30PM.
S3E13 of ‘Drunk History’ is the best yet. Nathan Fillion as Werner von Braun, Paul Scheer as Carl Sagan, and Chelsea Peretti as Ann Druyan.
Anything that combines Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day is glorious in my book.
Nathan Fillion reveals his man crushes: Bradley Cooper and Benedict Cumberbatch among them https:/…
at is Serenity (2005) starring Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres & Summer Glau
"Saving Private Ryan" had an insanely deep cast. Vin Diesel, Nathan Fillion, and Bryan Cranston.
The Just Us League-Nathan Fillion as Booster Gold, Charlie Day as Ted Kord, and Danny McBride as Guy Gardner. 250 mil. Easy.
We can't bring Firefly back because Nathan Fillion has aged past the point where Malcolm Reynolds would have been eaten by space cannibals.
Has the new Star Trek show fancasting started? I vote Nathan Fillion as the captain, Jon Hamm as the captain, and Idris Elba as the captain.
Every time I see Christopher Sieber I keep thinking it's Nathan Fillion
doesn't really exist, in the same way we're aware that Nathan Fillion is not the same person as Malcolm Reynolds. But that...
dunno y'all already have the best superheroes (wolvie,deadpool) & Nathan Fillion,Daniel Cudmore & Ryan Reynolds. Don't get greedy!
Matthew McConaughey as Adam Warlock and Nathan Fillion as Richard Rider, we could have it all
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
From James Gunn, Nathan Fillion, and Aria Giovanni. It's not what you think it is. It's better.
Halo 5 cast. Mike Colter. Steve Downes. Jen Taylor. and Nathan Fillion as the Definitively White Man
I want this more than I wanted Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern.
These guys are all in Saving Private Ryan: Vin Diesel, Bryan Cranston, Giovanni Ribisi, Paul Giamatti, Nathan Fillion and Ted Danson
Holy heck I didn't know that Nathan fillion was in halo 3 odst wow
it was pretty intense. Like when Nathan Fillion was there kind of intense. I stayed right out of it.
People on my friends list really like Nathan Fillion.
only found a song called "Happy Birthday Nathan Fillion" on iTunes. I'm singing it now with your name 😉
nor do I lol, hopefully they both will be able to show up for it! neat Nathan Fillion will be there as well.
Missed opportunity, I'd have pasted Nathan Fillion's face all over the cover and quadrupled sales. ovo
Lemme guess you discovered THE GAWD, Nathan Fillion when you started watching CASTLE. WHERE WERE YOU DURING THE WRITERS STRIKE?
Nathan Fillion&request for Halo 5: Can you make me better looking? -
Is this Nathan Fillion "A group of people was doing a selfie, and... photobomb time!"
Hey Guys this is a shout out to my favorite actor Nathan Fillion you are the coolest 😎
Firefly’s great but you guys realize it’s basically just Star Wars with Nathan Fillion right? Not that that’s a bad thing.
Kate be married to Nathan Fillion one minute, then screwing Sawyer the next minute, all while pining over Jack. *** girl.
Nathan Fillion had expressed an interest in such a role IIRC
Somehow when I see a picture of Nathan Fillion smiling I can't help smiling myself
I’ll have to watch it. That Nathan Fillion loves to throw out easter eggs.
Nathan Fillion talks to Jimmy Kimmel about how his Halo 5 character is more handsome than he is
all well and good but while Nathan Fillion is working on Castle could it even be considered
I just want to play as Nathan Fillion
[Nathan Fillion at a loss for words .gif]
The only game I am really excited for this whole year is Fallout 4, I don't care for Halo anymore though Nathan Fillion..
FYI, in my R-rated "I guess I'm dating Nathan Fillion" dream, you were literally the only person who seemed at all surprised.
Not sure I'm a fan of Mark Wahlberg for Nathan Drake. Fillion would've been fantastic...
Had such a jarring dream about Nathan Fillion that I doubt I'll be able to concentrate all day. Anyway, good morning.
Dan's got some story like this every other day. Interviewing Clark Gregg or Nathan Fillion, visiting Dubai... he's the MAN.
Thanks always for listening to mine. At least they involve Nathan Fillion.
Nathan Fillion is like the perfect Nathan Drake, why hasn't this happened already?
Update your maps at Navteq
I am still rooting for Nathan Fillion as Green Lantern. I know he is too old now, but still.
Without Firefly and Buffy, Nathan Fillion would be just a really good looking man without a career. Discuss.
Watching Saving Private Ryan and seeing babby Nathan Fillion and Vin Diesel was so weird
Nathan Fillion gets suggested for lots of CBM roles, but who do you think he could realistically be? My thought is Gambit...
So. Nathan fillion's character is like what makes firefly? This is what I've gathered from 2 episodes.
The cast wants to do another season
Why didn't I realize that Nathan Fillion was in Destiny
Is his name really Mr. Castle or am I just hearing it wrong? I keep looking up expecting to see Nathan Fillion...
I liked a video Nathan Fillion Looks Slightly More Handsome in Halo 5
.Goal of CASTLE Split Is to Bring Back the 'Show Everybody Fell in Love With' h…
I'm not sure the real knows who Nathan Fillion is...
I wish I could go! You and Nathan Fillion in beautiful Seattle! !
About 17 hours left to vote. Nominate Nathan Fillion.
Also knock-off Avengers toys with more women than the real ones, plus Nathan Fillion as Iron Man.
I just had 2 ppl ask me who Nathan Fillion was. THIS IS A HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT!
Don't cry Nathan Fillion it'll be okay
I just voted 4 Nathan Fillion for Favorite TV Crime Drama Actor for 2016. Cast your vote now! Its a good thing
oh Fred's best friend Nathan Fillion is going to that convention. I guess I know why Lana will go then. I hope for some pics of 3 of them
I'd say the best thing would be Nathan Fillion's parts. I want a game with just Cayde.
Captain Malcolm Reynolds isn't so bad folks. Well, Nathan Fillion actually. Met him recently for the first time! Such an amazing guy!
As futile as it is, I will never stop fan casting Firefly era Nathan Fillion as Hal Jordan.
But if I decide it's enough and don't work anymore today I saw Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion showed up at some point.
My top three I need to snog 1David Tenant 2Tim Roth 3 Nathan Fillion ooh and can't forget and
So far I have gotten autographs from Summer Glau, Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres and Jewel Staite. Staite was the ONLY one on time.
Photo: (L-R) Joss Whedon, Felicia Day, Neil Patrick Harris and Nathan Fillion at the “Dr. Horrible’s...
According to Variety, Nathan Fillion , Alan Tudyk, Gina Torres, and Jewel Staite were at New York Comic Con.
I am in the green room at NYCC. Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, Orlando Jones and Jewel Staite are here too. This means we are peers.
Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, and Jewel Staite are adorable at the reunion
Oh cool! Alan Tudyk is at the Firefly panel too, along with Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, and Jewel Staite!
Last thing on the agenda: the panel. Any reason to see Nathan Fillion & Alan Tudyk is a good one y/y. ht…
About to get photo taken with Nathan Fillion, Gina Torres, & Jewel Staite. NO BIG DEAL.
Space Cowboys will never not be sexy. Ford in Star Wars, Nathan Fillion in Serenity, Bill Pullman in Space Balls, Chris Pratt in GOTG...
New great preview with Sean Maher, Alan Tutyk, Nathan Fillion and Michael Trucco!
And yeah - while I loved Destiny 1.0, TTK is a massive improvement across the board - having 100% more Nathan Fillion helps too!
Nathan Fillion was Mal Reynolds not Wash. They never watched Firefly.
My first two cards would be from Norman Reedus (and Nathan Fillion (
It was great to see Nathan Fillion, Jon Huertas and Seamus Dever ( "Castle" cast) stop by for a pint this past...
Here's our reaction to the latest trailer (OMG Nathan Fillion!) Are you getting the new console?
Just over a day left to fund the delightful Con Man project from Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion. Go go go: …
Every time I 📺 the trailer of Halo 5... It's funny to 👀 Nathan Fillion so serious. I think I watched Castle a lot! 😆
True. But Miss Piggy got Nathan Fillion so I think she comes out ahead once again.
at it again Nathan Fillion would like to play 'Booster Gold'. Here's what he may look like. Fantastic
This is the kind of uncle Nathan Fillion is: the best kind. 💙
Photoset: stana-katic: Nathan Fillion hooks up with Miss Piggy
Nathan Fillion just crushed Xanders eye with his thumb ***
I realize it's 6 AM but Miss Piggy has moved on with NATHAN FILLION. Yeah, I'm officially jealous of a puppet. But still, mad respect!
Kermit spots Castle star Nathan Fillion sneaking out ...
Honestly, if Nathan Fillion wants to work on your franchise it's an easy way to characterise and get an audience, right?
Just so I'm clear: is the new direction of 343's Halo to not do Chief at all and replace him with Nathan Fillion?
Photoset: tzun: suzukiblu: rainnecassidy: drstanakatic: Nathan Fillion hooks up with Miss Piggy That’s….
For the record, I only love it b/c I'm obsessed w/Nathan Fillion & because I used to be a sucker for unrequited love stories.
Since when does Nathan Fillion have an IG account? — Since a long time actually
Miss Piggy gets her revenge on Kermit
Nathan Fillion tells Chicago Comic Con he wants to portray Superhero...
Kerry Washington, Nathan Fillion, and Kermit the Frog Are in the Hot …
love seeing Malcolm Reynolds aka Nathan Fillion in Halo 5 Guardians looks exactly like him
dude, was that a Nathan Fillion cameo?! Nice
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