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Nathan Bedford Forrest

Nathan Bedford Forrest (July 13, 1821 – October 29, 1877) was a lieutenant general in the Confederate Army during the American Civil War.

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Jack Kershaw is the sculptor we have to "thank" for the Nathan Bedford Forrest Statue out along I-65 south of town. A few years ago, he did
Nathan Bedford Forrest was born on July 13 1821 in Bedford County, Tennessee. He was also born as a twin. What was…
Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate officer, created the KKK.
My favourite story is the one about visiting Nathan Bedford Forrest's granddaughter.
That movement started before Trump and you can credit Nathan Bedford Forrest
I am proud that my great grandfather served under Terry's Rangers who served under Nathan Bedford Forrest
in 1865 Slavery was abolished and Nathan Forrest Bedford founded the KKK,he even lead the Democratic convention in 1868 being openly racist
Wizard of the saddle Gen Nathan Bedford Forrest gravesite "arrive 1st with the most "
Much of the white Southern men of his generation were named after Reb generals. Could be worse imagi…
Apparently the Keebler Elves tree Sessions escaped from was located on the Nathan Bedford Forrest pl…
His name is like the perfect confederate memorial microcosm. Well, almost--missing a Nathan Bedford For…
hey! some one said that one word that word Nathan Bedford Forrest loved,about 7 billion times,you're never going to guess who tho.
with that many rednecks in that room,How many times I bet they said that one word?You know,the one Nathan Bedford Forrest used.
Nathan Bedford Forrest endorsed me. Fake news media wants me to disavow but how can disavow someone I know nothing about?
"Southern Steel" Don Troiani . Nathan Bedford Forrest during the battle of Okolona.Do you know the year?
Forrest is not an appropriate nickname, unless you mean his ancestor Nathan Bedford Fo…
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How do Nathan Bedford Forrest and Hillary compare? Both denied the humanity of some people for their own gain.
Jeff Sessions is the reincarnation of whatever boot-licking racist toadie rode shotgun for Nathan B…
Learn the Truth. Read our book "Nathan Bedford Forrest & the Battle of Fort Pillow: Yankee Myth, Confederate Fact."
Bedford. When i lived in TN i literally lived on Nathan Bedford Forrest Lane.
The other Confederate Civil War re-enactor refers to KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest as "a great man."
Educate yourself. Your ignorance should embarrass you: .
Nathan Bedford Forrest - originator of the KKK - Tenn - D.W. Griffith filmed: The Birth of a Nation - featuring the…
.is officially with John C. Calhoun, Nathan Bedford Forrest, & Roy Cohn on the Mount Rushmore of All-…
Or I may go through Atlanta changing the street signs of Martin Luther King to Nathan Bedford Forrest...
In the past week there have been two Google searches that brought someone to my personal webpage: "Wendell Smith" & "Nathan Bedford Forrest"
started by democrats Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate General
Memphis to dig up Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest | Fusion
Say hello to your new Attorney General, Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Milo Yiannopoulos is to free speech precisely what Nathan Bedford Forrest is to free society. Weep not for free...
Bad human communication is better we disintegrate in peace, instead of the state of turmoil he is. -Nathan Bedford Forrest
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No actually, Lincoln was the first elected president from the GOP, and the KKK that was Nathan Bedford Forrest among others
Someone please tell POTUS that Nathan Bedford Forrest should be arrested for war crimes and treason...
Well, it's I'm guessing any minute now Trump admin will announce they're putting Nathan Bedford Forrest on a stamp.
Forrest City (FC), Arkansas is named after three beloved Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest. Great right? Um, no.
FC, or Forrest City, Arkansas, my home is named after the beloved Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Anybody know why the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue is still standing on I65?
Founded by Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Democrat delegate from the state of Tennessee. FACT
Call your reps! That man is Nathan Bedford Forrest reincarnated!
10/3/1872. I don't care what my enemies or the haters think, but Nathan Bedford Forrest will make a great Attorney Gene…
BTW, nimrod... the KKK was started by Nathan Bedford Forrest... A PRO-slavery demon-crap!
not surprised that party in state of first terrorist Nathan Bedford Forrest would have that opinion! White supremacy never changes.
I didn't look carefully, but I think the 1st @ on there had a Nathan Bedford Forrest avatar. Human garbage.
My personal version of punching a Nazi is giving the finger to the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue on I-65.
Jack presented his timeline on the Ku Klux Klan and his powerpoint on Nathan Bedford Forrest and Robert Byrd. 👍
Young Tripp had a dog named Bedford? Please tell me it wasn't named after Nathan Bedford Forrest?
If the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest on I-65 goes missing, we'll know where to look.
Is it going to be Nathan Bedford Forrest's ghost? He founded the KKK in case that joke required reading a book.
.Tennessee in 2017: still praising Nathan Bedford Forrest and racist af
Visit Parker’s Crossroads Visitor Center in Wildersville, TN & pick up one of our Nathan Bedford Forrest books! SRP
Having trouble wrapping my mind around Sessions as AG. Might stop at the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue on the way home to reflect on it.
As they should.putting this guy in charge of Civil Rights in the US? *** ..let's just get Nathan Bedford Forre…
gotta say I prefer Nathan Bedford Forrest but I guess it's a half dozen or he other at this point
And that the Attorney General may be a white sheet and a cigar away from Nathan Bedford Forrest.
"I've said it a million times -- if the KKK didn't push away Nathan Bedford Forrest, they never woulda lost to Superman."
Jeff Sessions is an evil leprechaun who rides shotgun for Nathan Bedford Forrest in his frightened WS wet dreams.
Yall think Alabama will select Nathan Bedford Forrest XVI to replace Jefferson Beauregard Sessions III?
Sessions for AG? Was no descendant of Nathan Bedford Forrest available?
I knew all along trump, was an admirer of Nathan Bedford Forrest. We know have kkk Enthusiasts running our country, what a dam shame.
ghost of Nathan Bedford Forrest. And then teacher should still be questioned about who
Nathan Bedford Forrest for secdef or homeland if he could.
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why do you navy seal *** always gotta bring up MLK, you have your own heroes like Col. Nathan Bedford Forrest…
Truth On Thursday. Learn honest history. Excellent book on and Nathan Bedford Forrest
Never stand and take a charge... charge them too.
Remembered being shocked last month by a flattering Nathan Bedford Forrest biography at the Brooklyn Library. Sheesh.
Visit our Webstore dedicated to our award-winning Nathan Bedford Forrest books!
Or,should we ask Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, the 1st Grand Wizard of the KKK, was h…
It just occurred to me that Forrest Gump was named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, the first Grand Wizard of the KKK.
Remember when the same *** protested to have the remains of Nathan Bedford Forrest moved then did nothing? Can't wait for that to happen
Very Interesting Article on MTSU Confederate on Campus: Nathan Bedford Forrest as MTSU's Mascot via
question for what party did Nathan Bedford Forrest belong to?
sign promoting found next to Nathan Bedford Forrest memorial statue
BREAKING: Trump considering oil tycoon Forrest Lucas for Dept. of Interior, Nathan Bedford Forrest for Dept. of Commerce.
is a rich mans version of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Sedition treason globalist.
Given that Democrats never vote in midterm elections, 2018 could elect the corpses of Nathan Bedford Forrest, Bull Connor, & Tom Watson.
The exhumed corpse of Nathan Bedford Forrest for head of DoJ Civil Rights Division
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
A.W. Gould, a student, served under and was killed by Nathan Bedford Forrest in an act of self defense.
Oh look! General Nathan Bedford Forrest stood up for blacks!!!
I've got no respect for any young man who won't join the co...
You can be a racist and a veteran. Ask Nathan Bedford Forrest. The Klan was founded by racist vets.
Nathan Bedford Forrest statue to remain at Health Sciences Park until further notice
In Memphis's Forrest Park, there's a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest, one of the most infamous and powerful...
Tennessee commission rejects plan to relocate Nathan Bedford Forrest statue from Memphis park.…
Nathan Bedford Forrest statue won't be relocated from a park near downtown Memphis
2) TN agency blocked city from removing statue of Confederate General and KKK founder, Nathan Bedford Forrest, from city park.
Tennessee Historical Commission says Nathan Bedford Forrest's remains and statue can't be moved from park
Made this of my favorite Confederate Generals Hiram Bronson Granbury, Robert Edward Lee, Nathan Bedford Forrest
Here's the founder of the Ku Klux Klan, Nathan Bedford Forrest, a delegate to the Democratic National Convention
I share views on the removal of Nathan Bedford Forrest's remains and statue from our park.
Memphis asking Tenn. historical commission to remove Nathan Bedford Forrest statue from park
TIL Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest later in life advocated racial reconciliation and was condemned for it.
Nathan Bedford Forrest started the KKK and he was a racist. These are only lies your telling now
"my Great Grandfather played RB for FSU. Scant reporting , but "Warrick Dunn" sounds like bff w Nathan Bedford Forrest
On this day in 1864, at Brice's Cross Roads in Mississippi, Confederate forces led by Nathan Bedford Forrest...
I just listed: 'First With the Most: Nathan Bedford Forrest', for 8.99 via
First with the Most : Nathan Bedford Forrest by Robert S. Henry True story
nominated the equivalent of Nathan Bedford Forrest for POTUS.
Guy in pub wearing a t-shirt celebrating Nathan Bedford Forrest the founder of the KKK whilst his mate is wearing an Ali t-shirt.SMH
.2) Better case can be made for removing confederate monuments name places honoring individuals, like Nathan Bedford Forrest.
I'm more interested in your thoughts about Nathan Bedford Forrest
were you required to fondle a lifelike Nathan Bedford Forrest mannequin
George W Loy killed at Sulphur Springs Tressel fighting with Nathan Bedford Forrest
was named Nathan Bedford Forrest or something. So chill on that.
Mom just text me said that part 4 mentioned the bad reputation of Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Nathan Bedford Forrest did, and he was a Civil War legend. He later disassociated from the Klan.
2/ That black men will sleep with "our" white women. You're not even hiding it. It's like you're Nathan Bedford Forrest.
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If you don't believe me, take a look at the Nathan Bedford Forrest Park in Tennessee. Changed the name and will soon be forgotten
Nathan Bedford Forrest is honored in Selma too.
That would be between Nathan Bedford Forrest and God, wouldn't it? Not my job or inclination to forgive him. Fascinating you're 1/2
Nathan Bedford Forrest. Learned that from "Forrest Gump" of all places.
Reading up on Nathan Bedford Forrest ordering this massacre 😒 That part was conveniently left out in ALL my history classes
In Ken Burns' Captain America: Civil War the talking heads with Shelby Foote kind of overplay Nathan Bedford Forrest's role in the punching.
This is Nathan Bedford Forrest, the Confederate General and Democratic Party delegate who founded the Ku Klux Klan https:…
Nice article. Nathan Bedford Forrest took the baton in the Civil War.
I would give up every effete, Muslim loving Dem General in the BO Military for one Nathan Bedford Forrest in command.
I hope all the Greensward supporters will show as much passion about removing Nathan Bedford Forrest from one of our public parks someday.
another great commander was Nathan Bedford Forrest at Brice's Crossroads. He truly was a wizard in the saddle
I nominate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. Keep up the skeer.
Nathan Bedford Forrest was a hero to whites during the war because he used to lead riots in occupied Memphis.
I'm at a rest stop in Mississippi & they have a memorial to Nathan Bedford Forrest. It's chilling to see a memorial to a terrorist today.
It's now easier to change the constitution in TN than it is to rename a building named after Nathan Bedford Forrest.
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Just got my book on Nathan Bedford Forrest. Thank you
I'm watching a documentary about KKK involvement with the renaming of Nathan Bedford Forrest(first Grand Wizard) Park.
He might as well be wearing a Nathan Bedford Forrest shirt
Forrest Trump. Of course the connection to Nathan Bedford Forrest is stronger in TrumpdTrump than it was in Gump.
Nathan Bedford Forrest, the founder, was of Ulster Scots descent
Brown: Nathan Bedford Forrest extra controversial bc of connection to KKK
Fun fact: MTSU’s mascot used to be Nathan Bedford Forrest, a former KKK leader. Like…it was just the guy, I guess.
.. Mid TN St's original mascot, up into the 1970s, was Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, an early leader of the KKK.
like Nathan Bedford Forrest, whom I have seen described as "a talented jerk"
What do Ida B. Wells, W.C. Handy and Nathan Bedford Forrest have in common? Find out
Maybe we can bring back Nathan Bedford Forrest to run as secretary of defense. And Paul Blart as General of the Avengers.
If you're a General Forrest fan, you'll want a copy of "A Rebel Born: A Defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest," by...
DYK: Middle Tennessee's 1st mascot was Nathan Bedford Forrest, a Confederate General and early leader in the Ku Klux Klan?
The first "Grand Wizard" or leader was Nathan Bedford Forrest, a general in the confederate army.
Nathan Bedford Forrest though. He'd probably be worse than Trump. So maybe that's one of the three "worse" scenarios.
The bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest will be removed from the TN Capitol within 16 years. Future leaders will do it. Only a matter of time...
I've posted this many times. But, you will never be as cool as Nathan Bedford Forrest.
3. Former Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest was the original ringleader of this despicable terrorist organization...
Conald Trump is doing to the GOP what Nathan Bedford Forrest couldn't do. Use the KKK to destroy the Republican Party.
Best podcast ever on taking down Memphis Nathan Bedford Forrest statue. is flawless.
Republicans now reading from speech that apparently redeems Nathan Bedford Forrest's war crimes, human slave trading
Roberts, R-Sprinfield: But the bust we spend most t. with is bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest. Why? I'd say b/c it's a story of redemption.
This debate has centered on Confederate Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest. Calls to remove his markers have intensified in recent years.
Heritage Protection Act up in Senate today. It would make it nearly impossible to remove Confederate memorials.
Think you're referring to the "modern" KKK; original was founded way back in 1800's by Nathan Bedford Forrest
I walk by a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest every day going to class. My state sadly doesn't surprise me.
Nathan Bedford Forrest & George Gordon would be thrilled to know that their club is actually a factor in a presidential race 150 yrs later
I'm not sure what I saw on CNN. But apparently as a Democrat I am permanently branded as a child of Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Kind of the Nathan Bedford Forrest of the United States
Can we agree that Trump would fulfill Nathan Bedford Forrest's vision?
Yup. Many would vote for Nathan Bedford Forrest himself before Hillary.
"I didn't want to have to do this but you left me no choice!" *erects statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest*
sure, the fact that Bernie voted to install a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest in Charles Rangell's office is disturbing, but
google Nathan Bedford forrest he was a Dem
War means fighting, and fighting means killing.
Nathan Bedford Forrest distanced himself from the KKK more successfully than Donald Trump did.
We are the party that fought Nathan Bedford Forrest and his ilk. There is no place for the KKK in the GOP.
PS: KKK founded largely by former Confederate soldiers like Nathan Bedford Forrest. Who supports Confederacy now?
Nathan Bedford Forrest's spirit to endorse saying he will rise again if he's elected.
...started by Democrats. The 1st Grand Wizard, Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest, was introduced at the DNC Convention in South Carolina
Did lay a wreath on Nathan Bedford Forrest?.
They have spelling problems with the name of their other hero too: Nathan Bedford Forrest
"I wasn't sold on when I heard the KKK was supporting him, well, I knew he was my guy."~Nathan Bedford Forrest's Ghost.
In 1868 didnt the Democratic party honor Nathan Bedford Forrest who was allegedly the Grand Wizard of the kkk?
when Nathan Bedford Forrest founded it in 1869.
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Nathan Bedford Forrest's insurgency has taken many turns over the yrs in its effort to fight back against the GOP. This is 1 of the stranger
At this point I don't care if Trump has a Nathan Bedford Forrest shrine. Tired of the GOPe trying to pick the candidate.
The Party of Lincoln's candidate to be someone supported by the terror group founded by Nathan Bedford Forrest? Shameful,
Middle TN State U still has "Nathan Bedford Forrest Hall," named for the notorious KKK leader. This shows intellectual po…
This was regarding the Nathan Bedford Forrest bill-layers of red tape were put in place today by new bill.
Maybe Corker wants to talk to his Republican colleagues about how Nathan Bedford Forrest made his money?
This person, who essentially thinks slavery was affirmative action, should read today htt…
House passes bill to prevent removal of Nathan Bedford Forrest bust
There used to be a bar called Club Sheba, on Forrest Ave., named for Nathan Bedford Forrest
I also know that Nathan Bedford Forrest was responsible for the coldblooded execution of 200 African-American Union soldiers.
Help make it happen for Nathan Bedford Forrest feature film-- A REBEL BORN via
Watch the left be outraged. Then call to dig up Nathan Bedford Forrest.
not inclined to forgive Nathan Bedford Forrest no matter how many post-klan song & dance numbers
You get an autographed photo of Nathan Bedford Forrest
loser Confederate General & founder of KKK Nathan Bedford Forrest. klansmen & confederate creeps always know who he is! LOL!
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Seeking funding for a feature film about Nathan Bedford Forrest:
Among those Confederates who escaped before the surrender of Fort Donelson was cavalry leader Nathan Bedford Forrest.
I admire The Civil War series (Ken Burns) but some aspects are jarring e.g. its admiration of Nathan Bedford Forrest
Conservative? Visit us & find out why you should love Nathan Bedford Forrest!
"L. Seabrook’s A REBEL BORN is the definitive biography on Nathan Bedford Forrest." - Confederate Veteran magazine
lolyea took Lincoln long enuff Nathan Bedford Forrest was riding with black men beginning and end civilwar
Makes you wonder what would happen if someone put a noose around Nathan Bedford Forrest' statue.
A woman that votes for Trump is like a black person voting for Nathan Bedford Forrest.
i have a friend named Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Learn the truth about General Forrest in our book "Nathan Bedford Forrest: Southern Hero, American Patriot.”
RIP Nathan Bedford Forrest. Leave his body alone. And his wife too. What did she do?
Nathan Bedford Forrest was an American hero. Visit our new website & find out why!
Nathan Bedford Forrest captured Fort Billow in the Civil War, took prisoner all the white soldiers & killed all the Hebrews...
Dang, Ken Burns shut up about Nathan Bedford Forrest already, you too Shelby Foote
Since get 2 be in charge of Alaskan mts, can Tennessee rename Mt. St. Helens "Mt. Nathan Bedford Forrest"? Bcuz
Nathan Bedford Forrest claimed that Klan membership was over 400k. That's nearly 50% of the Confederate veterans.
Vandal charged with painting his last name on Nathan Bedford Forrest statue in Memphis: MEMPHIS, Tennessee — A...
City Council votes to remove Nathan Bedford Forrest statue
A Confederate Soldier on the horrendous war crimes of Nathan Bedford Forrest. . Monuments to him all over the place.
To stay or to go: The fight to keep the statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest in place continues:
Their hero is Confederate General and slave trader Nathan Bedford Forrest...
Savannah Mayor Bob Shutt accepts Nathan Bedford Forrest statue as Memphis, TN does not want it.
Some quick research reveals that Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Christian. Oops.
Protesters begin digging at gravesite of Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest
Are the ghosts of Robert E. Lee, Stonewall Jackson or Nathan Bedford Forrest to blame for all this black violence?
That's What They Get, for following the likes of Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Hopefully will do same with Nathan Bedford Forrest monument on I65...only problem is it's privately owned
Why so much concern about removing remains of Nathan Bedford Forrest? Re-interment is an American past time.
The state has officially denied Nashville's request to block the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue off I-65
GREGORY WADE: Nathan Bedford Forrest and the public memory - Franklin Home Page
it seems, was far more respectful of the black man's rights than the Federal government was.
Man drives several hours to fix grass next to Nathan Bedford Forrest's statue and grave
By U. S. Law, Nathan Bedford Forrest was an "American" veteran and the city of Memphis is vandalizing his grave.
A new piece at from "We Don’t Have Enough Contempt for Nathan Bedford Forrest."
Mayor Karl Dean, , TN: Remove statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest and s
I humbly suggest we simply make Nathan Bedford Forrest's birthday celebration a two-day gala.
Today in history in 1821 Confederate cavalry general & tactical genius, Nathan Bedford Forrest, is born in B…
so are they going to rename Forrest High School in Chapel Hill TN named after Nathan Bedford Forrest? smh
This is Nathan Bedford Forrest. Confederate General. early KKK member. delegate to the 1868 Democratic Nat'l Convention
James Edwards & Political Cesspool to honor Nathan Bedford Forrest in Memphis on Sunday:
Why'd they wait so soon?. Memphis City Council votes to remove monument to 1st KKK Grand Wizard Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Memphis City Council, will remove the remains of KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest from a City Park.
Photo of Gen. Nathan Bedford Forrest stolen from Forrest County Board of Supervisors conference room.
What do you folks think about Memphis City Council starting to discuss whether to move statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest from Union Ave park?
More racist BS: My local high school in Jacksonville was named Nathan Bedford Forrest after the 1st KKK Grand Wizard until …
The PC Police CHANGED the name of a High School named after Nathan Bedford Forrest in SUCKSONVILLE FL!
"The KKK stole the flag!" Bull. They KEPT it. Nathan Bedford Forrest was a Southern General and knew *** well what it stood for.
[Memphis] Mayor Wharton: Remove Nathan Bedford Forrest statue and body from park via
Forrest County named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, Confederate General and Klan leader. Amazing times.
Nathan Bedford Forrest, a lieutenant general in the Confederate Army and the first Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux...
The mayor of Memphis has plans for the bones of Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of KKK:...
T3:To my horror, in 1965 I found out my high school in Jax Fla, is named after Nathan Bedford Forrest. SERIOUSLY!
Ha! There's also the bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest (KKK founder) at the State Capitol & the TN park named for him
Mayor Wharton says he supports removing Nathan Bedford Forrest statue from Health Sciences Park
BREAKING: Memphis said in news conference he wants to move Nathan Bedford Forrest's statue from Health Sciences Park.
there is also a state park named for Nathan Bedford Forrest in TN in sorry to say.
Mayor AC Wharton says the City Council CAN MOVE the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue OUT of the Health Science Park
Confederate General Nathan Bedford Forrest was buried in Elmwood Cemetery originally, his body was moved to park in 1904.
Mayor Wharton wants Nathan Bedford Forrest statue and body removed from park
Memphis Mayor wants to remove Nathan Bedford Forrest statue and his body from city park |
domain names
Jim Cooper calls for removing bust of Nathan Bedford Forrest from Tennessee Capitol:
Tennessee politicians are talking about removing a statue of Nathan Bedford Forrest from the capital. I guess...
All this about Nathan Bedford Forrest is a bit ridiculous. My high school was named after him. It is what it is. You can't rewrite history.
There are genuine reasons to scrap the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue. All that aside, it's just artistically wretched
Letters to the editor, June 25: Nathan Bedford Forrest -
Vote to block public views of the ugly racist statue on TN I-65:Blockage sought of I-65 Nathan Bedford Forrest statue
You gonna change the names of the schools named after Nathan Bedford Forrest and others of his ilk?
How the bloody do you have a building named after Nathan Bedford Forrest? It's the 21st century, people.
Building named after Nathan Bedford Forrest--should be no objections to renaming. NBF accepted leading role in 1st KKK.
My day was made! reported on efforts to block the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue. We love The R…
just add Nathan Bedford Forrest's Final Resting Place right below
Not a stupid man, but when discussing Nathan Bedford Forrest he becomes disturbingly tumescent.
Nathan Bedford Forrest was a white supremacist.
Catching the rerun & this guy with the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue...OMFG. He's 2 hrs away! TOO CLOSE.
The man owns a horrendous monument of Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the KKK, visible from a TN highway.
Campaign planning to compel MTSU to remove Nathan Bedford Forrest's name from the ROTC building underway. Round 3. Let's go.
Memphis. Question. I know the park name changed but is the Nathan Bedford Forrest statue still up? Since we're talking racist monuments.
Reminds me of the Nathan Bedford Forrest controversy in Memphis & Selma. Forrest Park was renamed in Memphis.
how did a sitting senator from Tennessee Al Gore) allow the statue and State Park in honor of Nathan Bedford Forrest
i mean Nathan Bedford Forrest has a park in memphis and he is responsible for the massacre of hundreds of black union soldiers
actually NotJerry, it was Pulaski TN by Nathan Bedford Forrest
Get there first with the most men. ---Nathan Bedford Forrest
Our ancestors had links with Thomas Jackson, Nathan Bedford Forrest etc.
When the gamers take over, they will dedicate monuments, parks, and streets to Chuck Johnson, as the South did with Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Three years after disappearance, Nathan Bedford Forrest’s bust is back atop cemetery monument:
Bring me the new head of Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Neo-Nazi, fan of Nathan Bedford Forrest who opposes "libturds" ---> But remember kids, Nazis/KKK were liberals too!
the same *** who can never evolve ->who gets her lessons from KKK founder Nathan Bedford Forrest/
Racists want Michael Brown plaque destroyed, but NO issues w/ taxpayer funded tributes to KKK-Nathan Bedford Forrest
Trent R. Stephens reads The Wizard of the Saddle: The Battle over the Life a...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Please never forget the Fort Pillow massacre that occures on April 12,1864 in Henning,Tn by Major General Nathan Bedford Forrest.Yes/No 4 U?
There were a passel of Calhouns, see for example Nathan Bedford Forrest.
Joe There's a tribute to EdmundPettus and Nathan Bedford Forrest. Responsible for thousands of Black deaths. But they're White
You may be cool... But you'll never be riding with Nathan Bedford Forrest cool.
Nathan Bedford Forrest III sadly killed by Germans in 1943 fighting on the wrong side.
Civil War nerd? This one blogger's dive into a Southern Heritage site's defense of Nathan Bedford Forrest is fun.
Look if Nathan Bedford Forrest can still remain on Union Avenue then BB King can have a street.
Marco Rubio's website content could've been written by Nathan Bedford Forrest.
"I would rather face an enemy battery than an irate female" -Nathan Bedford Forrest
Love N. B. Forrest? So do we! Check out our popular book "The Quotable Nathan Bedford Forrest" and get the facts! http:/…
Wait till you get to the Nathan Bedford Forrest part...
Author notes Civil War history with ‘The Wizard of the Saddle’ about Gen.Nathan Bedford Forrest via
Nathan Bedford Forrest goes from private to Lt. General...but over a course of years in the war. (I'm looking for the highest rank-leap.)
Southern Heritage News and Views: Answers to the common lies about Nathan Bedford Forrest
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