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Nathan Adrian

Nathan Ghar-jun Adrian (born December 7, 1988) is an American international swimmer and Olympic gold medalist who currently holds the American record in the 50 and 100-yard freestyle (short course) events.

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YES. I was scrolling for Nathan Adrian's chest and was met with NOTHING of the sort. I hate 2017.
Rio Olympians rule night two in at the 🙌🏼🔥. Details:
"Each swim has its own story behind it." - Olympic champion Nathan Adrian
Literally every guy named Adrian, Nathan, or Jordan is cute as *** its just how the world works I don't make the rules
Nathan Adrian's 3 favorite exercises, what are your three?
I think I saw Olympic Swimmer Nathan Adrian today on my way to my apt. Well I really hope it was him bc he's the reason I came to Cal lol
Do you think he'll ever manage a men's League club Adrian?
cant wait to attend a show to support you,adrian & Nathan
Saints' Sean Payton: Never discussed featuring Adrian Peterson like he was with Vikings.
Rachel is getting married the same day as Nathan Adrian and I'm so excited bc she gets to share her wedding day with an Olympic Swimmer
Media and Transparency: An Introduction to Byung-Chul Han in English - Adrian Nathan West
So if I beat you at Rock Paper Scissors at practice does that mean I can beat Nathan Adrian
Are you at the Conroe Nat to see Nathan Adrian​? Check out our custom Snapchat Filter and use on all yo…
Excuse me Nathan Adrian isn't allowed to get married
Nathan Adrian is getting married 1 year from today meaning I have 365 days to convince him otherwise
Really bummed.. started reading your articles all the way from NJ bc of your e…
Nathan Adrian scores from the goal line, Roseau finally on the board w/ 7:30 left in the half, trailing 21-6.
Nathan Adrian event at the Conroe Natatorium tomorrow from 10-1.
Nathan Adrian is getting married a year from today and it's not to me. the injustice.
uh Nathan Adrian is getting married let me just go die in a corner now
West Virginia: Huggy Bear Bob . translation: Losing Nathan Adrian will hurt for them but they have Jevon Carter and Elijah Macon Back
"I think you can expect some great racing.". Catch up with 3x Olympian Nathan Adrian ahead of
.on "There are a lot of great stories that are going to unfold." . Full Q&A:
Adrian Peterson's children: "I didn't sign up to be beaten with a tree branch on the two days per year I see my father." h…
You have until 5:00 to enter the Nathan Adrian Gold Medal Prize Package Sweepstakes! Don't miss out!…
"I felt so sorry for Adrian. He got humiliated on a national stage back in his stomping grounds." —
The Adrian Peterson Saints era is off to a FLYING start
With Adrian Alexander, Nathan, and 3 others at [vid] —
Utd won't sell a dying old man to them for even €200 million... They are dead to us.
what's the chances we sell Adrian and Randolph and promote Nathan Trott?
Nah, doubt it. It's a good unintended side effect though.
As if you support both PSG and LFC 😂😂
Nathan does God's work for him and saves Jay. Dean nominates Adrian as replacement
5x Olympic Champion swimmer Nathan Adrian on the Rio games, and Game of Thrones.
We sat down w/very own to talk about the company's origins and future!.
Scenario: . - West Ham sign Joe Hart. - Sell Adrian and Randolph . - Promote Nathan Trott to back up keeper/understudy
Fact: Adrian Beltre is very good at baseball.
Another reason to love WVU: Nathan Adrian's headbands!
Bremerton's own Nathan Adrian is in line to become the next face of the U.S. men's swimming team.
Not a bad keeper but Adrian is better. £5m for a squad player who was signed on a free? Absolutely…
Nathan Scolaro and Adrian Santiesteban are having a great time learning about Policy (CX) Debate this week at...
Cal alum Nathan Adrian '12 next face of U.S. men’s swimming team
Not a fan yet? Wait till you catch Nathan Hartono alongside Adrian Pang in the latest episode!
Phelps isn't a fast swimmer, he's a good swimmer, florent manaudou is 100x faster, he'd beat the shark, or Nathan Adrian
if you know anything about swimming, phelps isn't fast, he's good, Nathan Adrian should race the shark, or florent manaudou
Tonight's youth basketball camp at PSHS involving former WVU players Nathan Adrian and James Long has been reset for July 5 at same time.
Over 160 pre-registeted for tonight's clinic with Nathan Adrian and James Long. You can signup at the door-$25.…
Will Grier the QB, the Mountaineer, and Nathan Adrian all at once. He winning the Heisman Trophy
A great day on set with Nathan Adrian Watch is live at
FACT: Nathan Adrian is KING of hundredths of seconds. Adrian edges Dressel in men’s 100m freestyle
I was in the same proximity of Nathan Adrian yesterday but had no idea. *** you accounting class!
Miss night one of the USA Swimming National Championships?. Videos of the marquee races here:…
Seeing in is so funny all I see is nathan drake
The significant digit for finals. 73 - # of times logged for Nathan Adrian that he has broken 49 sec in the 100m Free. htt…
Day-1 round-up of the 66th National Championships
Tonight's title winning swim by Nathan Adrian marked the 10th time in his career he's broken 48 seconds.…
Katie Ledecky, Nathan Adrian take different paths to victory
An in-depth look at night 1 of led by Nathan Adrian's race-of-the-night performance:…
Age is only a number for as he just won his 14th national freestyle title! 🏊🎉. 🇺🇸
Katie Ledecky's win not the most impressive swim to open nationals
Nathan Adrian Remains the King in the 100 Free in the US
Swimmers Nathan Adrian, Katie Ledecky and Simone Manuel race in Mesa. Stream here →
Five-time Olympic and five-time world champion- Nathan Adrian. Read on about this swimmer
NOT a plot twist!. calum hood vs nathan adrian lmao dead . [lindsey made me do this] (Vine by
Injury will keep Nathan Adrian from playing professionally next year. From
How bad was Nathan Adrian hurt during the postseason? He'll tell you tonight on Sportsline at 6:06pm: Listen/watch: https:/…
Adrian likes his new toy at Papaw's.
Will Grier's hair is the lovechild of Nathan Adrian and Clint Trickett.
The moment when Jarrett Allen nearly ripped Nathan Adrian's arm off and all of Mountaineer Nation held its breath. https:…
If you thought Nathan Adrian was tough before, check out this revelation ...
This photo is wonderful because you see that Nathan Adrian and Bob Huggins are actually the same person.
If I was Bob Huggins, I'd faint too having to deal with Nathan Adrian all the time
Nathan Adrian Plans to Return to Competition at PSS - Indianapolis
Not gonna lie I've booed and cursed Nathan Adrian's name a few times the last few years, but the guy is the definition of hustle
Nathan Adrian just got some girl pregnant with that hair flip.
Nathan Adrian throwing a block party out here
Let's get Nathan Adrian to do a livestream Q&A for this page! . Tag him below and let's get his attention 🏊🏼
A couple of Elijah Macon jumpers and a Nathan Adrian three help keep a 15-point cushion.
I wonder if Nathan Adrian ever gets tired of being referred to as "not the most athletic player on the court"
Nathan Adrian with a 3️⃣ to start the second half. The Mountaineers lead 49-34 with 18:28 remaining.
I wonder what conditioner Nathan Adrian uses.
Come out to the Arena Pro meet next week! Nathan Adrian will be there and so will Viper!
Nathan Adrian has officially found his way on to my man crush list. I've supported for 4 years but I want to finally stamp him in my heart
The only form of racism on WVU's campus is the unmerited discrimination against white athletes like Nathan Adrian and Skyler Howard
New drinking game for basketball 🏀 fans:. Take a drink every time Nathan Adrian strokes his hair.
If would have gone to Indiana he would have been what Nathan Adrian is currently at West Virginia
Eternally thankful for Nathan being in my life
Nathan Adrian gets some love from the crowd
I feel like Chase Harler could mean to WVU's team in a few years as Nathan Adrian does now.
6am Monday morning swim on a holiday made much sweeter when I realized I was splitting the pool with Nathan Adrian...
An in-depth profile of senior forward Nathan Adrian, presented by the Official Restoration Company of the Mount…
I hate the Lincoln commercial where Matthew McConaughey falls into the pool - Nathan Adrian did it so much better for Tommy Hilfiger
Idgaf that really made me want to legally change my name because of that. Get me to call myself Adrian Adrian cause Nathan Adrian.
Pick up a free program today featuring our seniors -- Tarik Phillip, James Long, Nathan Adrian, Teyvon Myers and Br…
Nathan Adrian gives a 6-pt lead. With just 9:41 left don't miss the ending with & Jay Jacobs
Great article about Morgantown's very own Nathan Adrian.
goodnight I love calum, nathan adrian, chay, teja, and all my mutuals
'The Rebound' by Nathan Adrian vs. Kansas (John Higgins acts as a defender to the camera shot):
Nathan Adrian never lost to Kansas at home
Any chance you can refer to Nathan Adrian as "Captain Caveman" with his Coal Country Hustle?
Nathan Adrian is the only player to beat Kansas 4 straight times at home
Nathan Adrian from WVU looks like my man Karl from Workaholics
If you compare Nathan Adrian's college stats to Lebron's college stats you will clearly see that Nate was way better.
Nathan Adrian from 👌👌👌! He gives the lead back with this make. Half winding down. Tune in now! http…
Nathan Adrian has never lost to Kansas in basketball at home in his entire college career. Oh, he's from Morgantown…
My new sounds: West Virginia forward Nathan Adrian on
Swimmer Nathan Adrian > basketball player Nathan Adrian. But the basketball player is pretty good.
One more fun stat. Nathan Adrian went 4-0 vs. Kansas at home. Love that guy.
Nathan Adrian. The pride of Morgantown High school has beaten Kansas and EIGHT Mcdonalds All-Americans 4 times at h…
Nathan Adrian will you be my date to the valentines date party? Thx
I feel like it's a failure of West Virginia fans that Nathan Adrian's hair and Jevon Carter's chops don't have their own twi…
Students are filling in toward the court to rush. Nathan Adrian is imploring them to stay off of the court. expects this…
Nathan Adrian should have his number retired once he leaves. I don't care what happens that dude gives it everything he's go…
Nathan Adrian may be slowly taking over Mike Gansey's spot as my favorite Mountaineer..
Nathan Adrian just hit a 3 from Cheat Lake. up 55-43.
Nathan Adrian with a little 👊💥 to give an 11pt lead. & Jay Jacobs have 2nd half action NOW!
God.thank you for this shot of Nathan Adrian...thank you so much
Real talk, Nathan Adrian at the morgan family Y right now
I get to see Nathan Adrian tomorrow does literally anyone know how excited I am JESUS CHRIST
Somebody found my page by searching "adrian nathan west translater". The big question: non-native speaker or someone from my hometown?
Let's go, Caeleb Dressel and Nathan Adrian with the heart of Bernie-ism.
Adrian Clayborn is back at practice as the team prepares for Carolina. . Injury Report:
You know you love me. XOXO, gossip Nathan Adrian
LOL! Apparently I'm all Evans and Momoa which no complaints...but Nathan Adrian! Lol
I can't believe people are leaving out Nathan Adrian for you. You're the one who basically introduced us to this gu…
I've come back to say that I still find Nathan Adrian attractive.
Nathan Adrian being compared to Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is near the top of the list of things I never thought I'd hear in my life.
but Nathan Adrian has gorgeous hair.
Melo Trimble hasn't done anything since Nathan Adrian put him on his ***
It's an early lead for Check out 📻 call of this Nathan Adrian three then join us live!
Nathan Adrian with this 3-pointer to give him five early points for the Mountaineers.
we made a big *** fort one time in the corner of Nathan's house but they made us take it down.
Thank you for being the Nathan Scott to my Haley James.. It looks as though I like what's written in the stars, swe…
Adrian Nathan West in the on the life and work of Viktor Shklovsky:
I just saw something abt nathan adrian in my tl I'm crying he's my ultimate mans
I can't get over the resemblance between calum and nathan adrian
Nathan Adrian is Santa. Of course Billy Hahn is sitting on Santa's lap! Hah
Adrian Peterson came back just to kill our playoff hopes right here and now.
Nathan Adrian, 5 time gold medalist in swimming passes out Kids Beating Cancer "Bunky" Teddy Bears at Children's... htt…
Adrian Peterson will start today. Vikings average a league-worst 2.95 yards/rush, on pace to be fewest by a team since 1…
West Virginia up 56-24 over UMKC at the half. Nathan Adrian, Jevon Carter and Brandon Watkins each with eight point…
I wonder what kind of conditioner Nathan Adrian uses.
I walk into work and the Olympic swimmer Nathan Adrian's having a speedo photo shoot in our pool 😂
Had the pleasure of meeting and writing about five-time Olympic gold medalist swimmer Nathan Adrian! Check out his smi…
Senior Nathan Adrian featured in today's after his defense sets up this fantastic assist!
On a team of young & veteran talent, is impressed with leadership of senior Nathan Adrian.
Jevon Carter, Nathan Adrian, Tarik Phillip, Esa Ahmad, and Elijah Macon are tonight's starters for vs Manhattan
Jevon Carter, Esa Ahmad, Tarik Phillip, Nathan Adrian and Elijah Macon are the starters for
Not sure who I am more obsessed with right now: Nathan Adrian or Paul Pogba
Exclusive chat with Olympic champions Janet Evans and Nathan Adrian via
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Reactions in Gold medalists Ryan Murphy Cody Miller Michael Phelps and Nathan Adrian of the
When you find out your favourite member of the USA Olympic swim team is from Washington. Yes Nathan Adrian yes
Nathan Adrian has such a cute smile. I love him ((and Dwyer)). Sigh I'm sad pool competition is over. It's like 1:30am I'm emotional
Michael Phelps is cool and talented and all but have you seen Nathan Adrian holding a puppy
People keep saying Calum hood looks like Nathan Adrian.
I just want everyone to know that I love Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian looks so much like Calum it's unreal 😍🙌
Is lowkey angry @ the people in the Rio Swimming snapchat that are waving to Michael Phelps when nathan ADRIAN IS LITERALLY RIGHT !!THERE!!!
Here's 25 things you probably didn't know about Olympian Nathan Adrian:
Nathan Adrian is my favorite emoji 😄
I high-key think Nathan Adrian is a dream boat ❤️
Elliot Friedman claiming Nathan Adrian won gold in the 50. Add that to the list of mistakes
Nathan Adrian is 6'6, convert that to inches it's directly proportionate to the size of my ***
Nathan Adrian is EXACTLY what Calum is gonna look like when he grows up I'm IN TEARS Y'ALL
I'm trying to do my homework but I keep looking at pics of Nathan Adrian
Phelps 'couldn't be happier' with gold medal send-off
My precious little honey Nathan Adrian won another gold medal today I can't wait to watch the race and cry about it
Nathan Adrian & USA swimming go for more medals at 9pm ET 🏊. Stream now, presented by https…
If Nathan Adrian wants to hang up his swim cap too, I'm sure an NFL team will give him a tryout at tight end
Always low-key obsessed w/ Nathan Adrian. He's so smiley I'd gladly lose to him
Their is so much Nathan Adrian smut on my Tumblr
the resemblance between Nathan Adrian and Calum Hood is so striking 😍😵
Phelps putting his head on Nathan Adrian's chest...RT if u agree
Nathan Adrian looks like he could be my cousin
Phelps ends career with 23 Olympic gold medals. .
Hey can you stop broadcasting Nathan Adrian's smile? I'm trying to maintain a marriage here.
Bear should sign Nathan Adrian -- 6'7" brickhouse who would easily have the greatest swim move in the NFL.
Just love Nathan Adrian & Patrick Warburton. It's uncanny to me! 😂
Nathan Adrian looks like Clark Kent. why is no one taking advantage of this?
Nathan Adrian is like if Patrick Warburton was a popular youth pastor in Des Moines. That's a good disposition right there.
Little Giant Ladders
Conor Dwyer and Nathan Adrian both have special places in my heart
lol I don't know why so many people are wild about Ryan Lochte when Nathan Adrian exists
HELLO gentlemen! esp Tom Daley, Madison Hughes, Sam Dorman & Nathan Adrian! I'll be happily watching you Olympians 😉
Four-time Olympic medalist (3 golds, 1 silver) Nathan Adrian. Photo by NBC Olympics
Nathan Adrian wins 50 free in 21.51. Anthony Ervin second in 21.52. Cullen Jones third. One for the older guys.
Nathan Adrian is now Anthony Ervin in the world in the 50 free with those times (21.51 & 21.52, respectively)
Nathan Adrian heads up a loaded field in the men’s 50 free for the Olympic Trials:
when you helped Katie Ledecky put her straps on this weekend & ur aunt met/had a conversation with Nathan Adrian at the airport!
I just want to see Missy Franklin and Nathan Adrian swim tbh
Ezekiel Elliott is the best RB prospect in the draft since Adrian Peterson. [ESPN]
Nathan Adrian is definitely at Fats right now
According to Zeke Elliott is the best RB prospect since Adrian Peterson:
I'm listening to Dancin - Krono Remix by Aaron Smith, Luvli on Spotify with Nathan Adrian ♫
.crushes a triple to right-center to score easily! The ball gets away and Puig is able to score. I…
Baseball final score: Worthington def. Adrian 8-4. Nathan Braaksma had 3 RBI's for the Trojans and was our POTG
Since the Olympics is coming back that means I get to enjoy seeing Nathan Adrian😍😍
Nathan For You is definitely one of my new favorite shows.
So now who are the true traitors to this country? Definitely not . Definitely those who oppressed d people.
I'm so sad I want to go see Nathan, Jed, and Adrian
Yep. Yep. I remember wanting to punch Nathan Petrelli in the face now. Has Adrian Pasdar been typecast like this? Oh dear.
I wore heels to feel tall tonight.and now I'm standing next to Nathan Adrian and I just feel like I want to go home
Dumb and Dumber reboot with Adrian Grenier and Nathan Fielder
|REPLAY| Anthony & Adrian Morrison LIVE at Alex Becker's of... http…
Spangler is what Nathan Adrian is supposed to be.
would be better if it was me and Nathan Adrian's kids but you know, whatever
Get your ears ready! is teaming up with on upcoming track 🎧
As with immediate effect our MD Nathan will be stepping into the shoes of Ashley & Adrian while they both take time of for personal reasons
"Katie Ledecky, Nathan Adrian & Missy Franklin will be sharing the water safety message at - Scott Wolfson @
I feel like Uncle Vern for calling Nathan Adrian "Jeff Adrian"
So Ryan Lochte is on campus. Nathan Adrian & Matt Grevers are currently eating lunch right behind me. & Michael Phelps comes next week. 🏊🏽🇺🇸
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Nathan Adrian stars on final night in Orlando--Phelps sums up his meet:
Conor Dwyer just went 49.64 behind a crazy fast 48.05 from Nathan Adrian in the 100 Free A Final
Nathan Adrian, Teyvon Myers, Devin Williams, Esa Ahmad and Jevon Carter are the starters for
With Jonathan Holton suspended, goes with Devin Williams, Nathan Adrian, Esa Ahmad, Daxter Miles and Jevon Carter as the starting five.
Adrian sweeps sprint events at Arena meet
LRT with Nathan Adrian: WHEW. He looks GOOD. Maybe I *SHOULD* try to make it out to Santa Clara again...
Nathan Adrian explains the Ancient Art of Cupping - Gold Medal Minute presented by
Nathan Adrian posted a picture of us
21.85 for Nathan Adrian to win men's 50 free A final at
Nathan Adrian delivers a 21.85 to win the M 50 Free at
I've just discovered your podcast & I'm loving it! May I suggest an episode devoted to Adrian: MGM's famed costume designer
BP powers USA Swimming Foundation through 10k gift in name of Nathan Adrian. Pretty great. And Adrian as spokesman is absolutely phenomenal
*"hall of fame coach" thinks* It's a close game in a hostile arena with on the line. Who do I put in? Nathan Adrian.
Why is Nathan Adrian still on this team?
Nathan Adrian, standing and hacking since 2012.
Every time Nathan Adrian steps on the court I get annoyed
Another year and Nathan Adrian is still terrible.
Nathan Adrian has made 3 plays today 😱😱😱
He might not be graceful, he might not make the smartest decisions on the court, but Nathan Adrian always hustles on the court
I might hate Nathan Adrian more than Donald Trump 🤔. No that's a stretch but you get what I'm saying.
Jevon Carter penetrates the defense and kicks it out to Nathan Adrian wh...
"and more" ET? Names are Nathan Adrian, Conor Dwyer and Missy Franklin.
And now it's time for the final round! Nathan Adrian vs Tyler Clary!!
Oh boy... Nathan Adrian and Ryan Lochte tied! Let's have another go! The winner will face Tyler Clary in the finals.
Getting his hand on the wall first is Nathan Adrian at a time of 21.76. Second is Brad Tandy at 21.87. Third goes to Santo Condorelli 22.04.
Just the men's 50 free remains for tonight's session. Nathan Adrian, Santo Condorelli, Matt Grevers, Josh Schneider some of the big names
This is a good scene with Adrian pasdar playing Nathan and sylar as Nathan
cool part is Adrian Pasdair went from being a nathan on heroes being Iron man in cartoons
This is Nathan if him and Adrian had a baby
Nathan Adrian also set this pool's 50 free record at 18.81
Omg Nathan Adrian's swam at the pool where I am. I'm sweating in the same pool he's sweated in.
Bremerton swimmer named to BMW Olympic team: Nathan Adrian, Bremerton swimmer, stands s...
Check out Supercharge ur Workouts With The Bionic Resistance Shorts by Adrian Cornish and Nathan Roy on
tell me Nathan Adrian wasn't worthy though...
Thank you, Buzzfeed, for reminding me that Nathan Adrian will forever be bae
Nathan Adrian as today's Dude a Day made this awful day a little bit better
1st event from Tokyo, the men's 100m free - USA's Nathan Adrian ended up taking this meet of his schedule; Ervin wound up 10th from prelims.
i like how adrian always has time for Nathan t(-.-)t.
Peep this drum cam video of playing "Story"!.
One thing I will not miss about Nathan's Hot Dogs being at Kmart is smelling like I work at a fast food restaurant when I get out of work..
The first time you saw nathan adrian in person:
I miss Nathan Joey n Adrian always putting me on. they had me too lit in the summer
Is Nathan Adrian still as terrible as he was last year?
I read that Nathan Adrian's shooting hasn't gotten any better over the off season. Not surprised. He's not a shooter.
Starting five for the Gold team: Tarik Phillip, Jaysean Paige, Daxter Miles, Nathan Adrian, Elijah Macon
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Nathan Adrian is still on the team 😲
I love that they put Nathan Adrian legally tackling that Maryland guard in the pregame montage. 😂😂😂
The Pleasure of Following Coincidences. Kate Zambreno and Adrian Nathan West in Conversation on Marianne Fritz
"something so awe-inspiring in the person who writes to write": Kate Zambreno & Adrian Nathan West on Marianne Fritz
First pick of the draft in a keeper league. Keeping draft Adrian Peterson or go WR?
someone get effin' COLGATE at this already ffs
I think & Nathan have a violent history. They don't talk about it due to some rule. Adrian also goes to Ikea often.
I'm gonna tie a balloon to Nathan at Creamfields, then he won't get lost on his own for 5 hours like last year 😂😂
For my princess, because I know she loves him... Nathan Hawes Only Love Best Performance A... via
I remember being smushed between Nathan & Adrian when we first watched This is the End on my laptop... lmao
Adrian Padsar is really good as playing Sylar playing Nathan
Column: Today Adrian Beltre becomes Dominican's all-time games leader. He's really proud. Even if it doesn't show
Best answer so far though: "I like Nathan Adrian because he smiles even when he fouls out."
So, " Nathan said, attention focused on Adrian, "now that Vasilisa's graduated, what are you going to do with ...
You have to post that video of Nathan Adrian from tonight
When Nathan flies away from HRG and the Haitian tho. Maintain that Adrian Pasdar would've made a gr9 Superman
bear with me while I get nathan to make a picture of a reindeer with Adrian's head
Nathan Adrian, Florent Manaudou, Ryan Lochte...Swimmers are for sure the hottest athletes on the planet. Seriously. Can't wait for
just a friendly reminder that Nathan Adrian is still exist and ready for the next year Rio Olympic...
Whoa, Motel 6 explosion in Nathan Adrian's hometown of Bremerton, WA.
This is in Bremerton, WA hometown of Nathan Adrian
When Nathan Adrian just happens to stop by and swim in the GT pool and you aren't there.
The need for speed indeed. Nathan Adrian ready to go. | 📷 Mike Lewis mike2swim
in middle school I was so obsessed with Michael Phleps, Nathan Adrian, and Conor Dwyer it was a problem
Nathan Adrian, Cullen Jones, Jessica Hardy & Jason Lezak are increasing awareness of learning to swim
The manner in which the stars of the sport behave is a real testament to the sport of swimming. Natalie C, Cullen Jones, Nathan Adrian +
lol I like dogs more then I like people. Is Nathan fighting with him yet? Lmao
Glenn Davis is the Nathan Adrian of the nba
Calum will look like Nathan Adrian in the future watch
Adrian made some unreal saves there
"Who won the 2012 gold medal in the 50?". "Nathan Adrian".
I feel that picture of Nathan is actually Adrian's actual headshot
Not true, many of my non-swimmer friends knew at least Missy, Lochte, and Nathan Adrian beforehand.
VIDEO: Adrian Gonzalez challenged a radio host who called him “slow” to a foot race
Michael Phelps, Missy Franklin, Nathan Adrian, Ryan Lochte, Natalie Coughlin, the list goes on and on…
Everyday when I check my timehop I get more and more surprised that nathan adrian didn't block me last year 😂
hope to see Kibirige and former Eng U20 team mate and wing Nathan Earle in full flight next season. Both exciting talents
Congratulations to the men's crew Jon Houghton, Charlie Angell, Nathan Sorensen, Adrian Cole, for taking the...
was adrian in charge of it? Nathan said he'll miss me n said thanks for my hard work
Nathan Gill just got owned by Leanne Wood. But the winner tonight is Adrian Masters.
ITV Adrian masters should be reprimanded the way he is speaking to the panel. He is constantly cutting Nathan Gill short 1/2
he was supposed to race another Saturn but that kids mom showed up and told him to go home 😂😂
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