Nate Ruess & Some Nights

Nathan 'Nate' Joseph Ruess (February 26, 1982) is an American indie/indie pop singer-songwriter from Arizona. Some Nights is the second studio album from American indie pop band Fun. 5.0/5

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Fun-Some Nights * ALBUM * Some Nights * GENRE * Indie pop, power pop, Afrobeat * RELEASE * June 4, 2012 * HOMETOWN * New York City, New York, United States *BACKGROUND* "Some Nights" is a song by American indie rock band Fun. It was released on June 4, 2012, as the second single and the title track from their second studio album of the same name. The song was written by Jeff Bhasker, Nate Ruess, Andrew Dost, and Jack Antonoff. Lyrically, the song speaks of the protagonist's feelings of self-deprecation and loneliness. Musically "Some Nights" is an indie pop song with elements of power pop and Afrobeat with similarities to Simon & Garfunkel's 1970 Hot 100 top-ten hit song "Cecilia". In the United States, "Some Nights" has been a sleeper hit, spending approximately seven months on the Billboard Hot 100 before reaching a peak of number three for six non-consecutive weeks beginning the week of September 29, 2012. The song became Fun's second single to enter the chart's top ten, as well as their second song to ...
''Are you ready to have some FUN? On November 22nd Nate Ruess, the lead singer of the alternative band FUN, will be joining us in the studio to tell his story and talk business with the Renman. Nate has had a busy year with the release of FUN's album, Some Nights, as well as a number of collaborations with artists such as Pink, Eminem, and Ke$ha. Tune in at 10am on November 22nd to watch the interview live. Do you have a question for nate? Post it below and we'll get it answered during the broadcast.'' *FOR MORE INFORMATIONS OPEN THE LINK*
Track 15, Headlights, Featuring Nate Ruess. first off Nate Ruess is one of my favorite singers currently. fun. is an incredibly talented group. Their album Aim and Ignite from 2009 is among my favorite albums if you have not heard it, and you've only listened to Some Nights, Check Aim and Ignite out. it's Bright, it's different, It's experimental, It's just all around cool, in my opinion. anyway, Nate on this song, He isn't terrible, in fact, he's really good. and Eminem, I actually like what he's saying on here, he's telling his Mom he's sorry and he hopes she forgives him for the song Cleaning Out My Closet, which By the way, I was not that big a fan of. I just think it was a bit boring to be totally honest. but yeah he matched the feel of the song well, and Nate Ruess Killed the hook. in a good way. and I'm glad Eminem doesn't sing. if I had any kind of problem with this song, It just sounded a little boring, but overall, It's not terrible. and with that, I am moving on. I made it, We are on the last t ...
Fun (stylized as fun.) are an American indie pop band based in New York City that was formed by Nate Ruess, formerly of The Format. After the breakup of The Format, Ruess formed Fun. with Andrew Dost and Jack Antonoff, of Anathallo and Steel Train, respectively. Fun has released two albums: Aim and Ignite in August 2009 and Some Nights in February 2012. The band are best known for their three hit singles: Grammy Award-winning "We Are Young" (featuring Janelle Monáe), "Some Nights", and "Carry On". "We Are Young" reached number one on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 and Digital Songs charts. It also peaked at number one in the United Kingdom. "Some Nights" was released as the album's second single in June 2012, peaking at number three on the Hot 100 chart and becoming Fun's second Top 10 single, as well as the band's second song to reach platinum status in the United States. On February 10, 2013, Fun. won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist and won the Grammy Award for Song of the Year for "We Are Young". Add ...
The most amazing things can come from some terrible nights. -Nate Ruess-
It's Nate Ruess who gave the name of the album. He was in Scotland & he told the guys: I want to call the album "Some Nights"
Fun. and Janelle Monáe perform an acoustic version of the single 'We Are Young' from the album, Some Nights - available now on Fueled By Ramen. Visit
FUN., Anything Could Happen (Ellie Goulding cover done for BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge) Remember when Ellie covered Some Nights for BBC Radio 1…well now Nate, Andrew and Jack have paid that covering love...
Fact About Fun.; Some Nights is written about Nate Ruess' sister's boyfriend.
"Not only are Fun. in the running for Record of the Year, Album of the Year, Song of The Year, Best New Artist, Best Pop Vocal Album and Best Pop Vocal Duo/Group Performance during tonight’s Grammy Awards, which air at 8 p.m. ET on CBS, but the band who brought us We Are Young and Some Nights is also set to perform on music’s biggest night. How will they cope with the pressure? “I will probably have a nice little chat with my mom before the show,” frontman Nate Ruess, 30, tells me during the Brita and Reverb's FilterForGood Bottle Free Band Contest in Utah. “My parents are coming, and they've always done a good job keeping me calm.”" Yep. I love him. And I love that he's a mama's boy.
Fun. – Some Nights Indie-pop trio Fun is impossible to escape; they’re everywhere. From commercials to every radio station in the country, there’s no escaping their existence. Thanks to lead single “We Are Young,” from sophomore record “Some Nights,” they’ve garnered a lot of popularity over the last few months. They’re still dominating the billboard charts with both “We Are Young,” and title track “Some Nights.” After hearing about these guys constantly, I knew there was something I was missing out on. I decided to check this CD out, and I was in for the surprise of a lifetime. I had only heard a bit of “We Are Young” before I spun “Some Nights” for the first time, and just based on that alone, I wasn’t too impressed. Granted, the song has grown on me quite a bit since then, but I was thinking, “All this hype over this?” However, I kept my comments at bay and started the record. The record starts off with “Some Nights Intro,” and it’s a very interesting track ...
The first time I heard "Some Nights" from Fun, I seriously thought it was some previously unreleased Queen song that miraculously got popular 20 years after Freddie Mercury's death. Can't say there's a whole lot of modern artists I can say that about. Definitely starting to become a favorite song of mine
Here's 40 minutes of Nate answering the questions of the fans. Being his usual self. It was recorded in 2010 so Some Nights doesn't exist as of yet, and the ...
In preparation of covering the Fun. w/ Andrew McMahon show tonight, I'm listening to both Fun. albums. "Aim and Ignite" is 10x the album "Some Nights" is. Having said that, Nate Ruess' previous band - The Format - is far superior.
To say it’s been a whirlwind year for fun. is an understatement — their debut album Some Nights is a smash hit, and now they’re up for six GRAMMY nominations. But the boys are ready to see how things play out next month, although they expressed some concerns to 96.5 TIC/Hartford.
I know I'm late but I only just got album Some Nights :D Nate Ruess' voice is just WOW
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Carry on by fun. I think this song is him (singer) telling his ex that if they are upset about another relationship that didn't work, to get over it and carry on. It's him being (IN A WAY) as brutal as they were with him, now telling her to keep going foward in life, the was they did for him. SlendyMan This lilting song is one of several tracks on Some Nights where frontman Nate Ruess' lyrics have an instructive element to them. He told The Village Voice: "I think there's a self-help element to the music that, I wouldn't say I'm super self-conscious of, but I've always found music to be very therapeutic for me, specifically, and the lyrics I write. I feel like a lot of it is just trying to convince myself that everything's okay. When you're singing those words every single night, you kind of start to believe it in some way or another. Kieran Kiely, who was once a member of the Irish Folk-Rock band Shane Macgowan and The Popes, performed the Irish drums and whistles on this track. The song's Anthony Mandle ...
I've been jamming to every single song from Some Nights since the summer of my junior year. It's now January of 2013. I'm surprised I am still as IN LOVE with them until now. I wish I had the actual CD. It would make Nate Ruess, Jack Antonoff, and Andrew Dost proud of how scratched up it would be.
New Music - FUN "Sight of the Sun" Check out band Fun.'s brand new song called "Sight of the Sun" which they have generously lent to the 'Girls - Volume 1' soundtrack - to promote the upcoming Season 2 of the HBO series - that is available in US stores January 8th, just days before the return of 'Girls' on January 13th...Listen above! Group frontman Nate Ruess said "Sight of the Sun" was originally intended to feature on the band's "Some Nights" LP but since it wasn't finished in time they had to send it to the 'unreleased' vault. However, while touring in Europe last year, the indie-rock trio picked up the demo of "Sight of the Sun" back and finally completed it, and coincidentally at that time they were appoached by the 'Girls' series team, and HBO to see if they wanted to contribute to this new soundtrack...and the answer was yes! And here's "Sight of the Sun"! It's a 'meditative, steady-pumping pop ode' that will certainly please FUN. fans. Enjoy.
Band had planned song for their 'Some Nights' LP
This is long before the band "fun." became popular with "We Are Young" and "Some Nights." I never let this song off my treo or iphone. It sounds nothing like vocalist Nate Ruess now, but it always brings me back to WSIA days and makes me want to order a beer and make a toast.
"Some Nights" has bee copied to my I'm so ready to run with you, Nate Ruess! :)
Many of the lyrics on American indie pop band Fun's second album Some Nights are about frontman Nate Ruess' family. The singer explained to Mesfin Fekadu of The Associated Press: "I'm always thinking about, 'Who am I and why did I do something like that?' And I think then it harkens back to my family, and I have such a strong tie to them and it's always therapeutic to sing about them." The song expresses the anguish of a young man who is a long way from home, as he lies in bed at night thinking of his family members. Today's song is by Fun. released in 2012.
Nate Ruess's transition b/w the Format and fun.'s Aim & Ignite and Some Nights is incredibly smooth. Flows perfectly from record to record.
I wish I could hit the super high notes that Nate Ruess hits in Some Nights.
all I've learnt from the song 'Some Nights' is that Nate Ruess really isn't sure what he stands for.
Listening to Glee's Some Nights just reminded how awesome Nate Ruess is.
Seeing other people try to cover Some Nights and failing reminds me just how truly amazing Nate Ruess is
I just ate biscuits as Nate Ruess sings Some Nights to me on the radio
If you cannot tell me the name of the band that Nate Ruess used to be the lead singer of or if you cannot sing me a song other than Some Nights or god forbid, We are Young, you should not be attending the Fun. concert
Some Nights, We are Young and we Carry On cuz It Gets Better, even when your All Alone, it wil be All Alright just put One Foot in front of the other and look to the Stars when your Out On the Town :) dear god i love fun nd i love how my friend looks like nate ruess
Nate Ruess pls. I pirated your album, Some Nights. Pls don't be mad.
""If we knew it [Some Nights] was going to be a single, we probably would've ruined it in the process." - Nate Ruess"
On Heavy Rotation on my I-Pod: "Just give me a reason" by P!nk & Nate Ruess (Lead Singer from Fun.) "If I didn't know better" by Clare Bowen & Sam Palladio (from the show Nashville) "Some Nights" by Fun. "Cupid Shuffle" by Cupid "The Walk' by Mayer Hawthorne And I really to admit this but... "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" by Taylor Swift
After watching the "Some Nights" video, I think I've fallen in love with Nate Ruess.
Some nights are better than others — especially when fun. is involved. In the video for their new Some Nights single “Carry On,” which you can...
Convinced Nate Ruess didn't write Some Nights. Too many contradictions from aim ignite and the format. The
I was really liking "Some Nights" until I saw the video. Nate Ruess.. *** is up with your tongue when you sing?!
Fun's 'Some Nights' is a chant of sweet goodness. Watch how Nate Ruess croons the lyrics with such passion!
Nate Ruess: I can't believe Some Nights is a single! It has no chorus!
Nate Ruess, I have tried SO HARD to like Some Nights, but I just can't do it.
Some Nights by Fun. sung by the New Directions. i
I think Nate Ruess is pretty *** sexy, judge me. Especially in the Some Nights video.
Q: "How did you write Some Nights?" Nate Ruess: "The lyrics came after my worst drinking night of all time."
Things I want at the moment: 1. iPhone5 2. New glasses 3. Some Nights -sweatshirt 4. Flight tickets to some place far away 5. Nate Ruess
Main aim of my life atm: meet Nate Ruess, get the Some Nights jumper and for my iPod to arrive before next Saturday. Wish me luck...
I sorta like the the song but I REALLY like Nate Ruess' body language in the Some Nights video.
I can hit all the high notes in Some Nights without autotune, Nate Ruess
I can't stand that part in "Some Nights" where Nate Ruess drowns himself in autotune. It makes my ears sad.
Come on Nicholas quit messing with me lol. So one of my favorite artist of all time is P!nk and Nick knew that. Well she just released a new album yesterday. On the album is a song titled "Just Give Me a Reason," one of my new favorite songs. Well I just realised that that particuler song features Nate Ruess who is the lead singer of Fun. And Fun is the band that wrote "Some Nights" that we sang for Nick. Someone is messing with me and i think we all know who it is...
'Some Nights' is playing on the radio. Can I just marry Nate Ruess please?
I think there needs to be a Queen style version of "Some Nights" by Fun. There is a strong influence of Freddie Mercury in the cadence and styling of Nate Ruess's voice, and I think such a generational crossover might make the 8 new pop stations in Atlanta just a little more bearable.
i love Nate Ruess's energy in the music video Some Nights! so good
That cool screeching sound Nate Ruess make on Some Nights
The part of Some Nights where Nate Ruess sounds like he’s getting electrocuted...
I love when Nate Ruess is drunk cause then he belts out the high notes when he sings. Makes hearing Some Nights even better
fun., Nate Ruess, and Some Nights.. ah, epic music video..
Just saw Fun.'s music video for "Some Nights." The mere idea of Nate Ruess's voice rallying an army is hilarious
I didn't know Nate Ruess has a great voice 'cause I only heard We Are Young & he wasn't screaming but in Some Nights he did & he was amazing
Some Nights has just come on on the music channel at 2 o'clock in the morning, best time to party, like drooling at nate ruess
Photo: Nate Ruess is gorgeous okay? Fun. is so amazing. I love their new album 'Some Nights' ?   10% Off
Trying to sing like Nate Ruess in Some Nights, at the auto tuned part... I'm obnoxious.
Does anyone else think that Nate Ruess from Fun. would do an awesome Freddie Mercury? If you don't get what I'm saying, listen to "Some Nights" and tell me it doesn't sound like a Queen song.
"Some Nights" by Fun is SO catchy! I think Freddy Mercury was cryogenically frozen and is now awake and goes by the name Nate Ruess.
It's obv that I'm shallow when it comes to what cracks me up that even Nate Ruess' usage of auto tune on Some Nights makes me(((: aha!
That part in 'Some Nights' where Nate Ruess harmonizes on a round with himself..
Nate Ruess 's voice is so different and idk I just love him! Some Nights was a good song.
I love how Nate Ruess uses all his energy when he's performing in Fun's Some Nights!
The way Nate Ruess from Fun. dances around when he performs Some Nights makes me want to rip his clothes off ..&then mine.
If Queen ever wants to tour they should call Nate Ruess to lead -> Some Nights by
Nate Ruess is hot in the Some Nights video
Nate Ruess forgetting the words to Some Nights intro.: via
Was Nate Ruess stalking my thoughts when Fun. wrote their songs for "Some Nights"?
Seeing Nate Ruess in a uniform in the video for Some Nights makes me want to join the army ;)
Just once I'll use a hashtag, Has to be "Some Nights" by Nate Ruess = Next-Gen Freddie Mercury.
Your icon look's like Nate Ruess' in fun's 'Some Nights' music video. -nodnod-
Seriously, Nate Ruess in "Some Nights" sounds exactly like Freddie Mercury.
That new(ish) Civil War themed fun. music video for 'Some Nights' is on point. Total on Nate Ruess, dude must lay serious pipe.
I really hope Nate Ruess of fun. is using the 20 seconds of pure auto tune in Some Nights ironically.
I was listening to the "Some Nights" by fun on Songza and singer Nate Ruess reminded me of Freddie Mercury until the Auto-Tune kicked in.
Nate Ruess is such an explosive singer. - Some Nights; Fun.
Listening to "Some Nights," I had some very nice things to say about Nate Ruess and how his vocal quality was similar to that of Freddie Mercury. And then autotune.
I hear a little Queen influance here! Nate Ruess sounding like Freddie on this one. ♫ Some Nights – Fun.
Check out the passion filled performance of "Some Nights" from American band FUN. (Nate Ruess…
I don't get why people don't like Nate Ruess' auto tune in Some Nights... I think it's pretty awesome.
The live tv performance debut of "Some Nights," from the Friday June 22, 2012 episode of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.
I decided you sort of have the same speaking voice as Nate Ruess from fun. in Some Nights. I don't know. Sort of. What. Bye.
Nate Ruess' career has culminated in the brilliant "Some Nights" So in love with this album
Just heard Some Nights on 95.3! Kudos to ETX for getting on board with my man, Nate Ruess and
Aim & Ignite is better than Some Nights. Nate Ruess doesn't need voice effects.
Just watched Fun.'s video for Some Nights and now I need Nate Ruess and Colin Meloy to collaborate more than I've ever needed anything EVER.
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I honestly think Nate Ruess is just playing with a synthesizer in "Some Nights"
I now have a newfound appreciation for Some Nights after showed me the music video and sparked my crush on singer Nate Ruess.
Fun. - Some Nights: I’ve been a fan of Nate Ruess since The Format days so following him into his new role as le...
Listening to FUN.'s latest album 'Some Nights.' I must say, Nate Ruess has a fantastic voice & the band is tight..
Just watched the official music video of Some Nights. Oh, Nate Ruess. Your voice is amazing!
When I first bought "Aim and Ignite", I thought Nate Ruess' voice couldn't get any more perfect. And then "Some Nights" came out.
In case you missed it yesterday, check out the "Some Nights" music video:
I listened to Some Nights album. Not as enjoyable and as good as Aim and Ignite, I have to say. And Nate Ruess deff don't need the Autotune.
Watching Fun.'s music video for their song "Some Nights" at I love you Nate Ruess!
Some Nights video is everything I expected and more. Nate Ruess is a musical genius.
Fun. Are Heading to War in 'Some Nights' Video Teaser: When fun. singer Nate Ruess belts, This is it, boys, this...
Can I just say how good Nate Ruess looks in an army uniform...I cannot wait until Monday at 3:55 to see the Some Nights video
So they're launching Some Nights at the MTV Movie Awards. M Nate Ruess
Nate Ruess has just made it onto my 'allowed' list. Loving Fun.'s new album so much. Fun. - Some Nights -
5 tracks in to Some Nights and realizing Nate Ruess is Freddie Mercury incarnate.
fun.'s "Some Nights" on the TV ads for "Secret Millionaire." Nate Ruess will be a millionaire soon e
So, basically... the "Some Nights" album is basically an autobiography of Nate Ruess' life. Oh, wow.
Some Nights ironically restored my faith in Nate Ruess' incredible voice. ata boy!
is an indie band from New York with Nate Ruess as its frontman. "Some Nights" is their 2nd album.
I think people have been making the Queen comparison since before Some Nights. Nate Ruess is an incredible front man.
Loving fun.'s new album Some Nights. Nate Ruess' voice never fails to blow me away.
I never imagined spinning a Nate Ruess song (would make so many people dance. I love it. "Some Nights" kills.
Some Nights does sound a lot like them, plus Nate Ruess' (lead singer) voice is often compared to Freddie Mercury.
Nate Ruess from the band Fun. We Are Young is just the tip of their noteworthy new album: Some Nights.
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