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Nate Silver

Nathaniel Read Nate Silver (born January 13, 1978) is an American statistician, sabermetrician, psephologist, and writer.

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Nate Silver predicts that 538 will still exist a year from now
"OK sit them down and have them read this Jamelle Bouie piece, and this Nate Silver chart, and this piece on how Sanders strengthened Clint-
Princeton Election Consortium, Sam Wang is an excellent poll analysis to read. Every bit as good as Nate Silver w/o corp. sway
Nate Silver seems pretty fond of them. Even still, good pollsters screw up sometimes.
but I'll let Nate Silver do the talking for me. He doesn't have an agenda:
Last fall 538 founder Nate Silver gave Trump a 5% chance of becoming the GOP nominee. He reflects on his faulty forecast with Brian Stelter
ReSo from LA, Larry King talks Trump, Nate Silver on data journalism... via
Nate Silver describes rivalry in election coverage: Nate Silver talks to Brian Stelter about tensions between...
Scott, Ur accurate cuz u don't take sides, now i understand, Nate Silver failed cuz of bias, chk it:
Nate Silver predicts Hillary will win in a landslide. Will Henry Irving, TX
Nate Silver dragging Tim Robbins is my new fav thing. That will be replaced when Marcel Kittel comes on my TV in a skinsuit.
I swear tho, if 2016 is the year Scott Adams out-forecasts Nate Silver. It's gonna be weird.
Like Joe was on the hook to grow a beard or pay up on his bet to the "fool" Nate Silver in 2012?
At least he didn't hire Nate Silver to write for his Weekly Standard.
An inaccurate Nate Silver is just Joe Scarborough. Oddly, if he'd just stuck with the stats, he'd look like a genius today.
I honestly think Scott will be remembered as the Nate Silver of the 2016 election. He's been on point from the start.
tellin' Nate Silver how to do his job. what a good Woo.
Nate Silver noticed how the media tailors CW (conventional wisdom) to keep Trump in limbo. So as ultimately have a convention fight
Nate Silver is currently predicting a 52% win for Trump in NY. I expect lower. Momentum will hurt Trump.
Nate Silver has the perfect formula for winning your March...
Every time Nate Silver's predictions show HRC w/over 90% chance he was right except for MI. Currently NY, MD, PA, & CA are all over 90%
Nate Silver says Cruz. I hope he is wrong just this one time.
In the UK, Nate Silver finally found an election he couldn’t predict via
Nate Silver finds Maine political diversity to be 'kind of...
Steve Kornacki and Nate Silver say even if he wins NY, PA & CA..Hillary gets Delegates too. I don't know if they're elites???
lawd, I need to do research for you too? try google, follow Nate silver etc. here…
According to Nate Silver, he has 1% to 5% chance of winning these 3 states. Long shot.
Some media outlets cherry pick polls to make Hillary Clinton look bad:
Why even Nate Silver didn't foresee the rise of Donald Trump
Nate Silver's site sets out exactly how much Sanders needs to win just to draw even with HRC. He's not winning.
As usual, OVERperformed & UNDERperformed, as Nate Silver shows:
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Here is why Hillary will win. Do you know who Nate Silver is?
And Nate Silver's path said he needed 11 to remain in pace to catch her.
I'm following 538. She beats all the Rs too. Nate Silver has been the most reliable interpreter of polls for years.
And Clinton and Sanders split the pledged delegates 7-7, so gap stays the same. Nate Silver said he needed 11 to be on track.
Now that Nate Silver's site is finally, openly saying this, perhaps the Berniebots will repent of their ways.
"When human judgment and big data intersect there are some funny things that happen." ~Nate Silver
Nate Silver gets it right: it will take "a massive...
Nate Silver: Sanders is even less competitive than he appears. BERBOTS PLEASE READ!
Yes! And no one likes if you point out that Nate Silver cannot be wrong unless he gives 0% to someone who wins.
Nate Silver's 'The Signal and the Noise' chosen as next...
NBC now projecting Sanders with 7 delegates in WY, a pledged delgate tie. 4 behind Nate Silver miracle path.
And if the dice come up snake eyes, they'll say "Nate Silver was wrong." When in fact his prediction was accurate.
Many media outlets would say "Nate Silver has predicted the dice will not come up snake eyes." Which is not true.
Let's say Nate Silver says "If they roll those dice, the chance of getting snake eyes is 8.3%." How would that be reported? We know…
Nate Silver does not predict. Nate Silver gives odds. Unless he rates the odds of something as 0%, it could happen.
If you say things like "Nate Silver predicted X and it didn't happen, so he was wrong," you have no business reporting on elections.
According to Nate Silver, in the HRC needs 5 delegates . BS needs 9 delegates. Hillary has 6 in the bag, Bernie…
would I get in trouble if I pay someone to slap Nate SIlver and Rick Wilson? Normally I don't advocate violence but they're SO annoying...
Ugh on Nate Silver's Hillary apologetics this whole primary season 🙄.
according to Nate Silver it looks like about 5300 voted in WY. dem primary today
Maybe he misunderstood Nate Silver and set his target number at Pinocchios (13) instead of delegates (7).
not according to Nate silver, but it's good to be optimistic 👍🏼
They may be reading Vox, Nate Silver, Greg Sargent, Ezra Klein but they're not paying attention to real people with legitimate concerns.
Nate Silver on the inexcusably long lines in Arizona, Idaho, Utah:
\Chris Rock voice\. HOW you gonna be Nate Silver and not vote!
Other panelists at MIT Sloan SAC this weekend in Boston with are Gary Bettman, Michael Lewis, Nate Silver, Zach Lowe
Nate Silver, he is more like Steve Novak. Fine player, great in an empty gym, but no versatility
Be prepared to say Madame President Clinton this time next year. Nate Silver is right Clinton will be elected.
Made tacos. Listened to more conversation between Tyler Cowen and Nate Silver - lots about impermanence of models
Nate Cohn probably my favourite number cruncher, followed closely by Harry Enten and Nate Silver
Really enjoying this conversation between economist Tyler Cowen and stats ninja Nate Silver
I'm at the Mercatus Center talk with Nate Silver, where we have just been evacuated because of a fire alarm
According to Nate Silver, Trump's chances of winning NH just jumped:
Excellent aired this evening on on political polling. Jill Lepore and Nate Silver of were the guests.
TODAY: Is polling good or bad for democracy? We talk to historian Jill Lepore and Nate Silver about the…
Reason reporting and interpreting what Nate Silver of fivethirtyeight found regarding yound people and their...
Nate Silver with a look at Sanders' appeal to young voters oddly similar to Ron Paul's:
As usual, solid insight from Nate Silver. I'm not the only one noticing the Ron Paul / Bernie Sanders connection.
Nate Silver says that BS young male voters have much in common with Ron Paul voters. Why am I not surprised!
Nate Silver just compared Ron Paul supporters to Sanders ones- May god have mercy on his notifications today.
Nate Silver has Trump winning NH, SC and NV big. That happens and I promise you, he takes the Nomination.
If I were an editor every piece mentioning Nate Silver would have to mention the "Sudbury-Thunder Bay is a good NHL market" thi…
Wow is right. according to Nate Silver, John Ellis Bush spent $25,000 a caucus vote in Iowa. He has yet to crack 4 figures.
Predicting the Iowa Caucus with Big Data: Bill Schmarzo. Nate Silver put big data on the map when...
. Actually, Nate Silver gave Trump "less than 1%" chance last August😄
...Nate Silver wrong from day one. I knew it, how come he didn't?
Nate Silver, Las Vegas, only person to correctly predict all states in last election.
This, on Trump, by Nate Silver, is damned good. might want to skim past the book discussion - about …
I hope Nate Silver is right. Mostly 'cos I love America, and partly 'cos I've put 20 quid on Cruz to win in Iowa
You doubt Nate Silver because you don't like what he says?
Nate Silver put it in interesting way on his blog: none of the people in either party's coalitions are "natural" constituencies
Nate Silver is *Exactly* the type where if he says something's got a 5% chance, he means 5/100 times it's gonna happen. He won't be "wrong"
Nate Silver didn’t properly consider the impact of John Rocker…
Of all the people from Michigan, they picked Nate Silver?
On this day on 1837, Michigan became the 26th U.S. state. Famous Michiganders include Nate Silver, Aretha Franklin.
Nate Silver has predicted the last two pres elections to a tee, man. It's not even worth paying attention to all of the hoopla
I slept through all my podcasts. Oops. Ah well, I need to get on my Nate Silver audiobook. 16 hrs
Nate Silver thinks establishment endorsements mean a lot this political climate?! He's lost his mind.
You could read Slate's "Why Nate Silver was wrong about _," or you could read Nate's own analysis that he always thoroughly, habitually does
Nate Silver predicted a lot of things right in 2012, but that does not mean that he will always predict things correctly, should be obvious
New ideas are sometimes found in the most granular details of a problem where few others bother to look. – Nate Silver
I don't want to pick on Nate Silver, but there is a danger in the data driven punditry that he is hawking so needs to be called out
If Trump collapses, to preempt Nate Silver saying I told you so, I'm just going to state for the record that he is already wrong about Trump
I liked a video from Nate Silver: Republicans Screwed If They Nominate Trump
Nate Silver said Donald Trump had no shot. Where did he go wrong?
I challenge Nate Silver to predict the Oscars with even half of the accuracy he predicts politics
learn how to transfigure into Nate Silver.
Various statistical models to predict winners: From the Nate Silver Blog:
according to Nate Silver Hillary is set to win Iowa Bernie to win NH
Nate Silver yelled and yelled that we were all media-hype-buying chumps and soon we'd all see that "The Party Decides". Now he clarifies
"Nate Weis details Silver Oak's ambitious winemaking on Inside Winemaking Podcast" by on
Nate Silver: latest polls-plus forecast, Hillary Clinton has a 79% chance of winning the Iowa caucuses.
wait, I missed it. Have votes been cast? Is Nate Silver actually wrong?!
Thatswhat they always say, Mr. Silver. I know how Izzo runs things. Nice to meet you, dad. I mean, Nate's dad.
Yep re Nate S. But I have no evil intent toward (pretty much) anything, least of all you!
Could Nate Silver et. al. be so far off on Iowa? Thinking no.
is citing old numbers by Nate Silver that still have ahead in IA. As of yesterday, Silver adjusted …
Broke a new personal record of "how long can I stand listening to People Not Named Nate Silver talk".
Then it's how they knew it all the time. or Nate Silver "here's how we f'd it up!" How does that make you feel, Mr. Unelectable?
are you Nate's dad? if so, im nervous & worried you're trying to Jedi me. Either way, thx a lot, sir. H/t
Good read. Why Nate Silver was wrong about Trump.via
Nate Silver: The Republican Party May Be Failing. What “The Party Decides” could get wrong about Trump and the GOP.
True--and polling wiz Nate Silver had this to say: check the last paragraph.
The perfect man has Nate Silver's back, Mark Mothersbaugh's retinas & Crispin Glover's crazy social graces
Nate Silver:. Hillary Clinton Leads Sanders in Endorsements . (It's not even close!)
Your boy Sam Wang going hard after Nate Silver again
amazed each day how pundits r jeopardizing reputation.where is this yrs Nate Silver? Can't wait to hear excuses
Recommended by Felix Salmon, Nate Silver, Malcolm Gladwell and other very wise people - please do buy my book.
I'm just glad to see DC finally making a name for itself on the silver screen
Whatever happen to Nate Silver on this one?
Little Giant Ladders
The moment Nate Silver allowed himself to be coopted by the establishment, he lost any credibility he might have had
here's what Nate Silver has to say on the matter:
What, precisely, is street harassment? Where this 84% from, what are you Nate Silver?
Nate Silver and co talk about when to pay attention to the polls
Nate Silver in August of 2014: "Internet-based polling has been a comparative bright spot."
Did you read Nate Silver’s article regarding Trump and the polls? He brings a lot of sanity and perspective. tl;dr: Don’t worry.
Every now and then I think about that time I ate lunch with Nate Silver and didn't fully appreciate it because I was 20 and didn't know.
I'm reading Nate Silver's book about predictions and it's a banger
I don't say it, the nation's top poll analysts like Nate Silver (and literally every political pundit) do.
I still hate Nate Silver because I bested him on predictions one year, but was a lawyer by then, so no one was paying attention.
we'll see if Nate Silver's laughing when President Trump throws him in Gitmo for witchcraft
Nate silver has an undisputed track record in taking poll data and interpreting it and being incredibly accurate
Despicable, yes, but I hesitate to call a candidate polling at 25% a “frontrunner.” Nate Silver has written a lot about this.
Check out Nate Silver's article explaining his poll numbers. Those numbers reflect something like 6% of the overall base.
Nate Silver: 'I'm pretty worried' about the state of polling via
But that remains a minority viewpoint. Nate Silver, for instance, published a piece arguing that analysts...
"We probably overrate how complex the world can be" Nate Silver
Because of Nate Silver, Paul Krugman and Ezra Klein I am informed
We need the Nate Silver of video games to poll the age and income brackets of people upset on the internet about anime boobs
Nate Silver says he has the same number of supporters as those who think apollo landing was faked
Are machines better than people when it comes to making hiring decisions?# bigdata
Take a deep breath, and check with Nate Silver.
Yeah, that was a quote from Zeigler's piece, and he adds "In fact, it might already be too late."
The D in ORD Stands for Delay: Nate Silver crunches the numbers on delays at the 30 largest airports in the…
Only 6 teams have a real shot at winning the Superbowl.
Read this. No matter that Nate Silver intones, this *could* actually happen.
Important for real conservatives to knock out Trump in IA before his remarkable rocketship gets fully off the ground
Dear Media, you’re full of it. Yours, Nate Silver via
And Nate Silver is 10,000 times more reliable and accurate than Karl Rove.
Trump Support about the same level as belief Apollo moon landings were faked, says Nate Silver
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Even Nate Silver thinks polls are in dire straits and unrepresentative, he called 2012 but the last year missed Canada and UK.
Pollsters could next start their own news outlets and cut out middlemen-media. Nate Silver is doing that in the US.
Dear Nate Silver: The Media (and the GOP) Should Absolutely Be 'Freaking Out ... - via
Nate Silver gives only 6 teams a legit shot to win the Super Bowl
Nate Silver tells media, not so fast on the Trump Train A sure endorsement will be when Mitt Romney chooses. Not before.
with all respect to Nate Silver, Rupert Murdock responsible for unprecedented dumbing down R Party
Nate Silver on the Republican Party in disarray. By Geniusofdespair: "As many of you have probably noticed, we...
How might have changed, had Nate Silver's "hot streak" become the status quo?
Almost everyone's instinct is to be overconfident and read way too much into a hot or cold streak. - Nate Silver
Nate Silver: If you don’t have an org that rewards honest discussion, none of the technology you have will matter.”
But the real question is, did Vox steal those charts from Nate Silver again?
The now have a 58% chance of making the playoffs, according to Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight
there was Nate Silver article years ago where he interviewed top gamblers who talked about how even best have 55-58% win rate.
Here's how many games Nate Silver's model thinks your favorite NFL team will win this season...
2/... to borrow a line from "the Signal & the Noise" Nate Silver. Take Russia seriously, even if you disagree with them.
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Vikings now have a 2% chance of winning the Super Bowl. According to Nate Silver.
Nate Silver thinks Warren Evon is a one hit wonder. Love you, Nate, but don't quit your day job. 538 is never...
Nate Silver diagnoses problems with but reaches wrong conclusion.
Neither is Nate Silver going to start being a bad analyst just to please Bernie
Column: Believe it or not, Florida found a quarterback ... & a receiver. Imagine that http:/…
Nate silver predicts that Jags have a 9% chance of winning today, but
Nate Silver predicted results of 2012 election; 50 out of 50 states correctly. FiveThirtyEight 2015 NFL Predictions
daily kos and nate silver are not trusted because they were part of the Scam/Fraud of '08.
or bookies, if Nate Silver's to be believed. They put money where mouths are. Pundits need to provoke debate and polarity
the Daily Kos blogger Markos Moulitsas was more accurate than Nate Silver in predicting the outcome of the 2012 electoral college
.. Then Nate Silver ranted why Ferguson should get over it because one time a cop hassled him and he dropped his burrito :(
I think Nate silver has a suggestion for your bad movie night: bride wars.
The more MSM and the GOP attack the higher Nate Silver puts her odds of winning! Nicely played!
Yup. No one was sure lol. But I remember that Nate Silver guy had his predictions ON POINT
Excuse me? It is one of Nate Silver's top rated polls. Done here since you are obviously a liar.
Nate silver aggregates state wide polls to predict how whole states will vote. This is predicting individual seats
Doesn't Eric Grenier aggregate polls for his models like Nate Silver?
Nate Silver's analysis can help manipulate data against republicans just as easily. Add $ = war of billionaires & statisticians.
Nate Silver: How does race affect votes? via I found this very interesting share with others.
Nate Silver: How does race affect votes? via
No mkuu, this is a serious business. Si nyota. I'm not pretending to be Nate Silver or something lkn huo ndo ukweli
I hope you're right, but how about people like Nate Silver who say Hillary has clear lead despite Bernie enthusiasts?
The more interviews that an expert had done with the press, Tetlock found, the worse his predictions tended to be. - Nate Silver
Nate Silver's interesting grouping of the Insane Clown Car of the Republican Party Five-Ring Circus.
I need some serious Nate Silver projections about how many more times it will happen so I can make plans accordingly
Google Nate Silver's article on Alex Gordon in game 7 last year.
Before Nate Silver basically embedded with the DNC he argued in 2007 that IA/NH wins will change whole map
Pundits Split on Jindal. Nate Silver's says a dark horse. says he's next out.
Tends to be more accurate due to sample size. Kind of the same thing Nate Silver does in US.
"NH polls are a leading indicator of National Polls" - Nate Silver (of 2007) - Democratic Underground
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In 2007, believed NH polls were the leading indicator of national polls:
Nate Silver talked about Donald J. Trump's odds last night on Anderson Cooper 360.
I just know Anderson Cooper is really struggling not to stare at Nate Silver's hair in that clip.
American statistician and writer Nate Silver joins Anderson Cooper to share his evaluation of the political odds facing Donad Trump and
Today, Nate Silver is exactly as old as Michelangelo was the day his Sistine Chapel painting was unveiled: 13,755 days.
I'd love to hear:. Bloomberg. Neil deGrasse Tyson. Nate Silver. James Glickenhaus. Jesse Thorn. Really appreciate the show.
Nate Silver lays out data-driven business strategy,by Ed Burns /TechTarget .
Real Clear Politics and Nate Silver predict an 85% that will win Dem Nomination is good news. GUAM for Hillary!
The US and Germany are the heavy favorites to win the Women's World Cup
according to Nate silver trump hasn't a chance. I believe him
The poop from one million Americans could contain as much as $2.6 million in gold and silver, according to scientists.
Making Sense of Big Data: Nate Silver on the Signal and the Noise
Nate Silver is the rare news person who doesn't enjoy the news.
I think that's what Nate Silver would call a factoid. Ultimately it's meaningless towards whether she's fast enough
as nate Silver said he won't last much longer.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
When I was kid with Donnie vs kids nowadays with their Nate Silver junk
Nice job last night Nate! Wish you were still in the Honolulu Blue & Silver! Hope you can become a NFL broadcaster!
Nate Silver and Ezra live in the beltway bubble ...has nothing to worry about from …
As the silver rights activist Dock Martin Luther king once said "take it sleazy"
"Perhaps Mrs. Clinton’s most impressive attribute is her ability to withstand criticism - & often emerge the stronger from i…
The signal is the truth. The noise is what distracts us from the truth - Nate Silver
Obviously the Nate Silver article has to do with his passing ability.
Nate Silver is spot-on. Statistics far more relevant/useful to far more people than calculus. http…
The signal and the noise : why so many predictions fail-- but some don't by Nate Silver
Nate Silver, perhaps the most accurate pollster in the business explained to him why Hillary is still the prohibitive favorite
is deploying the "Electoral College firewall" fallacy to support a Kasich ticket
Nate Silver, Party Pooper. He's got a lot of nerve, employing actual stats to arrive at a thoughtful conclusion:...
Crumbs. Nate Silver says you should listen to the bookies before the pundits...
We must become more comfortable with probability and uncertainty. - Nate Silver
The Signal and the Noise: Why So Many Predictions Fail - but Some Don't (Unabridged) - Nate Silver: . . ...
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There are 7 people you should know about in data journalism... & NATE SILVER is one them. So is
Statistician Nate Silver: Hillary has 50 percent chance to win White House via
he is the super pro-analyst: 2008 Nate Silver predicted the results of the primaries and the presidential winner in 49 states !!
if we had Nate Silver helping us maybe. Okay probably not.
Nate Silver on what to make of early polls
Nate Silver: may be leading today, but when attack ads air, it's a whole new ballgame~. . via…
ICYMI: was on All In With last night, talking about what to make of early polls.
Nate Silver: Clinton still holds as strong a position as any primary candidate in history
Nate Silver's 538 analysis of all post-debate polls finds modest gains after debate despite MSM coverage
Nate Silver has actually had him at the bottom of the GOP field for a while now. He gives him a 2% chance
When a live-action Batman movie comes out during an election year, a Democrat wins. Just letting Nate Silver know re: BvS.
Sam Wang's first election forecast (10:1 odds, 315 EV for O) very close to Nate Silver's most recent one. Impressive.
If it walks like a dynasty and it quacks like a dynasty and Nate Silver says it's a dynasty, then we'll call it a dynasty.
Nate Silver says the Hawks are a dynasty, and I believe him because he's a wizard:
I figured out where Nate Silver got his Sudbury-Thunder Bay NHL team inspiration from: the '72-'75 NBA KC/Omaha Kings
I bet Richard Bacon is fuming at Nate Silver.
Richard Bacon is conducting a terrible poll in front of Nate Silver. N = 12. When did we put a fine line between documentary and trolling?
Hey, big fan of the podcast! Have you ever considered having Nate Silver on the show? His book, Signal and the Noise has some
Respected pollster Nate Silver says Tories will win the most seats.
It was only a matter of time before we had our first Richard Bacon/Nate Silver caravan-themed election programme.
Nate Silver predicts the Conservatives will win 283 seats and Labour 274.
Via a sign that bro-nerd harmony and cooperation is possible. Barstool praises Nate Silver
Nate Silver to Vox: Stop stealing our charts! (Dylan Byers/Politico)
Awesome day! “Nate Silver, Michael Keaton, Steve Young more on Day 2 at
Nate Silver, Michael Keaton, Steve Young and more. See what happened on Day 2 at
All star line-up at day two. Michael Keaton, Steve Young, the Dawn Wall climbers, Girl Scouts CMO, Nate Silver.
Girls Scouts, Nate Silver, Steve Young and Micheal Keaton on marketing and reinvention all in one session!
Charles Barkley is getting goofed at ... courtesy of Steve Young and Nate Silver
... listening to Nate Silver and now Steve Young. Great way to look at Adobe tech!
I want a girl with a short skirt and a long john silver's gift card
Brings back so many great memories! 15 Reasons Why East Lansing, MI Is the Best College Town in America
“Warren Buffett just called the 2016 election race - Hillary is the next Prez ..Nate Silver Buffet?
.blog: 6 of 40 ballots are in. Nate Silver is preparing the analytics.
Nate Silver has several practical applications of Baye's theorem in his book.
Read up on Nate Silver and Sam Wang — leading modellers of polling results in the U.S.
Our burrito was voted one of the BEST in the U.S. (South region)! Thanks to Nate Silver & the FiveThirtyEight team!
Like some amateur Nate Silver, I've successfully called the result of every election since '97 (ok, pretty easy apart from last one)...
Nate Silver is technically a statistician according to this, but quite relevant. Have you read his blog?
And apparently he may have tried the same: He is a political scientist & many scientists disagree. :)
Nate Silver profiles the world of prediction in emThe Signal and the Noise/em, which appears at No. 14.
Nate Silver correctly predicting 99 of 100 states in last 2 elections? Seems those complicated models work. Can I reuse for football pools?
What can you do on your 6 hour flight back from Get Nate Silver's book!
Brian Burke referencing Nate Silver & My Cousin Vinny: "Everything that guy just said is bullsh!t."
The search for the best college town is over. wins. .
With a win by at 400 points and second place going to I am officially the Nate Silver of
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I want a silver pilot g2 limited edition
I doubt Nate Silver is asking for complete medical records being turned over. Open Source can mean several things.
Did we mention Nate Silver, Michael Lewis ,Wayne Brady are coming to
"More data, doesn't automagically turn into more insight" says Nate Silver.
We don't rock silver cause it reminds of losing
Finally, somebody (Nate Silver) touches on the real problem that causes tanking and hypothesizes removing maximum salar…
It's events roundup time, from Here's the dopest things going on in March in Silver Spring.
you don't have to be Nate Silver to see the gaping holes in that "analysis."
Have you heard? Wayne Brady, Nate Silver and Michael Lewis are coming to
Journalism startups aren't a revolution if they're filled with all these white men | Emily Bell
"If you can't make a good prediction it is very often harmful to pretend that you can." Nate Silver. The Signal and the Noise
The Best of 2014: on the 3 Keys to Great
Due to the icy conditions we must cancel our worship service at Silver Creek Church Owasso.
Congrats bro! Y'all represent and get your back to back matching set of silver cups! Tell Big Dan we're cheering for you!
no, not at all but shocker was that Nate Silver of all people out-profanitied Burke
Most profanity on panel was surprisingly Nate Silver. Close second was Brian Burke.
Nate Silver says that just measuring web traffic is akin to measuring dunks rather than measuring wins. See him at
Nate Silver is out-swearing Burke, which is unexpected.
Big Burkie and Nate Silver debating sports analytics.
Nate Silver: using analytics is about rigour.
Loved Nate Silver's point that injury research should be open sourced and not part of the zero-sum research war that permea…
Burke says he's rescinded his comment that Nate Silver was the smartest guy on the panel.
Wow Nate silver is the truest form of nerd
Nate Silver: leagues should open source as much injury data as possible so we can analyze and come up with solutions.
Nate Silver has no poker face when Brian Burke is talking about the violent appeal of hockey. Culture clash!
That's all right, now you'll have Nate Silver to get you through the Scott Crawford years.
I just uploaded 'Book Review of Nate Silver's The Signal and the Noise' to
Well I'm not Nate Silver but is Best Picture, Director, Male Lead, Adapted Screenplay and Original Music . A true classic
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